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NBA Insider Shams Charania, Wilder/Fury, The Browns Had An Open Casket Funeral For A Dog

2020-02-24 | 🔗
A wild weekend in sports headlined by Trey Wingo posting weird Bear pictures from 4 years ago. (2:30-6:20) Wilder/Fury was awesome and boxing may be back. (6:21-17:05) College Basketball had an awesome Saturday followed up by a great NBA Sunday. (17:06-23:07) Swagger, the Cleveland Browns former mascot, had an open casket funeral that was totally normal. (23:08-28:33)Who's back of the week including Big Ben and Spring. NBA Insider Shams Charania joins the show to talk about how he got so plugged in to the league at the age of 25, which franchises are doing the smart thing, free agency 2020, and he breaks news live on air with a little help from us. (36:48-1:32:56) Segments include Tattoo Roast for Jayson Tatum, (1:32:50-1:40:03) Seeing Red for Jim Boylen calling timeouts with 30 seconds left in losses, (1:40:04-1:43:18) Madison Bumgarner's alter ego (1:43:19-1:455:26) and Monday ReadingĀ (1:45:27-1:51:00)
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on today's pardon my take we have nba insider shams terrain he's from the athletic and stadium he is this biggest insider in the nba game is only twenty five years old very fascinating conversation with him and we get extra bonus see how the sausage gets made we broke news wow the show while he was sitting eureka held them hostage we have a crazy weekend of sports to recap the fight college basketball mba all kinds of things happened it was an awesome sports weekend but before we do all that part might take his brought you by the cash up not only the easiest play
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welcome what am i take for granted by the cash app today is bad beats monday hashtag bad beats monday if you had a bad beat over the weekend tweeted at pardon my take at the cash up they will help you make you partially whole again today is monday february twenty fourth and we had an awesome awesome spot
we can we had one two and four rank teams a college basketball lost we had fury wilder which was great on saturday night we had some awesome mba games there was an open casket funeral for a dog but the lead story safety has been all over it it is the fact that trailing go tried to dupe the internet into saying that he had a bear in his back yard and we're onto you try so that's actually the biggest story from the weekend it was actually massive its bear gay twenty two were all over the internet tried tracked down exactly the history of this bear how trailing oh may have come across the spare tray windows own per history with this identical bear picture it's all unlike papists charlie from always sunny on water and figure out what the fuck is going on inside trade windows brain because he tweeted on friday night there's a bear on my back porch and a picture of a cute little bare standing on a cute little railing
mind you it was like eight p m and it was laid out in the picture but go on it was light on the picture at first red flag he lives in connecticut bear bear country it was a great great bear i'm not taking anything away from the barrier but it turns out that that exact same picture had gone viral back into doesn't sixteen when it really happened and when it really happened it just so happens to have happened at a house about two miles away from true ngo so was actually connecticut there is a neighborhood bear yeah but trailing go to have you would bring it back it's it's baffling it is
the weirdest moves i've seen on twitter from a guy that you thought you knew you thought you knew the trey wingo you don't like to do his radio show and play eighteen holes hill smoke a huge fucking fatty and call it a night instead he's tweeting bears from twenty sixteen and claiming there in his backyard and like you said the craziest part is he's already he's already posted this on his instagram so essentially trey wingo is trying to go viral using old stories and thing thinking he is smarter than the internet no person is smarter than no man no woman no child no dog no one is bigger the internet smarter than the internet so tray we're onto your ship brow i like an apology yeah you know what i'd either like an apology from trade or i'd like him to just role with it like we're talking at earlier he could just post the same picture like once a week and we like oh look look at his bare
just sonia riding and honestly was a pretty fuckin colbert do you see the bear it like the ear tags at an end so criminality like it was a high piece tat had the off whites hanging from his ears it it's fucking i don't know what he's doing i go about it so if he had just said oh you got me or played into a man like ha ha i was i was joking instead of just what silent so this is the thing i've been thinking about all we can as you have is well piety and it was a great weekend so well up into it would start with the fight was one of the foundation for maybe this was tray getting people off the case of the one you're anniversary of him posting at stake tweet which was last repose said ass stake they looked like it him and cooked on the moon the railing younger and gay package under the hood of a fuckin f f while one for fifty it looked like it was hammy cooked inside of her cousins blight while he was sitting on luman foil and a girl and so yeah maybe that is exactly what it was he was trying to get everyone to but now we're here
remembering that near what of the hour didn't work traded in work and what i'm gonna do i'm would oppose that fuckin bear everyday till you posted again yeah that's it it's a bare off it's a bare off so we have to fight let's start with the fight fury wilder has glue great not as good as one obviously is one was an all time fight still a very fun eventful my it felt like we have like if finally was one of those nights we had a heavyweight fight and it felt like everyone was watching which has not happened in a long time i actually before we have to talk about the fight i have a tape that ufc is kind of ruined my brain when it comes to boxing i used to love boxing i just buy pay per views when i was a kid i watch that fight and i was like work is now submitting him likewise you take him to the ground wise need meeting him in the face you it's just there's a of all violence that you have see the you expect when you see a fight and
i was sitting there watching like what why isn't fury just sit on him he's got so much more mass he should just fucking squeeze amount put him in a rear naked choke didn't happen i'll i kind of the opposite take when i was watching it made me realize like i love box of boxing at the highest level in a different way that i love you have see at the highest level as it totally different sport obviously like rough was being so annoying when he was he was like slapping them on their backs and get them to go part like you would take a jockey that was trying to write a clydesdale when he was slapping fury on his back but he was doing for reason because it's fuckin fun to watch to mass of people just re blows the the craig aim analysis it like i don't wanna credit the internet and also myself but the watching the pre game and watching
the anti wilder have to walk through the entirety of the m gm grand like the entire it was they showed him walking to his locker room and it was no joke ten minutes of him just walking through the through the back rooms he was right walking through a kitchen at one point i said right then and there is like he is going to be gas because that is everyone knows that feed when you're in a casino and you ve been walking around the casino for like maybe twenty thirty minutes and you have a moment like way accompanied sit down like i'm actually a little tired right now that our care how good of an athlete your casino steps are different what's more of a mental game at that point because if you're in a casino they are pumping in that extra oxygen sir again the blood the red blood cells going through body faster however when you get lost inside a casino and you feel like you're spinal tap trying to make your way back stage to the stage and yours front to fund a bathroom to piss in but every single
corner the casino looks identical with the slot machine right at that point it starts to take a toll mentally on you more so than funhouse exactly sector and a mere house and so yea by ray he did a lot of walking pre and then in the law right yeah wilder looked like he was stress not a little bit he looked like he was thinking hard you never one he makes a theory do anything which i understand you should be serious before the biggest fight your life but the difference between wilder and fury when the cap on showing their logarithms very was hanging jerry was looking like it was he was gonna watch the fight not frightened he was hanging on the couch he was slap in that ass he was dead around wearing a crown all the while multiple crow while you're just sitting there like i i got a big fight come up like going stretch stretch maybe too early and then on top of all that fury gets carried out so even less steps i honestly think that that tyson fury maybe had fifteen
perhaps on its bit bit before the fights that smart for the entire day in you could tell with the legs out or had on him and when he were used and carried out by beautiful women on a throne is that was an amazing introduce era who plan that is probably cause you u prelate can't get a d why on a throne that's being carried by other people her if i understand the laws nevada correctly it was it was awesome and then wilder's entrance is critical to where he looked like moral combat character with red mask with the red eyes that we're like blinking desires a glow in the dark and of a spikes and shit oliver too great great entrances pre fight and then they got into the ring and thyssen fury showed that having a forty pound way than it was actually produce shares your drum and i actually was shocked and stop the fight earlier because wilder unlike the fifth round was holding on the road
try to keep up like to stand up and usually the rapporteur wait hold on europe a europe even standing on your own power right now and i mean thyssen fury he is post fight the american pie treated like karaoke night he is an electric guy the gipsy king like everything about thyssen period mainly pack yo now now now at a time whose meciar yoke he s anger yes in box i'd say it's probably thyssen fear yet so it was it was a crusade by who is it that it is very much it was just a coup school to have boxing and legacied it used to be especially the heavyweight division would win in the nineties in your grown up it's like holy shit there's two or three nights a year where it's like the whole world is watching boxing that was the first time it felt like that since you know the biggest may whether fright as happened redoubts been along it used to be more like that back in the nineties because they were the reply that i agree with me when issuing may where the pack it was still too old
a weather deal jolla was probably the last words like holy shit feels like the entire world is watch beckoned nice two thousand there before or the internet and like high high speed streams there'll be like one neighbourhood house that would get to fight yet and became an event that people go over to now you have to lay just do that on twitter and that's her as their revolt calls it the world's best sports poor all oh you paper view chambers i see you you guys get get a fucking life the people who pre complain about the fight there like a mother by the fight is probably the last like three rounds and then the under cards sucks it's not about the fight it is about the fight put its also about the experience of buying the paper view be unlike holy shit i watch college basle to my eyes blade on saturday and now i got a big fight to top it all off well good once i hit i smash that by button on the seventy nine ninety nine five lucky you know what i actually bought it faster than if it had said forty nine ninety nine on yahoo is core to spend their absolute looks
absolutely already box and i get a math but before before the fight did you notice that wilder when they were talking to about how he's coming in at the heaviest that has ever been in what was his strategy about that was he trying to gain weight to compete against against fear he was like now they don't i dont monitor my body my bodies of vessel and it changes shapes times but we pay attention to what is going on and yeah yeah that's ok yeah nineteen pounds heavier i don't know where he put it does not his legs yak xvi idea namely pounds you know you see in the face right right maybe that yeah it might have gone to just like one area around his stomach that idea the waistband of boxing shorts covers because it did not go to size it did not go lives calves do you think in terms of body parts they can bleed years have to be up furthermore i saw my mouth rushmore of orifices that you don't want to bleed out of number one and we have put in
