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Mark Titus + Anthony Davis Traded (Maybe, We Just Put It In The Title)

2019-02-05 | 🔗

Cleaning up the Super Bowl and Parade plus Hank's thoughts from the postgame party (2:27 - 10:52). NBA trade deadline is a day away and the Lakers and Pelicans are playing a game of chicken. Lavar Ball is officially back and Kobe may be as well (10:52 - 17:17). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including being nice to billionaires and John Wall is hurt (17:17 - 30:43). Mark Titus aka Club Trillion joins the show to catch up on the College Basketball season, can anyone beat Duke, is Brad Calipari too swaggy? And what happened to the Pac 12? (30:33 - 79:58).  Bachelor talk for guys that don't watch the bachelor, man card for the mountain lion that got choked out, and guys on chicks. 

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Today's part of my take. We have our friend Mark Titus on the show college back keep. We are living football, so we're doing college basketball talk we're going to talk a little NBA, we're also clean up the NFL Super Bowl It sees and all that stuff we have about talk and because it's Wednesday guys on chicks before we get to all of that, it's the cash app it's time to talk about the cash card from the cash app the number one finance app in the app store for a reason. The cash card is the most powerful debit card in the world and the only debit card with boosts a money saving feature. You can't get anywhere else because cash app invented it just select a boot. In your cash app swipe the cash card and save ten percent or more at whole foods, shake Shack to pull a taco bell. Chick fillet, dominoes and coffee shops want to go organic without paying for it save ten percent on it. Buy groceries with the whole foods boost. It's not hard. Fifty dollars at whole foods, but it's easy to save five dollars. If you do, the coffee shop boost takes it
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Cups here save two hundred dollars. It's that simple become a part of the greatest rewards program ever and get boosted download the cash out from the apps store or Google play in order. The cash card today you're not a warrantless relation to just download it now. Okay, let's go by our brand New Youtube Channel, go subscribe right now. We have new videos. All the time on that channel today is Wednesday February sixth September sixth, and it is a life after football yeah. Yet we finally made it. We were so dead and we're so like we're coming down from the high of the regular season, the Superbowl being over, that big cat announce a show as September for and you didn't even pro- and I didn't either yeah, I think, was on vacation, so he didn't even know he actually still hasn't heard. Yet this is news to bring a head. I listen to records. I was looking for was a cat start, the show by saying September last time people actually thought I was doing a bit. It was a completely natural. I didn't even notice until the next morning when people like YO dude it's February, and I asked you guys like no, we even notice either. We just so badly wanted to be September. They went back in time, but it's life after football.
We're going to survive. We have college basketball, talk with, have MBA talk, we're transitioning, but let's do a little super bowl cleaner. Yeah. So today was parade day and if you listen to the show at all, you know we are all about parade estimation, numbers so I'd say like ninety five percent of Boston turned out for this parade. Again it would that be accurate. I not. All the highways are shut down trains where it was a shitshow. First of all, I just want to have a quick intervention with you, then we'll get back to show you need
that posting all these patriots pictures on the part of my take instagram account. There was just like a picture of Robert Kraft wearing sunglasses and, like this guy is a mood. There's a fresh is wearing a necklace. It was actually change for my personal friend, Meek mill. I mean it's a football, but is it is? It is a football podcast and this was a full work all year, all sports podcast. Let's change that narrative right now we're post from the eagles. Perhaps you don't seem problem with that. Pft didn't I didn't. Actually people forget. We actually started this podcast in the offseason, so we started it before football even started ever. We started in the month of March. Yes, so before March, madness even stare at least March first, actually, the Leap year, yeah Leap Year, so the patriots Create Gronk was very drunk, Indiana looks like God, because he's got it off we're going to shirt off like man that guy he looks pretty
but he was drinking out of a wine bottle, but I still think it's probably filled with fireball yeah or maybe four loko yeah. He was just trying to class up but yeah for locals one right, guys, yeah. He was what else do we have from parade today? The fight we had to fight there is like a big fight with all these see. This is the problem with Boston. Getting all these parades. It's If you're in training camp with your own team for a long time is sort of flat each other, these guys have too many parades. They want to hit somebody else yeah. What else Hank Tom Brady made the catch of the year? Someone threw a football you did like Odell Beckham, one handed snag is unbelievable. Ok, do it all he can do it all. He can make those catches in the Big Games picture of Bill Belichick and there was like light shadows, actual picture with Alex God. That picture was insane, but you re cap to you. Were there not at the game you skip go to watch it on tv, 'cause, apparently RTV's here, don't work.
What happened on Sunday night also, we I had a ticket to the super bowl after party, but I was with like some of my friends from home who didn't have tickets to the after party. When I am, I told him I was like when I get in I'll, try and figure out a way to get you in like what are we going to do? Will do it butter knife days? exactly ran into a certain boat I'll, say portals? He was staying in the hotel and he had access to these passes to help get people in and he was nice enough. To give them to me, and I was able to run them back and forth to get all my friends and and none of them it would happen without the boat. That's why the best he's my hero, I'm sorry my hero, but this was like that was it and we never. The security was so tight that we never would be able to do it without him, but he had like an ultimate super super clearance like Pikepass that I was able to run back and forth. I need to say, I have a hypothetical question for you hang what made sport. Would you rather have win a championship next in Boston? Somewhat? Not let
pick it actually? Actually, if, if I were to ask you that question very nice before this NFL season say, I asked you that question right after the Red Sox won the World series which team you've said? Would you say the Celtics or the patriots? I would say the pager just could breathe windows closing so like the more you know he can get in before he retires to Jenner. Did you not hear skip Bayless? Pretty six ring actually heard his legacy. It did because it was on a one on one reasons. As a kid said, he was on one. What was his reasoning for that? That it was not the blowout are yet to route rely too much on his defense for it yeah. I don't know you know what it was it it. This one was Belichick Superbowl. Yes, they should give the Mvp to coach bill. The biggest winner from the parade is MAX Kellerman, because the patriots were holding hater aid and different like MAX Kellerman pictures and punching the pictures in the face if your MAX Kellerman, you literally your whole entire life, is to get to a point where it championship team like tries to ship.
