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The guys start the show with an NBA Draft breakdown as well as some Sabermetrics talk. Mt Rushmore of the best numbers in the history of numbers. Michael Rapaport from the I Am Rapaport podcast joins the show to talk about his depression about Lebron, what they future looks like with Derrick Rose, and whether or not he's man enough to eat horse poop. Segments include "PR 101" for Johnny Manziel, "Stay Classy", "Talking Soccer", "Uhhh Ya Think", "Jimbos" and the debut of "Hey JJ".
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i wasn't part of my take it is right a june twenty fourth mba draft last night electric for some european guys pact there are some skinny guys picked there is some long guys picked theirs all young guys back won't depending on
three look at it always be worried that the twenty three year old senior what's the deal as he has been beaten up on the younger kids all his life yet parallels retire you the parallel she's never get hold of you i have a question for you who had the best rats i'm gonna go the philadelphia seventy sectors oh i was going to say the spurs the mavericks and the heat no income tax that is true for you forgot you forgot that i did they sure reminding you that so we had it was pretty i mean lack lustre at the top we knew that similar has gone we knew ingram was going gas i fear that in the draft i the most born knight of the sports here i think the sb night is more electric than in the draft night we'll would have
so the nba draft is you know who's going in the first few picks there's maybe a little bit i think last year there was a little bit of intrigue some kind of shuffling it's up top then you get too like pick thirteen and you just don't know what you're picking anymore there and then you get to the second round when they adam silver does even have the dignity stay there he goes homing like tux himself in bed and nine turkey at night and then they start picking the guys from india and the guys from you know weird places in europe and those of the guys who like we said their planning chairman and shooting over brooms and you're gonna love ass yet for their missing shots well you know that i'd be upright you and they all or compared in some way to dirk of its key and that's ten year period our second there's little bit raw but we looked at work they could be a less that dirt i love for rent and shows my my best music my favorite because he knows what he's talking about but i'm pretty sure i could i could stand up
and an be like did the european export and just say aid those kind like the buzzwords over and over like he's raw he's is easily like pausing guess he's a poor man's dirk a rich man's pausing is if he can put on twenty pounds get a little bit more of a handle be aggressive stop playing the euro ball style he could be something in the nba yeah how mad you think that mel kiper todd mcshay are like sitting at home watching the nba draft analysis and they only have to memorize like a guy's information like the binder that machine has is like twenty times is thick as free as the guys on the nba i just can't get behind a man because besides the spurs gay here there's one thing i know about the emir draft yeah it's all meaningless
once you get past number like seven years except when disperse back then the other of the joint that's a classic pop pick and he could really make this work in some guy from argentina all right ok is could work out classic pop fishermen the system you guys are saying this but i'm just uncertain let you know the celtics drafted their future championship captain girl shown your boots away from our friends say that again gosh on your boots delay glassy we're going to hand the seven play the accusation africa got drafted i mean it was was it whether any lamp line highlights there was a german no one in new shootin over a broom loved the up you got you need the lab line when he's like up he can do a lamp line with his you know is sweat still on hank because you obviously the put the cell yourself expand you had a bunch of pigs
how would you rates the self extra right now not well but the thing with then age is that even though it doesn't happen you always think he's gonna try four million people they always has had picks and self ex have the most average guys in the nba they have with fifteen average guys it's the the experts that's a good way to look at it spinnet i woman that's where you go about suspend i have a question for you to be empty is random brennan ingram raises two factors yeah i don't know i really don't give a shit i told you about the emir draft like yeah somewhere yes he's racist of address ok well here's my problem right so they drafted bremen i'm an he's probably like a hundred and thirty pounds he's been put and they all say well he'll pull on weight or put on weight or put on muscle why aren't you
drafting really fact eyes and saying well you'll lose weight he'll lose away like you're gettin shape that's resort affair when they drive thank heaven dorette he couldn't even bench a hundred thirty five pound what's correct that they work out to humming remind again how many championships of the thunder one zero yet although i agree with the draft draft are you if you can a clone of big country reeves every year yeah big baby you i would build my team do the opposite you always get it yes which it up the warriors guy good by doing the opposite everybody else is small there's gonna be a swing soon you won't get out in front of that and just raft of thirteen possible until not again and sheep that's that's my point it just seems unfair to me dead back eyes had the benefit of the doubt all they'll work themselves in shape now you ever hear that we always hear the oh yeah i hope on twenty pounds a muscle i did see an interesting take out there today that's been there were saying that the nba draft is immoral because it
mrs players to go play four teams and cities that they might not have chosen on the free market upsides gap we're getting pretty close i actually wrote take about that like a year ago were the nfl draft saying it's basically slavery is real steamy take a so i'm glad it has been finally catching up to me you have on that front it was like a year and a half later but i think with more looking like this we're gonna see players who maybe try we got the draft maybe burn their draft cards to the draft constitution do they get here they get travelling they get handed a draft court yet would have but jane follows up there about on a hot alleys heaven forbid rest in peace are a key rapidly by lies so we got through out in detail the same time the bulgarian her other you always remember them together i am the most ridiculous thing that was said tonight reese davis did you guys here this he called
he said some people call the sun's america's team i totally cut out for a second he said this so people call the sun's america's team why because i haven't one were war in night thirty years them anything important recently i mean the only thing i can think of is like that may be the people who live like in mexico on the border of arizona like oh yeah that's america's team right over there to point out to the sun's their point to the sun's arena there like that's america's do you remember when we had kaminski and has shown we urgently need a single player the sons and they took like thirty seconds to think of one year but i think we should role with it besides i become sons vans because we love america and if their america's deemed their america's do i was a big denmark guy i've i've wondered in absolute it
