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Mr Portnoy, Chris Long, LAbron signs with the Lakers And the Mt Rushmore Of Office Characters With Andy Buckley + Bonus Jon Taffer

2018-07-01 | 🔗

Hopefully we're all still alive when this episode comes out because we taped it at the end of last week (2:20 - 5:36). We talk our favorite 4th of July activities to get everyone ready for the holiday (5:36 - 13:38). Our lawyer Mr Portnoy joins the show after a long hiatus of being a radio star in his own right. We do complaints with the people's lawyer and he gets going on train etiquette (13:38 - 52:34). Andy Buckley aka David Wallace joins the show to catch up and do the Mt Rushmore of Office Characters (52:34 - 75:46). 2X Super Bowl Champion Chris Long joins the show to do the Mt Rushmore of laws we would pass if we were invited to the White House to visit the President Plus bonus Jon Taffer because he's the greatest American alive. 

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on today's pardon my take we have a special holiday week vacation buy fourth edition andy buckley you've been asking for him he is back also mike portnoy mr portnoy i've also been asking for him hilarious conversation in person have to deal with his phone not working and we also have chris long and the mount rushmore of laws you'd make if you ever got invited to the white house not saying it works yeah exactly or the white house for winning a super bowl and then you get to tell the president what law to make in less you're a lib cock and you decided not to go like chris before we get to all that the cash app you know it's our favorite app it's the number one rated app by pardon my take it's the most in financial ratings that come out every single quarter and we have rated the cash app number one yet again back to back you can pay people
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pardon my take and the cash app download the cash app now thank you to cash out we love you cash app alright let's go welcome to party today is monday july second and can you believe
at argentina won again that's wild you know what else is wild that quiet leonard went to the well we went over and we talked about on friday show we predicted that perfectly so we're time traveling again we're actually recording this on thursday before july fourth week we're taking the week off we are not taking the week off from content we have an awesome episode today with mister porn in studio andy buckley a new mount rushmore with chris long also mount rushmore office characters with andy buckley pretty good that's going to get a lot of people you might know already i regret my second pick somewhere once again find ok yeah ok that's a hell of a team yet so hopefully everything works now by the way hopefully we're not dead you know what i didn't realize was that any buckley in addition to being david wallace was also in one of the jurassic park movies yeah true i remember that movie it didn't see it nope
i'm so yeah we're recording this so maybe argentina one but they probably you know what let's predict all four games so people can laugh this right now i didn't tina a loss because most of the games not okay so rjr france portugal uruguay so we have france winning and then i got your way okay well i'm gonna go uruguay and argentina and then on sunday it is espana verse russia in croatia verse denmark russia russia for sure i'm gonna go spain yeah in the croats the crow tone all right i'm going the same as well so the only disagreement was i have my c because he's the go open and you have france because you're a our yellow bellies i'm a frog heavy russia france uruguay and what's the curry said martin marked on mark thank you we give you a map of europe and said find you have to mark denmark in croatia what are the odds you get it right less than five percent really i'm might know
croatia's will tell us this day what are x a little it would it next to germany yes it's legal skin tag on the top of germany where do you think croatia is like near it'll yeah ok ok you're actually doing ok that's actually pretty good where is hungry near no not even close really got to get a better deal india sticks india no no that's going to go i never realized what is so should into that one right there the name because a country name hungry ducks or country of turkey well they're not next to each other but there s same region this so if you're wondering the difference between italian tank and like croatians just basically italian with an older jumpsuit pretty much and two neck instead of one yeah pretty much and then if you're wondering the difference between italians and greeks with her that's pretty much the way more hair on his way more hair on the body hair eyebrows a lot of that yeah and
the italians obviously you you know christopher octonion that's something we don't have to say what happened we don't talk about it we don't know what happened what the difference between italians greeks or you're saying yeah they don't eat pussy all right so july fourth is coming up why don't we just talk about america real quick what are your favorite things about america eyes my favorite things about america is rock and roll music yeah that we invented bell bottom jeans yeah there you go the right to bear arms you know yeah hey nice sank you don't have a gun i'm the only one here who's gun owner and is it going to owner i think that your fraud yeah true you don't get to say that that's my word you own a gun but you don't know where your own gun is so that's fine so i have a free range gun yes exactly it's much happier that way i just like having the right though i think it's yeah just knowing that if you wanted to own a gun all you gotta do
get a gym membership and do a ton of girls would be good be good to go hank i'd love to see you have a gun yeah can we get you on let's get hang gun for your birthday what else we have about america in america that we like i know it means america's been a real heater recently at bank beans are good i like the fact that we're slowly legalizing where my marijuana yeah that's actually very good slowly gambling and gambling and i'll soon to follow prostitute i situation better be next yep yeah america still ok we have football we football we still have a plant speaking that we have our football in july episode coming on
little you know we're gonna throw we made the executive decision were thrown out there on thursday for anyone who has to work the day after july fourth because that is one of the most hung over days the thoughts and prayers to you yeah this should really change july fourth so that it becomes first saturday yeah it's yeah right it needs to be a saturday the fact is a wednesday there's absolute apples you know what i disagree with you so this is the this is the one you're out of like every for that kind of sucks but when the fourth of july is like a tuesday or monday yeah that's pretty awesome thursday actually is the best time because then you get the full weekend no one's expecting yes no one comes in on friday yeah one year to work on july fifth when i worked for my town d v w i was still drunk hung over as hell and i had to take out the trash the whole entire day at all the beaches which works over flown from like you pull up to the trash can it would be completely overflown with like like two bags of trash worth next to it and had spend the whole day puking like picking up other people's discussing ship in that you never drink again or
never to america work on july fifth no matter what my job you know we saw him though that's a good that's a good promise to yourself right there it's not worth it people it's not for you it's for your country yes hey i want to properly respect my country not not by you want to properly respect your country by not puking yeah before we mike portnoy you guys want to a couple more soccer games yeah brazil versus mexico brazil brazil um england slept like you guys aren't taking my list i like mexico i'm on the record as being a mexico fan but i think that brazil is going to knock the shit out of england slash belgium versus japan they got my number get in no no they're both cut and we just haven't decided we have we're taping before that game too double double whammy england slash belgium verse japan yeah what would you like better delicious beer and chocolate or fried fish and gross beer terrible teeth
i'm going to go delicious chocolate yeah i think well i think eight actually no i'm your wrong i'm taking england here because who's going to beat belgium and then play japan beach japan because they don't want to go home to exactly sucks right all right last last round up no offense to sweden versus switzerland us search vids and colombia verse england versus belgium oh now this is an interesting one this one's got brain in a pretzel in the england belgian i like well i know it's screwed ya i just want england to win 'cause this celebration videos but i also love columbia because yeah just i want jessicas columbia is the just because there are numerous exports and their booties yes mostly export yeah i'm going with england slash belgium i'm to go which will be belgium in my case i feel like it's going to become
because they're the more corrupt country so they might corrupt the game wow wow he corruption columbia i think you need to read a history book yeah buddy abu escobar was actually ran for senator yeah i think i think i'm going to take columbia just because the surge in gross domestic product after having married i spent an entire week up in russia do you think did it de did hi miss player now humm city played mom got back from injury mossy got injured yeah he's fine he's any in ps in this alternate reality they were taping for the future did he come back he's a soccer player he's tough record to get back okay i think he's actually he died which hopefully we didn't we had separated shoulder i would sit we had this discussion that anytime we tape a show beforehand we just have to talk about hopefully we're not dead because in the off chance one of us does die as we prefer
but for us ratings are to go through the routine insane yeah so yeah hopefully all four of us are still alive just insurance policy yeah right exactly all right so if one of us passes away who's next man up do we do we call and billy football now that guy he went he won't come still love him but i'm still mad all right let's do some mister porsche fighters angry at you mr warner all right mister bordering billy got a little out of hand things got a little for mr porter let's just say that yeah i did give us an update on his mail though he got his enough there's really also get it when he was like i don't have that many complaints and then we got to talking and he just went off in many and it's really funny before we do that movement watches mtm to watches they also have sunglasses the problem with sunglasses i got all those cheap pairs that look terrible but every time buy a two hundred dollars pair i feel like i get ripped off while our friends at
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it's at least a dot com slash parcel one hundred and sixty dollars off you gotta do it come on just do it lisa dot com slash barstool alright here he is our lawyer mister portnoy alright welcome on our lawyer mr portnoy it's been way too long he is in studio i don't i'd format your diva now your radio show you're like you're the how's a guy from espn doing would you loyal jj plus yeah we even summer ties with him has he been fired yet your hang up on jay billis is unfounded and dad are onias i don't know about that we discovered that we never once paid him any money for the retainer so you guys could bring up the you guys could bring up the video the audio of you so well welcoming him you are a lawyer yeah and then what happened after that you got a serious radio show you never tax anymore you use all your complaints on that so you're deaver your big radio starring i could remember your roots yeah okay do you have
do you have any current compliance 'cause you told me that you had one that was six months old yeah thanks for bringing out before we go into that yes i want to tell you a little story what happened this morning ok we are right now yeah alright this happened this morning i hotel was literally seven minute walk from here straight last night when we went out to eat we had a very nice dinner and we walked by a sex shot i guess it's a sex museum ann we all notice that marine i did and then we go to eat this morning will come out of the hotel and we both confirmed that we were taking the right going in the right direction so walking walking walking and we were looking just to check it we looking for the sex
