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Mike Portnoy and Jake Olson

2017-09-14 | 🔗
Special Pardon My Take time travel episode as the guys are taping before Big Cat goes to Chicago to sing the 7th inning stretch at Wrigley. The debut of the new hit single, Color Rush Thursdays, and a choose your own adventure for the Bengals/Texans game(2:13-11:56). USC long snapper joins the show to talk about how he became the first blind Division 1 Football player and how he keeps his hair to be so intimidatingly Cali(13:27-27:58). The people's lawyer Mike Portnoy joins the show to talk about the legalities of Larry the Goldfish stock as well as his recent complaints(29:25-58:30). Segments include an impromptu Embrace Debate on whether or not pissing in sinks is disgusting(59:30-1:02:32), Fantasy Football Experts for Odell Beckham(1:02:35-1:04:22). Uhhh Ya Think for Brian Cushing using steroids again(1:04:23-1:05-13). Trouble in Paradise for our rock band with Martin Shkreli(1:05:14- 1:1:08:02), Fair Play Mike and Mike(1:08:05-1:09:02), Is Pat Riley Dead Yet(1:09:04- 1:11:45) and a bonus extra long Explain it to Hank(1:11:48-1:61:25).
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on today's pardon my take we have our lawyer mr port annoyed joining us giving us some legal advice about are gambling goldfish in the stock that we are issuing to all the listeners we also have the long snap for the u s trojans jake orsini pray remember it's an awesome story he is the blind long snapper that snapped in a game week one we do a little and i fell locks and we have a bonus extra long explained its hank where we get some knowledge dropping before we gets all that it is weak to the well you're gonna wanna go bet this week so go use i bookie my book he's been in business for years and there europe is rock solid did you one hundred percent cut bonuses so off the bat you're making money for doing nothing and they have the ass his pay out seriously just to business days
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and we have some cholera actually know what this do it this way before we get to the color rush we have a special bonus color rush song that during a debate on this shall do we're going to first explain something were actually taping this from the noise to future no the past to the future the future passes like a terminator so we are listening you're in the past year in the past if your lives easier in the pet we're taking hell we're take we're taking this episode on conflict time yes so we are i'm i'm about to board a flight to chicago in new york right now with the guys i'm seeing the seventh inning stretch at wrigley on through they night so you listening to this year like woe but he hasn't sung it yet yeah azure you're in the past so little mind fuck it already happened we're gonna put the missing in the seventh earning stretch in right here but before we do
what do you think i should do i gotta throne of electoral sizzle razor you asked me this earlier today and i i had an idea cause you yet when you do the national anthem you ve got your trademark scoop that you do at the end of my answer right there are rules was ages myself for this reason i was thinking simple a p m t reference if you could so i take me out the ball game pardon my take me that's you cry you didn't do it i'm a fucking do what you want and i will do it you don't you get dieback fuck you as always say de say that now were in the past you get in the register once you living in the present in regular fail knowing how can have heard this before you do in the future we will do it i have i cattle here to hang on future ok so it's it's it's been said let's now play
my seventh running stretch this is not now you're seven hours forward so just buckley your seatbelt folks here we go out tenable radio i can't stand to gain let it go
i did it i don't know if i did it it i'd and here i don't think that's it it's like this i spoke in my brain out are the channels at a more important thursday song however areas are cholera sancho s paean brought back hank williams here because her bunch alive tuck snowflakes answer they bring him back to our to sing the money now proposing guess what that
not the most exciting game of the week the most exciting game of the week as we all know his color rush thursday yeah if your new if your new listener just and you probably didn't listen to his last year in the football season we are the biggest color rush band ever because simply put thursday night games usually not that great but what if the teams are wearing the same color pop i am slightly different colors that's probably the best sort woe so like my worthy wow so like the bangles organ we're all white that's crazy fuck i gotta watch escape i gotta watch escape web what have they look different i didn't see it yeah remember when the hour when the titans of jaguars apply and the jaguars wood where the dire the color that was you couldn't tell if it was diarrhoea corpus usable as combo is but his like when a bird poop j is at the same time rights after eating like a tunnel wings and bring about a bunch beer the next morning that was what their color was yes so we had bangles and the taxes and here to sing are cholera song we have wheeler
hocker junior who accorded this with us and you can go listen and by his new album was all wheeler we'll all wheeler check it out we want to hear when the mark my ten gas we got big empty commentator over here is thursday night you know what that means as well go watch the slogan is common rush thursday one guy so bright forms a slightly different view
john the railways and the german man saw my tell ya ran feel san juan carlos rush thursday a book on gas so right here on thursday whilst this like the musical version apart might take today we haven't couple songs i did the port my take me out i didn't hear you goes and we have the cholera song so this i'm a little earlier check out by the way we made a video for two made a little music video check it out upon my take i because work keeping this from the past to the future we do little prediction for the actual cholera game so it's the text
it's the bangles who so this game is being play like five months ahead of time is this is usually the wildcard weaken gave the early while you are in the saturday yes this is this shitty game that everyone on the other the tunes out at like three o clock in middle of january so i wanted to quickly doc bill o brien we have officially taken away his kubi whisper name grant is that cause he's nowadays ninth quarterback since two thousand forty he is no longer the kubi was which how did he get that i have no idea it was because he will eat just sat around tom brady for little used to cuba yellow beat it screamed at tom brady right i'm remind everyone was like while while this guy's not afraid to stand up to tom brady so must be eager coach so to sean watson he had a good game right which has shown a venture to serve a here he got you got ok j j what made any dawn look like the red rider be begun to joint venture andy don't
therefore touchdowns three them to age a green o speaking of which any dalton do you think you know the prime time andy thing doesn't do so well i'm time games do you think he would just get out of his system when it through foreign receptions weaken definitely s ok soldiers flush also any pens people deep when he throws as are simply here you'd rather have you could be thrown in the red army on yeah yeah so the my prediction is gigi watts course to touch shouts because the texans have three tight ends at all have concussions over the city and i was gonna get some balls i'd like to see j j actual like bucklers chintz rapid and block yeah tightened yeah he's a one dimensional tightened so those great game wow what a game there's a night's man nothing like other rush i'm really excited for gold rush yeah should we do our nfl locks of the week for sure so if we want to do a little a sure last year we did all of our picks and the
