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2017-05-14 | 🔗
Derek Jeter finally gets the recognition he deserves on Derek Jeter night (1:07 - 6:50) . NBA Playoffs and the Warriors are the new heels of the NBA (6:50 - 15:17). Stanley Cup playoffs and how hockey twitter will deal with a Nashville/Ottawa Stanley Cup Final plus fun facts about Ottawa (15:17 - 20:07). Who's Back of the Week (20:07 - 25:16) . Mike Conley from the Memphis Grizzlies joins the show to talk about the NBA playoffs, his new contract, and whether or not he wants to invest in our business ideas (25:16 - 50:02). Segments include Embrace Debate is Colin Kaepernick's name too difficult to spell, Talking Soccer, Sabermetrics, PR 101 for RGIII and Russ Wilson. Stay Woke is Avril Lavigne actually dead and Hank Hot In The Streets explaining the newest Spongebob Meme.
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on today's pardon my take we talk derek cheater night mba playoffs might calmly joins us he has a lot of money and we ask him for a small investment in our brains and oliver ideas we have whose back of the weak a little talking soccer and hank has a stay woke where we have to figure out if arrow of avarice live
not an average of virgin is no alive let's go let's not its pardon my take presented by a part of my money they may fifteenth payday and derek eater has finally been given the spotlight he sold deserve
god wills almost a full year without a derek eater day somewhere can we actually say dare cheater has finally earned his pinstripes no not yet ok yeah he's in the monumental yeah he still whether classy skies and it supports always taught by how classy dirt you too you have to say dirtier classy great guy also had upon a sex here's one thing that dirt cheater he's slowly becoming a member of the fat face club in retirement why faces it's starting to get like basketball shaped a little we know what he's gonna have on these ass hamper son he's gonna have an all time wide face his face again be it showed his face looks like a like baseball glove now you heard skype like though the lighting of that works contradicting tanned a little too much so derek cheater night was a great night except while now it was great because the yankees got absolutely smoked dare cheater also had a hall of fame quote for his hall of fame career he said i say it's very humbly there isn't a person or player i would trade places with that's playing
oh or ever that is the most humble statement i've ever heard my life i say as with all humility but i jesus i am the best and if you gave me all the money in the world trade places with you i wouldn't do it you stupid poorly ass a shy wanted piss on you if you are on fire so dare offence dirty tonight i mean i am i like hey our cheater simply because i note makes yankees van so upset but obviously he's not unbelievable player hall famer gretna three thousand heads thirty three thousand hit that's just arbitrary model had hurled series so are monitored you know what our joy now bad radio i'm tipping my cap the dirt cheater you ready there while you know i think that was almost classes geats himself ass pure classroom beget also yankees tweeted out there will never be and be another number two yeah it my way yet i looked at
subject up maybe some five or maybe get a little bill gates get them get things moving again i know what the anti should do as long as a sock why get there not doubt that goes there good this year by their good because we ve been told their good bye will the eighties antlers crawled out of under either roc had a strange a roach a kind of strange how the yankee start winning after dieter retiring are the yankees better without turkey an interesting hank thoughts on dirt eater long time cheater find yourself a second ok yeah do you think that there has been an appropriate level of we got a funny to ask you to back in the art of escape back in here so that will be another running part of the show that you at the appropriate level of regulations and ceremonies already thing goes over the top i think it was his marianna first the first from the idea that set the game back forever milling players guarantee like guidelines of hey i like the guy like david ortiz whenever do not act
never all i wanna hints on coming back all year and then and then do it all over again now all i want is for me to achieve a level of success in my career where i can do a year long farewell tour and just have people that have dominated yes for fifteen years give me free show ya like here's your surfboard and here's a lifetime supply to skyline chile right that i would absolute levin milan wings admittedly dogs response for the show about a skyline surely flavoured buffalo and a wish your ears i may just cook it in the toilet ha ha ha ha ha i just fill the commode with oil then you fry the wings and there in the skyline chili so dirtier night is over i'm sure they'll be another one to final thoughts on at one friend marlins man who were not gonna call my out of respect for dark dieter went to the game with a gdp jersey on a genuine i was josie s so kind of a what if george either by the way he easing broken record when
what a microphone inform he aegis says i loved playing i loved playing based ball and my favorite part was i played for the only organisation i ever want to play for like debate over and over and above the franchise yet it just pure classy franchise they are meanwhile is gonna buy the marlins and they're gonna knows gonna hear motive cheater had been a marlon ultimately ultimate sliding doors moment also a quick shadow to our boys i know mountain man has been getting a lot of attention on the spot gas zack ample got home ass yet you legit three legs all yankee stadium in one night is yankee stadium big enough to hold derek tutor marlins man in no album absolutely not that's too that's too much class so how dare cheater night oh my other point was he is still face of baseball as they set baseball has never problem marketing young players because they have guys like dirt you turn
angry junior that would render mark the guys i quit two years ago we still like the face of your league will what did you say i can give you juniors on the cover of i will be there should also be the show yes great yeah can for the berlin all those kids out they're playing video games like who the fuck is this guy which is sad because we let me angry was washed by the time i was lad why it that's gonna trigger me now but that's fine say lank kangaroo if he was a washed reds player by the time i came to rein in the back in that's the point and allison i love twelve kangaroo viii junior though the original kangaroo for junior baseball game was my favorite pasteboard into play and he was i mean everyone loved kangaroo virginia in the nineties put the fact that they're trying to use him to market things two kids you have no who think of fat king groovy junior on the reds probably not the best pretty bad you thinking refugees are still gets carded he so as a young face
go he's got cut off her big member awkward interview on european a couple years ago where he just didn't answer the question may be this pleasure just giving each other mumps that money will go on like all the retired players are let's do mba all actually know before we do that i wanted to throw out all the eighties fans cause we love you if you are at home was out hank if you're derek cheater night and you'd like to you probably want to save at that moment right and maybe took pictures is your family guess what you can frame that picture using frame bridge dot com fifth percent of your first order plus free shipping go to frame bridge dot com choose your frame or let their designers help you choose up your upload your photo from your computer or dialect directly from your insecure no boomerangs well you can probably do that soon so that picture you talk of derek cheater from one hears the all the way up in the five hundred level and your i go look at that time spent on their that's dare cheater framework jacques com will get