oh you know the way you know you have described here because you'll want to bleed out of your butt bleeding around your but from ally is he one story now if you said to me if you said to me right now would you rather bleed out your butter eyeball definitely the butt eyeball i would the fucking word i was a kid your guy i think that if you do you think your eyeballs its death is imminent you could be hemorrhaging you could be experiencing some sort of outbreaks fever door you want your bike but if you're yet you be joe body be bob cost is naval blood other eyes in their final time real blood out your eyes i would rather areas like i was a young take but over over eyes or ears ears it they there's a moment when the anti while others bleeding out as yours is like in clay thompson was bleeding our research you're wondering is aegis is just gonna
i is address his brain getting out it is a sneaking irrational billina you shouldn't be bleeding out of your ears for me goes but i hear and then distant forth as you refer can come back from everyone believes are the deck sometimes yeah the the eyes the ears though man fuck that that socks and i mean i'm sure didn't help is once at all even though afterwards he said i just got well that's what i was thinking in real time like drunk thought out just like canoe can you just loser equalling equilibrium forever yes yes he had just not only are we really need is a thoroughly like he got hit and like something like switched like what if that's which has never turns back i'll get her to go look up only we forgot to mention that ties very did the most disrespectful thing of all time and tried to lick the blood off amid fight he was so confident that he was beating him in going to beat him so and then we had the celebrities mrs furies very lucky lady missus vickers very lucky lady we had we had yet joe taciturn had no easy
what is he doing with his tall camacho is italian a little now he's a talent bruno you see i was not surprised no people talk about that kind of thing if if you're one of the show is joe taciturn listen seems like a really nice guy but his voice now is forever etched in just like a shitty monday night came or a shitty college game it like noon i just he did a good job but it's one of those things and we talk about it when you have that voice trigger like when beth moments comes on em where are we
for producers in vienna at eleven a m when joe tacit doors on i'm just waiting for you know the dolphins staff to play the texans on a monday night in right weak fourteen jake marshes i get super excited i know that the catamounts repels mash them shit cabalistic tat toe kaboom cheat marshes and studio ray is i'd so that was the fight other question about about fury though how do you even get that big in england i feel like most british people generally king don't get that talk gypsy cabin i mean i was snatch motion were pretty wiring fellows over this always one big there aren't they don't get alot of nutrients in their systems like the big guy from brave heart disease one big one giant guy but even those because if you like or just relatively big and the food in england sock sorts tough to put on our hero one huge guy per per country for sure purse group for like per region there's no one guy everyone talks about like all man is belgian he probably just still breastfeed he probably never stop breastfeed would make that makes you huge
like the what was natures narrowing leisure lorded more the veil now what was the guy the kid in game throats come on hank thrones your thrones attics brand the fuckin kid who was breastfeeding it like fourteen that little shit in the sky tower come on you talking robin air and very go finally what a pussy back it was right so we also had great the games hank would you like say anything about the referee in the south of slayers game it was bush in a kind of ruin then the game of great game at last i don't like two minutes took like thirty five minutes and arrests just did the thing where jealousy and was not abounds at all they called not abounds of didn't review it the goal attend all tend the craziest thing that isn't really getting talks because they fought at the end of the game so bad but there is a goal ten km in the beginning a game that was like the most agreed this thing i've ever seen in my life but there is also
not end at the end of the game that didn't care called yes jeffrey gandhi had all time sarcasm when he said did those great second or third review and he said there's nothing more exciting than an instant replay review people are turning i didn't realize how much hate jumping gandhi i knew mark jackson cause he's an idiot but different gummy starting to get lumped in its like the we always turn our on are announced i feel like they're getting their shy i feel i feel i join him talking about our crusoe was so beautiful yes he does he saw like a young jesting gandhi after he's this kid his arms or sneaky long is it that was the biggest complement them we have just jump and getting a good point about brad stevens and bread stevens face and just his old hold dominion demeanor he's nice he really is he needs to he needs a real and maybe get a different hair cut or served or maybe a face i could he can
we could do with i get his shirts shirts or something i was a little bit more mere penis mitya he well no it nora was in the opposition has he got a temporary people have turned on their pete now so i feel like if people if you two more allowing he's ago cool brad stephen right because the yap because to remember these point which was a crown one happy on yeah like a purple time everyone weight loss eugenie i again but his point was absolutely correct brad stevens like his face and the fact that he treats rests with so much respect hurts them because if he just raises his voice a little he gets technical file does saving profoundly cages calling a technical follow the minute in the game is also who yet it has a big time let russia a moment rio any it did come down to less but hey if you recall two years ago about this time we did the soggy sorrows because the salt ex lost amid season game on sunday
so people are asking if you're gonna do it again i didn't want respond for you because i figured you want to really put yourself out there and i mean they were they were the underdog sound think out makes sense going back to thyssen fury though he was on that was why i was i heard this less i want to confirm or for i said it but he was born three months early what's three month premium and the doctors one i give up on him whatever nose like his dad was acknowledges a fighter language area is in a fight is gonna be the heavy with changing the world bubble boy now there's no way is dead said that but i like that i like when they worries dash adding on you let yourself be this this premature baby in the nick you he's gonna be the heavyweights every little miss a bad ass line how that leads babies you think that was said about that just don't and a boxing one day in their light yet prob
i don't know how many people look at a baby and say this baby is good too should at all riband idea rabies thought i said he ll be all right he will be seven feet twenty stone and have you a champion the world's hastened after mike tyson maybe a little disappointing that he didn't get up to seven feet tall yes shut up my thyssen by way who they had all the legends coming out and he just walked out for vander wholly fields walk out didn't realize that they weren't talking about him until he said it landed georgia like the illicit all vanderwiller fields records in everything that he did and my thyssen wishes on another planet be unlike those pretty sweet almost places i wasn't yeah but liberty saying i was it was courtesy thyssen louis and wholly field on the same building tat it wasn't called a
lennox lives louis is not good jabber jabber did you gotta have the jam got a job and then you got a kind of with a jazz determined to buy it becomes a job is john i'd so parcel golda com such p empty you can watch us right now i can watch her interview with shams it's coming up in emits we had great college basketballs well ducas all the way back one two and four lost what they are their guns they had their usual loss out against the mormons that crowd by the way in provo those guys fuckin party not party put our partner light a partly party as far as mormons solberg horse you doctor pep it was pretty fuckin cool calvin lawyers pretty excited about to cows cow was ready to so yeah we also share bigtime soviet also watching all the games yesterday it may be real as soon as arizona gets eliminated we need to put sean miller in a studio under brightly
its and then judge all of our games on how much he swept through suit because that arizona organ game was awesome paint pressure by the way is definitely bennet organ flax seventeen years but he had sweat through his suit coat like follies through his and that is a great indicator that the game is great yeah it is it for sean miller he's very sweat again general i've always understood if a coach has the backs wet through the suit our let's bruce pearl are yeah that's a big bruce prolonged maybe like around the breast area but what are we it wasn't just the arms it was the uproar yes whose upper arm sweats per i make miller is see this is why sean miller escape the fbi because when they interrogate em you didn't you look at a man and you like my always pouring sweaty must be lying that's just his natural like homeostasis rules out of bed when he just leaks yes he s got all these tiny little holes biologist leaks like a stranger to me a blue suit get darker blue is why
that's so much what he has just rock like just black suits right now i think he was the loans it i think he owns the fact that he cannot stop swatted or longer shitless yeah or yeah maybe let him just where sweats you should wear sweat banned you how he just who's that harms everything at your disposal sean go shirt listened where like the the double little like string swept bans that college football player on their bicep yeah he should or maybe just a quarterback sweat tell just be rubbing your hands on the whole the whole time might the other last story before we get to our whose back the weak the brown now it wasn't a sanction event by the grounds but we're just gonna blame the browns had a live casket funeral for swagger with swagger junior his son there how does it not gets
by the brain i saw so how do i get rid of the body i unfortunately have learned way too much about this apparently there is a funeral home in cleveland does this they will do live casket funerals for casket open open cask sorrows live stream of an open casket that was the part where it was like wiser livestock to pay reflects that they do it and they get like eight thousand dollars for these which i guess if you if you throw that out there if a funeral home is saying like hey you know what no one's been dying recently we have an off day let's throw a couple fucking you know cats and dogs into a casket and and get eight thousand dollars a pop on a saturday afternoon to make who pays them for people dog owner so this is how the brows were it was one of those situations where someone a manly now she's wagner very
she brutalities swagger you're saying was his license down like a mercenary cotton that's how they link allowing marginally like a black waters in alaska that's a lot of these mascots words they use dog salesman you know how this a lot of the not owned by george i don't never licence that dog to lease to anyone that how you do it with a dog you are either all in or allow the underbelly of live mask it's absolutely sickening so they had they had alive stream of this open casket and then they made swagger junior sit there go sit next to his dead dad and yet a boner metabolic naturally like raging hard about his dead dad you fuckin necrophilia no there's nothing that's absolutely natural if you're around if you around another type of yours she's an you see death it's its role to get horny to be like when i got here but i have to procreate as quickly as possible for someone dyson he also swagger if he had humped his dad died three weeks things gonna get us rosy i looked up his death his death was february's