he's got a couple bars and restaurants in the greater phoenix area good marguerite is i'm told you myself into being a sunset already miracles team bring us wide coverage please truly america's leader what a great that guy is like that's it that's a dude i can put my name yup heater means a mayor real success story he went from you know not having a great education playing in the nba and now guess what he's one of our most respected leaders yup he's in politics and he's killin it so america's do spurs son son said son you already forgotten seem climate we'll be back i have one more thing before we get to our daily mount rushmore because it is summer and there's not a lot of talk about little quicksilver tricks not analytics guys we're not stats geyser sabre metrics guys one point three
million people cleveland parade how many people live in cleveland twitter i don't know but that some i love problematic jails i love parade dick measuring contest i get off on that every time i'm a team wins go have the air they'll picture and the people will say well if you saw the heat or you saw the spurs look at how cleveland parties i basically is their basically bragging that all these people and clean when either dont have jobs or they're not possible to go to their job and keep making a living they're out in the streets eating shit and doubts one point three million people so congratulate i just did a little safer metrics of my own looked it up population cleveland three hundred ninety thousand so are you know that tells me that tells me that cleveland is like the new boston red sox pink hat where's bandwagon or sand wagon fails cleveland the new it town to go now
you know i'm already sickly these guys in their big heads absolutely see sabre strictly speaking three force of that crowd wasn't from cleveland that's disgusting gross puke ah i can announce it rhetoric for europe ok i guess i've rumour hobbs magic number after getting swept by the saint louis cardinals at home is eighty three still still eighty three i went to all through those games that really stuck there might lose again tonight so yeah so i think we're wait i'll tell you right now this is actually live sabre metrics you here in this breaking news we lost sore about members still eighty three off the cardinals and the pirates loss but i will say it's it's eighty three less quickly doormat rushmore what we have today would you we're doing widow amount rushmore mountains right i going to mount rushmore numbers all kills du warm number so
just so everyone knows if you miss last episode summer gets a little slow and sports talk you know after us circuit but not for us we are here we're gonna make the debate that the old that's an old journalist trick for you there if there's not a lot to talk about take the debate yourself and then you tell everyone they you're just embracing the debate so the bait today mount rushmore of numbers let's hear it ok my my rushmore numbers is pretty simple i've got for twenty on their yeah no reasonable so see now that one was obviously sixty nine the number eight i'm a big a guy creates always my number yet her cousins delawares number all round that is an uneven number really easy to divide then my fourth man rushmore numbers is infinity ok you're mine mine are twenty three greatest
whenever the brandy up up lebron james greatest small time twenty three i'm a big number one fan number one is such a try hard number ok i huge double zero fan i'll give you that while the double heroes that's why am i not right yeah yeah and then my final number infinity plus one did the other does not numberless an equation you gotta get on your own rushworth equations ok we'll do that later joints begin on one yeah ok i actually i ve the number ninety nine kaliko like when a guy what are you doing another kind of about ass they dennis robin agri at i like them or seventeen
dwayne from seventeen board of louisiana nor your ear relate to that it's not like situate mass near dear to my heart i like a number for who that's woe hake left field for ok for twelve years judges insane picks die away picked rights for tom brady number one hundred because i too cuba one hundred all that good so put online it who had the best man we're going to do a twitter poll don't no the twitter paul is gonna be it to give us some time with the twitter paul because it's gonna take us in time to tweet but we're gonna tweet as many numbers as we can and then you just vote and will do about style and we'll figure out what for best numbers in the work of this now numbers have yet racket style
tradition to see who makes the not rush of top of parliament's members here so make the eternal for that hey we we know how to keep it hot in the summer time and i'm not talking the temperature its quota let's go to our friend michael rather poor first bearded debate about a wrap up the nba file he was depressed he was depressed so just a warning he still depressed because the brown one and then i made him a little more depressed when i told them game the handbook for dark rose phantom so here is our good am i correct you know amateur start you re irene us out to you you said you gimme the tory alone did what's gonna go out with dollar one start i'm getting old and when you get to fuckin staff curry body when it down one of one can undertake the wound dire ebbing recovering from we want an official apology to the part it might take podcast because we were right about that
gary and you were wrong now specifically what i use annoying united front runner oil not good enough his family's knowing two years families worst luck what the shoes they did the diversion of the of the of the under armor shoes way out there i don't know what the fuck was gone he bought a medium we have only wearing them right now i'll wait on the wider why once yeah yeah yeah yeah listen what do you do you guys know you you you're you you ve got your view year your heads up lebron james disaster here i would you say would you say will branches party which saint yeah you got your head stopped up his ass right did you
see those animals in cleveland disease i saw this could put this guy unc in it the cleveland parade you look like you look like actually like he was related to stephen atoms for some reason during the parade in cleveland this guy he's a good look big like sixty six nigh breed white guy private towards six during the middle this is online stopped started yelling at people picked up horse up and started eating it always i like right now you sound like a guy that rules it is unlikely gotta went to be why you that goes to his first real count far as it did you see what those guys you will soon be reviewers into a funnel and interpreting them fast like you yeah it's called a parade