winner i can't remember what the winner got but i know the pft lost and he still i apologize to hell i had to wear a suit for all january which i did was just jumpsuit so i just want to i want to just clear the air i know there's been a lot of tension this past year and i just want to get over it move on so let's just let's just get it out of life if they forgive you not right now in out loud i hate for oil attention now now say sorry i'm not going to give the go ahead go go us i guess your pack my locker the weak winner winner this year has do loser this year has do do what last where suit for the month agenda ok ok i got fervour ok i have the new orleans saints covering at plus seven against the new england patriots a lot of points to give up at home in the bayou and new england we don't know if there are they good to know they're good yet or about to find
because my pick some new england peter exit shocker hank they go and you get you ask him agreed last year and i know you won and i was picking the patriots every week no i pick up strategically when they're gonna win which is every week can that's what you didn't nine percent of weak sorry i prize should make fond because my pack is chicago bears plus seven the mai london revenge gained bomb he's going to tell you how can you not you don't think that my glinda revenge factor doesn't matter here what do you think about the whole emotional factors are getting over irma lose eames after disasters play very very well they need like a cocoa type though today i saw two extra wheat to prepare that's true by weak hurricane week by week my here you are starting regretted regret i'd imagine though like
yeah do you imagine all the more so nor could it not only shared in inside tempers like facility not good knock it is national day they ve had like eleven staff infections and less ten years lack mould yes platform dijon tafurs gonna go in there what is this what was i've tafurs whatever we work on that one let's get our interviews we have to really really good envious we have jake olsen from usc and our lawyer might patent before we get to that i want you to go check out see geek anna fellows back and suitably football is back we got em i'll be play off coming up in a little less than a couple weeks and seek equal get you into all these m seek saves you time and money by searching multiple ticket sites to compare prices and find amazing deals and get you the most bang for your box seiki grades every ticket based on values are you immediately identify the best seats a fit your budget plus every purchases
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device in the segments today we're going to debut a new fantasy advice advice corner and you can do it by going to draftkings right now putting that promo code big cat and play for free this weekend the game is inside the game eligibility restrictions apply see draftkings dot com details and with that let's get your interviews i we now welcome on a football guy of the weak so it is long snapper for the u s c trojans it is jake olsen you probably recognise an aim because he is blind any snapped in a game against western michigan one and its an incredible story jake thank you for joining us really appreciate it i'll start with the question that's on everyone's mind so the story goes that we were we actually wants you tell a story
i told better so when you were twelve you met p karel correct right yeah so i love my left side to cancel out one and then for the next five years really thought came to my right i am at the age of twelve they had to remove my right i just heard our treatment options in their fear the kings removing the grain and from there i see you do
feel situation so they remove my right eye in during that time out what i do not deny the whole process for bosnia for practice and got through different avenues you follow my situation value shrouding fan somebody up your practice and basically made me out i remember the gene on no more than a practice you know four from then i was gonna meetings in india the demon going again for getting the travelling and all of us is about europe's everything you imagine and that were really the right of the charges hamilton and no u s army to negotiate on united front of them but you say with the children family and all my goal together before the cultural experience in so i made sure i got it
my grades and then the united swine football from article team and create an engaging the gate at the time that woman out ass she answered in order for you to be here i don't want to i launched africa so so odd questions to ask is at what point did the impermissible benefits from p carol factor into this well you know that's that's that's probably probably since i was twelve touched shows them just nothing but great i knew link in the mercedes than anything everyone is now giving automobile started ready bushes house whenever you want a jig i'm not exactly if you heard the segment where we gave you the football guy of the weak nomination but i was a little bit captain because if you get invited to these practices and you know your dear pollen around with with peyton and all the guys daddy at a young age when all these free camps at what point
better recruiting violation you now i think i think at the moment in other anti delay was probably are considering a twelve year old facing a vision a reality going blind as as they were true but that where we got him i mean that's really where we not up as it has yet to think we require but i was completely renewed listless jig if i i know you think that the incident i can't possibly screw up this feel good story but they can oh yeah just just be karen ready will be we will will be watching for where you watchdog yeah right i do appreciate that i presented i need someone so so i was reading about it and the great party stories like this this wasn't something words like all i just walk on i get to the step to football this is u use europe has a freshman a hundred eighty five pounds you worked your ass off to get to the point where you were big enough to play in an actual college football game so you gained what for
fifty pounds in the last two years of muscle the other really working hours away room from here might while i'm getting sick for something might by frame no definite with wine the old but one way though it was the first twenty three pounds of actually that differ goal and that is why the just get the psycho i the doctors returned skeptical without they're gonna give him no you'll kenneth i'd s initiative given no reason not that will be back to the side and neil really works they have been just earth earn some plain opportunity so what are you bench like then i mean my mac has probably somewhere like reach fifty three fifty woody squat that's my warm room we squat asked grass what has probably proverb recently by yet what do i do
not ideal here we are little intimidated by we should just grab say because you are a california teenager has a big earlier from milk out worldly sought it sir thought thought i agree with my computer i have observed reply i have i've never smoked we'd in my life and that is true so i'm not
got a surfer sounds exactly like somebody who had definitely never small we that's definitely i'll lose out as a colleague teen smoke so much we did they think they didn't smoke we are to contact i hear it's not smog unaware yes actually just your hot boxing southern california you also have liked to full on surfer here when you took your helmet off i'll a gas because then i got intimidated because your server here is glorious i've been trying to grow it out yeah then then than hard in the in the summer here by actually i've been using two shades wider she grew to try to get more block that is why we will champion use i could use a low highlights my hair i i dont the name me right now but then you a picture and we did we get to work on that you'll be shampoo broke so on a serious know you you have practised a lot at your craft are you played in high school and you ve been getting rating in the field at you see how many
how many snaps do you think it took before you realize that this was actually something that you could accelerate and highschool well i started the enemy sophomore year of my life ever my high school gratitude had an eu graduating and you will i think than three rang like safer in the country so you used graduating for there is a huge vacancy to go to completely neglected to really i'm back a plan for that sell their huge vacancy and i recognise that and i want to get out there and algae play well grown i simply refer to something like i said i really wanted to get out there and in place of a third blocks happy then my sophomore year and probably took two to three months in open practising may june july to really kind of forgetting down just a spiral and consistency and accuracy and did everything about it and then you know we started we started a fall campaign in august and i was the best around there's any it raleigh cooking
