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NBA ROY Lauri Markkanen + Boston Marathon Winner Des Linden

2018-04-18 | 🔗

Tax Day because the IRS broke all their "computers" (2:20 - 4:12). NBA/NHL Playoff recap, the Bucks are broken and their coach looks like an accountant. Brad Stevens is a Wizard and Dwyane Wade found the fountain of youth and got his ass eaten (4:12 - 13:52). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including The Mooch and Brett Favre (13:52 - 28:01). Chicago Bulls Rookie Lauri Markkanen joins the show to talk about his first year in the NBA, what his nickname should be, and whether or not we can speak Finnish (28:01 - 48:55). Des Linden the first USA Boston Marathon winner since 1985 joins the show to talk about Marathon running and she let us make a bunch of jokes about bumper stickers and how boring running is (48:55 - 60:54). Segments include way to stay relevant Baseball because the season is too long, Hmmmm Pop vs Kawhi, Trouble in Paradise Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, Hashtag Hyphy and Guys on Chicks. 

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Today's part of my take. We have NBA rookie of the year Chicago Bull, Lori Marketing and the Boston Marathon winner, the first women's, american winner, since one thousand nine hundred and eighty five Dez Linden really funny. are you with both of them. We also have hot, see, cool throne and guys on chicks, in a little extra noise there before we get that devour offers premium frozen meals and sandwiches in a variety of craveable flavors at most freezer aisles have only dreamed of from ooey gooey cheese to tender, Angus Beef, spicy, sausage and crispy bacon, devour. Has a meal to satisfy every craving devours the first mouth watering, flavor inconvenience in the same box, try meals like Buffalo, Chicken, MAC and cheese. That's my personal favorite crispy, chicken and pasta shells swimming in a creamy blue, Buffalo, cheddar sauce with perfect amount of heat, all topped off with a crumbled, blue cheese,
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You know those meals you put in your freezer and you put your microwave. Nothing compares to the hours to do to get our the taste of your dreams. Let's go today is Wednesday April eighteenth tax thing again
officially tax day today, because guess what the IRA had computer problems on their double extension data send had one job IRS your computers. First of all, we all see right through this. There are still have computers
the IRS is, they have like the old chinese calculators advocacy of the abacus and they write everyday scribble. Everything down note you have to for every fax machine in the world is located at the IRS headquarters. If you send a fax, there is only one all roads lead to Rome. All fax machines get you to the Irish. Should you said that our fax machine is doing that weird and and that that sound is on all of our fax machines right now, so they're not working you get another day. Taxes, munch and the head of the Treasury is on the phone right now. So we're not able to connect to our internet or dial up awhile. You look you. I don't know how you found out, then. No, no, no mention Monon Chin. I have. I have made a conscious effort to not learn any names of anyone in the government anymore, so routinely you'll say like Oh this thing about Mueller, who is who fuckes call me call me Comy Mueller:
and there's one other guy. They could all be the same person by the way. Comi is my new favorite person since, since he's like come out with his book he's like he's, basically he's Lebron James he's, like a middle school girl, he's like going through all of his emotions out in public Like just saying? I really love my country so very deeply. That's the american dream, though you can do whatever you want politics. You could fuck everything up. You could do great. It doesn't really matter. You just write that fucking book after exact cash in and people are going to buy it. So good enough. You get a library want to preface this by saying. Yes, we haven't turned in our taxes yet because we got saved again, but also Big NEWS right now is the capitals game is in overtime. Yes, we got the tv on so we're going to break moves during the show it could either be heartbreak or big time win my money's on heartbreak, my money,
heartbreak as well, but we were going to break that moves live in the show. Let's also let's talk about: let's do a little NBA playoff, so the box stink, Brad, Stevens solution more of a wagon. Well, the the box think they should sit in the box. Brad Stevens is the best coach of the empties wagon. He is the best coach in the NBA he's considering going back to college, so I might go back to English, but it's pretty remarkable, like I don't I expect anything from a Brad Stevens Coach team. They just play so much smarter than everyone else, but on the other side for all you bucks fans listening out there. It is off to win a series when you don't even have a coach, their coaches, the fill in for Jason Kidd now have you seen. Have you seen this guy Joe Prunty? Yes, so Joe Prunty. He looks like the guy. You shake hands with a business meeting like the guy, they
they don't let him speak unless he needs to look up something on his excel spreadsheet jobs. Not he's not a closer he's, a numbers guy in there like all right entry into, Please go down the line and that's Joe prunty he's over there he's just going to sit in the corner, not speak. I actually think Joe Prunty is the guy that holds the clicker and when they say okay next slide yeah. The press is just watching it and then the a fox that job up two. He came on to yeah. He really does so he's the back up to the coach that had so much time was his that he was answering his office lan line yeah in the middle of the day, Joe Prunty, you you're, going to Joe Parties office to talk about your four. Oh one k and you walk out feeling awful about it. You're like whoo that guy's not doing a good job with my money. I probably should just put it all in bonds, Joe Prunty sounds like the guy who was assigned to be chasing kids, limo driver after Jason, Kidd gotta. Do you. Why did you also see on Sunday they had the box had like all four of their coaches are for Saturday. Whatever get day was that all
or their coaches standing yelling at the ref same time, big time hoops man is it on the sideline of the box. So I will take a step back in calling ya Nyssa hot fraud, which you know or hot, take guys I kind of want to, because you can't win a series you're hot fraud. In my mind what it sounds like to me. I don't have a coach, so you know it sounds like is john- is a coach killer, did he make Jason Kidd bad? Is he making prunty his prunty seriously? No member, he tried to save Jason KIDS job, he went. He went over there getting older said 'cause. He knew that he got him fired yeah. So now, Droprate he's making Joe Prunty, who is really the next Brad Stevens. Just look like an asshole I don't really know what to say to box fans except you just know it's bad when tony snow is playing major minutes in a playoff series, that's a bat that right there is a red flag number one. I'd like number two is that Jason Terry is still playing g. So there is it slowing, meaningful minutes and red flag number three is Joe Property, the guy who is like a middle of the road accountant. Is your coach yet Jason Terry,
is Perry else's dad. Actually, so that's bad news. You can still be sorry. I do you jet probably doesn't stick around if he doesn't do the jet. It's de only a thing for him right. You have. If you have a thing in life, that's just in in general, if you have a thing, you get a little bit more leeway, yeah, because people like that guys confident enough in himself to have a thing, and that is it that's the best part of the jet. Is I guarantee you on so on Friday when they play game three, if call the box will be down to nothing if jet hits a big first quarter, three he'll break out that she's going to jail break out the bag. If you break he, it's a big three to cut their deficit to nine two servers. Five hundred and forty five breaking out the jets Southwest airlines too. So yeah, that's a jet, it's more of a commercial airline. It's jet jet engine jump jumbo or the turbines, seven billion four hundred and seventy seven million four hundred and seventy seven thousand seven hundred and seventy seven remember when the seven hundred and seventy seven went down the Pacific Ocean and all the real airline gurus
call the seven hundred and seventy seven because that's what they call it now. If I was an airplane designer and I wanted the next big contract, I would just design a plan and call it like the seven hundred and eighty seven, because that's ten better do you. Member do you ever won the seven hundred and seventy seven went down an they release that Google Map I spent. probably twenty four. I remember the heck. I said twenty four hours searching the Pacific Ocean thing. I was gonna find thank you for service, yet your honor. I thought I actually circle the couple things are just in it being shot over a first on the filling it was thrilling now, just just going Box by Box of blue boxes in the Pacific ocean. Looking for that triple seven, did you get anything that looked like? Yes, I got a couple shadows. I circled you, you Markham! If you think it's something and then they they to it's like. Ok, I'm not an aviation expert, so you wouldn't know all right. The other playoff news we have Dwyane Wade is back playoff Dwyane Wade and all time throwback performance on Monday, so much so he's getting his ass eaten, probably right this second, so Gabrielle Union made it clear to the world that you're coming home and you're
the first before you even walk in the door that asses getting torn up my mouth, she was treating his derriere like a golden corral and she was she say like her home, because I got some wind for yes, yes, that is it's a her and takes her tongue and it's his bottle. Yeah cleaners are speaking of chubby cheeks. Have you noticed that when weighed his cheeks, he looks like he has the mumps yeah? He said because they are a little bit of a day. The cashier, though yeah they've got a lot bigger. It's like he's at a bunch of gauze study looks like is a dip in his mouth. At all times is a big shock. It probably is to get the taste Gabby's but other, and then Joe Joe did dropped a little bit of controversy on the Sixers by saying he hopes are he's sick and tired of being treated like a baby. I feel like that stuff to say when you have been injured one hundred times, Joellen bead, yes, yeah, that is tough, but I do
