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Mike Florio and Stingray Steve 09/09/16

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NFL Season is finally back and the guys recap the Broncos Thursday night opening win(1:51 - 8:31). Week 1 Las Vegas Super Contest picks for PFT, Big Cat, Hank, and Larry the Goldfish are revealed (8:31 - 21:15). Mike Florio from Pro Football Talk joins the show to preview the NFL season and his dark horse team of the year. Stingray Steve's Friday spot debuts with a preview of CFB Week 2 and his call of his favorite play from CFB week 1 (21:15 - 40:56). Segments include "Protect The Shield", "Respect The Biz", the debut of "Hot Seat, Cold Throne", "Spoilers", and weekly "Jimbos"
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go book that's on us we love you audible that calm slashed p m t let's rep wasn't my idea september nigh vienna fellows back the boy
because i want it all larry the goldfish is wanted no big cat is wanted o hagan p of tea are losers that's not exactly true ok i didn't i didn't i go with larry but go against him larry showed me yesterday no offense to larry but he might not have the clutching okay and so i wanted a little prove it from him so i larry showed up improving thanks and i'm gonna write larry i just wasn't i wasn't totally on board just i'd go down with a dead half blind fish until he showed me a reason why no loyalty we will get to areas picks in all of our picks in vegas super contest than a minute before we do that let's talk about the opening night love it we had everything we had one republic
there's an annex always throws that shitty banned in our face in the in the pre game bob cost us looks chipper he's gotten over zika everyone's fresh everyone needs football it was a great night i think the unifil does that on purpose day they always have the world's shittiest band opening up to the season will you next year like each six with a new single rain terrain yeah they do it on purpose just say like fuck you you gonna watch some purpose just say like fuck you you gonna watch yeah here going waiters dorcas worse band right what you're gonna love we can we allow osborne blow like while he's in a coma and starting in and wash ensure we would i without personally like to watch that if it was before him so as the game got started we had a little bit of national anthem controversy brandon marshall took me
and then everybody was a great i thought ran marshall plan on jets and then that is basically is far too confusing with canada well i was going to say brandon marshall unpatriotic taking a knee jerk the national anthem very patriotic getting a pretty apparent concussion and then cleared to play yeah did meda for i think that you learned his lesson now what's more american than that guy works in mysterious ways and if you don't stand out into the national anthem we might get your brain nick that's i wish you know who would never taken me on the progress that lives is tim table that is a guy that would show respect so i'm hoping brands he's moved on to this but i am also big night for concussions if your city you doktor with a clinic in denver just go hidden by the vote now
you retirement retirements already their cannon took a few shots had monday question is i guess you can have then what's your problem was passing on the sidelines you know like you said our concern about his head he still giving all those some can cause of hits do his job with the flask oh i think you smoking avenue but came newton got banged up i will also say came newton and analytical ron probably the worst clock management that we ve seen in the two thousand sixteen nfl season so far he i'd say it's gotta be up there they burned every single time out within the first like five minutes the first hand came newton then took a time out when they really really needs it trying to win the game with their last drive it was a sloppy game for the most part travellers trevor simeon not that bad but also not that good continent perfect northwestern quarterback you he reminded you that bodies trevor simeon but then he made a couple
throws it we're k right yeah i guess minute he looked ok from time thank you too for scuffle boss you don't you know what that was that there was a perfect scouted report on tourism in like he played outside we're gonna landless right now you know get yeah nobody gilbert certainly if you want it is also good right if you to sum up his entire night it was trevor simeon was ok and then yeah i guess that's it right there other huge news tonight and highly positive off eighty yards in the air so that's it that's all now get there he get traded from the browns earlier this year brow i don't want to do and like stockpiling punish right now can i get french army stockpiling white flag state deal but prohibition they hung on to any league is attacking kick the shell of war
chances annually as take a piss test this weekend for roger delicacy fidel doesn't understand how our high altitude works henderson hundred percent adele did the pissed drinking vampire right is not what we got yes yes also this is the first time in i don't know what is it seventeen years eight and a young twenty years that peat manning is not in the end i fell and i really miss him i don't know where he was it felt like a big absence not having a moron tonight they did however bring paid manning up into those tonight and they had alan chris talking to him and paid many it's a very it's very strange natural ability to have but once he was up in the booth i thought it kind of he had been there hasn't our life i totally forgot that he was he used to be a good quarterback i was just like okay now peyton manning is an analyst and i will listen to everything that he says he also
basically asked for chris concourse job like in front of the entire nation that was a little awkward and then michael said well i guess that's your audition tee and then gansworth was like yeah yeah i guess it is one thousand words agent i'm calling in dc right now and being like why did you let that guy and yeah i'm done owing nbc and maybe bordering the story about parenting what is but putting his balls on someone's face especially from cars where this totally clean in his sexual history best so on that should be a brown i also think that council if i'm cars with i'm debating hiram head man to take up many are least like calling a bell jack had been like i can give any tips i mean two rooms guy so all in all very for night and likewise football is now back gambling is now back and as we ve met
last week when we were in las vegas we have all entered the las vegas super contest thanks to our friends at odd shark dot com check them out ardashir dot com they have all the trends that you need for the betting season they have paid for us to be in this context they ve also paid for our goal crash that is now deceased larry one rest in peace you are one and now in the nfl season so friday we endorse it contest pics and we also need to have a bet so let's put it up to our award winning listeners give us the stakes this will be a pardon my take back between the three of us worst record
has to do something i've got an idea maybe worst graphic shoved into locker by reaching a meter but then ok listen you guys find the locker i lost the programme on go but you guys find locker and i'll go into it but i have also find the locker may lose i would win winded when the bills are down to playing in the eu let's make it up ok portfolio i kind of like you should find your own locker almost cutting your own switch type thing now oh that's ok come on man wouldn't understand work my parents should be me with a switch i would have been finally maybe what have been in the nfl right that's right i gonna blame them for that i'm ok so let's do our picks the lines are set on wednesdays that's how de las vegas super contest works its i think two thousand entrance into the contest i think
the prize is over a million dollars a year and you have to pick five games against spread every week for all seventeen weeks so we all have to do that ourselves and where is gonna do it very well mary to larry three whatever and we will do it who was served their picks up first of real quick i would ask you there few and a million dollars are you gonna keep the ashore if i want a million dollars i absolutely may keep doing to show but i'm a bit studio in my house and make you guys come over and film the shell from my stood yes i never have to leave ok that's an air fares commitment to yeah ok why love doing the show this is a this show is like you know like a view in the lottery would you quit your job i probably would still do they shall i just be really rich in a lot happier i would do it
