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Mike Singletary and Lance Briggs

2017-02-21 | 🔗
Larry II has died (2:57 - 9:11). NBA trade talk, Boogie Cousins and Jimmy Butler (9:11 - 15:13). Bachelor talk for guys who don't watch the Bachelor (15:13 - 17:20). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (17:20 - 26:35). Super Bowl Champion Mike Singletary joins the show to talk about football, Bear Weather, and Buddy Ryan (26:35 - 42:30). Lance Briggs joins the show to talk about driving Lambos, playing in the Super Bowl, and Marc Trestman (42:30 - 55:53). Segments include Magical Tweets for Magic Johnson, Kings Stay Kings for the fat Sutton United goalie, Spinzone for Cedric Benson, As a straight guy, and sorry not sorry.
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seventeen just in already two thousand and sixteen buddy it's two thousand and sixteen and ken and barbie are goldfish is dead people know larry do you probably know by now he has passed on to the other life i actually saw it coming so pft is away right now anything about it interesting that he's away and then the goldfish just ends up dying nice i don't yeah i'm the only i'm the only person with a confirmed alibi right actually makes you guys or suspicion or you sounds like you're attracting order to log on yeah were you slipped him some poison on your way out knowing that he die in two or three days and like all these not here so last night i said hey hank larry looks like he's swimming kind of funny and we both looked at him and you know i mean i don't really i'm not i'm not a fish surgeon so i don't really know what to do when a fish is swimming a little slower an then we found out in swimming fun he was like just kind of slow he's like he's just like i think he from what i've now
oh i've got a visual autopsy okay we some video of the day we bought larry he he probably gained about like a few it says at least so he was heavy i think he might have had a heart attack or grand mal seizure and him swimming comma sideways was that and then his he just gave up maybe he had bells palsy search ball z yeah i'm not really that's very logical type of thing i think goldfish they have a tendency to get those yeah either way very who lived a lot longer than we thought if people remember new people this podcast probably don't know larri won our first gambling goldfish died within twenty four hours laree two hours really yeah twelve hours later too we bought him in sept or he lasted the entire nfl season and then much like joe pa when football is taken away from him he just quits and eyes
that was gonna be my other theories possible suicide because larry was a football guy you will you see love gambling he was really good at it he liked the games he got a little taste of what the offseason looked like it could have that might have been lors first off season yes and though with the week without football really crushed him and he just he couldn't bear looking and head to the next you know six months without any game so i'm going to put this down actually as a suicide which means unfortunately that i don't think entitled to his life insurance policy no now now say this one of you two guys has the balls to stand up and admit to killing him then we can recoup some money off it so i'm putting the ball in your court listen we were the ones that had to deal with his dead body we've been grieving all day you've been gone on vacation loving life and you just you got an extra four hours of thinking larry was alive here's what i did
i froze laree because two parts one i'm hoping that science catches up so that we can someday reanimate are goldfish by the way someone actually already contacted us and said they work in a lab and are willing to try to clone his dna ok hey you said the other week like i had to bring back filling yeah so and then too i wanted you to be here when we are officially bury him and put his final resting place and here's my idea you you said you have an ideas here's my idea great week next year or this year it's coming up in a few months i think we should take laree like heart surgeon put him in one of those little coolers we should bury him in canton maybe in the parking lot of the nash of the pro football hall of fame ok that's a good idea yeah it's real good idea i was going to say we have a big funeral form which we could still do in kb and can't right yeah we could have have a funeral for fish take
so a portion of the money that we that we make selling laree goldfish shirts which those are on sale or pileri shirts go by when taking part in the market or yeah and through a big gas party form larry would love parties he i think kansas good resting place for my first suggestion was just going to be thrown in the east river that but i think that's probably not a fate befitting of goldfish of stature sampling so yeah i like him or yours and we could do we're going to vegas soon right yeah we could take him to vague iss oh could take vegas obviously maybe who yeah yeah please no rules the there's no rules against bringing a dead goldfish onto a plane yeah i dont drive out the vegas sun and you know maybe are burying outside the stands or something i i don't hate that as well i think we have a lot of tj lavin's backyard yeah we're going to grieve for a few weeks so hey just a heads up if we put out a
my podcast or something or goldfish died so yeah so please just like relax on it will relax on the criticism for a little bit for like at least maybe the rest of the year are goldfish died and then we will figure out what we're going to do with larian i think we've probably as a team are going to decide not to get lairy three until closer to football season 'cause i don't know if we want the burden of having a fish it wouldn't be fair to larry that's the big thing i'm thinking about that like larry would not want us to move on so quickly i don't think i'm emotionally prepared right to get into another fish like honestly i never i thought that i would get into a fish and i really like claire yeah not even we gave him russell wilson's concussion water and here i am right he loved it he loved cha he loved air yeah he yellow such cute little feathers he only had a six second memory which is probably good because otherwise he'd have
severe mental damage exactly and then i i have to at least i'd be remiss if i didn't mention he is survived by his two frog skip and stephen a let's hope that they i'm going to probably forget to feed him but will hope that they survive as well do you think that maybe one of those no they were actually heartbroken they were acting all weird after seriously they were going crazy so let's do some non goldfish death talk let's about the nba real quick we got wood talked on sunday night we tape the podcasts and then the bomb came that boogie it's got traded to new orleans so we missed talking about that he i got traded for a bag of balls i don't even i mean it was a really weird trade the next stuff curry you have the next step curry right exactly
