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Mike Pereira and Death 12/14/16

2016-12-13 | 🔗
Twitter wars, PFT is in a twitter war with Jay Mariotti and Jeff Fisher has been fired (2:45 - 9:28). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (9:28 - 16:21). Mike Pereira joins the show to talk about players jumping over the center during Field Goals and what would happen if a dildo were to cause a fumble in live action (17:24 - 34:47). The guys went back to Death to talk about Jeff Fisher's deceased coaching career, Tommy Lasorda, and closure on who killed Larry 1 (34:47 - 43:57) . Segments include Protect the Shield MLB edition, Thoughts and Prayers to Breast Cancer, Lebron Meme Killer, Spinzone for Lane Kiffin, Things I Thought Were Funny When I Was Drunk, and the newest segment Train Thoughts.
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and j mary oddy is in a feud with my co host p after i think a better way to that would have been to say it is wednesday december fourteen and jamie rowdy is still alive yeah hey who knows j hey so we save your life today rarely still live in pretty big show we have for everyone just to give a little taste of what we got coming up we have a interview with my prayer great interview talked about throwing dildos at him and at a foul players within our view with death talk about jeff fishers the death of debt jeff fishers coaching career and bonus we find out who kill larry who killer want puts her said we're in a twitter we heard it's what i minutes what aware i don't know really how i got here j out of the clouds last night was like which some explain who pay of tea commentator is an but he has or has an accomplished in life and why he's ashamed to use actual name now first of all if i'm reading this correctly
he's asking you to prove a negative yet so i'm not sure where they teach that it's like you can't if something doesnt you can't prove what i haven't accomplish yet cry like that's why don't get asked he detested because you can't prove a negative right so negative result acting in an actual result eyes usually advice is a thing a negative result is always a false false positives also j is outing himself for not doing his job the last five months as icelandic corresponded to pardon my absolutely doesnt knows boss yes i will do so that's basically what assain as know who i am just but on vacate who doesn't know who i am but he does know who i am somehow so i dont know whom all troll that's looking for attention maybe and i absolutely played right into what he wanted i dug luba deeper now jays gathered a big big businesses oh come on out again he is starting in international podcast now now i get to educate sexually just a national ah shit and national podcast on gene
first with somebody that restrict into coasting show him i'm sure that's can be extremely lucrative yet can be real money maker no way that i mean he probably i was gonna say these probably just gonna be talking to one of his friends but there's no way geraghty actually has any france no absolutely what is probably a parole officer probation officer it's probably it's just it is going to be like cereal and the guy the probation officers going to accept the calls be like you have a call from inmate number five hundred and seventy six by the way jay for me doktor is really at finding out information about people right because he doesn't know how you can just google me jack wikipedia madrigal unlike unlike began her i've gotta wiki page just read that and then second of all my name's not fifty commentator you're so bad journalism on your part he almost i thought you replied my name is all this turned about dunk on him with all these knots now say right now
all these nuts all this is my name and then he was going to be like all this who i was going to say all this dick in your oh exam screw somebody replied to it with an award winning listener replied with the punchline so shadow to that guy not one but not so bad we are both always malaria is in his own words like that is a hot dog sandwich thing both is two years old i put i put the both for people in there with the people that responded promptly trumps ever go like respond back here are my wife left me you're really your killer on the internet when you when you both for some of the other big news which we're gonna get too when we talk to death a little bit we're gonna talk to death about the death of jeff fishers coaching career but the news broke on monday i'm still a little shook i'll just the honest with you guys are really hit me hard jeff fisher not in my life anymore he's been a constant in my life a constant failure in my life
for a very long time now twice you seasons six winning swimming ones let it almost impossible now yes technically is not a coach anymore but would have jeff fisher was inside you this whole time and so there's a little bit of jos losing street very brief every time you fuck up a little bit that jeff fisher winking at you in the mere he was one loss shy and that's the tragedy as it is not a coincidence that they fired him when he was tied for the record robot they you see the rams or class organization and they wanted to get rid of him so he won't have the burden but in my opinion and if you're gonna do something be the best at it be he couldn't even succeed at losing which is really them losing thing of all the kid be the only one i think a lot of people had the same thought
but the one silver lining is it opens the door for maybe like a lifetime movie remake of bob bernie max mr three thousand jeff fisher coming back for a hundred sixty six loss put inject fisher plays jeff fisher and then he lose millions of winning the superbowl yeah houseguest aid should be either that or it should be a challenge for him so he gets to come back and coach really excellent team and yeah yeah right here it's a plot to like you expect him to lose any of the brain superbowl i think i think more likely than that if we're looking at his realistic next destination we talked about the supreme court appointed for life there we talked about the pope another left i'm appointment it's probably more likely i could see him falling into built our selves role where he gets brought in as i device present a football operations whatever the fuss about me that's just a football guys yeah it's just you pay a guy says
and it does now is here to sit in office and then tat i have lunch with a coach twice we had also because the fraternal order of football guys everything paul guy knows where some of the bodies been buried slinky pirate each other to just citizen has an farc and be like oh yeah that's good we have let's take him in the six round results is a combination of that and then once you get too old to be like oh observed football guy anymore it's like putting your parents and home right you guess is put him back their william cigars a bottle of scotch want some let himself it next to the guy who drives the golf cart around before the game just let him put before one guy the good news is also stedman bailey tray mason time zones the move to allay jerry gough off the hook all the excuses jeff fish has been thrown out there all off the hook