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she pursued in class i saw him how do you how do you say that by the way is it respect our return pact rip were rare pact were to pact read a pact redder backed up i got it lets juice and talk the warriors were dead and they decided to cheat back to light and where they do their stepping on people's feet now i did the real clad in myanmar people's feats of they turn their ankles so zaza tulia which if you had to say what which warrior is going to figure out a way to further injure quite it definitely bees out of that he is odds one on the board right that's his role yet right the designated injurer right exactly so i for one am very happy that this happened now i'm right parnasse tricks on a world championship just like i did a cake walk through the
glass the warriors they ran into a hobbled dispersing the facts the facts are there the spurs were dominating this series in until the warriors it's also a match up of louis they didn't come tax verse highest state income tax so right now socialism winning yeah interest haves and have nots ah hank how i feel about game seven feel good i feel good high fuel but the celtics wherein all black to a game that they lost i don't feel great ok obviously it was the i mean there are just doing because the wizards did to them you happy they always get the guy who retaliates the nba cheated them by not giving them enough time at the end of that you write a second while real that's a lifetime correct bettina but we gotta get we get home court events i feel i feel good i mean i don't feel great about the next round by all know you guys get swept by the cap's yeah i know what you here's the thing is with now you're like if we win one game albeit a good spheres
so we look over i you know who else overlook the easter who hitler thought it was coming to his ear i have a hot take arthur out there that i don't i think i'm gonna get a lot of blood you now push back on this one but i need to say occurs when the trust tree on cigarette packets which yeah i'm sick of stick to sports you want to say sports know as i always do that it actually at that didn't bother me at all it's the fact that everything he d everyone says is incredible like grasshopper which is a dick to a porter ah ha that's gregg possible please self he so funny tells it like it is he told that he didn't answer that reporters question and made him feel like an infant yet this is this is a classic internet backlash began how to pop it all your your other people finding joy in pops that's really healthy without no just no no no let's back up it's not people finding joy in pop its people finding joy in the dumbest smallest things that really
shouldn't be like applauded so i pointed out that he sat down his press conference in there the gator it in front room generate probably paid millions of dollars to be a sponsor of the nba show how vicious pick the gator it up and moved it out of the shot of the tv so gator thou doesn't have that same advertising you know impact and ever like pop he's a realist pop yeah prob ly spirit animal yeah pot the epoch doesn't pablo kick the people that pays bills right the mouth right but here's the thing stay work that clip actual that more attention for him moving the gateway bottle out separate or i got no more impression on saying is i think papa which as you know top these mount rushmore mba coach i don't like his beard all time coach i actually like like his whole demeanor and everything he's got going to bottom i hate how everything he does gets applauded by the internet that's fine
you know what it is the spurs or so bad and so bad to watch so boring and dull that people now fourteen right right now they love potty always happened could they are the kings of hitting like twelve foot shots as a shock lock expires that's it they always have been good day the kings of hitting like twelve foot shots as a shock ladakh expires classes there s possession the azure strains drained psychoactive glossy pop in real life out of your vain india and then you get like a decent china pavlovitch actually practices that if you knew if you read any the inside out pavlovitch mind he just he runs practices words just the last two seconds of shock all the time around half the entire project is doing a job i also thing is bullshit how serious the western conference finally can start before the eastern conference finals
yeah we talked about the last year or two hundred times zones in time zones in it takes an extra day to play once the early right that was actually before our second was taking was yesterday you don't really understand how i came it monday right everyone listening to the show right now not if you agree today monday s the and was played on sunday right now it all goes yesterday it still sunday now for right but one day but the easter second round is still don't you ever get closer to the sun railroad saw majority tomorrow in these right now actually start on wednesday i think so you and you we want wednesday's actually started the weak in the greek count so as you
further west and you get into like the aztec countered down south in mexico yeah it's actually lot leaders like two year long years ago eu programme even order sun dial is so wishes come upon us competition this reminds me that thread on body building that calmly that it's you guys arguing over how many days were in two weeks is hank are you gonna go to game seven i'm thinkin about an hour guess what if you want ten dollars off you can you seek seek has the best app for concerts game inga mba games em i'll be games and hiv ups only cup whilst are still going on you would know but they are any can do it all using these seek gap go download it right now it's a free up free use you get the most bang for your box seeking grades every ticket based on values help you immediately identify the best seats that fit your budget plus every purchases fully guaranteed guarantees you can shop for tickets on seek with confidence download
seeking gap and enter promo code take are you going to get a cab oh no the capitals or out not gonna be where my black suit ok apples are not can be in place any more we found that out last week but you can still go to the play off i can get you can go to deceive you set in the empty variety yeah you could go buy a ticket and just hang out and that's using promo code take tee o k e for ten hours after first seek purchase use up who could take on seeking get ten dollars off not check adjust literally ten dollars off your price do it right now asked me stanley cup louse you see ottawa beat the penguins didn't seem so hard nosed talking soccer and was at seem like seem like a team could do that four times and users look i don't know what you're trying to get into my school not knowing our own eyes i want i want to see the penguins lose i wanted on all the misery the dave inflicted on me over the course of my thirty two years on earth to be dealt with on the spot here's what we're going to talk about where we found
putting the show notes if it is ottawa verse nashville the a burden on hockey twitter trot make us think that this is a meaningful stanley cup final is going to be whole larry's it'll why it's gonna be the gregg papa bitching of dna analysis actually these are two awesome hockey teams and you gotta be paying attention these are great since these are great hockey cities people don't talk yes best best best hockey town in south it is in south america either through the press hockey town that has country music in it as well or nashville regularity so i don't even know what i do is i don't you say what we're whereas ottawa my eye was gives a middle it's in ottawa nobody its ground here we're in canada is it's like the whole province and has argued team it'll just where the hockey teams in the middle of cannot ignore the north parts in part the sword through the ice age would west of anchor
