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2017-09-28 | 🔗
Thursday Night Fooball recap, Mike Glennon is terrible and the Bears suck. We go out on a limb and state our case for Tony Romo maybe not being the greatest announcer of all time as many people have said. Week 4 NFL Preview(2:12-13:18). Playmakers Book Club is in session as we recap Episode 1 of Playmakers(13:26-18:11)Mark Titus joins the show to talk about the NCAA Scandal, what the fall out is, and who could be next(19:20-33:34). Matt Jones from Kentucky Sports Radio joins us to talk about Louisville, the death of Rick Pitino jokes and whether or not he's at all nervous about Cal(33:38-52:25). Segments include the debut of the newest segment Fantasy Football Experts(56:10-57:51), Respect The Biz(57:58-1:00:19), As a White Guy for Boltman(1:00:29-1:03:58), Just Chill Out Man(1:04:11-1:05:31) and the return of Roasts(1:05:32-1:09:30).
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on today's part of my take we have our favorite recurring guest mark titus and also another great recurring guest matt jones both on to talk about the nc double a scandal we have a thursday night football cap a preview of week four with our picks and a debut a debut of a couple new segments that you're all going to love before we get to all of that i want to talk to you guys about saturday's what are they for guide for and college football no no one does college football better than the big ten big ten is football you run the ball you punt the ball run it a little more your point a little more well guess what i love the big ten i love wisconsin and the big ten networks pregame show pt and tail gate is the best place to watch you
or pregame show on saturday morning they cover all the big ten teams and matchups that you care about like no other sports network can this week there going i don't even know because they put the wrong add copy in here but
i think you're going somewhere and it's gonna be awesome because i love every big ten campus it's going to be a drag out just of but just slob or not because i love it at you know what i'm used to say they're going to madison because the batteries are playing with northwestern and that's a great game to go to i'm gonna be watching the big ten network tail gate before all the action starts on the big ten network so do it right now do it saturday morning ten am eastern go watch big ten football let's go well part of my it is friday september twenty ninth and the bears sock the bears alternate headline have found their quarterback of the future because michael
anne looked really good after he sucked oh my god don't even john john fox actually he did the the classic to flex after the game he said when they asked about a quarterback change he said we have more issues than just a quarter that's true so yeah good yeah you're right john well hang on your the issue yes some of the issues that they have besides quarterback there fumble basically fumble six there is a two interceptions and then fumble that bounced off the quarterback's knee into the defensive secondary was trying to get off on the line to call an audible and in the center snaps the ball right off my clinton's ny he almost had he almost had the first interception by a safety that never touches pants yes that would have been an all time it doesn't stop there the bears also got roasted online by butterfingers
and he can he's gonna do any act be the bears twitter account was getting like triggered by a candy bar just call can't yes we have to do and danny to race and killed the guy well it was so awful i know i know he's a fine should be you should've been kicked out of the game it was a really shitty it now no he's not he's fine he give thumbs up okay yeah so this is the extremities you see the thumbs up when he's going off to feel at that point to get back to the beer in football i will say it's kind of bullshit it's kind of crazy like when you think about as as hard core football fans like us all we got to see is one tweet being like hey
he's moving his extremities and more like us five case close yeah it's over i'm fine like with yeah the usual he then he retires because he has like a severe concussion or i don't know no he moved his foot so you move just always find their like wheeling him off the field on a stretcher and his thumb rarely goes off rock all right good there's a there's a little piece of like dental floss attached to his thumb and the trainers just pulling it like a marionette is like a puppy yes fine it was an ugly hit one of the worst it's really saying like really should get acs head snapped back i think i saw to fly out yeah his mouth guard flew out so that was the second ugliest part of the game which was first ugliest tony roma ha okay okay let's get a hold before we get into tony romo i just wanted to just sum up john fox we fired mr risky needs to start our should probably do a lot of thinking about himself mike glennon just go away and john fox get fired again
tony romo we are leading the tony romo hate bandwagon so we've been doing this since week one we are early adopters in the very much on an island boys because i tweeted twice during the game that i was not happy with tony romo talking incessantly in my ear it weird times a weird volume and just interrupting jim nantz and a lot of people said i was wrong so what's we're in the woods here ok we're by ourselves we got a little hot we're just going to sit there but we are the
i cast out there that says you know what we'll start will start soft yeah tony romo is not as hyped up as if he does not live up to the hype that people are giving him i agree he gets a lot of predictions wrong it that's the one thing that they've said about tony this is really good at is making predictions but they don't talk about how he misses like almost all any how do you know he does he's like that guy john edwards the psychic the mystic yeah i talked to that before we go he's like on them since x somebody in your background with the letter m yeah and you're like oh my mom's name was amanda you know and so it's always like well this could be a play action pass or they could actually be do i look into just bounce the ball the outside so there's like women with play action pass through the screen pass those are two different places you can't call two plays right like he's better than phil simms no one is arguing that so i'm not saying get tony romo off yet i'm not all the way there but i am saying all these people who have just like swarmed i swear to god they are not
i'm listening they're just like seeing someone else treated me like yet tony roma's great yet totals great look like all if you want to get three thousand retweets during a cbs broadcast just say twenty rows teach you more about the game and you ever learn charges say tony romo called that yeah it is a it could be a commercial if you will get is great and the thing is like he is i also don't like his jolly added to the notes so he gets to happy he gets too excited i know people like when gus johnson does i guess what does ginny when when we need one gus johnson we don't need to what i don't like about tony's he he makes you feel bad if you're on the losing side of a bat yeah right as a broadcaster you should always be less okay then your view out there that is losing their bat so right hypothetically if you have the bears plus seven and a half maybe let's not sure that last touchdown for the for the wide open jordy nelson the corner the ends on okay what tony romo doesn't understand and i don't i don't grab him because he's he was a football player he's he's now entering our world band world i watch i love football
more than anything in life but i'm miserable watching football like ninety nine point nine percent of the time 'cause either my team is losing 'cause the bears fucking suck or i'm losing all my best 'cause i fucking suck a gamble so i'm just sitting there like this is the loris off lock why would you run the ball wide wide you throw that pass i'm sitting there miserable i still love it i love every second of it but i am miserable in the moment and tony romo's just a little girl she's older group leadership here there's no room for join football unless you're like currently winning a super bowl and if you're talking if you're an announcer on television and you've got gamblers at home more than anything else you need to have a good bedside manner right so al michaels to his credit he's basically like hospice for gamblers at home he's like an that's another touchdown i know some people at home might not be says it might not be that great for you and folks were here for you so i mean we're going to be out we're going to get some hate for this and i'm ok with that because like i said we're not saying
