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Nascar Champ Kyle Busch, Shorts Guy Chris Matthew + NFL Week 12 Picks And Preview

2019-11-22 | 🔗

Thursday Night Football Color Rush is back. (2:05-9:44) We preview Week 12 in the NFL with picks and Big Cat's Cant Lose Parlay. (9:45-28:59) Fantasy Fuccbois. (29:00-31:25) Nascar Champ Kyle Busch joins the show to talk about winning the Cup, why he's not liked on the circuit, his fantasy team, and we call Joey Slowgano to try and bury the hatchet (it didn't work). (34:49-1:11:08) Winnipeg Blue Bombers shorts guy joins the show to talk about the Grey Cup and how he's been wearing shorts in Canada for 18 straight years on a stupid drunk bet. (1:13:07-1:23:17) Segments include Fyre Fest of the week,(1:24:37-1:27:33) michael wilbon name drop, (1:27:34-1:32:21) we read a headline, (1:32:22-1:34:29) and FAQ's (1:34:30-1:42:22)

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Onto today's pardon my take. We have NASCAR Champ Kyle Bush in studio. We tried to bury that you with join slow with a phone call You'll see what happens there, you'll see what there we have shorts guy that when a blue Balmer Superfan, who, on a bet to himself, who would wear only shorts in Canada until the blue bombers won a grey cup. He said that in two thousand and one they have not won a grey cup of they're playing it in on Sunday, so he may finally get to put on pants again. We have Edipel, picks and preview. Ah lho Oison fire fest a packed Friday show for you before we do all that, though, part my tig as brought you by the cash Ap Cash UPS was way to send and save money announced simples way to try to grow your money, introducing cash at Investing unlike investing tools only let you buy whole shares of stock cash up, let you purchase,
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down low the cashier from the Abstdoor Goue Place Door to day Ean? Let's go Drin Coee Violence Amaalasaw the Wha, not not that the HUN on Washin, I'm Alunda, then all on the lug, oh old Wid Elect, should have any. I am oo all we an he laid Sheary Iin Drin in my Waki Ion WOM welcome. The part of my take presented by the cash AP go Downmod o right now, Yuse cod bars till you get ten dollars for free ten dollars to E S, p c er to day is Friye November. Twenty second,
and De Chahn Watson and Andre Hopkins are electric, I'm actually happy for jodter optans, because the list of quarter backs that he's had to play with in Houston has been just so It's like I, you feel bad for the quarterback she's played with just like you feel bad for all. Eust and quarterbacks for the ofphants find that they've had to play. Ok you're, so I got the list here. We go mad shop, great case, keen, M Ryan. Trick Ryan Mallet and his alarm clock case M again Brian Hoyer Ryan, T again t g Eihts, the eights, a wheaden. This is it who's who of backup of Quarterbact Bracch OSS, Tom, Savage Gardens, Tom which gardens again to Chanwots and Teg Ates. Now de chamwattson for last two years use the fact that it I iw like. I remember, e, the back my head, but the fact that it really is our trio of Tom, Savage Brand and Wheaden
and T J, he ates a hell like that's incredible. The fact that They brought Rhine Mouth back again. Yes, a better option. Gaf you all that you need to know about that situation I's it's a verbal mean. You know that Grizzly bear that catches, everything behind that Fank a pieces of bread, all they throw at it. A verbal mam, Ametoma kids. This is to shun Watson. Yes, exactly and Wey are doing this because we're stalling cause- it's actually still, ah with a few minutes left in the fourth quarter and Whoc Cults, my Ashu in the game because Zeoe what we, but we have not said anything yet declaratively, do we would we like to? I would like the at this point that I hope both teams have fun and that and that I hope somebody takes her helmet off and hits another play with it. The reason know we are talked about Deandre Hopkins, as if the game didn't have you Hopkins into Shan Watson. It would have been straight booty cheet, yes, because listen the colts credit to Frank right, Cridedh, the litte
Way, Butty Rishi, I a I'm Ba, I'm in a disagree. The causette implies good non ask no straight booty, Chees she ad needle Sdrit or Hum Chuks a round booting on a Strat flat, hoody cheeks. He have booted cheeks with old poop in the Cry Hank Hill booty Chee year, so the colts are they play a style- that's not appealing to Oh, it's nout to sheamwots, an Johgey abdins Jocobe, be Rerseid is a very good quarter. Back
and they run the ball very well. But it's not T Andrea Hopkons in Charmat. If you want sound like a football gui, you have to say, but they're oftens, Alines so much fun to watch OU, Hod gels'n. If you grind the tape, Onem Dey, I Quint Neson, they got Lawinsky Cistanzo. Do you Nik Brime Balderer? Ah, do you think he even puts on pants when the cultiplaing Prontup Kno, he's like the canading gather, were an interview all the time to sherts put there around his ankle? He prought him. He probably makes himself a stack of pancakes and eats him while watching that Nelson. That's actually how he flucked up his finger. Where looks like it's broken JI, my crank in his hog to the game. Film of Offen's fly. Yes, yes, not a footbolanjry. I did, I just realize. Do the colt's, Gainst the bears this. I no back, because if you Lewinsky going up Clinton, Dix in a game that would be like my supla, while maybe thou Beengris
Gea Ryn hes lexture might be next. I don't know I got a gessen LE has drafted. I get a fill up. The porter dout already on o that gone actually did the Preceason Shit, an Misss Amis that that I was the game that Ange Luck retire before the during the prous after the preces gave the bars play. Tec solawensky was dressed in Blue with yeand White Stripes on Turat, his uniforchagata YA, Ahm Sea. We don't know who won the game will be a Truese, your on Eventulecious assume the Texans one and They really have control, they see south now assume the colts, They now really have control of the F C. So I need a gym or say: twitter tell me if the roofs gonna be opened on Sunday. I don't, I know they're not playing, but I want to know yes, gotta know he's got. You definitely has like, as recurrent calendar, invite to himself hops up to its way. We debated required for that yeah. I got a busy schedule clear, all my clear all my
tings I got tweed about the roof, YE p am see. Yes, we have. We twelve coming up, ah be, let's see what we also quickly should say miles Ert and Mason Rudolf that that whole situation got a little bit weirder to day big day for the Notesap. Yes, huge did we had a no stap off so MILES Gard had his Tham, he had his hearing with the innefel. He said that that Rudolf said a Rachel slur. Then the Anafar, went an looks which I d eveknow, how they looked as everyone miked up. I don't know Ahm and said that they couldn't hear anything and I gon to feel bad for miles gear because it sounds like he said it in a meeting that he didn't think was going to be public so that it went public and now the whole situation ow just fighting over this in a different realm of
hitting someone over the head with her helmet is back. I think so. Everyone jumps to the idea that Mason used the big one right, but I din't, I can't imagine Miss Rudolf, saying the word Fredo. Ah, that doesn't seem like it in line with with what he's all about as a purse all say is that o Mason rudolf- and I I, if that a fell, look through the tape and didn't find anything ii, think it's unfair to be likious, assuome that he said something ah to you. Have such racially motivated to make miles get mad. I just know that I've seen Mason face enough. Yo, you just so used my manader dead on Islie I'd been on this for a long time. I look nothing against you, Mason and Milesgirt desers, e suspended for the Resten season, but nothing agest Hughmason. I want face
indefinitely mean for Roger. I want Roger you, though, to put together like a forty page report about this incident yeah using a former FBI director to come through the audio in and see if any racial slurs were uttered. All I know is that what they should have every player might up for every game forever and how to actually be more interested to know if they did find evidence that a racial slur was used in Roger os mind in his brain. How does that affect this suspension? I want to know how much Yes, what's little way whar, how does he weigh that? The Enefolienvok Yedas Whitd es that me, but yaddhers, there's no proof that he said it theres o proof. I guess that he didn't say you just have to go with what you know at this point there's no evidence, they said it, so that's it yep, so W'Ll move on ah, and we will move on without MI's Garefe rest the year and again, I actually think Thet do punishment for the stealers is not punishing me s like the league Renished, the stealers, by naught suspending mesoner exactly yes
Arta O K. Ah, you can watch us some bars to Goldac hams, Slash, p M tea, also to watch rough and roudy paived the already for Christmas P, if Ty's ready for creses at Christmas. Well, so 's it thes, o LER, good friends, o robac. It was a fresh. It looks like he did. I lut it. It looks like years December. Twenty first I was saying you looked like he it's either Decemitory first or he's getting off the ski slope. I she's never been on Tre hah Jest fooking, not rush at em swallows. I was saying it looks like Mey. Be I'm a bicycle instructor getlat I like a atlest for a some sort of like national. Cycling. I feel like the hair plays with a the bike bike. Industry is well yea yea. You do have a little french vibe going o french boy, Vidn Huy I'll. Take it ig time, o Kay. Let's get to the preview, our weak end, prev you and if oll we can preve you weak, twelves, Ait
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Alose parlight this week be ready. Our your eyes round. My body has been ready, there's no chance, no chance the saints lose at home to the Panthers. Unless it's Conpaynton, letting the Thers have one because they let the bucks be Te Blast Whe. You know the shade o the Salkins beet him to keep Denguin and no chance. The Panthers pop that bubble has popped with Carlise and he is not a real starter in the Anna Fella's hands are too small. The same the best thing they can do is stop the run, the only thing s can do his run, but Crishemac Kath they was upgrade to a ninete. Ninety mitten. I don't care that e jet's a Madden curse, ah the steel Jnaca loose the bankals, cause major ruroff has never lost a game after he's been accused of saying something: racist, that's true! we don't knot. I don't know no idea out his high school. Might not that's true, we'll have to look into it and then Hank. You like this part, the patrins, so you
we need the skylars and saints, and then you Vettajust, relax and the Patreons Wold beat the cowboys because Ill Y get an overe Atreds cowboys game is Jason Gerrfirstbillbalg right. You have to think about that, but also jumping back to the second leg. You not could have a pouncy, that's fine I could have a pouncy to the bengls, have a finly. They have one fin. But they don't have a counc and they also don't have a Tate, and they also dont have any weapons, I think? Actually, when we get to our picks. I also have another pickin that game, because that games going to be going green, Rideau, a back. We don't know yet now Adrian rings, never canadian range is kind of like yours up ever died, yet they do say Age ADA. What's at this hour to pay you and then, when you're, healthy, will trade and on and take who has been very good, I think is hurt very badly so and then the Steelers. Yet this is gonna, be an ugly, get ugly ugly gain if significant steals defence will not let Rhine Finlay beat them. What Hank is not
out. He just said in Amery week I fidreen to Billi some daysene he's not practice ocei. Yet it's onvely cut out of her ploint. All I start to guide it yet is more talented than the Restud DIS, Rovery Thougsh it it's different. It is it different gam. It socks, that's a Shitdy. This is a shidy. With five years ago D been so pump for this game, Yout how many Touhs the Thething minkers get to day. Oh three. I think I think make his racket up. Maybe for pic three fives is three pick sinces and fumble of a fumble six and I are an interception on two pointevers O Kase, that game socks and we have a very lopsided week. Twelve, I tease us before we did the add. I am sad that it is weak twelve, but I'm going to give everyone a peptalk right now, becaue guess it's! We twelve wend you're thinking o my gosh. Where is the season gone? Just remember. Bull season play off Fopa,
