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2017-06-04 | 🔗
NBA Finals Game 2 and the torch has been passed to Kevin Durant. Do we feel bad for the Cavs having to play against the Super Team Warriors (2:13 - 8:13). Stanley Cup Final and Nashville is back (8:13 - 11:22). Who's Back Of The Week (11:22 - 18:33). Michael Rapaport joins the show to talk NBA Finals, Lebron reaping what he sowed, and an update on any cats he's recently killed (18:33 - 45:19). Segments include Connect the dots Bryce Harper to the Cubs, Talking Soccer, Protect the Shield LeSean McCoy, Bad Visual for Evegni Malkin and the Ryan Brothers, PR 101 for Derek Fisher and a new segment "Fuck That"
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On today's part of my take. We talk. Nba finals, game two are the Cavs done or finished is Lebron James being a little extra salty. We also have Michael RAP of Paul our favorite recurring guest on the show to talk NBA finals. We have who's back the week, a little hockey talk and some talking soccer, but before we get to all that fun I want talk to you guys quickly about blue bottle coffee. They actually just sent us some blue bottle coffee and it has changed my life. It's like the first time you watch tv in high definition, you're like wow. This is it's supposed to look like that's what it's like when you drink or drink blue bottle, coffee going back to any other type of coffee, now, would be like going back to standard death. That's because they work with farmers from all over the world to source. Only the most delicious and sustainable coffee and the bull beans are delivered right to your home within twenty four hours, a roasting, so they were.
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Slash p m t do right now: bluebottle coffee, dot com, slash the empty. You will not regret it. Let's go it's part. My take is Monday June. Fifth,
Cavaliers are dead, they're, dead, they're done they're done and finished he simultaneously DDD dead. Yes, absolutely I'm going to and this is gonna- sound crazy. I actually feel a little bad for the cats. It's not fair, like what
What the warriors are able to do is not fair they're, a game genie. They are like the team embodiment of that she code you put in your in your game. It was I I when Steph Curry was crossing. That was like basically putting will brought on a string and drooling all around the court and then like the next play, it was Kevin Durant, trickling down with Klay Thompson, doing a pick and roll and the cats having no idea where to go and then play draining a three from like forty feet away. That was the moment where I was like this. I feel lonely little bit bad. The staff was up to a lot of tricks with his mouth guard tonight. To his get real contest was let the Mouth Guard hang out everywhere, making faces with it. Really he got so bored with playing the game that he just became like a mouth piece. Puppeteer to two things to big take away is the Cavs felt like they actually played pretty well for most of the game. I don't understand this might just be an impossible thing to do because of the Cavs like somehow built a team that can't slow down anymore because they want to play up tempo offense themselves, but the fact that they're, like playing at a pace that
plays right into the warriors. Hands feels pretty stupid by Ty Lue yeah. They might want to consider getting MIKE Brown yeah to coach this team yeah or deli, and have him run point deli on this team would be unstoppable. Just haven't do the thing where he annoys Steff, curry, for like
died. What sixty feet sixty five feet work right, yeah, that's the only way to get into his head to wait. I had to was the torch is passed. Yes, so Kevin Durant, thirty three points: thirteen rebounds six assists five blocks, three steals! Well, that's a good selling! The Brown James probably didn't have a good stat line. He did he had a very good yeah line. He had, I think, like twenty eight fourteen and ten or something right now, they're doing the thing where you you are you pick which team gets to bat first by like climbing your hands up the baseball bat, the torch and then Lebron James Gonna burns hand off of the torch and play Misty mate for Kevin Durant's leak. That's right! So it's it's not only K, it's so much so that it's Kevin Durant's league that we have moved on from torch, passing to Kevin Durant's legacy because he joined the warriors. What I'm really looking forward to is it this game is gonna be over, or this this year is gonna, be over in five games. I'm pretty confident, always given the Cavs one I'll give the Cavs one wow, just because I'm very nice, those nice of you. I want to hear the phrase gentleman's sweep again:
back in what was that was when the when the pistons beat the Lakers. Yes, five games and they called it like a five game sweep they started, calling it a gentleman's sweep for some reason. I just really like that title. I like that as well. Just let you have will it let them have one one of one for for the home crowd. and then the worst single way home victory right exactly so. I also the other moment where I felt sorta feel bad for the cat, for the Cavs was watching the warriors in the team that they have and then the Cavs at one point had Deron Williams, I think maybe Richard Jefferson in Like Channing Frye on the court, so it seemed that would've been awesome thousand two thousand and six oh yeah, Kyle Korver. Was there too, so I was like what the fuck is going on. Maybe ok, I'm a little bit woke on this. Maybe they're just losing these games to create drama for their podcast drive up the ratings Channing Frye he that guy goes week, basket, so I'm not saying that should do change your opinion on a podcasters ability, but I-
you have never gone week to the basket. I know Pft hasn't Hank always go strong to the hoop, so do the math. I have never had a shot blocked in an NBA game. Yeah and my promise to you. Mister final skis. I never will yes fact Games facts boom, write it down I'll eat this column. If I ever get a shot block one thing that you can say to the calves? If Jon Lester can pick a guy off first base in Utah is there you can do anything? You set your mind to so it's not over till it's over true there. It is that it is like the weekend of impossibilities. I would that was an unbelievable moment when the cardinals really k, let's just go twenty feet off the bad girl like halfway to challenge way yeah in the crowd, was stunned. I was sitting there was like what the yourself it was. You know what was that scene from rookie of the year
when he loses arm strike terrorism to why he starts throwing the ball like that's how far the lead was. Yes, so are we all on the same page at this series? Is over we're good with putting are putting our reputation as a podcast on the line and not having this bite us in the ask. You can quote me on this. If the Cavaliers end up I'm back in winning the series unsubscribe. Yes, one day or even come back. Boys are gucci yeah. and there's a coach. I think it's. The good news is, I think, even if it is a sweep, we have like four more weeks of basketball 'cause they space it out nicely. So the next games, not till like MID June, want to feel old yeah. When this series began Perry Ellis was a sophomore in college. There we go little compound to filter for one for the people and also Lebron he's getting his saltiness in he did. The press conference from the