tony romo is far far better than phil simms if you think tony romo is revolutionizing broadcasting in like the greatest thing ever you're just straight up not listening to him like talk over jim dance get a ton of things wrong predict things like i want to watch live to give brief limb breathe torrey were almost like someone throat the whole game i hate it i would also like to see i edie falco up in the booth if you put a third person to both make it easy falco and then whenever whenever roman to some stupid she goes goes like tell me a tony tony anthony let's make that happen yeah that would be good just give me i don't need it i don't need it up in the booth just give me like a vine yeah just well i miss fine yeah all right let's get some weeks for previews and also our playmakers book club before we do that what's you guys about seatgeek mlb playoffs
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terms of the games that's sunday night it's gonna be nice that we got the colts in the sea hawks all man could you imagine though that way to lock comes out of that tunnel he's not but he's actually not but we got we got to kobe burset against like half of russell wilson so the game suck the bad half the raiders broncos game will be nice the pan patriots game could be nice and the steelers ravens game no love no love lost those teams don't like it throughout the record yeah thankfully though we do have j color in england right when you wake up on sunday morning which that is that saves the whole day alright we have a groggy jet lag jay cutler assembly a wet groggy jet lag i love it so let's do some pics you are just i think it's a color actually make for an excellent buckingham palace garden just sit there to sit there does it here him and i actually called will jim called will be the best but yeah let's do our locks purchased i would still be alive well paparazzi dude jim caldwell stir
them down i think that i think is a copyrighted i've talks who set it up the illuminati should not alright let's do some pics we have our lock the week we don't actually keep track of it it's basically so that if anyone remembers like in the moment we can make fun of each other but realistically i don't think any of us have remembered any of our picks correct
okay actually no i want my last week i think i want mine because yeah because i mean i don't i bet on the r words at home okay all right pft then since your since you're the leader in the clubhouse we think not sure i'm gonna go with the baltimore ravens home dog soul plus three home doll i think that was my exact logic last week my allies home dollars and then on sunday morning i bet all the favorites and lost almost as bad as joe flacco looked last week he can't look that bad two weeks around yeah you say that but i don't think you believe these raucous man this if i know joe flacco and i know him pretty well okay this is one of the week so he comes out he has like three touchdowns three hundred twenty yards i have one question for you steelers ravens both two in one so loser leaves town it's kind of it's more of a can't lose yeah is this is this just basically early playoff game loser takes shot this shot all right hey what do you got i like the
the los angeles rams plus six things going that came out right ewout right ok so you're taking a money line that's pretty wanted playing the cowboys oh ok i have the rams are bad yeah are they well they've the forty niners will who do we want they put they put our words but i'm not sure who all right yeah we don't know if they're good travel down the maybe if i just may will cross them off yet all right might pick is i'm a stay at house like hank i'm gonna go with the jaguars soon minus three take the old in new york and i i here's my much like the joe flacco jenner hot though the big sucker much like the joe flacco he can't treat as bad as he was two weeks in a row the second week in a row i think blake bortles there's no way he can regress from last we think he's just that good he just this is finally finally took the step forward that then you'll never
i step on the route he took the ryan tannehill memorial step what if what if blake bortles has lost his last game in the nfl well we yeah that's already had prove us wrong he just rips off like ten years street of winds really play the jets or john okay the jets the jets are hot the heart they are running with sir i'd be careful there scorching hot all right so those are it's like we said we don't give a fuck who knows like yeah someone tell us what we did at the end of the season alright let's do it you ready for this playmakers book club we told everyone about it explains a hank last week he has never seen playmakers the greatest show that's ever been created and that was also canceled after one season is the nfl upset so we're doing it we watched episode one we do a little review make sure you catch up we're going to do episode two next week wouldn't do it boy a lot sure happened in episode one i hate what hey wait all i forgot to say this at first when your play maker the rules don't apply they also
so that's how i take away from from episode one that was a great line also my dick doesn't work about ten thousand right yeah i feel my dick yeah i can't feel my dick when i i like what i love about playmakers and i i kind of forgot about this is they basically the writers were like hey how many stereo types can we come up with at once and let's just throw mall into like one big you know hat and we'll pick him out as we go along they had like guy gets pulled over for drugs the
every player has barbed wire tattoos including the white middle linebacker well and also the running back's drugs he also has two barbed wire tattoos yeah she's you rarely see that yeah storm injection means johnstone and there they were what the will know the guy's going to the the old running back yeah right you were right you've got the the white linebacker old to without like and he does have a valid legal first name alicia they actually know and he's going to penn state and he's got yeah we played at penn state so he was actually jerry sandusky disciple correct he's got a cowboy caller from hell yes and he's in he's in he's figured out the way to stop c t is just taps his brain yeah he tapped his brain to remind himself of childhood members his dad was also because his dad killed his brother in a football practice for making a run too much like that's so ridiculous the show is is like that's the ten thing i remember from episode one but yeah the middle linebacker his dad killed his brother is dead killed this
sun football guy it because he wouldn't let him drink water and a hundred and ten degree weather and then yeah and then which is what's the guy's name snicker literature culture then olczyk went on to continue playing football for his dad yes wrong but didn't talk to me i didn't talk to him on cultural yeah exactly built a real attitude problem after his brother died yeah and then the key and then also the the the premise of episode one is it's like the account it's like it's like twenty four games at his account on game day it's countdown before the kick off and it's like the most all right like
they're having like fights the running back like fights the coach then he goes and talks to the owner all like an hour before kick on the owners got like some serious serious medical problem or the coach has some serious medical problems it's got like kidney disease or something weird like that all sorts of stuff the owners get a new stadium that looks like a vagina yes it's great it's like it's everything that i remembered to maine i'd take that thing straight up don't for sure arthur blank probably yeah maybe wanted to take it off yeah just get a lot of ideas that's playmakers ever so want to meet it's fantastic it's a wild ride it if you got the name prep so to do yes man yes man to come and visit this man's common will come out boy yeah drain the main vein is going to be good to be real good so they played a game the middle linebacker