i'll probably be better at the show actually because like i'd be in the zone of like i don't really give a shit right so it takes would be hotter they'll be faster than you stronger so hey didn't tell you what listeners and put that on you maybe if you guys sent me a bunch of money would be better at my job so the fact that you haven't done i yet now really questions i dont want to question commitment can women as an award winning lesser bunda sand if i had a few more dollars my pocket it might be nice people we should be like porn stars and put out amazon wishlist derga yes i like that it's a great idea of see something like it now ok you're my pigs ready first this is my stone cold lock and weak i've got the jaguars at home jag off big time plus five and hath against the backers let me use this moment to remind everyone the blake portals wikipedia club is meeting next week we will announced
we're gonna be reading bali an hour before i dont know what this reminder just really upset that you brought that up because if i'd known that blake would have the spectre haven't do homework hang you resent this weekend i probably would have taken him about solely go that gets taken my guns jaguars plus five and have a home against the packers next i've got the forty nine hours two and a half point dogs at home against the rams jeff fishers gotta get off to a zero and one start and then when his ex game but he's not gonna be supporting those alone can it have brad where people are really bad teams lot it's gonna weird but you know i buy food
and that i think it will be successful next i've got to chargers plus six and a half on the road get engaged the lock patriots can i'm taking the patriots plastics on the road i guess the cardinals without tom right that's right i said it and do it anymore last one is i'm taking the damn you word arse w word redskins plus three at home can i get to see where so many nice could be big form i got both both like games there i like that an end and i would also say that larry part of what the deal with larry we're gonna always have him pick the thursday game the nationally televised sunday games so like the big one o clock the big
the sunday night football game in the monday night football game so we can all watch larry's pics together his pixar broncos want to know he's got the cowboys the patriots the steelers and the rams i'll go with mine real quick i'm going with the falcons the bengals the bears bears going to win outright just a heads up everyone the jaguars as well and the giants had i did a lot of research this milestone on local weak jaguars plus five one five is that ok all of us rolling january's jag off yeah have the titans plus one f i the bangles minus two and a half the giants minus one to have
they ain't he was picks as he's talking right now in the nicest copy me and the bills i'm so everyone follow along let us know what we should back we have to have a bet between the pardon my take three entrance i think we can leave larry out of the bet because he's gonna die like seventeen times that's babbled can't be rubbing it in is already dead and we have to like insult hammer do something bad legislate larry be left there can we only introduction on how many letters or any other oh good call oh wait before we do that at that i know there were not incitements yet but i want to do a quick hank there you were the last person similarly alive that's not true king mark that came arcos that he was fighting for his life when he saw the next morning he was
it's like a chicken after you kill it in iran's around like a snake twitching they'll larry was dead this more saw and heard pity and i remember correctly we left you on tuesday night we gave larry a kiss good night we said will see you in the morning are sweet little boy and i we were in a grumpy mood you like fuck fuck flock and i'll see you guys whatever flock i hate this world i to heed everything and then we're i shall come what may be a week a week ago you said you threatened praying man says life a mantle eyes i life i made no such threats ok just stay we aren't threat guys we're just saying guys so you're right i'll take that back we are here today i also seem to recall here show little sympathy for the peter protester at that are eating contest ah ah maybe hank was maybe hank doesn't
when animals are in captivity any trust limp rhythm by any means necessary interesting yoga guys it's hard to fight with you it's like especially when there is no filmore you guys did like with like when you poked it and were pushing it against the glass and the greatest abusing it but we were happening when area now if anything we extended larry's life by building a little bit of muscle mass so he could fight against you tried to try to make a full hearty attempt to break em out just shoving than to filter hank how much of a fight to larry put up when you killed it just connect the dots people are not accusing anyone have anything i'm just saying hank through the praying man ties life in a week later hour goldfish dies and it was the last person to be with are alive goldfish also
hasn't been drinking recently so gonna grumpy you might be gone through the wood draws the deities known hey we're not blaming you just tell us without it we already know what i did was we'll let you will get you out of here in time for a rustle mania still ass he s going on here yeah how'd you did you do it did you did you do it hank i want your lawyer i in that interrogate issue was brought to you by draft kings draft kings week one is finally here draft kings has a hundred grand in free one contents prizes it's all up for grabs a hundred thousand dollars kings is super easy to use its destination for one week fantasy football no season long commitments i've already screwed up my as he seasons why are we playing droppings it is very very
is it a sign up you pick your team you can do it right before kick up one hundred thousand dollars and weak one prizes here's what you gotta do you got a hurried to draft kings dot com right now use code big cat play for free in this weekend's hundred thousand dollar fantasy contest the contest is one hundred percent free so there's no reason not to play again that's called big cat be acc eighty to play free for your share of a hundred grand this we can only a draft kings dot com draft kings dotcom eligibility restrictions may apply see website for details hank are you now ready to admit that you kill larry you'll be hearing from my turn him by my poor nor soon enough and then we can discuss further we should have him on actually to me there were clear with the fact that we're just gonna kill like a shitload of goldfish let's now do our protection for me where its i think seventeen larry's now
no no it's it's all night sixteen but was the policy gonna be after a house and we get a new larry kosovo if larry dies one day we get noon the next day like wearing a through a lot but if we well ok i think i think it would be foolish earned by low area on a monday ok we're gonna timer larry's right we gotta get larry on like wednesday morning records show and then no he's probably on a diet thursday and then i would not have larry for five days i think you guys are wrong ever done in little internal investigation of my goldfish safety measures that i have in place and i think this next week he's gonna survived for a while they were again new pump i think we're gonna do do some more cleaning of the water i heard that water might have been the issue i think we're not gonna put our fingers in their especially not after doing red men so i think there's a
out of things we can do differently with this larry that will make him live for at least two or three days we made a lot of first time goldfish mistake yes our word and we're gonna be open and admit that hank may have been the one that actually know drove the stakes are resort but you know at the beginning big cats yellow overzealous with pop what's let's put the soldier who is a classic case of too much pomp that things motor was waiting to high learning so the problem is come on don't really get sucked up and then of course the fingers in the water who knew the thousand meaning they shoot but i'm gonna get better goldfish made us we certainly cannot get any worse not noticed that yeah and after we have some surprises for an ex goldfish we're gonna figure it out alright let's kick it your interviews real quick we have florio and we have stingray steve stingray see we're gonna have on every friday in football season renewal
