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NBA Free Agent Blake Griffin

2017-05-09 | 🔗
NBA Playoffs and our new love Draymond the troll (1:06 - 4:50). Caps vs Penguins Game 7 preview (4:50 - 11:30). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (11:30 - 23:05). LA Clipper/NBA Free Agent Blake Griffin joins the show to talk about his foot injury (not a stubbed toe), Big Cat's tweet bashing the Clippers, NBA Free Agency and Lavar Ball (23:05 - 55:36). Segments include trouble in paradise for the 2008 Boston Celtics, The retirement of Locker Room Talk with Lenny and debut of Locker Room Talk without Lenny. Man Card for Matt Harvey, and Problematic for the St Louis Cardinals
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on today's part of my take we talk mba playoffs we have pfc giving us a little warm up for caps game seven hots equal thrown blake griffin from the early clipper
joins us he tells us which team he's going to sign with inferior agency maybe not or you'll have to listen to the whole show to point out let's go let's not part of my talk is wednesday may tenth i
the calves and warriors replace other thereby finals nba its look in that way i actually haven't watched a full stern conference game that does involve the celtic because i watch those attacked at something that we do is like our little tradition i haven't watch a single eastern conference game in full because it's so boring and it's so predictable and it's just you'll bron james docking his head driving to the whole getting found me the lay up half the time and the other time crime because you think it fell out ass you say the only hope for not what i wanted to because workers but the only thing standing in the way would be john wall who we now have a radio war going on with colin cowherd he called me out he said he doesn't care about some brooklyn hipster tweeting about one thousand one hundred and thirty at night about john wall retweeting adam about john will i did
i tweeted bunch i'm all you are hipster to be turk turned out to levin o one eastern what i'm is it yet but when the west also really good way to tell people you don't care about someone tweeting you is to say that on your national radio show no you don't care you don't care so much you'll tell us that you don't care it was great because he was like you know what that means about me late weight limit my concord verse is really getting pregnant you know what that means about me that my group amines i've got a great brand i'll come over borders and mrs scheele my green where all the dad i'll i have a confession to make you guys ready for this this is dirty this feels dirty because we are the anti warriors podcast we ve sweet we ve put ourselves in that in that spot for a while now you more than most yeah but you're you you don't like staff either not only have arranged you agree that basic energy area they tops and effective garee stickers milkin it yeah spinal fluid dream on dream i'm really like him what he's doing
he's become such a master trawl not only with the kelly onek olympic call out where he just randomly said he's a dirty player he also been trolling jazz fans he signed a poster that jazz van had that said like master flapper something he his head he thought this my favourable when when pleasure this he said he thought it would be louder in utah and it didn't get his loud ass he thought it with me any said that they there just straight up dumb fans they talked too much shut up that's what he said so i love that especially because worries are killing everyone way way way back up he said they talked too much but the its quieter than he thought it would be yea voice had their fans just weren't reason now of course i missed a few ass like ass they were talking about how we mrs threes even though shooting a fifty five percent from three in that serious he said now of course i missed a few ass night unlike whatever while
one way to be a fourteen year old check like whatever is the exact quote ominous shoot the piss out of it tomorrow so that's cool their fans just aren't very smart they talked too much shut up i enjoy it lies in its trade remind he gets on my nerves around again when he's when he doesn't do you think crazy for well when dream on fades into the background that is used the most boring player in the world yes but when he's after kicking people in the dixie unlike yelling at fans and like throwing gator bottles onto the that's the dream on that i want although i will say needs respect biz he put out of pocket oh yeah months are allowed gas charles everyone wants more dramatics he also when you got hurt the other night and he came back in the game he was i gathered actually happened to me in college to and then two days later i out rebounded michigan
and he actually means he our rebounded the entire team did so he doesn't that i love my god i love good players that like just never forget rivalries even though your million dollar you know you have millions of dollars you of a mba championship bring but you still hate michigan like that's cool iowa i'm with you on that when it just that every now and again when he gets boring you i i want to see jovial in the game said raimondo out that's my big thing for like canadian that's problematic we are it is when i see dream on the court all i see is the absence of jail magee and so that's what irritates me now many sorts doing deville type things then i really
like grim yes so maybe get him to go on the quarterly kelly owen comments came out of nowhere noah and they're they're not even trickle is a very dirty pillar while he dirty looking i think that's what he meant like these guys has that look here get like the hare bond long hair right hair he's the guy who and you play pickup hoops he's gonna elbow you in the face for getting a rebound due to swing the arms airy very dirty put his canadian he is canadian and also dream on calling anyone else dirty when dream on like he while actually know i should take that back ass a dream on likes to kick people but we already found out the core problem its core strike so it's not he the kick control that he is he is a supreme athlete who is in control of his body ninety nine percent of the time unless he kissed kicked you ok this is what i love about remind actually kill calling kill you a linux that's right a cloak clinic out here the collie the clinic
it is crazy proton where what this eighth guy on celtics to free clinic he's canadian so winds raymond cause another guy out for being dirty that's like remember in the elections wind trump pre emptive please call hillary clinton out for her connections to russia that actually means more dead when a dirty guy calls out another learn how he no doubt exact as he's dirty himself yet good point also be room firmly rooting for the wars against lower the sabre met really oh yeah see actually you know what i'm torn i was last year sock because obviously it and what the workers to have the the bulls record in the championship this year i just guess i guess i'm route for seven cause i hate leubronn but calendar it really bugs me to lower the sabre metrics you guys we're talking about we withdrew my compared to kill ya clinic three career technical files no objections no flagrant so it doesn't get caught you could say is really good at it so in other words you're saying that before the zoo a killer got arrested he was
he was a fine guy and you be fought you be having him over for dinner majority should muddle i mean there's a real game so salt lake or or he's a coward i'll put his dukes up was evident i don't know you won't fight is not afraid of bacchus team dreamer green forty one career technical well that you want you get language actual seers things watching the plan once you get it's like drinking beer that like you have you drink for you know you stand or forbears you won't get drunk you drink for and then above microscope lockdown dream on green once you get over four technicals the rest start looking for it and it's like who cares might well just get a million this other one pagans kevin levin he decided right there he's there is turning a sturdy play i was it's her i'm no one else can you you tell me is he alive yet or is he still is he still alive the zodiac killer was he ever caught i don't think so click back i jumped out of that other guy from new york right now that i am yes and assume you're getting serial killers mixed up phd sup you have a very big game