all check had basically kill the guy in his last game yeah and they start playing they don't even tell you who wins the game that's right we don't know what it is weeks yes it is this week six i don't know where the show ends in the middle of the first quarter yeah who who the input yeah i mean okay and then they sing a birthday song to the old guy yeah and like half the defense ally take your clothes off you know yeah they did well that's classic hazing that one part we have got even the quarterback yet who's like the prototypical callie like soft porn who's like he's such a browse names probably play chat he's wearing a so he's wearing a sleeveless sweater ok do you have the address is the team that i like the forty the forty yard dash it took like two minutes and was filmed in slow motion but before slow motion cameras existed so it was just like
everyone would you go mano a mano on a football field you you cannot forty steps you doing that's a that's a a real tricked by the way if you ever want to look faster if you're shooting something that you wanna look super fast just shoot it extra slow that way nobody can tell how slow you really look at rocky see yellow explosion or just wear white cleats we need to always make you faster our that's playmakers play makers have someone seriously everyone start watching it's on youtube we'll figure out i think some people said that there's not after so for they don't have it so we'll have to figure out well will rectify it future us will figure this one out for you guys we promise let him take care of that right before we get to our interview wanted to talk to you guys about the best place to play fantasy football it's called draft you know all the stats guys so it's perfect for us know salary caps no math no sharks not even goldfish plano real live snake draft just like you play with your friends in a season long league but done in under five minutes and get this your chances of winning or eighty percent better
then on the salary cap sites draft last for just week and there's no manager set it and forget it once you're done drafting that's it everyone loves drafts draft are the best part about fantasy football and that's why you can do it here all new players get a free entry into a real money draft when you make your first deposit but you have use the promo code pmt that's right play a real money game for free just by using i'm a code p m t and it gets even better draft is so sure you'll love it they they're even offering all the listeners a money back guarantee up to one hundred dollars your search draft in your app store or go to draft dot com and come play free right now with promo code pmt m we're gonna do marked it is and then we have right after him matt jones alright we now welcome on one of our favorite recurring guests mr hollywood he's leaving ohio 'cause he said he hates everyone in ohio including lebron james it's mark titus
i'm get out ahead of it so i'm i'm moving to la for basketball season it's a temporary move i love ohio but when lebron leaves ohio for la it's like he's going to be copying main no just get out ahead of it and it's been starting a trend i'm the first person to ever move from the midwest to los angeles for career are you going out there are you out there just like scout places for lebron like maybe find a house for him yeah we're a sort of the actors dance team maybe maybe i'm a so what why you undersell in my abilities maybe i'm taking meetings with these teams you know so so how many mileage on my body will probably have a lot of miles i got no minutes true how many playoff games have you played
zero yes right there you go he's got like five extra seasons worth so so so hollywood mark titus is moving out to la for the basketball season his podcast tied up you can listen to it it's great college basketball that's why we have you on before we talk about this entire scandal my last question about the move to hollywood are you going to walk into like a neighborhood bar and put up a frame picture of yourself like you did in columbus that already took us to you happen to happen tell us hey meet me at this bar and i walk in boom it's mark titus with a picture of him like on some magazine or something like oh that's weird didn't know that was there were there were coincidence that that was the bar picked that was wild how that worked out i should do that i should do that all right let's talk let's talk's kindle so the yes nc double a if you are living under a rock the nc double a has a scandal which are i for one
shocked yes we been paying attention to scandal but it's too complicated for my dumb brain to really wrap its head around so all i know is that it gives me a good opportunity to make rick pitino jokes but you're yeah probably more in the loop and plugged in on this stuff than i am so can you just explain to me like like i'm a five year old what exactly is happening how people got caught like a five year old so i mean the it goes back to basically this goes back to michael jordan the cat along the brown goat cheese is christ michael jordan in the nineties becomes a big deal for nike and so i have a car sign michael jordan to nike was the guy's name sonny vaccaro he gets fired by nike and goes off in like is now starting to like try to basically get vengeance on nike for fire him and he's trying to find his next michael jordan and i figured i think he went to reebok first anyway he ends but adidas and that's why adidas everyone
about it is because this guy sonny ricardo then becomes they made like a thirty for thirty about him he's like godfather of aau basketball so he starts and all these shoe brand trying to find his next jordan basic he got way too aggressive too their there throw and all sorts of money at all these recruits steering them to adidas schools hoping one of them hits and that's kind of the general thing that happened to get more elaborate than that but it goes all the way back select the 90s and it's become it's coming to a head because after so many years like it started out with the coach is kind of approaching the players and saying hey here's a little money you should come to our school and the players kind of talk and they did the work out of this is how college basketball lurch and now at a point where like the players are coming to coaches and it just kind of understood you're supposed to pay me an it's just got like everyone
hello too greedy in a little too aggressive and fbi stepped in which is amazing by the way because i guarantee none of these coaches realized they were breaking like actual laws they thought they were just dealing in fantasy land of ncaa freak rules right did lose a recruiting yeah yeah we're gonna get your really you're really the scholarship i geared to like all these guys the rest you're like what the this is a real ball yes that's actually good point i never will realize that but so here's my question is that makes no sense to me they you see the coaches will go to the players now the listing coaches go to the shoe you guys who go to the players that's still feels like none of layers like how stupid are you that your system is are going to talk to the the the the guys to go and get the players its the like the a u coaches to that that's another layer of it all is like if you go to any a you turn that you'll you'll see just a bunch of like scrubs and and were like forty five year old scrubs where and jumpsuits with which you brand logos on i'm just gonna hang out by these teams and you like
