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Mike Florio and Dan Haren

2017-10-23 | 🔗

NFL Week 7 and the Fastest 2 minutes in Football (2:16 - 7:44). Contenders/Pretenders and Who's Back Of The Week (7:44 - 24:01). Football Guy of the Week (24:01 - 32:57). Mike Florio joins the show to talk about all the NFL story lines including Ezekiel Elliot, Teddy Bridgewater, and his Fantasy Team (32:57 - 51:14). Former MLB Pitcher Dan Haren joins the show to talk about the World Series, what it's like game planning for the Dodgers and Jose Altuve, and whether or not he's a Big Baller (51:14 - 69:19). Segments include Locker Room Talk for Kyrie Irving, Trouble in Paradise for the Phoenix Suns, Kings Stay Kings for Vontaze Burfict and Man Card for New Orleans Saints. 

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today's part of my take we wrap up a wild weak seven we have our friend mike florio to tell us the inside knowledge of the eta fell and we also have did here in our pitching expert to talk about world series and whether or not will see clayton kirsch i'll be a bomb at any point whose back the weak and football guy the week before we get to all that once archie about our friends at soothed massage would cubs fans marcia lynch the u s men's national team and dusty baker all haven't come in i don't know they all could use a soothe massage soothe is a new way to get a massage your home hotel or office so whether you're sitting at home after being eliminated by the dodgers watching the gave from the stands after being rejected or just pretending that you have a flight to sochi next year that's not where it is so
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go to your taxes done guys we start in indiana where the jagged met the courts and folks we call a bee j yelled in because he sat up all the yards on sunday we also com be j yielded because he issued a full for the defence of the jaguars a weakness on sunday the court's put up a goose say it's actually got a great ducking pagano c is hotter than the swamps pantaloons on an august round of eighteen jaguars twenty seven zero
sorry miss any jackson the payers are for real now permit to make cannot quite see his outfit what a real we're guy john fox ass his team plague john pots football which means he takes his pet backpack back to a time before predatory robinson and forward past didn't exist paris seventeen tat the streets to the frozen tundra we go bread huntley huntley hippos was sticking his neck out there and gobbling up the yards but the seats are rolling down lombardies spoken ingram sip it on ten june and juice got their mind on michael thomas and michael thomas on their mind sean p did he pay is a bad boy for light and the saints are true pleasing their way through the two thousands of dates not all sites twenty six puckers seventy they're not gonna ball cooper cup check connected with a couple pause as rams often went off and once again an aerial saw in london planned up by arians comes up a little bit short proceedings at his history humor therefore or you kids at all rams thirty three carlos we take you to cleveland we're the browns q bees the shuffling crew shuffle in all down dude you were so bad we know work the browser actually just bad the kubi shuffling crew rules on is totally kessler is the latest to try as a centre for the junk yard dogs let me be the first to congratulate joe thomas on his league high forty five snaps consecutively mistreat ryan suck up brown knows his way to take his wind and shoot jackson's perfect season rules on the clock tat clannish let's yet john the two thousand and eight detroit lions are still safe or not stay long corner james with its aim of flora search and find side to see
it's where against my lord and circling torres play big to re hey jim can t these bills are spent lay there eating does ways hold the re no one circles the wagons like our powerful all pearls matt motor adam case of spades hard rock the chances kitty stills national young david base all afternoon jake cutler left a game with a broken rib ever all you children of the nineties you noticed now needs a good suckers old penis like maryland madsen dolphins thirty one just twenty eight to the end of seed nurse we go for a match up to purple pity pointing defences the great biking odin didn't like these ravens fly as joe flack o continues as dissent from illegal packing span for turkey's our logger valhalla tonight packing twenty four five six eight sub spread big programming netanyahu wrath of sport are such a law to do just this schuster abu dude you on that peat teach a walk turned red rifle into the red pekin just like is older more injured brother and my tumblr and the boys are playing hide and seek with the aid of sea norse lee steelers twenty nine bengals forty we now take you to the city by the bay with a forty nine years in cowboys match up just like they did thirty years ago when the swarm still had a full had a hair and was in the ins are for that famous catch yes folks i was their peers proof
and also watch we make this great pot cowboys port he knows tat red southern serbia and showed his office is the proposed failed to score on sunday meanwhile philip rivers has never been shy about throwing his balls around and it was more of the same today and for the several dozen chargers bans the best uniformity sports the los angeles super chargers powder blues chargers twenty one broncos o is matriculating double down the field are not gonna talk alec pulled when traded the giants like rude little piggies and pin mca doom couldn't be to see hawks even a god mode as the hawks inner i decay i pay and unleash their deepens of weapons seahawks twenty four thirty seven weeks seven in the books not that crazy
a week actually i take it back there are some good games but nothing that we did we learn anything new did we aren t we learned a single thing i ought not to learn if they know it season it is though it's ass he knelt pumpkin ass eaten it also yes yes i know it is also contender pretender season who little trick we like them poland the old biz when you got nothing to talk about you just make a list of contenders and pretenders and everyone's throws a monetary contender pretender pile boom like forty minutes of tv get made ya know that's it that's a great way do also a good way is by power ranking very specific categories of teams like you like to do the three one team yeah that's it that's a great other way to eat up good bit of airways there i guess the big story the nfl was the injuries are back injury bugs and whenever you talk manager entries you always have to say like
why injuries worse this year than every other year because for paul usually you don't have that may people getting hurt has not developed this now it's not not a contacts its millennials that are ruining football by with a pretty little bones are not breastfed till a proper age and so they all get hurt i absolutely do that i always say oh my god why is my team get the most injuries that of any other team and there's basically every fan of every thirty two team to say the exact same thing the existing fire strength and conditioning hosea because no other to him has hamstring problems that never happens can i ask public tender pretenders dishonest there should be a red zone channel for injuries in the red cross channel just to music fox injured simonov sports dealers container pretend i don't care ok why kicks talk here come on pretender
pretend you think they're pretenders now i'm not sure but decided bridgewater comes back i'll think i don't know sir bradford sneeze like did he get a neat transplants like a dead propose a matter tat he said i was workin here there's gonna swap one the injury for another well that's the problem with bridgewater is his knees urgently bad too because to his haug he's got his huge big old days get skinny little knees or so and so just like it's a game don't break the ice yeah with penguins that's that's the game that teddy bridgewater dick is playing with his own needs written just slap upon their jaska taken upon on their exact charles haley what about the falcons four he's a man i gotta see he is unhappy if he is wearing out everything might just be the duties but he is us when it up on the nazi some good old killer sweats go on for a four year old sorry that the falcons or pretenders they are officially pretenders piled ok yeah that's a bold take i can't believe that you know it's great to is there
