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NFL Week 8 Recap ( 2:52 - 7:12). Cubs win Game 5 and the World Series is headed back to Cleveland (7:12 - 12:38). Football Guy of the week awards (12:38 - 18:10). The Tiger Woods who's back of the week (18:10 - 22:01). Mike Florio joins the show to talk NFL ratings, Dak in Dallas, and the dildo incident in Buffalo (23:01 - 37:37). Segments include PR 101, Kickers Psychiatrist, Put one in his earhole, Travel Complaint of the week. Respect the Biz. The debut of If The Season Ended Today and a deep dive connect the dots about ties in the NFL.
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go it is monday october 31st
and the redskins and the bengals had a little game on the pitch on sunday for that strapped on their boots and went out they got a result the result will only result indeed nevertheless they got a point for the table and a draw is a draw it's still a nice result when you're playing away is the thing in overtime draws not louis resulting work anytime you can get on the pitch and get get a point you got to do it you're absolutely right but the redskins tie the bengals two thousand seven hundred and twenty seven josh mccown uses right arm to abstain from scoring but looked like he was going blind in the second half masturbation and winning football games two things in account family does not participate in jets crumpled the browns up like a used kleenex three thousand one hundred and twenty eight he was a buffalo deldo in the heart of this mafia stolen from the gate and thrown into the red zone he was
buffalo dill doe in the heart of the mafia dill dill doe do do dododo dododo dodo radiant on concert forty one points into rob ryan's defense patriots penetrate pills four thousand one hundred and twenty five watt let's take it to new orleans from the final play seahawks down five russell wilson texas snap and max and it's incomplete as the saints to seattle across the market like a dead fish you you can write this one up in the newspaper saints go marching two thousand five hundred and twenty some spread arson palmer burned himself to the ground as ariens continue to have trouble fighting wars when traveling e panthers pans are the cardinals thirty to twenty
you gotta know when to hold'em you gotta know when to nick poulsom cheese called the colts bluff and the andrew luck runs out when chuck pagano puts all his quick coins into the middle andy reid those wait around at the table but don't come back free buffet chiefs double down on caught three thousand and fourteen close enough boom lions need a little home improvement's there too open power drill runs out of batteries lib rocket ship had enough power tools to get off the ground and launch the texans into victory orbit houston wins two thousand and thirteen devante morgan freeman and maddie natty ice put the falcons on a march of the penguins across the frozen tundra the game was in atlanta boom aaron rodgers lays an egg that gets frozen like the tundra of lambeau field the game was in atlanta boom lookout below geronimo allison wasn't enough to break the packers fall in atlanta as they lose big three thousand three hundred and thirty two you're absolutely right boom say
then on the corner jameis winston tampa fl such a fine sight to see it's derek carr my lord throwing for long schools and the raiders win in ot come on crabtree not another penalty i got to know how many more times bigger apply maine put their greatest hits on the buccaneers thirty to twenty four pull up seymour hoffman rivers was knocking on the antonio pearly gates but devante booker was better than the movie as trevor simeon screenplays write them off
right the white horse all over the chargers twenty seven nineteen and let's hope we pull up see more happen as a very speedy recovery in a dark clouds matter again in dallas the sean lee dungarees shows off his jeans and buttons up carson wentz in the pocket doug peter some points his father in the eagles lose two thousand nine hundred and twenty three in overtime you're absolutely right boom black enough all right that was week eight two minutes how to really get it i'm sweating right now i just want to switch is a water frog thank you to whoever in this studio decided to fart right before we started that i have no idea who that person was hank may psc traveling so that may i little extra spice it is all hollows eve and the cubs are still alive
at that how about that they got dressed up as world series champion today we're all this chapman was in the hospital or is it for real we know we don't know so that the cubs facing elimination i was in chicago four games four three and four alright my memory is already fading me games before they were brutal brutal games came back watched game five with the boys here and the staved off elimination or this chapman was that was a performance that i didn't expect him to come out 'cause he's usually like a one inning guy yet but you know eighty eight i think he had eight out so he got through you know what i love about chapman is growing up watching baseball i always thought that a closer that they were just right i thought it was a completely different skill set from being a starting pitcher as i know this guy only throws in the ninth he throws in the ninth and that's alright you cannot ask throw another chapman full embodies that you got by on him a little bit today but like he all
wants to do is get three outs don't ask him to cover first base no don't ask him to even like i mean he's got like a ten like invisible fence that he's got around around the pitchers mound and he goes across it a shot color goes off and don't ask him to hit nope don't ask me to swing a bat don't ask me to do anything except throw gas yes nine times he can throw gas nine times yep throw it throw it throw it so the series goes back to cleveland kyle schwarber back in this series he was obviously absent the last three games except for a pop out in game three so should be interesting it's going to be fun time confidence meter at right now i mean get a reading jake i'm arrieta sports fan give me percentage okay uh i'm seventy percent confident that the cubs can get to game seven ok anything happening game seven it's true ok then gave him seven five thousand and fifty so kids games a coin flip you know that was that thirty year thirty five percent chance
at the bottom right seventy we're not stats guts okay so the cubs could win the world series yes and yes yeah anything could have the mages might come back in cleveland you those images i'll images yeah what what else we got i mean it was it was a bad week i had a bad two days in chicago obviously 'cause of the losses darren ravel was walking around the streets of did you run into a really i did not he's walking around the streets of wrigleyville putting a price tag on every experience that you could have a sport and if darren ravel made one of those mastercard signs like tickets four hundred dollars he would need like one hundred different posters to like right up all the things he spent going to the game or yeah or like tickets four hundred there's plus service fees and also it's just for this seat in the seat next to it actually went for four hundred and nineteen 'cause it sold two days before when the market was a little high
