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2017-01-15 | 🔗
Fastest 2 minutes for the NFL Divisional Round + full game breakdowns (2:56 - 11:39). Who's back of the week (11:39 - 14:40). Uncle Chaps joins the show to talk about the Jaguars and Football Guy Of The Week (14:40 - 27:27). Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio Joins the show to talk Playoffs, Seahawks Championship window, Aaron Rodgers, and what the hell is going on in Indianapolis(27:20 - 48:41). Segments include PR 101, Respect the Biz, Rumors, Hurt or Injured for Big Ben, #JumpsuitJanuaryProblems, and As A White Guy what does MLK day mean to us.
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slash bar stool you get seventy five dollars off your mattress that's lisa com slash parse tool for seventy five dollars on your matters to do good help honours and get yourself mattress let's go let's not red card in my text presented by far to sports january sixteenth divisional round
let's go to atlanta look into swamis crystal ball and i'll show you the future the seahawks were traveling east towards mecca but the prophet mohammed sinew wouldn't let them touched the pigskin tavern common was ludicrous and the office of la gave them holds the size and different area codes area co headline news student as a teacher pickup peak by his old friend dan quid and the georgia dome the house of the andre rising sun will be around for another week as long as tina left eye lopez doesn't planet down rest in peace falcons thirty six seahawks twenty do your linux louis we d andre bernard hopkins on its pig kayo return for a score as cars while addicted up in new england on saturday night pill taco bela check
sour cream is texans and says these six rings or mine nachos turn out the lights and houston there's no more j j waters left in your season patriots only four texan sixty
well we take you to the big d the two teams from the ice poor enough rose in raw tie ballgame thirty five seconds left tat aaron rodgers under pressure he scrambling he goes to jared don't get too excited olivia he's looking for another ring firm self and mason crosbie stills gnashing young nails a game winner as time expires haven't seen slipping like that from fifty six yards in dallas since nineteen sixty three hats too soon boom and their taken the marrakech expressed to the annex ii championship game puckers thirty four cowboys thirty one if this was totally ramos last came in a cowboys uniform let me be the first to say job well done we never won the superbowl send all the corner james winston tamper flora such a sad sight to see
it's a walrus milo looking like a fad gourd burning up his time ass for casey come all the way down that can t go the duties and get yourself moods over my head me who i miss the only way that we can keep it under two minutes as if their only for games that we have to guess what i know i hate to do this boy's three we have three football games left ah shots fired at the problem we are down to it it was a bad saturday and a great sunday the packers and the cowboys saturday the gate it was as land rightly hank don't interrupt me the here's the plan there's cowboys game of the play often chief still italy's had a little job we had any red with his
what the hell's goin on frozen face always the best it was it we it was as we foretold reading the ancient squirrels him looking at his big ass play card at the clock at the play card at the clock and totally frozen i soaping forever time just see how any good if as it goes figure out how to screw up time out and overtime it's any read the out of love to see that the unifil dodged bullet for anyone out there is uncomfortable seeing tiring oh play that you know maybe the same as in the apes each image of game instead you ve got been rochlitz burger there are suggesting i sitting there is fear not tony roma problem one that game when i came in dallas i think you're right i think you're right put him in early doubt whether here's a think tank to do all we can know no deck is better than tony but he's exam we better enough that the cowboys would have scored later on in the game to tie up so tat score too soon he argues to efficient
roma would have tied it send it to overtime so that was the best game of the weekend and i still don't understand why the cowboys with one time out of their pocket clock the ball on first down and basically screw themselves out of getting an additional first down leaving aaron rodgers thirty seconds left that's what they teach at princeton and they teach you how to outsmart yourself in the ivy league and i don't know how many times i think i have aaron rodgers on the ropes he gets off at and he makes like a fucking asshole and it's the website that hard to do nothing to do but he does it routinely whip it was a statement lost by the cowboys yes we can all agree on that they can build on the glory hall is wider ira quickly its wider for dac then it was for tony genetically that's just a fact so the cowboys have next ease and look forward to again yes come off season tradition there next year's dear yes green bay against it lana is gonna basically
just be first want to fifty yeah it's a big twelve the big twelve is going to be playing the odyssey championship game i could not be more about it it's mickey mouse football yeah no tackling know tat flag flagship my green book would love me break it was his real football gulped new england steelers patriots might however my tommo might even trip a guy football colors of their who partially yellow red blue football football russia must be met a common is actually like the ultimate coach to grace now he's original trapper this area stock is put out interesting he really he really but his foot out their fifteen i am so happy that we're done with broadcasts remember the last time the steelers and the patriots played a game it was it was like maybe the opening game a couple years ago that's when the steelers work using a patriot smoking with a headsets keep your eyes peeled
objects gonna be up to his old tricks and a classy franchise like the steelers won't tolerate that no if the aid if they try to monkey business guess what joy porters on the sidelines lens ragged go after sent spending his zero game suspension thinking about what it at home we i am certainly though i will on doubled prosper i'm done them forever he's ruined football games for me multiple football games for me this year stop it's like stuff what does that mean girl sank stop trying to make fetch happen sometimes make broken happy billow brien's meagre yeah stop by the way linsey low in gave up drinking she's she's muslim now yeah so she is a muslim fear of muslim i would i wouldn't say thanks but no thanks we were saying this because if we saw that lindsey will again be converted to convert
well yeah she wasn't born of muslim noise geriatric inverted amassing liquidity lowland don't you think so you just put on where the headrest like i'm a muslim that's how it works with any religion use tell people ok i'm on that now i dont really listen i don't think lives you read the fine print on the documents there she definitely she's gonna go reach for like a michelob ultra areas like eyes we we don't do that she'd about what do you think it's our lily lillian pressure anything else from visual round before we get the money stuff no i think we know if you look at who predicted these games more accurately i went through in one i think i also went i want would you go you what i really matter because only with eight for the season long one and there