i guess you have to keep swagger in state for a while so that people can so little country the country can come pay its respect sergei embalmed haven't lying it you have him why not a fucking prayed they should barium at mid field was at first energy stadium just when you think the browser started to turn everything around which they this is how can i know they were bar if you do if you were thinking that they had a fucking open casket funeral da i actually think that this is more normal than most of the things have happened it was it was so casual too i'll just scrolling through towards rats entertained someone tweeted every week this isn't real i thought i was getting punked and then i searched it if it's not the live stream and i couldn't and how about we are going i want that will show i think it's just see a dead dog i think that's that will agree i know that i agree with what i want to see the dog that's more over me out we clicked on live stream to see that the guiding click i click i click
swine wants to go to funerals but you you know you pay our respects s j was just staring at the camera like get me the fire this branch eyes while certainly as possible is that is like one of those entered and you think it's an onion title right and then while we wait this actually israel and of course it's the brown psycho other franchises doing this after seeing what that they made him go look at his dad dad i would be completely in favour of any other franchise kidnapping swag yes yes s dry and new nor end the fathers body which i'm sure is probably still in bomb
the forgotten put another took it to like a playground or so to have neighbourhood kid say goodbye to put it under a tree i say we also did right now i imagine varying in our town version that was educated people come out well that was higher at tat i call drive in a caravan ceremony stiffer also entirely taylor marries kids around us at the end we did have a baby there though well you have to learn about their yeah right that we didn't bring the baby what else the baby and they wanted forgot about today wanted it unless you want to baby to to experience what pain was like sort grow up to be the heavyweight shape the were also larry all due respect but larry was like seventeen million times the winner that swagger was with us call a spade a spade here mary one swag lost it would have any was a loser don't put it this way it would be more appropriate for the browns to put swaggered body on like a little pontoon boat lighted
fire uninvited funeral and push it out onto lake erie are just in middle the child river no that's kind of fire hazard natural just shove it out into a great lake that would have been more appropriate than putting alive fremont facebook for all american tune in to read smooched start a business where he does viking funerals for pets and he'd like actually has the bow and arrow that light set on fire low viking funeral boat funeral where does the sex porco ah well if people are looking
he can do it everyone spread smokin the assets within what why someone in the audience will have sex with fred smooth some point because i mean have you heard him talk that's probably eyes his electric artless do some whose back hank once you start whose back the week my was back the week is astro bad pr moves so raw manfred in his ill last week was saying at the asterisk punishment is going to be being publicly shamed unlike thousand of the worst part than i can get stripped and are gonna lose the world series but that the public shames what really gonna be their punishment are gonna have to have tough questions asked of them the asteroids are now taking all signs away from people attending spring training that have any sort of like joke towards the ashraf cheating
signs so there since the debt of publicly shaming them there now like taking that away from anything that goes to get in there actually screw because every time that a fan gets it confiscated you're gonna have like two million people making other stealing sir again joke russia there is really nothing that you can do to get out of this year to libya and may i sit i sign up here you gonna headline every single day saying astro steel signs again or take yet take away the worlds must i don't say like you can no signs or on zan can have signs and you can have the world
the they also and i obviously spring training so it wouldn't i would expect the starters to be playing a game one of spring training but it won't did come a sock that the entire ashura team was a bunch of minor league guys who just wearing the jersey and is getting booed so loud and they did nothing raw gets a bunch of guys were trying to make the team who would be honoured to be able to steal signs and being on a trash can vote for our two very brigman but they had to go out there and just take like the beating well out of and bring more playing golf flow respectively
yes but bit hell how funny would it be if the asters just society keep cheating just inside yeah does like certainly exist she the exact same system is like i dare you to catch me again kiss now is probably the last time that baseball's can be looking for them it's probably the exact same thing right hiding in plain sight and you'd never expect the ashes cheat again could you could fans and set a maybe bringing signs into baseball games tracy trash cans and that would also be found before any yeah i'm a mean for all of the issues are going to be the ashes cheating scandal is just going to be a year long story that we're all gonna have fun with it can be a circus organ half ass a hard questions murat manfred has told us they are not getting punished so we must punish them fifty who whose back my whose back of the week has been wrath asperger he has so big ban was pictured a throne some passes he is now graduated to the point where he is able to throw what looked like at least to high school as for i don't like it i didn't get up close view of it
but tat he was in a jim he looked good he looked happy good for here yeah for better it's obviousness lying say over hot i would like to look at this a half will you know it was a very slow release but he looked like you is about two hundred eighty pounds and tough to sack so i shaved now upper this re big ben looked like big been right and that's all there were opened his great he looks a little less like a guy that goes and lives in a cabin for winter rates below average song we need him when you get back because if they get the new playoff rules in a couple years big ben would it be the place and that was the one thing when they went through it all the steelers were just made the playoffs every year they've always the model of i'd never being worse and seventh year like eight eight nine and seventeen afterwards how do you think big ben we having up to do you think he's been doing any exercise whatsoever ah i would imagine is like an elliptical guy for fifteen minutes and then maybe ten crunches user
back rule the pickle guys we get a view of the other clientele at the gym he might some one of those balls and does like a few crutches than hits the steam yeah bigtime steam gauss thing about that earlier this week where as long as you're sweating the council's work absolute or big bend seventy like a shit sky hollywood work out he's assign a guy probably the first gotta dropped to tell when he enters esteem room oh yeah everyone know probably type a guy that eu programme to hide every single football in the house every bomb house from him from if you just saw when he pick it up and throw it yeah she had to like put down on the grass also everyone like if you see someone throwing a basketball around like doing you know driveling bass while you automatically gonna say passive all its true that's every ball ever his habits for like a dog his together he you want this all right now what that you want to look at it seeds over there
my whose back is spring spring his back we had a taste this week as the groundwork because the ground but we had to taste this weekend and there's something about those first few days when it hits like fifty in its that somebody in the air where there is still no weaves obviously it's it's that ros smelling you like march bans is coming saint patrick stays coming the masters almost here it's just something beautiful about the sun feels like oh my god sons but were changing the clocks and too weak ass put out part of my take spring break murdered man it's there's nothing better than that feeling of you know what it is spring has some great drinking days to reduce any you almost feel actually college europe yes in college and you coming out of your showing like oh my god it's back like tat first day will kill us far too grill fear yet only forty five degrees outside but forty five degrees in the spring
feels like george whether i worse they just cause i could without actually like freezing motions for you it's like there's your first spring as dad so we spend sprung what you felt was like you step outside news it was jim nancy's voice like going through the area radio waves oh yeah hello friends always what he sensed and you're like hell it's do that i'm very article circled fathers date and others but i hate my day now some extra birthday neutralise there tell you when they when you become a dad got stare you're kidding me like why are you getting anything not jailing hey sites my damn sleep which and watch sports kind of his everything you know it's tough though this year saint patrick stays on a tuesday you have it doesn't matter in college college kids celebrated whenever calling on private for myself oh you're still for myself authorizing get fucked up on saint patrick it's like an amateur night fuck around with that you still get out there they have a seniors division for saint actually that you're entering the sheer listen tuesday night
thirty five you get so get fucked up on saint patrick seven or thirty five your irish yeah i mean you can but i've never seen irish emily it depends if you like with a biologically million when it comes to taking holidays you're with like twenty four year olds i think you'll fairly get some looks yeah but i hate what's up man but i still doing this i also can pass for like a twenty five twenty where are you wearing a kill dear yes votes were killed you everyone looks like dressed like a leper cotter weird not because our high put just because i'm two way to talk of electric right for you should then you can drink all draw more attention it is almost a fuckin giant addressed as leprechaun you're alright let's let's get to our interview we got shams toronto greater view we also broke news on the interview which everyone knows now i really want that paul back
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jeanne nicotine is an addictive substance okay here is shams troika ok we now welcome on very special guessed it is shams dorani this area yes sir are eight so charms we have to talk a lot mba you're an mba insider you are one of the best in the busy but before we talk mba we have to talk at least about your rise in your career because i think you had the same thought when you are looking at up you're twenty five and i mean that is a slight but
crazy how much you ve accomplished at twenty five so it my theory is always if you we're suit on your twitter profile it just ten years automatically no question is that was that part of the plant like i'm sure you ve probably struggled with this like hey i want to be taken seriously and i'm young which you know it's this business is very hard to beating seriously when you're young how did you do this how did you manage to get to this point at twenty five some feeling on thirty five in basle using i mean that's how i ve kind of cleaner every other year link lashes twenty four august liam turning twenty six in a couple months now like i'm thirty six like this is how we do our seventeen and when you first like my junior senior and high school a new tricks i was is cold texting cold emailing cold calling weathers agents executives round the league the handful
so that reached out and they actually hit me back obviously i like while like these people actually cause you know a couple myself in their shoes if i read like five all star players are probably not hitting this random kate who i've never heard of he has no real tracker what like what has he done but i mean always try to you hide behind county or maturity a lot of ways to get lucky you gotta get lucky you know people they drew back that takes luck in a lot of ways and also shows there are a lot of good people in the industry that we're on ice age you back so i mean for muses dyke luck always allow one might what was the one that you can look back like i can't believe this guy takes me back and help me so much i think my biggest like the first or the people on the map was probably lou all day i remember the law they got traded from the bolster the calves january twenty fourteen i was twenty price sophomore in college and are now forget it because i m is alone fifteen it