locker room, saying, there's reasons why he's doing it, but he can't say I I think the reason was he wanted to be sure it lists, and if you go up to the podium, then you have to do the NBA's dress code thing and Lebron like to show off his tattoos and like it's huge wing span, is big shoulders wall and also as Lebron James. So we already know the reason, because Brian Windhorst, just like it lebron whatever he wants to do something and but doesn't want to save himself, he just tax windy, and then he tweets it. So when her said you just don't want to wait, we need that we need. You know what we have an intern coming next week that we're going to we're gonna debut. I think we're setting up of the terror account. Just have him like bash people that we that we can't we have what we can do. A lot of leaks, doing great just leak, everything to him. But all we didn't say it that's your answer. I can't be responsible for what he says. What do you do all right in the other sports before we get to the the Stanley CUP Finals and and smash bill is back. I love the nickname specials if you want to go to a Stanley CUP final game
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get in the arena, and I think you have to smuggle it International says how, if they suspect you of being from out of town if they're like well, this guy has a Pitts Burg smell about it. If you have a catfish in your hand, they'll just oh yeah he's a local. It's ok, alright, download that c cap put in that promo code take get ten dollars off so Stanley CUP final. The Nashville predators are back. That was a bloodbath I cost at this is a classic like thing where it was. It was something like thirty, three, the thirty five teams that go up. Twenty win the series, but, like thirty of the thirty three lose game, three on the road and of course I bet on the it was before. I saw the stat yeah, those classic, but yeah this I mean I would love to hopefully go seven. Hopefully we get a full series of it, because that was an electric atmosphere. It was it in. I took the over. So I'm really glad you know that yeah what the beak a little bit but
I don't know this series has really done it for me, because I'm still bitter about the whole capitals thing yeah, which I, by the way I've had like five hundred people, come up to be and be like. Hey sorry about your caps and then just laugh. Not sorry, don't tell me you're. Sorry, no, no, I'm sorry, no delays, sorry yeah there, sorry, but I agree it doesn't really have the luster. So we need to have been a lot of blow outs. Yeah we need, we need some bad blood may be a fight. I'm a good fight like a a pkc, been fight again yeah. I need I'll, tell you what, when you, when you Sidney Crosby concussion that always gets NHL and into the limelight just one another one of those. Even if he's not concussed just say, yeah he's can cause and he's actually gonna skate tomorrow, because that's how they were treated anyway right. So then we get at least a little bit a cover story: yeah they're, really milk in the whole Crosby concussion storyline for all it's worth, yeah. Alright, let's do our Monday business, whose back in the week one is a start. Hanko first of your generous Frank, wants to go first, I got a couple this. Actually I have a couple in this week and I I'd like to get started real, quick here. My first years fans, okay,
at the end of the game. Indiana golden state. There was three fans they started fighting with each other in these ok, yes, I like Classical Oakland Raiders fan to back. Was there a stabbing on it? sure that would be real classic racer. Actually, the raiders fans I feel like they do most of their fighting in the bathroom for some reason, like all those Fairmont, that's appears Ray just sprained Fairmount's out. Let me pheromones getting godly creek here, it's bathrooms and it's also blind sided bottles to the back of the head in the law in the a lot after yeah getting brand yeah. That's another little brother and I like a lot right. I like that one Hank. What's your second one, I'm a cycle is Jason Duff there He wanted off daddy. He won his weekend. Yeah wow! Is he Is he skinny he's like in between he's not as skinny as he was, but he's not like. I always found always felt like that was so heartbreaking when Dufner was really fat and had a really really attractive wife and then she broke up with him and then
like try to lose some weight, but it was like. Oh, that was a little too late buddy and then he got caught in the middle ground. Just be the Duff that Nomansland yeah, you don't want to be in no man's land. Just be that's why I've stayed away from no man's land is keep eating turn into the skid yeah. That's your brand right own! It right when you got here My who's back of the week is I I guess it's actually three, but they all have to do with college softball home. I was dozing in an hour early. I was dozing in and out to the college Softball World Series today on ESPN and braids are officially back lots and lots of eye black is officially back in ok wearing ribbons in your hair. Is that that's the only time that you'll see women wearing ribbons in their hair anymore's in the college World Series and for some reason all their hair goes down to like their butt crack. The college world Series is actually an underrated event. It's always exciting.
I get really into it yeah. You know what I love is women cussing at each other? Yes, it is the best yes and like pitchers pitch so fucking fast, I mean I'm sure I would strike out every single time. Do you think it would be harder to hit a softball if it was the size of a baseball but pitch softball style by some of these pictures or like a ninety mile, an hour fastball in major League baseball, probably the probably the former. I don't know which one is the former. I always get that confused I'll. Do my who's back who's back. I have a few who's back of the week blaming millennials. So I don't know if you saw this. Are you talking with the avocado toast thing? No, ok. Lineal's are being blamed for Applebee's going out of business because they don't
like to eat at chain. Restaurants! So shout out to us, we are at all actually millennials PFD and I are like on the cusp of millennials. We do like train restaurants, big time, I'm singlehandedly keeping Buffalo wild wings in business, but I always love the blaming millennials. So delicious links. It's not it's not Applebee's fault for, like you know, not you know changing their menu or doing something different. It's the damn millennials. Do you think if we were to play a game of of menu roulette with Applebee's Tgi Fridays and Ruby Tuesdays, you could tell the difference between the in 'cause. I don't think I could. I I just assume that they're all the same restaurant they just like yeah they trade ingredients. I could tell the difference 'cause, like I think, there's like an Applebee's Grand Slam, burger and then a Tgi Friday's big bacon.
