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Mark Titus with March Madness Tips + NFL Free Agency

2018-03-13 | 🔗

NFL Free Agency has hit. Kirk Cousins to the Vikings, Sam Bradford to the Cardinals, Teddy Bridgewater might be on the Jets, and the Bears added a bunch of receivers (2:10- 12:15). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including freezing brains for science and shooting people into Mars (12:16-25:53). Mark Titus joins the show to break down the bracket and tell us who has the recipe to win this March, plus some slight Purdue/Xavier slander so be prepared (26:30-58:27). Segments include Breaking Moos as a ton of free agents signed during the show(1:00:28-1:04:09), Problematic Tom Brady drank a beer and ate a strawberry(1:04:10-1:06:17), Hurt or Injured the Warriors are hungover (1:06:18-1:09:08), Talking Tennis (1:09:09-1:10:05), America's worst segment "Hashtag Hyphy" (1:10:06-1:11:55), and Guys on Chicks (1:11:56-1:19:28). 

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on today's pardon my take we i have one of our favorite recurring guess mark titus club trillion to talk about brackets break down who is going to win this march and who's going to be out quickly we also have and i feel free agency update it started hot seat cool throne and because it's wednesday guys aren't chicks before we get to that once occupies bout whew my blue dot com so vapourings pretty popular right now no ash no odor no brainer but sometimes is hard to find a satisfying fate that simple and convenient so blue who would you whose waiting to the world is now introducing my blue
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the third multi visit trojan ganem stockholm's less parcel more info let's go lance none can have any idea how welcome the party my tape presented by sea geek today is wednesday march fourteenth and i am dying for march as the start it beget happy new year what's
it's the start of the nfl league year today oh yeah do i go by the internet calendar correct so tax day is not for another four months yes we have mark titus on the show he's going to actually break down all the brackets for sore when you get into bracket talk there i'm antsy for it to start but what better way to come scratch that ich
then the nfl free agency which doesn't really start it starts like three days before the interval for your sake what off season eventually i think we're just gonna play the suit rule and then it will start leaking their free agents of signed wage is basically an embargo about tweeting about free agency yeah that goes on until like early march because all these deals again done behind the scenes yet as i'm set to sign likely to silas we're out to combine we heard a lot of scoops corner on london life's a lot of illicit meetings i just can't you can report on it but to day there was a go there's a flood the gates open about like three o clock in the morning i think i think adam shaft restored at any pictures of him die like tweeting on the dark like last year yeah but he was he was tweeting at three i am starting with like early news on the big news a day of course our robinson danny stani what had i'll cut by the ravens yes that is also her stone cold co big news of the tobin tax danny gave him our best allow may not an ironical one but i word would certainly keeping to look out for that because this has a lot the output this way if danny goes back to the patriots hank
mom i'm right die doing those girl ok joe world needs is another another podcast host at partial sports was a big doing of patriotism the big big news cook cousins set to sign with the minnesota vikings others been rumblings about this for a while now the vikings have decided that they wanted to upgrade from case keen em too maybe a more reliable case keenan they cousins not that much different what it's like its apparent from seeking to k c kurt cousins there he is yea i think he's a slight up great armies and unclear because but somebody who's watch a lotta her cousins game's over the past five years he is just good enough to get you exactly where you got last year exactly so so that's gonna my point his case keno lightning in a bottle case keen on it i think is the same is her cousins now i understand the the thought processes you
catch lightning in a bottle again with case gingham so that part of smart procure cousins man he's he's gonna he's gonna do the whole thing home does matter he now has defence he's got everything set in place tat
time to unleash kirk yeah so that'll be really and as you know at them the big news about the cousin signing was though a big win for reciprocity and tax arrangements states so he he likes the idea of playing minnesota living in michigan because they have like a back and forth in that they dinner so was constance kind of on how do a little they doc each other with attacks said to the other news my guy sam bradford set to sign with cardinals thank god i feel like this will finally be a mean the air there's a little bit there's no mcguinness to it maybe his bones will stay may be less brittle without narrows on that would mean if there's no mcguinness whatsoever there that means it sucks the out of your boy knows old people go there and they seem to do ok what they go there to die well put takes like ten years where they don't die they go to the buffeted early and play gall they lotta gone bradford hey as long as he just sticks to playing golf or not tackle football i shouldn't get injured yes m bradford back has offered now yes you know it's gonna happen though he's gonna get traded yet this is what happens with sam bradford he gets a contract from somewhere some team finds himself in need of quarterback and then they in someone's gonna convince himself so trade a second round picked for saint bride for i have a little i say metrics where you re first sam bradford career earnings ram sixty five million eagles twenty four million vikings twenty five million cardinals fifteen million a hundred and twenty nine million
certainly not means he's a week several very a guy like that unless he is one of the best quarterbacks nana felt that's a fact simply other too many smart cap colleges in the nfl that would never do that unless you really good we used to say the same bradford was upon his came like a working party scheme that just generated more value down the line i think is actually descriptive currency who i think he's a his own bitcoin i've been buying a lot of sambre forecourt since autumn be rich summed up our eventually wonder we have teddy bridgewater reportedly going to the jets that sucks for teddy because that's one of those uniform things where susie puts on the green yearbook
successful it good he is also a big loss that we don't have chris permanent legal more because we can again teddy brooklyn bridgewater who or teddy why teddy bridge under troubled waters yeah yeah that's i feel like you would start with that jesus i don't want you don't want to get too like current you wanna stay and simon garfunkel lionel when the brooklyn bridge was built probably values like other years so i don't think you want to get the house stand united chris were too said teddy brooklyn bridge rod o teddy george washington bridge virginia resign obray teddy odd teddy dot tappans z bridge what we're gonna go with a bridge over trouble and then on robinson to the bears and also we bullied rhine pace into signing kicker salt whereas the us yes i actually like coty coty party just because his name that's a good
yeah it's no k kicker name you know i mean you like a little sizzle too if you like to have some ease in their yeah yeah minutes like his name should be coty parker put his somewhere like somewhere else islander like actually your names cody part will do to change that our dear wife were his own thank us later when your great great great great great grandson gets it to your contract from chicago i think the bears might be back there i think the bears are on their on their way back i cannot tell you what they got a day of their number one wide receiver combat kevin why us another guy is they are sitting round a to force from pact given chicago's gun policies he won't be able com sale so fair fifteen more who i so there was a guy who made that joke like five hundred times on twitter arose you won't be back i don't know yet as i gotta know because i assume that it wants a hooker i said don't say together i shall also vague news is that radner and farm it s still out there unsigned region s absolutely pews jobs a lot of money on quarterbacks but camp here mascots z fun part about well though form part of our free agency when your team socks you get to sign a bunch of regions because you need like every position but then you realize quickly that free agency is just getting the guys that no one else want it
the team that originally had that guy there like now we don't want to resign up there's always one dude ani s p in whose to free agents for reason yoga yet what a cavalier over the tourism there's absolutely subject that its that's why you come to strike out all the time on fragrance i want to know how big is the sell that they're keeping danced snyder and to keep him from signing in dom concern all he's gotta have him in here he is the aid up to a tree somewhere in inland overmore allow sue probably doesn't race boats fast enough to be on dance nighters kit was this through he's just albert haze worth that has an upgraded to stopping somebody's face yet yeah he's albert hands worth with just a little bit less reckless abandoned for his own personal i guess he's albert hayworth who likes the lower body brandon he likes old junk in the trunk to step on i would like to well yeah i mean a lot people like soup but he's probably gonna ask for what like eighty million dollars nonsense