it was a imelda came through from someone i had been a mailing with and again this we weren't texting we weren't act on tax levels were on call level had never spoken the person on the phone we're we're emily private exchanged five heard six hundred e mails and the span of two years not ilo tidbits here and there from the person i get emo lamb fifteen a night dang for buying them and picks and i get that and i don't even see it until eleven forty five i was watching a movie and so you go to my gmail and i see the email and i twitter it's not out oh shit my holy shit and i tweeted out and then i shall not forget my running around my housing oh my god like i did it i got it and like that like rush what gives you know before than i had broken like your malcolm tom assigning attended with balls i shall look ran off sunny attended with the celtic psych different little ten days
in euro league signings in chile signings but that was at my feet three alike nba break and when i got that i think that new economy they did the workhouse putting up until that point yeah but down without one for sure was probably like the one i would say outsourcing is your cold script like our when you are cold calling somebody would just be ok this is why i am if you have any information they do not do anything with i'd be happy to take it off her hands like how do you do you start to build a relationship so i think for me that i was not to come off as i want information at rose it was like hey madame sean him you know frowsy so i started off in chicago now which is a subsidiary the tribune this is junior of of high school and i would just
do that to get reps like i would do chicago now they weren't paying anything it was just somewhere i could just get writing on so i did that for like a year and then i picture to realgm on my yellow this is my work i pushed it unlike two to three other outlets and there were the ones at that point like real gm hoop site there were like the holy grail for me like our me my friends we just go on urges hit refresh like constantly right like what's goin i was gonna hear the bulls guinea was near i want to know out i'm like no good free agents gps our allow was elvers user i was there fan like i wanted to know and so psych i get to real gm and might antsy materialism schanz rania right gm dot com i'm covering the nba would agree to stay in touch do gathered tat the time to talk tat boys is building
relationship because i've always bear the mindset of your going in to something saying i want you know i want that's pride gonna be a turn off from john so for me is this i genuinely showing that a minute for the long haul a minute for a longer term relations will decide yeah the shots rania me something you got something already more like you know this is why i am that's what i'm trying to be would never say how old i am you know you can't hide behind the maturity level right whatever why i know that that's probably awkward for you because you probably sick of people in my way you're twenty five but i say not as oh my god you're so young i say it in holy shit man like congrats because this is an impossible business to be in and i think a lot of times and we ve both dealt with it were you know it's a weird business where you don't really get your shot until later in life which makes no sense because the audience we're going for is the younger audience so i'm congrats like that's incredible and i love that because i love any one who grinds so i mean it
it's weird to that you're twenty five and you ve been in it for wood is eight years now eight years is that as i told you i feel like i'm thirty i do feel like you know i haven't seen everything i think i've seen a lot i think i know tie the ins and outs of things in and really honesty manlike it's it's the people that is like every damn damn like because again seventeen eighteen reaching out to these people who have multiple players multiple stars i know right respond to me like what have i done who am i right but just shows that they did you back in you never know you never know what someone might be for me or anyone joseph a cool name my name that sticks in your head that people remember that like oh yeah i'm in texas go back i can assure you sound like sam year while i was you have illegally the axe back i guess that's that's actually tougher to britain you you ve got like a little bit of it four brandy right when somebody's ago yet and it s got in twitter suit
voters girl like that's that's a lie that's how i started going a games i learned something eighty nineteen years old my gone again some a walkie in annex i wasn't the bosman credential me i did a horse not i'd be relationships are acts of you can just laugh i did a freelance peace reappeared when i was twenty and that's when the bold fun like yeah we'll credentials you clearly shown you're not just in italy players like just come to the arena series before then like i would go to milwaukee games gave out like out would suit like thus smart like i didn't ask moving i change giving up here and i think it also is more to probably are immaturity because we don't wear suits and we really take ourselves seriously so like we have a friend john rosty he comes in his eye cabin wearing a suit for decades while at smart people probably right
back to a little debray treat you differently so that also shows just are dumb brain that have we see one person walk in a room where an issue like hold my dad errol me owns a barrier like forty five no i saw you get you get your big break so then you would tell me the path from after college you start work with words yes so i think that story kind of put me like in people's minds and thoughts a little bit more and so on you know that allows this relationship in getting to know you know how to get to know other people and and once you know that kind of formed on the team that we had if you look back at that alone on the figures mama like the team we had at the berlin team i mean stocking a couple of those guys that you know what every scene when passing a games or events and the scalabrine like chris man is god like that and like the way that we whereas a kaliko casey thunder you know i gotta were you will hardon i don't know who i am
but i didn't you i'm staying though those a gap here where i stay you a lot of people start to migrate either you know goaded yes peering over these different outlets me chris manic michael early we stayed you know most of our contract we said when you left on our deal a side one year left on my deal and so i couldn't hear there was at the time i was twenty two so there was some talk that like to try to leave your contract try to help a tsp wherever we lousy deaths from our relationships really i came in with those guys but when i realized i was gonna have to stay that you're out we're looking for i probably likely had we are thinking about someplace to go you probably thought you'd like you place it doesnt have air going through the pipes we actually want to listen
ah not ogilvy journey as ordinary rustlers book i bade us they have obviously ethics or have they retired your your suit in any houston surplus retainer beam beneath them but of them i've been anything but i'm here i'm not staying and i think outside the opposite open up an opportunity that and open up a time i do not really prepare for at the moment i think that summer and are being paid for me and yeah that's eminence it's really cool story so so let's talk mba now where do you want to start you start with fire gar packs we'll get that out of the way you're the house i mean what what is the praise this way what knowing everyone in the leg everyone else's thought of how the bulls or run right now i think ever on leader is expect
some level of change i think that once you know for last several years i think there's been a thought of like this you know the foreign office probably isn't it work needs to be writing and twenty twenty it's a lot different than it was five years ago ten years of fifteen as you know to lot about relationships a lotta lightly i need to be able to manage players manage their ages as the camps mass negotiate she's manage your own foreign office have depth in your foreign office have create like the constant like the best physicians right now the ones that you there's a constant flow of information then tell and now it's you know twenty twenty the lot information on their rights all having a that can decipher all out information come up with creative ideas in creative ways to move forward and now i do think the bulls are to point out where they understand that we need to build out some depth and offer an office we need to build out some people that can bring those creative ideas and it's not gonna come from just site can do and what we ve been doing like fifteen twenty years
please it's because you just explained everything and i am thinking about is like the fixes have been john packs and hiring his brother and bringing doug collins whose like eighty yeah i got nothin about what i can't say his son is younger gonna get smarter we gotta get you hire somebody that's gonna talented son in hopes that held reorganization wonder yeah so i thought so let me forbidden to the rustle league what would you say is the most forward thinking organization you know or you can run off a few that are doing things right way there are always on the u no cutting edge hiring more people analytics whatever it may be a malloch eugenics thunder i think they ve done a good job the nets are me out to getting katy and inquiry i think a lot of the nets is situations do with creativity but also information like being three two three steps ahead of the curve on like i like let's plan out through three you like
then that's planned i'll covering in and k d like three use in advance right like that's how early they were thinking about it that's how creatively their thing about it i'm indiana think has a great kind of culture already set and you know what would with those guys have done with victrola debo missing in most of the scenes so far for them to be when fits fit seed right now ahead of philadelphia adding that's a testament to the culture that they built there does it through there will come a mile off the job but emulous their great once throughout the senator it has been well regarded at every start their brian right now running the show their sarcey buford counting aluminum stepped back and to the data the operations but they were really the model organization you see sean mocks came out of their dennis lindsey other simplistic him either so i think a lot of come through there but you gotta give the clippers lot accredit like they ve built out a great foreign office of just depth over there to like me
craig michael winger schools are not like therefore offers five six people deep i think that's what how you have to be what's going in cleveland right now when did things become totally unsolvable was it was it when that report came out about the thugs slugs comment that he may during the the film sesar was there was something that was much deeper brewing ahead of that so we wrote a story in early december on the authority what we said like a may we had like three players not quoted by name but being quoted the story of our saying like basically saying hello this is this is not like this is not working like we're over this this show you can always say shit yeah realisation dumb that was although in december and so i doubt it was he lost the team back then and you know you kind of and i kind of your bathroom everything i'd her going in was a job beyond was a great guy had he
tat a great reputation as a person but just the instant he got in there like he did not mesh with those guys and you know one person scoggins is a dictator and that's not the way you talked mba pose is not the way you behave with mba players and that kind of back to the foreign office regime right like you need to be understanding it's a lot of taking on information that you getting and then applying you have to make their own we have to take what you getting information wise and i don't think be line ever did that and the eu thus the team then and there once that thought comment was made and he went back and said norman slugs the players need to tell you ve never said rode out ever hogs so one is an item thirteen without that's bullshit you of course that's that's not know but at the end they listen like do i understand kind of what he was meaning probably like you can if he had said guys you know what i said that that's exactly what i said this is why