Tgi Friday do like Jack Daniels on everything right. It's a cold okay, we'll make it kinda healthy, but then we'll drenched in whiskey right and then the Applebee's as Jim Beam, yeah yeah little little to it, takes it up for you we'll pull in there your holes to millennials, because I love chain restaurants, my second one politics in golf, so this is been simmering back, but it's fully back now. Trump is played enough golf now, where I guess he's surpassed, the amount of Times Obama's played golf, so in other words he set a record yes, but I love politics and golf. I love those tweets. They always make me laugh because people get very, very upset whenever the President plays Golf and just trying to prove a point like it's always like a this or this is falling apart. Meanwhile, the President plays golf- and this is something that goes this Cross Cross Party lines had when Obama have it with Trump people. Do not
like when the president, please call we loved it when Bush that there is I'm a I'm, a kill. These tears yeah watch this dry here, but I I love watching presidents play golf and people getting upset about it in my final one all call also golf related tiger and Phil's rivalry? Ok, you ready for this hit me Phil, is saying he's not going to play in the US open, because his dad Butter is giving the commencement speech at her high school graduation fill the family. Man Tiger doesn't have a family. Hi Phil, like tigers, get you know because, obviously struggling right now in a nice little bills like all I'm, I'm I'm not really healthy enough to play in tournaments. I'm just now saying I'm not gonna play because I love my family so much and my daughters, so smart yeah
because my wife is not a Perkins waitresses were Hace yeah exactly so little Tiger, Verse Phil. What keep an eye on that you think with that whatever Tiger and Phil got paired up together. Tiger was like a little bit with those man boobs like just I guess, just a boob got tiger wood to the for yeah, absolutely yeah. He might have that create your things. it happened in tigers, world. That's for sure. Alright, another fill it fill has like a bad gambling dens like Tiger. If you can pay my bookie, just steady funky squeeze one off on my chest, electricity for me. If you just pay, my bookie will come on woodsy I had another who's back. I forgot to make sure that you're feeling pressure. No, no! No! That was my tiger impression. You guys used to play Tiger Woods golf on ranking, That's what he called himself. My other who's! Back in the week is cheer shorts.
I told you I think about a year ago today, I said sure shorts for back to when you call yourself so yeah. I was little have the curve on that one. That's okay! I saw somebody wearing shorts the other day that had your written across the board, so they're back, you called it a year ago, and you only saw one person yeah shorts, popped collars are come back all shorts, I'm very pop, and into short guy before We get to our interview with Michael rapper Qua I wanted to quickly talk to you guys about a new app. It's called eighteen birdies, an if you were a golfer or, if maybe you're, just a casual, golfer and you're looking to get your game up to that level. Eighteen birdies is the best app to have you need it. It tracks all your stats and is packed with tools to improve your game like a powerful gps. So you always know exact distances to the green one thousand. Eight hundred and thirty. Also,
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all right. We now welcome on recurring guest Michael Rapaport, we're just saying before we started, we got a nice lather going it's like thirty five minutes after game two. nice lottery. Do you watch the game naked? uh at the second half I got new, it was early. I But on the West Coast I have What time is it there yeah? What time is it there? I know clue. I have no clue when I at noon, and I can't give you an accurate time right now. You ask me a question: I'm trying to give you I'm giving the answer. I started the game. in a pair of basketball, shorts and at shirt. I wound up uh There was a slight breeze in my house. I wound up just just in a t: shirt dancing around no socks, my wife, my wife left me alone, she doesn't like to participate in any of this. I like to watch the games alone and and if
but continue going this way. I will be watching the rest of the games from beginning to end naked. Do you Here's the loaded question: do you feel even just a little bit the, This tiny bit Lebron James, because this warriors team is so fucking good, not a fucking clue. Let me tell you something: cat. This fucking guy created this big three bulshit, this Aau friends and family banana boat in the summer, bulshit. Ok, he started this ship Ok, and now they created a big for an at first listen. I didn't want to rent. Let me just say we stay Lebron before I get on my whole philosophical thing, I I couldn't be happier that this that I hope they get fucking swept
The nail will be in the fuckingg. Often I know you and your Chicago bullshit you're not like, like you, never gonna, be like fucking MIKE stop singing the songs. Go to Adidas. please shut the whole thing down the whole MIKE things this walking guy he's been too many finals tv keep track of at this point, I'm sure lost more tennis once it's not like MIKE, I hope they fucking sleeping. But I hope that I would actually want them. I want them to sleep 'cause. I wanted to happen in Cleveland. I feel like they're going to win in five games and it's gonna, be, I think it back in golden state of fortunately, but I I would love to do the tomorrow is home turf back in the land to dance your question. I don't feel bad, at all. It's it is March. One up to remember, remember what Casey was working at him working out with Lebron through a few a few summers ago: they'd workout, Shirtless, yeah
oh dear, that Katie has. He has a business tax. They should take her pants off. Just wear a t shirt like the rest of America, it's out for the boys exactly exactly! But you know this, my friends and family bullshit that that that that he started it. You know with with big three down in Miami and then you know he came up there and fuck you and you Wiggins, we're not going to wait on. You were going to ship you a way to Minnesota. Ok, which is which is makes Cleveland. Look like Miami Beach. It makes Cleveland. Look like you know, Spain. Cleveland is a is a pistol, but Minnesota is far behind disrespect to Minnesota notice, notice by Wisconsinite yeah So just answer your question. No, I don't feel bad for a man and you don't want to talk about the Boston, Celtics their big three. It wasn't the same thing it wasn't in their prime ' and I know that he's probably texting, Phil Jackson right now, look listen! I know, we've had our differences in the past. What do I need to do to
Come out Carmelo Quick, wait hold on hold on hold on back up off that trash rap law. No one wants no one wants Carmelo's Bumass anymore. will not face yeah yeah. He is he is tainted. He
one wants is gonna, get the stink of of New York Knicks on it, yeah, like only once that rash think of of years playing for the Knicks now in that shitty organization in those terrible fate might also just be present this you might sit next present decision, so the matter from all the MAC I has has rubbed off on him yeah. I I got. I wonder Carmelo thing. The Carmelo thing is because he's got a point in his career where you can go there. He only has to do is score. Twenty five, it's a game, and that's you know what that what I hope will Brown does that, because this is the bronze, the GM of the Cavs right, he's GM of the cats they had Carmel. It will be whole areas because who the is Carmelo. Gonna guard in the NBA finals against the golden state warriors that doesn't solve. I agree there there there for Golden State BAR is it gonna win this in four or five games is not gonna, be any three won't come back, there's not going to be any phantom big kick dream on green subsist suspension.
