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NBA Champ Matt Barnes, Fyre Fest Of The Week, GoT Predictions

2019-05-17 | 🔗

The Warriors are back to 2015 Warriors and it's Draymond's team. Giannis and the Bucks and Nick Nurse's dumb faces. (2:30-15:15) Brooks Koepka skull fucked Bethpage Black and Brandis Chamblers has to eat crow. (15:16-17:01) Fyre Fest of the week and Hockey playoffs. (17:02-31:21) NBA Champ and 14 year veteran Matt Barnes joins the show to talk about his career, the Kobe flinch and how they became close friends, his all time teammate list, and playing NBA games high. (35:35-1:08:02) Segments include Locker Room Talk Lamar Odom, (1:10:58-1:13:01) Respect the Biz for the massage rooms at the PGA Championships, (1:13:02-1:14:53) Thoughts and Prayers Colin Cowherd, (1:14:54-1:18:11) This League, (1:19:48) FAQ's and Game of Thrones series finale predictions. (1:19:49-1:30:38) WARNING SPOILERS AS WELL AS SOPRANOS SPOILERS 

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on today's pardon my take we have mba champion fourteen are fourteen year veteran oh yeah doesn't want to be there be champion right map parts and be a veteran i use a champion as well map barnes various discussion with him we talk about his career we talked about his relationship with kogi the flinch k de verse dray monde ah very free or getting high before games all that in more with math barnes we have little em a playoffs fire faster the weak some segments and f queues the week and get us ready for grit week before we get to all that though it's time to talk about the cash card from the cash app the number one finance app in the app store for a reason the cash card is the most powerful debit card in the world and the only dead with both a money saving feature you can't get anywhere else because cash app invented it select to boost
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chapter eight educated bars to get some money and see some animals ok let's go all out how welcome report why take presented by the cash output in code bar stool and get five dollars five dollars the is peace yea today is fry
a may seventeen in fifty two nor do they actually is no no ninety nine days till college football i love it ninety nine days we will really have faced we reach the dublin i designed the haze until college football put that in your little brain and just think about big time bruins fan hank over there just wants to stop nothing but hockey dude it when you get past the hundred days away from when you when you breach the hundred tilth real meaningful football comes back a little chill goes down spot i would even say that once training camps starts pumps on aerial adequately while record that's kind of football once hard knocks starts its foremast okay so people probably like what the fuck we just watch an awesome warriors blazers game which were going to talk about it was awesome the curries went off against each other except ceptin really he's had a big three at the end catch
say the narrative i'm gonna get going to south korea is the better pure shooter oh then stand out through the better peered out stuff stuff ass to create its own shot yeah set as much better off the off the pits the south is is ben way from the ball you feelin from three point law yes prayer exactly so it an unbelievable game the war dare i say or even more fond than they were when catherine was going god everyone and i still kevin rant we have done a podcast switch on him just because he seems to be someone who will be a future guess and also talk shit and qana seems cool but the pre emptive which the warriors are a lot of fun to watch right now and i want to say it it's dream honesty go
it's time i don't mind that adam i dream on getting a little bit accredited pressure on the show he had sixteen ten and seven was everywhere he is the heart beat of the warriors he unlocks steph curry to score thirty seven point he's looking skinny two year old women is dream on is nice and that he's toned dies trimmed off all the fat well he's a big thing a brisket he does the shower slow he does a shack where he just gets in shape in season yes oh it's way is not our get argued and shape on your dying i like that no wasted energy has fallen relaxing the off season i don't mind remind being the new de facto captain this team yeah he won't always has been but this is it was an unbelievable gave him unbelievable gave from staff and they opened up they do play lot more wide open without given ran in its fund what i meant to say the word that were using for the worse a sudden sought their very god and they make things happen suddenly so the other places rocked by what fifteen seventeen somethin like that europe double digit in the third quarter
and then i looked down at my computer red exactly one blog looked up one single bonds are blog and looked up the score was in three points i think yes so the score was sixty nine two hundred and fifty three with nine hundred and sixteen left in the in the third quarter when you looked up with seven hundred and eleven left in the third quarter it was sixty nine sixty six yep they did that fast it was like somebody three step three clay three clay three boom there back in this game and it's incredible how quickly they jump on you like that and the warriors i mean what i guess i like i think the box warriors would be a good final but i think so recent we'll know o b e r over we don't know i need a monarchy answers i need a mom came on sonia all the time her reaction to approve any i love my horny there what they need to know her watching her reaction love when they need to have like the wind probability chart accepted monitors who she loves morcerf or staff as
note after a little extra for staff when thought you should try to lose you that's all you thought so i thought each year she tried to lose you are hitting slash eyes like i love you too honey yeah so i mean that socks because it was like the best game that the blazers could have played for a few quarters there and then it s all goes to not because the second half warriors or back and the words have defeated the warriors and we got that given the red standing in the hallway going over the statute in his hoodie being like fuck katy you nobody he was just like he was looking at it like it was a magic i calendar just staring at it hoping that his name would pop out merely oh i play tired forty four yet i'd forty again forty four twelve and eleven yes so the other note i had wrote down from this game zack collins who is like weirdly do like mba twitters like favorite little pet project who europe could be good eventually and he's young guy he was very close to
hu a trillion so he played eight minutes he had no points no rebounds no assess to turn over a five false what was plus it is us minus was i hope who zero it was your yet that's really hard to do yes it was humbly to die thousand eight minutes he almost impressively almost seven eighty trillion yes doubt wholly shadows of that's been done plans for their advertising by the time i fell down so the lead record when i was in high azra quickest fell out yet two and a half minutes there you go but i knew my role on that team in my role was to not to find out is fast and i get myself out of the game fulfil the minimum minutes requirements on my leg coach so he could say i got a shitty kid in for a little bit and then get the hell out of the jail and dame willard tried to shoot his way into this game but like take each kid you think we can't do anything just there to good there too good we're going to say all i listen i know the p
hate the warriors and i get the point the people making its a fair one cause you're watching these warriors and you're like why calendar and have to go and join these warriors it could have been of better leave if he was somewhere else in a little bit more even around but if you watch the warriors play basketball you're not like this is fucking awesome i don't know what to say yeah it's very upset i'm sick of them but i am also like this is fucking us i want to see what they do is obscene should show our sea with due gets a box yeah because that's so words they were advance you were moving them both finals it's a team that they have never played against a team that's built like the box yet and so i would like very much i mean it will be the pianist is special kind of guy and like a totally different then everything else and what's move onto that game so the raptors did basically with the blazers did tonight they played perfect they had calorie had thirty points he was unconscious and you wasted
your call abrogate like you don't get a lot of those yet but we gotta brooks lopez game yeah but you know a lot of cattle are lower gives yes the brooklyn plays game was awesome he was he was actually doing like you that's where he was thirty five feet from the back of his house and he's like get it to me get it to me but y'all just didn't play well the box didn't play well like four our three quarters cow lowery was unconscious and you still somehow lose by eight points you know what though if i'm the raptors i'm ok with can beat by lopez like because i saw something that you get a look at this stage to like you you're probably like when you don't want to lose and all we actually with caloric but if lopez beats you it's like ok you know we did we did our job on janis we did our job shutting out somebody shooters we didn't plan for we have a contingency plan for one of the lopez twins
to serve both the bench and give us twenty nine well it's just its having the rafters construed in a lot of ways put like also watching mere tissue is one of the softest pigman other watch play when using the bulls like get dirty and get an office of rebounds that's probably get out rebounded like that that's a problem so the raptors quite gonna have to just be insane like he was in the last series for them to survive this one and there are no reaction even though my pc that that canada is has been asked by into cancer to guarantee his secure it from turkish assassins lou if they make the finals and the raptors may lose it i'll get you like it to have yourself levine so basically the raptors just hit the words no in a cage just play basketball really well in that way we don't have to worry about the us some spinning all this money or they're just cannot the words like don't worry about or head up the pleasures like this very serious and we did
