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Morgan Cox & Justin Tucker 11/20/16

2016-11-20 | 🔗
NFL Week 11 recap. The Browns are officially eliminated from the playoffs. Football Guy of the Week. The Tiger Woods Memorial Who's Back Of The Week. Morgan Cox and Justin Tucker join us from the Baltimore Ravens to talk about Special Teams, long snapping trick shots, and Joe Flacco. Segments include Kicker's Psychiatrist Couch, Stay Woke, Sabermetrics, Hurt or Injured, Just Chill Out Man for Aaron Rodgers. Hmmm for Adam Schefter not going to Mexico and a new segment "Talk To The Listeners".
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my party might take it is monday november twenty first nfl week eleven let's do it they were crying in their blue cheese tufts the bills loser free straight visit cincinnati but hold on what's that no encircles circles the wagons like buffalo bills bills open up
sky line skylight on cincinnati and give them the runs pills back on track sixteen twelve tony roma taught us this week that once you go jack you never go back as tat prescott pushes out the raven like a bunch of panama city frank boys leaving the raven social media manager to tweet tat baltimore deeply what's the rules they played the knight of the innocent people yet each one zika ill elliot goes viral worked out workshop that wantage you're actually write books to pussies when who knows the big deep and only one got lit jacksonville cats catches of matthew stafford infection as jim dominican challenge caldwell has his puss pushes sit in the first place in the enough see norse on turkey let me be the first to wish you and your family a happy holidays folks lindsey the judge twenty six nineteen
the report has as many sex as he has been used as a new york football giants met the former mom there's other midway any rule of law unless we are born and says to be or not to be in leader must always be a safe and special place the castle chicago bears were very rude their fans apologize joyce the two sixty people let's be honest the bears very bad get it jersey shore there's a situation brewing in chicago but hold on the cavalier teach to marco polo the marco polo debacle polo i can see your eyes are open stop treating the titans running back china's circumnavigate the court's deepen put is andrew luck now this is book capsize tennessee ports capture the titans twenty four seventeen standing on a corner james winds in terms of florida certified inside to see its
my lab at board moodily like a giant strawberry the down that you get mouths to misuse and screw the box pill the chiefs nineteen seventeen this report i two doing travels is every just go a place where a certain young boy took in the famous enough see championship also known as the catch also dinner's that day i have some young reporter a couple pounds lighter and a twinkle in his eye all that would a game of two very careers now watch me this put no i also spread pretty we do not do something just fisher gets
in a rare los angeles november rain and suffered his one hundred and sixty second career losses and annabel head coach is his time coming to see so if you want to love me darling don't refrain or i'll just end up working in that cold november rain in spite of its fourteen ten russia wilson corner tv in seattle to go along with all the stds he got from sierra now that they fuck allow general crowd applauding without lastly case with collapse gentle gives it the eagles doggie style twenty six fifty wraps right
rice week eleven in the books that one down don't hurt my throat but i'm here i can tell that you really pushing through this airplane hurt right now are you have hand foot and mouth disease yeah you wouldn't know now i probably due to you wouldn't know about a foot disease so earning on foot element i was actually start to show because it's a monday we do the boom everyone my alternate opening for the show was today's november twenty first and the browser officially eliminated from the plants yeah but you know what i actually broken his back in august true sir when the second dns orgy three as a starting quarterback i got what we call ahead of the new cycle i said ok they're just clinched last placing the f c they closed the first draft pick and their mathematically eliminate right now so not to brag but i was informed that do you think the owen sixteen lions are sitting there like mercury morris waiting for this to happen so that they can no longer be alone yeah but they don't have bottles a champagne that they pop they ve got like they ve got bottles of mad dog or night train reign the second that their record gets tied they just spike john kidneys
somewhere like a cold cold basement yet ready to ready to welcome in the cleveland brown s right yeah you microwave hot pocket that's your tradition the same champagne the nfl big week eleven lot of fun were starting to see whose real who's not who were fraud we're highlights that ties in with an idea i thought about i don't know maybe i guess we'll just you're right i thought we could do mad dog mundus ok with a mad dog mad dog in this matter monday who we're gonna throw up a bridge as through pickers off a bridge zany the how are we going to actually has a question my self how long am i going to keep doubting the dallas cowboys there now eight more nine in one against a sprint yeah that's absurd it gives a spread against