their love service he gladly bosan loves to talk about the ticket market too yeah it's a big time big time thing yes so obviously you're really excited about the cubs i haven't sensed a lot of excitement coming from you about tomorrow night's game or tonight's goal yeah all there's your own plan yeah but here's what i am excited for cheerleaders in costumes yeah we're good as yeah you know guys we like cheerleaders we got to see that we got to see them them hobbies what i really like a ball i like it when they dress up as like a nursery rhyme characters from back when you're a kid yeah although for grown ups yeah it's kind of like those are from the adults up your whole brit like hey i'm morty but i'm also thinking like i'm five years old we can take care of me well yeah weird yeah but yeah guys like things that reminded me of like stuff their mom used to read yeah and winds yeah who don't we start on the twins yeah i'd love a little and so i know the bears are going to lose to the the vikings i'm pretty sure actually i'm a hundred percent confident in that
i'm you know i'm actually going to chicago next week you have for the full rugby for the rugby game yeah think of the field i shot a to hank we this debate awhile back rugby actually sold out soldier field before lacrosse did so just a little check on on your predictions on yeah so i'm going to be there an hopefully i'm going to get to see a little bit of the rap of the parade i'll see you know start now i'll be there i'll be there with you know birds nest you go into how did the cubs win will be able in chicago will be in the parade alright sounds good so also just to show you know one more note about the money that football game i saw a quote i think they asked cutler like is john fox confident in you in a his responses like he has not royce so that's that's kind of the fibre going with so color starting tomorrow weird yeah we're just we have no choice anymore yeah i'll write anything i love some primetime cutler the thing i miss the most
world is seeing those broncos chargers games when it was cutler rivers and they could face they just like the scream at each others making like poo poo faces at each other across the field i would seriously like three year olds doing sticking their tongues out was a great rivalry that we got robbed up in their prime years that's too bad yeah ok let's do our regular monday business let's start with our football guy the week we have a good list first up football guy the week j maharba sitting front row in the bleachers at wrigley with his glove and it almost like he was making his wife sit like behind him like hey listen don't yet it will more like you need to give me more space like i bought you a ticket but you're going to have to stand 'cause i bought your ticket just so that i could have two tickets and increase my odds by that person
each of catching a volvo catching a home run yeah yeah which would have an electric and i saw was that his dad who looks exactly like jim harbaugh by the way was just as focused in on the game like i guarantee you jack wants to go home yeah yeah football guy who was also a baseball man but also yeah that's the one knock against it though if your football guy i don't think that you can also baseball man because it says that you're not totally committed like i could see if jim are went to the game wearing wide receivers gloves maybe hollywood in yeah but with the wall he shouldn't have any idea what any others pieces sporting equipment looks like that's fair did you
by the way just to sidetracked here terry francona baseball man he was i said he couldn't sleep after game four and so he ordered forty four dollars worth of ice cream at the hotel that's great i'm going to defer to you on this one but how does one order forty four dollars so i could get there if you're better those pay by the pound softserve places but yeah but that's good to like twenty five yeah no yeah so be more terry francona he has to have the worst teeth in the world right pretty just eats ice cream and chew bubble gum here apps that she doing oh my god it's amazing but i think ok so it's crystallising a little bit he was in his hotel room he used like a seamless order service yeah send somebody out to like an ice cream soft serve place where they do it by the pound and said just like give me eight yeah that's the only way that you could back up forty four two scoops i'm not driving home alone home alone two
football guy we have wade phillips who got in a collision had to get carted off but here's where the football guy comes in waves to the crowd it was kind of hilarious wave because his hands god bless them were strapped at his side says little side we're can cuss and he was just like kind of moving his wrist around trying to wave at the crowd the thumbs up but yeah it's too bad i hate to see that happen to wade and they originally reported that he had a broken leg yeah i don't know how that gets mixed up but the broncos came back and they were like no his leg actually isn't broken yet or it gets out there well they were trying to be like hey wait doesn't have because i mean i'd imagine wade phillips doesn't believe in concussions right so like you probably like i can't my eyes hurt and my head hurts she's like tell him it's a lower body it's broken leg damn i why my white why am i seeing double that's what happens when you break your leg i wouldn't be surprised if wade phillips has just walked around like a stress fracture in his life for the last five years it's just a ship
my leg kind of yeah trick pop a couple tylenol it's it's a major electric leg situation yeah trickle tells me when it's going to rain my legs been asleep for five years it's no big deal guys also they shoot horses when they break their legs i think it was one of those things where wade was like don't shoot me don't know please don't shoot me my legs not broken please duck james frank it gets football guy nominee he gave his tire team juice boxes 'cause you wanted to bring their own juice i love that that's great it's very it's a football move to just get very literal on everyone like here is juice bring some juice what kind of juice was it was it a capri sun
how heisey yeah i hope it wasn't pouches pouches not a football game no i hope you know what i hope it was was this barrel juices yeah the ones that they used to give you in literally they aren't actually juice but they say barrel drink on him and everyone's like oh it's reddit seduce oh yeah the little grenades yeah yeah i gotta read juice yeah so yeah they're really juiced up there in penn state that's good i'm trying to think of something else like he gives everybody a pair of pants because he wants to see you play real buttoned up this week yeah perfect football guy yeah football guy just get as little as possible be treat everyone like there for years old that's a football add move what did you have for butch jones yeah butch jones tennessee he said we learned the value of being ready versus the value of being prepared so think about that for a second it's little detail and that's a football guy moved to be like hey we didn't process kicked we just we were ready but we were prepared yeah ready implies you're like it's quick response
