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Michael Rapaport and Boise State Head Basketball Coach Leon Rice

2017-01-03 | 🔗
NFL MVP Race anda bonus Mike Greenberg Dumb Rules (2:54 - 15:34). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (15:35 - 19:54). Michael Rapaport joins the show to catch up with the guys, any recent cat murderers and his current sickness (19:54 - 47:16). Boise State Head Basketball Coach Leon Rice joins the show to talk about being a Football guy trapped in a Basketball Coach's body and why he literally ate fire before a game last week to pump up his team (47:16 - 54:59). Segments include PR 101, Bad Visual, Kings Stay Kings, Sorry not Sorry for Brent Musberger, Explain it to Hank, and Drunk Ideas.
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hundred percent american made and it's free shipping anywhere in the u s and canada one hundred night risk free trial just starts at five twenty five lisa dot com do it right now let's go too far i wasn't part of my kid is wednesday january forth and we're going back to back will will address you start right i don't get it you were doing backed back this dream dizzy procedure
love you probably know miss drake hank an enormous know him is dude from degrasse so we what jimmy jimmy from degrassi so we are here back to back two days in a row usual wednesday show how you feeling great lots of stuff happened tuesday night and sports i am able to say we're here to talk about it we are we do have to great s already we have michael rap poor one of our favorite recurring guess and then hank pulled an all time producer card and he booked coach lee rice from boise state last second because if you remember yesterday we talked about the on rice eat a book of matches to fire up his team we made an honorary football guy the weak turns out here former football guy and he openly admits the fact that he uses football motivational techniques
so you want to come out of the show talk about eating matches awesome and we are now boys estate santiago still stay tuned for their future view so before we get to that let's talk envy peeress won't do that for poland epa yeah haywire your handicap it well i asked before we get it going i need to know what type of guys you guys are are you puts some one else on the team and how would they do guys or you body of work so is it is they are the best player in the leg or is it the best plan the best team right those are the two questions were asked isn't it take aaron rodgers off the packers and you put brok oswald on them programmes it ain't no great dana pride i wanna get because your further away his head is so tall that is further away from the limbo field turf which is cold and hard so people's warmer forget brought brok is very tall yes they do as well
same bp goes i am a kind of guy i'm neither the ones that you said ok i'm the guy that pitches in moans that it never goes anybody besides are running back or quarterback are right that's the kind of guy i am i actually i'm ok with that and we did you know gigi wanton when and repeat your diary now he's hurt this year no but the year that everyone's liking whenever you know that's a player the year offered to play the early caught that one tat sounded obey you know why it so he didn't when it because they never gave it to anybody besides quarterback are running backs alright example should award right i actually might take on the every piece i don't give a fuck using our little heartache therefore i dont really i can't get excited about randy peering about you hang ambrady great it's it's one those corrupt things where if somebody isn't the vp just further but only by twelve games heavily had still had better stay
yeah but if we take but if you take tom brady off the patriots there so through in one so put aids by your reasoning matlin was the vp that weak seventeen gamey played and put up like six staunch advocates light sombre easy as i still better than the other quarterbacks inattention stats that's the point well he's also system quarterback because jim grab locally pretty well so you actually did have a hot take the other day you can't give it to system courted off air where you said that bilbil check will retire because a camp when tom brady retired with caitlin gathered they're going to go up with digging to retire simultaneously they might do romeo and juliet like suicide back i wouldn't here's my prediction ok twenty nineteen they both kill themselves and retired sometimes implying that bill budget falls
other and we all know that allow i can only with julia earns read their shakespeare least watch that movie i with clear dance particularly own clear day they had you ain't they had gone take we're u pest that they were talking like they were actually doing shakespeare the dialogue i read that don't play there's no doubt we read it in class and we had to watch you sparking i actually like not my actually like the play better than a movie oh my god i thought it wasn't traditionally we are speaking of brok asked whether we have the fc wildcard games coming up and if she wildcard as well but the sadder again that we talked about yesterday hocker swallowed name started right that's right the at the annual traditional texan saturday ok so brok ass weiler is going to start a play off game against map mccloy nor conor cook and just saying that allowed makes me so depressed we actually talked about we couldn't remember which team contract workers on
three days before dark i got her and now you might start to put now we might serve left him i think it's right call as well as the only one who's torn up to see out of that whole and deliberations chin so you gotta go with galileo the had six out sir but i love last name a few like savage is only a second half quarterback gonna get he's a guy you put in winning the spark so he can which brok was last year that's right you can't get a spark unless you just completely shit the bed right in the first half hence prakash while they should make we should talk we talk about presidential pardons clementines the other day they should make a presidential pardon for everyone who bets on this game because i'm a bet on it the bet on the raiders text but someone needs to save me from myself you underline the times for bidding on this game right like don't count this game like let me bennett and then at the end the matter the outcome she's like hives just pregnant lose yet right because you shouldn't be allowed to bet on this game yet everyone is going to grow
it's the only way they always gonna watch the game right or they could play back in mexico city same teams i forget that no one is talking about the more crowd shots of barbed wire and guys in the literal library masks yeah just tell you what just have brok and will call it coolio mac put on the literally brim asks put him in a ring together that's again ok this wondrous came to me jack area you can save this game leather jacket yeah he can save this gave you can save this game of jack no real shows up in a suit or leather jacket now has so much class and possess eyepatch to do it for do it for the rest of us please or j j workplace softly and a baby we will back up what was better than i hung before we get to hot see cool thrown we have two other things go do first is the super contests final
up up we ve talked about how larry is fifty fifth out a two thousand whatever a starbucks barrister actually won the entire contest yet so the guy that you go up to an ear like you have to make small talk with when you put that stupid ship in the cart kit understand the ship the courtship will have noticed that some of the cash user or doing the thing where they they pushed the hard reader alia they give you little backboards so i guess it is as yet no it's not an eye this all i got so much cards ive harm but dozing we talk about fifty lost so we initially had a and we ve come of scale by on the better but your fault we all agreed rue du jumpsuit january