spread and if some some people wrong ok out tonight who had the first game they might be tena if there's something that i know about you big cat it's that right when you start to really jump on board somewhere it especially becomes a gambling it switches summit a bet on that are you in a bed hey egg we're gonna get that don't have to lose but they're not gonna cover the spell they're gonna lose that that one hundred percent screw happy i just jinx the cowboys yup they should do that how bout about deck prescott showing his leadership by picking up the cup of gator aid that he tried to throw away that was something us all for people who are on twitter all day this actually happened in the middle of anna fell sunday couple tweets went out from my thing it was doubtless beat writers and they basically said watch this it's it's kind of a consequential but it says a lot and dac prescott took a sip of his gator it try to thrown away
this the can which is like two feet away don't say a lot about accuracy and then went picked it up man such class i mean it has everything that's all you say it just a class act of precocious classy young men precocious that's another word i hear people sale i am not really sure what it means but i know it fits into that contacts at what point do you think they'll have that at the combine we're guy just throw like things away and well nigh us in the back i'll get up or not throwing stuff a trash is a pretty good in decatur of if you're gonna be good back for the eagles true because their receivers arduous straight garbage all russell wilson although at all by the way not steal from whose back his back he went out for a pass he caught a touched on past so he's the ankles or better
although the person who welcome up every hour and a half the voodoo people the hypnotist the concussion water the strength coach the knots having sex then having sex and having a pregnant wife so probably not having sex again in all were he's just a bizarre human being like when you listed all out like that it really sounds like he's insane yeah lay if he wasn't in exceptional aptly any did all this shit yes he would probably be in a mental institution even ordered like the leader of a cult yeah he's lucky that he is a damn good athletes absolutely ok let's do our football guy the weak are regular monday business we got a pact for poor guy the weak starting it off nick saving will put in this clip half time of the alabama chattanooga game he's the crimson tighter up fourteen three indexation like almost murdered this rapporteur have you told your players what kind again you are in
what a tell him right now a madman bear so i would lay the sale hanging amateur map this poor reporter like you know how pomp of each always fucks with people next even actually would reporter i think on camera if he if international rail yeah yeah if he could if he could still coach next week if you close in the iron ball but even though it killed reported have time he would do in the next one we got might leech who found out he walks three and a half miles to work every day with a minors lamp on his head when it's too dark out should here
in actual old school minors yeah yeah so michael each i mean it might reach is always a football guy he also was asked if he was gonna be in doubt trumps cabinet what would he be set secretary of orphans two thousand settle does a plant question the guarantee now here's the thing that likely he is a football guides us outsiders but you put michael each in a room with other football guys there like who's that archie farsi weirdo over their trying too hard to be an individual right football guys are not individuals are there like a part of the package of the pack and michael each is especial snowflake people forget though mike leeches the ultimate football guy because he puts players with concussions into equipment dark equipment kurdistan darkroom right keeps him busy lockman there's your mind busy also locking football guys son in a shed which he did i think we can all agree power move that's a power move it's it's we talk about dad cooking lot that's a pretty hard data we then have been mackadoo who he said that he the players after the game if need be to bear slice of the coach mackadoo switched up the seats during meetings this right as he wanted everyone to be comfortable being uncomfortable yet been mackadoo seems like you try and real hard as a first your head coach to be a football guy who i think he's overextending wrong but he sounds like a frog football musical watered
football guy so if this was like coffin doing this then i would absolutely accept this as a football guy i think what mackadoo where we call mackadoo turn mackadoo be hidden mackadoo do what he is doing is trying his friend real hard to get the word out there that he's a football yup we then have bilbil check the ultimate football guy he basically toss it in the face of all the nerves out their cutting ourselves he said that he doesn't look at sabre metrics and went on a whole rant he theirs they asked him about the quick release of a quarterback and he replied the what now which is a great like old guy thing what who's the whose it too who though the what now and then he he said tat he said he doesn't look at the metrics he says as far as a metric they use in all that i have no idea you'll need to ask that to a smarter coach than me that is putting your balls on the table in being like them i guess i've got i think is really good football guy move by belgium because he absolutely pays attention to metrics presented us but he acts like he doesn't right so he's plan a double mine game he's i'm such a football guy i'm gonna make them think that i'm even more of a football guy that i really am when behind the scenes i've got my spreadsheets set out but i'll be bad for my brand right if i went ahead and it must it must feel amazing though to be bilbil which i can just basically sam i'm smarter than everyone about football you ever he also wherein the six rings shirt yet fibre vibrant china it works for injured five i cant do reminiscent of nos five and then he has found casino giants