a large sample size you came in last and watch on you i don't know if i'm on past yet anti out any sadly the battle sell it see how anyone can when a couple hours as i do have two things to say something about number one kicker were too good this week so we're due for a correction next week there's something around either someone up with that that dallas stadium hit the calls from forever is target practice mason crosbie was a stud i was saying why doesn't jerry jones like a fake like turn all the lights off for like fake and disaster get the game pause and then open up the roof before crosby as to kick that they don't think the roof can open any more yet does i hope you don't spend eighty billion dollars in a stadium that doesn't have a convertible roof i don't know jerry could also just when he was shattered aaron rodgers for inventing the phrase round the table yet so good job another year old in other ear for a couple years ago invented relax now heard that word note
the table as aaron right round the table quote dash earners two thousand sixteen right and relax around the table what we think of next year's she was nice enough to spell out relax for guys i think are you a sea k s relax that's do our regular monday business we first up have are tiger woods whose back of the weak first wall just a whose back for the team does cottage jokes were lit
they were back would he have to touch ants yeah yeah so there were everywhere he caught it in order to gather sammy got it totally makes up for the first time yes hey you wanna start with your whose back assure my whose back the week is the georgia dome there were two got knocked down a thousand one but they lost so again i have one more gain there you know it's funny is arthur blank he reminds me of like a bad guy in and eightys movie that threatens to destroy erect sinner when the team like loses too much he all he's cast out of one hundred one dalmatians along cigarette i'm just gonna steal bunch of puppies here a little free tipp if you're just an evil looking person there a lot of you out there we're trench code all the tough yet don't wear trench code dont look around the sidelines either you just as always lurking he's always in the shadow gaze at owner that lurks that's jerry jones move and he still
any made it a million times more creeping yeah especially with a pencil thin mustache like worm mean you're mustache guys now that guy's got a shitty mustache the georgia dominant off you saw during the telecast they were like this could be the end of the georgia dome let's go to some highlights in a basely was like says vessel made it made in the olympics but remember that time romania and then also remember that time stumbled see lawson was here and that was the greatest moment in this football facility might the back of the week is dialing things up oh so a lot of stuff can doubt up into play off down up some blitz is down up some key third downplays not just say probably about a dozen times as weaken dallas up so i started to take heed of the dama self ups and beers yeah really use it for anything in life my other whose back in a week it and this is just for me personally is made to tail jokes yes i've been mayhem louder than about as we like clay matthews heating job tackling meditation
girlfriend when he was trying to tackle ezekiel elliott made the tails girlfriend through a block in there i don't know where my who's back this was going to surprise you guys grayson allen in that for the reasons you think grace nouns back good standing because the king of morality writ patino vouched for oh good he counts for word is as great he said this ready ready for this quote he first when he said that the shipping is a reflex so he said i think it's a reflex action we does something wrong he'll launch out or whole trip somebody but he's a good person i know he's a good person i checked it out oh no i checked it out here maybe seven seconds it secondly check it out you went checked it out of your sight the premature ejaculation that's just reflex here to win right people who aren't my wife touch my penis what now
he's he's checked everything out he broke some strip integration on the night before their name against took grace it's good guide and tell him he didn't tell him wreck itself is good guy that's whose back in a week tell us whose back by treating us part my take let's do football guy the weak and we have a special guest to do our football guy of the weak with us our good friend uncle chaps from z bt fame zero blog thirty the podcast that everyone should be listening to you can download it right now on itunes how's it going as going great in life
even better job you're here in new york i am but you live in san antonio i do but you're a die hard jack's fan your jag off time our first football guy the week is tom conflict because he's back how do you feel about coffin going back done floored you know i was really down and out about the jaguar season i think i talked about it before that i have high expectations of maybe even like seven wins this year didn't why get it but as soon as i saw the pressure with tom coffin sitting behind the jaguar head there is little tier their steel everywhere gale i don't know they thought it was an at being a jaguars fan was breath you guys felt like that was saved up a moment is when the jaguar
retired damn reno sixty two to seven yeah true get that i forgot or gave a guard were that stupid fucking hat was rude other other nice boy jaguar sister yes we have our big moments like people were in hats and like a couple play off games here and there is no real leather coat yeah girl stupid fuckin have injector rio made their punter slices leg open with an ax because he put a stump in the lock ruin said keep chop and well that's a football game the beating broncos air got retired emory no that's i think you know to whom the naked dynamo enriched jones truth he threw a couple blocks try had a sad jaguar moment memory today because that we still make fun of the calls for hanging the runner up sign yet that's like our moment in the sun were we to that's the glory day right was our runner up your own identity lorry day art so tom com one is one of our football guys the week i think he's gonna show up is first opposite of change all the clocks natural and then he's ike ivan and tom coffin is kind of like a whole manner like a white
are we gonna help as that which we wanted and there must be an immediate and use the restroom lahti that are going to approve everything like a great when barone brings them somebody had to be a position goes you he's already been like now to global let's go so it was reported that the jagged brought in chip kelly to interview at seattle i know as they go to jail yeah secret meeting oil in water they probably had catholic just given the once overs i get the fuck i might get a juncture hey what's wrong you're fucking face why talk and also your mouth get the fuck out yet there is no way that ship it's not a good fit for chip kelly he doesn't have the jaguars don't have enough talented players for cheap kelly betrayed away that's resolve veterans ultra fit well if they just wait a few months the jagged i'm sure we'll get a plus draft grid like they always yes railroad great offices tom conflict is our first guy our second guy
a story you have fifty i still don't really believe but give it to look at it this comes from us the twitter account that put it i was andrew marcello its linked to newspaper story it's not cited but it looks like a newspaper stores someone choose to believe it to be meeting a guy named scott from cleveland on the thirtyth anniversary of the drive beyond the drive scott had recently returned to his home town for the first time in many years cleveland during that period a good friend of his from childhood had fallen on hard times he lost his job his wife left four months he can asked he spent his waking hours eating bengals in his underwear on the living room jennifer waiting for mtv to work the divine was hit i touch myself into its rotation so he can masturbate to it scott ass the only question there was to ask what happened to you the drive his and told him dead eyed and without a trace of irony it was the drive
