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Mike Portnoy, Mark Titus and Aaron Rodgers

2017-08-03 | 🔗
Training Camp Injuries and football is back(5:08-7:50). Aaron Rodgers reveals that he tapes all his interviews so as to never be taken out of context so we had him on the show to discuss(7:55-11:15). Mount Rushmore of nerds with Mark Titus(11:21-30:50). The people's lawyer Mike Portnoy joins the show to talk PFT and Hank getting a drinking ticket as well as Portnoy's Complaints(32:00-55:40). Segments include PR 101 for any team signing Colin Kaepernick(58:11-1:02:05). Respect The Biz for Tom Herman(1:02:07-1:05:28). And the return of Jimbo's as narrated by Mike the Bike(1:06:33-1:12:23)
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as it is part of my take we have the people's lawyer and is triumphant return with port noise complaints we also have mark titus in studio do the mount rushmore of nerds football is officially back we have common cabinet pierre wanna want an especial interview with suitable winning quarterback aaron rodgers before we get all that i want to talk to you guys quickly about on the hearth stakes it is grilling season right this second you know it you have another months probably more than i have to get out your backyard and get those people accused cooking and if you will know what you want to eat it's all a hoss stakes they have the best meets that you can ask for and guess what we have eagle
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in the search bar to get this great package for forty nine ninety ninety right now states that can put in africa and you get the giants of grilling combo let's go free lance none at all how do you have any idea how well my table is friday august for
and we're doing less from the past a skype pardon my take tried a little did for all people out there that claim to enjoy the old shitty audio version of boredom i take it actually it's kind of cool it takes me back seeing begets weird face pop up on my computer i'm some really enjoying it so we'll do once but there were back in the studio on sunday yes so we are all different locations little vacation so we're due time criterion but well what timezone orient i am in the eastern time zone you are in the western time zone so look at us we're basically time travelers you look like in the future yeah you know you notice the skype because you get those offered pauses where were a kind of look at age i like to be freezing not good news for everyone
the mark titus mount rushmore and the might portnoy interview we're both tapes prior to us leaving out of town so those are in studio ass you have to deal with our skype voices for for part of the show today before we get to those things though i forgot that official football that you didn't even know this year europe about eyes guy like myself and you didn't know the whole thing game is not laid on thursday night a plan or can i say it again up maybe the entire off season we through the desert in the seas of parted and were finally back and we i put we can't wait to see the card was six ringers take on the cowboys festering sites can be amazing this is a special hall thing game because this is a technically the first hotham game with larry in attendance is in the shadows of kim the whole thing so i mean this is they better luck careful tonight that's very true today they cancelled last year when the fuel had all that crap on it i guess the paint congealed
figured out where to buy better paint this year i hope because last you re louis predicts this when you cancel a game there is a crime with that has the town there is increasing evil that we call crime so ass you want can allow to be run over by thugs tonight you better be better at the damp kick off your life he's head of the whole thing that really large man member then i wonder if you get back maze of president of the football i'm sure he's coming back he is it's gonna unfair that he hangs out around a bunch of really good football players begets you looks like he was a football player so just gonna brands in he candidate stolen valor is what it is the goal jacket around me and people i oh wow you must have played on linking over still carbon deep answers on like that he just kind probably
changes the subject until people just assumed that he was on a cowboy super bowl team or some kind of seemed like that the other football news we have ryan tannehill possibly not going to make the leap to an elite quarterback this year because he had the dreaded non contact injury this is the he also known as the vikings players puke on their own shoes injure now he was lit taking the next step that's all we got hurt he took the next step is to awkwardly and he strutted his knee up here i'm going to go ahead and if we're gonna hurt or injured on tannehill i'm going to say is injured right now because of the injury is impossible to come back from for a wide receiver about training gap is that all your injury news comes across in like weird like sheep picture
four hundred yards away from these reporters and there like looking that's right ending in a car and you can't really see anything but you just trust them and then you just assume your seasons completely off yet can we get that charges profit pullback guy on twitter to like examined some of these long distance pictures of your computer and adds that looks like a displaced patel ah i can tell from the other side of the other practice field if the scariest month for football fans because when your foot when you when your favorite teams player gets hurt during the regular season at least you get to see it and you get to go back processor all was bad he's fought it's over in obvious you the eu is like a longer process where its subtle things on twitter then people do the cold treatin say wow so bad then you get the weird picture then you get the kids we had the report that the dolphins are officially concerned so we ve been upgraded to downgrade it concerned then
the mri and a couple days it is the whole process sucks i am probably not speaking anyone in europe is there are no dolphins bans but for four fans of teams that have gone through this like april last year it is the worst experience an ox and prevent of teams they get to play the dolphins twice every year and just like a week ago i saw this take sorry about saying this is here that the patriots fall apart so if you're appeals van are often span this is the year you can win the idea of sea east where what what's on what's crazy about this is that oh pictures so it also lend itself to conspiracies it's like our neither wasn't ever any video of the other planned it had been a gonzo's actually technically christmas on this case zack ok maybe right daniels was not so badly injured until i see the pictures until i can rewind over and over again and watch the exact moment that is that his m snaps i'm still not
really convinced that he's really hurt i heard the last thing we have before we get smart titus amount rushmore nurse there is news today the aaron rodgers apparently in a ultimate respect the big move tapes all his interviews so that he does not get taken our contacts you worry told him that he will take out his life your press reports we'll take the entire view to make sure that no one's doing some funky splicing or anything like that isn't there vince porn against journalists yes voting without our knowledge yeah i mean that is technically crime reporters gonna have start going off the record to aaron rodgers about their own interviews that so sad to say so the good news is though we actually aaron rodgers to come and join us on harm my take he's doing like a mediator use on the laptop shell
you can do a lot of package media he decided to common answer six pack of questions with us and i to say right now feel free errand to take this interview we will start with the six pack easy question will the pact as ever win the superbowl again with you as the starting quarterback less than ever happen while ok i would tend to agree but i'm surprised that he said that yeah next question for you who is the dirtiest pleasantly in the and domican suh that's right yeah stepped on your leg at one time people forget about that follow up and have have you ever jerked off after it is still around your neck when you can hear like feel your hand if so what that like and it is one of the most amazing things and failings in the little stranger he does is the stranger recap feels like someone else's jerking them or not