And then you can say well, I did my job yeah. I was just a truth: teller, that's some kind of intro cycle you've. Just The final boss, yeah, you know in an oven, punching a picture of your face. You have just completed the the game that is, it is a massive coronation. Like he's arrived at the Skip Bayless level like now. Don't get me wrong. He is he's no skipped bail, but he he's arrived as, like. The professional sports Greenlee made the leap. Yes, yes, he made the leap, we're talking tier one stuff, there's also the picture buy Awl David Andrews, the Patriot Center, but the it off shock as hell with. Yes, amazing, listen, dad bods are still in so in, so. If you want to super bowl, you can just take your shirt off at any point and do whatever you want. You can just party for a couple of weeks so whatever that, if you're going to retire, not Tatsachlich Roxy do alright. So uh, the patriots uh. I don't really know how we heard anything out of like the Rams camp. I guess we heard aired on said that he shut down Julian Edelman, though, was
ok, that's about it, but he went to super bowl. Mvp Sean Mcvay said this, so there was some. I need to clarify this because I did have a few people ask me. I know that Julie and listen to the show, not sure if he listened to the we didn't start, the fire song yeah. The line was Julie, Edelman Zmich, not bich. I did not go home a bit so just clarifying how interesting he probably didn't. Listen is focused on his focus. He was making hype videos his hype, video, as you pointed this out the other day. They are very well produce addicted to hype. Videos were actually him on the show in the next couple weeks. I've had that contact with them and He is again, I don't blame him
the addicted to hype. Videos too, if I was professional athlete and all the hype videos had me in, am like you just basically get to make a hype: video for yourself before every big game, not sick. What do you think happens with Brady? Well, first of all, Brady said that he didn't like being called the goat right yeah. He came out and said which only a true goat would say: we gotta feel bad for him because he said he'd rather be called trash, then be the goat. That's that's six Round Tom Brady. Still in there they enter Tom Brady. Here's the thing, though, goats eat trash. True, like real actual animals. Do that was the other great moment, Tom Brady, like four year old daughter. How old is she? She had a goat greater than a ram, and it's like Jesus. Price, there's talk. She still that wraps to everyone that, for my blog yesterday, oh really yeah plagiarism runs runs in that family. So that's a super bowl. I don't really know what else I mean we have the kambin in a few weeks. So will pick up football again there, but for right now. When's, the wins the White House visit. I don't know,
you think Brady would eat any of the fast food they'll be some pieces written. I can assure that and yes, there will be, there will be rolled. There will be many pieces there in posts. Hippos there will be posts, there will be many posts online, so moving on to Anthony Davis and the saga that is going on with the New Orleans Pelicans and the LOS Angeles Lakers doing a little dance, little tete, a tete. I don't even know, if that's the right thing to say, but they are in trade talks, other out of trade talks, LOS Angeles has gotten out of the trade talks saying we don't want to be negotiating against ourselves and Anthony Davis. This is okay. Follow me. On here, follow here for second Pft, so this is the greatest orchestrated. Tampering that they're trying to make it look like it's not tampering that I've ever seen in my entire life, Anthony Davis, dad came out and said these are the teams we don't want to go to Boston was on it. Then he said
It means we do want to go to an. It was like all these teams that won't like the Knicks or the next going to trade, the Box or the box going to trade outside the honest. You know what I mean, so it was basically a list of team. Saying here will go here, but the only reasonable one is the Lakers and the Lake software. All these pieces and then say you know what we're going to step out of this, because you guys aren't playing fair with. Everyone in the world knows that he's going to be a LOS Angeles, Laker right. I think match John hurt me when it comes back magic This is probably just petrified of being fined again for tampering he's addicted to tamper. Yes, you can't stop doing it so he's in his mind if he makes a trade offer that might be construed as tampering so he's like he's made. He said his piece and now he's waiting for New Orleans respond, at least with like a counter offer right. Source basically is gonna, be the entire future of the Lakers for Anthony Davis, but in the NBA that type of works, that's smart and that's what you have to do is to I I, but I agree with you. I think him and rich Paul. Well, we
which pause if I'm going to be like. Who else who are? Who are the other piece is going to be, let's deal or you going to do to the New Orleans phone two Delacre? Who else is going to join Lebron's new super team not really said. Why do I have a name for you ready for it to Carmelo Anthony. No, I've got a name for you ready for it, I'm just stealing all Hanks hot seat school throughout. This is awesome. Kyree, going to give you a quote. If I want it. Asked if he could still play. If I wanted to, I could, but I don't want to Kobe Bryant. He said exact quote, which is so funny, so perfectly Kobe being like. Oh, I could drop. Oh, I could drop forty if I wanted, but I so Jason Whitlock prediction about Kobe rejoining the Lakers from two years ago. Yes will come true, I could I could. I could get in shape, but I don't want to. I could that's basic. I mean Kobe, it's just such a Coby quote being like dangling it like hey, I want to. If they need me, I could get out there. I could do it yeah and then the real treat is the little like cherry on top of this tampering. Sunday is
We finally get Levar back, live ball back in the news, so that is the reason why this trade is we done in my eyes because of our ball coming out of the Lebron Contra. However much money Lebron is paying Llevar to stay quiet. The best boy grip on space jam two right so far, is now out and saying he's a flood for on site. He's a freeze, easel bronze, he's offered lover on Face Jim. Yes, so far comes out of, like the rock he was under sign. For the last six months. Now saying he wants lonzo to go. Phoenix the other one. We go New Orleans, basically fucking the whole thing up and that just tells me the raids been done because Lavar knows he no longer has to worry about Lebron, paying his hush money yeah. I agree
that, like he did, this is all of a sudden happening because he was dead, quiet and now it looks. Yellow Brown was dog, walking him for a while. Now is outside barking. Again, so the sun's actually would be interesting because and love are we try to get all of his sons on the team yeah, so you just say that it was named after him. The lords, he also told, was a mellow, the one that's playing overseas right now I don't know where they are now Lowe's in height back in high school. Ok, Ohio okay, so it was yellow. This is not he's the agent, yes, is what his technical term would be. Okay, so I guess to the high school game: LIVE are told everybody not to go to his son's basketball game. The other night, because the sun was gone. Reply got to just like everyone. If your thing about supporting this high school don't come out to the game, is my voice left in there? So things a mass, but it's gonna get figured out by the trade deadline on Thursday yeah. I actually think that the NBA is a better league. When love our balls, it like just oh yeah, it's way more! It's petty worth! Hey this league guys this league,
it's. It always takes me a few days to like get into the basketball mindset, even though I'm still watching but like once you get out of football. I got this figure. Our way it's it's like, basically being out at sea. For a long time, I'm going to get my sea legs confession to make yeah I watch replay of the Superbowl. You did. I watch the replay on NFL network yeah trimming be very upset, will get back to you in this segment snow. He be. Have you happy a at? Well, unless you know he would smoke me out. He be. I will route, let's you know, let's just what I'm doing right now: Trey Wingo just chill out and just chill out, and now we were friends of tree we go. I know probably hear this process we're broke broke if Let me take a big hit trey. You know what that's about so Trey is. He went out of. Well, he lost he lost his mind in the biz. We call that being passionate the cat. He was passionate about the fact that some people didn't
I think the Superbowl, when actually they should have like to super yes exactly just shut up. If you don't want to watch, then don't watch go watch the raptors the mix go do something else, but don't sit there for four flippen hours with your eyes glued to the game and say Oh! This is so boring, but I can't stop watching. Oh, it's so boring just shut the hell up. I ok, I mean give me a break. If you wanna watch it then I'll watch it, but don't watch the game and sit there and go. Oh, I hate it. That's the worst and you people that did that you're, the worst, the absolute worst yeah Jerry will tell him. I don't want to hear any of that garbage. If you want to watch the game, don't watch the game, but don't there watching the game and saying, oh, I'm so bored I can Take it anymore. Give me a break, are you doing my bong, it would noise is mine dude? I always do that. Pangit noise
there's no, this too much water in that thing, yeah there's also like there's. No, I don't know that you invented doing the fake no, but I don't like many times on the show. Okay, just like I don't know, I don't make a Hitler joke. Okay, if Jack. I did you made a lot of what I would actually say that you've made more than reminded Hitler in the last six months. Yeah he's no longer your got yeah you swagger Jack, all right! So true we go just chill out man, he loses mind says you can't watch the game and also complain that it's a bad game, because then you should just stop watching hi. All What yeah, I don't know just show it just get back to the step brothers references I do he should. He should have been more positive about it and said to everybody that sat there with me and watched the full game become best friends let's go, do karate in the garage. I don't look. I actually kind of agree with this point that we should never complain about football, but, like twitters, basically meant for people to complain
my favorite part about it, though, was the voice who do not like that's what that's what people sound like when they complete the look. Goofy could try. Oh man They were part of the rent. Besides that voice, was it gold just staring at him the whole time? Yes, looking to just Moshe right, we like you, but just be yourself yeah, that was that was just maybe switch off the city, for you is give you too much energy yeah. You need to you just chill out back to the indicator: yeah, just just just chill out man, our it was too hot to cool thrown ready for it. Hank want to go sure all my see, is Carmelo Anthony, oh, not because of Kobe Bryant, but because of Jabari, on the Lakers, according to ESPN's Brian Warner's, the Lakers have discussed trading. Can tv is called a pope to the bulls for Jabbar Parker Yep, which would then essentially be the mellow notify yes forward. Yes, so Carl
it's gonna, probably stay out of the league, is Jabari still thick. Yeah. Ok, good any also refuses to play defense, but it makes it so I can respect it. He said before the season I didn't pay me twenty million dollars to play defense there's, basically just younger younger Carmel. He is a little bit. Yeah he's got the he can't score like Carmelo in his prime but yeah. Why don't they get him all come on all the guys that don't play well his prime in like ten years. This you know what they should do that smell. Oh you're, talking about come on stay mellow, here's what they do so they're looking to get rid of Luke Walton right he's definitely on the hot, so yeah, so you bring in Carmelo you bring in Jabari you've already Lebron that doesn't play defense maybe oh you got Rondo who's got a big defensive guy. Then you well when he wants to, he wants playoff Rondo. This is the best thing ever because it's like he
Please doing the Randy MOSS I play when I want to play yeah, then you get Dantoni back and Steve NASH and you just run the Suns offense from like the mid two thousand and seven seconds or less love, both sons uh. My other thought she was adamant that you took that my cool throne is John sorry, it's ok, I forgive you who is John Wall so so my hot seat is John Wall in the wizard, so I deserves have they owe a hundred and seventy one million dollars to John Wall in the next four years. Hundred seventy one million, it seems like a lot- seems like a hot soon, but a lot of money. We're not now we're not accountants but seems like a lot of money and he tore his Achilles mysteriously at home. Doing what he slipped and fell. Yeah he's one
kings car. Who is that that toy their achilles by saying they were doing that, but actually they were playing basketball seems well. Be funny if he did, while playing basketball, yeah 'cause, he hasn't been doing that for the wizards this year. It's outside his car he's not allowed to play basketball under the conditions on basketball contract. So here's my question you guys at what point will we find out what actually happened to John Wall? I think, once enough people make really in Wall in Washington and Shutdown, jokes yep. Once he gets sick of hearing all those on the tonight show then he'll, probably just like just stop. I admit I was ok, this pocket on my stairs. This is going to be, let's just hope he wasn't like snowboarding or something or something that wasn't his contract. One hundred and seventy one million dollars to have that Nolan void. If he was and some we should have been no one likes that would suck for him. Maybe he's doing all these in the drive way go Bradley, Beal came over and slices Achilles. All I can read Spiro the will the wizards this arts
rms, one hundred and seventy one million haze for years, if you can't get a wall to work in DC, just start sending in tank just tank at in life I'm. So to be the one that gets my other hot seat is Marlins man. Did you guys see that the Marlins are aiming it's. The report Marlins aiming to boost attendance by and in game experience, they're, holding auditions for an in game host public address announcer, anthem, singers and Marlins Mermaids Marlins Mermaids huh, where heard that before interesting, so they're, just basically taking Marlins man's ideas, he better sue and have an additional idea for the Marlins to boost and it's by improving in game experience. Maybe get some players. Oh that's yeah! That's not right! It feels like they skip the first step like hey. We want to make it a really fun atmosphere for fans pay anyone and actually put out a professional baseball team, but we're going to get
women with big breasts and put it in the front row which you already do right. You have that Marlins man, you have a one man wrecking crew of a production company in like he he is an event planner for every Marlins home game on his own and he does it for free, yes, except for the like five one thousand dollar discount you given when the season tickets, but it basically for free, do you think morals men's litigious? You think he's that kind of guy who would. It is he is he have any contacts in the legal profession. He is a lawyer, yeah very high power, very hyper. They have made a very powerful enemy. He should die, he they honestly should just like. Basically was it in game addition in game host public address, announcer, anthem, singers in and Marlins Mermaids. You essentially need to give a live mic. Tomorrow's man during the game.