little college football preview with him he's also gonna give us his favorite cop from the weekend prior that's a lot of fun mike florio our favorite current guess he is a football expert profile talk let's do it right now we now welcome on recurrent guess mike florio we have and i fell football is finally back mike you are in denver for the panthers broncos game which obviously this episode will come out after the game is over but my first question it's an easy one denver how hire you right now not nearly high enough ok i just i engaged in some windows shopping my story i'm sticking to locate you put in his equally ellie read your lot but don't touch touch but dont taste sure know who without it
hale who in the football latin america booth in the industry or showed is consuming the most edibles this week peter tank but he doesn't realising the snakes snacks he's he's dosing himself accidently i love it might be story going into the season obviously was teddy bridge waters injury because the vikings were a super favorite we on this show how to debate where do you land
the vikings van and as someone who comes a week on sam bradford and the chances for making stood still make a play off from i really dont know i here's what i think they're trying to do was sean hill they could have simulated what teddy bridgewater did as a rookie twenty fourteen and last year fourteen touchdown passes each year not great performance is but they expected a major increase in its production this year so sad bradford the thinking is i believe better simulates what teddy would have done if he d been able apply i dont know the bradford can get there it's always hard to plug in play veteran players at scale positions in the inner fell at a situation like this i can't think of another one where instead of going next man up with a quarterback injured disclosed the season a team actually finds a starting caliber quarterback from another team and just thrust him into an offence he doesn't know so it's gonna be an appeal plan but when things settled down they gonna be better off with brad for then they would be with hill assuming
after can stay healthy paint your replacing a guy with a torn asia out with a guy who was torn the same ac i'll twice and just because you got through last season playing at fourteen games doesn't mean he's gonna play at fourteen or more this year philip rivers played with tunisia why can't teddy do well yeah is is it is it was a reasonable yet or asia yeah britishers tunisia it's it's even ease i mean i don't know that he knew it i know what happened during the game he may have played a full game with it it's been several years ago but the thing is when you philip rivers and are doing is taken three steps back or stand in short gonna give her the football you don't need to worry about the mobility and you get a security blanket and danny would had back there too is it because teddy bridgewater might be too smart that he realizes injured whereas like it the horse injures himself they don't but at the hurt so they can ikey block in on it is that why this route the horses
yeah occasion with mean you you can't imagine my question is teddy bridgewater too smart i dont is relative to i'm just saying if you quoted backs diamond doesn't feel pain sometimes it's a good thing that's what reforms so good at yeah as long as this need us incompletely implode like robber griffin the third day the placid few years we called a gamer that's what we call tat is not really a gamer he must not be a game and milk and i hear nobody would arrive little bed remove a scale surgery pop his knee back into place like the guy find the college game did with his foot over the weekend to go out and play that sounds pretty easy when you say it like that another big story that's coming into week one obviously tom brady is suspended you guys
covering sunday night football the patriots the cardinals what do you expect from jimmy grapple or future bear jimmy garage blow for the first four weeks i really don't know what to expect the working within the confines of the offence it's easy to say all do the same thing tom brady does get rid of the ball quickly but brady's mastery is looking at the defence before the snapped figuring out where the open guys gonna be getting rid of the football making quick decisions i don't know the garage billows ready to do that he gets a four we got dish and without brady there looking over his shoulder he can do whatever he is able to do and that could help and become the patriot started down the line it may mean he goes to the bears some one else but i really dont know because it could be the patriots just decide to run heavy and we ve seen gangs where they decide they're gonna run the bar on the bar on the baltic every time they play the courts and the
we try to protect europe alone just try to play conservatively keeping close and try to one is met again as they can't while they were forbidden to combat hunger is jeered gulf the biggest post an initial history network i somewhat premature to say that the number three other depth charles the first overall pick that's not good for anybody and i would say jokingly back when the rams picked gough remember these are the same people who thought nick falls was the answer a year ago and up what was once a joke i think is gradually becoming that serious that maybe they ve got the wrong two years in a row along the same lines not related s abc west team most likely to go eight need to share the you can say all them
archers the charger sewed me big brought about men of sea west he most likely to go eat meat the sheer well i don't know that the rams are ready to make that point i you know seven and nine is a tough thing to bust throve so if they if they work hard in and do all the whole pilgrim things that he used to say what does it take your vitamins and say your prayers and maybe they can yet that one extra winning a day except vitamins air done was just keep doing stout airports right now i'm not saying anything about all colleagues together we thought out living above all it's so the rams open with the forty nine or do you think now that the rams runaway there i've just got monday night but those two family
this will have the most fights per game well i think anybody who plays at the colosseum that's where the fights are gonna be and so that's one fan base right there just the sheer number of people the more people you have a greater chance you're gonna have a bunch of fights in it i don't know what it is about forty nine is fans the date that yeah i like scrappy it's gonna be thirdly when they play in our daylight scrap so everyone soda com can predict gamers the other day millyard illegal now you're learning who at nbc shows the most respect in the least respect for the national anthem really i'm gonna go there whenever point personally i have them so i dont worry so the entire network of nbc ok they have communist leaning out i gotta get in the studio in the studio before shows starts we have not yet adopted the ritual of blank than that might have deprived
i got up with man what about pledge allegiance to the flags are so hard there's no flag on the on the premise we need you to fly you you're not helping you just did yourself into a deeper in national broadcasting communist is what nbc stance were weak so we actually have a tremendous disdain for predictions on the show we think they're boring and people generally dont like to listen to him so with that sir what are you predictions for the year in terms of a super bowl champion and maybe gimme the conference game champions how about this one how about packers over the panthers in the area of sea which is kind of a scratch always like to do the scratching one conference and then do something a little cookie and the other conflict so i got packers over panthers in the inner see ravens over patriots in a sea is the return of the ravens in twenty sixteen