like his attitude, though, like what I've just waiting till they lose to throw his whole team and organization under the bus. His attitude of hindsight is two thousand and twenty yeah his attitude. He never lose if you don't, if you hold all your thoughts until after your team loses, and then you comment nothing what well that really came loose, so I gotta be honest with you, I'm like on pins and needles over the, but there's nothing like we do. Your team loses feels like Gabby Union has eaten a whole box of pop rocks and stuck her tongue directly and that's the pins and needles and feeling right. There's nothing like waiting to your team loses for the first time in eighteen games to then be like yeah the training staff. I don't so I guess should we kill the Sixers better without Joel Embid conversation think that's done
yeah I was really. I was in high ray contaminants. Yeah we got here. I was just gonna say it's great to see Kevin Hart get on like are so it's great to see a home, so get beaten down by the other. Holdouts is always great to see Kevin Hart. You don't see enough of them. He he looked like a ball boy, because he had the official Sixers get up on a look like a ball boy. Yeah yeah, it's tough! You can't do that Kevin. Are you can't where you can't wear the warm ups to a game when you're when you're Kevin Hart's height. What's great about Kevin Hart is he's done so many movies in the last, like three or four years that he's accelerated his career to the Bill Murray Stage, where he just thinks that he can show up places and it's funny yeah, but it is, and it's hilarious part of his heart, remember that promo and then you don't remember he got thrown in the dumpsters like fart out of my heart, it's great
welcome? I did see the movie, but if it was anything like that promo it was the last of the summer. Someone tell me what movie that is either. I don't remember what it is hockey Hank the Bruins lost yeah the nights look like a wagon ship pumping the kings, which might be wrong after the show is being taped, in their previous games that we can say, like the nights in the predators, are probably the two best teams the w will. Flyers are hurting themselves in practice, which is kind of nice to to remind Philly slow down. Let's slow down, ok, you need, let's see, Philly has had a really nice run, and I said this on Monday show I really like the city of Philadelphia, but I can't take cocky Philly
like that's a little too much for the world to handle, so, let's slow down till you can like not hurt each other in practice. Really slow down between the flyers and the 76ers, I think you can probably put away the light pole, Greece for the next couple of months and filling all right, although I do think that the 76ers have as good a chance as anybody to advance out of yeast yes, that's how bad the capsule, although the last and we should talk about the raptors one game eight, so they crushed wizards in game. Eight little theme,
for Washington's playoff. Everything there so they need to blow up the wizards. It's the match, your whole, so yeah, no, but don't know well. No, no, not that one hey. I did my job well, Hon, yeah, Hank you! If they blow up watching to see you're, not getting your refund yeah, true, they, the wizard, so like a virtually the same core and they'll kind of hate each other. Well, you could tell they all hate each other, which is so funny. Wizards have been in a loveless marriage for the past five years and it's been so obvious to everybody. Everyone's will this year, Bradley, Beal and John will actually like each other yeah. They haven't. They haven't gotten to first find the last week. Well, they will in the buses when they pull it, because they only they both get injured and then they'll play together and then when they do play together for one week. Okay, maybe this could work and then you know yeah, they hate each I think they all hate Gortat and they all well just kind of hate each other. It's a fun little marriage going, that's just DC in general. Does everybody in DC? Is somebody who's in like their mid 20s that Hey
everybody around them, because they want to get more money than that other person eventually on the health, that's DC in a check out my blog insider source on the hill yeah, it's anonymous, but I'm telling you about at this party, because I want everyone to think I'm really special. Yes, that's! Basically these every recession in DC, six sports, all right sure you do have to call her. Let's do it all right! Thank you. Wanna start my hot seat is Lebron James? not only is he about to lose to the pacers in the first round, which would be embarrassing for probably not his Barber shop show that he tried to sue Nick Saban over. Turns out. He stole the idea from someone else, and he is now getting sued by them. What's funny is Zuckerberg could end up being a human centipede of getting sued by people, because the barbershop concept has been around for oh, like the last seventy years yeah. So this could just be an unending parade of lawsuits. Gabrielle union in each other,
I'm, and I hope that it does continue. I hope you know who is suing Lebron. James also, basically, is a company that they were brought in to work with the Braun. They developed the concept for like two years, and then they say working on it and then months later, Lebron came out with the barbershop show, which is basically what they had been working on, so like straight up, actually stole based on having meetings with the person. Yes, but they flesh out the idea of figure out a strategy. Pitching in to various networks, etc, etc. Let's work on fleshing out this concept where a guy sits in a chair and talks. Ok, so if we're triggers were tracing it all the way back, Take a barber shop was invented, uh, stop. This is tough England, ancient Egypt. So we're going way back so salience yeah yeah, your local. Are you one of those guys? I mean the pyramids actually is for grain storage? What was why I watch the pyramids in Egypt and the pyramids and whatever the weather, the
It's on the back of a dollar bill with the eye and that's actually get S America yeah the Mayan Temple bar they built at the same time were they. I think so. I don't know about that. where two things were two separate things, but I think there are two giant pyramids simultaneously built because they say it's pretty simple. Hank ever ever heard of the concept of Pangia yeah. We used to be all one continent and South South America and Africa were actually joined, so they re. They were neighbors yeah and and I mean the egyptian pyramids- were just a way to keep jewish people busy so Pharaoh is just like. I need something to do to keep these guys busy build these fucking rock piles. You can say that yeah, I could say yeah yeah. I can't I mean it's historically accurate pay, for it was a real mother fucker. He was let my people go up, or else you got. My cool throne is color rush. Ok, I don't know if you guys saw this but Notre Dame Indiana put it Color rush baseball game. Today, it's a beautiful sight to see
learning wasn't all Green Indiana was already. It looks like the jets first bill. It was it was it was. It was so good yeah. I also heard that Indian as coach yeah football coach threw out the first pitch yeah and he did it with a football, not a baseball, yeah, so big time for real nice. Real nice is that it yeah all right. If you would, you got okay, my hot seat is saying suck my dick because is Brian Boyle, redefined locker room talk yesterday, the New Jersey Devils, an he told another guy, I'm going to fucking, kill you I'm going to fucking, kill you, which is one step up blocker, but you can say suck my dick and then above that is I'm going to murder. You just like two sides of the same coin to embrace debate. I'm going to fucking, kill you and I'm going to murder. You are two very different things: yeah yeah, I'm going to kill. You is just that's just that's just talking text between the boys and then you say sorry, but I'm going to murder you that
it's probably going to murder yeah, but I would say that a morgue is even more of a locker room than like trail. So that's the ultimate guys being dudes just put hang out naked, yeah balls everywhere. It's exactly what that is so yeah saying suck. My dick is on the hot seat. also NFL cubes yeah on the hot seat number one, because Tom Brady got drawn up in sketch. What by Stormy Daniels, so Stormy Daniels said that somebody threatened her and her child. Someone connect, Donald Trump, allegedly and they released a police sketch today and it looked exactly like Tom Grill. Actually, it looked exactly like DOM great. Are you sure yeah alright
and see this yeah you have. You have heard about. No. I haven't heard about this act like Tom Brown Woven Twitter. Every single person on Twitter make seasons Axiom Joe Sexy exact same and all we need is Rick Reilly come over the top and do it tomorrow. Yeah well, not tomorrow, is being generous yeah and the other reason that fell quarterbacks on the hot seat is because MIKE a hide, his defensive back on the bills. He came up with a new idea that actually makes a lot of sense about finding players for how much the home it hits. He thinks that court max should be fined for their receivers getting hit in the head. If the quarterback leads them into danger, I don't but I actually like that, a lot the quarterbacks make all the money anyways. So if you're Roger Goodell you're looking for a whale like a whale, and I could see now yeah, why are you targeting like a second string safety when you could go for big fish like a quarterback. I like that I yeah join. A lack, could put Roger, give those kids to college yeah who is going to be in jail, yeah, bad bad news for and my cool throne is the NFL ratings. So what yeah?