in buddy hield who is buddy healed this guy that hit him in the nuts right and buddy hield is also like he's the chris weinke type where everyone's like oh buddy heels and nice young pieces like well actually he was four year starter and he's like twenty five years old oh ok how buddy healed she retire in a year or two so for your starter shows that he valued his schooling and education more than getting them becoming like a top five nba draft prospects right for him vadi i think what he got taken he probably i was out smoking a couple cigarettes and someone in the building was like yeah let's hit submit on this trade out of body getting taken he actually does look like the boss die at the end of one of the taken movies yes like vaguely eastern european always smoking at a weird beard yum don't rule out liam neeson's connection in this trade but i i think what you're not understanding here is the part of my take curse probably had something to do with this do you remember that no so we curse the kings
oh that's right you put a curse on the things the browns and like every city team that we can think of after marlins man he cursed the marlins right right let's let's just stay woke on that that's true the kings the kings can't seem to get out of their own wave mostly because of our curse i would say right the fun part about this trade though is get all the the takes after that people are justify this trade so boogie he truly was a locker room cancer talk to a lot of people in sacramento and it turns out he was even worse than we expected so no one wanted him you're going to get zero dollars and fifty cents on the dollar that's that's the narative that's getting leaked out there not just body devox is a fucking idiot and made a bad trade it's boogie cousins is such a cancer that you needed to make trade for buddy hield 'cause no one else was going to do it it sounds like george
earl is calling up multiple reporters using different voices and giving anonymous quotes to people that's what it sounds like to me yeah so he's going to the pelican so now they've got him and davis together in the frontcourt look at the standings there are two games out of the eighth spot right who would they play in the first round out of the eighth spot the warriors here's the thing i ran the numbers and the pelicans two games out of the eighth spot the w they're not going to get to the seventh spot that's that's the thunder's territory so they're probably going to get the eighth spot process block that's russes block exactly you don't want to go near rested block don't stare at you until you drive off right so what you're going to end up seeing here is the warriors taken on the pelicans in the first round a lot of people out there like oh that's going to be awesome to watch those two different styles of teams play against each other i'm here to tell you that it's not it's going to be lame dream a green all he does is punch people in the dick and getting punch the dick is real weakness in boogies game so i don't think that this is going to lead anywhere in the playoffs for the pelicans
got a good stories though about how all the basketball nerds like kind of freaky well you could play anthony davis is a stretch for it or you can play pool is tricky to stretch for the same time no center or maybe if he gives the three and just put him out there you go inside out lot of stuff you can do and really it just means that they're going to go out there maybe win one game against the warriors also what it means we can do yeah right all it means is that they're both really good power forwards and that's that's all that they can do the win game against the warriors probably an and most of all i think this is a tough break for clay travis because there's no chance that that book he's going to get arrested new orleans like new orleans doesn't have laws yeah so tough break we also have its mba a little extra who's back it's not monday but who's back nba players tweeting out emojis that get everyone to freak out isaiah thomas
on monday night tweet it out the googly eyes and i basically just didn't sleep i stayed up until one hundred in the morning waiting for the news that jimmy butler might have been traded he ruined everyone's night nothing ended up happening what he did tweet in install you instagrammed a picture worries high fiving someone and i think home person whose hand he was touching was jim bottlers oh wow okay i've also toss or it's a big time of year to to see which players that different nba teams are following on twitter yes that's how you tell because i said thomas also followed mellow right up on twitter so that's a big thing is mom i talked take into wanting jimmy butler so that was a he actually wants to be butler on the celtics now i don't want to first and then like once i heard that some truth on him we might be getting carmelo anthony on the celtics i'll take anyone else i dropped jimmy butler contract truth 'cause jimmy butler is actually a great deal he's got he signed the max contract before the new salary cap so he's going be cheaper than
it's always good to have a potential mvp candidate on your team to correct i realized that i'm doing a real quick real quick bad radio here in meme form okay got carmelo you've got jimmy butler and you've got isaiah thomas this is my face trying to you're out who's team this is and then you put the zac galiffa nacas blackjack things floating in front of me but you know what you nailed it that truly was bad radio thank you i don't know if i want jimmy butler being traded is like a total tear of my heart i want the bulls to rebuild but then i think about jimmy butler play in any other uniform and i get really sad and then i think about my dick goldfish yeah ok right so you kill let's move on to we haven't listen in a couple weeks but we're back at it it's a little bachelors talk for guys that don't watch bachelor so just a reminder trent barstool trend and barzel chief they have a podcast called coming up roses make sure you listen to it if you
ashley person we are not bachelor people but we want to keep you up to with what's going on on the bachelor so we have a recap of episode give you a couple thoughts so you're ready to go on the water cooler so this because the hometown episode classic wow i love that week yep nick goes to an all black church in rachel's hometown and tries to fit in it goes poorly little ok where he's probably cracking on the ones in the fridge montana nebraska
kerin takes nick shopping in her hometown and spends four thousand dollars in ten minutes oh that's a good you know that's a good girl yeah you want to take home to your family here's a question we don't have the details of what do you think they spent it on purses yeah bags back he'll set out from not just person versus the bags because there's a difference in there somewhere and once you hit that level then you're adding a zero to the price surges back right of vanessa's dad says no when nick asked for vanessa's hand in marriage and nick is shark week i said that supposed to be the end of the show is like trying to marry somebody is just a prank he was i wanna fuck her in her house in add roof like i was just okay let's along with a night yeah well over real quick so i can sixty nine in your childhood bedroom or is it can i ask your daughter's hand in marriage i'm not going to right can i but i just want to get a freaky in but also the rec room can i get her
and and maybe her mouth too in marriage just for tonight hey hey when you walk down in the basement in your man cave and i'm fucking your daughter on the couch can you please not be mad 'cause i remember that time i asked if i could marry yes having said chivalry is dead yeah is that it that's it oh wow what a week hometown week wow i love it ok hum let's do because it is because it is wednesday hot seat cool throne who wants to start pft hey pft isn't fair so you guys you guys getting up and you bully me when i'm not in the studio my hot seat and this is kind of kind of obvious because you know everyone's saying ok he should go down to new orleans but it does make a lot of sense in the first place were about reaching the end of the rope with jim calipari where like every three or four years he needs to