and what do they say they certainly to an owner was like see told you the falcons do not have a suitable hanging over nice they they are mentally just broken you know in my favorite taken a week might abandoned been was one of the boston sports guys they said that its almost better to lose the superbowl because you don't get a suitable hang over if you lose it and so early work out that way yes weekend can appreciate that actions are like the opposite of how it works too like every team that goes the super loses like doesn't go back yeah but you don't have a superbowl runner up hangover nobody ever says that sort of thing true i last one can eagles we'll find out tonight oh how about that and plug there about that turn to monitor watchful ball which was once you hey go anyway i'm your figures out is by watching her for i also we need to you i want that staff that you gave me before the show the john foxes
actually turned the bears into into john foxes team yet like it takes a little time he moulds them it takes it i'll fire and brimstone and then eventually they become so shitty on offence and competent on defence iter like yes this is my team missus john foxes for ports which on fox figured out the age old riddle and other teams like the two thousand one buccaneers and those great baltimore ravens defences figured out who is basically if you have a shitty enough office your defence gets a lot better because they're so fucking mad vessels focus like we gotta ask the they start doing this thing that happened lovey smith to wear the defence they actually return more interceptions and fumbled for touchdowns because they're like it we don't get this in the amazon they're just gonna end up fucking it up that amounts to things it's one it's one knowing that they have to go out there and squirrels points on their own and it's too
just being so angry at how incompetent or offices that you actually in applying hundred yet just because your furious all the time so i say yes to this tat i might be getting this wrong and follows right funding for this is absolutely absence absolute wreck the only three teams to win football aims in the last analysis fuck it ten years hundred year has two hundred years by completing less than five passes the other than five fabulous are europe's chicago birthday mischievous he was four for seven years your tim broncos he probably had three and your chris winkie carolina panthers all teams coached by john fox that's alright it's perfect you know what i'm when john fox in the football guy category for having for having those nice guys got a nice long beard now he has gone with the full beard look closely because he lost his raise react in honestly like some we were saying that's an old guy football game move i disagree i think just a guy move if i if i
but something that i just i don't you i don't get a replacement feel just tell yourself to go get get it gets replace and on the way home every day and you never go away until somebody likes me says hey this is becoming a problem for you i'm gonna get it for you because you are clearly not going to dress oh i'll go days and days and days about deodorant being like i gotta get deodorant tonight yep it's like you know what arrived survive in advance everything that you have all worked out and i will get what you re going to learn new tricks to make yourself like you rubbed rubbish opt out as christmas tree here for you get a little soap from from from the bathroom is put a little soap maybe maybe on reach rams maybe in your ass crack little bit left here only not left ear on devices all men will become hoboes within like a week yet having like no access to hygiene products thoughts and prayers to me because i had your thomas i'm a fancy team who and he is out i guess he tourist try subs like completely off the bone yes sucks so does really stuck for him fun fun thing about you
thomas being out though is that we get to do the browns quarterback list again is really really fun so let's do that real quick we have so joe thomas how many hours snaps the other ten thousand here so heap he block for all these quarterbacks charlie fry derek anderson brady quinn candour see bruce good caskey jake alone seneca wallace cop mccoy brenda weedin fad louis brian hoyer jason camel gentleman's o connor shaw josh recount austin d this robber griffin coty kessler kevin hoag in an thou shalt keyser so he's the one who sees the elizabeth tailor the unifil yeah he just plan through dude true yes oh here's the thing at what point you start say hey maybe all these quarterbacks were really really bad because giotto this is one there's one common denominator behind all these order pretend time probable or joe thomas was actually secretly sabotaging quarterback that's gonna be this joe thomas going the whole things we solve them speech it is pathetic i cried eyes
at their and i blocked for all these shady they should break them have they should have now them give his action speech yes they should sit on this front row no i want them up every morning room yes yeah they all get like five minutes to talk about and they just any in the way they throw the mike through the next sky anything that region yeah they missed our seas spurgeon win get up and he was on the list i wasn't yet literally the list like woodless
compass like a million should be quarterbacks new name the one that is not on i carefully that i'd iceberg innovative asked beyond that unless they should sign spurting last tonight till one day contract the act is actually all too to complete the site to totally shoot the moon for your time is about this we always talk about wanting to write a movie what have we write a movie like joe thomas gets revenge on every single one of these it is like a seven year he kills any finds like he finds bruce good caskey like coach in high school i school football somewhere it just goes i custody his achilles our throw them into a lake internet rounds and who have a serial killer show you almost zero college autonomy can cite survey out to get on every single one of his quarterback ya know what steal that thus you know it also really already aren't our idea outward nearing the time of year you could probably do it now where you get there so parity clock where'd show
ever seen beat the night seemed well not yet sparely lock is a couple teams have one right yes we're getting close to foreigners and the brown for nine whereas we just need them to treat each other one in other words you than its that's the best i was thirty clock yeah the parity clock its common artless gets you are whose back the week before do that one in such a case brought by friends it seek nfl football college football mba basque while any shall you still got a week left of baseball players all of it on seek seek save time and money by searching multiple ticket sites to compare prices and find amazing deals and to get the most bank for your buck seeking grades every tick based on value to help you immediately identify the best seats the fit your budget plus every purchases what guarantees can shop for tickets on sea with confidence make seek your go to africa finding the best deals on every type ticket from sports in concert to comedy and theatre go right now put in the promo code take download
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earth one past events my second alan something you do with the fucking smoke the bilbao check put on the field could see how well he didn't weight so like all those guys it i saw in the stands is like firing fire extinguishers up their debt were wearing late icelander airs the ones have parked in the official team lot those yeah we're ernie adams walk erode flares strapped to his feet good game plan here hooker thoughts and prayers by the way to anyone who's gonna have to watch the all twenty two from that game success can be tough to break that from now on my other his back was beemer ball they had to defend touch her upon return in a block punt loves the violin beemer ball you as he's trap everybody was a classic example of what we talked about earlier where the defence in special teams used to have to be like so good because they have is like rigid virginia when like four years where they would have a guy that like was upon returning
until two weeks ago plan quarterback form nonstop get the best part up your ball is like there was a moment in time or just stop working like it didn't work but because everyone said beemer ball like the punter would get the gaps and and just like shaking i got out beemer ball here they come knowing overjoyed tax it was a great branford right if you can get something that that has a liberation in it with your name s then you're statistically like a hundred per cent less likely be firemen who now they're back ok that's it oh god sitting has weak ok i don't know what it's about the head bills mafia ran down to where they wanted pulled in kathmandu like twelve oh wow look i don't have it all is breaking the fly you gonna get you out of your troubles are you know your parents remain at three in the diet which get had beguine ok i'll go i have seventeen o my first thought because kids football shaming is back officially