so they've been in some trouble. Recently, we've been trying to protect the shield, but they figured out a genius way to improve the ratings of the draft. They want every single network cover it like it's a presidential debate, so I have every work. She had a draft. And have them all have their little desks talking about draft picks, and then you combine them all all the. Accent, although I need to make a rate, if you don't let anybody watch any other channel beside the NFL. That's a really good way to narrow down your true. Okay. I'm in
yeah. This is that we should have thought of this yeah, but the info on every station yeah I volunteer to be on true tv. They they put on every station and they still ban you from tweeting clips about yep it'll. Be me joy for tone and all the guys from impractical jokers retain Greta Van Susteren, yeah yeah, perfect. I like it. We got our own app that she's doing it on yeah. That's sure to sorry I give the sorry hey. Did you hear about the sorry? This is ground. Breaking yeah get Greta Van Susteren. She invented her own app, the real person yeah yeah, because so many people do find person good talking about not talking about the great is legal mind of our generation. Greta Van Susteren invented rap, because so many people are getting into trouble in the public eye these days
There needs to be an app in her opinion to just apologize, and so then you can log on to the app wait is yet to the good part. You can see the person's apology that the upload directly to the app and then you can vote on whether or not to accept our apology, yep wow, yeah yeah, you got to say about it. Yeah you can now do you have Michael, I think still beta is always going to be if okay, an app that's just apologizing. Of course yes- and it's just the yeah- I like it, though you can a apology, accepted apology, not accept its groundbreaking to start just apologizing for random show. Like I cut somebody off when I was going on the subway today, someone that to yeah male female, I think this mill We knew less about the wow way to assume his gender. I, as I interpret him as a male, ok, be careful. Alright, my hot seat. I got two of am this is Brett Farve. So did you guys see that Brett Farve tried out for the Monday night football job and was so bad that they're like no thanks? I don't know, I don't know how
bad you have to be for it to get leaked that you are so bad. They didn't want you, but that's what Brett Farve did and then he went and tweet it and said. Actually I had a good conversation with them, but I don't really feel like taking the job, so he took his name out of it. Ok, I don't know. If I want to pursue my career in broadcasting quite yet yeah I want to get a little more senile and a little less. You know this is actually kind of ironic by trying to thought a little more lucid. I was talking about Brett Farve, losing history and I thought that's how they get you far. Harbor just made me hard. Maybe it was like a dress code issue not allowed to wear crocs in the booth yeah. That absolutely could be. That could be a deal. Breaker for bringing also maybe there's a pants in the world and Jon Gruden had It was shown his phone every now and then
in the past year Monday football. Maybe there's nervous about that. They just don't want Brett flipping out his phone. You don't know, what's going to show up absolutely hit people zoom in and then its regular size. What's news Hank capitals got a penalty, color switch I can turn a power play only take cash. It is just one man advantage. Ok, that's more minutes left, that's that's kind of dirty for you to break in, and it's only like this. Do you have to sweat this one? Alright, my other hot seat is Nick Sabin and fetish for hiring failed SEC, coaches so The news broke that over around January, Nick Saban was actively trying to hire Hugh, freeze and the SEC said: don't do that because who freezes so toxic and he he basically listened to the SEC. Commissioner and there's
one less failed, see coach Nick Saban can bring in his doghouse an whip around on the sidelines in the fall as an intern yeah. Well, that's the best part about this. How I think Butch Jones feels right now, because not only is an intern but he wasn't even the first choice to be the end. He was behind you for all the ladies behind the guy who who do who basically ran one of the dirtiest crickets and what what he had prostitutes. He had his fake funeral, which is still in all time, football not move, but that guy was gonna, get hired as an intern before you before puts jobs, yeah dot, o I'm sending it out. I'm saying that his fans of the kid the cal look like use a lot of the bar. I'm staying a little bit work on this too, but I think this is just an x even with you freeze. because do you really think that Nick Saban would let the SEC Commissioner, Tom who and who he can't hire ah
I feel like Nick Saban falls, falls. Those type of rules- I don't know bout also you might have been- might have been this actually segues nicely to my cool thrown. It might have been a smokescreen 'cause smoke screens on the cool thrown, it is smokescreen season. Yep we got a load of them. Going on, we got Josh Allen to the browns could be a smokescreen. Baker may feel to the jets, could be S. Oh screen, giant, Sekwang Barkley. Basically, if you I have a pick in the top five. Everyone will just assume whoever you're talking about is a smokescreen. My favorite has been the last couple years when the browns have the number one pick and they just start smoke, screening themselves, yeah and there's no reason to issue so they're doing right now, like number one, I know they're doing it right now. Josh Allen, like everyone, thinks they're going to take SAM Darnold, but they're, making a lot of moves for Josh Allen, everyone says they like Josh Allen, but it's a smokescreen and they have the first pick yeah, that's what's so nice about being the browns. Is that you're so incompetent that every move could be a smokescreen? Yeah you're smokescreen?