those are the best two things that you can think of when you think a football like bull and Wall Wall, bull season and then play off Foopall Wild Saturay N Sunday, oh my god, that's the best. So fret not getting towards the end of the regular season, but we still got a lot of grateful Paula. It doesn't even mean that the season is more than half a way over. So when you get to the wild cart week and you get to the division round week Eve, though they're only two games on each day- an still the exact same duration of a pull you're still on your couch for the same mount of times. As far as I concern those are of peaks and college football. Is it's the longest college for Pall season ever the national she was January thirteenth. I saw that that I lot so lus YO seek Tay an orinically double digits. Yet let's go yes. It's such a big difference, o it that we get all the way to Jenu and then the act e, superable, Exa, tholserts,
so really derish man. It is no offices by the way that is, I saw they were. You know the Collectof bargaining, that's going on right now and the innefeld might have a work, stop id. Who were no cin to talk about that who season going extra like they make it as seventeen game season put. But eighteen game season with two bies, an I'm sowing for because the Super on President: they weakend we can finally have the a holiday which is Actior Fait Coliday, but more than that March, man is like one weak is perfectly Brigiously, got from stern a week and Gacoms Ta Gretaf. I brid, as the gap does Nabody Acte Yaut presents they oft. No, I think it's jus a tonly for athing. It's like city worker. If you wered over Ment Ordator's work for a president, then you get to day off this Stockmart Coast, probably theis stock, Marka Gazerlezy. I mean good for them. They do
COPE Tey. They need some time to sleep in every now and again on every single holiday. Ah, but they take every every Lke little fake half day off, we'll visit for us yet good for them. Mobistics, Matthew, Bevlacwa, o kan. Ah, let's talk some, we well We have three premier games, we have the Hox E Eagles, the cowboys and the patriots and the Packers on the forty nine of me, every other gay has some variation of this socks. So I, like Example. If you want to go Bux falcons, I don't know betk kind of sacks Like Ore, Ther Falcons Gotnan went out, maybe sure stealer's Bengals, we talked about dolphin's browns that socsn, throw its Lapsides laps and would Gare a very Wie than D arlins lines. Retwle, that's jeosly shes talk about an Adisoll ship, because tickets are goine for four dollars: four dollars to ten dollars in the upper Bowll area. I had an idea so I saw you know me, I'm a bargain hunter by my very nature, andm in my blood. Ah, we could
ious Shiptload of tickets, give him away for free to people where Dayglow, tea, shirts yep would buy all the tickets in a pattern that says Salveteam the team or I thought that unrealistic, because then I'd have to figure out exactly what seats were. Were I don't think that's Te Unrell, a sick part. Really, I think the Unrelas Sive part is actualy getting people to go to the game even with a frichic. I think if they knew that there were part of a larger movement, they won't be there for the game. They would go to a redskin's game just to show dance lighter how much they didn't want to go to Redskins Sgain. I think you stil would have I think, Yenough to pay the people to go. I guess wicked! Then we can put that roll on to the costly tickets. If we had a budget of Twen Dols, a ticket We probably need to buy what fifty tickets Geek, Liss and cash up. Seeks you gin hit uplets, but hey Fulk, with the vision lets bill UT of the problem I think were gin to run into is his figuring out what seats would spell out? Sylve team? U that could be that so
thou thinking what we should just use his photoshoppin. I Datyazo Helen, so Erficth, it's a hot hep to cash. The cash up gave Ous war o yuck. I have Wr Jis Aloun that Sieki woing these weeds of we to pay the grapher designors we're wanted tos, uknow, not chinges, though it Trigs de O cat. So little do s wher, making out his ears of tha deal, so we packed between us and our listers ASD, yet listeners all tell tricgs, don't nor don't tell anyone that it's Photoshop from between areca and also Ontell trains that were not praying him from the cash at money. That ire was pocketing this beyact as between Us Triklass, but ye. He don't tell him, make SHO your Talp. Yes, a This game is sad, though four dollars, sigs T and you know what it's
it's one of those things I think of Redskins, Towrt or accountneeds. To get to a point where that you know how you can do that option on Twitter, where you can't be tagged in pictures. I think that he did not untag themselves in pictures stating to Lon Anstergram as well. Ye and all see will keep Tweatin apout. It also tos lose the verified check Mark YE, I'm excited for the Redskins stweets on Sundates wits. They must follow on Sundays when they get a fielble down fenal twenty twenty Sevento three do Jeft Tris there'll be a half time up date, teascore and then there'll be a final illges, a final period. Thirty to three to Wie's going to be ugly, as can be ugly ightd. So, ah yeso we have those three premier games in a nice thing. Is there in three different slots also we do this every time this happens, but an if I'll fock you only two four o'clock games and one of them happens to be Jagwars. Tig which I actually did like to sour beer face. When I saw that as a third and I guess a third in a game- and you put it on Sunday put seriously to four clock games- that's it
allright you know it. That makes me do and I'll I'ull tie this right into our picks for the week Ayep it makes me have to take the over in the cowboy's patriotscame. Of course, she cas thasd again that wore Dan. We watch o so Luc that Joe Bak is OM. Pretty sures can be announcing it either. Himbertony Roma either way it's going to be an over voice that Yo Banger, yes, Joe Bogtyes, or you always bet the Overon bucks callne young. Ah, that was an easy couf. Whit. So let's do our picks Hank. I was you start give us your favorite, the raders, oh going west to EAST um, interesting time zones. Raiders are raiders and chargers two Bigest times own tems. For some reason. I don't feel like Alox. No, when the seat was shiohskaisa, I'ltic affects him really DAES my Pois, like Rader. If you tell me raiders and chargers going to the EAST coast, my eal, that's bad charges for sire. What's the east, the jets are actually in east to westem. If the jets go West, they loots. I would say that an sa Jess yea wee that Stro YE jet law one. I would say that if you go from
from Seattle, Deremoreven North to South Teme moves like a further. They go south o more, I might go all used there out of their own me has a totally different by um. Ah, I you're a favorite. My favourite is I This is goong to be my lock. So last we get think I had got frourh locks either triple plat and lock alls du yez, the Vihawahus, this one's Gor. To be my euyt, my thormit accelerant flaming lock of the wheat. It is a big Fockin fire Kay its the Buffalo Fuckin bills, Mihtus for at home against the Brocchos that, if that loses you'll like an ache now you think the roccos are going to go into Orchard park and pushed Jash out around. I don't know
I was Ont Unatively about Josha Kno. At only that time a year were the bills is noking to push Joshalm around its. Just I don't know that's a weird game to me: screw comes loose, I was it over Convluse thy wheel falls off how's of yeligthat, we'll folsow it the wagons as bills get high, and then they get Alll. I like it because the Brock was just came their whole seasons over and and Vicfanjois, not a people, purse rice or like another they're, also going from elevation to Sia Lovna, I'm iher to be suffocating from all the oxwich. I like that, are it my ah favorite ummi take the forty Niners at listen. This is setting up to be a disastrous season. For me, where I can, I convince myself the packers or frauds every single week until they win the SUI rule, and then I cry in a puddle and that's what's what kinahavka The'Re fraud, I think their defences fraud. Ah, and then every pack of Franch tweats me and lik what you talking about Yous, madam, but ye am o Kat. They get to Vont Adam's back ofriver, whatever listen. I know that I'm setting myself up for hurt, but I'm going to do it.
Kittle's coming back Thare's nice YE, ah Hank, your underdocg. Crushing lost last week with the Bronchos plus four hundred men lost, but I'm going back on the train, Dolphi as the under dog take him on the money line as well? Oh, I would like to see I would like this is. This is the weak wire like to see the bills lose because Bill's vans, Wildl lose their minds and his brows lost, like prosnation. Would Vere tartn me. Yet you are here Mujesty bitter thank Miani. What is ENY Stak Lacwkward over t? I nean that's men, it op. Yso ye are here is the reason Byhin, your picture, just gas. You UN watch the world know that while the on the Plasforage man that doffins the only Pluss four hundred ofption, but then thinking about it afterwards to Citll the browns coming off of last Thursday Ift somehow, ah, yet they lose this game. Think about the chaos!
but to take something abiute, the show Onething Wut, the quality of the show how Don to the hakes would be stronger if the Brown's loss are so good to us and a hum piv'n. He yer her under dog. My underdying I' get a fade Hank on this one big time. My under dog is AR the Jets Jedts Plusthry D run the the Aftergo that were in the middle of the early stages, the table Runer, yes, but I think that they could handle the visitor on ah o k, I'll take thee, Seahoks plus one Russe. Wilson is an underdog twenty three seven and one against a spread in his career. It's this as the walkiest line of the year, who that is a walky line, but this is also one of those situations where it's a double trick game You look at it a you say: why are the Seahawks under underdogs, so you trick yourself to take the eagles and then you say wait put. I do that trick back to the sea howks. It's all seval tracks, also a bird match up at which, as we realized
Berlinefirs are awsome in Retrogro of YE ats right. Ah, over box Falcons, o Ponfl, yes, bucksa everything over basely, ever the Box of HAT Ni, tenant, exciter, Jamus being in a dome so Mabe he can see his The first one is returning to the scene of the eating of the w know. Those in New Orleans wiser yet was dont who not sell in Tem, so Don still on Mercedes Bens, don't get still don' o cat still doghters Hol Dome in the enefsyself. My over is the cowboys and the patries as a cetearler O K Sugjested, it's an over bed that you have to make. I mor take thee a bears and giants over forty and a half and I'll. Tell you why a chase Daniel to day quote I told him talking about Mister Biskie. I thought today he throg, the ball as bests as Ha'Ve ever seen him on a Thursday and that's the fact. That's one huntre per cent truth, which
We totally believe him. The fact that he had to say it's the fact and also that its one hundred percent. True it's war, no really yeah! Really, oh, no seriously do wearing. You actually hit all your receivers of practice. The fact that effect that he had to back it up like two times, yeah thing how truthful it was us makes a deadly selling a statement that he wouldn't have said. If it wasn't the owner. He's totally tell me the truth and again he was talking about throwing the ball in practice. Arthur's. On a third acifically, a thurste tru. That is when they implement the game PO. Exactly so. Ah, if you don't think Mich I's about to get hot. Well, you don't believe Chasaniel saying X and a hundred cent truts in Chase Daniel has seen a lot of quarter back, throw on a lot of Thursdays from the side line at ZAS, o kire careers. That Azactly were Oki like that Helm Bear Siical. It's p any yet ake. What you can get at this point and Didnna Johnes go be good for at least six pick on in this game.