three four weeks that ok now to stick ghip ghisizzle knowledge work on this file as we're gonna consists in practice gotta know our our each day for in all that sovereign debts yields from football love that's why you in football guy the week do you i do actually enjoy practising it yeah the eye i do i do i need a specialist you know you're you're standing around for you know good majority practice just as you know you're not lying it chicken or just you know inherently lazy as well but your many people are saying you lack motivation yeah i've heard that i've heard that package is now i love i love i love snappy icily i'd love contribute out there i love football or just being part of a team and not just for their family just something very special very grateful boy how yes hell yes ma am i in a less serious note because you're blind that i assume this isn't just a myth have been told
can hear better correct yeah yeah to an extent ok so you are actually the best award winning listener that we have taken roy under sicilian domain addresses the ongoing you so so here's the question though who sounds fatter mere phd we'll do a test where you will say sons god petty with unicef beginning of the year choir mere poorer that problem of a real sandwich decoupling whose assets are probably he knows you ask that voice i've indian pretty rocked up recently for non balking it's not that it's actually muscle rushing sound what from all of that presidency what i don't exactly i'm not going to jim now because in the end the blank museum actually skinny guy
it's pretty funny gascony voice iago skinny pelagia you're gonna hang on wheels alert thank you jake i just made my day jake you do you have a dog i advise my guide our quebec callback ha just as i see it eyes a golden yellow out yet do you get mad win on when people get these oh get service dogs for like bullshit reasons just so that they can fly with him yet it actually its aid it is a problem to another and not disregarding those who had had further artist guy not i doubt initiative lies replied but i do feel like some people path and really tries to stretch the emotional dogs just so you know maybe get a dollar plainer brutality something it you know if it is not true
it makes a barrel pressure on that then those you interact with the dogs there when i come to the rhetoric i come in the hotel then there's already kind of this negative energy around me having the dog you know this i okay well at my dogs train i'm sorry you had a bad experience with someone else but it yeah its debts is our should become an issue that the negative energies actually because everyone thinks you're pot dealer cause is that what it yeah that's understand you that's that's definitely negative energy i jake we pritchett come all this was a fuckin is ass i actually have one like serious question jake as i was i saw the yes paean was like the east sixty or that european sunday thing that they did about you and i was wondering when you found out you know when you are twelve when he found out that you're gonna lose sight in your second i was there protocol that they kind of you through said okay we want to kind of
have you experienced these set things so you can ever like a mental image for rescue life of of what they are what we it was a process like as it sounds like it would be a very emotional ties but also like something that do you know they would need to come plan ahead for
yeah warming does the darted into anything but my family not yet we definitely innovative without i won t go play tabal beach and in that sense about driver in california you'll get from all the sagoths donors to shoot do still up there and and and look at the beautiful nature of gas it out as something i did go deftly just once and had my family get get their minds and images and by my head and our friends and i mean it wasn't it wasn't it wasn't this you know lifeless list out thirty things that you really want a single see them but it just it was at the very subtle share with you a few hours
something that i am very grateful for the values it course i like your game certainly there's a lot of excessive stated that no defiling lack in my mind you i see for twelve years idea proposal memory what things like him not as you request because of that i have a spin soon for you i have great spends on for you ready for it yes ok you have gone off you became blinded two thousand nine you have never seen tiger woods psychic off that's pretty good spends on right that's true that it is very very i wish i could get it ass whom i wish i could go back to two thousand nine tiger in my mind is really ruined absurd actually do it jake lugubriously will exceed their like average is putting a brake on me saying they like tiger woods socks off now i can't be real you know it a dollar seal fur for that authority that darling i mean it's not like that like le profligate how to rebel oh did you hear
it is that's gonna happen here i ought to to read that you said you wanted to play you wanna try to play golf on the pigeon tourism point is that play is that something that you are going to set your mind do yeah i didn't i said little it i've i've i've why do i can go when playing off and not try to continue to pursue should i go on now there's a blind actually like four obliges all your way for damages on that i have does he see if i can contribute earned actually begun but make it onto the bijou and anna and call fire urges the ability to compete at that i will when that happens you'll be the first ever football guy slash golf guy of the week that bought out there like all right they're yeah exactly that's it first to sport
i guess you are that you will be the beau jackson of pardon my take that's that's it that's a great honor jake thank you so much man this was awesome woah we'd love to talk to you again and if we ever make it out who are you i see will come and watch the trojan the resurgence of the trojan you see tat is you see back usc back you're yours you got out my linking up if you got an airport ok rather one per kilo gave you perfect right here i talk soon man thanks so much there you go find out that first interview was bronte by stamps dot com you can grow your business using stamps outcome i use it stamp saves you time and money which you can use to grow your business and expand i can make any letter any package using just my computer printer and the mailman picks up a
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i use damps our common right now you can to enjoy the same outcome service with a special offer that includes a for wheat trial plus postage and digital scale without long term commitments go to stamp out come click on a microphone the tap the page and type in p empty that stamped i come in a promo code p empty and here is miss importantly esquire another something completely different i we now welcome on our lawyer it is mr port annoy importantly esquire is that as he is what are stands for ok i ask wired england ok they cause that's what they call the attorneys in england two hundred and fifty years of a blue so little facts there for you so does that make you a lawyer in the united states or discerning odin in england yours solicitor right ok have you ever solicited i get hit ok
and so i got before before we get to your complaint we actually have a legal thing we want to throw i know you hate where i sprang in on you but i think you actually you already know about this so it's kind of a it's it's a recurring legal issue for us every year right around this time we have purchased are goldfish are gambling goldfish and we are issuing stock last strikes yeah last year we gave our work heard that larry was not going to win money and then he almost did so were were worried that might happen again how she we go about paying people off if he does when or should we just flee the classic suppose i suppose what you do is go and get go online and get some stocks that difficult i can't believe that every time but this before i don't remember you you re actually used on corporate stock certificates that you could fill out ok anyone know