tanias she like yeah i'm ready whatever prepared means ok i've done my film study this week i know my assignments so there's a big difference there thank you for which for clarifying that and then finally i had jay gruden who said that he didn't know there was overtime in the air he you know you could tie in overtime in the nfl which is a football guy moving itself because they just oh about regulation it's like you don't even think about overtime that's that that's on the card you don't even know about time yeah you're just playing what's in front of the retrack yeah yeah i'm so focused on the next play i can't be bothered to think for overtime right it also tells me that jay he doesn't watch football he watches film but it doesn't watch football it's a big difference he watches film on his next opponents just so happens that none of his next opponents had ever tied before so you kinda i understand that right so that's our football guy the week nominees shoot us if we missed any were doing
show very late who do you got i have wade phillips ok i'm going with james franklin i love the juice boxes that's good but i like wait phillips getting a concussion is like i just think that's really really cool thing to do so send us who you have a football guy the week if we miss any send it to us tweet as a part of my take let's do a quick who's back tiger woods who's back in the week ready yep you go i have the us the bad boy raiders back over the war i like get sick every monday from doing the rumor or reasons same thing with but with the way yes so i got the raiders the bad boys are back at the team of seventy black silver black that bad last high risk that shed the al davis battle is or in town they set a record for most penalties in the game love it but you know what jack del rio is a hell of a coach yeah
ball z jack yes what they're starting to call him he coach them to win even though the refs are always against the raiders another the nfl hates the raiders always have beef is still very much alive davis very much still going right now so yeah that's why i got ok thank you you have south carolina pick one over ten i have to tell me were doing hot sequel throat so i prepared for that so what i don't know i don't have that makes a difference yeah i think it was wrong so how's who's on the hot seat in the cool thing gus johnson gus bradley talking later alright yeah it is it's very late we had to do a five hour facebook live so he says south carolina or just a clemson sc there we go south carolina will must champ spec yeah who's back for maine this is actually tuesday who's back the on monday but it's going to be for tuesday a little i'm leaving you guys an off day nugget discounted candy
after holly is back yeah that's as long as there is in there you go into your well now that we're new yorker when you walk as you doing we need to go to the boat that go go on the tweet read is food fifty percent office stickers bus they could just book cleared the old which also give you a discount on it yeah so just kind of candy love it i love going in just being picking it all up is the day after halloween and the day after easter okay let me ask you this are you for candy guy salted snacks guy both if you had to pick one both i'm big time salted i like i switch back and forth like chip chocolate little chocolate chip chocolate chip chocolate due out man i
in forty pounds one year ok it happens at fast that screams at you fast when you chip chocolate all that and that's a pretty good who's back and even more impressive is the fact that you shoehorned it in even though it wasn't going to happen until time yeah well it's like i said i'm leaving a little extra nugget for the listeners an extra day to get you ready for who's back discount so in other words the cubs aren't back nope not yet ok i don't want to go too easy but alright back there totally back in the bears might be back you got an ad for us yeah let's about gambling it is the best i love it you love it everyone in this room loves it for those of us who live and love sports the summer the fall the winner all great times the gambler major league baseball playoffs going you've got the ufc get some great it's going to get next couple weeks the nfl you've got everything you've got the trump clinton election providing us with all the free comedy we can handle it's a great time of year to be a sports fan and even
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you can play on any sporting event any world event happening now including the election once again that is promo code take ten use that promo code and you'll be ready for some extra curricular fun watching games when you have a bit of extra interest on a courtesy of bet decide that come all right let's do a great talk with mike florio catch up on some football stuff we got all kind the nuggets in there some dallas cowboys and why ratings down let's do it right now we now welcome on mike florio from pro football talk he's a recurring guest mike thank you for taking some time with us sunday night let's start with the question that's on everyone's mind
why are the readings solo in is the nfl debt dumber finished let's do it that way donna finished nfl done or finished probably neither at this point i look i wasn't an option i hope they start their attitude though i hope this isn't their attitude that there's plenty more where that came from as they see the ratings dwindle that they they still do have a strong presence but it's down and they need to figure out why it's down and they've got the money they've got the resource and they've got the smart people who make a lot of money who she should figure out why the ratings are down and what they can do to fix it they they can speculate all i want and i just hope there's a disconnect between what they say publicly and what they're saying privately publicly they can put on a stiff upper lip privately they need to be saying what the hell's going on here and how do we fix it is so if you had to maybe pick one or two things to point to why the ratings are down can you can you throw him out at us i think one reality is the games have been very good and it's just bad luck when you drop the schedule in april the games in prime time generally look good because at times jaguars at first pass that was one example other than that one and that's a problem with thursday night football if you play football every thursday night and every team is gonna play one thursday night game a year where they have to play on a sunday then plan a thursday you're gonna have that you can't have the cowboys in the patriots every thursday night and every primetime game you're gonna have some crappy prime time