said it like you guys were playing tough or whatever i think the posed by would respected more but then when you come with like i meant to say slugs i think that's what guys allotted and intelligence at tat point trying to be all right old by this line you buy anything i say if you like with a coach like that everybody when you sign of the catholic what are you doing you great college coach your system works in college environment it's not work in the nba you have to imagine that he had a planet loosened his head of how he could adapt did he not even try or did you try to win sideways i think he thought that what his methods were in college we're gonna work at the available and that just wasn't even close and its created thing about as yet such a cushy java michigan he would say to mrs for however long he wireless day and now he's one and done in the nba couldn't even makes it the austin game like our emerges working on the reporting this story i like that weak
like iran also we get a lot of high level executives we're talking about like hey like he's retiring or is stepping down the season unlike what no there's no way rhino february right even one no i haven't done and then the more you track it they're like go he might you might resign or emu de my part ways during the week like after also break me by one the most shocking like departures of a coach i'm in a hurry in time i think the last coastal ass this little tom was like eighty one so it was is and then the guy's play like a thug music after like he says the lion like eyes in a player walked into the team bustled like beats you like like that that audio play that you had to get his hold your hair the pill thing to say blasting trick daddy's i'm a thug an idealized sitting like first a first chair like saying deaths per
i don't know when this is going to air but i'm actually i bet on the calves tonight just like the dead cat bounced back game where there today oh yeah i mean they will deal harder tonight they'll play harvard jamie because right in waters just to be like oh he really was the problem because they kevin love now i mean i think we can all we all know that he was one of the leaders of i'm not really buying into this he's gonna play harder to be like hey unproven that was never going to work he said it and yet they he said a hundred times would have like two seconds before the season started which is a pretty clear sign that i want to be the veto i've never seen it i've never seen a team color revolt her you know feelings toward a coach conall quite like this like a wonder fifteen we're not even talking just the stars of just like select young players this ghost like the ended the bench like fifteenth man and you dont you tivoli there's gotta be like one guy that's like you know what i'm cool at this rate it
and in this you got it you got also point the finger to know the foreign office in writing ownership them to go and hire him like this they couldn't saw this come it was out of yours now i noticed that wouldn't be cats phone jesting yes tactically grabbed a year had you ever getting my eighty monitor yet you home soon it's beautiful do get anxiety if you like leave your phone i differ room for five minutes yeah no question i mean i've missed the of stories probably cause like a minute later thirty second less use joy is gonna be on going to school when i was a kid lay out walk out of classrooms like twenty thirty minutes on time because i am psych can i gotta take this people all the time auditing they knew why i was like leaving flight twenty thirty minutes and the teacher would be like hey like we need to talk after class here we go again did you ass a movie they're gonna write a about like sixteen years old walking in the hallway and taking a calls from gm some stuff that's it right that move you guys
at the first year are marginal right away that we were right movie of your cool with dogs donors being worker i later later get there so anthony davis any chance he goes anywhere but the lakers miss offices i don't see it i don't hear not sure i got teufel toy with anyone i don't see i mean you know it the knicks in a word new york not like like the next people don't believe about the next will really on his mind like really the next i got i will never play for them you actually having to pay for guys like that that's the one team i do not want to take a stake dinner from is the next that's how they were the next never put mitchell robinson and kevin knox together in trade packages to noises think about that and if they did they pilot a model of a more interesting but i never did mitchell runs out eight summer i think a lot of people had high hopes from they never put him in any deal i do think that the next
ed and put a picture to it they couldn't made interesting it i'd do they ain't would have given them a strong opportunist he wants to be either with the it's like so easy going to gave in us like la meeting to till the next this off season or is it just lakers cuz it is weird i feel like an idiot in that situation where yeah of course he's repped by clutch and yeah that's lebron and everything but clutch also is very empowering to the players and keeping your ability to be a free agent actually take all the offers is something it seems like clutch is very high on it their season doesn't go according to plan like if they lose and like the secular arm of the conference finally could i see him you know patesi yet but i mean the lakers have everything he wants year though that the team he was the chemistry wants like they have everything they ve done everything their power to make sure he's involved in all the moves they make
could you take a meeting yes but i just aussee see scenario is not like oaken off the record that's an old friend you can say off the record and then and then record everything off and no one falls upon you that but with with leubronn james and the lakers how much of the budget for space gm too is going directly to free agents i commend the gap is on knowing why it's after hours of work we turned around there's no way they can get will get away with that but if we were to do it to some to think about yeah now there's no way going wrong paying you your question i'm getting paid by her after all off the record software ok i write about janius do you think it's good for the league that were already talked about europe being a free agent even those two years away
yeah me that's that's what i've only it's up like as you know i've only that i now have only bad oh for like box friends like if you have your small market team in the nba and you have a generational star and you're trying to enjoy em and all anyone's talking it is like only talk to staff curry but the thing is it is so good that you know here is much later i think those a like like when he's gonna be a failure brown was gonna be afraid he lay out the calves run this like like there owing to they forty seven like yeah it's i don't have loves yeah they might when seventy games this so like it's tough for them to get it picked and like always in state like it's it's not a topic when the team is that good point but the one thing by yon is that i think everyone around league has understood whether you're you're behind the scenes words from the age of twenty four hours community like the guy wants to win period and so or the milwaukee they have two years here like to china
you should try to get to the files when a ring and if they don't like tat gives you all decided i he wants to compete and he was when for example as literally the only thing on his mind do you ever think though like we always mark like the vis league and the player movement and we're friends mba but there is a little element of sometimes feels like people or more fans of like twitter instagram free agency than they are of the actual games being played like you said boxer and say there so so that a good and then i will if you ask people like what's the honest story there are the winners area at do you think the league office like said i do think that there is a part of them i mean for us to be always talking about the nba on twitter instagram i think that's a positive i think that's a good thing for the league you know all this i hope that the rating contain arise for the nba but i mean if you if you have we're talking about whatever part of it
you pie go with the headlines and nothing the area the buzz is good for league for sir would you have a dream scoop dream school yeah down sorrowing died gar format and john passive fired in ottawa rise or selling the team timescale this group have words on enlargement i would switch yours i'm emerging scoop over the weekend was john violent situation i thought i'd at i did ok job that solar unusual i'm all you can think of is the next one the next one that's right answer i don't know what the next one is i gotta get back to you on what do you have any kind of robbery with words when it comes to free agency in breaking news because people play into it i think i'm guilty of the two i think actually treated like hey the sharm sorry are you still live just checking it on you after what i'm sure everyone what was written sire deftly did i saw the twin before but arm
do you feel any rivalry do you get angry when you know some of beat you by a second of quasi but that's with anyone without anything like that's some loves you work with multiple years so there's always like that level respect in that's a role model in him the game bride winner slight after those all guys i looked up to when i was fifteen sixteen years old might trying to see you know to do this while they got cut plain bass while i want to be in media are wanted to cover like i love the beyond seems like all these factors not if i think follow me oh all these other reporters that was me like ten years you know like the passion and like the craving of information so but they are you can only focus on herself like kazoo view if you're worried about other people or do you just i think that's a distraction and waterways yeah is a bullshit the chapter tweets basque while new sometimes we need to feed him leroy should feed him from my dog brick scoop
so i m here yes garvian sadly roy i can give you some i can give you some football scoops that you can actually get ahead a shaft awry stuff that really her tail you eat you guys are broken some stuff we last like couple years arise something's leroy is broken a lot of stuff about sixty percent correct when you mess up a scoop do ever apologize retract because leroy has its policy of want is out there it's after it was true to him at the time but there was a material change i'm never i came home unless some others situation psyched the put that i was wrong you screwed up anything are you gonna be one all you know what those who there's one it was in the draft but i want to be called a screw up because you know like picks picture common area i think that a thing i had the calves picking kelvin johnson ok thing at twenty six however they were picking lay in the first round and but you know these things change like
material change were doing it in real time so like we're like three picks ahead yup john pic twenty six commissioners on picture three and you get word that the gold calvin johnson sonata pick twenty five then pick twenty five happens then you like i'd is suddenly kelvin jobs then you get a text knows i should do color so that was like the last and i come around like other people thought must it up like if you now i'm explaining it get contact right those clear the clue wasn't materials their eyes like a terminal would you always say that its ideal it from now i think about it i'm sure you ve seen his twitter account guy aria outen away you ve seen it here basic while energy is not going to the clear he is you are everything that he thinks he is like he's a young kid who thinks he's in the business and he just breaks like completely incorrect in its groups and then just as there is a material change
good i was ever it's a grey law because of materials do change frequently things change is this not a lie gonna be one way and then it when again i was wrong every act i mean in terms of the story not mine is a little more plausible gear is yours would be editors and restore to screw up that's probably the least consequential mess that you could ever and i told you what were there actually going they're gonna deal when the right ryanair corrected it do you have a large set up under foreign forward now not running he asked for you i don't know do it what if you're like five seconds later on story and every replies to late do you read that you like fuck the other roast me pretty good ah the teens around how do i entreat you answered no because if you answer yes than everyone's gonna reply relate to not of courses but it's a giant on the site give if an assignment knew if