as people wasn't us tonight you're going i am as yesterday i might be on a train down to wash with tenacity and aids capital nasty nate and we're gonna be we're gonna be at game seven against my better judgment they ve lost every game that had been at easier the problem is also logical probably not bringing the junk i can't double curse it so when we going down maybe with high waters maybe daisy dukes maybe i just reverse and go really aware my rugby short where you ass though mentally i mean this is it's a dangerous clash if everything everything we know in history this is going to be an all time all time
capitals loss yet so here's where i met right now i'm so confident that i'm i'm please pre planning out tonight's game with the with the rangers and senators unlike ok so we we have the rangers when that way i can go to all the the cap's games in new york city right for the eastern conference finals and they were going to escape through them and then who gives a shit we admit hopefully play its anaheim so yet it travellers on asheville not wanted i wanna go to allay for the cup finals i'm hoping for the ducks so that's where my right now which i die completely realise is the stupidest place from my head to be but that's why matt and it's gonna make not only am i going to lose this game tonight but i am also going to get all my hopes and future travel plans jasper out from right under me that have already i might is i might as well really be in hollywood right now in my head like visiting the docks who actually if you're gonna be travelling for the stanley cup finals i have a little some for you it's called upside its
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i could finally yet would say right now yes i'm really high safety commentary empty counterweight using all our com for the water we have in this area has been teen stanley cup victory parade ok here's how how can they ws follow you tomorrow that's a good question had come great question follow my as much as it pains me to say this because i met exactly sixty nine thousand followers allowance instagram follow my room at eighty kilometres the sex number chechnya on there is something to be having i think we're going be doing instagram stories tomorrow yes following a snapshot to woo yes now that something also here's in two years a great reason why should be room for the cap's tomorrow our new york are no more for the gaps metz new york minute blogger frank swimming frank the tank
may third he said no sidney crosbie no problem penguins continue to crush the hopes of the cap's caps are losers won't come back if they do alley words so i hit frank up couple days goes further you going to put the sweet gonna eat it if the gaps come back he's as i will write it on a sticky and eat it so there you go frank the tank we'll have to literally eat his own words know what i'm rooting fight you know it's not was the only thing that francs never ate before ass the capitals or losing the penguins game seven in the second round when it's their year feels right does eels everything about that feels right if you are going it feels a goin back to your parents place and smelling your mom's cooking here getting into your childhood bed that familiar that's what the cap so i get it if you can want that comforting smell we live and uncertain times if you want a little bit if you want a little of certainty then by all means route for my misery but but i'm
guy that's put his neck on the life so foul long hopefully we get whatever we whatever we want where journalists here i should like a game i want story so let's hope first story of dick is don't get hurt at very that yeah let's do hot see cool thrown who wants to go first thank once again ok my heart seat is snapchat oh instagram stories specifically boomerang are taken over the street ok i think by the end of the summer snapshots gonna be like what's i which you do but where we're on the irony meter are we with how much we like boomerang because someone they like it started is like a funny joke and now unlike addicted to the rank i think boomerang is going to be our generation's big concussion scandal so you know how all the old and fell players there like oh i have all these concussions my brain hurts and then and it falls i know you're fine and then they had to pay him a lot it's really
that's pass out because i'm pretty sure boomerangs are very very harmful to our brains why just watching ilusha watching a loop images like every time i watch it i have many seizure that's what a boomerang basically as it's me it's like it's basically the same thing is watching sex right watch yourself have sex just say motion overload out in an out and out let that's the original boomerang god created they recall hank courtroom comical thrown a shorts oh it's i think interests more timing out you're driving its summer and sign for people to wear shorts again so oh ok i think i i think i had that like a month and a half
thank you i think hank had that a month ago i think you have that a month and a half ago at the head of unit has ahead of her whose back does my story fresh fruit like schwarzer back and now their debt another solidly behind have two alone where there are not only whose back but the cool thrown up now you know they're here fifty fuck i had shorts my hot seat is the hatchet as in not as in the book you mother fucker you you're doing a pagan i had at last book we were ass a bush it's a great book i d last book i read was hatchet to which sought to skip that went but as in the hatchet is buried because run and katy are back on yeah so through as much as i like i still think that right so westbrook hates everyone just now he hates kevin durrant less than he hates most people he's gonna resting hate face yes resting hate just temperament yes about him but now the back together
sounds like they're going back together listener there okay they're on friendly terms are talking which i i can't imagine in russia will arrest westbrook talking on the phone danny numbers i was text on those two exacting because i heard talk so that nets army on carriers that kendrick perkins without healing breaking news oil it was it was tax i guarantee kevin grant was like hey congrats on the triple double thing that's how it started so we d got waited and back the team there were thirty against like tough loss bro like yeah but they have oh you mean calendar year india there i'll get get the rockets for you the arrow with my super team that i ran to because i'm a coward and then want to play with you anymore now follow the exact taxed it i'll do my other hot seat as nepotism
because i think that doc rivers is going to get fired and so i'm not happy about that so austin i love i just i love father son combinations on teams especially when the sun has no business being on a team it just as an outsider makes me happy to imagine it's a similar scenario that we ve all had in little league teams where the coaches son socks but always gets played so they in in that like mindset i can actually picture myself in a professional awkward and so they're taking away the one thing that i can relate to can i give you one due to look forward took in about two here's where the virus ball gets lukewarm out as the lakers coach and take overs coach that's gonna be there could be great oh what they are there the reverse rivers family in terms nepotism because they ve got a shit had father that has no real skill and then they ve
