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2017-10-04 | 🔗

Baseball Playoffs are back and the Yankees fans are back. Andy Reid calling timeouts and a terrible MNF beat(2:30-11:25). Hot Seat/Cool Throne(13:20-25:15). Nationals Pitcher Max Scherzer joins the show to talk about the upcoming playoffs, robot umps, his eyes, and sabermetrics (26:22-50:27). Segments include Talking Soccer(52:35-55:40), Marlins Man is on National Television so we called him(56:41-58:51), Mike Greenberg's dumb rules for the NBA All Star Game(58:52-1:01) and Guys on Chicks with special guest Julie Stewart Binks (1:02:01-1:15:11)​

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Today's party, my take, we have a MAC shirt from the Washington nationals, really fun interview with MAX getting ready.
fifteen percent off any new plan purchase go to word, press dot com, slash p empty, to create your website and find the plan this right. For you. That's word: press dotcom such p, empty for fifteen percent off your brand new website. Word press not come at the empty. Do it right now you will regret it. Let's go, let's not all, have any idea. How welcome a part of my take. It is Wednesday October forth and the Yankees are unfortunately still live. Ten for good buddy mandate, humor right there we had a for a moment. It was the first. The top of the first sitting was electric because everyone piled on the Yankees grave. It felt good, there's nothing quite like that. Brings America together quite like hating beings. I'm gonna disagree on the fact that your glad they lost tonight because it can be so much better known, pay to watch them lose two games are broke through gamely games. Forget how on earth and got a three year when three games zero extra games, but everyone for the animals, they always say actually so yeah it was. It was a boring, long, stupid, baseball game. For anyway it was the Yankees fancier. I'm heartbroken is always to see the twins lose because guys love twins, yes, Yonah that occur. We pocket shudder, Kirby up in Heaven with no design of repeated. So
as long as your hands touch each other that gases, I'm up us by the letter of the law he was he was looking for.
the second you ass. It goes well Jeff Fisher, our fish, so but any red is a second best kosher. What he does every single year is unbelievable and we should he asked quarterbacks yes, end like yeah, he hasn't one. The big
Is there a year oh yeah. There is losing the prairies actually every just share MR, but the
This is actually really fun thing, because I thought that the dumpster fire me was losing is starting right. Well, it would have been
All these things are once twenty eighteen gets here guys all these bad things will Stanton and my other cool throne is the moors twins. I had a bit of an unfair advantage going into that being twins, you can get.
like someone made a joke that they said was in sexual nature about their mother and they beat, and so the twins alleged
why why? Why Kissingen thread that, needle yes, nice or glitch English, because a glitch in them isn't she cosy eyes? Megan everyone just fall over and dying Matthew, Stafford, dark horse envy?
Brian Wilson? You might have heard what he's got a couple. Three words I was called rethink water, it's boxed, water, Amr start real, quick asking about the water. Does this water prevent Sunburnt cause Tom Brady's water does not go that far. Castled is water, but something that you can
tell me now to be a challenge in front of us much like again, because ok, fine so I'll. Keep it on on baseball. For you or like Pft, said I am a cubs fan. How do you game plan for the Cubs lineup, or do you just not and give up into like this, isn't even worth it we have a game plan with the new report of what it, what I'm trying to accomplish, what I want to do in different situations. Yeah, that's the exciting part, as you have extra time. To really go over everything that all your eyes and every key and really get familiars familiarize yourself with their line up in there and their heads so that you feel one thing that I had any more pattern. I fall into an internet,
The cap is really their whole line up in combination with their able to do so. Is that just one hitters accommodation that they they put get it back up and down the lamp? And that's what makes it difficult when you face in the tub team in a completely like what Well, when I tell you could tell me, tell me comes again: look Bleep disadvantageous centre right now. I'm send you, give actually tell me one of your strengths and then they'll, listen to it in a little game plan for the wrong thing right, you're fast MA am
criticism. What type of mentality you need, so it really by understanding self messing with my entire locker room as a good, gets loving attitude. Officially back, will they they stop now too, because that was the year that they had that, like epic, now tat happened in my answer. I think the cardinal so like news, but I do I actually do acknowledge as well, because it's like attitude but narrative get it right.
