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Matthew Dellavedova and Stingray Steve 10/21/16

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NLCS Game 5 recap and NFL Week 7 preview of an ugly slate of football (1:59 - 17:13). Matthew Dellavedova joins the show to talk about playing in the NBA, winning a Championship, Australian accents, and killing snakes ( 17:13 - 36:33). Stingray Steve hops on to give his Friday call as well as a bonus call from History (36:33 - 42:38). Segments include Hurt or Injured, Humans vs the Sun, Hey JJ, PR 101 Rick Pitino and Friday Roast.
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Pardon my welcome support am I take. It is Friday October. Twenty first and the LOS Angeles sparks are your W b champions and I will say you had Minnesota all year, you re my ear. Every scientist, the every dad come in and big l B, like it's gonna, be the words. The scope of the word is gonna, be links, guess what just because the links is. Are they medium cat? Are they a little cat, a medium as a medium cat? You big cat got to it
to his Vila difference, and he didn't see it it was plain as the nose on your face. If you follow the Wnba, you knew this is Candace Parker Season are the links still considered a dynasty, or was this their dynasty year because they wanted two thousand and eleven thirteen fifteen people forget your Thanks are due links, but we all talk about it up and windows closed the wit. I'm just saying this was the day when they prove that they can win it or not. God year, it's like the giants this year in losses and even if the giants, but you get what I'm saying. If they went it this year, then they have for titles. In the last, I'm really bad at Math M Sabre metric skier, seventy seven years. Yet there you go so it doesn't happen, causes some controversy. There's a blown call the end.
oh that's kind of an understatement like this is almost intention. The if I'm the coach of the links right now, I might file protest. I agree, but guess what kit there's not there's no crime. In basketball, as we all know and sparks Kansas Parker. Shout love can spark always love cuttings Parker achieved the Tennessee grad so she obviously has gone through some things with Pat summit this year, so great that she got her rank yeah and then afterwards she started crying so Candice gonna need to take. The man could hit it. I'm Joe Bach of your man card man carrying out in his Parker no crime, no crime on the basketball pitch. No, so can grass those are the two Ellis parks and- and now let me ask this question: do we think magic job some being there too too. You know
party, with the LOS Angeles sparks and not at Dodger Stadium, do you think that why the Cubs one! No luck! I've got their mojo back. No, I think that the Cubs one, because it finally listen to me in surplus, a small bottle, but a small boy. It's called for play and Joe men finally figured out you gotta get the first before we get to home plate and instead a hidden home runs. They finally learn to build a rally with some months, some stolen bases. I called socialism for MIKE Social, and I guess what it works. That's how you win in the play off. As we all know, play of baseball is a completely deaf. sport from regular season, baseball and say just go. Have to shift your game, and you know what year year you gotta my head. The other day It's it's you! You actually gotten my head, because you talked about this and there isn't two there's an element truth to two zebra started: basically, the Cubs Pats coming alive game for with a bond, and I I was being on the train.
After you went on your little rant about. You know me now small ball in all this shit. I actually was like Theo forgot to get my grinders on the team led not enough grinders. Now none of David existence so thankfully the high powered offence was able to get a couple bunce down. It turned round, and so the cubs now are looking at their first World Series bid since nineteen forty five as last summer comes onto the world, sir we're gonna go there, how their king Herschel looking at a rather twenty seven hours away, yet written cursor between. How do you say the first part of his lesson: Clayton Kasza, curse, Shaw, nor can encourage Shaw. Some ok about their who's. Gonna gave seven that somethin. I want the Cubs when I'm on record, but does go. My game, so I well, ah, I mean I'm still nervous, because when you look at what the Cubs did, the last two games, they just one the penal pitching match up, they should have one.
And the lesters vs in language. You are cookie not yet I'm saying you, you don't need a cookie for that. An end Saturday night will be it because Kirshner of course, as what he was when we were sitting when might well sitting with Marlins woman, four throw in a beautiful brass. We can see that now he's gone. Sixteen was examined. No little two eyes aroused and mistaken for a female. course. I was lights out, so if we get that cursor again, while yeah came seven and a booby pants, big cats, gonna come out right. One other quick topic- this is enough- to brag, but I called it we're gonna move this into topic. Section is just came out: cigars pregnant also it looks like I want the sex pool that was easy. Money ever made my life by the way. Of course, Russell Wilson was gonna, get a pregnant, you think areas and birth control. After he's been waiting. What three years to have sex no chance. so is firing off farm on all cylinders so that who knows what
the Seahawks that very accurate, feel like the pressure of becoming a new father, might turn the succeeds around for the worst. What I'd like to see his future? Maybe adopt this kid as his own your mineral, how to throw show my throat upon all that's enough income cacambo! great son dad's got home if TAT Cook dad cut the shit out of Russia. Will sir? I love it. I'll tell you what if there is one person you can dad cock, it's probably Ross as agreed rephrase phrase what else we got. Oh you're, a big weak, a rough weaken, a football, the NFL we had color rush Thursday, Aaron Rodgers turns out what was wrong with Aaron Rodgers. Was he wasn't plain the bears enough? We called it again. some frustrates also the collar rush, was electric. The packers took full advantage of it white,
the combination of every single color, the out there, so they actually had the most colorful uniforms. People then realize the and Brian higher gets injured. Map Barkley, who is still me, NFL. Yes, Matt, Barkley, Sunni NFL, proving my theory that if you're like six three played a big time college- and I look good short. Someone will give you a job in White Jimmy the combination of Erika yeah, but woe thou knock em away. Well, yeah. What It is the combination of Aragon. You should do you look at a Prism sometime party, you can't see that's white headed, look prison understand if we got up if we got a bunch of paints of every color yeah, we're out he's probably come out of the White deprived from us now be it be absolutely why they had said, sir. You know that you do We could look at your first chewed off your confidence. Look it up I'll answer. Look it up. You believe everything you read yes. My take away from the game is up.