off the base, the hot box themselves out of their own facility yep, and they just don't know where they are going to be careful that river up there too many open flames? Jack true, are my other cool throne is sugar daddies in New York City, so our friend Anthony Scerra Scaramucci? The mooch turns is running a little sugar, Daddy Factory, down at his restaurant. So he was, I guess, there's a did you hear about this thing. He has night at his, he is claimed and I'll take his word for it. 'cause he's the mooch mooch he's a mooch and we love the mooch but he said he has nothing to do with it, but it happens at his restaurant, twenty five rich older men, wine,
nine, thirty, five younger women and if love happens, what happens and they have to pay them for their time yeah. So that's fine, but if it's just love yeah you ever been in love. I have been yeah it's and I I don't see a problem with that like it so his skin listen. These people are going to find women to pay to hang out with them, no matter which White House former I secretaries, rice that they're at okay, my friend might as well be Scaramucci. My favorite part about scare me she's, the mooch is restaurant. Is he named after John Gotti's restaurant? That's great does little to put a cap for you, yeah he's a lot la Familia Que in house knocked our thing. Do you know the mood yeah all right, let's get our interview, so we have two interviews: they're, both probably very different than what we usually do. Lori market in the bowl, rookie phenom speak a lot of English, but had a lot of fun with us, and I think we loosen him up a little he's, a really nice guy. He came into the interview on his own time. No pr or anything like that really fun guy to be around
but again doesn't speak English, but he got through it did. I don't think he hated us is good and also we spoke some finish back to. It was sort of respect him and then the other one is does Linden, who just won the Boston Marathon first time in a may, Birkin has won the women's race since one thousand nine hundred and eighty five and she is a lot cooler than I gave her credit for because she got us basically make fun of marathon runners for the entire time and laughed about it was like yeah, I'm the best. So I don't really care anymore, like you make fun of all the people behind me, you're, not really making fun of me. So those two interviews coming up before we get to that everyone we're switching to the cash at the cash app is the simplest way to pay people back friends, family coworkers. Anyone really sending and receiving money is totally free and fast and most payments be deposited directly to your bank account in just a few seconds the cash app. Let's you do way more than that. Now you can even buy and sell Bitcoin instantly, get your paycheck deposit
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all right, we now welcome on rookie of the year Lauri Markkanen from the Chicago Bulls congrats on winning rookie of the year. I appreciate that yes see there, we go he's accepted the award. That was the shortest acceptance speech of all time. Yeah before we started. You said I don't know about that, one in the work of the year and we said well, you got to believe it and if we just incept everyone and get you in the conversation, then will be good. Then I must thank you. Ok well done. You're welcome, alright, so we actually have to start. I have to start with a confession, for you. Are you ready for this? We went to the PAC Twelve championship game. Last year you were playing for Arizona Morgan.
The S word might have come out a couple times: Softap yeah, probably yeah. You only have one rebound, so I said this guy is going to be softap and then you basically proved the whole world wrong. Five hundred rebounds this year and your rookie year. So I want to apologize for that. I probably racially profiled due in the PAC twelve championship game. It's all good! I think a lot of people did yes so, but you also got us the over in that game. Yeah. We had put a lot of money on the line and your points help budget the edge. So thank you again. I don't know if it was my points 'cause. I only had eight well the account yeah. I think so count every point counts. Yeah. I did notice that you are growing your hair out since the last time we saw you play so are you waiting for somebody to win a Superbowl or when are you going to cut? It will figure it out? I don't have a plan
Add ons gonna, I'm grown. Might not too. I don't yeah. I guess again so though I like, I like the the early for they are gonna, I'm gonna bring back the headband simple. Yes, yes, absolutely so so the even though I I thought you were softer than you became my favorite bowl. How was the adjustment from you know, college to your rookie year in terms of playing physical and and kind of proving everyone wrong when it comes to that stuff and just had a hungry mind sets is coming in and knowing that people think you're soft, because I mean I'm from Europe right yeah, so european just strikes against yeah. That's right! Yeah! I know that's there, so I trust trying to play my game and try to prove people wrong, yeah, all right. So can we talk about your nickname because I called you baby Dirk when we drafted you when he got from me now yeah, so you don't like the dirt comparisons, correct
I heard that a lot, but I don't like to compare people. Ok, so Lori Bird is out yeah, I'm pretty good it's a pretty good one, yeah Lori Bird just try it on for a little bit about what about the Finn. Reaper. Oh, that's the first time I heard that that's pretty good yeah yeah, ok, Huckleberry Finn! If I don't even know that book. No, it's problematic now, actually don't read it. What about what about the finisher, I kind of using that too ok I like that. Have you ever thought about? Maybe an adaption of that and be like. You can finish anywhere, just not my hair, yes okay good one way, and maybe that will you also need to you need like a Dolph Lundgren like catch phrase, whenever you have the somebody around yes remember when you block that shot off, Steph Curry's face finished, yeah yeah, you you've been finish. Yeah you've been,
finished or I just finished on your face yeah and then it's just like blood sport like going off of the mortal Kombat yeah. Exactly that's exactly what we need to do, I mean I've been using the finished with two ends, so I almost think that it's actually spelled with two ends: I've been using that someone yeah we're not we're, not tellers, not spellers, so that one yeah but I like that though we shouldn't what was the? How is the mortal Kombat? Was it just you been finished finish him finish his post, so we needed that finish him yeah and then I'm going to make it a shirt. Can I use your likeness? Please yes, that was employed at said, have you do you have a nickname in Finland and I really don't have a nickname, so I'm kind of been waiting for someone to come up come up come on particular and then you can finish people. I think that's, I think that's the one we gotta go with or you could just take the tarantula since he threw that one away. He said I'd rather be with
service yeah. He said yes, so Kevin Durant abandoned tarantulas. You can squat on that. If you like of the fit me, though I mean I don't I don't know we can just we can yeah what did it fits just as well as Kevin Durant, something I guess, Durant part, but everything else that makes okay the finisher yeah the phone's been riven reaper and then he finishes yeah in the face. I like it, what who's the who's? The heart, yeah. You had to guard this year. The girl raw did you yeah and- and I I mean He'S- got soft like he cries a lot right. I wouldn't go that far you need. Is you need Joakim Noah to come back to the bulls and give you tips on how to get in his head 'cause. He would always be able to get into Lebron's head so that Lebron would score like forty points and not fifty is pretty big yeah. It was a huge upgrade everything I'm just getting fat as shit like Shaq could be that you could be the White Shack if you've got up to like three hundred just sort of throwing your body around. That would be kind of awesome.
yeah. I mean the journey to get. There would be more fun than the destination just get to eat, whatever you want for like a year. What's the? What's like that, I don't think you're going to do it. Look at me, yeah, I'm pretty skinny. I think I could put how much you want right now to this two thousand five hundred and twenty five. Ok, I could put seventy five on in here yeah. It might, red yeah. We listen to your training. I will yes, I was raised, how do you rate at a Mcdonald's for a year yeah and you just live in a condo? What's the what's the number one finish like meal? Is it a lot of fish yeah we fish cloud, latte timing, food literally when my favorite is mashed potatoes and mass rape dear that's my feeling that gets a little chunky. I have never seen a fat also yeah, with eager from Finland, Yeager Meister Odd did mark. I think there are many same thing. I know I don't
drink alcohol. So I don't know you don't drink any alcohol, you, alright, no vodka, never tried. Do you get mad that when we just like confuse all the scandinavian countries for each other, like I just assumed Norway, Sweden, Finland, all the same thing, okay get that love had. I was like a the your like angry underneath as a sweetest person. I take great offense to yes. Yeah do you were the fastest? Two hundred three pointers were you? Are you have like a plaque or anything for that? That's a pretty big accomplishment, no id, no even those things, but I guess the gift, that's from everything. So yeah good answer is like I mean I wasn't even keeping track of the
stats. You had no come on now. I didn't know until just now nine zero. I do after the game when all the media people just gather round me out like what did I do yes, yeah? What? How do you? How do you? How is your like relationship and with the media? You know going from college because college they don't let you talk to the media yeah, it's only like press conference rate, you get picked and right the end I have to after every game. I mean it's more of a kind of person that once I get comfortable, then I started like talk with them more and stuff like that. So I think I'm my first rookie year was my rookie year, was kind of right kind of don't say too much, and but I think I'm getting better at it. Just. having fun with it? Are you comfortable right now? Yeah? Ok, I can say whatever you want by the way it's podcast well, so you can swear and finish if you want not in american muscle. Finished swear swear, word hello
I swear I'll. Look it up later. Ok yeah. You actually had an interesting career path to get to the NBA. You could have probably gone straight from playing overseas in Europe into the NBA, but you chose to go to Arizona for you. What was that decision making process like? For me? It was just learning as much possible. I don't. I knew I wasn't ready. Maybe if I get drafted I don't know if I would fly to at all 'cause I mean obviously before that I was just playing overseas. So I knew the game was different in college and I think that was the way to go to get to the league. So where you upset, We got to the NBA, you got to take a pay cut from planners on better than that yeah. That is a cheap shot. That is now he's not called. I had to do so. I had so art of I've heard that joke a lot have yeah. No that's the first time that he's heard it yeah the tallest bluntly. That one are you the tallest person in and finish history?
