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Week 2 Fastest 2 minutes and a recap of the weekend of Football (1:57 - 13:44). Who's back of the week in honor of Texas Football being back for a brief second (13:44 - 23:56). Football Guy of the Week (23:56 - 34:45) . Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio joins the show to talk about Jerry Jones strong arming the league, when will Mitch Trubisky start and Gronk's injuries (34:55 - 58:00). Segments include Hurt or Injured for Sam Bradford, Sabermetrics for Joe Thomas, Locker Room Talk for Floyd Mayweather, Put one in his earhole for NFL players not respecting Fantasy Owners. Stay Woke on Statcast, and Explain it to Big Cat.
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on today's part of my take we have the fastest two minutes for week two in the nfl we also have the insider's insider mike florio from pro football talk given little nitty gritty football talk with him we have who's back football guy of the week it's a great segments including a little stay woke for you before we get all that i want to talk to you guys about draftkings football season has begun but it's not too late to get closer to the game you love with draftkings one week fantasy football this sunday draftkings is hosting a one hundred thousand dollar picking contest that is totally free to enter pick'em is the newest way to play one week fantasy football draft in your team is faster than ever so go right now to draftkings dot com use promo code big cat b i g c h e to play in draftkings free contest with a hundred thousand dollars in total prizes this sunday that's promo code big cat b i g c h e to compete for your share of a hundred thousand dollars in total prizes the contest is totally free to enter so you there's no reason for you not to do it get inside
the game with draftkings it's the game inside the game eligibility restrictions may apply draftkings dot com for details let's go september week two
to kaiser because vanished in front vanished one of our eyes after suffering my great men real american kevin hulk hogan came in relief get it the usual suspects on the ravens ray lewis ray ray rice were nowhere to be found but jeremy maclin and macklin joe flacco put a lot of open kevin spacey in the secondary as a browns crow two thousand four hundred and ten
j nelson mandela got apartheid from the cold secondary as bruce arians showcases blitzkrieg offense in the fourth quarter larry wreck of the edmund fitzgerald left truck parked on a with the moody blues and jacoby press kit with the birds rear in portal stop the colts in over sixty turn the handle servers as blake bortles had war first quarter and showed why he was such a high draft pick unfortunately jacksonville was all foreman could get a head henry ford showed model t levels as american ingenuity prevailed over the british class of the charger titans thirty seven jack sixteen
sending alex trebek smith put the eagles in jeopardy and left the kansas city fans asking who is patrick mahomes a daily double isn't just for in and out burger folks the who misses andy reid clock mismanagement more bowlines with a happy kelsey mother sup basket
case keenum look like dookie in pittsburgh despite having at the bar exam in xavier rhodes scholar the vikings defense got taken to school benjamin netanyahu roethlisberger prime minister the office two twenty six nine we they're not going red blood cells can recorded a milestone at sixty nine but this time is growing injury was from a tv not an s t d tom brady is getting some rexburg head tonight after throwing for four hundred yards and three touchdowns sean payton manning blows another one i guess the patriots and the saints go marching straight down the toilet the bills visit caroline and holy was this a bad game that's it
a fucking sucked panthers take down the pills nine hundred and twenty three standing on the corner jameis winston tampa florida such a fine sight to see it's a giraffe my lord in a flatbed ford who's not as good as mitch trubisky tampa baby don't say maybe you made the chicago bears look like when a man is the chargers and cruise lines that anyway because here's the kicker the points don't matter philip rivers is the walrus kookookachoo as a chargers got their cuckoo clock to clean by there ever two smoking jay cutler a boom that's not cool hate each other
young all cool misses the game winning field goal dolphins one thousand nine hundred and seventeen big mac in the writers almost dropped fifty burger
mr krabs try scores three touchdowns in a big way and have you lies ahead that wears an account in new york the jets are roiling park and might just be germane cursed the oakland or any errors forty five twenty server serbian turn the tables and road dallas for first cow boy all day long and coach bids joseph you watching him now on the screen having the time of his life back to you some spread donald trump is back after he couldn't get the rams to pay for his services as a defense of wall june or july what is the best a man can get in this tight shave in front of several dozen los angeles fans j jon gruden has his team on the board may not tell you what
can i call this guy man man i called todd swirly because if you want to tackle this guy man you have your have your head on a swivel to the toilet man almost twenty seven other words twenty carlos your kids hide your wife because the 49ers almost beat the seahawks in seattle eric tera reid's knee slipped out like a rogue nipple on the red carpet and the seahawks survive the sniper attack from chris kyle shanahan seahawks twelve niners nine we take you live to the big sedan the mercedes benz dome in atlanta ga and just like chick fil a the packers receivers weren't open on sunday extra polynesian sauce boom the falcons deep fried the packers three thousand four hundred and twenty three and then my head hurts but that feels good my voice feels awesome
i just want to throw it out he was like football i got a little bit of a head cold but i'm still fighting through it so thank you for your service yeah hey no problem a week so i got bit by a dog too yeah that you did yeah like no one i gave leroy give an eggshell dog yeah and he like nibbled the end of my finger when i was like aw aw shoot all right week two we're here finally by the way i'm going to i'm going to say football is back every single week 'cause that makes me feel like it's the beginning this fall season yeah so football is back well if you know anything about football guys this is big thing in the nfl if you're not aware they break the season down into quarters yeah so right now we smith right now well every football guy yeah lovie smith loves to do right now everything we talk we are halfway through the first quarter of the nfl season yes you old yet we just went through the commercial break yeah yeah there we go i actually have a question for you well no it's not really a question it's more of a statement here this year is the are we sure they're good year for the nfl and i know that we joke about that but i was looking
through all the scores today and i can't figure out who's good or not because like the patriots killed the saints but the saints stink right right so sure it's good there are a lot of frauds out there right just for hot and we we three is we we find out that's when we know who the frogs are right the ravens the ravens beat the bangles but say they take you around around the old english whose that's like yeah that's okay that or they don't we're not sure if you have no idea that the the leaders the bangles the browns like beating jim webb and lincoln chafee right so we're i mean this is this we we don't know who's good yet right but we're going to enjoy it all right what else we got for week two before we get to all of our other stuff for monday morning i mean it's it i i'm just so glad that it's back in college football was actually pretty good yesterday because rules out so that's the problem that the nfl is facing is you need to stagger week so you have good weeks when college football also as good weeks well here's what would get
thing is this is the first to last year was the nfl's ratings are down because of politics now we get the college football is better than nfl and it's similar to how march madness like everyone go flips out about march madness and rightfully so much by this is the best saying something is better than is not exactly correct in this case because yes college football is more exciting but it's not better than i mean it's let the guys are playing defense half the time people are wide open the windows are wide open there's like at least three punt returns are blocked kicks or fumbles or pick sixes in every college game so it is more exciting i think that that's the nfl has excitement problem the reality is yeah i'd rather watch any sport that's close then blow and i'll tell you you i loved about week two in the nfl though is that afternoon game the broncos cowboys gas the fact that it got delayed which is a little bit on american itself if you played football in high school you know that lightning is never had a football player right and so they they do