what's in it you can only says you can get when at last line or life upon the back of my technically lost by half a game the only reason hank didn't lose is because we would have to chase and i own i sat arose to make sure that he put his bets sounds like an excuse cause i'm looking emma bottom line guy and the bottom line shows me above yards by like two hundred people by half a happy years away it is another area in question is not a question i have for pity i don't pagers ten times that on three times up do you have any regrets about shutting only wearing apparel for no no i don't know i don't have a single regret in fact i wish and shit on you more listen hey can i have talked we hadn t meeting
the winners of this you can change the losers by the way you came you didn't win anything big cat i didn't lose you beat me by half again lost lose you didn't lose you asked you can't change the terms of the bet he s here it is we just want an apology from you entered meant that i know more of appalling you we want an apology for what for letting us down a year the football genius yet you came in last let us just say sorry sorry i am not sorry oh wow ok well then i guess you know we're suit fluorescent january a real soon make me say say sorry sire fault as i have said to us these are about was forsooth that's where to sue right now open a jumps and addressing sort exists sorry we will be forgotten sorry sorry sir not anywhere than we do another bad radio segment windows out this is now we just want an apology god that now this assignment called denial and not just the river in egypt and in loose featuring fifty and loose
many people are saying that many people are saying i actually want sad i will answer i just want to revisit the apology cause it's gotta come i am not going to accept the results of this i think there could be some russian influence and some of hanks pixel put over people forget putin has bob craps ring turned bob craft was too big a pussy task so i think i was of course a around go there i think that russia has it and in the super contest so i will not accept the results of this ok we'll get that apology at some point we have a bonus my green burg some rules what i can't i can't not laugh when you when when this statement is set out so i guess my green book had a great take yesterday he said the college basketball play offs are worse than the college football players e basically said the way that they have in college football is better at determining a national champion then college basketball
so what the fuck yeah that's mike that's my green bergmann bad boy he's gonna have his own show soon mike mike am i see just a solo show and then the other one will be mike mike my god my god junior yeah so mike mike mike mike yes there are split it like it like a blackened did anyone tell greeny that he doesn't know about either these passages in play sports ya think gold brought up once or twice ok so yeah that's that's green is really hot take i guess like having a computer and poles is better because it involves here's what it is it involves the medium or yellow green respects that whereas the college basketball system that's good garlic would like something like that it's kind of low minded right with greeny it's like you get gas from north western actually opening couple
computer i think to occur monitors in their who is in the final right right ok i mean it's the most ridiculous statement plus when you're greeny yet the wife nagging at all the time oh yeah sell me about when it's time for the final for the whole sweet sixteen thing you can't sit on the couch watch a basketball game for four days can i have your vasectomy ever yearly vasectomy achior yet the only way you're allowed to watch a full day of college basketball is if you're turning yourself into a chick yes so greedy loves that yeah hey guys i'm here to talk about the second meets its march madness come up if you want to get rid of you wife go have surgery painful painful surgery on your cock and balls and you'll get to watch for games of college basketball maybe yeah you to sit on the couch drugged up with a bag of frozen piece on your dick
whatever happened to just being an individual person and be unlike a i really like called must want to watch it today i think that actually happens except now with green but it is my favorite sports advertisement for by far is the sector must where are they urologist via the urologist saying hey hey fellows get away from that nag for a day i can for the law low price cut your balls off who are now i'm thinkin we should private sector me no ozga say buffle wildly should have like a special like corner the sector me corner where guys can give the sector means core buffer wild wings make best friends boom put some of that cool but parmesan garlic sauce under balls yeah he's the fires that up in naples good that's actually great idea pegged you wanna give effect to me this year during march manages prank yazzi frank you can reverse em right yeah as easy here you'll give you two cake if you get a second me four march ban as you won't we won't make you work that thursday you not to produce
just think about ok it's here for all drivers and tells me i know more about also you dont have to wrap it up writing herself those between every kid
you don't have after your respect me is like somebody hannah you million dollars so you could basically be like a two million it turns out right what's the commodity yeah yeah not a college basque often clear now definitely not you that our he's got like sperm that could run through brickwork artless you are hot see cool thrown we have our usual wednesday hot see cool thrown let's start with pink aright maya hot seat christmas trees ah son of a bitch also yours no nowhere i love christmas trees you know that about me to someone in my building had the christmas tree thrown away the night of christmas that's his bitter human being like the christmas day night they had they got bad gifts that's what i want i were dont get this shit out of my house christmas trees are done dumps cool thrones coughing season
that a winter what is that turn people like trying at a girlfriend for the winter caused an old hand hand coughing alima covering your jean alike hand coughing got nothing you gossamer that no valentine's day right around the corner exactly you but you don't want to get the girlfriend before valentine's day hank that's that's are or who having seasons
and went there so it's like loves and all you want i didn't have legs enchilada cosy blankets you i get the the girlfriend after valentine's day seed ought buyer anything and then get the respect me on march managers dumper then spoke sorry kids are in our future shiva governed by two weeks coughing seasons asked about this guy got it ok i gotta get wait wait before before before boca prefer exports will you got fifty my hot seat is twenty seventeen charles manson just reported charles manson taken the hospital he's very very sick so long kinda serious in already oh no damn it when you shouldn t yet i thought the celebrities s moreover the worst only they good diet you know that i also saw the ones like twice umpteen oh this is the does the year that are tromp becomes present the other that's how calendars workup so arm yep general twentieth just like we all thought we'd know that but i guess once it become generally first a reality really set so yes sir thoughts and prayers charles mansion