you haven't set up a corporation l just but be between us yeah set up the fish operation whatever the hell you want to call it an you with your stock to people i like it so i only say issue stock when we say those words does that make us subject to like regulation by the ssc well i would say that this is a small closely hell corporation close so it's gotta if you're not you're not going public
as such so i hear you might be able to avoid overlaps ok thank you know i mean i would thank and i'm just gonna while there is no reason why somebody you guys couldn't just now set up a closely how busy by that i mean it's not on the new york stock exchange it's just a privately owned company okay and people want to know what portion of that company they own so he issue stock certificates compete with easy money listening you put an you figure out based on minimum amount of money they gave you all right how much what percentage of the business they own safety if the fish comes through and makes a hundred dollars and somebody at the start the tears
thirty three shares okay and i guess it's thirty three shares out of how many probably send some kind of a an email something so you won't thirty three out of a hundred shares right then if if the fish turns in a proper of a hundred dollars they get thirty three dollars right what about if we just don't ever tell anyone how many shares there have been issued so we can keep that loose and they own one share and then
that way it's like low lucy goosey if we actually when money maybe another winners because in this is fraud and also goosey is actually a task that is illegal term you're thinking that you called in to double fan right this wrong as much effort when roger takes like automobile setting up a ticket agency and i know now so fraud would be after noon i sound work always going i want i listen fraud would be pfc and sitting down and saying hey how can we steal from from the the listeners this is can goosey like what we forgot to tell everyone how much stock was issued lucy but the whole of the current that you gave the here too so they have ten year they don't know that carried out of a thousand ran out and i want to see better intentional nets intent on rats make you're going i will do what i would do is some commute
should i would use the word lucy goosey up which is you're just says a legal terms i'm not sure but say is your one share what precise this is of the toll this kind of losing knows about this is that we want i will know that i know you did we only than we do we want to be totally as transparent as possible without giving a proprietary information so what i propose is how about we tell people you own funds of shares out of more than and our hundred shares that more than my share so i will say like more than a hundred have been distributes a week we let you know once we crossed that threshold into big boy territory now you know it's more than a hundred so the other idea that i had was what if we just put the stock certificates would if we print among pink paper because of her about these pink sheets
the picture that aren't really regulated that while also if we just like if their public cheat yeah one note the cat nor are we not said i am thankful that ok we wasted appeal where here here's a question legal question for you is wilful ignorance a defence no i i actually thank you that if not defend a lot a i didn't know i made sure not to no the key word area within all nobody will argue about the fact that your ignorance that canada in the wind in the legal basis we should at the prim aphasia case that you are ignorant stream affect the word wilful sooner i can get you in trouble ok so unwell call ignorance accidents recently ignorant yeah what are you up to put their word and know that adjective lucid lucy goosey this hell here's the good news about the pink she'd idea answers about that you're gonna put a certificate
on a pink apprentice certificate on a pink piece of paper yeah it was a good name accompanying goosey fischer who that's that that is an umbrella corporation is actually have an umbrella kgb the lucy goosey formulated and then wait a minute away from the time that i was gonna used to talk about tat i might come now i'm one last question so i use a lot of gambling websites and most were based in like weird islands and i think might be made out mingled islander gone in the caribbean who also like what if i just said that my corporation is centred like in the middle of the atlantic ocean like on a particular piece of water owed about that track the trash heaped exploring the pacific area along one of these places which has destroyed now case and will go the trashy is like all the plastic bottles in the world they combined to fall i'm a trash island the size of texas in the middle east
can we just then miss lucy goosey also goofy fish company the haglund because he fiscal by itself last thing very about our wink lack last thing about the certificates we actually put your name autumn so you are legally part of this whole entire la scheme so just let you know that now you can't plead wilful ignorance cause i just told you it's on the record you are part of this now i with us here now i have to prepare a dog that i never or in the past known the present at any association you directly render honesty lucy goosey fish comfort hasn't you as our introduce you as our lawyer and you have given us does he goosey information here and you are now we deliberately says on certificates difficult our lawyer might partner esquire will sue your ass so they are what would we have what we have here a complaint
i got a funny i didn't have much time but at the same time was when i was in school i force me to really think very quickly and i i came up with a couple and some other things that are really complaint that if you if i have enough time i'm gonna bring up one which i can believe i didn't this didn't come to the top of my head this is similar to things i've done before you ever heard of look packet carly fewer rina she was ass you re a pact for allow ass successful launch i hope you are fuelling colleague fearing it yeah anyway so i have one at ease could printers wireless printers yet there are hewlett packard that you know does
the three day copies you can scan which i use a lot because i have a cup of another copy here that i use more but you can scan things okay i am and i use a lot and i've had a copy of the night when i bought it was one of the recondition yoda to it at the time the guided sold it to me from your back and said look i'm i'm i want to buy this little cheaper he says look at the recondition europe just like the same thing like a normal we just maybe somebody opened the box etc i said ok at the time the warranty was one year the warranty
would have expired in a year but because i was complaining about i'm gonna do this but i want along a worthy the guy gave me a warranty extending it to february two thousand eighty equipment the other day i got an email from hewlett packard damage the customer we have a special offer for you you can extend your warranty right and we have this plan where you can get a certain amount of ink every mother you know the econ these things cost more than the print the outlets and he gets her thought so like a sucker i go along with that neither phone number to call the next thing i know i'm talking to somebody from the philippines somewhere and she explains it to me and i said the only thing i want make sure i'm willing to do this the only i want to make sure is that i get i want my warm
pleaded tat ever got it right now it was speaking is gonna end in two thousand eighteen i want something i want to extend that in other words right sure why why i take yourself night my worthy its pesa mind if new this no extension of my warranty should start after the existing where i am right re buying fine they say he keeps me an old and i'm really simple cutting the short sea picking me up thank you for the guy i know that i know you're probably not interested is always examine you making along some sort it makes me feel better just talk about we clearly affect anyone in europe to be how much was this printer when i really bought it india i don't even remember it's not a thousand dollars but it's a couple hundred back some months ago concerning the funding they make their money on the eighth i never more than that on the river spent three times that only ok