Actually I have. I haven't met taller finished years ago, so you might be that's more impressive than one hundred and three pointers I don't think I am, but I think that makes you the king is the king of Finland now. They got rid of that our prime minister. What is it yeah at present US president? Okay, all right. What other sports did you play it right, yeah? What is it president is good. President? Okay, I can hear what what Well, why did you assume is ahead? Oh I'm sure it is it yeah, but it could have been a hard. No, he said he's a good president yeah. Well, he she we had a sheep yeah yeah yeah did. I saw veep yeah she's, very oh yeah, that's right! Yeah, would've sports did you play grown up, please! Tucker you brother yeah, so I have to mention like this man could ever look at your brother in like come on. Man play a real sport. 'cause he's a professional soccer player right yeah he.
is he he's the oldest one, so he kind of chose chose the sport got it. We kind of me and my other brothers just went kind of different path, but you're both your parents play basketball, yeah, so yeah. So what is your older brother not have hands? What happened what would happen there are maybe had friends there. I don't know. Ok, I mean I know soccer's phone, so I mean like we call football. Well, I onus I own a soccer team, so you're talking owner Swanzey EPL in her room now did did you? Did you ever stop to think I get relegated, you could be the best goal, keeper and and soccer his or her came a large one. He played gold. when he was what has gone up in that area. Yeah. It was like a world class school. You could been the best ever. I never thought of that. Well, maybe, if possible, to work out yeah. That was it. That was a trick question and you you accepted soccer as possible to clean
So we put the S word back up. Yeah I played soccer, and then I used to play hockey with my friends a lot. Ok, oh wow, seven! So like his damage being being a goalie in hockey this nice, if I wasn't seven feet so I know we're gone that crap yeah how's it laying for. I was pretty good at it too. Were you with this issue, but now I was a goalie in Spain and hockey yeah wow. That's why most of the crazy! You probably work nights like yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, big time. What what's it like playing for the finnish national team in basketball? You guys just get killed by everyone.
Yeah, I I think I good of ours, have you no think be like when you get back there? I don't know I've heard a lot. I've heard a lot of people. A lot of people are talking.
Army of, but I'm not, I really don't know what to expect so. I'm gonna get you might be president. You may just show up and they're like yeah I haven't. I haven't heard of that. So I mean you're, always hopefully not I'm, not at the king richest Guy tallest guy, you might be friends. Actually I learn some finnish. I have a question for you: Coca own Voice, hey Lebron, tied Jordan, you better, say: Jordan, yeah, I'm going to coach it yeah, that's bullshit! You wanted to say Lebron. We didn't want to say look for those of you at home. I just asked who's the goat, Lebron or Jordan, and he was going to say Lebron James House, think about it. Just obviously, Jordan still is but mean it was
Oh when I was growing up. I was more watching Brandon 'cause Jordan play anymore when I start watching basketball. So I don't know I didn't see Jordan play yeah. I think yeah just say Jordan. How is my finnish accent? Was a good house surprising, good, ok! Well, let's play a game. We play this game with everyone. It's called you say something in finish and we try to guess what you said. I'm going as well not really woman, yeah you're going to be rookie year this year. That's right! Yeah! right, go go for another one. Analysts say hey, I mean I'm not really will have no you're just speak gibberish and we wouldn't even now the I give up our guest. No, I don't want ranger with my mashed potatoes that time. That's not the big yeah yeah is nice. What do you want to say? No, I said pretty cool part. Podcast go! Ok! Thank you appreciate that
who's, your favorite team, mate on the bolt. Everybody oh ok, that's the media's yeah and now we're not going we're, not media. So go ahead. I mean come along with everybody, but there's obviously the guys who spend more time with wood death itself question last time I said pole, sitter and Kris Dunn was right next to me so well, that's smart! Just keep saying different players on every time. You do media and then just spread it out. So I can say Chris done this time. Yeah, I think he's my favorite is campaign. He's great! That's a good name! Yeah! Well, he's great! I know just throwing out there since
got traded technically for Jimmy Butler. Does that mean that you're, a top twenty player in the NBA? You guys said I'm the rookie of the year yeah. So there you go was there at any point when the bulls- I don't know how much you know about the post, but is there any point when you got traded for the balls that you questioned whether you're a good player or not 'cause you're, like oh bulls, just traded? For me, it's a loaded, question It's very low doesn't want to question you didn't know where it was coming: yeah yeah! Well! No. I got when I do that one for a long time ago wanted out yet for a long time, but I yeah you don't dance right had to say it out loud.