so you're the guy warner i would do anything i had out honest we actually sounds like a pretty good life if we're crisis it around jerking off to have tv music video leaving bengals here mocha there's no pressure on the if that's your life through the hero you guess at the bar so low that you just go out like grabbed the paper evidently at while ticker tape parade why did a good job that god if you want you have you white properly that's a banner day for you put that on erasmus chaps here's a question for you how many times you jerk off all eating beagles not many give it probably under six ok ass clean levin here now really for book next we have are good good friend jim tom saw is back in the news because he's been rumoured on the radar he's on washington washington redskins radar so check it out
we that's gotta be pretty solid read i m ready jump right right we ve tried to get him on the show and every time his agent tells us we don't know where jim is yet like they really his agent doesn't always at so this was the follow up the from of that report someone asked like where digital thomson go in the reporter said he went deep deep deep on ground in florida during last year may not be enough it didn't nfl anymore i know exactly where that isn't for it goes on from there yet so he somewhere outside gaze on a town called stark nice little legs start fluid but nobody knows where the prison is actually a quarter so i think he's probably hangs out as he looks like a correctional he's the great war could you imagine if you went into the crush officer like he just went in
we just wrote a hollywood prisoners would love em he'd longest he rode up a football team absolutely sure three which him thomson except the guards would beat the hell out of and because thompson will be play cocos head coach comes with rather yet while so gypsum so's back that's a football guy though he was so hurt by the way things went san francisco he almost had quit football if you love someone so much you let it don't worry i do think that since he is in florida any stolen paid a shitload of money by affording islets he's party the richest going forward since he lives in florida is or no state income tax oh sir art savvy move by tom saw as always nothing good ok harry that's right i've got up finally we have the new ought also to more one was there is a tweet this guy i remember team he was on but he was running a knife drill with his team where
all the players had to come out so he had a knife as a coach at a knife he was trying to like basically stab them and they had to use their hands to get away i'm kind of technique drill i don't know with maybe the defensive line but it was i've knife and it was football and it was beautiful think it was before game so it was like their pump up thanks some people run through brick walls so we will run through a banner that the cheerleaders carry this one was just as old tough grizzled looking football ball coach without probably like five and blade that was just take swipes at the players and ate and it wasn't like the same pattern of swipes every time the players wearily reacting and having to defend themselves and i see a little but a logic and that is the games not gonna get any scare than after coach attacks with a knife chaps former marie brave been combat and football guy as this a is
works united type galleries great i mean there's no what better way to look alive and having to stay alive so you know get step actually maybe this is a spends on for the jaguar start using this drill so you constabulary before they get injured in many campton and go off with you i like it it's what if it was doktor james andrews near the scalp oh so he's like helping so he's doing some quick surgery roquat interpenetration is go right on that just creative fleets automatically create good guys get their knees just cleaned out a little out of debris floating around in an accurate utterly writing off our final football guys are new age football guy we ve never talk about new eight football guys but this is a new age football guy move its football guys that don't delete your tweets their old tweets from when they are in college and tweeted freely and a blow upon sunday so this was seven common for from the falcons he a bunch tweets that resurfaced when he had a big huge play the divisional relegates seahawks couple of evermore
sex is better when her pussy dont stank which is true checks our need to stop current damn damn leggins every day with her nasty ass i agree shittiest feeling when you fuckin and affords subside yes it in there in the nuts that is a shitty at its terrible feel am that's relate above but these have words at packets aloud i wonder hashtag shittiest feeling when you don't have a condom which throw fact check on that one attacks are the best yes he said i think i know where it was gone without but you gotta maybe get a double your proof read your tweets duration and bears the last one lines that lead to sex hashtag lines that lead to sex i bet you this was trembling my dick big so
tried out ok all your word winning listeners out their discussion after the bar on friday saturday magic picture looks experiment i tweet your crush yes my without jobs does it he's all time little twitter experiments do that just start treating people murdered big see what happens i'm going to hear i used to deal whenever someday restocking trash let me smell your decorated know how to recover i'm kind of some great now myself no it's an insult or accompaniment or what so everyone vote on your football guy the weak apart my take and everyone go check him out on his two podcast one until little quick thing about bolster pod cassie aren't shares a zero bog thirties upon cast about military issues where we talk about everything from sitting in a porter but a hundred thirty degrees and felicia too confirmation hearings that this happen and recently we just started thing we're talkin about military movies so this week we talked about saving private ryan next week we're talkin about major pain and then on pod fathers my other one we talk you from the beginning
of having a baby all the way to now like where my kids eleven so we talk parenting issues and things that come up like how much is day care what are you doing get poop and their hair suffolk that are i so everyone go check him out download on both on itunes right now for the same pair i did you guys you guess talked about how tom hanks was actually a teacher and then he died at the end spoke yes ok as it gets growth thanks just for coming on we appreciate it we'll talk to serve god levied s lovely to levy to complete their attack thanks but i believe that a lot of my love i would never we are coming up on the conference championship games of the football season your team he facing a must win game or maybe it's already locked for the super bowl who knows if you like hank in your room for the patriots basically a cheat code either way she gig is the easiest way to find tickets for the last few games of the season there's nothing
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approval in mona based on estimated refund and other conditions bonds loaded on prepaid card tax returns maybe even without applying for little beast or other optional products or products beaches may apply limited time advert his bidding locations c h are blocked outcomes lush loan pretty tales we now welcome on a very good friend and recurrent guest mike florio from pro football talk gonna go through all the games that we had an individual round and also some other stuff it's going on the nfl let's start at the top we are just words hopping on right after the packers in the cowboys game instant classic and i know it hurts to do this but the cowboys first or business now that's the off season where's tony romo gonna go like ice back to tony romo is going to try to get himself released under the notion that look this isn't something i did i wasn't breadth farm work