that duty and sam bradford did they come out the same here thinks yeah that was how it may be that was a good you as soon as the number one pick neighbours number two or three wheel we don't even know it on a but endemic ensue is rich that's what we do and hank danny amygdala down to the dolphins your culture change in miami us what they're saying what skyward a sou jarvis landry there's gonna culture change i think belch ix basically pony dying roscoe that's the plot donnie writing a certain amount to miami too strange shit out down there the highlights gone yeah exactly so i think bell checks you know he likes to take care of his individual rivals and just kind of signal from the inside so stay welcome i just hope we can find another undersized pretty one receiver to fill enforced by who are running back every day for danny who i don't hate tat what if they're danny anoraks broken and the same backyards get em all clear demolished mafia like the pokemon smash that not one member poky mungo alec to ya
that was the biggest scheme to just tape everyone inside our own house we got into it for about a day yeah and then just like froze your phone up and you just see people out in like parks walking around with their phones are these guys but ladys through it that was me further let me just idle back and check my scores religiously something change oh about and then also drew breeze back with saints yet apparently he had an offer somewhere else we allegedly ha i don't even know what that i think is one of those things where you just try to make your acts like a little jealous yeah you just wanna get under the skin a little bit and then there like please i'll do anything i'll take it back here he like double tat day instagram like the bills instagram yams like maybe never know i let's get to our hussy cool throned cause it's wednesday why she gets going how wrong trump my hot seat is espn the mothership that came out a report came out the relationship between european and then has never been worse yeah goodbye during play makers
ah that's actually where it like started there like the last time it was a bad was for him our yes so the nfl hates on and they can come up with any original shows because they had we solve clip of marty smith in vain the up doing some funny sani shot out how do i use micronesia so i saw he brought out chewing tobacco which oh my god i can you believe that like on a video you're doing china van that's crazy and then he made a trick shot in the van and then everybody flipped alec that's crazy way so that we can really cool so we need to seize every really stupid to get the nfl mafia like really way to go he s p and who do that and my cool throne is recent lands slash bring rigorous
oh yeah you're right it is responses and the other is absolutely responses and lack of water mug shots lotta alot of videos kids do a super chet lot of videos of kid with responds like up and down there are all we can always do let's re released the dac prescott fight and pretentious apt has happened that will give us time allowed panama city reach was put that on the twitter yo we should also use just so response just that we should sell every hundred collars yet without that too but like every single color wristband thou weakened by having one hand case ike ok your friends are in this all inclusive resort but you can't get in because you lazy payment money at a time speakers begins dreamily are mood ring a commonwealth who courtyard caraway already forgot about that we intend to it no i didn't i order those like fifty bucks no big deal arise are you know it i believe the most expensive one you're gonna know you got had again my heart c is ted williams because it's because i present well it looks like we're giving up on cry of
because the new hottest rage in silicon valley preserving people's brains fresh in chemicals so not frozen were not done frozen brains equality is not there were going straight farm to table you die your brain gets preserved in liquid and then in like a thousand years they upload your brain onto a computer chip i never understood what the lure of being like here take my brain and then weak me up in a thousand years that would suck there there's deafening can be the unifil a thousand years right so what would be the point like i dont if you're real big lacrosse van then you might want to preserve brainless lena around you gonna spoken out from like a great nap and you just pissed off i feel like that's what it would be like if you got woken up a thousand years later in like hey your brains awake to be a huge hang over yeah also on those scientists but i feel like terry sure taking someone's brain when it's already like they're dead the brown is all their heart died
the brain and as long as it gives now into your brain active brain yak to the hardware so basically what have you ever heard of a hard transplant never heard of a brain transplant have you not exactly point that's francais made yeah so exactly know exactly now to heart is knowing your brain shuts off knows not harangue can keep going needs the heart to pump it but what is your heart want something that your brain doesn't want in your brain tells you hey i want this thing but your heart takes you another way that's when you just get you get a boner news turn fuck that's when they make romantic comedy men and yes to our central and i'm so the idea is that you're gonna have your brain preserving this liquid and then in the future there just gonna put it in the computer so you're not even have a real brain anymore you're just gonna have all your brain stuff and proper waters probably done this with a dog here's the other thing that we could we know precisely why don't we
just create this because we just charge people like twenty thousand dollars to save their brain as unjust thrown in the trash olympia right if you die will take your brain and we will put an end to a very of but will you not would be airtight both airtight it will soon be it we'll put in a little water and in a thousand years will reanimate you and then it just the whole scheme because we're all gonna be dead then so who cares actually think that's what some of the cryotherapy places are doing i gotta get i'm actually pesa we didn't cause it cause here's what you do you just you walk people through your facility when you're trying to sell em on and there i can we see where the branches for new like no other in these vaults if we open up it's been destroyed brandt's ok so you know how you can check organ donor on your license if any one would like to donate their brain to pardon my take we will take your brain forty thousand out she s done what you're cool michael throne is the united states economy because
tiger woods back yeah so their reports of golf courses that did huge business over the weekend there were crushing sales records plan parenthood visits were probably up or can we proceed we're getting some five percent epps tiger woods actually does have a trickle down effect on the united states economy yet us absolutely tigers good for business could resolve these rogalski for business my other cool throne is every team in the incidence of her that's playing against a dog mascot oh you some stats for i do have some stats for you in the first two rounds of this tournament there'll be zero live animals allowed into the buildings so the utter gonna be found a team that don't have their live body mass drops bottlers fact that gathered there not allow any others probably have to do some research but bothers definitely no live animals allowed in the stadiums came on
when i go to the forest take him out upon i gotta have but that's now we have to start adjusting our lines accordingly his yeah he's my emotional support person when we put his address oh my god we gotta get marlins ran on because of that offer that he made to turkey lasso sources per sources marlins man wrote a cheque for two hundred thousand dollars left on derek heaters desk offer season tickets and i think the asking price was something like two hundred fifty three her does now's was was the actual price of the tickets he just wrote a cheque for two hundred grand put it on jitters desk cheater threw it away i mean i love the fact so much the dirt cheater is making personal decisions about what to do with my money well that's i would stress the hardest part of owning the miami marlins that you now have to deal with marlins map gap
that support to the input in the presentation manoeuvres years ago by the state and try and find funding somebody to buy that huge statue answer field he always get rid of it generally so long imagine trying to put that on the aftermarket models when it is very hard to maintain you free tickets daylight gear you may two hundred fifty two full price for the tickets throw in the statute and to notice will ignore them and you can have retake it's just figure out a way to get like you know a dumptruck or something and get this thing out right just put that on him my hot seats beaches so a very good friend blake portals did an interview any said he no longer drinks at beach parties bar speech bars and beaches in general because what's a beach without a beach by right too great a beetle shareholder a massive bar yeah