like a second player we do yes bronze metal game you know it if i were canada i would just put a shitload of money nations can gamble right yeah like your treasury department put all your loony is on the blizzard to make two final in that way the pay out that you get from that you can just used to provide extra security security everybody yes your nations gamble it was called two years ago when every mail from twenty two to thirty five years old bought bequeathed saint yuck that was news gambled ass pretty sweet the real important news yeah baruch skipper we have one more thing women are possible request the winner of the play off i'm saying right now without a doubt before we even get to like the finals files end vp nick nurses goofy faces that guy makes faces like i think he had that one give that happened a couple weeks ago went viral
and he's like on the face guy he's demonstrative yes i wish he sweat a little bit more he's not sweaty enough for my liking but we can work on that that something that can come with age yes and i think playing in the great white north canada takes away some of the sweating us just fate but listen if you do faces you'll stick around long young have something the people or like oh that's only nurse the face guy ok yeah regrettably a good co chat rally what a gun fired seven times over if you don't have the slip back here right is it you have to have a look yet you have to have a look peter you know feel jackson just handed out books and smoking weed that's a look in its own way pga karla smoking choked that's a look you're having a big red neck on who got hit with upon the face was scott brooks maybe got hit the ball know somebody else i hit with upon
phase out rivers has the voice thrown talk rivers got guys the voice you if you have something that people can be like oh yeah pop has the arrogant to every sideline reporter ever you need something that people can just the casualty like oh yeah nick nurse the look and i suggest this joe pontius ties joe proxy has the ultimate van helsing collection yes he just goes dummy at calls i am that phrase going dummy egoists pantyhose mad at me yet dummy so wet yet nurse my suggestion for his look we're scrubbs on the sidelines yeah that'll work to our stethoscope yes i just can't i'm the nurse just came from twenty one i am the nurse sector we radner sweet shadowed nurses love him ok brooks capital skip guess it is could rickets sissy three he's on world he a course beth page black blacked out he was fucking poured out there he's like this is this is stupid i'd rather be sit on my couch watching basketball
he was like i gotta get out here social sixty three wasted very little energy utter maybe more impressive he did that in the same grouping is tiger yet actually you know it actually it s bad deepens particularly announcers said it's brooks kept his group man shit there like here comes brooks kept his group with tiger woods in it and on top of all that he ought to brooks because i'm pretty sure after we basically were like hey there's nothing we
make fun of you for an your perfect in blah blah blah blah he were the ugliest fuckin should have ever seen a good job i u brooks near you thank you for wearing such an ugly shirt does i feel like that which is a personal shout out to us like hey guys you thought i was perfect no i dress like a blind person yet weird had onto yes in and you no credit to him he told us he's gonna cut those banks are he did he cut the bags right off knows whoop he liked it up a little bit in the front yes god dammit produce so good a course record above an branding church brandon chimbleys emulous grandest shambley saxo sucker dixie sorry we will say do not operate that sucker the ec stood there was headline today that said i think the wall street journal thanks for crediting or any of you by the way was regional but headlines said brooks captcha gave brand and chamber she had brandish trend is shambley the finger for four and a half hours which i mean hey that
how do people wouldn't mind getting the finger from books for about four hours that's a long time brandishes gummy mighty sort unless he's got the rice pockets anita looking at that grip i dont even know brandish champ policies chill chips in bramble shambley burst its shelly name i mean it get a better name due to your dave socks you just got son beth painted black have so the only thing i know about how to rank golf courses besides the fact that the eu s open will always fuck with you in a british open is filled with a bunch of guys it just panic scotch and the sun ordained they played on liquor just a beach yeah with a little bit of moss exactly is i rank them in order of how hard they were on tiger woods golf back in two thousand and three and that page black was really hard won yes so i am told this is impressive score by fire from books they also have that sign this is like the black horse is very very difficult yet as of
but yet they act like it's a ski slope that you're gonna crack your head open if you go down right you're gonna get so mad by the fourth hole that you're gonna come super with a driver proxies blew up your fuckin mountain two thousand brooks those are talking got those elsa aggressive it to a gulf talk is you'll get on any podcast anywhere broad blue chip it also john daily was late first he time and was andrea dr art i kosher mcdonald's in his cart drove a court order that is a disgrace that guy man did you give him a specialty horn on their that played like the ogre like the old time in the car horn the red death or some like the owner who does the thing that the generally yea mortgage should it should apply dixie probably not interest i wasn't thinking about that i was thinking about the sopranos when i think polly has the godfather song as is as is
but i could wish our i wish that the daily would have done the thing we're just drove overs plain partner with golf cart judges as a class a gag two years ago viral almost killed your revival and then everybody they like that's classic john daily man of informing you don't get it you don't live on its grim you don't understand how funny this is to be i hockey hank go that should give me my firefox of the week the blues getting hand passed to death now to sell it for the blue it's not that i am happy the blues loss but that sought for the blues that was i mean i wish him a casual hawk offenders watching their game i bet on the shark so i was like happy but i was i was stunned and i felt like it was a blue spent out out still be out studied bitching mad forever tough to give that were not yet it was clayton too late it wasn't you he didn't even try to conceal he was it looked like he was swatting a fly and they can't like the fact they couldn't review that what's going on their hands watching something is there a segment
that's what the boy walnuts award is organised is are saying in the hockey popular cigarettes you should they should start that i hears the only thing i'll say though people compared to the rams in the saints first of all the blues you gave up all with a minute left ok you had the game want you gave a both minute left second of all if that goal doesn't happen who's this the losers are gonna win the game you remaining you still have to win over time so it sought they got screwed it was a travesty they have every right to throw a bunch of trash on the ice or saint louis pizza same thing but if it like what say most people are so weird with this shit that i come out some of the learning i give you got an air of an era that like no at saint louis bright colors greatly you know it's it's called prayer ya'll it's just it was bred and they slice their bengals i get lengthwise what they did get screwed so they d
in our no one else to say you got skirt victim big eyes and in this whole like the then he shall wants the sharks in the final because of joe thornton that's that tragic listen i love conspiracy theories as much as the next guy but when you're saying that the inner fell need san jose the asia is a little i ass to get higher ratings i think you're on a second ship a little argument a little bit so hager your broods you aren't you firefox or in firefox three months ago ok i'll start hockey hank my firefox the week is that these celtics lost so they ruined the boss and saw that socks that sucks hank i'm sorry what happened with the workings now patty hamilton the pig tat was a fucking catherine has eaten up too bad that's that's exactly what happened hamilton the pig or ip yup you can die now here i'll get fed hogs get slaughtered yup they don't guy was at that unhappy if it'll kill that pig they'll never win anything
you know what i'm gonna go on a pig murdering spree until you actually put that pig down on any bacon every day yup until that pigs dead yes but the only thing the really worry about is the rest for russ situation they got a lot of time off i still do this what i thought we had moved on restarted making for making fun of them we may be funny jokes we're doing podcast different fight for now you think that i was in the middle of my tough there five first so but we what we always isn't i wasn't indonesia you know we should do we should do so i thought ongoing finnish ongoing power wrecking of what boston sports fans biggest struggles currently are right now the boston sports fans biggest struggle is that they won their conference final too quickly thats number one unlike the weak java security others ah ozma either one off i mean this is another one these top walker norman this is tough arup very commuting during rush hour
so we had a we had a a rod corp shoot earlier this week i had to i was on the train at like eight a dot m i had a bunch of equipment with me i had to wait like i'm so busy my train station i had to wait for or trains to show up before i could even get oh my god because like there was so pack they just looked at you ran but not today trade would pull up and it was already what it was our aid is a trains the train not today but who said of the train of death yeah not today but allows those of brutal that is one thing that
is the legs at its very it's not related whatsoever but we never trouble it is related for people at commute during rush hour right look inside right you your life sock stewed there are sweden we have em rocky we never very lucky we created the most off hours we cute at ten a m and midnight yeah if when we go home there's a to people on the train to add their either drunken throwing up are they ve shut themselves already yes but there's only two peoples who s leg room the ice death i got i have similar firefox tank you are going you then you go pfc ok so first of all my first viruses anna contract for unfold me whatever ok whatever its ok actual even when the cheerful yesterday so if you think i'm like really feel in its because i gotta work out high in twenty four hours later