fling year in and year out on whether or not i want to retire forcing you to draft aaron rodgers and then getting to the point where you eventually wanted me out of here you go has decided to move on i want to stay i want to compete for the starting job you won't let me why do you insist on trading me do another team now had a cab it responded at is gonna be the big question because there is no promoting their like there was between the package far but jones has an asset under contract is salaries like fourteen million for next year very tradable minimal cap it in comparison to what it would take to keep him i mean they're still going to take a hit but they do have a lot more on the books if they keep em around i think he's going to try to get released and if he's not the key is you got a trade among some sort of a formula that ties the compensation to what he does next year because if he blows out his back in the pre season you can justify given up a first round
for this guy i think he's gotta be tied in twenty eighteen to how many games he plays how well he does etc you come up with a fair formerly protects everybody then i think you can come up with a fair trade sue watching that packers cowboys game the question everybody's mind may be can help us all out what's wrong with aaron rodgers that is boys and will you not here's it's amazing guys what we see in the last eight games out of erin countries makes me wonder why the how have we seen that the last six years why are they continuously wanted out in the play often widening in you to under achieve stronger rogers is one of the best quarterbacks ever play the support of football how does he not already have more than one superbowl win that it just makes it more glaring did they were in the spot that therein are they had to when so many games in a row he's kind of an iron he's kind of a dim marino is simply looked into that loses this is the spin zone i needed it's the packers renown the honesty championship game but really it shows how
under achieving they ve been in the past too little too late for genuine allow me to say that the pact is get upset with you right you get caught up aaron rodgers unlike mccarthy tells her about it what a great coachee is i mean they were global eight weeks ago there were horrible and people pointed it out and i fully expect to fail to continue on the path they were on mccarthy would have been back next year and they turn it around good for them but when you see how well they can play and how good aaron rodgers is you can't help it looked back at the last night fears and say what why haven't we seen this more often another question had watching their game why isn't time montgomery where you're running backs number can we get like a solid thirty two or thirty three on that has just think it's weird rule that once you have a number that sit for the year and next year who have a running backs number of pleasure i don't receiver in illegal i don't that's like this feels it it's like
about if it doesn't seem right during next year i will probably be like twenty eight or twenty seven and thirty eight something i wrote you member like a couple years ago when harbaugh guy man had built check for not telling him that there are going to be putting in ineligible receiver in an eligible spot that's what this feels like it's like the defence has to guard model as wide receiver and like it at all yet buddy stolen eligible we see or whether came running businesses in the early yes i'm a favourable i'm a game rigorously the i saw a quote from your twitter in your website that i thought was very interesting peak carol said that he thinks seahawks in the middle of their championship window is he high or just like nine eleven truth be careful what is legal in washington right so i don't know and unease awfully spry ring up but better in surprise great word it is i just implies an old fart now we
only a pen was able to function the average raw three issues i hope to be surprised maybe i'm already surprise i look like they have a great quarterback and russell wilson their offensive lines sucks every year it's amazing what they have accomplished with a bad off sense of line thomas rules if he stays healthy is capable of being a very good running back cj prosise if he stays healthy is a great compliment to that their defense is still pretty good i think they are in the middle of whatever window it is i don't know that the championship window i don't know they're going to be as dominant as they were in twenty thirteen you know the key for them is playing postseason games at home you gotta get the wants you to the to see if you can look at looking thing had just been able to see the most likely water one yesterday over the falcons and they be hosting the bessie championship a game and they blew it down the stretch or they would have had the two seed and i think that's the key when enough regular seizing games that that
we'll have to go to seattle in the policies and that's how they're gonna get back to the superbowl if they ever did but people for general thomas pointed out that in the sea west is very very tough to win against iran's in the forty niners and the cardinals who unlike some against yeah that's it right i mean it gets a lot easier to another jeff fishers got right so switch over to the fc real quick j j what kind of through his team under the bus by not being on the sidelines and taken all the media attention away from everybody star everyone knows that why didn't he travel with the team and or the texans is their defence better without genji what you know i i didn't realize it in travel with attain but i guess we would have seen him on tv fifty times last night the somebody's i was very well fork said that if today we in cloudy is healthy and j j watts healthy cloud is actually better thing about have good if they can be only one quarter back to saxo if they get all those guys health at the same time how good that defence be green i could not overcome broadcast while we're pretty damn good ok so that i wanted to get to that
your former lawyer can we see brok ass weiler for me as watched him play football on being there all unusual punishment oh yeah vessels under the eighth amendment no i'm serious what what what can we do like we in class action lawsuit awesome i'm sure there's some yeah i'm sure there's a law that will come up with some yes what are the theory that you could use it get maybe it's just too damn top that's that's the problem you no more cells hates talk quarterbacks maybe he's onto something the tall quarterback to do something about them that keeps him from being good what what what do the texans do with rock ass they cannot play him next year re input they have they have guaranteed money too he's got the second instalment of thirty seven million i think it's sixteen million fully guaranteed next year they can caught him and hoped it somebody else picked him up and pay some of that get off said but i think you're gonna keep him and asked a few weeks ago the plan was to go with tom savage and have asked while others the backup conservatives savages on a rookie contracted to pay
like six hundred grand or something like that in comparison but i think a swallow now has a chance to win the job in the off season i've never seen a guy that wants to be a franchise quarterback is badly is broadcast weiler but when it's time to perform this can't get it done how many times this year if we seen him in opportunities took to be that guy and to show that he can be the next tom brady paint manning whatever and he just doesn't the lever sooner or later he added delivering those games or no one's ever gonna take it seriously as a potential french ass quarterback you know one guy that would pick up rock eyes whether is john bruton people forget that he loves to collect quarterbacks he's a quarterback collector how come how was he with signing with the chiefs i serve its it with call ship sort you know i have a feeling he thought bout it serious and obviously he denies it but what what i've been told is peyton manning john bruton have a very very good relationship there very closely just seems odd to me they seem like two guys who would not get along in part because pate manning's like prices taulas him but there are other both type a person