games but even jaguars titans when you're zero and zero and there's high expectations for the jaguars and they played a really exciting game last year maybe this year it wasn't going to be crap an that the problem is more often than not the prime time games have been crap and you can take any given sunday afternoon all those games they play at one hundred o'clock eastern and there are some games that are just crap and if that was the only game on at that time would be saying man this is crap and there are some that are really good and it's just luck of the draw that you get good games in prime time or bad games and the bad luck this year in part has been there's been a lot of bad games in prime time my idea was to just take thursday night and just have the afc s owned thursday night like how mac does with like tuesday night football games just have that be the crap night and just have it be like a psycho
love the titans jaguars colts texans so you get your shit out of the way but at least that's branded as thursday night shift yeah i but i think the goal is to get people to watch i mean that's the only flaw in your logic alright well i guess that's a good point what about ok maybe the problem has been solved this weekend there was a dill doe on in buffalo it may be is that gonna bring the ladies in like get increased female of your ship what i what i thought it guys and wondered whether you have an alibi for that i was on a flight i was on a flight from
correctly it flying over ralph wilson stadium yeah are we sure there wasn't like a pardon my take logo on that thing somewhere and that is actually we don't make but we should it's a great idea for the female yeah we're we're sex positive what about the ties we had to have a tie problem well i mean what we had ties in consecutive weeks for the first time since nineteen ninety seven and they don't have very often look i i i didn't like the sudden death approach to the post season and i argued very loudly against continuing
with the ability of a team to win the toss received the kick get two or three first downs kick a field goal in the game and then someone season in the postseason but they got the bright idea when they decided to change that rule that they needed it not just for the postseason but for the regular season i think the regular season it doesn't make sense because it is conducive to ties especially what we saw last sunday night one team goes down gets a field goal the other team goes down gets a field goal he got what six minutes left to break that i now that didn't factor in sunday in the washington cincinnati game but i i think they need to have a different approach and frankly i wouldn't have a problem with him ripping up the current overtime system and just going with the college approach that works the games are exciting and uh i don't think anyone's ever complained the college system is not a good system i agree with that i actually like college football is over time and i don't know where mike greenberg started complaining about it like two weeks ago an i had no idea what that was about but i would much rather see
every team get the ball at the twenty five it's also for all the degenerate gamblers out there it's like a last ditch prayer for the over yeah you can rack up like twenty eight points right so the college for that's why i love the college football overtime so i mean i have a little conspiracy theory that i'm actually going to this little teaser for the end of the show everyone stick around for the i what about now we're taking this during sunday night football dac prescott is tony romo going to really come back and take his job with how he's you know quarterback this team well i see
it depends on how well tech prescott continues to play the cowboys to try to have the best of both worlds here and for now they're taking the position that tony romo won't play until he's healthy and i think they're delaying as long as they can the definition of what is going to be healthy now at some point when you really is health and they can't deny it any longer we're gonna have to make a decision and i if dak prescott continue to win games then the decision is your role with the hot hand and the challenge for them is going to be knowing when to switch back to to rommel you know they could ride this thing all the way into the playoffs in prescott is great many encounters some hardship against a team like the falcons or vikings the packers in a playoff game at halftime are you going to be ready to go with tony romo at that point are you going to stick with that prescott so there's gonna be a tough decision that they're gonna run into probably at some point in a big game if they stick with prescott and i think they're gonna stick across thought as long as he keeps door while he's look good so far and what we seen on sunday night and if he keeps get it done you know that they've been so intent on finding the successor to tony romo i think they're thrilled to have a guy that's going to take over at some point the question is how they gonna pass the baton and it may be that the put the baton is just get ripped out of tony romo sand i would say that that would be
in all time lunatic move if it was like a playoff game and was half time and they just switched quarterbacks have time that to me would scream jerry jones making that decision in your opinion is it going to be jerry jones making the call or is it gonna be ferguson a k h isn't there now listen here here's what's going on in in dallas it's season one of the sopranos where tony let junior thank the june you're still in charge and junior really wasn't in charge and that's what's been going on for at least two or three years in dallas i think it started really with man's out that up you know they let jerry be the face of the franchise and let jerry go out there and hop knob and and say crazy things from time to time which i i love the guy because he's great for the sport is a hellish you know the salesman in a shaman but when it's time to make big decisions and steven jones and jason garrett that make the
and then they otherwise let jerry think he's running the show so who is jerry gonna shoot well i well yeah i mean he just make sure you don't leave any guns laying around and everything will be fine what about steven jones is he veto as he can do little johnny cakes not half yeah you walked into that one might come on now it's just that me being a reporter been a fan cool over there yeah yeah do come up like i gotta say you're you're not doing much to dispel the stereotype of italian americans by making on the sopranos references i made one it was a pretty deep reference so i i was so mike monday night football vikings your vikings my bears talk to
about this new report that basically the bears ownership is going to can john fox and their allegedly evaluating every position now does that include themselves because they probably should fire them selves well that's the one thing you know the only owner that's ever suggested accountability for the owner was jed york and when he did people said well wait a minute how how do you hold no nor accountable you can't make the guy sell the team and and i think a lot of the problems in chicago since really eighty five when that team fell apart they have not been a consistent contender and a lot of people are pointing to owners or to ted phillips or whoever and it's just a revolving door otherwise and i'm surprised they were as good as they were under lovie smith considering how he flamed out in tampa an it's not going very well form in his first year at illinois but you know they they