You're, under, let's finish up with the undalbinized distraction, went of Danel Jones, just stunk it up out there. Oh, it is much needed Byt for some one else to be bad. Have midst go eleven for twenty for, like ninety yards, no touch, dounds, no receptions and Danol John's three pick: six pics, that's a great day for you. Six pick sixes would be incredible, ah under Stiller's bung Ah, that's mind too GA yet na. At a point scarcely nodded. There's no one's gonna score. I dont know who's gonna score who's gonna score, making any at all Thank I andid oll in it running back, possibly is ery much asuyaca. Ah my under a mod of fate, Hank again, I'm going to Ampa Bay at Atlanta, who wouldn't have oo in think that the Falcan's defence is good. Now somehow, could you, in of dang whenS Dinquin save the falcons by partially killing himself so that the owners didn't have to kill him. So he gave up part of his play, calling duties on defence,
cept for like third downs right. He likes Plee divided play, calling amongst like four people on his coaching staff, So now Arthur Blank is know who Hooto fire. I I want the Falcons get back, cause. It is a pink yo with a pinty. Betches got completely a race this year, but imagine if they ran the table and got it got Walcart Spot TE, Crazy, Eyedo, the hottest eam in football. Take the defences good they'd have to win every single gafts that they would be by definition, the horse Seemen Footb Ye Tand. I think Bruserias is just in the fucket Jamus. You got there on you, throh the ball, whatever direction your eyes happen to be pointed in. At that time it was as far as you can be, you Jamus we're all having faun with it. If you give you can't, when at least have some fun'n, an that's just James, be an jamus, am o K. Remember: bed M Jim is a home for P Mty this fotpal season. If your new usuer you place, you first bet of one dollar more on Piafty's, Prime Fime, fuble special you get twenty five dollars for refuable Hites Sunday and money a footpoll, but you got to make sure to use your pony's coad Pee
tea when you sign up I'll, seize your bors coat, because if you use that you Melly God r I get Millin our parley ye, so I do use that. I was just sin back on Wednesday this week and I was just doing all these odd different editions. Parley that I had and I figured out in eighteen parlet all on under dogs. I think it's the eight biggest under dogs of the week O K, if you parley the Dolphins, Bronchos Bengals Giants, Panthers, books, Red and cowboys. If you parleyed all those Shany Tams to win outright, it pays out Tentho to one, hey craze, your things about him. If you bet a hundred dollars on Ap Parley you win a million dollar ot and I'm who wants to be milk use, o weaters the patkers and that Tere no. I know that I'm not gat, so you, if you get to ear the Jaggers or the town sites of you, get to the cowboy's portion, then, if FI two games in what it so you could, hedge out, you can hat Johnn YA, wos, not a first et up in yep
as these is got to get. There got just made it the easiest par laever. It's really as a seventeen parley. I have repained in the last ones for Ee Mon free money, ah MI, to go to bed empty M Dakka AR, but a bit OM, Jim right now use cod p m t and I
yet all those bonuses and will see gies on Monday night I with to some Faicy pot boys A, would get a cow bush and then short skies. What's a voise, it's folly, goine to you fly stout in this wheef is my pectoral muscles. The boys finally got a vench breast ya. We go one in the Pienthy studio and in Sue enough that my hegs lire to be up a Outh or Mensure. I got YO said pent Ertari, then WAN for O Dor ARL Hopi Mah, my saidam. If E Isbienne had Faulkin Columbus Ohild, if we can and there cames a notacanit fake news as a plucked off organization, no much can I go to gain Dey Hoine Day yea. It's one year have Protesigin Sohiostate at his egenerated pireem and my sleep off is might as smart as he mets a play out of the year. Get you get the fugury and probe like Luss. Two thousand right now: dig it upand put some money, any Morg hall. He is at home a mouier, don't Bry money I WI not fockes. Is I tiagiadelerinted hadstaten face for your accounts with Wi Yo? Ah, what I have that to an Ar Ner aout in Ther Dun that NAS Snaglotediodenni, however, to lead, although twif has Alligat or mash wit, your unnumal original, take further account dit's that the right thy fire you now. I know it. I'm Sinn Lord Beope, whom dey there are thro many NE nays out here. All this stuffle Unsick Hallole Luling. I het said it yet out. Ahin I hate Lorda Newian, O pay Bab, I might sleep ELL Yen, I sleep of. Is there in the floor to the Redskins as Rights Carewid, their ancle is Guite Darrin the Cloban, because he's gidding he looks like his lolv bit. Fo Salleys o then rust la cast Superback Terry Hatcher. Did you burlo? I my praer e fo Foilwi Sukis es Soy, tatly, Fally, Famely Calicality, my start on his finger made feel tik e mefield thet never lost the Hame Afteri. He made fright, tell another guide: proceved a bad word: Amody Guies having such game a glad eye the unjust. Looking. My advenc that's right now: Wat' go e cracker, my set of his bulvo darn that you locked myself is also burners member Wuovers ye foqet that a glass budge as he let's cook in the FED. My sleep es the clipmuss, I think as moft as might by good, monsieur so
I've give im out his one o my sleepers for maybe champitcher who cars, yet that's F, Gats. All! So I who rmembe, who told you first Thisi Sleepin on the Clippis YAP and a wake up? Ah Hake, did you Whath Unle Game Deh, really, Dids, you want you Sidy's Arvs Now I mean the rest. I was clearly rigged the restwer. It was oh little ranseus. I thought I's watch an and of fewl there's a clear fowl prassed, even's great coach es Tallent and they just din Ovrlute for whatever reason. Ah but I's good drinking, whose honest honestly her you was honestly like it was like, I was watching it in bed, starting to fall asleep, and then it got so exciting it out by then. If it also took during the morning require that all that been Simmons is now the best through point Shooter and the Abuja. Now, sat in his Iden away got out to him. I actually think that he did it too early.
Think you said I e'll horere. He has cause. It was such a big moment. He should a Waitentil like year, ten, what's like your virginity, if you get it out of the way not over quickly than you, do it amilling more times, not begiling Whor? It was shocking that he did that, and I was a wait. He we first hime. He took I three. No, you won'l! Why shall you e ta? Can simili half cord heaves to that was Rere like as a pure three? I don't think he took a a peere. Three lasted all nay got a respect him right, yea Ye Dma. I think that only rander on the season is like twelve. So, oh, my god, that's. I wish I'd bet that fack Ther had Bee a goty hordible Bu, I prowise so Finey. I we yi, et em GI em. I you listen. This please make that Propferus Wer gin a bit that on Monday night, give us an Uptae to one that we can know drink its welve still ye. No, I Pleaoll make a. I think it Othing had start a little Aure am it. It was between twenty ten and thirteen o k, iwas going to get hot, ahall right its due cow, and then we will go to shorts guy, who is an unbelievable
story of a Winnipeg Blue bomber fan who said that he was not going. Take off his shorts or not wear pants at. The blue bommers won. The great company said that, on the eve of a grey cup in two thousand one, a thing would talk about Whon Wednesday show, but he Ives Chris Matthew, and he is the most canadian foo Bofe UN bullies. Osom he's, I think I told him I loved them yer, and then I didn't realize that I said until after the Inter Yios IC ijust, but he WI fell in love. He was like, I love those fellows Jakha, those of the Guies IY before we do that. Speaking of a Arcanadian listeners, Spitten Shiclets and Evsevaka have teamed up pink, Whitney you You know Aur Guy Rine, Whitney he's one of our good friends, one of our favorite guests, and you got to get his drink. It's the pink. Whitney for any YO stolies out there who bent off the grid for the fat past few months we cheaned up with you.
Sterdam and we have a signature drink. It's called the pink Whitney in it is delicious. After rounds of taste test, we came across his seriously smooth blend of pink lemonade, Flavorvoka Vodka and new Aball, this wene up the Pinquin EIS Perfecto ice chilled as a shot or topped off with a little club soda either way keep ghame changer on deck, for Tiga to watch parties es full and if you can't find a bottle, tell those piges, the liagers We get some cases in stock. They will make sure they do it, because that is how popular it is brought you by our partners at New Emster in Vadka, as the official Voccou in Ah Helder, on a mission to help. You find your winds all season long, so go get it right now, pink Whitney. Ah, you got to get at a participating markets and cirls a check Driasily for home delivery. Pinkquitny it is delicious and it is our friend ride. Whio needs perfect for the holiday season, cosy up to the fire, with little pink, Whitney. Ah o ka here he is Nask. Our cut
Bian Cabush Mooo, presented by cash at yep yup. How much did they pay? Ah, the what not Aon us? Seventy five thousad, let's just go WA hum right into it? Tha right lets Hopper Inno, because Radesdelle an through Ther EV notes. Well, I don't actualy, don't know how much the paper Evet as ollow as you have one episode a day, Helt E her said E days retimes a week Worl. What happened will aseie an Ter Y Weekly Wi'Ve Cowbush on he is the a reining ask or ship and he just won the championship. What happened was there was an article they came out when and it was like part. My grosses fit million dollars a year or something, and then some one literally divided the amount of episodes we did and divided by three and came to the
ion that we ha paid. Seventy five thousand dollars per Eppison, A's getn, walk out o here and get a big check bright and we've got a wepray helps keep that going now. But you are a sponsorship guy, it's rit! You you've noticed it right. When you came in like Casha Ye Whoos, your favorite sponsor emanems, you have to say EC as the pay, the most ah yes. I only phrase I oll differently when you were looking for new sponsors who did monster Pproach you in like hay, your name's Cale that synonymous with R brand ha. Let's sign you up now. Actually I wrote him a letter. Yaailik Hm Chal Camon is Doie, Yeah yeah, I wrote a letter to the monster. I was with NOS energy and they were getting GU by kind of going through a transition and didn't quite have the money that we needed to go race, expenity and all that sort of stuff. I went a monster who was in the truck series. Ricky Carn Michael and they were pulling out an ascor at the time.