how people thereby tourism to hollywood can't afford to lose another with the good let's call throne is shaping so i was out of the office for like two and a half weeks yup didn't vapor single time why i was around it all the time ok now back in non puffin like a chimney over her so raping school again twice empty yeah you actually asked me to day i paid dear vapor spare rape and as like i don't think so and then i just come legislate move some stuff around on my desk unlike forfeits fell out get here you got my hot seats people who doubt the chicago bears ok yeah cause outshone jeffrey guaranteed a suitable victory so you get one year now little more than one year thirteen months gordon keep doubting he guaranteed it he guaranteed diskiver where's when supermax should always works out rexroth who doesn't make guarantees coming off three one season in early january by the nexus you might not even be undertake shoot for the moon even if you fall short go land among the stars that's how strongly works very well ah my cool thrown you ready for them
sam bradford okay oh cuz he when he won the completion percentage the greatest completion percentage in nfl history had a pretty damn good year so you won that argument about it that trade is worth it congratulations sam bradford best quote nl history by season scooby rating was the sixth overall help i notice you mention in your and bp conversation you know what i'm just saying i think vikings fans would actually have my back on this that trade wasn't that bad it wasn't say branfords fall to the viking once again call thrown elaborate hey i can pay on my leg a hundred percent the time just term addicted people people keep painting sammy sleeps now do not lie in the bathroom marshall eartha i've been hake you son
here it is like a rat apology can make us all go where he also call me ugly during their rapporteur others some anger coming across the table from hank to you in spring and just say sorry reporters to say sorry we actually did and hake and exits sounds like it it's true i lost you are interviews we have first up michael wrapped poor and then we have like we said coach of boise state leon rice match eater eats matches i we now welcome back one of our favorite recurring guess michael rap apply ah before we get going you're sick what you got em all fucked up i am off stop going to evidence this mornin right guy i had to cancel the other day did i not send you
governance ass i went to the doktor the us what a blood test and i haven't section i haven't slept three days were kind of infection could like a bronchial situation at all fuckin detailed but i was gonna tell you get popcorn long enveloping along beside me i waited doctor this morning is like what's wrong with you i said listen to me doc are more fucked up i haven't slept in three days slot three fucking days i wake up from my own coughing all night and ever since morocco every flood the soul on new year's i for some reason kick it that fuckin song item i had so you might well i'm coughing and not sleeping you sing
not even a mariah carry fan it just goes to show in all seriousness the power of music he could remember two lines i could probably single it is also give a fever you is your head ok now i mean ok i nothing nothing i've a theory but i have a theory so what we want for our first phase on policies and descended you're addicted to fancy football your dope set great now you're dope sick just why fuck em like you guys did you when why did you league i didn't win any leagues third place well that's just great job you tried with her i was gonna say it's an super bowl hangover except her fancy football maya
i make this july the theories you might be cursed by the catholic you killed that possibility and i wanted to bring that up to you guys want it you just want to skim over how sick i feel an heroic efforts that i put together take this podcast possible although scheme over there i think you ve made it pretty clear that you're sick these five minutes now talk mile fucked up you are so why call the doktor listen up he took a blood test and then he came back to hear you you're fucked up you have aids no no no no i didn't section monkey infection orphan green when he put me on an antibiotic drip that's the photograph i sent it to you so kicks in a feeling you know i'm not gonna have a great day anyway because of lack of sleep now without at all
slightly i came in i was sick person and you want to mark we appreciated have we appreciate you you take the effort to pick up the phone and i remember thinking you're fucking perth do you have a car i'm sick you ve caught i'm sick hey you know what i was getting chips yesterday and i got one stuck in my throat had a little but a call for an hour i know how it feels good men do you like your laptop then my laptop please give us exactly what i laughed acting thought like that's the first time after about forty eight hour week old another unlike adams over here nuclear tests this is better already the call is ongoing ok let's actually lives our stock has been a long time so fur there are actually was a little murmur of use caught this on the internet theirs
a rumour going around that you didn't like us anymore because the last time we were with you was when we did the new york eyes and larry's picks and people like or up poor probably never come back on farm i take you eight new york eyes you don't hate us all i thought you weren't you or the new york you are the establishment now our the new york garcia focusing monkey selfie cocksucker now
i don't know why anyone would think that good i said i set it on care by don't i don't you know amateur beyond it i didn't watch the fool larry's pics segment i watched the short version but i did say on camera few times i don't know the maiden directors cut were i said and then i started off here too and then i said it on here again when we were pot casting doing something else or autonomy eating i said i really think this is my professional opinion shorter the better with this particularly segment now listen you to do what you want with the footage it could be like apocalypse how you can believe that workers in an intriguing in a few years people might be like where's the on release it like jerry louis's nazi movie or will do approval to a star wars and will put annoying s character there everybody hitting perfectly
whatever you want with everything to clear the air you clear is the clear the air no you guys i fuck with you you know the internet is a tricky is a slippery slope suppose you guys i'm sure not yeah i saw you you again to a few battles on twitter the other week that take on all counts yeah you're taking a lot of jobs are people to come and i had a lot of common and then your son got involved i saw that it's not actually is and actually your son you those a bit that you're done away with boy i do know that without even actually hilarious usanga involved and then you are threatening to take lawyer was my son on twitter is laying on oh but but you can meet magazine he have doubts confusing here but put put my son on twitter is my son but dean the real being if that's my guy we will have your son's name this boy being wasted
you certainly do you and your big son's name is deemed so give you see how that can be an and am i am i am i think son looks like he could actually be my real row it gets it gets it gets a little murky but were not fallen log pretty well i think but there is somebody who lobbying there's someone in your telling him hamlet take away your cellphone you're nuts was between these people let me fight my own vat on that was your actual sun and then he said actual i think he said fuzzy you dead
i've got it in her eyes and password i can get back on i'm not proud of that that that put her change they don't want to bring up the family stuff on the shoulder because i don't want to add fuel to the fire you guys are young viral guy you don't have given that you talk to me yet so so presumptuous unregarded things got out of hand now let me as your question in an adult blink i want you to answer the question straight now i know you guys have a large audience and i would imagine your oriented is is it is more majority men but since you guys are now big shots in this guy's got a fucking to foot man bonn and everybody knows the cat nor that shit you guys get name groupings