now learn had a pitcher broad working out. Eyebrow works out, so I did happen. Ended jump jump out, n and when I ran out there I was actually on the mouth, so I had just missed it. If you don't get there within that split. Second, the other people flying around everywhere so gets crazy. I've learned the lesson if you, if you're going out there ever going to support them
I'm curious what a pitchers do in their office like. I wish you guys do little throwing Mabel stretching but like what like, when you have your offices. It really like vacation coming off days are like days or not young from running lifting the asylum must strangest after we do in Europe. running your doing whether you re milder and spreads reverse.
or you patch, like fuck, I gotta go out and do this again now I love it well I've been strengthened, I'm starting now to realise a different stream max user and our friend, our good friend, a recurring guest inherent who said that he like dreaded pitching at the end of his career, pitching is fun when you can strike people out there,
play with their great guys, poverty. I love by what I learned a lot from home, but I mean yeah when you can strike a blow a nickel. Simon and didn't drone therein yeah that negative and find? Yes? I think I think I rode if God, given that gap,
I respect again. Do you do? Do you get mad about Phillips, no, not there at the right moment. All you if it's a big situation is late, the game
the boy. That's a true, unwritten rule savant right there like the right right is linked to the new wants. The unwritten rule is there's always like you can always find a way out of it, but it's the right time. My play saw gathers unwritten rules about win. It's ok to break the unwritten rules. Russia's great groundwater, at a rod run across your mount mania.
put that on the idea, so that I can tell you now? You just basically said: go ahead, come on come on, I'm really. Why do terrible? I wouldn't feel ok, interesting you're, a big seeber, metrics guy, we're big Sabre metrics, guys so tell us why you should win the sigh young, even though you have to less winds and curse, Ardashir fewer Don't go out there in the mountain focused what you can control at how it their memories are implying that now just focus on what you control mechanism and to my form like an disgusting
clutching courts, which are pack pack legs. I got that we currently is chaos. Now. Do you think stock cast his real reason? The fact is
Catches have to worry about trying to frame the pitch before they brought the runner. gosh you change in a game if you go directly to a robot empire and she said you have to think about how it again look like
Does it. I was just curious game art I like it. I, like press, are put people after that are jealous of price, Together? You came because you like it.
Everyone needs like a flaw deserve
ok, so we got one for you know what you're gonna find on Google yeah and where you got any guarantee to Youtube or so
you just as you said, there's nothing there's nothing there, there's no particles in the definition of a vacuum. So it's not right right warning, by which I mean we're out. I've got in there. I don't know if you have I'm just saying. Here's the word giving you one that you can go in your free time in your in your off days and probably get swept by the cubs. You have a long offseason. You can go and do little. Google free fall,
is just as important as who your betting on. So that's why? I always tell people to go to my bookie that agee my book he's been in his business for years and the Rapid Rock solid they do. A hut you know it's gonna wind win so laid out some cash and when big today,
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yes, because the women soccer team is somehow like the baddest team in the world, they matter like says: they're like the old school raiders. They really out Davis, raiders there, the real bad boys of women soccer. I love the fact that she was drunk doing around the world. Yeah Disneyland, here's a finger on big fan.
persuade her to maybe take it easy on the next around the world, Bark Romania's, maybe up, adjust. Just do you Alex yes, workin for you, you are you, here's the thing
or the soccer team, swatting yeah
the song roll over from Iuic is, but I don't see the front of you. What was the? What was the sound that it made when the baseball hit him on the bean bag? Oh yeah, I got a few times responders early reminds me. Can I can I can I just throw this out there I think becomes October woe
whereas it is above all, oh shit, mouths. When I close everyone, everyone thinks it until October. They say baseball, please reply to you ass. You see you museum, yeah. Ok, I think the year actually, the real Mr October goes. One October comes around a baseball Europe, urethra children, you always show up get out of town, Reggie Jackson, hey we're gonna talk to you later on the plans. Does your Mr October? Ok, what's it will see later blood? I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you I really bring about. When I talk to you later.
