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NBA Trade Deadline W/ Ryen Russillo And SB 52 Champ Lane Johnson

2018-02-08 | 🔗

The Cavs have traded everyone and somehow got better? Did Lebron get rid of D-Wade because he's jealous that he gets his ass eaten?(2:10-8:06) Philly has a parade for their Eagles and Jason Kelce won the day (8:06-10:34). Ryen Russillo joins the show to break down how the Cavs got better, the Lakers making smart decisions, and how sad it is for Isaiah Thomas now(11:52-31:00). Super Bowl 52 Champion Lane Johnson joins the show to talk about his crazy rise to being one of the best O-Lineman in the NFL, the TB12 Method vs the Lane Johnson Method, what is was like winning the Super Bowl, and Doug Pederson's big balls(33:01-1:02:01). Segments include Thoughts and Prayers for Adam Schefter, (1:03:01-1:04:04) Olympic Update we actually know nothing about these Olympics(1:08:05-1:10:50), the debut of "Take Quake”, (1:10:51-1:14:08) Trouble in Paradise for Kobe and Shaq, (1:08:09-1:15:32) and a bonus guys on chicks (1:15:33-1:22:10). 

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On today's pardon. My take. We have a show, we talk about all the NBA trade deadline. Madness with our good friend Ryan Marcello, and then we have Superbowl chow. Being a lane Johnson on the show. We came into the studio tons of form and we also have a bonus guys on checks, because you miss it on Wednesday, before we get all that want to shout out one of our favorite sponsors bud light? We were at the bud, light mansion, all Superbowl, weak and the daily Dilly, it's on fire, it is basically take. Over the nation and you you get involved. The finale the delay daily trilogy is here, go check out the but alight Bud night spot use tagline famous among friends. You can find it online Dilly Dilly hate Phd Daily dilly till it ok, Hank deleted daily Dilly, a Whim dvd daily
I was Doin diligently, so go and you shouldn't ass turn into deal. He the delay, Dilly Trilogy, is here and go check. calculate delays on fire. So thank you again to our friends at bud light. We had a great week in Minnesota at the bud, light mansion and we're saying Dilly Dilly to each other the whole time Dilly Dilly, Dilly Dilly. Let's go!
not that I don't have any idea how well the part it might take presented by seek geek Today is fry, yea February knife and it looks like Leubronn is actually gotten like halfway through the godfather, Cosy traded, his whole team and to gain a little kiss on the way out yeah he got to the death montage as that it it's funny they are there in the ice, because there there was about misery exe.
Thirty. Forty five minutes today during the through trade deadline, when all this stuff is going down that actually felt like. I was watching your montage in your life. Yet it was like so many eyes shone out with you guys get so the calves basely blew up their entire team. They traded. I say Thomas to allay. I say Thomas might be the saddest character in sports right now, because if he did a quick look at his schedule
The Lakers have already played in Boston, so we are still not gonna. Have the icy atomic tribute videos just make our own? Can we do that will make our own occasionally their own as its basically the saddest thing? Oh and also someone treated me that, as its almost was gonna, get his jersey, retired in Washington, on like dogs February fifteenth for Universal Washington workers have a game that night so he's missing at sites like he's. Basically, he is basically psycho Bob's walking into rakes everywhere. He turns he just gets a rake in a field that they just make em like hitchhike out Ella. Here there will I gotta biplane, take his own. Just left just see your system out there, so we get into all that was Rhine, resell, oh, but our knee jerk reaction is La Bron. Basically, he actually did like he made his team better and were soon Lorenzo GM would run John errors or more are letting they stop doing the whole like. Let's just get these like veterans on a league minimum common like all my friends, will come and hang out and will try to beat the warriors, not gonna work. He got me decision.
Younger, better and they ve kept onto the nets Peck, which is the biggest thing, because if you want Leubronn to stay the nets, PIC is the nice little care it sets out. There will look the way that they that Leubronn structure these trades actually made. It seem like he's, in my opinion, more likely to go. I don't think that his rustic rank level. I think that's pretty obvious. I would think that they were even allowed to trigger the Brooklyn Pick, whether I think they weren't yes, but they basically bookie cousins. Basely took the gun out of their hands of because I thought the rule was you can't trade to first round takes the same, you, that's it that's true, but the they were going to treat the nets pick. Theoretically, Peggy cousins was still means not injured, and if they ever thought, the hundred Jordan was gonna fix their team. as soon as it is soon as they traded the Lakers their first romping Lakers with Isaiah Thomas. Then they can't read the nets pick, but everyone thought, like ok, the cavern and do what they are they're, going the nets pick for a superstar whose you know ending is gone Reno at the end of his contract.