well over a europe where the pacific northwest russia so what what's our guess i'm looking up right now otto i think it's a its east edmonton east it's ok i'll say north calgary why is this bad radio untruss maps cut this part hank ottawa is just watch module also it's pretty far eastern yeats east to west sumatra exactly where costs actually next week in ottawa as i have just learnt actually only no way places are in canada in relation to like if the state just kept on going in a matter so ottawa would be just ignore needs a supper researches ok got it summer syracuse close to montreal so they can probably if you listen and the winds caring just right on lotto what day you can hear them talk in french
if you if the wind in our if there's a way not only win going up a southern when going up north uk right day you might get hit with a stray bugger from jim behinds knows when you're not of these are out of a family or fax for you we should start to travel blog i must do whose back the week who wants to start hank want you go have you got it reassuring i'll go unpaid internships who's who weak unpaid internship that is correct i it's college graduation season which is
basically the sunday scares for your life or as you say that the other whose back his twenty two year olds without a job then tell everyone that they don't have a job you have been an unpaid internship is totally a real job yeah you should definitely think of as a full time you got putting your time yes what everyone tells you have to put in your time before you can start getting paid thirty thousand dollars hey reduce your life has to suck for awhile before it gets a little bit less sukhi i do want to say though for all you twenty two year old who are listening to this right now who just graduated college you don't have a job this is this messages for you you're going to be just fine you're gonna be just fine it's gonna actually you know what enjoy it cobia lifeguard or something for some of the great part about being twenty two's literally nobody has any expectations for you re no matter what job you get into you could be a graduate from harvard and step into like a think tank or hedge fund and as long as you don't fuck up their lunch order everybody's got me finally there's an old saying make your mistakes early in life you know
twenty two years old is basically as early as it gets because that's when your real life starts so you have a you have basically four to six years of mulligan's little life hack if you're about to grow if you had if you're about to graduate from college field one as is so you get to do it again next year has doubled graduate seriously i know that is stressful cause ever the other the other tipp out there is there's gonna be one or two of your friends there's gonna get a great job and could be making a shitload of money by like twenty three twenty four and you're gonna be jealous fuck and that's just how you're gonna be jobs but guess what it all ends up beat it out so don't freak out right now go have some fun try of all namely travels i'm saying i stay in america don't get on a plane bright go to college campuses yet your have around visit your friends in other college campuses if it or maybe juniors and then get a shitty job that has very little responsibility get drunk have fun and i say this if you get
paid thirty thousand dollars a year as a twenty two year old you basically king yet at that a twenty year old is enough money again in a shitload of trouble and have a lot of fun also one other tip for any twenty two year olds out there were actually really twenty would you like twenty seven don't be the twenty year olds that tell everyone how old they are cassettes always the ones and cause when you're like twenty five and like arm so old now just wait get past thirty's any costs are complaining about that even though you still not old but dont do it when you're twenty suggests joy twenties because they go by and a second yes i hank what you got his back the way is a boa three people died last week in congo a light lights light whose back when you say that it's going viral whole exert as does do we hadn't ebola outbreak in a man great i'll they flew the person they flew in a bullion
to atlanta that's leaving all the weight of a rebel one who has of all oh boy ebola be a verb canoe a bullet something i think i'm gonna start that's after you eat skyline show you a bowl of the shared equally elbow the chilly out earlier but ass the right to healthcare workers that treating people the bull and then they brought back in the nice what's your health care what share and then people freak out so why are we why are we medically treating these people here so i was a boy like the world what happened use die yeah you shit you action shit your own and test now that's nice so real light hemorrhagic hemorrhagic fever ooh somethin like that i safely the inside your body turns into the inside of your septic tights i've heard enough ominous boom draw a line in the sand i'm not a fan of ebola wow yet strong yeah i said i disagree said it i got here both sides on ways in fact bad toller's a bull is actually good because
as it reduces famine well we are talking about now is had tipp of what thomas friedman yet why little we tighten our last week little bullet diet we get those apps type of the summary of instead of green tea jones fired a bullet he and he has it gives you a bad virus ages i mean you will technically lose weight if you shut your intestines yes articles nowhere ard it's hard being a sports podcast it also knows a lot about science burden we have where did you see these people are congo oh they're in congo there on the united states now we should send somebody over there to get down to cycle of dna samples haggerty yeah exactly i have of whose back the weak stephen a smith so couple things one out of you guys saw the club he got slept
only asked by marcie more sad six and he had that little smile like who i'm stephen a smith an mba player slap me on the algae and after the james hardened game six incident he went on the air and he said that he had five hall of fame there's text him saying they thought james harden was drugs which is basically the drug part really no one cares what that its five hall famers text stephen psmith where they thought that he was drugged meaning like he was high in smoke drugs or somebody slipped something into year injustice zone drugs and waits pop the opposing coach is gather really lead to mess roused gator bottles siena just connect and some daughter but europe see you you know you're doing your falling into what steve
a smith wants you to start talking about this but really the story is his all five hollow famers tax it that's big star humming all players taxes you effort games spencer has just tell me i salesman's arouse he's played with a lot of future whole family while actually technically i played for illegally for every type team exactly i don't really want some this sixth some respect for those reasons i was a joke spencer i want you well now hank hank wants to talk about so some are giving us oh i'll get myself out of it upside down com is the best way to book your travel discovered this upside dot com if you go unused right now every time you use it they will give you an amazon gift card worse one hundred two hundred even three hundred dollars every time the way they do it is really clever upside
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we now welcome on memphis grizzlies might calmly who has jaundice in the studio he is here we're talkin quickly about the nba cares community assist award he's up for the award so i guess the first question would be what do you care about you know community never tell you no growth you want to see everybody succeed and that's what i want you know in this world and i think that's why you know a big reason why i'm you know one of the finalists and memphis the great area to tovino be able to use your influence and you know the game of basketball to help i noticed that your