play that game for some reason but end up being the best thing because it got us through that window that awful awful dark stone right that we go through every sunday where you start to like real value eight how you spend your day yeah it's that little piece a moment where you like come up to breed from football you you basically wake up and from the start of game day il sunday till that moment moment before sunday night game you're just watching or thinking about football the entire weekend and then that one minute like oh shoot did you know that when i'm in israel lassell this week that's when you start that's where if you're out at a bar that's when you order your tab yeah it's a tab and you you you get out of there but in a day like today you just keep those beers you call and you keep that flow into sunday night football and i might greenberg dumb rule that i actually think college football should save all their overtime from saturday and play them in that hour and a half between the last late game and some a football i don't hate that office hold off just every time something had just given something give us back give us a mac
over time and i also need to monday night games tomorrow night yes sir we can make it happen that's how she up that they do that to us and they're like hey here's this great back to back monday football and now all we get is lines and and the giants the giants you guys gonna throw the ball into the ground a hundred times and the giants were to win like twelve two to ten permission to go there yeah invoice unpopular and yeah i think that america could deal with more giants primetime games not enough love love the giants in prime tia and the best is did you see that like staff they had last week were like yeah the giants have actually not scored more than like sixteen points in a decade yeah that makes great great died i get more dry i tend to buy the what you do he's an office of guru what's better than giants in primetime is giants a prime time with their only exciting player out with a new little boo boo that's great due to think about the giants is there this way more so than any other football team all their players look exactly the same in that in that uniform
i think they have an alternate uniform they always wear that blue piece of crap and other wide receivers are like six two and two hundred fifteen pounds yep and then all their offense of linemen are like six five have the biggest ask you've ever seen yes yeah those those are angler out on the giants yeah you know they are all right let's get to our who's back in the week before we do that shout out seek seek is the best find tickets nfl season is back you want to go to college football you also got some baseball playoffs come in right around the corner and see geek is the best place to get all those ticket see geek saves you time and money by searching multiple ticket sites to compare prices and find amazing deals and to get you the most bang for your buck siki grades every ticket based on value to help you easily identify the best seats that fit your budget plus every purchase is fully guaranteed so you can shop for tickets on seek with confidence so all
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second in the well they were back in the most texas way yes meeting that we spend all night debating how back they were if they were in fact back yeah they were stroking his back yeah you just always bet you're always a little bit there yeah they're always like halfway to being back and i said after the it was an unbelievable college well it was a bad first recorders great ending the texas defense got some dudes but texas football just the discussion of it being back means it's back because that's what texas football's become it's like texas
notre dame michigan kind of not although harbaugh now is it is going to change that but there's like these few programs that laura has one tennis gary if florida's able to score thirty five points once this year gets a good team guess what is florida back yeah let so in in tennessee it's like these certain programs miami it's cut miami it's constantly just a question of whether they're back on because the rascal rascals number plus but we'll talk about not about him back they might get close yes so texas was back they were back first sector bacchae had makan the pop on the sidelines with the thing about clemens yeah it's young looking slim real real well yeah win for the salad on the mcconaughey here the danger in bringing matthew mcconaughey to los angeles is any given time you might lose him he might just affect because
his natural state is like the caliber of yeah he was meant to be calabro he was just he happened to be born unlike a lot of land yeah and so that's why the text yeah right he's got yeah you if you get him like mixed up with some some due to just walk by i guess they just some i i soon as happens like server do just walk by on the on the sideline he's like i'm a go party with those is it does look i know you throw pretty battle party yeah matthew mcconaughey's of fine star wars going how old now i'm as mad i think i think these guys got the universe all figured out all right who's got who wants to start with who's back yes i want to start okay all right i'll start all right i have three three whose backs my first one is eating too much on sundays that is officially back so i know if you guys have like a sunday meal plan that you do this is what i used to do before we started taping the show on sundays and i try to go a little lighter can i just gas yeah are you gonna talk about like ordering a bunch of chinese food no no wrong okay
wrong at someone ask this today and and you have to start with the with the bagel and the donut and then you go chips and then time you go wings and he's polish it all off at the end of the day with a nice piece you don't make it your sergio dipp today no i did not i made some sergio dip this morning though eating too much on sundays those very much back and it hurts my stomach a lot my next who's back is pre apologies this is been this is been like a long time coming david letterman made this famous but kevin hart i don't know if you guys sauce did you see this kevin hart had a little pre apology on instagram 'cause he's going to get blackmailed for cheating on his wife so he had to apologize before anyone knew that he actually cheat on his wife it was awesome when he said he was like i messed up and i wanted to just get in front of this so the pre apology is back he was no one even knew what he was talking about but he just apologized to you
the preemptive apology that is great yeah someone from a short guy that's really tough look yeah that's a david david letterman made it famous but when he got extorted and it was like hey i'm not going to get extorted hey yeah i talked around i have some right okay i'm not i'm not going to be a weasel i'm not going to compromise my values i like eight p a's yeah out level kill her by the way i think i'm trying to think about it it's i don't know man like a shark i like him i feel like his wife's gonna be like you know what if you can get it you can get it like sean eyes don't yes lee that much yet take what you can get caught cheating if you're short right if you're under five five i don't think it's you you're just yeah you're for filling your your natural destiny you're just you're just shocked that a woman like pays attention to you i'm i'm surprised anyone under five five has has is just like not walking around continue stayed rows right and my final who's battle but you know what yeah ok i'm i'm a little pissed off though because i i kind of wish that we lived in a world where kevin hart got blackmailed yeah no offense
we'd say that where you be careful because can you in a world where he's like constantly trying to scrape up money to pay this blackmail can you imagine the movies movies that he would make like you think only cop movie think he's been in a shitload of movies there would be like eight it would be like a tv series and movie that came out the same time of him and like marky mark yeah doing yeah buddy cop slash some kind of like maybe he's like a teacher and then marky mark is a cooler teach that kind of something like that undercover undercover cops yeah one of his signature cops who are also teachers in like a boston high school far down in my heart remember that yeah that sounds pretty good that's pretty good promo and then my final who's back is pretty simple boots boob's back but i had boob for package from the post back thing ever yeah well that's why when you just say it out loud boots boob's boob you know
to say boobs like i'm spelling it b e w b s that's kind of like a fun way to just like locker room talk it up just chatted up back in my day real men said and i guess boobs are the new thing so hot seat but who who who are actually tune in to the segment portion of this show and i will show i will tell you how it's not ok hang once you go ahead and go ahead ok i'll go ahead who's back is phd debates debates so extra point debates are back in a big way we've seen like eight misses this year yeah and every time it happens to see announcers were like still getting used to the fact that it got moved back a few yards being like i don't know i have to just take around with the rules of the game all the time guy like this item yeah because i doubt that'll piss coach off more than like a kicker not doing his job yes so those are back in a big way but when you when you when you give a