you think that it's because she accidently followed your mother you headed white mix tape after like seventeen straight bulls tweets that might dan or with art act that you brought attention to it and then she was like wire algal blooms also took our friend cavy no swag pointed out something that she follows like three hundred people in there all like the hollywood type that dont tweet a lot so it was not only the seventeen balls tweets but i'm pretty sure that was her entire time just like seventy though we might and would you our it has generally flag right she's like what's that mistake she jumped right and deepened yet my other firefox the week was hake i got sneezed on on a train yeah so i die soon that's why that's brutal by the back of my neck so thankfully wasn't mouth to mouth well spends on they made stronger because they get their germs on you say now you have more immunity it was so far
disgusting i'd even look uneven turn around because if i knew i turned around i saw the person and they were like you know they probably like had they probably like leprosy or something and i was going to just be all right i'll just i'll just die right now so i didn't look that person's probably very very sick and they sneezed you'll sneeze on train if you say god bless you know i didn't really gets so they're going to hell so you had your revenge ultimately yes i have my revenge on that person whoever you are out there don't sneeze on fucking trains that's bullshit doing things sometimes you can't control stations are seizing stuff it's not like i'm curious i wanna know there's only like static statisticians out there you how many people die per year driving all sneezing oh that's a good question i've gotta have sneezing arriving that's got almost i other girls there's like hundreds of millions of people in america there's got to be at least thirty if there's a if there's hundreds of people in amerika there let me do that over more than hundreds of people at an early and no
i sent a hundred million years our ties with hundreds of p how many people do i think yeah i got least thirty thirty million no thirty people die from j yes i said hundreds of millions matter from s w i yes i degree or sneezing crossing the street or something like are doing something just really stupid whilst these seizing on a ladder how would you feel that at least one person this has sneezed while standing on a louder i'll bet you somebody's died from sneezing while using acute it oh that's a good one goes right in your sleep while standing next to allege yeah sneeze while thinking about jumping over the ledge right in the end it makes up your mind for you re satellite yeah how we view you think have died a fortnight while sneezing a lot like died in the former yugoslavia
constance hundreds very dangerous practice safe sneezing my fire young there's ok s knees non economic you really like you know a guy stove i've been sneeze you're gonna die too because you're close enough also of poverty got sneeze on his head block it that's true that's why grow it i guess he's not dude i would have liked you to italy show a little bit of like here's a thank you at least you guess needs on the back of you see it smell the other around sneeze its labelling and other persons needs is the worst sensation known to man i i guess nissan stuff stuff to needs is it not even fortnight modem is that i got but i'll let you know if you know when you see like a raccoon out during the day i got raccoons fucked up they rabies around the day when someone sneezes in like may june july august like what's wrong with you it's i might just because i'm not the one i might just become like a lot of asian countries its common courtesy to wear masks public so you don't get other people sick i might lie
by example and start that here unrelated but caught her ladyship wherever i but so that our small farts do they could be weird move i started using an oxygen tank yards little a little early in life put like that how you get when you go to vegas casino it is nice with what also probably would give preferential treatment if you just wheeled around accidents are incorrect that's true yeah you don't get out of your way and i'd be thinking it away fast speed than ever to be like if you like limitless yeah no if you like plug into the wall the internets thinking the wife you know each do you should you should just straight up to the oxygen tank and an ivy
so your body super hydrated all the time like with ivy on wheels that catheter yannick ass submissive actor in it also puts me in a coma you ve got oxygen just coursing through your veins in your brain your bodies its operating at optimum speed right i can't speak i can't do anything i was gonna wanna talk to my brain is working so fat they scare talk to you you would just run in circles with the argument i pin superior logic at least try this for a couple of any diaper not how to catherine how fast my brain can work to shut everything else down except my brain i like it i found my firefox the week is chernobyl oh wait no spoilers unceasing episode to watch ok i watch i soon to i assume that the poor blowing up was bad it was not good also chernobyl had spoken in eighteen eighty six it
actually literally a fire fast because all the officials were staying intense all the meals were poisoned the dogs there don't allow no swimming pigs but there were dogs at carried radiation poisoning on counted out the docks i'm just saying if you're gonna see so it was nearly a fire fast and i love watching it because everybody talks with british shacks enter ukrainian treats those of no aid the play a cooling tat broke out a could it shall be the core it's not just possibly shot can they not teach him out to do a russian action while i think it all goes back to hunt for road october when they had shown contrary plain the russian guy he's right on shore fuckin contrary number call me back streets so stupid i don't know why they did because we're dumb and i dont understand that people are upset if their cussing in a different language cabotage
like it when you see russia you feel russia i wanna hear right the russian action while the entire landscape has a russian accent because every time a movie is supposed to be sent russia they just find the greatest place possible right just eight osgood they just go like northeast ohio yet that's exactly what the big either go there like toledo or someplace like that and they like its bleak so it's russia we don't have to actually speak russian raw have russian access so you have been won chernobyl it's pretty good we where's your firefox gesture well the oda the city of terrible was was an actual fire dressed i listen i'm telling people everyone knows that i am like obsessed with abandon stadium comes theatres whatever go look up right now google chernobyl present day it's us you can take a tour of awesome away worked like everyone just left eye others like eight there's like ferris wheels and shit still up there's classrooms abandoned chernobyl pictures are awesome do
that is the most why people problem ever to take a tour overtook chernobyl worry me let's get something only why people would do the other some to some woman didn't she took her cheek she drove like a pike took all these pictures and nourish died yet they have towards that will get you close to where things happened why risk that because you white yeah that's that's why alliance the widest big is poverty tourism jack should go over there yet that's romola hot he's propaganda governor next to gain the powers of a smaller he's gonna try turn himself into spider man he's gonna find a spider in chernobyl and let it bite him until he its powers as she webs out his fingers if you are serious about duncan you'd go over there was issues do this these are basically radioactive around you see this my other far faster the week is my green burg committee he'd snitch eyes dad what my green breeks niche
dad i like to may grapes no he was strong but the jets back in the day and where he first learned about being a true jets van after all the stuff that's gone down this week and his i got so mad watching the jets one time what collapsed you know his dad did he said gosh darn it he snitch on no worse he threw a pillow out of a twentieth story window oh no through a pillow out of window i mean that's when he learned with true for is that the most might green birthing what time is it my dad he's get so mad ways watching the jets you just rip shots a whole milk he he so where's even holding onto the story for like twenty five years you i think you said something like the statue limitations is passed now my god we can imagine walking on a string getting hit with a pillow revealing thank you i got a protest annapolis outward although if you drop from high enough to a penny from the empire state building the pill run directly through your head yeah it's turf
a comfortable way to die he has absolutely maybe his dad was just sneezing holding the pillow next to the window and he killed a man screaming the pill and throwing it out what a ridiculous story at your national hero yeah it is as you know this but because a firefox because greeny implicate his father in attempted murder i would say unreal yes someone definitely got hit with a couple like down feathers that day though battalion and they ve never thought i hope someone comes forward and like hey i remember that back in may eighteen seventy two hours walking down sixth avenue hit with a pillar of pills it was thought i bought at a big embroider g an imprint on my forehead ass a peg what do you think ways more upon the rocks are a pound of feathers asked ok those quizzes quickness quit you know that i press ok i before
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palm fell open and close that's pretty cool those goods opening silos suggested end the red by using our tagline bomb fell open and close that's that's fucking chinese emmanuelle omri tipp my new bombshell cap when it comes to you bombshell bottled up plastic ok here is met parts okay we welcome on mba champion matt barnes to feel good so people say what is russia like that to me to be honest without a really don't count that championship i think you know obviously through the process of my career and everything i accomplished i earned it but i got hurt going into the playoffs and i'm always someone that like i've never been given anything you know so to me always wanted to earn it and i felt like i wasn't out there you know on the core of my