yeah there's g in their shots on it and they were taking shots seemed i wanted to go home all hate robin let me ask you a question ever every ever had a bite a ship before ah sir now though that we want is that if they do that shit the mid west likely do that's in chicago way when you with a man the bulls one when they visited him bucket blackhawks when we are happy to listen when the cubs win our first world series in over a hundred years is too weak to edith but she is i want to live without anyone's mind oh shit do you like your cleveland delicacy that's like they're they're nuts about human sit we're not talking about talks would now which no work goes its were come on man horse a beautiful animals listen that was i don't know what the fuck i was only what kind of person she resolved but that was that was crazy do so you know i'm doing this
this disgust appearance on your own you are on your part gas from off from a park here because on actually welcome my dog will ease off the least now you just actually speaking to shit he took a shit i'm just here you worried that you only home i'm not man i know you aren't you we i know you i know you you're not tough empty your dog shit right now why ones up that's how are you i see dealings i know that you took the little brown lost very very hard how are you telling me yeah it's fucking killed me what were for a few days
so it is as bad as it was your obviously sunday night monday and tuesday listen the better team one united talks about abroad but i never talk about him as a player he's a fucking beast of great ignored came down to the last two or three minutes and in the cavaliers we're going forward and golden state was sort of you no standing still like you know you know daily they were attacking and it was a fantastic series i loved it it was dramatic although the games were in great you know the drama that i think just all like the online shitting me you know that the sports fodder in it did the suspension in the tick kicks and all that stuff and made a great and in the game seven lived up told i i thought it was interesting that at la brought james on that when he tried to donk would like five seconds to go he broke his wrist
and then read and healed it by the time he shouted sexual green he's me i never seen anybody do that before my life and an end that to me i think is really interesting need to be examined but his wrists was broken he shot one free through i noticed healed and now you never say of any real universe anything bad about the on the court i never say suitable yeah right now i agree i agree arrival day even an amazing group which was he
fell to the ground grabbed his wrist and he started waving away the stretcher that wasn't even coming out onto the court yet four years ago i got this with his broken rest yeah and sit healed but but but i dont think i own a single think that he was bullshit because he was down there for a long time and obviously he was gonna shoot those retailed bride literally thought he broke his wrists was five seconds ago and you know he wanted that don t go down so bad because that would have just been it would have been even worse for people like me then it was so listen to the warriors they fuckin lost you know that he didn't didn't go through the scrutiny the way you normally happens normally you get scrutiny on the way up and then you persevere and and anyone a championship me when you're vp and so on and so on they sort of doing it backwards we're not asking to every please to championship runs blob
blah blah blah blah blah and now they got to go through the fire and you know it it's just it's not the normal the normal but you know i'm a knicks fan listen to but but i really enjoy that close 18th and abby uniting gold doble learn from the mistakes and all the other bullshit you know budget it is hold me kill me that that she killed me it killed me i haven't i haven't had a much pain watching a game since the giants dethroned those cheating fox in new england for that superman obviously that worked out for me but tat game was was that sort of paint to me like that was like i was in agony during backing can we get you and been afflicted have just like a fuck off over to placate we gave him a leaky can he can eager he can hold a fucking kill them especially sober picky won't be cut
you think you was over last night oh i think he was fucking yeah i think he was steve steve has hopped up on on your gatorade and in pure water it was dickie reserve hydrate well hydrated dear well i like you was he looked like his face was very well hydrated gave a team of good he looked like you know the sprightly been afflux i like when i like you i think he's movies especially the once he directed are good but obviously you know there s boston when she sat in the new twenty directs at me but the town was dope the town is like a legitimate talk juliet gee ringer yeah they directly yeah i think so director producer actor he didn't know about it you didn't know i don't think so i but don't worry we don't you think those boston fans are angry why people with no lips you get you know like did they think they're just the rabbit angry whitefoot
with no lips but you have not obviously not matter boss because you would not say that if you met they want to eat oh he's being procedures he is the angry ass no lepus guy i've ever met that part of the i wish i was crazy i'm so sorry to placate i wanted to talk about why we brought you this what happens to placate is how it happened last night on summit showed like you just get in the rabbit hall and then all of a sudden every you could just forever so that's that's probably that's what i'm saying no we're done we'll get on about the reason the real i brought you on this show derek rose is now a new york nick my team to your team i want to first know what you're instant reaction was and then i'm gonna give you the handbook this is now it's not just any old handbook there's a handbook that's been cultivated for eight years
i know there are grows better the dark rose knows derek rose and i'm nice enough i consider you a friend i want to give it so first gimme a knee jerk reaction i didn't have a big of a knee jerk reaction because you know we always get the wounded warriors with the knicks obviously derek roses healthy even if he's not the envy p derek rose if if he play seventy game sixty five games then then it's a good trade we you know so we we got we got rid of holes they called the role they threw up a pack of cigarettes a package snapple hoagie how the road and we got rid the robber lows lopez jerry grandma i still think as potential an editor and if an initiative and i think that if he is healthy i think it's it's a good drink i think data so that that was in utah
knee jerk that was my knee jerk you don't realize they gave the bigger face i'm afraid this fucking guys gonna twister's ankle at the press conference right the idea that any action he would be out four six eight months oh yeah no i give you guys easier tankers sorted be like at least a month here's you want you ready for the handbook shit guide i ok first it's a question who is the best need doctor in the country i believe is in los angeles but but we could work out ok his name is actually reggie rose he's derek's older brother derek gets hurt red he's gonna tell derek when you can come back when its support appreciate how he's gonna rehab now the next doctors they don't get a saying this so just know that like this