poverty is in both want to be the biggest guy in the room but it was a package deal of peyton manning and john bruton grew didn't want to do it and now the question is are we going to get peyton manning and who else would he want as the coach and how much money would it take and what you have to get a piece of ownership i think that that all but we would get it done at first they would give up a chunk of the team i it's not like it's gotta be a huge chunk but partial ownership i think would get pains attention paid instilling play group was imply but you know there's a period did it bruton likes the perception that he would come i can be a great coach but he knows deep down but he probably wouldn't be with only two games over five hundred in tampa so you can just ride ride it out for the rest of your career in the bronx cast booth with this reception if you would have come back you have been great and you know in your heart that if you had come back you probably would have been great so it's it's the ultimate have your cake and eat it for john bruton and ato thinking and i can come back now and work with pay not over these ever come it is paid in getting in with john bruton so you can take his job though maybe he pushes them
the cult job and then boom you see paint in the booth we know that he had gone he tried to block collins worth on live television not too long ago you so you so you get group to take the coaching job he arrives at a paper you walk away based on a technicality you take over the monday night football game i lack awake as our say was under the influence and the time of the ownership transfer and maybe the court's wouldn't cover patents wife's pre existing conditions for a trash and then movies out the door can i get a lot of them were making a lot of sense here mike yeah yeah i gotta be careful what i said i would like to have a job if you work with tony dodgy any chance at all the tone comes on retirement can heal behind us every time it comes up i think the jaguars were interested in and this year but he he's done he makes it clear over and over again and the last time i asked him he said you know better than that i'm not going back i'm done without world and an enhanced moved
and it's been it's already been like seven or eight years that he stopped coaching speaking of the jaguars have brought tom coughlin back in what's his role going to be with the organization is he going to be there till like ten draft picks to pull their pants up i hope he knows exactly what it is that he's doing cuz i can see you have a very strong temptation to micromanage everyone including the head coach and i need to tell himself i'm not the head coach doug marrone is a head coach i can't try to be the coach number one mic and was in a job like that in cleveland heat he said from time to time it drives and crazy on game days because he wants to coach and i dont know the cough and will be to help himself i could see him in working on the sidelines get you know with it you know that that that that paint look on his face like you know he's a guy's been constipated for three days i could see that going on behind the maroon at some point we're gonna have to be very clear with him on what his job is and what it isn't because he's in charge again and he's
he's gonna want to be in charge of everything is just the way the guy is not wrong with that he's got results but he's never been in a role like this and i think it's gonna be a tough to history you gonna petroleum he's gonna wait till they're good again and going i would extend the gun you the curb i would love to see complex face when blake portals throws interception of some guys you am i guess it's gonna be read always formerly retinue ten years ago that was lambeau field product is faces forever red do you have a horrifying vote not god now ok if you did you guys you probably play their last game on saturday devon hester easy hall famer i think he is it it's hard because you your comparing guys in these niche positions two guys who are playing all the time her out on the field all the time it that's the problem with the hall of fame you get every shape and size every position
and it's all crammed into the same funnel and then you gotta figure out whose worthy and who is it will have any kicker upon her is worthy of getting in devon hester is worth right now and i think he eventually will now that doesn't mean it gets in on the first try but i think eventually he's gonna get anna think out of beneficiaries gonna get get in and admit that you ve got to find a spot for a guy who was trance then in what he did not return game there's never been another one like him in there won't be another one like him especially as they continue to take the kick return out again second guy vince bill will work why that's a tougher one you know because he plays a position that done generally lotta statistics but he was part of championship teams that that one i could see that would be like a senior committee like a long time from now i don't see the making a jacket that would fit in well that would be quite that's a lotta that's a lotta puncture black hands across american almost hall of fame kojak goal that jacket its tan it's an ugly tanned jacket when like like
you saw anybody wearing that or disconnected from the hall of fame your reaction be what the hell is that thing one who dresses you why do they think that's a good looking it looks like he has the color of the jacket looks like you spent a long weekend with donald trump and he's just going to town on you with this you had too many print you know pretzels at the stadium little mustard there i think i asked you this question every single timer on but i'm just going to keep doing it until we get it you know final answer where is jay cutler playing next year you re areas do not blinkers now like fifty fifty on that i'm a little awoke on that he s got he's got a very tradable contract twelve and a half million dollars i think that bears will try to treat him depends on how this coaching deal shakes out of christianity and ends up ahead somewhere i could see him being potentially interested cutler it shit ands dad the draft jake cutler back in two thousand six and he knows that shanahan often so
two gotta watch out another chance get the job in san francisco there's a thought it's gonna be hammered judge me daniels if shining and gets ahead coaching job though i think you have the watch kirk cousins and jake cutler as potential quarterbacks for shanahan right out of a day so speaking cousins dc the are words do they lost mcveigh what are they on the defensive sidebar though because we heard that for considering our good friend jim tom sula but they prohibit the tracking down where is thompson was last known whereabouts and is it on a swamp boat in the middle of the everglades nigh last time i saw him he was delivering a refrigerator at by at my house and jim ads you know pull up your pants first of all secondly it's good to see you found a planet i don't think he's being considered for defensive coordinated we never was that in itself cisco ear he went straight aren't ba pascal any clear to us and which we have all these new york eyes worked out really well for the forty nine