Bring a man, s gonna fix all the problems and instead they
ITALY pivoted into the exact opposite and just brought in a bunch young guy sent out all the old guys kept their net and their nets pick an accident calves pretty good, not right for this year. I think that they did a really good job. They got young and they got athletic. They got some small guys. I thought that they were and are making moved to get down to join, which I think we have made out of a stupid would appear to disasters ass. He got from saying let out a ban would have been awful outward riman, like old calves, think it yesterday the Nets Pickford Yonder, Jordan and hope it fixes. Every time you Workin bring shack in Erasmus. Let's get Anderson Vera, how young he's got some miles left those like these, so that was that side of the trade, then the Lakers match jobs and actually doing some real things he cleared to MAX spots. So you can go and choose whoever he wants, because people actually still think like the Lakers. Like you, you can't you can have sex with hot women unless a good ally for something like the rule not like they had not waited rule than ever were either go. Go New York Ella match a seller, yet it doesn't have to play on the Lakers, not the efforts. Yeah Gaza clippers don't have sex through that they ve never had never had sent ever ever, not even with superstars and then so poor as a Thomas and then the other thing that was getting toss round was dark rose, discuss shuffled around the weak from you talk to now going to the timber bulls, so the two thousand
teen. Balls are playing in Minnesota this year, I'm excited to root for them and then route for the real bolster tank. That's gonna be fought. Tebbs baby is it doing. I can't wait to see what tips does with those needs of of Derek rosy. I hope that I hope the Derek and Jimmy get back into an alpha like outline how far he was so. I the connect the dots here, because I actually I I saw some on social media, mine delete weeded out that Leubronn wanted to get Wayne weighed the fuck how to Cleveland, because he noticed when ways now focus he gets his bundle eaten and elaborate. Doesn't I said that kind of as a joke, yeah little but tongue in cheek know yet upon? I get it Jake Layer, but like thirty area for arms, then I looked at Lebron. James is Instagram. Account each we are, he posted a picture of Dwayne. When set this out supposed to be I know what that means. That's from the song. It's supposed to be don't leave to go close to me. She ain't coming home who's supposed to be most
work in that song. It booty like there's that then there is also the only post he like today on Instagram was Kevin Heart, telling a joke eating ass? The James is obsessed with get his bodily and that's why he got Dwayne wait out. Ok, so I actually to you got wait out because Gonna go and join in Miami who ok, he's. Ok, you don't theory everything you do bottles no or maybe he's like a go. Get the go, get the tongs warmed up in Miami for me I'll, be there in six months, Brown STAR Island get get all get everyone ready to eat some ass and I'll. Join you give in free agency of summer two thousand years loosened up Piazza either. I agree with you fundamentally that cavaliers got better. I think that the best team in the east- and I that Leubronn James absolutely leaving Cleveland X? I don't know, I think it's. I think today actually changed my mind site. I still think he probably leave, but I think the leg is said:
we think the calves used to do, they did the opposite. They may easily cassandra themselves and I think it would actually work for them. It would be wonderful if The broad James had dead, put all these trades in motion and then just sort of retired in just started playing thereafter and then the other news re, which basically got this. I think this was good for Philadelphia, because everyone just got obsessed with the NBA trade deadline fulfilled off. He had operate for the Eagles and It looks like it was actually a really fun time like I know we all make our Philadelphia jokes, they gather one. I did he poop, so that's warranted, but it looks like you know,
What, like? Maybe half a million people get together and join during its say: ass six hundred thousand melted mad people getting that about eight zero metric. We we as a pike, ass love parade, say my drugs as if you just tweet one fake picture, people get very upset about not putting out the right picture and how many people are that we all just agree that Ariel estimations our total Crockett shit yeah. There's no way to do. I heard like five to ten million yeah inside us zero to five yeah yeah. We also low endeavours. There are millions of people are you. I was asked him and then I think the only pay the parade was definitely Jason kills Lop ear. He was dressed up as a mummer put at the outfit that he had Jason Kelsey. Could