oh oh well two point two points points average washing state and then they ve got a really good son so it's a there like the m was at start wasn't star wars star trek under but the one where they had the alternate reality where everyone had a goatee you ask me deaf when our star wars in i don't know what michelle a cool throne i'm going to i'm going to put my clothes around to russia may save their buddy nerd quotes around going to rush and not only for the caps players because we've got the russian lines but also odd donald trump yard downtown did the thing that managers do baseball managers when they get into an argument with the empire and the objects them and then the magic goes i'm not out here you're out of here don't just did that to the fbi yes so yeah i haven't found any of that there really would happen pretty much a while and that was talking politics on part my take function
walk around with like it would sunflower seeds and just like carrying a base you know manager steel bases on aerial just came dirt on p l a man you never question a man that's walking around with a base in their own actually you be great if your cousin or just walked around with like a big bag dirt and every time don trumped up somebody like you just dump it in from so trump could kicked dirt on that's pretty good like my hot seat front row seats so out of you i saw but leubronn cloud on someone shoes in toronto and i say a thomas told a wizards fan i'll fuck you up front rose it's so if your son in the front row seats be careful we get maybe little run our test feel too the nba again players are gone after the fans in the front row see i would love it so much if lebron james charge into the fans to beat up there and got knocked out by fan oh yeah that would be the best yes and then cool throne i have two of em one i of this was mentioned errand hernandez no longer
so he was cleared of all his charges posthumously yeah congrats to odin lloyd i mean that's me forget that right on odors lloyd's alive than right yeah he's never mind that's how it works so what's so nobody killed em they're so internet his family will be searching for the real killer he has furthermore read a book about it and then my other cool thrown france not because of those medicines we back up a second rio to talk a little bit more about her nanda us if let's just say hypothetically hernandez wrote a book while he was in prison called if i did it but then and killed himself so then he was exonerated then his family would be allowed to sell the book if i did it and make money off in the caribbean while making money online rhyme civil court member civil court but indeed have to prove all over that he did it and sound could only unity has put ponderous of evidence in civil court out we are basically well that's why you call the book if i did it if i d question mark
the answer is no you still can't put out your book where the ending is air her aunt himself michael it's grows ever by cool throne is france not because the elections but because ojo spoke a little french and france school again so i don't love you saw that oh bulls rule over borders were drawn believe job would you say he will play the club as a force it is like monosyllable ka did you guys did you also see what cocoa said how he how i got one of his recruits to lose weight yeah this the great story so he had a guy come in and out about three hundred and eighty three pounds five star deepens alignment and prior and like a four five forty here just a sick dude a guy that
would have been instantly night is like a king i'm having been born in the one thousand six hundred cocho told his grandmother start feeding him i got to do the boys start freedom gumbo with no rice mostly a submissive second lucy baku mercy grandmama enzo circle the guy called up go chosen coach you kill me i need more rice but he got down to three hundred twenty five pound a most proud of town of land i think he's gonna be excellent blair cocoa also lost wait do you see that he last week as he stopped drinking monster energy should like twenty five pounds what was the goes a key to it is like i just stop drinking seventy five months certainly took every guy he's he's i love this guy this kid was eating so much rice with his gumbo so much
simply by cutting that one thing out he lost fifty pounds and like three months my god you should start here beget prompt that's all i've ever getting no more nor one rice whither mumbo jumbo yes i'm restart eating gumbo yes he got the right yes i we have blake griffin before we do that i wanted to quickly taught you guys about a huge paper view comin up salary a thirteen that's this saturday and american airlines centre in dallas it is you ever see to eleven meals its verse dos santos too i hope i said that railed it probably not but i'm and actually get this flags i love you have see and i love watching the big fights the comin event draw await chip in poland's own joanna georgette survey she is though all the woman who just beats the hell out of everyone the really hard dame to pronounce yup georgette submits a perverse prudent brazilian powerhouse jessica on draw day undefeated in her career with winds over carolina this this was
we have agreed that joint georgia which has wins over carolina call call the savage and claudia got ala and karla esparza the champions her gesture which continues to dominate the hundred and fifteen pound division with iron fist delivering strikes clinics on match yet by any opponent s he pronounced rename sorts double bonus so then we two to two main events saturday may thirteenth get on paper view you fc to eleven i'm gonna get it i'm gonna bet on it i'm a love it jerk kovich is my favorite female fighter since run arousing and you guys should all get it right now all right now order pre order it you get it's not you but just reorder right now you see to eleven saturday night paper view i let's do play great interview we talked about where he's going to be next year maybe some three agency tips
and also he shamed me with a tweet i had that was pretty mean about him so he read that to us it was good we do not welcome on recurring blake griffin who actually start with this have you got your recurring gusher yet not i haven't why i've been a recurring guess for a while now wondered one egg cared explained to come on the pike s to explain asked still in the mail and still the mail i trust also addressed the feds what we do we did like good is the slowest delivery i think we asked to send a person is walking it out to should be now so that's on us go don't russia's blake that's all it's gonna get there when it gets so it is third time on so we feel especially bad the first
first question i really want to ask was how is the tow had surgery last less what monday so better we gotta surgery soldiers gonna have been around another another summer rehab and get ready for next year and i guess now was that surgery necessary or was it more so than hockey twitter can't make funny i took a lot of each year i was proud of one of a guy adding insult to injury type of first when i first came out oh my god i dunno what what was wrong with it we want to get x ray x rays refine and i was gonna try to go back in before our doctors lay us not a good idea for their like i just just stay has bruce tell after getting all my tests and stuff and all that i ended up like karen's tendons and ligaments in the bottom of foot so
yeah i got an enemy just can't i left it out various yeah here where a free tip from now on if you actually have to injury because your turf toad does suck it's a foot injury because its technically not alive and i think i've done a great job raising awareness to the severity of a lot of foot injuries this year no you is that what you did what do you do my flight yeah we haven't heard enough about that nobody would really party does it right because they just say lower body and written so then you could have been right it could have been anything you could have we not ordinary see out on anything i that is that is not fair that the bruce toe has stayed out there so breaking news you actually add more of a severe injury than a stubbed toe which we all regional thought yeah and it's in your right it's like mama foot there is its tenanted legalistic connect your toe to your foot
