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We officially feel bad for Jason Witten. (3:14 - 7:12) NFL Trade deadline and a bunch of people make some Ha-Ha Clinton Dix jokes. (7:13-19:13) Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Big Cat goes to Jury Duty. (19:14-34:40) Mark Wahlberg joins the show to talk about his new movie, his sports fandom, leaving the Super Bowl early, Entourage and new Entourages we can pitch him + whether or not he used a stunt cock in Boogie Nights. (36:48-1:03:51) Segments include Lebron Blames, (1:08:01-1:11:29) Kings stay Kings for Skip Bayless,(1:11:29-1:13:42) Hurt or Injured Big Ben, (1:13:43-1:15:15) Hot in the streets Cardi B vs Nikki Minaj, (1:15:16-1:19:12) and Guys on Chicks (1:19:13-1:26:05) 

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on today's pardon my take we have a very big interview marky mark mark wall work talking about his new movie talking about it sports fandom talking entourage talking about him not thinking we were actually real because he's been doing press for his new movie and he saw the two of us and was like these guys can't be fucking serious but i think we're best friends with him now he won't remember us but we are best we also have nfl trade deadline hot seat cool throne lebron blames and guys on checks before we get to all of that bud light it is football season ask me it is football season and you need to be drinking a bud light because it is the best tasting beer there is it is for all you a w also out there when you're getting ready to watch your favorite teams this football season remember there's only one light lager to satisfy those taste buds bud light but light is game days
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the hospital where he received treatment so it is a win win all around so download the cash up right now get your cash card for free visit the apps store or google play market you are ready to go all right let's go today is wednesday october thirty first halloween show pft i have something i have to get off my chest what all the jews i shot on it earlier okay harry lange shout out that was we too aggressive to start hey you got fifty also said to be nice to each other than we are and he's been mean to me and we all know a month it's the show's called pardon my take not you here's my take okay so we're gonna be nice to each other but you do except for you okay
my take is i officially officially feel bad for jason witten wow okay i officially feel bad for jason witten he is so clearly over his head and if the pendulum swings we see this all the time with sports where you go from this guy sucks to this guy really sucks too oh my god i want this guy off my tv to schitt we want agrees and now i just feel bad because it feels like he's not going to have a job at the end of the year and this is painful yeah there has in some piling on of jason wynn of which we have been a small part of the small intestine so i'm saying we gotta stop but it's so fun i do yeah i know here's here's a here's why not call he's not ready to cope with this kind of like he's just not good enough he's just not getting better
in its will the willis is re i get some point you just can't pile on a guy like that anymore so i'm done i think you have to have a spleen to be a good announcer i think that's what this is taught us so he's he's got the there's a missing ingredient there i think it's also like a contrast with with booker because i think boogers gotten better as the years go by he had that one line the biscuit at this one here is get away from the outside and they they fix with a shot rocket they took off the tv on the back of young in the the sneeze guard for the booker mobile the day hurt our class lanes yeah it is i'm one best get away from it actually no i probably won't miss get away from being out of the league yeah i'm one biscuit away from having to go use the bathroom yeah that's what i am at all times so but yeah it it listen jason when he's not great but we have a duty as do you watch dogs call it out when we see it now i've done it since you're
you're picking on a guy now because he's not he doesn't have the the requisite skills to to make it well it's not i don't think it's totally his fault no so it all things off yeah with the sure done like jason win in an ideal world would have you know retired from the league and then joined one of the like see your b team yes for like five out right yeah yeah like you know do the do the four fifteen cardinals niners game every week nobody's watching it except when they cut in on the reds on to show like a ten yard completion yep and then have jason would just be like oh you ran a little flat route to the guy gets the sticks on third down yes like warm up with the easy stuff like that instead of doing non prime time for everybody to see you fail but i'm done i'm not sure make it for jason done i'm leaving malone i'm doing the be nice to you be nice to jason witten it's just time
we have to we have to he's not gonna be around for much longer like there's do we really need to savor the time left we have no i'm not waiting seaver i'm just saying don't pile on like you don't want to guy whose job i i got a job you he's got a job to do i you know what you've talked me into it yeah i i've had an idea that i've been too lazy to put into action but now i'm going to do it ok i'm going to build a jason witten robot yeah cardboard boxes yes we can bring him into the studio and we can interview him and make him likable ok and we will work with jason a little bit on this but i'm still going to make fun of him when him and booger butt head it's just like that you see it on twitter during a game where everyone just taking shots in a minute some points like we got to stop we got a list to focus and energy on bringing joe buck back down i like i like
jason wynn has gone from being like a such an easy target to a sympathetic figure just because he's at his yes oh yes that absolutely i am i am a big time like bleeding heart like when someone's really bad at their job and they're on a national stage i feel bad for you but you're still mean to maine well because you're mean to me and hank ok constantly possibly take shots okay so let's talk nfl trade deadline huge trade deadline
go the craziest trade deadline you've ever seen it was white out of shifters without stuff out there i saw some people certainly use nba language like max deal that's what i love like there's no such thing as a max deal in football the called max on basketball for a reason yep but yes sometimes you gotta adapt what works for other leagues and so yeah i saw the term max still being thrown around a lot so a lot of blockbuster trades yes solidified throat okay i did you get a trade simulator trade machine on the i agree i got a big mess on their part okay so we'll go reverse order here in in when they happened the texans traded for demerits thomas bad news for my pick very bad news for bad news for my pink and i had you on my house but we can just talk about it right now so fuller i guess is out as young for the year yeah she was out for the but they got to mary's thomas he people forget he beat the steelers in the play
coughs are you able to keep up with him t bone yeah so now these guys went heard around the world that's what you have is a is a dig wasn't yeah i i can't remember exactly brace debate but yeah i think this actually makes the texans of viable playoff well okay so three years ago i i want to have you added by saying everything that i know about demaryius thomas kind of stopped learning new things about him after the super bowl a10 here so the texans they're going to be good they are good want a bunch in a row it we got us first of all we got to throw like a playoff party form a pinky party for whenever they're in the playoffs and just be like hey this could be the last you see it my pinky yeah we'll get letterman jacket yeah second i don't can a doctor take my pinky you we have doctors office and be like take my pinky off if you have a signed note from another doctor saying that you have gangrene in it ok
so that's what i could do i get to poke a hole in my in my pinky and then maybe like rub it on the bottom of the new york subway train yeah well here's the thing so there's the hippocratic oath doctors take which is first do no harm so i don't think that uh doctor can like actually mu without a reason sh yes to think that he's saving you from so if if you make the case to the doctor that your pinky has gotten you into a lot of trouble all right as far as just like to say that you have excruciating pain no i just think of it doctor listen i'm a degenerate gambler i've been talking about losing a pink you for a very long time now if i have this pink yeah i will keep getting into bets that i cannot handle yeah tell him get off tell him that if you don't cut the tip of my pinky off next year you're going to bet the whole thing yeah actually would be my dick yeah so you gotta take care of nip this in the bud yes so that was demaryius thomas i am officially not nervous ok like that just give you a little hazy there people will keep tweeting mean
it's still it's still bill o'brien yeah it's still bill o'brien in a big time spot i'm not worried you know what they say do they could send the tip of your pinky to bill o'brien and use it to fill in that hole on a shift there you go yeah it's just a little putty yes jenn we have the eagles trade for golden tate that's actually a big trade both the lion's kind of giving up like yeah golden tate is for those guys that he's never been you never like golden tate top five wide receiver but he is mister dependable mr i'll make a big play at a huge time and and like kill your team you know what i like about him he's got a little drooling at a minimum yeah he got a week he plays well it's not just that it's a he plays angry yeah all the time when he catches the ball it's a he's pissed off yes absolutely so that's a big trade it is big trade but the eagles i think i don't know i don't i don't see it super bowl hang over i
i think the eagles are still very dangerous out and the lions i'm happy because it seems like the lines like golden tate going up against golden tate the bears going up against going to you're in you're out he always scared me because he was always that guy who he's going to catch you know a little out of five yard out and take it eighty yards by just by dancing around every now was a store was he involved in the he was a bad team in seattle right he had that reputation you might over there was my issue with him and percy harvin sacks or alleged we all know percy harvin was to everyone well that's also true he had to migrate my xbox with kathy had medical reasons yeah i take great golden tate on that ok so next up we have