at a town he's like a a dodgy salesman that you know screws and a bunch of people over and has to leave right so it right a bunch that is jack's right yeah exactly so the nc double a sanctions about to hit kentucky that's a fact i'm just going out right now so he needs to get out of town needs go to the nba people are saying that he can't do it anymore he wants to prove them wrong be perfect fit for the pelicans you've got two of his best players from college that are playing there as you've got john wall that could be a point guard free agent just a little bit here and we all know tell you that the john wall needs a father figure yep calipari there together their ghosts so hot seat calipari cool throne i've got wristband salesman so spring break is coming and every like all inclusive hotel that you go to every every club every night club has a different color of wristband so this is the time of year where they really make their bread little free tip to every that they are planning a spring break order a ship
sort of really nice wristbands in different colors in advance so that maybe you can get into that club that you can't get into their just act like you were just out for a cigarette break the coolest guy on the college campuses the guy who comes back with fifteen wristbands and says oh i just haven't taken him off yet it was crazy and cancun no big deal it's just you know look at all the parties i went to hank my see this skip and stephen a yes that is true not the actual people the frog frogs i'm a little nervous about him as well of larry larry is kind of the life of the party so it will be interesting to see if those were kind of role players see if they can step up when the stars go on i have high hopes for skip the no sorry stephene the white one i he's always had a little pep in his step i'm not just saying that i'm i'm not not to be ready to be racist but i also own a black frog so not to be racist some of you best frogs are black right and then my cool throne is boris
the office chinchilla that's what his name is let's i thought is when was steve's his neck well i like steve scurry or a lot better the gesture and also just just steve as a name for it until it's pretty solid yeah but i think all office so you're saying boards on the cool thrown yeah he's like the new favorite office pat true that's actually heartbreaking he is the cut leased office but now that we're is gone layers feathers were pretty soft but the chinchilla coat is really nice quick spin zone no march madness is coming up we're going to need something to gamble on it so maybe this is the perfect time for us to buy like a dozen turtles are now i'm just spitballing here we could write a heads and tails on two sides of laree and then flip 'em every game you're sick and then we put him back in the freezer and we keep in frozen you're sick yeah you definitely poisoning though definitely employ him walk away and get out of the out of the country in front of us
that's a pretty good hey do you guys know if goldfish if they live in different years like dog years yeah larry larry was like a hundred no i actually someone sent me an article that said goldfish actually live to be like ten or fifteen years so yeah years so we really are not good goal to shelters we we were we were pat ourselves on the back we made it like seven months turns out that's like me i'm nine years in five months shy of when a goldfish really should live till ok well i'm going to suicide then my hot seat is jesus christ sammy also did an interview today and he was asked about his accused pd use and he said it's like jesus christ when he came to jerusalem everybody thought jesus christ was a witch and he was our savior so if they talk shit about jesus christ what about me so watch out jesus we got sammy back and he's a great
person he's ready to take it he sammy also it was a wild interview sammy also said when nobody knew who chicago was i put chicago on the map so third largest city right after michael jordan was the greatest player of all time sammy sosa made people know hey chicago here it's in illinois it's over here these are actually this is first time i've heard about sammy sosa being accused of using pdas yes like you just heard it does not show nobody was set anything up they were it did seem like people had forgotten so now we could get it going again and my cool throne are my responsibilities so i put my response abilities basically are keeping my dog alive brushing my teeth i sometimes forget to do and feeding laree and so that's one slash three of my responsibilities are now gone like changing his tank which you did larry recently i did it last week i don't see you changing his tank i change his tank once a month like i showed off
exit last week it's been at least six days since i change his tank he's fine so all these events but you're you're essentially admitting to the fact that you did a massive undertaking and change larry's entire environment just before he started to know when i change the third of his tank like i always did so my responsibilities feeding laree 'cause i was the one who had to feed laree so you're saying you were overwhelmed with your responsibilities before larry died and now you're relieved because you took on too much i might only now that i'm saying this is one of those models browser triplets in ground him on the bathtub yeah oh they're cloutier tales all this time you know what those bombs i now i'm saying this out loud being the one that feeds laree or fed laree i don't have great portion control and so i'll put my hand that maybe that's part of larries heart giving up fair or not i think you killed her goldfish fair or not i think i just
major are goldfish enjoyed a life of luxury as goldfish i've ever seen better to live as a fat goldfish then a skinny little bitch that's what they we say let's to our interviews now we have a two for we got football guys we have mike singletary an and lance briggs i talked to them houston super bowl week it was a great one we almost got mike singletary to cry yeah it actually came pretty close to that and we also got lance briggs to talk a little bit about jim trestman with robert chessmen so we're having trouble with names today you called him jim calipari i didn't want to say anything i don't want to interrupt you john john calipari the joe it's jim calipari john trestman job trestman
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during some really cool stuff with hun day you want to talk to us about that room but hun day is really doing some great things the truth from overseas what they've been able to allow us to do in terms of the passion and the love that you have for the game i mean the wood things that they're doing is really where it's at really get excited about it she's at the end of the game now they are directing a shot a commercial the you sound really second to none this is the first of its kind it's going to be it's going to be added is going to be produced right the game at ninety second slot of a virtual reality a fly that that really shows some interesting things about bringing the game to our troops