whenever i paid for it so but i got a back up i had another the same printer which cannot died on me because the document feat of failed i am very conscious of the fact that the warranties with this thing a not insignificant your hands are important because they so expensive the facts the easier by no one right so they and so i sent them look i am willing to do their part will give extending my warranty but i want the want the extension of warranty to begin after the existing one ends you're mine cried fine i'm on the phone for forty five minutes on hold get back in the form we can't do that can't do that after telling me she could can i speak the supervisor blah blah blah next thing i know i'm talkin to renee from god nowhere and he tells me that bad little frenchy yeah i know
but what was got yes guys like me let me talk to somebody else i'm on hold for another twenty men he gets back to me and said we can do that and i were good i'm fine fine and you said but awoke it won't take a fax for a day or so lo and behold and the only said i'm gonna send you an email telling you could i ask you if confirmation that because the last thing in the world i want if they have this happened i have nothing in writing anything he promises right cried out but i'll do it i'll do it i never get the email renee fuckin renee i could speak the renee could he won't give me any contact information for all i know he might have been more dynamic phonebook keyser citizen that connected meet them some he walked off me into the neck of the gatt supervise and i'm i'm i'm really jumping ahead we have been elected
the phone call didn't exist the boy called that i add with extended may have my worthy we ve checked out log it now the phantom told her you call just random do i'm making this up right this is all make it keep in mind i was minding my business thing kills me i was mining tom business i wasn't even thinking about less until they said to me at the emails and here you got catfish you can't i guess tat was a fake email and then they are they started and the whole plot of his basis keep you on the phone for a really long time i think that sell at sea way what other companies
does hewlett packard do business with didn't you business would like a long distance server company because it is a powder minutes i think that's a good scheme fight a minute if you're a monthly nor will i am as with speaking right now ok all right the laugh guys all too old to somebody else out the renee said to me casey that and he said jesus we don't we don't have any record of this but here's what we're going to do we're going to submit it again today and believe you this is the truth will they have to submit it to what the name of the places the back office that sounds like a gambling think you're gonna go back off at the place of that back room in the back room so now as you and i are talking he said i would he would eight now you ve said to me this was yesterday other day
before you said to me i'm gonna call you and tell you the result either way naturally i haven't heard a word it now two days i think and i haven't heard anything okay so that's where i am ok quick question for you how often do you use your printer because i don't think i've used a printer and about five years it will ask you guys back i'm back in that sixty seven i don't i'm telling you i don't let me back up any canada do you think i'm involved within although my son i'm tell them retired i would call myself semi retie right any god i'm never your full retiring my age could i forget thanks to good practice oh you're anyway for pay me ass but any kind of communication that has any significance i make a hard copy of our priorities yeah yellow ink on you for your nails is always easier for me to work to get to that rather than get on the internet and find it again or find a fold ok it's just
easier for me i cannot use the print of a good amount i certainly use the beer the facts are skinner the scanner ass the other ok area well you to me i know you asked me a question could you guys are only at the net everything on the phone you do or why not you actually i've in having this conversation right now we have an accurate knew we have no right to i'm not i believe me i'm not gonna may make a copy of his car you know it's important to me like you say that sure i understand why the important you but it's important to me so i saw some one last question before we let you go i'm nervous now because he go i have even said oh you have carried so i threw to want we now welcome on what mr poor our lawyer i so here's the question are you concerned at all about now fighting a to front war one verse
packer the other versus the u s p s by the way did i ve got you going you old ways yeah i got your mikhail you sent me what you think of cigarettes with preside you actually crazy you is that you put you took a piece of mail that was singed and you send it to me and it is confirmed singed that's all it's bizarre no i didn't put up with that no oh shouldn't good boy you you have to decide now dear and with to take on too giant corporations one being the federal government and the other being proposed to us i think the post office unfortunately it is fighting they gonna screw kennedy of it it is incredible and the lack of interest in the post office in doing anything about this is incredible
on the other hand is a wild company yeah so i mean gives us really worry harker you will report or to eat some points include the glasses so i was i didn't like the way they were selling a proud and happy with the glass as to how the me undies doing who as you know this i told them what i ve told you must take up i can't get out of here i will try now relate i could they decide how much extra could have been done i want to tell you i did i know they're with voluntary comfortable they are currently aerial i liked the material but how hoo hoo who i was your problem so i think we ve got something you can't get mist and going out without poland em down are going to work
how can we do it s like a chastity about forty four guys but no lady you your compromise that they don't have run away to get it out that i dont understand just pulled straight down look i'm a do right now i'm explorer myself in the studio jaime unexamined devlin away too but i want to tell you something that you guys don't understand because you're too young at my age there is what we call a grip back our eyes what you just said where do you think the dripping would go ok supra me under either on the poor right right where you take your pants all the way down to peek well even if i took him here where we will have a halfway down maybe he'd been created so that all the way
do you need a shield s real isn't the will issue is what direction and that the joint informing and one used represents a shield now little shield the goes raise a legitimate question here i have some how can you not have an escape hatch but beyond that i have another question is a summary of any i maybe you could call an app without you talk to the product design or knows i'm really not directly the company but they have to know about this if they didn't realize it you know what to do listen i'm going to do what i say one other thing to you about this and i'm not gonna name names ok but there's another company using the same type fabric i don't know what they you know what these causes me under the very fordable an area more affordable when you put in the promo code take take you out am i take great company appear i'm not going
the company is thirty five dollars oh ok we'll thirty five but that's not me ass and they feel the thing they have an escape hatch but they don't have modal my granddaughter micro motor fabric that that cause you down a single sky the fabric field identical to me okay so here's what we're going to do i'm going to i'm going to set this up we're going to have at a later date probably in the next few weeks we're going to have you on and were also going to have a rap from hewlett packard and someone who creates underwear and the