but i'm like hey which ones your son like now you got a son i'm just kind of here to be a part of this and those are the guys the handlers i guess they call them the quote unquote handlers that's like a whole another layer of it it's it's so elaborate yeah yeah it's it's like uh but it's not like if you just go to any aau tournament just kind of like keep your head on this level you start to pick up on what's going on we just made a really good point there and that's that basketball team basically boy bands for dudes to watch yeah for sure yeah i feel like i've been i've been living in this like alternate universe my whole life that i've never even realized that sports or boy bands for guys yes now i feel like a chick yeah thanks pick it so saying that they got recruited to like it's the shoe companies wanted them to go to to do to school was that just said they would have you know the the higher likelihood of having to do this team in the final four or is this like this you companies thinking down the line if i'm getting this kid wearing adidas shoes in college it when you
pro will have that relationship will sign with us before you answer mark that scent just made like during volcom everywhere but as a speaker after there the second one for sure they're they're they're basically the cause that like think of the 76ers draft strategy with like the whole process thing was the process never about like we want to build a great team with all those draft picks the process if you listen like sam hinkie would explain it is we're going to throw a ton of it's at the board and i hope one of them sticks and one these topics that we get is going to turn into like a generational lebron jordan kobe type player and that's kind of what i think adidas strategy was if they go to these guys and they just they funnel into see the schools they will give you in the case came from louisville it's basically like here's a hundred thousand dollars go to louisville because lewis going to school and then when you go to the nba the next year sign with adidas and that's the reason
happy i got involved is because that's like bribery and there's nothing on the books about all this you're basically steering kids sir tenzan is corruption its racketeering it's all sorts of other like cool sounding crimes from like 1920s yeah ok so here's the last thing i don't understand the fbi headset or maybe was the prosecutor said the school those are the real victims here that doesn't seem right that seems right the nc double a once again is winning this entire thing because they don't pay their players they don't play their athletes they make billions of dollars and right now they they know that all this is going on and now the to basically have the f b i be like oh yeah we're gonna go get him and and the schools had no idea this was happening yeah the very
comes to me are the players in the families they get you to you hear about the the guys that like make it you know the the dude that do go to the nba and and all that kind of stuff but this sort of thing is happening to kids that don't make it and then you know there to like fifty grand or something up front and then they go to the rules and like a good example is the first one that comes to mind the kid named carlton bragg from cleveland i have no idea if he was dirty if he was bought or not but he played he played aau for see this team he he went to same high school is david lady who played ohio state and a lot of people at ohio thought we had a good shot at getting him he goes to kansas immediately just like it on the bench and also like i don't really want this guy but i guess i have them and then now you transfers and he went to arizona state which is indeed a school to and and that iowa state to high hell but the point is like i guarantee if it becomes out that he was involved in all this he was given some money and in here like propped up like a dude you're gonna
if the nba and when you do will give you one million dollars shoe contract an spoiler alert he's not making it to the nba this it sucks so it's guy like that that i think are the real victims of the clean which is to like you know big cat wisconsin johnson declared hard yes they clean my my coach that model he was clean you put so we with that model left he got fired or no he no no no sorry he left ohio state abruptly a mere months before an fbi case came down hello three to four how long is the have you ever seen the flip tired have you ever seen without a shirt on was he wearing a wire someone's a wire right my theory is that why is that not always sweating
who else is clean honestly i think all the big this is like i'm if you want to start connect the dots the big ten iowa titles in two thousand the cheating this is the reason why is i i i honestly got i it'll clean like everyone thinks the line is clean modestly bo ryan with playing for i mean in terms of like recruiting he was clean other stuff other stuff be great if it came out that the line was dirty as hell and he was paying dan dockage is kid like millions of dollars and bans on twitter this whole time defending his son doesn't get paid yet right right so ok so and then the question that everyone i think is asking is when do we get to duke do so here's my fear it do do you kiss dirty as hell and i think like allegedly usa legend allegedly have to say allegedly yes we don't get a spring but like shish ascii
it's such a godfather and and has this figured out so well like it's a pot i think it's impossible to get them and i'm sort of worried at the possible though ever get to cal too he was but yeah i mean like it just i i i i i i'm not really sure what i'm at liberty to talk about because it's like yeah i don't i don't know what exactly it's it's hard to be the spots like the you know things were and you can't really prove is that everyone just called you a hater and they're like you just say do 'cause they went all that but we know so we know we know here's what we do now duke is never been caught for anything yes well know they've had some a couple three yeah i had it lance thomas on the the one thing with the jewelry and then a quarter magetti yes added situation 2k just has a way of cases darlene he also he's like from that is a bob knight disciples so like for all tight laws bob knight like the one thing good you could say about him is he like took the ncaa rules very seriously
never wanted to break those select only murdering your own looking code kids so technically not an nc double a violation yeah it's not it's a rule of thumb is the room where you get your player that's when it all down sandusky for so long ok so it's ok has a you know kk has i like or about him like he's the military guys from army and he does things honorable and all that kind of stuff and you can't go after k and less you have a ton of evida you you can't a young male you can't you can't you can't for anything you do correct right yeah this is a big this is the reason i mean it's not a coincidence like if you want to start throwing out evidence than just you know speculate on stuff about all the best
disciples and where they end up in the answer is always private schools like water house he that mark at chris collins at northwestern johnny dawkins made his name as stanford since jack how many m occurs now harvard kill in it yeah quin snyder the utah jazz wait two weeks quinn snyder sucked in missouri right right in the and the point is you don't have like the the freedom of information act now the fbi is involved it's going to get a little dirtier and it's this this isn't quite as good of a of a statement to make the like before then the free we information that you could just like look up any salary is of any public employee and stuff but you can't do that with private schools so private schools how do you get around it is like you make jeff capel who's that you give him a salary of two million dollars and then you tell him take home five hundred thousand of that and with the other million and a half
so drops and code word happen yeah that's how i would do it yes i was kidding yeah that's yeah without unc i'm surprised that we haven't heard unc come up at all well dad gum at roy is just a good old boy and yeah i don't know like actually you can see sort of checks out and tate frazier my co host on on twnc guy maybe he's getting to my head a little bit too much but you and see like guys don't really the way the way you look at it is like who is on usual recruit that went to a school that like kind of came out of nowhere and then when they went to the nba they signed with the same brand of that school right that's in your i will like this cycle t you have a lot of those a lot of those cases so i don't know it like nothing would surprise me at this point that's the cool that's like the fun thing about the scandals it's just it's going to be slow drip of just more coming out and more guys getting busted and i honestly won't be surprised about anybody but yeah i mean like