and so that's very exciting to be able to see you don't want to miss it because it's a time things so it's the the only time that's ever been done so so is this now going to be your second legacy after the being part of the greatest football team of all time now being part of really cool super bowl commercials 'cause you did the remake of the super bowl shuffle a few years ago when dick was on the wrecking ball that one took everybody by storm as well so is this like every year mike singletary is going to blow everyone's mind with a new commercial no but i will say this disk it was really unique because it's about the troops that are doing something great for all of us ok very cool what do we call you mike coach mike is great mike okay i've always wanted like what's the statue limitations on calling somebody coach a nose grease michael's okay yes so one one question i have for you was you are such a great player you are obviously extremely talented
then you made the transition to coaching how much of a difference is there coaching a player that might not have your physical gifts your knack for playing the game is it easy to impart the how you saw the game on to that young man or or do you have to kind of dig a little deeper you know one of the things that is a really interesting question thank you one of the things that i've been asked and i've i've heard different thought processes on is oh daddy former player who was a great player it's going to be hard for them to be able to teach a player how to do what they do and i really question that i would have is this to the audience into you who would rather have to choose someone that did it someone
naked walking in those steps someone that could tell you every step about here's what's going to happen here here's what's going to happen there so for me when i look at myself as a player i wasn't one of those guys that went out indiana did something then came back and have no idea how he did it couldn't explain it so it was being able to have a player that understood exactly they didn't take took notes on what they did and becoming a coach and being able to explain to you exactly what they did ok so obviously we need to bring up the least talked about championship team of all time the nineteen eighty five bears i'm just going to say that right now on the record i think you guys need a little more credit i'm going to try to ask questions maybe there hasn't been asked before there three thousand four hundred and thirty obviously i was joking are you guys could talk about a lot the whole device
buddy ryan the defense office of mike ditka after all those years and after you retired did you stay a firm affirm and i would you like maybe not pick up the phone when mike taken called like screen his phone call or kind of maybe like tell people yeah i'm i'm still buddy guy i'm not going to talk about dica i never or coach rica and buddy ryan were were two mentors to me and they were like fathers i never chose one over the other but if you had to like if it was you had no ready
now is like taking a mom and which one do you go to some guy with a different not me okay but i i think that you know at the end of the day both of those men implemented something in me that i i could never forget it it makes me why as a player so and as a man so i i think that i would never choose one over the other ok one chicago based question we obviously are national podcast i don't want to get too inside baseball here but please tell me a real bear weather is and give me like a point spread how much how much how many points is there whether work
bear weather is not worth one point what's come on no we're going to put that part not fair weather is not worth one point five is not worth one point what about how loud the chicago fans get let me tell you it's it's like this the bear fans can get just as quiet as anybody else what's important that's sports in the preparation to that week in getting out there and and having a team that can win that game i this seriously that this is good how do i just doesn't exist here's the deal why how in the world is in the cold
whether or anything else gonna be worth any points that's right and in the same whether they don't have that stuff weather is distinctly chicago thing so on that on that very same yeah buddy ryan where they're players yeah that's true yeah that probably helps having yeah best defense of all time ryan boys over running around rex and rob they run right i'll write them every blue moon yeah is that just because that's when they were not hung over enough to come into the office buddy buddy kept working on the phone get them did we have ever like give each other wedgies and stuff no i've never seen okay would you take in a fight restaurant uh probably take rex by the way the wage in question was like this year when the rams play the bills did you see them giving him
no i not it alright so you were with the rams this year jeff fisher it is obviously wants to keep coaching he wants another shot at it what would you say jeff fisher's strength is as a head coach jeff is a players coach i think you really caters to deploy takes care of the players and you understand the game i think jeff is one of those guys that that that really manage is the game really well so i i think there's a lot of positive but sometimes he loses the challenge flag inside of oh yeah did you give me crap about that no that was what about his long shirts what's that about you never give a crap about that now
yeah we all know that see i think i know i don't want to play you know arm chair quarterback here what if you if people have mentioned hey jeff the long shorts are kind of weird i think it would have been through there was number guide that had long shirts because he made them it was it is center no it's okay yeah article rock the strength and conditioning coach out in la you ever hang out with them rockets to yeah love rock what good man really enjoyed being around what's it what's he like on game day the guy that gets everybody fired up you know rock is how to play quiet on game day through the week that you hear him and of course in the weight room and but he just i guy really enjoy being around how much do you squat thesis how much does he does rocks quite yeah
whatever i i never much bench yeah i was about to work well i have a dog at one time a little less than one hundred i want contest battery yeah if you give me couple hours in the day here's a good question what is jim tom uh don't have any idea i mean you worked with him in for in san francisco like he's imagine a mix of sweat football venison some oil cuz he's working on it still for the game now is on that if it is sunday stood by me it is play but he wasn't working on it but sunday's never break down what is jim tom was really wow that's an interesting question she hasn't been asked that today no ok i'm going to rephrase it because this is an election time so smells like an old nintendo mario cartridge
yeah that smell again blowing it like dusty yeah well testicle testicle but keep in touch with jim at all no ok well we can't we can't find it yeah this is actually the whole reason we had you on it just to see if we could put that comes is a better question this is this is kind of a running theme for our entire podcast and way of life football guys guys who live and breathe football can you in a word or a few words explain what makes a football guy a football guy and who is the ultimate football guy in your mind wow up today or anytime the football guy that i know what buddy ryan ultimate football guy he was an ultimate football guy because he knew the game he knew what everybody was supposed to be doing he knew why they were doing