that's good question for helping lank don't know that's where we're going whenever had as its hanks hats hanks spot right there yes i don't know what in hell you know hank it ass which for which i thank colleagues a producer from boston oh yeah yeah yeah hanks all about it groupies not another lemme see i knew if you pause we weren't italy we're doing a larry picnic we weren't camera you guys what a blank i got what we actually just kill africa ok here's the thing you guys getting any ass offer your new found famous success we getting up you'll have to be pigs about it we get a lotta ass if ass is twenty three year old white deeds
yeah swimming in so much ass ha i have a question for you i wrote down a question i need i need your take on this there has been a lot of celebrity deaths in hollywood what's the mood like in hollywood right now and doesn't make you a little bit more nervous that you're sick and it seems like gods little angry or maybe what what's a guy named our david miscarriage however the scientology guy he's the hollywood god it maybe he's look site which waiting aren't gave it miss of amateur would ever the fuckers name is is this i attach no i'm saying the scientology god where his name is i think it's david some do named david who likes like paisley killed his wife and through way we're not going up i told you no no guy got respect for this last point you know you don't want to fuck her no i don't i don't i don't i was all legit but do you think there's like a hollywood god that's upset right now and is taking it out on you guys and you think you're next are you a dyson come on man
you know normally act electoral off my back but i've been so sick young that when you you're in thickness i've been now listen i'm that compared with the major major sickness but when you use your beaten down where i've been you start considered like your what would my life be like at this level of signal count how long the rake rate your sickness from cancer to the black plague where are you that's a good question another reason why you guys get paid the book they fuck another what reason why you guys are good at avoiding questioned about cookies arm i would say somewhere in the middle so you're aboard more severe than cancer your chest called none yeah that's what you just said you just said that no no no no no no no no no we're not saying that what more severe than the black egg no let me finish i don't again nothing it's it's a puddle jump away from the black plague so but it's a pall jump for past
answer looking winning like von look at people with cancer right now you're like you don't know how hard i have it now i don't wanna make lighted that at all sounds like you are fairly cried have additional marijuana i'll call you permanent that we're not hold are you germinal known we all technology delighted because i know you guys probably lives forgot about it why that you don't want to ban any body who really deal with anything if you know what you taken my moment away from my ticket i sent you pick let me get a fucking idea this morning you should have been anybody's over the last two pictures you sent me are over and am ivy drip your arm a dead cat those last poems i have from your tears message hearing who took a cat
i want to talk to you i want to talk to you about the super team new york knicks what's goin on let's go on did i not predict everything's happened with their gross why i have to say you're you're a little off in terms of his once we got over that low hiccup in the beginning of the year a little hiccup weep he's been personal miss three games which i think is the end it was because it back issues which is the same amount again that i believe will brontes sat out just the rest oh you lazy all troops to regulate
if you did take a day off from colleagues in spot can certainly one day did wonder technically but i don't want you know i pollack the coffin geopolitical for re yesterday and i have like listen when i come to do you show the boy said high it is especially now with all the panther and in the year in other mumbling that'll fuck with you in this and the other like i have to make sure why do you know that you brought it up i have to make sure when i come i gotta you gonna call rector when you fuck with us you gonna come heart we win and when i talk to you i gotta come ok iran the jug cannot be one more summit did did you get it as serenity of george corals book exerts i didn't read the actual point we think i thought i think you know his criticism of players and playing artist is cool we could do
but i think when you start talking about people fathers and how the reason you doin it in an and all that shit you you can't do that like it you can almost shit talk like the provoking pop shit you can't talk about how people were raised in that that roads the two stood two accusing them of having mental illness but seven class yeah anything right there that's ok cafe we then you can pull me all i got any thou along ass
all you and you could come out could be like you're wrong ethel i got right while these we kept you great but what is worse george call you took he took shit too for he took it he took it too for he took the two four and so you know i mean i'm taking you don't think he wants a coach anymore because he deftly not gonna coaching morn i saw you were going after hipsters on twitter to what's up there i can't stand those box we're woods phantom what well i mean just the kind that the kind that personal data that these are the guys that though i believe like everything that nerds you look nerds really what's born hipster you know and i was never a bully like i was ever like sooner do your lunch money used well fuck you bite but these are some vigour nerd all grown up and did they bully they try to bully people on twitter and the way that happened was a friend of the iron report stereo pockets his duty said bloomberg armament
long story short they started a bunch of these box verified to abuse during a long and how how much of an arduous that's a big word arduous process it is to get verified on twitter yet they asked me if i want to give their files on the fucking comical fuck off as i said there are verified they all figure out a way to get verified and then make the euro to go after people in general be it the nerve and they hit stood an intermittent women these are the same people back came after steve morton when he when he meant equally sent out a loving tweet about huge around europe these friend not not not he's not a fan he's not somebody would mired areas not somebody who grew up watching her carry fischer who passed away any attack this fucking guy he said something to this the effect of because she was a gorgeous creature and then i found to be ready in something and they were so offended by this and they went after him
we need more has reputation in hollywood could be one of the nicest people ever meet in show business or outside a showbiz and they went on and on and on and on and either he's one of these celebrities does fuck with twitter and anna is its is bullshit ended there just know what all you know snob who really think this shit doesn't stink and really thinks that you know that did you know like their turn their hands a cleaner exempt from anything at all i don't like until when i have nothing to do with a working day when after my guy eli lake who was bloomberg so so so i went after them on twitter you i like you a relationship with him you bodies as you said my guide guy adenoids has resigned like my boy my son earlier i don't like you might move my son my fake sign in and my guy said i actually have even met eli but it comes on my part if i like his writing comes on the packaging any breakdown politics in basic layman truck driver turn was why like you we were in the business of finding common ground on this project can we all admit that eli lake looks kind like an egg and then we can just be done with it we can agree to disagree on the rest i'm gonna give you i'm gonna give you real ruinous who i have no idea what he lake with five have you ever seen an egg yes