aaron rodgers treating ty montgomery to the ravens so aaron rodgers doing what he does with family members he doesn't like just sending a mall sending him across the country yeah i mean he he fit time montgomery is that we don't know if he's gonna play running back a receiver but he does fit into that ravens like traditional receiver mold of having pass catchers who are very good at playing wide receiver maybe what they're going to do at time montgomerie is run wildcat and everyone thinks that it's joe flacco back there running are they yeah what they'll do is they'll just split flacco and lamar jacks at the same time out at wide receiver time a car wreck snap to time montgomery don't hate it problem solve don't hate it neck stop we had rams trade for jaguars defensive lineman dante fowler junior now i if you do this i do this with all sports it's why i love kevin white if you trade
i who was a first round pick within the last five years i just assume he's still an unbelievable player yeah even though he has not been an unbelievable player and i also do the thing where i do the math i had i say okay sue was a was i think the third pick or second pick fowler was the third pick aaron donald the 13th pick that's three first i was on the fence a lot yeah they're almost almost as good as clemson's did have one right now holy yeah and they've got i guess what three or four players that have like big personalities guys that have gotten a little bit trouble thing dante fowler like denny records car sorry i drive this car you do something to a lake there are no lakes in a lace that's good there's a drought out there yes so that that's good for them but fowler is the kind of guy that when i see his name i'm like he's just crazy enough to be a good defense alignment and so is in dama consu yeah and so is aaron donald yeah trains with knives yes so i don't know i think the rams just got better they they did and i mean anyone could play edge rusher for them
and so like i said to the first round pick thing that's a he's a superstar yeah i trust where the pics were made like corey coleman who is boo got cut by the browns and then who isn't even in league anymore i mean he was a first round pick yeah how is he not still good yeah i don't know it makes no it doesn't it doesn't at all so when guys like that go out to lai think so when wade which uh wade phillips took the job out there i was a house you gonna managed marcus peters or what we don't when they got all these guys i was like how are they going to manage marcus peters and all these like guys that have you know these reputations on the defense but i think with him i've kind of figured out it's like the it's like the
substitute teacher that was just like so relaxed and cool that like even the trouble makers didn't want to take advantage of them yes because they would feel bad if the event and that's kind of the role that he is out there it's a bit mode jeez and everything exactly what our game especially yes yeah so when you get guys like that out there that normally might cause a stink another locker rooms so i came in just be cool yeah come on it's way yeah right let's not disappoint wait right he's funny guy the son of a bomb he's like winnie the pooh yeah don't do that to other no i'm we have the last one the red ski as trade four haha clinton dix from the packers now this was clearly a ha ha clinton dix is going to get paid next year in the packers aren't going to him so get anything for him and they actually have a decent secondary this year his expiring contract yeah but
this also means ever gets to make a ton of ha ha clinton dix joke that's what i'm very excited yeah you want to you want to we are around a lot just let's just shoot out over clinton so we have the the classic them out you want to about a and ex couldn't couldn't dicks is back in washington that's a good one yeah i actually do think that there were a ton of customized jerseys that had already existed in dc that's a clinton dix korak from correct with a stain on it yeah yeah yeah a little white said never watch those yeah clint here's one clin dicks loves playing in the box i like that one in dc all right i got one i haven't laughed this hard at a packers deck since brett farr of texas jen starter it's pretty good on the way out because he's got you know is on the packers anymore she got to get the shot on the way i i like that yeah i get a man well you can clinton dix never wraps up no yeah nice to plan with nice okay windex what is that the type
cigar that dan snyder lights up with a hundred dollar bill and then puts in a yeah i guess what i that's what i'm saying like dicks would be a great name for a cigar yeah i think we talked about this before but have a cake doesn't know what the ken starr report yeah it hot i actually watched the 90s nineties netflix documentary that i watched recently you did i just relived our youth yeah crazy which is like what is the coolest part of that you see did you spoiler alert kurt cobain died did you get into sky music for fifteen seconds no i just like bush biggest takeaway tips were a wild cotton my biggest takeaway was that if this happened in today's day and age no one would even care about clinton clinton yeah really i mean i think i think people would probably care a little bit i don't know if you've gotten to a point where there's it's the surreal life the other ninety throwback well i if you're getting blowjobs while you're on the phone with a senator i think that's a least worth six hours in the new cycle yeah but that's just called doing good work
bank did they have anything in the documentary about wearing puka shell necklaces other takeaways i'm happy watch this from the 90s yeah anything as you like holyshit the ellee riots looks kind of crazy those were cds any cds do you the music industries flocked yeah yeah mini discs were that was big that was going to change the world that end remember laserdiscs yeah so hank you're probably the internet ruined yet now yeah napster and limewire was with some serious shit back in the day or an elementary school they didn't have any any laser discs right i kind of want to by this to you so for a long time vhs tapes had a good run real solid run for like twenty five years and then every like what's going to take those out and move us into digital well there is a step in between vhs and dvd and that step was laserdisc
and it was dvd that was like bigger than a red giant it was like the site was like twenty two like twenty two inches you could put those on the side of the band's roll down the street look flies cell yeah you're twenty two inches and and you had exactly one movie on it yeah and then they made it there are so with the mini dress which was just a different way to listen to music that didn't really work the problem that everybody loste many discs yes yeah they sucked yeah they're all they really suck ok uh so that's the trade deadline recap the biggest news is what did it happen yeah like jazz music with the notes that they didn't play and that was lavion bell that sign is tender didn't show up so he couldn't be traded oh so he's a steeler for at least the rest of the year stiller stiller here we go still on the superbowl anything else big that didn't happen i mean i don't know eli manning well you know i didn't pay for a rumored to do something that into anything yeah yeah by the way stay woke on this i i don't know who to use our site if i fall you
on twitter and i'm not given credit i apologize 'cause i don't know who it was so this is just you doing the who did this man who did this family skull emoji last night the patriots said or there was a report out that the patriots were going to send josh gordon for one quarter against the bills the old johnny manziel suspension bobby bowden bobby boucher special yeah either way you want to look at it and then playing the first snap of the game somebody was saying that bill belichick smells rat inside inside his own nest yeah and he leaked that information out to one person and he was like if this makes its way to ian rappaport's twin account that i know that it's you and it breaks my heart but i know is you yes kisses desi it's the scene from department when he's just drawing the rats to stay woke on that yeah i like that i like that you go your fucking rat whoever you are okay let's do great movie i did love to talk with someone about it coming up ok so
how to culture on hank get us going my heart seed is urban meyer oh are you buying my theory why the tip that i got that i think i said it last week that urban the the domino's have started to fall hue jackson gets fired urban meyer goes to coach the browns oh no sorry urban meyer goes coach the packers might mccarthy gets fired coaches at browns because of the john dorsey and then bob stoops comes in coaches ohio state i'm not i'm just more of the theory that just things coming through is ty lue hue jackson oh my are nebraska nebraska been really bad this week there there fixing for a big upset if i urban meyer if they lost this game never mind about i think i think ohio state swearing like lebron black jerseys even that's that's even worse of anomalies almamater yeah god lebron did we know you would have gone to duke or fuqing kentucky or somewhere that would have paid you like get outta here with this last ship i like it it's bullshit i like it i think they're going to lose
i think is ok there's no way to hang up right now i'm with you do you want to bet you're lucky this is scott frost sees no i'm not petting another pinky plus see how this text inspect goes and then i will bet my frayed process going to take your pinky yeah uh in my cool thrown his hat trying to start fresh but every time i say i'm pretty sure you're quite artid like northwest sort of take me like i will pick you back yeah i know what you would want to know no i'm in one i finally got what you want to sing time let me will have one lap listen and then you can come back at the with another pick the good lord gave you two hands for reasons that yeah but that's but i've it also you guys understand that my pinky it's like human capital so if i lose both then what am i going to bet yeah you're broke down i'm broke yeah ok cool through urgent call all the cool throne is fergie ok good alright josh duhamel's ex wife yeah i know who she is yeah we know come on i'll just have back to lash out she came out
instagram she made light of the situation instead of like being down in the dumps for getting made fun of again she made light of it cool and black eyed peas who apparently are still around just dropped a new album okay hey is it good i haven't listened to it i don't know if i will okay his back i mean john the cool throwing shoes back in the new cycle they released an album in like two thousand and three that was strictly released just so it could be the soundtrack to nba games on tnt yeah it was like every single song was just a commercial song yes there imagine dragon magic dragons nba yeah also credit to us for bringing back bush yeah we know that espn did that after we talked about bush on monday that halftime shows should so long back down from there we go it's taken me all this to the one on monday they were like like fifteen l age people dancing at the niagara falls and it was uncalled