that's ok is does this couple usually once a year where they put up such terrible stats that the whole internet use has a nice like what what's the guy's name in in the simpsons nelson yet and as we did with with kids football they had twenty one totally arts twenty one for first doubts for it for first up it is you had four hundred seventy five yards against them they had they rushed for minus twenty five yards ah said even possible i've no fucking way there's no that's what it is we are cultural starts with account sacks as negative yard i guess there had yards per rushworth minus point eight and slacker settled it must have you handed the ball to charlie weiss told him run for you that who better than forward five times profile dance paternalism
my other whose back is noted aim wake up the echoes no name o you have of course he enters notre dame that will as well will share nor name is back and cologne one then you're not you had a sample of noted amis back it's gonna be fond watch nor rain get their hopes all the way up i want them to go the championship game and get beaten like fifteen enough college football is significantly more fun when the rain is passed such that such like a classic lame think for use but it's so true it's lame but it's true do you not agree with and i like watching noted in loot know i'd i disagree notre dame last year when there is your hipster your college football hidden when they went for it was right now because one on saturday night when you watch notre dame insult ban gold helmets that's college football and i know that you might think that's why i'm here please you're being a hips and you wonder why am i in my gut i like
get with notre dame is like is good and that feels like the fault i don't like it i am a hipster it because i care about records i guess vine okay and then finally the fall classics back i love you seen the fall classic because i was at ford host i those three headed i did three how many you have what i had one loaded has already but i guess i'm gonna have to audible will you can't even count lorraine because you don't even like that their back my audible is i would say texas guess texas was almost they almost pete oklahoma stated they tackle global states overtime and ended on probably worsen reception of ever seeing all man with the ball was unlike the tenure linaria seven your line of supply cabbages lofty to pass into infinity come that also was a game or like might gandhi if it might gandhi it score more than twenty points i think this they won what i think is thirteen turned yeah my gun accounts for more than twenty points he should just take the el yes
you care what you do you can't do arrayed orphans and then be like or works we don't know how to scorn and i'm gonna die metastasis one in here no we're gonna talk about later but eating asses backing eating outweighs back in a big way big whales were now fuck i saw a yet when i said that it was toe second season but i'm retracting that ass eaten season is a hundred per cent back gabby union said that she eats dwayne wade's ass yeah obsolete what she thinks she gets harass eaten to only do hope that goes with what is good also was sway sixteen deject catch used big sixty nine colonise issues like what you gonna do to guide you fellatio maybe when he's do inflation beautifully shows like those areas and i get by the way we should have a funeral for sixty nine nice jokes because each report made wanted i owe you
like people encroaching on your cool hip stress i'm a cool hips herself understand like when it bleach report is cops heart there that i know the internet cop so back to back to the gabby unions is a gap real or gabrielle i call gabby work were tight like that i share your ass yet what the he's a thing if the embassies and ended today twin wade would have venus puddle in a league true soldiers but that nearby i see what we won't what's goin on though with gabby union doing this right after i shall carry this is this is the owl
home this is a big time mba alpha move a user curries like oh yeah when i went stuff ass renew the scent of feet gave you need just goes on i gave a fuck out a dwayne wade's ass it's like it's it's not it's the opposite of what is his the opposite of such amy prude shemeah you go you send feedbacks that's nice my tongue is inside of his body is fucking awesome i need this we need more like next thing you know carmelo can be like yeah lala fucking chokes and gags me now they break up i think they're still together our you're phil jackson talk about even genie bosses asked about the buddha buddhist style he probably put he probably probably hits the hooker and blue smoke upper literally thus do football guys the week before we get to that i won't talk you guys about daily harvest we ve all seen mouth watering healthy smooth these on instagram or pinterest well guess what
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some good ones this week we have michael each who is a friend of ours and and ultimate football might reach i think is really embracing his like i don't give a fuck attitude this year has got a good team has finally got his guys he made his team do up downs when there are twenty one nothing because why because it is they turned the bolivar some i guess they we're playing up this standards ok you're getting complacent in uptown so the most sellers exercise ever because they their really train you to do anything in legacy football game suck yeah they just they they make you upset right what they do right it's a test that every football coach does like i want to see how upset you'll get before you quit the best part of towns like you you think like all this and this isn't that hard and after the second one year's completely gas monica gets day is the worst like laying it's getting up from having been laying down on the ground i would you ever want to get up now want you're down justly yes i will that do you see that army coach here the whole speech how i will fight
gossamer check out the video after the gay after army one he's like i will fight and when i their flight anymore i later gotta bleed awhile and then i get fights more and i was like i stopped the like lead honourably i like that that sounds i sat up and get rid of it i could lay down and bleed right night out laid out the actual bleeding today sounds pretty cool i can do you just get really tired can do parted there's part of this army football thing i could do letting down and bleeding we have a little throwback football guy this story popped up a steve spurrier story from and he was at duke you'll forget cecily wants coach do he now ball out he sticks here it's told by a kid who used to be the editor at the school paper he said i walked in and spurrier shook my hand pointed at a small refrigerator in his office said have a beer i replied coach i'm only assault
more i'm nineteen he said so and i said coach it's ten in the morning he said so so that's just stats these spurrier i did was to get technique get the press on your side by getting drunk all the time the kids yeah kids hunters you'll you like days they will like you a whole lot more if you buy them beer underage did this happen when coach cables are clique somehow get this is at ridge still in his office may be created on the us yeah some kind of impermissible benefits or something such care should be look at do you think that arms steve spur has ever put on a shirt before noon not willingly yeah i did i would imagine i would imagine his wife is like steel put your hands up unlike just like shoves won over his body or like if he has recruits house to go visit he knows at their parents are religious and i have to put up put up put on a tank top yeah yeah he probably he probably make sure that doesn't make any meetings before noon i got my sunday best on four yachts die kimono who's that
maybe i'll bulk out hey dismay elbowed out felt we have dino papers who by the way great football name awesome nanda awesome dynamo icon dinah tie no he made his one of his office of women do pushups couldn't find his helmet classic little you know as you like you when you're out when your coach your head coach is that focused on the details the game knows when will it offers one care finds hell that's a solutions god he's got a problem the dolphins lemon doesn't have helmet his solution is go do something