sweden and fighting that it was kind of really distance away was given to me right now so i mean appreciate the opportunity of the rings and i think the best part about was my twin boys got to experience it but i don't really have referred myself as a champion of where my ring put come on it's better reintroduces as mba champion then like fourteen fourteen year mba that right i mean it has a nice ring to it you nobody to me like as far as just my maintaining the way always got about things like a kind of feeling that was given to me subtle really ok i kind of like it if i were in your position i definitely would not have that same at its iraq during everywhere i go yet i it's created could everywhere i go like oars rings at the house yet so how so what is your biggest complements you personally i think basket was yeah i think just lasting as long as i last had he not been a second round picketing cut having to go to the dealing in really grime my way through it wasn't me the journey made out a play that long play with that money
hollow famers and have the fun and travel the world that that was probably the best part about it all so yes let's start your second round pick was a forty second oval six forty six over him yeah goes counting yeah so you weren't supposed to make now people they get draft net position generally don't write you can't you went to what the daily to the little step one like the abs that we know who were taken bus trips to war as mexico the cartel and you know and then i got called up to the clippers actually got a chance then if rob before second on that a building which was really cool way dennis was in whereas the heating go a heating go to mexico with this he played a couple gave them ella with us are going to say he would be pulled over at that i'm so so so at what point did you realize i can do this i can make it any easier it probably wasn't i always had the bully for myself but i never really got the opportunity you know my fraga called to the clippers played well it was post actually sign a too
deal with those kind of my file but growing up in in sacramento i was a huge laker fan but then kind of became a kingspan and that's when the kings were relevant and chris what was one of my favorite players and i was got a chance to go up work out with him in the summer time could be in sacramento so played well doing the same thing working out with him in the summertime and he's just like you know you need to come play here and this is why they were you know still trying to dethrone the lakers i did that and then unfortunately i think right before the trade deadline ended he and i got ready to fully and that was a disease strive glad it took a bunch away with me to die they were smoking damages sheila schiller much circa you said that you said that your best games the nba were high i was i got caught twice or maybe you get three strikes i have two points seven five strikes rally behind your allotted turn yourself in one time so they let me turn myself in twice actually cause i was known to some stuff but i would just able to kind of
maneuver my way through the years and understanding you no smoking and then being able to do oxfam enough i ask you not to eating clean and drink a lot of water stained and esteem room and i was able to manage it so we the smoke right before the game and then you see i wouldn't even before the game so what it was like will have like a game they will have a lemon or twelve o clock she'd around so a walk to suffer about an hour and then after that i would go home smuggle joint than i would take a nap and then not wake up shower iii in boats like right i would like for five hours of the game parties did you ever get a push back from recorders are your teammates that didn't like you do in that no one really knew we wouldn't some lead i was really could you know it's illegal basically you know me inside a couple teammates it you know on different aims that no ice motor with smoke with me and it was like i said it's it's not really talk binding just don't talk about myself but it was it was something that happened in the nba exists even jackson
yeah oh yes even all yet jack and i with a faint needed jack and i will go down might be too like one realizes muggy maybe two joint centres i like the way that the india handles it better than the way the nfl those because it's really is a no win situation for the league if there's a bending players for testing pause for pot right is not a performance enhancing drugs no and all it does is just bring up your league in connection with somebody doing something illegal rise like from the leaks out i don't know why the nfl test for besides the fact and it just a bargaining chip yeah why i think that the reason why the nfl a so impact for when they now on someone who fail to test this could only get one test so they know going into train accompanying it i want to tell you to be when i first came only were we'd get that one presents intestinal it wasn't like there are promoting smoke but they just wouldn't death for the rest of the year in india we give
random tests are like i could hypothetically still be in the place where we can get tested up until the final outcome in the place right now smoke today and possibly be tested tomorrow so it's really kind of like a ray thing but like i said first time you just going to the program for ninety days no one's supposed to know i think that's a lie they probably tell your team second time the twenty five thousand dollar fine in their supposed now they act like you like a real life problem like your right to something right and in the third time is supposed to be a five year suspended so luckily i retire before i got to this they are going to tell so you were fine lotto in your career jago fine forth for that and you know a lot of before for really i lost a lot of money stickler from eighteen ways to be honest with you and i think the only person ever pay for one of my finest was kobe i ain't nobody i protected a lot of dudes on my tv let me know that you know family is everything so my my dad should teach me know if your brother and sister going to fight you fight even if they win you fight is your family so i always took my teammates as my family
no one's ever direct member earlier on i think people were trying to see what other babble once i kind of knew that time he was going to be in at four war i have to follow questions that because it's interesting that you say it's like family you also we're on a ton of teams so what was it like when you're maybe have bad blood with i should talk a guy and then the next year yours teeming you know it's woods with word about that as i think i think early on you gonna get you cannot judge people before you know them and you know you when you play against them in giving this asked another jed erratic i hadn't budget you read it with a dig it means straight up until i got a chance to play with them and when the king coastal ever met and then still friends to this day so i think you know i have other stories or guys i just thought we're certain people kind of think i'm a certain way and then i mean this too is kind of chile's grow united means self you know whether we had blab bad but
in the past will we worked he made watchword teammates with them and then the other question off that is do you think that like that enforcer bad boy whenever you want to call it role has gone away in the nba because it feels like it has a lot of guys to point to like you don't go attack year i think it has i think be the physically as a whole is no kind of like on a powder per float football level right now what the which is unfortunate but i'm staying with the nba's going they want to see more scoring so they kind of take the defense in the physicality out of the game and in call a bunch of how so people who really just enjoy playing defence and enjoy physical play like that game it's gonna longer bright who is your favorite player to shit talk you know each other one thing me as i never really was a shit like i'm just gonna shit talky like if you start talking shoot me i'll talk back where i was never like i always described i was a group of football players of my men tat it was just always play hard no matter what no matter who how could i was always guarding the best player so has never been
like her back and forth like shit talk to trina kobe and i got a couple scuffles and that's how we can end up becoming teammates because he's just like you know anyone crazy enough to fuck with me is crazy enough to be my teammate you know so that's how we became two minutes you brought up cobia because i need to get to the bottom is something so for years and years we all thought that you put that born in face and he didn't flinch it and then about a year ago we got some alternate angles some information came to light up that kind of that that kind of scars from rear and it looks from the other angle like he itself always raised face youth you kind of conflict to the side and he and movies what is your recollection of altering the space you put that is based on purpose yeah so you got pot i guess if he didn't flee loaded like my the thing that happened would like if you we're just go
i can afford them out with later in the seas and going into the playoffs in orlando and in the later they just plain the final year before so it was like ok were worth lean over strap enough to see these guys in the final and planning as kofi annan does it you see allay he's just he tries to mentally take over he's already physically more gifted being when us but he tries to mentally gonna like my fucking type stuff and so he'll do elbow you grab you cheap shots when i just and i kept for some reason getting called for him just like left we're about to fight you no fuck the game for whatever we're about to go at it and it was just something that happened like it wasn't like alright i'm going to take the ball of this facetime invoice like i just did it right i mean sorry but the fact that he didn't flinch by the only person in the world i probably wouldn't flinch my part of my mike tyson
and just in flint idea that legislative whether something that i plant or even thought about fighting you think about it the time that he flinch right you know demeans like a bit about what it didn't come across my mind you know after the game it's been talked about for last ten years right you fake realising that know if you fix unify fixed i met your guy we heard he might find hang but if i assure you wanna come in here right lives on forever right you know me but the fact that i put a ball rightness fainted in flanders is like offended he's one of the rare one so on kobe you you mentioned earlier that he was the only teammate yours to pay when you're fine that's really instinct kogi doesn't feel like that type a timid ever in every story about copious he's maybe surly