who in the giants not six while this is great discussion i think that six yet through the giants for the patriots yeah ok yeah awe and then finally james franklin who refuses to talk about the busiest play ass i said bessie s i'm sick they play off called football players with his wife doesn't won't talk about with any one in the building any won't talk about it with his wife his wife rolls over at night like hey honey i can't sleep i just wanted to ask you do you think you know michigan to us michigan can still make it shut your mouth is i know when i have this conversation get i think it's a good breath of fresh air for open stagecoach to keep things in house what happens in the locker room stays in locker room yes you don't need to bring that home yes corrects so that's our football guy the weak tell us if we miss someone shoot us apart might take apart might take and let us know and will also throughout a vote for that oh by the way hank is not here today
or wednesday we want no more in the house and so if you hear voices little different that's no more no more he was here i guess he's not say hi because we're about to whose back right i admire the week this is it to em the tiger woods oil whose back the weak member you wanna start now let me go last ok that's you know what you're standing up or something that we would have we would have if you're happy result ok no definite light of other first ok my whose back besides tiger woods who actually is back he shot there was room after that shot like a sixty three young last week so he might be back for besides him acronyms its acronym season bc s f b s fc s c f p and appreciative see acc basketball as he see pack poetess reliant upon a lot of people say encoded disease and p otis s o s strength is scheduled dv away lot acronyms ok at some in their back at him even though their back in their back
socrates ass i have a quick i've too thereby whose back the weak first the texas kansas football rivalry they always say rivalry you need to know you need to have each team when every now and then kansas be taxes for the first time since nineteen thirty eight so that rivalries back right officially and then also whose back snowfall nothing bass there's nothing better than stovall boy turn on your tv it looks like a like your watch on the inside of one of those we call snow gloves no globe yes no looks a lot like the inside of so allow the right dude observation abler prettier than i think that this is absolutely key to driving ratings backup is get a couple snow games and people watch so football all that if i love if you simply maddening you didn't do snow i mean why are you implying that yeah you got another than that lights now turn up the whether a little bit of also was lot of fun to do is to make means whenever player like dives into the snow and comes up a lot of selling us face the
i fucking love cocaine oh yeah that's real find it it was like to challenge acts and coming up on big fear that i like that is well i like that is well ah no more now you ve got all this time to think go ahead to mind the late breaking whose back in its jimmy johnson the nascar driver a whole because according to my phone and alert my phone he won a close overtime jamie they have over time so that was a shocking news to me than nascar has overtime ok nascar overtime rules or back i'm shocked that we actually discussed nascar shortened goes a first i do you think nascar fans are like went whenever goes over time delay god we know you overtime rostov showing us in holland and fell they still like hey guess what does your change rules five years ago here they are alike polish nascar rules better by the way if you're talking about nascar i dont think that year and authority at all unless you have a north carolina jackson who ok i'm gonna put it
i like that i get tobacco wrote yes or will you know it let's do and ask our segment from now on i will the seasons over today right you have my lady i don't know it's ok we can pursue preview of over twenty seven year nestor alec jimmy jobs our jeff stew okay that was our nascar preview for two thousand and sixteen i don't even or seventeen i don't even know if those guys are still around i think just do it after my workout is that an actual person isn't it told his sore about guys before we get there interview i want to quickly talk about this new thing we're doing it's called to the sports action app and they have given us in their infinite wisdom they've given the part of my take team three thousand dollars of real money and we are going to gamble it every single day and we're going to see how we do and are ruled that we made for herself as if we get it up to what twelve thousand dollars yeah we're going to put it all in one game so it's gonna be exciting some sports action up do do so
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site for details we now welcome on morgan cox from the baltimore ravens long snapper probable along snap robust long snapper morgan thank you for taking the time to join us first question are you nervous at all about all these guys jumping over your head and are you gonna get jumped on at any point actually on if you guys do you know little research he could see the troika malo dear to me god was probably were five years ago we'll cut that because i didn't do research it wasn't i wikipedia page z here's how much research i did you want my second question what what's it what's it like having a name like a hot check like morton cox a pretty hot chechnya i'm just saying i thought i'd ever i soon follow a morgan cox on instagram who posters a bunch of it just yet