ps morgana just fucking merging two guys can be like a cave ethiopia could i could speak the one person about off right now we're gonna now now there's no way that has finally analogy i want the guy from hewlett packard to also be able to discuss me under patent will give us your best underwear guy that you accept that will be perfect i can like the idea of having all four of you guys on like around the horn yeah and does not want to point out yet important obviously like the guy from hewlett packard has to talk about the male dry right ok to really get it done i'd i'd one last question i've been getting really into patent trolls recently and it seems like a great way to make some quick cash can i just patent so patrols jews they just they claim a patent on something that hasn't been invented get something like really broad that could be invented and then when it happens there just like hey area invented that you have to pay no by china kidding about that no unnecessary son that's being done yeah i want to be sure i think is an apple it's done that apple
yet have done so what i'm gonna do not that things don't existed at yeah i want a trademark something that definitely hasn't happened you liked the cleveland browns superbowl parade trademark that phrase and that activity on a trade mark the houston texas purple parade in that way if either those two teams everyone's superbowl i get to cash it i don't i don't think we'll pick captain in your pocket they are on the point you should mention the word cleveland right now noble hank hank is the one against triggered by cleveland they turner by me yeah right that's life hey gets restrict replace public order the insured against them the way but yes yes yes what about give shirts we could patent gift shirts the reason is that as i don't know the ground rules what are you going to do that i will can you look and i will give you a different i would put your guys in a different category no offence that apple ok but what about a stick with velcro on that
the complex enough to equip velcro yeah karstadt you put in your car in you and helps you get out all the things that slipping the crack on the side of your car that doesn't exist no no not that we know of not this one go for it ok so will you look up patent roles and next time we talk we're gonna get already do a round table i swear to god we're gonna get organ of star reaching out to all these companies and black we want you on for a round table i got one ok what he got i you know what's killing me now you see these drug companies use you watch the tv shows that i watch which will for old people you know cnn and these others ninety percent the ad drug companies the warnings accurate if anybody would take one of these pills after listening to the warnings for these things some things like you may gold insane
if you take these bill crazy i'm sure i'm not the only one values is annoyed but if it occurs to me that what that is israeli and i am a liberal i am a liberal democrat but that that's snowflake the apple of the government or a mock the reason they have to do this requiring just like with cigarettes cigarette this may be a different situation but these warnings are so ominous then no what do you know i know why they do it would government is requiring them to do it and it creates this could not be a reasonable result of the fact that some of these drugs can be harmful well you ve be
a better way to do this you know overrun in europe on the packaging of like cigarettes and stuff they actually have pictures of people's lungs of dead body had people they should do that with condoms of just did you just put porn on if you might enter chances are you might be careful you might end up having great sex right well we wait this gives me idea though we should just make one morning i felt no we should make a warning for the for the goldfish certificates and be like warning you might get all your money stolen from the guys from part might take in this might be upon these schemes but it's a worn out we'll just play ernie laid off his face on like analogous to the drug warnings i'm sure that would really boost what do you mean like hey warning you you hey warning this is just a prank and we actually still your money and you might get you might get an erection glowworms i would go for more generically wanting you napoleon
yeah we're idiot saw the already yearning lie thou dogs wake up a fleece wrong good right good one eyed so are you two are you taking these drugs i take drugs but for my life my daughter s name to them i don't think i am i feel all right but i mean
do you have one of those draw give one of those like monday through sundayed like got up a mockery of an old pursued during the latter quality you ready for you do you question do you have that don't you and i have i can i didn't say i did not answer he has one except on saturday you hope and justice and i'm gonna take only papa i been on a long time i know that's why i cut vanni personnel or not this is something else that i just got to let you know i i buy a lot of stuff from mob i gotta see a moment about you know the outdoor company you are i know will be over our being thank you i gotta get emails from them all the time but i got one this morning they wanna show tell me these you'll have to open every spam email you get it
are you using our emails you dont have to open everywhere a customer there so i don't buy there was a lot of emails i had lunch of mr le pen i had lunch exactly one haunt before you go i imagine this report nor once and he turned me as i did my phone is broken i don't get any of my regular emails anymore it's all just as junk spam stuff another guy because you're literally in your junk folder so i think there's ties reaches live in your junk folder and is opened out when i talk about business as usual ok elena hocker about either way you still have to when i see you ve still got a fix my phone yeah i well ass they did so i get this thing from l l b today showing the white walk from my i wanna watch porn think there and it just flashed in my mind just to show you the president of your company our prayers when it was twelve years old and i was obviously much younger maybe you were younger i had those annually
the com or to julia precursor of the type of person he hears a column my old man dad you put on your old man which would make me feel great that that would really flashed in my my it looks like the same shoe and die war when i was on the fifty and now you bought you bought him again i would never by because every time i look at em i think that i can think of it have been called up and put on my old man yet guard you emotionalism life you see those old man shoes and you're like i can't by those in then you open up your container of all your pills and i go it is tuesday to take jack seventeen pills to stay alive well maybe so did you say that this using the white walkers yeah they crept rock port remonstrance that's gave a thrones thing ray i have all trying to turn you into his omby yeah you want scheme thrones now i've never been interested in that
became a unilateral dragons you big dragons guy i guess i've never been assigned election guy area that yeah there's nervous about not give them an old man i don't ever interested worthy we agree with you it's nerd stuff right i don't even think of it that way it does an interest me right we appreciate calling and we're gonna do that under due to rout hamilton no not we unhappy i does it feel like you got a lot of justice it feels like i did just for the record i didn't not answer yes or no to that pill box of king on the record fifth amendment which may be printed out maybe print out the transcript of that so that you have a horrid copying don't posts what a pill box would look like i don't know we definitely want to know what i mean when i do a photoshop of yet put him utterly look ok i will talk to you soon piper
because that was the worst this battle source and mr porto was brought you buy miller light i want to die dieting and darting usually don't mix then i remember the miller letters brood for more taste with only ninety six collars and then i'm like you don't like the gatt dodi on dirty on four dorothys that turn into noughties there's only one beer for the job miller light that's the original like beer bread for more taste while still being less filling dieting darting and barbecuing there's no