do people in the nfl circles see sean mcveigh as carbon over achiever it's gonna be deleted my circle stay what's he got down to be a head coach at the age of thirty and an end like a lot of that comes from people who are resentful of anyone whose successful more quickly than they were but it can kids thirty you you know it's gonna be a tough a tough cell to get veteran players to listen to shine mcveigh it helps to have weighed philips i think he and wait philips spend a lot of time together and wait i'll give him some advice on how to get through the locker room you gotta be able to command that locker room and when our guys in the locker room locker than you it's always a challenge and they didn't help matters with a goofy photo up where he's holding up a jersey with his name on the number seventeen o me what the hell was was i saw that and i thought i have never seen anything this unusual and could you imagine somebody santa built ourselves hey we're gonna do this follow up our own up a jersey with your name on it that jersey would have ended up somewhere where would have gotten very very messy doom dwell
i mean i have seen more ridiculous things the charges of change your local fifteen times in twenty four hours so speaking of the charter is got rid of eight they at least admitted how crappy the one that they threw together in five minutes wasn't the after a torch by the internet it was real smart they didn't think like hey before repress go on this week maybe this is the worst of leviathan i'm a little why should i think it's good they change their mind how many people in the intifada we see who will double down and dig in to a situation like that and never admit you're they're wrong you're so at least they admitted that it was a mistake somebody from the team ass me you don't like our luggage cities show me someone who does it one long after that they decided give it up here thing the more crappy logos teams come up with more alternate jerseys they can sell so it's not really a bad thing just throw boy a couple crappy logos out there and roll back to our first love and they throw back like five years to allay the dodgers like a really bad idea speaking of the charges
everyone wants to know danny woodhead where's he gone this offseason where is it where's the buzz is he going to stick around as you know your assigned or is belichick already pushing papers torsion yeah i know that you know he's he's he's got a lot of injuries he has to overcome and how can you know if you're if you're looking to sell tickets in los angeles and you want to create buzz right when you have the the hollywood had signed wasn't there you it's perfect year they gotta get ready that's very looked either in their in competition with the rams now to sell tickets and generate interest and if you get danny would have no objection god i wanted to know one thing the jumped out at me and i guess it started in the incident lay championship game rest or getting like a little bit too swore these days is ernie drugged i noticed genes territory he's been doing some girls who can tell is their drug testing in place for officials
i don't know about whether or not it is at the college level but but the dude from the clemson alabama game i mean does it count if you have big arms when you also have like a fifty two inch waste i think that data be look like a progressive follow you little activity there might look too much man we're it'll sky boy like one of which is the idea if if you're if you're going to be very cautious about your arms out you can be a little bit cautious about your bit section that's all these built like a ship brick house right people must with him the extra had to hear the j j walk collection onto the actually alias medium usa sancho jason was small sure you to his wife i listened to that guy if i was on a football field he told me what to do true i need you to tell me that rex ryan will get another chance his head coach i don't think he will but when he should i dont think you her i said i need you to tell me rexroth get other chance head coach of the college level
wouldn't it be averring college coach maybe he's living longer effort learn how to guys now they may not be all that happy with what happens when a sharp on campus but i could see him go into living rooms sell guys on socrates toes second is good grimace toes wow now we're thinking it is the duty of us here but i really do think it could be a decent college coach if you wanted to do what he could be like the kelpie kara was far twice what are you a sea became a great coach and then he had a good you know third act of his career if rex one to do that method you can end up in tv though i'm not is gonna be as good as they think he's gonna be but i think he's gonna end up in tv syndrome notre dame no like repressed sexual proclivities there yet i could get it could be a dynamic and have an issue there what about jeff fishers he gave a sharp eyes come on you know what you know what i it's easy to say that that's the popular reaction goes very connected at the eu level
he's got good friends and is a man who knows how to work the media i think at some point he'll find a way where are you at least gets an interview and if he gets an interview with one of these guys who inherited his team or whatever and didn't really know why these owners aren't real sharp all due respect no offense with a c but if he gets a chance to sit down for an interview at some point down the road he could bamboozle someone into hiring four questions and will let you get back to the games oh great of a move was it for roger you doubt moved the kansas city game into primetime when he saw the forecast of maybe low ratings for an early gale you know what why did it take him so many years to figure out the sunday night division around game i mean you know did when they should play one in sun on sunday night then we would all the time that you have just discovered plutonium by accident what what what what would it have taken for some how to say you know what we could play a game at one eastern and a game at four hundred and thirty eastern or we can go four hundred and thirty and eight and what people would watch the game it's just a ludicrous to me that did it took this to get them
finally start saying hey maybe we'll do this all the time now of areas that should do it all the time better reluctant smart that's roger you know why i think i have that applying the law one last question here the summer league are the spring league nfl that's gonna be taking place at the green briar in west virginia in your backyard but do now we want affiliated they could get us a drought is i think me in big i want to try to be like a quicker and holder duo tularosa package iona i think we're your work make a few boss ok let's get it get the rouble no buzz and we really must state your house that's why you guys welcome many times drinking the border you ve said that before i don't know a feeling you know you're signing up your welcome we welcome any time in the bar that make the house know the barn
i think that the secession worded it we bartered animals were born cats you will bring us in the main us unless there's like a thunderstorm bring will bring a rat up to your doorstep as an offer they came number us mike thank you so much as always is always awesome argosy super weak ya ok good to see you're going get i wouldn't get together i talk to you guys quickly about the best new app for all you gamblers out there or if you're just a regular sports fan that wants live updated scores it's the sports action app go download it right now in the itunes store it is free and it has everything the all the games it has line movement it tells you where the money is going it tells you how its change it tells you what side the public is on and the best part is you can track your games super easily set up an account ages click what games are betting on you can keep it all night
some easy for yourself honour busy saturday basketball sleep it's the sports action up it is the best absolutely up you need goin daddy s piano corner delete that score up put in the sports action up use it right now let's get you some segments we have a bunch to get through our first one up we have a pr one or one for two to two her hands over the weekend the first one is we'll all coffers father he he has been so great in the nba he has really pan out for the sixers and a sixers blogger jurors the process there yet my worry it is too early to say that it wasn't panda true a sixers blogger prior guy lives in his basement mumps basement wrote imagine taking a ass for two hours only to see julio ochre forced start and his dad workforce dad road imagine me slap in the shit out of you that's pretty good