sort of you bring your own to call lake said that he is no longer doing beach bars because i had learned that he he basically the interviews like i used to drink a peach bars when i was in college and i just assume that could keep doing that one of the eta fountain and then we were losing so it looked back to big brown was beach bars has to bees in it and so it translates really easy like beach bar bottles each part blake and so that that was becoming his nickname he also had the most blake response ever when the rapporteur asked what you're go to liquor and he said i'm not a big liquor fan i've never had a beer i didn't like liquor barely even lower here put just been like yet whatever matches beer me ah and i also have hot see rests in general because teddy valentine valentine sorry is not gonna be roughing the and suitably tournament because he turned his back on droll bearing a game like in february and that's too because terry valentine if you watch college vast while he is your joe western joan crawford
he is tv teddy and it's bad for us when they can no longer make the game but themselves like any rough he so there is a he was usually does big ten games what he's doing tbilisi see games sheer and there is like a foul in a game and job very well up to him trying to get an explanation any literally turned his back on it so you would not like it let us face to face the crowd until june perry bike walked away but you can't do that those also very close to a salute that i didn't want to be out there people keep the radio tell what keep your hand to preventing cut us cut to arthur twisted autonomy i we can't be mistaken we way so so you're not allowed to do that you cannot turn away from the coast when you got no from player and little bury like which is asking for a simple explanation teddy's like nope alive and talking to you
as is his right tv teddy these fuckin asshole who can i get my cool thrown to the first is elon musk so elon musk is finally being honest with people and saying that the first people who go to mars in one of his spaceships pollyanna die so just get it out there finally elon musk is stopping with these like twitter video saying that travel around the world and forty five seconds he just plain its cards on the table saying hey all my rockets programme blow twilight i like that's if i mean if for signing up to be the first person or mars you probably don't have a lot of friends back home to begin with so like you gotta death wish if you survive if did it's like a twenty five percent chance of survival i think that's probably gonna be ok from people that go up there since we're on schemes why don't we just create a rocket to mars and just killed a person like cut out
a man so what we don't even have to get in the rocket we'll just kill you will say you died going to mark no they get into the rocket and then there's just a guy that shitty and had yeah and then which take their money like that another plan from us and we're gonna be rich my other cool throne is over so all we have is six hundred goal and that just see pretty much cement some as one of the best players of all time maybe they had ever went to stanley cup maser congrats the envy
that's a nice honor you in denmark we now not know who has yet to understand emory note jack has as many stanley cup rings is over all did you get rings sailing up yet a ranking literary pushing it oh i think you i thought you just got to lecture off into the cup you get the ring a ring gotta get a little over the top need where the written so over good job man maybe i i've missed a lot of his goal six on goals because i usually just watch from the plants when he doesn't score yes so here's the thing i had talked myself into this actually being the cap's year as recently as two weeks ago we know but i think i'm off i think i'm off now try to their no i know not only the watch your lasting aims less co strip i can't said they would like ten they are they went like one out of eleven ok i know you're trying to do in low can't do it they are absolutely smoke how well i don't think that it is yes it is it's not you we're trying to reverse it i know to try to do asked in a fellow league year was the cap's or know now that the only gear switched over there was no longer you can't i we all know it try doing stock of work i'm not trying to evade the heart hearts i was a capture that took the window myself i let's get to hamster view with mark titus talking brackets in everything else
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you do not care about anything i have to say all year and then the bracket comes out and it between sunday that the bracket comes out in thursday when the game tips off suddenly everybody wants to talk to me everybody best friend everyone have not if i guess so that social interests thanks for knowin how we feel and distant bending over anyway we hold i did all these other podcast your appearing on did they have you on dino begrudgingly during the course of the year like we did not shoot you our respect that you gotta help me i'm like in the middle of the summer yeah we didn't actually nowhere in hock of a hit yeah we didn't actually any those interviews but we just want to kind of putting up no you're you're break in case of emergency guy so when every one else cancelled her like a list just called titus he'll come on we'll do any i have spot six on the male rushmore law
does it really wrong what happened we d better people far from the top or whatever i'm always gonna be never see europe's number five now because one of those guys here we know targets we'll talk is naval solly we don't talk his name i list you some bracket talk where do you want to start let's actually start the breaking news at andrey hunter is out how much is that going to affect virginia who i mean i think we all kind of agree that they were besides nova they were like the one true dominant team this year i think they were definitely the best aim in college basketball and its if you don't really follow college basque or you did virginian foreign boring and they can get it done and i've been through the pass them is a term it i guess the analogy make with virginia is like d like it s easy football team that is run the football and is did ponds did they they run in pie born hell but a worse they they have not had the success in and say term it though
but the reason i bring up that analogies like they're actually a great great basketball team it might not seem like it if you're watching them from the outside not really paying out of it that much attention but this injury does matter a lot three hundred was one of the guys that like made me optimistic about this virginia team versus their teams of the past if you're asking me what's so special about this team if all those other virginia teams win twenty six games and then lose in the tournament the audrey hunter was kind of my answer is like a versatile guided comes off the bed she by far the most talented player so sucks for voting it really really sorry brooding for arizona to take them out in the sweet sixteen is because i want to see our sea sean miller hoisted i want to cut down the nets i want to see it decided rubbed in the inevitable is face that the team that cynthia fbi after in updating them i dare you to say you wanted to see what it was like for a cogent handcuffed to lift is it possible tat i would love to see so
arizona my i am exaggerating is a force like watching him against you see on saturday night was incredible it was like watching shack in his prime just dumping on people do you what what like to kentucky have an answer to pump does virginia have an answer to them or is the answer the old gregg odin special he gets to fowls quickly and has to sit in the national title game not to bring a bad memories i think i think they will win win the greco don t be or two with confidence and it didn't want to title so when the better so i think that the eight thing you do them were you a big basketball movies like will let that guy venus its let's worry bottle the other guys numb that the coach and strategy i think you take it we're like we'll let him get is you're gonna get thirty five points and twenty rebounds to answer your question i don't really think you should worry about that i think you should realise that the adrienne teammates art talented but like a dog
haven't been able to figure it out like arizona sean miller runs the same sort of system that virginia does the problem the differences virginia runs it with guys who've been there for five years and i've learned the system and sean miller tried to do it with guys that are there for like four months and some reason work is so weird how just never really worked for him no matter how much money so you say wait so you're saying the i mean u s let the andrea get get his and he just through and lobbies and was with em in the region the oars crazy i mean you don't don't let it get a media yet are they got run like but put but actually you know what's crazies i actually would be less concerned about him scoring and more concerned about how easily he get office of rebalancing z just jumps over everyone get what will i guess the point of making is like that dude is legit said unstoppable and if you double team any still probably gonna get thirty in an or whatever so