At times I think that, like good enough to play there- and I think I've stews stuff, I do everyday. It's worked hard and I think once the game actually started and you get to play, I think this kind of kind of relax I can be here but right what's the is still some room for me in the rookie has almost over right. What's the one thing you're a we work on your off season because everyone says you got to you got to pick up one thing on your game in the offseason. What you're one thing you're going to try to get better at playing the post? Okay, get fat yeah eating! If you see that yeah, if you need help, I can teach at about looks out so I bought you out I'll. Go he's training camp. Yes, that's right! Yeah! Well, between the two of us. We can really turn into library comes through that ask Karl Malone tagline show up one hundred pounds heavier but you're like a coach watch this. I guess I could throw my apps into people and then you call yourself big country, and he will love it. Yes, yes,
we can. We ran this. We can work on this. This is working. Alright, let's see question put in promo code. Uh, take you get ten dollars off your siki purchase. If you want to go to bulls game next year, your favorite movie is Borat right. check how many times you've seen it. I would say around twenty frames: wait wait, wait twenty times to see a movie yeah, that's not no that's I mean the whole thing. Memorized anymore, I've been watching my three months. Hi, I'm Bob! I did remember all allies like I could you could say I really like yeah. Well this one, my life, that that suit is black nots. Yeah, that's pretty good yeah! That's that's borders! A lot of stuff died on the movie a
I like, but I can't really say yeah. I thought I heard what I needed and loose like a lizard yeah. We can say we can. What out what type of coach is Fred Hoiberg as he should have. You played you animal house, yet he likes to play that movie. Now it's real relatable to like Bolivia, but at what? What type of coach you see. I like him as a coach he's little different that I had for I mean he he sweats less than John Miller. So
yeah every everyone's less I mean I've seen the picture of your coach mode. To I mean I like for for a lot I mean, I guess, a little bit different colors and I've had I've only had a coach that mean fracking get mad and like could come at you, but like he's more approachable he's a players coach yeah, so this is kind of a serious man. Both both styles work right right right. I think that I think his style. Probably, if you look at the NBA coaches, that most NBA coaches are more player coaches, because they know these guys are professionals and they're adults and they don't really need to be yelled at like they get young man college being people know if they make mistakes right right, yeah, absolutely. What was the bigger difference for you coming over and playing? You know the international game coming to Arizona or making the jump between Arizona and the NBA here so get pairs on it too. So yeah, you have again yeah yeah, probably international, really, okay, what what changes did you make or did you have to like adapt to a new game coming over from overseas players being more athletic? I remember a soft yeah. I kind of I remember one that we have
first pick up, and I don't think I thought the boy one time with just big guy running and getting the rebounds and guards to shoot. Well, yeah, that's I mean that's pickup hoops in America, white kind of get the ball just run up and down back and forth. You don't get the ball. You have to create. Your first shot make your first shot. Then they might pass so they trust you yeah exactly actually your! I. I think I missed my first one. there you go. That's it there, like, you, are somewhat ordinated, yeah yeah, exactly why you're so no pressure on the next? Yes you're, not getting in it yeah you're, not getting an actual until the game until everyone leaves and and new new game starts. As you like you like american music. No, no, you don't! I don't listen to music, you listen to any music. You don't drink woody Do you do play video games watching? Ok, you play fortnite. Now
What what do you play play? Nhl play call of duty? Oh, what's your favorite color duty map? I don't have. Are you sniper yeah? Oh you, mother, fucker, I'm not camping, though ok you run around instead, so you're, actually good 'cause, I'm not anymore after I kind of stopped playing moved to hockey yeah! That's actually I mean that's yeah coldplay you anytime in hockey or call of duty and Asia. Oh wow, alright. Well, then, I guess we're going to play. What do you play on Ps4, yeah yeah? I thought you were rocky like that, once you get a real man's console and play some xbox, one Why does everybody play Xbox in America because it's it's like it's? You go overseas and everybody's place. If you don't, then Bill gates shows up at your house. It's like the kitchen you're, not you play basically every game on easy level. I play on hard come on we're patriotic. We support american companies,
Oh man, let's see do you have any other questions? Pfd! Oh! No, I think we're good yeah. I think we are still. We got the Finn, reaper and you're going to finish him. You're, not softap, and your brother is so that's a good. That's what I got yeah no way you're quite also D Andriy got paid more than you. Are you mad about that? Okay? Here's! Your question, I don't know, Let's say that who's, your NHL team Blackhawk. You play the Blackhawks an NHL. I hope you didn't update the rankings this year yeah. What year is it? Are you playing with the schools, two thousand and thirteen? If you just keep updating all stick with NHL seventeen? Yes, exactly at least stay with that yeah, alright, well rookie of the year will be marketed. Thank you very much. We appreciate you joining us. Thank you. So much
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okay, but no days off, yeah yeah a lot of days off the wall three weeks at all, just that beer, any burgers and all the stuff. I didn't do a lot of training. Well, that sounds great yeah get messy okay, so the other big question is: what did you eat after you finish, I had well immediately after like Frost Chicken broth soup, because it was freezing, absolutely freezing and then went over to the fun stuff, and I had a dog at Fenway and a beer, and then it turned into a kind of a more of a liquid dinner delegates. Sorry, liquid dinner, I'm so all right! So we're we're not runners and I'll, be totally honest with you. I find running pretty boring. How do I mean? Do you get bored? You have to get bored yeah yeah. I love competing at a long running competing interesting yeah. Well, so how do you? How do you keep your brain occupied while you're running, I think when you're racing you're just dialed into what the competition during how the body feels? Are you doing the fluids right all of the stuff on the course I,
I want to just training runs just regular dogs quote unquote. I run with other people so that they can entertain me 'cause. It is it's like you have to get used to the monotony of it, and one of the hardest parts is just learning how to be bored for that log weight. So that's interesting! So when you, when your training because I always just assumed marathon runners at least a week marathon runners. They have that like if they have that feeling inside their body, that if they don't run, they like their day, isn't complete and that enjoy running. But you're saying it's the exact opposite that you almost treat it like a chore um. Everyone is different. I think I'm kind of an oddball. I don't like the the
between gays, like that, just that training run, but I always had a hard time with that. I love competing where you're going out just running it's harder and harder chest in yourself like that part, I love it now. It happens to be in running, but when I'm done with running all I'll figure out another outlet where I can get the like with myself. That makes sense. So what night we tried for night? What's that it's a new video game that all the kids are playing? Maybe the second after that yeah, do you ever get tired, just in general, just in a day just from just going through life. Like I'm tired right now, and I woke up at nine- I, like Dick around a little bit, I scheduled this interview yeah and that's pretty much it and I'm exhausted. Do you ever just get tired all the time I mean, I think people think reason energetic people runners were running as an excuse, like I gotta get a nap in I got to get by. I can't go to the grocery store, isn't tired, so you have selected for me. It's just it's exhausting and then use it as an excuse. The day is your quote. Unquote. Rick
but you're kind of just being lazy, walk, really slow it like with slowest walkers hello. I like that. It's like a like a husky, a husky dog. If, if they're not running, they just sleep the entire day, yeah, that's probably pretty perfect, I think I'm a marathoner, I just I'm just a marathoner who doesn't run no you're you're you're. Marathoner development, yeah yeah, your mirrors on your marathoners, never just been to a dog park. Your owner has taken drug, so how many pairs of shoes do you go through a year? Oh, uhm. I I'll throw her out after four weeks, so mean twelve training, shoes for sure, and then we go through racing flats a couple of those, but I'm sponsored by Brooks. So I'm pretty flipping with how I use them, Ok, it doesn't dirty. I don't want him anymore and it broke since we mark them. So what would you say to that? Would you say to the average, let's hypothetically say like we're, not we're, not these people, but what would you say to them,
urge person who's a marathon haters like anyone could do that. It's the most boring thing ever. You literally just run every On a does a marathon these days, blah blah blah, it's so damn stupid again, not something I'd, say something someone might say um, I would say: try it just try it. You know, open up, sounds bad, something that sounds like a lot of work sounds like honestly. It sounds like a lot of paper work I don't like registering for thing. That's a lot of work in advance, doing like a training regiment that have to plan out your four months in advance. Yeah, that's a lot of work. What what I'm here? Here's a question about the race! What, at what point did you know that you had like a lot? What
Did you know that you had more than everyone else out there on Monday, um super late? So in twenty eleven I was in a sprint finish down Boylston and I lost by two seconds and that's kind of haunted me forever. 'cause. You have twenty six point two miles to get the job done and I waited till the last second, I'm a bit of a procrastinator, so that was haunting me the entire way and never looked back and never I just assumed that someone was running me down, probably about ten seconds from the line I was like. I I think I want it. I'm pretty sure I got this today. Is late cd? Even look back now. I have yeah. I didn't because I just didn't want to now, because it was on the tv in our office and you had it like mile twenty two yeah. I know it yeah I wish I had yeah Yeah you would hotdog delay you I saw I walked by the tv. I wasn't actually watching the marathon no offense when I walked by the tv, and I saw
like everyone is like Teslin. First, american and you had the second place person to second place. Person was struggling like laboring and you look like you were just having a walk in the park. That's good, I'm glad I played it up. Is that it's not how it felt now. big thing against. Well. I've convinced myself in a lot of different ways, why I'm not able to run a marathon, but I think maybe the biggest obstacle I would have to overcome is I have four nipples and that's twice the chafe edge, and so I just don't think that my body was built to be a marathon or would you agree well yeah? That's a lot of extra money on band AIDS, yeah yeah you're going to go through with the packs more often but uh. You know I would say what would Danny Woodhead do. There's a guy who you know he's
odds are against him, but he shows up and he gets it done, he's a little little engine. You could that's how he gets injured a lot, though. How many yards is a marathon 'cause. I think he's accomplished akarere marathon. Maybe I'd have to do the math. yeah, I don't know either picking a day. Do you ever play real sports me yeah, a football Soccer yeah, nice, Jogo Bonito. How are you? What was your game like? I was pretty good, but I'm a little small. I had to just go into the box and take the fouls, which was bad for my money yeah, but that's how I played soccer just take the hit this. Let me rinse twenty six six minute miles. I couldn't run one seven minute mile let alone twenty six on top of each other? That's I mean I make fun of marathon runners, but the elite ones. I gotta say you're like the you're, like the tenth most interesting sport in the world.