And I said, whoa hold on a second guys. I got a full time. Xfinity gig, here it's going to be fun like we're, going to go, win races like we're going to take the world by storm grass whatever and they're like oh o yeah, I wo like that, sure o Kan Neyver were it and they paid the money that we needed to be able to go. Do that an so I've! I've been with him since I like that switch. Is I Colcogan going from my W w r d d b F over C W Yak Macon make in the brow switch to the other type of energjedrink. I actually have preferred monster But I always I have like a moral conundr, can't I drink a monster may be, can help me out with that shore, because I saw that Vidio the lady describing how monster energy was satanic, a cact because you turned upside down and then it looks like a pitchfor, a hoia and then she said and then right here on the backside. That's the mark of the beast. Can you confirm that monster energy is not run by a sateness cabal? No, it is o K. I I ay. I know the guises that run to the old Urgus south african guise that the Owen Feet, Ye
when I had old haven'ts in their feet, no Guod Dedenot, Sir Garcea. They just day baying a monster. They live and breed the beast an now. I I'm it so you so you Van do it a Bouth of a media to day Y, you probably exhausted how much he heat were in his suit I it's not bad im in I kann't like dressing up sometimes but Tye Aminugas are totally way more casual. So yes, that's Se Yunger, say he'll, like you overdressed for this interview. Well, yes, because I was supposed to change before I came here, but ah my stuff is back at the hotel and Stop by Worder Hofe changed into your suit. I no, how did I no like a headda? I had jeans in a sweathered on yesterday, Si Han or that Yes, you can stick out LI get's like a little too, as I try impress us not know. No now go is yer Whul, Stoo, dour, favorite Interviye that you've done this week. He this sweet, favor,
you can give us a list of you who have spoken would like to know whether you might ask question they asked the ad and make this implant plus part ask. Did you get up who's that my green burg? Yes paean o well little. Now that an ask a word, Yas or Hungr ye know. No, yes, Pian Lheve, they've Kaneth, the Connaca off here lately, an I, but I ad is what it is. I I fr as tobury, though, like though, like he's pretty cool Guize, I for pot yeah ye have a oseen I got which team you one talk ate, give em all tho one it's winning here: Ye Wos, Sir Olerback Helion. I don't remember again: Are you doing well this year? Ah, Ye M the best he Miy have is a give us that team. Since what a more like com yeayaf YE, I never give your bad. You know whet o n't Thaik about Betti Mah, Herria Oke. I won this past week, one fifty one to one twenty one Heliyes get who start for it ah come on your guaise, his cell service in your sock, a ' pew I got a had Tom Brady
'll, have fight and gave them any points it didn't know. Hang I remember that now I foum ready. I have Vem Chris Goodwin. Oh, I het a bi game. I John grown Hogdie has the game John Allan's room, a coupled totrena, I have Va Steffon digs O K has a big one. He had clutched out hi piarnae. If you are having and then the Christiamac Caffrey and then Huch Christian Mccaffrey, who else in your Lee bride. You fleets, it'll it's a ten personally examiners and I and the other guys like on your crew, and so they have now. This is actually a boy girl league, so it's me and my wife and then a guest of others, husbands and wives as well to God. Oh some, some of the girls, not all the girls, know how to pick good too, nslay my wife pigriminatesd off of pictures right, ah an that's! He way the engers are haffrey. I was
ood. Well, here's coing got the monsters with Helen. As I was number wondrouf. Oh, my snice hi Si Jerst Christa was never. While you took a number whene. We had a word yet ain't ay, smart because some Peoplere say maybe stick on, but I he added yet a cat ore. Ass, a mot's flyeler this way and your wife is ome. She she knows foot whall. She went to produce. She knows a little abouff fatbale. She knows that a ah came it whye, my space in his name right now, New Orleans quarterback. Erbridge Langlyrhea id. Do that I buate and follow um onto her on twitter anyways. She would who he would produe right, so she's she's a boiler maker. What's harder, that's the only thing she knows about. Perdo is like he's. The only thing that you ha had o ferdo, you Holl on the arms reined on the moon, Sait Kailorton did yet Coward Whus Pror TI. We know that ye but then well, No t ime yet a long extended career. He would. He went to the suverable game. One tie we gong you, it
waiter, you say nothing ow between Cassan Di Haloisa BOM, oh your wife and coward, which, Coolye now Lahya keep trying SI, get it upsaid if I'd been hor wit as Jo Rezing child Howlr. That's what he's gird is off Cahall or er say what you want about, but he made a lot of money. Manfackeling miolets finish this list: Okan Ikaal Melven Gordon got sory, oh Les's, NI, ah Hunter Henry Bout, Usin MAS Yeur, EF, gee, you're glad when Melvoun came back. I grew my eyes to live at Neer loss. Actually, yes, I've lost a couple okae what's funny about the melving thing. Is somebody drafted him and then, like week, four they think he was going to come back yea and so they dumped him bot, see you pick thim up ill Sei than Everywhile, I'm off a waver, Dhat Dumbash put im away with Youp, because I you because I dragd Eclar in like the eighth Rous or got both of em. I had bull, you a handcuffed him. Yes, I did that Amavish Yevov EN ten, the Agotta shark, from Jacksonville Young. I got a lots kicker,
okicker a hen. I got the Carolina and San Francis God, defence. All Tus, nice swap maha. Here go back and forth right. So you what's hard er, winning a fancy leager winning the a CAA fussion winning the boy girl. Phantasy league is not that ha ha ha. I've wanted the Lastw years in a rella. Now you can see why Raya? I am a real question for you. You won this year. I saw the comments after because in two thousand fifteen you also one, but people are sandthers in Astrichs a little bit young, and now you actually can dunk on im Pijoli. I got the Astrichs one and the rill. I got the Astrichs one in the roan. Yes, Yeill think the ashtrix is fair. Ah, because so what happened was in twenty fifteen I got hurt. I had an injury I broke. My leg broke my right foot, so I was out for eleven weeks to start the season. And when I came back, we had a little bit of a rough patch goin to comin back wit. Then I won an myth. Isback back and then I won three more Reys. So total, and then that got us into the top thirty. Points which is what you needed to do. You had to have a wind, ah
and then we went through Ioften. We won the last race at homestead on the championship and Everybody was like, while he easily only a part time champion, cause he didn't race, all the races. Nobody ever in NASCAR has not run all the races and not won the chamnpage. If Hs never happened o while so I'm a first for a lot of things like there warn't sixteen year olds racing back in the day either that got kicked out because then that I want sixteen ear racet. He got happening and hat happened to me that id you've a advantce as you are. You are so young, so you are light, so the caraxshe went faster now ecause they weigh the cars with the drivers. Wait they wane you. So you can't yenk Kisso you gust Kess out of sixty. I did and then you. When did you get eating? That's crazy
gess. You were yer like a he dugy Houser of Nasc, an like yes, pretty manchie and what it dated myself yet, but you have cannedidia. So at least I knew that was you know, yea and everyca a hum. How are you able to compete at a professional level at the age of sixteen? That would be like a somebody on their twenty first birthday that claims hat they'd never have an aulcawl. Before I like drinking Mc Jagger under the table. I don't understand I for Ound Dou Higyad say how did you get that much practice in the driving when you weren't allowed to drive until this year? And what's weared about that, is like a lot o kids or people that race in our sport? They start when they're, seven or eight years old and they've been racing. Since then, I had a late start. Ionly started at thirteen. Ah so I had Bin Rayh thirteen raced in legend cars, one a lot raced and modifies one raced in late models. I won got to the truck series at sixteen and then that Ercanlike O Qt sixteens, probably a little too young for Guis, with not this much experience as they probably went back and looked at my history and was like Skiszl Hinm, an raicinio
years we don't eet, amout, here Gong two hundred miles an hour and right, let's change is to eighteen. He needs a coupe more years. So it's the cowbusher ay a go. That's pretty cool ye! Now was it ih, it wasn't even a question that you and your brother Curt were going to be racers cause. Like your names, I mean he names Cawbush YE. O, a race car driver. When you were Bornha, ha ha ha Egs a now. That's a that's predetermined! Ah damn it,
II is right. I e I I'm browed out Ega night Ike. I call er eye Bobbye Reatly Bobby Ho Rocer's Knaes o know the Ushes AR like NOM Dursy, no othen profession. Rigiobbi was that name was inspired by the essence of ernae, yet right ye. I wish now Brexton Bush is for sure a race, hard driver's name put Kile bushes, the most race car driver. Namely, could you imagine Lykkay? This? Is my friend cow Bushy's, an architect, your Bobby O? As you know, that's for Dotly's lace's drivin, a Callar Iant in the Gou Shrub Shrubbes, one of my nicknames. Yes, he was a little beause. I of a little bush. You shewr all andings right. You het. I cad in that. Your nicknames are shrub wild thing. He candy man, Somepin the 'Sbad, because Thatsmnt that makes you thing of Michael Old Kandy, who was a big time. Bosn Te Emvi, o Kai, so an terei, the ourony YE. That's I always get on Rony Piper Ye Whath, AF, Fiver Kandy, a eminence favorite now snigger in't know, so a my favourite. Ah, on the tropical skills. Oh
Thelittle Hosga SEM Ye. I like him in impenot eminence, a peanut eminem. You have my favorite, though. If you ask what's your favorite Eminem, its prescription aims. Yeah, I like ass, the blue, green, green yeah Blue is is pressing the up and then the global one is terrible when they were what we have learnt laid the Green Eminem and made it like an attractive made, an abject that you uncomfortable by that. Has it made me uncomfortable being like theoretically a trap, Idto, a piece of candy with his shutha, don't Iht Shallyay the Emeea? No, so I actually Cannat resemble a little of a the character read so he's cat abyc Ka bit rough Legke's, a Lole,
Thatroudy may be kinder, but a little jerkish, sometimes but Lhen he's soften sweet on the inside waiter lie Yurkish yea a Hemil say your ear. Jerk offershire. Are you the most Haty Guyy on on the ator? That's Aurgueill, Procet Ratenev out Joi Lagana wry. We hate him a ia. Have you have a huge rivalry with him? He's blocks me on to it her. Ah, we should have actually started to show at this. We are Denny Hamling Guyes through and through. Why? Ah, because we've had a monicable, Domsy's, Fluck and awsom, you know a your eat, any Tanni's, Muchthe interviews, a her okaki for God Gededy, I men ye. Has he jumped on you yet then
Don Kie YE again, no GY, no Yece Frinsm, I could amily put. There is no the rally exam. Yes, hes an oll Dan. He has not done Tommy. We did play a with such the basketball shoot again. Like the NIN of the balls rolled down the thing ad he cut off out at the offer shot, then we played that he kicked Myanth yet of course he' Jiddiesten Y ham. At any end, Yas we sang his friens with Michael Georgely. I I wearing the gunpman logo gives you like ten extra point. You have called Michael Joran when we had im on last ig a yea. I was also by picked up a sauce. Ah so Joice the Ganshwikol wo you Uncall Legona or we'll gask. He as lost oaer as him wo call Iut. What's his problem, I don't know. Maybe you said something in is AL. I always tan yell, like em, I don't like a lot of people in winter. That's probably my worst thing is ever turning on to ITER, O K W have now I'll ver. Actually at the race of you, guys fought Buta,
Uiatry he but Iyen Staverlys mos to stay for the end ye ye I gote rhoever had you are in Jehy for Geya, but that Viter was enough. Bear that was a problem. Yeh hem. We got to go to the snack Shand to Weck shan't. You get that visual of you off the internet, the cut with wound hed face. You won't do go tough, one dout it dot is Toughfo Trandscratch it. No I'm Jert saying that was a bad. We get Would he you thas a grattunge? That was a guy who has followed me. He was right there with me. He's scratch ye. He, as I hate your bleedin on my outbook in Carriot bat asktright. Now now I wasn't yes, Ike Thit. If you're bleedy I got so Hol is your mouth. Ye was little in the Middle IER, for Alia, Likein Ine, a fight, wet hat. Well, I got tackled from behind and pulled down to the ground, and I hit my head on the CA, H, ha shut and scratched. My head slid on on at YI. You got me a scratl Yot. What Wis TE do I Slogana WA? I know why I hate him and that's just because I've been told to hate a midiavon, but what dis the ruin also am cause
to be like this really really cool. All we ave evenings always funny laughing up, have a good time, Kan a guy off the track, but than he puts his helmenony as a complete dick, oh TA, Clares EUR just dick on just and thick all this times. I like har, you know how I rowle. What you see is what you get. If I don't like you, Margare thought I like that eh soch ather guise on the Circui ' OS, don't tar trom? Yes, Ann Isee, one of em, yes Kni, said yet, and what about Danny your friendswas? then es Aberet were good, DOW we're good on't ever cross yoy. I feel a goodit is as close as you get to being friends with a competed little Ras friend on the Toor probly Airic Jones, O K. Yes, he's not good enough to compete He his the he'd actually beat me in her race o K. Ah, I dm no! No! I didn't let him! Ah, where it was the southern five hundred Tis year, and he was leading- and I was I actually led much of it. But then he passed us on a pit cycle and Shasin am back down. I could I got close to him, but I couldn't quite get him and I got the wall and in the race was over. She e her nout
I do ye here. Are you drive Anha? She actually go faster. Really, yes, sometimes when I don't pay attention and better it ini, because I would imagine as a side you Alice right O. Is this peer Talentlyk? I like that ow, that's what I have si, even even when in not paying attention on still goin best. So we are not thinkin about it. You you'd, have you get out of your own way, a little bit, sometimes o gaing Uts right. I has every good time where you' zown out and you almost gets to crash you acthin Ish, proed focus of the road Yept hat's happened to HIV as Snappyback RO, fast Iah. I imagine what Giny Fars on lips like you get off in the corner and it like it gets loose or slips out from under a year like Oase who yons in Ani es work for Fo Year, Sai Arian. Now I justly have yor fall asleep during rice. Ah, almost well I did have to have an energy drink during the race, because I was like so tired of just running in a line: ahs weare, all single file fatths when you prawl YE back, is when you were drinkin NOS and yet to make a switch to monsters that actually keep you awake right, but the others, the other sop
aiter for that. But will I don't of you know this pifty, but Cow Bush is a notorious Knapper really NAM like at I wer you and fall asleep anywhere citctures all over the place. You napping that's right. What's you are khaki I I like Thi, Symhonestly PES, your heir hes right, a falsely, bring your flockyn face. Ah I'll sleep up, er that Master ELL wait, you can just fall asleep just on command. No, it was. It was a that it was a late night and an early morning, o hair as a bit of alcohol involved, got it so anywhere that I was doing my five or ten minutes o downtime. I was closing my eyes lanking on the sideline whatever it was. This was just one day: yea YE had apt the legend Startit right, o KE, yes, but no. I did fall sleep like twice in
Tuated in Tlagota. There is another guy doing an interview and we stacked up behind them and he still had like five more minutes ago and saw just laid on the floor, and I I I sumped out for a second o Kai HANS see that air nout, we retun a deddy, though I think the first time he was saying that NASCAR might have an atural issue gun. Who is ragerd that I don't know anything about it, good inds. It is I better than Deady Ather's a here hic there. There are so many rumours in our businessy stupid, idonly, Ikanan Kee Track Wat's. That was the most a common misconception about Nasgarden Andin, one of those rumors. If you were to say when out louds that we could get some clicks office, I don no a jus, like silly season like drivers, go int other teams or drivers. Gette'n faught, like I bes League YE. I've been fired three times and I'm still at my same job, Oh you mean my Kno Emmy said that you've been here here. People are like all whe's getten, let go an oo Acconpusco, a ya Zacly, Ruto, right, Wirs, becraye or my sponsors are leaving. I Wea Rmnia, which a
Joe Gibs, like to work er up he School JO's, Relli Coolier he's a lot of fun. Ah, he wouldn't be a Cuptea, probably Hira IA, no, it isikuss yea, now bout, the most sir, you get out o him is a like. She's mizzle or some she's esly and mother Freez Bignuptaga. I I want to gis them bred at ass, like once an it illy gon, really I yet he got mad. What for saying us. No o know he was mad. We were this is like twenty ten when we were blown up a lot of motors and stuff like that, and so he got pretty at the engine builder and like chucked his pene, across the room and a ten gelbin about hi, lest Yellike I'll? Have your ass that icily? That's! That is as bad as it gets. Fe T is yet, but now he's a SAR I laid out a bad JO's story, so the good Joe' stories, as he's the he's at this amazing coach and his work with on a great players in the ineffectual and a lot of great personalities over. There is one three super bowls and now he's over here, NASCAR eddies had to work with me.