these very competitive he's you know he its cobia way and he's gonna icily similar michael jordan but it sounds like you have had a deeper relationship carbon out we're cool manner i think once we became teammates ain't got to see him on a day to day basis and just chat him up he he's real cool unreal down earth and very personable but i just think he's gives off this persona just a straight killer which he is you know me but if you are able to come up peel the layers back very cool i mean for example he's mean i took my my twins turn to last november and he worked and effort for their birthday he knows i took a month orange county and in surprise them and little stuff like that in after
that he sent their whole team shoes and warm up than on that kind of stuff so copies are real cool dude i just think the persona he puts off was always as you know it gain time time situation by wearing when these challenges to what is called me like as a personal trainer for ten year olds i got an aspect that he's incredible hence incredible you know me like the little skill work they were doing and then he made him remedy any one the twins in want to when he made him and i loved it you know domain so it was just his attention to detail it doesnt waiver no matter how old george that great so d have you ever look back at all the finds you hadn't counter them off we i think it was someone else did a format think it was like six like around six hundred thousand tat how crazy tat socks ridiculous have serves a month ago it s what i want to know my feeling of europe taking my money you're gonna take it i should be up to say where the union should be to pick the charitable cause or send it might cause you know who knows where that that their money went black day mister fogg its with their specific graph that like you knew
let's get this guy does not like my part it's gonna be on tonight casual other stuff about you're the rockets had their way around us austrians did it meant a heat is really arrogant but i do think overall you know i think you know you reputation with a good or bad and i earn their reputation so my feet with the rafts wasn't very good i think the the further along i got my credit eight approved because i got to know him on a first name basis and really talk to him but i will anything it's just that competitive on plans if i get a t here and there a measurable razor you said you play football opposition we're out receiver saw with football eczema first sport i was recruited by everyone the play football i led the nascent ourselves all american missing here i just looked at longevity in figure ok if i got a chance to go pro probably would last longer basque alone and i guess right choice right yes it's interesting is that i would definitely describe your style of play is if you're in a car
but jim and you see the basketball team command and play pick up again about oh yeah yeah i guess they gather the football team comes into play like a little she ran against the bass body here like very physical not like you you're not shoot the lights are you not secure pretty good shooter re but they just get in there and they just go to play hardy are they going to let you know me like i grew up they tackle football in the streets when i was little you know my dad you know made it all about the ranks and was cut by the forty nine are so football came first basque wouldn't really come around until i played here and there but i started the serious i can join your high gone in high school but footballers from from the job and i do think that that mentality that toughness that mindset is what i just played my whole career and i think it helped me throughout my career obviously you know being over the last as long as i did will you receive whoa forgiven drank ana gomes state
how'd you know so i was talking there was yet hurt him and i were talking i member could i was with you not clippers and he was with ok see me though is bad and i so it is time you know the one percent of world stop use russell westward yelp you know my team and i wasn't fourteen he said that i used to tell me the ice it tell me all the time and emily subversive s and then we started talking just like you know where you gonna go up to such let's go the way you know what i mean when i was eight i think he told me to stop and think that obviously rising dream on and stuff got involved and i thinking clegg set at two or three words but i feel happy and babies ran out of money ray i remain so it was crazy because tonight in applying the through you do a sacramento they trade buggy and prove that they're not trying to win no more nineteen auto body like now i don't have too much time to hell rapinoe three bills so what they they basically bought me out and katie gets hurt like after that
day after i get bought out and i end up and go instinct is you have to deliver bring that up that you said that you know like sammy we were cool so we talk about a lot of stuff but i think you know whether i was someone to turn on the library he already had in his head i just thought that he would be dope would go to stay yeah react reese prize was how quickly he fit in a golden say i think because he's especially he's selfless superstar genome and i think you could tell that russia westbrook obviously he this should have been the one taking most of the shots all the time but it wasn't really that was the case and i think we'll go stay too i think people understand us sinclair plan so amazing advocating went down what would the team that that lonelier one has to come take a step back and loves katy is is the best for the world so he doesn't take as much of a step back but you know other guys do but
he selfless no so he kind of fit in england in anywhere and be just as effective as we need to be you also keep in touch with all those guys because i saw the u when katy and dream on got into some real fight that they had that i think to remind end up getting suspended by the team you taxi both that ring and what what did you think like what went wrong there in that part of their arms it's hard to say not being there but i do think you know knowing dream on here you were very somewhere from a standpoint you know we play with the heart of our slaves were or were emotionally and we lead by example but also you know we have the ability to tell anybody anything because i think we place a hard that people respect that i was never the most talented our highest paid where are my team but when i spoke guys listen because i displayed so hard i think so the dream on united means so that you know his gift is his car some time of being too
passion over the top and obviously the things he said is not things you should i say to another grow man's variety me you know what pray rub katy the wrong way but i think at the end of the day katy new drain well enough to understand that what he said with most we should set it obviously he apologized or whatever but you know it's not something this gonna hold up this this championship trying right since you know that whole crew who the hell do you think that katie's gonna wanna comes accurate figures out i don't know man you hear a lot you here you you hear speculations him inquiry coming out here you hear him in why go into the clippers and then to me why this one is many championships as possible with you know we're a team you know so i think the only thing that
possibly determined and this is something we don't really talk about what i'm saying no matter what he doesn't go and states can be steps team stuff legacy it could you feel that taking on a beatin you just it you know he was he was the one drafted there in ink staff is kind of like the golden child or the india regarded me without you what we know how he should be but i just think of it was anything that kind of maybe maybe not winning a say other and would just kind i want to do it on my own type situation i keep think that would be the only thing because i just said when three row they went for they when five this stuff for his team and you know they were fortunate to get katy right in and you mentioned clay early thrown a few words i am fascinated by clear because every time he gets hot
like them i actually think it's the more we have more fun to watch that any about ok de than anybody consorts like an unconscious ever where he's nice letting always not dribbling don t always gonna shoot nepal from anyone is going any has a shots were the rim their mean the net doesn't even move and credit what what type of guys claimed clay supercool down to earth chill you know what you're going to open up funny in his own way without kind of trying to be funny just a funny dude and just really go with the flow and i don't think people most people do some people i know how important is that team because you gonna think every single game he's the one taking the other players and you know the best as they are which is you know save instead legs to have these forty and fifty point games and thirty point and a half because staff is in those staff as guarding maybe a third or fourth africa's clay as guarding you know the killer right beside us a year out of all the place that you played over your career what is the best sports town good question and as a good question
i know you know it's hot i mean i loved plain in allaying but there's so much do an ally the bay was amazing even the first time around one out in the bay when we we know we only made the first do we want the first round that we believe team but that the support there was in saying so i would probably say the bay yeah pie the bank ok i wanna do something with you here because you played for so many teams for so many years that you have maybe the best reza may of teammates whose alma less than by position and if you can you tell me who's the best yet opposition if you have a story about a these eyes throw it out there so point guard you played with staff curry steve nash chris paul baron davis and allen iverson unknown ives why put em on issuing gabriela bess pierce core stuff ok