and he knew how to get them motivated to do it he knew how to you accountable and he could are your tail out and you still love to me that guys not gonna love you when you get on him about something if you didn't believe in and he knows that you don't believe in him so i think that those end of men that the game hose adapter people have been out in san francisco i felt like you didn't get a real fair shake at that and then you see some of the other coaches that have been out there and there a certain level of chaos i guess that that comes into play the organization how they handle coaches why do you think that has been such a tough place to find stability i'd you know i'd i'd are there a lot of things that you could point to i i just
a situation where i think before they had so much success with bill walsh and sometimes instead of looking at where you are and looking at the new regime and are having a new i did the and being able to save that was then and this is now and and let's continue to move all i i think sometimes it's hard to shake i'm gonna stories out there jed york he no comment caller from my comment all right we're gonna even very gracious your time we're gonna wrap it up we have three questions roads ask all of our guests the first is a game we play your motivational speaker can you motivate he actually did help behind you doing right now ok no ok fine will move on to the headline grab headlines
john fox probably should be fired right not going there ok here's another head out of there will be fire but may be relieved of his duty yeah like he's probably he's not doing a great job quiz playcalling yeah right right so what are the only thing i'll say about that is is you know he didn't have the quarterback tissue okay headline grab jay cutler not a french as our trash there we go actually no i think you're actually talking about matt barkley not a franchise guy right it breaks a one other headline grab are you still mad were to do this a lover and a nice guy that's good to know yeah ok alright when you that one time we stared at alex smith like directly in his eyes series what did his eyes tell you that made you put him back in i'm ready i'm ready so we're kind of like we're football savant and that we we don't like it too much
stupid trivia about random things that are totally inconsequential football speaking of stupid trivia a game that we play with everybody we're going to videotape this real quick that time that you motivated the san francisco 49ers by pulling your pants down this was a bad interview on our part can you motivate us to do better by pulling your pants down k now no i'm not here here's something that everybody has to understand i pull my pants down so that i didn't use but i had long johns on oh oh oh in your underwear that you need to get see now there's a headline grabbing it's clear that story up you just ok that makes sense
we're not going no i don't think so that's not what he did yeah i don't have long johns on and i don't think you miss busted myth busters mike singletary thank you so much this was awesome hopefully you had fun i don't know i could never tell oh shoot we forgot to do it wait one thing we wanted to try to make cry by saying a lot of football things ok i'm playing this friday night lights in theme song alright we're gonna do a real quick alright so football words words that you're most passionate about let's see if we can make mike suggests brotherhood in the locker room love buddy ryan that smell that you get after a long dusty hot summer practice work working yeah working hard for the guys next to you we had heard not injured be able to play through it plans through pain because you know that your brother next you would do the same thing for you yeah
blood off your face and not caring jamming your fingers having a broken finger and say you know what i don't care i'm still doing it for my brother chase sacrificed chasing down a guy on a ninety nine yard reception here guys crying folks yes we're doing it because it was right thing to do football alright thank you something completely different alright this is bear episode we have a nother chicago bear legend lance breaks has joined us we are outside of the media center the nfl has banned us so if you hear any noise that's why we're we're we're bad boys whatever a lot of distractions out here yeah are you a little intimidated by us like knowing that we're on the on the persona non grata list for the nfl like no you know i i i actually feel more at home right here okay yeah okay i got that that that that are better speed
this meeting speed limit may go a little lower okay did you did you just set me up to ask yes if if the lamborghini if you're found anyone still lamborghini i've ever found anybody who stole one you know you're from the person who stole yours well you know the thing about it is you know if you found that you talk to any lamborghini enthusiasm they say you never know how to drive a lamborghini to crash i will tell you what i'm loosening up for that i don't know either one of us of course right off for the son of a that stole that thing i wanna make my life's work yeah hello jays looking for the real killer right now yeah i'm looking for that guy way past the first forty eight from a little bit a little bit all right my the first question actually did want to ask because it ties into mike singletary we had him on earlier he said is a myth is a myth is a myth i know okay thank god i disagree with that you say beer whether when i when i think about whether i think i think you know one two zero
yep yep you know takes it to about negative eight you know and playoffs isn't playoff time january get it seem like a lot of fountains yep or new orleans yeah we can yeah yeah yep comes out there and you can tell in a warm ups at the ready to go ask coming on the lake and it's just feels good okay so why single terry believes in global warming lance briggs does not they're not perfect i'm happy that you that makes me feel a lot better i was really bummed out from the moment he said the bear weather didn't exist till this moment but now i'm back fairweather's back i remember there were like three years in a row in chicago where they kept slapping the franchise tag on you and you were not happy about that and you see that's putting it lightly putting in biology i think at one point you said you were no longer in chicago bear yes and you were getting traded to the art words how close to that trade actually come to happening that recap it was pretty close it was pretty close to happening
i got franchise of ink after the the the super bowl year you know two thousand and six season so you know my deal was i wanted to be with the bears long term and at the time the the the gm the time jerry angelo he basically said he only wanted my services for that year and then and then you know i could move on so you know my my impression was hey well if you don't want me here longer than next year then trade me or let me find a trade or trade me or let me find a trade and then you know and get some value out of me you know and i am pointing it didn't end up working out that way which i'm actually happy you know ended up signing along well term deal shall i laid to rest yeah i played became a bear for life and i'm i'm thankful for that but no i just understand where a lot of these young men go through you know it's it's it's a business and and fanfare and and loyalties all this stuff kind of gets thrown out the window when you come