for the Germans have a name for the word beds. The emotion but you feel wind, a backup, quarterback, it's her and you don't know who the emergency Gothenburg. Yes, a little rush that you get yeah like in between seeing brine, who is on my guideline along my play, like you might yet here those who it's gonna be here could be color. They might have signed, color laughed and I don't know it's a great feeling. Paquette is it actually kind of it usually crash is when you find out who it is. I love it wanted the pointer, that's always great and importer, when the punter was like the third string quarterback for his high school team, who he's got a little practices emergency quarterback, so it's the bears, are mass the Cubs like there was a guy for awhile? Yes, let's talk quickly about the slate for this Sunday, an affair. A week seven is is firing up. We have some picks, I'm do an awful lot. The goldfish is also doing awful. Did you see Debbie Real shave summer happened to pay Hank one of those rights
vehicles the place up this weekend, close place out tonight. Give me laughing here stay late to come in and you can come in late tomorrow, but I come in late. It's just a late night make sure that something gets taken care of you in a little this little that you know we can do the slate by the way is so bad. Have you looked at it? A I wanted, I agree with you. There's a London give gather, is alarming and is the New York Football Giants and Jeff Fisher LOS Angeles ran? Yes, can you imagine Jeff Fisher and Ella? I'm sorry, I can imagine Jeff Fischer in London yeah. I can I night Romeo Gimme a point I get on with our allies Gimme, a point I won't get right and drunk before my team loses gonna. Go I enjoy? That's! That's your austrian arose english aspirin. who spoke, I was well let's get out. Delhi's has some curator gimmick Gimme again sues. Was the bad guy
but if you look at the slate, is actually truly horrendous because the one guy Everyone should have been looking forward. Eupatrids dealers been Roth's workers hurt. I can't I'm a game that I get excited maybe sidewalks like his eagles Vikings, eagles courtesy, ok, that's toy needed to, though that's all you need in the inner fats to and fro gave you get it. You know that was a two game league. The ravens That's gonna stay the bills. Dolphins thinks raider, jaguars thinks the Redskins lions bronzy. Oh my god, this ass, the battles, its apple pickin. We it's his apple! Thank you at all. This is something which I want all time. This is guys if you, if you are, if you are, you now have a significant other. If you have a girlfriend, if you have a boyfriend Sudan, sixteen if you have a wife whenever he got out, part of your female of your listen This is, when you say, hey Honey, the end.
You gotta do it. If you, if you're a significant other, is not a football fan, you have to make it real casual, hey, honey. I was thinking. Maybe we could go to the farm and get some cider Donaldson and Some apple picker, all that's a great idea. You you're sure you want to go. You have your fantasy that you always watch with the boys. It p w three. You know like you always far and drink wings all Sunday. How could you miss that? Like? No, I love you so much. We're gonna go. Do it boom you missed the worst late. That's apple pay, and this is also weaken. If you were to do that, then you are significant other like right, after done without apple picking, she's a killer, I got a treat for you were gonna swing by the sports bar. Has a node- even
a good today and then all you got all you guys are also up it's a king and then they all know she arranges is like a surprise party. They all show up with Bosnia and have all the time I M ling as yet for pulse family. I let's do are picks who want start other versus I'm. Ok, I got the rams got Fischer in London. I got the I just I just thought of a good joke. A fish and chips over London sucked out my head, the Euro say the Rams will cut that. When I got the lions, I get the dolphins, I get the titans, I get the ravens woe, the ravens. I actually was going to say anything. You said I just heard the last one. So I had to pretend that I was all right, I'm going to do the giants, I have the giants. I have the Vikings Leggings now: ok,. I have the great yet good job get we'd, be prepared,
you really taken? It sounds like some was aware suit for a monstrous fisher and chips. I have these I'll admit that these kind keep up on me. Every week I have the raiders and the chiefs, and I have the cult sky hag thanks Neither of you said the Patriots is pouring out of a page. So I dont seven, oh yeah, I'm gonna be a boy patriots. It's gotta be a blot out ahead of us. You know what I'm gonna change my ravens to the seal should listen. I please, let's get while its great I'd. I don't we answered, hey, hey, I don't work or worse for months. I think I have the patriots. Ok, I'm sorry, right eye. Yet because the Westgate Super contest gives us our lines fuck em in that's gonna be ten by by kick out it? Would he have? I got the Eagles, I got the angles I got the jaguars. I got the Falcons and I got the pages. Actually no change that taken the sea oxen. So the Falcons guess what the line
on the patriots dealers right now is only seven and a half surviving. How much value are we were savvy betters now while a little show a little arbitrage that the word yes, Sir, what the hell? Why not, if you aren't, this weekend, but you want to get it on the action draft kings has huge fancy contest for you. One week C4 pause. Where it's out, you don't have to worry about those season, Long commission commitments, bus, and bench warmer don't deal with. Was injuries to the guys you drafted two months ago go to draft kings. Tom and you can get in on the action this week week. Seven, you also try out there fifty slash fifty contest where the top half of all entries win cash. I'm going to get in draftkings this weekend, so watch out for the big shark he's gonna be swimming out there. I wanna among us, group it all up. So don't wait! Start your new season, a drafting! Stockholm right now use code, big cat,
be ACC eighty and play for free with your first deposit. That's code, big cat to place free for your share of over one million dollars in total prizes this weekend, only a draft- the STAR com eligibility restrictions may apply, see website for details drafting dot com use that promo code, big guy, get in on the action. We have two great interviews. We have our usual Stingray Steve, which will put at the end here and we have Matthew Dull, the Dover from the Milwaukee Box. We actually went up there and visited with him in person last Friday. The visit he's gonna come out later, and I saw a couple clips of it and I am I'm smiling let your gleaming holder beam yeah. So I had a big week last week, haranguing break ed, I was great Danny would head and television