i like that ok cool you know why you know that's great that doesn't mean shoot me up we took how do we said we that into the if i meet you must have some what he would say hipsters what is able to those with which one you guys lived in brooklyn i do oh i should hate does well said we we're eye out promptly hipster and some capacity across my jean sometimes hipsters i don't even know it amazing it's like hyper it's like hippies with money it's a sort of novice think like hipsters don't clean themselves as hipster ok i'm not hitting out there just there just knob you know they're there there's now yuppie i that's my humble yuppie my bed
i'm happy yuppies way gave way better than his army up yet our guy get this confused came so go so that that was saying so at any majority of another's a few you guys know and talk and others it there's a handful and the good of their job but they have no opinions other than stat there's a few sports nerd there's a may i have named names not doing that name names name on aim seems all not doing namely name let me think ok now i don't want to i don't like to be thinking but that's the thing i really don't like to just say allege that you had to say legit no now look at what i'm defaming them i don't like to defame people because you know especially
i will do my party and i know you can't get sued for defamation you know it's not about defamation it just in terms of my personal compass you know like i don't like to shit on other people's rang like there the quality of their work but they have a show and it's actually good very stat oriented in and i respect your come up and all that shit and you have to respect their come up to it so please donated this out but like the starters on the nba network the hips to me their sports hipsters they know their ship probably
but in all turns up i got i i understand everything is going on now i've finally piece it altogether you are finally realising what like mba twitter is now become it's what any shell twitter was hockey twitter was it a couple years ago mba twitter is now that there is like an elitist vibes mba twitter and urges that you're like us we're just gonna wanna watch games and end and bus balls and that shit and you can do that anymore not on twitter i get exactly what you're so yeah the shooting percentage in the percentage of usage how do percentages and how tight entire shoes rain pursued this game and and and and and and you know that this is a matter i never was
great basketball player but i play ball right energy lily couple envy peason celebrity games that yeah don't put yourself down right that's on film rain filled out and now isn't even in my pride but but you just want to ask you guys gonna get it doesn't like larry merchant never boxes great boxing now and announced but boxing in basketball do i just want to ask me fuckin nervous did you ever bright may be i know now you're famous man that's on what the started that i know you got a reputation on twitter in general undecided into all the basketball nurse did you ever play ball we lingering terrain play ball when you were young before anybody know you cause a lot of these guys like they haven't known matters eyeing i agree with you on this i actually think that most sports like the did you play thing is kind of bullshit but basketball is like such a team sport and who can you play football viewplate pick up any games a pick up and you and us
dan like when you play with someone multiple times how much better you are an end like guys working together as they run and run was not a team it is not only in any now out counteract that real quick before you ever had sex could you point out like i like this kind of porn know why when i was a kid there was no point when i was a kid upon wasn't like for you you you'd be generous you who are pointing out we wash like fucked up shit you you are practising before you were doing here the german down his head and then all that stuff but from unifying say no honestly could porn wasn't it is available it is now now you could you could be gained parent ready the first time you have sex just just watching sunfilled wrote the exact you watch and film and you like i like lesbian
weren't you just because you have an experienced it doesn't mean that you can offer that critique thompson i agree and i must say that if a case brought by something like each one thing we're come up tackle football twinning over time a boxing funding of autonomous mme or even ice hockey but if you are a basketball do and you never play basketball even in your heart of hearts and you took it seriously it's hard for me to take you seriously because anybody play basketball really till any age until the wheel fall off right you know he was always in old do who could shoot at all is also shoots a big shots of the worst but they go it yeah of course they always go in and please deepen its hardy fancy you just right and he got me braces you were just what they want you stood outside maximilian look bad idea gonna hooks withdrawing where i agree with you though i agree with you it's it's people will think that's a hot take but there's definitely like an element of the eyeball task has been taken away from sports these days
i agree with him but genie bus dumping so the question is that is that real yeah yeah i didn't know that was real that's real fit well even supply long time i heard about it but i was like before the holidays right i do know that was real that's real oh yeah yeah it's real are your bullshit me no little really really really statement they release a joint statement oh shit what i feel is gonna be i think you know what a film about back to behave because i hate the joy ass they're gonna form a posse yahoo sir edward job to do
are you mad about deposit word will you meant about not i'm not i'm not mad at you i am not one who we might defend we might offend but my my point of view on that word is i grew up in hip hop and all that shit and if he had said click or crew or or or you know any one of the more common use words now david said phil jackson is a cool mother fucker who while you scan work he said squatter what does lambs why did that piece of genetic americans yet his am what whatever it whatever it is whether the worries me personally i don't think you would have been they wouldn't made an incident at it now i get on that i'm not i'm not black do i'm not a young blackened with plan for these older why do but i hope for me with a broad i think that here
he went out of his way you know to make this into like some sort of you no bigger deal that needed to be and are and i just think that's lodgings so you're still ok cause we we have disagreed i dont like lebron james i've never like the brown james but what has happened is that baby that bitch kevin durrant once the warriors and he makes me hate the warriors and now i'm like forced my hand force now and i find myself being like i hate the warriors so much i don't want the calves to win but i dont want the worst when one hears a thing about the nba if you're really really good people hate you u when was the last time that a good or a good plan it was not hated you like my phenomena with lots of people say stop like oh yeah
hate or why you hate and global level if you think i think we talk about it but you think when i grow up i liked the worry bird knocking couldn't stand that motherfucker i couldn't sting and michael jordan because he was killing you should on your face like every day everybody you like john starks who is like a really likeable do dear you like tat your doing even though he would travel five five steps through the three hundred and sixty drown in sweat patrick giving the thing about the thing about that mean you know because because now you have the old mix which is acting from the ninety and you have the older next which is between that one cabbages in the seventies which is crazy way patch arguing everyone championship ah he was really good that's not know he didn't he was girl no he is really gonna wait let me