it looked like jim and pam's wedding it was so they've had bush they've had garbage which is anytime you say now ladies and gentleman gardener they're gonna get hold back our our two mobile jadi no yeah the board they're a good charlotte playing a new song sh the hits yeah do you go i had another cool to hear another one yeah let's let hank finishes plight week tiger and phil yeah now the hbo twenty four seven before the match okay i always love those hello yeah and the fact that i wanna talk about the like the price and stuff like it's on the things the for putting it out the friday after thanksgiving is like the perfect day for yeah that's when tiger got arrested this day woke by the way if you are a hacker in on the internet the tiger and phil pay per view illegal streams will be a field because i would imagine a lot of like fifty year old white dudes trying to find a twitch stream will end up with a lot of hacking
yes it's going to be a lot of compromise people that don't do that don't know just i'm just going to type in every combination of emailaddressaol dot com send it out and it'll just be a link to my paypal is going to be a bloodbath on the internet can be pretty bad yeah i'm really looking forward to because phil mickelson you can show nipples on hbo as you have to blow those out on other networks true real sex bring back real sex ok if you go ok my hot seat well big cat is on the hot seat not only for the texans and your keep it also because cogo bears have to play against nathan peterman oh yeah on sunday penguins back that's totally a game that we're going to lose his best i would derek anderson i feel comfortable like did you know just use you played golf this offseason yeah i saw that it would just be so perfect for the bears to somehow finish ninety seven like beat the rams and finish night
i haven't finished out of the playoffs be like well you lost the nathan peterman in brock osweiler nathan peterman hasn't played his best game yet and i know that because he wouldn't still be on the roster if he was that but maybe you see and nathan peterman exactly what the this coaching staff season there's like he's got it in there somewhere he's scared he's not afraid no so let's for sure yes he'll throw it he's going to wing it out there so look out for that our good friend my internet dad mike florio said that are starting nathan peterman is like letting your dog drive a car no no matter how badly he wants to do it you can't just let him mike yes if your dog wants to drive a car yeah you gotta you gotta roll the dice also an also mike if your dog is asking you to drive the car maybe put down the acid for a second maybe it's just your son yeah anyway oh dear twenty years old is laced with something by the way dog driving car i looked it up i actually looked up if dogs can drive cars yeah they can so florio well why don't
fact check before you tweet this ignorant shyt out about dogs not being able to drive cars ok my cool throne is murder night because whitey bulger the but actually wasn't he one of the characters in the department it was loosely based loosely based on him he was murdered in prison in west virginia and everybody was like acting happy about it yeah somebody lost the life ok let's show some respect using eighty nine years old getting murdered at eighty nine listen if you die of murder or of like a drug overdose at the age of eighty nine that's actually pretty cool
that adds to your obituary at your street cred yeah although the obituary probably will mention all the murders he committed first allegedly a legend right no i i'm sure that i'm pretty sure that the reason why he was in prison was because a murder ice listen allegedly i'm not taking it shows that that would be convicted murderer no whitey bolger listen i've seen the americans before okay sometimes people go to prison in west virginia and their staff is completely stage so he might still be alive we're so scared of like slander and libel that we're saying allegedly in front of a guy who has been convicted of murder yeah i think it was just like money laundering no i'm pretty sure is like ten or eleven murders any probably committed about five hundred now the band slaughter ok is that it no it's not it will also murder because dj durkin got to keep his job in maryland they just announced that my other cool thrown in the state of oklahoma ok because
barry switzer counseled leaked lincoln riley on twitter today he said that the job that you would leave would be more attractive than one that you would get at the browns so don't do it don't do it so it's like lincoln riley is according to barry switzer barry switzer gets his way lincoln is going to be which for life the browns hiring a college coach would be just so classic burns it yet when is a college because coach don't work in the nfl they would they would just be doing it to make bigger may feel happy yeah they do used to work together right our man it will be so so breast like doing anchorman three yeah they're actually que they were members they were funny florio also i think said that mac the mac campbell i was state like the the rumors around him going to the cleveland browns is real too yeah grant and there's a huge rumor out there about sean mcvay getting traded to the branches and is also how yeah how many first round picks would you take if you were the ramps to send sean mcvay there's not enough yeah you can say like seven eight no no because i know well did bring back fisher no
yeah yeah yes yes you come with which to to yeah would you said sean mcvay to montana to go live in jeff fisher's house in exchange for jeff fisher yeah it would be awesome to watch jeff fisher go back to the rams and todd gurley go back to like getting thirty yards rushing every well that it's it would serve him right yeah hello todd you don't like rushing for yards anymore guess what i've got the perfect coach for your system good segue pft because my hot seat is your boy mike greenberg with the play mistake of all time no yeah it was some of these traded is probably doing sat on its weight if you criticize todd gurley forty did at the end of the rams packers game you should never be allowed to comment on sports ever again get the fuck outta here green
i'm not comment on betting because guess what gambling the reason people gambling on the nfl has paid for a load your salary we pay greenies salary s we pay greeny salary people watch because they have an investment in fantasy or gambling and they can about it because that's what we do is sports spent was what happened was my greenberg's a jets fan and he is so unaccustomed to watching his players to smart things at the games to secure wins that he instantly fell in love todd gurley he had never seen anything like that before yeah i think i got it i got it when my guys he he gave up his personal stats to win a game holy that's amazing that's true you have to forgive greenie because he's not used to this type of thing that's such a lame back off jesus christ greenie like come on play my other hot seat is future me so oh i went to jury duty today and tri met a very nice man who i helped he couldn't speak english and i filled out all these forms for him and then they were like anyway
doesn't speak english go to that room and we have like a good buy like rose jack titanic situation where he's like him are we leaving goodbye friend he's i was like i speak english you use don't use a lot of golf stays on the door yeah let him drown in the atlantic ocean at me was like oh my god but i i went to jury duty and they you said anyone's traveling in the next week you can go to the so i went to that room and i was going to say you know cool people now yeah i was like i'm going to ellis you this weekend everybody in that room has a little plain emoji yes where bio yeah but i kind of froze on when he asked me is like so what because he's like i need your itinerary couldn't find it so he asked me like what what's your excuse i was like well it's football season and i got a lot of travel and football season and he's like ok he's like so can you come back i was like maybe january any like isn't the playoff as i guess you're right is like ok so come back after the super bowl so i i have jury duty after the super bowl which is the worst time of the year and i think my plan now
oh is every time i go in for jury duty just try to keep saying well march madness is coming up well the nba playoffs in kentucky derby is going to be here i just see how long i can push it till we get to that like wednesday after they also like the women's world cup yak summer yeah just like man i schedule is all booked but shut up to that guy for taking it's football season as a legitimate excuse for not having not wanting to be on jury well that's what they did with pac man jones with his trial and his sentencing they were like you know ok you got a job to do on sunday ok well actually yes you can come in in january 'cause it's a playoff season and the bangles won't be in yes it's miserable by the way have you been to jury duty i have avoided jury duty did too for a very long time both willfully and uh on willfully i'm for about jury duty when i was called in chicago and just skipped it and then this time against your will no i will fully i willfully skipped it there were times when i got a notice and i said i'm not going and then there was a time where i got a notice and i just forgot and a month later i was like whoops i for
i watch the movie twelve angry men one time yeah and i was like what twelve angry men what is this the replies to michelle beadle tweet pants pretty good it was really good because you're a lefty in your likes to be nice to the white knight online yeah we they could mike at her for nomenclatures what night yes exactly they also played a you tube video that was like you're going to enjoy your jury sir sir like service because you're gonna learn how the legal system works i don't think so that's that's a great spin yeah i don't think so i don't think here is excited to learn about city government you're going to have a lot of respect for how people get incarcerated yeah it's going to be great wow okay yeah big left cat over there yeah there we go alright right so cool throne i have cool thrones one is eli manning because he framed cow letter to get arrested and you see that i did so it's pretty nice as you heard about that do you see that i did so archie manning we know let's just say it will leave it at that we know