in the same week, that's great weak part three, because various the birthday weakest great week too, so I column, Danny Danny, Danny Delaware. Did it? Would we, dead week, would serve over there. You have it of you had a huge week. It was awesome, receives smile, the whole time, and I wish the best of luck for your foot surgery that will keep you sidelined for the next two months. Thank you and hear something to look forward to, for everybody. That's I go. I can't imagine that there's anybody that listens to show that sick of hearing about my foot, putting the whole episode of rabbit opening Asia there is, you might want to fast forward through next Wednesdays episode, because I'm get the surgery done. I think sounds like on Tuesday two's there and then what that guy after the dentist Benny, I will so any Hank Hank and I you're putting us down as your emergency contact them. You're gonna come and take you from the hospital to either your
us or the studio we haven't decided yet and we're going to interview Pfc after the surgery yeah. So what's that with a viral video, Danny Danny Danny after the dentist here. Ok, this is gonna know it's Danny bit me then a bit. I ain't, your child being only by a bit motley, damn damn you may term term Daniel added again with teeth to Daniel. I'm sorry, I I think how high from this dentist As greens, we here in Milwaukee, with Matthew Velvet over from the Milwaukee Box. Here, I'm part of my take first of all, thank you for your. Us, I think, your little weirded out by Pierre DE, because he's blushing a big man like I said, he's your number one american fan, that's a fact:
because our financial off the same on, which gets that later they stole, are women? I thought you have now strolling fiance, that's a little dirty old move on from that our start with a semi real question here, jobs to the box, you can have an expanded role. Are you looking for that? How many minutes you expecting the play, and can you keep that intensity like in more of an expanded role? I mean more imports or expanded role of gone from Somewhat younger guy on a MOTO same to a older guy on a young team. So I'm looking forward to take hundred more of a leadership role and just trying to help these guys out wherever I can. Cleveland, to agree now, they're, pretty simple. Smaller cities easily get around no traffic which are like our income power income.
One two April: ok, I'm gonna, put anyone be lightly, is really not say that some mighty one aim awoke doesn't making clear the two says that he gets it on fire, some additional work. You have done so speaking, romantically. How long did it take after you guys want to travel to Virginia or to put a shirt? it's a bit into the some off when he had taken place in Gaza as a bit of fun for awhile and think somebody hung on top of the building stern parades, their actual actually largely sought out. Yet how long? How long the party last week I mean after the parade cover more things. then get back and areas in the national teams. We saw the Pierpont Pierpont
I can hold and out of season who is the worst China, James, pretty good hawks with them It's not a bit of experience. Standing on the calves rule more flesh. We actually you and I are eskimo teammates. So I was a teenager Dante Jones Doctor Jones Great Day, my yeah. What's what's your favorite doctor Jones memory I'll go first, the time he just didn't:
yeah. What's your favorite tv moment just seen have fired off, he was when he got that stop. You got the often very doubtful backing models gave it came in for its work in everyday and saved ready and with a veteran guy like that produce the shit's after their own practice rate compared to all the alongside actually is enforced, or so I guess that's why I'm proud of you didn't even like he was basically, I was in forcing the White invited Atomic around the unity of the shower in on this generally are unthinkingly. Child is pretty sure so that, as rather as it is, I risk brothers if you get into a fight alongside rang right, exerted technical whistling, get up and we're talking about your shoes comment Billy once winner, those Robin we won't. I
Where did you get to similar? Generally still, foreigners and one or two things should be good girl takes a month or two after that's gonna productions? How involved in the design or did you get? Did you get a tip from sector about like what not to do it issues? I've been really involved all the way through and being being more involved in the process than I thought, but he could being great with my feedback, It's something you ve gotta be very particular about, because that's remarks thing you open authorship. Fates are brought on solemn excited to come out two years. Make them in walked the boots neuron. Now, but I think by the time you should be good arguments. Panem Saint marries, basketball, you obviously play
for them to you is anyone on the team or in the facility or the city all around the campus realize that that is like the degenerate gamblers. Basketball league because all I've watched a lot of Saint Mary is, but it's all been because, like at eleven p m at night, I need a bail out and I'm like shit. I can talk. I'm actually heard a few people in airports, indifferent things one money on new five year for funding. Do you still have any connection with the programme? In fact, every summer coaches, the boys as little as its theme, every season rings succeed, Emmy guys that you'd think maybe would be done to choose which living off the record. Another journalist went on ass, a very good job on your part from Australia. What was it like being recruited
It was interesting thing reed. I really getting people unless The essence of what is really butter. Like that's the thing. It's a thing back when I was playing colleges, reversible, announced upon It was a good experience when I use Austrians in our jet talk. guess not yours! It's out of your over interested, took a visit Pacific and same actions same areas and not just like on rights. So speaking of growing up and wonderfully that's what we're your kind of idols who'd. You have like closer of growing up in your bed.
Same here ass soon. Ass we have here is an active with long around overseen, americanized, good, good friend, Andrew Gaze and chain illustrate Steve met. Today we will bring about the g were to gaze. Yes, we played working. Australia exists because up onto you did given Durrant ever try to come into the water which teams? but. It's all things for us in the Olympics, but there was a great group regards, and hopefully we get together and better and better and third year, twenty
I've always wanted. That is the austrian nineteen. They did. You guess came to vast. What's the biggest ever replaying international, a thing Moroso solid play what a bowl movement and way going towards what the NBA is going more towards, which is layoffs in three's. A few teams are incorporating, but we we just moved a bowl out and try use more of the shot clock unless we have something easier, what's. I've always wondered this. What's a mentality, a team going up against its teamwork. you guys, you never want to say like we don't have a shot, but is there like this can be really fucking art? I mean adding everyday Olympics is going to be hard how you, inside out on a date on this thing we went in voting. We could be that we show that we had the opportunities to wear it.