look like they were going to be a little resurgent five six years ago but now that you have that phil emery hiring marc trestman instead of bruce arians and just hiring phil emery was not a good move and i thought it would work with john fox and ryan pace but it just it's just not there it's just not happening is supposed to be john fox this second year has you know a strong season that happening carolina happened in denver but it's falling apart now an when when any ownership group reportedly is considering evaluate all positions you know i i wonder whether or not they're just going to try to tank not that i think they shouldn't but i you know if if you know if you're not going to make the playoffs put all your rookies in have a crappy record and get yourself in position to draft a franchise quarterback well i think they are tanking but they're not trying to tank which is it's actually like they're knocking out yeah they're trying but they're still so bad that they're taking effective yeah and it could be that if they try to tank then they would be good but i have w i have problem with with philosophically
and i i know the nfl would go crazy if anybody ever admitted to this but the buccaneers essentially did it two years ago to get the first overall pick they were leading against new orleans they benched half the team and they blew the lead and they got the number one overall pick and nobody ever said boo about it and i think a temptation is there to tank and hell i would do it i would find a way to do it look at the difference every year we say oh this team picked number ten if they had only been a few spots higher they could have gotten this guy or that guy i think it makes a huge difference when you're trying to build a contender over the long haul i want to play a quick game here it's called who's the fraud ok i'm going to listen teams you tell me if they're frauds or not the raiders
not a fraud the falcons not bangles fraud fronts being brought in cincy fraud the browns it meaning like maybe they're not as bad as we think that there yeah well here here's what concerns you about the browns everything i know your jack is a good coach and i think you jackson is the right guy but if they go well in sixteen today may have been their last best chance to win a game over the jets they're already halfway to in sixteen if he goes on sixteen how do you bring back that that's my concern now if i if jimmy hasn't brings them back i respect him for it because i think things are gonna turn around but it's just because it's like that tattoo on rod marinelli said from two thousand eight with alliance he's never going to be a head coach again they put a cap and when
yeah so i i hope i hope you gets another chance because i think they will turn it around if they stick with them do you have a is that some of the products that will more than someone from the minnesota vikings all frauds oh but come on give you see it so we actually so on this show we have a longstanding debate because i thought the trade for sam bradford was a very good trade i think it's going to put the vikings now i mean i i could see a world where they get this we'll put pft is on the other side of the spectrum he thinks that by the way you can't call me pft when mike's on the phone okay a so p f t said or not mad dog said
said that sam bradford will eventually either get hurt or you know turn back into sam bradford and the vikings will be shipped out of luck yeah here's here's what will happen and look i i grew up a vikings fan you don't fall into this business based upon a passion for football if you don't have a favorite team right now i hate all teams equally but i've seen the vikings enough times in this situation where i know what's gonna happen they're going to find a way to blow it and maybe in a spectacular fashion may like they did in two thousand and nine against the saints in the nfc championship game maybe like they did against the falcons in nineteen ninety eight either way they're going to find a way to blow it it's either going to be offensive line they crumbles at the worst possible time it gets sam bradford killed or it's going to be blair walsh missing another field goal no we fixed it will also he's fixed might want to fix your sources on that one because he's good you see
fine yeah sure take some he's right now we told my son's fault he cry well that that that that yeah there's there's cheering going on in the background so okay do you got a question yes is the eighteen game regular season season going to happen within the next five years you know there's a chance it well if the nfl makes enough concessions through the union the last time i talked to somebody at the union about it i did not get the no way and how we're never going to do it it's never going to happen i got the well you know we haven't gotten a proposal yet and uh we have to expand rosters and we have to consider any proposal they want to make and it doesn't sound to me like there's no way we're going to do it so i think they're willing to listen and if there's a way to ensure that the player health and say
he will be roughly the same as it is now not how you do that if you got a guy that plays eighteen games instead of sixteen games there's two more games where he's going to potentially get injured but i i think if there's a way that they can address that issue and makes you steroids in the last two games in that would be one way to do it i guess but i i i think that i think that it's it's something that i felt really wants to do and if they're willing to give the players what they want in order to do it it's going to happen ok here's my suggestion last two games get added on and you can throw whatever kind of sex toy went onto the field boom ratings problem solved i mean that's hot but that's already happened they don't need to expand the regular season but those would be like those will be the sex toy games that don't have don't have a feeling that that's going to become a thing especially if you guys start selling them with pardon my tech logos on them yes yeah now i do like you keep
asking for that i haven't oh man here's what we did we select a sex store for men called the mike flory whole oh yeah you caught that queen license your name like that i've already registered the trademark sorry guys season instead you can do it it's fine it's only a michael florio ok mike we have anything else that's it all right mike we really appreciate it you're one of our favorite recurring guest we really do need to get you in new york in the studio so we get you x area i you know what i i know exactly what i'm going to be in new york next we'll figure it out okay all right we'll see then thanks and mike all right mike's interview was brought to you by simply see ever find yourself almost all the way to work or maybe you're out with family and friends and you get that nagging feeling that i close that window did i locked that door to be honest i don't know if my home is locked up