therefore unless i have something to add was news out like if it finding is out but i had the terms right i've gotta get terms out right but if it's out and some one has also i'm probably no fun dominum but that's not back at that broke ass another shattered techniques or so he likes to add on sometimes terms but if he doesn't have the terms i think petersen when he signed with the cardinal a couple years guard over the saints couple years ago so he had been on that scoop set it to your deal greater petersen to new orleans and chapter quote tweeted and said yes it's a two year deal and i'm told per sources that they hope to have computers on the team for both of those years like adding in a little nugget of inconsequential terms can actually make now that's your scoop
now you owned i gotta have consequences you got ass only lets like art like i'm learning something to it you know i mean so but there is are you who are you still fan of like tea room for the balls or do not route for any team anymore not i refer stories like people like like the relaxing just as i have always i am like that there's a difference i don't i've gone about assuming fan i remember sitting in like environmental science classic seventh grade like waiting list the bulls we're gonna get like a t j forward like a really we need another guard that year on we end up getting him now cause we never do but like i was i was i was the fan like right the modern fan that that exists now like that craved information and so i was but then once our transition in like actually writing in thy covering not only the bulls will like every team in a league you just become a fan
the stories and special toys that i'm working on ok so let me put it this way them because i think it's a lot easier probably to make that transition when the bulls or just terrible if the bulls ever get good again nor in the nba you know finals will you have a little part of you being like shit like i'm not room for storage and fourteen there ok you are but i'm trying to your big journalists i'll be there as i have yet to be there but you could have the best of both worlds and say what a great story this would be if the bulls one the title they would be words i mean to have unwanted since the journey is right about team is able to bring them back to that prominence i'm up they're gonna have that will point was gonna be those bull though here we are a girl's bulls realler yet i came out airily he was saying that it was i mean that's that's the best carpet
line is that they still did italian ring from dark it wasn't that ten eleven years really eleven twelve year they thought i meant that ours down my senior year and now when i look on play like john looks the third my james signing like tended humour that those gather it will come back every other week on ten days and remember reporting on those stories but like i that was the year these guys really mentally thought that they gonna win it on and then odyssey what happened happen but no one ever team the brain them back to that position with our champion of team like dogan we like legends and city forever premier what gimme a team that's building something that you're like you got your eye on because like the nba you know obviously you need to start it feels like you need to start a tractor but what team do you see like hey that's in there like one piece away or they're building something or they're thinking two years in advance maybe your next today but three years from now the question great question for me
by awesome awesome question you thank you i like all my aim is doing right now oh yes he's seen as my he the already got the already got jimmy butler society robot is solidarity day by day by his guys we're gonna suicidal star already but i think you know pariah listing himself or twenty twenty one and power riley's master it do you know he's an orgy and is not sand is rings on the table and we might come to miami listen to get andrea dollar andrei adela had no i your intention his mind to go play for my me this year like not my hour they're just stay at home in silicon valley may yet a part time job in silicon valley in whose tell anyone who would listen like i'm good like we mean a part time jobs yet a part time jobs very doing i don't i don't have the name of the romani thought my head but he's working for a firm
and uttering a cold call for my rig with our overseas is going to sound like sales force observatories that's really reduce the manager crm it's me i wasn't thinking about it all now but then tat really got really i'm a ripe eyes i said that they emerges suitor on tuesday morning and at that point out that by not gonna happen let me just get it out there that their suitor please get some buzz going and then ass they got what were honest like your pat might call and talk to andrey and then the next day it's like pair i nodded dog on a call and pat sold andrey nazi that mrs von cannabis we got read it read it read it dear you tell me i'll have leroy break it read it what is it i have something i owe you do break library news it's alive tweet breaking moves the deleted on a car to do it on air
we rely on this narrow lisbon air this monday knocking wars got a buyer shoes contenders signing with we weren't marcus catches second enron aversion clippers isay twins and gas love twins did marcus get is jersey retired a marquis didn't kansas those awkward softening dealer and it was awkward they ve got another to a bronze tat were watching shams his twitter is keeping style he's got a loose pinky it's just floating i was really only guide us your fingers on the right are on the right hand put that put the phone closer to the mike's we think people can hear you touching your phone
this is a modest as final user is a young feller right i got a girl is going to next to you i put has a lot to do in its train each year your finger age is positive for you and your career like belgium ensures borderline arthritic you know what i've gotta help me and then the tongue on tybee on my phone and then like the soil you know it you gotta do you gotta have a blackberry strictly for business got the keyboard on their you might shave like quarter second off so what are you actually now confirm hitting a few for the sea where land because i want to point out that he's getting bought out i want to know where he's go that's that's that is the shops that's the bonus that's what people go to you for their news cause they're not just get the transaction again the impact you think so yeah
these are also our breaking news yet is on our show right see every credit us even though again it probably soon come out much yardley oh no dead end so haven't twice how much good luck how much money where i have to give you for me to get to use your phone for five minutes no restrictions is locked in oh you guessed it wouldn't you can pay me wonder like cars boy was here am i knocked out by do so here s what about the guy that the moors twins trying to beat up could see funds there mom he might not fuck
seeking question promo code take ten dollars offer seeking purchase gonna basketball game p of tee what was was put the clock on it was bet this what how much time do you think take shops to to get fast i know he got bought outside where's he go again right i know they actually tell you what i was saying about on someone else's always go and why romania's not on raw materials found what do you think what you're bit what you're guess my time he's gonna find to figure this out i wanna go to fifteen i'll go three twenty five the clock has started let's see how much i too find it on line let's see what is what is mark you marcie morse lights recently on instagram damn not a bad way to go crime oji the object of his legs onto this is the by its we did it it's really a pistol for market forces agreed your contract mild leaks are still athletic stadium so james
the words did have it but he actually said working tat he wished to those animals you but you have the actual he has agreed to a buyer when did it i said to mr evans despite firemen yet he also working toward you have confirmed its bought out isn't everyone working towards via its that's the go in there it is sorry it we i just retreated that for you let's see the replies lakers lay i think it is happy advice exercise comes so you six venice nag dear everything changes guy just a cry emerged crime oji crime oji what is your daddy there's a gift of j but probably going lake and now seem to like so so misspelled lakers but stayed like you to announce them this disguise a lakers phase in our all we sign this motherfucker i'm done ella male stones
mike he's done now i don't actually laughing either sixers o latona roscoe lotta lakers why stale the clear stanley from the office guy just got that that's good piece for asleep i don't know what that has to do oh isn't it it's boring schooling regimes harden we gotta find them that's good helicopter it's got the lights as we gotta find who the fuck asked so someone say like no one cares sounds like who the fuck is wrong like her i think it's the lakers while i'm now one hundred zoonotic we gotta get one hundred we know as long as you want here is one of the brons looking at other neither good replies now not in real anyone just say lakers hissed and tanks season let's go fast and sell someone's waited there grows in detroit yeah that's true that's good that's good it's just that i'm your two and a half minutes so you surpass were phd thought sjambocked
we gotta get the team though this one said twitter saying lakers yeah but they're just randomly let us not only right daddy you make me wet doesn't we're on it's gonna video retweet thou art hello hello allow lakers have to get this move at veto on core you think i'm a brand new thing that lebron james has a veto problem yeah sheesh we're gonna end this interview with you fuck greater leroy have anything we re find out you know me i'm a little closer to the lakers confirmed but they use the spongebob far so i dont forget it while not only its probably not i mean not confirmed furnished in means ok let's see what lira has her leroy you piece of shit you were wrong about the new york giants job going to morrow said that hurts whom i won't is asleep whoa judgments we do anything
i'm pretty sure so makers or toronto arms this year scoop we gotta get it oh i'm hearing that steve sarkisian is gonna be the coach of colorado football aren't gonna help you out i'm not quote treat you would say anyone know where he's going that out to get everyone talking about anyone know harry is gone john bail i go into boston college what's gonna happen who said that this is a report no stay on your your family carers don't get this is we roy price rises leroy tipp inbox get side tat try all he said i i had a dream that this was going to happen so it's gonna happen feel free to run with this ok right how we that's unconfirmed wherewith what's it if someone had a dream that use good for boss in college i saw right now i would have one vote for new zealand breakers one vote for lakers one vote for you to learn languages and yet clippers one vote for bulls
it would be very satisfied with the glimmers area the eyes like i was actually first report by me if you can report that i did he's gonna declares well yeah you cause you don't want me to be right up our aim should be to get this which are seen until we get some will edited so i went by very fast will make you look good i bet this is who could i call blake circle blake by griffin gear i probably actual you should yeah i'm going to try to get to the bottom of his legs and enough jonathan better duenna com tell me already done where was jobs right now we're trying to break a story literally on air but its tape so bright briefly five days would you know where market is going layers of toronto
what we don t just we are literally interview shops and he's like bullshit marcie more she's got bought out and we won't let him leave the podcast studio until he gets the team so now working my sources that's what i'm here ok so we got one for lakers from lake do you know you have a job jerk rose numbering faced on women were here where are you right now i'm not with their ok are you with marcie sitting marquis for eagle marquise lakers i dont know you're not gonna give it sounds a lot like