i don't know that you can try different things but i don't think you like going to the game saying if we stop deandre ayton we win cuz you're not going to stop the under eighteen i think you worry about like allonzo trier average like twenty points a game raleigh organs is really good on their team forgot away like you have a point pretty like five eight five nine maybe forgot what and how can i go to the sort of things i would be worried about a father's plainer them again in the bottom half that bracky you ve got tennessee and number three how much you think there can be affected by the fact that the initiative lay won't let you bring in live animal mascots into games salted and all the talk of head i've never ending up being i have never been asked a question i never thought about smoking earnestly smoky science and technology smoky oki interesting how do you feel about that guy like that love em like there was the question is this synergies nickname is the volunteers and your basket of the dog lake
are you saying that you pay the dogs i'm ok with that of alice pay the dogs sort of connection of the lake no i agree here should there mascot be like west virginia had some random pseudo the big beard yes i got my we haven't dogs you i think they do i think they do the double mascot thing i'm who else in the south do you i mean kentucky they are our team that's putting it altogether at the right time and i like also the year the narrative this get this is actually cows best coaching job cuts beautifully yes that's it whenever has when he doesn't recruit well enough the evening spend it as this is my best coaching job you knew at the start of the sea that you didn't have a great team so if you noticed you probably i heard from cow much the sheer did not do in media around like a usually does because he realizes that his team kind of saxony actually asked a coach this is all beautifully executed by him i respect the illogical i make a lotta jokes about him but you know exactly what you doing there
played really really well like i think this top of the south is is obviously the the strong suited the south lake would have the team is on the top of the south i feel like is gonna win that elite eight game like virginia kentucky arizona though seem to be the three that are the best in that region in there all sort of in the same half of that bracket gimme upset in the first round and south honestly david and over kentucky even though i really like a ducky i really like davidson as well that's i think david said the best policy i think dogs about five feet but that is feeling like a game that davidson has first of all stuck hurry what to do if you go yeah yeah i wasn't recruitment virginia jack up so that matters right that has the matter for this game being played nicer later does actually is two teams that are putting together at the right time going up against rabies davidson's red
they d be some good themes in the eu tentacles other seas and they d they feel like the perfect upset kind of team that they have upper class men and a lot of different guys you can score and all the kindest also davis etc it is socks like kentucky kentucky odyssey gallagher worse draw me because they applied davidson they one that the players only when that they're probably virginia and it's like yeah itself that the brutal gulliver aright so moving to the west ah everyone gets mad because why have slandered xavier i think you have slandered xavier xavier is a second luckiest team according to ken palm they have not a good defence is fair to slander xavier and say that they are the weakest number one and this might be the year the kansas finally go so fond of four years
it is fair to this later xavier xavier is good xavier is also very lucky as you said they feel like arrogantly play they went by four on the buyer who they're playing against which you know if you're you the other way to world for one enemy doesn't that the point again debt will somehow we know regained by four yeah that's it that's a good then in your wrong mark sometimes they win by five and overtime the shrill rachel yeah savers doubling the weakest once said i i don't love tee the doubly defence in march that i think are good for like those flashy moments where they pull often up secondly got hot in here in threes oh i know i know almost every like a favour by just a general would you think of teams in the term it those sort of teams can catch your eye like twenty three than a gaming holy shit who's been these guys but then the next time comes
brown and they go to her twenty from the three point line and don't play to defence and those by thirty in your academic staff should make a lesson so they feel like one of those seems to me that their deepest gonna come catch up on their look really bad a dead one that's all perfect point because if xavier was a ten seed and not a one seat i like all they're gonna go the fund for they're to make a run right here that and i think like four xavier i will make an argument on our part guessed at xavier should not want a once he'd like they should one in the sense that they ve never had once in their programmes history so this is gonna call that they get experience of a first time but they thrive off of being an underdog and this is like a we're spot for them to be because like yellow you said pretend seed i'd be very excited about everything our own breeze they're gonna get that periods are gonna set foot then beneficial yeah like xavier and dagger back in the early two thousands were the team that you could always pencil in sick sweet sixteen and people at all so i can have him under the radar a little bit do think that
the number five seed in this bracket is probably the weakest five seed i would argue the opposite i would say the fights the island they looked at the bracket book from one state so her side seat in the south is actually very strong in one of the best teams in the country and certainly want to grace programme take that actually the whereabouts kentucky i agree with the idea that the five c in the south kentucky fraudulently out of them who were in the west now saw it sounds like you're an agreement that whilst is not the strongest have you have you got to the bottom of the rest first rests with the big ten times now about to find out right the air are you nervous they care about the bitter like we're gonna look bad because last year is awesome i was a big in critical year but then assume it is on three sixteen you like we did it we we ve arrived that's the move as soon as you get you wanna get like five teams to the three sixteen you could say the greatest conference ever and it doesn't matter that all five of them lose and lifting game yes if you get a lot in there you know
yeah it's answer a question i am always nervous about the big ten it keeps me up at night because i have for better or worse become like the torch bearer of the big ten on twitter so no matter what happens i will eat all the shit once all of our teams get eliminated one of our key is already eliminate i noticed them i didn't see oh yeah case a one year one year we don't go to determine and twenty good job you you're just like every other egg avatar on twitter rudy have come out of this part of the bird boy tonight they re both fuckin keep winning rudy have come out of this bracket west and i won't say whilst it is not about the height how's it going to lose in the second round at they'll be objective which i think are outdated if you're lucky enough to win the first round i think guerrillas in vegas i like caroline zaga but i like your line of more having north carolina is plain while right now in the west seems kind of weak issue to me just what they ran up
great michigan really really hot and i know people are going to be excited by michigan i support that pic if you want michigan to be north carolina but they already played this year in order a kind of kick your ass so i think it's north your the loose i think zagat could give him a fun game and their leader but i think your lies about what providence through the new hot team on part my take tat we ve we watch that if they want to live again how we love him yeah that's all takes a guy rip it appears that some you guys can identify with s absolute by away don't you can find a coach the jesuits himself on the court will have my support for regional led by the way
rick majeure shouldna talent yes that's true ass your dear friend a lot of places rest in peace yeah he was alive for a while they died but when he was alive you wish it is shit machine unit everywhere the rest were thrust to be serious for second i actually think it hurts a team in this makes protein no sense but it hurts t michael how state because they ve been off for two weeks and they faded down the stretch so when you're fading obviously all you do is get back out there and trying to rectify everything it helps it seem like michigan because john bee line might be the best coach in the entire tournament
on their yeah i've ease keys up and conversely and he's gonna eighties teach you know he's teaching them during the though the off weak tom it'll pass to the march towards to be right now that we are so i maybe not enlarge our guide like yeah maybe not the march towards but he has done more with teams that don't have like the flashiest recruits i just think he's humbly welcome but whose fathers at though if you're like a place like machine and you're like in the greatest recruits we at this point you know they did this reams of manufacture diversity to me then i think is the great coaches well but whose fault is that he doesn't have a better maybe that's part of genes genius of his country's he doesn't want to big guy he doesn't want the big names at their casinos he can conceal the guy's a better there you alright ok so you see coming out of this common other west let's go to the east villain over villain over has like they have such a nice bracket for them to get the final for except for that second round game i feel like that is