made zack ran off his also up for the award of you do nothing wages telling everyone to vote for him instead yeah basically okay we are running air about idols reverse psychology i like her so it's a community that you want your community when the away yet actually exactly mistakes at home where good i like that i let saw let's get into everything we wanted to start with i mean that people are people thing in this at home there sit near there like my calmly let's talk about the contract okay so are you swore you like an awe when you sign that contract yeah i think it every day was one of those things that i knew going and that is a possibility that that number would be the number just because of higher thing has happened far place but i mean it was it was
crazy day you so were word where ideas guys so throughout this interview we might toss a couple ideas invest entities because you have is they have that contracts i just want to give you that although heads up that that may have what was the first thing you bought first thing i bought shoes override lack spinner who were blacker where did you go just regular over x ray while i don't like it in a camera at you i use lift as any have to tipp on top of that right at all but i get a smart safe with your money you guys had kind of a tough policy ran to the spurs risa prize and hug dispersal are no not at all actually there a there attended this is like a revolving door of of talent they always bring in the right pieces in the right guys affair the system
no matter how old or you might think they are they might be getting guys that aren't you know on the telling of the careers are still able to do and play at a high level and enough for us to lose to him was just like it hurt but same time you just respect the team that they can they can possibly do it every year i like the most about the grizzly do you guys always talk about grit as like your thing rightly aimed at mid ass great grit grind what is grit mean to you ah big rick idea big rat grig eyes to me is its handling a versatile you know playing through adversity for us in memphis a date for the city you know it's a town it has went through a lot in the enormous is not the easiest place and a yacht blue collar people s economy basketball experience we want to give to those fancies were the same mean over the same as then we played through everything we don't get alot attention we described we work in and ass the the way we wanna in our approach to the game
free tipp lunch pale might well like the first ten thousand fancy lush fail the juices grid like i like that you put sandwiches and there to feed the community s only when that a word that that would help the girl by better yes oh on this just off the tap my head i got an email this morning there's this i guess this member the nigerian royal family a past way and i guess he left a substantial amount of money behind i am actually i'm in a great opportunity where i can get most that money to amerika i just need i think it's while accepting and yet fitting getting ran to get through customs we can we can work some ok as neil percent as one ah so does the sea has lost the spurs this year lost the wars lasher you got injured is playing in the western conference because obviously is as we're fans and we watch me say i there's no way there was beating the warriors
greco's two words are you thinking it is there any mindset like that are you guys down at all or you say we just got to keep doing our thing and eventually we'll hopefully breakthrough he went there i think you surprised everybody you know the code in the players in the league but it was the same as the same eyes that you already knew golden state was the team to beat and now they're still the team to beat with kevin durant so the mindset didn't change this is how we going to beat them that was the whole plan in order to win the championship you got to go through and you know it so you know it'll be interesting to see how to play uno shake up specialist san antonio playing well and those they play aware on cars and other the teams are so well does it bother you when staff curry choose on his mouth guard bothers us does it yeah a rabbit i would note the matter be out of it do you think wonder at slouches he's got that whilst a little bit of in his shoulders does it
yonder i don't have all noticed ass the sea that is a problem you need a unique guys like us to be we could be party or group my calmly ink aegis had to bear like a doesn't want to grant a year will sit in your house and we'll watch every game and by k james hardened beard is really the minutes he needs the term it shines yeah i've always said you go when you when you go to ease and full effect got the best coatings out there you go up pieces miss and manual at us is cool that i'm a guidance facebook but simply a week ago you that weakness before guy hey mike listen we ve been watching a lotta tape in you you know you have some pieces of euro time missing so people might come out you for that ready right and jason alike james horn where's too much can use your tape on javert tape that an resonate stretch of yes yes i ve asked again more noise from the really small stuff a thrilling what about win win curry brings his daughter upon the podium after games you like that she's
durable my eyes are gradually and says he's as making about her all these journalists and the auditing overhead saxons i've asked did you watch game six of the spurs rockets i did not i was not able to watch is reducing the highway yes so do i mean do you have any explanation for what had i mean i you you have you can't tell us because you're not james harden put down position goes ahead scratch her forever one watching at home for sure nothing for for james did not perform at the level he needed to to kerry's team and then the spurs to do it you know without one of their big guns is unbelievable as a spurs win type me to aspers kind of stamp so it was it was it was amazing to see that they were able to go in houston and pull that out in uno with all the you know guys out and and with james you know you
you didn't expect in a play that level the game six can you ever imagined scenario where you don't take a shot until half way through the second quarter and like a game six or games so now cannot you know out of its super aggressive yeah sure because this winter gall wrath maybe if it was what what if like someone in vegas like hey my calmly i have a ton of money against you guys and i'm gonna kill you if you if you don't take a shot if you take a shot in the first quarter of the scenario that thou beer that can be an admirer of everywhere thinking in the actual second area there is a scenario under my kindly said hoddan took money from being the first going what what's what's what's that modest problem what's the spaces problem linkages always read and write a shiny we're like what's what's wrong with his men like you guess these rules
the g8 leaders young is really is hot at the is angry allied need tries to hold it in and hold his breath too much memory ok do you still talk to that at all yet all time time i live on i'll so analyses got i saw a similar do play do you still play a pickup hoops at all with gregson well he didn't play as much as they used to got to working out stay away from pooping too much but we see each other all the time he lives there too and you know we were thirty minutes from each other so just both had kids so we're both kind of the middle of the ice the dad stays and figure it out
yeah thank you so i am speaking gregg odin i wanted you to rank your mouth rushmore for best teammates of all time it can be high school college prose for best teammates her lot of a man at prior to say gregg ok one marcus are ok did you teach me how to do the corner macgregor walk now he came out of nowhere that that was carried out with great doubts that was great that that was dizzy smell used up top for tough fuzzy smell smell like smell bad like play our mark like they smell like griffin maintain that power solves most fine like a normal person what we i dont believe it again i think he's gotta messed up since the smell of wood is marks during the lock room will he does has a normal