that's great iced shifting sports here a quick erin i know you're a big nba fan do you have he thought on the rumours that i've kind of gained a little steam here the leubronn james could possibly be using hd edge i the game's over new step and do some about ok let's yeah compromise the airlines believes that the wrong james could possibly using issues which we don't want ass it turns another bug suit but ceiling situation am silver absolute needs act i but would it what about hitler aaron are you fond of him i'm a huge fan weird oh man i hope is performing this interview because now the street bow a twist his words but he's a huge fan of hitler that question this is gonna be explosive interview what think about your coach might mccarthy dummy who s strong it's for your head coach i soon
major like his play calling coaching style what specifically do you not like about their breath it is our grasp why ok trouble in paradise rebate hackers riders is cool said that might mccarthy's offers a way calling is crap it's all crap since that time from currently the hand off play calling duties for the sort of season just in time to take him back we gave you thank you aaron rodgers we appreciate him joining us i know he had only a few minutes there to give us some time on his promotional tour where he said that he record every single interview so that he never gets taken out of context thank god he does that because we would never want him to get taken out of context right no i mean it's going to to take anything that you just set out of context because it was so explosive and so
relevant to the questions that we are so you have your accorded all the best to use in it out i don't care who hears it were big j journalists were fabricate either let's get you the mount rushmore of nerves with our friend martinez club try and he was actually in the office and i we call them out rushmore of nerves are we now well come on you're daily mount rushmore mark titus fur the programme is actually in studio in studio in studio this this must be what it felt like being studio when santana and rob thomas were due to julia recorded thousands longer they hear your watching you guys work yeah man one feels amazing that son like seven inches from the midday sun isn't that song guess what that actually would be that hot it is a incorrect song scientifically cold where do you led by the way on our theory that the sun is in fact court
unless unwilling to hear it out ok i've been hearing it out here we are improving thrown out of the the spaces like deceives the shut everybody down gaming that's that's undefeated right now you're spaces coal narrow interests when you said you were willing to hear it out i was just gonna say space that's it that's our son and i was talking son what do you think of rate the cleanliness of the bars to office did you meet your expectations fall short lived it's about what i expected ochre gives us a guy's be induced as it is a health department grid be my
it's my blog i thought i would even say minus russian united in college i like restaurants integrated lower on the whole scale because meters you know it still gets in some like homeliness little great yeah right right your your mom's kitchen probably didn't have you know the comrade i want i don't want to cook bacterial greece thunders now right mule hares and in the old dishes local flavour why not that's actually builds up your mean system if you get a lot a germ from other people i e it's actually more healthy the less healthy it is yes correct mri marked is he is here we are going to do mount rushmore of nerves in honour of him yes you fuck a nerd i as we are talking before he came on here i'm a writer yes i kind of feel like is beneath me to be honoured with blogger is moving forward is like pornography but as as a writer profession as an author as inert yeah we did you read a book or did you just like did you read it out if you ever read your book
humph lenny dyke sure when we had a mine i read it once you raise covered a cover i read your because i had only why did you why are you asked as your writing already right now did i read it out how tangier nausea either working i worry that nobody that's written a hook has actually read or because you spin do listen to your pike s over and over yes sometimes get better why i wanted to tailor the all twenty two in my sleep which i get that blasting what you have just was gonna follow up ok so if you didn't read your book why should we appoint bright another myth debunked don't even these book we're going to the more rushmore nerds because you our guest in the studio we will give you the honors you can go first go head hank i'm a number one nerd is pill nigh
yes probably the best there is of any time you any time like your teacher or yoda substitute teacher they pull in the tv put on the bill night the greater the out i just think that he walks around all the time in a lab goat the think that's how much he cares about sites the nurses a property of matter up this one they remember the linen bill and many others i wish my number two
is a front of the programme kyle long oh ok yeah underwritten nerd yup he loves is videogame loves that eight as a counter strike that's a big nerd again we are we were in his house and we walked past his i was about to called an office but when all you do in a room is play video games i don't think you're legally allowed to refer to it as offer a study slurred off its is nerdy is nursery and i heard a tory and he had a computer on his desk and then he had like a fake steering wheel yeah like you would so no real electoral stood like a child you end like panels on the floor so that he spends lots ivan farmers computer like steering a pretence to russia's oh hello if you play man you're like one of the more you know a guy s correct so i what what constitutes a video game constitutes nerd and constitutes i just one of the guys anything when she's like streaming first person shooters everything with other people online once the words hit points in your legs can i think at that point your nerve ran eager they're just feel to you you know a nerd game when you sit there potions involves the patients are just the graphics like i feel like the nerd game graphics when they use when they play these games in the east sports and stuff daily don't even look like fun games there weird
there are others like always inclosure character wearing a big role bramley you'd like is illegally is fantasy games and new you're like pretending to be somebody here not just gimme a good game of madame yet let me place man i'm three this might be controversial enough that counts but steve bomber yeah he's for sure and think so yeah i don't think steep bombers and urban cause he came out through microsoft yeah he's out or yesterday and i get the feeling like steve amr doesn't know shit about computers he just gets angry and passionate and and upset you know why he's an earth because he can't like when they show him at a clippers game just flipping out he doesn't know how to control is emotions like on actual sports guy need just like screaming and yelling that's a nerd that's a nerd thing like you just spasm out he's literally spasm out dream but a farmer beyond piety said we would say is that more goofball the nerve to mass has it as well as a cousin of nerd huffed here ok on my fourth and final one is stephen hawking
oh yeah gassing which damage convincing the nerd community that has actually been set
out accurate together so anxious to see the hockins truth dreyer which explains ah stephen hawking died a long time ago but the government has kept up the illusion that he's alive noirtier like notices always never change their space out there you will never community would honestly we just had a voice you would know very easy person to impersonate it's pretty so that you need to be frank alien though it does at least even like his body is dead it's his life is literally dead in its artificial intelligence that's talking we know lena halleck aberdeen sorrow they re really soon you think it's not a real another while you think it's involving women and they have is a movie dave either say like there's carcass just lay on the chair now actually them only the better they are more pointed out yesterday and they just germ around like a drone like there's a guy backstage of north robot voice but i want to challenge you on that one hank because if he was just a guy that was taking advantage of other nerds when tat actually make him a shock