there is actually another a female morning cox's tennessee she's higher while their yeah now we the degraded mixed up everyone's while not which he smart farm i didn't i didn't know where that well i can't hear members are never actually saw her great but but yet she was a few nights when i met her went on right you know madison bum gunnar he's too data chimney madison baumgardner imagine if you dated morgan cox's bewailed for everybody and their aware patch up it back to the original with that i think big cat was trying to make all these guys again jumped over these days have you thought about strategies to stop that like just sticking your fist up and maybe to sack tapping m as early over you or maybe you could get up i don't know probably in the pretty cool you know i raised up a little bit i could draw draw foul you know i mean if they we had all their disposed to throw that lie on it so there you are
start flopping yeah just like act like a soccer how like tat i mean that's not really you know about that wouldn't look here to get a look for me but they are all the strategy so you want to tennessee tennessee football do you think next year the year they're back only this year there back we can always got a shot at the ssc championship you know anything to happen but i love books junk and now he is called the programme its head in the right direction yeah yeah can you know tendencies that school that they get top five recruits every year like this is the here then all those seeds replanted become trees beyond then you re a chopped down unlike the fourth weak exactly we fully planet oilseed but yeah but you know hopefully in a one gonna catch andreasen occur as an expert at what point in life did you stop using the word hike and start using the word snap
i'm not sure i ever used the word hike never said like i huxtable the hiker flexible to like gets i said then to probably twenty five i easily corrected people when they say that ass if she were not used the outward yeah what's left of that the age where no no more outward and everything ok exploited later do you guys make fun of your kicker because using all the time really oh yeah he the atom of you know why you dont know because you're on the sidelines and were watching the game but like any time they need to fill time during the broadcast they just throw up the just and tucked her oh he's a singer video i think i've found him sing like seven hundred tonnes
yeah yeah that's that's what we hear of actually heard him in person do do do opera in public as first public appearance out there you know in support of multi may rosy like they did often crushed it he was a deck down the talks in and i did a good job serve to have it in a room so oh it's a man can give us give us a little sick give us a little cindy deed just you know they were dry here today will strategy i'll give you my supper just just and do you know that they play you that clip like all the time like no offence or anything but i'm pretty fuckin sick of it not taken you know what we are trying to do anything to boost ratings mania film a new one that's all i'm saying that i have no problem if you thought the have you got his local baltimore commercials roy farms now i have not had the pleasure to see you
see that's what i'm saying like i have no problem with just a mule singing issues and i've seen the same clip of you singing i want to see you know i will see some new guessing like take on me yeah yeah you know i'm gonna went beyond that i mean the holiday season is just around it i think i'll drop my christmas album i got to have somebody help me out with that i mean we got some talented musicians on his team but i will say ok maybe maybe so having to be good call us up if you want us to do back up for that were actually pretty good singers i got you so people don't talk about this enough but your coach jim harbour john harbour others nice people don't mention that they were brothers in the superbowl that much i save what was what was that
like going into the game i mean for us it was a mean it was my first time and in those you know i was excited nervous sino pretty much everything there but you know we we prepare for it we ready for that situation so great was your other first time like sex my other the championship dame would be shaping chip in college there need all the equally nervous without one you knock news sir said john hereby we used to be a special teams coach so is he still like looking over his shoulder does he have to be like kicked out of the special teams meetings in it reminded hey you're the head coach now not either
a job here he is doubly were doubly more scrutinise because either as best teams coach and now and he can also you know give us some some pointers on on how we can do your job better but he does a great job invention of detail for us so we like we like it use a good question did you become a long snapper instead of a regular centre because you're afraid of people touching her but now now as i just thought i was the only one that can do it on the team when i was ten years old and so that our garden have you done a long snapping trick shot video yet i bet it an elm a school where i did a whereas i snapped it into a like a basketball go
i wouldn't go restrictions we need we're ok so were already we have a trick shot group policy we cannot gives his password group crew squad called bro sweet so we'd love to have you do some church us cause here's the thing were kind of like pr guises well if i want to get your name out there you need to have something i like joseph sings the guy on the eagles does magic come so fuckin sick of that you need to start you unlike long snapshots was that reach out i can you guys don't we come up with the like some good one yeah yeah ok how how do you deal with fire i'm ok with fire was no ok so here's little spin on it right like you'd think we light the football on fire we let you on fire you snapped the football it hits attack it and the target drops water to put you out so if you don't