kicker that kind of power over your team winning or losing that's actually a move it's like why are you let you should discourage sides it run the ball yeah just run it on fourth run the ball and forth just you actually shouldn't have a kicker punter or a doctor on the team who also full backs fullbacks are back in a big way is this just in your world or i think it's it's is might be confirmation bias but i've been doing back more and more specifically devon coleman the fullback derrick coleman sorry derrick coleman mobile you remember the falcons well he's the deaf guy so he won't hear this yeah so not a big deal but he went from the seahawks now he's on the falcons ok two teams with really bad luck against the patriots i guess but he scored a touchdown today and he couldn't hear the crowd here's name which is really sad so i want to get derrick coleman if we imagine i would imagine he can hear like like you didn't see the commercial where he couldn't hear the crowd roar i'd imagine he can hear something
that that commercial that we saw which i don't know but like there's if crowds roaring i mean atlanta they pipe they pay pay it in right they might just send it directly into is that his your brain yeah they put like a little chip on his brain remember that that commercial it was like a viral video of the ipad that yeah see color for the first time yeah as i can gratz hey dad work we gave you the ability to be racist yeah like we should try to pitch in and get derrick coleman like something that can learn here crowd cheers name for the first time the nice that would be nice especially lana yeah i yeah that is covered that i was gonna say the shovel pass go back but that's also who shovel passes know they are back there were i mean it's my favorite plane all football but i know what happens is guys fall in love in all it takes is like is sage rosenfels or like case keenum to trying to throw a shovel pass and get intercepted the other way and then it's gone
hey we saw very rare bird real a real treat in the nfl and that's big bend throwing to shovel pass yeah and the way that he throws it like you think that he'd never picked up a football in his life he just like it's like garbage yeah it's so great so satisfy all right heck we got all my whose back i have seven the patriots are back tft i'm not going to apologize for the people who took your lock of the week what okay it's the same clowns are back it is breaking box office records i see he called i see it what if you have it with the class name is that the word it with anyone yeah yeah i thi dar are back it's said well back in school what about nardis now ok
injuries are back and people complaining like what it what is my what player have to get injured injuries are back in a big way we had a lot of injuries this week boxing is back people complaining about bad bad judges well that's that boxing and judge complain about judges those go hand in hand because for boxing to fully be back they need to do something so fucking stupid that everyone is like this is why boxing will never be back and the canelo one hundred and eighteen to one hundred and ten scorecard was shocking by the way hank you take is a model millennial he said that he ordered the canelo
fight because he fell in love with boxing because mcgregor how you get it yeah that's how you get up that great well without any gregor fight i would not have cared if that was your fisher price introduction i like it we just we just did a little anecdotal survey a general survey in a little under percent of the millennials in this room windows are flocking get box if like i never before to pay per view buys were up a hundred percent from last time because millennials hold my avocado yeah because i'm a sweet science at home and the last is back as apple picking who that's a little earlier okay i must say that i think i'm gonna call i'm gonna call too early said about pumpkin spice and i was proven hundred percent twice is nice hey have you ever been apple picking now it's like the most boring thing ever saw x i know i just see people might be like going on will picking i'll go well that's right so happy and i no one no one who there
it's not a person on earth that has ever been apple picking who doesn't also have an instagram account correct but apple cider donuts are fire yeah but you don't you'll pick him yourself i know but i'm just saying like you you know you're going to get a lot of those the end it's like a little it's basically where i mean we're men were dogs they're like hey if you go and sit over there and stay you can get a treat if you go and take instagram pictures an apple orchard did you eat like a dozen donuts so i can understand it's like a romantic date how come dudes can't take a check like to go slaughter a lamb together same thing good thing go get your own produce yeah make some jerky why can't we make jerky we had some guys do alright let's get to our football guy the week before we do that wanted to talk to you guys if you travel for business you know it's again of wins and losses having an open seat next to you on your flight that's a win the person in front of reclining the seat that's a los buying your business trip at upside down
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as trip at upside dot com i'm giving you a hundred dollars right now good upside dot com and put in that promote go beyond t you deserve a better business trip minimum purchase required see site for complete details go right now upside dot com put in the promo code p m t all right football guy the week we got some good ones first one is the boy the state dog yes is very good very very good guy he knows a guy guy the weeks he's a guy that goes out on the field and grab that's calling it the right guy do he's the dude he's a boy no it's a boy yeah it sure is it a boy you see his dick hank confirm liam can you confirm force find the red fifty is a football guy yeah football guys doesn't matter it doesn't matter the gender it's a guy if use the clip is going viral it is football dog slash guy
who runs out and talking like it's an actual person runs out and grab the t after kickoff at boise state games and it's fun awesome i mean that is the definition of a football guy someone who's that singularly focused on something related to football like that just give him the title of a coach he's basically a special teams coach i wonder if the patriots to get crunk to do this they gave him like one of those scooters one is like one like it's good thing that it was like a monster at the qsar case even discuss house he started kicking off a monster energy can't even see this ground is go to the rug back just wants to go get it go get a crowd of all right next up we have well it's a day that the bluefield up there right yeah you know surf baby yeah i kind of wish that instead of having a dog that would run out they had a dog like a pug size dog that they would just carry out and it would think that it was
of water and so it just you are doing the wrong thing and while it was going out to get the t just pretending to swim outside us yeah i work a boise state i know that there are a few listeners up there in idaho yep no you to hell missile jokes now yes probably never hurt for three that's three yep that's on here because you get a poker haven't do this one thing all right next up we have will greer this was from his wife she tweeted out will was he plays in his sleep last night so that kick it really more football guy than that you're sleeping in thinking about football here's my one question so will clear starting quarterback for west virginia we are personal friends with coach dana holgorsen not to brag thanks best friend will was calling plays in his sleep we happen to be on one of those playboy and so was will thinking about us when he sleeps yeah hey how was i will
yes and you like that i think it was but i mean he's thinking about football guys guys yeah sleep which makes in football guy true true i can just see him just parking out you know places pretty pretty good it's going to get him somewhere also you gotta tell your wife you keep that in house yes there in your dirty laundry yeah she might have you know let some verbiage slip their homeland to another but an opponent's wife yeah i might pick up on that let the might pick up on that all right next up we have bill snyder bill schneider who is i i mean you could tell me bill slater was a hundred years old let's say yeah that makes sense i'm football stadium named after you and you're still yes that's it the wizard of oz that's basically like the school asking you to die yeah like i wish you were dead no but remember name a satire he retired in the socks and they're like hey can you come back in like with us eight games again and like be kansas state football he was on the sideline he does have a headset on he has like a little
while like kevin mcallister talkboy boy and is calls with sweet reference yeah i was i was called the stock boy i don't know just just a tape recorder and he just giving himself notes that he's going to for future bill cell are still self bill snyder for future bill snyder giving himself some notes which a little presumptuous of him to think he'll still be alive for those no to let the waiter yeah yeah yeah i mean at that point you just got to pull the full memento yeah i just have to on yourself i love it though because that's an old school football guy guarantee doesn't watch the film you just listen to his own notes a well game notes i he seems like secretary guy i but he's got a secretary that that tate's takes the dictation of his notes and write them up and then hands in his notes would write reviews yes yes the re read his own words and i look at them it's yeah he looks more over dinner and then he goes about six o'clock all right we have next up with the paler head coach who before the game against duke had his team run oklahoma drills