play together for a lot of years and council, something whereas the USA to those guys company not every year right in a team, sport, boss, Poland as important? What about incidents? Are we taking away his citizenship monopoly, the other important some months ago, this stuff right frame but become part of the programme involving child, We don't have a dynamic ray. I like you, are you guys all you guys are in touch during the year and stop Joker message gone, which named what's a lot less democratic was set up its advice. We catch up before games dinner and during the years now, this aid anonymous breaks up I'm not sure if your, whereby the India is going to introduce new metric to keep track of possible writ
You yourself like number one number two, then I guess the other. If that organise, I try to make known its ears. They don't things like assists for rebounds like them, That's, probably somewhere emotional same errors and resolve the problems you have you clean up. Some like quadruple doubles this year too, like bodies box. What about when you swing it when you got a guy baskets basket today, like mobile breath like this guy, take it easy now guard me the whole court. It's gonna bother ring, I you know it does so. Sometimes we can choose. Your words were waiting a thing after time out things like that when they ve got a place at all, it's perfect time to try to disrupt the Romans. That's like my favorite move, because I know like willow pick up hoops, not them rag, but whenever it
Oh yeah, I got no now with the guy who my role is to set moving and trying to rebuild, but whenever that guy comes to pick up, looks like God dammit, but it thank affects you mentally and it's like savvy move. Now, you're, always thinking I always watching. Like you never know, when someone's gonna pick party you under the hoops I loved so afraid of the programme. If anyone had, we interviewed him what to this week. He wanted me to put We would like the Delhi once I've. Also I've gotta, greatly influenced my trade can use Craig years, It's it's interesting loves eleven thousand cracking might already, because you don't out of the australian. Contrary things
later. We are still all of us that we have the teepee transpacific partnership and eliminate copyrights Menteith off that entire always says. I'm report my cause. He has the best austrian next time you judge it. Can you guys do like a talk, accident over yonder. Sir Leon is good because we just shop and China is messy safety pleasure to meet you on this side of the hedge us is going well, it's all eyes, were you don't sovereign might be taking the peers might begin to drink it. A couple of points every now and again, as usual, gave you my friend: that's a big migrations.
farther out I'll. Give you like a six. That's why you got potential room for improved like ok, now now raise my scarface, whose who's the bag say hello, to sit back. I don't know about our room for improvement here. You, together with the Japanese, a good on you aren't. good on the horizon and how often you can use sarcastically? Oh you know that was certain media whenever I say to you and being so that acts of yours good on those you look really slim today on you can trust me rationally. Are you you're on Twitter right geology. still, on the run over to the personal way, some reach you
not only that Marseille enough. It's up to you ever some sweet baby mother ever talk about and they may go abroad when, when the bronze sub tweets Kevin Love, are you guys ever like you come on The logs were probably has a good. What do you think that you are the best second batch of its people? Forget Tiree advice from the. U S aims born in Australia, and he s got a jewel possible. You guys like talk like shit about area for forgetting his roots, conveniently playing for team. You say this is the last twenty years of his life. Well, I think you know he is born effort, Thus we gotta go backwards that played drawn up in the? U S, probably considering more merit,
yes, good question: how many pose a cargo? Nothing! Really. equestrian shorts, I'll show you two hundred courtiers Dublin Australians, like they were cargo ships, not re like Starling? my friends, racist organisms, every time we almost programme we like to do in thirty seconds to bash museum. Why, then, pretty friend I answer were playing sporting activity. Physical and know that stupid show was conquered that matches the conquered are often very vague and watch every night in New Zealand yeah fairly without stability, saturate strain footballs, arduous arguable, I'm american! Why don't you like? I'm a package
You like its resources, which what's wrong luggage through full attention. First off and also, I guess enough whereabouts or egotism. We're about came thrones, that's in Australia. Isn't it not for national in euros, but ass. They watch its actual Oliver. Thus, railways, don't you it's like the cubs, not caring about the whites. Doesn't care about eliminating what about that show gave a throne stipulates. You know, like censure. I've been watching the exact we did. You sit an informal and old over three here. What's going on, who is easier to guard stuff courier camera birth for its? IRAN's it's all amicable interviews from address you shut down, stop people forget
There was a little bit sideways shuts after I don't think anyone can god anybody who are one and the team, the financing which is born for yours, but that's a secure than if you big men, are doing that job. You bad videos later job you're, good, that's very good for the record. You show them that we have. Three final push Everyone. These three questions. The first one. Do you wash your apples? A couple of guys told me to say so.