so it could be either very oh i like like spending it already it sounds good do you think that maybe you should have set out a couple more primetime games maybe you ve been more healthy how many days it out i'll have that sabre metrics read will look at i and i the data next year will were we'll figure out the psycho married hypothetically if you had cut your toe off let's just say in the long run you do i mean i know i know it's a foot i'm just saying at the drier your continuing the lie if you did a ronnie lawton said cut it off like what would you been able to play i private had to you like extensive rehab learn how to walk again and then and i would apply right after that we acted so you could play acres in there you see me like a no commercial like learning to walk again and then out of this
always spread it out to the court could answer like a sort of like what kind of society and as you know the movie the usual suspects will ruin of ethics yeah winner at genoa common spaces keyser cells whose faking it the whole tanya so are you out there who haven't seen the movie aren't you so you sent me we did i tweeted i think it was fair for you to ask about it and so i want to have it out here i said blocked clippers beak as you guys obviously haven't gotten over that will come when we will get a direct quote can we get a direct quota when you said you right that's bear a great mistake i'm making it son i might have been avoided sugar coated well they ve got a fairly maybe you better put it definitely wasn't whose harsh there it was i saw it i got it i said we go here but you're gonna let me read thing thank god jazz one they won't be too
or yours but at least will have a couple a good game clippers adamite face for ever ok with you really love it is a little harder than my reading of it won't listen you know you don't use exclamation point so hard to tell when you wanna room through ok or but you are not so whatever i get that up to my discretion now i'd so so first of all the have you had played in the series i would love to see the clippers verse or eureka now that's a fact because you guys we're gonna win that serves you get the job if you if you hadn't stubbed your toe like you did second that i've got my foot set i probably was lashing out cause is probably right damaged assuming goes right after balls loss third you're probably gambling on some probably handling some of the caves for
you got what what do you see how you feel this is a real question now how do you feel about you know you're gonna be a free agent the clippers as a core you guys have had me how you guys have had some really good moments together but obviously it hasn't been fulfilled itself in the play us all the way to the championship yeah listen with handsome sum awful moments moment and we also had some some misfortune misfortune bad bad luck really want call it united it's the thing is this like a year after year you know you figure something else out and you going to the playoffs and you're ready for it and then something out of your control or something that is in your control happens and how am i haven't actually sit down and talk to you my my people will arrange your people you're talking then retired people is your first meeting with your people were certainly we have added
actually get to that together the opinion held out weigh heavily on my art ok i mean i don't know it's it's it's one of those things that everybody knows that's the big question that we got all year was like oh do you have more of a sense of urgency this year because you know this could be the last and it's like no that's not that's not really how it works like if you need a sense of urgency of saying like oh we're not going to we might not be together anymore to actually like play and try to win in like we're already or already screwed so i don't know what's it's a big a big thing it it just sucks that like the lot this year another year that getting an injury not necessarily like this by our own but just like losing to a better team right i would imagine if you guys were fully healthy and had like all guns blazing and you lost in six
came to the warriors they're probably a lot different were feeling than how it's gone last year's words like every year come of just feels like something almost like a like we're out if a constant what if they go to bed a bad taste in your mouth and come just leaves you in a bed bad phone for the rest of the day off season till i mean it's unfortunately and unfortunately were used to it so i heard that your shopping for homes in oklahoma city have hired a real threat are you just look in on your own how you hear that from there my parents live there so maybe you how convenient how convenient in fact it is it is real heresies aunt right now in basketball where every town in america the responding like realtors are now the new sports supporters who who you said next what is your favorite player in the play us right now you're in the play i too want to watch i like
why probably long all you say would you like to play with them like watching him would you like me i should like a close practice where the main weapon rodeos closer oklahoma city you want out no state income tax in your speculation ok ok who's your second favorite spry attire between lebrun i say atomic john wall katy and lasting settlement based on notice you can see anyone on the rockets sewing ross not one off our deeds are dry them warriors i say to them under governor s going back to oklahoma city
so in my hometown ha ha potent pieces he saw you ready for this likely let's have a real heart are you ready for the constant you know rumours and everyone out there are you basically like saying you're not going on social media could you know if you follow anyone if you like anything it's gonna all become a story here i mean if you followed like the last night two years or three years really like yeah i'm ready for constantly being in rumours i point good boy go well prepared for thou and true that's fair point right now it's like the warriors they might not lose a game until they get to the finals do you which team do you think would give golden state a tougher time and in the conference finals the rockets are the spurs a man at you i can not put my money on this first
they're just like that team that always find a way to take to get wins that's saying gonna win but to get away for sure i think i'd better go spurs what they're pretty evenly matched than that find my favorite scary so far it is yeah i think i think disperse are like old and crafty enough to the point where they might frustrate then i went to couple games with their heads against the are they that old like with tony parker our they that all this is true in earnest desire that i'm i'm told so i'm gonna stick it in my dumb head i always think you got poppy gap you get duncan you got parker and their old palace all parties are often very rapidly admiral its old rafting bruce brought him oh man greatly pack has a question he wrote something down i can't really read it so i'd rather use ask it hang there it i don't you saw the inside the nba with the oil celtics but they were talking about how basically they hated rio and cause he when he left free agency didn't din than saving