i find i will thanks won't will put it will put your opinion into the poor who are trying to confirm it so i'll let you know also acres ok try this one vote one vote to make another vote counts as a source are your vote doesn't come so big ourselves up he says one stop shops as it up i hate uses was up average economic outside you i'm pissed i'll have the surrender intel fucking pissing i mean you gotta get a dude this is like this your entire reputation on line was ever do in time for the weekend evening food gonna great mexican place nice guy reservations everything philip ourselves and beneficial theatrical gunships having no i barely lunch at all
his eight thirty five chicken wings last night now pooping although yeah that's pretty good hanging on our yes very excited usually our predictions to lay prediction yeah i think it's gonna be fury who i think wilder's i just like both their last names like what a cool match up eight heavyweights fighters fury wilder wires yes i'm running late as everyone i know that my guard who do i know that i do think is the layers of that but i want all made all you want we're so am i know none of us are we why are you not be legally be get yourself in x yo mozilla iranian would you be regimes duties right here
ok good night i was i was i didn't think you did when i say i was like he saw so here's the story we're interviewing him and he i'm just saying i knew about our leaner more aid or he's freaking out right now so we got news about market more getting bought out and we told me can't leave the studio until he finds out which team and its bells like twenty minutes ago so he's freaking out and on call my sources and those like on collar scylla and he would end he like how to face as a goal which we believed herself so long or short words market morse gone i probably say western conference oh so that eliminates raptors now i have no idea i've got it like what could i role was it was it like hey that guy's awesome or was it no it was keep everything in the room you know i was now it was like anything between
it was car weird is more like you know what it was it was probably cello he's ok what's up its fifty iran is probably charms european mad and jealous big cat had your number because he thought tat he was your best zadig charms he won't answer you just taxes i'll try to figure out i i wouldn't say was a bad i roll it was more like a i think he actually might have now that i'm replaying in my head he was mad that i would tipp you off to marcie horse letting you get the to the scoop early an early in that world like i have information at times and every now and then i ll send out something or by think something's right or wrong popular gets out of hearing but i think you're twenty four set information guy you probably look down on anybody else the gypsy tell a new right is gonna like you around drab guy that then has to hear from my talk show host to four days before the draft as a global i love yeah you're like do you think you can watch me just read my mom droughts
maybe it's just like all my way way is the lakers confirmed he hasn't feel i agree that there is enough not runner therefore what i fuck leader in the cloud aside lotta nervous energy ok it's like you sit down i actually would yeah so is that without was shoves know that i keep everything oh how is it everything it has so i'm gonna do this right now bounty five hundred bucks you ever gets a scoop first can you call someone i could can you just go just call back and say a team and we wouldn't kill you just tell us through the goal wanna get it i want to turn the collecting requires clear goals
oh he was your text yesterday at school thing like that it still has to go to school hours tat were oh he does your sort schools are making for the idea as it happens you like an idea that somebody should somebody to interview with although it does dual we're just like hey how tough is it on your kid on reading this report from my june and man that's socks ah my yes so if you do hear anything i honestly think at this point shops is never getting the scoop like weren't damn it we're gonna go ahead of it though we said but we don't have the t nobody lakers we're really knows a front runner i need to run with the site i'm pretty sure i will i know you love out information guys because such obvious with each other is the bill to sort of hey guys coin occurs when they know it's the lakers but they can actually say it's the weaker yeah
through again below and enters the parasite in for me i was on a what's up at your door lab jobs in our lab but this by favours the parasite information people they don't actually have any good information and then like so many break light here's where he citing and then the person like two minutes later who had nothing to do with the story will say sources of told me the lock room i will do that wouldn't do that france railway workers oh man he's freaking out like this is literally then like twenty minutes that has just been stuck in our studio information it is brutal yeah lights i can't believe anybody take how long will ever says he can't do you ever govern no exact
has it arouses boy stuff i like if you leave you know when you leave the classroom for twenty minutes or yes and the same year the teacher of candidates we gotta talk it's the same thing if you're on a day like sixty was since we had news like he was in the deuce businesses how much did you ever go out like on quarter drop wednesdays in this group our sleep like financed not now fully engaged but for good porthos where you'd go to lie so it's for your own states europe your while this like college pop story like whenever like june we went on this region like dude you member when john salmon's someone's got bought out from attending contract owes me tells me it was a while this net we ve had given them these groups that are now beneath you to report
there are more there's some their lot now they're like you know how it is back in the interview your reinhard tagging along yours ass the real question ride you have any questions for sums see here while you really unprepared good night i don't i wasted for my one wish yeah see here we see is did russell west i really want to go home predators de rossa whispered proves how does computers in the nba because you when it lee and marquise crested applying s orders the question was weird though was like wise might antonia heaven the gate yeah that point in bali better off resting or silently register
we have to say though is the end of the story about we're term member this when marquis foreign markets tried to fight that do did fuck there mom that one you're their front office and i go well you see mean hiring john toxins brother and dug towns isn't getting younger smarter that seems parcel gather was personal he didn't actually respond that because he's got relationships i do not do are we able to get this right each year by year we might be able to say what was the end of the story about we're try remember this when marquis foreign markets tried to fight that do did fuck there mom that one i sort of dabbling in conversations about information but i meant to have somebody else
i will if you do here about where he's going please call back or tax so that we can be charged to the scoop it's now going on if you download this month in mind to the widest my dry like a day because illegal not to cut some only someone who would alleviate ryan get rid of all the draft text around like so support the roster now i've worked or else we get time this might take a day let us get back to you this is not yet i got a come on emerging alarm and magnify let's look let's look at who knows what is in ages gonna find out his cheetahs yeah
so we gotta figure out now this is working so now we gotta figure out who the lakers gonna caught and then we call that agent the agents of the players at her prime targets right doc caruso now not a kick it soon using all star yeah minas minutes you probably plays like less glowing wonderful funding is not guess what you looking away he doesn't play a tongue when they take you to your spotter were lost their minds that was a tuesday days of l a radio willoughby take a pay caught how will that often work if you like it seems a little early to be doing this that's like one heightened awareness signed john jay legacy is rendered meaning machado now feel hurt you
to get via no eventually bogot vibes like you're feeling just vibes the scoop right now you're like doesn't feel right it feels like it will take some time because the legs of the cut someone my experience i sometimes when the team as someone who cut it sometimes it takes the player a wild life finally met again gone tailing g g horton tucker here my cheek on him up right now is only twenty year because cook i mean i can't imagine a guard fuck i hope i've been so rated though transverse like last race and in everybody's got the sky but how is ready jacks play for letting right i wore covers i could stop yet has been great stuff so utterly but how much really keep i actually think if you
here from shams ever again we kidnapped them's thanks are there goes nowhere so what should we do now but if you were to guess you thinking like twelve hours on this one i'm guessing a few hours fewer hours or tat we can order some pizza we'll just staggerer piss breaks yeah don't like any value it yeah wrap it up is there any scooped as beneath you ah i was a beneath but more like you know at the authority we have so many writers now like for all these markets that you know the farmer will have a shared like kind of nervous attend data julie call upper right you know to it on trigly always try to near we have so me hardworking guys i wish i'd look of some do you ever get confused all the different types of contracts
this isn't a and b i guess that's that's us most confusing part of following the league for music like two ways and in ten days knowledge of yeah i used to be but not feeling i'm a pretty good by me i remember one time i reported that tony wrote and had agreed to a three year deal with the knicks and the funny part is it really wasn't my fault because thirdly the next at that point are being led by full jackson during a ghost getting it through your deal with it but the player but they can only offer two years so they occur two or three ordeal deal not knowing that they can only offer to and so that but i don't understand the contracts i believe the salary cap on him knowing all the next could only do two years year saw reported three that a bunch of you were my manchissima they going to do things to do and saw the conflict in a stupid had to go back fix it but now i feel like i've pretty understand do you agree with chris precise that texting india
on his grandmother sampling oh good question p of tea use asked about the question general could you could you say like i was texting with kevin durrant the other day but in reality we just him talk and shit you're screenings call you a pitch audience is its action i think you need poverty does need to separate the two out of her known as fair there i shops thank you proceeded maybe next time you can actually break some news now it's it's confirmed its the lakers workers lives ass an awesome that review sharm toronto was brought to you by palatine you ve probably heard palatine you are we talking about you ve heard of the genesis half time poets half time show it is women
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you you know that a guy has having like an ascending year when he starts getting the top ten top top ten league overall are they gonna say coastal braun dedicated unscrewing polemics protein there's that simply incredible and then when you have it in older guy that's about to become a free agent like whisper stuff into his area after the game that's when you know that you ve reached their link it up but he did get a new tattoo on his back huge tattoo god's will goswell no posh reno god's will god's will is god's will she is god's will he right but we have to ask for free god's will is jason tatum yes his would if his name was william
but actually be pretty sweet yeah i think it's great tat too but even if people thing it's not a great out to everyone when their twenty one you know that when people make bad decisions about how to use a surgery you know yet what are they doing no different than any other kid that's gonna be the the boston version of the sublime tattoo every kid that turns twenty is gonna get the gods god's will across the shorter by not zadig matters will bronze the chosen one on his back its studios online job a guy like that just because you got the chosen one tattooed on his back when he was like seventeen he doesn't want people caught him king died out o who came up with that king age well that's a shudder cleared out do to advise member when he had brought a jew change the numbers ages number causes want people to think a lebron james when they see lebron james junior away that makes a lot of sense so so he's he got his tattoo he arose and for online i notice because it was like poker