they stand in valley ceylon probably our lives we don't forgive you yet so we lay said we're gonna be talking a little bit more about jeff fishers career coming up here with an interview let's do our usual wednesday business hot see cool thrown who wants to start hank showed a first hot seat is rex rhine yeah he's at some little yeah more urgent more so just for the hope that maybe robbery and could be head coach just for like a game you eat oh you that began everyone i get rid of the other yeah i and rob is a guy that word quit on principle if you fired is another in a hilarious way by the way he would make a big fuckin stink about equip because they weren't mcdonald's next was off your point because his brother if you if you fire rex you have to ask rob for his play book and all that shit and get him out of the building first well rob i don't think has played behind its openness but you gotta fire rob before you fire russia my cool throne is donald trump
yeah how he met with colleagues today as a tweeted after he was originally gonna run in two thousand twenty knocking around two thousand of la cosa trump is good to have nothing to worry about large reserves ameliorating hold them back from not being present is now over here ass to donald good disarm that rather yet while all took was a little meeting boom in our countries that can be present another cool another cool throne is mental health so kindly west is literally insane re out but now he's it would present so caught it totally de stigmatizes people that are at any time mental it sitting i am working on a theory and it's not a maximum amount ready due to bring it all the way out but i think the carnations into new scientology so hey speaking of scientology i feel like we need to take some shots them now we want a sort of war was sent out we do not a sign of employees are actually light focuses peter turns anthology ok good guy peter
scientologists if you listen i don't you guys the budget trash who god or whether you guys are full bologna hey scientologists you your ratings eraser so lonely turkey off their own scientology kazaa hum of t you got hot sequel three hats is really simple hot seat global warming cool thrown polar vortex you ve got a polar vortex goblins way back later on this we shall love love it when the news for us to talk about the poor vortex here probably my whether highlighted the year the up and whenever you get like even just a little bit of snow white gown when they said global warming was real polar vortex that's it like six a m news lady local whose person same polar vortex arise we have liked michael urban says man when we played and it was called we was cold that's travel proliferating its back
see a call to remove a cool throne for the whole show that is wake forest head coach dave carson because is it turns out the radio guy i at weak force was hell is pickles with a cloth and was he to have pickles worth doing all week force highly confidential plays and intel so these cultural and you can't you can't fire coach of he's been there's been a rat in the building and wall i sold on on re and though the one thing i do understand about this entire story so if you if you miss the story literally the radio guy for weak force has been selling like play books and insider information to all week forces opponents for last three years i didn't know anyone you help to beat weak forest like that sounds like something you should be able do you on your right that's it reminds me of when people used to warn you about buying weed and sang beacon
they might lays the weed with way more expensive drugs and we're not tell you that i give you my great even more high yeah like why who out there is buying wake force football information since it is a terrible throttle so if you find yourself cell in that you ve got some problems go round you haven't in inferiority caso makes me think of other announcers that have recently retired lengthened scully and are the dodgers haven't been able to win the world series and while interesting very interests oh how our about foreign languages in assisi headed down year really down accurate ha saw so this ok we'll keep our eyes on it ah the show my hot seat was i think i talked about this a couple of months ago but i want to officially throw it on the hot seat cuz we're getting close to the end of the year people who complain about how much two thousand sixteen sucked
you only have already was trash brown man two dozen sixteen was the were so many deaths and tromp and because gears here's a news guys wants a kosovo the first two thousand seventeen fresh start no problems anyone that's how i calendars work people forget that without what i love is people of peg twenty sixteen as the the celebrity death yeah go back and look at any other year ever actually does as you may know what now that i'm gonna talk myself into it how did you like twenty seen did have ours twenty sixteen made some splash yet get it out of your system you have two weeks left to be a whiny little bitch on twitter talking about how to duke suit to those in sixteen worse year ever and then she doesn't seven time it's gonna be the best had did you ever lived through the year with the asteroid it yeah that's pretty bad years pretty bad here so that's my hot seat cool throned ye to hell yeah radiates is back
so i'm excited i worry signed with dolphins dolphins maybe the great nickname for someone who can't back it up this is what happens to teach aids you set you sell yourself on aids a hell and even on aids l and then you where there is actually just today eighty sucks where it can be an electric kubi competition this week between matt more dj age vying for them the plague as the jets yeah so ineffective very wisely flex that game or the scheduled it like a year ago but i naturally for saturday night i hope we get you to how on a saturday night nor can we it's great legitimately really does the nickname it's like gum reuben patterson member him for the for the trailblazers he named himself cobby stopper and i bought into an opening up this guy's gonna stop toby's gets going this is gonna be crazy and then he just didn't because he was reuben patterson dossier to health like you i don't think he gave self the name but because he has at night