in his former players i asked one of pierce give you any advice for you when you're goin in afraid and ceiling now we didn't read it i did see the segment fortress which was great by the way but now we didn't really talk well you know you don't really talk a lot about creating t before it happens a minute there's another thousand home does the whole issue of the bees right reopened and talk to them about it right right reallocated listen i i did watched just part of that that segment the rain consequently there target i am in america it is a good point i mean guide the you been with for a long time or that you won with her lot river struggled with ngos ups and downs amending it is a good point to keep like that that communicate not to say ok i'm on a different team now so my mom dinah did its deep and that means sometimes you might want to think like that but it is deeper than that i've got a great idea when and if you decide to go somewhere besides ellie you can just sit
got kidnapped and that's why you can get in touch with the old teammates because you're holding a hostage in a new city broke out of our way through what happens how do i get i'm kidnapped who we let you go we'll do it work and ivan cries on twitter long enough we have like high you isn't actually kidnapped oda mean i get me began henkle come was cooped up in very would had its isn't it lend itself naturally to kidnapping will keeping back will drive you to oklahoma city just hypothetically maybe opposite antonio the enquirer favour player and we'll get you moved into new house and then as soon as free agent s ears you make up your mind we're just gonna will kick out of sight of the van and likely view rolling on the side of a highway somewhere filled their type gather tight legal grey the option i think about it on a dog it what what was it like playing with pompiers it's pretty cool manner the course thing the coolest thing of of
with them was going back to boston this last time and seeing the amount of love he gets from that city it was like did i was one of course think that everything i don't know what you just said that was anxious to do you because he wants you to go to the celtics gacek ass it was like a minute unreal like though this were spent in boston atmosphere are amazing but i agree with what he means that city the emotion like that he had and everybody had that day was was really really cool how d be the warriors lord bless loaded quest capital j school more points only one ball trick question the only team that can be the warriors as themselves yeah oh
i mean i think like you last year i think we talk about it i don't think i dont really don't think cleveland winds if dray mom doesn't get suspended and bogus bogey doesn't get hurt so many times you gotta have like a little luck in the play often matting thousand not to save it cleveland undeserved duenna they think they d like that those last three games are ridiculous but emily is if you like you can't really decide like who's gonna win the files until you actually get to that point you see good healthy you see use by and well you see who know what what what the dynamics are but a minute the cleveland if anything if we want to do what do you watch all games yet most have really hot air and ever oh do you watch any other sports like that like the earth passport just yearly sport you watch out do we after like after we get out i watch some hockey player ass my watch i watch base
all players are really was much regular season but now watch football are you gonna be a chargers a rams or a cowboys meant not accomplishment you also very not moving the senator area charges are rams or barrel art forty nine or sue for minors not for an ice barely that's what happened i met a fillip rivers came there are shewed round time and he had cowboy boots i loved it so in the gym up the image you sitting here sitting on the side so they ve got a cowboy boots on our than i thought he's like six five right do you bring any of his cage written down one of only one of them i wanted to ask him how why he may be but i get
what what are you choose when you let me get away kid goes to which thing it's true ass true ass good point what what if you play tony roma one on one more with the scoreboard are we going to ten ted that's what we're number of your played one below eleven twenty one two three jose eleven again and again the couple points they dislike towards the end now another lady finsen the argument couple point witching hour drive on ya know he's got a shoe to step back or someone yeah i wouldn't it would be all jays if he's gonna get on the board and would you don't gotta yeah i'm out try to africa for sure actually that's the aid in question were when you play one on one cause obviously breaking news i don't love you notice about us but none of us in this room can dunk you play one i want do you dunk
not really no unless i like unless you give em out upon taking go buy em like maybe up or dublin but now you know my plan one when i tried i work on stuff in order to try to improve with a player and as a person you take charges and went on absolutely so out east the who's gonna give who's gonna give the calves iran is a good hour i'll put it this way if you we're on the calves which team would you less like to face the celtic sir the wizards i would i would actually saver the wizard probably got you say who would i want to face or not one not one of us now if it out they pry wizards others like john walls so tough in transition i they have great but john walls so so tough in transition they have
some good guys like a rat you know it is only john wall's got the ball in his hands and bradley beal's shooting well i think they're at their kind of a tough team okay who's the one big that you like we wouldn't think of that you hate going up against like that's really good yeah it's not you know obviously a name that we all know well beforehand who at this season price a joke which comes out yet your kitchen denver yuppie so scale but now the outcry price they could judge ok what is back in the day i used to be scholar though you louis skull yeah like the most crafty like shoe weird like
i hope you like under your arm when your andrea was insane old mandate super european yeah what is progress all smell like you don't really have a smell john that surprise i've been bad he's not one of those european year that smells bad paul ever punch you in the nuts in practice now never got practice makes perfect sense i never saw him on that in practice do you guys ever make fun of j j for being a pot gaster consular loser yeah everything everything i used to just like i used to listen to it i guess i'm just listen for the greek or like the commercials me uneasy yeah yeah traditions and i'll just just repeat back to you i do not force rockwork oh yeah sure it's a black do not
hold on porn on the schedule right now did you greater transitioning into the ads though he act like it was normal conversation we would you wanna person he would gonna do this i turn and shift thing it after you up over sympathy audio i owe blake i here's one since since the clippers always go home early from the plants you probably golf right so you ever thought about downloading eighteen birdies it's an app for golfers that makes the gulf experience even better oh you talk about eighteen birdie of academics golf experiences better yes limit you yeah glad you say what you say about it could use it are you every day to home my golf skills and make a golf easier you know sometimes they say golf can be the most challenging sport mentally but with this was it takes invert he's really
team birdies you'll see handicap melt away eighty birdie that that is true and every month are also giving away once in a lifetime golf experience things that be i like you and me would never get to like winning one of the twelve spots it arnold palmer invitation programme the world obey his course in orlando florida we all know that we're all huge golfers specially blake was it has all spring off now a little where speak no purchase necessary void where prohibited restrictions apply see official rules eighteen birdies dot com slash dream games download eighteen berries today and make your phone the best club in your bag i was a great at nailed blake as our purchase necessary or is there no purchase necessary no prejudice airport where were approved