like his whole life has just been pushing nerds into lockers yemen is on the now rushmore nerds because he's convinced the new community that he's a true nerd okra sure ok the nerves height i now we will let you go fifty ok i'm gonna go ahead with what i've got and when you put kneeled grass thyssen on their up straight out sure pretends that he's not a nerd but like him and built i hear they're gonna team up at some point and make like a pod cast for nerves by nerves and nobody's going to the other thing in the world the grass in the thyssen why he's such a nervous he has at one old picture of him looking jackson he liked to its not all time hungary i'm not now remember i'm at your nerve member this goes sign you know what's really cool is science it here's a tip if you were a tie with like any kind of our planet's on it or anything like that you're not gonna tell tale sire my next one
each from say by gray ultimate nerd rate he hit all the notes for them ass he was such a nerd that i mean he doesn't diamond himself could be on there too he became he became screech and then try to stab that guy in wisconsin bartleby i'm not an hour and then he oh he went on a big i'm not a nerd power to repeat is not likely to sex tape last year some non inert stolen or is it literally he's such a nerd that he had to stab a man and legal sex taped to try to convince us that he's not a nerd put at the end of the day it's i do it's it's an uphill battle you're still under cylinder geronimo rush werner so my next one i'm gonna go friend of yours enemy of mine s dern reveal oh yeah is king nerd we saw that one common number one aired favorite nerd story about derivations the when he openly admitted that in college he would
but an showbiz on his pizza so that people on its floor wouldn't take a slice i think that there is something up lemon say that turned and haven't you friends of stone was i swear you dear that's why it was more like tell himself that's why nobody was to hundreds of romania is no doubt that guy coming into i'm forward in all these comes to charles please put your please the last one i'm going to go with armenia steve ergo oh i was you and i had to class you off my letter i do how can you hate deca ok i'll go here we go my number one is mark zuckerberg big time you know you know he's inert while than you know you know for a lot of reasons but the fact that he just can't ever stop wearing the same clothes he's just like that's his defence mechanism is little shield nurture melting ice only a top ten was boring human being a minute or two like he could he couldn't in
world if you wanted to that's how powerful facebook lily i hope president let he's pretty so boring that only then think that he has like these delusions of like grandeur yeah right i my next one this is our hall of fame nerd einstein comes the whole nerd thing theory of relativity and me i know i can to make it a lie least newt made it a lie yours just a theory bitch fun fact about einstein kind of a very nerdy thing underrated nerdy thing he did was he married his first cousin
you didn't know that so you had sex yeah no i just got a job that is not an urgent angry well can you think of anything more nerdy though than being like i gloomily can't find a wife so i'm gonna marry a relative i can think of a couple things not marrying your cousin in not having sex with her was ordered dinner at a kid so who unconfirmed mia de jure einstein conti issues there just a lot of fake facts about on send people made up over the years of the first cause thing is if it's true fat guy he did mary is first concerned after sheep very handsome lady very variants next up i have this one is probably little inside baseball but are all business pete pretty big news
so he loves ease of fuckin nerd in an arc he's a cop double double myrna combo really bad combo to have and he is the worse the attitude that he's not even listen to this right now we're never know he's working on computers fun fun thing that bobby are like these that i shall use nerd used urban but war of china doesn't use an iphone eyes andrew actually the android operating systems period i lay will move faster i don't care that i make all my friends hate me because they have the texan green bubbles actually affects actually interface off the screen is is six centimetres bigger than the eiffel actually apple on syria listen to every word that you say and diamond you in a big database that to the inner say nerve idle cared worst and then my last one is wait the thread you three already ready he added
i and my last one is the nurse who would always ask the teacher right leg on friday afternoon oh you run to assign homework so that nerd everyone knows that or our you know what i didn't have to experiences with that nerd but i had several brush buys with that nerds very close relative and that's that you forgot to collect the homework high and i would never have the homework oh yeah oh yeah than earth sucked i finally mark titus we took a bunch your summer now you didn't really this year marks like thirty people lardner takes one another almost start off in the same vein as einstein this i'm gonna do to four one because i dams making a moan rules oh wow two sides of the same coin isaac newton and ben franklin isaac newton divergent ben franklin lotta lies way we isaac newton was a virgin we n y whole ways we take isaac noons vanguard was is us given the gravity guy
yeah or animal and vienna coal is i don't want to get into were already probably too deep regret our hands full with trying to debunk the sun but the fact that were trusting gravity with a guy never had sex seem to us just doesn't know doesn't know how women on top feels he exactly so yes will offer grab he also spent like a lot of his life looking at prisms he would just like set prisms up in windows and then right down what colors shone through that is it was biggest stained glass we try do a magic i before three was even if i are right number so i counted as one number two is the schwab this line zambia shrouded these stop the schwab guy the he was dignitaries right hand man still is easy
don't you know watched it by tells periscopes schwab still role athletic he be allowed my espionage yahoo has as basely hired me to be his own i swear to god if you want to take my tell periscope which i've watched many dick vital periscopes schwab is almost certainly it's like half the time is out to dinner with different funding
dickie these wife or the schwab front fact i've been going back and forth with the schwab via email for the last year and a half trying to get him on the show yes he has a surprisingly filled schedule is i can tell you what i tell ya easily do you not agree that in order for acting heavy has eaten out for every dinner in like the last for every meal i think in the last twenty years so that's why schedules so on his dinners probably like three to five pm yet right pretty early that's where we're gonna breakfast come around august is no good for me try me back in september swab what are you doing i like schwab though because he is a nerd that used his powers for good help sports fans and so shall i loved hell schwab and stop the schwab august so excited when you get her like he was legitimate you there is no stick within known he would get the questions right you like yes it is old undertone
and double chanting research shakenly be shaken his fist are indeed celebrate joanna was when he would like preview the upcoming games like the over the course the weekend he be like saturday is gonna be great sports day i give it three bags tracy s any actual would eat all three battleship are a number three mark madsen manner dance lakers celebration went to stanford there that's deadline or move yom yet so mark madsen when one eye darren rovell my mount rushmore ert where wearied checking last summer to say been stein when bernstein money gray show where if you're smarter than bernstein you unlike a thousand all yours like less allows one hundred and fifty it is a right it was worse prize and game show history has really bad that's a good one would do we have any there we miss i can't believe i can say you must be reviewed and say greeny