if if it were me i wouldn't like you know i you would see would not be high on the list you want to look at you i guess our own problems in the classroom yeah they pay their players by telling me not to go to class right right pretty good and i'm in the meantime keep your fingers crossed that creen ends up the legal team the meme dream team seems we're in it right from the from the cream to the crane yeah parties if they smart appreciate it something complete different alright we now welcome on our good friend matt jones from kentucky sports radio you probably remember we he is kind enough to let us host his show once a year he was on a few months ago and since e news is all about louisville in the ncaa scandal we thought it would be a great time to have him back on matt first of all congratulate
turns right like is this a congratulations moment it's a pretty good day for kentucky fans i think that's fair to say for me personally since i put a since i put tom jurich and rick pitino just hello donald trump in my list of least favorite people at macy's it so ok so i'm sorry i was late for so all right so tell us give us kind of like an overview we actually had mark titus on as well and he gives the overview of the entire and yet was gonna give it to us like specifically what's going on at louisville how the last forty eight hours should you know kinda fell apart here for rick and where they're going to go from here what came out of nowhere here i mean nobody saw it coming and the part that really affects louisville is basically an adidas guy met with a louisville assistant coach that's coach one in a vegas hotel one month after louisville had agreed to their probation with the nca
a one month later at they have him on tape hotel meeting with with adidas and saying he'll get you need one hundred thousand dollars to go to get a player to louisville and when be this guy says well i'm not sure if we can do that he talks about coach two and coach two today was reported to be rick pitino and he said quote he swings the biggest blank at adidas did so yes you almost there you go yeah i mean the biggest dick added either and so we can get this done and so that's been the thing as soon it came out that rick pitino was coach to the ny god gotcha so there were there were tapes that were made in hotel rooms how did this investigation come about like if somebody stitching is got because my theory is your man's coach cal is wearing a wire and he knows where everybody's bodies are buried
and so he still would love it i mean we've talked about this they hate each other so much that i would if coach cow was part of it that would not shock me at all it would be great but i i think most people think the reason that came came across once i got into a dds either said local in camp laughed about bill self you get part of it and i don't know how in the world that the case i i may have to at some point but will the biggest the the school and that's how they ended up but part of it the cal celebrating calvin in washington and literally on the day that rick patino getting fired palestinian out pictures from the u s capitol with like senators and congressmen everybody always thought he was the dirty when in doubt that you know the one that's gone i love it because the louisville kentucky rivalry is is really on like i'd say any other so the duke unc they hate to be you guys really hate each other there end you could see it on twitter it was funny to watch how excited kentucky fans were
were you shocked at all that that rick finally did get fired because he seemed like he it was gonna like he was going to weather every single storm i would yeah a little bit it happened so quick and rick was clearly shocked i mean he's he's exactly he still sending out like he still sending out statements he didn't do anything wrong and he's going to fight the university will going forty five million dollars and so they have you did this will probably be a court fight but i was a little surprised i mean here's the thing of the three things he's gotten caught with which is the side first situation at porcini the container pal prostitutes scandal and this this strikes me as the least like your moral one i mean and yet this is the one that does the men and they kept the map of the other two that tells out stupid morals are in college basketball pain people is the worst thing you have to hiring prostitutes for under age player that's cool that's fine but if you pay somebody
that's where we that's where we draw i actually think this is a free speech issue is it not is not protected by the first amendment to tell a shoe company that you think that they should give a player one hundred thousand dollars that's true he didn't give it to him and they said ben and i think it's completely i actually think this should be allowed to be quite frank with you i think the shoe companies are the ones who should be able to pay but you know this is this this does he man and it does tom jurich in the id and i know he's not as famous he's probably best eighty in the country and now he's gone too and so i hope some school them both as a package deal so what happened with that with tom georgeanne pitino because there were reports that george was told are potato and he said that he wouldn't if that's the case why did he just not far potato and be like yeah this is a good point he's been in trouble constantly it's a good question and that happened three or four months ago he there's a new president in town and sort of behind the scenes jurchen pitino have been trying to get him
fired by the board and i think ultimately that's jurich believed that he and patty know were more powerful than the president and so when they told him not to i think thought you don't have the balls to fire me and they probably didn't until this happened and this gave me me excuse this president wanted to get rid of church and between now and this gave him the excuse to do it no i think it like it worked out perfectly except for the fact that they made up yet but that it'll be in the process now they're not gonna get the death penalty i would you don't actually think that right i don't but like if you don't give the death penalty here when you gonna give it well that's i think that's the probation for a month yeah i think that's the point i don't think the ncaa will ever give the death penalty again again to a big school i don't think your points it's over if they give them the death penalty louisville basketball will never recover yeah you're probably
right about that and and i don't really i hope they don't because i like having the rivalry but i will say it's pretty brazen and by the way i do think the you the the local president today gave a press are gave a statement which he said he still thinks louisville can win their nca appeal on the last okay so you deal with that one then we're going to move on to this one all right to be fair now i don't want to i don't want to rain on your parade here but it came out fit nike is now being looked at nike one of nike's biggest schools huh you know kentucky can't you and i do what is better you're a wisconsin guy i'm a kentucky got can't we say say that the real focus of nikes duke i mean can we not doing it i heard you all came the tip line can we not say that who they're going to get from nike's duke i'd feel like you and i can unify all yeah ok we can but i'm just saying this is like is there any
heard of you during the celebration or the you know the covering this and and and being both a fan and someone who's covering it is there any piece of you this the that saying this could happen to us and don't get this exact same thing and all these tweets and all this you know these blogs get thrown right back in my face well i mean that if that happens that happens i know i'm not i mean this sounds not even you all might play this in a couple months and i sound like an idiot but my view about cow is people hate him so much and have hated him for so long and the media hates him so much that if he was doing something really bad i feel like he's already been caught in my opinion because it all of these things that like if you have this much screwed and you haven't been caught yet at some point you know at some point you just got to let it go i think that i am pulling for duke to get in trouble 'cause here's the thing about do