check a lot at home they put up nothing personal he didn't but but what that means fully represented new york city yeah the style and like i do no way with right right respected the gun you miserable array a working to let you go you wanna call famous person yourself on the net next time are all doing next is actually an owner is the next time you might die don't say that you do you know what i'm actually get where you do i'm getting a hydra call me if you can call hydra yet more tuna vanished agnes happens at least in this house that i am willing to pursue him at all and the dollar two ok you're gonna get the lean on local rebel yes so i'm that's why i'm glad we did it today because i'll throw jolly rancher in their make an official normal cabin right look up
i woke up and up its and skills in the bottom of the other than large rapport we always appreciate come and on this i say hello to your son dean brothers undine yeah and also all the celebrities ever recently passed away when you get up to heaven yeah yeah we say i will leave it yet when hustle carry fisher again up in heaven soon yet cause you're gonna die yet colorized martin he says i tell her cinnabar sir nice bonds i got you smashed ran into its national another something completely different head basketball coach of boise state leon rice he contacted us because we talked about him in tuesdays show em we brought him up because he had interesting motivational tactics that we need to get to the bottom of the report was quote rice that you ate a book of matches before a game to get your team fired up is that true
not only was it a book of matches billet slits grattan remember there was a book of lit matches that makes a big difference we know that i know that's right anybody can eat a book imaginative take some it takes on top of a book up lip she's right yeah i've always heard waits your fire eater absolutely was your first eating fire is something you ve done before but you got to know my background guys you hit it on the head i wasn't football guy and i'm so proud that you guys figured that out and that's why i was excited to talk to you and you guys unified down at a football motivational technique and some homeless basketball coaches have to rely on some of those luck my guide loved it seemed seemed to get him fired up for the game understand how hard he had to play and what we were willing to do the wind did you win
we did when we want other boy you're gonna three point all while caused you say if you eat a book imagine i lose than you might have to fire all your player and also a book and matches if we're talking about the vaguest spreads here coachee to book matches that's worth at least three now the point just take credit for that one i don't know you about then i just know my guys kept fightin at an end things were known real well all game we couldn't make any shots but they just kept fightin imbalance that gonna get us through it did so so we i will like you said we we heard this story and immediately our football guy senses went up where football guys guys so not football guys ourselves or football guys guys football guys loved to be around us guys so there you are our football guy sensors went up and we said hold on a second is eating matches now we'll find out you're eating fire that's not a basketball coach so what else have
sudan as a basque while coach that really doesn't fit the basketball coach you know techniques here and more fit for football well first of all you know when i came to boys they also hit the nail on the head and i was a big bear no boy you stay broncos and what they done in football i came from gaza and we didn't have a full body ray and so i was always big big fail of of the blue and coach be killing more his dad what is it my all eyes gaza has really connect you that and so i got here i was just a great deal in that way so we do a lot of those things you don't we always have the provocative come in and doktor came in you talk to them and it's a great crossed over in and there's been a lot of fun things off the top of my head where there's probably about thirty those incidents that we kind of our football type
incidents that what we do with our guys gotta remember to others no bartender so i got all kinds of tricks like that all our eye so it will also give us won't give us your favorite besides eating fire and an item off you listened but we throughout the eu haven't you should actually make the court a ring of fire take little very gotten away like a ball yell and play the johnny gas all when i come out very gonna call those stated super volcano you write up their necks yellowstone up there we go i could get together idea guy we are we ourselves must give us your number one like what you're the teams in a funk you come in you gotta fire up you gotta get out of the blues what do you do besides eating fire when we ve always dressed up like getty roosevelt we had with the rough riders weed we make a lot of the references like the football games do about no history an age you know maybe the
creating a source of some of the things that you had to do to win gains in well i can give away all my good secrets what would you do so as we bring about allah by players tell those but their meal we my philosophy is i wanted to be fun for the guys i wanted to know where they just play loose and play aggressive and we are on the side of aggressiveness and get after because you know like coach beaten i used always if their board enough we're board their boards we're not gonna be bored we're gonna have a lot of fun with it and that's canal weak become up without lots to what position the plane full well i played a little bit linebacker burden and i played a little bit a receiver global quarterback i'll get my money was unfold back give a damn about him i'm not a heavyset fellow
it turns out you're also a white guy your names leon rice and i did not expect you to be like a vague at their love crushed in kiev were refusing i believe i am only one of the only lightly owns diamond at that very question what one more question here you also you're an assistant i can zaga for a while and we had a morrison on a show did you ever see his survival walker alleged adam and i are great britain they were green i recruited adam i was with him for his whole career yeah i got in that is what the eu is one of the best guys i heard you talk about proper mentality we always used to talk about steve preventing used to run race is not to use the fastest but few the toughest animist implied basque about this do they have i got it i have a lot of great out of morrison story usual my all time favorites greatest competitor the end i had someone
spoke with him but i stayed away from the survivor doctor i think that that's not good perhaps a little bit of that spot that even eccentric jerk guy you gotta lotta wanna meet things about getting some good conversations without he's a friend of the programme and we love until i we appreciate your time there's one last thing so we're gonna spare you the last final three questions but we're gonna do one and it's a new one we ve been trying two thousand seventeen is called headline grab so were journalists were in the media business first wall where journalists we will refer teams but were now big boys you state basketball fancy like huge your your art there were calls back you you are our team now like officially but we do like to get some headline grab so mountain west rafts can suck rate shoot me haven't i love there
work with me and they brought me along and says yeah ticket we now first half and set about that way you know my regards had then we'll controversy couple years ago oh yeah you remember that when we re and won the game is up your first question but but now i these guys you know not the easiest go to work with courage little bit high strong sometimes does an understatement day if you seen some of it it is clear that if you create loans but you know these guys actually these guys great man was dressed i love because they know that their fair new and they they help me you don't need not when i say help me to help me through all my own headline grabbing no no that's not help me help me through myself got it that's what i would