it's basically reggie rose and be j armstrong media also another big one that you're gonna do it so you getting ready to go derek in that policy ok i was busy armstrong have to do with easy that would derek world yeas reason encircle right so fuck yeah yeah ok do you like dunks yes bob dogs who don't i do i do to dare crows doesn't dunk he can't dunk anymore you dont once last year and it wasn't even you like lightly put it over the rim fuck me ok what else could i do like your athletes being able to talk somewhat eloquently and not put their foot and mouth all the time i don't give a shit about that i like that of idle geike when derek roses is is misunderstood i told you we get in touch with you all i think that he said you know cortical wrong in order to miss communications i read between the lines
so that's out of a problem that ok that's where because i actually agree with you i've always i've always dirk rose back in that respect he's not the best you know he's not sky worries from the media he's gonna you know miss some games and then say that he wants to be it is stunts graduation so he's gonna take its time getting back even though is making twenty million dollars is fresh lively that's gonna happen just eating sap it happens it was added but but i it's not it's not it's not the two of us we were rational guys we know what derek rose is saying it's the new media is gonna eat him alive when he does a completely ok complete i like that i feel and i understand that guy but also got for me right do you like art on your three points
who does an organic fantastic stuff go refused to three that the abuja what else that already go he will respond fastball fastball durham flatters could be offered me they're ready for that you light joe set your expense even if they're not really related to any what's going on no not really know yet because any time anyone gets injured in any sport ever there's a dirge rose joke to be made and i don't know you saw but they ve already released eric roses new uniform it's just a suit over and over and over and over a few marsh homage over and over and over and over and over and over again once back before derek rose the jokes are endless i've become known to him but there was a time where i was like genuinely upset about em i got past so that's the handbook now
a good site i'm actually deliver the girls i heard what you get you not send me a big hit year we all pre he was good for your team where's your loyalty yeah i look i actually madeira i'm just giving you the bad news first the good news is he actually is quietly good year after his eye fixed up so here yeah you got the broad based i was messed up he broke his eye and precision which was some mouse that was i was a fun tweet that's the other thing is rap you're gonna be on twitter and just randomly you'll start getting tweets being like i'm so sorry i'm so sorry i'm so sorry and you just instinctively no dirk rose gunnar fuck me and it is a good one good thing about this ok i i i think he even he i i think you had better year than people realize after his i cleared up i think it's a low risk high reward you're never gonna
at him back all the way but you if you can like seventy five percent of their gross back then you're right it was good trade so it i mean you you you gotta make our way through the pigs no you're also gonna do this thing in your head and this is something i wrestled with for my four lulli eight years or whenever i have six years wherever after we got his first injury derek rules while good game do a derek rose thing annual say to yourself who derek roses back right i am nl i should like to for fifteen and turn the ball or awful defence and you'll be like oh and then i'll take up any they won't play the next game us hamstring the little tied to the charter yeah everything you're telling me makes perfect sense for what the new york fans are used to and programmes to accept theory about direct rose i think there might be like a non maker situation going on there
maybe derricks actually thirty five spotty broken down like if he didn't i too plainly ba when he was much younger you would have had like tended yours i'm your man let me tell you something my expectations and new york knicks antics attention to so we're so demoralized and so beaten down i can't even name and this is fucked up i can't even name six guys or maybe i can name six guys now that roster right now but it's like it's like every season usually like merwin you're like the fittest x ray yet spelling bee and you had like learn about inwards that's that's like the new york knicks roster it's only these people their interchangeable and this fuckin guy derek williams put himself in the friedrich is in he's gonna go out of their way to give this fuck it sees this guy you got rob last year by a skipper
that is a bad thing to happen to you to a guy at your team as has got the baltic to sign himself appropriations does he think he is you i have i have i have a little silver lining for you ok you ready for this give me i heard what did you call me as we require did you gonna give me you know i got some for you one white howard might come to new york in her guy great yeah fucking great do i go back on the table the amazing died tell me you wouldn't like on my back there too dwight howard derek rose com oh anthony woe talk about sums fucking all stars brown they talk about this is how they would ease their talk he's talking about everything it's almost to the media eating somebody would be so confused by the new york is this here's your backup though i got a better one for you there talking our joe came why love and i always will love
progress all so you're gonna get joking power we saw in derek rose so your bed we're gonna get the balls team that could never beat leubronn just five years later so that a mother i got a question as new new yorker is normal for me the sealed guys just like jerking off outside message worker now anything that's not normally you might seek a guy taken a shit broad daylight oh that's gonna be a thing gear but didn't you just you know you don't don't make i our debt to keep an open you'll be was anybody that like watch behind that doing like picks up a shit needed that i haven't seen i think that for some of you have you i did a garden yet goodbye i saw a guy jerking off outside of it i told you
these rights asylum to go i wait i just want to say that i actually still love derek rosa i was giving its you bad i think it's a good trade view and you dont want progress on he's trash joe came is worth it what else you got took it what else you got how long were you got anything you gotta get up your chest i mean you know like i said are you always beaten down this week the rough weak for me you sound down you sounded on work and my dog good cooled off there was a heat wave and was answers you know everything everything's gonna gearing up proficiency football that's what that's my neck sore focus in life is one of those words are very suitable you guys are you want let me bring you a couple sleepers will war on roma for you ready yet rattle of course i'm odo i gotta i re done does bryant ha ha ha i get another one adrian