got ravens the super bowl with the packers one that's wild stuff too in other words joe blackened and he's gonna get himself back into the elite conversation by making it to the superbowl but when he doesn't want you know doubt doubt actually like i would demand to raise here a parcel of joe flak omitted that they would give me so much content dhabi great for my here are some glad that you say that like you wes virginian we're gonna be west virginia all actually let me stop you there mike i dont know if you know sport west virginia wanted now are the two of us were actually on their play board on data hopperson sidelined so are you little into we need that were more famous west virginians than you i don't know about that i'm gonna have to get tat dana and trotted out tax and you want me to tax and before you take some sugar ok i won't
so we're gonna be in west virginia are we gonna hang out well when you guys what through on that what was that thing you did the greatly writ tore yet for a week i gave you an open invitation and apparently i'm not ready enough to justify inclusion saw gonna have to revisit whether or not the office still open but you will only be thirty minutes up the road where i live you bet ya know gives me great and stop i'm glad you said enough if i said it would sound like a threat another threat guy so you just threatened yourself by with cigarettes my presence so the door is up ok not saying what the door is ok remain at all hours unlocked and were allowed to go to your house whenever we want and i know where you are expensive liquors a whole new collection of data by bernd lange out in the bar smoke a cigar and have some tequila economist animals areas
while the morn is what they that's what in west virginia call your office that's a doctor's hop static of its own yeah that's where they that's where you go when you you know you you have a cavity go to the bottom right yes i like lousy wash let's go just my standard approach is it i don't care what someone says i just say yet yet know that never gets from numerous that's dangerous now though we know that don't hang out had been robbed whispered muck last question your dark horse team of all dark horse teams everyone's gonna have a dark horse team gimme your dark horse team already put the ravens in a frigate superbowl dark horse come on live one job like those we have about the saints who do you think about rubies contract i notice the saints really like the fact that their off the right off they really like that yeah doesn't mean they're gonna be on the right are but they like the fact that there are
we need to give little nobody believes in us five going down there what i had in their defence can't be any worse than it's been and you know dennis alan is now in charge of it they got rid of the robbery and wanted europe grit week you know guests and up i think that they'll be better and and the other is that there is a theory that maybe the panthers our can be able to do what they did last year's kind of article fifteen i want two years in a row so that maybe there's an opportunity for those other teams in the ussr to do something and i think the saints would be a team that you're like the buccaneers a tourism is people have them go to the play off james winston
becoming elite but up through breeze and company i think could surprise and people the box of a famous dark horse pick that everyone has not a dark horse it's like one where registries every year when regis filming pixel box like ok that's that's america's dark i took the box or leisure like eyes what mary twistings last question what about what what do you have to say for the bare season what he expected i dont know last year half way through the season there was avoided a move in the right direction and this year i think that the senses the defence should be better because they have personnel but better fits what john fox and victory and you want to do i worry about how the office is gonna be without adam gazed there to keep jake copper from being jack collar and
at four days gone i think they're gonna have our time that's that's exactly what i expected in another way begat feels disappoint lives it sort of a situation where you know like if mom says now you go ass dad i'm just gonna ask enough people what they think about the bears until someone says they could be a way out in what they put i mean it that's the thing that i love about the nfl anybody except the brows could be applied ok ok yes calvin unnecessary shouted rubber griffin he's gone through enough these less couple years at an away your piling on but thanks for coming to show mike we appreciate you as always vitality and seriously for common west virginia let me now so make sure out of town we're and will be able to go on your barn and i have fun we'll see you tonight on tv try to stay away from those edibles seeing the common certain things like another something completely
a different we now welcome on one of our favorite guess this is going to be a recurring guess slashed segment every friday was stingray steve steve we know that you went through a pretty painful loss on saturday have you they recovered ashura absolutely ok it's getting your back we're back right so what's let's talk quickly about last week and they will look ahead to this we can give me your most impressive least impressive teams silence at least impressive would have to be alive she you with all the high surrounding them this this coming into this year and then of course they most impressive out would have to say when they texas in the upset of notre dame ok quick question about texas i'm a texas guy tether
inadequate there what number eleven in the country irena yes do people just completely overlooked the fact that they gave up forty seven points you know i guess so there are also really really buying into that women of notre dame and notre dame be ranks so high so sad thing is a little bit both ok and with with mississippi state i know you guys have a tough loss last week what three a process of getting over that just you know just like a coach is mine said man you can't you can't focus on the pass just put it behind you'd like to move on and and maybe you know this weekend we have a great shot to wine so let's move on and thank positive for this way grown too since
eleven south carolina but yeah saint leger the sincerity of the south yeah we're i stingray after the lost you don't do any casino why when i suffer a big time loss of one my teams are usually eat a lot of pity food also when you win also when i went i'll eat like in our order liked your knowledge where the chinese who do you do anything like that no not really could say i was in snort they'll all day so when i got home i just basically propped up my fate and i watched clemson and all berne and then rounded it out with bay why'd you in arizona for the night calves
i said now watch football and forgot all about it what is the chinese food situation like can start now it's all right they mostly they have won chinese place there and then one japanese place called armies and then the rest is just southern you know barbecue and yo cage in that kind of love love it i must look ahead to this weekend what game or you most exe watch probably virginia taken tend to say but now i won't be able to watch that game until later because all actually bay in store bill for the south carolina game hooker tennessee and reject are playing in bristol motor speedwell right how good of a full back do you think that tony stuart would be pretty decent
firstly on going here yesterday but depending on what takes place or if its tennessee i don't know he's at all fits of lawn look pretty rough last week against app state who do have winning their game i gotta virginia tat because applicant states pushed tennessee to the brink and appellation state should not even be on the same plying level as tennessee especially with all the high coming under this year for tennessee i got virginia taken the upset do you think the stories about the city being dead are correct i do i do except for our bam because alabama little girl asked waking and again she will see but we shall see next week
and when they travel to the grove to take on all matters very go we would about next year i'm looking ahead my power rankings for twenty seventeen right now i've got ellis you number one i think our i was gonna take that seem to the top which are coming i dont know if they would go or bridles down there i think they would go todd herman or somebody