we re ok we got it we gotta know where we're just words boston balls hey listen we really do appreciate you come on this is that mean the fact you a fire is so fantastic as that's right up our alley if you're ever new york we'd love to have you come eat fire for us very maybe tedious annually what idea and send it out pretty sooner colombia the latter quest for our young people believe it ok that's great and you are now a recurrent guess we'll we'd love to have you back on when you guys go to determine if she were like receveur big broncos guys now unappreciative adapt you fans out there were well let me know if you can ever get back jack it's you out here to talk about marine and we'll get the ring fired love s answer me yes the fire higher saucy and his predecessor on i've got what we're we're working on some ideas will get back in touch with you with your ideas gas but think i'm gonna go dress i will see you got a minute
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to measure premium suit with free shipping i let's do some segments we first have pr wanna one with the originator of pr wanna one johnny men's l so turns out he was partying in a club in miami with possibly the person who has a restraining order out on i talked about this with caleb second go and his restraining order is probably something like you must remain five hundred feet away from this person so if you look at that like a literal into patient as long as you're not exactly five hundred feet away from him it's not a violation right it's going to be like four hundred and ninety nine for a ninety eight feet away i mean that's confusing expect somebody did really parts that legally is right i johnny
this fall under boys will be boys i feel like johnny gets out we usually use that card whenever he gets in trouble just one of those sometimes mean you gotta look the other way january first kids haven't found yet new year's eve hey if you know if you look back at everything i did when i was younger you could probably nit picking funds bad stuff to outstanding only twenty four so if you look at johnny's history just party indifferent clubs it's as are of course he's gonna wind up at some point just by happenstance within five hundred feet of his extra often really gets round of the clubs guy right you can't expect him to know at all times
which one you need to stay ways at a club basically a lives at club get so unless yeah i mean it's not his fault he can't kettle of fish not to swim exactly so date yet look the other way on this point so he was johnny's i saw picture i have some real pr one one advice for johnny yeah justice charm and seriously just chill and maybe rehab for real we have a bad visual chris coolly what what what was this so coolly does breakdowns on every hour words came and he looked at the tape and he looked at specifically were cousins does her cousins people are talking about a really but he did redskins have a decision to make this offices with them they were breaking down the tape and he said that cousins to interception nineteen point nine cubey our game he said it was just bad film oh so you know goodness recur he put a bad film other christian who hasn't done about fear soldier it's just a better
concurred ashen that felt better jeff k special pack phil what're you gonna do sometimes you have bad film this it's fun do you think they cousins the redskins ordinary sanum yeah there i like we're a long term view i like sitting just do franchised every year it will be our irish or teams i would hope the birgitta without shock just franchise type flintshire cypris yet another good reason to their probably gonna give him ninety million dollars do you know what gets has going form he looks apart yeah that's really what it is always michigan state quarterback right i feel like you have to give a michigan sit quarterback a huge guarantee country its outworks right any just put em and put him in some shorts i've talked about it before that's why map barkley stone away that's why jimmy closer throw them in a pair shorts they were good also kirk rhine fitzpatrick they both rocked the wedding ring on the field the other road ones both get paid huge contracts so it's one of those things of lake
if you look rich then people pay more money dress for the job you won't be settled down right yeah shot whilst i was go along the lines with if somebody like puts on a lot of jewelry and stuff yeah people think that the region so they need to pay more money right so let's recur can rise to the opposite of our advice to that one guy who called the earth who wrote in and said that he's been eating rahman in front of his boss to show these poor souls basile pan mortar and but then we reverse that we said just order like stake lobster
pink represent that why you're still doesn't get arise we have a sorry not sorry for bread must burger all bright brandt got a little testy on the call the sugar ball on monday night so he had not to say he defended joe mix embody did com one of the best and then others lotta hubbub hullabaloo on twitter about brent and he came back and cunning yelled at us and was like listen guys what i said i mean it was horrific what he did but i wish him the best so sorry not sorry bright must mainly goes i happen to be a guy that likes second chance yes all forgotten thirty nine thirty and then you get pissed off at america i thought a better sorry not sorry then
what brent said was what our good friend and senior icelandic corresponded j marathi said you don't have to listen to yourself but i listened to the broadcasts and heat yo if you wanna go to anybody for domestic violence or violence against women takes its jamie area so his take on the situation was he was really mad at your mixing because joe mixing completely ruins it for all the guys out there that have been falsely accused oh that's why he's mad at mixing got it this is politically if somebody like in a pod castor were to be falsely accused right in his own mind of what happened then that's something jay mariotti would have brought so this is a situation where a guy like you know trent dilfer will say you didn't play you didn't play in the nfl so you can't talk about it jimmy riley saying you didn't allegedly hit a woman so you can't talk about it he's an expert in this
god that's exactly what i got it i don't want you there's a little bit of logic by that it also it may be wish for the days with brent where arm prince thing is you just say what an outstanding group i'm in here what outside gruber guy recouping as outstanding young men that's would brent must burger knows oh yeah that's his go to so any time you try to throw monkey wrench into that must progress he his brain short circuits right is not to say anything else like he's not stand a young man yeah just because there's gonna guy you'd want to date your daughter here he's on my tv so they must be outstanding i also think there is an element where brent just had the wrong side of that game i think you'd better auburn it happens to me all the time where i'll be losing a bet and lash out like you know likely
oh he was getting really excited about potential turnovers then i didn't really turn into anything for auburn right king stay kings pachmann jones was arrested this i mean king say can king stay kings are really not much more to say except for the fact that he got put in one of those hannibal lecter things that's kind of way down yes he got restraint in one of those like machines coach k carrier yeah right so kings they kings like pachmann went so far above king life well yeah aegis went and took like half of africa for no reason he's like is causing who india rom that yet this is tent the rest oh my god terrorists it he's getting into the territory member back when you were a kid there were like internet urban legends of like this guy in kentucky they got ninety do you as there is no chance of people going to actually believe that pachmann jones played in the inner fell for revenue like twelve audience you're getting arrested ten times it's