i did i did want to be the guy vienna vigorously condemn go there really ass yet i always thought the station higher one of the bone thugs just to do the lawyer stop at the very end at great length in the air i mean table if you don't you have to be like understandable now let us bring nobody does it have overhead does busy bounden done at in desperate to get when steve bomber sits down and tries to resign you as a free agent you think he's gonna cry a better prior he's an emotional guy big of a big bomber guy i feel like he's acquire things he just where's emotions on his sleeves i don't know his cry of nursing that seem like excite emotion sweater like it actually i see that there's that clip at one of our play games were it looks like he's crying yes but down down
things are needed from team did he give you guys like you and ended the season i really loved you all this was a magical year for me like a good bye speech i was i was getting surgery last game during our last game so i wasn't became law grim after that are not we you take your meeting with the knicks maybe without thereby k james stolen you were my milano down sterling he might actually take that as a compliment would add on with that you don't strike me as a gotta go to frequency meetings did point hebrew these people to feel jackson probably doesn't neither you said you attacks like you wanna play for the next in your bike now and now be
it's going to be like a twitter survey twitter survey me are you are you looking forward to eating a bunch of steak dinners i feel like that's the best part of free agency just getting wined and dined yeah i guess i don't really know what to expect to be honest i don't i don't have any expectations yet i don't know how to sketch going to be your house going to go down or what we're going to do so make pat riley fly across the country to meet you and then don't show up that's usually good tip to tip nobody's gonna one guided who did a pretty important blurred he knows on the calves leubronn me
canada filed away they didn't do shore our views he didn't show up mentally for the meat again he had all remains that's for an entirely wants to kill him have you ever seen goodwill hunting when matt damon sends banana lack to go to all the meetings and he just like basically takes money off everyone can we do that you show up in a good and yeah like like let's just strategy like uniting all you're not gonna go the box right so have we ll go as blake's team and if they want a meeting with you face to face they have to meet with us first we get wind and dine take a little what that beak and then right i place not interested the brain bring your friend along with you to everything right everybody get fed so can we
listen we gotta we should resurgam back and talk about is that cannot be the right now ok that's my wink winking gallant lad unclear ain't we won't do assurance stalks coming out about adrenaline rush of eighteen holes and we're going to shop in a suit doesn't fit we're gonna be wearing indochina suits accustomed to hers made two measures that were drowned china i we bet we let all the hockey players bash the nba on the show so it's only there do you would you like to bash poppy real quick stephanie said i how vegetarian say like you guys you sent off you sit on yellow time very thing we have to watch the last to miss the fourth quarter very no which two teams are giving the files every year i prefer to clippers always blow it i didn't say that someone else did
no no good players could be the slammed on contest anymore see minutes it will help you will help me along i mean look like let's be honest like these guys that skate that their plane the spark as it can't run right yeah yeah yeah so they can't get runners resume brazil i d like to dumb to feel pain it's not like a skill they have the right so stupid right right there's not many goals second lingering dog running on a broken leg until it does kills itself based let's not a skill predictable the capitals always blow it air predictable they try to fight a lot because they they can't prove themselves in the bedroom so they have to prove it known punching another man fayza ices actually wasting water people people or drought around california and are now but normally drunk out for its citizens tough yeah yeah they see this
what's up but there were a lot of pads like the ghali's especially where transcribes this can just a tribute all these courts to blake to me oh the fans defends don't care about and allay yeah and others would like the king home like when you trash hockey forlorn i'm sorry i'm sorry i people care about hockey unawares area or though or the world for that matter i had one last real question and and you can start interviewing us got what are your thoughts it's on the verbal the bar ball really decide if he has like mad like genius a quality time like a small one because in this day and age like he's following like the trump the social media scheme might just no bad practice
didn't it out their say and greatest up as a matter of the thing is like a son has to be the one that that performs right and like he has to be good so a kind of subsidies donut kid like a meal if it be wanting to do some guy in a directive it was like alonzo born he sal is dusk has been like at the end of the day like it on him like yeah do you think it's not fair to enter yolanda do you think he will get and like you think you'll have a target on his back in the nba from from other players because of his dad and how he talks here a little bit of anybody that gets hyped up that much always you know if you're the number one pick or your top pick that's doing a lot of talking like you're going to have a little bit of a target on your back for sure for sure i mean guys are just going to want to go at him it is not going to be so much as i keep they're going to trash talk about the time that she was going to want to go out and just like everybody else but
extra on new perturbation right the other guys lab now soon asylum extra hard because it papa papa bar what about would you sign with big bawler brandt once your current key sponsorship comes up that's your shoe company right the accused it makes me feel like everything shoes everything what about a thousand out
we see would see what big boy does with their effort with their first bear it what was that fake that they really full five thousand bear their real damage was real not aspect in itself i thought how many they sell they sold like five hundred which is which is still like a hundred fifty grand where the product has observed which i read those like laval earth big boy brand for five thousand pairs you do the math i that's like twenty five grand close to the castle he broke the commodity stood out you're more than that i like one one one day and they like done who wrote that we just actually didn't want to do the math themselves that's why they said you do the matter what's the most expensive pair sneakers you ve never bought that i've ever private dress shoes or something you always get up there definitely basque lawsuits
most experts appear basketball shoes you were about to be honest listen i bought a peer basketball shoe since two thousand and seven maybe do not abolish them big bawler wiser oklahoma started buying issues her will you about was usually go play for college did a part of their scholarship has nothing to do with like illegal and here i compliance so it's a wind kids get you a comet when there's like a journalism scholarship that they get they get used to then right maybe they get like a pen and paper for once i shoot you at sixteen oh wow the same is over so can you send a somewhere the airway what are you doing everything i've watched you alex