see, pull off wearing that every day, just like with his face in the beard like it's, the only people who the intifada could wear that every single day and like no one would question would be Kelsey and then James Harrison, because nobody questions which observes does anyone. It was so perfect Philly because Jason Kelly, when he Kelsey when he put that whole outfit on he looked like he could just be in the crowd, and then I saw clip where he was chugging beers getting off the boss, chugging beers and then just yet yelling fuck you, unlike were far from Fuckin Philly back and forth to the fans. It's like this. Copy. What I expected Eagles parade to look like there was one clip that I saw he was walking down the street and there's a cop next to him, and the cop came up and he had one of those I'm a cave, held things that you give to somebody assign a ticket and Kelsey just signs at form. I could tell you, assign you autograph, no yard undesigning. If he was getting I'll. Take you to assocation poorer open, contain an end. Then he put Michael Marty on blast. Michael Marty, I dont know work what you do from here. Put you got roasted in front of the entire world you deserve to. He deserved. It goes
It's one thing to say: like a team state like Nick Right did the the Eagles have no chance of Super Trent Dilfer? Did the pigeon sir, are done. You know a few years ago, but when you specifically pick out one guy Doug Peterson, and then he goes on to call like an unbelievable super game. Emeralds like his balls, are so big, you're gonna get oh stayed in pretty much like he tried to Michael body tried to like wash away with like I am. I apologize to dog Petersen. Unlike a single pod, gas is vampire apology not accepted in the past the beer. So congratulations to fully. We have lain Johnson come up. Let's do our interview with rain or sell talking about MBA trade deadline before we get to that start has changed the way that we borrow money going beyond the traditional psycho score. Upstart offers personal loans, taking into account factors like job experience in education when determining your interest rate, quick and easy, start rate check is free and takes us to menace. Checking has no effect to your credit
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on one of our very good friends. It is Ryan Marcello he's now a pod castor. You can find him on the Itunes charts, probably what like fifteen sixteen. Where are you prepared to start using a shovel one of the top you there? You know. I can't pop out what you got. You gotta prolific, yeah, you got to grind, you got to grind you, don't can't move to LA and and live the Malibu life. That's what I hear I'm going to keep trying cuz. I know that you know it's just a lot of hard work and make it home our aid so check him out. There were soul, it's on yes, paeonies doing podcast, and we have you on because the NBA lost its mind at the trade ever actually know. I should re. I should restate that The Cleveland, Cavaliers lost their mind other than that it was. when he caught a normal business? Let's start there. Ah, I think the calves got significantly
at her. Would you agree and break that down? I totally agree with you. I love with the cab did here and what I hate about before appeal is like. If we want a tv show together with, and you didn't like the deal, I like the deal, you would widen alibi say: is there one of those guys they brought him today? That makes the bad luck stay or help them be going to stay here like will now, of course, but what they did was they kept the both of which I was taught you really do. I once Paul George was involved what cousins get her, in other words the kind of guy. They were fish forward that broke the pig and now the great and good work mannequin work on the core, definite and work of the court idea. You guys know you got Elvis, can smell Alfred, and yet he went in there feel like or damage could be easier for the subjects like you caught. It can't be that they could you not playing well you Christmas, this evil. He can't call a cab can cause a college, can feed of practice and they go out there, and I think you can be misadventure shots and happy like forums. Word were brought in a locker gone with the help of guidelines they had to get out of there. They draw crowded where she used to be good and what happened was clever and in all the other stuff it involved from, and they completely overhaul this with the other more at what a guy, I think, you're better teeth today the goals set out in the lot alabaster