that's incredible to think that he was feeling a little pressure because ever has been talk about a keep to it being such a bad ass yet definitely it was a little one upmanship azalea i'm still the gang yeah he's easygoing or snapshot guys chain guesswork poker guy in the face spit on a nurse it on a nurse at at a jail hospital yeah so attainable lectured like to see you try to match that has made it i didn't know that assault with bodily fluid was a thing yes you can spend on people that's illegal to know that yeah catches on a meter that's bottles loud consent p p excellent so you u assaulted yourself i did as upon myself into has i feel as if a victim of assault and of the victim of as a victim of assault ever feel so good so you're actually an expert is using their hosts i've ravish emma jane
obviously we have explained to hank i'm excited has been while our spending is microwaves like the waves or the thing they put you through the thing he put food so you put food into a thing and then lasers so they fire buncher lasers outright and have you ever rubbed her hands together and eventually your hands get warm so all the lasers are rubbing against each other and they make the food hot such her how does that get cancer but my ex hank is getting a la hague is growing up in accessing mommy and daddy some tough questions now so out of my creates keep your kids you know that my question you not supposed to stand next to me is that still true yeah i think somebody sold you a bill of goods or hank i think you can stand as close as you want i put like my face up to the the other woman to see when it's done
popcorn i want to keep it in there too long do you know what i do with my crazy i like to save some seconds i don't clear it after save a couple like a porta potty
like three minutes in all i'll take out would like twenty nine second level save it will say this there is no bigger waste of time then just staring out of my way for the last ten second right as a council that is the definition of just wasting your life when you under deathbed looking back you're gonna wish that you have been a bad boy and he rejected ten seconds or your death bed because a cancer cause you were staring into my criminal time well not a few ejected ten seconds early those tents exact up true put extra two years i ll answer we have finally drunk ideas it's been since we have been around for a couple weeks and then we have a bunch of these you guys who wants to start our online yeah what's a movie sully over the holiday break great flick the birds fly in the engine oil it goddamn it the plane goes down ok is urban erika find out what's the movie tuna thanks not wonder why dont planes just build parachutes so if that happens they can use parachute down and not have to worry about crash landing do mean like attach a giant parachute to the play
like inside the plaintiff like oh shit the engines failed pop parachute safe i dont really see a flung that i think i mean some plans have everything what yeah you ever seen a plain trudged stop on the runway the objective pursued behind them interesting also because since the plane uses lift and drag if you put a parachute out there he creates too much drag or something i hank i thank you sk created something here i'm not smart enough to actually tell you what but i think you created something the plane shoot the points you what do you got ok mine is what's the difference between a murderer and an assassin like at what point if i died like if somebody killed me on purpose it's a sound like a john lennon if i get killed is at it in my assassinated or am i just murdered o interesting i think you get assassins get paid
no no no no it's it's about status yet its total status squash where an outline right interesting so sir knight here's this is not just a thought that i had a whole her in just put your where's align near whereas the line that ok so that actually like more important me now than schooling someone like an alias celebrity is like our them sassin or murdered murdered or sassin yeah investigated tom hanks assassinate murdered because tom hanks as such a fox he can a guy i don't think he'd want that that that status symbol angelina jolie assassinated yeah because she's got a little political yeah yeah ok does area
murdered he's big into the water thing saving the water near he be murdered because will be like a jilted acts that would like seven or something ok i this is a good game murder assassinated in while puts puts a massive than the seeds given other ideas at others it ok so my idea i want i need you guys to bear with me here i texted you guys actually got no i don't think i got a response when i text you i was down in savannah
urgent little aren't are over christmas time and i got really unto tee so tea time that some are they doing in the south and in england guys just drink tea in the afternoon so it made me realize that guys aren't really t drinkers right cried discover not saying it's of where it depends intervention the country yeah i'm not gonna go i'm not gonna be sexier but if it's the most part your british dude the anti drink tea that's fine but we know tat tells us there's a whole marketplace for guys to drink tea i haven't idea tee for guys yeah but guess what we call teabag to me and have told little nuts
lookin teabag out we're gonna steal is that we are still his likeness tim tebow's yeah and here i might go over farther for uk yoni yum already solved we're gonna put wrinkle will steroids in sovereign gets a little extra popular swore care will pop like while this t i'm drinkin make me feel good and strong we could go full circle to my after all coffee idea up i'm ok with that so will have after all steroids tee little bible verse on camera ok and well we gotta give back now let's not get greedy here guys five cents of every t bag goes to circumcised philippine boy i like it i didn't gruffly sediments law let us i mean come on and do you think doing to empty i will see us if we use his face what about ok he might soon because he's very litigious guy feel
more gods law if we want to switch it up we could do tom tom green tom korean tee the greens are situated face tom cranes face on it clean air is green t talk outside wanting tom crean has a face that you cannot look away from you ll never forget it you can if you or walking down the grocer i'll and you see tom cream stupid fucking face you're buying that product tancred should actually let's make shirts the new logo just be tom creates a case like the polo horse if anyone is listening whose associated with tom crean indian about whatever kennison such with tom well what his beak we need to use a spade everything we could sell anything with tom green space on it this is stupid fuckin phase which that's only face he has
maybe no glamour shot dead i want but when he's kissing his is not on the lips the area but i think tom cranes face cells no matter what i think so too cree anti could creep team credence decree india now we ve got you because work pre empting would die no my tea or is this guy overhead that is our show we have the biggest on friday can announce it do we haven't confirmed job don't not ok we have bigger such not show mcdonough with biggest on friday children make sure you subscribe on part of my take falls on twitter instagram leader view whispered back rose would you be rose would erode friday yes leave a five star review on itunes and leave a roast and we will read it on friday i shall love a guess
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