i will always bet on tv aids and i'll always lose yeah just like i used always think that the group rheumatic brothers really good cause her name is automatically that's me if you get a kicker with a good nickname it puts money and i agree with that who is it yet who legged tron that was also known as young cheesy yeah rags airline yes yes to blue walsh haven't yet he did to closure big countries and the blair wash project too let's do are interviews legacy we have mike prayer and then we have death an ad before we get to both them and go back to back this holiday season the perfect gift to get your loved ones is sherry's berries they sent me a box it was delicious shock letty decadent
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part of my take take advantage of this deal i we now welcome back recurring guess my prayer he is former vice president officiating in the nfl any the current rules analyse at fox sports we have some juicy nfl rules things to get into i know everyone loves to talk about it everyone loves reviews let's start dough with a play that happened on monday night the shame clellan jumping over the centre during a feel go do you
this is a rule they are going to change or how can like me no and kicking team stop a player from doing something like this well enough look at i they made an adjustment already to the rule going into this year which said that you couldn't when you try to jump either over or through a gap that you couldn't use your hands that you couldn't use your hands to you don't help you get over the top and so they cannot thought that maybe that would stop at scenario didn't guys that are given the running start and gone over the top and if they don't touch anybody then you know it's legal you know it's legal the hurdle its legal earl hurdle a hurdle a defensive player who's trying to tackle you i mean if you count that enough to time as to where you know you couldn't you can get up
over the center before he stands up and the and then you have contact with them then i think you're going to probably get away with this i just i just don't know what they could necessarily do other than to say that you know you can't jump over an opponent i just don't see him do in follow up because it was shame a clown and it was so shocking do you think the patriot you just won the game right there i think we should have been like forget all the rest of the commercials in the game forget everything but just in the bed so yeah right it was it was such a spectacular play i mean what they it was the high link is actually was a pretty good game but it was but in those same account i like the amiable do yeah he's never anything they do in the first place right right in the end it people tend to develop
problem with things once the patriot start doing it that's when it becomes so true so true it is by the that's right so the way i see it a team could just sign like deville magee when he retired from the nba or to some big tall basque bottler whose specialise in jumping over centres and swatting kicks will you know you're a good point because if you think back a little bit in the history of the game it still pretty much modern history in the game but in others such a fao and the and about which people don't really know about but can you imagine that guy can't wait for ad hoc julieta click on the microphone and say golden de yeah threatened yeah it other there is such a foul that use the
to put our sea owens i think it was underneath the goalposts keys are stadium in san francisco and he would try to jump up and back the ball to keep it from going over the upright and the believes that seem fair and so late they actually said that you couldn't you couldn't leap from underneath the goalposts and keep the ball from going over my weapon climbing actually be a penalty what about climbing the goalposts can you do that mobility is made maybe i think that you have to look at that and say you can't climb but until the ball is that none of you could get a real speedy guys i got out of use the cushions they get to the top and blacker maybe he'd make about make an interesting i like the coach could do it we suggest the other week did andy red could climb the goalposts i think i did have to learn to about three feet i think ok well we didn't we can we can workshop that rule quick question for you we haven't had yawn during the regular season but a few weeks ago open buffalo affair
through marriage laid a dildo onto the field the first i had and i saw her his wife i heard the fans wife was soon i'm too because you don't let the only thing he couldn't throw down under a person launch that my question was if a dildo and hit a receiver like helmut to helmet and caused a fumble what's the ruling on it but depends if whereby if the i've already portion was on our offer the same as it was then it's actually no foul though but if it was on then you you have or of the chance that it could create a concussion from the vibration so you know i think that the automatic thing is you're ok if it's off but if the vibrating porches is on you go immediately in the concussion protocol
ethically what is it it had to bother with the next ball out well yeah i mean that in an you actually do have a rule like that at a dildo basically it's basically you can you can do the old it's the old redo i mean if the if the official feels like that something you know that's not connected with the game has an effect on the play than he can order the play replayed much like they're talking about in the rate or kansas city there saying that that long past may have hit the nbc guide wires of the of the overhead camera and if it does there's actually rule that covers that that says do it over again i say that you jesse you take into account where you're playing it's like i don't know if you ve played and mario cart but you have different matter stiffer levels that you plan if you're in buffet it does not be some dildos round is partly environment you're talking to a guy who's biggest game that we replace probably monopoly so long can meet mario stuff like all though i must tell you listen to this you got to be proud of this i think
i wore the recurring get seizure on the beaches in mexico last week night had i go you get recognized yet what you know people people stared daily stared they didn't they didn't get but not a lot of recognition but they stared like they ve never seen a never seen the teacher like that but i like lord proudly on the beach that porto admin derail pagel ma am a recurring in let's challenge our award winning listeners so if you see mike wearing his recurring degrees shirt please throw dildo adam me just shoot me wearing my recurring guess t shirt in columbus ohio i will be on wednesday and thursday were the temperatures like seven degrees don't throw it bilbil at me just shoot me throw some morning fulfilment of my life but that dump some warming lubricant on i like that how is the tito's pouring down mexico by the were laughing