Here's everything covered he can do it all yeah we're also looking to purchase a giant statue to put in center field. So when somebody hits a home run, everybody thinks they're on acid, oh man, I'm going to miss that thing. Oh I'll, be weird yeah. I know it is weird. I actually liked it the one time I see a highlight like when the Cubs go played three games in Miami, I'm a black man and then I won't think of them for the rest of the year, with the amount of homeruns you're going to be giving up this year, you might as well have some sort of fanfare. Every time it happens. Yes, alright, my cool throne billionaires because Howard Schultz, you stole mine, he says the billionaires, should be referred to as people of means or people of wealth. I actually had my seat racism against billionaires, also work which is over now. Let's, let's be really nice to the people who have that much money, it's let's use the right name, people of means or people, while people mean should pay for their own stadiums. They should I bleep that out to play because that's pretty offensive, but I actually had an idea about that. The other day for billionaire
that want to, or sees me up people of when his wealth people of wealth yeah weeds? If you want to apply them to pay for their own stadiums, big you can like a crapshoot, where both sides have little stake in the game. Tell you what, if you buy? Let's say asking for like Eight hundred million dollars worth of public financing, sure bye a hundred million dollars worth of lottery tickets for the next drawing. And if you win you, to keep all that and put it on your stadium. I, if you lose tough break what? If we do it this way too, we could we could. We could just do a coin flip, just the the the people of wherever say the people of California or people, have don't because Howard Schultz did the best part about this, Howard Schultz ruin the sign switch is a proud franchise, showed Spencer Hawes, but V Howard, it. She basically be like. Let's flip a coin, if I win guys pay for the stadium. If you win, I pay for the stadium most like one
billion dollar coin flip I'll be so watch out. I would also like to the lottery thing would be better if they're all scratch off. Yes and you have to sit down if there yeah, basically like Wonka, yes hire a bunch of kids to scratch it off, exactly. I also like how Howard Schultz is running for president right sure yeah. I think for president. Is this the time in the can only I never remember what time of year everyone just starts running for president the same time it was a couple months ago. Okay, so Howard Schultz is running for president and he's running as a Democrat, I guess, but his whole platform is like hey. Do you hate, egotistical billionaires? People of means will then vote for me. I'm in Eagle this call, not wealth? Yes, so who is so? I'm sure he's going to do really? Well, I'm sure this guy. How is it when you think about it? Only one out of our last forty five presidents has been a person of wealth right, which is disgusting. It's of great stand on our nation's history, so, hopefully, Howard Schultz can remedy that. I hope he runs as an outsider. That's what really gets me go,
you could never the outside just call yourself yet load of money. It's called yourself a maverick yeah just be like hey, you know what guys I'm on the outside yeah a lot of people will be like yeah. You know what he is fellows, for, like literally every president we've ever elected has been an outsider, was that your cool thrown or high does Michael's? Okay, I denser than a piggy back to we're doing like a fish jam right now. We're just going into my cool thrown, goes in your hot seat, yeah, so one side yet so, once on my cool throne is hang overs, go on, because you're going to be hungover for a lot longer in New York City, the State Health Department, just outlawed Cbd, being put in food or drink. What's this is really nice, like you could put Cbd oil in a cocktail and get drunk again on a Sunday morning, while curing your hangover I just mellow out on CBS are not allowed to do that anymore, the kids I mean still legal yeah. You can smoke weed on a corner, okay, perfect! Yet, but not cbt. Someone gave me one of those hang over patches when we were in atlanta- and I don't know if it were
but I convinced myself it did I get really bad. Hang overs and C B D. Actually, like does help with hang over. That's it doesn't do anything you can. And yourself not we both can nothing I've. I've done I've done numerous blind studies got it. I'm still battling a really bad championship, all that stuff Jesus Christ. I think I feel so bad you want to vacation. Yes, can I my other cool throne is dead guys. Okay, so all the well dead rich guys on. I should've wealth is yeah. I was not. There is a zombie rich guy in Heaven right now to see because no has has not that Rosen he's cryogenically clothes come like fallout that freezer, though like someone for
to pay the electric bill. That sounds about right. It's like all well is head start now, yeah! Well, these are bad. We still have it it's it's just they just left it in the sink like it was a like is a state has come a little and really so yeah. This guy had a bunch of big corps. He ran like a big queen, exchanger Bitcoin wallet, essentially okay, and he died with hundreds of millions of dollars in that wallet and he was only they had the password. So all this customers that had invested in his Bitcoin service there shit out of luck, so that has not that they can't retrieve. It is not well. I don't know, there's no way. There hasn't been a good fake death in awhile. Today will go to his funeral. I don't know, there's no way he's dead. I sniff that out right away. He is living at high with he's, probably fucking whales with John Mcafee. And wherever the hell, they are. That's the dream! Isn't it? Yes, like you steal a bunch of money in crypto currency and you just go deposit your loads in a blowhole from yesterday, just like live life and then every now and then
paranoid on some weird drugs. Yes, we do a bunch of weird. They go back to your well yeah we're talking a little wells. Yes, no yeah! Okay, don't know shaming. Okay, I let's get to our interview with Mark Titus. It's rough but yeah. I was about to interrupt I'm sorry, but we kind of did this before the Marina one. So Titus has been a good friend of ours, and that was a good friend. Well, I think he's still he probably come back eventually. Part of my take can back on this quick No, no. I hate that you're saying that he will come back eventually to part of my take. I think he's still a good guy. We had our deal. We had our differences, you have to listen to the whole interview. All the way to the end, to figure out but like it was, should be in a you and it's not no one to blame, but Mark Titus, pretty much. Okay, let's do it before we do that new apps.