two business because of god there's guys that are in that office that are talking straight numbers they're not talking about you know hey man i really enjoy having this guy around you know if the numbers don't match up no it is not it's nerds that are infecting sports they get the spreadsheets they think that they know everything will have the worst nerds yeah you know that your town they will have good all right so but at the super bowl you obviously played in a super bowl talk to us a little bit about the preparation for the big game the nerve everyone always talks about how the regular it's two different speeds and then the playoffs and superbowl is like the fastest thing you've ever experienced is that true i mean the excitement i remember being how excited we were when we play in seattle and we were more worried about seattle coming in playing our first game then any of the other teams have played in the playoffs and leading up to the super bowl
just because we were playing again i mean we're playing again that year we beat him once and i thought that was a team that was a hump that really is going to be difficult to beat them again a second time you end up going into overtime we won that game but filipino wins in the championship game going up to the super bowl but i mean that's super bowl week you think back to all hard work you know it began in the summer and and all the tough games throughout the year super bowl we really it was a breeze because it was so player motivated it was like man we're here we got to have a great practice today you know i'm not gonna be any gear gonna be all hat day coach give those glasses and and day to day you know the rest of the week so let's make sure they're worse as sharp as possible every day so we're sharp come come games on i like a glasses and had days when we start doing that around the office i think let's make sure as sharp as possible and of we stop rex grossman is our quarterback true true that's kind
yeah my so that superbowl do you think that you guys were to come out with a little harder edge in the second half if you got to watch the prince halftime performance man good question i think i was the he's having seen it still haven't seen that perform it started to rain when he was playing purple rain and the raindrops were purple with the light i think if you had watched you guys of which you know prince is a sexy performer his music is very sensual right guys would've been in and around st in the second half and probably able to just like have a little bit more testosterone i guess we could use some tests i don't know how much arousal would help us a an appointment what we needed was sounds like a guy that's never played with a boner before devin hester returned the second half opening kick back as well right for the bears get the ball twice i think we should run the ball a lot more yeah
so marshall newhouse is sitting right off camera over here is bad is bad radiohead since we're bad radio yeah but but he said that he's played against you before and that brian urlacher talked a lot more shit than you did i just want to see if like if you're afraid if you were scared like why do you talk so you don't think you can back it up or what i mean some guys are better at talking sheet than others you know i'm you know i used smile when i play football i know that the man across from me is not willing to do what i'm part of willing to go where i will you know yeah play to play out balls you know just you know like ouch don't know i you know i yep pile i've been you know the the years that i've been there you know i've seen is is interesting because i saw a lot of referees make my back all right you know so much on it i mean we had about five or six guys in our defense that would just lay into you know referees you know i mean to the point where you know i look back on like their files referee out the
when you just for the way you would use in it i also heard that you would snitch on people for jumping offsides but i would i even offered to tackle fletch i heard you would say that's a that's upsides to reflect well i mean you call this nation if you want to but if he jumped offside yeah he needs a flag or not i don't know also herlacher was a bigger shit talker let's give you a chance to talk shit about his new hair it's ridiculous no i love it i love it i think he's inspired a lot i have a couple friends that i know that are uh that are a little shady here and here in their lives yeah yeah you're right and he inspired him actually to make that phone call okay okay all right when you're getting ready for the superbowl what was your favorite part of the week was it media day or all the professional adult autograph seekers no it was a it was just being that week in miami um
on our time our off time you know i spend time with my family friends and we go out we you know out on the ocean ocean drive hey we're the it was the the the amount of chicago fans that were everywhere when everywhere you went you couldn't you couldn't find it the hell out of chicago yeah yeah it's freezing chicago that's on yeah exactly this this man by the way is going to walk back by these mother he's been door yeah the worst did you get it did you get a pep talk or a warning talk from lovey before going out in miami saying like hey this guy eugene robinson don't be like him i'm not well i mean his maybe his version of it you know his version was just you know how your men will treat you like me and i expect you all too to handle yourselves as if this is a super bowl is another work week business trip writes a business trip you know hand it yourselves that way and
and we're going to leave it at that so you are you famously obviously were lovely guy you loved lovey i think that that whole entire defense that was kind of the hallmark that they would do anything for love the smith right the end of your career marc trestman comes in yeah headline grab my tristan was the worst of all time and i'm still pissed at him agree i do not deny ok there we go headline grabbing yeah i mean i i was that was a very rock bottom point chicago who was a tough time it was a very tough time i happened to notice that you have a book with you called football and free which is a very marc trestman book
is that is that his influence on you right there no this is the university of arizona's influence on me i have a i have kind of a book report questionnaire due tomorrow by nine hundred o'clock have you looked at the wikipedia page for it yet but wikipedia do i need to do that yeah i mean wikipedia is better than books what do you mean you have a book report for university of kind of a question area my they don't there you don't read the only read books i we do not come out more than you think we do have i thought the band instead of the pool and hard bodies everywhere in the office yeah a lot of people playing golf golf rates right now are pretty high yeah you can get right now about ninety five dollars also i had written down i really just want to say mark transfer near the worst just going to say that one more nice just make sure that it's out there i'm sure he'll i'm sure somehow someway yes i think so i think he knows that what would we have a game we're going to play with play with everyone