in about i actually bought you know about my call trumpets a bill that their more they they don't even bring tito's down near the heck would keep all the tito's in air or god knows that this goal with the girl with to shame so but the thought that we had after the whole buffalo dildo fiasco was what if a fan sneaks in their own penalty flag into the game and throws on the old during during a play how long do you think it would take the rest to figure out that it wasn't one others what happened oh it happened the week before the dildo some of data is much the delta for some reason
it wasn't in the news as much of the building i mean because because little different than the delta because actually the referee maybe you're right at his feet near the end zoning and they actually reach down immediately picked it up but they didn't do that with the builder laying kind of stared at night kicked off the field but now they threw a penalty fly on the field the landed action right next to the referee it was a goal wine play go on out there i get the two going out and so he was near the right and they somebody from the fans from from the stands launched the flag and you're right it was it was before the ball was snapped so i don't think the referee had an idea but it would be interesting to see if he threw it during the plan and
the first thing that happened in the tv it out to the illegal flag on the play and they're going to put on the little thing that says fly than alive there may be like something you know who's on first and what's on secondly who through their city what so that who speaking of the flag though dealing it should be illegal when players where like yellow cover colored gloves in cleats making dumb people like myself think there's a flag on every point should really you i'm gonna go with her do you guys mark throwing yet we don't want to offend dumb people like you're saying all admitted it omitted no that's a good points ownership for brain demographic and no wonder we get along why we get along do guys mark your own flags like a golfer marks his gospel do most you norman you put your really put your initials on a bit as you know we want some i gotta play work their multiple flags ronan and sometimes in real cold weather like you that
take that europe like out your boy you know who this run until you don't want you don't actually you can actually do that why can't i leave it yugoslav anything you're yearn for little there's a there's a lot of work a lot of things that you do on the football field you know this is as officials in other people no but i mean i remember my days you know sometimes you'd have a big breakfast better the european union looked at each other like who did it well may not think the referee did it get away with that every time yet he ever peel it'll just love now you know when you allow his little people in japan south church now backpacks should control equipment the good control i saw the other big storyline from the big fourteen action was the hairy debt douglas hit you you're on the record saying wasn't dirty that's fine if you're saying that's not dirty what about a keep to leave is
dirty for him to beat the shit out of harry douglas at their agents office nor i mean that's the thing that the thing that humored me most about the thing in i'll listen is a dirty i mean that i guess that's for others to judge i say from my standpoint is based upon by the weather was illegal and and and it's not illegal armenians in front is black and loads are run up the middle yellow heiresses move in that direction i don't it gets illegal at all and i don't think a league does either but what amazes me as i keep to lead sand harry's a dirty player keep to leap fire again like time don't want a million dollar a guy who almost poor of the head off caroline out poland in the supermarket last year and then afterwards do it on purpose because he knew what to do
our light it would only be a one europe penalty unease column people i way but you just now you just proves appoint wouldn't keep to leave dirty player better than any one else keziah dirty probably true there i will say this woman knowing limit agent in all the time we spent talk about eliminating high hits and in most of it was you know in discussions about defenceless receivers and quarter back to that but mostly defences receivers is that you you were actually encouraging players to go lull and and there were people that told us that there was an unspoken code with players that says that you don't you don't go low unless you have to go alone and and if that's the case and they want to say player two players dirty because your broken unspoken then so be it but rules wise i'd i didn't dynamic its files or does it resonate his dirty to me gotcha
they go low we go high michelle obama will keep to leave us no so much we'd with eyes goes to then it's not a chop block keeping current either bone typically mike natural gas in line everybody around this is a serious one so let's get serious due to vote on it you got upon the pic related be about get bad readers to see those do i didn't get the cleaner last jake another one agnes so three months ago and we had yon you'd you didn't bring the story with us about how roderick dale shoved you i saw that break like a week later why didn't you give us that treat when the timing was was the book out or why don't you get it cannot just yet but can you walk we through that chauvelin a bit like a z did he her you do you have any
wandering effects if you get a little it was just a little mixed martial arts action there wasn't really that much taken me in a pretty tough man he worked out more than me a visa john but he was mad with anyone even the commissioner at that point me was he was mad because i didn t spend than the first no and i wasn't going to suspend an official because i didn't think that it is the action which was as you know the bottle gate insulin cleveland this is obviously many years ago i didn't think the action action dictated a suspension and i know you was given the heat from the cleveland browned but i wasn't gonna suspend one of my guys and then every other one of my officials with em why are they probably lost faith in me so he's be stubborn we all know that i'm stubborn most everybody knows that too and so you know he
for me to do it i didn't want to do it he was doing it way he tried to shut me back and then to my office to continue the the argument and then i missed the door and hit the wall and then it kind of kind of ended at that point was not abuse i mean i i didn't want anybody of the reason i actually put it in there was two you sound like a single point of were no were really that is sometimes you have to defend your troops at all true or even others people that are apt to get em but damn it didn't it up quite a bit upon you that's a closet ginger behaviour by the end and we all know the tragedy that has a good track red record when it comes to not new standing what is and what is an abuse like that we are more likely to get his way to that is is there a tape of this shop now if there were no security cameras in the innovation office where we re i'd i'd be let me go about right now because if i bid them then i would certainly gives sales of my books probably poet