best all around point got aeroplanes baron davis really when he's helping no quest when a band aid was what it would have had a healthy career he'd be taught them as when the great there's no question h voting ok allen iverson was a killer you know someone so small been overdue what he did and go against giants you know steam was just the ultimate get my guys go first and pick and choose my spots and then chris paul's by one of the most competitive people next to kobe that i've ever played with okay so shooting guard will skip over cuz you already talked about clay and kobe lord kelvin ran pager page six ten were just just shoot stepping about you know coming to grant me as is is the split in the world right now in we'll pray go down as when the most efficient effective often suppliers however things you think he's online too much not a minded
i think it's hard to judge situations like that because we hear and see everything even though people think we're super busy and and you shouldn't pay attention to block it out but until you have everyone talking shit to you or everyone trying to put you never really know how you're going to react and i'm someone that obviously it he's level but when you know people come at me about like family or might care to some like i'll shoot right back at you i mean to me i do not agree with the burner account like to me if you're gonna say to say from your cat you know people think they can say anything to us because we were on a certain level which is is not because i think they were all men so i don't mind me an online radiating those players did they have to look at i presume impossible to siberia and his only crime was kind of getting caught responding to it when a lot of people there pretend like they don't see it and i don't care responder but then that bubbles up inside you and creates a different problem why used to like go online and look for people talk of trash before game
coming out of it i was acting up i was the one you another team i always got it was when he could get outta where we went and my kids are traveling me at the end of like that it why do you always get booed on i'm just because it's like you know my kid liked resting at a time like daddy's like the undertaker gonna gets home holding every time light booming because i do a good job in ok they don't like me because i'm gonna do i'm i try to go beat up their best i also display or locked their best player down like hastily they do you because you're good unlike any boom he could i do a good job ass a good way to spitting out yes it is the discussion is what it is i power for it's loaded pow amari started our chris weber blake griffin and dream now let me just tell you right now or personal friends of blake relevancy better self financed mobility is my big cats my guy halls on big baker says nickname
our words with chris weber should be a hollow famer twenty twenty ten guy very skilled blake by one of the most in credible athlete i've ever been around and probably has the fullest average at all those guys which can do i wish i had sounded where but we need to do everything genetic out from below you know from good for you like being a point out our work to be on a shoe to go to pass to build a poster play defence white probably had it or who are you chris guy amari dream on pow amari was a monster well you're gonna wind bath them never never gonna that's no other man amar was a monster when he first came in the lee he was taken over how smell pell looks like guys i didn't sniff pow
some i mean some euros i play with man they would give a shower be out the fuckin sharp where the water hidden make too much money be spent like amongst us pager seems like power powers very talented very skilled very skilled in dream andre mine is the ultimate i think people realise how important it is that franchise you know you can lose certain pieces and and still be ok but he hold everyone accountable you know just a real call a work that has mastered that that point forward position yeah i asked last up center dwight howard marquesan markers cousins crazy how many good points and share an shack buggies the most skilled big man ever play with temperamental yes but i love that about him ok
you know i and i think golden is going to golden state from for many reasons was the best thing in his career because he's going to he's never been on a winning team in the professional ranks i think to see how you act day today as are the winter in a professional i think that'll help him mature on four august i got a bag and check when he was shack but when i play with them he was shack in phoenix and he was even count on the backside great guy yeah great guy the biggest seven foot child ever met a practical joke or to the utmost does oversees feet horrible the shares hormones that we too horrible feeble jackson prior the worse for you than ever seem like as toenails are the same colours as black table right here and there like readjusted need like a chainsaw to cut them they saw you sir so embargo saw us all very skilled big very intelligent it throws ass anyone
yes you are big too by air or less ambiguous yeah i'm just going to that list of people its impressive how many times you play for aid teams and i pray for a couple times twice eighteenth an what point when you get to a new town do you think it's ok for me too late ants router to me i i never really gotta panther really show my full potential i think until i play with the clippers where i was consistently playing all the time and i was playing at the end the game and i was nino kind of known for three and d kind of guy i lay down route where i liked you no means no matter what i was had somewhere place and allay and always had a place of northward secular the baseline still the same now have a house and allay in a house in the bay so those are the only place i really felt to demonstrate california do so if i were
how to plan to stay there was always temporary right i wish i was reviewing some film on you earlier today and the scuffle that you got into the fight you got into the rafer alston when you're on the sun tubes on the rockets that fight included you steve nash ray frost in tracing the grady an shack come on in pushing people around but i was mostly impressed with steve nash being like five foot eleven april the van gandhi and then in the end the other larry johnson and morn aegis held onto his foot so can walk as to what happened in that fine then like the aftermath elect likely scenario how long did it take you to your bear the hatchet if you ever did it wasn't he she found him in the balls the time before down so the next time you try to set a screen try to do run him over like of about play and i didn't get a run him all the way over a kind of disposable income it though elbow adam and then to see him
protecting were an mba with me as if you are the first punch you're gonna find heavy so i was always i was ready fight but i wouldn't want to throw the first punch special with me the first lollipop try to put me in jail but i know that's like a six figure fine for me so i figured if i get someone if i'm going to fight someone and they swing first and retaliation is i got to protect myself is it because you know just a lot of chess pump in pushing by likely shack pushed the whole pile of like ten people it was quite like shack push on one person like the whole momentum of the went towards the stands ag just so big and powerful it was crazy death don't worry for long time with my a team was base out of fresno when he was out that way so it was never like if i you again type share we had never went therefore united means so much has been said since we're ok so my last question seeking question put a promo code taking your ten dollars off seeking purchase speaking of bees
are you still what were you out with derek fisher dead on site now now like us into the fire had to go down to meet people really understand the situation light i divorce my ex wife a man she was per man i think she's kind at the similar similar no place in our our relationship with me this kind of way i think we both relies like the ship's assailed i just took the first step in divorced her in and whether a spite then fulness would have a situation where she ends up mess with him but i don't hear about it he note into me you know i know that once we're done she's gonna someone else but i think from a standpoint of you know if we're teammates at least have the respect to come say something to me you know what i mean so i think that's fair i didn't agree so much i didn't agree so much with him dating my ex wife over really pissed me off was he was living staying in my house with my kids means to me
everyone knows how poor my kids also in here twins that are a year or two older than my kids so like this if the roles were reversed which i would never do but you know imagine me just kind of going playing dad with your kids right at me like that it's not right to anyone so that's what prompted me to now put a couple hands on him
driving ninety arrive in s another life only so cognate wrapped about that but i deleted blue i e a dry drove ninety montenegro i drove from rina dough rachel redondo beaches like fifteen minutes ok so i was short and let it yeah but i don't he lives i drove ninety miles in it it's it's early legend left for data about i too think that i'm gonna drive an hour and a half hour of lady i middle of gatt grabbed like mountain due on the way to energy i really thought about it acted into my main attica bags combo road change area as though what will actually with what kind of squashed it for me was you know he still my axe in their planning marina have no problem with them the best but after that happened my kids liked him there was cool outside of the snake movie pull them in arriving he was a quote he may you know someone responsible and to me that's someone i would want my kids around if you're going to go out there like i want someone that i know will take care and keep my kids priority first but my
like you know that we really like derek and we think you got should become friends so it was a to stamp out where we wouldn't say nothing he could outcome home off season he was with my ex he would be at their football games in their basketball games and it was just awkward come in he would leave or i come and eat have his head down the whole time like never just come say nothing to me so after one of their football games like all the parents are walking back to the car and it's my turn to take the twins from my ex go get it back from recurring deryck s kind of like please i'll kick my ass fifteen feet behind us just gonna walk and slow and i'm just like yeah come here for a second and urban kindly ratify them again and i just gonna pull them to the side in the kind of base explain what i say no to me muscle my wife is whatever