the middle of the field i would like to take away your football guide nominating power for for buying into the corporate lie that the mainstream media fed us okay that's not in oklahoma yeah because they were just kind of like locked up there was just a going out it was just guys just like wrestling right admin field not oklahoma room show the full like get up and run at each other right i mean so will the baylor show that they have a coaching staff that'll look the other way when they're when they're players are up to no good by the way that's interesting las so didn't really work but that was that was that was the last moment of baylor football just have it because it though like you can't when you have to start making your players like actually fight each other before game to get hyped up against duke
and then you lose baylor football stats this is a home game it was an away game but there it's over it's over it's just that's when you make that move it's like either this works and we're back or it doesn't work and we're going to cancel the program yeah that's that was a bad bad look just even leave in term live on their own way back on this all right last night we had this is the the year of the whole back guys because of the new penalties that they give coaches the clemson de i think was defensive coordinator was getting held back in a whole areas fashion he had a guy who is basically just grabbing him by the hips over and over and just pulling them back a little bit and i'm all it on hold back we got to get the least going yeah i gotta get either the lease or the invisible fence yeah visible for yeah zapper around is not huh yeah just so and you know it's also it's making its way to the nfl so you've got the new rule where like coaches can get penalties
talking about this earlier yeah so mike mccarthy looked like he was going to get ejected because he was doing the thing where his like knows just starts to bleed because his blood pressure goes like above three hundred again then space gets white and he's just like was michael carthy ok yeah yeah you know people actually get genuinely concerned for his health during games but were power ranking coaches who are going to get kicked out of a game first i think it's sneaky one is kyle shanahan because he's one he's a dick number two he's got that entitlement thing or at least the rest will think he's got that entitlement thing yeah so if you like says one thing that crosses the line but they'll be like i'm a teacher lesson yeah i shop mcveigh's also because yang also it should hang gets punished for the crimes of his father yes and to show mcveigh's too young work where coaches like you're too young yes like i you know get get out here you're just a little kid i i've noted bruce areas because bruce arians well maybe not the most vocal guy on the sidelines i can guarantee research has really mean like he says per
little shared about the refs if that will stick with you for years yeah like you wake up in the middle the night you deep yeah you be like or my ears really that big bruce said i had big here's a rex ryan guy league just in time i still do that i think schiano might have it actually so next year so when he gets it up next year when he gets that a child john is going to skyrocket vault to the top of this right yeah there's not a lot of there's a lot of hot heads left in the in the league it feels like that with the league has gotten the less i i don't know there's like john fox i guess because yes john fox would get it only not because he was so mad a tee times face is always so red that they just assume he's minutes like uncle leo's eyebrows i was going to say he's like oh he's he would have been that about you would have an appointment later that he want to get to yeah instead of being coaching go grab a beer yeah i i would also like to see if it was like one of those car contests were yet to keep your hand on a car for awhile like which coached could stay on the sidelines for the longest period time without getting kicked out kicked off either called well cold well you think it's called it's got to be i mean come on he's just he's pro
standing on the sideline right now about brandon for the game tomorrow night you think pagano gets kicked out pagano's pretty respectful yeah i think the guy caldwell would just stand there staring at each other just crying tears of mutual admiration as you or pete carroll who just makes the ref laugh yes not too on the back is like remember that time i had snoop dogg come the usc campus full so funny alright let's get to mike florio you got something to tell us though before i do yeah i want to talk to you as about blue apron i love blue apron you love blue it's a number one fresh ingredient green recipe delivery service in the country their mission is to make incredible home cooking accessible to everyone the achieve this by putting a more sustainable food system setting the highest this form gradients in building a community of home chefs their seafood more sustainably under standards developed in partnership with the monterey bay aquarium seafood watch they've got beef chicken and pork which all come from responsibly
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you're welcome on our favorite football insider sorry to in rapport out there it's mike florio from pro football talk he also has the shortest faced in short in show business mike let's start with the story that everyone wants to talk about not happy being on the field on sunday was something off the field jerry jones has reportedly said that he's going to impede roger goodell's new contract and possibly try to get him fired what's going on there what this ring been going on for a while i was back in march when they had their annual meeting there was a meeting of only the owners and at that meeting up in the race and stern he has one of the concerns is frankly he thinks they're paying the commissioner too much money and that was the first step he worked his way into a position where he's part of the compensation committee although he really isn't part of the compensation committee he's been aggressive
his belief that they pay goodell too much money and that has culminated in what espn made a big deal about today with this idea that that he's kept it from getting done and that there would be a deal for doubt if it wasn't for jerry and then there are some who think that what he's really trying to do is drive such a hard bargain with roger goodell the delta symmetric said screw it i'm out of here when my contract expires in twenty nineteen now that sparked a response from arthur blank the chairman of the compensation committee into foul he says it's all untrue that you're not doing anything to impede the process that may be the case now but i'm convinced that that prior to now at some point between march and now jerry jones was trying to keep this thing being done on the terms that the other members of the competition compensation committee want to to get it done
when you say impede like what could that look like for a guy like me that would mean just like not responding to an email for awhile are ignoring attacks but i don't think that jerry has gotten very alone yeah yeah yeah he just has it he's got a speed dial the calls the the hookers up and the and the dancers yeah hello julie allegedly for jerry what does impeding this discussion look like do you think well involves a lot of talking a lot of talking and some were talking and really talking to the point where you convince the people involved to just let you have your eye so you'll stop talking i think that's pretty much been the strategy and and you know it has impeded it's delayed it every
six weeks ago that the reports it was imminent but it's not gonna autumn of the keep it from happening so jerry jones is essentially filibustering yeah it's like talking rule like when ted cruz red green eggs and ham juries like would not eat them with a fox yeah all the fox trick it now okay not a box out that sort of thing yeah that's that's not a real get your you know the person in the mike not any talking to do it let's just say so so it jerry jones impeding the roger goodell contract he just talking a lot what if price to create like a mutiny with owners which owners are going to fall in line with jerry jones in which owners are not going to pick up his burner call and be like oh wired but now again i'm not getting the impression that there's anybody who really and then one of the things that they said today on espn if the jury thinks he's representing the twenty six to loners who aren't on the compensation committee my understanding is that's not the case
anything is their owners who were calling the members of the compensation committee saying let's get this thing done so you know jury may that may be accurate he may believe it but i don't know he's got a lot of allies in this and i think that based upon what arthur blank eventually told peter king on sunday i think now it's just a matter of time before they is done i think jerry's made his point he realized he's not going to get anywhere with it you just gonna move on so so not even like jim irsay i feel like jerry could like they they definitely just hang out a little bit like a gym why don't you join me you don't have a little party yeah you know jim jim is i think a lot like jerry where once he starts talking he did not stop and then but with him though he i think he forgets where he started so all the respect in the sixties yeah aerostar right exactly so you don't think it's a situation where everybody in the room is kind of waiting for the other guy to say it it's like if you're at a restaurant that's supposed to be good and kind of sucks and you take that first bite everyone's liking him and then when friends like