the hardest game they have in their entire region you're absolutely right that is villain over is don't ever got a great draw as they can just get over the second round hump they made one i think once we sixteen was like oh nine in that was the year they won the national title so you mean fifty up way no sixteen they one national currencies and sugar yours are you know you are not static reynolds are you the expert well i don't know how and re when is i popped out i said since oh nine they haven't seen so nice and since there are really good they really good until they really gonna get gotcha seersucker haulage machel experts were the ones you can't listen for nine years they they ve made once we sixty nine years i believe wounded at gardencourt got nowhere the noteworthy things done i'll be out with you that this second our game could shoot them up no matter who they play virginia take really good i'll be virginia virginia in alabama has the collins sexton which
campbell walker disapproves areas match our bright divergent alabama people talk about the headless get tat narrative cook right below that we ve got west virginia so they were really good at the start of the year they fell off our guy bobby hug you bear he is i guess i i was you do really turn because i like it when he gets into the into the primetime games he starts like making as players who are injured on the court that sort of thing primetime hug you start to see have any chance of advanced pass me now i think this is the best draw that the west region it had a very long time getting past bill nobody can be tough i think west virginia hope is a villain over losers in the second round and in making capitalize and i think i think they're gonna go too far for if like the chips fall properly for them but yet like if you ask me i is west virginia both villain over the answer is clearly no blood they i liked her teeth more their more their slight
more balanced the night quite is focused on just the defence apart they they still have a lot of laws like the can't just hold the lead as seems to be a problem against kansas mostly yeah yes buzzing i feel like if you get a lead you should probably try to hang on to that and they don't really seem interested in that which is kind of dumb but otherwise i you like your team i just i think it's gonna be a case of the match up for them so i get hot take for the bottom half of the east the purdue boiler makers in this gonna gonna make some my friends in west africa will upset the produce purdue boiler makers are the toronto raptors of the tournament i love it i do have my attention keep guy they it no matter how good they look in the regular season and they have looked good at times and they have a lot of talent they feel like the most and threatening to seat in the world yes i'm from with peru the other things like
they produce fans really want like they want to win the national title obviously but then they also have like the complex where i think they sort of want to lose nearly eight anyway because it if they were the national title what is their identity at that point yard they love they thrive off of being the little brother to india they love are you up like the indiana failure like we want five titles back in a thousand years ago and you ve never won one proves like yeah but like these arguments are was sustain people they grow up in indiana you pick one of the sides and getting that argument and those arguments go away through international title and that's lately hence we would lose their identity so what would it look like i like produce lava yeah what's up break down like amongst people to grow up in any area like who are the people they grow up rooting for produce verses indiana i grub cheering for indiana so i would say the cool the cool kids go to you the fact that eu yet nerds verse verse like party gas and that the nurse
engineers go and farmers in all those types go to go to produce and entreated they like the two attractive women they go to school soft party yet no oh yeah produce like seventy percent mail i listen i what would you do well because of the big ten again agnew permit it yeah produce as you may recall that nice i prefer to use i went i to someone just now i want them to you all for the big ten but i just don't i have no faith in purdue it fair i guess do this every year with all these teams that you treat them you're like i like i can't go through cuz i remember back in two when they had that one team that did that you know and this sort of happens with all these teams wear if you really think about it like what does what does this group of purdue guys haven't got like what it what does it matter that purdue in the past did xyz
you know what you're absolutely right it is like something eagerly trust like they look like the hottest team there the three weeks ago they would like the best him in the country and now they just predictably sort of look very average but night i think that will be good like his three sixteen seems to make a lot of sense like pretty or go to three sixteen does he like we think do maybe go to leader but that's about it yet it's also hoss like every time i watched her do i feel like he comes out any goes for four five in the first minutes and then just starts like and slightly missing all of his shots down the stretch and that that is done my confidence just gonna waivers with purdue slightly miss put it it is the is because you see there still like for fodder so you can't really miss that badly when it suited for four feet away but he just mrs any just doesn't get those rules where like when he comes out in the beginning games he is lights out any can't miss
the one thing though i guess would produce mention is carson edwards their integrity their shooting garbage canada point or two he that do can can i made you could talk fifty if you really want to any given i would say you should want to try to do for the first time a very long time i produced has someone like that who admit it's been like that their home or eat one more johnson type era which is a little while ago arms if they had a guy like that you can can score that well i know had swatting and last year but he was different you wasn't not a guard but having ever like a guard against though the ball to say please your score for us is a huge and an eternal like this so there is that there is that thing of optimism to them i miss having a guy like swan again that i just know he's the ass guy in the german who's the ask i and this in this term duration i'll have to be asked i guess i realise that a good answer scandalous thicker than what gonna midwest
kansas this year they have been talked about like kansas in years past yet they won the big twelve the hardest you know conference in all basketball they won that regular season and they want the tournament and it's like we why are we talking about them like they ve been opened in the year pass it i've gone back or the kansas all year kids at the start of the year i thought there are terrible and just over there were just a rank of their canvas and they have the name bread and then as the year progressed airplane better but also you realize like this is not necessarily this is what we would suffice it down here i believe in college basketball like i don't think there are a lot of juggernaut teams and somebody has to win soldier every then when you like i really thought about it that oil they bloggers kansas might actually be won the better tv they don't play defence they shoot a ton of threes i'm terrified of those teams it's gonna like i brought up xavier
you know this date they can look really really good when they're hitting shots and not so good when they're not hitting shots and that's pretty much what it becomes is just like a three point contest with them so i guess that's a big cat this is probably one of the worst kansas teams did bill self has had but they're still would i don't know what the record is but you know they won the big twelve in there once and all that so with that i'm not a means for bill several yet that pretty yeah it isn't say do you think you think yourself can go the entire torment without having devoted grand come out once i think i'll try it's insane how many minutes at guys plate or any savings are driven to me like the national jammed up or their entire term iran which could in the first round no let's say that oh you you like panda oh yeah oh yeah oh are you taking power this is the year found on that you're here i want to say this is the year that jeanne over what happened because why not to say it and if it happens alex margaret do doesn't like out just a bit
didn't kansas get beat in the first round like when it back in two thousand three or something like that no by six now as i exit he is never an i know but by like fifteen seen it was blocked now they have them real close buck delegates kansas the right yeah that member that came up veto no there was a year where they were maybe was wholly crop wholly it was wholly crows yeahs had them like two overtime athwart no was an overdose of network point game and there were kids with a three see that's right but but wholly cross items like a four point game in the second half when they were one sixteen that happened though who actually are excited about this penn kansas game because pain is a good three point shooting team like i said was can just like when we have a team that she was a ton of threes and doesn't play defense the variance is so wide like what what you might get from them on came in a one in a loose and go home daylight uganda's by pan and seven game series there obviously gonna move on but it's a one to one shot deal so maybe kansas girl called pen started