This is going to go down and I just can't wait. I can't wait to respond. Since over. I I said this is like a panicle for me, a sporting sports things in my life if they beat the shit out his team. This is like, like it's like the giants like almost like English. I feel that that strongly about it. This is this is actually also a good point to note that you are a die, hard Knicks fan, which I actually Knicks fans are loyal to a fault 'cause. They probably should all have left James Dolan along time ago, but the fact that this is the highlight of your basketball watching for, like the last twenty years, sums up the Knicks pretty well Are you going to feel bad in, like four years when Lebron James is lost the last four NBA titles actively and not won a single game against Golden State warriors nope, not at all? No, not store you're, not at all YO, listen fellas! I honestly. I respect that.
Lebron James. I'm, not one of these people who, like you, know Kate blindly, accord, it's nothing, it's nothing about that. I don't even know how great it no no no I'm saying I'm saying I'm not gonna sit here and try to discredit him as a player. I'm just saying that I heard I heard reporter the other day say something in the Dornan. He said when he leaves the competitiveness of the NBA when he leaves the NBA Lebron James, will be in shambles, and I totally I totally agree he every please ganging up in, like you know, Kevin Durant went to golden state to try to beat them and you know like weekends and Kyrie and Kevin, and it's just fucking up the compare Is it competitiveness about the leak? So that's that's where I'm at I, I would try to say he's not great she's, not there she's, not that she's all those things, but
I you ask me a question: I'm telling you I'm happy as shit no disrespect to Lebron James, but I laugh when he's very sad. Yeah yeah, yeah, we're on the entire game of basketball what do you think about him not showing up for the postgame question yet so you guys a question really who's on the phone who's on the line, usually Pft big CAT, Hank, hey! What's up going on how we doing I haven't heard from you. Also, let me throw it at you now, this guy. Let me ask you guys this: you bought you guys 'cause, you know, I'm with you guys. I am this fucking guy. Let me be clear: cut I got so many beeps in fires in my own, so it's hard to keep track of everybody else. Is that evening. Yeah yeah you go before you get to that. We have so I wanted I that was one of my hypotheticals and then we could talk a little bit about player. What your questions are. We wanted to be This is the hot thing to do with every sport show now MJ versus Lebron. So we're going to give you some
pathetic, and you have to tell us who you take in these hypotheticals, you ready this this is when you guys are really at your. This is when you guys are really rock and roll okay, we'll start with an easy one, shot onto your phone, and the guy the Sports guy out in Hollywood, five MJ's verse, five lebrons, but wait I'm going to add a wrinkle each possess When is the last possession and it's a seven game series I got I got. Jordan and at the last possession thing yeah last possession 'cause, you know Jordans now, told you fuckedup no, and you know Lebron will flock up at least one ok, even if it's just even if it's just one he's going to freeze a latte w might be. Building anything could happen, but you're not allowed to push off. I, like uh, Jordan, Jordan. MJ versus Lebron, but they're, both white MJ, personal, broad, but they're, both white,
what does that mean? What can you tell me look below tell me, let's hear what you think below the rim slower yeah, but but are they Rex, Chapman White or the like? you know Larry Bird while ago, Kurt Rambis, how 'bout that her, but they both look it. Ok, no! It's! Actually it's Kurt Rambis, but you just put MJ and Lebron's brain into their body yeah, which one is better, which version of Kurt, I would say and Loharan and Lebron is clearly has the size advantage what's the weather in Kirkwood understand Program, it's five, Kurt Rambis is verse. Five Kurt Rambis is but five of the Kurt Rambis is have Lebrons brain. An five hundred am have MJ's brain just to show from that blindly shooting on the
but I'm going to say based on what you said and I'm going to be honest, you are single bronze brain is better than mgs. What he's saying easy? I know I kind of like that. That's crazy! I, like that 'cause Kurt Rambis, is a guy he's limited physical yeah. That's crazy! it's random numbers on my calculator, an I am going on the pawn on this. You can't force me getting out of memory right here. Ok, I got another one. I got another one: ok, don't bullies on three basketball. It's it's Lebron! and Tyloo when he was a player and Tyloo. When he's a coach, verse MJ, Steve Kerr when he was a player and Steve Kerr. When he's a coach and okay, okay, okay and speaker, Hastert can't walk on it, but Steve Kerr can't walk when he's right like he barely can move right, MJ might punch in the face to on his back hurts. So are you sure we were also there there? Is it still there Steve her quote coach in Steve Kerr? Not here, two thirds of the team is the occur and once the player in once the coach and then
We turned the other team is below. I just wanted to say that the fact that I'm trying to keep up and give you like a like a really thought, lancers. Like any answer, I could give the fact that I'm that I'm actually trying to like really contemplate where you're saying Comparison Anan, like a prank that, let's being played upon me that I'm axing him that I'm participating it yeah, so fancy your question with the Steph curry injury. I will have to go reluctantly with the Lebron Tylo teen. Ok, so it's two one Lebron now Pft's got one more and then I'm going to do a more so we'll see it's a five game series of these. Ok, it's uh it's MJ versus Lebron, and but each team has eleven of them and they're playing soccer. It's a soccer game, I'm going to say because, Michael Jordan, although he was a great baseball player, he I did see him play another sport. I've never seen
Wanna play a high level. Other sport, I did see him play flag football with his shirt off. Yes, I'm going to say I'm gonna go with Jordan on this. Okay, that's a very good question and I think it'll only be a one, zero game, wow lot of defense being played out here or did you like my things like that? Have you know that might be yeah? Okay, so it's gonna be hard to score all abroad as the goalie into they will find a way. I think that Lebron did his press conference like in the locker room today, so it can be sure it was during it. That's what I think. Yes, yes, Yes, I yes, I agree with you on that right. So it's two two game. Five of the m: converse. Lebron hypotheticals, please, credit pardon my take for starting this discussion. Mj versus
alright, you ready for it. I never heard this conversation before you ready for it. It's a two on two game ever comes up. Yeah, it's a two on two game. It is Verse, Lebron and the hi, who graffiti the bronze house. MJ who, by the way I don't I've, never heard him speak, but I'm such a, I I fuck with you guys so hardcore. Ok, then I'm gonna say guy that graffiti this house and Lebron is going to win and defeat. Oh wait: wait But what? If that guy doesn't even exist, it's actually just Lebron. I do And the price still gonna win out of spite. Also, if you beat then you defeat racism, yeah, true, ok, so then we did, it guys ran just beat racism with no one on his team, because no one graffiti's house. right. he's, a guy that tries to shoot on barstool?