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welcome on our good friend, recurring guest, it is marked ritis I'm the one shining podcast great podcast. It is basketball season all is over we're ready to catch up on college basketball. Now I've been watching college basketball losing a lot of money, so I have a fairly good idea: What's going on, but we have some things for you and some things you need to fill in and none more important than my first question should bread. Calipari swag be illegal on a college bench I a lot of Brad Calipari, Dodge Van yeah, like I know a lot of white guys that want to be black growing up playing basketball. This was I mean I dabbled in that for a long time and my own life. If you go back and find any picture me in two thousand four ish that somewhere on that year
I'm wearing double x. Everything because I I was on a U team out of the token white guy. I said this is how I'm going to fit in. I've never seen anybody, take it to the level of protection for his sickness. Is it's a cloud of his yeah? I don't know, I don't know who the arbors, but whoever hooked him up with that skin tight on the side. It's just it's it's like goes on for eight. It fades from just skin until like a full, grown like I'm, maybe number three ds you at the top yeah, so people who don't know Brad Calipari, obviously John Calipari Son- he read- is redshirting this year with who, thank God for Kentucky. They get another year of eligibility at a broad Cal party and he's sitting on the sideline and usually when a guy sits on the sideline. It's a college student. So in a lot of money, but this is Brad, Kalbarri earned not give it earned, earned not yet and uh, and so he was. He had one look where he was wearing like a it was like a turtleneck. Like my barstool sports advisors, look, then he had the other one slash two and half Jean jacket. One slash two was
one slash. Two was blue and I just it it's intimidating to have a guy like that, when you should have that much swag on a college sideline right. I. I want to know what the players think about him like. I want to get an honest thought like they're, obviously not going to say anything 'cause they're playing you know. First of all, college athletes are terrible interviews as it is, but they're not going Then I'm going to the diner the bus, but man I would love for just one of them. To be candid, and just like What is the dynamic of that locker room when he comes into the game? Dress like that and it's because you want to rip on him, but he's the coach's son So you can't really rip on him like you want to it's all fascinating I think, if I was on the team, just become best friends with them, because there's no there's no better jobs better than being friends with a lot of sun right. I truly do think it is a plus for Kentucky, like I'm, not hating, on black Brad Cal part. I think he is like when you show up, and you have to play Kentucky you're already
in an uphill battle. 'cause there are good team, and then you see this guy just mean mugging you with his half black half blue Jean jacket that even know was ever I didn't know. That was a real thing, so I think it just adds to the whole mystique of Kentucky basketball. The best part about him being about him. Redshirting too, is that he still travels with the team he still like. They feel like warms up? He goes like shoot around. He still pray like there's, literally, not you you would have if they never announced the red shirt. No one would have any idea that you read period right, yeah, hero, clue, one man bench mob. Actually, the entire calla Perry Family. They've been in the news too, so his daughters got into like some beef with Jay Bill because tweet it out an article that had a featured image. Of their dad, it was an article about corruption. Watch basketball in the investigations of which John Calipari was not even mentioned in the article. The article was not about
and they went after Jay Billis. So you gotta tell me: are you on team Bilis? Are you on team Calla Perry, bad? You making me pick between my parents and click. The parents are splitting up and I gotta take away live with here. I took Billis careful. Can I just say before you answer this question. I have nothing but respect Calipari daughters, because they are right. Or die on Twitter. I am on their good side. I want to stay on their yeah, so they're funny on twitter higher. I like that yeah, yes, hello. What sorry about both of these is that they're both lean very heavily into the brand that they occupy, which is like the Calipari's. There but the way the way you can handle this would be just did not care. Just like. Oh that's unfortunate that our dad was in this picture, but almost by breed.
It's like a strays in affecting like almost like bringing it up in your shouting at everyone. No one has any evidence that my dad has ever cheated like. Well, we weren't really talking about that until you brought it up and now that you mention it, it is weird that you know no ones talking about it, so that that one is, I want to Calipari family moved to always be on the defensive. With that stuff we went on the other hand bill is, I don't know if you saw it like one of the Kentucky fans replied to his tweet and said this is class of you and at the very So you said in response is filthy. An idiot circuit, Tucci fan, and that is- I think those as well, which is like just unapologetic Lee. I am condescending, I'm smarter than you I went to law school I went to Duke um However, both like that. That's why I can't take it, because we need these characters in college basketball. We need Jake, build this like anytime, a player is it. You know
Spirited punches coach in the face would be suspended for the first four minutes of a game and uh, let's be on twitter. This is absolutely wrong in all caps like what happened to players, rights and uh, you know I just love guys at this late. Well, you know the Notre Stick and they stick to it, and so I'm not, I, I guess only to work. Those because he's more powerful than in making healthcare in the situation does can help my career more than bring healthcare. Can't I just so here's the thing like yes, you're right the it was like a stress and affecting where they do more to determine, but they also drew more attention as to how bad they are so like. If you look at that's like a warning shot to the NCAA. You come at my dad you're going to get dunked on twitter by me and all my sisters so yeah. I I like this. You can you talk real quick about the do a talk about put this Kentucky team because I like them- and they are I've, watched them a few times.
Times and their nails like at the end of games. They turn it up a longer and you're like man. These guys are really good. They did against Kansas you're on the road against Florida. I I like to talk is always good, but if feels like this team has a little extra. You know we can be in tough moments and still survive. This Kentucky team is what Kentucky fans think every Kentucky team is which is there yelling at the start of the season, and it takes a little while to figure it out, and then they actually do sort of figure it out, and that is and obviously everyone remembers they got smoked by Duke, and I think smoke is not even strong enough of an adjective. You know what happened to that. They were. They were humiliated, but yeah man they're coming around. It is very strange 'cause. I think a lot of people just kind of swarm off and certainly in the the college, basketball media. I think people are starting to recognize what's happening next track, but it really feels like people aren't
in about Kentucky a lot which is shocking because every other season, it's like Kentucky and Duke, are the only two teams. Everyone talks about and it's like do, killed him on the first day of the season, and everyone is kind of pushed aside and said. Alright, so we don't have to worry bout Kentucky the rest of the year. And they're coming around me, like all the other guys, are playing well, I love Pj Washington. I hated Tyler here at the start of the season. So I went to the Paducah I could get it yeah, yeah yeah! You really bad kid right. I mean he he answered. He was from Wisconsin and he's just like a stone, cold killer and he plays fuckin'. Committed suicide. He committed to Wisconsin yeah, it's a little watching just kill people, so I haven't like yeah: go ahead. Sorry, ok. So I don't have them almost nothing. I want. I wanted to go off what you were saying there with people. Aren't talking bout Kentucky. I have a theory. This is actually like one of the deepest seasons we have in terms of teams that I could see winning the final four, but because of Duke how must watch they are in psi and no one's really. Paying attention to Tennessee
Michigan Villanova. Back from the dead Kentucky Virginia like Kansas, always lurking. So I feel like this is the season that there are so many good teams, but everyone I only want to talk about Duke in their quest for an undefeated season right right because, yes, um, Yeah Duke Duke, is better than everybody. It feels like right now. I know Gonzaga beat them, but I would say so: it's become a big thing in college basketball to tear stuff. I don't know who started it, but you just start throwing out tears. I think, like the guys that ESPN started, it is throw things in tears and I think Duke, is at the top tier, although they do play at Virginia this weekend, um and that could get interesting. It will get the rematch in that game. I would do you like virgin, I like Virginia and get Zaga they're, both up there with them, and then I think, like you, get to tier three were like Tennessee and Michigan like Tennessee defensively, it kind of let their foot off off the gas a little bit. They. They started feeling themselves
I do really like them. I anyone who knows anything about me and my feeling on Tennessee I've, I've I've been singing her praises Austin. I'm just slightly worried that the the peak too soon to borrow for it yeah it did do do the best team that is, or I mean I got sick like due to still the heavy favorite to win it, and then this I think eighteen are the second best. Not the biggest you can drag, and it's pretty much because can drag is the only team to beat to full strength. So it is, it is sort of a do. The field playing which, which is terrible because let me do it is definitely going to win the National championship weekend. Yeah yeah, but then later not going to like in Zaga, but until Mark few makes a final four. I don't know if we can really buy into this building out there. So big
he pays more attention to college basketball before the end of the NFL season. I just have to force myself to do a complete flip over I've. I've paid attention a little bit, but I I want to know. Like obviously I know all the blue bloods are good this year, but if I'm keeping my eye on a mid major going into March, what would give you two mid majors that you think are capable of making the final four at this? all right, so you're, the man but you're gonna. Looking at the team called Wofford. They are the Wofford terriers in and here's. Here's what you need to know about them. There score is named Fletcher Magee. You might have heard about this kid. He shoots. He shoots a lot of threes you don't white, guy, spoiler, alert and leading assist guy is named storm Murphy and he's also like so those are those are like those investor back or is a guy named storm. Mercian Fletcher Magee sounds very famous star yeah yeah yeah, it's ok, it's a teener
absolutely if you pay no attention to college basketball and you're. Suddenly, like turn on the tv in March- and you see, it seems to white kids and storm and Fletcher, consider like torture, and this year like what the fuck yeah it's very confusing. So that's a team uh, I'm given people little heads up before that comes around and then I don't know like San Diego state, seismic DOM he's kind of wait, you mean North Dakota State. Burger King South Dakota, South Dakota, as I said, we're all over the state, my my yeah, it's South Dakota state. She also did. I say and I got you guys to the Dakotas got too close to fill it up. Mike Tom I've got the wrong Dakota, He is he's about to score three thousand points, as you can tell he's not on the forefront of people's minds, I flipped up the school he plays at, but he's a killer. And uh. You went vegan this. This is the concern about him. He goes begin this summer, yeah and then they play in Canada and he gets his as handed.