link that suspended so we're not only problem now than they ve got my u wimp why didn't you doing in there right thereby komio went prime noticed your kind of blaming yourself and saying you miss the door and hit the wall like that's classic whilst classic victim behavior i think that he did a beauty you're a great european do regret your pardon note there still pay my medical care for my psyche alcohol solar still can t regret your part that you have you know the part that you had another incident of roger you know physically abused now ok now i could last question even very nicely time we have a theory ok let it let us know what you think about this theory broader jails going to change the overtime rules this off season so eliminating all ties and then he's say that he saved the nfl yet again well i mean i think you're very theory is a good one
do think the fairy i dont think we didn't get it took so long to you know to get the original change through and i dont think he necessarily mines ties it puts a little bit of intrigue in you know into the standards in the play up poor so i'm i'm i'm like you i don't like ties but then again i like the original version of over time which was just in i'll kick off play in the first in the scores win make appear sudden death but i just don't think that they'll changed beyond man ok but if your theory is right i will give you credit i will give you credit for or actually developing theory and talking about that theory and saying that it was probably roderick adela was listen to this pod task they ask that that came up with this idea our table but he is he probably is listen rain hey roger your fuck face report
it might put what an asshole we say and he'd be save what what what do you have that idiot on therefore anyway you're wasting your time is asking for desert did i would say you are asking for mike we appreciate your time can you please bring back cool mike i haven't seen it this year where you're lounging in your chair talking to us the odyssey me right no i know but you need to do it on twitter you are you're always sit up i want cool mike back just why i got my i got my like them flashy crazy colored socks on with a decision back when you when you do your twitter videos explaining something that happened i want i want a little bit a cool mike i do wonder i think they weren't for you maybe came to the day like i'd like a little do have tito's very little vetoes on the glass unwinding for the day i just kept relax homelike i'll drive you might think so much hope you survive columbus and will allow taught you soon you gotta go figure thank they sought another something
completely different we are with are recurring guests and friend psychic laura laura s great to see you if people are needed show i don't know we spoke with laura about six months ago after there was a string of death celebrity death which we can put a stop to right not brag it was mohammed ali lies around barrier and there is another one i believe you save escaping to save time in a sort of less time so so this time we are here to speak not about persons death but a coaching career so everyone knows jeff fisher his cochin career was terminated on monday so he was one law shy of the record so i think the first thing we wanted to see is if we could be
oh how jeff is doing and the anger if he s anger or fees if peace is he hurried feeling hi how do you do i'm laura and our first of all like to say that this is done for entertainment only course i'm getting a lot of people who are on the other side i cannot tell you exactly who's who write this moment but i'm getting someone whose very very fresh on the other side governor friend just just very very fresh codfish was one last shy now that his off the record now that his career is deceased
this is obviously a tough question but speaking with his career with was he going to ever get that record even though it was cut short absolutely is there anything we can do tat was a help them achieve that is it is already a potential that it comes back to life or is gone forget all i believe in now the life after death so i do believe he will come back and take form in in someone else's body or in another proudly maybe good browsers i was no sir john fossil workers bradley for the losses yeah ok so that's good to know so he saw is your case yet peace he said peace there s going to itself yeah ok but it's it's good to know that if if given the time he would have been successful failing with the losses nea experts them in that
of the biggest reason we came here the other thing we on its talk too quickly about we had goldfish his name was larry he passed away hey within twenty four hours of owning him so the person we never got to the bottom of how it happened so we were wondering if we could figure out between its the three of us so myself pfc hank one of the three of us most likely killed larry so we are trying to figure out who has the guilty conscience i see well i believe that he was ill anyway so he would have had passed away anyway write something to do with food okra either too much food
the others too much poisoning yeah so but if there is i guess different way to frame is who gives off kind of like the fish killing by between the three of us oh she's twenty appear teachers have the record show and also exercise pointed appear to you when i first came in here i was very open and honest i said my palms i swear to you i didn't know y yeah i just success not it has nothing to do with the fact that i pleaded maybe getting mark it you didn't intend to do but you didn't mean to i don't mean to know this is this is closure this is finally closer the son of god i tried to take care of you did i don't know what i did wrong i think it was over fed or something with the food may have been even spoiled i don't know you said something about with what did you palms the less palm when
the issues it's going to your going to receive money if the right palm itches your going to give money i will use a level lotion on the right hand answered the left one but it has to aids naturally actually come on don't make me i'm not man so the the other question i had for you we just mood is the last time we spoke we have moved to new york yet we ve moved into an office it's right around the flatiron building ok and the office that we work in there was a murder there what was it like twenty years ago that ten years so double i'm a big i'm a believer in ghosts neo sky do is that person haunting us are these is the spirit still present any kind of thoughts about that