i mean but you know you being around my kit and autonomy was a reason why we got into this altercation and you know he said his little peace and we shook hands and we ve been cool ever said that i ask you i wish them look out last year i was there at them with the best of my last question since you played in the nba were contractually obligate ass cool bron question how can you think people don't wanna play with lebron james how could i not aren't we all say i don't know you know to me like you he every time you hear it from a source for someone close to you know i mean if you don't want to be like i find to and i think the only thing superstar the different i'm urban superstars i can't think like a superstar but i know some superstar too kind the ego driven so you know play the broad no matter how good you are asking to be his team servant i think would be the only knock with some guys home the back like talent lies because he's on the backside of his career still want a better place he's not the best means not the best per anymore so you play with someone like you here you have a quite play with him guys that are better than him but it
still a bronze team on off that bothers guys are not like that i can't really to me he's a you know obviously the one the greatest players of all time top three him cobain m j are all in that mixed me past in our past first guy top ten on this growing list in the assist list i would love to play with like the broad but like i said i was a row place i can kind of fit in anywhere but as far as other stars and play with them i mean i would be the only thing i can think of but most time i think people just try to create stuff to talk about hurray had other sized as all the other way around twenty five percent of our country and i mean he's a lot a lot comes of being one of the greatest yes is true all right matt barnes thank you so much as a ton of fun no problem and thanks robin fellows that interviewed map parts was brought to you by cd in d c b the empty as a leader in the sea the oil industry they offer
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one days episode on video any can do an impartial gold dot com such p empty ok first up locker of talk lamar odom he had sex or two thousand women not that much when you think about wilt but he got addicted to porn so much you got he got the end of the internet he watched every porn video on the internet so he castle and came back at the time yes super impressive to do so here he is like the wheel chamberlain of his own hand right he jerked off his own penis twenty thousand time i come to feel bad for marketing year yeah i guess i don't know i guess as are let me rephrase it i feel as bad at four lamar odom is as bad as you could feel for manners had sex two thousand times and watch every porn video on the internet and made millions and millions of dollars s probably squandered it yeah
appear rallies probably i was just thinking about like those go hand in hand when you almost diet bunny red when you do die plenty ranch and come back debt would lead me to believe that you're not making the most financially in the on sis ii and the encore is watching every porn video yeah but he's he's ok he's telling the tale about just wrote a book occasion moves at the money yeah that's got a nice events are enough to go visit bunny region is a wild things just throughout two thousand times two thousand different women is a lot to do in the matter of how many times of hits i'd have to live to be how old was moses four hundred and fifty mg about about his age i don't even think that would do it yet so many old the whole but at some point you get so old that is a novelty you get famous for being old her and then you can find girls that have any sort of fetish if you're famous and circus yeah fuck the old guy exact yet at that actually that work for you haven't for lastly twenty years was like
yep and at some point your life you would get rich if you have to be four hundred years old outdated yeah i would say so you just play the lottery everyday use by shitload a penny stocks play the lottery everyday you gonna strike a rich by the coroner you're gonna have a solid five to six months in there somewhere where the new at that point you make up of la de da yeah you can gambling hot for a couple months we have a respect the busy at bath page black or not on long island in long island on in sidelong island law people mad about that don't catch tell me of tea in real time that something i don't care of its aim long island or wait you're in line and you're so you're in long i was useless i cant do these things i say we were in long island while standing in long island interview improves captcha we're inside the island yes i don't care ochre either way bore even
we're talking about the need to set up at the pigeon champion japan for maternity or swimming in the ocean and you swim and you get onto the to the shore right when you say you're in the short or you're down the shore yeah norm on that some out of a storm standing on the shore on i know you're down the sort of basque when you're in the ocean and you're something to me when i got it on to the water you are now away with oil your ear in the water you're in the water and you get onto the shore yet onto the blow you're in a while ago the island get down there were on long island nor because when you get when you get in the silent but we will try there if i swim there then you right on the ice ridges no i'm bridges yeah but we took a train there so i was yet you know about i was always on their direct and asean you can't take a bridge to announce when we have again away luckily i went into long island we didn't land in long island long island landed in us this socks i know that
people like this is it i bet you is like a whole buzzfeed quiz which you enter on long island ninety seven times you been in long island but been wrong which ferber you think i was so they had media ten besides his fuck that whatever off of long island i love it go out alone on this one's bicknell thoughts and prayers com coward colleague coward is constantly going after baker mayfield now he's going after bigger mayfields wide receiver and audio becum he top ten plays a voter backrooms career and it was just at moment elements it was nine things of oda freaking out then the catch yet the boat i think was number two okay the hotel room with something like number four so destroying his ease trolling is a sure he was making the argument like i don't know if we can consider him a generational talent right if my dumb
s brain only remembers members nine weird things right so only problem was conquered doing that is odo backrooms got receipts and conqueror texted odo becum when he was traded to the browns and said congrats a mogi prayer which did not think cowardice an emotive guy and odo becum said crazy in an coward said kick ass i brooding for you to fall wait a route for somebody trash only just show it was like the prices write another press report the family feud board yes to turn a new game show how many is he can name about o dell becum that don't include waiting for rice yeah i like seeing them then baker jumped into went off on him he said once again your clown now i know you're just gonna get me fired up most memorable moments he's twenty six in his grace moments her head of whom you are for the kids and people inspires that goes much further than for he didn't rico bosco there's big there's something
sports yeah i like tat by paying some things are bigger than football buddy thats powerful undisguised do so my top ten column coward moments off the top my hat ok when he said that sean taylor deserve to get murdered ok africa trouble when he said porter rican people are stupid and can manage the dominican medicine to bid and can manage paste yeah that was another good one how bout when he got a ship pushed in pile of our ball who that was good about when he died his hair every move to hollywood and tried to pretend that he didn't that's a good one and so those are three great memories of concur that we have just off the top of our own i have one more actually pfc because this one is just ahmed arose conquered by reading cowards words back to ok nike so set was zion staying with pelicans they're changing their slogan to just don't do it that's fucking good so called coward i just use your words against eu loser yeah fuck
irene wherefore fiery tonight i'm fired up i don't think i've been oxygen mass i don't like the little do how your nose turns up at the end good i'll call you isn't what is where no common coward you can jumpers ski person off that i could catch forty metres of calm cowards knows countered rationale if you talk to his men amanda will rat knows we should we should talk to his come on paganel come on podcast hey kaliko errant reconquer earmarked come on the package of your man when we just show up at the fox sports tomorrow as with a desk that says colleague coward sucks change my mind come on the podcast conquered change our mind we will do a different top ten for you when you come on the podcast and with the same things in different order the ever your nose gummy no to say where the british accept are
so before we get to ethnic using gave a thrones which had a quick this league because j but posted in instagram that said it was a hard mogi are set to philly and my teammates thank you hard heart she's gone you think that's what that means for no apparent freetown like oh my god jimmy but was already got yeah i shall think good caesar said thanks philly fail to say like the weight was airplane ammo check is bio airplane imo genus biogas is harder means eddies we thus travel loud position through fairly and my teammates thank you but it was all caps thank you god no plain emerging the bio no plenary has not taken off yet he seems like a gathered update that thing lot has he deleted any pictures of him with his sixers teammates now because he has none ok none of interest
there's a phone fact about j but he's got more pictures with mark while briggs daughter than he does which will be interesting variant rosea ever freaked out i don't know who i want two posts recite chew we can just be like mediocre lee shitty again yeah to become a funny and we like to be get the south korea's get out the lottery for the next time i ask what i'd scholastic got enough to knock is an object have to go back to move it to who exactly where you were witches second round losing in five names and bring derek rose back to yet when i get back together i f accuse gave a throne either stood spoil or we're going to give a throne preview like that were calling it spoilers ineffective predicting whether they have because we're gonna be so right i right so we don't actually know anything but we do we're gonna be right probably when the hague will be wrong but i'll be right i think you what do you work schedule for days when you record the shoulders when you don't do you do more power