And then there's like a quote right before the season. Where he's like, I made it. Is it going to be like Did you fix this immediately it? So we started eating meat again. I think he's doing well this year. My one problem with wofford- and this is a dumb brain problem. They have, they start with a w same with wake forest same colors, an I think, there're South Carolina in Wake Forest is in North Carolina. So I always confuse them. That's just my one like I can never get into offer. That's actually just resting yeah like I always just think, wait for same font and go silver or gold and black it just bugs me up. How do you respond to that analysis? Yeah there here's my counterpoint. If you're doing dumb brain stuff so everyone got excited about you NBC because they were the retrievers and you could tweet dog if she's like how cute or these good boys walk, the terriers they. They're letting themselves to like a cosmic run where the, where the that, will world into existence where people can tweet give some dogs again
Type of terrier, though, or it lays it like a something about Mary, Terry, because a lot of get stuck there with that, I think it's a our Boston, Terrier Boston, to that's pretty cool believe so I we we get yeah remove during the Un Bc run last year, people get excited and sweet like golden retriever stuff and then the hard as I would respond to be like it's actually a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, not a golden retriever like ok, cool thanks. They like water more than they like cold. They can break ice with their chests. As a fact about a chess. Is that I know so, best friends with Buzz Williams. Now, I'm not sure if you know that or not I was watching them play the other night against Louisville and something interesting happened at the end of the game. They were down by eight points and Buzz elected, not to foul, because in eight point loss factors less a it's a it's a better loss than if they lose by double digits. If you look at the how the computer sorting out it was just something That's been going on for years and I'm too dumb to have known about, or is
Buzz Williams. Has you figure out a way to disrupt the computer system. Oh he's ahead of the curve. So this is the new metric that they have is called like the net. They got rid of the Rpi basically just like through the art. I do a blue like a sausage, grinder and ground it up and then turned it in and they let the net and it's basically the same thing, but it's supposedly better um, my story, it. Part of the new metric is margin of victory up to, like ten point zero up to twenty. What you're, something like that in it at Eight point loss is better than a ten point loss and so that sort of stuff, like Letters and I don't know how much it actually matters, but uh enter have gone too far in Buzz Williams is it was actually kind of smart like it totally makes sense, and it does actually matter for the net ranking in the end. It's just hilarious that that's that's what you're seeing is like equal time. I think they were down eleven with twenty seconds yeah they hit every droplet yeah hit three, and then they didn't follow it fucks up Brandon who bets
over unders in college basketball, because one of the greatest parts about college basketball is the scrub who just keeps following when they're down ten with like ten seconds left and you get free free throws that are just so pointless and that's how you get like a walk on and you get like thirty five, my favorite thing about college basketball. Is you? Have a game, go be trending under all game and you have thirty five points in the last ninety seconds. Anybody wait. How does that make sense? It's just free throws and guys chuckin up threes mark. I want to give you a maybe a minute here to talk to us. How this is the year Virginia is going to win it all, because actually it's not bad offense, they're, totally efficient and arm. It's not gonna, bite them in the ask when they can't score a basket late in the tournament. This is the worst. This is This is the word, because this is the worst show to have it, be like cats,
interested. I do love Virginia, and the problem is that this is literally the worst show to try to make a serious case. I have to try anyway. Do it I actually believe in Virginia tie all put the God hand of God, weird issues better. We do you actually being serious. Ok, go ahead. Sorry, I just make sure ok, Is this? Is their year? Uh, no, I don't know if they're going to win their offense is better this year than it has been every year, and I know that they would say that every country I mean hopefully this year and eat every year, well. It will allow cats everyone to the same thing in total. You gave them the big CAT box. That's true, can you please just do this for region yeah? I could four people have yes, your you are right in two thousand fifteen I said Villanova would lose
second round and they lost Nc State and Villanova fans hated me and the next year. I said this is the year I believe, and I took them. I put them on my back Kirby Puckett style and brought them to an ash championship so I'll think about it. But at the end I want Tony Bennett to come. Come Wisconsin so maybe I won't do that- maybe I'll just keep watching them lose in hilarious ways, Virginia is Wiscconsin there? Just a little bit better in higher profile because they play in the acc and they're always ranked a little higher, so watching Fail is so for It's it's like a reminder for Wisconsin, never to fly too close to the sun like we never want to get too good because then will be a total joke like Virginia so it sounds like I can't believe Tony Bennett doesn't want to come to Wisconsin when I was notable alumni is called this program with total child. So it's not told you hey, listen. This actually goes purple. To my next question about the big ten:
You first, do you believe in KEN pom? I used to, and then people like idiots started, yeah well, call? It became gospel and people stopped thinking for themselves and they were just like this team is number one in here. Why didn't you just like to come on? And I I you know it you? Could it can bomb into college basketball the dates for like ten years? Okay, so you like can pump or was cool yeah and now everybody Showed- and you look at you like- can palm name three other out? Okay, so here's a tip, here's a tip use Kenpom when it helps your your your point and then just completely disregard it when it doesn't back it up and that's where I'm coming to with there are. One thousand two hundred and thirty four big ten teams. Top eleven of Kenpom. I used eleven because Wisconsin's eleven it's an arbitrary cut off. I don't care. Will this finally be the year that the big ten can break the drought uh our way to
counting no Maryland one Maryland one before one or two, so we count Maryland two hundred and two, it's been all the way since, is this year that we can finally stop this drought and get back into the national championship Part about the the Maryland thing, too, is that they beat Indiana, which kind of started the drought because that part of the drought isn't just that we're not winning national championships. 'cause. That's I mean the PAC twelve does that but doesn't exist anymore. I have that written down. I said, hey, remember the PAC twelve! That's one of my questions we'll get to it: the the other, the part of it, isn't just that we're not waiting. It's not like every God Dam, big ten program has made it to the National championship in LAS and I'm not really sure what psychology is that is or how to fix that. So I don't know I don't have. I don't think there is a ti, don't think the big ten has a team good enough to win the national Champ ship through here. What about Wisconsin? Wait? Wait, big cat back up. Haven't you not
Loud Maryland into the big Danielle and bask. No, that's it. That's very often, I'm very but you're, going to you're going to claim their title that they won when they were an ACC school as a big ten title now. Yes, I've been very clear from the beginning in the Maryland basketball in the big ten Maryland in quality, rockers football and record bass will still not including all their wins from, but yeah where they were in the big island. Like you measure actively there you're out there doing the doctor thing. No, no! No! I am no so your districts as long as as how I want to I'm getting on the same page. Okay, we've never had this kind of connection yeah, but if you wanna talk about big task, is a national titles come from big ten football? Perfect! I get that, but if we're, if we're looking at a ten mentioned it Michigan State, now it's we're. Put on eighteen years since they've last won a title. How close am I to my Tom Izzo? Is overrated? Take to coming trim come with
still out, we need to see more we'd like Tom Izzo. Is he I I don't think he's over rated? I think you, I think I is the fact that everyone else is stuck. I think Tom Izzo being able to say I'm the last coach to win a championship in the big ten is like a feather in his cap. That's true yeah! That's! Actually. I believe that yeah yeah the impossible. I let a big ten team to the title. Okay, so yeah so tell the big ten team that could come closest Well, I mean it's obviously, either Michigan or Michigan State and know Purdue fans are gonna, get really upset that I said that could produce like right up there. Ten yeah yeah Bruce playing. Well, I like Purdue, they have Carson. Edwards is probably the best player in the big ten, but I think it's Michigan, state or Michigan and Michigan State is just not talented enough. I don't think like none of that they have like,