so i'm going to start to cry again as i did this morning when this happened we didn't see it so finally i said to him you gotta ask somebody i'm already by the way for anyone who doesn't know is 'cause is mister toys 'cause and yeah and my best friend who is radio best friend slash front body is yeah and they have a radio show together so many two old jewish men walking around new york looking for a sex shop going to lose it again because it just didn't happen so what you along and i said him you gotta to somebody so it goes up to these two actually guys you told bent over construction guys he said there's a second this is a sex shop around a little bit weird answer and i was laughing so hard i
but i i literally had to leave the call in a cry i don't know what the hell how we set i think you said it's not for us what a god we just need a we got a friend yeah that was ridiculous so did they tell you yeah they told us it was when they said there's one on this street there's one on fifty six you're a guard dog the reason that it wasn't with the moon brought to you market that we had was from last night of the sex shop it wasn't from where you
understand it wasn't from going to the hotel it was going to the restroom with yeah yeah nothing at all to do with any of this yet but sex shop that will stick out in your mind a little bit dead yet why do nerds have to ruin everything just like have a sex shop don't make have sex museum yeah you know something i don't know about him but i didn't even notice it when we want to yeah sure i just saw sex yeah i didn't notice that it was a museum here a lot of people in there when we went by last night i didn't realize it was i hate that they made a museum because it was my understanding that old people had never had sex yeah so like before like ten years ago yeah wait careful if i were you i saw your face be careful what you're about to say next i'm gonna let that okay what what what have you all been to that place
i yes i've walked into it walked into yeah i mean i it's like there's a sex museum what block for march it's it's weird there's it's it's actually actually kind of funny because it is a museum and then just like a museum gift shop there's me there's a museum gift shop with just a bunch of what what we buy a for we bought a yes on a some video or something for no this is now that we got to come up with some fast is a big deal though yeah what we tried to although force it into something that promo yeah that's yeah for sure yeah okay so like if you go to a cop museum where they have a nineteen eighteen ford they have a ninety
dating dill doe yeah well no they let you drive it too but it really does look like if you go to like a museum you know if you go to an art museum and at the end they have you know maybe some posters of the famous prints that you looked at or other little trinkets like a tie or something it's just dildos and weird books about sex you should actually do that they should combine the two and have like a georgia o'keeffe orchid fleshlight yeah that would be nice right well i saw it before we get to that point i had in one other thing i need to address ok i heard a rumor that you defended dog dognappers is a case somebody calls the story somebody called yesterday i think it got a little i set the story i didn't make it clear what the situation somebody called up yesterday i get it was on dave show an somebody called and said what was the most i don't know interesting i forget the word that your your most difficult case you're most proud of winning was i i yeah i think i don't know
that was yeah 'cause you're proud of i i don't even dominate with her so yeah so i had a case number of years ago i represented a company that owned a kennel and somebody had brought the dog there and put it in it was a little dog put it in the cage and then this morning the dog was gone and i don't as i recall i don't even think there was any evidence of anybody breaking in to to the cage and they'd look kendall had fences was like a prison you you're yeah you you weren't going get out of it so somebody lost it a little doggie and brought a lawsuit against the kennel and there was a lawyer and i think he kind of famous now in the boston area who specialized in representing anima
you probably set a dog bite lawyer did not his daughter he represented the animal yeah i animals he was i am yeah yeah i think when you dealt with a j bill us yeah well he was here represent a party that's right yeah he represented in but when you had that extreme chicago the what was it the gorilla something wasn't but it's not cincinnati or there's a lot of people that were coming to the defense of the corolla and i heard he was involved in that that guy interesting anyway this is the guy you beat wow you beat the guy who defended bombay somebody in his office somebody in his office came in and brought this lawsuit it wasn't him but i think it is a long time ago and the whole point was they sued my client for as i recall it was negligence failure to use reasonable care in defense and in protecting this
and in their kennel there one job is to just keep the dog in the place but a lot for you were going to be successful in that case as well well there's a long time ago it just flashed in my mind when i called yesterday you had a show that my client didn't use reasonable care protecting the animal you couldn't just say that the animal was there on monday and gone on tuesday right because it could have been for a million reasons you at a show something that really sound like i know what i'm talking about yeah really preponderance of to use reasonable care evidence with a lot gate right with the kennel is no evidence that it wasn't properly secured so they didn't take the next step to establish that my client hadn't used reason
so it sounds like just an employee of the kindle just walked in and stole the dog knows when and then because there was no evidence that they like left the gate unlocked you sent in to defend the more was wrong defended a bunch of dog could have been could be a fraud to the could know but it could have been the person protected by the owner there all cash in trying to cash in and could have been dogged maybe never exist right but there was no dog i figured kaiser sosay pft knowing him he would always come up with this kind of take i know that the dog never existed yeah that debt that dog whistles i can believe it talking about this the dog did exist is open nobody said it didn't exist it could have been like you just said big cat that something is trying to cash in on a phony claim the owner susan visit dog yeah yeah so i i had long ago so what is happening we had an arbitration and they lost so you if you save the kennel from
from millions and millions of dollars after they deliberately losta dog well you know i don't even have to deal with that because it can alone or is this just so ok good it's probably from all the guilt there hardly i didn't feel guilty so so did this kennel lose anymore dogs after you defended him not that well i love to look at well as a matter of fact we'll have to look into that because i have a sneaking suspicion that you were you know like a mob lawyer not a three word you were like a crew out to the lawyer yeah he john gotti's lawyer how many donations we take to make a mink coat anybody have it's exactly one hundred and one dominations movie so that's all that you miss that way i update early i didn't you do a show you do a radio show early yeah listen you talked about the thing that i room really interested in is john gotti i keep going into the oh that's a big problem i have here i keep telling people like i'm getting paid for this i'm
i will always love mob stories mob movies if you get a chance to watch on ae there's a documentary about john gotti which obviously not coincidentally there's a movie coming out at john twelve at zero percent right away that harabal tell where we have to be applied troll none but i will say something about this that struck me as i watched the the thing about john gotti the documentary so many of the stories that the son who's very articulate was telling stories about what happened with john gotti and when you go to see some of quote unquote fictional movies that godfather the other one which i love goodfellas fellas so only the stories that are in there a based on things that really happened that the people that make the movie fit in in the fantastic stories it's yeah i vote that's it i am so interested in that stuff i i have always been a
i love all the mob movies and everything but this you really when you see some like john gotti junior talk about some of the stuff and and you think back to the good fellas all the the godfather it's based on what they what they have it what they have actually experienced you know right they hire those people as a what you call actors no no consultants yeah on that and that's what the consulting about the telling this happened that happened and that and the people that make the movie fit it in yeah would you ever represent somebody that was involved in the mafia you know the problem with that is deals only tell where it well let me finish as a as an attorney as a lawyer the pay very well what i pay very well but also you could end up dead i mean once they know who wants the lawyer knows a lot of stories you sing like a stoolie canary no you can't say it legally use to a lawyer it proved that you think that somebody in the mob is very concerned
about america they omerta they fall rules to go over there to thanks we need to the kids table i will see you later we're going to keep this all in yeah if you're not sure it's our thing there we go that's good now i will let her go so no stress what when you saw this documentary about john gotti that watch the other night and they had his the father's lawyer on an if you had a picture of a bunch of people and say which one is john gotti's lawyer what is john gotti's lawyer had a picture up on the wall you would pick this guy right he was right a prototypical yeah dresses model all every in just this one on time yeah just alright sir yeah his whole demeanour and it's all attitude you ever consider showing up in court when a cowboy hat mmhm you know something that
now let's move right there i'm going to tell you something go on i do have what you would call a cowboy hat and on a bad day i'm sure there are times that i did with that i got when i was in when i was actually talking to the judge i didn't have it on right yeah you know you see lawyers that do that that's a very common thing you see lawyers that they're obviously dressing in a certain way to convey certain image so that some stranger that's about to be indicted uhhuh i say this guy looks like he knows what he's doing yeah i've always dressed yeah so that's that that's not a crazy thought his where doctors code yeah but trust me guys i'm doesn't listen yeah yeah all right let me what do you have four nine points i had a very good one i think i told you back a few months ago that i had a good one and it was about to come to a head aha and i again as i just topia deal awhile a little while ago as many things do with me as time goes on it gets fuzzy
i might but i had a real problem with hewlett packard yeah remember this yeah i had a real problem with you with the the packet and by the way when we were in you guys weren't there but one were michael condo in florida and i got a i had a printed it was absolutely driving me bananas and the guy try to help me and it really never worked out i love i love that you have all these problems with companies that are so hilarious for you to pronounce like in the packet book yeah no i so that i know will package what's wrong packet packets good i like it how would you say how do you say it packard packard hewlett packard yeah there's nine indian there you know what i'm talking we don't come i got an idea yeah yeah all right how's that and that was great everybody knows it anyway so i had a printer and one of those three in one you know that does scans
all those fancy fancy serious money is coming through i had a fancy one weight does it fax so in case you have to like apply for elise yes it has a fax capability but i don't know how to use axe can print and copy well my god for me you money i'll fax you some ok i don't know how i don't know how to use effect anyway i had i one long time ago the same unit that stopped it was eating the paper that i will put in through the automatic feed which is not good no soul uh i got rid of that one and got another one the same exact unit and i still have some problems with it so i called hewlett packard hp and god spoke to someone in god knows where and they help me with it and before we hung up we hung up they said to me oh by the way
we have a special you want to buy oh no yeah do you want to you want to enter out ink program i said what's that and they said we're going to send you every month based on believe it or not and i'm here i am big time attorney and i'm falling into this whole right now i believe it and they're going to send me inc periodically based on my usage how much is all it's much cheaper blah blah fine and the okay the end the reason i would no no okay the reason i now i'm remember his coming back to me the reason for my original call was that i go out