football season or not for season special shout out to future dead cat love you guys i think we do more television watching during for policies and obviously could watch football day so a large sums will be in the office that that's practice may dry prep force on on nba and any shall play off nights we record like around midnight yours excellent right now it's twelve twenty i am so yeah i would say most up data recorder come in a little later stay a lot later and then monday wednesday friday i usually pick like today's money wenzhou out of monday windsor friday i ll leave it like for which is always like wow this is normal yeah so quickly get in the office about anyway play one thousand and eleven yeah is that by right at eleven and then till midnight on dave citric what was the pretoria we prep the same amount all year that's maximum prep because we
no days off no days off we even prep on mondays wednesdays and fridays simulated shows yes we we we put the tape on the on the rug yeah we run plays hypothetical question for big cat if there were to be beef between a rod angelo verses jake cut in christian cavalry whose side would you choose era jail you don't have a funny your relationship with the color a collar jake holler has not responded to my texan eight months if he responded my tax it would get a little bit more difficult now admit that what if it was one of christian cavaliers children that sneezed on you on the trail the approach that would be an issue how being this vaccine your kids s ethic hugh just i will if j color takes me back then i probably elevated would have j colors right back at full right back in that troubled have you said hey
fanny yours i'm sorry were best friends again if you don't factually your kids personal ok emily six farmville man ties into this question as huge sports fans do you guys ever sit back and think how surreal it is that you're platform has allowed you meet so many professional athletes and even have close relationships with some yes i think it's the real for them to be able to meet me know it is fucking weird it's very very weird and it's very rare like it's your soul weird yeah wait if it's one of the things were if you think about it too much it's gonna really freak you out like right that's like thinking about the universe sometimes i just don't think about how people like that that universe is sort of freaked myself out already know the ending test place mall we are but tat if he if you just don't think about it too much then you're not gonna set yourself out the one good thing is i feel it give weep like partied with the athletes i think you'll get like bat do remain
we're partying with our athletes that are friends if you like whoa dude do you think you're an athlete now we just have them on the pod and you know hey i was him when they're in town but you don't like you don't i mean we're at the club with blake griffin don't you think you're be like you think you're two i would just be i'd you don't belong here right what's it like i love blake under saying like duchess of random example but like it would be like hey you ve overstepped where you should be here yes that's very far i think you is just me or the auto audio quality of electric avenue on fridays a lot better than mondays and wednesdays it's called for i am i just crazy or is this an elaborate ploy to make friday mornings better that's just your brain just for putting on a sweet philip filter because he knows the weekend yes that's right everything sounds better on the weekend is actually there
rears its better i i've hired mundane wednesday so i have like the pit the electric avenue that i've always used and then leave alighted on friday scenes so he has a different like niver whenever he downloaded the electric avenue irey now you and i guess it's just higher quality i leave i have said the one that i've used is the one that i've used since like the giving of grated no idling i like having a trial version lubricating alatri here verbal mean this guy's gonna career verbal meme monday and wednesdays electric avenue drake friday's electric avenue again ass crazy that's crazy the back figure it i thought forward for second hank said that it was a different version but hank road and the question to himself just so you get that out there now
have you person figure it out so mondays and wednesdays we use the spotify version and then fridays we use the title version but for audio files or so fatalities theory that's what you're saying yes spot defies the one that's great oak i got it and then everything else in alone i don't think notice tat is how great don't worry adds but it's actually great ok great rap interviews good podcast world have dollar in africa now these are masters so it's like the like the highest quality that appear to you say and higher quality surrounding music for audio files ah madame you wanna fuck music so this is just a bunch of game thrones predictions out all this
a clear kings landing brand comes down from one or fell stands about of his wheelchair and raises his arms and shows he's a true making all the dead rise and kill everybody in the screen custom black is someone else road it eddie i'm not o daddy great vows me i've been saying anything i think brands plant pass when that wheelchair i've been able to walk assault on ok so hang i'll give you my real so what's four star first do you hate this season everyone hates sees yeah i don't really care because i think it because i watched it so quickly but i have to wait mike whatever its fine i was such a big john snow guy like the episode when he they do the like reveal that he's rigorous and that like chosen as a baby and it shows them getting king of the north like that was like the best bet may be the best scene of all time like when they chose his eyes and then it's like he does the king of nohr speech will you didn't see what when
so now i didn't see that's all i'm john john doesn't know the fact that they basically dislike made him probably gonna die anyway is again a bad car accident reduces boilers before all yeah i mean use on use probably gonna die but maybe the ambulance would again there in time and save them for switched to act on the age but the worst part is like chris new that tony was doing it to him ass he died so it was like betrayal at the last moment that's fucked up but as a huge shots no gas or the fact that he's been like a side character the souls who since condiment disappointing we're diffidence just by cutting two black as our is about to like slit brands throat and then journey starts play i dont understand gray and things will possibly and thing makes no sense to me the only reason that it makes sense means because all the betting sites have him as the favourite do it ok so here's makes me always i'll tell you send out tell you handle now give my one issue that i read this my prediction ok i've i've said that john those gonna kill danny do we grew that yeah downstairs gonna kill the any an killed the dragon
team talk because he's gonna be i can't have yeah begin now ask is its mark but dude yeah he's a dragon trust me that we can have dragons in this world look what they the kings land i mean he did that we just gotta go he was so scared of what happens if you say so he kills daddy kills the dragon put eeg he brings the dragon dragon trust them and emeralds like yo dude what's up with that are your talk and then ones like oh shit he's a rifle king and he does no i don't want to allude to peking all that bullshit and then they like we need a king and they elect brand how bryn how does he get there is literally a walkie will not walking sorry he is a rolling history book but the way johnson those like i don't want anyone to be king when they say that brain and start doesn't even identifies a stark right exactly is the perfect one for the realm
family who these above everyone whose john snows like right or die whose who's the personally trust the most san sam them who sandwich since the nerdy thirty commodity fact using nerdy fat dude so you think johns i would just give the throne to that fact out in maybe maybe but i think that it has the branches could all the banks had just like guy to yeah there's more yeah she seems like she's a likeable characters has got a little bit that that's a balkan her where she can get herself in some trouble in asking me the big moments in the well she's on their white horse yet heard she's gonna die i heard that the white horses bren oh can bring turning to divide they have that right there s not a fucked up this whole season they probably is nothing is just a white happy pretty sweet if you were in a wheelchair and you can just turn into one of the fastest animals the best there i read that i dont think the reddish cupolas off wow the point is already road it brings
walked into the dragon and was burning down kings landing danny had no control and brand is secretly trying to get rid of danny that's why he he was the one that came forward the truth about johns parentage he was one that put that's the world ass that's how he spends on why why his queen is actually bad night wasn't ike the dragon became self aware no brain worked into the dragon and burned down kings are you telling you this exact what's gonna happen snows gonna kill danny are is good i don't know how these gonna kill the dragon is good i don't wanna be king of john snow and then brain is gonna be ok ok what if at the very end of it just pilgrims land just from england and then they get off and then everybody gets all these diseases and their lady didn't have the other like we hold on the tsar show now yeah it's just to show what the revolutionary yeah just ate it gradually transport eventually partner you mighty comes out as john adams ya like that alot analogue isn't it
of which there to go around for everyone there is never enough everyone can they just everyone happy slash why can't they just lay down their arms this is the war worse they kill the dragon out before dragon or davos dragons diver would have wolf killed outright judge no ok would have wolf bites the dragon in dragons i think with courage today takes no clue acre would have wolf bites the dragon in its its part that kills it can work become giants wherever they are like ass not dine jason danny's dying dragon i know how the druggist i i think john snow but dragons die dennis die
here let me guess
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