i don't know ok i've seen those that's too and people like pen is actually the best team in the lead in the in the country against the three points like but yeah they're playing a bunch of white due to us in the ivy league yeah the other thing is like people and how about you much i'm not the only one that brought up the maid if you're looking for sixteen one game in your like trying to get excited that it might happen this year pen candy seem to be the one and other people talk about a lot at any time you kind of get excited about something and never happens in the start of it so despite sheer fact of her talking about it means definite haven't we create the narrative though we gotta go right if it does happen though it looks more the arrogance who else in the top there bracket there are a lot of other season cobbler bracky gather seven more at ease wealthy who else who else is good in the top that bracket
not at all in kansas at once they i dont surviving overtime scaring unspent nobody scares me for kansas top libretto haven't candidate pretty if they can survive the quakers of pan they they have a cake walk to the light and life in an once they get delete eight you know what's going to happen with kansas no one really knows we don't have any historical data of the data game we are we don't have bill self little pouch of losses that grows every single year is little belly so cute so we're bearing the lead we ve gone through the whole bracket but let's just say it dukes go when it all dude is waiting they aren't i think are winning at all why are they winning at all tell the people then in michigan stay are the only two i believe teams and college bad squalor top ten defence in office and can bomb that's the sabre metrics of college basketball free for all the sabre metrics nerds out there so their balanced they have five
future for future may players in greece and alan they they they have marvin bagley whose pro the second best player in the country behind andreasen and duke and adjust like a duke here you know like this just feels it just feels right the ducal when they north carolina duke have a weird thing were like any time one of the winds the next the next year the other one winston like happen if you go back and look like seems to happen all the time so or try one last year i think the feels like a do here to cut our wood the fact that its coaches as last year michigan state team his team can be planned for your boy creep pointy it's what a lot of am i i did really couple article saying like is you know it is the cloud hanging over misconceived programme gonna factor play but there still actually really good team right yeah monsieur state good day
usually play the hardest schedule in the country layer one of em and you kind of get like a lot of great games they go off of them with but because the big and sucked in for some reason that their not covered schedule wasn't that great did they haven't really had a lot of opportune is the prove how good they are like the best when they be north carolina like all we back in november i want to say people do at home and outside of that there's like nothing to get excited about they lost whilst they d lost twice the michigan so that's kind of the concern the commission stated like that they have a great record they have a ton of talent but the two best players our position and they really have played a tonic gray competition and and beaten in conakry competition so that that the word but then you sprinkle the tom is though it's march dixie she never loses in march if we ignore the twenty sixteen lost to in fifteen seed he never loses in maraschino so you just do that and it'll all work out okay so going through your pics i've got from you duke
sound like you were gonna villain over and the right guy villain over duke you had north carolina yes you and see and then did you are you are we all those only i i think i'm gonna commit the virginia still even i dont want to put up with three eighty seeking what what do you want objective rather than i would have voted a winner because of the fbi yet on miller helen alianza ever have you with all your parents is even doing have you been changing up your picks cause you should be fine i give everyone a different pick the different official mark titus picks in that way you can play back the audio the one that's correct that's a good one i like also again zagging the worthless change that again dagger and yet here we are that's a good point i'll do that movie actually if you want we can give you a second here if you want to just say virginia's going to win the national title can zac is going to win the national title
actual raw up your for national title winners and then we'll just play the only one that's right that's a good call india has gotta when the national title north carolina gonna women she'll title villain over is going to win the national title duke is going to win the national time author your own nagasaki rights can we for misconceived when it all i saw wrapping up what is oh i actually have the seeking question presented by seek putting the promo code taken go to return a game for ten dollars cheaper this march so put in the promo code take the seat geek question why but is like give us a macro like the dna of a team that can do well in the end suitable tournament the dna of teams that you want to avoid at all costs a team that can do
on the tournament i i always subscribes to the defence and guard play formula i dont know if this is something that i got my head independently and there's no dated actually back it up but i gravitate towards teams that play a great team defence and have a guard or to that you control the ball to unsafe are often system please save us an it gonna like take the campbell walker model and the ship as neighbour lakota how you can one there last you titles was didn't have the greatest teams but they deploy great decent and add those guys i could carry on saloon sort of things i will get it in that the best examples of those i guess and in this parliament like fear looking for the upset this is our bam is the best example account sexton that is the reason no the second round game terrified me fulfilled over that alabama fits that description to a t so the
sort of things look at easter draft express which would like did the marked rafting that i used to have knowledge behind and he has been pay wall and screw that on a pan european for content on the internet livery survey yet they are using a draft expressly the mock dress and say like you know that you look for the dead the guy's an mba guards there are going to drop in the first round and any cross referencing with like the best defences in any way to hit both boxes of liquor caddies obtains alike so i'll do that sort of thing that's my bicycle ok and then one last question for me free throws i feel like their overrated you look like you gotta make you you know the team that makes a free throws the best persist shooting free throw teams are always gonna go deep i feel like it's an already tat because every team has a couple guys you can make their free throws and they usually get the ball to him at the end of the game yes yes that's out agree that yet the frida i don't i mean what is better
a free throw them miss them out has ache embrace a big oil but i dont i would necessarily think on like that you i don't think so in your bracken saying which team she's fritos better moment a pick them when i don't think that's probably smart decision out take like the tina just better overall otherwise when the flag has taken a team that that has the best honour and can links with the field you let go that's a big thing we need that together can point the baltic seven more yard and the other guys really make a difference in this game that's a good analogy i mark thank you wait give us one that gives one crazy up such as one crazy upset not impending oneness one crazy we need sixteen over one given that it needs not named pan just give us a realistic trawler shot college shot i'll call the police five game i mean i don't think that section after that's like trendy everyone called twelve thirty said david sing the national state over clemson
like the twelve five i believe in the motor car ok i like that like davidson as well but i think kentucky to really get to also direct your stated clinton that's my shot that's my wanting upset that's not really upset i'll call my shot ominous take imitate marshall over which caustic who i am south dakota state although housed it oh there become interested in the text even asking o problem i'm gonna make it in the term sancho right i marked titus thank you so much we appreciate it and will see in san antonio again not oh how state you these guys love yet i'd love to tat interview was brought to you by hubble contacts are you tired of overpaying for uncomfortable contact lenses do over where your contacts save money or what if i told you that you can get a fresh purblind is for every single day for less