yes it's like you i don't don't can we can you can you believe that out of the way we want to hear that coggan gale others gonna put up some numbers look out for folio jones i think that this becomes break out here you up again do you guys don't fuck with you guys are focused fantasy know i do i drafted anyone had every year levies that's really all i care about his lungs days i'm a dream i'm good i drafted like third like as you like your third running back no because anyone who now he's my one running back i got him john tune forget it a lot of really solve guys backer toby gerhart level which is santa guys what about what are you but little all series is holy things can be the burning back out of the draft you take ziegler elliot's can do something no one can ever learn how to wear a shirt properly
that number one year you gotta put some clothes on asshole yeah yeah yeah put put your guy i think you should put up like a bare minimum at least could you can quit beyond this at least two hundred yards is here at least for the whole year school not cool i don't have weakened we talked about this but i play fancy but my problem is it's not enough it's there's not enough like at stake so i want to start and i you're invited if you want to be in this league a piggy league loser has the cut off their pinky z that's when you start getting into it yes that's what that's when it becomes real yeah because i don't have enough i don't have enough confidence in my skill to give up a pinky like if you told your pink
so i could get into all pinky go figure joan i got i still got a career you know i gotta be in front of a cameron you note its hard enough you're gonna be needed if they need like a tough guy or like a guy using real big gambling debt for any role guess what you're the first call on the first day pretend i'm just a mean on i'm hedging right that's that's why don't you do you out here you they stand out are you all right here you be the first nine finger actor yeah i'm good i'm good ok but but but other than that i honestly like you know like as far as sports like you know the draft the nba draft i see you guys you skyward denzil valentine yup love it gonna fix this girl but i love it yet what does a few guys in there i love body healed yeah we gotta do so by his eye like rodents amends i like britain ingram i like it
bloody because again and again in body no matter how badly thought out that's all that's buddy you always gotta be a body emily song about i mean he's got some of the greatest teeth and sports history he does you don't want anybody gaily you can't say teeth you dont entity word please that you notice i said girl for denzil valentine please answer that seaward on why why just we don't use its inappropriate it excludes parts of our audience some people don't gap cheese so we gained a lot of listeners from kentucky earlier this week i do you know how to make everybody feel bad right you let you leave people out and they stop subscribing so we don't say that you weren't anymore no doubt no doubt year because when you say when you say grounds it's open its an open speak right you know it's unlike other people i doubt not me right i ah the my problem a problem but a yield is his accident you can't talk shit without
accept you just sounds that you want to smoke a joint you what's a blaze of bone he got tat the caribbean accent yeah he's got his fronts are i think it's out of its inaction i think the key come on the lot will bring an egg can you please her out you wrap thank you very much talk do we really appreciate it anytime you guys i talk to you so i later don't need any shit ok i'm afraid you hear me there he might be if even as we speak i let's get him some segments finished a week strong let's start with a stay classy it's from my favorite organization all sports saint louis cardinals jason israel housing who are you i just good i him i don't care jason israel housing there we go tweeted out during the cat clears parade is it just me or
representing your organisation and your town during championship parade with no shirts on show much class now word for it i didn't i mean i understood what he was saying because like tat he was going for a tape and sometimes we are ready to take you just add in a bunch of unnecessary words but i know we all know what he was meaning j smith could and to put a shirt on they classier psmith i guess just because you want to check i guess you can be a strip allow and you just take off your shirt tears with went to a golf courses that assured on today on thursday which was phantom ass dick i like what you are doing he's so committed to it and i've got are you a chair psmith didn't have tattoos you think people would be upset i think me how they will upset about tattoos they don't give a shit i don't recall jason they are observing harrison saying like stake lousy brandy trust in you know that's fine when she did it
think it's less about the tattoos and more about the fact that he's a man with a shirt off because when a woman celebrates by taking her jersey often she's in sport frock nobody says but when a guy does it as i go we got a russian persecute the men you're actually reminded me of another there was another guy he's it take a shirt speeches is amos mussolini a shipyard familiar with them good bodies with hitler spelled out their power pen pals with hitler and then we also had i don't even want to give us got well whatever will do it marked ice oh yes he's a simply ample wars guy i think i have that right cause i looked is twitter per second and there is like me racism towards white people's real kind of thing going on so but he had some hot takes about the parade as well he said if your primary source of joy is watching dude bounce around a ball i feel so sorry fear miserable a meaningless life and then
said when you're heroes bounce ball around your is easily entertained as a dog snap your trance before it's too late i mean no offense mark but i'd love to have a b a dog like that's a pretty great boyfriend yeah like i don't recall the last time that dog started wars against each other where have you ever seen a like sad a really really sad dog very rarely yeah need only in a certain blocking commercials wouldn't i i always get those yeah i'm just but that he now those are the ones with the odor survival is that i was thinking of the ones where they show like the little african kids in there's like theirs mosquito on their eyeball and that's always sarah blacken ones is like hey will get it into the dogs up yonder second it's like a dog with no fuel the other ones are obese there's no feet the other ones are basically like if you could spare a dime a day you could save you know three hundred children and then you just mute the tv eared turned the channel