green the anxiety is always weeny he's not inert waste nerd is nerd we organ a knife sandwich guy interlock could have gone on that list is well out julian ass nash who rifle patrick went to harvard yes he did really did our banks bill gates should have been mentioned bill gates is one of the king nerds what about make love and georgia bessie o the ultimate support a thousand so hang with love and inert or just like a loser i think is a loser beata he was smart it's tough yeah it's tough kissing the glasses so that was kind of a red herring so you would think that he's inert but he was also turning it booze and fuck so i put him in a loser he's an aspiring jock embraced debate dwight troop yes i in earlier years energetically and without johnny apple seed you just carried a bunch of seeds enjoy ya got around or he's a good guy murders like walk around throwing seeds are using set with apples and if you can textual i said today's world that's big
i won't let you in on his head he was here he was definitely like on the spectrum so yeah ok right out what else anyone else squint from sailor yeah yeah good water when great want rawdon tied flanders yup good want or the whole entire casts a big bang threatened or washing episode by just assume yeah huge half i've ever seen a show either i just know that they are also shows by made a show for nerd so that nerds kabila isabel show up here i've got scheme thoughts oh yeah did you hear about the amateur artists you want to take up and means well ok
what about your anger your anger starting to get out there know what i think is an underwritten nerd is the t rex with as little tiny army like you we used for he had something to prove he was upset at the world that's what you did his polio jim atomic legible right where i was never yet i am again at our view wedding iraq's you he would die you could easily i i'm sorry i maybe do i go here get the baltic the ball no take it away little nerd you have like a list of a hundred people why wouldn't ok lustre aver men from the mighty ducks on let's see here lisa simpson stephen olbers kind of a nerd hedy d does a hidden he knows how to speak the lord of the rings language yeah true
author seiners makes me as a big boardgame guy to yeah yeah what about reaching cognitive and one of these like me thinks the lady protest too much will aware like the republic lawyer releasing all eyes nerd any hates himself that's why lashes added value nerds a classic and i who puts out all legislation against gay marriage than whoops battery and i'm in an area without getting more holes we tap twice already know yet a wide stand it'll work instead at the last one i had was the brain from taking the bridge over the world is dumb psychic pinging the brain on who speaking that i would about what was a crane from mom greenish journals into the brain yes literally just a brain that's got to be on this basically like ted williams right now for just sit in a sin in arizona ted williams would kick his ass as he found out how much of a nerd he was gonna because his brain just still frozen author yeah that's while our
do you know what i think i read something about this company being a real like fly by night on rising so right it could be anybody said in like a problem i've been frozen for like thirty four degrees ray the cells like a bar still documentaries be noted what is tenable has an answer and i like it it's just a medium cold head cooler ashura hey you know what i'm going to design and build a company and it's gonna be just a system of keeping things really really cold and in a building nears on i like any only money but you bet you bet on the future science and that's why global warming like hey we gotta figure out a way to make another ozone layer of someone's going to work all three is fragile
just wake me up whenever things better it figured all i mark titus we appreciate you coming on procedural us in studio any last parting words like aid as sophronia isn't yet his funnel thanks first ever yet this fun of where would i put my t shirt off as all these still lay walking that frankly agrafena so you are mister should become new york are we at your house right now so he can oh yes passing in the soft with the top brains you wanna plug your own pike ass anything we ve been i'll go ahead plug it yeah listen to my podcast which called it's called tita ok we really know what to tell no no go find it it somewhere before we get to this interview with mr portnoy attorney at law i want to talk to you guys about the black tux there's only so many opportunities in life to wear talks so when your big day or special event rules around this number
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talks that come slash p m t for twenty dollars offer purchase another something completely different i we now welcome on our favorite guest i think i see that a few people but this is actually our favorite guess it's our lawyer it is mr porto it people's lawyer we have some port noise complaints to get too but before we do that we gotta talk about the mooch the mooch has gone the mood is a flash in the pan ah what are your thoughts on the move you i keep wondering is crazy things i think about whether previous had time to pack up maybe he isn't fully pact any good unpack the mood hasn't even at times to pack and now we have an pack has right the mood tat the moon letters we have the path he left his job he left his wife he left is pregnant wife did meet his baby
because he was busy at the white house and now if you're giving him advice do you get back into good graces with her family and be like hey my bad i screwed up sorry about that i'll say one day i probably couldn't do it because i have some scruples i think he could do it very easily because he seems to be totally lacking in scruples of if i ever socrates putty decay don t be the scream i may sleaze ball i will say the number one got here all her something the problem is the moon the easy way for the move to get back and everyone's good graces start suckin his own cock but we all know he doesn't do that can't be key literally cannot let things people women discussing that an apparently obviously is physically impossible maryland
yeah i wouldn't say implies netbook out if you think about it it's different gonna be pretty them limber do the exact mean i couldn't up how seventy years old i could have done it a tan immediately maybe six nine how how likely do you think it is like some anti italian american resentment played into this because the march i hear a lot of words toss ran like sleaze ball lay greece ball like some cool breeze little guy in how should i hear a lot of i hear a lot of dog whistling about his italian american heritage you think they're played factor definitely doctor you know i heard someone say in relation to being the italian american it's almost like the godfather the godfather family has taken over and that unfortunate instead of getting michael being in charge we have right oh yes yeah where do we go abroad
you could try to deal with north korea correct corrects nea fredo's not who you on a charge ah i we have a couple legal issues that we want to run you but you may have died i forgot there's no anger before i forget i only have one issue in my mind and you know what it is where are my i ordered them today see you're gonna start getting me on these little will plug for me on these there you can start getting me unease delivering a run your hand you still missing a beat because if i like em me such a great spokesman we want to get her aid through like them a brand value that's gonna be unfortunate we should be getting your mandate within the weak a blank i screwed up on that that's my hands up sky up your apology i so now the legal advice ah fifties you have a question i have a question i do yeah ok you wanna go yes to this kind of pertains to something that happened to me an egg on friday after well we were you not just money here on business going to answer and we were walking down the street