Even now. That's no! We want the honesty. Please Jimbo, somewhat vague, we! U you sound like you know why you could I let you do just as much prep work as we do so that we could cheaply couple words here now: throw him in there and every day, this guy kind of knows. What's going on, that's how we gotta go through that much research. I wash apples, apples freedom. I like green apples, good answer, audio good, Andrew right, ass. It had something to say no to look after you get us people in their second last question whose losses for supper
since he said, I was, may also spent a horse. What about Leubronn? You now have a number of countries not allow you to come. But we all know from year reception that we actually have a. Rather we do what is called with less pollution, universal right. Is the question that we ask you don't have to answer it. We're gonna ask anyways, This is the wrong one on one who wins first practice at training camp. He gets a bowl in transition and I'm the only guy back and I'm back and I'm thinking I got to try to stop him and he literally just ran straight over the top of me step on my face. Dioxins. Are you going to charge
It was like all practice. So your answers the wrong when I think you'd have a grudge assuming prowls out levy. Only fish you're allowed to hidden in us then use indestructible. Oh no one's indestructible, saying a thing is instructive. I would not maybe an electric and about how we treat you drive towards me. We're this cover outside the hour. I have one final question: have you ever kill the snake, with a shovel russian failure with a shovel yap, many Islam? Ok, what what's letters inadequacy
Australia massacres. Does he desires venomous on this asteroid, so much cool because you can think about is having a squirrel. We touch you be careful with those the Erika yet know. You're absolutely already has almost more hard you right I'll take you. Aren't you solve we're talking growing ever gonna play working group, you want to avoid the daylight training. The bar I'll get back and Julia figure they sit on their tails right and one final thought of Russia. The final IVO file question: how often do you have on the body? Does the australian part of another something completely different? we now welcome back our Friday, recurring guess, Stingray Steve, he was
absent. Last week he had some personal things to attend to what sort of that Britain, Stingray everything cool, wee wee wee wee on the up and up now, every trace, absolutely the great guys up, Ya'Ll, are doing well and I want to say I apologized for last week just said a lot of issues going on with my family, my grandfather, but everything is looking up then not ever tenure, everything's good down here in Alabama you'd, only two poligized and rude, but we're just really glad to have you back on and led to the things are going well for absolutely I'm all right, so they re. Now that you are back. Let's talk! I want you to things this. This one guy I want to have I want to hear your call. So what what about gain for the call I think it's gotta be Ohio State versus Wisconsin, ok, and then I think it also has to be
a little old thing on Facebook? Are not not facebook. Sorry twitter earlier and people want me to do. the call of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Hey I've been I've, been pushing you to get more into history and I wasn't sure if you ever going to go there, but I am extremely excited to hear you, ok let's start with Wisconsin Ohio state. This is gonna, be imo, Wisconsin grad. So this rush. But it's a? U what I didn't see the games. Okay, visualize- and this will be my only highlight from the game. So let's hear it Ok- and I gotta ask one thing: I don't watch was costs in football, so they quarterbacks A visit Horny Brook horny Brok, yes, correct. Ok, I want to make sure our pronouncing a correct. It leads to a stream that has been masturbated into this.
Guys don't go, there are no acumen. Keep locker room talk out of this saying yes, absolute late hour, I hear here we go guys Wisconsin, fourth down it over time, Horny Brook and they were Carson badgers, nay, to convert on fourth day on in order to keep the game alive. Oh hi, it say it is just a few. one play away from twenty? and oh in their last twenty true road game. Siri is back to pass Hornibrook, get swallowed up by the Ohio state offenders in his silence here in Wisconsin, badgers art down. Oh my gosh guys walked in here and beat down the Wisconsin badgers. They did not even get the last throw off. Oh, my goodness, what a play
There are some day fans further black eyes. Blue. Do we get the last play off? We had set no got sick man they're, not get a throw off to the ins and outs of the Cubs coincide, we're through they saw their Wisconsin loss. I did not want a single highlight: that's that's a shitty waited and Yes, absolutely ok. Now was fantastic. Now, what's here we cut the fall of the Berlin Wall, Yes, let's do it, we go there. Chiseling away at the Berlin Wall was gone. No one is going down on my god. Are you? Can you? Oh my god, there goes the wall
so much better than my God. Take a thing right! Thank you man. That word was what I think. If you are, if you're out their new your publisher of high school textbooks like history textbooks, you need to get in touch a staggering and have him do like the the books on tape version that was so good. He is, I think, that's how America's youth are gonna actually turn up. The education is if they haven't reentertaining content, like I come out of my day on and fantastic art before we let you go. I will I need two things. One prediction for the Mississippi State Game Miss city state. Thirty one can turkey twenty eight! Ok! I like that they get all their they're gonna get goin on this one. Now the tough was last weekend's bait. Be why you and before to all by your own work, to work through an for right now- and I don't
say you're, making of all ok, I will get. It will get back on track this week and then finally, you ve been doing this on Twitter and I've been laugh and every times. I think it's it's fantastic. I need to hear a sting re Steve pick up line. Baby? Is there a mirror in your pants kazakh ashore, see myself in em up Oh I love lots takes going around here, the speaker. I beg you so much Stacy out there and hopefully we're gonna, see you. We gotta coordination, ask. Is we're gonna, be eight weaker, we're gonna be down in Alice you for Alice, you Alabama off. We were gonna catch up Allison, often in western Europe. I've gotta give another shout to a friend of mine is actually a girl. This time she works
or a l dot com. Her name is Elizabeth, louder and ass. She listened to you guys. Religious lay you so I've gotta, give a shout out to her. Lover is really awesome. Vernal very beautiful apple is missing. After listening become some ice. Thing right! Thank you. It's a pleasure is always really appreciated, shot out your twitter, real quick at Stephen gray. Twenty eight are its reverend go. Follow us the great one of the best falls on all twitter and I he some really really funny stuff that he's doing honest with ourselves and asking right. Thank
again. We will see next week. You are right, yeah strike ya some ice and I have a great weight yet I hail state best wish ale, saying, as I run it, and at debt at at at at at at at at at that was a great stingray, Steve, Great Matthew, delved over who would ever thought those two would be peered up in interviews who, at the more natural american action, good question the odyssey for doing Mount Australians Amy, even when America did Australian, that's also called like american convict right and the south is so called American Congress YA. But if you were to take those two acts, I think those two accents go on about Rushmore of part of my take guest accents yeah. I can't I can't ago mitten make port annoy my porno Addison Russell.