does anybody else's food suck do you think that that's like what some of the owners are wait for like i have to imagine that bob kraft is not super happy with roger goodell right i can tell you put a lot of work in coming up with that example and i respect that but 'cause i told my head i thought was pretty strong that's good that's not bad that's not bad for riffic i you know people think that jerry jones is very powerful and i guess he is if you if you focus on different groups like as it relates to the media he's powerful and as it relates to the folks in dallas as it relates to the other owners i don't think he's as powerful as people think he is and i think it's getting to a point where people just tune him out and i don't think able to rally the kind of support and any try that's the thing he tried and it didn't work so now it looks like we're going to get this thing done
it is far as i've always understood it and you can correct me if i'm wrong is long is roger goodell has the merits and the rooney's backing him he's fine i agree with that and and also the bigger picture as long as he's making the nfl billions of dollars and he's providing all owners with cover so they can hide behind the curtain and push buttons and pull levers and never be accused of whatever things roger goodell gets accused of that's good that's part of what i get paid for he's the world's highest paid pincushion and i think he's fine with that okay i'm switching up real quick i see that you're watching intently the the sunday night football game yet the falcons and the packers you're
actively commenting about the lights there tell me what's going on with the light situation like eat yeah it was well i notice that i notice it for the alabama florida state game the first game that they played there a few weeks ago it just has that look you know the first time you got one of those crazy curly bulbs and your and your twisted it in and you turned it on yes and and i like it like burn your retinas i feel like that's what that light is so if you do the best lighting of any stadium that's ever existed or store sliding i just can't figure out whether i love it or whether i hate see see i like it because it gives a little charm where i commented on the alabama fsu game there are stadiums all across country where like if you gamble enough you know the little quirks like the washington basketball games you know that you're going to be watching it you're going to vertigo an like you know the old boston garden where they had different floor floor paint like dead part pieces the parquet
i like this the lights in atlanta are going to fuck you up and they don't serve chick fil a on sunday pretty cool stadium so instead of piping in fake crowd noise or maybe in addition to piping in fake crowd noise we're going to have a special type of lighting alkins players will wear contact lenses in their retinas who this will not have those lenses anymore swabby blind wonders does glasses that block out the computer lights i like that too yeah so you mentioned the speakers are they are they pumping in louder fake crowd noise or software crowd noise now well look at it i was gonna say it's all alleged but that's the colts they did catch the falcons red handed doing it i'd like to think they're not dumb enough to do it again but you know maybe that's the genius of it maybe they think that no one would suspect them of doing
yeah so they're going to do it again and you know that like if the game goes late let's say this game like wraps up at one thousand two hundred and thirty are they going to start serving chick fil a between midnight one thousand two hundred and thirty thanks hey i that is an excellent question i've been wondering that i mean at one thousand two hundred and one am are they going to drop the priors and start dishing out chick fil a i should think that it's a hell of a lost turn it if they don't apart from the last opportunity of not being open on sunday at all but beyond that opening up at one thousand two hundred and one am i think would make a lot of sense yes the chicago bears when are when are we going to see mister buski because john fox is an idiot and he still keeps saying it's not clinton's fault he said it wasn't glens fall and he's not going to the tape won't change his mind on that even though glennon was pretty bad today so when are we going to actually see the second pick in the draft we always see this stuff all the
unknown i don't know whether it's the coach being stubborn or or whether it's just this you know i'm going to blindly support this guy until the moment i wake up one day and decided that i don't but i just feel like that's where this is headed i can only do so much at some point you gotta make a change and at some point you have to roll the dice with the guy that look pretty good in the priest i mean it was his best preseason quarterback of all time no that's jacobi bressette or the culture if they thought it was trubisky the colts that a perception remand our greatest but but but now it's some point you just got to say screw it you know this is this season is a lost delicious treat it like an extended preseason connects the arm is this call weird question and i don't know if you have any details about it but it seems to me like the bears have more injuries than most teams and they can't get guys healthy is there anything around the league where it's like guys maybe when they're free agents are like right that that team there
staff and their medical staff they're not good it's almost like the reverse of the phoenix suns where people like i go to phoenix suns and they'll just pump me full hgh and i'll be alive again are the bears the opposite of that or where they just they don't trust anyone who's on the medical staff for the training step one made first of all anytime i see a situation like that the cluster of injuries i wonder is there a deeper issue with strength and conditioning training flexibility pliability because it's not it can't just be that much bad luck but from the perspective of free agents the thing is most of these guys have made to make the decision well the agent getting three percent or two percent or whatever the current max
and i don't think the agent really cares about i mean not every agent so i think a lot of agents did they just care about what their fees going to be they don't care about whether or not the guy is going to get jacked up playing for that team so why are you saying that i wish that wasn't the case but i think there are plenty agents who feel that way you're saying drew rosenhaus doesn't think of his clients his family no no no i'm not dollars is a total lie you want to make it into i don't joke about that all i'm saying is that for a lot of the agents all they care about is gay maximum fee and having the maximum contract they can parade around out there so other clients will hire that doesn't like any agents i know you came out with a report earlier she said that that the bangles that many bangles are on interested in maybe benching andy dalton and bring in colin kaepernick first question how many bengals is it second question let's marvin lewis doesn't do it is he on the verge of losing the locker room
i didn't say many here's what i said i said that lewis made the change that he had to make at offensive coordinator 'cause he was facing a near mutiny and that the position they're taking internally is that andy dalton is safe but the reaction to that by the guys in the locker room for the most part is yeah ok he's safe but he's only safer now because it's not like you're going to fire the second offensive coordinator at some point the quarterback has to go and as to a cabinet the name has emerged in the locker room i don't know how many guys behind it i don't know how many would be in favor of it i mean i think you just go they you mccarron before you would go outside the organization but the fact that it name is come up it just gives you an idea i mean look play two full games four days apart one hundred and twenty minutes zero touchdowns nine total points surely surely there's gotta be somebody out there who could give that offered to kick in the pants i mean and and with all those weapons they have it's amazing that they have been able to get to the hands on so i don't think anything's going to happen with it is not the organization thinking about it but the fact the name is coming up in a lot
room gives you an idea that guys are getting set up with where they currently are speak i love the bengals being owned too i have a list of the on two teams everyone knows i think it's like eight percent chance that one of these teams are going to make the playoffs tell me which of these teams is going to make the playoffs from the oh into pile you gotta pick one jets browns bengals colts charge there's bears saints and the niners out of those i would say the bangles but i don't feel if they get sick yeah are you concerned at all after your cabinet and put the bangles and here's the thing and i'm surprised you're not all over this big cat because this feels like the kind of staff that you would hate as much as i hate here that you have your own to you got a twelve percent chance making plus what it because you are too for a reason you suck that's why you're not going to make the playoffs there's a reason you're onto and it's the teams that don't look erie