busy instead of looking for home yes mister pushups until your helmet finds you yes and then finally have you see i've had coat scott frost who ran he ran navy scouting all week is right now he yes so navy plays a pain in the ass often they are capable of being any team on any given saturday and then there are also capable of losing by hundred anything but he ran the triple option we use at nebraska classic liked him couched i i just above away nebraska get a new eighty i hope they just go back a hundred percent the triple ups and starts and sir it's pretty good and not recruiting danny what happier and getting like really really bad people to run be running backs a really good yes philip sir so yeah they're the head coach for you see ass he read scouts him all week and then i think they beat navy right yes it yeah so charter by waiver as we are
coach harbour who is he's on hot seat on our hearts but some hot seats not as not arse devlin on arson partners now not at all non this show some michigan fans out there they were member rich god and brady hope wants you fuckin shut up qatar i'm gonna get you through it but there's like the new the new mercer the coach our bombers and people are connecting dots andrew locks andy he played an indy chuck mugabe's go get fired stanford connection ha interesting how interesting i think before pulling a move like that they should just switch to harbour brothers get a free friday type you'll they both they both actually could you
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cats are for you know what the hell are targeted microphone for thirty five minutes the day in the late afternoon and ip f p p m is the new fifteen what is the p m sent for its like what you put you to sleep it's like taking the abbeville anvil pierre is what would i remembered what am i saying if it helps you go to sleep at all listen to hear what the hell you do don't kid i just want you to get right is on a very quick subscribe and quick play who cares what they do true true i let's start with we now we never talk about a man's job on the show but i'd with i saw what a man's job huge jackson is there a chance he gets fired midseason here while look go to london next week to play the viking though we know that london is the place where coaches and some general managers go to get fired there one and twenty two since jackson was hired and when you throw in his last five game
ten o clock i think he's too in twenty six is a coach in his last twenty eight games which is like rich co tight material and so yeah they lose next week and forty one in twenty three something's gonna happen when you look at the roster a coach if he was smart he doesn't have an office of coordinator that usually the guy who gets the whistle so i go kay but we do we give it the great joy and about a guy who do we give the job to if we fire you jack that's why i think maybe what happens midseason is they they flush out somebody and fraud office or that i gotta do something now something to get if they follow one and twenty three how can they not do anything and i think with jackson it's just a matter of time at this point he he strikes me as this generations north turn or wait philip too is very good as a coordinator good enough to keep getting head coaching jobs but bad enough as a head coach cannot all those jobs and then its lather rynch repeat is in office coordinator again somebody has aided by a good head coach and there have been three or four times until they violate figure out legislative measure coordinator i won't take it's gonna be i don't think you can be great williams because to me has a dozen like
pull who give away money illegally for four felony fraud so that's kind not the brown style you're all ok to take money illegally for following it that's what i'm saying i k that's all right so yeah allegedly all legit but are using the huge action might not be a quarterback whisper because i've i've been told that he has any whispered to two different quarterbacks that he may be a quarter back whispered happy to coach that's fair back you'll soon the q is doing the cuban shuffle where he just basically every time that's basically what at what has happened to this brown season is they only update the browns game on the red zone channel when you jackson who that's like a hawk get all people like show the brown moron reds on www jackson has realised that if he just changes quarterbacks mid game which is done like every single game addresses the auto or chris answer will be like hey check it out we an update in cleveland and they're gonna cody kessler else you know what that's pockets
just realise and keep your name in front people i raise too together pay and more than any other quarterbacks probably combined is broadcast weiler needful to denver i wonder if they like to try to get him back at some point you gotta safer oswald can't be any worse than what we ve seen out of a guy's oh yeah oh yes you can't right yeah european progress that much money aren't you entitled to dislike column in like if you need an yeah ok he's on loan to entertain or days on retaining is illegal lawyer i need your unease your input on the envy periods that everybody is talking about we got jerk off or blake portals really young about mixture biscuit in those four passes through today were sweet haynau haynau one as starting quarterback fianna fail there's a lot of as for carson whence which just make brown hands even more upset i mean they pass on whence and he's the top and bp candidate in a dish on boxing for they passed on twice in the top five so look it's always gonna be there
quarterback from the best team so we get to the end of the year we think of the number one cedar and hey the best quarterback from the best team if his staff are good that's the un vp that's what it's become unless somebody just goes crazy and has a record setting year rushing receiving is going to be the best course of action the best tame ok sticking on quarterbacks which quarterback starts more games from here on forward in two thousand seventeen aaron rodgers or teddy bridgewater neighbours water ok how many went where is he is he the starter the minute he's ready to go i started to go now you go slowly issues an old and he's not the starter while but but there is a thing i said the tonight on football night america they are reluctant to put him on field next week in london kids that field there is crap and the guy the non contact me injury so that i wanted to slip in flying around on the field in london again injured again so after the by weak
ten is what they're looking at they have to activate him three weeks after he returned to practice that i have to shut him down he's ready to go to cleared to practice is cleared to play it's a knee injury it's healed he's good to go if he's cleared to practice he's cleared to play they just have to wait for the right time to say hey case keenum thanks for your service now get your ass on the bench teddy bridgewater back and is ready to go and meanwhile he kept his word fan bradford like well when the hell he's going to be able to play again but i don't think he's ever gonna play for the vikings i think it's bridgewater when they think that that there's an opening to put panem down and put bridgewater it what do you think about the miami dolphins quarterback situation distinct it even of j colors okay you think this map more stena now i think that adam it still believes in j collar but it's going to be met mauritania for at least the next couple of weeks they were checking them out sunday night and that that they know that there's a couple a cracked but they're making sure there is in any other damage and more is getting ready to play
i talked to him after the game and i say i hate you just got to be a chip on your shoulder right that they brought in cutler and not you be nice guys good twenty nine games he was a team every peer two thousand eleven he said i'd like to say there is it but you know when you're out there and things are going well it's hard not to say that present so this is his chance the kind of show everybody including its head coach they maybe he should have been the guy wants ryan tenno got her yes he is like the anti j color i was watching today and he's like ten of ease yellow brick farmers like he's a good kid out there he saw rather smoke on the guideline gets fired up he's excited here the healthy relationship with the media is like to complete and polar opposite j j misunderstood
agreement by everyone agreed by literally everyone including jack he understands outside now really are probably not care the ira care be careful right that's not great why me why do we hated guided just doesn't care right i'd he's real he genuine we have so many families who act like they care and really don't care i can appreciate ago just doesn't give a shit i great mistake it see you make it explain please eager elliot thing to us like we're five years old ok is equal elliot is his is parents think he's bad they're trying to put him on time out it is based grandparents are saying don't you put him on time our yet but is a set of grandparents may say no you can still put em on time out that out in what so he's jesse's petulant child yes yes a percentage age loans whose jury josie the fun uncle oh you know what i can they be underlined it would be really funny but we'll get me in trouble i'm thinking of a guy in family guy there