i got my throat sum parts and will thirsty we're up in harlem taught site i've sidelined get hot town somewhere in the city you ve heard the song so we stopped into a local bodega at which point we proceeded to purchase to beverages and place said beverages in a paper wrapping to abuse gate the contents of said beverage encroach on our order out of chaos cascade yeah i was out the convicts gay stricken awestricken don't mean high producers out of a paper ballot wait a minute i guess not a word is high not opt out i can you pronounce go on yes i was trying to hide my beard from cops you know i want to tell you something one thing i've learned about was the last big word you use you usually better ok a really really simple within i was trying to not let cup see me drink and so
an egg and i were walking on the sidewalk and the police pull over and they go hey you you in that our shirt i was wearing now here's where it gets tricky because yes i was wearing a hawaiian shirt but they were work is on my shirt they weren't flowers so i proceeded to continue to walk because i can't be me and usually caught up with us i could have ran they were not in good shape but i stopped because i'm a good citizen and they gave hank and i tickets for wood a gang in public opened there even though you dropsy skated even those obvious get another asked me this what's in there and i didn't answer and i didn't i think i was well with my rights do not show them what was in the paper diagram yeah did they didn't have a warrant what what do you think i assume that this is exactly the way it happens now i know i'm
criticising have fairly long here you weren't hawaiian what do you think what do you think the police with thinking when they dealing with you i would say it begins with an a miles raping in space probably thought i was a jerk boil jerk but you know what i thought out and was tried in my office here you yeah do you go thou a word yes so i was yes or basically i could have just like kept walking right that there were no right to stop i could just it am i being detained sir sir my being detained and then they have let you go right i would think you re up the show you i bet but a very controversial point nu yok about whether they are probably cause to stop people stop protesting against stopping frist you'll get stopped and for it yeah fuck into bless yo over here i even with the plaza there you got stopped and press said very sad at that surprise so
can i fight this thing because hank and i both got tickets and it's a pretty steep fine it's twenty five bucks and the cop was like you don't really have to pay it and if you just get another one then it'll just be like a slightly for a while i dont want i want you to end up actually had cast experience nuts he did spend some time in the poky seek out the leader of this had the same attitude that you seem to have and you saw what happened there you ended up in a very unpleasant place so i mean i think you may have you know you may of great right but i do want to see end up in a poky did hank at any point say like i care about you i can't come on that's my favorite part of every cops episode and we like please i can't go back to that hake was blatantly weak yeah one thing that hake and i were doing was we were ducking down underneath there was like a car in between us and the police car while the writing the tickets and we're ducking down behind the other car just finishing or beer
and then the police came out we said hey can i finish my beer and the guy goes well it would be another crime didn't finish your beer oh and so he tried to be like the cool guy like up good carter i saw you keep you keep adding to this story that makes you look guilty of even more than originally wasn't beer sorry will as in arizona green t well meaning that i've tuckered out ducking buying a car now how now you can stop me if i'm if my legal do you like away i pronounced toward each other you could submit my legal opinion here is is out of order but i think if you start to beer and you get arrested for drinking that beer and then you finish it and they try to arrest you again this double jeopardy it is
you can't be charged twice seem crop is the same area with that a hundred while ok i'm not pull him glad enough representing cash or do you think i have a good chance of fighting this if i just show up and i say i was missed identified one generally after shirt about things your general at about attitude about things hurt you was representing you my best advice you would be to say nothing unless you want to end up in that bag prison again because i think the more you speak the more more trouble you're gonna get yourself in what we call in the law a why that very to get very cheap i have i have a little thing that tickled my fancy i was reading doing some reading not brad i think i was going to my fancy early heavy and so my in my reading i learned that palestine has no copies law so they don't they don't actually like they can just make em
the team name or anything they can still copyrights left and right can we you start our own sovereign company and do the same and to start taking names of everything and like maybe make at the like i've already sovereign country you see i have we may if we create in our own country and then just started like making iphones would that be illegal i would think the difficulty of starting your own country may be greater than pulled a potential the potential benefit okay i oppose if it if you could ever do it and by the way i'd like a b the attorney general if he ever do that done why you don't fire me done that i think that degree of difficulty to do it would be a substantial don't you
that's the only problem is starting it but once we started you're saying that's not a know that we could then just steel everyone's ideas i wonder if you can do that and i am a banjo it sometimes seems that no country who that's a nice when i also had a question about our music so we use the music on the show eddie grants electric avenue mike question is at what point do we become legal owners of electric avenue because people know it from us more than eighty grant is like a squatters right we're out rights on music in that respect for divine everyone her very granted that song ok listening to
what that thanks listen the shows the song at the start of a show you really don't have listened shower yes i know that long but i recognise and i say i apologize i save what with the question if it at what point do you legally like squatters rights on on a song where people know the song more because of us then because of any grants are then we just become the owners of that song is to the other rewrite it i originally put it should i saw it i'm sure i don't think that would get too far i don't think that's all purpose copyright your right pickin you like fumble copyright like were basically have taken the copyright from him and people like all that's the part my takes on now it's ours if enough if we went out did a paw and asked and enough people set its part might take nodded grant with that then give us a legal right to own that's all i'm sure i'm sure that would do nothing to destroy the copyright law
our of all you had to do was that the use of more than the original gathers loop ass a bad law is early way to go about changing along the best in the mad law you can we lobby who'd we lobby to change our law the moves by actually tramp tramp of any want why wouldn't you say about he wanted to allow i'm thinking of something else you want to be a le punish people far raw i'm on the wrong track forget that ok forgotten god i forgot what but isn't there is such a thing as public domain so oh a song or like a poem can become part of public domain if it's been out there long enough who i think you're thinking about a certain words become part of the happy birthday roberta that's all i have heard that yeah yeah that's all i don't have that applies to this i need a heads up anything so anchor bringing about a little mean those you thought about