what have you got extent cream? I arrived at the right now, but I think it's pretty incredible what they did and I think it's kind of weird that the way is playing out as they taken on fifty five million will also set out my point six and that they just made it much easier for workers to go, get look on, which I think it tells you Cleveland. It's pretty confident where they're out right now is that even if we brought leaves a silly Lakers, so I don't know it's really interesting to see how this hoping played out that your initial position on all the others that I did it a really good job is moving much pieces around. They could be any worse black, revise and That's the way than they were dispersed atmosphere. So how did the new additions stack up in terms of helping the calves out against their main capital? the Celtics got such a funny when the perfect law you like, I was expecting something else- then go back. There yeah. You will fucked up Washington said
we always talk about the broad James me? The GM is inside that we start even of shit for making bad trades. So with trade with Lakers, he basically set the calves up to lose their best players Ex year, Lebron James yeah. I really that really actually pretty fastening. If that happened, apparently I'm going out if we got gonna like it'll go down to the westward here? Had a flare aren't good good player, Belgium, but there's a actual question that you, because that's really what everybody looks for tools we cannot do, is gonna be Celtics calves. Does this give them a significant advantages? Celtics? Why won't rule Toronto out, even though, hey. I didn't do anything now. We aren't you a that. What did they did? Nothing now because I want to do, other people I didn't want to move any those guys do. You know they have eleven players that they can play, which is pretty impressive one
I'd, never works in the playoffs signed, a benchmark banana Chicago via the only thing is that at least gives you adaptability of theories. Poetry is just got really really all basic network want the guy. I guess you're right I mean you, you don't is really all about adapting that it is rest in Alaska, but those to guide the back or so my shop, uclaf left three years at the iconic atrophy hate, but I try to
I do have a few years ago, and that all those days did was myth and still presented for internal already lost some. We never whistling. Oh shit like there's gonna, be great and then right did like the three day care for the king. I know I did have lodged a system, be I got a chance for once and it was like men. This can be crazy. Put back to any of these questions. Celtics. Can the calves beat to set an example? This ethics, I think Celtics, have actually redress a little bit, and some of that is that it was just a shock. We're clear away- and I want to fifteen league- will expect ass if she were the overall declares that the legend of Red Stevens- and they also have to be addressed here. There are the worst I sit at last last week or so even though they have all these big comeback wins and everything I'm going Sunday to the Cavs game that can be really hard ticket to get so usually have to know somebody to get that that, for the breakdown
bragging come. You can also get ten dollars off using seek out. You could call we Well, I guess we dinner before the gate. nice restaurant raises three. Thirty four may be great battles remember that if I did have dinner to Georgia, I know what I like: the calves better. I guess I have a hard time better get back. I still like the cap better in a play, our series, but Tiree it'll, be we want those motivate blow to ever seen an airline that these are complex files and he's gonna get were brought like that'll be you just to see how crazy he is a mess, so you alluded to it. You said that you think Lebron staying these moves that they made. I was the one thing I was talking about was like how creative the Cavs got, because the Cavs for
although bronze like ten year, there are. Basically all they do is just like. Oh here's, my friend or here's, this you know, guy who's, gonna, take the minimum and you know he's old and they basically rate Dave. They basely flipped. All that got younger, traded there, like guys, who you know they ve been doing it for ever, for shit was jumper. They ship Dwayne way back down to Miami like a Jew. If it were bronze looking around like ok, so maybe they're doing things right and they have the nets pick, and I might want to stick around see that I hear because you know what I know it s really just everything. That is that, as far as I owed, Leubronn hasn't made a decision on the sofa. So what does it matter?