the guy learned a walker who's the guy that old guy yea ok we'll let everyone else can actually does redoing you don't see some gets in the way they get it always there let everyone else think it in there has actually are losers fault for having a dirty mind hey hey but let me say so about elliot right now actually looks good for him to get an injunction that would allow him to play off season and actually there is something the judge said last week when at a hearing cadena felt like just blow at a court in new york and say here's the tom brady case from twenty sixteen we want in new york we kick your ass there's nothing you can do about it don't even bother the judge created some doubt there and the judges doesn't agree that the nfl is it has a strong position is the nfl
i think you get interesting issue chant elliot beat this whole thing not just this year but this year next year in and for good as far as the inner fell goes we had yawn maybe a month ago when we were saying that it looked dicey that maybe roger de wasn't gonna get that extension and you said no nor about solely gonna happen is absolutely no extension and then there was a little report that came out over the weekend that said it's getting held up because of the national anthem issues so out for small given the chance to apologize to shut up now my finger pointing at around it ok now he's talking i mean look he still gonna get it now the air the thing is just slowed down not from our perspective at some point you gotta say walk this anthem thing rated bit it was percolating in plain view for months why did the commission fix it but the owners don't seem to care about that the owners like having the ability to pushes buttons and hide behind the curtain while he takes all the heat it's just a matter of time
in occupied with this they have them thing in looking at the deal that apparently it's all written up it's just a matter of working out a few details and when they can put this anthem thing away then maybe they can not they can put the appended paper and get it thou checks in the mail that's what it sounds like me they ve got take their severely as i like a big giant check you took the j j war with a lot of zero that right is so even so what happens like what is the final step that would make them just go ahead and sign off on this extension like how does roderick adele what is what is you look like for roger you down the situation or you are the last thing that i heard was that that they and somebody reported this i didn't hear it i read it ok so that but but i have i think the disputed that there were arguing over what his seventh package would be if they fire him before
they did so and if our players don't have guaranteed contract but get out trying to get one that's all you got another man's jobs has documented also hey mike is there any way that we can reverse the raiders to las vegas because it so fuckin cool watching the raiders plain oakland shore look it's weird to have a team in a city for two years until it moves that weird thereunder lucky they won the other night because let me tell you if this if this team falls apart and they then i'll play again in oakland until november twenty six if they lose aimed at last thursday night with an aberration it could get ugly down the end of the season it could be ugly next year too they need to be relevant if you're gonna be in oakland this law but if you look at it is need but that that stadium is just literally a crap hall and that they had it something and they couldn't get the money together so you know las vegas is here seven hundred and fifty million what are you going to do me what do you what you going to do you're going to go to las vegas
literally a couple hours it figures allow literally i mean everyone starling replied bossy echoes everywhere so on the other side of that coin kansas city loss to oakland on thursday they ve lost too in a row is right seems like a losing streak is this a major a major thing for consider just like you said aberration i liked outward aberrations back is an aberration was ever she never gone aberration season it comes back during for policies and only tommy here that i hear people use the word aberration cost to get the broncos who all of a sudden do not look very good they got shut up by the charges and then have the cowboys won a game that is because imma give you a history lesson you guys may not know this cuz you're young and nothing happened before you were born kansas city cheat will know about those aspects while other than emerging echoed regulation that please tell him i think congratulations before the kid
maybe she's right candidate it over the dallas sections of the eia fell and they were there for like two years had to have with the cowboys and finally had skirt we can compete with the cowboys and they went to kansas city so they go back to dallas and a couple weeks that should be a big game chiefs and cowboys and you know the cheese out of the box get their act together plan at home they knock off the chief they go to five and three that cowboys game cannot come to five and forty show you how even when a team gets out the five no in this nfl it could all fall apart quickly yeah i like to overreact every single week so i would say the chiefs are probably am across him often i'm you know my pointed out again as long as they play there never go another game here's some what i wanted to stir up there you pray i haven't heard anything have you what maybe up any rumblings of little fracture and i can brady's relationship this year no you shy although the everyday fills the page seven but on the same page year data in horrible
brady brady been great ok i never know when you're asking me requires suitable creationism indulging in relevant one because i'm saying oh what am i walk into line the gardener about they're not were in the room i walk around in the dark and going a step in the damn thing and you guys gonna jump on me like when you asked me about my fantasy they were not aware trap how is your face seemed to know i just like i'm wondering because as you know i e what struck me the other day was your theory i think it's your theory that brady keep saying that he is going to play like for five years so that he can then just retire all the sun i dont have a farewell to write so i'm just wondering if maybe this is that year
it wouldn't surprise me look the x factor in all this is mrs brady who there were reports remember after the superbowl she was telling him to retire any kind of laughed at often and she went public without passiveaggressive concussions thing to charlie rose and may i think that with an accident i think that she wants him to stop right and and and i think one of the think he's always been concerned about one of the reasons he always take a below market contract he never wants to be the guy did bela check has to dump her salary cap reasons he always want to stay ahead of that and they get told you may go obligation what is going to do about him and yet look there's still foreign to maybe five into maybe four and three by the time people here this but that there still a team that is going to find a way to be competitive they ve been sick straight after championship game to mean if they went and other super bowl and get the sick you're gonna shocking but if he walks away out of a paper to be upset because a patriotic enough make a tough
vision after the year brady says i'm still playing because it's either brady for how much he has left will you let me go out for a walk away and i you know i don't think there's any good way out that maize for them and i think they prefer that brady just says i'm done so they need to stick with europe alone is this about the time a year where the same seahawks orphans of line finally figured out how to play football then always happened i y know me tom cable debacle get into a little bit today so who knows and you d want to mess with top cable cars memory burnett gouged there are also many with their golden but but simple guy as as the teams stay close together relatively speaking yet a few times at the back end at the top of the league that they're all kind of pact together the patriots and the sea hark to the two