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oh so we ve always talk about hey how good could aaron rodgers be if you just had a tight and throw do again now he has another time and again they got demographic ok more breaking moose jordi nelson future new england patriot jury nelson well maybe kevin whites back up i don't know who yeah and encourage more breaking revenge games bears scientific aber ok so we got ten god is gonna move tact breaking talent i more interests about join us and because if he is capable if he still capable playing how he play like two years ago before he had entered
he is bilbil checks wet dream yes he is belgic is going to send in a swat team to just kidnap now no offense jordi but i always am a little nervous about guys who come from either tom brady ran roger strong to them because those guys make everyone better no matter what i think the way that that jordi plays though like to it the way that he gets his stats i don't think it's yet itself would have a guy they can put a ball on your back shorter like forty yards away bet but if you're going from a i would normally agree with you pay for going from aaron rodgers tom round red and have never yet but if he goes if during nelson goes basically anywhere else you're gonna be like what what's wrong which already nelson oh well he does not guarantee because my strong enough exactly more breaking moves to enable cut from the major league roster that sad but i think is good move on the mats because you're gonna want to happen for the extra year before contracts and like it with chris brian on the cubs so you'll have to overcome
after four years ok also although more breaking moose cows getting low strained with other bring moose can we give our mill butler to sign with tennessee tighten for now so would anyone in this room like to apologise for saying that the new england patriots would trade malcolm butler to the new orleans saints nobody in this room would like to do that but i'm sure i'm just gonna say you're sure what's directly on the way down to new orleans from doing what not national nash at all ass you have not learned amendment along now tennessee not even between nah louisiana us just as the bird as the crow flies not as a crow fly on both as a crow world turns known as the crow flies i don't think so if you follow the chattanooga river i think it's a river it's the mississippi boys always johnny others chattanooga they're allowed tributaries yuther home saying so if you float if you're travelling by stream the fastest
they d get from massachusetts to new orleans goes right that's what i'm talking about the crow flying in the crowing flying there really charlotte maybe charlene talking crows we're type so it's what you like about us as the fish swim literally supporters new ok so fifty still will not own up to his mistakes and they are mounting what does just it's just the same mistake that yeah is mount annually rolling not apologizing to handle him hank knows more about football and sometimes i just wish that malcolm butler would keep his name out of the news for like just a month he did he likes to pop up in just just rub my face and sometimes i wish you'd want to your actions me too while lots of breaking loose i let's do some segments we have first up problematic so everything's problematic these days including tom brady chugging beer with stephen colbert and eating strawberry owner
so he's got me very inflamed thing while the hang overlap protocols that's one beyond astronomers all that sugar while this related rights your head he's gonna wake up with big headache do you think we're was problematic about the fact that he had to struggle beer janet his son would be attractive enough to him to make out with correct seems like a real chill beer goggles and he's basically i would assume he's going to have to delay the start of the twenty eighteen season because that's one day that he wasn't falling the tb12 method is true also it's going to create a little riff because that's kind of gross thing to chug beer so trouble in paradise oh actually as my new favorite quarterback i think it was perfectly fine yeah i think that's great i think he's just noise been related gown big brave enough seems like a jealous fifty no notice ass you know i'm a big hey listen you won't find a bigger tom brady support than me hey sides his extra for what you ve left which they was haircut
look what hit aware though he had a weird little tight closed a haircut he looked like a great liner he looked like creepy dude sitting in the corner restart he looked like the first guy that bruce willis decides to kill in it i heard but yeah i think though it may be is got german actually ass an honour for your absolute he looks like he's innsbruck its yeah he's hans groupers cohort yeah my guess is you only through one of situations where like he was so upset the losses items gostar clean shaved my head shave everything garret if this is how i think you help me back i like rain i thought was an old i thought it was an old club because he looked so different i think he was just like a little he's looking for some creative inspiration to is turning to chemicals to help him right all the songs in his new german pop transparent i did like the store line like is tom brady now relate above
he can relate to everyone the guy who one five supposes the best correct all time and has a suit model for a wife yet who could have relate to answer it out he's here drink beer just like majors out he's one so much and chugged so much and pay and that is really really good training confess i next up we have heard her injured for the entire warriors team so stuff curry had its thirtieth birthday party they had a blow out dancing carry oki weird it going down and then the entire team called in sick cancel practice because of a hangover get what i actually think that this has entered the fact that he turned thirty
having a hang over after the age of thirty you might as well be dead yup out rather upload my brain to some kind of alleys her the part minds harbouring fact i'd rather step into the part of my take rocket to mars yes then deal with a hangover eddie s ear to thirty ring over be instantly gone departed might take rocket mars actually also hang overture doubles it's a hundred percent cure you will not have a while you have a really bad headache for about a tenth of a second yes and then it's gonna be complete i've got that might be nirvana might see your whole life lesson from iraq to grass but no like this i reminded me of the idea that we had a couple years ago about a hangover cruel government the problem now is strictly for people above the age of thirty that our dealing with hangovers and the first three bars don't even have like we're not serving i'll call it all we're just it's just very dimly lit
maybe i like esteem room environment and all these bars you get eyes urging you get arriv to just having random locations be steamer i don't think you understand how gross thou nor love sweating like an camp steam room is the grossest place in the world why it would be a chemist him are you sure moose cleaning i really within answers you clean it i do not think you likely out there you clean up the airplane slash barked steamer nobody but i think that a hangover crockett could make some serious money i grace like basically feed people fried food lotta waters imperialist beds you go abides by us no one's allowed to like talk on the phone to their mom very loud dark room with bets yeah it's great so it's a robin talk ok skill wrap the rub yourself yes i just but it is just a place the driver ones plain oki cook yeah actually sexually pretty good hangover l scary straight play oki cook was punished stranger should not be hung over nor i this
is by the way so disrespectful to the rockets like the warriors do not give a found out that in its you know what i love it i not like the warriors but i love any team that like reaches that level greatness where they can blatantly just spit your face and say you're not gonna beat us you're not gonna beat us like you have the one seat you're still macrobian we get drunk we can we can skip gave skip practices this is all just a formality for us because when it comes to the place where a kick your ass off it is so steve curse out even coaching esteem anymore he's running like declares courtier letting them get drawing before games would you think the one would say about eighteen me hung over like this is correct i think you'll be ok louis audio calving be finally category had first yeah as long as the hang over was from weed and grateful that was so silent yeah i we have talking tennis so venus and serene upon each other ah
and i was talking to us who wants rina one ok so is it does venus need to be pregnant twin ways venus the better wonder the good the worst serene as the good one no above good gmos which was the one that wins it all serene as one that always wins everything so shy she beat venus let she hasn't what do you think's and she gave birth we like me when she had remember when she had the kid and she was ever period more which is basically blood doping because you have all that extra blood ever since she has been menstruating she has one but she beat venus socially yes but serene is better but streams historically better and when does the rugby team play blouse that's it said the second round while the six round of play off start next week who hangs lost we lie we just lost a lot of categories are you going to categories aren't the what is a category are just category ass it was you answer with no one no hang who are you to think about jeopardy as you have two phrases of question no way you don't open to know that we don't get sued lander but the