Well, I got a team to go out. I got you may leave, but people act like this decision has already paid. Agreement has no chance and I just don't buy. That was done by the conversation that had that I don't think he's in a rush to go out to the West. I'm cooking ceramic illustrate earlier when he asked do you want to play with the Lakers unless called Europe says: hey, let's go to this. I think we have to get Alonzo out there and because they have because of his dad he's, not gonna Boston. Maybe the next later at Philadelphia still seems a little too young so ill. What report has it that labelling was consulted on any of these deals and ethnic minimum had it that he was deafening consulted leading up to it, and that was told? Hey wait wants to go. How are you cool there? He lay like a totally legal that any act with the greatest of looking for shot out of four years ago. So I know I don't. I don't think this is, I think, what they did. They took a bunch of pieces and made themselves better without hurting themselves efficiently and that what they ve done is held under the book of thick. They still have kept alive, who probably the Ex guy up and we'll see what happens during the players, but they still have a dime abroad and allowed people to want to play with, and if that lottery tickets really high from Brooklyn than they can put, that thing they can flip love and they can position themselves
for the next mandate, Ba STAR, which happens like clockwork everything, that's like think the plant is, and it could be the plan that keeps it there. I would say it's a lot, but I, if I were rate mistakes, people ethnic Cleveland, fourth place for the labelling, pursued this off season, and I just don't believe that's true. What do you think about the fact that, as a attempts, gonna have the Lakers, because I saw that he
doesn't want to come off the parents, but it seems like he's. Gonna have to come off the bench. Ok, how was it that you know how it happened so, unfortunately, up special Rachel, nickels and they're doing their whole traded ideal and one of the guys with a penalty jeopardizes gonna come off the edge and she gets it all cap tax from comic his agent being like he will not come off the bench. Then it's like, ok good, even if you think that in you definitely do if your tea by they thought of scrutiny, family homes BP last year, like I'm back up the bench liquors suck what heralded a different way- and I think that tells you everything you need to know about where I hadn t thought he was taken like twenty billion a year and he's the one tweet out the bricks trot emergency and he's the one talk about like almost all our leader and he got to be that lost because they want anybody else, scored almost born and bred Stephenses years ago, Ambrose device and perhaps even flitting, about high screen, Heroical left every freaking time and every gravelly or horse or border Billy hey, do where my shocks was gonna talk. He goes to Cleveland any like ok, there's other guys seems wicked. Popular too, like all the others were brought guys like me, you define anyway, you can't salvage, get your value. Bat and the first thing that you suggest your agent suggest to a tv show at the moment is: do we talk about my guy? Come off the bat shut up? The ashes like, let it play out, don't have the firstly be like. I hope you as you are aware that european law, again
George Bush together, like maybe because the laughter to put the idea he could play off the ball will get, but that's weird, I don't like. I think the ideal for here that my shock. Could you like about illegal guarantees that doesn't work legal treated me about what the Lakers walking author sweet, but you have to make the most of its target of valuable created, so the craziest part about the deal I everything happened was not to me. The calves blowing up it's that MAGIC Johnson is actually doing competent things yet at me, because I had whole offer whether polyglot alcove level, public crusher, you'd, suggesting you know how hard it is logical in words, but in I'd heard you know, badges oversee and this point is doing the day to day
and when they came out. I did that peace and promote shoulder had it all. I gotta do you guys are taken at me. I would like here by the way everybody the whole to MAX guys summer, took off just a heads up- maybe two thousand nine right cause all these guys have options rake as Paul George Kevin Doran, Leubronn Dwight, how words out there. He could go back to the Hague. Here's this. They all have options. I will see us able how missile branded Dwight Howard on the same out and put on the cover sports illustrated Erst. Yes, you ve got me discard during the worst NBA tribute videos. Yet, like anybody like here's, your mere Nelson warn, you just get it just superimpose him online Carlos losers body. On later. Listen and say we made a video from Chicago. There were good luck. You guys should be the home of bad tribute: Junior Nelson, I'm not even joking as we were in Minneapolis like working. You know basically, every day in for the Superbowl
I didn't realize you're Nelson was already has until you are traded off the balls I was like we was, and then I will backers. I oh he was part of the trade with with the pelicans. I got it and then he was gone yet was it was short lived? It wasn't a great works, speaking of the balls by the way, so I already have the perfect set up now, because the bulls or tanking and now route for the timber bowls, because Derrick rose is going to go back to where he's going, to go back to Tibbs and and and Jimmy Butler, which I don't know how that's going to work and TAJ is there. Do you think Blake is, is are they gonna play Dirk rose? You know, I've been times were, I didn't think he loved he and his play ties more, and I don't like to get funny to forget like how shake you remember how sick dinosaurs maternal, but I would actually like to ask you to take this one, because I'm wondering what
the date you set for Derek roses. Third retirement with why I'll ride me out a little come back his old power in combat what they read it. Yeah Amazon, just saying I M very excited so dont crush me. I'm just warming! You weren't, you dont crush people's unexcited. For this come back right. I don't think that cold weather is gonna, grew, dark rosy, I'm getting adhesion! You talk about trick me when somebody could tell it like it when it rains when its walls, eight hundred Derek rose, gonna wait for the morning with a neither says for great fuck, I was exercise When you talk as thinner air, his less stress yet so bad, I think you would have fitted like a duck in water new toffee. I would have been great given regiment. I would say that you are larger than I thought, with liquid remarkably lit the hour for that one year. They I love it. I have already said that our friend conditions had rented a both him and the like. Do. I think he
Some brother he's already getting caught yet no somewhat treating me like four hours later, like hey. What should I be prepared for with Dirt Rosen Utah's, like very sitting down man, because that is not getting on that leave us alone replies. I do have one what we should be prepared for his watch a lot, a typical skips. I write it. I guess who's? Do you think Gerald is going to be when he comes to the locker room tomorrow and he doesn't recognize anybody he's going to freak out and then we're going to do he's going to do that thing? Where he's like I'm just not going to say shit, reconciling you'll, that's U somebody's high, but the area right, but I'll just go like I'm going to come out of the total yeah yeah What what's gonna have he's gonna, get the game and realise that he's not guinea is thirty, five shots shots and with something change, something changed. What what's going on here?