teams had seemed always get better on the fly and i'll think of a coincidence she got bilbil check and p carol they take the guys they have and they make them better and you're right the office of like it's better all of a sudden russell wasn't thrown touchdown passes all over the field they weather the storm there five into next thing you know they're gonna be twelve for thirteen and three and the road the superbowl goes through shadow and nobody can when in seattle in january then they go back to the superbowl again and am right now if i to pick two teams for the subordinate patriots in the sea hawk oh wow so do you not eagles believer i just think you the young teeming learn how to win and they can when all games they want the regular season but you know in the play off its different especially if you have to go on the road to so what would a rapid salami ass she one last question given in question nor good ok aaron rodgers is he gonna come back to share
yeah i don't know i really wanted to britain collarbone four years ago which is just like every week like just shut up about it already he the backers not like every week all reporters like always go one more wake and all the bone done this and above all that it is on a reserve so he's gone for at least two month so we ought to worry about this until the middle of december i think a factors are are they even competitive than a mean they lost today to the safe at home by nine point bread hardly even though we rush for touchdown did not look good at a passer if if they are as a practical matter done by the middle of december then why bring the guy back i think they have to be in striking distance and have to feel like you two hundred percent could do not want gonna want to risk further injury it will guy that that clearly is the centre piece the franchise i've got five letters for aaron rodgers ready r e age a b we have had some because at three o one last question last last question our mutual friend gigi why does he can retire i don't think so
you are going to be right were given little we're we're like were given a little assignments just go go start sleuth around these places figure some things out so just ceramic hang about twenty eight he bid for a lot and allow different surgery had one of the things i be here is for a second i think we appreciate guys go through that the stuff they go through to get their bodies two hundred percent all the work all the after all we have all these children us and then they got me jacket and then they go back on the field and they know that they going to be less than one hundred percent again the question is when's it going to happen and how bad is it going to be in my going to need surgery again and for the pain and he plays at some point you gotta do that that math where ok here's how much money i have here's how many more years i intend to live do i do i have now for i can say screw this i'm out and he praised probably already there the motion is what motivates him at this point did you want to keep playing i think he does i heard anything to to suggest that he said
think about retiring to deny or maybe the kind of guy that would be very very humble enquired about that and i say anything to draw attention to himself so maybe he keeping his cards close to the vast but i'd be surprised if he doesn't play next year if he was a horse would they have shot him on the field well you know that was that without a new level to the game you turned out they have invariably taller ball brain yeah i mean you can have all about do you guys remember that that was of whether that was a long time ago that is the james con movie you like that futuristic version of like how ultra violet sport recycling whatever all about you you ve made a roller ball reference and a reference to the dallas chiefs or whatever the political analysis of indicators snipe started you really do we really an old demographic really try to you wanna three and you're just talking yourself when you listen back you can block without a good point that i made about the texas chiefs
back up or it might florio thank you we appreciate you look you stunning on tv tonight we'll say they make up and to pay and united we come to the conclusion that short faith can be cured by showing more of your torso on here i need to stand up every day when i'm on air rpf till i was because i agree with you and i will be happy live i look like i'm five two when i'm when i'm standing equity and patrick elegant live far less shortest face yet my lord your thorax was pop and you get a good thought he's got a great thorax thank you load authority is the thing all right that's my florio everyone to check out his new podcast its php p m so you can listen to it when you try to go to bed come on man
a member can i see you for using the letters i wondered why not you and you're going to say that i too am don't go like he's not be empty comradeship pfc it's like a bit me no european sepia he's just do phd deity now you might really me kindly muddy the waters of key junior exactly might florio thank you so much as always ass one cigarette sumo that interview with mike florio my my internet and football dad was brought you buy zanna hot sauce bf juego box we love hot sauce are boys at fuego box have been sending us a ton of hot sauce for the last few months and recently they created zanna hot sauce would be going through it like water at barstool no more boring lunches it's got the perfect blend of heat and flavor it's delicious on meat chicken eggs bbq food even a me
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it still show them all i ever wanted it was someone you know what a one of our word running listeners will obtain it so world series set it is the asked rose verse the dodgers everyone excited i ruins gotta storyline so almost start with your best friend clayton kasza when are we going see play off kirsch our he just socks and gives up mammoth home runs we'll get the laugh on twitter never come so my ma and now you're out of your business but i'm a professional pitching strategies so but i was at a lot of work for the de back this year plan they get the dodgers latin although i am not rooting for the dodgers per se but crucial i refer in this situation i think he's gonna the rhine and the deal for awhile and other plan all the bad people ragged offer be about the place but sir it's hard not to refer
what you touch on re here he said i you are the pitting strategies for the diamond backs how much do you blame yourself for them getting back to replace it with a work it was it was rough the way it ended military met a great year were the pushing did struggle toward the stretching the job got quite stressful there for the play off so i'm not gonna take all the blame but yeah i'm in the purchase shrugged at the end in a great you lost laskin out he he made some pitches that i thought were our right and they added a pit over homers in and ass we go so but you know what it was a good here i mean we went through we record gala better stalking alike we talk about the beginning of the year
it was the worst pitching staff in baseball last two years ago so you know there was only one way to go and we have way up and maybe maybe now i'll take a year off and and see if they are bad again and i can are you like i should learn at dinner that movie where you like i just made one more spreadsheet navy would want our fire like just passed out one more powerpoint presentation about wind broke her boss then maybe you guys what events i mean you know what is a lot of work when i when i took the job i knew was going to be it was going to be tough but it ended up being a lot of work and i am definitely happy i'm not happy the way that season ended but can i have to do work for a well will be nice and i get a and sweetheart my i've been treating a little bit more like a live the retired life again for a few months are you proficient in microsoft accept no i'm not someone does this
wretched for you don't want to see europe as night yes such really know my job and i dont know how to type i so i have to write these reports every day and i'd have to look at the keyboard when i type like so as you have just said that your provision microsoft exile and nobody will ever check yeah that's the every absolutely everyone has had a cube job ever has i do you don't you ever see of not and that's why i don't think that's a classic like baseball guy problem my colleague i actually never learned how to type now i know it cost me several
our sister clearly gives the office in europe like wait i don't just get to use tobacco and scratch my growing on it as we have as i hope corporate amerika never use tobacco either yeah be a new joint sprang do that as a joke yeah guph i'd say you you said you say yourself you game plan for the dodgers tell us why the dodgers have such a scary line up and are they are i know i think it's is still on the fence of course eager can apply i think he's gonna play i read some stuff tat i think he's earlier i mean the dodgers really they're at their lineup is all all around justin turner i'm addicted the guys in money in the playoffs he's like the heart and soul of the team and we really are different guy i mean he was the first to have even three quarterly you're the guy was sealed same old twigs swinging in everything and then the last about month then gonna play i see he got patient him he's been a really tough out