yes he still present two years i was that was my worst nightmare but his evening he's not harmful that's my that's my while the street but where does want to take somebody's body overhaul ok wooden what type of persons by would you be willing to take over some one strong words i just want to join us someone strong ok we had a stamp workin out you have an good looking makers familiar we stop we're gonna make yourselves less appealing to goes yeah did you have another i had one other but i do have i have one more there's a guy i'm not sure is he dead yet and his name is pat pat some wrong and he was like to have a good time he was however
fun life of policy is easy dead no i i don't see that i'm hearing parker parker no man who sat palmer paul maybe ponder polymer our small farmers careers that armor that actually makes that's actually homer makes a licence palmer i believe and denis ochre dennis pillar then you have a good week dennis is very upset what is it i'd right there's another urinary type whenever its genesis car crash sure i've another nascar guy
what about what about his so we asked you last time time we're here tommy lasorda he's a he's still alive and we think that last time we were here speaking to a higher power we able to stop him from passing away how is he doing in or do we have some more time with him yes more time slots ilulissat another step renewal and tommy to have another summer with them he loves the poor yes yes that's great is proud of you nice okra scattered around that's no such thing as a basque i mean that that i think that above all the final question back to larry the goldfish deputy murdered in cold blood was in cold blood you hold water pricing cold water do you see jets are dolphins jets ok
one like suggests that were we appreciate your time is always this was great and we hope to visit we hoped to visit you but not under that's ok great sounds better next time and again another birth made life what's do the bureau how do you see anything do no are you get anything from philip rivers are antonio commodity are they going to be bringing new life samantha fat before you even mention i felt an you boy i did i diverse great yes rivers ok let me be hurting beautiful to me be the first to congratulate the rivers family young girls watch it as about a product that is close to my heart and closer to my group it's me undies i want your picture old were putting on a new pair of underwear isn't just fresh your stepping into a better day think about it under
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my take p m t for the special offer ok for retrial plus a hundred ten dollars bonus including postage and digital scale so good a stamps dot com and type in p m t and get your deal today ok so that was death as a very powerful interview and i felt something when i walked into her apartment there is something in the air i don't know what she said it was exactly five agrees electricity but it was it was very exciting i thought there was something cut off first thing that she said to us when he walked in was i'm looking for my christmas tree i can't and it is somewhere around here and i lost and i was just thinking you're so yeah you shouldn't be able to locate a tree inside of your house and you also to your credit went straight into a christmas tree salesmen mode going what country you lookin for every time i get into retirement douglas but he's a ship the also death psychic flourish that's a german she's spot on with everything tunnels
he's got another summer jeff fisher not angry would have us breaking news jeff fisher why could have gotten the all time loss record if given the chance we found out and your fish murder i am sheaf yet death fingered me fingered your heart angered by death today and it in deal good also i have to stop working out because it goes in the office families to hear my body tat can't be too careful about that then the big breaking news i agree as is that there is a ghost among us amongst us here amongst us so be on the lookout for that at an office proper english asheville it's it's among us amongst among us let's do some segments we have to start off protect the shield m l b edition if you saw major league baseball band rookie hazing where they dress up
where's like women so you can see here is a little bit you seljouk eyes off the usa had eyes off down jerk off till i come be can't dress up anyone in like like a princess off that's all i mean that's why i think all sides are happy that i lay said just don't don't don't take away the ability to jerk eyes i thought i i see were mainly based was coming from but the fact that their not letting guys dress up like girls is killing masculinity in this country which is sick why you have suggestion here the email if your player immediately baseball not allowed to dress up like a girl in what if you pull robert downy junior from tropics under a dress up as a guy that's dressing up like a girl therefore you're making fun of the mentality of the meat had dude ground think that it was an insult to supply a girl yet is paralysed kind of sad arise yourself and then i think you
could be good because at that point you ve switch sides and now you're on the good side of history rent tourists should love you for that yeah so just as little free tipp out there that also could we would have been doing all along maybe i just didn't get it the people don't get it we have thoughts and prayers to breast cancer and i fell has cured breast cancer yeah they decided that next year they're not gonna do breast cancer awareness montana let each individual team pick which type of cancer they want to cure my cleats my cats yeah because breast cancer is now cared so yeah great job i mean who would have thought that three percent
of your total sales of pink merchandise bullshit a year would go so far but the nfl they could squeeze a penny you up did you a job i think it will i think it was with them selling the the pink hats the pink jerseys gloves i was allows clubbing islets and then that one year the rest had pink flaxen went to pylons pink i think so that all put it all together in breast cancer you dead you fight so that every team gets it aside which type of cancer they want to learn what about locker room cancer canopy can teams make every player where number ninety two in honour of albert hands were as the auto becum he's also do you think about it here every team asked ass to have to you on their squad for one game extra every team for the month of october was that with that everything for the month of october is not allowed to use the wide receiver position i like it there this team catch him only titans and full backs yes i mean that