i think we're onto something i do you have let's do some complaints our it's been awhile sombre i'm sure you got a few complaints before we do complaints oh by the way a summer inexcusable i was sitting outside my yod before so these are not really strong and i really have to be get worked up and i am not really in a work of mood right now ok but before we get to the complaints what is the update with the male still being singed please i got he asked craig i got i got somethin today that nobody would believe it was it would look like somebody actually only have to be that the ce mark ok it was sulking west on the journey to put it out but i'll tell you when i tell you i am not exaggerating here it was it was so wet and it hasn't rain here at number days it was incredible
there was an believe it or not there was a czech inside and all i could think i do get checks occasionally thank god there was a second side and when i opening up our thing as i hope the czech wasn't destroyed i mean it absolutely unbelievable was jack ok to check was alright you're getting singed wet el now now stopping it apart i i did only one person at the post office that is what i would say to be a reasonable person and believe it or not i was home depot yesterday and she was back on me in line and cause she was exchanging something and she couldn't lifting this is apropos of nothing but she couldn't lived a bag of concrete if i wasn't elderly i would have helped saving a little further with my problems and one i couldn't even so this is a story about you being in the situation i'll bet you didn't actually help help help someone else i could help them
there was a guy this is my life to show you this is going to be late somehow too but i'm going to talk about my complaint this is me i'm going to praise myself as my son does with himself a little bit i try to be nice to people if i can so i'm standing in line at home depot to make an exchange oh by the way something i about five minutes ago decides an intelligent thing to do so and they don't let you at home depot you know i could do this is so you guys are too young years ago if you bought something in a store need started to return of five minutes lady just go back to where you bought it you give it back to him they take it papa block that's the end of it home depot now you're gonna go someplace else the return it so i gotta keep my five minutes i am not exaggerating so i get a lie there wasn't i
what i was some stop the killer weeks so i mean lie right you're just like now you know what i think i like the weeds afro yeah so a middle line and disease guy in front of me and he has to fill his tank for the gas stoves gas grill and he thinks he's just going to give him a slip and they're going to give him some kind of a slip to go outside and get the gas and get the gas grill filled the gas tank filled he has been the case in the wrong line they send em out he has to go back out again and for some reason and he came back like two minutes later a right and now the line need to go to the underlying because more people in line me being the type of person i am i said to him you go in front of me
these are really in front of me you follow him saying he was stunned that i said that i think he didn't know what to say and that's the kind of human being i try to be ok ok yes i mean that's a nice human beings is helping people are now i'm gonna die that into one of my major complaint let's get a guy got about ok i can you guys you probably don't drive that much more being in the big city well we all ships ok when i go to a parking lot the supermarkets parking lot home people for their kid these people take the empty shop shopping cart and return where they got them now i mean the big deal so you take your drive up you'll leave that cropping catherine it that you may not even seen it a wind comes your guts to win
comes up with some other car it knocks it into your car and damages your car what is the problem with putting the damn thing back we got it is incorrect it's the millennials did your car get damage from a shopping cart sounds like it all you i was a little daughter her discovery i think i know i couldn't live that what would be the point of maternal if something should win that i knew i couldn't let when this woman saw you infringement in line at home depot what was the look on her face which using the guy with the book like it better like people who were in line and they won't help blue woman behind him tirana lifted by concrete outcome inconsiderate different i would never never won t worked at the policy at all
it all you i was a little daughter her discovery i think i know i couldn't left that what would be the point of maternal if something should win that i knew i couldn't let win this woman saw you in front of her in line at home depot what was the look on her face when she sector guy with the burned mail just happens to be standing ass i think was the press with recognition i think and then it was all my god in this is a carbon dues yasmine so because now she's gonna redouble burn your mail because you and help with that possibly hook happens i do want to criticise i'm sure she's never hurt you guys on me well were going on that because way way audio demographic was evident that means but the point here that i dont then then she wasn't she got the one that's causing me promises and she's trying to be helpful a few times actually ok
what's the next complaint i know next thing is again this is something you guys bobby you don't have to explain that much but i'm sick and tired of when i hire someone to do some work say at my house right why do in i'm gonna pay them there were carefully the workmen their virtue to make money why do you have to keep chasing them to come to my house why do i have to call them nine times before they come over unknown in your daughter clearly busy busy i dont believe it but i'm a paying custom i want to pay them so these people just dodging you they don't respond ok don't respond you call you get it you know you get away ismail in it and then they don't call back i gotta calm again then they always all i meant to call you oh god i went away for a couple of days cetera et cetera et i'm trying to pay them why do i have to change it if somebody called me
top her right and they want to hire me to do some legal work or something like that i call him back even if i don't want to do what i call him back why not call somebody with some of you know the thing is when i call these people and i don't tell why i'm calling i said i'd like to have you come over i want to talk about some work that i need not neil
what i'm talking about a five hundred thousand dollars job or twenty dollars you up and they don't call back ok so that sounds ominous yet sounds like you're burying bodies in your back here and i want to talk about some work in also strike me as being if that was the case i would have said some dirty work ok he's strike me as a big voicemail levers at true no you'd only voice males no i got i'm not big on that if somebody if somebody voicemail funny should say that i'm the exact opposite i handed it just hang up ok that's the correct protocol now i'm beginning to think that maybe the fact that you just won't tell them how big a project is leads them to believe it's more on the fifty dollars side than the five hundred thousand dollar said well except my answer to that would be if you're someone they want to have some work what do you have to lose by at least returning the phone call what are you up to lose time time is money well below the people on the other with a net level were worried about
time and money ok to tell people when i was actively working i have more time than i do money idea of another one no doubt about it the last one i want to emphasise my me on these requests i tell you one other thing which flew in relation to it the problem is with the unemployed my underwear right now and you know something funny stupid thing what did i complained about this a long long time ago they tell you don't put the underwear or anything about who with an elastic component into the dry imaginary that's bullshit things happen they last component in don't worry but the dry cause it'll ruin the alas density yeah nor the older i get the more rules and i find that there are four what you aren't aren't allowed to put into drier i put everything in a dry account you ruin it yeah you ruin ever