no wait wait for which came first we will see them as to make the playoffs i don't know if you heard the stat or if you really understand statistics mike but that means that one of those teams are going to be which came first the suckiness or their own two well you know we don't know if they're good or not until we like are we sure the browns are bad no this could be walking right we'll have to wait to see how it plays out right exactly all right i mean check mate yeah right when you're a check made easier yeah just after king it's one of those ones where like we you're you're you've become such a good friend of the program that you have seen i feel comfortable just doing riffing on something completely different right hey i don't play chess and shot she just like not the board off the table what do you do yeah yeah we just we just stood up and walked away when the board yeah you just because you realize that a chess match takes seven hours and so yeah we're like let's drink football game you
little shot a colorado fall now you were very you've you've been very vocal about that too many people are saying that college football is more entertaining than professional football this year chelsea you are you're carrying the flag for the nfl you protecting the shield would really appreciate convince me in ten seconds or less why the nfl is better than college football what note look i tweeted last week the college football currently has exciting games for more often in the nfl how many teams are in single digits this week and last week there were five in single digits i want three thousand eight hundred and thirty five i want four thousand one hundred and thirty eight i don't like this defensive crap i want so i want excitement i don't wanna sit there and watch guys tackling other guys i wanna see guys running wild and going into the end zone and creating highlights so i'm not happy with where the nfl currently is offensively and i don't know what they can do to fix it maybe they could make some rules that protect wide receivers and quarterbacks yeah uh or or yeah when guys on the field
they just have every secondary has the use college players because that's my favorite part about colleges you get at least com college football plays plays that would never happen to the pros wear at least like two or three times a game it will just every call breakdown in a guy will be wide open for no no reason whatsoever i love david letterman and he used to have this crazy theory that he would try it out from time to time that if you score a touchdown you should get to use a second ball i can get behind two footballs i like that i think that's one that green would be proud of yeah the heat yeah greenies pissed that he didn't come of that dak prescott tweaked his ankle today thank you tony roma well i think it's got to be more than two weeks before they also got blown up broken severed amputated something like that and then we see romo you think we're going to get uh you think at any point during this season that tony romo 'cause he's everyone's everyone sucking his dick right now saying he's the greatest thing ever do you think any
we will have a conversation of tony romo possibly coming back i think the only way it comes back as if prescott gets injured and and the cowboys are in contention and jerry jones can convince tony romo to come back and take care of it's worth of unfinished business let's say there are ten and two and dec prescott tears his acl number god i could see i could be wrong if you stay in a carpet shekhawati door to games that we can live in a hotel all week he's probably you know blogger years only a little worse than he did on those direct tv commercial for a ball cap on him and had him make enough pottery whatever he was doing yeah by the way does jason witten i saw a picture of him he is a he has like no hair anymore it's a total come over does he have a contract life how does that work well he's been the last the last guy left since the bill parcells era so still can get it done and i'm amazed
applying but so i have a feeling i have a feeling this year's at to be is so fun to watch him run with the ball though because he can't bend his knees any right so he runs like completely straight leg linear yeah all those all those running is just like he he actually runs like he's in of madden video game yep he can actually run like l as routes are just out there up and like in in old madden video game where they only had like two sensors per leg so there's no neon it yeah it's just like it goes straight but to ankle i have a serious question and it's about to pay it's it's about hanks favorite team have a prediction that you need to make for me who's going to make more pro bowls the rest of their careers rob gronkowski or tom brady oh what a question well i i i would
hum that rob gronkowski is going to play a little bit longer but you think he's going to be healthy he's a china doll many people have brady five year thing if i told you guys my brady theory on why he says he's going to play until he's forty five i really this is the truth i think he never wants his last year to be known as last year i don't think he ever want to have a derek jeter farewell tour i think that he he's concerned that he would be too emotional he doesn't want the attention he doesn't want to take away from the team he just wants to play until he's done and by keeping at stake as far out into the future as possible will never be in a season that anyone would say this is his last year do you want to know my theory he now because so much is even know how old he is so he's like yeah i'm gonna play five more years he thinks is thirty two i thought yeah i yeah giselle would well and yeah i think at some point that's a thank you sell is gonna say a tommy that's it you're done and and i i think sure each really wasn't joking when she said that after they want to both if you want if they would want it again this year i i think that that you tell them that's it you
come home now or there's no home to come to yeah there's your screen he can't throw and catch all the same but what about what about gronkowski so you're you're you're you're totally missing this letter is he going to be like is rob gronkowski ever could be rob gronkowski anyone i i thought the guy gets it were made to me about it he gets injured he does everything he has to do to get healthy again and he gladly goes out and plays and knows he's going to get injured again and any and he's never changes attitude he ever gotten jaded or cynical i i mean i think the guys don't the client as long as you possibly can and our many surgeries it takes how many re have so much time to get a work out and sick and scrape and claw on hold himself together he's going to do it because he you know he loves playing football seem to be bothered by all the crap you got to do to get yourself healthy again after you've been injured my dog also doesn't get sent yeah i can imagine crossing hey right hey grunt you wanna rage well i guess
yeah i yeah i walked out i walked in and saw my dog this morning is like hey so what's wrong she's like you know global warming is really got me down now it doesn't really work that way how many more teams do you think the la market can support for another three i think you're under three one slash two circle league there what's it will be like the cost and best of the best two witches have every single game played at the colosseum with wayne newton hosting you know i'll tell you got three years ago to deal with this crap to with the coliseum half empty and the chargers having a hard time selling out of twenty seven thousand seat stadium it's really going to be interesting to see what happens when they open this new state of the art place and if people don't give a crap then and are more concerned about the raiders in las vegas now what do you do you're stuck you got this two point six billion dollar stadium people don't care and uh you know they gotta find a way to make people care and the only the only way that
have the chances for one of these teams to become really really good and i don't see it happening anytime soon for either team it's so weird like i i watch it i'm going to stick with two teams there it doesn't seem like it's going to be able to laugh there's no way to know that this was going to happen yeah it could end up being a complete disaster but i think this is five hundred and sixty seven years down the road if it's a complete disaster and people just don't care about the chargers you got to figure out a solution you can't let it continue and they will say you know the state you're supposed to be the greatest thing ever until the next when they built the greatest thing ever so maybe people to show up to be at the stadium regardless of what's going on on the field but you know it's not working so far having the two teams there they're not excited about the rams the knowledge that about the charters they're interested in the raiders and the rate is going to be close to the oakland when they're in las vegas and then the really at a mess if all the people from los angeles are flocking to vegas to see the raiders play and not going to see the rams the the that's that's be awesome be awesome