so i just don't do it change like if they said if you could spare a dollar a day i d like to do that when you get down like small denominations of currency you lose me immediately i thought changed into the trash just walk away i walk away from anything under fifty cents there's walkway we know how to where i am warning that like oh you i have a tip jar walgreens what the hell certainly if you carry around coins you'll cheap yeah strew source the very marked icy then also had this one that he retreated himself this how good he thought of elected to bad people don't hold a parade like this the thing police from protecting their communities instead of honouring bebop layers they do it's called national night out and it happens every single year literally so i don't know maybe marked ice it doesnt participate in they spread so shame on him if that's the case but what he started on police bread i respect him
who's this much of a party pooper you know dot if dot you there's people who are just i don't know they're grumpy i'm happy but they can get a little joy out of sports or they'll do a blank ok that was cool if you watch the cleveland cavaliers when it championship the first championship in over fifty years for cleveland watch all these people euphoric dancing in the streets and immediately said their veto idiots and in a trance and a bunch of dog brains i actually call like you because that's a commitment to being such a fucking asshole like a blasted parties and even go even go to the furthest extent which is referencing to do that i picked up a piece of shit and aided off the ground at the castle remember we talk about this couple days ago like calves aren't gonna know what to do here is a branch of egypt we could have have speculated that they would pick up horse shit off the street idiot tossing arouse like popcorn
people have been like eskimo that you for that's not gonna happen right in that guy like you said the calves fenced cleveland fans didn't know what to do back i probably thought that was food they just so upside out he's been parting for so long is like all i need nutrients let me pick up this big pile of green horse shit and their due climbing buildings again verging on the other under very precipice of death to sell basically the cavaliers shipping and obviously if you die during your team shaped gyp i'm not the worst we talked about this well go like if we had died and green week at the top of a game i would be ok with it so if you're cleveland or are you die during the celebration first championship i don't even think that jimbo i think that you're gonna be thinking about the statue for you won't you remembered as part of europe s part of the team at that point people were you forever as part of the cleaving cavaliers championships another good way to go they're gonna above statue and then though put a ring i'd statue and then
fifty years when you went again someone's gonna climb up on the head to watch the royalties bread fall off dies put their head boom like a watermelon blood brains everywhere nother statue style ass we have talking soccer this is a quick ah there was a game in sweden i believe where a soccer player got a red card for fighting during the game so that was talking over the ok i don't i mean us what can you have fought you care for during his army and everyone knows that it's a beautiful game we you don't do that shit it's a class again ok they look crazy they can spread aerosol directly like india but hold a cure you other hamstring full but you can't for that aerosol out later i love soccer as that those guys i don't know what know what they sprang become our they start sprang all kinds of shit everywhere as like boom eurostat mate
military should get some of those brigades we shall we should we should make it we should give rather rubber given the third a shower in that spray we wish rob regretting third and aerosol canada motts club membership and just longer heirs of at the moment is very welcome and we're just helping you left and right today that will satisfy either and that was talking soccer after all we have a man's l a pierre werner one was anonymous then i gotta say when we stop you awkward you're being a little i'm back who does not seem that coming we need to anchor these segment so like that say with some convicts it's a man so we have a mental appear what i want for gentlemen a k a pr wanna when we have a man's out that's what i'm calling from now on he got in a accident car accident but the other person ran
kind of crazy johnny manzella gets in a car accident and the other persons a scumbag who does not seem that coming or might have just sides wipe someone when he was drunk and then reported of four days later and said the other person ran hearsay it out that is if he comes i says it was a big black guy and then he of the big o into my forehead for o bomber and then ran away that's how you know he's like that happens like every year can i just give a simple simple pierre wanna one for gentlemen so just stay in dallas because i'm pretty sure the police don't do anything till i get you in dallas you get hit by a car and then you walk in the station for days later is that really what happened yet the dallas police carbon is historically very thorough at all sorts of high profile grabs rate delete dissolves police department just think the gentleman cells on the cowboys because they treat him like a cowboy it's actually good for i think they just love people if you grew up play
outside while everybody else was an american listening in the stated taxes then you the only way i think that's kind of appropriate i i think that i deeds to say that is retiring from for being file paperwork files paperwork he's retiring from football to go one for aliens like tom belong public you to have that might be a good thanks you for johnny another your silver lining too this is like chinese like fourth hidden run right through something like that sounds all right at that when he's only he's like a million run guy we have to deal with it involved and hit runs i hit iran i get hit i get people running on me it should be tracks the hit and run if you just have one hidden run i feel like that most worse than if you have seven hidden runs its true it's a kind of a random occurrence but now that's johnny's deal
just find himself in it runs i have a little idea form issued he should he played but i think you got drafted by sending a powder is right etc ok retire from football play baseball come back to football when three superboss called the michael jordan daddy our love that i'd love to see john exult riding around like aid aaa boss don't i don't want you be in trouble but yeah yeah baby we're wherever he would where we are at it was you gentlemen zone a plaster that he's not hidden running anybody like the bus as you are probably get bored and runs also since baseball the more his speed you can be baseball players you know they can drink during the game they can truly like us off bugging you should get diamonds ocean go to manually baseball and then like coeds software and just booze during the entire game that way he's being productive any still doing all the stuff he wants to do