things people just make there i think there's like a big conspiracy out there this is probably the big laundry might services of the world they are basically right cleaning services their basically making clothes that you can't put in the dry or so that you have to go to the dry cleaners so much looking on this are you could hang up close can you back yard have all my underwear out there which were true it sounds to me like the summer time you don't get as many what's going on it's a little it's it's a little hurtful that you don't have that like that fire i i'm not i'm not you know you're right i'm not as i dont have the victory ongoing that i usually do ok well well maybe maybe some more singed drenched mail will get that going i wish you know i wish i could show somebody what that look i mean it picture take a picture and send it to me when i say look at what i just gotta give me the same as what he wanted to know about taking place and its employees into us
also are your neighbors mailer is that getting there the producer mailbox it's at me i too feel box yeah yeah it's funny daddy is odd the mail would come to the house is not singed which is interesting thing turned this report and i thank you so much we appreciate coming onto my complaints even though you're in a relatively good mood so we don't want to ruin that stay in that i also want to say that i thought when mike tyson kept mispronouncing name yeah that was cannibal area he hunter he sees us up mouse my taste and he is quite a character eyes guy i think it will have not not really nice guy now now there will come a part is not here i
hey look out for me and he's okay alright i'm going to i'm going to be waiting here and i'll look when i get them i'm going to put them on immediately and i'm going to see how i feel and i'll let you know if i feel it if it makes my day you will get a text for me gonna get tat yes i know i well i know i will and maybe a voicemail nora i talk to you later so much tat interview was brought you by narrow you ve all heard about dave poured away talking about an ira is the best horse races in the world in their going off at saratoga go join the party may few extra bucks admirer bets the official betting safer saratoga raising go in why are a bad start com open up a free and legal betting account in time for this saturday's huge whitney descartes bid
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in a moment of real serious it actually is ridiculous account outbreak has not been signed ice don't think someone will sign him so ill prepared for that to sign in him we will do it pierre want one try to get out out ahead of the story and help you out that's right is the the resistance right now is coming from ownership they don't want to lose money they don't want to lose neither fan base who might objective capron ex political views so there is a way that you can get in front of it and manage these expectations have called hundred team for the football element and also kind of placate that part of your fan base i think step one we we say this to a lot of quarterbacks change your name change the first now give me a good solid american name like cody cody capron aching that screams rodeo cowboy screams and maybe from wyoming i've gotta had not in africa
how do you would be good also of billy's listen to this i saw he was taxing with his cousin deal deals a great name for a corner deal or if it's my valet people dollar cabinet mr radwan worthy just changes named john f kennedy that's i mean that's tough to argue with what are you would you all present yeah i also think that the team that science him should change their touchdowns onto godless america just have it just a moment maybe maybe just how to be like you like this or to like movie that's just playing throughout the entire movie have the anthem the anthem regardless america be playing like very suddenly throughout the entire game while you're in the state i've always said the defences win win the differences on the field again fabric the stadium pierre guy should display the national anthem enforced cabinet taken me so it s now voting time
also you could have like a little tree if you agreed that your opponent got to play with twelve players on the field wants a quarter with the twelve player is a troop or service member and they get to blitz i'll show you d get were troops since a game or you could just ask outbreak hey maybe i don't need some money worthwhile charities why don't you ask if you can do the classic this is this garbage an old trick that takes advantage of all of our dumb brands that love football just change your helmets to the matted black and maybe put like some kind of american flag motif and then everyone will on twitter will be like oh my god look at these new helmets i've never seen helmets look like this even though every other alter alternate jersey oregon has looks exactly like this that you can play or just uniform colors to camouflage the invisibility yeah after you get there we can't see do you think is great
for real though do you think he's going to get signed or not i think it is i think we're it's it might take like two more injuries which is i love so much the names they get thrown out there instead of colin cabinet i'm surprised likely lemon his name popped in the back of my head when i heard that tannehill got her i was like maybe maybe culpeper has a chance to come back if his knees healed by now he's got that big r like my brain goes so far back in time to pull up all the worst backup quarterbacks in history that friend does when they started goes down so it'll take it'll take like three or four more saunders to get hurt the cabinet play well in all so now we have the jay cutler is new jeff george wherever you like fruit least the next five years jay cutler will be linked to every team that loses their starter in the month of august i like our tony roma not being linked at all because because i was the type a guy that everyone in everyone every front office knows it's only run while the minute he analyses retirement he instantly game like twenty five parts yeah
hu i would like to see tavares jackson get thrown back in the mix member him with the reporting you pulled a gun out it was his fiancee said you're you're not accurate after him he would have gone put it away procedures on top of all tat was to respect the business one goes out to head coach taxes tom herman who what is it exactly easy during his tongue the media that they can't stand behind him at certain points in these not giving them media availability or something but he's telling them where they have to stand so he sees directly moran like little puppet and he's telling them when they are in aren't allowed to tweet so he's he's spitting on the grave of water cronkite at u t i because taxes whereby we always your mothers but taxes for all the quintessential like are they back probe
no name dame is also one of those programmes were people just desperately want them to be back here remember that time taxes said the young lady arose war so to get back you need to make stupid stories go viral and tom ermine is like the best about that so this is a perfect way to get taxes packages policing all the media time that the standing i i don't think he's gone far enough i think that he should do the thing where he collects the pit from all the journalists and test them with his other hydrogen short to make sure that all the people working at the austin statesmen are getting enough water over their summer practices i want to see that happen i want to see him actually like position god the journalist behind diagnosed in old you left will to your left until there actually like in a drill and get run over what your absolute right there one of those programmes that's like there the quintessential college football