the last problem i had they extended my warranty i had an extended warranty and they agreed to extend it for three more months in other words the reason being that the warranty was going to expire in february but i was going to get a new warranty but i said to him i want the new warranty to pick up with the old one ends i don't want to have two warranties at the same time it makes more sense to current warranty yeah yes yes yes we will do it it send me something in writing confirming to we will do it never came what did come was the ink that i really didn't want that came immediately i'm in a more in club that came immediately i didn't want it i keep calling wiz where is my written confirmation of the change in extending the warranty you'll get it you'll get it you'll get it you get it it doesn't come finally
i see when what i'm getting now getting really irritated yeah we're is it well the people and i'll never forget this they said the people that handle that are in the back office that was the term that you would like i was calling a booking to giving me the run around yeah it's all the information is in the back office mister borden or you're going to get it you're going to get it fine finally and i'm feeling pretty good now because i figured look i'm going to cancel it but i'm going to come out ahead because i got this freaking inc i like sent me the ink no seconds they send me the ink yeah an i'm going to win because i'm going to cancel this thing an i got three or four ink cartridges and boy
i'm a winner yeah i always find it by the peril yeah they know but they don't know how to deal with me eight three yeah i just took advantage you guys that i am happy right so i cancelled thank take this friggin thank can you believe those suckers had a chip in there that they can cut can dole if you aren't really part of the system on not so because i had canceled by some miracle we got the cancellation immediately the ink doesn't work it's like a baby while just shut it down yeah that's unbelievable that they put those chips in there yeah that's some dark web she got there so so i'm in this so they beat me each hearing or submitting yeah you're tapping out i i lost and your card is really i shouldn't say a loss i since it is that a lot because the cut which is weren't weren't worth anything but i didn't end up paying for
anything either it was a it was a draw okay it was at i would call it a draw yeah but i want to say you wash your time your time is money and the time is money and when to call a complaint my complaint would be that them the most difficult people to do i wish i could even imagine they probably like we wait someone's calling us who the hell is that right whales please print yes someone has some owns one of our print how much stuff how much if you print out at your house i i i i you is it a good amount stockpiling yeah well the trees to put out to places how come you this is what what former deny yeah we use that i thought i thought i heard her say that yesterday do you that is some old school i black i'm sorry i like to have little income right now we're going back on the train i know
use my phone please print out directions for a train ride no we don't know anybody here let me call anybody let me finish alright says we sit down says the museum museum sex museum is right over here you gotta wait for two hours and then you get to your destination if you'd let me i'm gonna look like such an asshole okay maybe i would yeah i like to something in paper so when it will go on the train i just did a little while ago what's wrong with having i got the ticket and print it out so i you don't have to use my phone got i just show it to the conduct oh by the way he didn't ask for an iphone and he didn't ask for a piece of paper i never said as an aside and this is you could call this a complaint and was going to take the train in this world is no secure
i never thought i'd actually never saw you can draw some you can go and go anywhere on the train or should be a hoboken just i think they just like i will tell you there's something is riding the rails this is going off the rails this discussion before discussions going on conductor saw on the training he's like that's that famous bobdog lawyer not going to bother going from one to tell you right on the ticket it says you must be desperate produce your identification there's nobody asked for identification nobody asked anything this is as long as you pay for the damn right they don't care what he probably took one look like he's like this guy who's fighting with you i hate to say this 'cause i imagine some people are going to hear this and then all you talked about dates and people you could walk onto this or the bomb oh i'm not talking about i'm not talking about in a bag i'm talking about a thing
and it says i have a ball and nobody would ask any questions well and i want to say one other thing about the frame right i wasn't even going to talk about this is a complaint yeah this is a complaint this just happened i'm free freestyle yeah we run this train we didn't go in the quiet car all we didn't go quiet automobile quiet sexy quiet quiet section there was a woman who the minute we got on for three hours didn't shut up i never heard anything like she didn't take a breath she was like force
call rosemary and the guy next to her i think he collapsed he did heavily finally just came up he tried to talk with a little bit she didn't even notice that he was sleeping she just kept going again we talking to him or talking on the phone talking to him to sleep big convo this is not the sleeping section you know this is a peter king column come to life yeah well this is great too because it's like you came in here like i don't really have any complaints and then if we just get you talking it's just like oh well actually that's another thing and now he gives it like the turn around did you say i could obviously after awhile i had to turn around and see who is did you say something now i know you're not keep it i'm not confrontational she wanted but it was after a while it gets on your nerves you're more of a wait till you go on a podcast later and complain right guy i don't think she's listening to this no fence i mean the famous racing peel off you don't complain no no the other thing which i
the hewlett packet was older and nothing is happening wait how much time did you spend dealing with hewlett packard a lot of time like how much like that's 'cause i was i want to tell you which is one of my favorite movies with these companies i was on hold for i want to say each time i tried to call him forty five minutes but i'm not sitting there i just put the phone on all you got yeah i just lets you know you look i got him yeah you got a not so naive to think they could give a about only down to yeah do you tell them your lawyer no well the first thing i always say is you know long do you know how long i've been on hold they're like yeah five minutes and the next thing out of my mouth is what are you going to do for me which of course
back with no i just like it because it i just imagine for whatever was a month or two months you basically clocked in your job every day you woke up you did your radio show and then from the hours of you know all night ten o'clock to five o'clock you're like i'm doing with you you'll pay big say that what i got or inaccurate that's an accurate description you know that becomes it's a full time job to me against them yeah and i'm not gonna lose but i did he gave me a great business idea people that warranties on these type of things it takes forever to try to get somebody to honor the warranty you know firsthand about that why don't we start selling warranties for warranty if you get a warranty will warranty the shit out of it and then you don't have to deal with them you call us and say hey i'm deal with the warranty problem does my warranty cover this and then will say yeah
and then we'll give you a little bit of a run around with a little bit of your time but then will take care of your problem with the company when we take out insurance on our warranty so when were just too lazy to actually fulfill our warranties we just claim file with the insurance company and we believe we pool like me be 10s of thousands of our warranties together and then we yeah buy shares in the yeah the group all had warranties can be yeah they can now invest in that we'll have someone artificially rate him like a plot yes and then we'll have synthetic warranties yes like hey if something were to break down how long did have a warm hot then you can buy
i insurance in that too what do you think i i think it's a great idea and i maybe you could get the guy from espn to be able to offer him as pa the service to be a lawyer i think j bills we have because i'm like me right up his alley i'm more into pa and to being on the radio and all diva port yeah wow like mike was my sensei becoming a monster yeah you are yeah most of her you have all your correct me before you correct me little moss i find your action in during i'm not making fun i'm just laughing i see what was your other complaint all you know happen in the in the boston area where i live and it's gone apparently it's taken hold in san francisco global warming non out these bikes well oh my god we have that in a lot of cities well we just got it where i live you're talking about like the city bike or not listen this is what it is i don't know if that's gonna come but if you just go you need a bike a bicycle pedal bicycle you gohan
somebody rents one i don't very inexpensive you take the bike and you guys would appreciate this use your cell phone get it yeah hi all right you said he's like yeah there is a little bit different but the thing about this and we for the different part in the city of boston all right you have to return them to a bike right see that in my town have these little every city okay it is in your town got got a gun in my town you're done with it you leave it don't metal just like throw it on the side of the yes and san francisco i temperature i can see you you don't you're a little surprised they haven't here too you just leave it so even well i don't know if they have a manhattan they definitely have 'em in jersey coming to boston corner you leave him wherever the hell you want do you lock him up no no no no you have to go they have a disabling back right right right it's disabled it so once you disable it your financial
obligations have ended yes so these heretofore he's people these people just get off the freaking bike they leave everywhere so you could imagine and i live in a relatively small town everywhere in separate this goal and so does exist why does it bother you because i can see what's happening you can't even walk on the sidewalk because it bites yes about many times have you will try to walk on the sidewalk in a bike is stopped you it's coming it's a right now we're the i sort in in in the city of boston all right pre complaint yeah in the city of boston talking about having motorized scooter now it will do this and they already have it i think in san francisco the key difference is you know we're turning them to a spot you only remaining with yeah absolutely anyway my the kid across the street from me got one and they just see if you left it
i live on a dead end st he left it there finally had a call when you come and pick this thing up they never did and he had to go bring it back himself i know this is it's crazy hell the complaint i don't really have a solution here i mean i i agree with you it's crazy just too many by just bikes everywhere yeah i know and i mean people want to i will you know i live near the ocean a lot of people want to walk along the ocean on the sidewalk now you gotta jump over these bikes i'm telling you but you haven't yet not right this is for you i will eventually have to jump over the tell me something about when this is all going to be on so maybe it'll be more relevant yeah okay in two weeks when when this airs maybe it'll be jumping over in fact if you want come in that fast if you want i'll call you and tell you what happen can i give you some advice just lean into this just you start becoming a bike guy yeah if you start running bikes all the time and leave him everywhere you'll all of a sudden be very very in favor of this program or or
around a knife and just start slashing tires well i obviously in case that ever entered my mind i'm not going to respond to that because then they would use this as evidence of the fact that i'm not smart that that i'm not a lawyer yeah what a what if you just heard stealing in a million years i didn't think we'd be talking about this here's what i would do i would just i would get a pick up truck yep i would drive around put all the bikes into the back of my truck and then i would open up a bike shop and that is their problem was a by you know the problem with that is the suck as a heavy with that lock on weight room but a theoretical maybe that's okay sue radical you i think you could do that as long as you try to write it hold on everyone