look here i actually we have a basketball game tonight would become a few played it may become the next and then you can be on the bar still basketball team you consider tipp bouts rebounds man yeah you have two because they ve already been being considered renouncing gonna set for the guys from now on not getting those yankees that's that's my whole game i just tipp out cause i try and save my breath nod we have a real big bag markets can be started tightened chandler dj now is like one of the better ones devout did you talk to dj about about shooting greenest alba calling it the pimp grip europe now i actually have returned missus every johnny lives every day people just at me all the time about the pimp good day he had some really bad mrs like you saw
where he was missing like short into the left by four feet depute do the guy on the bench when that happens they like do they laughed to each other during again now sometimes you you'd sometimes like somebody i'll need somebody you're gonna be a quick i bet it happens the free droughts or some some guys i'm telling you just just put in print grip and his and see what he does suited legislate play maybe and the others go shoot unlike the same basket with them to start pimp ribbon it just like thinks it's cool gauges interested that also be careful needing your teammates amene covers i would only aim or injuries right meaning no need your teammates analysed on on the bench like yes oh yes yes it's morbid nudge nina guy owes me why you say the edges peace has checked each other yet does not physical guy attacks each other immodest our work better
why are you looking for two christoph pausing dismay becoming i tell you that impact on this issue i would call out really cool unexpected i guess he's a fan the team cause of mandatory that out of love love the hack ag stance it always the solid tolerate ago janius exciting it the young up in commerce excited about i think that's all of our question so we will see you my microphone just last me we will see you when we start are free agency meetings as a team yeah yeah i'm looking forward to be calling us get you get the van out here and get the suits and are too big and will adopt you yet will ducky wink yells assisted yeah you're right you're right especially the van yes you right
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bird thank you greedy for the ad which uncles let's do some segments first up we have trouble in paradise two thousand eight boston celtics key gee was area twenty one as is shown its action awesome show shown because cagey just talking unfiltered is great they had a review
in of the two thousand eight boss insulting everybody was there everyone is there except re alan because it turns out they are still very upset that he went to the heat and didn't text before he went to the we're not inviting rate to her barbecues him were inviting him to or birthday parties anymore it's very it's gone to a weird weird place for them because i guess i don't know it it's like paul pierce left everybody laughed it was about how he left no us about what he did its but how do you know what it is it because he left to team upwards braun and they can't fucking calving kevin barnett and lebron james you put him in a room together it be like putting two wasps and amazingly they would fight almost instantly all a browser with all the brown would be like a dog at the dog parker gets on his back walnuts cages sniff his bow added say would be a good fight i'm just saying like a guy like leubronn is a natural like fight instead cater for cagey yes yes his face hake you said that rail and responded to this no he like
i thought he was gonna because they basically just rose ass a rose by the way should out of all pierce was very high so i know i also assume any one who wear sunglasses on camera is very high area time always how all the han weird shit whereas a glass eye are huge dick barry he's so i assumed rounds gonna come out with a state the state men are like pretend like it wasn't as beza was but all i did was he posted a picture on his facebook that was like and play with rondeau with the kind of vague quote and then it got taken down and he said he got hacked again it re allen had again yes it's actually the perfect excuse for him because it's happened before so there's a pattern here and then he went one step further so that a lot of people say oh i got hacked and then they hoped that it goes away we don't ever forget that but were rounded was taken to the next level
and he had his publicist reach out to facebook and say hey it was a hacking can you take away raised checkmark so they took away the check mark and now it's more believable that re actually got hacked brett re on the he p tweets in facebooks like once every five years and its happens to be every time he does it he gets hat is chris up so daddy did this time was he masturbating and having them think about the talk what own i have my i'm getting there when you masturbate think about my or your clear and switching back and forth from my dick to my tongue that was rounds hacked tweet previous hack hacking moment if people forget it re out got hacked someone sent a very descriptive masturbating clip dick tweet back and forth while it while he was maybe dynamic someone you know what he should have done for this he should have replied to the picture with him say i'm getting there will you know
skip bayliss replies to his own facebook lives with you the man skip like talking to himself here racial replied to his own picture with imagine my tongue going for your clear and then your vagina click and then maybe to your button and click you click it just dixon tat we have of a problematic this goes out to the saint louis cardinals very very problematic each weeded out there giving other doing a ring give away for probably a championship they won t even now i cant remember the same cardinals yes which have contributed to it said you of baseball she loves jewellery on may seventeenth it's a win win so get it what happens as problematic though there giving out there giving our rings which is a checks doing so it's basically saying like hey guys do here they bring your wife or your girlfriend because they probably he baseball
they like shiny outhouse hey the only the only diamond that she likes to pay attention to give it to her to ring it's not them it's not the play on the field you know what i know a lot of women that like baseball yeah mom likes baseball she bats left handed if yes my mom if she's right i left handed she says i right we my right hand but i bet left handed while she hasn't been about engaging probably forty five you erase profit the biggest buffer ah little spins own further cardinals maybe do the job because everyone's like all you can't do jewellery just for women so do that bring for the women cochrane for the guy's everybody goes home half out there we go cardinals get everyone happy and then you can maybe oh maybe if the matter in town you get that dildo give away the whole thing just do a sex toy give away oh here then how can anyone get upset about here's what you do you make every batter go up you paint their bats black would like it like a pink tipp on it
like a little hole at the end and then you give them a cock ring for like a letter donut and they let him all warm up with that and then you give away the letter doughnuts as cock rings to the guys in that way everyone gets their yeah perfect everyone loves jewellery i i'd miss this the whole thing i mean people getting up said that's how fast outrage works on the internet now you can just like if you blink you miss an entire from the problematic sweet to the outrage to the story about it to the deletion to the cardinal thanks are you miss oliver ends up and it happens way faster than at if your blocked by de rivera because everybody just send you a link to their and tweet any can't read it is blocked saint louis just in general that's problematic name yes like what about some of us aren't catholic so catholic catalina catholicism tat its problems with the priests and all that stuff louis beautiful city where they just put a big piece of aluminum in their front yard and called it art