jeopardy categories about me you took my oh ok jerry javert categories but me ok what is what in jeopardy category about you yeah me who is make who fits who am hanks lost we lie we just lost a lot of categories are you going to categories aren't the what is categories are just category can you answer with no y know hang who are you to think about jeopardy is you have to phrase in the form of a question that way you don't open to know that we don't get sued lander but the categories who are you and then the answer is what is me ok that one category the next one yeah then the next oh i see we're saying the nigger i actually know how jumpy works hush travel tuesday
so you would you do travel tuesday whenever you want to put pictures of places that you have been in the past to show off to your friends that you go on vacations ok that's really relate able thank you got one only one i've seen as the jeopardy jeopardy categories balmy ok i have another one haughty and its who is me yeah gaucho adi gets who ever unjust selfies of actually notice at the hashtag travel tuesday hashtag is just pictures of people like that they take pictures out of a plain aeroplane window others have a better life ass you say you can see that you're going anywhere yeah that's true art so that was the continues to be the worst segment that we do have the last time you know i think i think people we know what will leave it up to ordering listeners tweet us if you like hashtag ip because i feel like there's a little la
play it's an adorable it's like you know the world's ugliest dog competition like it's still a dog still kind of love it so that's the world's worst segment but in a weird way you got love for it the steward hank guys on checks a guy especially the cat exports but i am in favour team just favour players when guys asked me who i route for is it better for me to lie and say like the same team they do pick a random uncle team or be honest and say i don't really care who wins and i'd just like to drink and watch the game emily i think you go with honest but we could do is
just go the journalist rotten say you forget stores than to get points you can actually can't legally route fourteen are he could make up a european soccer team that they don't even know about and then just try to get them to be like oh i like that india that actually you always warships and then you can start selling your own merged just to that guy he and then you can make money on the back and you route for the gloucester gloucestershire rovers sounds right of bestowing butscha lads this while well quipped take on the ethic up good try by them hey p empty boys especially hank in fifty so i am eight months pregnant and i'm terrified of pooping during child policies how do i prevent this well jewels lotta change like she entering cheese i want eight strength she i once a two packages string cheese in
twenty four hours i didn't ship like forty year just over a year just chug case so on the way to the hospital but to gaza hazel can get spicy that could trigger a ghost just straight shrink cheese go a good news as the girls don't poop so you should begin on that one the president cover that under the mosque last thing that happened yeah you can put it like basically giving birth and dying is the same thing in terms of losing all of your body control at once so you p he laughed you cry you come all within like three minutes the real thing a precedent that maybe that's why i'm pulling your saw might be this that's so disgusting i'm sorry sorry ladys but ok go ahead ppm target was recently my boyfriend has been really into fortnight he played friends nearly every night he's been blowing the often takes much longer to respond text messages i won
to spend more time with them but i don't want to seem like a crazy girlfriend how do i go about this well it first destroying the squire yes squat up to get on the sticks yet you show up what we gotta get year like you know what you do you make a
user name like say your boyfriend same ryan so be like ryan's girlfriend is your username and your show up and asked to be invited with him in his voice they will love that they will actually love that thereby wow that's a really cool check she's just listening to all of our fortnight conversation and then what you can do is during the game a fortnight have your character whose a girl that looks exactly like you hang out right next it is all right arm around everywhere and dislike ask him to like follow you places under the head killing the beaten set going often shooting somebody get spike are just fallen rebecca taken i have on our market order french fries kai order have a couple off your plate yet hey i liked i've gotta grid instead of taking her sniper rifle why we go have a picnic over here on this ledge yeah that'll deftly work supping empty boys especially because tat is my boyfriend unless pick a hot why does my boyfriend insist on growing a shitty mustache even after telling him it looks like shit we how do i get him a shave irregularly ps hank
leaving a reading skills ok you it's pretty easy you just stop having sex with him wait no less unpack this because she said so big cat and then complained about her boyfriend shitty must yes or so she likes real mustache right so i think for hymns doc check it out it is really do doing wonders for me it's been doing wonders for hanks boner problem here device yet ass it might have pledged itself to go to forums sup what sex position makes my body looked the best in the palisade doggie
look i was so doggie it really depends on your body types or like the fact that you're asking me this question tells me you may result davies old junk in the truck that's ok i i would say you gotta grayson peach i would say just on top because that way to guide us have to do any work ok everything looks better when you're not exercising so my tip is best sex pollution i look in is the old game let's keep our shirts on that one usually you a good and that another good one is the sex position where you just turn off all the lights yeah get it is done
just pass willie dark tat we really romantic and then do blindfold that's hot right clicking a leather blindfold yeah do do blindfolds and tie his hands around to the to the bare what he called out the bedpost anecdotes to banister it s eyes on the same as that it will do no stairs and then that way he can't feel you either ok here could go so just give sex slave and you won't look in about you will never been a baptism supper i've been going to my school's jim and i noticed the same guy checking me out every time i go i want to go up talk to him but he always has headphones and what's that
but a call on talking two guys in jim's ok talking guys and gems just do it whenever you want that's basically that the only reason that guy's adage m is so that eventually one girl will talk to him one day yeah so called the middle miss garth middle man you go you talk to him and if it doesn't go well guess what spends on you never know seem again because you got a girl taught him yeah he's not gonna have to go back to the germany where he's also probably walking around if you keep checking out he's probably not wishing to anything on his headphones his ravages waiting for you to come up so he's been working out like a psycho with no music last month he's are either that or is listening to like a pickup artist tips to tell him how to talk to a girl s name mystery mystery and misery that agenda a mystery was he did it he did it for a lot a lot of people out there last one what is my boyfriend poop with a door open in front of me
but then close the door to wipe his ass like that's all the sun so private yet we ve had a couple of these questions on the show and i don't really understand the lure of pooping front i think he's maybe trying just a gross you out i of coping with the door open that's a real man could you like have a mastery domain well the thing i just like nothing can i like i'm i'm watching over everything while i take a shit if you're by yourself it's great to put the door open because your entire house becomes your bathroom when you take the doorway who hears cycle move if you poop with the door closed in a hotel room
crazy craze move i don't think i've ever closed the bathroom door in a hotel room and every now and then you get a little exhilaration because the maid will come in and you back i'm shooting i like to open up even the door to the room while i'm shooting the bathroom to your head you one big room here the side door to the connects to another room yet just have shown that again ways but i'm gonna settle wind tunnel go open the window up yeah i open up the closet torso now shooting with the door openness is less and less elfish it is nice i dont know why closes it is a big beta move to not let you go watch you wipe your own ass yeah maybe stand up wiped guy that's probably why he's fred yeah he's afraid that she's gonna like all your walker open your ass a weirdo
or maybe just maybe he shut the door so you don't have he doesn't want you to watch him while he peas while groups because that's a big time better minister i always ip first and then i sit down ice and then if f p again i said come he analysis and planning shower youse not on yeah yeah that's what it can compete if you ain't right you can pay into the shower while you're putting into thou standing up down it many times and i tell myself we will see everyone friday march madness we will be taping late so we will have a recap of all the games all the madness and hopefully good guess for you guys lovey guess
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