what about so if corey seeger does not error sorry of course your does play how does that change their entire life i mean obviously makes a little bit better usually that second i get a little more pop ahead of turner but that that they are the dodgers of so many interchangeable pieces like chris taylor complacent are eager play short kiki unanimously centre in short for they got guys i can play all over as the pitching match obscure who'd you give the nod to i mean the daughters had been so so good shit just numbers land or shoves that's a pitcher oh is he going games users cocoa and crush on and were lander rachel i mean i am i think that the ashes have a good chance the official soft serve why everytime i watch rachel i know whose numbers are ok but he saw serve like you watch me like this guy can't be real
i actually lovers she'll do i've never met ritual but i like it brings it embraces a fire you know he doesn't throw very hard but she's happy he always looks really pissed off when his pitching i like it does make smiling and makes me smile when you watch her to day to swing that bat like debates has told us he is and he just swing so hard and somehow goes on the part he is one of the i would say he's one of the top five doing gameplay this year cuz actually the d backs play the astros interleague he was one of the probably the top five guys that was most difficult plan for the guy that he's amazing what makes him so hard to gain it covers everything he covers fat boy himself away his breakin balls i mean the army is theirs there's no one place to get about i'm enough that's what it's like when you two strategies against like the better there's just no one place to go no one safe spot a grown up guy get about one way beyond us do you ever go into like a video game like to show when you
do you like plenty for somebody you just like pitcher gets a batter so it shows you the red and blue boxes in the in the don't like this guy outside you know i've never thought it really really good idea time safely i let the nerves do all the work you should do i like it that's really smart because we could do your job yeah yeah yeah she do we should put out the scabbard possible meagre on skype what what what about a sure pitching in the world sir you are the greatest worlds this picture of all time your re with four and two thirds in minimum innings pitched what is the pressure of the world series like drastically different or is it just you yet you have a little catch with your catch her you know just you and him out there it's drastically differ in for starting picture it takes about at any time to settle yourself down good that's worth favours like power pitchers consecutive letty but a guy like myself
how to get back in the day bush oven yeah yeah and but likely i like i could maybe it's hard to settle down you know it is only through ninety before i feel like berlin you can just let fly to ninety six seven you get away more things i favours the topic has more i like tat letting ladys letty moves that phrase that some may say that i'm gonna get gas tits rocked yeah yeah yeah so let's another picture shovin you're not gonna get you tesla what's with another ritual baseball here what's another pitchers term now come on a pictures like i know some good like his throne gas our future really real her paws biting woody arrested nasty yeah filthy what talents and oil there you save like it's just you know different words her things being dirty very nasty filthy muddy yeah i muttered moving wait give us your peck
i'm not i think i'm not about to go you are i mean like i said it's hard for me to pick the dodgers i mean the other kind of our rival little bit you gonna wait you gonna win one game in the de asked to be rival of heart it's ok roquat without without looking up who's the manager of the asterisk i can't to use my manager in arizona when they suffer what does he do to keep the club loose i don't know it was it was a really weird situation he went out to the d backs he took over he was like he worked in the front office he was wearing like a suit everyday and then all the sudden he was our manager so they're really bad situation for him to step into and we also sucks pretty bad so he is actually rigour or not he has noticed but those of sport the article that said they're gonna win the world series of a few years back yeah i saw
he had very people are talking about the three yang about it you got you gotta get on that and i'm out of you saw this put in elsie s air judge really tom jose how do they belong very short yes crazy it's while as you know the best part it was only if there is only a picture of those who got the i would be sure go via was actually first report by part my take off our bs so we're way out of this one yes and that's about the series is like these are the two most analytic leader to him here there's like metal there's like so much information gonna lose gave us crazy yet they both use em i'll be the show more than anyone they cellular editorial citizens they have a computer in the dallas office would run like a hundred simulations overseas and per day no it's dodgers have the biggest analytics department in ashes have the most aggressive analytics department we both some good stamp oil i move
wait till you picked out sex that's on the record in here and honour under record dodging six let's move on four baseball quick are you a beer euro lakers van lake i am are you a big bawler i don't have a choice but i do i am a big ball everything in time wait you can't think like i got so that's a telltale sign that you got a big baller they're out of my price range the millions you made you can't build big baller shoes you think is going to be the real deal this gave sergio tat beverly and then he went off without against the sun's their plan tonight against the pelicans sir i think tonight will be a good you know it'll be a it will get a better idea of how he actually this is taping or this will be on tomorrow so we'll know i'm going to go ahead and say lonzo ball tonight twenty four points eight rebounds and six assists
ooh self esteem for him there so i do not know only such restaurant similar high scorn gay and pelicans will be set up and down yeah i actually just looked right now worse seven minutes into the game or six months in the game at sixty two so good call on that did you see what she smith said about the game plan form that everything just gonna get in his ass he worked that task it is ass you should become like acre fan you should just be like lots of balls ass you stay out of it ass you what am i burn erika yes yes i do have a burner accounted yeah i wanted to ask you how your pardon pugsy good bernie is twelve tucker is two and a half did did you dogs water tv show one is white and one is black to dry
that's like overall in america are frogs with one of impasse where they didn't talk about in say sorry them now ok yeah did you dogs fifty ass did your dogs watch tv show no they didn't so you were one of the eighty eight thousand it's actually a three hundred and seventy six hundred and eighty six to know your fake news guy i don't know but i read a richer data would ever he he put it in the spend zone in spirit pretty nice the ages it wasn't things were ratings are you can make them say when everyone is a good thing but i think you know you guys would you really well is if you took on like the four thirty a m because they're like six viewers two point thirty a m and if you go on you'll get like couple thousand then you'll like yellow yo quadrant
where the rating to know it i don't give a shit about a number of years i want i want quality views over quantity we had the eighty eight thousand smartest people in america and their dogs watching shown i'll take that over like five hundred thousand idiot recall i'm enough about of yours like the whole like like mission in the stadium like three slash four of the way filled up watching your show on youtube have you ever had eighty eight thousand people watch you do anything like ok for a worker is like we talked about the but that was you and also all you're the teammates it wasn't really just you trouble millions of people were watching you happy you got sharing is here with every while others many carol was just on my good why we're here did you put in the world series two thousand or companies who watch on the up zero people on the up