A which has been fun. We both respect one tatr a tremendous amount. I think that's while we get along so well and we have each others back and then, ah now he's he's gotten me to. Championships in Nhum. That's is fifth as Arili's Sha SOR, Sir Doinje Etony, two with me, an one, my body ye so Knowin that he won three superbles with three different quarterbacks three different running backs. And he's won five NASCAR titles with three different drivers. Them feel like your a driver, my Stan Drya Lalgamatit like Nate, I could shose Leng, I wirh the seek e go. He e Yether keep Ine tha. We ale, yes, well, o YE ad En Uttn Nowon Nid LE only you got fast on your own yea wich favor Track Bristol I got one in Tennessee, Bristol Tennessee, Inion Ise, that's the short track. Yet my wele, I think, while they do more road courses. Ah
road courses are ok. Just gonna depends on where we are like. If you go to a street course or something like that, which the role of all is almost kind of like a street course, because it so slow, the corners or so tight and the track is so narrow. That's when you go to infield section of it. It's it's pretty slow and it is not a lot of grit like our cars. They they don't have allow down force like we have more down for some it used to have, but still like sports cars and stuff like that, have tons down force rights. You can really hall but round the course and in those cars are bite and nimble and fund the drive at the Fruckan Boatsman there like tanks right. You know they dod change, directions very quick, an they don't, accelerate and stop very good. So there it's just. I guess si in. At your perspective, that's probably
thing about our cars on road courses because we just run into each other. Allow. Yes, I just always see road causing like that's kind of cool. Yet it's fun now. Don't get me wrong. I think we need to have the amount that we have just depends on which ones they are. How many are there? How many recent thirty eight total thirty six points races, while the ALA three one of the other two areas: just for Fandery season, the other's one in the Pret season. That's cot, a like a warm up like hay, everybody ask car's back. Makesure etourn two n in for the daytes on a five hundred next week, and then Isthia. The all star race had made at all the all the winners, the people at one races from the year before that year that you're in ah get a race each other. I hov that there's! No! targame ye, there's it all in Ourgain, but do they let people vote as well to like be as if some thint favorites get into? Yes, the you fan favorite a ye,
nor I Nanc Yato. I lie the Ath Alva in re fancy for bollig the people that you play against would they would say that your fan favour, but everybody outside there. Yet, like my sirhole people, people like me in my circle, which is wheither in my circle. Roya people outside of my circle Lakein an of you ou realy in it. No Readers aren't any circle for like an expitement, o gat ha We'Llit shoot him a Gavin. I asked you tor me gal, like the happiness of no. I I like your as well. He was But now I'm I like the mainkar ers of movie. So on Madam Sandler and O Camp Oka YE. I have you YO head, you determined you sat our unlamvy haven't hav go Marrie, hacks the Heck law. I love to compare errors in any sport. So if you were to take Richard petty and put him in your car, how does he do that so hard to do man. I don't know. I would like to think that he would do good Kaziz, the biggest name, or sport. Obviously a kicked Everyhody's bot back an the
sixty seventies and eighties. Ah, but once he got intothe the nineties, he won his last race Eighty four right, eighty four, he wantes his trace and then erased until one thousand nine hundred and ninety two. He didn't win a race from eighty four to ninety two and then he retired, you know. So how old was he, though he was in his 40s upper 40s 50s when he got out so I mean I think he just passed his prime right and just kept digging for whatever, but he Probise should retired a few years earlier than he did you. Heagty years, you have left probably ten holdou. Thirty four hardly went our Verta Meh, a najiva yer almost berth alwas Oother Weao, all right on here when Yeu were Dack January thirty or some little older nage FO was own Unnew, a more handsome in Myyas Fewerlines. Ninety eighty five shot out creaky sot I's e lad. Eighty five bears the young isons everywhere. It's right right. You had dad Derre Walter Poo, one than ask Archan Echif, that year death, whoever get as Goin to say, Wel want her when Theye I'll be ah
Beyon the Ganad Ganall Y up the Royals I now I'll asking the a aha nobody knows. Ah, I ham been the cardinal's verse of Royalnd oh I aggle on Thas question, seek e question from a coate take like that: Amother sponsor Ney Gahomi KO, take ten dollars off Godo and ask Arfet ten dollars off what is the worst crash? You bettet a twenty fifteen Extinity Series, a detona right before the start of the Askour season. Where I broke a my, leg. Double a doble come fracture my right leg and than the Louis Frank Brake of my left foot, just a midfoot break on my left foot and when you were in the crash work like do you have a moment when you crash YO, like o fax, this is bad. As am as I was spinning towards the innfieldere. There was an infield wall that was just concrete, didn't have any protective barrier on it like we have AA outside, but now tracks had fixed the inside couse me ah gets another Chad wit you Hereh YE
I'll gon, o Ther's way. Moredeed. We can go on for ever how angles o Kai A but the YA anyways when, as as Macar was spinning towards that inside wall, normally spin, the side force of the cars like it'll, start to change direction and, like a rudder like an ony liddle turn, it never did TAT kept sliding and sliding and sliding- and I was going kind of forward to so I hit this wall head on, it was at ninety miles. An hour is ninety Jews. And so I ninety times the force a gravity right. Yes, one of Flecxs. Newtenant led, that's the I at's impressive or that Longear ha, so the the front of the car just compressed and squashed and came back towards me. The motor like it hit my foot and the break peddal broke my foot, and so yeah. I was I was Oshettin myself and in that moment, then, when I hit and then Ha Caro off the wall and in finally came to a stop like kers. A
Fire out of the cow, you know just where the gas spilled over and in whatever and ouh shit home on fire, and I got to get out of this thing and I could feel my leg like as soon as it happened by Gat felt that the instant just step, but there was no pain you're, just I Idrarana an so like I'd, lift my leg, a little Biten like my footfalls and it's not in the same plane anymore and an um, oh shit how helm I can get out of this thing sight. Is he grabbed grab with your hands and pullevs that s'l not come and pull you out or no? I got all the way to the door like I sat out and was sitting on the door when the rescue workers came around and then I told him moslike did I broke my leg? my foot, you got lift me out of here Shu Celfries and I was about two hundred pounds back so that with my Moria now AA hundred eighty, I which, after which would even do an work it out man. Would he vench ha? I don't bench ochre ELL. I could tell that about yous. Ah Acchlikah de Royals was the correct answer by the way Ni Snang on their cangrel job. There was no within me, Heg.
And be able to valulaate one or or less ass. You in Di ELO Lakers was Un Din Ornce. They laker eighty five, that fields like acres and anoher, the lenters of the south and nines, where the Buwlls Rangs the Yony five lakeres. Ah, I think it was private Lakers. How do you know when it's time free to hang it up as Nasker driver what Tirs to go up? Yes, they were the wakers o was the later itypacachicol. Ah know. What's can to tell me to hang it up. I think com, you know if the drive of the fire isn't there any more. I if you don't wake up. I a more in just breathing smeml, everything racing that I think it's kind of about your cue. And I think the addralland rushed too Leke getting in the car racing being able to go around there and fight in these thing, for four hours at a time if that gets stale and boring in you're slow that I think it's time to go
but you it sounds like you or nowhere dear that you're, the pit near DE I thought I would like to think. I got u a few warriors left in me in Definitelya, a few more champingto, yet how many itlets do a guarantee, how many more a ha ha de I could take a shit in a box and label to guarantee, but all you noti here tip me a she let her go Sayng, so four, four four more there would be Yet for E former was behind Shaniya six Tine an ANA, an womon rin is, as you get ranked Yeh you got, you get rings. We do get rings o you get Ringa, you should wear them. I have one at home. I didn't wear it. I thought about bringing it, but I didn't bring Meso Joe Johnstons Notice, Joe, like Ahord Non Ascorolka yea, yes, Nar Eask our pace for that o k will init a yon Fay for something to true petrophies awsom. By the way it is, it is everding as I, though we wll I could fit. I onot like a keg. I vould see it, but what his whole son in it as it is a giant cup. If it's a ye, an YE dorosenough it Canon. It's got a bay.