why you're the illusion that they tend to steer way from corruption yes and unexpectedly i dont think any as they say time is going to touch or browse yeah i'd probably guernsey their stingray we probably for this we have improved the listener sohmer do that right now your call of the iron ball the two thousand thirteen april was a sensational call our listeners loved it so part of friday's wisting right we're going to have you recreate the most exciting play from last week and so do you have something on deck force i sure do what he got texas notre dame the final apply this whoops touchdown i got here it was do it i second down and go slopes and texas the score touchdown here they win sloops where the ball running here comes the truck number eighteen he goes to the left flows for the lad taxes is black folks they upset number ten notre dame em what an amazing way and for that
excess lords waterway on and what a way for brian kelly to start this season getting bade by team that anyone mega ball game last year oh boy the seed is getting hot in south band oh man goes amazing that the sitting room you every single time we have you on you go above and beyond that brian kelly twisting the knife and brian crowley right there that was a bright tacit edition i want to bring you back each week to do different call not just of college football i think we can expand your brand a little but i want to get you like narrating important moment in history too ok you talk about definitely i will talk about that stingray thank you so much of final question peter burns what's the update with everyone com
no not today now land has only been actually yes i'd stay right thank you so much we will see you next friday art guys thank you and i hail stay ass they thanks to mike floor from profit bottle and sting re steve those two interviews were brought you by rich uncles i know that you guys want to hear us talk about who you should invest your money with maybe just got a big settlement from some some lawsuit that you filed engage wentworth wants to give you a lump sum take that lump sum and here's what you do with it you gonna put enrich uncles guy who thanks to stock market is vault i do it's like rollercoaster that's why i like to invest in commercial real estate but i don't like to deal attendance at only to deal with a toilet so i investors rich uncles dot com because they have a are ye i t that's a real estate investment trusts and what it does is it pools investors money
together and it lets us in on the big deals so the businessman is pretty simple they own commercial property they get rent from places like walgreens chase bank other places you guys i've heard of and then they pay us a monthly cash dividend let me tell you behind how goes the chairman of the largest real estate services and investment firm in the world that the real deal but the investment has risks it's not guaranteed grow their website check out rich uncles our i t it's a reg a tier to offering good rich uncles i come that's rich uncles dot com or call eight five five rich uncles reach uncles reducing indications of interest concerning its reggae deity securities offer any indication of interest involves no obligation or commitment of any kind no money or other consideration is being solicited and if sent response will not be accepted no sales will be made or commitments to purchase accepted until the offering statements qualified as media outlet is being paid under fifteen thousand dollars by rich uncles for this single message original yeah we're
we reached so the second i save up enough money on the double down my investment second i win enough money i'm a double down here's what we do ok take preserving the up or ip we flip it we put into walgreens you put into chase bank into the day we can by hundreds of goldfish to enter into next year's super contest then we just build an empire yeah and if we have cotter goldfish all gambling one of them has to win that's all i'm saying you you increase your odds with every animal they hurt you know what that is that's called that's called pudding junk bond with a a rated bond trenchant trench i read the big short it's better than the movie i must do some segments rockwork that was our new segment investing with pardon my take which is just a bunch of goldfish let's do real segment so now we have
someone we haven't done awhile but its nfl season is back protect the shield allow the segment huge storyteller even order means for i love it you saw today but i'm a little upset at my prayer for not respecting our best he wrote a book about his life in times as enough i'll ref as head of a future years yeah for two years and he released a chapter of today and in that chapter he's talking about how during the famous bottle gate game in cleveland worth fence through bottles onto the field the rough abandoned the match would like forty eight that that sounds like a really
hocker thing for me as they had abandoned we'll cut the he ran off i'll catch you get the fuck out of there and he went into locker room and called game and he wasn't supposed to do that and when it came time to give him his his great for that game he downright impeded suspending roderick adele wanted the rough to be suspended my poorer said a macro do it roger pushed might poorer into a door in the interval offices as before he was commissioner that this magic vice president so you get those famous temper got lost push mental door and prayer to his credit stood up and said i'm not going to spend my guy so roderick del was protecting the shield but for protecting the shield was cool here's what roger get out to do
so it doesn't look get right he's got himself and like a re rice types which were yet roderick adele should suspend himself for to gain for due to gain one game two weeks one gameless thy hill radios and then i'll here the appeal the up but we here in europe but it's pretty much like jerking off in a mere so fidel should hear his own appeal talk to himself talk to himself by his own lawyer absolutely and then reduce it to one game and boom i think the problem solved and then he got the apple picking we can with the wife you go roger is perfect in if i'm roderick adele if i just had the power to suspend myself with pay that would basically be my job yeah i the reason why i love this story is it's just so perfectly rodger goodell he's in there was there also story how he ordered pizza and no one could eat it before he had his first slice so he didn't tell people not to eat just everyday
we must back the shield any want to get put his shield right so radically adele feels like that petulant little child that will is too for real flare up and it's like i'm serious are throwing people into things don't say reggie dose of petulant roderick adele was raised in a hard scrabble environment his father wasn't even one of the most recognisable fifty senators over the last fifty years so like come on he had a kind of rough that's why he's got a temper its streets its rapid adele he would joy joy gas and then shaming machine or mac the mainstream pussy i agree he's gotta he's gonna bet a gene always gotta he's got a bad boy if you don't want to see roderick adele ulysses mean side here's read us for the first came back he shows up where whether jacket yeah look stands at maybe there you're ok
this is a new segment we're gonna throw out there it is the hot seat because football seasons back in that means someone is always on the hot seat usually get what seven if you like it's six or seven nfl you get fired in a year one was you fired during the season bush milano hot seat talk so oh let's do hu we are on a hot seat start season gay i've got we'll put champagne nazi ok seems like she's he's always been another just resigned teresa last succeeds in champagne has been unhappy yesterday i don't get me wrong like actually firing em they're not gonna fire but he's gonna be in the hot seat lawyer ok i got chuck pagano yeah you know you know what both the saints and the courts there were now mood yeah and not only that but chuck pagano it's been spinelli for awhile
this other union is i think you can fire now and it's not like we just fire the guy like cancer yeah yeah i remember what happened at the last year we like ursa locked himself in a room with these cries and cry together and probably get fired i'd like seven times but then they talked away back you it was it was i is so ursa was probably in there he is coming down from sums for high getting high again we gotta get fired seventy i might have been in actually might have been an intervention for our sake when when we actually talking about you just gave me a great idea ok ok so any time or say tries to fire you you can spend that back on and be like jim did she answer is problem your fault you we're off it is your fault it's him through this is our fault here ok we know we know you go into a tough time no you're lashing out right now the you would think though chuck jim dimmer say and ryan gregson would get their man cards taken but