He's an opportunity is a twitter new ships on pretty much anything. He blew out his name too yeah. He looks for basically whatever is trending and then says: oh well, I'll conveniently just take the opposite opinion. An then tell everyone else, their pussies in PC, Bro Montes. That's basically the playbook wait there You see, he thinks he's not pc yeah he's a scene from Monty smashes, PC, Bromont, he's left and right. It's pretty easy concept, understand yeah, pc and then a pro, but then he also added in boat borrowed. My at four, but Mahdi Jones who's, a guy who works at Imad, MS. Yes, he has a pc. No it s p c, a n S, n yeah! We just don't be a d about I got to. I got Ok, alright, alright, I listen, I'm trying to start a war here, but you guys, you know like I'm just letting you know I'm standing by. Ok, hey! Alright! So I had another question for you, Are you still an actor yeah, still an actor
a nice talking show coming out on Netflix in the summertime when I'm with you guys, I'm not sitting here talking about my fish being uh uh, we don't know what I do know I just did. I just because I know I I'm gonna- I it again. Yes, I to answer your question. Yes, I am a as being I am a working session and it's about the work and the craft. Let me guess your new role are you playing like a middle age guy from New York he's like a little bit angry like you talk alot, who said that is that what are you going to cut that fucking wonder? When are you gonna cut that fucking mop? Listen, you guys had a great run and all that shit, but at some point ok at some point it can't just be about the mop
and stash big? Can you gotta have something once you gonna cut that fucking mouth you guys had that Danny Woodhead? It is in the van and all that she went to the mosque. No, I said I want that thing like do something with it, because it's it's Do you play a character who comes from somewhere S of will call at Yonkers? then I'm going to cut my hair for you. I got an idea. Let's up the ante here so I taped says, is on the record of saying that he will cut his hair when when Danny Woodhead wins the super bowl. I think we add to it when Danny They had wins a super bowl or when Michael RAP Wah wins an Oscar. That's it yeah, I'm I'm in there. It is always easier got like your it's on you to get that mop cut. Might let me hear you do? Can you do like a southern accent? I just want to hear you. Try it we're we're now, the ravens
all up to you. I, if I, if I really focus on getting an Oscar, I can't be hop not been portion around with you guys I have to. I have to go back to what you know. Like really kind refocus so Shitman. I that's that's. That's tough man! That's the only, something's going to get you to cut that funny thing so here it is all right what up I have to wrap my head around that give us give us like at two two seconds here on the next like where you're at, because I I always like to hear you get hot and bothered about that. Forcing guess drive. Only all star is gone. What we're we're done Derek Fisher. I had a d y with the cold war. We back up our baby mama, not related yeah. It is former because Derek Fisher was Phil Jackson's. First, yes, first, you know
first thing that he blocked in New York, so Derek Fisher will always be nixed related. Everything that happened to Derek Fisher will always always matter to Knicks fans. Yes, I'm saying so so I discussed it with the next uhm, I'm disgusted with the next up yeah. I thought I could say MID. Charles Oakley still has a court date because of the print everything that is low. It everything that could go wrong is continuing to go on even Pist off of Porzingis and he keeps getting shut down a publicly by DM in chicks and then they blow him up. Nothing is going right if you're a twenty one year old, seven foot, three starved in New York, You can't even get some pussy. You know things are bad true where you at with like
where's that leave the next. Do you root for them to go on to success, or do you just hate them with every core of every bit of your core? No, I like them. Actually I mean you know, I'm not. pull up, Derek Ajr and Iman Shumpert, but that kid Derrick Williams, who got signed for the ten day contract who also while he was in Nick DOT, rob for seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars after he picked up two girls in the meatpacking district. I'm glad he's with the cab. You know I like Chris David leave, you good Channing Frye. I mean that was so. on the go so now I don't. I don't get what what I I I I I I can't blame them for for moving on. What's the story about the meatpacking district, this is a public thing. So. I also want to make sure I talked about the Rihanna thing that happened with yeah I want to get that kid on the line. I want to get that kid. The blogger wrote that story online. It's not now soon, but for Derrick Williams. At one point he he he he was at the Knicks he picked up. Two so uh? I could put that after sleep
and then the other girls at once seven October, two thousand dollars worth of jewelry affect public drink. It happened. It went down, it's very necks, while maisonettes yeah for the for yeah, I mean that's, really you can't script anything better for next player. I have one last question: what's up with the cats, what do the cats? All you kill your cat killer? People forget, if you were, you were always in the cats. People forget yeah. They you around that murderer, pool yeah. That was a that was it that would have dramatic thing, yeah and- and you know I just want to tell you guys- you guys- have ruined my reputation Data goes by that I don't get at least one comment on social media about me being a cat killer. Now, one day goes by where somebody does not hit me up on either twitter, my own fucking, Snapchat or
Instagram a call from a cat killed. All you killed one cat for the rest, your life, IRAN is a cat killer. I do not fare, don't certain cat cats, you kill to catch your multiple cat, but I think that was just you admitting to killing to get there yeah. You know I, the people say you're calcular. When you come on the show, I'm like hey, I killed two cats. I I I I didn't see eye to kill, because what are the the blow back yet from the casting? Is that every single time I up my house, it's like from away or like. I could spend the night out of you, know, go away for the weekend or go to your favorite. I I proceed with caution. My my we're we're we're freaked out by like eight, you you're still,