these days they need like something to work out like cross fit or these are your that yeah these you don't to cross it these we are you know you you do not to cross the like how do i reset i think these weird workouts where you know you you base if someone yell at you were you do something you know they deconstruct how to work out maybe you started mobile gym where the whole gym is is carrying the heavy bikes and putting it into the back of your pickup truck yeah so you're so getting paid on both ends get paid on friday for the gym people have should be all i do the work for you and then you get paid when you sell the move stolen bikes are you just melt the bikes down and build a car out of them it is a wonderful idea all right the complaints no i think i have about and i'm sure i agree i will write me and we could talk forever run the gamut of light can i sue can i sue messy for being a fraud
there's no way you know you're i know he's is out soccer yeah okay and i i better what do i i have no idea what the penalty kick and he's supposed to be the the goat any also they did some tax rebate attacks millions of millions of testing so sports talk professionals like us we label people frauds a lot but fraud means something else in the legal sense but i'm wondering if there's like any chance i could actually sue messy for being a fraud two questions you bet on it yet because i lost money on him under the pretense that he was the go you know something i in this gambling you know the new gambling laws yeah this scare you
it should scare you why were made not you are not you in particular i'm talking about in your personal dealings why make money yeah would scare people that weren't going camping though but i mean you are a gambler right anyway but you already so nothing's changed nothing's changing except i'm going to be able to make money advertising i i lost my i know what i was going to say and this is kind of related i not really taught you said i really care what you asked me but i don't know if you saw i don't take it personally but definitely not now i don't know if i saw this but this is a wild thing i pretty sure i saw this about sock i can't believe we're talking i'm talking about this that this one of the networks are proposing 'cause there's a lot of issues and refereeing and soccer that from that one of the one of the entities posing having cameras everywhere and having somebody up and people up in the booth
out of the referees yeah they didn't have anybody ever see this yet heather they have that already a interview not for review talking about making the whole world make all the calls on nico i like i like that but there humans assisted by robot okay they have this great yeah rick cameras yes in the end they looking at it i had like that they're looking at it as it's happening right and it's saying they want to be a follow on number six is there a better angle yeah there ought to be in their cameras everywhere and they don't have a need for a referee at all the only thing the referee does israel i guess relate what he's being told right from from up above okay i like that so but would that have to do with anything nothing we're talking about bessie talking about messages and i think that the camera proposal is for soccer got it that's why it's so that and i don't care what he it seems to me though if you're a rough and you're close to a play you can see things
clearly then i don't know about that i mean you got cameras everywhere with different angles and i'm sort of the game and i hit eighty four big brother out yes yeah very much so as a i mean have you ever got into civil liberties well yeah there's a key martin his ink cartridges hewlett packard put in there i'd be very surprised him they're watching you could brothers watching am you know i'm going to say something you are going to pick you talk about big brother that's the printer copy yeah they still in business now i've started to notice that it this is something oh what were we talking about here yesterday started to notice so i know i know i know this and maybe i am getting a little paranoid we're talking about my son has to find and i imagine you might notice that he's gotta find another place to live i don't know if you're aware of that so we were talking about last night and don't you think i got on my phone something about finding a pot
oh and i've never gotten that before and here i mean maybe i'm getting a little paranoid hanks had these moments i have upstart have a feeling that things that i talk about with people all of us oh sure we're going to regret that bomb talk about the bomb train talk let's good point yeah well you'll cut that out yeah are you so i don't know what your real life you said it was a little now negative feeling way phone that's not us yeah you understand the phone as long as the conversation no it's never offer phones never off the microphone always works it this is going to have them really works pretty familiar with reading and i bought brought that you know something i didn't think about that and i'm not it is a possibility yeah i'm sure you have you probably search for an apartment my god if the fbi is out here when i open this door taking you down take me down and then they go my god you ought to be doing your serious show from the clink that's that's the
test case i've ever heard of that though because we had like hank tells a story about like a civic type of shoe that popped up on their own but i could see world where they targeted hang for us to shoot okay choosing site hypebeast over there was it was a part for you like looking for an apartment that's totally what time is it in new york city i apartment in new york city was the email you got no no it i don't remember talking about it talk to a looking for an apartment or something like that i could show it to you let me see it right unless i get rid of this is going to be there's no way this is and but by how are you going to help me with my fiance have use your get apartment for apartments and sex shops yeah you might like still section
that would be that would be another test yeah if that appeared i mean after awhile when will turn your phone off because i didn't want to i i didn't want to go i didn't want to vibrate it didn't want to do anything what i hate to have respect for you for appreciate that his password was warned do you still have your password i'll tell you you know something i'm going to tell you something i changed it did you know what i'm going to tell you what you know ok we will change it so i'm not going to tell you but i'm going to tell you something that's going to surprise you your name is in oh that's creepy i gotta change
how's my don't let me wait a minute i want to see if i could get it does he behave himself in school yeah little a little well these seven years old he's got some portnoy him so unfortunately that's probably true yeah a little bit of i i know you're probably i know how busy you are but i really do need i hope
happy i asked you i asked i asked riggs about maybe he could help me but he wasn't interested and you see a lot of times it help is just that you have your junk mail open instead your regular mail remember that he's good radio right now is great radius yeah we don't cut the super max five thing it's gone it's gone let me see you can look in the trash it might be in there must have trashed it it's something for real estate apartments definitely apartments that was just a little while ago i did that when did you get it i think today this morning i thought now it's starting trash it was an ad amazon golf now
what do i get a lot of that spam yes it's looking looking like you got your so figure out all right let's finish this up all right thank god all right which i think mister porter right thank you as always we appreciate it i enjoyed it out or you can go to mail box your mailbox okay well yes you saw how difficult it is for me yeah we know they still burns was still down at the bottom i can't okay then i i can't i i cannot change it because i still get mail to that post office box i don't want to different number but eyes as i get older and more infirm it's going to reach a point i just can't get down there in yeah what about the sins factors it's always burn mail osha you don't know for sure sure never stop alright miss report right thank you so thank you guys to have i mean all the success what's that congrats on being a star yeah i'm a months those mice and yeah monster monster and
it's so ingrained i can't stop that i know you and i see you laughing immediately and i know what i did wrong i love it i love it mr portnoy was brought to you by simply safe in two thousand seventeen the better business bureau heard more than five thousand complaints about alarm companies puts home security in the top ten percent of most complained about industries their asses in the jack pot here's how you fit home security you do it my friends over at simplisafe did simply save got rid of contracts i got rid of all the hidden fees they work hard to earn their customers business instead of relying on tricks and fine print simply safe is a company that treats you right how rare is that today well a company that relies on good service and a great product to earn your business that's one in a million but i've known simply safe for years they are good people that's why they've got an a plus rating with the better business bureau for ten years running that's no coincidence and there are over forty thousand five star reviews online forum simply safe is what home pretty should be you're getting all the best protection
did learn more about simply safe today at simplisafe com pmt that simply say dot com slash pmt to protect your home and family with an a plus home security systems please dot com slash pmt and now andy buckley alright in fourth of july special continues and we welcome on a very very special guests he was on pardon my take almost two years ago and the pea full first two years ago no wow you got the date the people have been clamoring for his return and we give the people what they want
if it took two years but it is andy buckley the man the myth the legend what is going on uh praying for that office return put me back to work people would talk about that was going on with that now i don't know i i it came to me they had everybody else is gonna do it steve krysinski rain and i said you know what i'm not doing it and so they shut it down i like that you got to play hardball you don't get it down you got to do the friends cast thing and make should make everyone get like ten million dollars an episode actually since you're michael's boss you should get more than him i technically should you know the the the ownership
he should be getting all kinds of dough yes the who's speaking of friends who is that guy who's the kid is good at the draft who got drafted all he wants to do is i go out in a date with rachel french yeah don church because he plays over and get something to asia yeah he plays over in spain so they just got friends last year that is really funny yeah wait till the wait till they see you on the office which really figure out a leader on the office so you know they're going to lose their mind wait till you hear this wait till they hear this telecast and then they say that could i want to be traded to either the lakers or the clippers aha the cat is never seen jurassic park but you were in jurassic world do you have any choice words for maybe hey get caught up on things i think there should be someone like on the on twitter i should say hey any movie you have seen a discount early show pictures of all the jurassic park movies yeah i know it is that would like is that
this parcel doing that you get to that yeah i get out there and see it well you know there for can see is the new one is it's fantastic it's so i get to see it the other night because that's just that's how i roll it's the it's the kind of so kind of juice i got i got to go to the premiers an it's it's so funny i'm reluctant to swear 'cause i'm trying to get my son i swear less really is that a problem but he's not around then he certainly not going to listen to this yeah so the new one is sucking great it's fantastic it's
uh and yeah i'm not in it i'm hoping that someone puts me that they put me in the third one yeah yeah technically i did not die in the in the in the first come on dude by spoiler i haven't seen it i mean this in the nicest way possible it's a three year you know it was i gave you three year timeline you didn't make it so sorry buddy you would have done a great job as as the lawyer that gets eaten off the shooter wait i haven't seen that one either that was that was you know i'm hoping that's what happens to me sir what we need to get out of the house more men no i had to get out of the house i got a while i got to watch but my theory is that everyone has like one movie that they just somehow missed that they won big movie that they're like oh shoot and their parents to say it have you is there one big movie you might be the wrong person ask