the manliest thing anyone could do is locked themselves in a room and cry about a football team yet no if you cry with your buddy about sports that's ok i think that is a limit that's his manly that's what man caves were invented that are so you can cry in the piece of your man k threat that's that's really the one place it you can i have two guys who were not in the hot seat and will never be on the hot seat number one he's clearly we have to come up with a termite what is it just the cold seat as of course the six pack called sea ice thrown ice rome vic i mean king of the ice thrown marvin louis we will never be fired here's another one though jason gear it is so lucky to have tony roma because every single year he said we could have a good look i've got hurt allowing a lot of people forget that he went to princeton right
so like that and also that he's a ginger that has a lot to do with it and as we said he's probably ferguson from close explains it all grown up i think that jerry jones he loves having that guy around so much because he's but he's the patsy jury jones can boss that guy area rayam outwardly right he's not gonna be standing up to jerry writing i think that you're wrong but put isn't it this just dawned on me one we were like pressing for the show isn't having tony romo your quarterback like the ultimate sturdy blanket that's great because he's gonna be pretty good one is there any healthy but ill always break his back i do something and you can just say well if tony instead which is ridiculous to say like well dirk rose didn't you turn his ankle in practice yesterday but it's the truth right now you're you're absolutely right so i think jason garrets one of those guys it's gonna be undercut
the ice throne is the ices runners overcoming i think chip kelly's on the ice thrown too oh i disagree yeah though for this year here's why because he's got blaine get one thing the chip kelly's really great at is stockpiling his rosters with a shitty quarterbacks he's like if john bruton couldn't evaluate talent you member grotius bringing like old quarterback chip is doing that he's stockings raw serpent bad bad players and then he can like well i didn't have the personnel the serum still implementing my system he gets there s always a nice got you you know what you need to get your guys and right he's gotta start to get your guys win with that usually means is achieved kelly's trading way all your good players fortunately for him the forty niners dont have any good players when he's gonna have to do is he's gonna have to build up the roster with good players then trade them away to get an system guys for him you forget though that there is a wild card then of course
captain i can get the entire forty niners team to sit during the national anthem dreaded lost locker room that's true well got i've got the if you lose a locker room you're done is that applies only meeting at that point if you guys have employers i one players only meaning is good cosette that means you're trying to write the ship two players only meeting any vasile i would skip the second place if i'm a the funding ass unlike revolt we ve got we ve gone through this just semi mouth yes sir circle back with me later send me the deck areas again purple put opinions and we'll just circle back later we have so that will be a signal for the whole season will do a hot seat and the ice thrown we'll do fridays went on what did everyone front if you work for beer company yeah sponsor the ice them come on and if you work for it will throw the first weekend for free hot chocolate company hussy swiss miss arts
the swiss miss with the little you like a little marshalls or the big just big one my little ones yet they don't even taste like marshmallows but now there so factor not marks but i love him and they like disintegrate before you can even raise their their www august booker's six actually i respect the biz this one actually this issue how to everyone in the big is to start respecting us we had two stories this week that we scooped everyone with landed coming out a retirement which i'm pretty sure we actually having confirmed that we did that to date no take ownership of people tweeted ossetia that we broke it where i'm starting to blow you guys gas lighted me india believing that it is yet rizzo zia we broke the landed donovan story like a month and a half ago he's coming back to play for the galaxy also considering david taken is going to be there to play for the galaxy sailboat my little friend also
he might whereby dynamic as i told him that his bald recital thing anyone has done before a quick question donovan comes back midseason captain is david beckham on the team stephen drug actually is the ultimate captain liverpool fan and slashed chauncey owner myself the little doesn't talk and i was talking soccer and we also got the tiger woods scoop which we we got a little fight with another big j bob herring from espn was claiming that we did not get the scoop the tiger woods is coming back as far as i remember tire wood said i will be back in the future and yet ray he announced he's coming back in october which would a whit second one month is now it's number is october in the past errors in the future so i'm alive
if ye on how this works but i'm pretty sure october hasn't happened yet so that would be future a hebrew halloween was last year packing that's a future is a future soul and guess what you think credit us you know only that but you went out of your way to insult us on this the day that are goldfish passed away yeah just twisting the knife on reading yes saying that we were budget clowns i think he caught a clown i think you did you see word so he bob respectable respect up is then finally overs speaking of respectable because its than its namesake j mary adi we'd both cup lot jamie reality just discovered to block but unless i woke up this morning tweeted out that i was blocked and half the people that followed me like
holy shit block me too and i ve never to adapt and we also we took different routes on how we respond to the jail tweet i he tweeted out that he's writing a book which gives reminding us on it's going to be crazy guys is a real page turner he's writing a book and everything that people say on twitter can be used in the book so that was kind of its claimer smart he must have the same lawyers are just disclaim everything and everything's legal he jays account a guy that has artes or non torments have files that way he can't be sued if you retreats right and then so what did you say you said chapter one as a chapter one all the times have been owned online which is a great sweet anymore but you for and i said you can quote me in your book that i think you're fucked boy ok webster why what is a fucking
i don't know i just a word that like a kid say but still you with this is why the white male marty we eat so when we want one has so much more is so heavy in circuses he's part of the show but not all the show we have no more here no more do you know what a fuck boys i think it's a scrub oak s grass grown ok i think they get that you're fucked boy for using the word fuck boy but spelling bee oh why not be alive you know what have you see see china or spoken out as when it we're not trying to be critical is there a few c c b o i that's ok so just looked it up and urban dictionary now we got it it's a person who is a weak ass pussy that eight bout shit i think
elvis marianna he's a five point zero so the crazy thing by marianne you just you know he goes on these late night coke fuelled ransom twitter allegedly allegedly this morning he probably spent like seven hours blocking everybody reminded me u s blocks everybody on twitter is been rochlitz burger go check it out which is what is twitter handles a big been seven see big been its he is the opposite of jose but joey bats joy bats follows everyone on twitter big bends foundation blocks everyone on twitter no it's is verified this big ben two pictures of all the children so it's at underscore big bend seventh gay that's the official been rather so it is verified ok verifies been verified he follows everybody but are heavy sorry he blocks everybody that follow me on twitter i dont know if he has a lamb blocked as well yeah i've never