you're a vikings fan everybody knows how biased you are when you report about the vikings that's your team what are they going to do if sam bradford is not in fact fine well he is fine right fine designs i said fine he's fine enough to not play and i i think the air your last year he played every game after week one when he wasn't ready to apply and get the crap beat out of him constantly any look up playing so of course he has the best game his career and now he's got a knee injury i look i case keenum they gotta get this got ready and they gotta hope that maybe they can get teddy bridgewater back he's eligible to come back onto the active roster after week six or case keenum's answer radford i just don't think with brad you can count on anything at this point and that's the impression i get when you hear my voice never talk about it i just don't think he's counting on anything from bradford for this perceivable future
should the optimism there that the problem with case keenum is just his readiness like if we want to get him ready he'll be fine he won't he'll suddenly just not be case keenum anymore that's a really nice way of handful of good games yeah because we know we heard it when jon gruden like actually master baited live on television when case keenum played that game was it against the he was on the texans he's like kahneman ninja and start the thing yeah the thing about case keenum is he was what like a fifth round pick something out part and so every time he gets in your like a little bit surprised if he doesn't he doesn't like attempt to pass his arm falls off yeah wow that's pretty good for the fifth rounder right is a little cody this guy up here right staying on the vikings real quick is teddy bridgewater ever going to play another game in the vikings uniform well the way things are going bradford i think yeah so we could go i would have said no well not a week ago after last monday nights game it's like well there's no way teddy bridgewater's coming back but they continue to be optimistic he'll be
did you go by the middle of the season and bradfords having these issues and african whatever comes back because nobody can pinpoint how we got hurt so he's going to come back and play at some point you're going to get hurt again so i don't know what in the hell they're expecting at this point so i think yeah we'll see bridgewater before the end of the year all right we appreciate you coming on my do you want to leave us with how your fantasy teams doing no i don't i don't care you know you will say it right so you tell i don't know tell us tell us sears and tell us no sir i don't care i don't care i don't care i care so little about fantasy football to care about my own come on just tell us so how did you win or lose we played against us i will could have been working today did you will lose week one i will no we don't care
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i just went to the bathroom while you're doing you're at did you and this i mean kitchen or no no i actually went to the real bathroom this time because we're here in the office it's you know one of the morning there's no one here it's nice i can use real bathrooms but i didn't do the tv still on and they were talking about the jets like those local new york tv and the guy i don't know it's like things they've done with greco basically that sounds right yeah even italian name you get to get on tv in talk about sports digest does jesse thank he says is the jets our dollar record he said he said josh mccown what when you a lot of games in fact he's lost his last ten starts so that's a pretty good so so we're the jets are out there okay all right yeah it was so the things well yes i got my ears on the asphalt in the city did people you for christian hackenberg yeah give the people what they want steak all right we got some segments first up we have a hurt or injured
for sammy sleeves sam bradford it was very bizarre it basically i saw a report this sunday morning he he tried to get an mri had so much scar tissue that they're like we don't i think his acl is torn but we don't know which is very very bizarre to start then he came out he didn't even as disney and he's like i'm not not playing today so they don't but the problem is no and then after the game mike zimmer was asked he said sam is fine he might play one game from now he might play six weeks from now either way he's fine so his so the official line is that his knee is so injured yeah they can't tell how is your own where it's like if you're doing like an earthquake assessment in syria yeah like i don't know what's what was wrong right any six if he doesn't play for the next five games he's still fine right so far and he's fine he might be out for six weeks but he's fine i'm a little bit
book on this okay like who this is like such a weird sounding injury yeah to me like the vikings they would at least if they had their shit together they would make something up and at least tell us like how many players puked when they saw her disney was right but in this case it's just like i don't know there's some funked up with his name you figured out well it sounds like he's so he's been so injured in his career that it's just like all the injuries i'll up where he's not it's not a new injury it's just an need it's like how they lie about brady shouldering messed up every week right and but this is actually serious well i like him to like you know when you day drink when you dirty and you day drink all day and you like your drunk for so long that being drunk is like your new life and so you don't think you're drunk anymore 'cause you're like no this is what i am that's what sam bradford is his injuries like he's not injured he he's just injured all the time just always hurt yeah so then you come home after a day of darting you're like i'm not drunk i've
right yeah so you're like very very trite i've just been maintaining like a point one ac right for the last three days is a new normal that's what sam bradford city is it's the new normal so yeah sammy sleeves i don't know man i don't know it like you it maybe he's angling to get out of town maybe he's it's been a while it's been awhile since he's had a first round pick traded funds so you what that lasts that week one performance was first round pick what is it time for us to re litigate the sam bradford red no i was just wondering that i don't think so i think it might be i don't think so i think he's fine so he's fine like severed all right fine i think you can earn last week that they like mine yeah it is fine the reporters like mike until my all fine mike is there something wrong i'm fine yeah he's fine he's fine everything's fine don't don't hesitate makes him his eyeball packets fine home all right next up we have a sabermetrics i don't know if this is a good
her bad super metrics joe thomas had his ten thousand is that's a joke time is that the guy from wendy's know joe thomas has ten thousandth consecutive snap in the nfl all for the cleveland browns on sunday that's i mean adulation this i don't it's a long time it's really long i've watched way morse consecutive snaps in that yeah and i'll talk a lot will says you're now officially good of football joe thomas congrats you're now the you're not the expert on the brown yeah most cleveland browns player of all time yeah you're the biggest loser how do you how do you evaluate how good a player's been if they've been on the browns
their entire career i mean joe thomas is loyalist fuckin' remember that time he was like supposed to be traded a few years ago is like now just stick on the browns they don't feel like moving he also i didn't realize this but his rookie year on the browns ten thousand snaps ago the browns win ten and six oh no so he was like oh this is going good building somewhere for doing it yeah yeah i know they just lost like every game since he's one of those guys that like every year you hear a rumor of a team being interest in trading like a second round pick form the huh and then you're right good times is like i i don't really well yeah i don't feel like his his thing is like he gets the beat out of him yeah so much that when he gets done with work he doesn't feel like probably even
leaving his house much less packing a suitcase and going to a different city well and it's also ease pot committed like i understand where he's coming from now if the brown somehow like if hell freezes over and all the other nfl teams like it and plane crashes in the browns have to play that play offs like joe thomas wants to be there for that so i don't blame you i think that would be a really cool moment if he did leave and they got to the playoffs that would be like harper heartbreaking and he would never ever live that down oh no so yeah congrats joe thomas and also the browns are road favorite this week which we were we're trying to figure out it seems like it happened a couple years ago but it doesn't happen very often let's just say that yeah the last time there were more than like a a2 point favorite yeah which is like two thousand and seven yeah so good job on them they're going to maybe win a game if you are the colts if you're the colts and you have the browns coming into your building's favourites
like i don't know how how do you even have a job at that point you they were legal i don't check we're gonna i didn't cry session between chuck we got jimmer say after this season ends and if you walk like has another surgery out of no where is going to be something else that's computer as if you look by the way is now he's like almost not he's not derrick rose but like there's that semblance of like he could just have a random surgery at any moment without an injury happening where it's like they'll be oppressed coming like andrew luck had successful what is it he had successful surgery he reached out and mark prior level yeah it's like what the what how did you just wouldn't even those injured so yeah that's i will call i also have a woke theory on that and that's a chamber c keeps like sending a man to the hospital to get more surgeries just working at the medication nice just give me that bills a larger you look and you look like you're back yeah well now that you mention that it's a little sore yeah let's go get cleaned up all right we have