the target die it's kind of its high gamble but i'm telling you that once more the big pay off if you hit it through all the like die right also just have people that are like lined up at various distances away from you blindfolded and you have to him in the growing people love getting hit in the growing with football say love they don't like for very funny videos it's ok we're on right roaring maybe can be on fire and you'll just be the crotch snapping long snapper that's also blazing you have a red beard summing up there the start area i think we just
for how many how many times have you each worded of football a sea of each word probably i've known you know i would think about a million times spun out maybe million americans while also i mean i've been going on for twenty years you know i mean at some point you gotta get to you gotta get up there and numbers well that's a lot do people yeah that's ok that's a lot of that's laughably football oh my g i might be exaggerating their low that but just for the record i will have to check or save much was on the companies epidemic that i don't know if i do probably gonna take on his chest and probably a hundred you have to have like a hot for a hundred years say reminder to snap today ok just interested metrics on that can he
the document a lot of us please but yeah minutes upright eight hundred hundred fifty a day that roughly a rough estimate i just i just had a the idea for the church video me are you ever seen the video two girls one cup oh my gosh i can you can visualize smell you can smell ok so his eyes generally aware wheezing that we find the other working i act and the joke we find the other morgan cox though female morgan cox from tennessee you guys stand any hike the ball to each other and then open in a cup good really all no matter what you pull out i will workshop
one more workshop that yet you're taking chances sometimes here's a question that a lot of people are asking is there any love lost between you guys in the steelers anyway loss na mean is still a great robbery and eleven oyster enough earthquake way really close games you as we saw what two weeks ago tuna pfc complaint coy right now so i just want to open the door for him do you want to start your joe flak or questions i am sure like a million i you know what i think that that's the question that can better be left unsaid this interview o research lazy leader would mean yeah i got a super warring to further people forget that yeah what about you just do you think he's elite nada
but then if he was if you was truly then he would need to have a good kicker like you need be out of a job so such undermine what they believe callbacks also have good tickers ok what about his sense of humor i feel like joe it's kind of come into his own with a little bit of a sense of humor or maybe it self awareness that he has no sense of humour what talk to us about that is he like does he has always had a sense of humor remained just in case it hidden from the map is for the most part ok
sounds like he doesn't is he a prank that's like one people on job bushes campaign we're like no jobs really really funny traddles and tell us any jobs you know i mean i i guess jokes adona ok i got there that's where we're as he bought you guys anything because he had a big contract yell at dinner and stuff do you know you don't get off into one gives deal i don't know that's bullshit i do actually nothing to protect jobs so i would say that i wouldn't deserve juanita now you been a little too humble there i'd say that you if i if i'd lined up on the land of scrimmage amount was tightened
i was receiver that played on the line ward parking lot i want i want you out demand like the foot the the align trip at the end of the year our demand that gives the watches all that stuff i think you're being too nice and just taken advantage of you a little bit o altogether joe when travelling paradise hooker ah let's do our final three questions the first one d washer apples i do not want my own i risk acre you know yes yeah that's why get the ring yeah that's great i'll get her no risk it no biscuit now a man i call apples it that's any consolation ok oh yes sir what the hell am i gonna fuck em don't i don't know it's like bacteria can live and like gold you know environments i think it does but the bribes arrived and cold and well i've never seen a polar bear get the polluter yeah you go
the last question whose most this person your cellphone who most famous person s upon his job yeah i've john harbour lemme sulphur do you recall body be in meetings right now would but joe yet his number does here joe you mom i'll go get him out of meetings in order fallen we have all the time the world other wait you out we will wait you out europe lay the weight again with us we're bloggers ok here so we could theoretically be here the rest the way my life is just waiting to die cannot be credited with not calling a famous person so can i get credit for bringing just in here
yes that's that's fair that's where a final question no pat didn't yeah then bringing you didn't bring even to the table so well for hatred yeah you love in a tearing the first time we got it burst out here and there and then he acted like he had interlock somebody really doesn't right ok right so final question question i asked you to have to answer i should improper one but i want to go with this one actually dissolve tom had i hope if he has one is well you want to tell us he paid manning went dishonesty do you think people forget that peat manning never beat florida i think its carbon loss in such a way career at the bottom but to sue borings never before i mean i can sympathise i why was there for five years i never be forty eight oh ok well yes i should never be florida mitchell tenancy never beats lord that's that's fairly sure but we did it at this year