it really speaks to how should they are if they're if they're afraid of cal letter yes but they are writings are free to come away with the got rid of austin davis to in the off season yeah i was in order we would know davis web yes we got rid davis web because that was like a fifth round pick shelly name to nipping nipping to close at a serious i almost got triggered about you making fun of davis webb and then i was like you know what that is this why do i care about davis that is a shooting i think it's because he's a davis if your listener i just know i was going to defend you you think he listens think so but it's like i'll say to his face like i'm not it's not fenced it but your name is not remember we like you couldn't even remember right well i i struggle to remember last name in them you know this and that like kids have that's gross to make some swim faster web feet yeah actually of web so do you in fact i don't yeah my my two middle so you'll see right now yeah let's see right now which what it's on there's no way davis web actually sounds like it's a great golfer name yes there you go or a polar herbal
power poles would be nice he couldn't yeah he just gives enough of quarterback so that's so it's not it's not a city name see those directory my middle finger middle toes are webbed your default one really fast swimmer in jacksonville no that was in fact that was in fact that was who has water that you would see this morning i don't know about that but i don't know about that it's about lung capacity it's ok i'm sorry i'm cooler install cigarettes for longer than you did so i got weaker loans man i'm just better start with both you guys ok so my other cool throne is the chicago bulls their back they outscored the golden state warriors by seventeen points in the second half on monday night that's huge huge gordon aggregate so we don't have to get into that i mean maybe the warriors scores their ninety two points in the first half and klay thompson scored fifty two points in twenty five minutes but we don't have to get into that the point is
the bulls just ran out of time that was simply what it yeah the warriors greatest weapon is the clock there is nothing more to moralizing for franchise than having a guy like klay thompson come into your building for twenty five minutes get bit so he basically sat down on the bench top with the third quarter and have all the fans cheering for him to break three point record because that's the highlight of the bowl season is someone else breaking a record on the court is pretty bad the only bad campaign had that good because he did camp never forget about the date you just never are they going to extend them campaign do they need pain finance reform they probably do they probably do ok let's do let's get to interview you complete that choke out we got a big interview mark wahlberg zero set the stage we i viewed mark wahlberg sunday morning at a what was it i mean it was like a man dressed he was like a little press junket where we had
twenty five minutes and we were we had trick twenty five minutes but it was very fun and i think mark wahlberg's our best friend now he likes us a lot yeah we got which crack at him too we did we yeah uh about us up the number one oh number one and fresh number one crack it mark wahlberg so let's get to that before we do that a quick word from our friends at van dual fan do you know it pft i've been playing on fanduel all season long were running sixteen week season long contest with the leader board in the winner at the end of the season when a trip to the bar stool super bowl party in atlanta don't worry if you missed it we because only your top eight scores count so you can play whenever you want and can still join pft and i in atlanta so pfd you're going to have someone sleeping in your bed it's going to be awesome to lay down a places to through fifty win an autograph pmt car stick and we're going to be giving out
weekly prizes the week four giveaway or sorry we're giving out something from my pile every single week i actually map brown came up and he was like i need all the stuff from your pile i gave it to him it's gone out to people so and up right now dot fanduel com pmt you literally can play against us every single week you can see our lineups fanduel com slash pft we both mister money last week pft but i beat you so despite negative score from the ravens defense i whoop that ass that brings our season series to four and four oh wow i'm on it game winning streak just a heads up so watch out i'm coming so let's go
everyone come play with us on fanduel all season long like i said you could win a trip to the super bowl you can sleep in pfds bed plus new users get a five dollar bonus when you make your first deposit on federal come play with us a federal dot com slash p m t that's vandal dot com slash p m t bone is not available for withdrawal state age restrictions apply for full eligibility rules in terms of conditions go to fanduel dot com okay here is mark wahlberg okay we know i will come on a very special guest it is mark wahlberg his new movie instant families coming out november sixteenth i actually a bone to pick with you about the script why do you have anything to do with the scriptwriting were no lines can you change a line during it sign yeah i can say whatever one doesn't mean it's going to make it in the car okay because you you bash blake griffin and the trade from the clippers to the to the pistons all no i didn't well you were like that was betrayed by the clippers meaning blake snyder
ok there we go you were trying to be supportive father i was trying to make the kid feel better about them trading their best player who just put up fifty yes yes it was a great movie i also i actually did improvised that line you did right yeah so ok alright so i felt very special 'cause i got a screening of it and i didn't realize that they watermark your name across the screening so you can't like reproduce it i now you don't want to go to you know we go federal prison yeah there is yeah i've seen the f b i warnings at the start of the movies i don't know that i he actually took it that seriously i'll pass along with friends have right now i i did enjoy the movie you guys did kind of a cheat code in it which is just have a giant dog in a movie which makes it instantly more likeable so if you like movies with big fluffy cuddly dogs yeah if you're i think but no hopefully that's not going to decide whether or not the movies success yes right what does decide whether movies
this is a success and you know it right away you like this movie is going to be awesome well you kind of intuitively feel like yes this movie is going to be really funny and heartwarming and emotional and all that stuff but you know it's difficult to make movies never mind making good ones so you always going with the best intentions and this never for lack of effort but they you know they don't always turn out the way you hope you know if you think about you know what into the hall of fame and baseball event in three hundred and i think i'm probably five thousand and fifty or the movie that turned out to be good and worked versus movies that didn't so it but it's tough and i think i think you got audience reaction of course it being produced on a movie you've got you know return on the investment so you know you want do you know the people that are funding the movies to be successful so you want box office is a component of that people who say it's not are liars so you know
number of factors which has there ever been one that you were surprised that like wow i didn't think this was going to be as successful as it ended up being an yeah i mean like i like run away hits like like ted you know you always kind of knew that the movie had potential but he knows to be the biggest r rated comedy of all time won't you know you know that's nice five fifty blacks yeah you know you've got back in june of fifty million once it has serena money for a movie about tell you that's all i should be wearing the glasses yeah yeah my user hollywood you said three something that is ten uncommon but no plans to do that three just gonna say it so that we get everyone glistens in and they start being like part my call yeah our intent to exclude nice that's not happening is there is project that is like a passion of yours that you've been trying to get off the ground for a while but you know you'd like to end up doing one day that for whatever reason hasn't hasn't made it yet um
no not in the way like fighter was a constant uphill battle to get made i've worked on this movie the thing that i'm most passionate about right now is a movie about a guy who was a kind of tough guy fighter out of helena mt who eventually through different events in his life couple of tragedies end up becoming a priest and i'd have a room muscular degenerative disease but lots of crazy things happen in between that and so that's the thing that i'm most excited about now that i've been developing it forward in making the their future yeah have you gotten to a point on your career where if you're like i'm passionate about this you can kind of not not you snap and have it be made but i'd assume that if you are passionate about a project it's going to get done
hi yeah i mean i've been i've been successful in getting movies off the ground that that i'm passionate about on this movie isn't like a you know it's not like avatar words ground breaking technology in a cost to a fifty million dollars to make it's a pretty simple story about a guy who in his journey so you know it's an expensive movie to get made but six million dollar man is another movie that we've been kind of pushing uphill for quite some time and hopefully will be shooting that movie this spring that's another one that ends and that's a much more ambitious project that's got a bigger price tag on it so i gotta pitch for you great for this yeah you want to be james bond now i want to be the blue collar james there you go boston yeah somebody stole the red auerbach statue you got asked down
would you do it hello yeah it all depends on the on the on the writer and the director did you know if it's a good idea if executed properly is yes it's a you know thirty thirty film and french ascent of a porsche it's a ford f one fifty with like a dunkin donuts in the in the cup holder and hatred and online for the ford f one fifty that's a little bit more outside of boston okay a little bit all right yeah we're shop it it's a it's a swearing and it's got a than the falcons twenty eight patriots three flag line from the antenna it would like that yeah like we like to you know yeah let's give money you know we talk about that because were sports broadcaster are you when you left the superbowl early you've talked about a million times but i have a question were you at some point when you saw them coming back you're kind of rooting against the because i definitely already against my team if like i left it was like this can't