treated that i'm boxes while he has blocked everyone no more you blocked him safe i tweet out and tell me that a boy and what's em off will circle back on that eight this house the respect the best they went a little sideways but that's what happens when you get in the basin by way now also nfl season journalists remember please no cheering in the press box and were rooting for good stories not teams your absolute right no cheering for teams cheering for injuries story like that is a stores yet again then we can share further come back there you with a great stories i think about when when big j journalist say i'm just about stories what the really saying as i like it yeah i want i gotta get paralysed so that's the way it is that's a lover that's what i always say about the best we have
eighteen o update huge chiba sky signed signed by the mets new york now we are living in new york now we're not new yorkers but we live here the sun is here so he's going have to deal with appellation son that he that schiphol has told us about that's right you see new digress thyssen actually tweeted out like two days ago a heads up guys five billion years the sun's go swallow earth not of timetable has anything so that would be needed the grass thyssen just chill out man like me five billion years i shall i once we're done with with j j what i think we should keep virtue hey kneel and just like just go after every single thing that it it's just refute everything to seize it he's a fax only so i've got an idea here about this met signing it's brilliant signing i think by them for no other reason than timetables
the guy he's got a lot of great ligament injuries a shiny perhaps he might be almost like a cadavers signing so like a haughty scientific oh he's all about the team right seem the team that scene that's what people always says so what they do is they ever pitches needs time john surgery giving new tommy john dave got atomic john ligament right into tempting bosnia and if you're on the receiving end of like a body part transplant who else would you rather have attempted both by reports of frankenstein tito would dominate the if you put all of so what they can do is piece by piece yeah build a player that's entirely made i've tim tito but with somebody else's like mind and athletic system without us let us as you ought to go up with somebody else's skill can i can i stop you though you forgetting one thing
heart can replace tebow's heart will you can transplant right i guess you could i saw you was to it a guy i forgot the dew heart transplants now so they do face transplants member like i got like attack by a monkey the champions india edwards female it's a girl i can tell her how yes i said i we do spoke on the show and i wanted to bring up an issue that i have been facing i've been getting accused of improperly spoiling season two of mercosur and milk feel free to filtering achievement if you wash if you haven't pavlovsk more dies dude and people are mad at me about it you i've watched you haven't no right you spoil it for you yes you didn't know their dire was that europe did you know he died in history yeah ok so can you spoil history if it's like a part of history than of people forgotten about now
no one forgets the public more got shot and killed now you hey scenario to honour rooftop who killed him in many who killed him the police are great entirely based on history you i mean it sir its basin is yeah yeah that's pretty its historically accurate issue so they liberties you i say that yes you can spoil history if it's a part of history that are not people now ok but sagacious actor in how dumb the people that you're talking to our okay so and then that's fair i'll i'll take that but if you're any reasonable person and you watch narco season one you probably googled and red pablo bars wikipedia immediately right but i think a lot of people dead but would you go up to call it like a sexual and sunday school and his whisper either hate the sky dies the king of cocaine guys the romans nail this
go to hell why not it's messed up ok so i i say to spoil ok well embraced the let us know if i spoiled narcos easy to hear the spoiler we're all gonna die one hey here's that's gonna happen here let boiler we die the sun can explode and five billion years that's the ultimate spot there actually when you think about it so you really can't spoil anything else when you know that spoiler also bristles is dead the homo i see tat people are it is everyone's favorite time of the weak let's do some jim i wasn't a wedding over the weekend i texted the bridesmaids afterward to go skinny dipping and chill forgot my girlfriend emma ipad those things to my phone oh ok so this is like the caress atomic something where she was gettin tax that was those neffer husband braxton
yeah i'd say it's kind of a bold move on your part just like text the entire group did did actually in the garden whether he therefore in the detail they are probably not i'm guessing the girlfriend put the cab horse now i'm pretty quickly but you know she was shot i want to give a little advice here just stay away from that the cloud can do nothing but bad things for you ok the cloud is not your friend the cloud is your enemy remember that repeat that over and over and you should be ok your life declares that it set at a wedding nobody has their phones on the gas butter from their jackets the bridesmaids those whatever their guest circle dresses they don't come with me it's your phones so what are you doing taxing the first place that's the really one time in your life that you should be having face to face
communication with other people any other time i get it talking to people sucks at a wedding that's the time that he got to do unless the person unless the wedding is in the fall and then you're totally logical all your bets and not pay attention yeah or early in the spring we locate yet out as for four nor if you're in a whole new needs about some salary baseball unlike liar august right besides that but you waiting but you found out i was speaking weddings and love my friend was newly engage a week ago just some at the bar ran up to him and who i thought was this the outside said congratulations on the engagement she said what engagement realize you decide peace and thorough drink in his face have not toxins yeah well you know what that's narrowly not on you that's on your body data you didn't favour ok two years a think tank
this might actually work out in your buddies and in his favour here because he is now the bad boy right so dirk their people out there that would pay their friends good money to come up and say that to them on their first like tinder date just a mess with a girl because then you know she's kind of like stuck in that bad girl situation sick what do i do do i do this the sky cheap if i'm gonna be home record i've never been home record before a girlfriend before none urban nervous typees this kind of cool so maybe was getting yeah i like yours if anything this side peace probably got horner because if i know women like i think i do their goal life is to be part of a second secret family or a threesome whither twin sister right yes that's weird sweet eyes here's a huge or secret guys we all want to see
with twin sisters and help you commitments as that is like the ultimate guy thing up and twins goggles hashtag man ghost i being new college student with an abundance of that are our coffee i thought i'd be a great idea to try hanks idea to mix at her own coffee to stay airplane study i immediately began to shake i didn't see for thirty six hours i got absolutely nothing done and i managed to piss myself spent on you didn't shoot yourself i ain't ninety percent sir that's furthest what was groping yeah ultimate or other spends on yet a lot of time to study at thirty six hours man but a little time he said he got nothing done there oh ok you got sick that something done you did a lot of weird stuff yeah yeah something got accomplished even just like stared into space for thirty six hours prior played some video game
you might chewed on a pencil something got down right you probably took a shitload of notes on subjects that were not related at all to workers must be studying for doodles maybe a lotta doodles he's like a ten plan russa yeah that was mostly off the track that your own right now they taught you dad for longer than you ever talk to you know it ok here's a disaster to make makes sense to me right i think tat cuba has just been on almost a fatal dose of admiral the last ten years like is so obsessed with these really strange goals that it has it gives changing jobs doing with the stuff this is the action of a man that is just tweaking i have in mind not stop you're under debate for poor and where do we go about scouts gotta have a trail i know no play baseball permit spoke i've always wanted to protest poplar