i was actually going to be fine the lambeau but you already ruined that for us yeah literally literally that game for us all right so will rap it up with our last three questions we did the headline grab the second last question the most famous person in your cell phone the most famous person in my cell phone is brian erlacher we wanna give him a call call to say hi yeah yeah i don't think he's going to all these areas about did you ever tell or lacquer like hey man that that barb wire tattoo is pretty fucking cheesy no i told him between
pamela anderson i mean it yes you guys are rude down for the bri love it 'cause that's such an earl acker like tattoo to have he just like that you know that was that was a trend here about when he first did that era it was that he was like this will never go out of style and it went out of style like two seconds later did you did you ever go into your locker question i'm going to ask you don't have to answer but i'm going to ask anyways did you ever go to your locker and like take an advil after practice in their locker was like hey those are my steroids thanks that was you know what i'll answer that for you shut the fuc up pft nice nice i got that for you don't worry that was today's worse question of the day never alright lance briggs thank you so much regime everyone check him out comcast pap oil good friend oh yeah yeah how is by the way you know former
please come in the media we kind of don't like that because we're meeting you guys yeah like we try to do our own john you never played the game of golf never lose your legitimacy behind the camera man you know but you know you can block the day in your life now yeah but i don't want to z i blogged with a with a sprained finger one time i got bit by a dog few months ago i broke my foot didn't miss a day work yep you guys are gonna tell a lot of ever bad yeah whatever you have like them to help nothing like that right yeah thank you it's pretty sure are both that interview was brought to you by deicide hakam march madness is up next and betty yes i will be having a million dollar bracket contest for all of our listeners completing the perfect bracket is close to impossible so they're also adding guaranteed prizes for best overall march madness bracket performances all our listeners will get a free entry into the met madness con
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i don't know if it was because of his tweets or not but a president of a basketball organization having tweets like magic i'm very excited for it well i earn his tweets considered tampering right now that's that's actually a fair thing to say here's here's what i'm saying though i think the lakers took one look at magic's tweets and were like man this guy gets it 'cause if you for get a couple of his tweets in the offseason the first agent the lakers should go after is kevin durant huh that's pretty good pretty savvy schitt he's a pretty good player wait well lakers waiting town they need a guy that's put out a little flash like that here's another one the lakers should call lebron james agent we know he's going to stay in cleveland but they should go after him just in case he leaves another that's another pretty good player right there that he's trying to do it they should maybe get in touch with stef currys people yep because stuff curry might not be happy and golden state maybe he'd like to go down to la
so i think they took one look at it like hey this guy gets it he gets basketball if you just kevin durant lebron james stephen curry and maybe anthony davis on the same team you might have a chance of winning a title speaking of anthony davis do you think that now the pelicans have the best nba jam team on their team right now can't shoot the threes oh it's not like the christmas corner three that you use a pop you in threes in nba jam yeah that's how you you run right to the corner with detlef schrempf or chris mullin jack that three get on fire you can do all the fancy stuff later on yeah that's fine there were a magic is the lakers president while tweeting is going to be fantastic i think here's here's my to take on this the lakers magic going to do a good job if the lakers win basketball games that's pretty good take yeah i agree
i think he's also going to do a good job if he gets good players on the lakers who can put the ball in the hoop he did ask ball where the basket we have a king state kings this one comes from england so this is a story that went viral on monday the backup goalie for sutton united who's big fat old boy love them he it was seen eating a meat pie at halftime of the game already a king just instantly in king and there was a picture of him like at the bar during halftime and turns out he's now being investigated by fifa because there was a prop bet eight to one that he would that he would eat a meat pie during the game and i guess very knowing that they don't like people making money via shady means at all except an organization that you can depend on but i think that maybe they i've stumbled their way into greatness here where we always
like how can the united states starts really relate to soccer get into soccer having an obese player that's a great way to get an american audience to watch a sport that we love fat people in america we are people so like having one of us on the team it's like ok it's very it's very inclusive thing it's yeah it's like stars they're just like us that stupid magazine just like our goal is yeah this guy the jackie robinson of fat people right exactly either way he just resigned he he was like you know what if they're going to investigate me i don't want all my is it made all that money off of me reading this bet i don't want to get them in trouble so i'll just resign falling on the sword yeah big lawsuit peter talks so i like the fact that it's a fat goalie though that's like one of my ideas that i had for the nhl is just getting one of those obese people that they have to cut out of their homes right just play goalie and then nobody can score on you if you cover up the internet i think you still need to be able to jump a little bit as a goalie
in soccer yeah but in the nhl like if you're one of those eight hundred pound people there's just no room for the puck to get through true we hey is pat riley going to die soon addition for bob huggins is bob huggins going to die soon on monday night he collapsed to his knees midgame or actually was right at halftime because his defibulator also known as a pacemaker i guess like short circuited and it felt like someone punched him in the back so i thought he had a heart attack he got up in we just started blaming the refs which is the ultimate football guy move but it makes you think is is of who is going to die soon well isn't this some mighty ducks started did the first coach have a heart attack and then they called emilio estevez it yeah so it's like a reverse mighty ducks where they bring in they get rid of the guy that has the dui and bring somebody else in i guess maybe be on the lookout it's like oh um malcolm in the middle people said that that was a sequel to breaking bad right