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the keychain remote worth twenty five dollars simply safe pmt dot com do it let's get this i'm segments we have a healthy list of segments today so let's go right to him one one for our guide geronimo allen from the packers he is a rookie and on sunday he had a big touchdown catch kind of became circus darling because he was there was the fox game of the week so everyone was watching and then what it happens usually in these situations when the unknown has all of a sudden breakout game people find it tweets got it got to go through the tweets and come out and boy was he a tweeter so here a couple couple things from geronimo islands twitter if you have kids listening to this show may first of all make sure i turn it up so that a little bit would you know what we'll do the birds the bees for you so you don't have to parent so our first one if i'm hit i
hit me up from the back and you got your head in my mf pillows you trying to go through my damn bed hoe your pussy ain't shit ok so i think that means that he's going to hit it pretty pretty good pretty hard what two females want to fuck me at the same time tomorrow night before i leave for college you think he had actually like girls responded to that being like yeah hey what's up let's go on a date i wonder if iowa females got dat drip drop wet wet i love about that is referring to women who live in i will like it's a species yeah i got a look at it canada goose yeah i want to do is i will females they doubt drip dry got that drip drip drop what went is nothing people say hector prop yeah the drip drop what if i put the tip of my dick in you india and you rip off half my damn ten
top how your pussy ain't shit he's big into judging policies in their quality i don't understand what that last one means i don't mean i don't really understand the first one no i i got the first one loud and clear basically meant like i'm having sex with you we're doing it yeah we're really doing yeah disco for all the hoes who think they pussied ish it so that's nice shout out and will shout out we do shout so similar so people dug up his old tweets and i mean this was a treasure trove obviously yeah geronimo's really into locker room talk yes we learn from this one time so my pr one hundred and one you can say hey it's two thousand and sixteen i'm just being sex positive here good point people people don't need be judging him right by shaming is a good one so unfortunately the packers lost so because pride pr one hundred and one was going to be if he got back on twitter right when he you know 'cause this is the best part is we were watching a dead person run around the
yeah it's has justine landed yet it's like as geronimo law stan gone back to his phone he has no idea that all of america is looking at his drip drip drop wet wet two tweets he seems like a guy since he's still a rookie he hasn't really been blown up on twitter that much didn't have that many followers before the game this could be a situation where he gets to his phone and it's dead because of all the notifications that he got during the game so even have to wait to plug in his phone and let recharge and then he's going to see oh shit right so unfortunately did lose because if the packers had one i would my pier one hundred and one was going to be we just you know ripped up that atlanta falcon pussey or something like that got it just because it's a move is just delete him all become the pussycat yeah yeah yeah see if he wants me to push the guy he the policy guy youporn youjizz is going to offer him you know browser going to offer him a contract to do a porn that's always some good publicity how to take it just be the
unfortunately i think he's going to just probably delete all these tweets and hope that act like it didn't happen yeah act like his boss well he's got what like five hundred thousand owners to answer how many owners does he have that's a lot of it was yeah so that's gonna be tough for him alternatively you could just date someone or marry someone right away marry somebody who's a little bit crazier than you are and has a queer weird or twitter account it's the meek grime situation up i don't even know of print crimes has a twitter account because me goes is that over the tops and insane yes so if you were to just
mary somebody that was crazy like there here we go mary too late to kill all and she's a she's a yeah she's just she is in our area nation yeah he's in person yeah so just marry her and then all your dot puts you problems are gone you could also just have a kid right away because family man i mean i have a daughter right like hey i'm not i'm not the guy anymore because i have a daughter and i have a kid and you see my family post a lot of pictures of that you could all so do our old time pr one hundred and one with twitter problems the foundation twitter and start tweeting tweets from there and be like well it was my cousin who is treating the he's the policy guy i'm not supposed to go as always been running my toward the whole time he just signed your right your next week all tweets from geronimo allen are signed g dot yeah so that way they know that it wasn't you who who's to push a guy who's supposed to alternatively you could also change your name from drowning mode to mow because mo screams
i'm the pushy guy well so pushy guy was a big push here and that's the other thing that kills for this guy because geronimo is a very it's a unique name so people are going to he's we're always gonna remember geronimo allen to pussycat ok i think we came up with a lot of good we did we did you have a put one in there in his ear hole from college football this week i do in this one goes out to james madison university's coach jeff houston gmu division one aa fcs whatever they're calling it this week so they were eighty four to seven against rhode island with ten minutes left in the fourth quarter they're running back broke right and took a knee at the one yard line ok like a thirty yard structure fantasy for all you college football division one or hugely tray sharp owners out there so what they did right after that they have first and goal from the one up by like eighty points and then they take
four consecutive knees and they turn the ball over intentionally and they refused to score one hundred points put in that coaches earhole that's going to come back to haunt him in the computers yeah we know that computers yes they mean something i think that's going to i'm in the polls basically it's it's really tearing down the name james madison because james madison was probably missions gradius president ok never quit i got nothing to back that up blue shorts he was he made rudy look like a giant short but how how short he was five foot nothing one hundred nothing pounds that was kind of big back in the day people get tall yeah that's true i get hotter and taller okay so maybe maybe that point isn't correct maybe james madison was like uh the of his time it right but at the very least like their coach right now is a quicker because you have the opportunity to score a hundred points yeah and you don't take it come on you well it's not that it's