I think our airlines here and make this about himself at the ball. The ball happened to role towards him. Yes, during the suggests a reminder: mountains, man will probably be at almost every single play off game except Cleveland. because the Cleveland fans remain to him so he's boycott rights did not things. You know with any vanity. You can't see that probiotics on tv- it's a very dear me, they're mean to more time they are now making the all star game where two captains pick the teams which I fucking heat
I figure this shit out when you switch at all when swap at all. If they deal with the problems and problems, never been saying. Oh, it's interesting that the India, as they had the one, almost arguing that people are really love to watch right de LA deepened asthma good for one. That's ok, but I like historically, was correct a decent when watch gives you a killing dollar one hundred ninety five, two hundred ninety three game: a euro and then like somehow, you're, gonna be leubronn and stuff, curry captains or, if Kevin Durant's, the captain, and he asked to pick oh, what the Brown has to be like. Do I want carry or do I want Kevin love O interesting? And what
Kevin ran if he's captain and then the Brown picks better team busy just switch to his team. Yet you know that's that it's like Yankee, swap yes at the very end, very learned that he must think he's. Gonna win a maturing them. Oh, they should do Yankee swap where they are
Sir crushed bank, you guys I go! I'm like there I'm like a friendly vagina in the room right now. We're gonna leave word such positive on the show guys. First, I first question seppy empty boys. The summer I was sleeping all alone and woke myself up with an orgasm whole army ideas, how this happened. I was dreaming of, or if this should be possible, you probably were listening to much part motor people that happens when people fall asleep. Last year, when your yeah, that's big, was ready for you go to Bed Howard stern trick warehousing everywhere. I do know he'd yourself, that's all it will do women of dreams. I mean, like I think in theory they probably do. I still had wet reams of fuckin awesome you some section in Europe is we know, but what is that, like us, like a thirteen year old, guided and wake up? Your like all Falk, I was sweet. Well know there is a little different. It's like a hand job from God, but when you wake up your parents like do you have to hide study on why you try to get our bedrooms wise, your sheets, sticking to somewhere, where I don't know frozen, what's not necessarily wet it's like dry with one wish, but a dry. So for I had ninety ninety seven and ninety nine. I had such a pebble Anderson like seventy five times, saw some. Yes, we allow you had sex with her. Young was not yet, as I know that yes, correct, not right. Next. This is a bit of a hefty paragraph. Ok, my hey p empty boys. My boyfriend is planning to skip. May man case in a trip with a bunch of his college, but if a cat break up with them, because it is a little man case, you know you don't skip modification right. That's what I hear, but what were closing Asia. Shipping Susan Alpha care skip it so because it's the same weakened as my birthday. I appreciate how thoughtful use being, but I've told he should still girl birthdays on a big deal to me. I'm worried he thinks that this is some kind of task because he declined the invitation. He hasn't seen most of these guys in college. Had I tell him it's really, ok to us like yes or using a number one. I would dump him for being a beta because he skipped town proton and thus,
yeah, but every guys prosper rose before
other girl in him. here's what you say. You say you don't want to be the guy for the rest of your life that when somebody's like playing it never have I ever game. You think you have to say
and they don't ask me any questions about. I dont want an answer to our economic rent. Only do it just seemed like I did this. I did this ridiculous shit right now. What law student we would have, oh, where the dogs in the room
say, probably hard to play against
How uncomfortable? No it's ok, so that was guys on checks juicy relax defleshed before you get the shower. After what he wants before you in the shower everyone, we don't know you'd help, please, because nobody pipes, soaps, hypnotic, that's that's not true supercilious. I know what you're saying Opera House old pipes and flush yeah it's loyally. Then you burn yourself in the showers old house like light. So then then I above to learn. Ok, you have to flush after you shower, but then, once every like ten times, you forget the flush, entirely review, flush, normalizes but Hake, while soup
Larry cycling at some point we will tweeted out to live for all, whereas pics on Facebook live and periscope, and we will see you on product. Let me guess,