he then delete that and said he was hacked by someone else who had an axe to grind with the six with blogger right now just randomly was like i want to fight a blog well because it made for my son i gotta say we're gonna be talking about just like teams out there that have bloggers peep that many many people would want to fight the six there are probably in the top five at agree so six years blogger and probably a pat blogger nor fencing yeah i'd say that's that's pretty close right we also have a pierre one or one for jimmy for that he is back in the news remembered the jim romania jim arrange yeah he wrote on sunday morning i'm sorry fans i have bad news you ready for this next scoop next week i will i will quit basketball because my boyfriend and yes i'm gay canonbury the lead there
my boyfriend but oh yeah but i'm quitting it s how you i'm getting a good by jim rehash i good bye jimmy follow up my account is not hacked i'm sorry so that clears it vibrate where is he saying like his boyfriend is like doug christy's wife used to be like his boyfriend doesn't trust them on the road right cut that canada and then he said i ll talk about that in the video soon didn't never get the video turns out he was hacked even though he said he wasn't hat so there after the hacker who the hackers are getting smart they ve got to learn to get in front of the news and say by the way this is not a hack yeah exactly that would that's what got me over he wrote some guys mature got hacked i think were able to get it fixed i'm not kidding bass while ha ha ha ha fixes it but a little spins own little pr wanna one for jimfred at one now i remember the gym are still life so that's good i actually went who is twitter office all happen turns out he's killed it in china like
the points it gave the shanghai sharks probably get paid do so did he comparable state income tax in china either he hath on purpose i wouldn't be as we don't see dimmer around eighteen so they get his name back in the news you know these on gm yet however if i were him and this goes for anybody that gets hack really if you got hacked when you the first thing that you do when you gain control of your account back tweet out thanks to that russian news channel that took oversee spent sovereign the russians did it or treat out the the news sites that donald trump use to say he did not have you probably like life zip or something oh yeah yeah reputable source leeway and then you can tell thence reputable by because he says meanwhile here's a credible source lives that use lights at any time you get hacked and saw pierre werner one from the boys next up we have respect the big is this com strong michael bennet after these seahawks lost in
visual round he went off on some reporters he told them get out of my face don't tell me i didn't do my job get the fuck out of my face but my heart on the line he called one of them a mother fucker so come of respectable man what do you get a job well you got a job well and fairness the reporter was being nosey and asking why weren't you guys able to get enough pressure so the reporter really crossed the line on that one right and this aid we are talking about earlier this type of stuff from the media this is why trump card elected so that think that's a new segment forest we're gonna tell you you never something happens this is why trump gun elected ready go lose what trunk unelected yeah i've actually been thinking about the lot because of all the commercial was coming up right now and the whole verizon sprint guy really pissed me off all time no loyalty anymore that's why i'm gonna let it yeah it's of seattle seems to hay journalists have yourself seahawks do you know if you ve been
it had kept his mouth shut like marcia lynch there the press wouldn't have had all these bad things to say about it so remote that people were gonna like the people people were fine when martian launched into the upgrading humble brag i was about two feet away from bennett after the superbowl member when the patriots one act as room of that game i thought might and somebody asked him like about a normal playing the game and he just looks at the rapporteur goes you look like you ve never done anything athletic in your life you look like a slob and was just likes making eye contact with them get really really are uncomfortable if he had said that to me over the knockers block off here what a good thing too short and we have this is all about good thing good thing you didn't look you're way while counter intimidating what if i had this mustache ii it would have been over alpha shit we suggested is why trunk i locked it we come up with a beauty but underneath the guise of respect that's how we spend a new franchise
we have a herd or injured for big bad which and we ve we ve got over this before big benefits of as big dumb fuck an oak who doesn't know what part of his party's hurt at any given time but he know something's yes in full disclosure recording this in the middle of the steelers chiefs game so so there's probably another fake underline brokers know that has not been has so he had to fake injuries last week he said on the play where he heard his ankle member when he walked off to or into the lock room like a walking boot up he said actually i thought my shoulder that was injured and play are her my shoulder and thinkers my ben is he thinks that any emotion is pain yazzi like he doesn't know what emotions are by he knows that when you feel something his exact is pain and i feel it in my deep saw how big the training staff
when we then when he learned something no he's out my head it's paine s headache ben you know it's lower it's your neither of you just talk i hurt my brain learning but i will play through it you can bet i'll be out there soon it up on my god we're gonna someday like go through ben's body hany so like however of huge cat scan after after retires like actually he's been playing with every single bone broke i last fifteen years i bet you big bang he's gonna just being is walking boot for russia life yeah doesn't he'll go in a wheelchair right away ben you can walk out broke my back and watch online back and we weak seven twenty eleven year had been you haven't played around ten years you know you can walk broke my back that schools hard hitting reasons game it brought my back though that would be awesome judges have roethlisberger driving drive around everywhere in a scooter first maternity please god
we have rumours confirmed confirmed rumours jim say confirmed then he reached out to john group john burden reportedly said no thanks ah we also get from the rumours little offshoot which is nice chuck pagano it has been reported his feelings had been hurt it's actually a real hung a red kemal ataturk thrills irene jumpers is up dick like he's he is its cargo courting john bruton right interpret outer space and it was so four eggs i saw it like you know
particularly in the upper like john bruton you know like the state can shake ear the whatever did elmo's the area saint rate that's really active won't do it any napoli right junctions here junctions their junctions everywhere interpret out just like honest twitter reading all this stuff yet ursus not really one for discretion like he's not gonna be sneaky about bring in a coach round because he's gonna run up a bar tat wherever designed by whose here's what happened he was at saint almost an earth is a guy got just round the house on me and began knows i over at the bar and the bartender handsomer drink as a courtesy of that big red blow vhf sweaty man over their core as our say was arm around group as such or he or