he took right or like vat shots last night that civil rights like the UK will ever was making three since orgy hours ago. If we're all make in tourism, guinea ask its pig, did I let you get mighty ice? Our last question wrap it up the you can answer it as quick as you want or a you know, goes Longe. One here did anything change the trade deadline, and by that I mean it's basically whoever wins the Warriors rocket Sears ears. It is like new always screws up a little bit like last year, a bunch of really smart people after the calves got Bogot and Daring Williams, and you have to do about it should be very over the gas. Now. The slots is not terribly that's. My programme only guilty forget being part, yeah yeah, one percent,
yet one percent. If you answer your phone, if you like just talk to anyone and you could be on air like you, you don't have control the ship anymore. You can t pick up a landline, so he I one percent, will hand up one point that we want the bio market here because they could think of the cap the advantage of little abroad. The word maybe we'll pick up one year ago, screw it already get bought out I've already paying you don't make it my body, so it is go run up there he looked older. They want to do what they really extremely eat. Anything you used in an easy system play for so be competitive. It felt like we can hear these up three teams, and I don't know that I would put ok Syrians Antonio in that year them. But this is this is, I think, is a really good data. The gaps and trade makes a lot of sense, the Lakers, but let's let do get away of like what golden state still lives and gold state is an ear for of. Maybe the best came with everything that history this week and I find them behind a board with at all, and I can judge anybody against them as good as Susan's looked, gets them as good as ok see Lithium United. If that I just know that there's a version of gold state that I still trust is better than anybody else, and last year it was so stupid. They got Bogot Williams. If people like us bow to power clean,
got it. I've told you out there empty shell got to everybody tonight, we'll pick up a daring Williams, but are you kidding me? I got an insult to the warriors? Are that they pick up those two guys Dal said Clayton was the favourite a lot to do tat I take yeah so should be fired so as they say, as one wise man once said print the shirts. I did flagrantly turkey a few years those actually Scots was undiscovered Palko, Garcia, so just watch your watch Aki. Does the warriors already one print the shirts Rhine. Thank you. Download podcast era. download it and then on download it, because we don't want you to actually listened to those subscribed animal dry. Everyone show yeah download to remedy out there. We will give you one, he I will give you want this. One cause rides on it. So thank you
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start? There is good cause it feel to be introduced as Superbowl champion in knowing they agreed to introduce that way. For us, your life, I may wrangler a cheap movie made after me. We can all watch just to celebrate. Another you'll be fine, but what about by the time? I actually figured. I was reading up about your story and I don't know how many people going to get to the whole soup, bowl and stuff, but let's start there, because I actually think there is a movie made about you. You started as a quarterback at 109th the paths and basically, guy picked out of nowhere to become an office of women for Oklahoma, Homa. Fourth, picking the draft Superbowl champion unlike the modern day for Scotland, rely for yeah force. So my first question is: what was there ever point when you went from quarterback too often of line where you'd like said your dad, and I want you life the whole text I don't want Yola marshy booze