nor is it a gal i rose the visigoths gave a gasping come around the nba yet to telling us all brothers knows all our other smaller assets to grey area mark honestly i think z bo ok randolph should answer habit is ass those could see i don't know about that the out about that that's how you boxes out their huge ass his legs a laser super tyre noise danny my he's using his leg up her body and now on i does a man can you ve in practice do you like feel how we can just push guys around oh yeah you get the paint stuff i'm afraid i touch him one bit he's a he's a beast man he really is super physical and strong and even at his age three three slash four might be like rudy gay i really gave us a good good teammate
there's a trusting i notice you i notice you didn't say mark titus marseille margaret i write a friend of ours is a good one of our so but you didn't is not is not up for her he might be like five he's here that use i don't i don't regret just so everyone listening at home my colleagues who are looking up into the left in these biting his liberal s line right now mark titus doesn't even make the top or leave me with ever does mark titus make the top did you make them out rushmore of teammates that you ve had that average less than one point again yes ok ass their job maybe we ought which is the root of these
what's with the most it culturally important memphis icon elvis presley or three six mafia ah elvis really i'll just say flooding but elinor mississippi flood since it was clear that does happen a lotta birds i was reassured big three six mafia ah my eye you you know tom green we have this idea which we create green tea so it's half t have creating and it's tom green space for ten thousand dollars you can only five percent of that company right now be not a thousand times ok i was react we only have one spot left or selling out fast at a peach gonna call that we might be so that we can act as our off the hack now i'm pulling your offer the second you leave this room are created in
house in the bios i was it is what about quickly your coach obviously made a bunch of splash this playoffs when he had one on his rant about the refs that take that for data whole speech what was the vibe in the locker room after that when he went to bat for you guys made all these like headlines were you guys happy had your back or re also saying well now the reps might be looking out for us a little bit more they might call us call more technicals on call time and allow me for some reason why but you're good boy i guess don't get caught it is not very good at that actually i saw the start this morning you ve never been called you never see the technical that's right don't you the text we encourage young people need one or two just for people respect you think so you might see me the first game will you just come out and body slams on life and our allies
zat if we're party or crew any put us on retainer we could we could help you out with these thanks i see what this whole said operation enables ideas geyser ragged how have you played in league for so long and any never received a technical from joy crawford well he reads i'm good at that helps like mighta got one this year but you know the guys it's tough did not get one of these guys quick to cook trigger what do you need you talked the rest before a total of no more money than they really area oh yes so you so you have what you know every single reps name and you loved him before i resumed in autumn for game
and now you know why yes yes with an envelope of cash does anyone else let him do that mark does it occasionally but we know you ok so this makes sense now knows your favorite ref favour ass it was actually joy crawford beyond his words that he was the wine is one of the few guys it uses so locked in on what he's doin that he didn't he didn't get informers buy anything the call for a debate and care about who's on the court flop in any of that a real show many just a showman eyes his fun what who's the biggest trashed hocker biggest trash talker it would probably be already taught you ass i bet not a dream i love it you get you can start talk a little bit but cagey was really be back in the day man here you would talk scare you got a navy ever like say
really mean things to you cuz he's been known to say some really mean mean thinks i'm sure he has that is so many that i don't remember you know i try to block them out you wore a mask at one point after you what did you break your nose or was it a orbital orbital fry orbital blow i broke my foot a couple we got bit by bit i told you i'm pinky i had to it about when you are aware that mass did you ever think about like theatrically ripping off to show how tough you earn a game like the southern gather plays with cavaliers desire i did think about that was light i keep this thing i love word about this thing but
an open a gig those crazy so i've always wondered about the mass because it doesn't seem like it does that much just like a thin peace a plastic between somebody's elbow in your face if you get hit it still hurts read or heard but the supposed to disperse the pain obeyed dispersed the blow so it seems like a worse idea like it spread the pain out to your face get a swollen your head the whole gigs your stitches popped when you had the mask on really still probably the mask on that's crazy matter what when you are playing back to the high school super team a u league will you just like what what what when you guys were shocked to a game did you ever think you're gonna lose him and you guys had such a stack team was it just like a video game on easy we never know we never thought about losing mean yeah guys like air gordon
they can cook jasper robbers and we will all be marketed mark tidy up will match nay or you know about our say arc mark was a user killer many worthy yes so even eight an average that much in college highschool he was abolished dismiss carter still practice dunks luca clash oh yeah is is every time he doesn't conduct cringing like he s all of my own i don't know don't do none too crazy really tries to do everything that all these young guy you don't and can do it how often do you go up to him and say hey remember that time that you that you dont over that seven feet tall french guy i have as all time is out is crazy i'm a loggers right nexus i talked him all time we're on a road stuffy as like a huge fan base of peoples is insanity may have in size crazy values is fond of the parlour insanity never dies
do you have any other once any other ideas you actually i had this one other idea we we came up with a book or your hands we're looking you don't want this or that you're going to want this called how to win a fight and it's just you open it up and then is hollowed out on the inside and there's a knife inside and the beauty of it is this is a serious so we sell books with progressively bigger weapons i catch volume to is how to beat the guy that's only it's only read volume one and there's a gun rio and end the real beauty of it is it seems i'm going vivier you know mister nice guy no technicals community cares you people always say aid the most marketable athletes are the well rounded athletes so if you just start selling weapons yeah i looks a little bit more varied there i like the way
are you gonna like i like to see what volume three four and five we haven't got that far but yeah but you invasion big just give us some cash there i wanted to start a business just sewing madame useful just strictly as a modem useful salesman hugh be brown is my white whale can you make just an intro give you finder's fee i got that as all in all we had one last one hour are producer irregular producers in here cause it's early in the morning you ever get in your car and you drop your phone ok and how to get it out early by new photos but jimmy so much money to the site and the council do just by new found clear so much money on now and i go i go through the whole so yeah right training it right did well here's where this comes and it's called the car stick and it's just a stick and you just hit it into the back sounds it that i hope the azure push back or for a way out right i like that right