so i know i had a hard time see ya i haven't they never true ok my question could you do your job line folded bomb i feel like i would be willing to try it i ve never done it before but gap snap once nap with blindfolded not naturally beyond in adult field blindfold i'd rather not do that but where you could leggy if you just close your eyes you ve got muscle memory you know how far back upon her is in theory you dead in theory i could do you know what no one no one trying to take my hat off yes i would be willing to try it why i'm just curious how come the unifil hasn't had any blind long snapped it seems like pretty blaine discrimination in your words now mine out like that with with no one else around
no i'm trying to kill me than than i would say that's probably difficult things they want to feel all we could be i like that would we should make you blind you become the first blind sapper than we do like any sixty and then what you like score touch on at the end of the game i was doing what if i told you morgan glass cat blinded by acid by big cats by friction sets out video gone wrong there are areas that will have you each word the ball into it that's of acid and blindness and then you'll have very inspirational nfl curry afterwards i think that a yes blogger are you asked about the upper limit morgan thank you very much for come on the show untold lesser extent justin thank you tell just unease welcome come on it at solo anytime you want we'd like to be on his album when it comes out what i will do kick week at some point they have and angrily we'll get pictures on weak equate to that still and good luck never that we know you guys know we're action i an air this interview i'll get it
i just want exactly word in the brain about the busy just get it thank you what really appreciate him am absolutely got up i got a letter this is pfc comments are here to talk to you about the boat load of money you can make this week bearing at my bookie you know who's gonna win the game right it was time to put your money where your mouth is chump get some money on the game and score a big when today joy thousands of online players just like me and start betting at my bookie i would only recommend service my listers has been good to me so that's why merging you to make your way to my bookie you when they pay you're wasting your time betting anywhere else they ve got in game live betting sue can place a bet even after kick off
and unlike some other websites you might find my bookie offers fast no hassle pay out when you went so join now in my bookie will match your deposit with fifty percent bonus all you have to do use promo code p m t to activate this offer to visit my bookie today or call eight for four nine hundred bets you win you play you get paid ready for some segments stood ok let's kick it off with a little kicker psychiatry psychologists site psychoanalysis couch we just sit down figure out exactly what p word were using i think it's psychiatrist ok kicker psyche well you know what does not work on ourselves because we have a kicker epidemic out their lot of extra points must i think the final tally was eleven lot that's a lot so we got a problem what do you think it will so kicking footballs from what i hear is the easiest thing in the world right making extra points the easiest thing in the world the problem is were we put the most psychologically weak people in a place do it tickers on most psychologically weak yes we did put people's stronger minds to become pickers as post just filling up those past pickers yes like maybe getting troops who can feel though okay so salute service month ya get somebody from the special forces yell special teams push forces little synergy their alternatively this what was gone to the end of all right now there's a word for it it's called mass hysteria is actual term cat like you hear about this throughout history their groups people that just like a lot times it'll be like an entire town just search dancing ever weaken the don't stop and then like five people die of exhaustion right so killers are seeing other than israel sought yeah kicker sir are seeing other takers miss feel goals an extra points so in the back of your head there like oh it's ok if i do it to write so one of the guys so just like my my plan would just be to do an actual
trial yeah like a literal which trial couple maybe maybe bernal you have to stay here and a few move through a couple into the ocean see if they can swim here i like that i'm happy rob salute service because i have a slight stay woke for you ok i don't love you saw but this month the nfl donates a thousand dollars to the three core nonprofit partners for every point scored who okay we already know roderick adele has the killers in his back pocket i tie theories right try to save a little coin the nfl ratings are hurtin he's probably losing little money problems like hey he price
not everyone down nfl headquarters in manhattan is like hey guys how can we cut a little fat here how can we caught some costs so i'll have the fire you guys on christmas eve you know brought together with fire some of my criticism is and guess what we'll get some kicker to miss symmetric points boom levin thousand dollar save to save a little coin i like that that's actually a very good theory i also think tank into it what's more interesting a game that seventeen ten when you look at the score or if you actually glances scoreboard and see a sixteen nine game i'll pay if i see sixteen i am like what kind of crazy projects was going on there i'm gonna tuna and watch the highlights its commit me more likely to watch so just like having the chaos logistical bloom would talk like a chaos through the water will roll down here and not only that but as a gambler i have to actually say thank you to the inner fell for all these miss kicks because it's the most math