a little locker room talk so that i alluded to this in the who's back when bewbs we're back but turns out asses also back because floyd mayweather a little locker room talk i don't know where this interview came from but it just got leaked he was interviewed about the famous city in a locker room talk about trump grabbing and made me was that people don't like the truth he speaks he speaks like a real man spoke real men's look like man she had a fat ass you see your ass i had to squeeze her ass i had to grab that fat ass right so he talkin locker room talk locker room talk i'm the man know what i'm saying you know who i am yeah i grabbed her by the pussy and oh nice yeah that'll kind of left it open ended there just nice just grab her by the ask yeah that that asks so what yes on ask i want to grab it grab it you didn't want to no well then you're not
and wait until i mean just you saw that right yeah did you or did you not see the yes i grabbed it with a good and now he's i wanted too 'cause you wanted to grab it yeah just grab that phatass boxer should just not be allowed to hang out with people just boxers in general there the way that they exist yeah the mentality that they have to have they should not be allowed to intermingle with the general public also this seems like a like oh like someone else's boxing and they're not talking about me anymore when we talk about me grabbing fat asses like get everyone going about mayweather again my shop you know what you know what the i'm likable may weather become so the more money he's going to make of course in the next five course so there's gonna be remote titles get rich mcgregor yeah he's gonna grab that the fat actually me was kind of rigorous kind of boat he's got yeah it's not really a lasting rally yeah i would i would grab is not a sick he's not you got that us now know that asking keep walking asking go right out the
no problem all right next up we have put one is your whole this is for two football players this is kind of a trend now us fantasy owners us guys who love fantasy we'll get on left and right now i won't stand for it legarrette your is the most the guy he said i really could care less about all you all fantasy teams get out of my mentions with that well the only way that we have that's the only channel of communication correct we have to communicate with the players that we own yeah so as a fantasy owner respectfully you can just go okay yourself because
how else are am i going to motivate you if i can tweet it i drafted you in all my leaks all seventy five in my leagues ypr hey archibold once hey i know that you had a lot of yards and you almost scored a touchdown but if he had scored that touchdown then i would have beaten my friend you don't know yeah well you're one carey shy of me being my friend you fucking asshole did that on purpose odell beckham also said no offense i could care less about your fantasy team this is my real life focusing on getting healthy and getting better one day at a time did they are actually saying that laguerre blunt an odell beckham are saying they actually do care though 'cause
could care less they could care less yes there's a lot there's a delta there there's something that they could care less about we need to find out what that is yeah to make them care even less about others fantasy team yeah my heh heh del i have you on my other fancy team got my yard that one i am not my like friends my work league yeah i have you in my workplace on up for random ya league and we just drafted so dot one you don't got one you do is build bottom of u k one thing's for sure we can't let these guys unionize hall has fantasy football people i'm crazy football player thank you an owner i'm a plan there my property right us stay woke this is i was in i go this weekend i went to a couple of cubs games i was upstairs and i sat next to a guy who's
sort of the show an he i was talking to him about like he had his computer out i was like what are you doing man and he's like oh i run the radar for statcast and i was like oh cool well i don't believe in static yes i think it's a hoax and he was like ok let me just pull up my dashboard and show you that alright go ahead go ahead and it's looking like ten minutes and he's like oh it's systems running kind of like one key right now is for it's even better this and as a guy well i gotta go he's like i will next time i'll show you the stock cast but you can get it up couldn't get it up this nerd couldn't get it up couldn't get up snack cast is the fake is fraught as thing ever i we starter we're off the when the work we still think the sun is cold but stack cast is fake every fucking time it's just like a ball hit heart all one hundred and nineteen exit velocity with an angle goal forty seven how could we know there's nobody would ever know they could say at the exit velocity is like a
fifty miles an hour and i would be like yeah that sounds right that paul was hit really fucking hard it's literally a guy sitting somewhere probably in like arizona is nate silver yeah it's nate silver like in a closet he's just watching games he's like ok that looked like a hard hit ball one hundred and eight miles an hour this tab that was a blue does a duck snort that was seventy four miles an hour the cast industrial complex you know how many people are employed by this lot a lot a invested interest in thinking that this is like an ongoing thing that people want to hear about it then it randomly just brakes your ray server broke stack cast yeah the are you just all this you wouldn't took a pass while bryce harper was up to bat you idiot can't break anything like it a chain of computer set aside he floated a virus to it yet hacked man
right the last one we have do you guys everything else i last wrote down was exploited the big gags that a question for you hank what is friday for a year it's friday boys you're excited about it that's it what how you spell it i fahri why a why like friday all the all the kids are doing that on fridays i see like instagram fright what's what's the difference between friday and like fry friday feels friday feels good you like no friday is good it sounds like cocaine it was there any well say is either cocaine or like there's like free french fries on fridays and i'm missing out on now i think it's just it's just like expression yeah that's the coolest thing i've ever heard friday friday like you know hey i anchor mondays what the hell i don't know the exact way it's us here is is like people being mad that it's monday no i mean from movie ted air mondays occur monday those garfield and what else is there out there trying to
tuesday so what's two men tuesday so it's like kind of like hump day but it's like for two guys know like you want to kill the two men because like is suck you don't know about you too man tuesday ok well we'll talk using new block off like i don't know but you know basic is fun wow what else anything good or monday he still say slurs day what's the average because you can you get lit oh slurs today i'm going to get going so many beers you're not going to be able to understand me slurs their saturdays what are those for the boys oh yeah i haven't heard that one true also explained to big cat action bronson because i apparently sat next to him on a flight from chicago to new york and i didn't know who it was that word he's a rapper and his tv show he's pretty popular is it rude to not know who action bronson is apparently his actions first name i think so act in ok
'cause i literally i sat next to this guy the whole time and i was like huh he's kind of weird looking like got a beard alot of tattoos i just thought maybe he was like someone from florida and then on twitter i saw him the next day i was like oh that was the guy sat next to should i ask him to come on the podcast and i didn't know who he was it was just literally guys starts bath salts in florida well you might be that also yeah okay is is he problem i heard something about price and be problematic what do you do i mean if he's a rapper so he's set some older scale what is that supposed to mean hank and rappers are problem like yeah they're actually some of the greatest artists of our generation interested are you not we have snow yeah what about eminem i mean i have no problem with that some kid rock's older stuff alright that's our show we have richard jefferson two parts coming this week actually really fucking fun interview he came into the studio we discussed at length the allegations brought on by us
of lebron doing hgh and we all we also discussed his tattoo on the on the mount rushmore of weirdly bad nba tattoos is probably top one so we'll see you on wednesday love you guys you know young
paint you know so we really never had no old money we got a whole lot of new money though if you're going through don't trust you armor shoot you hey i say how to ray fat nothing in my brain that's what people say that some people say i go on too many days haha but i can't make them stay at least that's what people say that's what people say but i keep zing in my booba booba booba booba booba booba goof
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