we have man card format harvey so the dildo gate mad harvey gate situation has come to an end matt harvey got in front of the team and gay a cheerful apology to the team take his man cardiac come on really matt commander artie boy one day you can't come into work on monday just drop in dildos into lockers and then come in on tuesday crying because you let the team to know what it was all i bet because met harvey party so much it was like you know you sometimes get the sunny scares you cry labelling your eyes to society are crying you're just like anxious
but my entire life being away somehow been drunk all the time and fat and like my life's going nowhere you ll crimes to which by seeing probably i came in with dry red eyes from a night out on the town and just loaded up on him and gave a speech and they thought he was cry he was just really hung over here so that i guess i takes away everything just cry a little but i would have liked to see him on the mound i've always want to see a pitcher crying while pitches i've never seen it before i filling someone did recently o thou literally but they were lulu answers that's why i twelve year olds cry that's the best that's america you can't get a shitload of mankind's on facts ready for lily worlds home we have a lot of talk this one sad we are for right now suspend locker and talk with money we're still do locker talk but we're not gonna colony the extra he showed up to the bar stool offices today he was duped
a fake twitter account and had about fifteen followers telling him to come to the office at three p m he showed up on time so let us those years at least give credit to lenny for that and we have a talk with them i would say showed up and physically he was here he he actually did does not dislike us he said his only bone to pick with part my take was that we talk dixon he would rather talk pussies so in true locker room talk fashion i had like a very honest conversation with amused like hey man when we start talking about pussy both policies that i e and policies in the game a baseball so thousand track so where's got to stop he did talk a little bit about dicks let's be fair he said at a nowhere that darrell strawberry had just take these ever seen as opel is there they called it the sober and they had to
keep it to the side of his leg this is all from letting out he is the one that came in and said this and then he was like you guys stop talking about dicks like letting you brought kodjoe here as observers here it was bad i must stop we're going to stop with no one to pull the plug on some and this is the exact time without said we of locker on talk still exists and there is no better way to do a little locker room talk then florida head coach jim macklewain who got caught i don't we don't and he says it's not him he said i dont know who it is but it's not may naked humping a dead shark on a boat how weird without be if he did know who it was and it was a guy that looked exactly like us going around my going around like fuckin charge here's the thing about sharks and most people are now is that they have this
all the time they stops women are dead and guys if you know guys we after rubber dick up against things constantly are elsewhere laws so doesn't never gets on heart right you use it if you don't use it you lose it right but the opposite always keep it so it was as far as i am concerned this is it was either him or me situation yeah for jamaica when or his doppler gang or on that boat is like either had to fuck that shark or the shark we're gonna die so it died so i fucked it people i can't imagine locker him talk on a deep sea fishing boat with a bunch of college football coaches this is why jimmy johnson fishes all time he's like basically cast it has to do i'll come talk somewhere
has the hump shark somewhere to use goes goes ten miles out in an exasperating play ranking get arrested for anything you do ray you can you can have humbly extra you can have as many sharks you want of course people met whereas a humorous humiliating slaughtered animals babo bubba come on skies being gas will well a slaughtered animals rather than you chop it up into tiny pieces eat it and then shit out your ass off or that you just kind of rubber dick honour for while the echoes called love in my opinion if you're gonna kill me by all means have sex with me don't eat me also if the shark doesn't want to get humped swim faster not to blame the victim by we don't know victim blaming here but you should see
jacques chirac having here in this veto hole i got caught situation there were elements of provocation yes said may i work however the shark was asking for it was in the ocean and they were fishing in that ocean so the shark was cut ask those waters are known to be infested with fishermen what was he doing in that area at that time a day addressing qana slutty home we have a king stay kings for christmas haven't heard from chris bosh in a long time and this is post bosh story ever he is getting sued by porn company because he rented his house to them and it was so dirty that they all got rashes that's like chris bosh its
but now that like there's kids out there that don't realize what a punchline chris bosh was even though he's good nba players i thought you were about to say it said that their kids out there that only think of chris bosh as a punchline who don't realize how good of an nba player was but we've reached that third stage where there are people out there that don't realize what a punchline he was while he was still playing right that's right so it's good that he's back and being a punch because he was the ultimate like lebron james dwayne wade would go out to dinner and forget tax chris bosh which situation if you're getting punked by leubronn and dwayne way you are not enough now nay whose man's is this it was never crossed by eu is ear and we even when he was demands on the raptors it was never his man now he was never but now this company i want to see the porn by the way we too i'm sure though sell it so the problem is the rat wrappings and mould leaks plumbing issues combash issue when you read your house out to a porn company doolittle cleaning just do a little clip here
a thing when it comes to porn i'm always very very woke about everything and am day it sounds like a publicity stunt what better way to draw up some ratings for your new porn because who's buying porn these days i was that ours explained to pfc how is producing high budget pornography a worthwhile business model there it has and there's also definitely so people who buy porn ok there are people who do not understand how the internet works yoga whether an alison j think their dicks getting bigger when they see those adds oh yeah i could not all those how they're they're horny women in my area right now i now on surrounding german ready to go yeah attacks you can talk with them right now play this fucking video game and try not to come that must be aware that we must get a lot of clicks but yet so what i'm saying is there trying to drum up some business for the shity line of work at the and so what better way to do than to sue the person whose houses
their celebrity so now we're talking about this point as you have said you want to watch i do so they got you yeah they got me i'm gonna pay for it that's our show friday show we have a great show we have hankers area who came in the studio
he we did some table readings within which i think he was useless as patients with us but he nailed it so well did some famous saying yes we did scarface where instead i was twenty montagnier ok you know what we're just leave that you'll have to tune in to see and were also to try to me because to mister wilson love because today become
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