i can't have it i can't have them come back now the only thing that matters is victory ok care from there not there my wife is there so i'm not going to celebrate like i did when we beat they won't beat the seahawks and go to six in the morning you know keep my my two sons up that it was actually perfect it had to be a pebble beach to seven hundred o'clock in the morning my son had a meltdown they were already on their way coming back it all worked out perfectly you surprised at that like turned into such a big i was yeah well you know what it what it is is i think what happened was as i was going people that i know from the media and people that i know from atlanta were kind of all right and they were talking and gloating and all this stuff and like do they got an eight year old here dropping f bombs thrown stuff saying everybody ethics
and that's i mean that's how songs are does rain i do my wife is the same yeah my wife had never been to a football game before some like this is not really how it's supposed to be going down usually the patriots when i don't know how soon it will even in many situations like that so i was like okay we're getting back to the hotel we saw them win went to bed it all turned out perfect but yeah and then all those guys who were gloating we're now having to deal with me calling them up on facetime right why would you celebrate before it's over it's like walking around this hotel today people like oh yeah red sox going to it's not over yet so so you haven't been corrupted by la yet you're not rooting for the dodgers at all no i mean look if the dodgers i mean the dodgers got weather fans and you talk about guys will go from the kings to the dodgers to the clippers to the lakers it's like my friend from texas he roots for every single team from texas every college team every baseball team basketball team foot
all team it's like enough already do you think your son is have you had to have a talk with him like hey it's not we're not going to win every year because you guys like his whole life these eight there you know people want every year used there used to winning yeah i told him that's not it's not normal that we've been kind of on this kind of run but that's all that they know yeah my wife she never knew anything about football she hated football sheated anything that had to do with sports in me getting crazy and now she's at every practice and my son plays tackle football shoes at every practice she's at every game she screaming in the kitchen about the patriots and to the point where it's like chase me out of the room yet i gotta go watch on my own i have my own whole system she doesn't even know what's going on she's like why did he throw the ball because he's about to get sacked there's nobody open you want to lose ten yards or just you know have you know so and three hundred instead of you know second and fifteen i mean just you know just relax
yeah yeah yeah if your power rank your boston sports fans by team how's it go patriots won or red sox won patriots patriots won absolutely patriots gave us so much joy there was so much heartache and disappointment you know being a red sox fan being a bostonian for so many years i'm just glad they got over the hump i think for me when they beat the yankees in four when they came back down three nothing it was like that was enough for everybody to celebrate but then having you know then swept the cardinals and you know they've been with it's fantastic you know thrilled with the red sox but no the patriots and i just have a much more i had a personal connection to the team and you know they've they've they've boosted the the city winning have you met bill belichick is he giving you look like who this guy he's like you know you know nice white guy can get in the middle of like i could probably use him
i've i spent some quality time with bill it's nice to be able to see bill you know on tv doing this classic valid check you know we moving the cincinnati yeah and the funny in real life always hilarious i don't wanna yeah he is i yeah i think a you don't you have like a contract you have with us so we know you want to seize on that yeah so though share a little story with you really quickly so we just had a screening of low the patriots adjust screen lone survivor and then we were screening lone survivor in hingham at the patriot theater i just a coincidence not the teams theaters in hingham right next to wal burgers an marcus a trail was there bill bella check came and we were having dinner and we're sitting there cutting up drinking all that stuff all of a sudden julian at him and walked in with i think with gronk and stevan ridley and bill looked at them they did
so he was there they looked at us they can with that we just wanted to say hi great movie hawk out there to get it and have a good night yeah he's on bill hell no that's awesome so he's actually like a bigger personality is when you can you like see a switch flip benham if he's out somewhere and you know he's he's somebody doesn't want to talk to you guys might be and gregarious joke telling bill to just like you know certainly we're gonna be looking at also passes for game next like that bill yeah yeah exactly you know i remember i remember it was weird because when i went to the superbowl last time he was in such big mood you know what and it was like talkative and all that stuff and i was like you know i was i was on the field with my wife and the kids and were talking this craft and i were there and all of a sudden hey what's going on you know just kind of just until like oh that kind of joyful guy that i know off the field and then i was like wait dude i'm sorry don't do this i'm going to do
yeah so don't worry about that was going on everything is good other kids are pretty good that's crazy yeah he's best of the best i mean it's hard to argue it's hard to argue possible yes yes i mean right it's all subject you can say whatever you want yeah it's very tough to argue with that what's your favorite movie that you've ever done and then we're going to tell you our favourites that you've done all you can get actually gilmore was yours the thing i mean you tell us yours then you guess what we're gonna studies like that happen yeah when you guess you get what is dear jesus i don't know if you looking at me i'm getting off balance right now he's on you i'm looking at your door guy over there and making sure he's not going to lock in pull out a nine millimeter yeah that's what i'm looking at the carpet he's getting hungry you know what i always kind of have a tendency to gravitate towards the true story so whether it be lone survivor fighter invincible yeah
fighters moves like that that's quite a ways very can't can i do a quick fire you know what you know what you know you didn't get it was a pretty good head head body head body head body head body not you and not you we gotta work on that yeah that's pretty good don't know those pretty good workout but now you see what i like about i mean like anytime somebody in the movie christian bale i think it's like if playing with tom brady would be a good analogy i would think like he makes everybody like so much better around just so good you know would you agree with that are my just give him way too much great well i think i elevated his game that yeah well okay ways i think that being elevated your game yeah and that is all i think it's the reverse and that's it who's but yeah i think so no christian was fantastic a nose one of those things where that movie was something at one point and its first you know we're supposed
be a big seventy million dollar movie at paramount there were a number of different directors at one point brad pitt was attached to play dick ecklund dick outcome was always the flashier role i mean this is the guy who was supposed to be the great champion had this terrible fall from grace drug addiction all that stuff was a really kind of flashy flamboyant guy mickey is the quietest kind of you know when i know make e n i was just with mickey last week in boston he he comes out of her shell kinda like bill but you know other than that he's usually really shy and quiet but matt damon was attached to play that part and you know i thought christian would absolutely kill that i had seen him in the machinist and movies and i was like okay this is the guy and then ultimately the studios i don't know i don't see it and so i got the movie out of paramount was able to finance the movie we did it for less than twenty million dollars i i think elton is like eleven million dollars in spending on the movie and it's fantastic he killed it how is netflix you mentioned like the price of movies how is netflix changed like the movie making process
you are most movies made for a lot less money now no i think it depends i think i think for us television changed the game more than streaming services i mean we we started producing we started producing television now with that hbo with entourage and so instead of having instead of having you know seventy day i'm going to get to that point i have a pitch for you this is actually my phone interview every going along time yeah but they get out bitch you guys to play but no it started out where it was like you know you had x amount of time in x amount of money and then with television it was like you had a lot less time and a lot less money so we were just kind of doing things on the go and then when dvd sales started to decline and studios were crying poverty were like well we can make movies for less money but we want to be able to participate in the profits if they're successful so you take the risk to reel the root of rewards if the movies work and then with
x was streaming services i mean people just you know technologies change everything change the people decide when and where and how they want to view their content so i'm actually making my first netflix movie now as an actor nice and and to be interesting to see you know we'll still get a theatrical release in that stuff but people want to watch one where they want to what i was gonna be able you cannot fight the and yeah i was going to say you have to be to be a real artist now you have to make like a super indie netflix release and be like this has been my passion project for all my life and now netflix i could do it you gotta do that silent film black and white sounds familiar faces reinvented himself you doing curls for an hour and a half and you've just been it's your netflix passion project you and paul ryan then we got a lot of we're starting to cook i don't know you see what's going on this show adam sandler i do
okay we will do that later today well i actually do have some pictures for you so you have entourage yeah then you did entourage for for the nfl with ballers you ever think about doing entourage for like bloggers and podcasts yeah just think about it we're basically like nfl players except we're not rich yeah i don't really have sex yeah we're just boring versions like yeah just like one percent milk version right is an audience for them there's a story arc where one of the podcasters like i'm dating this model but it's actually you just made it up and he's like you guys you guys don't even know hot she lives in canada that whole thing yeah there's a part where crypto keys could were interviewing some actor and then it goes way off the rails like you can include like all this stuff yeah and he just wants to punch us but he's not going to just staring at like one of the guys because i like you guys so much more lately yeah i have so much cash in my pocket from my hamburger industry boom he just give us all this money so when you guys don't realize