oh way i'm coming out any one of those activities that's why i reach for the miller light the original great tasting light beer that doesn't compromise on taste committee time by higher yes i'm getting i'm getting p shaped in the office you passing in the sunday so i got up to go to the bathroom out pfc were did is add so why in passing in the same moment in the kitchen in the kitchen sink arguments seriously what's wrong with that that system this is the office partiality ok try out a little emotive have to put up with you ass my friend uncle charles rub my back on this a whole the whole we all agree with that right well well as a whole in theory you gonna take you mean types or pipes yeah also sidesteps the there's two bathrooms there's probably fifty employees on this floor all that can see them kitchen okay so and i used to piss
off the the emergency exit icy go outside and three piss off the fire escape right in front of apartment ladys went up there is a woman who moved in its but it's been a long walk remade i can't i've couple too so everyone that's walking by the kitchen she sees you pissing no hold on let me get there they then put fire alarm on the door to the fire escape with little shit get sides campus outside a more than to bath noise locked so i went to the position closed three more backward at others it it's time timely to go downstairs single back up the stairs so i went into the kitchen i closed the door and i said pete watch watch the door for me i'm going to piss real quick and he flipped out cuz he was making coffee and he's looked open sticks in my coffee like shut the fuck up eat your pussy i'm going to piss in this thing door a watchdog disguise stuff yet debts guys been we're all you're telling me ripened everywhere i went wrong and then a rainwater inoperable soap in there to flush toilet i think you just
did it a crime i think i told you i don't think you're up occupational health and safety i think they're paying and in public so
this is as here's what i actually think that this is not only not least in the world they would have my back and i am very i feel very violated by you ok you passed outsiders one think that's like your house side but in an office in sync did you hear with earlier i feed of did you hear the where all the interns she's here the part where door what it's probably just staring at you hate i closed the door and you hear about the part where i put some soap in there and flush the toilet ok here's what we need to do for you have you ever seen like a trash shoot we just like open the drawer and protraction forced onto dumps are we need to just drill whole because you sit use by the window aerial here's order will drill turn out like a good after mature electrons no hay anything i did was wrong there what was really rule into the wall will run a hose that goes to your desk so you didn't have to stand up anymore he's after levies hosting you can just sit there and piss into the hose notice drip ass cairo's here s our homes we fuck you guys you guys aren't you
put it on right leg you put me on the committees it is guy stuffy episode in sync possessing at a hotel room a peasant six or your house i put my kitchen sink me too but i just taking office glass like this the kitchen is like in the middle of the office yet quite literally in the hours and i had some unwashed interlocutor no pete dissipate watches fucking door or i'll kill you that raises embraced debate as a good embrace debate i was that was in real time well actually now it was in the past we are still on the time travelling episode it has some segments first up we have some fancy football advice what do you call an order call this brilliancy football expert yes or audio becum was out with it ankle injury and then turns out he was actually having dance parties with russ westbrook before week one here dance com as against russell westbrook but imply but he can't play so as i think we should have caught as a fantasy football owner if i own dodo becum
think that it should be within my right to actually suspended yes agreed from real games if enough if not a higher percentage of odell becum juniors fancy football owners are mad at him for something then what say above sixty five percent but i disagree because if you own or go back and why would you want to send the message you only just maybe you to spend his game check you don't know anything yes yes yes you don't know anything about accountability any everything by motivation sometimes play like divas like this they generate you need to just make sure they know who's boss and that's me the fantasy football owner is he still have a hangover from the boat i would definitely i've been saying for
for last couple months that like to see leg factor that you get have you ever been on a boat yeah carbolic ten years ago and i still exactly i'm gonna jim cynthia so like if you go on a boat or use jonah wave pool for while i get that sensation that you're still in the way you basically through where athletic we're not in your entered next up we have an oh you think this goes for i'm cushing who was suspended for or pd use ten games you my favorite part of this is the fact that brand cushing did not deny it he asked we just said his his he said if i hear air of the negative impact he's had on his team and most importantly fans it was as it is with his deepest remorse that he humbly apologize to his fans teammates in coaches he will not appeal oh you just like yeah end up idea like i'm
love steroids all this tells me that his servants work good enough because there's no roy ridge the last time when cushion got to spend he was like will you guys are actually assholes and for reporting this because i thought i had fake cancer who i got an idea little quick idea right here like big brother do still make poor brother the tv show i feel like that's one of those shows that has just gone overseas and they only do it overseas he has really popular okay let's just assume they still make big brother big brother brian cushing brock lesnar jon bones jones and just build houses there thought strode house here and you want arranges everywhere yeah now be pretty good outside our marcel still for jackson we have a trouble in paradise this is for us actually it's our band so martin scrapped they are banned mate who is who does he declared drums with physique plays
i think it is because we will have a tremor nowadays we don't need okay so we'll examining garfunkel and scully are we'll just use like a computer drummers like the guerrillas yeah true eight so squarely is back in jail because he broke his bail when he put up five thousand dollar bounty on a strand of hitler cleanse here that illegal tell somebody to just like take care of from the presidential are the president's wife they're saying it is ab allegedly i guess it is like inciting a salt which i don't know i disagree here's the thing it's like in the inner fell you're to tackle
but by the hair writin that's legal that's not a cowboy collar i mean a horse scholar tackle that still the on board you should be able to just take anybody's her dear i grew thought how else are going to drug tested and find out what attaining mental illness such he has it makes her family she's be she is being kept alive by stun guns and sit in the secret service has aroused we're gonna find out i was over here squarely was actually turn a helper yeah because he's a pharmaceutical guy he just wanted to know what medication he should check the price upon right acre be able to afford right hey never had problem getting some billions dna soon it discusses smithsonian i'm just so what we could do he's in jail but that means i get so use a phone right i don't care what it is if its if you're just like talking about it
object or if your recording like a rap song everything sounds cooler if it starts out with you are now receiving a coffin inmate a correction of facility rikers island he had not seen the entire reason people listen to cereal yes it was it's bad ass to hear that right so squarely he was caught gives caught are we next up have fair play this is a weird want because mike mike they actually going did an impression of me doing an impression of him on fair on did you say your name no but he like stuffed his face soul so severely that it seem like it was little funny business fair play were i am now going to do an impression of my going through an impression on me doing impression of hemp ok so i have as you hot dogs