Sand comes up Kenneskinny and then his got the cup at the top. With all the race tracks, Caunt have beengraved in an OTO Cleori. A e NI, Radao Jesett is at yours for life or got ough to give a bad look up. Naskor Coptrovy, I'm montaray, now It'Sbt Yo Agh Te T thank! You are get Ebut Yeg and Killo. U wiok o that thing! Yes, three three! Nobody saw Here- that's great, yes, is really really cool. So I have. I have the honour of marine mad dogs in there, this rent, the Sprint CUP trophy, was like to check or flags that kind of came off of it. I have the last one of those and then I have the last one of the girls to dollar fifteen, though that's right, one yeah yeah, I thank you and than I have the last one of this one, the master Entergy Wene. I could tell father you. I read that out o the quote, where you can t had some fun with it. The Afyo on this one ye. All, I can say, is EF those efforts. Yet after those efforts, the ant was dot on a Flockin shirt. I would have those efforts to ane hundred Sencutary Rookwork E. I can try or you'll say the Wayd pickup. He probably won't with me.
Youl heve, you de Wife Dowlan. Do an he'd be like ly to think o atile colonies, yestd the made a Voy mill. Or Teven. Only Te Nat, Ol, Demma Te Frain wike me, I said not I'l, give you Anan on his hall o you are. I made ET one of thee. Maybe you heard the icy Katon and I did Talm like a bitchan. I think Goud see the Sunnight just know. I know, but I sol you're get I sotle pair. That has let Tus co oi. You want to bury the hatch yen e en I not on and yet blocked me. You wantit. You wanted Iriht Si Gyorgan smack Ado knock KEN Tock Smagum T ask im. If he can, we can bear the hatchet, although I am a Denny guy, but then he guy a I Halla, Joey Yo Hay man was up I must congratulation well. I do appreciate that. Thank you very much, sir. Would the would you mind trading me years in which we won treating you hears in which we wan Deh? What you
whyl. I like number eighteen, a lot better than I like Ninetee. I will Gieth Oan on early care, o Caye, maybe we'll trait yor over Thesa champion, not think that all right Pega He saw I'm here with the some friends of Denny and a they Kana wanted to to talk you for a second. You mind e a Joe it side, ts, big cat Tharstily you block me on Twitter. I want to bury the hatchet ye, I'm MA, Denty guy through and through, I probably said some things, but I wanted to apologize, be the bigger man and sailors bury that hatchet, and I you know let by ons be Bygones, Sir is Mouthai. So you do know you know you, you noticed it dimio, o thar. You know we chirpin you, I do. The live. Pri went over the line, ow you are theelg hha, you won't. We all have our haters av, we repm listen will We can change the narrative, we won't. We here's where
I will not say the only thing I canke can I keep Saint Slogano Malensi, that's Thiugh! I don'tlli fo a have ut to him. How about this? En he won't say Slowgano. When you bot Anvoudon, said Edigenjoy, I faily to earn Erapian at Piconuna, Oga Hees fat. He is fist e passis. We won't call you slow gon any more, but can we call you slowly Logano, a like Thon either? Are I now we din' you? Can you give em? Can you give hem one that you do like named Toilagano is pretty Cood KO like Fow. Ah, you like a slice o red with Omicado Hipian Joyle got ah no sis lame. We might Hesk and lie to walk away from the negotiation camber here. This might not work out former and ask or champion Leva our Joi Legao ha ha. I fignht you ill. Keep me Kimmy blocks and Wil. Deady guides for ever o Kai HA a elic. I thanks. You appreciate men. Ah, that seems like this relationship is really to ot itself right into the right areas. So
I tan we try. I think I all know where we stand where urons wrought were all friends yen. We live on this earth together we might as well be friends ye hve. If YO call me all this fwitty concablish. Ah well, we didn't really know the cowbush was jerked, but he at least admits he's a jerk. So we're he's a jerk he's a jerk imconin cow Landingstra, Ye Di. So you know my nickname. One of em was a shrub right, sir. Here would you say I'm Goin ca a landing strip now si it's pretty good right, the first we guided his guise. Talkin bound says: Aff Likels, like the peach Wason Tey YE said Ayas, for you lad ant pad bad. I will Joly thanks, Herleast try and we tried hey. We tried there's nother. We can do we'll just walk away, we'll shake Handsa over the phone, an will say he wed tri to make this worka din work. Lhip. You know we will see chor some time, Yo S, the half past effort, YO
I of your life, sorry to bother you in your off seas and I hope you have some time to get away and enjoy later I think what happened there is you and Joey have now buried the hatchet surprise he picked out here, Yeh. I think you got her tighter than you rella you got as lung. I I lose then dying sky away from the track. I JE, when you put your helm on, don't be a comple Dick YE. Don't scratch me rigy rightan like if you scratch me then were Gan us be scrappy. I mustn't set a lot of stuff, as he denvilly knew, who I was here. Haye I I'll own, the block. I don't care, I'm a deady shy, I'm not can apologize for rubbyou by eye. You started off really well, they I going good. I think you ruined it, though. Well here's a thing when he takes Jo Slow, got aoft the table. That's where I walk away, aye
there're some things. I cannot give up in this life and calling him Joycful. Gona was one of those I'm looking out a lot of stuff in our history. Here. Af me am sees some Bloy Slogano O as Bab Shee, and ah he did it. He did some advertisement for watches to so rise here, YE het his own personal brand. I know I was with the that was osigio that he was selling and I said they babe Happy Valentine DA guess. His ners joy look gon to watch Es Dashd someone who's, never get it getting late. Ever again, that's pretty good! Now! Yes, it's hure to get far N Yu man when you go after his sponsor's it stuffer firm, Jis rule over an take. Yals are right: eh we's right we tried and he slowly hows the weather backed. Are you n? Ah in the Dety hoe you for it? Ana? Are you yet? If a separation, their plaze? If you're not, I think you're not first to last a Joe, a yer, AP, Aby, ah Joi Oilagana wanted a puke. That's not mean said Bab here he said
ye. He Jos Lagon O Go Fougt yourself there, LAT's hot bad. Now that that's has o that Han I get you block ot, just such as guise been, do fo the track and no rub its racin right. That's right saws, Logano at joy! Lagana! You look pretty slow at there. No wonder they call you Slogano bet you don't! Even have my Majori's number holes er see Pishit II he's slow. What has it Rady right about me? I I'll think yi you Heven puffed upon my raider. Yet now that you've knowthe your champion. So'Slegano ye but that', chirpin him, someone's, o cowbush! I like that one and about it so far than I can f ha thought this is I'm off your Raiy or Un Apologetin out any hambling guise that don't know what else we can say. I eh im, but thank you very much stopped by Repreciat. It Dhos fun, rats, Semia, YO, Semia, Aspontorship proposal. Yes,
r. Where get on the Arra. We actal your aunt brirned dout, hi's, landing strip O K and we hav it under the her. I think how much what's the she with what'c we get on the carum of Folly right now we gell Carflike Olicke. May you lik half a bit oine half a bit poined ear even have my half bit one heand. Why would you have half of it? Why do we have changed in America? Any more Bick Petnis, yet bejon. Why can't stuff yist be one W dollar hour dollars for dollar Vendy machine Gee on a manding machine? Yes, that's onhat! There's your dollar and rs you're, Goiniin, marddenning Wash limping now or E. Listen it's to day's world were not into the semencle on playing quarters. Those are ping. Pong ball got yor horome and this cut orders Herpon ye have quarters of different King I don't play that it's a great g, it out bloody knuckles ya, no yorply bloody, knuckles, Loody foreheads Ye Wha NE, if fast Rashed by CAS Grattele again and what out would of us say, keep tha change of filthy animal.
Dat, saying Woul die. Would net do with ot long am on eh? I I will cobush Tak YO, so much Preciese up by congrats. Again I presete yo I hered on buy. Are you prom not in New York very off the ago, maybe next time by the phone? Yes, nor if I think this sone could ab be now modehorne, no dropping honestly LY called Joe, you know had it CERT of E, as yer thing makes Sansie get Ot Hendon, sir. It me Biet that interview, the cow was brought to you by stitch, fix describe look in one word would desadts casual? Would you say it's sophisticated playful? Maybe combination will, however, you dress. Stitch fix, has Ex personal. Stylis tic can help you look your best person stils like a finger print Whohas, got their own. Whether whenever your style is the expert stylist at stitch fix are ready to help. You Press yourself Nod: Alel clothes are Bit for all men with stitch fix. You get a personal style, us thats, gos to new clothing. That makes you look your best. It's a
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terns are always free, plus the twenty dollars Syling Taggis automatically applied towards anything you keep from your box. You don't have to think about looking good ever again with stitch fix, SHO get SAR to day and stitch fixed out coms, Lesh P empty. Can extra twenty five percent off that's right. An extra five percent. If we keep everything into box that stitch, fixed dot com, slash Empty and now Blue Barmer's short sky Chris Matthew, and I was something completed to o k. We now welcome on a wh Peg blue bombers. Superfan better known as short sky, it is Chrisp Ethew Callon us from Canada in preparation for the Gray CUP on some, they! Now, Chris, we are upon. Guess I'm based it in the? U S in a big Anna fell. Podcast. Can you plain to us the
Genesis of short sky and why this game on Sumdays so important to you o K. I take you Backter to halgan in one Owhin, a peg was playing in the grey cup. Whichs are superable and the we were playing what was supposed to be o farce, a inferior team. We should have beat them no problem, so I've been out with a coup Iye the night before and the next day. Somebody said to me: while how long are you going to be wearing shorts? It was the nice November. I was still in them. I sould odd till a Bawber's Grey CUP. I Sunday. They went out, they got beat by the lesser team, and I've been waiting for now to win the great cup every thint- oh my god, o KA, so that you are a committed short sky. Was this ever like a a bet that was cemented through a handshake or was it just your word got Thern your men yuward. I, the latter ex just my word et, was no
shake ters kno, I I don't have to give anybody anything. They don't have to pay me Itere's, nothing! It's just! I said I would do it so I I'm and it should have been committed. I think so you are have been wearing shorts, a rain? Sun swinter? snow snowed degrees ever since. So since two thousand one you been wearing shorts and I'd have to imagine, I'm not a meteorologists! Ah wint a peg pretty cold. Is it not? It is in fact the whinnapek has been known to have the coldest street. Ornery of any major, a citty in the world Comemly times you've been there. Ah, not dop an not ha in Phalatta or in the lap Eihteen year? What is the wit? Is this three corneredself a ported can Main
plys le the cold. Is the wind tha whips, Alle o the window at Wippled through Ther it tha it can be really Rudl down there, o Kaise, I see you haven't been there. Youv had to steer clear of certain parts of town. Is there any specific event that you've attended like a wedding or something afters soon that you've been invited to us some formal occasions that you've shown up and in your shorts? Yet? Ah I have goin to a couple of things, and r, in short, with a and jacket and tie ah. But if it's so reallya a formal I get around not wearing, not because I because Zaona Kilt oll on a smart, but I imagine Thit's, probably not much warmer. Is it? Oh? No! It Na Probab, left, worh INA or spade for the wind to blow up there, ding I'd so so ad, the blue Bonners. Now it was two things here: one is how my Tong have they been to the Grey CUP since the short spent ah twice and bolttie.