and i also want to do and analyse i wanna be in analysing the now i'm gonna be a quarter mechanism i wanna be waters here tonight i want to be waters here but i will be quarterback yardstick to being quarterback antimony medusas remedy or i jump really high and then people now amy quarter raggedy what what about being an alias again oh yes my hair i'm a model of chemicals save every one in the philippines circumcised people i went jets came with my friends as too scared to drive soil at my friend drive and road bitch behind and the whole two hours i remember the dumbest chamber but it's the most clear jimbo i give you did ride bench for two hours did right rang suggestion with your friend it's like if the banana boat was a serbian so help onto did did it stimulates procrastinate man that's like one of the really is like not the worst gmo but when you think about it it's worse jumbo
you got a hotel there are no pictures that exist at their view running bitch just because those are gonna rusty lax about your friend i would make a picture of you writing bitch behind me my facebook profile picture absolutely printed up flyer it do it we will destroy the fires tat nature i didn't bring a pencil depend on the first day of class no one would let me borrow one what you're you viewed like what is this was your came about not having a sombre job in being able to afford a computer i mean what the fuck i too jimbo forges thinking that that was a worthy jimbo ok so i was when i was in high school if i didn't have a pen or a pencil or a notebook
i am aware the glass i just wouldn't go out make the last second gone like you know what i'm basically sick if i don't have an end that should be excused absence because i'm not gonna get anything done also just a little too appeared guy kid i'm gonna hold your before every time i go canada but her school or something not taking notes while everyone else is taking notes that's what we call a power it all up here and there when are you the other guy aren't you gonna write to stop now i'm just actually living in the present yeah and he came a little wink and you're gonna saunter out i tried try to hanks method of sneaking a water bottle of vodka into my school's first football game of the year ticket lady noticed it in my shorts ended up losing a lot of fucking vodka and almost got my second drink ticket thanks
first of all that i'm concerned with how many ever listeners are like taking hangs a place as like the bible ok that's number one number two is if it what about what are you sneaking it in like the whole point of putting it in the water bottle is so that you don't have to like crotch it history and bring it in so thou hast thou hast thou art my advice ok same same advice goes free than to act like it's in a war about just try to carry that you're just a famous here that that listen to me appeared to not false yeah you're gonna dear parents took the beers into the socks took the genes into socks you're good i walked into a seven eleven as a guy standing right outside the door holding a big gulp cup know it
he wasn't me check out you receive a handful change i assume he's gonna ass well ass i walk i draw my poisonous cup it wasn't for change i drafted rightness drink why that staff feels like a scammer that's like one of those people in russia the jumpsome from cars for the insurance doc i would just waiting for someone to throw change into his drink so that he could lay guilt them into getting a new drink or gets chain he's drunk and then it complains that the drink spilled on his shoes all these issues were ninety dollar shoes cast the sky was up to know that i think also does something that as a guy long here they get can attest happens to me every now and again where some they don't think that i'm homelessness sir necessarily that don't think that i'm a girl and they'll say though
mostly from behind the excuse me ma am and so like i feel that guy's panel that destroyed it looked before you leave at something i'll ask last i send a girl a free paid i said the girl a prepaid cover amount of revenge notice if you want to meet up and she immediately sent back we what so basically like trot this girl to come out with them and he centre is i'll pay for your cover and like sent her the money i guess so you traded guerrilla prostitute yeah yeah used by a prostitute i guess here why don't they get set up i think you just like he was that's how he thinks that he should have and women is to be like hey if you come on a day with me i'll give you sixty dollars
and the like normal hookers ignited say you're a vulgar amount of aid to hang out with me sexually yeah eighty bucks to touch a boob road happy be day exclamation point when i thought was a birthday card turns i was a card for co workers whose mother just died you know what fuck the office cards so fuck em you haven't not your fault through the worst if my mother passed away the very last thing that i would want would be a card signed by all the people that i hate seeing the most of my life yes reminding you like oh yeah not only did your mom pass away but now you have to go back to work and see all these people here is a list of their names literally on a card a win win get through the funeral and all that you're gonna have to come back here and hang out with us so yeah there's this light at the end of this year
so i would have actually laughter the happy birthday the guts actually a good thing you probably gave a little bit of ah was brevity levity eyes brevity yeah yeah what will call it will call brevity sure it's bradley how do you know what those put a halfway cobb levity le vanity i last one hung out he and his wife it at a party last we congratulate him on the pregnancy she's not pregnant redone before but it's as simple as this in terms of things i don't want to do in life number two is going a woman congrats on the pregnancy when she's not pregnant number one writing bitch for two hours on your friends jackie this is why i always walk around with a positive pregnancy test my pocket because if i ever do it by mistake
i can pull down be like well i just kept us into the toilet after repeated it so congrats and get the hell out other we'll protocol on his hand truman run yeah ok good good guy anyone else have jumbles yeah i guess i've got it i am a plague slots for like an hour on my own this really jimbo i mean it is jimbo that euro slots guy in general isnt once i like it when should maybe they'll billiards slots guide i dont think even call jimbo every time you go play slots well i just why i sat by myself and played slots for an hour debts to me that's his closest i can get to translate into being biggest ways of space i can imagine so i'm but tell me i'm unaware that had ok ah my dear the week is i sent an email to all the bloggers at bar store all the content guys
and try to meet up forbears on monday conover run oh team raw situation rigs one of our bar newer bloggers i just stopped didn't rigs in my gmail and i pulled up a kid i haven't talked to in ten years so i emailed some random person with all of our email so my bag ass that's on me my jimbo is involved in some quarters to kenya west and got exposed by my boss now ok i thought i was gonna be the each other fish but darwin one works two really big how come you're jimbo wasn't i bought a motor that was meant for like in industrial print aquarium o put it
my tiny laborious occasionally point point fingers so how about why wasn't your jimbo i put my hand in chewing tobacco and then stuck it directly in my gold fish tank because you told me to do that you never get exxon valdez oil sludge that you put in the larry's tank buddy check the taper you're the woman i was just following orders ok all right that's our show but we will see you on monday we are going to be watching all the games together on sunday recording it right after so you will have a fresh show ready to go for sting monday morning with a full recap of the sunday italy and we have dave damage at from the nfl network confirmed we'll talk to him he will see monday lay ensue handsets wait watching maxine win with
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