cash is Winston will probably playing illegal little bit, but outside of that, I don't think they have enough talent to kind of they could get to the final four, but they definitely like. I don't trust them against. You know I got to be like Duke and Gonzaga back to back. I don't. I don't think they can do that, Christine but their offense is horrible. Their offensive, like they play great defense. They have maybe the best defense in the country, but they're so disjointed offensive. And it gets very, very ugly. I mean, for God, sakes their point guards like their best player and he's got one shot, and it's like of running hook, shot off the glass and like their second best player is probably Charles Matthews. Maybe I don't know, and he he he can't shoot, Freeze to save his life and uh, it's just to their office is an absolute mess sometimes, and so I'm worried about that. But that's why I don't think we have any shot. 'cause like the rest of the teams are the teams that are good enough to fuck it up for someone. Close, but not actually win it. You know Wisconsin, would you say I'm thinking, maybe a fifty two to forty eight
first round win and then, like fifty five hundred and fifty one second round loss, it all depends on the momentum. Wisconsin had going and like it. If this is supposed to be a good with nothing came by the time it comes around, their flock. Yeah is just like a limp toward the finish line. They lose in the first round of the big ten tournament to like Illinois or something, and then they get like a seven seed. That's that's a dangerous constantly Yes, any of the names on the part of you love. Anything happy is the maybe the most confusing player to watch play basketball because he's like from eight feet in his maybe the best possible player to ever play the game. Everyone from eight feet out, he looks like he's, never actually touch basketball? The way I describe you should have, and I've used this joke before or this observation before. But it's ok, I'm going to do it again, 'cause it's! The only thing that makes sense to Maine is he is the guy when you're creating a player on a video game, and you you forget,
well whatever year. It was where they started like putting a cap on the number of skill points you can use. Your created player, like back in the day, used to be able to just maxed out everybody even how does the guy, like that first year, where they had the cap, where you create a player trying to put ninety nine on everything, and then you run out of points you like what the fund is, that and like jump, shot, jump shot is his last category and he has like a zero jump. Shot he's got ninety nine everything else and then you're like well a true I'll, be fine and then you just say: go ahead with the career and then you play in that season. Half that's! The only way I could describe his game is pretty great it everything else. It can't shoot the ball to save his life. Like that serious question is Louisville being pic number. Sixteen and being kind of good damaging to Rick. Pitino. Legacy now, there's no longer there. Uh hum, No, it was still in the window where he can say like these are his recruits, or this is foundation right,
in the window where you're, just like I soldiers, program, yeah, yeah, so yeah, I would say this is this is good for him, Anything that happens in the next couple of years is like. I brought that for you guys you're welcome. I think we're still in that range when you think about all the talk about Rick going out, UCLA, you think, there's any fire with those that smoke. That would be fantastic, like. Realistically, it's not going to happen, but that would be like the greatest thing ever. If you went out there, that would be That is that is the Darren Rovell. I feel sorry for you from UCLA fans, but this is tremendous continents of college basketball. That is, that is exactly what that would be, but now there's no way it's happening, but he I think he is, I get a job eventually, though his like I mean colleges, are Jim Morrison hired, but I you're not gonna get like a power coppers job you're, not gonna, get a real job but it'll pop up somewhere. You get it you're going to go to some tiny at school and we're gonna write.
The article late, probably Dickie, v about how Rick Pitino is is read, read she's changing his image and all that kind of shit and he's on the path to redemption and all that and I'll leave it up. No one no one loves anyone. More than Dickie V loves Rick Patino, it's unbelievable nobody! It is unbelievable right! Let's get to the question: do you remember the PAC twelve like What's I think up dude. I think I'm ok with saying this. 'cause, like I've, been spending more time in LOS Angeles, I've spent extended periods of time to wear like when I'm around when I'm in Ohio. I can now say that I tell people that I live in it like you know, back in LA here's, how we do it. I've become that pretentious asshole in Ohio, so I spent enough time in LA to know that the West coast That's really all that, like I became soft when I went to LA I was there for like two months. This fall. The weather is perfect.
Play. I come back home and it's like freezing balls, and I was like just crying every day and I was complaining about the polar vortex almost killed me. I couldn't handle it and I'm just thinking about it like. If I'm not just imagine so like being born and raised there, and- and this is a real thing- I'm doubling down on the PAC twelve is just off. Their only hope is that, like import kids from the EAST coast, but even then, like these kids, get out you just I mean I want to go to UCLA like being a gym all day, everyday and work on your game right. Well, that's not why you go to UCLA. No, no come on. That's my that's my theory. Yeah yeah I mean it's well it sucks too, because I love packed well Bass. Well, just because it's the late night basketball. So it's you know, everyone watches it's the last thing on. So if you're chasing bats, but it's there are no good teams, like Arizona State every now and then UCLA, ok, every now and then Oregon, maybe a little bit but like from top to bottom. They just kind stink. Washington is
it's okay! Maybe this year, they're they're they're rolling through the PAC twelve right now, but it's just they're not convert everyone, and I got over to show that. Well, I don't know like and they really watched it really might be the only thing that makes it in if they win the tournament story. Isn't that kind of good, though Sean Miller, Arizona, because if, if the PAC twelve was good, if Arizona was good, there be way more heat on right now, somehow he still the coach there something that he's going anywhere anytime soon, despite the fact that, like last year, he was about twelve hours away from getting ship can Is he? Is he actually going to survive? This thing. Uh. I don't really think there's. This is the classic it's hard to say. I don't really think there's like no one I've. Not that nobody actually knows anything about it in this stuff, all the people that are reporting on it have no idea. What's going to happen in these trials and stuff, but yeah. He
he's probably going to survive, because Arizona has the number one recruiting class next season, which is the funniest part about all the FBI. Stuff is like three of the schools that were never caught up in all were Arizona USC in Louisville and I'm pretty sure those three schools are the top three recruiting classes next year in college basketball, which is this it couldn't more perfect honestly, so I'm sure he's going to be fine. I'm sure you'll see like that's the genie I mean Lorenzo Romar survived on the West Coast for like ten years longer than he should just because he kept dangling the carrot of next year's recruiting class in front of Washington and they're like well. We can't fire him now and You got next years class coming in. I think Sean Miller is going to do that for like at least five more years at work and then finally, those that came up on it. Yeah there's a lot of sweat ask question: it's see. Question put in promo code. Take go to a college basketball game this year, ten dollars off your seek purchase. Promo code. Take, We mentioned Tennessee there currently ranked number one uh and
I have to ask you the question 'cause. This is how I feel about them. Rick Barnes. He stinks tournament- and I know like people but well he actually over achieved when he was a lower seed. Well guess what is going to have a pretty high seed this year? Tell me change my in the Rick Barnes doesn't stink in the tournament. I can't do that. I would say if you're trying to like, I don't have any faith in Rick Barnes in the I have faith faith their their then Admiral Schofield in Great Williams, like their two best players. Who are, are awesome guys and play their asses off and are tons of fun to watch and play deep. I don't know. A great Williams is basically Tyler Hansboro. What everyone thought Tyler Hansboro was is, who create Williams? Is he's unbelievable, just a fucking workhorse and just like I don't know how to describe it if you've never seen him play he for me, like if you're a computer fan of the college game he's like, must see tv.
We'll still deal with on a budget. So I really like those guys they play great defense. They they have great leadership, all that kind of stuff, but I can't you know part of history as well document I mean the man got smoked by USC with the second round Kevin Durant. Do G Augustine yep, that's the I thought they were coming. So if you're, Texas right now and you had a magic lamp, would you rather have Rick Barnes as your head coach again or stick with Shaka? oh for real for sure. You'd rather have reports for sure that sounds that sounds hated Rick Barnes when he was there like the last two or three. They wanted him out yeah. You know, I don't follow college basketball that closely. So this is a good. This is a good way for me to test it see. If it's true, I don't either it's ok uh. How many, how many sweet sixteens do you think Shaka Smart has been to his career two as someone who yeah there's one: okay. What is a good way to a scene, but you forgot about having that is true.