Men are ex saw areas October, so you gonna take your best swing forward and we're gonna. Take it all the work, I'm ok are we get your segments watching us with yeah. I want to talk to you guys about mattresses. We don't talk about that enough on the show. Sleeping is very important and I want to make sure that you guys sleeping comfort and that you don't pay an arm and a leg to do it. You're unique. Walk like everyone else talk like everyone else or sleep like everyone else. I know you guys are going to freak you out there so that last one is definitely true. So why is your mattress? One size fits all we customize matters little usually costs you five to ten thousand bucks who's got that money lane around, not me, but if you gotta, helix sleep dot, com answer a few simple, questions thirty one three d, biomechanical model of your body through their part, proprietary algorithms, say developed, so there's like
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was a lump. Your note and I can ask any those questions so good, a helix sleep, dotcom, slash, p empty and get fifty bucks off your order. That's helix sleep, dot, com, slash, p m T who actually dot com. Slash p m t fifty bucks off Let's do some segments we first up have does Bryant hurt or injured. So you told me this right is we're walking in the studio the lab is lit. We like to call in desperate cut his finger making soup yeah. He's okay, he's a stupid guy. So is that man? That's! I don't know if it's no, it's not because I'm a big suit guy, but I didn't see this Brian is a suit guy. It's the fall it's autumn, people to make him soon Texas, but at the point, I don't know this. This has me for a blue. Maybe maybe I'm I'm soup profiling here, but I didn't think does right was soup. If I was dead, I would say with Chile
Fidel everyone, football injury, you go in the football injury list. If you're, making Chile any slight yourself, you are. If you like turn cut up a big stick famous show your worlds. Famous Gillette desert is famous five being pot yeah, so he cut his finger. Making soup I have a feeling wasn't making soup I've have a feeling. Somehow we stand woke honest, I'm just saying This seems a little sus until as Hank would say until MIKE Florio reports that there's a videotape of out of desert their cutting his finger out, and if I can, in Adam shaft terms the wind for their videotape bottom set aware: levity, o tape, so coach Ferguson, Jason, guarantee well. That's what I call on the sugar. He said that and I can let us talk anymore
oh man, so I dont know how is a bigger man card than having your coach till you that you're not allowed to cook. You know it's not safe enough for you to cook. You know what it is they should do is Jason care. She just do you ever watched the kids Topshop highly recommended these ten year old kids are drawn a cook like soup ways and stuff, but they all watch them very carefully in they, don't give him like the excess, sharp nice we get. Does Brian on that kid's Topshop, get ok, does tell you what here's an easy bake oven. You can make a formal, annulled, brownies everyone there do it you're allowed to cook as long as it uses a hundred what light bulb or less so will mean the middle cook with the sun, yet as which is a great subway, not food, Texas. Our next topic, humans versus son- we have breaking news topic segment, breaking new iraqi news. Now we need to break in your car
Did you get to deny that was just breaking news: cow back in the newsroom breaking lose You should see the look a bit can't give you that what I have a plus jokes, where these eight he doesn't english jokes are just there just jealous, looks because you didn t get it for you, that's what it was. It was our jealousy brand new enveloping situation. Yet we can you say today they did a pod cast and they actually had an authorised mom make some pics on this by guess. She is picking check this out. The Miami ovens to beat the bills as weakened, because she doesn't think that bills are gonna be able to handle this whereas Miami Son cells affair helping situation was keep an eye on it close to the equator. As we said, the sun is on the hot seat right now, so this could really be at. If the sun takes us out, I could see winter come a little bit early. What's the reverse groundhog do we do know like Winners coming six weeks,
They because of an animal that sees its dick or something winner. Coming early yeah, oh instead of winter, staying late. Yes, a reverse groundhog, I think so I think it is. The squirrel see look at squirrels tail. The circumference of the squirrels tail will tell you how long, which is going to be okay, so keep your eyes pianos assistance. Little fought. Farmers are I'll almanac for farmers. an actress Bavaria to read that when, in the in the Czech outline a grocer, they still do that. How? say, like there's gonna, be this much snow, the sheer even though who the fuck knows yet it we're gonna have to four inches of snow because this Caterpillar Barston, my nose- was asleep. Basically, hey guys, it's gonna be an actual rainy spring. This year, because my dog had diarrhoea on our walk the other day, so great source, yeah there the firms almanac is actually the first stay Woke Journal S literally. Ok. What do we got next? Oh, we have
Rick Patino Pr Wanna, one yeah so Ricky boy old, oats old, seven seconds wreck, as we like to calm around around the bar a new segment. How long has it been since Rick Potatoes had an orgasm zero seconds? Wait now how long The second is that right, I can only say. Ah it's all wreck the enviable I came down on Louisville and Rick forfeit oh you're, to monitor they had the whole stripper prostitutes situation go around. There were given recruits Couple of this little that you know little it was in yet we don't talk about it and give a lot, around five zero. So pick got in trouble. He actually has appear one one for himself. So here and he said this: he isn't guilty of failure, monitor staff, but rather
of believing entrusting somewhat does the old he loves. He was too much. So I just got disappointed by somebody that he put his trust in, and you know what I've learned from the situation. I guess I just can't trust anybody yeah, that's sad yeah in the world. I guess I could trust myself. He also through this one out there. I like this one to do. I grew a joy grievous failure to monitor my staff? No, I overly monitor my staff. So actually Rick is like that parent who doesn't let their kids drink and then they show up to frontier and like get blackout drunk have to go to the hospital so Rick He truly does love his staff too much that They then go.