text roaming around. Fortunately, none of them have died there straight cats. All up and down my block. I can't stand cats, I'm allergic to cats. I think they're mangy feral nasty little fuckers. I said this before my mom is a cat person. I don't fuck with him. I don't trust them and to be honest aside from my mom in general, I don't trust people that are cat people, I'm a dog person so that or I am on the cat. That's fair! You! I think her on my reputation, yeah eight. We was really us. We gave you air time and then you've got to do the rest. Yeah you in a twitter follow like every other day. So I think the cat killing thing is actually something like that's actually something you can put your you. Hang your hat on um. Do you have Another mba thoughts that you wanted to to spill out, like I said, we're lathered up after game two, which is always the best time to do it. I know: I don't want to get ahead of myself. Last year they were up two games and nothing and
dream on green. Did the phantom dick? Kick I mean? Are you you're? A dick kick truth, or he He kicked him right in the dick. No, I don't know it's up for debate. No, he did. He did that didn't happen you see, the bronze dick is so small that there's no way that it could have been kicked, I'm saying that Lebron James I had no idea that even hit the fabric when that happened yeah. He not until he went to the locker room and he saw the video tape and then he became Lebron blames, as we know who created that, yes and and and and then he and then he and then you he. it could be NBA and the rest is history, but he even in winning Can you manipulate the the the the he basically metric table? So, yes, he did not get kicked in the eating dick it didn't.
I actually like this. I, like I'm, a conspiracy guy myself, I'm going to go. Watch the video and like in JFK, will be like watch the tip of his penis go back into the left back Well number people forget when you get hit. the immediate reaction. I'm really good. I suck at a lot of stuff, but I'm awesome at knowing when I've been hitting my dick. Yes, I can tell almost always instantly yeah and people forget Lebron showed the world is Dick. Remember that remember that server filed a complaint with the FCC winter. Yes, so so I want to tell you man, like you know he that happened last year was fantastic? He turned. He turned the tide of the NBA finals, but I I feel like this year. It's a it's not going to happen. I think I'm going to be in Cleveland for Game now. I'm gonna ask you right now, because I know you Cleveland probably have people out there.
Can you or can you not give me some recommendations of something to eat like what's the most Cleveland thing to eat Shitt shitt on the ground, Horsh it? Yes, There's a Buffalo wild wings, pretty good, it was yeah. right. So what do you have? So, let's, let's quickly before we get going, you are you're going to Cleveland Game three where are you going to do a podcast from there yeah, I'm not going to just be out there like a little bit yeah? I mean that's what I want from you, okay, all right, so it so everyone download, I am rap for podcast and you will be a live game. Three, the it's cool. It's actually not a bad! Well, it's a weird! You know what let's you tell me what you think of it. Have you ever been to a game there? No, I never the Cleveland. Okay. You stated that if you, let us know what you think, because I have some thoughts about the the arena and the game game day. Atmosphere, it's it's!
it's a little bit of a feel. What it is. It is that arena should hold. No, it's not it's not! Well! It's. Like my wallet all say it's, it's like being in like a a playstation video game. It's weird! It's like everything, who's made a like there's like the Please meet her and like loud and these weird like it feels like everything is just like it was created in simulation like Playstation, two game, so let's it's named after a payday loan company, which is like did you just? They should call the pyramid but Cleveland in the downtown area. They've actually done a really good job. It's like that's why you have nicer. That's what you have to say when you talk about Cleveland. Is there actually some parts that are surprisingly nice gotten better? don't they have like Starbucks in Lululemon downtown like Lexi it yep, that's right, that's what they have a Starbucks Starbucks in like a Louisville laughing like that. There's a limit, there's just a lemon there, yeah yeah, alright, alright, alright well
if anybody, if any of you fans running on this, is how many suggestions of things for me to do. Probably in the twenty four hour spend the time in Cleveland feel free to share, and if there happens to be a good sushi joint, would love to eat the best sushi in Cleveland. Ok, alright! So, let's I will help you out. So all of our award winning listeners out there, Michael Rapport is going to be at game three give him uh a tip on what he should do in Cleveland and so that he can sort it and figure it out. Hashtag it cat killer, fuck, you, you fuck, you three. Do that rebel war and hashtag Tacular will help him telling you out the best way to enjoy the game and quit. If you want to find the best Lake eerie sushi all right, they don't have sushi Cleveland. yeah, they did that they have it every don't have to see how you're such a fear such a froufrou Hollywood actor. You think that they have
Could we ever see great sushi? They do have sushi and sushi or get you some green juice. When I will be straight up there, so bad man, California, yeah your green juice, your help when I put it out there and then I will be- I will be- you know if you guys, if you guys, are doing a show. After that, I will share my perspective of what it's like. Out there in the I don't know what the name of that arena! Click on the question. What is that, like the q? Looking? Yes, you did you just invite yourself on our podcasts, oh yeah, you want to come on the podcast discuss. Let's do it yeah I'm saying, if you guys are doing the show it you know. Maybe next time you get Hank get a word in edgewise. Alright, thank you. Take it take out. Rappaport, say something nice about him: Fuckle Bron James. There we go. Alright, alright friends for life, Thank you. Thank you, Michael everyone, Hashtag Calculare, Aunt weed him. Those tips alright will talk to you later this week. hashtag cats are actually trying to two of them. Thanks man, that interview