very big. If, yes, I was a big moment, was it not yeah credit to be careful here, how you see that there's a really good question. If you were to start doing like a Forrest, Gump thing and just start across the country at you, know like a nice leisurely, will call it like a seven minute mile or an eight minute mile yeah. How far do you think you could make it um? I don't ever wanna run over fifty miles, so that would just stop All that's my same policy. I have for myself yeah yeah, but I my last question I will last summer. I think it was. I seven straight days with my fitbit over ten thousand steps. Are you impressed mazing? I mean I don't know what the fitbit is. We can fit bit. it's for fat people who don't run like myself.
and so it just counts your steps. So, instead of going to the gym, you just look at your watching end of the day and you're like oh, you technically walked three miles, but most of them house were just walking to and from the refrigerator atta boy yeah I like it. You can get now now who's now who's. The athlete now I mean I just had the one of the best marathon runners in the world compliment my athletic skills yeah. I think that makes you the off. I'm
I'm that I'm that I'm so so there was one part of the race that was really interesting. A lot of people are talking about. Is you you waited you like paused as a competitor, I had to go use the restroom. What did you do that honestly? I thought that I was gonna drop about that yesterday. I I did not think it was my day. In all seriousness. There was so much hype about the american women on the side. It was big game for women's sports is big day for Americans on the nine, the marathon, and so I was just kind of at that point doing my part to give us a chance to win because it that was history yesterday and I didn't care if it was me at that point. As long as one of us,
birth date. We wanted American to win, so that was a little effort for the team. That's awful! I mean we, we poked fun. I think you I appreciate you got coming on because I think you, you probably heard all the marathon jokes marathon or jokes, but it is when you actually think about it. It's like this is one of the most impressive things human body can do in the speed that you did it, and so I am actually wowed by it as much as you might not think that, because I make fun of the bumper stickers, but congratulations 'cause. It's helping publishment. thank you so much. That means a lot. That's awesome well congrats and enjoy your next like four months of just drinking beer and eating burgers. Again, that's the part of being a marathon or I think I could get by actually come to New York in a few weeks and I'll footrace you after you've had a bunch of
I got a training, that's why we do this. We shouldn't set up a beer mile and I will have a reunion yeah. Yes, hey how how fast you think you could do beer Mile five guns at eight. All that's pretty fast ring on. All right we'll do it we'll do it alright, Dez Linden. Thank you so much appreciate it. Thank you have a good one. and that interview was brought to you by movement, sunglasses, eyewear movements. All the time they're my go to you know, I'm a big fan of the shades. I can't get enough sun glasses, but I'm sick of wearing these cheap. When so I made the switch, and now I wear movement in the empty sunglasses and they are the best pair of shades that I own. That's no bullshit. I wear him all the time, they're comfortable they stay on and they look really good on me not to brag. I get. Compliments left and right left and right. My mom calls me lot. She's, actually complimenting me on them spring is right around the corner and movement is dropping all new sunglasses to get you ready for the warmer weather. We just
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join the movement, let's get to some segments. First up, we have a way to stay relevant baseball, so baseball is relevant, but not as relevant right now, because we have the NBA in the NHL playoffs going around and the NFL that never sleeps, so so I actually called it. On Monday, I said: there's going to be a lot of less shorten. The season takes I didn't know that there is going to come from Anthony Rizzo, so Anthony Rizzo has said that he thinks we should play less baseball games which I'm all for he also made a good point. Why don't we just start it later and do double headers to everyone loves doubleheaders doubleheaders are such a fun like weird thing in baseball they don't do enough- I want to great ideas. I watch a lot of stag films that have doubleheaders in am, and women seem to love him right. So I've the problem. With this, I don't see people were kind of getting mad at him because I know you know, then I could choose a friend of ours. Did the whole
of Course Holler America. Of course, you know, would love your paycheck to lay under sixty two games kind of leaving out the part where they're super a talented in exceptional their job in, like zero point zero one percent of humans at what they do but yeah. So there are some people who are upset at this. I have no problem with it. I think less baseball would make baseball, I think, would be addition by subtraction, I'm okay with that, I would like the baseball season start have like a flexible start date. The day after the NBA finals in Just for my own personal Rushmore season, yeah from out Rushmore yeah. They would absolutely they would monopolize the summer yeah. That would be actually do it and then end it August. 28Th yeah.
Day before I know those first first college football ended before the first week in a preseason NFL games. Okay, one one yeah, it's been a real you get a month sudden death one month and the team that plays the most games in that month went what about if we just flipped a coin, to see who gets an a plus. We start the Playoffs August first, not July. First yeah, I'm fine with that. He also have a couple other ideas for how to stay relevant ready for this yeah. So we saw with the bottle of Cologne hype that was going on on Sunday night. Three team should have a player, that's over three hundred pounds as a reader in about a great and they should have one player. That's really short set. That player can then stand stand next. The tallest player on the other team take pictures, yup and then everybody lose the mind. Maybe just sell too, but we just rent out to play yeah all time short stop yeah like a party favor yeah. He just goes around everywhere. Your stand next to people on the other team. My other idea was just to use the entire baseball field as a green screen and then just of Kevin Hart Movie ads playing on it full time, because Windows love Kevin Hart. That idea not a bad idea or baseball. Could
let everyone share video and tweets. That's that's ridiculous. Actually, let's go back to our screen with him and he got on the entire out. For my bad guys. We have a. This is from our favorite dykehead in the world Gregg Popovich. By the way that's gaining steam in a lot and Greg Popovitch is Dick gaining a lot of steam, so uh at least mass, oh yeah. He would say Decorah is nestled: okay, so he in his postgame again it's the warriors game too. He said this Lamarcus Aldridge, This has been a monster all year long he's letter. On both ends of the floor. He doesn't complain about a darn thing out on the court. He plays through everything I can't after being more proud of a player as far as playing through adversity and being there for him
teammates night after night after night, he's been fantastic ha ha, so he plays through pain, he's uh. great teammate. He plays for adversity and It shows up every single night in Noesen complain. I have never heard of player that pays as close attention to the training staff has Lamarcus Aldridge. I have a question for you. is the Co. I story the weirdest story. That's getting the least amount of buzz eh. Yes, I really think it is well. It is so because I think we can both agree. Why is never play another game for the San Antonio spurs? I don't know I really don't.