Just thinking LA only in second Plac o k and I'll hag worthy close with the wereny. Those games closely began NA. Well, one wish Wat fairly close and I think we could a want it, but that in the game before the Nia, the Gret CUP Ar Stirt and quarterback cab broke his arm a hod. He had Te Black had to play the grake up with our back up. O k saw anyway, it was still fairly clothed, but we didn't win that one. Any H'D won not fo. My how case sir you've been used to this moment, where you're on the eve of the Grey CUP and possibly being able to go back to pants. Are you getting your hopes up at all? I no more than any other time, although I think we have a better chance this year than we have had in the path tha. We have really quite a good team, this yer and that an lasht coupl of games they've been playing very very well, so they want to
op games away from home, which is enough to do up here. I sah. So I will see I mean NOM, not goin, to be quite as of firm in my prediction. As I was back in two thousand one cause I might Tay something else Dupelliere an keep out of the bar ya ya. Now o case are now the other side of it is the devastation of a loss that much significant, knowing o my gos. I got another winter full of shorts, no now othem. If the devastation would be more the fact tat, they simply that they lie ye. A I'm weary we've been waiting for them, if not like we havent one before we have like a ten grey cups in our history, but it's been since nineteen ninety that we won the great cup so WA. So what that would be. The devastation is Tis Lees Gog, like thirty years with
nand, you have a pair of pants ready at the go that youe going to put on the instant that they win. I do and the most people would shape, put the short back on, because I've dug out an old pair of a zubage, Pat, ah ha course Hammerfan, the the airship pant Jat there Heary ugly Ih. Is there a tiny, tiny little bit of you veryd deep down inside I'm not talking about rooting against the Blue Barmers, but a tiny part of you. That would be sad to go back to wearing pents. Well, I yet, and in fact I think I mean what it has all Hadden done: it it I can canware PAN, I'm only going to wear them on certain occasions. I'm am going aware, my Shoh for the most part anyway, I really found out over eighty.
That I enjoyed Wearingem. I like them. I love you shorts, o, yes, Short's are great too I'm wearin, my shorteray now outwer shorts, you're round. I guess I don't have the courdes that you do, but you your cad, fo Roo Modl to me. Well, I tran fetter. I guess I don't know. It's incredible imeani. It is a you're, a football guy through and through being a man yor. Your word has there been what coldest day or was the this moment where you're like I, this might be. This might be enough for me. I might have to just throw on some. Is is well night. I guess it which I I had won like that iiif we have a couple of of shopping, Senters Tere and I drop something off it of my car off it wet one and thought out.
Walk across to the other one and it's und like wide Open, Parken, Loch and Acfiguous, probably a boat with winchilld, probably bout, Minastheory thirty, and it was farther than I thought and my Sa Wer to scream in at me- and I thought you know what you are complete: complete Totaful Slike WY. Are you doing but then, when I got in warmed up a little bit houseby this Strojev, a Giv pairs of shorts that are warmer than other pairs. Ges up, I've been thinkin about inventing a new product Cun, like hot short shorts, that you can wear in the winter time. Yet I don't. Most of them are just regular kind of short. I thinkin it that as well, if I thought, maybe like fur lined ones or something would be good but no ojes kind o yer erbatic ca? I have a like. I sports shorts like ea, like Batter, Ballwin, that I wowe
Anne and I have cargo short sad that I have conlectga of the Dressiya black yea yer e, like IE fer YE, yet in Gase your invidesilagaet, a galler of all horse darict. Yet yet I wraite my last question. I got assed, give us nor prediction and what do if they lose ah come Sunday in the Grey CUP final. Ah, let be my prediction to say that the bombers are going to win by four point: Ungkay, I like o it and Al Thee win. If they win I'll probably brought over breadth on Wednesday. There Y got perfect. I have one last question for you, because you haven't get allot immediate attention. I
You just said he had another interview like on the back of this one. So has the team reached Jattie in the capacity to say ha? Maybe we can get you on the sidelines or something like that, because I think that you could be an expactor form I actually at they have a lap. This story came UT for Ste for time, Laster and Last year a they brought me to a one o Ther, an one of the games and toward the whole facility in erything, but this year I no, but they do know that I exist. That is, some binsome quotes. Si the coaches mentioned it an explode, the clayers. Ah, I don't expect them to never did uh, and if, when this is all fettened they'd like to do something while I would be fine, but if they don't that's fine to oh Cary God, so we are, you can be at the game. No, I phink grethe o what Ther but a four hour flight from here and I'm not going to fit outside in the gold. In my short,
wait till they win yeah o it's more, it's crazy that it took eighteen years the media to ever catch up to the store and Billy hey this guy's been wearing shorts for so long that that's so puzzling to me. I want your shorts retired. After this I wasted in front. You should raise him up in the stadium and hang him next to the banner. Yes well I'll see. If I can get a pair bronze forum in Aragon, that's elephant. I or good luck on Sunday were route and foreign appreciate your time and go or would we say, go blue bombers deserves San go back. I go low. Go on on't. Do that at's Michigan here go I'll, say it go blue bommers, Yak, Yetrow, the barbers and nobody want to Michigan YE. There, you got at BOM, eh M a bucki Van on it and oh wow whow. Do you wait ta, just changed everything. You have successed all the time, well, Ead
Fortunately, I didn't say until Ohio went out there, YO had went Oup that you ain't Minite martyr, Plah Daws, a curve Boath Yend in the interviewof THA. Her was feel bad to having one chimter's in nineteen. Ninety in your Bookeyes FED men, I'll like you any more Chris, oh Gorry, hha ha ay. Good luck. On Sunday, we precate your time all right, Mank it where by ties that if you has brought you by brave it's, I next generation web browser that gives you onmatched speed, unmatched security and unmatched privacy braid it r is a pioneering a better internet with privacy by default. That means they begin with giving you back control over who has access trough. Your online activity that includes stopping trackers and creepy adds falling you across the web. We all use it a barstel. It performs up to eight times faster than other browsers, while saving your battery life and reducing data. Plus it's free. It's easy to switch. You import all your bookmarks with one click and, what's more c,
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Parface of Wija got this brow as the on missing that em know why you sayng it that way is YO for sizes. I we wunt support you in your quest and you cause not Cidyet far fare well Daniel mean you, after the show, are driving to rough and rowdy in providence and whereiy after the show. Ah, I'm going to home for the week end and oned paylotian. Yet in taking a vacation wop be now I I hacked my suitcase for my aation Wai. I jist realize something ye the cow was are going. O win. His heads. Long does not here be here. That's spot's. Your luck, reahdyi'll only reason the cow was Reaiss CIS Hank win't be here on such an effect that in Eurpex O K pack. My suit case came to work, and then I realized that ii left that at home had to rush home. It was just an unnecessary disaster. Fire fast fire running around ruin my day, I hate the segment every week. That's it ha
fit you known, you're on the trade in your lisles on the Traiy Nowse I had go on. Ozairt am going Hove to Eganozic, oh Whou old, that yet she'ld probably have my sui cas with me. Yeup, that's bat yet says bad, an tat, Naunt's, really tha rough ridy to night, though Tu Tudy and Roughn Oudy, ten providence, rode island. They cast Cain Singng that Oc Canadian National at the Moia yeah, don't know it. What is with his Lo Hena. Ah, it's et come Onn a let ELL a so Lonan Ot, a so Yoravery home of men in shore Ory iminant I am hoping people Tus boo it so much that I don't have to actualy sing it Tho he's Cryend, o Spectful, but also very respectful of your time. Corect. I should be it be the most respectful cause. They don't want you to screw it up in front of every so igan a boot yattow. If you were listening to this and you are going to be in Providence to night for rough Rady, I pilfred to Buet and then I mad national anthem, the real one after Chew Thap Ogay
my fire festof. The week is, I think we have birds, nesting, n or SOE. So in last Sundays, taping of part, my take before we taped it, Amit much better. There was Hereis a lot of chirping going on directly a us were the only ones on the officers whom e after we think it might be a vit issue, it it, but it soundstha. It sounds like birds are nesting at well, I spoker he an he. Ah, he says it's not birds, but that's exactly what I'd expect him to say: ya, cold. You keep us away from knowing that there are birds about that would be the ultimate if we had a family of pigeons living right above us or so ant. I fire fest aw, this bench, press we've been talking about it for probably of I widotuant eh mah. Finally, shote up to day an TE bout yer after me, dealing with ah this guy Mobashar to Mobel Theys, send his bend for us it's awsom, oh night, but after month and months of while First Pifed, he was doing the Landa, take it from PI t and n. It's just been a long fire fast process
in our long natuoral nightmares over he. If Teis, the one that you ordered you. The Nugh show up. I got that, does the same one. Oh, oh, Finishoul, Aay, say Bek, it's you a Yol yagi Kandagrgiz, a Gathin who talk a pe a tea while ago. I pent this way: Isic AO, yes, press is being shipped more efficiently to us than a single Tahering Guesty shirt. I it had been ship to our guest as Tess was every few weeks beate you Bakhelio Dejude said that design to the bench press people in Blike Yat like two months ago
in the Velzia ceteloments or gains at's here ye. It's here is it bput as weverly here Zudia, oh yeh it'll be in the studio o after think, o K, Hur. Ah my fire festis. I have some kind of a side ailment that I don't really know what it is. But I was an excruciating pain this morning, so much so that Haink caught me in the studio doing my hah Foure legged gas trick, I wazr I was coming in. Can I I got into work and it was like a. I got a a note. Like some win texturs, I Gill, your bench Presshut up lie get's here, so I gone to work. I came into the studio to see if that's where they dropp it off Howse little door was shut, but I knew that I no one was around so I opened the door and Bithot was just bo. Nifle oi con earth more trying to do Witever set rat shawk. I I thought you don't push up as Ieie an a quip pump, O Sol Yak. I literally just I just woke up and I had the sharp pain in my side and I thought maybe sa kidney stone a gall, but I did what everyone, oh
does whenever they have a pain like this, I went on ability. No, the national radio showing that his had people call and tell me what I had o ka, which AL her to Hurido thought you get. It was in Decidis, yet maybe that's hat you' Wone of the things gall blader appendicitis. Ah just trip death, ah broken rib back injury actually have self diagnosis? I just I went four days. Eading, Chile whut. If you ain't so much chilly that you broke your rib ye, I think I have Cie a little being lodged in my rip. Ah and so marely Mansin Sirur, though the pain was bad, put the real Olpain was Hank walking in be like Whatr, you doing and os like nothin it's. If, if Thers Arn'T angry letting a doing tow touches, which is making far Tood it's it
just getting in the position of a dog and Jis Cottage was lain down like LAN. If I had a hot rock, I would have acquanted it and just laid on the hot rock wore that sounds like a better plan anywhere ye. I wild. I don't have a hot rock my dog when ye for I'd noticed that he'll be asleep just on his side, with all Fource just spread out, Furof em Sunatur that and yet try that he itly Rax Helook woke me up with a fart yesteray. He didn't wake up, but he woke me up ye with a nice long tute. So I got a lay on my side like Leebory, o KA corfort. Ah, I Y great Consin. If Fer Te Kiddystone ow. No, don't wish that on men, at it. Consenwas I've I've read up on it and it sounds terrible, terrible, terrible to Advant. Coach, an with one he's oen a great job. Now I don't want that. I don't want that. Don't wish that evil rned me not! I imagine the Kinniystonm MA come up behind you, though I put it on a necklace for sure. Oh ya, one hundred per cent notr than she had every single dayt. Maybe a pinky ring with my kiddy stone. That's pretty cold! Now, beniay,
I'm I, let's do a couple segments, Michae on Namedrop, probably the pinnacle MIKE a Willbon namdrop. He golf with e bottle once, but he said that Lucadanchich, ah might be the best player in the imby a Ordo, always the exact wuilt. I think to quote what they were talking about. He is the next Michael George, yes YE and then Wilbon said Michael Call me about this: one Mak I Goys AK. Oh no, I'm going to get a call de the l thing about this. One is, and this is the perfect Micawell Bon named drop, but I could actually seem Jordan calling will Bowo even thinking that Vegg are you Hie? That would be the altar. That's the only reason I think my cal Journed guest people's Folle numbers is just in case Yo Els. He can berate them for not respecting him, Enoufh TAN, right, absolutely dis. I an Jornt asked you for your foe number, it's because he thinks her capable of sleeping.