Hashtag. If you think that's the thing like you, if you go to a sweet, sixteen as an underdog people will remember it forever that, like anytime George Mason pop something like George Mason, would they went farther, but if you have of a style that is different like havoc where you were full court press all the time people will just give you like six sweet. Sixteen appearances yeah, artist MAR invented the full court press right and well? because I feel, like the general public, thinks that shock edges all these runs at Vcu. It was great and it's like hilarious will look back and be like. Oh, this dude have one Goodyear. Not it was him and Brad Stevens were like the two hottest things that have ever happened in college basketball and
turns out. He had one year. I just remember that he had a couple good teams. I think he had like three good seasons, but he had that. One run but you're right, it's like Jim Larrinaga I'll, always believe that he is like a twenty five head: coaches Chicago. He took George Mason yeah loyal Chicago for the next ten years. People like watch out for loyal Chicago, like that's what happens when you make a deep run as a team? That's not in the major conferences and the best of the best part about the If you run two is that they shouldn't have even gotten the term in the first place, they had to play the play in game and it was like controversial that they were even in their dickie. V was like crying on tv. I forget who got left out, probably Syracuse because of his buddy Jim Bayon didn't get it. I don't remember who was there shouldn't even been in and then they made it in he he he went four games or whatever it was as hell, yeah, yeah yeah and that's it. He said: that's what happens. That's what happens when you have a small school and you go far and you have a hashtag also. I think that the fact that Nick
it looks so much like him and he's always on tv that kind, a bumps the profile for Shaka Smart, true, also just a cool name. It's true all of these are very true yeah. I wanted chocolate it to also come home to Madison WI, just bring all the like coaches that really can't win a big game and just be like yeah, we'll take it okay. Who cares like the a team of B team coach is only gonna talk, a smart will will be co, coaches of Wisconsin and we still won't win a national title school be twelve to thirteen. It would be great the last question Kansas they do this every year like now. What will this year? no. But this isn't everything there still going to win the big twelve but the big twelve is. It is good. This year, like Kansas, this is not
I can't have her not good. No critical, tell you they're, not good, I know what they do it every year where they just like, I feel like this is Candace there there are there ever was, is okay, as is then maybe not, and then they win the big twelve and you get a one two or three seed, and then they might win a couple games and then bill self little pouch of losses grows a little bit bigger on the sideline and what's his name, I hate that guy, you can't shoot free throws at all who's back. You know what. His name all right. I've never seen someone he puts so spin on a free, throw shot? It's like he's intentionally trying to miss coming from a guy who loves Ethan Happ. This is this is crazy. You have prizes for the free throws he doesn't put spin on it to like see if I can get it off on a weird angle. Here's my Take this gonna endear myself to Kansas fans, are going to love me for saying this uh I don't like candy
How is the big twelve every year? I think Kansas fans want a big blow every year. How about that one? I think I think fall gallon pool gallons fieldhouse with big twelve for Kansas, every but it's impossible to win in there, and so they go into every big twelve season, knowing that they're getting nine free wins just by virtue of plane and fog, Allen. Fieldhouse I like that right and so like the team sucks this year like if you switch the homecourt, if, if I can just had to play in balers arena every single night, they're, not winning the big twelve this year, but the Kansas Fans goddamnit they're, going to willing to victory so this team is not good. I don't like. I don't like this Kansas team before they started having like other bouquets out for the year and all that kind of stuff and like little fish like their best player but he's also didn't even want. Like literally kick him off the team after the season last year, he said, go to the NBA and the jellyfish like it, but I'm not going to drafted and he's like go anyway and he's like ok and then they'll self. Look at this roster like boys will come back. We need to go and then he's been like
it suspended or maybe not to speed. He started. You not started some games, he started it's a whole fuckin' messy. I could talk about Kansas all day, but this team is definitely different. They probably will win the big twelve, but do not believe in then there's like a typical Kansas team that yeah yeah that take though you'll never have to buy another beer in Lawrence I never! I never have to buy another beer in Lubbock. Actually yeah 'cause, it's a dry county. True, Give me one last gambling trend, because you gave me one a few years ago, which always works the back to back mountain games when a team has to go play Utah and Colorado? In the same weekend, Sir Thursday Utah salary Colorado actually happened. I think our this past weekend Count Carl killed someone on Saturday on a back to back, but what's another trend that any of our our degenerate listeners can can use for bad College Basketball. I don't know man, I don't. I don't gamble, come on I know you need to start gambling market yeah. It's honestly weirder that you don't it kind of
I feel very left out that everyone is like the I wouldn't yeah. I don't know I. I can't even take it to be honest with you. That was the one I get I had was that I gave you all my secrets. Yeah. Could you make the argument, though, if you play the second night of like a high altitude game, your bodies acclimated to it? Now you get more tired college kids here I, like I'm, always late teens. That has a really good guard in the sense that it's a tournament so that that is most of the good names. A lot of people will roll your eyes and go like what Thank you name all the best. If a guy Ok, I want a guy who is going to play in NBA who I can look at and be like. That is an NBA guard. If you have an NBA guard that you can throw the ball to and be like our offense sucks, please go score for us, and then you also play great team defense. I trust you more than a team that you know
centers around a big guy or on like offers minded minor. That's my that's my camera Brad Davis again. That probably applies to all the best case but yeah. I love that guy yeah NBA Guard uhm. I have one last question who's, the guy that I should or hating already hum hum. Great one. I mean Alex O'Connell and do it now yeah right, Hanks, best friends, and we now expect from maybe the most wonderful players in the NC double I feel like it's. A cop out answer on your part, though just name lever, white guy and Duke with the punch will face, is also good. It's like, Jack White is like I don't do? Can I really like him, and I think he plays hard and he's really good at what he needs to do for the team, and I don't have a problem with Alex O'Connell, clear, cut taker haircut, really friends with them friends he got. He recently got a breaking news.
A credible it's the day. After that we have to be out like a candle that right yeah. We also got on there windows so season with Hank yeah. It's just because, like technical, I think that smoke all right mark. Thank you, one showing podcast everyone listen to it. His co hosts it with actually no tapes the the host right, yeah right yeah, Z3 tease me up and then I uh, I provide all the hard hitting analysis hosted by listen to Fraser spot gastritis, one shining yeah. Give me a favor. So I was I was listening. I was catching up 'cause. Every time I come on. The show part of my appeal is that, like I have people think I actually listen to your podcasts all the time yeah it doesn't make you more likeable yep yep, so to fit in keep that ruse going that actually listen. Uh. I listen to a couple of the recent episodes and the Dan Marino Interview right. Yeah you go,
through the Damn Reno interviewing, but when you set it up, you always like and you've done this before with other city interviews. Really this interview is horrible. He uh, I don't know guys we're gonna check this out, and I've noticed that whenever you set an interview up like that, it generates more discussion about the interview. Yes, you know what I mean like people then or like oh now. I definitely want to listen and people are talking about it on Twitter, a little bit more and they're like I didn't think it was that bad. I actually did think it was that bad and everyone wants to talk about it. Can we do that with me? 'cause yeah yeah stop and be like Today he was will be like will be like we're, not friends anymore with Titus. After this interview in and you have to listen to the end, to find out why, but we seriously got into a really big and those people get so right. Now we're going to actually leave this in we get to right now and they realized that we just got him yeah
yeah. I can't believe the races shift. He was saying he was very strange and then now we're here folks and we still love Mark Titus. You still live to one listen to one shining podcast All right thanks, guys that city interview with Mark Titus was brought to you guys by one eight hundred flowers. By now, most of us have started racking our brains about what Valentine's gift truly is going to make her day special go off script here, a little bit because if you're like me, you always forget you stuff off till the end. Now by the time you can schedule it right now. There's no excuse like if your on your lunch break, if you're getting into work right now, you can get Valentine's day taken care of, and you won't have that last minute. Panic where you wake up in a sweat like the day before Valentine's day, and you try to order it for the day of, and you can't do it and you have to be like oh bad, so we didn't get to you in time will be there tomorrow. I swear you can do all right now, and you can do it using one eight hundred flowers, it's a no brainer
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trash talk for guys that don't watch bachelor, even though Hank watches the bachelor? Absolutely not. I do not want to brush definitely watch last night? Why 'cause? I was sleeping Jim Japan's retire yeah, you know fifty you, yes it you listen, but I got back one Stanley not long ago. Yeah was twenty. Sixteen yells well really, thanks to the last nineteen should last I heard that I fell off my dinosaur, Hi Heather, who wouldn't Marcus anyone was alive here. True Heather kissed Heather, who had never kissed anyone in her life kiss Colton on their one date in China and Thailand Wait. Wait, wait come on now we going to Thailand. No, we don't think learns what the capital of Thailand is Ojai. No,
then come have another state pronunciation for it. If you went there, you go good job nice little switcheroo. There was a heavy, hey, even listen to the question they kissed in silent. I read, Allen. I thought China said Iris, a child. All alright, Ok, I'm going to start get your map for an expert or wait. Wait, wait! What's the thing they kiss, they went on a date in Thailand. Heather has anyone cold is a virgin, and apparently they kissed in Thailand got it something's got to give their yeah. We got a virgin, and then someone that hasn't like Colin, probably looks down at her. Like everyone looks down at him: yeah she's, the verge and they're in Thailand, a lease left the show, because you couldn't stand watching cold and date. Other women, well, that's a bad show to be on yeah. No, I would say that If it's going to trigger you to watch your man go on dates with other women show that, has your man go on a date with twenty other women is probably a bad place for you, it's good to know yourself right,
like know that you're jealous right. I guess I am the dealership that I am the jealous type yeah, don't move to Utah, that's a little tip, Oneca called Nicole emotionally unstable in the coal called Onika a bully. Colton was so frustrated. He had to take a walk on the beach and there was no rose ceremony last night- oh my god. What's all because of Oneca Nicole. Damn they ruined it for everyone, everyone goddamnit, he should've sent them both packing Oneka and Kelly. Nicole, Nicole, you be in batches. I said bet. Not batch batch wait, someone called the other one emotionally unstable. Okay, the other one said: she's a bully, alright, so into this a little bit. I feel take on too many. I I feel like the emotional one is actually the bully yeah and the bullies. Actually the emotional one yep I'm so it's one of those I'm rubber are like you know you call the other person. Rarely are projected. Yes, the it's. It sounds like a hell of an episode. I think the rose ceremony was a big, controversial moment. Yeah. You think it was
cut no rose ceremony ruins your Monday night right, Hank, not mine, okay people that watch shows next up. We have men card. This is for a cougar that was killed by a Colorado runner. A reservoir yeah yeah reservoir open space horse, a badass name, Horsetooth Reservoir, open space so the the mountain lion was actually choked out by the runner yeah, so Hank play the play. The a ton hi, I'm Joe Buck hand over your man yeah we're taking that mountain lions man card, because you're a fucking, wild animal and you got killed out but killed by America is docile creature, a jogger, okay, but spinzone didn't tap good point.