ursa equity or world were say just walk some right into the coach facilities like hey chuck i want you to meet my friend john i hate ayrshire espn out of you know chuck i want you to sit down with this guy see if he really nor i see if he really knows we started well upon thinking about bringing them on the organization you had some capacity i just like to have me around he's not a much higher rethink cut pegana we also have a stay classy for the latter falcons they had future on the sidelines who is obviously the father of russia wilson's steps on the road to the right yes okay so oh maybe online games sierras acts isn't zero or cr cr sir cigars ex so it worked it worked surgery and wilson did not play well no arms so stay classy city of atlanta like you bring in excess onto the sidelines like what are they gonna do when aaron rodgers get sounder wa
yeah i'll think about it thing i'll bring his dad down his dad stand behind a mozilla jordan x x father deep relationships are lot open wounds it would actually be great if they played down if they played like jordan rogers bachelor dimly clips from his highlight clips from his bachelor appearance that would be the great in georgia dome history moved down wrestle minions when the time we are all aware and rod ok when he starts in the discount double check have flow from progressive on asylum she's always she so fuckin annoying it would ruin the whole gameplay work she's just a life for the commercial lifers it's like the verizon sprint gap aware that fucking sonic guy i like this on a guys are you a new way of and this is just another talk about tat or types of cheese on a guy like the kind of the scale is wearing yeah there's hanging there you can get in their bid cat living his best light right just in a car in love ass on guys i shut your eyes they stole my life story you could be it
i'm a guy that's your ceiling we have hashtag jumpsuit problems i'm suit your very reliable for everyone out there we have hashtag chop suey problems we ve been doing jobs or january with aware jumpsuits every single day for the month of january it has been glorious but with that we want to complain about having a job where we can wear jumpsuits everyday up very reliable it's it's not all glamour wearing a jumps in always look at us and you think those guys really have an altogether gotta go and are not necessarily the case like wits i'm sorry if you're wearing a jumpsuit ants really cold outside have to wear coat over your jumpsuit ass it then you put like your phone or your keys in your jumpsuit pocket a hundred jumpsome jacket and then the king is in the way and you have to like reach under the coat yup you like fm l sought by life while yes ox my biggest problem is the pockets yes
sit down for a while they fall right out yet the jumpsuits with a all jumps who manufactures out their put zippers on your joy could have thought i couldn't find my keys for about ten minutes yesterday so i ll just surgeon everywhere
they were just where i left them but for those job how do i was like goddammit decision jumpsuit it's making me lose my key sir and would kill you to put a zipper on like the fly for jumpsuit like i have to pull the crash of my jumpsuit all the way down ever want to be like a child yet so that was hashtag jumpsuit problems treatise your jumpsuit problems because like us i'm sure you're wearing a jumpsuit every single day at work your job lets you just be a slob for a living just like us in its socks man it's arc of animal you guys dry like after a hard day work changing out of my jumps into another axioms oh yes as radioed i do sometimes i come home i'll take off the top of my jump soon put on another type of indifferent jobs that she is like mr rogers changing out of his way into his news here s what area because our hats convert problem you know great segment virtue it develop very late of low equally jumped back by the way to stay classy to the falcons yeah i just well say i am not sure if the falcons are good or not like
i have to see the remaining schedule for em i don't know they could be good maybe they're not through us he south down near there one of those teams where you just not sure you're gonna walk her exactly little walkie there are still a kramer there yeah it's like i you know i like doing stringer bell yes yeah yeah i just never no one can ever know sometimes i got out sometimes it got together sometimes you just kind of laughter handle yank worries whether they say oh more common yo managers jimmy you never know you never know of next we have protect the shield roderick adele he showed up he finally showed up to a game kansas city pittsburgh after delaying it he showed up doing it so it's in prime time now that was lucky how they can elect entire yeah i store so this latter like probably a few million more people watch yeah so but he showed up to protect the shield yeah so he's indefinitely sit close to him he's indefinitely
suspended himself from it fox programmes he's that's his way of say hey that's my bad maybe i stepped over line so long stay away from all you angry fence its last came in georgia don't he's gotta go right yeah you click on view canker the f sees every time not meetings got obligation to be it can be ensured for sure right protect these particular issues as they take down the stadium for the new states even though the old state it was only like thirty years old yeah yeah protective shield we finally it would be remiss not to mention today is martin luther king jr day so we're gonna do as a white guy what martin luther king jr day means us i think if you look back he careful now at the last forty years like we ve come a lot it be careful don't go for japan and the tragedy would very well i was going to say i don't want to say
not outgun says i want to raise is the right way he was a great is great long as you see the country and like everything divided now it's like not want what you know i occur if he were alive as white guy martin luther king jr means to me that russia ok yeah we're yet yank would save us i'm if like there's so much too a about what it means right as me right you for why i can't even put it in the four how much he almost more for ass we are sure ok so
i was martin luther king day as a white guy i feel i have a link we really express ourselves were omnibus may be against it i get up here it's nice needs is a bonus latest isn't it a day basque upon fact gratis games that's how i got myself into sports betting it was martin luther king day and the nba was on all day yeah my friend was like hey you got check out this new website and this is back like two thousand three two thousand for as a holy shit you can gamble on sports online this is the best yale really really ruin the life yeah exactly i it's about so they need to do this
didn't you random day games they dont tells me like that like last week the nuggets in the papers for playing in london to no one there is a game mexico city this also but then you like oh shit i've some a bit i threw off yet you have to bet on a game if its plan in different countries those are the real or during daylight on a week they are unhappy right so keep doing that item silver little tip for you not tell me how to run your leg just sprinkling just sprinkled a couple games like god that that chef all the sought after he had just sprinkled a couple games for us force force folkestone just have one game that's on like saturday sunday mornings at like three i am told people getting home from the bars accepts it three people lay a lot of money they fall asleep while the watch and get them out of the tv still on port put why put a team in why do it that's our show we will see you on wednesday we have a big weak come up make three june in falls apart might take on instagram and twitter subscribe
leave a five star view a roast on friday so right euro sleeve the five our view and we will read it on air love you
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