when the nca ever hears anything about duke they just kind of let it go 'cause they're like it's do there are two door key to cheat there's no way they could do anything you can't convince me that this kid they've got coming next year the bagley kid who got eligible to skip a senior year of school during the summer i don't know how in the world that happens and you can't tell me that would yet i'm old now i hope that the f b i brings down to oh man well to answer your question about why coach cal has yet to be penalized even though he's the most scrutinized coach wouldn't it stand to reason that it's because he's knocking on everybody else the fbi is donnie brasco immunity for witness through flip i have to say you too guys when you hosted my show i love when you to host because it brings out from the kentucky people
it brings out the best of you guys we gotta nizer fan base yeah first of all you came on there and within five minutes put john calla perry on the hot well i mean people were talking about it we we happen to be the people but people were talking about john calipari on the hot sorry yeah it's also pronounced party in that i was riding a train in france and i turned on my phone for one second and i had fifty messages that people going can you believe this dude you do they're putting john calla perry on the hot seat well like i've i've forgotten it was your day an i didn't even have to look i knew exactly who it was and i was like they're doing exactly what i hopefully well into our credit was it not like within twelve hours there was the report that he was thinking about coaching the knicks so hot seat confirmed so did you
did you all have that right like you had that in advance no well well basically we dance around it enough with ignorant statements that it covered us with the nice thing about our show is if we make enough stupid predictions every once in awhile we get the timing right and something will happen be like whoa like wow i can't believe you guys thought of that and you just gotta start everything with just a prank every show is just a prank right so because louisville has fired rick pitino and it you know the rivalry is now forever changed we're going to do i'm with you now we are going to usher out all of
are rick pitino premature ejaculation jokes were ending am were bearing am at part of my team we are going to be bearing were bearing a white suit yeah with somewhat like alfredo sauce oyster juice or something so we've had our fun all you louisville fans all you rick patino fans just know from here on forward we're done with it so you don't have to worry about it anymore it's actually very easy to close the book on rick pitino jokes because all the pages are stuck together exactly is peeling them so when we do that so yes i feel like if we're going to do that we need to do it in stock right and the last time i was on with you we read testimony from the karen sypher rick i'll try to remember that i thought that was penthouse forum yeah but okay it would close all right now here's his testimony we didn't worry we did not read rick patino set them out yeah so i feel like if you're going to end it you need to know all the areas from the record he don't care inside for trial here at one
last time and get it all out of your system is that alright do it yes alright so this is pitino describing the night he got with karen sypher at forty knees and these are my notes that i wrote eight years ago i pulled him up pinot says i arrived at porcinis with my friends including my friend glenn a woman in it with a white miniskirt came over to talk to us glenn began report and glenn started pulling up her dress and when he did he looked at her and said what you got going on under this thing with glenn move but so yeah yeah and this pick every guy got going on under the she didn't seem to mind and then from there unfortunate things happen rick then when in details about the ports you need not he said kerr fiber came over to him and began rubbing his leg he said he did not tell her to stop or that he felt it was inappropriate when he was
find a tourney why was staying after hours with the owner leaving patino insisted it wasn't perfect but he had to finish up his drink yeah yeah you don't have any yeah waste not want not i would look normal for him he said no one was the first time it happened all of a sudden he said he and cipher began to talk the bars were trade if you stay here i will take you home after tino then said cipher opened up his pants one thing led to another i looked up and quote my pants were all well that's really that's just one thing that's not one thing leading to another it's she took my pants off she asked if i had a condom and i said i don't carry condoms to restaurant row dog i like that let
specificity he doesn't he doesn't care him in general should not threaten restaurants people either rest of his family's here the attorney been fed to rick that karen sypher asked attorney asked rick what happened then and he says karen sypher and i began to have sex but it took less than fifteen yes i replied that is yeah and it happened like we said it happens to a lot of guys in my son of that before we even started she told me you have to pull out because i'm fertile my husband looked at me four times and i got pregnant that's how it that i knew when i heard that i immediately pulled out oh god you can look at a girl getting pregnant ernie then asked how does patino know that when cypher became pregnant it was not hit and he said i'm not sure the attorney said did you ejaculate and he said i did but quickly
in my way real men real men to the side yeah directed traffic in the side of the tunnel hell yes when it was over talk for a few minutes and discuss what was going on in the world i've been pulled up my pants and let gentlemen i'm fascinated by the way what that discussion well yeah if these walls could talk world affairs with his pants off down his leg at that moment i sure sure oh man alright well hey i'm satisfied i'm not that satisfied wait you were satisfied but that was how it wasn't long enough for me now anon more status okay all right so we're done we're done rick pitino finished or anyone out there who's listening is a big rick patino fan that might throw threats at us we're done this is there is finished phonetically it ended on finished fictionally yeah and yeah it was good for us yeah all you do is clean up my leg and we're good
you are going to miss it like here's the kentucky fans i made the argument today on my radio show we're gonna miss rick pitino yeah haiti haiti rick patino was awesome he was the perfect bill one yes and i actually think i'm i you will mention his rival who's coming next are you gonna have tom green because it's gonna be tough to hate tom crean because as we know he is like the nicest guy ever it won't let me just say i've always made fun of tom green until he was on your show you all change me on tom craze and all and i'm glad about that yeah i had five or six straight years of dwight schrute tom craze there are real doing us too all made him seem so why couple yes he is he is that like a bill that wasn't our doing that was tom green he is a very very nice guy and like he still talks real time to
to check in and see how we're doing so he's like you he just text you just the two of you yeah just be like hey how like how's everything going how's everything going with the show and stuff like he's that target telling me like if you saw another picture of him kissing his son on the lips after the game you wouldn't make fun of i wouldn't do no i wouldn't do the sun stuff i did say that i'm going to he knows that i'm still going to do the big head pictures whenever he gets next coaching job but that's almost a sign of affection now made it to joe buck and joe boxer friend of ours so you know tom is he he changed it pft i think said it correctly don't ever meet anyone you make fun of on the internet what i thought and i want to ask you that i would ask you that okay because greg oil you know the rider used to write works the b s yeah the indianapolis paper he said to me what he goes matt don't become friends with anybody if you do it's impossible to do your job you guys get you guys are two of the funniest people i know and also to the most clever about hank you give