Didn't app. That's it that's a very good time so his card back on, maybe you know, if you don't happen, you are willing to die without tapping. I feel like you, get a man card. Ok, God, with your man compromise at the very least wall. Should change all their mountain lion branded knock off mountain dew. I don't think that that deserves to have my outline on anymore, but we'll give you the main card back. This do a posse with at least eighty pounds us all that big, that's, not a big cat, the body, the Big that was taking a state health lab for ever given an the autopsy now. Well, they did that because they thought the guy lied about it. So they checked and checked its throat and it was so either this guys skull, Fuckd the mountain lion to death er he choked out damn well added now, if he skull fuckd the mountain lion to death, then man card taken back from outlook, yes and that man's name Jeff Fisher Ledger. Who was this so awesome, be great story ever
all right guys on checks? We we did all of our segments beginning. We we cut ourselves out of segments soaps, a pmt boys, especially Hank, hey, so my a boyfriend. Images are now juniors in college. For some reason, he will never go out with me and always wakes up before. Six hundred am to lift weights he's not even that big to mess with him one of his friends and I always send pictures of us kissing at the bars in one of his other friends, always hits on me right in front of him. He never die anything about it also wanted best friends hooked up with his little sister in high school. He never did anything about that either. What do I do? wait, you sound, really mean yeah. This is like your boyfriend sounds like a really nice guy sounds like he's, he's actually doing the right thing by avoiding you at all 'cause he takes, he gets up, he works on bettering himself and then all he gets in like Payback is just you fucking, all your friends or fake falkingham way, but if it's, if she's doing it as a prank, then that's why thing. I don't know that seems really mean, although the the part about him lifting and not getting bigger like he should probably stop
like, if you're, going, to lift No one wants to be around the guy who lifts all the time, and still does not. Muscle like someone needs to step in and be like, hey bro, either start doing. Creatine or stop left. I think that there is an elegant solution of this problem here and that's just start making him take steroids and it solves the the getting bigger problem and it's all because of the lack of aggression problem that he has a point all these things. Thank you, okay, Sup PMT boys, especially thick cat, my boyfriend and I joke around a lot about having me call him play or his dirty little slut, but never actually have during sex. I'm starting to think he actually wants me to, though I don't want to say it during sex in case he's not, and it kills the mood. How do I find out if you want me too? I think you just say it I think you say it and and be like this- is I'm only I'm claiming my sexuality but calling you my little Slayton to the guy or just start saying your own father's name during sex and see what happens there? Balsam credibility
and he's like what Lego? I meant daddy. Or you can start saying the Heavenly Father's name just be like, oh god, oh god, yeah yeah it'll, probably like that start with that. Try your dad's name, though just a little fun, keep it fun. Some guys, especially chunk at I recently got a friend like to me and my tongue is longer now any tips or tricks. Getting a better bj. What I think I mean Why would you ask us that? Are you trying to? Are you trying to be in kiss what fault I give you just got a friend elect to me Who does that, then? Why would you need any more tips and also why? What what? What do you get a front alike to me? For you, like she's, like a snake, what if she got it for so she could be like on both paws one, that should on a any like that guy who became a porcupine and like a some older guy, became sonic the hedgehog and they have like spikes all over yeah. I think maybe
just get another friend like make you extra longer guys like it when chicks who He had surgery other talks to make a longer get another one to make it super long. This is like you can do that surgery break every bone in your body in the may long get it. So you get taller a look at that and looked into it. What do you think others like an eight month recovery process, and could you still podcast only you only get like three or three to seven extra inches off it. So I mean I'm already I'm already six. I was all I don't. I don't you worry six weeks. I don't need to be like a freak yeah, so I think in the past, but yeah just get along even longer time. We should have actually we the bubble got hit by that car. We should have been like well you're halfway will a quarter away there, let's just breaking the rest of, am and see how much longer you can get Apparently, doctors in the USA won't even perform the surgery. Well, if you have to fly overseas for I've been told what now would have been cool,
but then you just have really long. Shin bones and the rest of your body is the same size. Oh, is that true, all legs baby yeah. Well I mean I feel, like my upper body, is it's also small, never mind yeah. Some boys there's this guy, I always see around and we flirt, but I never knew his name until yesterday. After talking for a while, he finally introduce himself as the name of my most recent ex. Is this a total deal breaker? No, it's we get back it up. Face it actually yeah a great way to get back at him. Although I could see some mishaps when it comes to sex thing, yeah texting only if the names of the phone are similar, you don't change your tattoos. No, that's a good point yeah! I think it also can breaks down there there will be a shorter, getting to know you period because you feel like you already do like every conversation feels familiar, and you won't have that awkward like you call your new boyfriend, your ex boyfriend state, so that's pretty cool. But what? If his dad's not the same name, then she might accidentally call her new boyfriend, her old boyfriend's, dad's name, Cheryl, hey
especially Larry by the way still alive, Larry we are on there, seven is there seven six thousand six hundred and six is Pink a week away from officially being the longest living Larry we've ever had and Quincy only it also is the only layer we have personally not taken care of. So you know all you people say we're bad goldfish owners, I'm sorry for existing, that thought you were right turns out. You're right we need to do is just give our gold fish up for adoption great, so we left it at a firehouse in a little a little wicker basket with a blanket to make him comfortable this and he's thriving yeah. This is a part of growing, though, as a podcast. We know our strengths and weaknesses. Keeping animals live. Weakness started dating a guy who's. My close friend the last few years. Used to tell me all his crazy sex stories, the weirdest ones being from this happy ending massage parlor? He would go to how do I get over this in. Is he still getting rub and tugs? Yes,
The answer is yes, you're rubbin, I think once a rub and tug guy allies yeah it's a life and let it come in, come out, yeah, you're, venturing on or own a members only jacket and like a bunch of chest, hair, maybe couple chains. It's just the you're going to or betting on high lie, like there's a lot of things that come with that life, and it's all it's all coming. I didn't mean it that way, but it is all coming like you literally, are always coming. If you rub and tug, I he's probably also attracted to you, because you know that about it. You probably thinks since You've heard all these stories that you're into him being a rub and tug yeah. So if you're not into it, that's something that I think you have to get notarized and just be like for the record. I would prefer, if you didn't, put free not get jerked off by your masseuse. So I can't change you yeah actually just songbird, I'm eight months pregnant and listen to pmt religiously. At this point my baby can hear and comprehend noises outside of my belly. My question is: do I stop listening now, so he or she doesn't come out
Recognizing your voice is more than my husband's. No I'd say you know some more yeah put the put the headphones read up on the belly. Yeah put it up there right now, we're better we're better dads in your husband. You put it up there right now. I want to see some of the kid. Sam is not real The Texans will never want to super bowl. Still,
Bad about putting your pinky, where your real fathers, okay, can. I just mix other bill in the house too much hey kid forget. We said that okay, I was just kidding yeah we're just kidding zero. Five love. You guys pardon my tape set by fall. Two!
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