i think you're a locker and i think we must solve the ratings do we have of an update on the brought by the way i think that's called the kinsey chiefs orphans yes nodded unable to use where yes exactly germany mechlin he'll be back soon i'll be great that's it as we have to say when every time we can see that she sobbed jerry mac leah and dwayne bout once you put it all together lowbrow unmaimed killer little update where we ve been on within hot on this boat leubronn got stopped he is the disney of the world he's the disney can be raised is the means so he can i know what i'm gonna jump unrolled grammy i'm totally on board with us saying that lebron james the meme color but would you talk about when you say his disney he's like he like disney didn't defies every his cortex everything corneas ok yeah is erroneous yeah exactly he's right to say corneas work no unless they disney i'm disney corneas
your your ear you don't you babbling runner up don't you don't you don't be a bureaucracy don't you dont people's ok so upon he murdered this was a great meme it's been going around its the home alone house from nor chicago in it says you know your old when you watch home alone and wonder how much their mortgages well my oh yeah the braun was dead and he added this he was having moved the discussion with kevin love in man and maverick carter achase posse and there haven't will reconsider watching home alone one night which is my favorite game yeah i guess that more gesture mortgages that more you'd my favorite game is to guess social media site somebody cropped out the image from them then a tribute later when they personally instagram like oh that was it does
we now have a facebook i got back to the line on the outside one looks like your three yeah don't actually play guess at mortgage because only explain to hank what a mortgages who yeah so so hank have you seen the big short yes okay so it's all the stuff the people by the big short sought hank when you buy a house you i would say most of the time you don't have the money to buy the whole house right there so you the bank you basically pay oh you pay the bank a monthly similar rent over and over and over so it's a five year ten year twenty your mortgage and then after that time frame you and the house freeing clear so take a lease an empty cartilage releasing the house yes empty own it yet as the bank says you're gonna let alone in advancing to put down a sou usually it's like i have ten fifteen twenty percent who intervened we like forty year we run into problems as a country because it used to be
in florida they would pay you to buy the house so and then the whole economy tanked get around it short have to do property taxes on top of that and then homeowners insurance on top of that and then by the malta have any marine life insurance delays you guys you keep getting all is awesome we must less what forces by water it was bound does not take short yet failure bathtubs up and sack and water yeah that's it actually not a bad i didn't understand anything they won on the movie but the end there was i may now did you can take away the just by water is like this guy now invested in water so does want to how you talk about the text of the s shows about the very very into the movie you like in a region where animal house and hangs i owe the movie about the senator senator polluter scheme that yeah just by water ok
that was our explains the hague slash tips for this doc market by water so hague how much do you think per month the roseanne family paid in a mortgage question two thousand dollars out i should say wait around there i'd i'd say limit lesson that their work as it was used for twenty five years ago the railways bitching about monies year the old like how to shoot the same bathroom big damn again man he really don't don't get lucky and that was i guess that mortgage slash talk about it second the hasn't been on air for twenty five years old but little what about wayne manner damn it all while he probably owns it yeah yeah wayne smarter than that yeah don't also ina with more easily if they are right now and bruce died at i want to offer its own alfred peasant yes of fifty maybe i'm some fifty one fifty grand yeah month
minutes loudly at eleven zella land it's me out of expansion demanded it almost one be worth it to be bad men and now it exactly thousand electric segment wouldn't have to point out again guess at mortgage we have spent i have spent on four lane given he was just named head coach afford atlantic first of all he had a nice shut out to his old boss because this is this we have do you have to say something nice about next even so it doesn't murder you and you're sleeping after you leave him did you not to leave next aim and i think that is good practice whenever you accept a new job anywhere but give it a shot at a really needs here this vote next saving coach shaven does not watch or read anything he says i don't care or what the media says if i read that i'm wasting time i believe it there's you guys i believe that i believe that an exception i think belgic is presumably up i off i think harbour might read it now
i think surmise it's a harbor doesn't know yeah you say he doesn't know how to use a computer right true sir you know read it than mackadoo yes definitely absolute ban fake football here's a little safer metrics real quick about length ok crunch some numbers on him his average hers per timezone since two thousand eight one point eight he spends one point eight years per times on before leaving so do you think over under force job almost say under under so maybe one year yeah he's maybe you might take the rams job yes surprise me if he if you put a bullet check and wrote on a napkin can i throw thrown a name and local autonomy read it depends kinds around me yeah people rams big market that's the job to get grew and and grew now harbour yeah just think about
while the big names them they're gonna end up with like some retread that everyone hates people forget them no state income tax in florida true about the weather in over time so here's my spencer what do they say clean i disagree slightly here's my spends on four lane kip in taking this job and vulgar time if you want to go fuck any guys wife is probably like a hundred year old woman so he's not gonna do in its colleagues subtle limiting behave right i don't buy cookies and put in my house some eat em all link givens not gonna go to a place where he just wants to cock every duty see ray it's like if you're an alcoholic go take a job in utah right right that's basely what he did he when given you know very well known cooker wife cocker and i saw you know that i mean i think may give it sounds great if we're connecting the das after the factors are pretty good chance he was banging davis his wife