so maybe emilio estevez is going to come in and coach west virginia now like that i also like this quote from bob huggins he says it goes off and what it does is shocks your heart back into rhythm like ninety nine point nine percent of other guys my age in america i gotta defibrillator so sigmetrics checks out huggins i don't think nine point nine percent of males is age of had a heart attack and then have a defibrillator that like short circuits but you know what who am i to say right well i'm a math guy so i don't know that he's wrong and i mean all this talk about defibrillators just leads me back to thinking maybe if lairy had had one he could have been saved big day for his fitbit though 'cause he went down to his knees and then had to stand back up that's at least one step if you have a fitbit and
you have a developer later in your chest like that's got to be making some some weird counts on on your wrist rest right exactly that's gonna be short circuiting that thing right so i'll maybe the fitbit short circuited is the federal or maybe that's why it maybe that's why you got that the fibula there because his wife was like where this fitbit and he was like if i get this to be later it will give me fake steps oh yeah you can create you can manually crank up your heart rate and be like see honey i'm working and you're like sitting at the bar having having a few beers so if you out there and you have a defibrillator throw away but don't try to get into shape he also it was really funny 'cause when it happened everyone got really nervous like oh my god huggy bear is he ok and or tweeting during the second half like he doesn't look right and they zoomed in on him aegis was like a sweaty mess how we always is he's always in a tracksuit he's always really fat and he's always got that like he's got that
back i sweat where the bottom of his hair in the back is always wet you know yeah you can you can see the individual drops of sweat pouring down on right like most guys they get lower back sweat but he's also got a stain on his shoulders right where the hair stripping right it looks like it bob huggins perpetually looks like he got out of the shower fifteen minutes ago but it's always sweat yeah the next stop we have a spin zone this ones first cedric benson who got rested pulled over for do you why and the police officer asked him to do his a b c's and count to three and he said he couldn't because he played football and he had concussions i thought he was gonna say because he went to school at yeah he because he was under mack brown and they don't make him notice class but it's this is a nice spin zone i feel like now if you ever put it down a football you can probably get away with a dui or if you ever watch too much football to
so it's like it's the offseason i spent the last six months doing nothing but watching football you can't expect me know my abc's if i dab too hard i'm convinced that i'm going to someday dab myself into concussion so why not take care of that and then i can walk around saying hey i can't count anymore adapt too much so cedric benson he doesn't know his abcs but he was he was driving correct okay good just wanted to clear that up i can't read the driving you don't need i mean what you just know that like the big red sign means stop that's all you need to know that we have as a straight guy from the people who brought you as a white guy we have a new segment called as a straight guy and this comes from the wnba candice wiggins came out and said she was bullied in the wnba because ninety eight percent of the wnba is gay and she is straight so people pull up a leader and put her out on the fringes the last place that
straight people are truly persecuted wnba well just dawned on me that getting bullied by lesbians for not being lesbian probably sounds a lot like a guy trying to hit on a girl and talk dirty to her like that dick don't you yeah yeah i bet you like that dick little dick like her yeah you like dick so much yeah but that's bullying when a girl says it when a guy says it's just guys being just trying to do some outside the locker room locker room talk for chicks this is a nice i'm guaranteeing that clay travis going to call my shot here clay travis is going to use these statistics for future column talking about how straight people are persecuted because hey did you hear ninety eight percent of the wnba is gay and also here's a great part candice wiggins shocker has a book coming out which is a nice respect the biz is old journal trick if you're writing a book just throw
some crazy statistics that no one can back up and people will be like wow that's crazy you you mean it's eighty seven percent of major league baseball does mexican steroids wow i better pick up yes book in ninety a good percentage throughout too because it's not like nine nine hundred nine ninety nine is just unbelievable come on is like yeah ninety seven it's like ok let's drop in the bucket ninety eight is the number you want to shoot for it this that stat could actually make it into a trump speech i'm calling my shot not a clay travis column saying trump might cite this and be like you know let's have some protect for straight people too right exactly now it is true a good point about the nine thousand eight hundred and ninety nine difference 'cause ninety nine you're starting to say this is crazy this is also why lenny dykstra picked his one loss for stocks yes you got a ninety nine percent sounds a little bit too much like saddam hussein's election results right like ninety nine percent of people like me and one percent didn't vote exactly
have you ever sorry not sorry i do yeah after the whole laree thing it's made me a little bit more introspective and it's made me think about the things we shared together so i want to address something with hank just say that i'm sorry for not saying that sorry to earlier so so here we go so you're saying sorry no thanks sorry for not apologizing no he's not saying sorry he's so he's apologizing i just said i was sorry no you did not hanks hanks pulling with this right now so i'm going to help him out as his lawyer apologizing for not apologizing he's still not apologizing but i i am apologizing for not apologizing but you're not apologizing well thank you for saying sorry i would appreciate it though if you really said sorry one day well i'll be the bigger man in this situation i realized that i'm more
or that hank has an older person maybe i shouldn't have delegated so much responsibility to hank and have him expecting me to apologize to him so that's me that's on that's my fault ok so i'm sorry not saying i'm sorry early don't fall for these trucks hank don't fall for it ha we oh i had one last one this pins on this actually is just kind of or no sorry it's pr one hundred and one for derrick lewis the mma fighter who after his fight said they asked him if he was hurt when he got kicked in the stomach and he said no i just had to take a shit real bad that i think i think i think we can see some system because this is kind of our excuse for everything just tell everyone you have to take a ship diarrhea also there's nothing in the mma rule book that says that you can't shoot on your opponent true so that would actually that might have been a better technique very true
that is our show finally let's do one last thing because it's been such a tough day i want to call someone close to this show sharing the grief sharing the grief hey lady it's the guys from part of my take our goldfish died so he please suck their dicks be great if you could just suck my dick
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