stuck in this room together all the time yet each other packages or talent is sexy to women you guys gotta get out there we do really really good out there but we didn't finish the what do you think our favorite movie we never got to yes yes fuck i did fifty fucking movies to the chase all right i'll just say boogie nights you too yeah off use your own no no i know you didn't know it i'm like what's what so i'm not yeah yes in actuality yes in today's day that would be body yeah yeah i would have a i would have a a a lawsuit news we surprise billion i dot became like such a cult classic and that became a movie that just lives on that was a movie where it was like okay this movie could be you know when that when i got before i got in the script i got pitch the movie and i was like i'm not doing that you know i just kind of
come from music in the calvin klein thing and i was like what the heck now is that they want to be a porn star right now i'm not doing that and then show girls just come out and that was that a complete utter disaster so was i but i kept hearing some other people no no no this is great the script is fantastic just read the script meet with the director and finally i picked up the script read like the first started pages and i was like i don't know this could be great and this could be really bad and then once i met with paul thomas anderson i was like ok this guy is legit he's on the level you know this is not some florida get marky mark on the out of the underwear yeah i think so so i committed right away in in it was one of those things where you know you always to grace 'cause you know dinero is attached at one point to play jack with burt reynolds part drew barrymore is going to play roller girl sean penn was going to play the alpha molina part there were a lot of people circling that movie for quite some time falling off the ground so how does that work well do you know
if someone like is up for a role that you're up for you here all that you're like i'm going up against this guy for this role yeah yeah i think so i think you know like in this stage of the game certainly you know there's only a handful of guys i was like okay there's a there's a kind of there's a piece of material floating around they know so and so is interested or you know they go to so and so first or you know somebody's attach or people are competing to get you know an i p that's out there a book or something that's come out you know so it was a top top dog is the dicaprio they're like leo's got it so no one else gets it no it depends on what it is i think everybody you know i think there are certain things he does the job better than anybody else's other things that i i you know i do comedy i do actually do drama so it kind of depends on what it is yeah what was the last movie that you really wanted to i never say nobody is better than me
hello there you go i like that i like that don't get that yeah we're we're is there a movie that pops to mind maybe not the last one the one that sticks in your head about a movie that you were kind of attached you want to do with somebody else and get it you know it ok i think there may be a movies that i was kind of interested at one point or another i don't think there was ever one where it was like wow god i really should have done that i think i'd dodge more bullets than you know kind of made bad choices on passing on so it's a bully dodge a starship troopers diet to shower said one of my mentors yeah when we were at the right change of thought was like yeah honestly i have it's it's it's usually the tents yes in like the first one i use it on me what is our famous i don't make it past the larry page supposed to be superman nickajack supposed to be everything
no i think you know i was kind of in the x to play robin and batman at one point i like to chris o'donnell one yeah yeah big time both dodge there so yeah yeah that was that was good that you don't get that little smart hi my i also liked i like in bourne identity yeah and did for them we as a favor yeah at the first one shows up on the boat three when you killed all those guys to have them yeah it does all right we're gonna wrap up in a sack lunch at a departed that was boston control it was yeah what's great bossed entourage yeah right who had the good boston acts in her the by next jack nicholson's was not that jagger mrs wasn't great you know what it was it was like the older guys that were in the movie that weren't like the main stars of had the real actions like if you watch the wire it's like all the all the second rate copper wire have to relax and leo was good yeah leos was okay here's was that
matt damon had a really good one really good no matter he's a great actor isn't matt and i used to sit there and be like you know what i think we're going to stick out and be like okay we're gonna be the ones with the bad axe right yeah that's why they talk like that you know those everybody talk like jfk that's actually funny the the the pressures on what everyone's doing it around you all right i have one last question to see key question there's only one last question what we got to you and then one other where we were told strict time and we respect your time yeah i just although your go sit in a room talking to some boring journalist yeah have a great time you we can hank we can actually put on the you want to really want yeah we can believe the next as a come in that area hey move along by we're gonna go watch them on the rest of the day that's basically our job so you're more than welcome to come and all who won the jaguars eagles game i will tell you on title works close personal friends of like portal so if you thought about bashing him in that moment don't like while having his
great guys were just saying yeah did they bench him would not look at last week's cody kasuni they patched him no i didn't actually ribbon i know i didn't actually i knew that he was out of the game but i'm thinking no i didn't know that they benched him because i actually have a day job so i gotta lot of shit to do but i thought i heard i heard i heard something that he wasn't playing and i never heard about him getting hurt so i was like to bench him is absolutely crazy why are they still playing eli manning at the benching blake bortles fair no sense i mean there tom coughlin if he was
still the john always yeah yeah he would be the light would be fine if you want to hang out place which i think is crazy do because you lie you know i mean you brother two championships even though they were bullshit when they were well the account yeah that being said i am for control of the pressure that is being said i mean you live should to get the kind of respect that he deserves from the giants and and all these guys a flip and so quick well i don't know why it can't be sons for awhile and to leave it at all time money and i don't know what it look it the patriots of and what nobody else is done right the performing at the level that they are for the amount of time that they have is just unheard of right so i mean the guy won two championships okay you go you get sick one barkley you kind of rebuild you overpay del you know you got you you you you make some good moves you make some bad moves right but you don't go on the guy i thought i i disagree i think that you've been brainwashed by our to manning i have a theory that the manning
i have no i have never heard of and yeah i mean anything about or yeah you know i know who he is and we play for the same time as another son who is now doing broadcaster yeah yeah actually the nicest of yeah i don't i know i don't think they should have said blake bortles but i also think you know that the the jags were
or a little bit more hype you know yeah yeah they were still blake's going to be fine don't worry 'bout get the hubby ok yeah alright the c key question put in promo code two guys kissing this guy he's good friend of ours live status house alright yeah no this serious when we're in lake we say yes we like sometimes couch just kick it out ok and if if if it were if it were fifteen years ago when i was single absolutely do not provide for my kids like like the level of defense were given to blake bortles right now if you said that we could stay at your house anytime somebody attacked you you would get that pitbull he would be this would be all up in their app would be wallberg women that guys generally just had a couple of things then change the subject really didn't do shit but you're not talking about breaking there was a shitload world war you want to go i want to go out the door he's not being asked if i want to go and he's looking at his yellow i'll sit on you ok see question promo code take here's why you really intimidated i read on the internet
you have three nipples has i got for you had a problem so what's up now what's up now see that i and i have a super deep i have a super deep belly button there's four that's not in ocala serious like a cigarette but yeah this belly button i don't even think you was about to risk it all i don't hear some triples i think i think it's nipple there's four yeah i got to say goodbye got thirty three percent more nipples right now how do you stay in such great shape uh exercise ok yeah i was wonder that yeah you just always ripped it right no i'm not always it really depends on what i'm doing for movie i've gotten i've had the pleasure of putting on weight and deep water horizon and getting to two hundred pounds that wasn't fun well i mean a couple weeks and then it was like a high is that was just it was like we're
i'm gonna sit down for my sake a getting back i desire and i'm yeah and i'm in louisiana and it's just fried flow mmhm you know i mean and it's the summertime is is hot love it yeah i i got i got tired of that after awhile internally already eating and drinking again yeah you when you try to put on weight for like good reasons you don't get to put on fun way into seems like fast food what yeah pizza and ice cream is like okay need to drink this milkshake that taste like and has like seventy grams of protein or you got a bill makes it right yeah well i'm well i'm i know man i'm invoking season right now all right mark walberg there's been handling the mother yeah it is it's the nipples they grow a service like that having a nipple is like little fertilizer will patches fertilizer for chester on your belly you wouldn't know because you only got to is your third it's pretty pronounced