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premium original content, films and much much more with Denny's on demand new online ordering your diner favourites at your fingertips, Visitdennys visit, Dennys DOT, com and click to order online or download the Denny's app alright. Let's do some segments first up, we have a little connect, the dots for Bryce Harper. He was in the news because Bruce Harper Bruce Harper. Well, not if he becomes a cub he'll be Bryce again, because Dusty Baker won't be around a screw up. His name all right. So Peter Gammons reported that Bryce Harper his actually leaning towards the Cubs, now. Let me remind you. We are eighteen months away from his free agency, but this is what Bruce Harper does we're going to get free agency updates? Basically, every week, depending on which way the wind is blowing? Might I remind you two quick connect. The dots Bruce is dog is named, Wrigley doesn't have like an uncle whose middle name is Fenway two to or something
dog's name regulator and he the baseball with Kris Bryant, so he's friends with him. Do the math so LAS Vegas. I mean I have been saying he's going to look great in pinstripes, I didn't say, which often often strips yeah I'll be wearing. I actually think that this is a little bit different of a of a scenario here, because Peter Gammons is legendary for his tweets yep pocket to like every yeah. Every week he tweets I get just a bunch of gibberish yeah. I think this was also just a random pocket, but it's like that infinite number of monkeys on an infinite number of typewriters will eventually do Shakespeare thing. Yet that's going from here! So it's if you put, if you put a million monkeys on a million typewriters and just let him work for five hundred years, a thousand years eventually just by luck, they'll actually write something good,
even though it's also how that rich pitch Campeche, it's called Schrodinger's monkey right, yeah, it's how that rich pitch found the golden ticket in Cc Wonka and the chocolate factory exactly so yeah, that's Peter Game, just randomly tweet it out a series of letters together and they happen to actually form a sentence. This time, yeah, I'm all in on the Bryce Harper, just saying he's, leaning, Tord's ex team every single month for the rest for the next eighteen months. It would just be nice, be nice to get him on and just be like. Oh yeah, I kind of like you say: Houston's got a nice young team would be cool there, Arizona, state income tax. I love playing golf huh. You play golf year round there at the Bryce Harper's here, because, especially knowing that it pains every Yankees fan, because every Yankees fan has been making the Bryce Harper's going to look great in pinstripes comment since Bryce Harper was
Can you imagine how great that here is gonna? Look in right field when the winds going yeah just waving the great? If you that's not fair, be great if you just signed with, or else going for here it, I actually really like this area. Yet I I'm more of a crash. I, like the crab up up in Baltimore little more than DC better than the Anacostia grab right, yeah like a slight regional difference right all right. Next, We have talking soccer real Madrid won the Champions League, and that was talking soccer. so is Ronaldo the goat yeah sure What the hell I don't give a fan. Who cares six hundred goals? Is that a lot? Yes, I'm in full side, six hundred home runs this week. Six hundred goals the goals only worth one point, so right, they're, not really that valuable yeah. I don't know, although how many points in Morton Anderson have like five thousand yeah, not that impressed you see the goat, yeah where's the best soccer player of all time, and I was talking soccer. We have a protect the shield, This one goes out to Lashaun Mccoy
who's betting on the warriors in vague iss yeah. He bet, I think, two hundred thousand dollars on them to win the series. He only gets like sixty thousand return. So, like you know, we say that we pay their salaries, which is true fans and especially podcast hosts and bloggers professional athletes, salaries, correct. We really pay his salary now, because when he wins this bet, he's going to be taking all the money that I've lost in LAS Vegas or the course of my life and that's going directly into his pocket. This is the slippery slope. We've been worried about Roger Goodell, puts a team in Vegas boom. Now all these players. Now these all these upstanding
players who may or may not have secret orgy parties females only emails. Only orgy parties are now the Colonia in gambling, where gambling's legal yeah all the horror. This is what happens when you almost let Tony Romo do a fantasy football clinic in LAS Vegas you're going to cancel at the last minute. But where do you see? Nfl also has lifted the ban on doing on advertising hard liquor during games. Goods you're gonna see Christopher Moltisanti, spinning off tequila. In your face on days when it was my, my two kilo can pour a shot of tequila long, so we can use to see I'm not hi Tony question. For my God crystal for you, how could you kill him? cause it was. It was the name of the dog
Oh yeah yeah crawl, into my ask. As I was, he got his cold funk you up for me, I'm here drinking my tequila opposes shadow, his fucking old, and that was sopranos, Slash, hornitos, tequila or whatever the bucket is. We have a bad visual for two bad visuals of animal, tried to slash a predators fan because they were through. The prayers are like fans, were, throwing a bunch of stuff and as the penguins walked off the ice, and he did like a juke he faked Adam. I think it's fair. I think it's fair to I've. Actually I don't know if I, if I talked about my idea, my dumb idea on this show. I can't remember where I said it, but everything. Sport should allow. a player to have one time a year. where they can fight a fan?