the band like hank i mean you do it well i don't know why but i know you too you guys get the best interviews is it making it harder for you no because i think at the end of the day when we interview people what we want to do is make them laugh make ourselves laugh and make her fans laugh so it's never
we're never interviewing someone for that like aha like not your moment we're really interviewing them to entertain but after it's over like the ones you like the person if they didn't do something later that you want to mock does that make it hard well with so our good friend run were still got in trouble a couple months ago a couple weeks ago for that the incident up in wyoming and we just we took a side a hundred percent on that yeah so we go the other way we go the other direction we support them through thick and thin guys like marlins man come on the show interview him and there's bay we find out there's basically nothing at all for i have to make fun of ever about him ever doing yeah and so we just you know that that puts us in a tough situation because yeah you're right we can't do it we can't make for the marlins man for being so humble the only one that's changes yeah i i would say our fans would say that we haven't gone after jj watt but he you know he her kitchen to us so sarmad us with with like raising a billion dollars for really great well i would say that we probably had a very large hand in raising that thirty million dollars read it twice i don't i don't think he basically only did that because he was sick of getting made fun of by all right so he's like i want these two bloggers to stop to keep my name out of their mouth yeah so where is thirty million dollars so to get this hurricane hit houston in them a raise money for it so you're welcome you
so like we're still owe though like that would have been you could have laughed hard about that don't you feel like it does it take it away no because that at the end of the day that was one of those ones that like it was pretty harmless and we know ryan so it's yeah i guess i guess you could you could make the argument that maybe a little bit is maybe a little the edges taken off but at the end of the day we we really don't our you know really trying to make people laugh so we're not you know we're not that gotcha so i don't know we probably would have made jokes about ryan if we weren't friends with them we still made jokes about him even though we're friends who just in a diff alright matt jones kentucky sports radio thank you so much really appreciate it a ton of fun and good luck trying to defend calipari when he went when the fbi comes knocking at his door yeah if it does take all the the aeros that i need and sometime i want to have you too on the show when i'm on there with you i would like to do that definitely we're always game for that
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and let's get to some segments we first up have the debut of a new segment we found out that the cash rankings are kind of a fickle thing and every now and then we'll get hopped by a fantasy podcasts podcast so we're going little element for everyone out there people want fantasy advice yes a little stardom syndrome sleeper stardom sleep so as you go in week four big week for messages it's one of the first bye week okay if you don't count week one yeah with the box and the dolphins this is where it gets weird he got to make sure your manager ross right we pick it up on the waiver wire he also fear not you're here is your boys joey and frankie you and frankie and we're here to help you out and
rogue logan ok so let's do it hit the music if you go first frankie joey jefferson alright just joey i got my start in my weekly statem this week i'm starting buffalo wings in a big big way praying buffalo wings into the man gate give me some hot give me some medium give me some breaded bring 'em all to my face love buffalo wings on my sit on my sit on his alex smith he's a turkey sit alex smith by sleeper is carbon monoxide ok alright here i go i'm gonna start him julio jones he's going to go off this week i guarantee it start him if you have him on your team if you don't pick him up off the waiver wire by sonam childhood cancer childhood cancer sakara palm yeah and my sleeper ice cream cake ice cream and cake will flex spot for you my stardom it's going to be slanted bj color just just doesn't have anymore
next up we have a little respect the biz this is for kirk cousins right kirk cousins and this very on brand for kirk cousins he apparently has an entire like like notebook or what is it a sheet that has multiple sheets every headshot of every reporter that he sees in in in the dc area and he learns their names just play knickers any any memorizes their names and he make sure that he can grease the you know greece greece him up and be like hey you you kathy i know you jim i what good to see jim how are the kids and they all give him preferential treatment all time biz respect her move bakir care he's basically he's got cash cards for the reporters but upon further closer inspection this is actually a sneaky dirt devil move by kirk cousins it's actually the opposite he is you know the old saying keep your friends close but your enemies closer he's basically saying like
the reporters are my enemies yeah so a little bit disrespectful what are you doing with those flash cards you playing like guess who behind the scenes when all the reporters leave the locker rooms in a closed session the interesting part about this move he is doing it i would expect to get the media on his side so it's like all right if i get the media on my side then i'll be i'll be be able to strong arm dan snyder not gonna strong right down to things like he doesn't realize that we should i throw in game here though the end game here is like he's he's hoping that dan snyder will listen to the media yeah well then that's we not gonna have dan snyder listens to one media person that stands out of the voice and look at our school and chris school yeah well he is chris cooley listens to downsize tells us yeah i certainly would has just pointers crew in chris cooley's yeah but yeah and then uses them as like an actual pulpit but yeah it also tells you that kerr
scott rabbit ears so he's listening to what everybody says about him not a trait that you want to have such such a nerd move but i couldn't i respect it 'cause he respects the bit also kirk congratulations on the sex because he is having it well he definitely respects the biz he's having his baby on deadline so play julie is giving birth probably as we speak and then kirk is going to come back and play in the monday night game i love it i love it all right kurt kurt kurt kurt cousins so he puts more effort into learning the media's name then the press this team puts into in his name yeah it's a winner yep that is a winner all right next up we have as a white guy this one is for both men both manned the charger mascot kicked out of the chargers game in la on sunday because they asked him to remove his head his boat man had this is a it is a nice cat
back up here i assume that everyone knows both men that's probably an incorrect assumption on my smart part both up old man is the unofficial mascot for the chargers he's just a guy who puts on a old man costumes just a guy every and he really takes it seriously when the charges were threatening to move to la he the city council hearings in his bold man costume and stood in front of the city council being like hey charger my life i'm a grown man who wears a costume everywhere and that's not the first time the bold man has appeared before city council is he's actually very active in municipal government yes like he loves attending these loves to attend and so he yeah so that the cops actually kick them out because if you ask him if you ask a guy like boatman to take his helmet off that's like asking a muslim woman to like take her job yeah you can tell you that nothing is too hot that's part of his belief system he can't he can't do it if you if you care so much about football they dress up in costumes that's basically your religion