no man. He was just be funny. What's funny about my dad I'll, he doesn't work. Haste is the guy. He calls I know you hate going to work you blocking off yet work every day block and not yet I said I'd get fuck in the bulldozer everyday. So far the best advice when dad's ever given me, I love how far can throw pass a it. Probably Sixty farms or were you upset the union could throw some light touch her during the game aware our like he's a thumb guards at a hard plastics are couldn't wait and I take him out Foma get. But having said that, yes, I like them now would have been the to live all tired, often salaamed thrown fourscore view through to another, often yeah. Yeah. Doubt of interest have to leave it to attach to how did you go so it is so everybody gets a super. How did you go from? skinny as relatively skinny kid to a beast of it offers of women like did you just? How much did you eat every other register
shit. I'm grown up to Morrow, you jump hormone. That really one That's all you! I was. I had a big frame like a you know, I'm saying like Lebron frame just like a whole lot of weight and to do the does the did the combine Dave Ellis. He said that you have a frame or fresh New York. Oh hell, to safety and by my aunt em us all for years under three twenty five. So just so, they measure actor with your chest debt. So everything and I went to her that I was devastated Zanu. I wouldn't be too long. I was gonna fuckin kicks lud yeah, who always your our diet like hinder in your software, your ecologists shit. I might also add another body, gay biker do who did the same is so he shut up to forty three. He left at some three ten. So what's funny just that
every year to see your face, getting faster and faster pictures, and yet we are terrible what it was I in Georgia. But the crazy thing is, I think, a lot of people don't fully realising, especially with like how the NFL moving the athletic system of offensive line, that you had a faster forty time and aunt Connie Bolton and a higher vertical than age. A great Europe but TAT was four point. Seven to ya mean we got a lot worse now days. I mean these guys. You know the abbess lean on arms. You come out of the scary, got you know, Ma Miller. Will get you embarrassed in front of your mother and in dad that real quick, so you got it. You got to have some quick feet. I think a lot of tackles nowadays are getting you know, x, tight, end backgrounds, x, basketball, backgrounds, so that's kind of house of omelets. Are you terrific, Anna innate in a terrible division mean everybody else's. Probably you know a foot and a half shorter may so, but probably average 26in, you know double double.
You mentioned VON Miller. There there's some film out their view is absolutely destroying VON Miller, speed right where you hit him in the back, like the back of his shoulder the ice spins around one and a half times before he hits the groundwater is an ex man. She had no, it was what really was a draw play. So what I'm trying to do? Sell him up the feel like it's a pass and yes to appoint a slapping What happened was he was trying to span at the same time, so it may look cooler what see happen, but I will go out there
yeah yeah yeah. He made to get a few replace him in the game to so go soon. Goes both boys vows one of those plays where ever you like, you said you were. Let him get up field a little bit. Sea could cannot do sub categories and an end so that you might not be able to do on another pass Russia play, but I've never seen a pledges like hit again. A bag had seen him spend like that that unfilled. That, beyond your resume, I tell you to illegally. As there have you realize that you are like a Texas football fans like biggest nightmare studied, owe you a super champion for the Philadelphia, Eagles, hey, but here's the deal out of high school to others. I was trying to others bag and people code. Some comply ball for Eco Tal us we before. When you go to school, get me on a team, and so I mean, may nobody was wanna, go to teach. You want all these camps, I stuck and they didn't offer me. I wouldn't want to tested heartbeat and does not happen.