higher bunch of prostitutes to have sex with a bunch of eighty year old, so they commit to Louisville. That's how much Rick loves. You know what the real crime here is. If the prostitutes had just been paid and like rumen board and in a free education tat book, then they would have been fine. Just get him get yet under my locks, the books nor had to cash here can't pay them a cash within lay guys come on. Also if this, if he had just said This happened in a locker room. This didn't happen, the dorm, if it happened, lock room it's like international waters. As you know, I just bring all this represent all the cocaine or do we want what's it over the other, whose name once it what's now, yeah, that's where you I thought you'd when you just want to give a little wink like hey, go, get those prostitutes and get that foster recruit. You know what I don't trust about repetition of binding. Besides everything is the fact that he he lost too much weight are. He looks like a guy who lost love, I don't think he was ever fat, but he's got that I used to be fat. Now I'm skinny look like
I like pendulum, like pin from pendant teller right he's, got that weird like if ten joined the mafia, the answer, but you can't trust someone like that. I also think Pierre wanna one rip patina should have come to depress conversations white suit. Is that thing distracts and Nothing says I have control my programme like a white suit. It makes you look like a cheap limo driver in LAS Vegas, also in Iraq and the white suit. It's really tough to pick up on certain stains and the granary also their up. Ok, that's! Why does it yeah immune to black lights? Yes, there you go repartee, no or gathering great now and now Next we have a quick sabre metrics would he have forced from sir match? This is big one huge sabre, metrics bleach report. They been tweeting, like sponsored video things recently today
They took us inside the noted, a locker room and they it had a fun sabre metrics. It is pull the supper Notre Dame Football loses roughly seventy one point, eight gallons of sweat per day. So I remember for that. I guess that translates into two wins: yeah, I'm seventy one point: eight balances to end this lot losses. They ve won twice right or even further seemed to feel like a to India Here's other similar, metrics brine Kelly, killed a guy in Rudy was all sides all those are foreign facts Faxa. Finally,. We have before we're gonna get three forget to roast yeah, I said, rose we're not to enable this week. Everyone's in the empty box Forgets arose ass, blind, oh yeah, ok, so we, let's have Hank, explain because Hank reads: the Jimbo yes M is so high tells what jumbos. So it's been seven months since its part gasping on up we just we ve had a wall
too much of the same Gmos. We read a lot of funny ones, but p borders. back with the same ones over and over a lot in common, the I bought a company. I lots of things. They the guy's? We realise that we are told is urging both yes, please or associate the borderless Rico's hypnotic check right. and I ve been talking to her all semester and I got so dragoon we're taking shots and not to be I'd, but we did last shots and then we went back to the door and we saw hooking up and and I forgot her name after we hooked up and she won't text back anywhere. Jimbo tell Jim such an idiot guys. Listen! we're on girls were also guys. Okay, we know that most guys come in their own eye when they're in their moms driving way, driveway. Okay, we get it. We can't do it the weak. So let's get the jumbles back to some real world things, let's get him funny or take a one week break were to get everyone a break here. I'm actually can give. You know what here's good hears
good Jimbo for everyone out there ready for this Jose Battista bra we probably not because he falls you on Twitter, before game five of the Indians Bruges Games. He says with our experience in our line of I'm pretty sure he's going to be shaking his boots more than we are talking about Ryan merit. Re merit came out, shut down the blue Jays, that's Jimbo, that is a Jimbo another Jimbo as game for knocking thought another Jimbo, it was game five or not came for neither Jimbo tat made me welcome my foot so much this weekend. The now need surgery on it. Oh scavenging overboard Another Jimbo Pfc has been eating so much. He has man boobs, so Jimbo. Jim above the or they say They always calling pairs YO, they say only two to man, boobs per crew. Now we got four. Are you lose my left? Man Brigham he's gonna be work in my left pack. You work you're right, ok, pervert I'd, say you were
where will do Jabez again to not going away there just going away for one week. I think it can be good break so before we get to roast because rose, had been on fire, we have a little update, How long has Jj Watt? How long has it been since Jj Watt tweeted twenty two days? Two thousand two hundred and twenty two days he's trying to put out the fire, the Ajj fire by not giving us any oxygen. Okay, we're going to be. Vienna blown the firelight just totally blue. In your ear, everyone stood on sixty at school, hey, J, J. if you haven't, we didn't twenty days. How will we know what our success rent is? Still there like? Oh await penalty, or will my credit score get get hurt, hey J J? You know who else went off the grid, the Unabomber, Hey J J, someone, it's your grandmother and great grandmother to even play.
Arts anymore. Hey J J, Twitter stocks way down because of all the lost engagements from your tweets, hey, J, J everything about all those lonely boxes that need to be jumped on page Ajay You know who else had surgery than in talk anymore, Conny, West mom, pop up voters, Stephen hawking. We got it, but that's that's good? My friend way my front not as good as a good, so I'm leading this into mine, my conspiracy theory, this is stay woke. I think judge you watch dead, oh yeah! Do you drop this on me the other day when I connect the dots, I think he's dead. I think when he comes back, that's, not judge what that's gonna be a cloned that they replaced them with J J. What Can the J J I know
could not stay off social media for this long. Just like Stephen hawking interested, the site, has really fuck and stop blocking. Ok egg tell the people you don't believe in Stephen hawking now I dont. I just believe that talking is a myth perpetuated by the government. You once calling you once called Stephen Hawking called the biggest fraud in the world. S, correct Stephen hawking: think is similar to pieties. Dignitary Stephen. He many years ago, but the government needed to keep up his his propaganda the latest, put out replacement Stephen hawking in that's? What's his propaganda particle physics tat whenever it like yeah he's pretty holes like invented space and show you can invent space right God did that oh Jack Oak, I gotcha, so he invented space so he's the one and that's telling everybody that the moonlight and could actually happen and the gun. needs him alive, so we continue to believe hag what you think about the governments and people of Mars the intention Obama's gonna. Do it most,
this for another pod gases is definitely something waged. Do deep, I've been Corbett Circle back to that one so let's do our Friday rose in place of the jumbos, just a reminder, everyone poor might take part might take on twitter. Apart might take on Instagram scribe on Itunes and leave that roast five star roast gets you read on Fridays and also download the partial sports up where you can get over new videos we had Larry's picks. We add that we have that mother Fucker, Michael Rapid, poor, sick fuck, you laws of your sick mother fucker, We had him on Larry's picks for where's picks he was very kind is very confused. Let's do it.