I think he might be back next year. I don't think so. I think this is big if the way that this is played out really makes it seem like the spurs thought that he was going to be back for the playoffs, that he was just like be. Okay, all right do not weird quiet in the in the fact that he's not even speaking to anyone, it seems like it's, not speaking on the spurs he his there's been a lot of like alluding to his people in New York City. These are playing another game for the spurs. This kind of reminds me of remember pamphlets that they used to pass out to your parents back in Highschool of like signs to tell that. Maybe your teen is trying marijuana. They develop a new group of friends. They stop listening to your instructions, but come to find out. They show up. Late, have weird minded absentminded, I think. Maybe quiet Leonard tried marijuana it's been all downhill from there. I think he inhaled marijuana at least once and now he's he's become an issue. It's just so we
The whole thing is so bizarre and I don't really know I mean how do you trim like what do you trade him? Everyone, League now has to know he's not gonna play the spurs again. So what is even Well, the Tony is he become a free agent? No he's one more year on the continent. Anybody wants to sign his supermax, so I'm pretty sure they have to trick like he wants to get treated. Some kind of deal where if he gets traded, he gets get more money for the new team. If I, if I don't understand how salary cap works, but I'm pretty sure I'm right, okay, yeah, I know this is probably the weirdest story. That's not getting any buzz. Besides, like the the the chemicals in the water, then turned frogs Kay, maybe it's because all of the San Antonio media is chipped out to me. Tortilla chips! No, I thought I will do it to you. I thought you meant championships out. No, they just have so many chips on their brain because of any Can we chips that they're, just like should be right there
why story, or should we just get some more table side guac, honestly in Texas, it's so hot in the summer time, anytime past, like April 15th, that everybody just stops caring about everything just give us like. If John F Kennedy had been assassinated in the middle of July, it wouldn't have made like hue lighting up. The Canon of some guy fell down his head, so we just want to get back into Eric. Yes, come on, don't make us! Listen it's Friday afternoon, it's hot, I'm just going to go to a movie theater in signing out for awhile just enjoy the ac yeah, no yeah! That's why Harvey Oswald same here? It's fine! Don't worry about it! Fbi. Before going to guys on chicks, let's do our worst segment: hashtag hi fi! Oh, I see one black lightning, Barbara Bush. What happen with her. That's not a hashtag, though notes looking at trial, trial, trial, trial speaking about hope, listen, we are it's yeah she passed away national high K, it was either barber he or she was
now did as somebody the me too movement. You guys really she's, not a sexual predator. Yes, true by the way, Barbara Bush would be a great name for like a bikini wax place. Since it's national Haiku day, you guys should make a haiku about Barbara Bush right now. I don't know how to do the Haikus first, Lady Barb, Barbara Bush. You We found out, you died on show five hundred and twenty five I miss you kind of there. We go that. Does beautiful purse, Lady Barbara, then it's two hundred and seventy seven ship you gave birth to the guy did nine slash eleven. That was in a little yeah. You know that one! Ok, alright, let's go to guys on chicks,
hey guys, specially pft. So why are boob the first to go and we start working out. wait. Is that true. That explains why I have boobs. Cuz. He that's exactly, I think, so. I think for a lot of girls. I think that's also like an excuse, yeah. I think after like why they don't want to go work out, because I know it is every time I stepped on a treadmill. My dick got smaller. I wish happens which does happen, but if it like stayed very, very small, I would never go near Jim. Do you guys think that I would work out more if I worked out with a sports bra? No, no, when I showed right, but maybe that's the reason sports bar on your brain. No, oh, that's good point! I'm nice burn Hank, but don't you think, maybe maybe the whole reason I hate. The treadmill is the weight on my back yeah. So I'm going to try that I actually want to buy sports, but I actually think the reason is because when you workout- and you have large breasts,
they bounce around a lot. So it's like your breasts are two individual bodies that are getting individual workouts. So they get smaller. It's like just an exercise for them, yeah, whatever those shake weight. Stickies, you add, I have am there, my pile so hey big cat, P, F, T n e d Hank. What is he doing? I don't know I'll wait. Let me look it up on Webmd extra. There really write down this function? My boyfriend wants me to go to the Strip club with true. What should I tell him? You. Your boyfriend, just once he doesn't want you to go, sir. Probably he just wants to go to a Strip club yeah and he wants to make it seem like, like your invite, invited you for yeah he's he's a real gentleman will take him up on it yeah and it's in all his blood and then I'll be like. Actually I don't want to go just was it with you or you boyfriend is the consummate and he thinks that he brings you you'll start dancing too. that definitely could be turning out yeah
hey guys specially big hat my boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship and when I want to visit him when I went to Then he gave me one of his hoodies. What is a male equivalent of a girl getting her boyfriend. Hoodie, wait. You mean a female, giving something to us a candle yeah. Would you use the candle? I love candles, love candle. 'cause you just like you light a candle and just you can when you light a candle, it's basically saying you can fart all day.
And no one is going to notice. The actual answer is the female equivalent is when we go to your house and we take a dump and we get to use your toilet paper. That's like scented and super comfortable yeah, that's like a nice little luxury for or when we go use your shower, and you have the really nice conditioner and shampoo real good stuff. You actually have conditioner shampoo, not like the janky two and one that we use that old spice. Like irish Irish Spring SOAP Bar yeah, the irish spring shower hose that you just get in and just spray all over his body yeah. It's also nice to go in and take a shower, and then they have that nice massaging showerhead. That hits you and you know that they like to use it to say, loosen just nice and relaxed in the shower, and it's better it's better for guys. That's why they use it yeah, absolutely supposed specially pft on last week show you said that guys named Trevor are expected to cheat what, if I'm a girl named Trevor
just trying to figure out if I have a free pass, my next relationship, all thanks to my name, I think absolutely ok, ' dear girl, named Trevor? You should shave your head moved to San Diego, and just be a super intimidating. Like I don't know scale, You could buy be a really good, skater Dmx. I think you artist, that It's definitely like. I could see a really hot check, name Trevor being like. Where do you want to get your? Where do you want to sync up? My name is Trevor six yeah, I own a couple of tattoo shops on the strip. It's always off the strip so yeah it always is. But yeah, that's really. If you don't do that, don't ever listen to show again eight hundred pm. Boys, especially in sorry, got hit by a car, oh yeah, so Liam got hit by a car bubble got hit by a car. He he's a sad sack right now we have to get him a supreme booty, we're going to get you a walking boot yeah you in big Ben. I have my scooter
I don't know if I scooters, through my scooters out who William I heard, I heard you got hit by a motor vehicle. I just like to wrap myself around her leg and make you feel good is the usable were laying on my hope. You know that you can't use this as an excuse to not do your job close. The guys are still watching and they're going to be angry with felt bad for you for about five minutes, but now we don't really give a fuck. William? It's a real shame. You didn't get hit by taxi cab or an uber, so you could collect some of that. Their tort money give us some Liam. Why do women go through menopause and are no longer able to have babies, but men can have kids at any age? Mysing question. I think it's because if a woman gave birth past the age of fifty five shoot like it would just explode, her body would explode what are hot flashes
it's. When it's menopause right, I get hot flashes all the time. Well, yeah! I do too, but I'm saying like what are women hot flashes? It's when I get hot flashes. Yet when you drink like beer all day in the sun, a hot flush that out flat like this, when I try to sleep, sometimes right, so what are hot flesh for women? It's meant a loss right yeah, so your body can't make a baby anymore because you're it's too hot. Okay, your son, your parents, about your body, your soul, to get women's body temperature razors face, gets overhead yeah after the age of fifty. The the body temperature raises out of sheer embarrassment, always flushed, and so they spontaneously combust. That's how all women die. Bahahaha drinking? What is a hike? What happened. Still in the overtime for showing I hate you or is that it all right
we'll see everyone on Friday. Ah, maybe follow us on Twitter to see the reaction when Pft finds out how this game? Yes- and maybe maybe you guys get your Spongebob episode. Pardon. My talk. Wait on love. You guys It was terrible, just
red bottom shoes at this school get on both our long issues. Yeah also