is better when texas is a good program texas its notre dame in nebraska is like the third one those programmes college football is but her window brusque is good that's a fact nebraska is we want the brass can be good again and don't worry we we think that they just need to get the right approach it has nothing to do with the fact that they didn't want steroids in the eightys and ninetys and the basque is not a good recruiting ground but they also just became like a national our ass no that's not it which need right coach that's an impression for nearly but is also the curse of danny what had didn't offer wooden scholarship people forget her at any cost he cursed their entire operation through last we have generally return before his jim allister i want to give a quick shout out too
our new baseball podcast on barstool sports jared carrabis and dallas braden or teaming up for the starting nine podcast we have dallas on for mount rushmore on sunday for monday show so make sure you go and download that and we also do have a shout out as well there was some award winning listeners yes i want to give a shout out to lauren getting married this weekend what what is it a worrying listen marriage so it's to award winning listeners getting married that's like the best thing i've ever heard i also welcome when i hate goes through the gm to see thy people getting us off for shot he also sees billy's dams and i this is unfair read this out here for you you up a person dancing hey guys on checks question if i were a choker necklace do you guys think that i like to be choked embed asking for a friend and billy replied we already did them this week but yes also go to church please
so that is a little behind the scenes is at the moment scibili like doesn't want public any still consistently billy for now is billion the great thing about i think of billy was not authentic people will be able to see right through it and you will get tiresome very fast but billy's hundred percent authentic which is why everybody loves him yeah so let's get virgin but all final shone out to all the world listeners for being on the right side of history and voting my serial number rushmore number one number one does that was i actually listen i love you guys i say that all the time i don't say enough but i do said of time but i lost a lot of respect for you i am disappointed in your terrible too i will judge where i stand by every big i made on my mac rushworth eggs to loosed tools to big cats i can deal with that because you had one or two good picks kaluza hanks pie i love shit is the most disappointing thing at for experience my life some you guys are all on probation right now
eggs anxious trash trash trash track he had suddenly tell scranton interact with gmos the return of gmos because we are all in different spot we achieve michael the cycle was written to us he is in studio mike once you start first jumble i took a new job while i still have my old one the new job neither references so i emailed my o boss who is had to company anymore for one the email bound street my vp and he congratulated me and then fired me the next day costs me eighty grand ok yeah you usually probably want to make sure you dont use anyone from your old job or they could be like maybe spill the beans here to get your news that sounds like a pretty bad idea i dont know how this guy gets like double jobs being stopped yeah that's that's really really dumb i've always inscribed in school of just
use your old high school friends in and called friends is references and give them think titles and made up companies so don't you probably have shown that as my favorite when you get up when you get attacks from one your friends uneasiness like hey just adds up i might have put your name down as a reference ass if you get a phone call and then you know you're gonna get a phone congress had the bullshit you're wager like the demons conversation yeah if you just any number that you don't recognize if you wouldn't mind answering it saying aid this is the ceo of global world wide solutions international that be great i might next one next symbol i was at a poor worrying vegas for my bachelor party was wasted smoke it's cigar and put the lid and in my mouth now my lives are severely berne and can't eat or drink without blinding pain then don't you're not really hung over so let's get you i ok i guess is this like the plot to hang over four and then
the wedding like he can't take a picture because he's like them with no face you can't get the broad if you dont have lips do with so technically your beheld a consummate merge together ass no symbol was getting out of my car wearing my part in my take teacher when a guy yelled at me suck my dick from his car i gradually suck my dick back he proceeds to get out of his car and try to find me apparently i jacked his partners by he been waiting for without noticing oh that's a great coincidence i like that did you tell him hey hey it's just a podcast it's a prank and and that probably deescalate the situation i've spent ass dick that's also allowing we don't do that anymore why are we not say any more but i guess there will still be people who say suck my dick and not be referencing one point castro we made six months ago there are
you like earnest and say fuck yourself be wary of those people honestly or we surrender parking spot fights is like it's twenty seventeen is that something tat people really get angry about it's not there's no adrenaline like a good old fashioned party parking spot rule you get out you like i'm going to do something you're going to do something none of us are going to do something just really it gets the adrenaline up to like a peep that you really can't get with anything else i'm gonna go out on a limb and save this happened in florida ass they were using milligrams per capita that's the nations parking lot fight capital of america my nurse one right i changed my major week before the school year ended and lost my internship for the summer and now i have to be a laborer this summer first of all i don't like anti blue collar biased that you have against laborers through actually s most important people in society single mom
arms labors you're talking about them but more importantly the nature the question you said that you lost your internship and now you have to get a job so you went for making no money too making money the summer so that doesn't it seems like you really back you your way into a job which is good what i'm guessing year is if you change your internship our sorry if you change your major in college my guess is you were had dreams of being like an engineer or doctor and they got to college near like oh shit ashley like to drink and like hang out my friends so i'm going to do the bullshit major here tempered went out there started the bullshit major if you end up being like all i'm actually smarter than i thought then you can add on but having to switch majors and downgrade mid college kind of sucks so start with the communications star
you history or the political sire eighty english years allow bullshit major you can do that you find out that it's like you easy then you can add the engineering we're not going to because engineering people they fucking a college i do wish lists and they live in west lafayette indiana so that's another brands whether him yeah it's i dont as people who know exactly what they want to do in life when their eighteen nineteen years old because we're all shit heads before were twenty five until he turned and five you should ve it asshole you should be selfish you should i care about anybody else you just want to have a good time all the time to do that and then if you start to mature too early then you can be like yeah i guess i'll be a doctor i guess the world needs surgeons to
that's a little higher education in jimbo's billy by the way is leaving for college in the next couple weeks or going to bring back jimbo's in the fall for on shout out to our actual judith the owner of the jimbo's jim tomsula at being back and coach and you see that quote today he said he'll is it was like talking to no one jim tomsula said he'll get sweaty in the refrigerator so it's it's good to have jim back in our lives and that's how shall we will see everyone on monday like we said will be back and studio thank you for through the statements that i was just now you and i have to do that weird
you know what i want to say i put you guys on probation earlier but if you made it through the skype episode amerigo had rescind approbation you're off your back and good sense and bloody gas
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