Somepoly. I had some point your going to say some one else might be better than him and he wants to be able to speed that he probise a speed dial guy we was last everything Michael George has called Somewherey was the came en You Ont chap probably never getting Hammond. That's a yankee come on a to Chades business man, Hank Whocos, Zolcopette. We have onyou try to get like a roll over like a you dnont, yet my frenids trunning it a roll over Yeh wont it could be er It is well overs. Just taking your office ers, you eat, I'm little Hugfaye hell like was goin to kid. Ah, o Hak S, you my have Michael's Goog a cause about this. Were dis, live well, Hank ACT, she might get Thes erself over in the Duke at sixty four sixty two. Are you idio? A oh, never mind a pipty, you have a read a headland wus. Yet as such as osrid a headline I from times, Caught on video, a doctor spent thirty
min its sucking yurine out of the man's bladder in spitting it into an empty wine bottle during an international flight that that, since just gets worse and worse and worse as it goes on, Geot's funny is that I so when I was diagnosing myself with call ladders. Wan me Ti Sush Pisari. While I threw this out there, because now one look you're not can have to succour Kitney Stone out of me but of T Tiin Pethetical. If we were walking in the desert and a snake bit me in the penis, would you save my life by sucking the venom out sideways, as would e mean sideways? you? Just the shaft like O Yeho Allicates, a harmonica Ye E, EVA Mone Sire, you would I'm not popsical Buter. You would yet. I think, Yo Ye Bo de A is gas been thrice, so if that ever happens shut up my Pasner Posner, who got bit by snake- and that was the only reason people even cared that he walked across on his dick.
Now on his foot, oh, but it really saged Het is walking across country for six months and no one cared until he almost died. I got bid on Te Wee. Ah Peyad, that's I helve headline Ight that doctor needs a Kinyou win doctor of the year. He others doctor the Yeards found in any number of Inflaght magazines. Trile to you, just pay your way unto next reason mess his take house, an US to shes, actually just LI, take pictures of ourselves in labcoats and just submit them to the to the earth. Think you just have to pay him like five grand eery fihan will be a Spirit air lines doctors of the year. Actually, we are giving trigs a lot of stuff to do, but we should sare putting up faked uplomus wo. We can remember, we look
to that we can, just by diploma nobody from inside it at school and like bill growing over. I'm saying like we all went to Harvard and Yale and everything like just a wall of shame the fuck out of every gas lamas and they walk in. There say these guys are titans of the industry yeah. They would lead to some very confused guests in its literally just us. Having tricks, make him for ever J D from trumped universe gap, liberty, dice, yeah, pretty good right journalism. Am o k? Ah, was you at a night knowing the we o h, you're, we are to did your redskin's ideal as to efeccuse finish up with Eficuse Hank Wha non't. You get us going. This guy was suggesting. I talk my your backproms. He said I think it can be Skayetia. Have you a Zociatica Skyarica, a Attica shouted the old objen. Ah, no, there is a
you with the battle you dazzy like that that one the Oggen was: u like that was OBE jou I and this onenat, but I'llso, you don't know IV on Jonadat. Thank you. Have a bas Kiatica YE sciatic Ziatica. Ah, what does I mean that it's is yours, it's a nerve that goes down your spine and it goes into your leg and sof your back Pralms, a conlecjistraite of debility in what I actually do have in this is a medical condition. It's called dad back an its. I I'd just had to lift my son in very awkward positions, and it's now getting to the point like yulislly fifteen sixteen pounds and I've I've hurt myself just bein like all. I us picked up my sons. Latsock. So stop spending time with your son, the Anden, your back ain't hazardous to my health and piefty. Did
oncoon bring too much awareness to the low mantrophy, ah by metching it in a twethat en Viro on Thursday I I'd actually just got Don Texing John Neonot Te Loor, my wevran eh, I my yet so he said that he put that tweed up to soose getta lot, o heat on Lik Asy. He dared to post a Mason Ramsey MILES, Garret take and we will Mae tell our SART Mason Rud lying now, I'm turning yet as he Trilan shave. You must have in posted Sea SEN S here. You are e IY. I think. No, it's not a very full back move to get all those Reech weets. He should. He should actually if he was a truthful back he'll, be blocking too much of the internet. True ever get that many reacsweasion likes true true lomantho becoming soon and try Yat before Husman ar that we clink all Mhy eyes n Little Fort We'E, go to Cuck the Hasme her as we always do.
What are your peleton handles? There are several faithe piities. I want to make sure in fooling the real Loman among a p fty commeter and I'm also Pifty Calasi e Caus. Also a silly air Handl Wes share everything. So any time you see you a record hot was palling mine. Ah it's true! Ah, but I might you I might make the Geneses half I'm Sueand Mon Propo, recurring thing, vait lot, o fun a listening to it. In retrospect, listening my heavy breathing, while answering the questions of hi. That Radiaol hid on Pittsburg. He Aon Divi with her guide, and they played me back some of the me quacking at a at doc. God, it UK joined the instugran life just hearing that audio back is extremely inappropriate.
You should amen owl. I would be Adhea Honord to be guess at some point once whatever you'd have me, but I'll just see chilly. While you Wol can hop on Pelet, I should make a tenda bite hen. There's a bieha haa we're the purse on the back of athis old girls, Gat het e h. I ate three more flushing at questioned persont of floting at Ecor question Og. If your peers, if you're p is clear, but you're in someone else's home. Do you flush at which darkness of yellow? Do you go from leave it to a must at your own place at my own place pretty much dad like nothing. Oh, I won't all keep anything in their flush, wive let at Melove YE but et another Perso house. It really has to be. They can't tell the difference. I think any shade, of yellow one, so Emy Bose, Swash Yangin, Bob bubbles counts. Also. If the the bathroom is close enough to the cowcerear, the Communaria, I like to flush as I'm ending my pea that way
I can let out a nice juicy fart may air Ibo Flush covers it up. Do you ever try in time your pee to finish as yerf do have a Hort hose hush and then what happens when you go over an Hy left owner's, Hond Oll over minutes roller mid us, you jest let those you on't do double flush on a PEET yea, but the Nat a the whole purpose that as your leaving p in the toilet, yes as fin Ontrustive, I pan't think so are and then the real winter cart corral etiquette. We nont have to deal this as New Yorkers. After unloading, a grocers and your vehicle. What is the maximum distance you'll go to walk, Yor cart into the cart corral No Casso. Here's the rule, you first Vall. You should do everything you can to at least get it to where all the cards are, but if it is a very large distance, you just need to
dirts, linked up to at least two other carts ye. So if there's two other stray carts in a spot, you can justs yer starting your own snake ye. So that's really the rule. As far as I go, that accounts is docking and Wrensh exactly SI, not one one is now she sow a lonesome pair. It needs to be two others n any like. Well, some one had the idea here of starting a new snake. I'll add to I like that. Another officier would be I like to find somebody that's on their way in Goquat got a cart for you, knowing no cyclonjres con to get my own cart yet I I don't want your dirty grease, Lirons Y, or would I like you sometimes is if I get within, maybe twenty yards of the docking station I'll just give it a shove ow just push it real far night and hope that it goes in if it doesn't, I already have walked away and Iry did the swaggy pelike Threas in the air right and behind me is bouncing off the side. Yes, absolutely are at last one I volunteered to help a friend coach, his son's Pewee team age. Fourteen there are two slept in the season and I was curious
point is become acceptable to tell telicate in the team who thinks he's the best player that he's actually not good at all, or is out out a bounce. I think you'l leave that up to his that that's a step. Dad's jobn I yea howt, we held fourteen some Fourteen year old you can saw, I think, once used once kids hit puberty. You can start this We saying hey, maybe this isn't for you. LL's biscuit is a Cokikid. Oh, he won't like this. Kid is like the cawk ye cock, the walk and all YE wants to be a gillyusock Tiim. U a retargamout football or best, or what I eadid the season's coming to Andetscaby for Poin any slonger Yeh. Maybe you recommend that the kids whichs tell the Rober. Kick him out honestly, like that Sthat's annoying Ley kick him out of a game, an an gim, little humble pie. Ofso, an
like direct pace. If LE has not maughed with the Rass of the Oony Adveasure or what you can do. This is im not even helping him. No, not no! Help! U lie just just Ee Hundef, your own satisfaction to watch him cry as he gets kicked out. This is maybe a salucorycan canna. Have the other kids tell it to him at the end Ofh your ceremony had the team vote on an envy, pea and then he doesn't get it like Antonyo Brown style, then he's got a out force his way offered teem. You will have to DEA with the nexture yet, and that also could be light. Pretty much do anything to make him cry, because that if he cries in front of all of his friends seized the cry Kate and he can't be the best player like that mentally he's done being the outfal in the group. Trutes Theini, probably year's a therapean all that stuff it'll be then forever, but at least you've done you Johtton, that's it! That's it. Oh GRE, ah Tornia Broadcon, Bac belowe you a Fisher, bring moose now just TI suit. Hacif, who told you in Corsery
Nodge Tugatt, I got sources. All sources is a wickwi her. If Thi' come, I get if Leroy doesn't have it and nock in a Jilroy is not runin with he Anyohenyoguyd's Bloodw Aby, like no Mysorte Zadallas in Lett recelation to you. Well, I nose. I have known on Emins O Juy Ih, don't Mary out something inter at night Floriosa. I idea Yit? This is a part of see ower flured GI's, a LI, a Sircras YE. His is takes er just Gidnatiya you le Thy love. F, you lave, MIKE alone, with his takes for too long andhesically come up TE, some Meniy Advantions. So I guess what he's reporting Antonia Brown is gasing up his hot air balloon as we speak, Nhoul be sick of you just if he flew in the foxboron, nothing on a crazy that Antonia Brown was wearing his raiders helmet in his insugempity. It is so he's es finally learning what is like to not get paid for a contract and he hes figure at he doesn't like rutto right. It's oy he's evolving gregt. Ah,
we will see everyone on Monday, Livigus don'I get it's in. That's number three
Donginel, no umt do his own movkin and demaned Oe Tomy, Iani, Poyou, Ed M Iess and the Mon MO more. An a the ten of the mon is a am me LE the man to Withrom and Moaming Moon, O s Dismin you so dvmembe. I long Atilin Theyr. I.
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