and we got we also lestat version yes you can do it unless as a piece of work you might need a light copyright do all these days gone before sunlight pretty good pretty get us do you ever think man i'd issues waiting college ever made so much more money as pro now how much how much it how much money did you make it oh how state are much more like money to wish a maidservant beef and ass you go the college aptly edible money so large a cat a little now we're actually opera basin where does get not probation library on probation and i do not mean i'm not i'm not archie but the team from ninety nine a thousand livres convenient we were serving the tell these are no one would expect you get to commit a crime all you're in jail big so exactly that's where your bag money came rough basically well
hey no house they did you did you sell your big ten title ring for tat are now not got it are you gonna do you guys when the big internally or was a co we do we want the tournament in the rio season so we were able to hand am i went to a scots and i think i was like bryant butch years hours bush l s big polar bears scots was like alice throughout too seven foot white guys who can't really hope without will that's style here we were every time we have an initial player on the show we give him sixty seconds to bash basketball but we also like to do it the other way round so if you just warm take some time just bash hockey shocking ah i wish they'd score more yeah last boring thou be great or just make the goals with two and three points maybe it seems like your score tackling shoe maybe it s always a shoot
shoot a pox suit you you know i don't understand the icing dialysis stanley seems kind of like sakharov silence stuff overthrew the tough though you have they can play that up a little bit the idea of a little bit well that bleed less maybe they flee less a little bit and i've never seen a hockey player plan a mask o true complaint that's true i never seen a hockey player break his orbital bone and then still come back and placed the warriors that every day near about can we just have some money the engines which is known i didn't you i think we prove it ourselves at this point that we if you give us money will be able to triple that money within
week you know don't ask questions got you die you you got me you saw me was examined it whatever you need echo is the angel investor here mp empty enterprise whatever you need i might take you so much we really appreciate it mba cares community assist award can we vote yeah ok don't go online and vote go go along on twitter retweet are you worry are you scare the jimmy butlers up really worth many a top ten player knows terrified where would you rank jim butler mba jimmy a man twenty one twenty two hours it was top twenty is top twenty i would argue that the interpreting immediately
yet the present a year if my denies via arrogant mad that he tries to copy your hair style but i can't do this good money i don't think i get mad about our motto copied whom i go vote mba cares greece's toward vote for isaac ran off because we're gonna make sure that with the selfless thing that this right open mama yeah exactly i think so thank you that interview with my kindly was brought to you by rich uncles another great investment opportunity from the guy's a part my take on a big fan of her troubles dot com i invest in one of their rights or real estate investment trusts and i've been receiving cached evidence from that investment just like the outline and on many other listers had been satisfying messing with them to now let me oh you how smart is rich uncles are their seeking indications of interest for their proposed re focusing on student housing you know soon housing works simple parents pay for it is in your kids school get stuck with the bill for their apartment they plan on buying facilities
i built uniquely for students that serve major colleges and universities that's uninteresting go their website rich uncles dot com to express her interests rich uncle student housing reach a reggae dear to offering good portugal's dotcom that's rituals that come article eight five five rich uncles region student housing rita seeking indications of interest concerning its rigid here to securities offer any indication of interest involves no obligation a commitment of any kind no money or other consideration is being solicited of setting response will not be accepted no sales will be made a commitment to purchase accepted until the offerings david is qualified this media outlet is being paid to fifteen thousand dollars by reach uncles with a single message artless gives us some say immense first up we have a pr one or one for archie three he actually pr one one himself did yes so if you saw he got engaged to his new girlfriend gretta grit gretta gretta who he cheated on his old wife with so we just got to eat the old just got divorced getting married again pot here's the kicker he's
so pregnant so you can't make fellow the old switch room and in you you said a perfect louis it an orgy threes pregnant he is play a guy that announces everybody guess what were pregnant were pregnancies big we're pregnant gang i i wouldn't be surprised if robert griffin had the junior sir reed unto himself so that he could actually had he pregnant area child gas and that so that you tell us baby no your why over under fur let slip through a guess over under four and a half pictures of archie three holding grit does stomach on its ground over that's the easiest but of all time smash that over yes absolutely said that's waiting i would say like nine and a half we are more like it do you think at what point could a baby no there why no there were no there why you know that aren't you saying oh no you're why he so stupid that i
he isn't he has allowed a shitty sayings ass like hilda there why i think it because at that age that's when abortion should be illegal if if a baby's old enough to know it's why so like then it's ten and a half years alternative result death that can't aboard a child's before that after two and a half years all catechism they know their why we also have a little pure one one for us wilson he got in a little heat because he instagram ice mother's day to sierra said nothing better than spending time i'm with you you're an amazing mom and i am so grateful i get to spend the rest of my life with you and raising our kids i love you happy mother's day russ wilson as a kid and then he's also got futures kid so as he appropriating future sculpture he stole his kids these stores futures valor yet we should actually charge him with kidnapping that's brutal yeah how'd you think future responded to that he seems like a prick
well level headed got yeah approach taken in strides ago great i i've another my kid has another role model look after this will be great no i don't think so this autumn but just a classic two thousand seventeen controversy were he really saying that bad but people are gonna get mad no matter what you say yeah he's got a really watch the verb you use into doesn't seventy imagine if that kid was like twelve or thirteen years although and your step tat or stepmother did that now we're at an age where that kid can reply to a celebrity dad and be like you're not my real dad and i'm here furs i'm here those in our family arguments on twitter yes those will be great right sort of i might start a twitter account for rustles skin you have if you just get sorry look i did it i feel like one ras let me when futures and kid and you will do this say hey you're not my real dad to russell wilson russ is just going to be like all right we're going to like the most expensive therapy in the world