no i have no idea i said i haven't i haven't seen avatar i have an option sam you know what about the class is it that's it that's a couple into two big classics yeah that's our big i'm classic you know i think caddy shack thousands of times hello i assume that makes up for it good for you yeah you know who right some of the early bill murray we speak caddy shack what do you think you would have shot at shinnecock at the us open because people forget you are a phenomenal golfer in your past life well if i woulda had you know countless mulligans i would've shot sixty i've taken out l press by it by a stroke yeah what do you shoot what do you shoot these days what what i set out you know we go out and play i would like i get to get to in one thing that's really a blast this web dot com event to program in south carolina it's like there
the web dot com pebble beach basic you like it's a four day thing you go you play you got your pro partner you make the cut you make god i make the cut like every other year it depends it depends if i'm able to ride i'm like in eight i know where we're going to set up a money game back at twelve oh i can probably played with sixteen yeah something like that what do you bench bench give me two hundred and twenty two twenty one twenty one classic the classic half pound you throw on each side you squash or what the i don't do anything i chased my kids around the backyard but you know do i'm sure i'm due for like a hip replacement soon you know i i'm sure i'll get i'll have some sort of a scooter injury soon you know trying to keep up with my kids so
it was the fourth of july that's when we're going to air this i don't know if they told you that but this is coming out in the future so you're talking in the future right now that's not what my lawyer said yeah so in the future yes okay so in the future and the future what are your big fourth what are your must do is on the fourth of july if you do not rush for my future my future self is gonna talk to my younger self yeah so great hanks yeah hey man i keep up like seven minutes of research just click and scrolling down on parkway part of your research was that hank had a birthday this year you know this year i think he did in this year yeah i got one no we got one next year yeah one next year yes that's a fact what it what am i going to be doing on the fourth of july yeah if you were to talk to if you were to talk to past andy buckley pass in the earlier study literature but yeah what are you going to be doing fourth of july
i you're ready for a probably be up in canada was from canada their trainer that that week you're going to canada was one the rise in boys my my buddies up in toronto right and the rise in boys yeah we know well but first i thought they're avid listener that is my that my my my buddy declan the dunk meister goes to university of miami we see an avid listener what right during the fourth of july i don't know what i'm doing the work john byrne for can to i'm doing a meter in canada we go room here we we got to decide my wife may have some stuff to do for all i know how to get a job that week we can always lousy you never no that's what always happens plan a trip to get a job and uh i know i will be wearing red white and blue though serve others france all i got yeah you know here's a here's a good question
given away are you ever worried about the big one well no 'cause you obviously haven't seen me in the showers hey now talk about earthquakes folks keep it clean keep it clean this is a family show uh yeah no not you know you love yourself to sleep i know occasionally you think about it yet they said fuckin' did sucks earthquakes really suck though yeah the big ones come in they have you guys ever been an earthquake it's it's like out of nowhere and scary as shit never been earthquake no it's it scary as hell i pasted tornado ones in the big one i'm a heavy walker so i don't know that kind of counts right i fart really heavily yeah like like powerful farts and when you sit funny fart to share really strong it feels like an earthquake so i'm with you
are mud slides yeah yeah so it's that sort of a thing yeah exactly but you understand what like we do this with every guess that we have from la we're going to give you fifteen seconds just to talk about traffic that nobody cares about you know what i was on the one hundred and one today this is a crazy thing about being living in los angeles so i took my son to get my twelve year old to get a golf lesson today at this place angeles national it's like we have one of the public courses out here and as we pull up like this is los angeles for you so there's some unbelievable i don't know what sports car from fifty years ago sitting there and you know surprise surprise standing next to it is jay leno and he's about to film his show you know you know all about cars or whatever and then and then like
out of the car is josh duhamel who i actually worked with a couple times and whose couldn't be a better he's a guy hey man and you end up like fitness it like just to go get a golfer in a few dishes that's pretty cool with my twelve year old hey so well from transformers well sale in oh yeah that's that it isn't it freaking crazy but that was my that was my traffic's my fifteen second traffic store okay do you think the sun is hot the son of who the sun hey i would imagine he went to stand i imagine this i imagine the sun is pretty hot i feel like i'm i feel like i lost my i feel like i lost my mo jo your phyllis i i'm i'm
i get nothing funny today no the whole time let me ask you if you think the sun's hot then how come either space cold is our space called yeah it's freezing yeah you don't see the fire in outer space yeah how about when you go up to the top of mountain sun is the mountain is the top of everest is closer to the sun but it's colder hey man i just occasionally do a little acting at trying entertain trying to keep my kids fed i can't i can't be answering all these questions local for an office returns yeah in trim you know i'll do it always sunny i'll do a life
this is a curb your enthusiasm about that yeah how is your david fell it how was that um i signed a non disclosure thing i can tell now it's working awesome spectacular things really crappy sitting there with larry david and jeff like it's unbelievable i must say i was very intense but it's like one of the only been like two times in my life acting wise i've ever been intimidated that was one of the other uh i didn't have a sort of silk stockings years ago no and uh i'll manually space yeah you know now now other time was on the set of the movie the house 'cause everybody was so funny like every like every single person was funny as hell and i can't i better be funny i better get a laugh but no you sitting there and it was
it was a scene to wear like larries like he's pist off at my character so the first cup takes i couldn't tell if he was like this off as the character at my character or like to off at me because i like sucked because the whole thing is improvised like you make it up so like there's just basically three lines of they're coming to you they need help here's the thing you're no help and then you know go sounds like you got a you gotta be funny and uh are you gotta keep up i guess not necessarily be funny but uh so that was that was a little intimidating i was dying to talk to him about golf but uh because of my being a little intimidated i didn't quite didn't quite do it so they give like an instruction hey this is what the scene needs to accomplish and this is what is where it has to go by the end and you have to hit these lines and the rest is just go for it yeah it's literally it's like four line
to see the larry said something on you know tv to offend a certain group of people you're he's coming to you but fbi guy for help you're no help and literally you know you tell him he's not in any danger whatever it is likely that the four lines and then and then you just kind of react off of whatever they're saying it was fun it's it's really it's really a blast to do like with david i i wouldn't understand where the acting started where stop just because i associate his character caribbean whose adam just with him as a person so in my match the cameras turn off and then he just keeps walking around complaining but i think that is a me i know it's funny he's a i mean i certainly didn't get that to nome all that well but he at least quite a nice guy you know these like you know pleasant pleasant guy and you know i probably
easily could have like started talking about golf because he i think he's like a funny all the time he lives right over at riviera and place their old but but you know yeah that's that's what you think but he's i'm sure that's an exaggerated version of him but he said here who who knows he certainly nice guy with me alright have any any last words for for the listeners for this been fun we need to use yeah yeah i applaud you see i spent two years of but at them like the guy that hasn't you know i'm like tiger it's but i've been offered couple you think it is an honest man unless acts with a lot of people in your life if you to face with a golf club that that was the main those specific reference the i guess i guess you read that the
go we do want to mount rushmore things come on at the end of your me something give me give me a little come give me a fork like reference give me some you know we'll do all right let's wrap this apple do it fast everyone we don't have time to to get our plane exactly right then no let's do let's do and mount rushmore of office characters oh boom why do it why don't we a draft of office characters well you assemble your squad of four no it's not rush but i don't do not rush for you can start okay me yeah you oh yeah so what am i doing i'm drafting yeah you pick one and then we go around so were you end up with four office characters all do i do i get to draft myself worse course not that i right i drive myself very frequently we
do you think i've been doing on this call fellas jacket off alright so god by the way i played golf with paige spirit neck oh yeah i should good with that yeah you probably should so she's sadly freezing cold raining day so you don't get a good at it out she was funny as heck he he's like like the group of us she's like sorry guys i i know you if you were playing with me you were kind of and i wouldn't be so heavily cloaked or something like that keeps used shoes she was really poor like that's what she said i can't remember but she's pretty funny about it yeah right who am i i think todd packer okay strong number ones kind of sleeper all right you have to go i'm gonna go michael scott okay i'll i'll go to a troop did you get to hank
jim it's one of those round general at the gym two i thought that's what you did to ok i will let you go with creed who'd you go with after that creed engine although now reading jim yeah uhm no no women have been picked yet alright i'll go ryan howard ok that's a good combo yeah alright and ryan howard i'm not sick so yeah i'm going to go with stanley stanley is it to me you get to all right i'm going holly flax may now yep and i'm taking meredith
that's a good pic good pick good pictures if you motherfuck us right could pick i'm going with a good cigars in her purse and i'm going with kevin malone good one phones i'll take any bernard i'm going to take stanley hudson alec bourne kelly could pour very telling that no one is taking pam if the work is the worst hey now phyllis else go toby toby toby always brought the ok okay and brings the laughs i don't hate i don't hate that i will go with my last pick who's my third pick you took a
line out here i'll take with my last pick darrell good pic kay uh my labs it is me is like the final pick me have tea and then you i'm gonna go first i'm i you threw a monkey wrench into plans his or i was going to take a look for at she is going to last too no one wants robert california you can take david wallace oh that's now that you said it out loud i just haven't trying to understand take it well he feels we going to feel really bad he's given his july fourth no i'll crap myself as we know i've been doing it the last half an hour ok i'll take um i'll take care and interesting i would have gone with jen there
at the gym dan levin thing tell jen michael combination of been nice would have been nice it was a mistake no take but no take backs i don't think it's a mistake i think that plays errands a forgettable character alternately like if you're gonna want to draft hunter as well yeah angelus out on the board to you know get angela we got pam i may go with pam ok we're going to take advantage to maine yeah i like pam ok she's the worst hey i didn't draft though oh my final pick the final pick yes in keeping with the what i've been doing for the last half an hour i will draft myself yeah there it is david talking wallace the w there it is friends were you named after david foster wallace