for the fans go out on a lot not like all right all right what it's like a boring apple is not like a man that paul did not a little black yeah would you tell okay is definitely says no to have made little mall or we're getting the cover got we're getting the work done yeah or enable your nipple not you not you learn our color them we are at a matt damon concert will get killed we're going to get killed we put a we were doing this forever it was fun yeah i appreciate madonna forever literally that's not like we're going to do guys actually on air personalities that interview with marky mark was brought to you by duncan we all know what the most important meal of the day is an while there's some scientific proof to back that up have you heard about the most
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stitchfix dot com slash pmt get started today stitchfix dot com slash pmt ok let's get some segments and before we do that i have been brought for the last three days for the biggest fa cup we've ever had an interview on son night so we we interviewed mark wahlberg sunday morning we had a full fucking day i was coming back from jacksonville it was a weird time we've ever done a sunday morning interview yeah it's just we when we get we are timed interviews were always just a little off because we're thinking the back of her mind at you know two o'clock yeah on a sunday were like what's the score right just get right what's going on down chicago yeah exactly so on sunday the i don't like two in the morning after we finished taping i texted the group text and i said we fuckd up more than we've ever fuckd up and that was not asking mark wahlberg jimmy butler yeah sorry i'm so angry at myself and i want you to know that from deep down that i'm very
it myself now we did have constraints on time not an excuse but we were getting the you got to go we we got around to we we got right they didn't ask because here's what we need from you guys anyone who ever sees mark walberg ever again say part of my take the ask you about jimmy butler and just keep saying that to him and eventually he'll come back on 'cause you like who are they why are these people keep saying 'cause of the story is he's best friends with jimmy butler right he's like convinced him to do weird stuff he possibly broke up like he possibly is the reason why jimmy butler has gone hollywood yeah he's the jimmy whisper yes in a bad way well we don't know that 'cause i don't know we didn't get that we need we only know one side of the story so please help us out i don't know how often people will see mark wahlberg
but just in general if i'm having a conversation with somebody on an nfl sunday and it's between the hours of one and let's say six hundred and thirty just do me favor every thirty seconds in our conversation update me on the scores verbally mine that way that way it won't be as distract you could even tell during the interview 'cause i kept on saying hey mark do you want to just watch some football together like you want to turn on the tv that sitting right behind you 'cause i was just staring at the whole time language that tv had football on right now ok maybe use your pinky that made you do it maybe it's your pinky that's so forgetful so my little spidey sense yeah i want to get rid of that yeah it's in more trouble ok so we have first up lebron blames the lakers are bad lebron iams is bad and last night against the timberwolves jimmy butler hit a last second three like eighteen seconds i think at fifteen in the fourth quarter so not so much a good job not to brag but lebron
afterwards was asked about frustration and he said you probably don't want to be around me when my patience runs out so that was threat he said he's basically saying that he's the hulk right you wouldn't like me when i'm angry he was threatening the media he was yeah he was about to tear his clothes off and lonzo ball or was he mad about their performance and he was mad other performers because it wasn't on the west coast so people actually watched now sounds like lebron you know this is a symptom of alcohol withdrawal it's of rage was getting solo drunk on that's right on sunday night yeah so load a little yeah so in going solo again and the it's a
and two is like second bottle while his kids help to finish this yeah yeah it's a little passafire yeah so little one so here's what we know for fact that after he tweeted like after he put up the pictures of the bottles and he tweeted that mj thing so he was drunk tweeting yep so follow me on this ok here are the facts as we know him it's not what you know it's what you can prove shut up denzel washington he had at least two bottles of wine to himself split maybe with a couple glasses to his like three year old kid or whatever so enough to intoxicated man i ran the calculations on the alcohol anonymous website that shows you exactly how much that would put his blood alcohol content at above the legal limit which means he was intoxicated meaning the next day he was going through symptoms of alcohol withdrawal which is maybe why they lost which is why he would be more client to snap at members of the press so there's only one solution to this as i can see it and that's it just
iterated makes like a wine flavor i'll tell you say we never will know know he just needs to sip on wine throughout the day ok alright so that would be actually kind of nice drunk going yeah just use the rollover minutes it's like waking up honest like saturday morning hungover like i need to have a mimosa get it going again here the dog so i would actually be i would be in favor of lebron just like strapping either bags or franzia to his system and just like squirting a little bit is master games or just on the sidelines when everybody else has a water bottle just like a little champagne yeah or maybe like a wine flavored mouthguard yeah that would work gets a little taste on your apps absolutely needs so yeah lebron blames it's in full effect although this happens every time early in the season with him however i really to think like forty nine wins no looking good and lebron also was like wait we have to play the the t then looked it was like if i'd stayed in the east i would have been putting up fifty two
in five minutes against the bolts yeah hey would have been a lot easier hey when do we play against the magic yeah when when we when wins are wins are three games in a row against the bowels of the nixon the magic yeah so we're going to charlotte next called the hawks are on the schedule four times right yeah well yeah murderers row of the magic the hawks and hornets back to back to back not happening that brought in the west is your pet humidity irony is i think i actually do like lebron james more when he's angry i like mad lebron was showing like some genuine emotion about stuff so you're like lebron you're so cute when you're angry yeah exactly i just want to put them on the nose yeah i like i like it when you get mad at me ok so next up staying a little broader kings takings skip bayless so the michael jordan promo for sunday night football went viral pretty awesome promo he was talking about the goat debate that
little did a little switcheroo on everyone everyone thought oh he's going to play lebron one on one and kick his ass and ruin lebrons legacy nope he was talking about brady versus rodgers skip bayless not so happy he said for the first time ever i'm mad at michael jordan why did he need why did he need to do that sunday night promo for nbc sure does the the money or attention yeah he opened the doors and gave credence to to blast mister bates and reverse lbj and brady verse rogers am j in tom brady or run away go i love it i love skip he's my
had he isn't he's actually more pro michael jordan michael jordan is yes is a bigger stand is the michael jordan of jordan stand yes absolutely and and michael jordan is the lebron james of jordan stand yes in nyc right is the lebron james of lebron james stance right well no no right michael jordan the ground is a bill russell is a tom brady got more rings he's a tom brady of lebron stay yeah i'm i'm struggling to yes yes that would last one that you so yeah absolutely yeah but it was it's just the best that that skip is mad at michael jordan for even dignify the lebron mj debate double matt yeah double nine double matted because they're rodgers tom brady debate yeah so this separable was awesome it was pretty good yeah i mean if it michael jordan is to has played it well to where if he doesn't do like a top of media so when he does it's like seeing a unicorn out in the wild like whoa he's doing a promo that's crazy yeah it's like a really it's like a quiet guy in a movie doesn't say anything it's like blue
our skin animal house yeah he's like so dumb all the time is like do anything for and then you stand up on the table yeah and delivers a speech is it over it was over when the germans bombed pearl harbor it doesn't matter if you it up because every like this guy's talking now whatever he said i'm in yeah be like if teller teller ever talked yet hun teller is ironically the one that doesn't talk he doesn't talk yeah i got it does he talk in real life i don't know ok confirmed we have a hurt or injured big ben he broke his finger i'm going to go go injured i think full name he thinks that he's injured he's full on injuries full and it's actually if you were a betting man and we are you have to take steelers this weekend because an injured big ben or even a big ben who thinks he's injured always is dangerous yes because if he is actually feeling pain somewhere then that's a big this brain that's not able to everything up for the rest of his body right now my finger don't throw that interception plus you
yeah he's got something to think about like after the play where he can like really instead of getting a taunting penalty for like spinning a ball you're getting up in somebody's face is just going to be constantly grabbing that left hand right and reminding the cameras that hey i'm playing with a broken thing he really is he really is a dog that fakes an injury is incredible a friend of how how do you even know if a finger on your opposite hand is broken i was thinking about that earlier well i'll tell you when the taxes when the superbowl yeah so what the only time i think i would ever actually realize is that my left index finger was broken because i use my right hand for literally everything yeah is when i have to enter like my phone number or zip code on an app where you have to use the log ricky board instead of the very convenient phone one yep that by the way if you're make an as in the year of our lord two thousand and eighteen that doesn't let me just do the phone keyboard with the numbers i'm absolutely not signing up for your app i agree that's how lazy i've got you just also told on yourself you don't have sick handles so 'cause i use my left all the time when i'm going to the rack open