those were the infinity we want to go out at all there appeared a worry less well no idea thank you so much we appreciate you come on i appreciate you picking dodgers insects and also pursue you watching our show even though its at ten p m and west coast and you can watch our show now i did i usually what fulfil the turnbull switch i switch dvr all my dishes everything yes ok i now inherent are baseball expert and legible asgard yeah asgard thanks standard bet interview with dan haren was brought to you by miller lite i'm on a diet and dieting and darting usually don't mix but then i remember that miller lite is brewed for more taste with only ninety six calories and then i'm like dirty on ford rd that turn into noughties there's only one beer for the job miller
the original idea brood for more taste while still being less felling dieting darting barbecuing there's no way i'm cutting out when those activities that's why would i reach familiar light the original great teasingly beer that does not compromise on taste i let's get you some segments first up we have locker room talking is for carry irving who had some choice words for a fan after game was of friday night yes so someone yelled hale hey carry where's the brown he said hey want you suck my dick we don't put we don't say that i am now would also carry carries obviously lesser the show but even a yes mister couple episodes can i can i say something that you guys can throw back in my face if you want to but i think we should say it here
didn't hard pass higher eve doubtless fucking it was something about a dislike hey watch you suck my dick it's always like a very it's just so great comeback it straight because lebaron james would never say something like that no the broad james when he drew to show his penis through the whole yells mozilla forget exactly saw that thing yes ought not an oppressive yeah it ass long ass we do think catasauqua regard spine twenty five thousand dollars of santa much totally worth two cents to van yes absolutely i would say that's like i would actually vote as a professional athletes via i had millions and millions of dollars i just have like a fine guy and then just every year before the season started i'd give em like half a million dollars an edge like update me on how much money we have because it's the use it or lose it fine things like i want to use this was a was in boston or that philly fellows info
that's an philly so right that's where russ westport anything we pointed out the guy who is assessed like flippin lying suck my dick in fields like the nicest thing what do you think that's how you greet the variety of philadelphia hello cry is what you say and you it's also a major stand our ground so if you don't if you will come at them with the same fire there bring into their going over the top exactly and they actively defend yourself yes vote we have trouble in paradise this ones for the phoenix sons what's a tweeted man i don't want to be here which i actually thought it was like an old tweet their people were retreating willie was he like at the dentist no he actually just doesn't want to be in phoenix which is a wild seen that a player gis outwardly say i do not want to be here anymore the nba's while leaving and then an hour later they farther coach so there's something we're gonna oh ok here's what we get started any time something weird like this happens in sport summit where things go wrong all of a sudden it's always
because somebody got somebody else's girlfriend or wife yet roots called the bill simmons role yes it's either wife or it's either cheated on or card game a car gives the other way did bill someone say yeah that's a big thing are cheating on somebody get in the car ok i don't know that but i did know they like this dates back the first time i remember being used in the internet era was villain over steam like final fourteen yeah back in the late thousands yes but it's yeah anytime supply just goes on someone's banging somewhat someone's get there ass he by the way now they fired their coach in there paradise thing we're i'm thinkin thing what i'm thinking tom cream they want something in coach girl who branded knight errant bledsoe devon booker tyler alice who ass well ass tat you know what all went to kentucky i'm just going connection browser to so coach cow wee wee theorize on this your show that could count
might be liked donnie brass like he's wearing a wire he's got all these guys and trouble i've seen good phil a few times i've read a lot of books about mafia when you when you get when you flip saddam you put him a witness protection we do you a new career you said about the arizona assembly desert they always go out to arizona right yes yeah really oda when i could see it i could see coach cow and his belly just went on the sidelines in arizona that's what they did to add to the under boss for john gaudy yeah they say me the ball samad a bull inelegant trouble again as easy started selling excess yeah yeah his son s either we everyone with his family totally at odds with gems on yahoo is like a fair whose under government protection and they were like protecting his shipments of accuracy is a pretty sweet deal you get it right monocular its immunity due to reward absolute that's the rural double jeopardy kick it rested twice in amerika we have kings they kings swans fervent as perfect he did not shake hands with you is a cathy didn't chickens steelers and then
had a dream on green kind of like reflex kick moment i fully supporting vaunted pervert here because guess what the bengals in the steelers should never shake hands ever soup these less hate each of its absolute stupid i i also think that like maybe we're just were being too quick to judge vaunted maybe he's got like football threats right we just have to but you don't even know he's doing he involuntarily commits egregious penance since vs cracks voluntary liked it the nfl needs for volunteers progress not the other way i don't i dont want to play in an official if we're volunteers is restrained right i want i want for maximum want as you need a guy like then the league at all times i wanna be scared i don't have the middle yes i don't want pedro surrender and his buddhist self yo when that guy on the on the indians i'm sorry i words in major
big converted to buddhism and then he was just like that only to immediately to as many converting wash motivation to its awesome alice is really get knows it was but the thing about funds as as he's he's so perfect with his dirty plays like he's like a surgeon with his dangerous had not dirty play knob we not ready play with his with his borderline play with his that's where he set his borderline borderline piazza imposed for me just exactly who is very very particular about just how far he goes and make sure never crosses outlaw yes finally we have man card for the saints they're getting pedicure says every yet again pettycury because champagne was happy that they were the right cleats and they were the guys in the team were afraid that there are fucked up long cleats unlike make their feet herds are sounds like where the cleats and then i'm getting like pettycury to come in i am joe bach
hand over your man card one like you think my dick it would ever do this for the saints that's why he was such a great coach and champagne exactly that's why the weather was so successful with hands it really well and was able to catch him up now it's it's very strange because feet like i say feet or the new ass so will now you do reach i did retract as like literally on the same show yes but i forgot cuz my brains alright that's our show we'll see you guys on wednesday please watch parcel van talk on espn to one i'm tuesday we have dan patrick you also be on the podcast it was an awesome interview and we have some other fun stuff help us watch it
johnny espionage of can't watch it live it would always help us don't don't just not watch it or don't pirated or do anything like that watch dvr dvr ever inland waterway and then just turn on the watch espn happened just let a plot yes just help such as well to be glad of real quick i made a note here i want to give people uptake as many people have been asking a phd the paper update mean i set it a week and a half ago that why don't you just make toilet paper that doesn't have the wrong it s no use for the paper or guess what i found out the store i bought it i'm raw dog in the toilet paper hoteliers there's no cardboard role that goes or is it just a rap of toilet paper its awesome its life changing gonna have to worry about taking it off the thing in fuckin throwing when putting new and back on you don't think anyone was meeting up many p or many people are asking our citizens were on that i no longer have a bloody s all right so sweet pretty get everything don't not be empty bottle i see
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