i think that jotting adele is a baseball man trapped in a football guys body its exact address problem another great thing about this is you know talk about it being met much more season yet is also quarterbacks getting into car accident gas my favorite love your lack of lost borders eggs an old lady hidden within rowdy now he died he died all died they drive up like this yeah it's usually like drew breeze report of his legs are always difficult back every year rick both their legs with an old lady and usually it like a foreign car because no one no one will believe it no american would it an animal quarterback now now absolutely not so it's got a nice to see that coming back will be looking out for finally home again it's not it's all right around the corner when you get big death tweets for all your quarterbacks is like the first robin offspring yet you are the first legal fall what's wrong
but once we hear the j cutler god blasted by an old lady when he was walking through a correct crosswalk and tragically died dobbins amen camphorated round the corner get get ones as well all you idiots out there that say the thoughts and prayers don't work when i heard you black was a car accident i immediately sent thoughts and prayers now is alive so i take all the credit for it because if you like you a lot of people do not but you i'm a big part of everything absolutely speaking over football players that trash renewal houses can we talk about ass bright roquat do you know what happened there so but he was running a house and up the landlord just repossessed it from him and it was just totally tracked and there were feces all over the house okay so this actually is a great site way you rented a house does
riot and got trashed ah you think no door up come on yeah i'm no with with leaving theses all oliver house looks like like is out in the car or is it just like you left it up i think that's my full i think that's walls as well they also said this is a big part of the complaining instead he repeated all the walls that's i feel like that's almost worse then blow off every surface and like lead blood you know he didn't do a good job you know you didn't do a good job we know probably painted more black or something didn't you any primer i guarantee does brian did not use primer yeah but why does bright goes to the store and he felt a shopping cart up with things that looked like no dexterous shopping trip with like just painters tape and just a shit your leader yeah yeah that that would get him on an f watch
pretty quickly might actually might actually create a little tape a little home people tape that adam shaft gets his hands on and search tweeting about then never exists people forget adam shifter swore that he had tat brought tape and then then ever happen so i don't have it ass bright ass the morals were yet so and then i have my other you think and here it is it's a headline from vice places always good for these the headline reads guys don't care
about safe sex if the woman is hot study says you think no doubt i mean brow the way there's another one european is projecting that buddy healed siemens and look at this and you said the other triple up shit where to go i would really like verbatim here got it is being treated up ben timmins brennan ingram and buddy he'll all expected to go
in the two thousand sixteen and be a draft you think new do said is absolutely electric said when we get him said to us nonstop which is the best i love every time someone sends you think nor do i let's go quickly i have a sorry not sorry for our boy j j what he released his new shoe today our yesterday sorry he released news you yesterday hunt greatness and he have some quotes and i want to give you a quote is sorry not sorry quoth he says i'm human i let the net activity gets me every now and then to but every time that i do i try to combat stronger to come back more positive you have to rely
there's a whole generation of kids coming up behind us if we let them see this negative cynical side of us they're gonna think that's the way the world works and then they're going to continue to perpetuate that negativity for me this generation we need positive we need to be strong it's actually not even a sorry not sorry but i don't know what's put it under but i have a question for you am i technically joy it my own money j j b as he said i let the negative he gets me every now and then but every time that i do i try to combat stronger so you're responsible rightly for at least two of his deepens applaud your words it's for j j what basically so i think that somebody but should make some sort of lap i don't know this is a lapse work but there it up where every gigi walked tweet daddy posts so an account reposted but just say like hey big cat and then
the rest of j wants to it because he's obviously directing them directly at you right right oh and they might florio our friend front of the programme gunnar little tipped with him and oh that's how changes back back in the news with all this letting the negativity gets home for a second and then coming back stronger i base we may j j what who yesterday i like you though blames all the negativity basically from from people like us are ease blaming us for ruining the world a blacksmith konrad yes for the duration of their work a j j there are millions of child soldiers have been forced to fight about them about got you spend some time worry about them instead of we call on you an idiot hey j j you know like most of africa
has a drink poop water and kids are dying from simple diarrhoea yeah but you really upset that i told you once a j j there are dogs at their they dont have any feet and their commercials all the time and it really because her sweet and you're not you they got that peter mad at me because it funny your box job hey j j literally hundreds of writers around the country get their flights delayed or cancelled every single year and you're worried because i call you a try hard age ajay how about the police officers out there are working hard to protect children they sometimes they arrest people is that police officers being negative are you sick of arrests and all the negativity out there haven't you respect law enforcement digit he judging how about the guy cleveland who is so drunk and delirious that
poop because he thought it was a hot dog everything go back i don't we you can do some good hey j j j j their professional athletes after that are so afraid of getting to seek a virus yet jerking off in a plastic cups yeah like reason disparities freezing it they froze their sperm brow you're worried about of exactly on the planet earth readiness yet you worried about our cynicism take a hike dude i'm poor from gauges quotes someone once told me that you become like the five people you hang out with most so i try to surround myself with people who with me up and build me up at this in time i have to be somebody else's five so i need to live p go around me up isn't that just we mobiles pay five that's true i wouldn't do did you just described a cellphone plan year used
motivational quote from a cell phone plan the bartley get a bunch of commercials in like three years ago yet using your five my five yeah i think so i think you're right tonight you're pretty much engaged what circle you just don't know it yeah i'm we'll get people whose life i think yeah he's not for positive guys then he's got needed to get him negative unlike his you know how when you left your ie you really actually tearing your muscles i'm tearing his muscles and then as other guys or the protein shakes right other his friends gauges friends are providing all the essential protein the j j drinks every day is like in college you ve got your position coaches and their jobs like make you feel good today a great you're doing out there builders but then you ve got to strengthen condition and goat and his job the beach your ass and jim everyday then you make that guy but guess what five years later that guy