that if you're a football guy you play every you play the card you act like zero every single play right exactly nick saban put up a hundred i can guarantee that yeah he's getting a you know what happened coach got caught look at the scoreboard yep nick nick saban is puking right now because james madison coach left points on the board don't never do that if you are it's like you have you ever run into somebody who who grew up during the great depression yeah and they like your neighbor comes over your house is like a quarter can of cream of mushroom soup yeah they see like i was going to throw this out yeah like nick saving would physically murder football coach for not scoring yeah what do you like reused tin foil yeah like that yeah saving raises a point travel complaint we haven't had one of these in a long time but jay bilas he went in and on american airlines and not only did he go in on american airlines but he went in for a sister kind of white knight little river nightmare situation he was sjw trying to show everyone that he's sibling of the year or something but
he got in like a fifteen tweet fight with american airlines he started with so american airlines laid my sister's flight seven hours out of oc into sdf two days ago today she finds a reservation home canceled nice sounds that was sarcasm nice yeah nice was not actually nice old journalist trick by jay he also pulled this my favorite trip trick by journalists when in the throes of a fight with an airline he threatened to go to another airline he said after this nightmare trip my believe flying delta will help more all you gotta do is just mention a different area i'm gonna fight against each other that a bidding war i would like to see airlines out there start hopping in like delta should
popped in there been like hey will always take care of your sister j bills little little stay woke up there for you i think all these airlines are actually run by the same company because it is there any difference between delta and u s an american now there's not right so they're all run by the same company that's why you never see somebody it's like honor amongst thieves kind except as one giant the for the top just one guy that controls all the plans out there yep and so that's why you never see delta jumping it because if you are a good marketer you absolutely capitalize on journalists complaining about airlines yes you do i would if i ran an airline i would just call myself journalist air and i would have all first class seats and it would be all for journalists and anytime someone complained you just you just hop in she likes up respect you gotta problem we're here to help also you don't you know who else isn't is a big threat guy the seahawks i just remembered that the seahawks after their game they were complaining about the officiating against the saints yes they pulled with journalist trick which is i'm not a complete
about the official guy but the officials were terrible yeah if i were to say something yeah it would be that listen just called ways guys that's one of those ones i'm not going to complain about the officials they can call it over they want but just consistent consistency that's all we ask for is consistency which is the classy way of complaining about the refs we have you ever sabermetrics for us i do and this is going to be kind of controversial so i apologize in advance do you guys sorry not sorry i think lsu's phone this week so you know you my sabermetrics is you can't give coach oh two weeks to do anything coach rooh has to have a game a week if he doesn't if he has a bye week then ok i'll put it this way you can't have back to back no repeat thursdays that doesn't make sense right okay kind of repeating suggests repeating giving it caught in like a worm hole culture yeah cho chose a simple coach right he's a down hill kind of guy it's you don't spit
fourteen days studying two plus two equals four that's too long to study that you're going just drive yourself insane yeah so with coach cochos mentality i feel like this is the week at all comes apart oh well we said it was good for four weeks so for against the spread and that or game that got cancelled might screw that but this should be the fourth and hank and i are going to be there so i'm going to bring some extra extra juice for you do that 'cause they say they say gumbo gets better in seven days yeah but it spoils in fourteen do they di i say that ok respect the biz we had a from the cubs from the world series paul sullivan nums who writes for chicago tribune who anyone in chicago knows it's been a beat writer for i think since the last time the cubs were in the world series he went all in honor respect the biz on
bad dog what's his name chris mad dog russo is that his name i love love love any sort of sports guy sports talk guy that has the nickname mad dog yeah i feel like that's a name that that will be good for the next like fifty years if you come out if you give your son the nickname mad dog he's going to bunt alot in little league and he's going to become a sports talk radio i don't want to tell you how to live your life but the mad dog in big cat show would be electric that would be pretty good i'm just throw that out there okay now you got me thinking like pft commenter is kind of a city name maybe dog and big maybe maybe we get that other pinky toe fixed would be a real shame if you something happen if you came out of some applause pause if you came out of the surgery speaking spanish and being mad dog elgato or not get to el perro how do you say mad and so the pedal local paper loca loca i love it so paul he
but in on mad dog by tweeting a picture of 'em shaming him and he said this loudmouth screaming about bucs raiders game in the press box thanks mlb network and then a follow up zoomed in pic it just said clown now do you think that he was just messing with his body knowing him and out of your friends know paul sound like you know in old school like now we're jr knows but we're also but no paul solman he's been at he is the guy who he never you don't you know how most you know beat writers then they'll become radio hosts or call nasser built they'll graduates that i saw a paul solman never went to that next level so he is very much the cop in the press by guys talking too loudly guys cheering for teams clowns what this was happening during the cubs nose nose like five hours or five hours before during batting practice he was trying to see how warm it was hidden cloud cloud he's
those are two things that people don't call each other enough anymore is clown and a fraud those are also too big like sports radio guys yes but you're sure he wasn't just messing with his buddy matt i don't know but i'm pretty sure paul sullivan would get pissed about that i didn't know that there are a lot of things that i have yet to learn about being a sports guy and i feel like rules the press box are still it's a great area for me it's very i didn't know that you're not allowed to talk about other sports you know it's a funeral so you just treated metal rules tamasha give each other like a solemn nod yeah wear black yeah well actually my dog was wearing his black turtleneck so maybe he was respect in the biz more than not paul was i also just quick shout respective is grantland actually died a year ago today as we all know it was the greatest website that's ever been created no flaws the most is in place on earth and rip grantland thoughts and prayers yeah we have a new set if the season ended today yeah i like this