i think i was yeah because kaczynski is a is a big fan of his writing and made a movie his first movie was a before a quiet place he he made brief confessions of a hideous man into a movie really upset that like another actor on the show got to name you that seems like a major sunning that's an alpha move on his part i was a guy sitting in a cubicle at merrill lynch when i got the call to be on the office buddy i don't care who name good point i'm all right it was a guy worried about hey in the bills for the hot dog slash sandwich he was gonna have for lunch i'm
at buckley this is been so much fun appreciate you coming on alex like we can do this more often yeah so i think i don't know what to do and i feel like the last track vandervell done on the seventy second hole of the young topical right there yeah click and well it's right before right for the john i no i looked it up yes did he show what are the last story will will after recess every single thing you said there will be get into real like in new is it true that they're going to take the office off netflix you very much don't let him do it very on and i don't know what we're doing about our draft but will we will do something with it alright sounds good man good to hear from you alright andy buckley was brought to you by bet dsi but tsi dot com has been in business for over twenty years paying winners there a plus rated when sports book review sites you can use your sports knowledge to make some extra cash
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ford would under his long years we do you did you given as out of crystal now chris long all right we now welcome on a very special recurring gas who didn't make the mount rushmore of recurring guest this year huh it is super bowl champion two time super bowl champion chris long what what what do you think you did wrong to not make the mount rushmore recurring guess i'm not really sure i didn't make the most more than directed so maybe i could tell me what i did wrong well you didn't you gave us a couple scoops body break i didn't break a did not use coupon recently with the eagles used you gave us a script that you weren't going to go to the white house and you don't accidentaly but he also gave us a scoop that that he was going to re sign yes
you guys because of that interview i had like a hellfire of a bag of people hitting me up like clean up his super bowl uh like i had people like putting a trump curse on me well we're not going to win because they're well if it makes you feel any better when that happened we saw like the media storm coming down on you super bowl week probably one or two minutes where we felt bad then we moved on without but there was definitely a moment i remember i remember it vividly being like pft it would really suck if the eagles lost and in christening when i leaned on the full rugby in my case in dog yeah and then in that because he was like hey are you gonna pass that when i was like well this and put them back to our lives then i and it felt good though because i went back in like one of these like you need a right wing dues on twitter you know had gotten like a hundred thousand retweets saying that i put the the trump close on our team and i want
factory freedom after he wanted he deleted the trees i gotta find out who that was yes once you start earning yeah i probably don't get rid of it yeah it it sounds like a sort of each move yeah well we put your arms lower because we we didn't we we want to distance herself from your controversial politics right now i'm really up verizon figure it's funny you know ever since i said that i don't like nazis like i feel like i walk around and some people like looking at me funny bring home a nazi charlottes you are yeah maybe clearly clearly we are the first anti nazi podcast though so you're in friendly ground with that that's good i one of services in a word winning listener can explain maybe call and then explain why he deleted i'm gonna guess is probably not yeah i'm gonna say no listen now it's got to be real mindset though so
yeah it's true that's true so here's the guy that you immitate all the time alex jones it's not an invitation that's an exact in person that's actually alex young got the documents right here chris yeah it says right here your big lib cuck to him big tape it all wrong here's our turn the frogs gay dump but except for pepe the frog he strains can be that's my favorite using his beats per minute like your resting heart rate and she probably like three hundred yeah he's always wanted bigger realistically like eighty eight it's like a drum roll yeah yeah given heard on i have the two highest resting heart it's like a metronome all the way you turned all the way up so because is the july fourth pre july fourth episode and because you are two time super bowl champion two time no show to the white house we thought we do the mount rushmore of laws that we would enact if we ever got invited now 'cause i'm pretty sure that's how it works yeah my understanding is if you win a superbowl you get invited and then you can meet the president and then you tell him for laws and he asked
immediately an act all for you have a conversation i like a movie yeah i want this yeah actually actually i had the the really what happens you show up and you go out in a big room and they put you on c span and you have like two minutes talk and just you know make whatever legislative changes you want so kinda bummed i missed that alright so we're going to do those laws so we're going to do a snake trap you're going to go first i'll go second then hang computer you want to go rear here i'll bring up the rear bring up the rear and come back and let's do it so let's start with you chris laws that you would enact if you ever got invited to the white house after work super bowl well i got some laws that i would want to create and i don't want to seem overly like a punitive type guy but i'll start with one that i think would be positive would be having an autobahn i think we're
we're missing out on autobahn and there's a lot of places that you could put it and just do away with the speed limit i like that actually yeah you could just put it actually in between albert haynesworth's house and his favorite bar yeah and he would probably pay five hundred thousand dollars a year what is an auto bond for the listeners who might not know germany they just basically have a highway that you can go as fast as you want from one you know sex romp where you shoot on the girl to the next one where the girl on you it which is basically a nice way to like thin the herd a little bit because it's fucking terrifying to me and if you put one here like all the people with bad judge hello just gone audubon yep yep because i do is auto highways paul walker yeah yeah the right right yeah steven seagal he came up with on those trains wait hang under siege two did you say whose idea was highways yeah
ship that's a good question things like roosevelt yeah yeah muscle babe yeah must've been alright i'll go with the one that i think we all can agree on day after super bowl's got to be a national holiday that's that's really actually we exactly what i would say if i ever step foot in the white house that's a good number one overall pick alright i'll make the drinking age eighteen that's dangerous yeah why because everyone is drinking when they're eighteen anyway so true i just make it legal that's actually fair that's actually well thought out i would actually say nineteen sounds like a good age because if you're eighteen then everybody in high school access to peer what senior yeah yeah that's that you want to be like the nineteen year old your your the like your height in the spring yeah yeah right yeah like horde of alcohol you want to be held back a year like chris oh that's why you live sports
turns out that you're not actually that good you're just playing against a bunch of guys there a year younger than you been a year ahead your whole life you motherfuck are pretty much
and i get arthritis sooner than everybody in planning with next year when i grow to be six foot three and two hundred and ninety pounds i'm gonna kick your ask us yeah do that alright pft your rules you get two i'm pist off because you took my super bowl one but that was a pretty basic one yeah that's yeah you can all agree on that this is kind of a serious one i think that if you get over one hundred thousand followers on social media you should be above the law should be allowed to break any laws like the purge yeah yeah blah zone apply if you're an influencer yeah my offer my second one is that billionaires shouldn't be allowed to own property so they should have landlords what about millionaires that have to pay for their own fuckin' stadium though well yeah would know that they're not allowed to ok think billionaires are not allowed to pay for their own fucking stadiums they have to rent it from a dude god and the guys that they rented from has to be a guy that makes less than one hundred thousand dollars a year i like that so just some like some some guy who just landed everyone should have to deal with a bum ask landlord yeah i like that i like that
grounded yeah yeah yeah like euro the lights don't work in our stadium and joe the landlord is just not picking up his phone i would love to see elon musk like deal with the city landlord he just gets asked i like that alright thank my two i would make all fast food restaurants have to be mandatory open till two hundred and thirty in the morning all of 'em all of 'em right that's actually a really good law yeah i like that i like that ok i'll do about what about chick fil a even on sundays i had that i i wrote that down then i was like you know what let's just do the whole fast food yeah let's not worry about one restaurant it's very bottom all i'm going to go overtime insurance for betting ok so we need that that needs to be a law because now gambling is legalized so i can't say gambling yes but they need to have overtime insurance for bedding so as soon as you hit overtime you know you know when you have like the underdog and the overtime happens you're like or or when someone on your team just forgets
score is and just dribbles it out you know you're probably yep hi sir my out you got yeah that's you okay nice city this is a a lay up right but i would say a federally legalized marijuana ninety we're halfway there you pandering rap with your yeah wow okay answering yeah yeah i know i mean like we're looking at about half or st louis groups legal recreationally or medicinally we're just playing this stupid game i had to get serious but i think one they will look back and and look at this like prohibition and it'll look really stupid i agree but then overdoses are through the roof and then you have to deal with that oh yeah overdoses eight thousand and ninety thousand people dying from alcohol related death and i love alcohol but i mean like let's let's let's be serious
are you saying that you can't i mean you can overdose if you i think i read it if you ingested thirteen thousand pounds of pot and in five minutes you would overdose you saying that's not possible threat if you ate that much you are human pac man you went out in a blaze of glory you wouldn't even know what happened to you the paranoid would hit you so hard so fast and then it would be just like unconsciousness i'm not sure it's out loud like me it's like half of that's like half an l yeah only one of those is slang words they john eagles it sounds really cool i hear them in popular music and i'll beat them coming out your mouth is like yeah i know i would i mean like i would say you know are we moving on yeah yeah you get the next one yeah our golly i would make it illegal good people
not to wave crossing the street what do you mean you don't like to thank you with no i'm saying when people don't wave they should go to jail okay i like to hatcher yeah a little common courtesy and same when you're letting somebody in on traffic like the zipper system yep yeah i like it thank you it's a big time no no when you let someone in cut your hands off of they don't wave at you yeah all right uh you know what i'm gonna get a little more serious with my third law my third law is going to be put down ravel in jail and lock away and throw away the key me tweet from president no no he know he keeps his twitter well because he i need to know no i need to know exactly how many bars are in the prison cell and what that correlate stew and like what happened in the year one thousand one hundred because there one thousand one hundred iron bars ok that's ok 'cause i was afraid there what you're going to say because the second part of it is put darren ravel in jail and have univision by the ravel times and got it oh yeah