the first one that scatcherd back he's responsible forget me where you are today absolutely so selfish selfish i want not usually what mimi what so that was sorry not sorry but actually wasn't it was our new segment hey j j j j j ai let's go to gimbals of the week what do we got hank fell asleep on the train woke up with a huge rule state of my time we must not even jimbo less waterman that's monday yeah i drew up an aspiring to desperate hey guys you pick one to bury doesn't three hours on tuesday started driving home from work and threw up all of my car that's that's your child your child role of which to put in your body
but tat he was with somebody in the car and if i did worry puking while driving he's like i ate two giant breeders sent my data happy birthday car instead of a happy fathers they card clearly said happy birthday on the front yard but i know what i think tat tat get that because like dad the chances of them actually reading that court in the first place slim tonight i that's just the card any might open it he might not be my son sent parking card for fathers day again thanks lot chosen the trash so you're probably humphrey dad's or guys and people forget guys don't do emotion so new data fuck what says on the card he's probably actually like what mice son he did it daughter he loves me what pussy son sydney carton follows what an asshole swinging the guy
at the bar here about this whom any faults and any kickstart reclining wife get some ability cracks it open doesn't say thank you ok next was creep it on this girl on facebook used to talk to accidentally tag myself and the key pay from two thousand thirteen you know what i will say this that is a really good like low key i have to say that your interest and somebody you not put yourself out there from everybody nobody else knows except you the growing that picture so like if doesn't respond then you just know it's no you know what that might be and this might be dating us thank you might not even noticed this is an old school poke yeah facebook poke when you
used to be able to poke girls on facebook hake agenda brokenly body there came a king and tell him to the pudding ok so this is this is this is lifehack facebook poking we you know what it's like we really do top shelf and then what we want you to make a hamburger put deconstructed and then you have to make do mashed a beef in in a whole tomato like look at this is my hamburger but i broke it down we just broke down the facebook poke too the programme tagging yourself i was wondering where you gonna go that i take the view that brought home that's good you're just just walk away if i just tell you so if you see a picture of it acute jack maybe he's wearing sure like your grammars funeral or something like that just turn yourself in a photo and then if she doesn't get back to you but it was never meant to be my last if my eyes he was working as it usually should my apartment is hot called the facilities
take a look in they realized my oven had been on foreign degrees for twenty four hours you're just a moron chipper yeah you're in a house where its eating up like four hundred degrees and you haven't downloaded that fan onto your iphone yet yourself up we're gonna more on already won an idiot i've gotta jimbo they get sent me here this is from john i was out at a bargain his face was taxing this girl from a school for hours away from ninety come visit the next weekend and stay with me i ain't it starting to tell her what we would do when she got here this morning i realize i sent all the taxpayer to come visit and talking dirty to my twelve person family group chat including cousins aunts and uncles just upward at eight new sang shop were
that's one of those ones are you just say my promise had just do that just say your phones hacked throw it down again don't go don't go online or your phone for like a year already say was one of those online pranks we're like you follow somebody online and they say everybody text your mom they have only since and impose the screen gap their reaction just like subdued on twitter told me to do it from south you start forwarding like a bunch of fake emails from nigerian warlords and i got everything every single piece of my i got my identity stolen and look what happened yet derga from south not agenda my though the week is attending a bachelor party which i'm doing right now in breckinridge colorado and it's like nine thousand feet up here and there are four flights of stairs
and if you climb one flight of stairs you have to stop for about thirty seconds and catch her breath and i'm doing a podcast estate with legalise marijuana and i'm on a bachelor party and i am not allowed to partake because dance implemented a very strict no drug part want me we're like the yankees and is like a year's taskmaster any implements all these content authoritarian rules on me so much and being on about the party while everybody else is getting really drunk and i couldn't because that's a sacrifice i'm making free gas for everyone for the listeners my jimbo the week is when we were taping our part my take promo are parity promo which i want you go watch we did a hollywood just you know aren't suits bore also aren't you sower we're safe org a bad asses gazelle sneakers with suits we did our promo i believe and it came to me
ten i ten hours later i should have gone into a soccer bar because avoid the lads airplanes and fully and started i believe that we will win chance so that was my jumbo my gmos but the hotel for me and phd in chicago and it said it would fit to people but it was actually just a queen bed those men for also i to sleep on the floor that's that's not your egg i would have shared a queen bed with you it was a full that so that now to cut off their principal that's a lot of touching the lot of touching yeah i that's it for the week we have remember today our debut of it's saturday let's get weird a smaller part guys it's only about fifteen to twenty minutes long it's totally different than what we do during the week or during and try to keep it spicy keep it different tomorrow it's blake portals and our wikipedia club he joined us it is phenomenal it's for guys talk about a wikipedia page did nothing
actually read and all trying to bullshit each other and pretend that they read it it's good stuff so you can watch and you're gonna wanna check it out because blake he gives us to suggest and for the next month's wikipedia and their phenomenal suggestions yes and also there's an extra bonus at the end of the episode we saying a huron bay tribute song set to bohemia in rhapsody it's fifty myself and hank we all sing just do me a favor and listen to subscribe and leave a review we need more reviews let's keep climbing those charts thanks everyone so much we'll see you saturday briefly and monday
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