you may have mattawa remember how matters davis got during a press conference ass yet the overhead projector and even screaming and pieces of his face were fallen off that was yes growth using demonstrates you guys how much linking socks yeah that's that the actions of a man that's been coming given probably cocktail davis and then was in them like marked avis walked i hate dont marked marcie don't don't tell your dad and then he probably just spilled out we know at pee of change one day by accident that's out that's how the raiders imploded madame de link even being a bag coach we have a ideas then i thought were good when i was drunk slash its it it's a combo segment slashed train thought for me it's ideas i had that i thought were funny when i was drunk for you and hank egg train thoughts
we are not come up with on the train but also a lot of times have to do with the trade trains train stock and trained yeah exactly let's go with you first ideas you thought you were funny when you were drunk ok i tweeted this out yesterday spoiler alert i did do that but name your kid coach why not just give your son our daughter the name coach that way eight the respected by like all their peers land sports grown up you touch respect your coach and you also are immune to being fired unless you really really really suck at your job i like that what about chief it's a bit problematic pal is real lay impels hallucination i people call you pal you have you namer kid powell your guaranteeing it a life of friends on board a bud bud get us a little patronising little patronize i like that i like you go i like church and then second one is i don't know why i thought this was a good idea
her drunk but i just thought that i should like as you were drunk yeah i should stress the of getting the shingles vaccine tortoises people it needs to realise that the shingles are real thing still i r i had shingles you did it where it is now the gentlemen isaac you by way of a week will weak have you ever had chicken pox what you ve got the shingles virus inside you re alone i was like three yet but but now you have the shingles virus inside you anyone that has chicken five sworder anyone who has chicken pox we'll have that heiress inside iraq as i hope the shingles know you're just dormant you're just a two year you have shingles you just don't know yet so can i get rid of them had get vaccine ok i will probably did not hank in thoughts i might add is one a lake set up a one of those musical lakes set but play really bad music and make people think it's an art peace
and see how much money i can make like a child shiela booth yeah the kind of situation performance are like that almost a bank sea like genuine you're crazy in other hanging in others rain forest like tubes with the pebbles and armenia given the jury doom just just stand there and do that over and over a people china this is a cracker should know i like that i don't think so i mean people move so fast new york they would like all discuss pretty bridging usually think they'll give money anything oil or come back like gulf ten hours later after work days and hank taxis still standing there with his rain maker i like that idea i got you drink on ideas number one i was signature homo day and someone forded there should be a discounted train path for a fort car so you can either you mean like you just go to the far car people are fighting the whole time if there were
we must take a shit happens every now and then on the subway warrior for car but do not pay like fifty percent less a month on your train pass if what you want you can only ride in the far car no absolute ok i hear he's a think fit borders are honest people so i just said no absolutely would not do it and i might do and then still ride in the regular car and still farther i okay so here's hit now that you are now that i'm saying it allowed if you get caught forty in a regular card then you get tat and you have to ride in the farc car like they make you like where star yak it as is the up ass a punishment i like it so that everybody knows hey that person make sure that they get on the train up that sounds like a great again ok now i'm really think him in the fort car we use some of the proceeds from fort car revenue and weak
a home to the homeless people in new york and then free beings he has done for the fucker it also trained ass are ok next idea this one's better i swear to god does a good trick on your part by the way start with a shilling environed cursed i'd i feel like toby some people would like hey if you're tied up on money i got pay for the far this small next one we need hence entities in every car and every station so the minute you walk off the train you can sabotaging so one idea that you have is a crime people into an income the space where there are just basically cramping on each other s but there's hand sanitize when you step off yes hooker actually like it feels like shower here's why like it because you use of the proceeds from the fort car enough to pay for the hand synthesizer for the non farmers correct ok solid and it's an ecosystem why one hand washes the other yes and i also a model
one for me i don't want to take a whose who's the mare blooming the plaza plazas job but i know i could win the major sid the in america could win the mayor race simply with these three things hand sanitizing everywhere more hand sympathiser more work funds more trash cans your waterfowl inga those hank told you invest in water those three things if you put more of those three things everywhere the city is i honestly care under the last tommy's waterfowl well you must now and what college i know i'm hot stove guy well i more trash cans to never have enough trashcan just like the streets of trash cans enhance appetizer that's my city i would say just more dogs if you if every person a dog people going to love the true puppies puppies reverie one maybe not puppies but like a good natured calm middle aged dog one that's already house rent
all right that's our show we will see you on friday we have a big announcement on friday so we'll teaser its huge its huge oh excuse me eyes hang on hang i was so much work does announcements means villona work everyone fall apart i take a part might take on instagram twitter so common coward like did some snake move any somehow jumped in front of us what's your rectify you know i will make sure everyone subscribe callin he knows the busy he's been around long not bad idea tough to pull the wool is he made his podcast inaccessible to everybody and so everyone kept refreshing as feed and then itunes i call me shit this is the most popular podcast in the world and so many people clicking on it so we got screwed that so make sure you subscribe tell your friends to subscribe and o d have shut i do have a shoutout yeah big shot out to award winning listener bill bill is good
and through some tree there right now and i mean big cat of thinking about an absolute hanging well and have no offense act your highness rain maker that's right good in us or shot out
everything's gonna be great i'm sure and i will see some i will see you guys on friday
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