you guys actually not like his twitter is this a running joke it's so bad that it's good yeah i actually think he's one of my top ten hello this is what makes him out right yeah well yeah we'll okay leave that for your own good that's more you could come on here and say anything political but what you just said is going to make everyone turn on you i'm sorry i think is his is actually halfway interesting and can i say something on the topic of twitter it's not a law that should be enacted but don't you think you should have two timelines like people that you could she follow and then people you actually want to read their tweets stephen hawking like big fan of two time lines at noon what day yeah well we we had a lot in common yeah i like that idea i like that i also i wouldn't hate just having everyone have to know what can be anonymous yeah or winter yeah i i've heat and honest with the absolute worst i had one that i crossed out but it was
athletes should have to respond to every single tweet that sweet at them like that'll i heard you didn't you have an anonymous account and then somebody what's the word docs or what's the word
henry dot you can you played it if yeah well she also docks you as being the most unpatriotic person the world because you only donate to charity for the tax cut all right out but it was funny by we pft that's actually a pretty good law that you have to respond everything and i also like just going off of his chair would hate if every time a player gets injured after press conference for all their fantasy owners yes yes answer them alright hank europe this would be a new law that i want to create but it would basically be that the entire internet across the entire country turns off for one hour a day out its is allison so people need to learn how to live life without the internet site like self care yeah i like that like three in the morning like it could very it could be a different time each day okay a floating tighten but not during the bachelor right definitely under the bachelor and if you're a racist dog twitter account maybe take five hours off yeah that's true all right if he got to all right my first one is going to be it should be illegal for athletes and to refuse an invitation to the white house because you must respect the office of the press
consider it regardless of who is occupying it at the time sir fact is it is it a is it okay if you if you demand to see the president's birth certificate and that's the reason you're not going yeah that's okay yeah i mean i was gonna come on that sort of depression common sense i mean i got to see your birth certificate i'm not asking the questions but i've heard from many sources that this is a very real thing ready law enforcement sources right on my last one is this is a serious one every politician that turned a blind eye to flint michigan should have their teeth knocked out with the steel him fit with the seal had fence post driver who wow shot out mixtape okay nice well how
all right i can dig it i'm also just pandering to you because you do the whole water thing yeah make a big deal yeah i'll i'll i learned water will guess what i love water more than you because i think that every politician turned a blind eye to other teeth knocked out that makes my fourth law look a little juvenile put okay i'd make it mandatory for companies to give at least three weeks vacation per year that's a great one would be good for you yes well no that would be a button vacation for you that's less vacation true yeah fewer i'm looking out for the people yeah ok alright alright my fourth law is simple it's just bros before hoes good one like you just can't just boys yeah like you can't do that takes more check right like we're just trying to show with the boys don't be like i'm going on a date with my special if it's a saturday so
yeah exactly bros before hoes i am i up yeah oh yeah you're up uh i mean like i could go punitive and do like cutting in line or something you know it's another pet peeve being rude to people in airports but gonna go with this really utopian idea i had where every every community has to have a big cookout every sunday and mandatory yeah even if the weather should we have those called tail gates do you just play in the nfl so you don't get to go to well what if you play in the nfl and like every time you get away to play games your jealous that people tell getting some play in the nfl want to quit yeah i don't
that will happen sooner than what you real men eat yourself sickness every single sunday that's what i do think about you all get ready you know i'm taking it for all shot your job i'm struggling to to warm up put put my my football players on on the in like man who's firing up the green egg out there who is seriously serious question are you just like a little bit jealous like can you not wait to finally be able to get drunk like really really drunk on i cannot wait on a saturday night all the cool shit happens on a fall saturday night and all my buddies hit me up and i get the worst almost out sitting in the in the hotel i mean one time this was worst thing that ever happened virginia film festival you know comes to charlottesville and they said
any mcbride was at my favorite part just hanging out getting mcbride was sitting there just hanging the fuck out and i'm in a hotel room in like you know god in a buffalo i think it was in buffalo it was the crush me i think it was a preseason game you know that's the type of should i miss i could have been having a drink with kenny powers and i'm in a hotel for appreciating game in buffalo after being nfl player damn that sucks dems the breaks well yeah well you know short shortening our life spans so you guys can tailgate and blackout not remember what happened during the game thank you for your service i appreciate that that's awful nice eloquent way to put it right chris have a great fourth of july don't do any weird dog
in montana no definitely more weird let the dogs be in the picture don't photo shop i want to see more dogs photo shop so i wanna see like nine dollars out the door yeah you know we might do is just shop or like a wolf in there or something will mix it up this year so i'll send it to you guys rob a photo shop are sweeping or we could so shop around that he's always with us chris calling was brought to you by big cats about to say next it was brought to you by pft asking me this next question big cat you had good idea for something that you were put at the end of the show a little treat to the customers out there what do you say was that it was that a secret question was a sequel shift wow ok i promo code take yelp get ten dollars because it was less sporting eventually go to i just want to go to use promo code take on seek get ten dollars off alright so
question for you the real see question put take you get ten dollars off yeah see i like it when people ask you you say cgc key who is the number one american of all time yeah the goat american arnold schwarzenegger well he's from austria put jon taffer yeah that's right we were actually thinking of what can we throw in at the end for everyone to get ready for july fourth and it is taft daddy a little best of of the last time he came and visited us he is the man the myth the legend jon taffer so everyone had a great july fourth a safe july fourth don't blow off your fingers and we'll see you on july fifth with a nice big football
july episode also if you do blow up your fingers send us your hospital bracelet after you get out so we can reuse that and use it as an excuse and god forbid one of us were to die before july fifth good news is the recorder's office episodes it's coming out no matter what even if one of us is dead if one of us dies like like big on the art is the aids doesn't matter yep the episodes coming out that was our actually that was like right before you guys ruin the entire show for me that part that was really sad yeah was and then and then i was like really into it and then you guys ruin the rest of the show and i never i actually we've been getting a lot of complaints recently about that super nice when other people complain that listen really big of hand up that this is the last time that i will ever personally ruin the sopranos no more surprises spoiler at all i don't believe it alright
have ever have a great fourth here's jon taffer we'll see you guys on the fifth love you guys all right we now welcome on one of our favorite gas recurring guest jon taffer he is a book writer now you're not the second time oh second time yes okay now you need to publish a book and 'cause you are filled with wisdom we have thought about that i did a lot of wika pedia pages but the book thing is next so the book is don't bullshit yourself crush the excuses that are holding you back first of all strong title for a strong man i like that you had a swear word in there you like that idea i absolutely do it's an attention grabber it's one of those you know when you walk into a bar and you see something that you like boom this book just screams to you and can i just say i do judge every book by its cover
but i don't think it has to start and run so and i i i like this book are you so it's the number one seller on amazon it is right now i can't believe it i'm blown away by it alright so i was i was thumbing through it last night of the up and down so you you have like you you told a story about failed his business deals so you lost six hundred thousand dollars and when your first business could you tell that story so i i created a sports bar in chicago with this guy and and and the guy i created to sports bar with was this scoundrel i sent a note no cheats on his wife you know is is young kids were sleeping everywhere and and somebody said the man don't be partners with somebody who cheat like that too so who who screw you in a heart beat so when the business with the guy i was young and stupid so we don't have all the
paperwork done and son going to rip me off over five hundred grand chief how does that happen he just kind of he took over your stake in the bar is over the he took yes in essence he he he i put dollars in at night and get the equity for the dollar so you seem like i mean you seem like an awful guy you probably see that mean big cat couple alpha is in the studio how do you how does one take you for five hundred grand without get the business information with the there there's ramifications of that for sure but you know you have to do in legal ways right but but you know shame on me for partnering with a guy why news a cheap so so do what what did you learn for because there is a very easy yeah it's very easy for me to blame that on him the fact is it was my fault you should see the come in that so i i was also talking to the well i didn't come to the book i read the table contents but credit to me for doing that are your expresses how he listed very press far fear knowledge time circumstances ego and scarcity yes what about the ultimate excuse diarrhea well not be it is a fluid situation so you want to deal with that
absolutely what is so i would get a cork if i were you i want to go back to the guy who who who scanned you for second and trusting people yeah what do you do now as your test on who you can trust and who you can't trust what you and i friends yes we've known each other long time yes i trust you i know about you guys i know who you are and what you do and i would like to clean my bedroom i know that's not exactly your for tech but the fact of the matter is and i know you can you know so i don't like to surround myself with people whose character i don't trust right right do you have any like litmus tests like hey this is so i gotta tell you since i went through that family thing with a cheating on it but that's a pretty serious one yeah so i just don't want you know if you cheating someone else right then you know i'm convinced you're going to cheat me too so you really want to do your homework you wouldn't marry somebody you know nothing about so don't partner with somebody you know nothing about you know go to his house meet his family friends know something about the guy before he partner up with him yeah
i mean i i'm feeling happy the nightmare of dave right yes absolutely but i mean it's true because i do trust dave when the chips are down i do trust him because he is integrity and he cares right and he might be an asshole i didn't say that but he might some people might say that but i still trust them when they initially just actually right exactly he plays one on television but i find it interesting because it is one of the parts of doing business you know everyone talks about business your roi and all the ship the other day comes down to who you're partnered with it has people you surround yourself and it's all revenue you know people can say my labor costs higher marketing expenses higher my content cost is higher my production costs like but if our revenues went up thirty percent you wouldn't be saying any of those things so we're business people blow it as they focus on a dime is not the dollars you guys are good at driving revenue driving content that's why you successful the expense