and some zen master and he's gonna make that kid that like poor fourteen year old kid whose probably dealing which is being a teenager and like you know different things is gonna now have to sit with walk he asked scientists that russia wilson believes and well they drink concussion water and talk about their feeling so i pray for futures future preachers kids future the is future bodily his kids pray for futures fuel futures future got it i could also iran wilson taking his like stable of children from other people's parents to like one of those wilderness retreats we have to solve puzzles together like as a group to build a team timber do the rope course near the rope court here he's probably have all seas probably have a rope course built in his back yard just for that out ex i'd be i'd be in for us wilson also being like the new engine initially in just adopting kids from everywhere from every continent people are starting to either we have a quick say
metrics twenty of the twenty three mba players recorder triple double have been eliminated from the playoffs allow so turned out tripled levels are actually bad really bad like you can't numbers never lie yes what they say it's i prefer a guy that goes on get single doubles and focuses on one thing these guys are jack all trade youngsters of non you need role players energy needs deeds ditch diggers to the ethics metrics probably forgot that there's only four teams left or no sorry five teams left in the playoffs so so i don't follow you speaking there probably are going to be a lot of the triple doubles i don't think that has anything to do with as want to do that here's your here's about bad one thou james harden one of the poster poyser triple bubbles got drugged beef this game six no safer metrics five hull famers texas even psmith also i dont know what it is about baseball reporters sabre magically got to be the shortest collective group of of end of it
who's in sports media oh yeah like posture on your these ten road can grow region can rose and thought can rose and always in the boat i actually makes you a shorter yup so they're all under five feet tall jonah carry how tall zack i probably like for ten days i get europe is a tiny little guy good point somebody's reducing digging why do all the short people end up being baseball notes embrace debate real quick call cabinet has been in the news because getting black bald so i having a fiery and we're going to brace the bait i actually think colin kaepernick's getting blackballed because his last name is annoying to spell the whole way before ethan a very problematic it's i mean i always say cap because i don't want to spell it out and be wrong so teams are probably like you know what we don't want
of our fans on twitter to look like idiot fans smart by misspelling the quarterbacks name let's just steer clear of calm copy other actually doing philly fans a huge huge serve anencephaly fan that's what i thought you were you were strongly implying it i actually think that common karnak his problem is that he's not being militant enough chinese i take one step further and maybe out o rob a bank wearing a presence master something like the us eu issues are working out like outside of facilities they got o t come out the guy always that i as is get me a shot that would get some new and you probably have to give my shot or use changes name collen collins psmith copper that's a good one collins psmith yeah that's not ass not problematic a call and world peace among saying as a white guy i'm not saying common complex you'd have to changes name but it would be helpful for us if he did
your name because we're dumb yeah exactly like there's no historical problems with one another great another non change your name calmness but to a short angler size yeah maybe these young oh yes area we would like you to please just make it he s talking soccer quick update swans e t my own they have survived legation we're staying up that's what we say and that was done it's good though khazars only want there's only one podcast not to get crisper start on everyone there's only one podcast that i know of that has an he peel owner as one of the core now what would have happened if they had been relegate how much money montenegro's dad i think it would have been back to that from today have to play in like highschool stadiums if there was a very bad so it's out
they want delegation i am hawks because it was threat there have never been more thrilled and be the fourth to last worse team italy i would love to see delegation americans yes i think i said as well go but the threat of the brown having to play the emma less for a season the mac would have you made the moody wonderful outta the matter at the us they'd probably go like that they go three and seven in the back yet we yeah that three and seventy we oh one other embrace debate that i missed frank mason the third everyone knows it things are getting all there were in the room again i've another embrace debate real quick frank mason the third is mba draft season so all the prospects are meeting with teams talking with them we have he knew question pumps is your mama prostitute had tipp jeff ireland this frank mason was asked how do you want to die by jean couldn't be considered
a felony task somebody they allocate by like if you if you're threatening them yeah she got former head put out he put out a gun in a knife reads like a frank how do you want to die i tried doing that is down and i got order there maybe we can get him out of the front artisanal bulls heck embraced about how do you wanna problematic early jumping out of a play when the parachute get one last adrenaline roger some here her real psycho i've thought about this question will be if you weren't how do you want to die or dislike quick under the head dead hooker do there's you wanna get shot to their millions murdered either one a mega adrenaline rush or just did happen before unknown it's definitely frank it's definitely suicide it sounds like you don't want
they had made i want to die in an accident you'll get shot in the head and who wants to says before they die max and they want to dine you wanna get shot how do you wanna die ok i think it would be cool to probably choke i think choking on a good meal will be good i think i'll short choke on no why was it is about a real that's kind of i want someone doing homework jus like a nice restaurant and use die yeah get thought up one day i'll be back so you want to die in front of someone you tat i want to put the burden of someone watching you die i don't have it all my life i would like an audience for my death if i had other guys it's one rise is one last perform its rigour age ailing but how do you want to die question i think i'm going to add to the failure as it
epps friend would be so appropriate to die by iraq and true good point i would like to die in the fall october day maybe like five o clock at night i finish what's your college football game win that bet walk outside heart attack boom dead they could have if someone called cops are the police the ambulance in time i probably could've been saved but no pain when they get me so i just died i would not want to die during football season i want that on the record i want to know what happened was just imagine like it would be so nice to have that last wind and then you walk out in that crisp air that fall are baby i would like to die in my face in some crunchy leaves as i'm like gasping for air hoping that my children will save me and then whoops they didn't maybe like it maybe like the smell of a cookout going through notch and it s pretty exactly i wanted i actually want to choke the day after the superbowl where before after going to work yes that's all
good morning yet major re that right is zero ends right is whoops had too many broughton and cookies that's pretty good to me all right let's finish so we have two things left we have a stay woke this one i dont understand so think you're gonna have to explain it avril lavigne every levine avril levine who i didn't i haven't heard from her in a while which well she's in ottawa so hank what the rumour going around the internet so that it was a very important thread that i saw sunday mega read as of a mega it was conspiracy theory threat ass kasr clean the idea of this thread was that every living in two thousand three when she blew up like skater boy whenever that other song was complicated super famous