done since like probably in a decade cuz everytime i turn every time i look at a score that's like one hundred and sixty nine or you know two thousand two hundred and eleven or something crazy my brain just freezes and i'm like i'm like a dog that hears a noise i'm just trying to figure it out except that side side till is that they can open yet like we what's the score here and why and how might get fucked so appreciate the nfl for keep my mouth my mind sharp andy red is absolute wearing out his chart yes he hasn't had to do this much met last i'm using town collars i have a serious question for you though is there any reason why team should discover to every time no not like it's crazy just call for two everytime like tomlin did it and i thought the more cautious would do it after talented because if there's one thing coaches are afraid of doing its anything that makes him stand out from anybody else in the world right there you gotta get fired i'll get fired if i do something that's that's really different so tomlin did it and he had some success and then everybody in the media was like tomlinson
genius for doing this now he just actually like he understands that he understands the the percentage would be like a stack guided probability i dont if you remember this but i talked to run rivera at superbowl media day last orca so i was like why don't you just go for two since you have cam noon every single time and he was well because the probability of making a two point conversion is only something like fifty percent where the probability of making an extra point is about ninety seven percent as like well isn't fifty percent of to greater than ninety seven percent of one i just looked out music the gambling brain free ass yet he had the biggest item on actually say that i understand were very snoring from
next we have little sabre metrics you have won a special sabre metrics for the jaguars correct i do yeah so this actually comes courtesy of nick wayland saw this on twitter he put this at their jacksonville has lost seven straight games two teams that are named after a big cats just like a jaguar so it's one of the situations where like superman can be anybody but he can't be kryptonite because he's from kryptonite so one of those types which were interesting interesting also little sabre metrics where you gus bradley is now fourteen and forty four as he had coach how is that possible i have no idea that's insane i honestly have no idea this but i hope they bring back for another side to why not down to i have argued i want him and jeff fisher to come back from this isn't just place other sixteen press get a little heed i can feel it did you see that the front office of the rams are now doing the pass the buck there like someone asked and crocky what's the latest on the on jeff fisher and he's like i don't i'll talk to the gm
so they're doing that thing in the next thing you know you can get a pink so that would be a miserable thing because they they let it leak out a couple weeks ago that he was getting the extension yeah i know so what's going on do they not have like fax machines out there just their real i know what it is too many jobs you know it as is the new office that are setting out ass ironing out a lot of kings when it comes to their i t set up emil's our work and write all sorts stuff here on tracks i hears thing though we ve learned if we want with is one thing we learned from the presidential election this year it's that twitter decides major major important decisions twitter is a really good testament to what is going on in the world right re representation the everything that everyone's exactly so what the rams providence or looking at twitter and they see all these jokes and then like shit we prohibition reassign deficits show i'm saying as one of the leaders in the jeff fisher jokes ominous put my sword down that's all
do that till we get some extension let's make no jokes if we do it lets you sarcasm my jeff fisher he's the best wink really great they don't get sarcasm out now i blow at an exit the bomb to stop ellen over my head man this is i can't tell if this tweets chill or not the whole let's let's do that i wanted to everyone's or stop except became budgets just wink would be nice been hurt or injured this is disgusting not safer work so cowboys cornerback marie's claiborne tore his growing off of his pelvis and as i was saying earlier that's that's a since they gets worse every single word that you say india tore the groin off the pelvis i think that's a third categories that hurt it's not injured that's just like a middle school boy on long weekend when its parents
how to say it's not hurt or injured it's i'd rather be dead i think i tore my groin off my pelvis a few times back in back in middle test disgusting that is disgusting we have a just chill out man for my good friend aaron rodgers i don't know if everyone saw out there but there was a report some investigative reporting going on about aaron rodgers personal life what's wrong with aaron rodgers why is he so bad well let's look into his personal life was dig into his personal life cuz that's really what we should do anyway we found out he hasn't talked to his family in two years not only that but his family sent him christmas gifts
he doesn't fourteen and sent them all back in february that year maybe he just became a jehovah's witnesses doesn't celebrating won't allow man like talk just at least you throw in the trash up that's so much extra work to male everything back early donated to charity yeah just chill out just chill out if that was j j why he would donated to charity and he bring like a six percent camera crew with listener and if your listening to this which i am sure you are and you get your christmas gift from your family this year from new strange family let us know i'll send someone there we'll send apart might take listener from green bay over your house hill literally just take the gifts and put him in the trash that will become yeah is also brings up a lot of questions why he waited like four months to sinister