we have a lot of revenue right right so we cancel a lot of flights we miss a lot of flights yes that if that's come the price that you pay for doing business yes i guess so so i i also saw the dedicated the book to your wife i did a scan of a man card situation there but you also said that she never doubted you even when you doubted yourself that's right when did you last out yourself sure no my first book i've never written a book the four guys in a to think ten years ago that i would write a book was an astronomical in a reach so when i put my first book made it what wall street journal bestseller list that's sort of blew me away not to brag yeah yeah but i don't know but it but you know i doubted if we i didn't expect it to be so successful this book is another one i mean who would ever think that would be number one on amazon i completely down i did so i'm more
thank you buddy but i marketed the hell out of it i've been all over the city of new media taurus from everything from barstool sports to doctor phil about everything i can think of because i didn't believe in it to this degree and it's shocking but you know what i learned is and you'll find this interesting about a hundred fifty nine bar rescues you're doing a
sixty two with me the hundred sixty second episode is your gallery my and they'll be my third and out of your search so you been here with me you know how it works you're not religious yep you know that it's not absolutely that is completely real i took that jello shot in saint louis and maybe it was a jello pudding shot meanwhile the price for that yeah i was very real ales brisket nachos and maybe want to puke it was very real it wasn't a jello shot it was actually from the the job not the it was jill putting okay who's ever gone teller shot on vodka it was jello put a shots cost it was so ross i was a cat not sure how long with the memory last yes back to the diary it would make a full circle yeah exactly so so when i did about a hundred twenty of my realized that whenever you ask anybody whether for why the feeling they never say may
always blame something else right iraq for genocide that son of a did all my employees think about and i realized everybody's got a excuse for their shortcomings so i really okay so if the common denominator failure amongst all these hundred for is an excuse what the an excuse so i sit down a month to actually figure this out excuses a rationalization of a mistake you like siddhartha sen underneath that tree i think it took him about that we share the month of yeah yeah you didn't do something you should have we made a lousy fucking choice if it wasn't one of the three things you would never say the excuse okay so every time we come up with an excuse it makes us feel good about something we should feel bad about yes right so we should be
working pistol we blew it so it's a defense mechanism in your own brain that says hey you're not the problem it's everybody else out there coach can do that yeah nfl players can do it will pass fucking suck well if you only for reaches over you wouldn't be saying that now would you true so brady can't throw and catch the ball cake and no that's what is giselle said he can't well can't you cannot the ball yet prove that so my point is this of excuses or would paralyze everybody and hold us back then you know what are the biggest excuses fear yes think about you buddy run radio your national will over the place you could hear it all the time but you overcommit noble you see when you say you saw it will be i actually wrote this down fears a motivator because it struck me because that is something i always talk about myself that i wake up every morning being like what if today is the day that everyone's like he's not funny anymore and it's like you keep evolving so you gotta make sure you are right we've got to work harder at it every freaking thing right it's not easy and i think a lot of people
like fear shuts him down but i like being afraid right away it's an inspiration to me but think about this when people were scared of something if they just think for a minute hundreds thousands of people have already dealt with it so the fear is bullsh it it's just not fuckin' real right now then you look at the next one i love this one ego you ever notice that people with the biggest ego have the thinnest fuckin' wallet gui interesting right because he doesn't listen anybody's ego gets in the way that typically not very successful right right and i love time time is a great when i sit there when in a book you know which i don't have the time you know if it was important to you in
made the time so you're not saying you don't have the time what you're saying is you blew the off far it's not a priority we're sorry is an important you know good evening meal good thing that came in today yeah because yesterday was on the phone and that one of your time you would show me that time wasn't worth it for us well i did it for you k meant yeah that's exactly right but i was going to do it for you on the phone because they want to let you down so you have a fall back i would at least get on the phone yeah but you know i love you but i'm so he showed up what if you're tired like that excuse the outside world to tice was what one more hour of work in a kill you yeah well i mean you are in japan they work sometimes eighteen hour days and yeah i've done what i thought the desk yeah what follows up to like two am smoking weed and playing call of duty and then i wake up and i'm tired so then your excuses i'm a dirt bag no no i well he was being a true yeah i was just protecting our country is on the on the virtual
reality i have a full duty yeah so we're back to time you didn't have the time to do it with a major life better use that time to to to sit on the couch get high and watch football game okay well what at what point do i get that i you know yourself to was chocolate cake involved no they don't want to die actually looking good what i mean i and go that out to you but it thank you where you can take it somewhere because dontrelle willis is pitching in you really want to watch a pitch so that's that's another class will often work for pleasure yeah yeah something like that if that's what your choices that's cool news understand that's what your choices jana's song use it's a choice so when you chose to blow it off and and go see it again when you say fear first i kind of hear almost like i'm going to do tomorrow night would you say i'm blowing off a professional dinner oh god tonight's game oh for the cop yeah that's where you get to say and i probably got a shot at the cup yeah i think i'm crazy was the caps here are you living afraid of of the washing capitals
and i'm a more free to tampa bay okay as on welfare but it's the caps here just turned nine here in nashville those words what do you think about a website that just has every man you in america put it's the pictures the food i think that's really a a good idea some of the people are playing with three d menus now we see the item on the menu i like that it's been around you could sort of see what it is and then you can eat it so it's actually just the phone under tries an image okay yeah the thing about you could do three d menu where you just bring out all the food yeah what you can do that straight either what did you tell yeah graphic holograph when you're like that because if you're on a diet you can like fake like reading it feel like so i got to give you a holographic fork then yes sir the timber we make this work is a is a resident of holographic diarrhea is that what yeah holographic excuses i just the card is a restaurant in class you if it has pictures on the menu no disagree
greedy disagree so you're just a denny's guys straight out no i like to see the food like i don't know what it's gonna look like you're not exactly the epitome of class there but i've been did i went to a farm to table place three weeks ago and i didn't know what any of the ship was an it came out and it was i was like i want this minute they put a picture on a menu they're gonna have to they can't go past like twelve dollars per what about what about an extra what about a like box you get okay and you can get a big factor yeah you don't get a tivo does for like three to make the book but she's take factors are very you get operation is only a few of them they do about a web one million dollars a year each or more but it's a very very unique place around brian every corner stuff if we want if we just give an option though like you know how there's you know handicap table or it's like we're doing here is the option that you can have to see all the food here's what's going to happen with digital menus i think we're going to look at a man you are going to see stuff listed ok so it doesn't have the picture to cheap in it
when i touch the item i'll see the picture again option they disappear you just so i can see it when i want to you just don't want to open a menu with pictures 'cause that's sort of a breakfast you slow my idea no i just out thought your fucking yeah this is a little bit of cash when you make this idea you don't know what if we make this money okay all right somebody he added a veneer of class too yes that's yeah that's all you need you need to hang out with dirt bags like us a lot and then just kind of put a spit shine over ideas so you're saying that the end does not have a veneer of class notes that we pride ourselves on being probably the least classy people that go over me like that and that's a lot of the reason why you guys so so yeah that's true if you tell people you're super classy than if you just do something that's like kind of classical roses in the local men fifty what about your bar idea well all the difference are so i got i got two different ones here for you the first one this is brand new and i thought this morning on this is a bar it's across from high school or middle school it is called the each and every
and it's only for teachers only teachers go there 'cause if you know teachers they like to throw a few back they are big drinkers and it staffed by former stew it's only former students can work there so the teachers get to go get drinks service after it's gotta be former students who hate to school no no further for the teachers are it's got to be a strip club and the former students that really hated the school and dropped out i think that work they were you know years ago we did a bar in outside in war once and i called it the annex yeah a and i name the drinks like catcher in the rye after all these books so when they got their receipt it said the annex on the top and everything
what is the name of a book it looks like they went to the bookstore their parents in fact they were drinking in a bar i like that but seriously like teachers hate some of their former students i think would be great if they could go to a bar and have some of the fa cup serving alcohol i'm into the whole grudge match thing yeah that's good the other one that i had was it's a bar but what you walk inside and you know how baci restaurants have the different stations set up it's like that except those are all different bars so you can go sit down at a table everyone has their own table with their own bartender you have one that's like an irish bar even inside you have one that's like a karaoke bar with some of the other ones you have food out of my living room yeah there's couches there's a living room bar but the premise is actually died i hate really have you actually done it 'cause i smoked other idea we did something in minneapolis years ago called mississippi life and you walk through nine different venues i did another one called the hub in fargo where we walk through i think it was eleven venues so it was a country western
there was a rock group called okay why there was a concert venue does a sports bar there was a so so what you're talking about is multi venue yeah a little bit so you're halfway towards my date with the main part of my ideas we hate standing up and we hate waiting in line yeah so the purpose of this is you could just get to sit at the bar there so it's a smaller place but they're like five or six different bar so that everybody gets to see they have their own bartender so what happens when your success when people three deep in the bargain you what you do but you tear down the wall and next door area to the other yeah the fact of the matter is your idea works if there's no customers there the minute i'm busy doesn't want help i hear tell you know we make fun of each other a lot yeah but i love you but i do myself yes you do but i love you bye yes i love you too i put myself always sleep the other week does that count yeah
ok they weren't pants on fire simon says i ship myself which is the whole question is are you solid or fluid today and you have a deal with you right after thank you so much as always
it's better to be safe than sorry baby can maine maine second
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