at the sides of yes to raising the plan that yeah that's that's what i don't like i don't like it poking besides either like the just like straight up be all tat it or how the calendar and business had also another boss nikon than afflux also has a creeping doktor to drag it right there sir snake majestic you mean i'm gonna be thrown away the guy as the biggest tattoos on your back there hey you're you're right is twenty one so why not go do it go get a crazy tattoo and maybe you can fill it out and thrown upon the good news is that you and put an apostrophe and assure you can it's easier to add that in an absolute have it taken would you think he's gonna at it i think so i think something will because he lay again he has talked important league like he's if he wants to be the best presently he cannot have dramatically incorrect tat s the kind of success the calendar and people like to know he had tattoos till he was like five years and they were all grammatically could they are yet
it has a w agassiz don't look at among its that's why he's gonna sign with the wizard stuff to spell check somebody's back they don't like make a programme for that that's true that's true and a really such for the tattoo guy who priority nailed it was like there's gonna be sick i get so much business from sleep he was referred to by brok ass well yeah so brok goswell men just kick and those of us what is your browser's hanging out right now with millions millions millions of dollars and just penguin and its public identity and stupid shit doesn't soup alright it's true so that's gonna call my seeing red jim boiling is addicted to calling time out with the bulls completely out of the game with like thirty seconds left it again on saturday night sack of got upset rightly so but the jubilant called time out with thirty seconds left down ten and when asked about it afterwards he said
is there a chance that maybe i'm more competitive in those situations i think i have to own that so is he just make him tougher to bet on or against well so he his line of thinking is the young team and you everything's a teachable moment and also the bulls had one random game where they came back from like down eight in forty seconds in november so he and his mind is like we're about to come back at all he also i think him boil and is so disgusted with losing he is a football guy in a basketball guys suit he so disgusted with losing i think he uses time at the end of a game to literally stop time to delay the inevitable loss i got you like he can basically say look it's almost like it's almost like the end of something i football when you're like i don't have to go back to work and is one sunday footballs going on it's overtime and senator football he's calling time out serbian like we haven't lost yet two things about that one i think
few call time out at the inn regulation you can get team to listen to you jeff their captive audience after the game no i'm not somehow to join the locker room and aid they do whatever they want so if he really wants a yell at somebody's i have to do it well we're still like on the sidelines the also completely tune me out the second is it's better to call to many time out setting a games and is not call enough then escrow by i take a look to catch up with you when you gotta use em up maybe maybe you want to make sure that no one can look back and i pay what what's that man the sun's when our fifteen o roon once called time out there what had one left he's he's he's basically eliminating all the incriminating evidence that he's a bad if you're if you're coach you want to be seen coaching as much as possible right so it looks like you're busy
that's actually a secret to work life and general yet always look busy so boil and by using time out he's making sure that at the end of the season car packs when they go back in the heavy analysis they do probably is how many time out centre coach you write that go he's been work our discharge he did have in the post game conversation he said that he talks of john packs and every day and john paxton was like yeah i love that your cochin them heart i dont think either those guys like pick their head out of the sand and see what's going on around them because jim boiling telling the media and by way of the media the fans that he has approval from john packs and who everyone fucking hates that doesn't really he thought he got us check bays like hey listen order from on high i'm on call time out ok see all you guys are fucking idiots yet not exactly the person you want to bring up as reference ad referendum know your audience right
am i lhasa before do monday reading we have a quick oh you think that was actually breaking news madison baumgardner has been participating in rodeos for the last few years under an alias what is it mason saunders saunders you think this is so fucking good and then he got so the sum of the athletic uncovered it and asked him about it and he wasn't really ups that that it like you would think the initial thought would be massimo gunnar saying hey impasse because now like a team could busy put as my contract can compete more they could take back some of the money if i get injured he just mad because his alias blown any can't just go and enjoy rodeo without being hassled thou do think he ever did
in a girl named mason saunders well problem has probably where he came up y know do you think he made his wife be want what was what was the name of the thing when we had lockwood in here member his mom and his aunts and his wife were already yeah what would they were suggest lockwood just not just one again by the way a fund will champion should remember that they were all the el did the same thing i don't remember but maybe road the client i do know it also assume i got time between apparently like the power couple of cause of fog look it up the look it up so either way i would imagine that they met mass baumgartner had his wife maybe be mason saunders and do racing barrel railway snares arising also my top airily everyone recognised what he was doing this but as part of the rodeo code correct say all kept silent there like we don't want to blow recover matters we know you doing this for the loved and deal with which he brevier
yeah dialogue deal the deal yeah you you just lie to deal you like the rest of us is partly style that the outside as one or stand so will keep your secret for you now i get so keep doing it madison everyone does look the other way he said that he can't stop because is just part of who you are his rope and rope and gaddafi ex facts artless finish with a monday reading what is w i bt wasn't me would i be the actual or would i be the as also is kind of a something like the mit asshole or whatever the other one is art so would i be the asshole is the the heading here it would i be the assholes i asked my five five the answer
the where man heels to our wedding na ok her own eyes good light is that's that's a little bit much wider depends on how to achieve here it's a little bit of contacts so me twenty four year old female my now fiance twenty five year old male had been together for three years i'm five three unease about five five and a half that's bullshit not down that up like random solidly five seventy five suspects come on since we're both short height has never been an issue for us when where my usual heels were about the same if maybe i'm an inch or so taller onto the issue as a bridle gift my grandmother gave me these absolutely beautiful jimmy chew high heels and where to my went by the way
am i knew exactly we also want a lot of exact rivers and five not grandma understand exactly what's happening here and she is sending you a man yes i love them and their deafening out something i'd be able to afford for myself so there are true luxury for me the only problem is that they make me about three or four inches taller than my fiance i note what matter to a lot of people but i can already hear all the annoying comments people making about me being taller than em when we first started dating a lot of people would say things like oh my god i can't imagine dating someone under six feet you guys like the same size plus how potentially awkward the photos could look from tower over thou be actually very funny i listen that you want to make it a memorable day you fucking get you look like thyssen fury fighting the anti wilder do that
are you making a memorable damage devon pull his pants up like melted nipples no fuckin smashes ear and have bleed out his ear cause if if you do pull your wedding pants up your nipples it will look like he has one leg yes that's a good strategy go out listen it sounds like your marrying mike bloom in which case you mike he's got enough cash where he should be able to afford some seamless heels how many in future years enough cash to have everyone have an nba at the wedding to not make those common that's true you're gonna get you can't discuss the wedding photos until they ve been photoshop how many inches can you get off a heel if your guy oh here we go how would i know i've never tried all right so i'm thinking about asking to wear platform dress shoes or those inserts for his shoes to make them taller that's called the airshaft he's but i'm worried he might be offended or feel like i don't like him for him but i'm also rate if i dont where the shoes might hurt my grandmother's feelings while this is really a tough one on the first grandeur
we'll get married in this wedding is huge deal for her my fiance is very comfortable and confident with himself and his height now but i know he is made fun of it far people made fun of it in the past and i'd hate to be the reason those feelings come back for him so would i be the asshole if i ask yeah i think you would be no i m j i changed my mind the fact that your five three tells me that you could go ahead and ass if you were five if you are told him already and you ask him to wear the deals say that your five six by yeah sure i seriously say you're five seven and you are wearing these hills are put you up to like five ten first of all that national move to be five ten above a guy who's like five i've been your wrath to be right and then you asking to where he was too i think that's more of an asshole move at this point it's like ha ha i'm short too but i'm wearing these here
do you mind it's actually a nice heads up it actually you don't even have to ask him you just have to give him the heads up ok i'm wearing these heels they make me five seven heads up let him decide if he wants cause is lousy as a heads up he can do whatever also came to sri lanka adds up she's gonna be true well unless it gets puff on their heads and lift gets what what if far why can't you just shave heels zack crazy catch a shave heal our heels work bridging regulation like put into delhi's like yeah right i think that land area and rain we absolutely you can save you will share my florio i'm gonna be wearing heels next weekend you're going to where you i'm in a wedding ex weaken and you're gonna win i think i'm gonna be a bridesmaid in in a zillion beers wearing yeah you're gonna where hills i think so actually i don't i'll probably unaware dress really yeah ok yeah
the major issue i have eyeing elsewhere not just thinking like this can be found yes we grow redress in vegas is actually we probably a great time greatly but a little extra money the bar if i m programme have to buy drinks varieties are shave yes but i might get addicted to it if i put out a pair high heels over some six feet tall that should be the high heels going to make everybody else where he was sure guys we're heels round make out i mean that would be an hour through our move if with pictures make ever come to europe if you're so self conscious with your height tat you start cross dressing just so that you can get taller like three inches twat if you do it like a would be you wore lifts in europe in your shoes that's a clown move if you were heels that's a i'm so cool there myself i'll give a far it's an alpha move right i will dressed up as well shocked me and be six feet tall checkmate i that is our show
we'll see everyone on wednesday we're gonna to be in india for the combine can hope to get a few interviews out of this out of that but we will see everyone on
let me guess jane
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