right, that's not a bad idea. It would keep fans in shock yeah. So we never know if you're great guy exactly it's like and then once you use it, then the fans can really go in on you. 'cause, like he's already used his this year. So if any mulkin could basically be like ok, that guy thought with Maine now has to come out on the ice. I can beat his as a couple things, one good job by the predators fan who didn't even really flinch, even though a stick was coming at him. That's pretty cool! to this. What happens when you start and bold Russians in this country? I think that they can do stuff like that. Yes, and then the third thing is it's sad that you see this in the NHL. You don't see, you know players try to fight fans in the ob. I never sad. Never that's. Why is a superior sport and nobody likes hockey? The other bad visual we had was actually also related to the city of Nashville, the Ryan Brothers. So this this hit twitter late Sunday. It is a it Rex and rob Getting in a fight at a bar,
alright looks very light out. So obviously couple dirty animals for you. There The my favorite part of the video is there's probably about fifteen full margaritas on the table, because that's definitely a Ryan moved there. Just like give us all the margaritas, yeah and Rob goes for the choke move, which is a classic you just choking the guy, very powerful move, and then at the end he looks like he's about to fight the guy who's. Holding them back. The guy was holding back, does a cardinal sin and when you're in a fight, is when you're in no man's land and you're aggressively. Holding back your opponent like from fighting somebody because then you're just going to get punched, yes, either fight the guy, I don't fight. The other way. This is, I said, is a bad visual. It's actually just more a correct visual, because if you close your eyes and said what would the Ryan Brothers partying all day in Nashville, look like this? Is it
clear over sized jerseys margaritas spilling everywhere, maybe some Buffalo wings somewhere in the mix and Rob Ryan choking a man they got so they probably had the chips and dip.
A trio combo, he had said they probably ordered for those. Yes, so they're like twelve dips, just or just as a a table, full dips and marks, and then two guys that were probably harassing them based on their team's defenses are subject and fence made online. I don't think I think the rainbows don't care about their looks. You know, there's a division yeah, but this much. This gives a little insight. The Harbaugh, verse, Gruden, verse, Ryan Brothers, Ryan brothers looked a little. They look like also wrote. The restaurant was wearing a Bryce, Harper Jersey, the is that was it a Cubs, Jersey or Red Sox. Who is that it was? It was road nationals, Jersey. I don't understand they always wear the week after and buys the buys the Greys, that's a weird mood right, and so the Ryan brothers. In remember, when Rob was on the show last year last great week, he says he likes to go to cash bars, so that also is probably where the fight started. Maybe there was like a little misunderstanding: yeah they're, like hey, you need to use credit card here like we can't do your bill of seventy five margaritas you he can't pay with. You know fifty dollars cash you're, what you're, what it up fifty dollar bill that that is, that has dirt all over it and maybe cocaine. So blue cheese are yeah. If we don't, we don't take. Those are like these. The note the note says it's legal tender. You know illegal tender means on next up. We have are one: oh one for Derek Fisher who crashed his car with his girlfriend
Matt, Barnes Ex wife, low, Take a DUI, Derek Fisher. I mean Br1 one Derek Fisher just needs to go out there and remind everyone that he once worked for the next and that ain't is still on him or just have like Shaq and Kobe Drive, even drunker than him right next to him and then will get all the credit for there's, yeah or Matt Barnes needs to get in a fight may map on shows of the hospital trust. This choke out Derek Fisher DE yeah, Matt Barnes. Does the pit maneuver on the ambulance well on the way to so I I also when it when the news hit people. It was like NBA Legend, Derek Fisher. We is in that's all right count. The rings Bashara Loose Legends CAT is a loose legend were using for Derek Fisher for a yeah either way, and that's it that's a bad look. I got to jokes, okay, ready, yeah, Derek Fisher got arrested for a DUI
well he's always been a big shot. Guy me: ok, second, joke four: four out of four Riley four out of thirteen: where am I at on the Rick Reilly scale? That was the was too that was two and a half oops recite you'd see it's going to have to clean up the music a next one is so we've got DUI in the news again, but in a tiger and a Fisher we're halfway to the life of pi, ooh. I like that. That's going to give that the full three boots. Ok, there. We get up in boots, alright. Last one we have a new segment that were thrown out there. Oh wait before we do that I wanted to quickly ask you Pft where the hell can I make money on the NBA finals, because I'm a bit the over in the queue and the warriors every single game they get that such a great question, I use bet the si.
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which is like three thousand feet of just straight up and down Granite Falk, that fuck that ok, okay, little explaining to big cat. What the fuck do you do if you're just like what, if you get stuck, what do you? how do you get stuck in the rock that will? Last time I went rock climbing I got up about here I got about. Let me finish. I got about one thousand and fifteen feet and I said fuck that this sucks How? Where do I go, and then I call you to go up or down. I was like well what, if I just don't want to do either, but if Uc that yeah. So when you say what is this yeah, I thought that you'd reach the point in life where your first thought, when going anywhere, is like what, if I get stuck there, no it's like physically suck. No I'm saying like mentally Mentale stuck yeah, also funk that they said it took him. Four hours to do that, fuck exercising for four hours, nonstop yeah, what's wrong with you, although that's not really exercising, is it rock climbing exercising its prospects? Probably pretty easy? We should ok
now it's a drunk idea. Now we're going it's more hung over idea, but all tax, all all this kind of a big thing. Right now I got the all right. Everyone loves talk about that alt acts alternative exercising and we just start selling just the dumbest exercises. Okay, like free sitting podcasting, I like it Hank yet free sitting free sitting free sitting is perfect without a share. right, but it's kind of extreme right here I could fall over. I don't have a net all, although clothes on alt tax, watching basketball, not wearing pants and a at shirt. Hi, how are you doing drinking straight out of the jug it like milk orange juice? I, like that, a lot yeah like old. Chugging is much more or orange juice until like your little short of breath, so your heart rate gets up, Altex brushing your teeth in the shower, not,
your teeth ever and seeing if your teeth decay in your body, slowly falls apart from within yeah all tax like mine, yeah extreme ran under something ok. So if you have any listeners out there, work for surge get in touch with us. It seems like great synergy. Also, I mean we're already halfway there. All tax is a great name. I can't believe no ones even used it for anything. So we're just going to start doing all tasks on the time and guess what guys looks like summer. Bods might actually make it two thousand and seventeen two thousand and eighteen eighteen we gotta get going. That's the thing we're going to get in shape for next we're going to start getting in shape for next summer. Right now, we've already given up on this one. Alright, that's our show.
and we will see you on Wednesday. Let me guess she is the same today as the most do. What's right, this.