ok so welcome axiomatic like we ve got my girl a governor talking about note or data like dizzy notre dame is a very good i went to north western people don't talk about my wife and i are north western go into the games local womb my colleague with johnson bill brought in his mouth calls on the john seville brought what a hundred flowers hotline get your flowers into hot dogs all in one place welcome back to making my mike what do you see you and it's enough are we to what's your big in athens storyline brodie by progressive insurance over ok you know reacting joan joke because he choked on the air i'm just gonna be great for ratings have done
that would be like because people were here you die and then hear you i guess i can't hear you now they went out loud really sure bobby's again whether or not high and this episode restored a high if you hadn't if you die on the air were definitely gonna surpass like our cereal for at least a true like michael jackson of dismay everyone just download it would that idiot say when he's law and then people organ
the grossly overstayed how talented you were after dedicate menus gene is now actually wasn't value it is you have that in fact the pacific region makes up we have before we get our last one we ever is pat riley dead yet so this is a nugget what is it what is pure gloria peter kings of parallel is alive he owes parity so i that's right he's big nux get some lugs yap your king is big if you if you read of peter king album you basically just scan it for the words maybe nuggets and weird yeah ok so and coffee and coughed coffee coffee member that man i was good ah are so the nugget that he dropped is that tom conflict has a resting heart rate of forty two so are we sure tom coffins still alive now i do i think tank offline has been dead for years
i think i think he died in that in that lambeau game where a catch cold outside his face turned like into collar rush so we ve got a different guy different guy who's obsessed with title i know it's the same it's tom coffins body oh but like you know how it sounded like a weakened bernie situation but after you die your body something your muscles keep twitching is it can giving said colonel exactly in so he's had like years and years like thirty years in football were always done it just coat football games and so like he's just spent the last ten years yes maplike strategies just been like walking around parading pleasures for not being on time to practice i hope this ends up in jim kabul press conference when jim cobble how do we had to respond to a question about his alleged death even though he was alive in front of everyone so that would be great if tom coffin hostage to speak about upon whether he is dead or not what you think your resting hurried is a hundred and twenty
i am encouraged mainline red ball necessity i just shock and read before so i dont know what what what you're sports disposed to be like i think most people have it around eighty marathon authors have there are right i'd like thirty nine or forty sometimes so tom goslin like there's no chance that he's a marathon yeah he's been it's tom conklin unlike kenyans do you think you think that some conklin when he was at lambeth feeling that game he saw their clocks were set to lombardy time which was like ten minutes faster and then he added aneurysm trying to figure out how early he should tell us blair's issue it would be great if tom come on your ear reader stories were like someone like like for you know gets in a boy bring action in their underwater for like three minutes in their brain kind of shots often they leave the emerging now speak like spanish if tom coffin was just like nice person without always like
he phrase brain frozen now you officer became nice yea like you have a stroke and you wake up and of sunday you play the piano right now i guess it's nice is not an ass often any free i had to be too patriots man let's go let's finish it up we have a little had explained to hank so jimbo sending your jimbo for next week we do not get enough good jumbos were passing on gmos this week but we do have a lot of explaining to hanks let's do us get weird let's go let's go rapid fires look i gotta think think quickly letters had letters work butane what dispute in the few its flint so i could erupt iraq's together actors to rocks inside of every let in and yet the beaten and how come this is this is the one i had this is from the door downstairs the white door if my hands are clean are you push on it nothing but eventually dirt builds up where's at their house it though that what you mean store the white door downstairs discussing interests all like thirty fingerprints here but people
current dirty when they lever because it happened only likely because he has oil and so i must say that everybody has been voting and when you vote legend in third world countries you get the the fingerprinting of frankly i voted on him on your skin telescopes mirrors joe if you reflect things enough eventual lead they get really close they're just less telescopes or less severe microscopes hank have you ever done the thing wages put like your hands together and that you make like a little telescope out her hands are used like a toilet paper wrong doing it actually gets you closer because it's the only thing that is you can see see its optical illusion so you think that you're closer because it's all that your eye hasn't vision it's like when you go fishing little life hack for going out there when you go fishing no matter what size fish you catch just hold it up really far away from your body and close to the camera and look like the biggest fish in the world what language do deaf people think in zero
that that's mines loaded shit rail they just have no lives i lay lies but what is it it also when they say hello and sign languages and allah i thought well know in their head they just have like fists in like fingers rape they just think about fingers what of farc hang yoda hats that's too much max pass that's what does an you're going down you're no elevator or because yet definitely go sit next bet that maritime maria do anything at sea seamen if your seamen you can go anywhere you want yeah why on shore to learn the officer woman could show their legs undress wired short so out of the office in an office in enough i would like thank god that this was the real answers because you're a persecuted mail and women have every advantage over you and all
oh i actually stand without rural because i've long said that short sir gross men should not show their knees as an unbecoming fucked up and wrong was the point of making your bed none it gets you off they do in the military make you feel like you're better than everyone else is really the only answer to be honest how does a credit gorgets calculated credit credit credit war was over i know it's bad as it's it's just all based off of how many credit cards you ve signed up if you sign up for ten you have a good credit score so that our only one or two and pay off all the time and you score socks because you only have one or two the another lifehack if you want check your credit score is open up your closet and if you have a bunch of those like free towels and shirts that you get when you sign up for a credit card at an nfl game your credit score if i pretty good are like the ones in college
where'd they go around in a decade check it out i got two should fulfil its blunts get it right and they gave me that all the gaming credit card and i got a blood assured wow paid for itself true bonds i can explain to a few doors you should ask you don't eat or you're not high enough to get new explained to me narc yeah what's what do appendixes do you didn't get out of work for weak here is flowed yes it's like it's a built in excuse to just duck all responsibilities that i've gotta ticking weak a vacation left inside my by meter where any time now you guys have your wisdom teeth yeah oh you have them still i've got i got to jami to vacation right there i don't have any of my wisdom teeth fuck i last one pic one hundred oh if you'd if enough people agree that a made up thing has value then it actually does start to have value i thought i was just our basis yet
it's back do we do we just create a new currency fit there's like a crypto currency yet fish caught fish going out you can do little plug here for anyone who want some fish coin if you i the larry goldfish shirt you have to buy it before october first you are officially member the fiscal in community and with that we will see everyone on the lobby has proven over
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