yeah so that's your first amendment right i think his first amendment right yeah close out check that right to dress up right in support that religion and to take it one step further it boatman's also said that if he if there was not someone videotaping he would have been beaten up by the police officers like rodney king i anytime you can throw that in there pulled man's because has just been elevated it is now we may wish to call the aclu you'll yes you are going on well our adult males who dress up in support of their nfl teams now the most persecuted latin america might be i just wish that he actually did get beat up by the cops because it would have been the funniest meme of all your
you spend like look i would look at the charge the charges are in la doing well though his report may get the kicked out of him with his helmet on great visual for hello welcome the charges are in their new home seriously this is a perfect example of how la is just the you can't you can't have a football team in la how do not noble he's bald man thank you it's pretty clear that it's both man and and you can't ask what man is always get a right there on the back of his jersey it's plain as day great it's just like i i i could imagine him just underneath that thing just whimpering look like you can't take my i can't take it off you know what mail a la and san diego both they don't deserve both men the young man should be in a in a much more of football forward area you should be in pittsburgh yeah seems like he was born like about four times owns up to look for a way if you don't want to get like fan fiction of like owners owners like or sorry fans i mean teams like if i on this team man
i had a billion dollars i would give both manatee that would be the greatest run team of all time bultman no i think point man would like he would he would reduce concession prices right if you were given silver looks like on four thousand eight hundred and forty year contract move number one is your selling beers for like one dollar and fifty cents now whatever price it was when bolt menu succumb to games is like a nineteen year old number it doesn't strike me as a drinker tickets how he's gotta take this thing off old man does no i don't think he said he gets hungry my friend you do not know bolt man it's got a camelback underneath that thing i don't know man i mean you're welcome on gas to discuss yeah discussed this crime against you yeah all right next up we have a just chill out man this one goes out to donald trump who tried call jerry jones four different times on tuesday to talk about the on field protests four time
as a thirsty move on his part that once you get to the second third just waiting to call you back it's taxing here's a fun jug by jojo's hey hey hey mister trie you're building a wall of blue texts that you're sending him right there you go nice got it as painful it's like one hundred and thirty in the morning everyone so just give us a fucking break the this is though jerry this is this tells me two things one trump you're being a little needy here just back off let jerry be jerry after since you know he's twenty four hours to glory hole and number two donald trump doesn't have jerry jones jones burner number you call the burner number he picks her i disagree i think jerry jones is a kind of guy that he hit his peak well before cell phones and so he does
but get on the burner for life so he's got a guy that holds his cell phone for him at all times he doesn't walk around with his shithead son that cleans his glasses off he's got two jobs well actually three one is cleaning the glass is second is holding the cell phone and three is just doing all of jersey mail phone oh there's four two pretending pretending to make the draft picks but just listening to whatever your debts and less he says johnny menzel that's the one time that he had at one time he really put his foot down dad can't do it dad i don't know if we should draft the guy that's got cocaine falling out of his nose dallas put dallas he's a great cultural fit all right let's finish up the show with some so we asked everyone to roast us five star review on itunes tunes bringing back gross by popular demand it was asked we're delivering hank roast your least favorite aunt who so concerned about her looks she never takes his sunglasses off and uh
a guy with a little guys last minute pilates sports personalities who are insecure about how cool they are in the headlines okay okay i will because yeah i can see that who was in reference to like your aunt who gets beat and that's why she wear sunglasses it's kind of weird is that what that was weird part i just kind of focus on the little guy land but yeah yeah yeah i don't think you have the little guy but you don't have a little guy well you do have a little guy little guy have a little by little guy three dudes podcast as interesting as another person's fantasy team oh that's what that's that's dirt dog oh i don't know if you heard frankie and junos fantasy advice or whatever yeah so that's actually pretty interesting pretty interesting fact m p i in his wife cry about getting bit by a dog in a broken foot we do bring that up a lot well you do yeah well you do too yeah and you also didn't need surgery
i was actually do i woke up the other day my foot was in pain a different part of my foot i'm thinking i might just have to do some like it more exploratory i think they could run but i will go back to the i i got to tell i sprained my ankle putting on my shoes sitting down your back you ever woke up with like a pulled groin that's weird yeah isn't it i the random charlie horse wake up is tough you're like you wake up to hydrate like fucking my like this dehydro sold people are like i wake up with back pain i'm like oh really i wake up my nose is bleeding and wake up my fingers gone yeah i wouldn't fuck you know in the back of your head that peeing in the sink is immature and inappropriate for some reason you still do it this is exactly how i go about this show the content
i'm mature and inappropriate and my time could be better spent doing something else to do it yeah do it do it do some reason yourself listing please do talk about a goldfish for an hour and a half now you got you had the best mountain rushmore is it does not get enough credit ok guys so hank that thanks thank you for putting that in there yeah so sweet if he thinks it's but he still loves it and he also thinks me peeing in the sink is immature so i keeping in the sent no you shouldn't that's much better is a little bit deductive reasoning your urine away from my mouth okay hey pft nice facial hair thanks new yeah i didn't see that coming from chris carter chris carter definitely doesn't know how to get on itunes he did not hate he did not like my facial hair chris carter i don't think writes emails no here's the last roast from montreal love the show ha ha
oh so no she's canadian may not be as canadian raise their young that's ok got it just we did really well that's good that's good how's the meanest thing that anyone has ever said to his great role hey it's good job fellas you guys just certainly sound like you try hard yeah and you show up on time most days and do you pay your tap while two thirds you pay your taxes under yeah i mean i saw that face taxes thanks to be two oh she not have made our taxes were going to have a busy few weeks too yeah but with the extension is october 15th i found that out i woke up september 14th and i was like oh fuck i thought was september fifteen no i thought about it this week it was like well that can actually if you know or should the tax person or not no i don't know yeah a friend yeah a friend of a friend of theirs if you got a guy is a fellow that you know that might wanna help three fell as i
weather its axis just want to slide in those dm s yeah alright will see everyone monday have a good weekend enjoy the football love you guys
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