fathers christmas present battle oh yeah the dead one oh that may i mixing up the anchorages grandfathers funeral yeah which so he probably didn't you just get saturn did saturnia his grandfather was very close with you didn't gonna think funeral to think you're a writer says it rose from his tad his dad pays for packer second son stub hub it's like pretty sat
and as we always know if there's a problem with a player it either was a card game gone wrong or someone fuck someone's girl that's right so the question becomes whose girlfriend aaron rodgers get pregnant oh maybe jordan is involved in the somehow maybe jordan got aaron rodgers pregnant there we go very out here i figured out a strange lovers ah yes this is i just chill out and i mean the science is so i have another theory about aaron rodgers this goes along with all quarterbacks it's that every quarterback has set number of wines that in their body by the time they hit the nfl is like eggs inside of a woman's vagina and small pushups i can do it yes or you're born without number and then once you lose em all then guess what they're gone forever sir rogers one too many games to early oh i actually don't i dont disproved that theory of that much that makes a lot of sense when you think about it when you really think about it we have a home so the nfl in mexico montana football in mexico texans raiders
gonna be a great time met my services from saying that growing move just move us surveys as it were from listening to boomer do spangler she's so good it's unbelievable and although you drinking a couple tackle visa i hope he stays out forever polo asano nothing like it felt he could actually use sombrero hit the sweat down a little bit yeah no he yet he could deal with a you could also be a poncho guy
where is the sweat probably is honestly like to start nurse you can't see sweating departure bureau covers up your armpits rumor has it affords go we like and make it under part of probably actually looks like he's wearing a poncho when he shortlist is more disgusting than maurice clear bourns he's got a shirt punching a naked chris permanent wearing jeans wearing bear a suit of a dead person scan except it's his own skin for comes from adam shelter who's not there the only one who's not their ha ha you think maybe maybe this investigation these hippo investigations may be some a no fly zone not no fly list ha maybe does have a passport me we get that revoked from new zealand skeletons in clue maybe because his body is so short in fits so perfectly in a trunk he doesn't want to go there and get kidnapped maybe owe their plane that's at a high altitude right yeah maybe get sick also saccharine clark schaffner can play in the high altitude and can hanging over canning rapporteur who report there is a problem
unconfirmed confirmed our working were working on confirming that with other sources understands where the shutters not is very strange because he s been does this thing where day any sound they go somewhere for an event they have a panel of about two dozen people read all sitting together like laughing over each other not touching each other on the shoulder and then just talking really loudly and then the next monday they come out with an article richard dice comes out with an article saying like europeans firing like three hundred morphine
generally tightening the belt happen only five people to mexico to hang out and laugh on a second i want you to introduce this last thing because i think it's a winner i think it is too so this actually comes to us courtesy of gourmet spud when the best twitter followers follows i believe he had this suggestion he said a podcast should release versions with long spaces of dead air for the listener to join in and pretend like their one of the gang i think that's a great idea some good i'm i'm gonna steal it from giving credit obviously had tipp the up who did this pham so right now we're gonna have a conversation with you the listener and then we're gonna give you time to respond so who do you guys like in the fc wildcard i don't i desire really quarterback position
you you say the bills oh ok i could see that happening you gotta stop to run and play off so i don't have their ground game strong enough in december sell me on the sea hawks this year he had sex thou o man you i hate when people doubt russell wilson ok that's fair yeah nine eleven further oh you are too oh this took a weird turn i think it can build still seems ok and i was only segment listener feedback talks of the listener insular feedback so what we had a good conversation with you people out their peers schedule for the we have a show for you on wednesday we have larry's picks for you on thanksgiving day so you can do know hang out with your family and watch us be idiots and we're not can do show on friday
a day off to you one day off noted nor taken forty days off in a row we won yeah yeah so that's a schedule senator jumbles will do a quick jumbos on wednesday listen you're talkin send to do in a show and phenomenon or do i know where this is going to do about rushmore while things giving foods asking to be huge thanksgiving is my favorite holiday the little round i think it was emmy unites the holiday where you just eat drink and watch football and get it in supporting your family it that's fine is wonderful i live while take things giving over any other holidays we i'm sure that's our show and we will see you when you got we have shut up oh yeah with quick shot up ok i won't even quick shot out here goes out to nick murphy he was in the navy he passed away over the weekend i know that a lot of his friends and family listeners a show and just now that raw thinking about events tough tommy or deal that stuff
but you're gonna get through it i that's our show will see you on wednesday love you guess
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