it's good and it's going to give us a lot of good stuff to talk about today if the season ended today is if the season ended today the golden state warriors would not be in the plasma so that's a good one if the season ended today we're taking this before the cubs games this season ends today there would be no world series champion oh yeah yeah so weird vacated title so if the season ended today the cubs are undefeated in the world series in last fifty years if the season ended today edmonton would have the one seed in the western conference nhl edmonton back oh yeah definitely yeah for sure back this season ended today there would be no slam dunk champion either oh ok the first time in a long time since like the early 80s right wow hank this is the season ends today crock would end up with sixty nine touchdowns yep yep ok i stay woke let's finish the show with that ok you guys
or it's actually connect the dots ok i've been working really hard in this lot of hype around this table yeah it's been talking back and we get a quick rundown on the difference between stay woke and connect the dots well it's so stay woke is when we're being fleeced by something i think connect the dots is when it's like a big best journal yeah investigative jersey i've done some investigations so we've had two ta it's right in the nfl we almost had three we've had two top as for the first time since one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven right the nfl also is has a little image problem can we all admit that can we all say that's fair sure yeah ratings down image problem probably gotta fix something ok ties you know what roger goodell he's going to change a rule so there can't be any more ties he comes riding in on the stallion to save america i love it it's as simple simple rule change and here's here's how i stumbled upon this these teams are trying on purpose
roger goodell has the kickers in his back pocket okay the seahawks cardinals game on monday night they missed there was two missed field goals in overtime of thirty yards or less our hitting in ninety four percent on the isn't over thirty yards or less ok there's been five missed field goals on the in the entire season thirty yards or less and two of them happen in the same game you're going to tell me that within like a minute of it yeah the redskins redskins the say bengals game sorry there are words bengals game kickers are kicking ninety three percent field goals from forty yards or less huh another one missed so the game could end in a tie and now here here's where it all started to connect ok the bucs raiders games did not end in a tie but
sebastian janikowski arguably one of the best kickers in nfl history missed two field goals in that game too and the game didn't end in a tie why 'cause there was a touchdown oh roger goodell doesn't have the position players doesn't have the position players in fact possible he's got them kickers berto aguayo missed an extra point and a field goal and he was a second round pick yes means he's like probably the second best kicker of all time yes so yeah can't can't dispute the facts are big just saying i wouldn't be shocked if there's another tie this year another missed field goal that's pretty easy to hit and then oh you know around the what time rather does prescott hey listen guys will change the overtime rules to college overtime now note i know more size that will be more times that reminds me nfl's back that reminds me of in like titcomb where two people are dating and this one guy wants to make sure that
he can be the knight in shining armor so he hires his friend to like fake mug's girlfriend so that he can beat him up and it always ends badly i'm just saying listen i'm i'm disconnecting a few dots the nfl has an image problem everyone saying roger goodell has to do something he's going to fix the ties but i i'm telling you we're getting another time i love it one more segment the kicker oh yes it's psychiatrist or is it kicker psychology sit out and kick her cycle dui arrest you out let's put it while on the wyo how we done as well yet i think we have i think that's okay using inspiration from yeah yeah at least so he's just he's missing everything so we got it we have to fix what's wrong with him i think he needs to actually go out there and and smoke some peyote e about visualization all the time right you need to visualize your shot and then you then you hit it he actually needs to hallucinate maybe have a bad trip maybe screw up the signals in his brain a little bit so people forget that janet cows
he when he was a rookie he was pretty bad too yeah and then if you remember he got caught smoking crack and i got co ghb is kerr same thing and he was i guess for me is is for me yeah like so this is a date rape drug and he's like no i take for me yeah for me as for me for me just toss in this one out there he doesn't have to get it but what if he just goes to the doctor and gets tested for a with that thing that was going around the box when people's legs are falling off so maybe you know he's got like a little i don't know if you can catch like a little bit of msr i like you know how you get like you don't have a full fever you've got a little cold yeah so you can definitely do that or you don't see it a lot with special teams coaches but i feel like the special teams coach needs to be fired so just throw him under the bus and be like yeah i just need i need as a coaching that was making me take these field goals five yards to the left i like it i think we i mean we don't want a roberto it's not your fault it's not your fault it's not looking it's not your fault
i mean it's not your fault it's not my fault you have a bacteria it's called msr it's not your fault we solve problems on the show quick shout out before we go let's have everyone subscribe on itunes follows on pardon my take twitter false on the instagram we had so many people dresses pardon my take for halloween it was fucking hysterical so go to the instagram app part might take see all the halloween costume some of them were like mind blowingly accurate also kind of a wake up call for me me too yeah and seeing all the women out there dressed up as main and actually not
not looking that much different from the way that i do yeah that's a hey maybe i need to get down to make up each it was it's a little too easy to be us so that juan i'm out to fix they were both going to have to fax definitely bad visual yeah the best one though is the guy dressed up as hank just wear like free radius yeah that's easy as well if tell me a quick shout out to charles i met him at the cubs game game four he is an award winning listener and he's just started chemo for a tumor so charles stay strong thinking about you and i will see you on wednesday love you guys
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