but those like she was like the email girl so she hated being in public and being a star and they haven't paparazzi foreigner and stuff so she hired a body double to do all the public appearances go in public and they became friends so the theory that gave of what david to a movie about a guy that my country but god again theory that in two thousand three she committed suicide by now because she was so famous at the time who record company were kept her alive but not like saying that she died and then just using her body double as avril doyle male role that stood at pictures those pictures it's either do the plastic surgery yeah that i'm really with plastic surgery pray and there's another zero outlets zoom out there's recordings vocal recordings that sound completely different in her last recorded out basically should record an album and then she died and then so they had at last album but since i last some of her song since sunday
interesting and in the last hour she kind of there's a lot of suicidal what does this undertone what does this save her tat she wrote her own songs those the lange who wouldn't say for our levine that she could have killed herself in two thousand three were just now finding out about this into done seventeen that's a tough that's a tough luck like if you if you had a bad it will take over for me in the end and i killed myself i would hope that someone will i hate that don't sound like big cat earlier than fourteen years later right right at the top the blood of the ego so so that the person that married the dude from nickel back that's not ever eleven so ever levine's probably didn't like the limelight simply because she if i'm remembering this correctly i get all these people confused but she mainly disable the radiating she was she said she was the emails like skater boys out she just use nearby him so she probably was just pass that she made herself attainable too like all the nerves and chain waltz in american like
that she had a pity a pretty bad brand in the best that she could do was chad kroger right like there is there not only kill myself arouse marriage a hasty teenagers oliver america with marilyn manson posters on it while being like all our i could fuck that's not good luck but here's the thing if she died why with record company try to keep them wraps because they would sell a shit yeah i've of rules right be jimi hendrix kirk obeying our levine anguish twenty seven when she died fund up probably not a thing shoes it has every rockstar dies with twenty seven true that's why i bought out hank that's why decided sucking qatar and we'll be right here we also have a hand caught in the streets i other spun rob it i mean it's like the seventh sponge bobbing that's gone viral but it's basically on iraq an old grandma in the picture and is if we use like to success
please make fun of someone who has a very bad take like so for example gregg pavlovitch socks fifty would be like it's the cap's year someone there lie with the sponge via mean what it looks like the old grimacing it's the cap's year with all the different letters i capitalize right then everyone stares at a thinking it spells out some kind of subliminal message that you can't read but doesn't juggler it's just a random capitalize lays out it's like a cam newton instagram posted the exactly it's also the laziest meme i've ever seen in my life has been a lot of those we argued in this area there is a lot of like jordan meme type backlash people be unlike i worked all suitable means i draw the line with this will make it sucks what is it about spongebob that so mean it's all you know it's all like children since member arthur fist yeah like these things people that i dont know who creates the means who creates mean that i have no idea for chance there's one theirs i won style antimony are one screenshot of an old spongebob episode and they just go crazy
i don't know it just some fucking bastard i who is sitting in his like his moms basement bloggers and simply as a dictator like old cartoons and it keeps making these means and i'm sick of it the meme generators are literally sports bloggers yet but we should start me yeah booze movement let's do let's you know what national i yell a star one of those hashtags because i saw on third therefrom it was national eat whatever you want day which every day every day for ever for everywhere at an honor every single port well some kids i'm food now sir safety that was problematic but national eat whatever you want day is the dumbest thing i ever heard it's a citizen who comes but that will decide i was now medium let's do let's do it let's do tomorrow so monday monday ulysses s its today monday national boomerang day everyone poster boomerangs don't meant import my take don't mention us because we want to make it look like we stop
rather it or not having the area so natural were based on good word right where the george is isolating ashura terry hats the gas lenny at astroturf sounds like a shitty email banned but i like it so just post a boomerang which is one of those loop videos right boomer nodded a monolithic boomerang yourself old guy i am now that now imagine old grandpa spongebob explaining to it a boomerang is registered and then i yet hashtag national boomerang day not and we'll get goin viral so this is gonna flew just some celebrities by any of the others can be just a little experiment let's see if we can start our own means in days so national boomerang day hey happy national boomerang guys to you too i am i do a national boomerang day boomerang of a boomerang was is actually media again hey happy national boomerang day hey happy now
no boomerang day hey how national boomerang battalion audio numerically hey national boomerang day yad in writing the let's try to talk about for a long time working hours while national national worrying day let's make it viral and let's all have a great day maybe let's make something during the day and unless winsome money at night that's right what your big with bet ds either the smooth transition big cataracts the nba and nhl playoffs play offs and major baseball's often running it sure you head over to bet ds eye to put all your money on the line and win tons and tons of cash betty die has over twenty years and business the top rated on most ports procures review sites they ve got a great mobile product it's easy to use from anywhere you can gamble on your phone
and do live in game wagering which is awesome and making a ton of money betting on first and second quarters in the nba when they know really try its a bit easy spats make they have great customer serve available twenty four slash seven three hundred and sixty five they built a reputation on fast payment of winnings and they're going to give you twenty five bucks to try just for registering plus a two hundred percent bonus on your first deposit you just have to enter in promo code take two hundred i that is our show we will see everyone on wednesday get excited we should have cream abdul jabbar ever heard of him he's coming into the sea we owe and we're going to do the first ever cross pod cas four person interview so mix tape are basketball podcast which is the best possible park s out their colleagues in tyler they actually had mike conley on today as well so if you want to talk some more in detail mike conley download it right now but on wednesday we will have a two part interview part
when will be on pardon my take part two will be on mixtape for will be part of part one and two cuz we're going to a foreman interview with cream of dual jabbar get excited for that and download mix tape in anticipation and we'll see you are one of you will be
as i see it there is only one of these checks till after all those guys out of your way sunday present when we never met their money back in a way that allows me to carry the sentinel pussycats my guiding repair we hope will not be now
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