if European Howard Stern, showed a baby then drop that baby. Oh, it's the only way to do it. Why are you doing you're doing the deep voice? Italy, the very white than we greens? We have all those monasterboice. Do we have a dream? Arose the voice sucks it might never answer. I gotcha we read write three heck. There has been an Howard Stern, showed a baby than drop that baby on its head and said nothing but lead paint ships that baby would still be much smarter and much more classy than part of my take back. There excellent, be his heart and say they met, takes Hague tapes of pumpkin, vice flavour. We does, aroused delicious his eyes delicious. So here it's me, taken over the snap taken with a pumpkin space, You know where some less inside blind people and assholes not sure which fifty is now to break, walking loath Tony soprano convey
The wild cat he wears glasses inside could have got Ipod every time I hear the name. I just think Tony sopranos per second, and I have to reset what you wrote a focal football guy here. Listening to this I want to source likely yesterday so now anti from ships. Missy wish president fire kneel and like a big instead, while little treat for all the ones, it really know a lot about parcel. History can have no idea what that media and also that's the segment we ve done once, and it was ten seconds long thousand extra burn forest plump and Lieutenant Dan's latest business. That's good! Earth Bob Implosion. Hank is a little J journalists, tax fraud or just learn how to use a microphone You gonna Jays mean Bleep out without tax and Casey Iris listen, you could be any kind of other fraud, Pierre Fuel, for your cabinet.
much kid got some good. You do you really look at any rate, are you really do thanks big a contemplate his future radioset can't fit into a came a frame and cannot good one, the ITA friend it. When I was sitting behind home plate at different taxpayers. They say the comrades twenty pounds. I guess you eight six cameras to mere too oh you're. Still, you still one off that. I feel bad earlier rather than really sound. Like you said you haven't, you haven't fully embrace new body, you don't have men boobs, you, ok, I really don't have happy so at three o clock. Classic fact. I need some calories move. I'll. Take my shirt. I will go shoreless until Thanksgiving, because I'm have members hanks travel
we should be. I still have to learn how to read this got to do a detail should have you always struggled reading. That is something you struggle with reading basic one read like ten thousand books worth of tweets euro struggle, and maybe you should read just a couple bucks mixing about so that we can see that an amalgam, Gladwell Theory TAT is the first presented debunking, maybe Gift to you in a broken his foot, if he held down as milk, calcium, build strong bones, just ass big bone Paquette. I didn't see the ending common they're here like unlike the twist, but he brings them good point which is on the one. That's all speaking, you haven't puke in your health, his horse, yes, vitamin c, calcium fifty looks like Current extra for the sleep movie grind haven't seen it, but it sounds sounds all right. The up sounds all right. Ex neck is longer than a Monday. Oh I get. It is Monday. Ok,
listen, deportees about his funny sharing with my dad, ok interest that went to dark place, We need our dog Hank after Hank the producer. After that told us at our dog, was a stupid as they never encountered. Ah, that's good Yoda spent, I've always wanted a pet named after me, so I mean you should feel proud about that, except for the dumb thing, kind of sucks Pft looks like a collectible swords type of guy. Wow. That's a specific gross, and I have agreed that you have I have one sort of every girl words a cane sword. But you have a saw again sort. Okay, so they're right sad. And with bad optics talks to a homeless woman about her changing body does answer is regarded as a really good one. two men boobs match or salesman struggle- that Al Campbell, a milk salt goldfish, despite being sponsored by multiple legitimate petting, serves oh shit,
about design. My my boy, that was nice view legitimate Hank made he'll sleep, LISA Casper, collect them off Hey Hank ever heard of algae medication might want to try it geologists, egg, now sure, maybe allergic to books you're reading tweets correctly. I guess whenever I do it, I dont next, maybe of cod at it. Ok, that's it! Those are great, has realised or stand grain over the self esteem yeah rose or staying. You do look like what this account trash. Captain I see now they just put your Michel smell, cabbage, patched kids. They may get slept with a lot. We can assert sugar gets bins. I ve learned so leave a five star review and we will definitely read it next Friday.
What we have to take us out for the weekend want to give another shout out here. This is too recurring guest of the programme s Braun Mexico, that's at EL run Mexico and Twitter he's wanted. de I needed the rap song force about Marius Man fell Ball guy, he's got another one coming at. This is called football guys and its awesome. So
I will see you on Monday, apply Casper men real football guys. You can't stop them from live in football lives. They keep the great coins and burn the bank role. Always gotta takes tighter than arrogance can go, be a cat. The big shale takes kids raw on this trio to the booty can be stopped. He'll smack apples. If you keep your pads, I stand a noble. Your body will host the bad guy respecting the beers while protecting the shield. The troop salute him down a soldier feel he's a gladiator ease grass brief, jerk yellin net. The rest must have stayed on his muscles. Shirted goes bizarre point. Cutlass hurt always gets, is just deserted this world, like war and moon, not so good one boy. Let me tell you what the fuck is: bout Pfc COM in bomb, spittle B, S t see, God put a grid coin in the take machine. He pressed sixty press now opted sake. Moraine it's on the internet into a Laker Stay Visa Football Gaia, play makers drained he'd site. Similar fights keeps the loses, hey pal level, lower than Hanks were rate. He will box with jobs while he rocks the huddled. Even the goldfish rose with his black by revel. These are put ball. Guys live in football lives when it's time the party Joe, they did hell it's time to go to work, so they go ballot. I dont believe she has the media's plague, throw your books up a clear we Wikipedia with Blake Football guys who can connect the dots football guys who protect the coms brains fulfilled bellies. Fuller milk number one pod cas Itunes. Until so what you gonna do when they come in for you, they got a mouthful, a Jew, Yellin Blue, weighty to job. Always raw boys even would add new. They got banned and add wet and they bottleneck wrong when they bus and then not the yellow Omar says pardon my sake. The real rake reserve power, new role Granier with the blood of real, cower. Listen, gentlemen: the pic skin they live in a stronger than a fit. The gin use care. When listen man, you square like ten emitting, go, listen the citizens think, as you can't get rid of them, and if you looked up the word grit there, every synonyms.
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