yeah exactly we have a hand hot in the streets before we get to unchecks cardi b and nicki minaj back at it so what's going on all the cardi b she did like fifteen instagram posts nicki minaj has a radio show called queen radio yes she is she was spouting off saying that cardi b got attacked at the harper's bazaar party robbie you so bad i was mad at raw you went home and told people security hit you and we let that ride for legal reasons but in reality she said ra held had puncher like eight times and i could hear it i'm talking like the hardest punch you ever heard in your life who punched you some someone in nikki's campus being the show the carty coverage of the hole and then nikki said anymore lisa footage i'll give a hundred grand we should still have footage but then that's a good idea yeah
and that just said cardi off she made like a hundred hundred videos roughly yeah she ruined her instagram feet yeah it looks like shit it's just the it looks like morse code on the top of it yeah can we get those two to actually just fight and rough and rowdy or just she said she's like i'm sick of this internet should if you want to talk let's fucking talk and then it's like went on that fifteen video ran she put out receipts she was saying that people were coming to deal with her before nikki and like she she wasn't like being like she was putting everything out there like parking like label people's emails like everything and then after all that nikki just put out a tweet that was like can we all just get along young and cardi b put it up with like yes let's do it is it me or is this the best thing that's ever happened nicki minaj she gonna come actually fallen off a little bit she was getting pictures getting not cool she won't she also was a classic case of there is a level of too much plastic surgery too much but when you get a little too far down the line of wayne newton would be a good case of that yes like hey
when you get addicted to plastic surgery we can all tell you know a little this little that okay you know you're in hollywood you gotta do that but there was one doing everything every day look looked she was at some awards show she was sitting on a chair on stage it looked like she was sitting on just like two giant inflatable donna yes and she was yeah she she's like a big just the big wax doll just think itself was sold for five five thousand sees i don't think it's gonna end though no i would say no give me like two months the same cycle out off she has a radio soldiers she needs to talk about has she gone in an offset yet there was there was there was the motor sport before like her nikki were honest supposed to be on come together in like because offset was on on cart she claimed that cardi b was like fucking her over can i ask a question it's a two parter it's probably stupid one are either
minaj or cardi b are either of them considered ratchet and two what is ratchet card it's pretty ratchet it was pretty ratchet she admits it though is that a bad thing to be wrapped it depends it just means she goes hard right she was a stripper shoes from the bronx she talks about you know that's ratcheting not only should ratchet shame be ratchet you want to be ratchet let your freak flag fly i think cardi b would admit that she question rash is a ratchet background got it about of ratchet past where's where is nicki minaj from she's also from new york i think queens oh oh that's not that's queens that's like kevin james suburbs yeah ok yeah i'm team cardi b and nicki minaj is also calling out cardi b sister for like talking ship but like she was like get your sister and check but nicki minaj yeah we're done registered sex oh ok yeah once you got arrested for pet if like
ok okay so we are done but who does he support he's nicki minaj brother again cardi b oh no we're between cardi b ruin through through and they call us the cardi three yeah me hanging big cat you know what they need they need the king of new york to decide this six now hahaha i'm sure he's already waiting all right let's do it how do i convince my boyfriend to leave his dream job helping people in a great city and moved to a rust belt city working a job that means little to anyone show me videos are great week so if you want to be tough you want to you want to be gritty you want to know where america is heartbeat is i mean wait is this person dating sean mcvay mxe website yeah just tell him the browns is actually very attractive shocker mayfield pretty good hey guy especially layer six las yeah i don't know i'm not into this larry even though i saved his life i'm not into him
so a long night of boozing at the jersey shore i was peeing when i pulled my romper back up a cockroach fell out of my pant leg one of my friends saw would happen and continued to tell everyone how do i get my friends to just be about it and stop calling me cross roach crush roaches are bad so good now you're done you the only way to beat a nickname like that is to eat one do something more disgusting so if like you get your pants in a bar you are no longer crotch rope cockroach or two got a way to have one of your friends do something more disgusting so then they can have a nickname that that takes over crutcher we talked about something like this awhile ago but if you could if you could somehow transfer the nickname crotch roach on to somebody else you need to play our cockroach present to a friend from if your if your friend gets crabs
then there then their crotch roach and then you can be like where the crotch wrote screw yeah then it becomes like a cool thing like your squad oh you don't have an std yeah plus see that kind of thing i suppose especially big cat do i go for a slutty halloween costume or costume that's actually funny i can even funny i think age matters a little bit yeah but i think you're funny because it's like what's the age when this is closed i think just from what no girls you know they like to dress up they like to show off a little bit it's the one time of year where they can be like okay it's going to get wild and go look cute is going to look awesome and then you kind of get sick of that after while you're like i don't need to have you know thanks hanging out two years post college but you know what it's going to sound like i'm a i'm a white knight again the girl wearing a very thick
the girl wearing a very funny how can cost so yeah at the age of like you know nineteen through twenty two when you're in college that actually makes you stand out more than the girls that are dressed up as this lady cat yes absolutely so your google funny be yourself some of the cat my boy for what's my boyfriend says he wants to cook more at home but i can't cook at all and to be honest he came and picked a sandwich shop cake cooking class or just try to get by with frozen foods i gotta question this guys definitely just like had a bad week i don't and people who cannot cook and i'm not saying i'm good well the people who like cat like i can't cook i can't make a sandwich what's wrong with that cooking that's just like you would reading stop who are these people like i can't make pasta macaroni and cheese
his one time here's a little tip just make a microwave dinner and then put it in a different plate and sprinkle a little bit of parsley on it and then i'll go wow this is home cook ship put cookbooks our thing for a reason blame you're basically saying you can't follow direction right i do not understand there's a diff when someone says i'm a shity cook okay yeah you like don't have any imagination whatever but saying i cannot cook that makes no sense it's like saying some missing i don't have a green thumb with plants it's like no you just water once a week yeah you're fine you just make sure it is yeah there's a set stat set of steps that everybody follows interns at the exact same way right really like just you can either order take out and just the key is just gonna be make it look like you made it yourself yeah dirty up a couple pans put him in the sink stars in all just lie to just makes a hamburger helper yeah if you can make him a helper you're good you're great cook rice a roni every race ronnie
done restaurant service industry it is sub poison bubba i caught only catch my boyfriend with his hands in his pants and he always smells his hand after he says he likes to know what he smells like that day but i just think smelling your own balls is disgusting is that normal well here i think you are very privileged to be accommodated by the toiletry industry where you have a thing called douches guys don't have douches yeah it's her hand their hands so we can either walk around and not know what it smells like are we can be sure that smells bad yes yes it always smelled the irony is it never smells good so that's ok two minutes after her own mosque while i'm in the shower i like my own musk i'm not ashamed of that my balls smell great i talcum now that's a game changer yeah that is alright last one subways especially thick at this
you can my law school had a halloween party at a bar and i ended up getting really fuckedup and going home with a guy go to school with after we left the are we took an uber back to his place but right before we went inside it was thank you realize what was happening and told me i couldn't spend the night and basically preemptive projected me and sent me home i'm a little use because i look super hot and i know you're both sending out vibes the entire night what do you think happened do you think he was too fuckedup he has a secret girlfriend or my actually just not as likable as i thought i think his mom was there so yeah yeah i was going to say secret girlfriend first of all you are hot don't let anyone tell you not hot you're in law school your brain is your hot with that said your breath might have stunk ok it might you might have had a couple ipas you might like your breath might have stuck i'll just say that follow up question what was she wearing
as for halloween out yeah but were you problematic in some way but you know it you know the press thinking it can take it everything you can overlook that man if it's really bad it can be overlooked emily ratajkowski walks in here with stinky as breath yeah it hurts it hurts there's there's different levels to stink yes i'm talking about like hyper breath diaper brass got diaper breath listen you might type of breast you might be maybe your friends haven't told you but you could have a case of diaper breath get that checked out or how does my my theory is this guy just has like a bunch of cats and we're in austin he was like we haven't i'm not prepared to show you my collection of absurd i yeah he could he could have just not cleaned up and he's just an absolute slop yeah that's probably what it is all right that's our show will see everyone friday we have two time champion two or two champion right now he's holding two belts right now daniel cormier ufc you dirty this weekend really fun interview
my favorite ufo no stupid what's good to put on an awesome god awesome interview get excited that's coming friday with ceiling running gospel
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