I gotta do corrupt. Why is that? It was because you're you're high schools to small as issues a you know, you'll get overlook costs, so love can probably thirty minutes from my school. He does right down there donor banks, you know their only looking him more than you know made other with a school class. We don't you play seventy seven or no man. I will you use small school the plant now right, where you applied both ways. Also thank my senior airline. Twenty four. Twenty five saw pay low, but a free society too. So just cannot this way. It's really some actually matter back off its alignment tight and decently, like MAC Brown, we're loved you to energy saving, our wishes, dead, but hey he didn't agenda. What was ass wild? What was Bob Stoops like we set for? How long did it take you to seem smile, so small you know I mean what is in the sea: Menzies cousins, Amy as a good time, pcs deftly colorful character, but behind closed doors, but you know it gives a proper for the media him here,
am I let's talk about the super, because it was an unbelievable game. The underdog. So you started the underdog thing with quick progress. Chris said he started a new stole from him. LISA! Here's! The ivy now got got tax evidence. Asset, hey Cresty, knows your idea. I said I said no. I wanna make tee shirts the money, the proceeds gotta charity. We can go under. You have your charity, so I assume cordially he's. I had so many fuckin cherries enjoy, so many charity Honnami know where to start shell out. Here too, the guilty discharge. Will, then, why did you don't eat? All your money to charity deserve. Want me
The picture is done. It inevitable. Petra, Huddleston, suspensions, donated shit on a Monday throws a good point that I would point out was trying to avoid anymore those devices. So for the record, did you invent underdogs? It was a Chris. He came up with the idea now. One idea I follow through with it. It was just an idea follow through with a when on Amazon, about the shit in and brought in broken out after the game, or so now it is so the underdog mentality in the fact that you got we're home underdogs into ear to too play off games and undergoes a super. How much being an underdog actually matter for, like the team in the locker room and being like up us against the world many hours, not like the little giants. Right, let's go get a moment. We have found whether we agree create energy with it
Again I mean we will we were then there are no error. I expect us to get. Are asking round one round these threats against Minnesota, and then you know Tom Brady. Here we come again. Sorry, sorry that that was. That was my theory about when you guys went out to Seattle and got the shit kicked out. Yes, because Seattle was home underdogs like that's a type of tea, her they don't take that lightly there. What the fuck is going on your home underdogs. I feel like you that kind of adopting that, where a chip on your shoulder, he I know that's kind of a media thing that gets spun. there's a human element to football? Did their ears like matter seditious. Like you know, you have also have a great quarterback per day, there's some other good players on the steam to round as Canada, disrespect to them. So I'd say that the F B, I think he has probably had the best offices and divisive lines in football. At the end of the season arena new during early osiers going Jesse's gasoline conveys escape you no longer law. Yes, I have such a car.
Some brandy Graham Everyday, gets me in practice and traffic jams. So it's it's. It's fun all year round yeah. What about so? The Philly special way that everyone has fascinated with. I watch the inside the NFL. The super replay it look like Nick False was one who actually called it. Went up to Doug Petersen is like. Can we do to fill a special? How at all to questions how cited were you when it was called and how much follows its practice that the planned we might actually due to say so we ve been price in it for a few couple weeks. You know maybe too weeks and dismal ready to break it out, so I think we actually, I think they ran Chicago. So we ourselves are so unhappy. that is our really do want to do not amount to sell em if they laughed the cadences all is on my name, so he goes lane lay like you. Charlotte knew no change to play.
Andy Sobs your ass to Austria and so on. The shrine of job losses in another trying to get twitter popping overcome people just staffs of all in, and I go after that. Maybe I look back said here we go in, I saw us already. Was wide open in restlessness was? Was it awesome one? You fought like when he said when Nick Full sit student huddled like we're on a fairly special? Was there a little extra like you run a mean? As we say, we get this bits in our back populists muslim though it on the table to have this growth is ice, and then you get built up elite in the fourth quarter, Tom Brady get Bonnie STAR drive it. I think I don't know what was going to your head, but no, it was going to be the minds of everybody. America were like we ve seen this motion or what was what was your metallic sidelined when he had the ball in, he was driving, a movie was go in and I was cover Maza. Do you not embassy bite, my nails and then Reggie may that huge play strip sack, and so we are
Do you want to get a first down at the end of the game right there who gave him the ball back in defense? Good plays an offence in Albania was really just in all the way. Through this emotional rollercoaster on the hail Mary on every last play was our party that was like okay. Now this is where we die
I wouldn't I wouldn't go say that far, but that was definite woman who kissable what what's it like playing for an aggressive coach like Doug Petersen, not often just knowing that, like you know, even if you miss mess up under Daddy Pollyanna, go forward on foot down a lotta spots, which is nearly every message to attack everyday fear. Nothing. So I like her, I dislike to go. Hey we're gonna Praxis, we're not gonna, be two key with what we do, but not that you just see what cartel we have him. You know our Billy, so pitied I get to forfeit would thanks. I thought he called like a perfect. I note that the aggressive asea it may you guys did you took your shots? Basically saying hey, we gotta get seven here a couple times: threes yeah Amis been away in the main pretty much the wholesale yeah he's been pretty consistent with it in a life for the games and gas nuts nuns changing. You know I'm gonna maintain the aggressive might set us. An ok sounds good coattails as easily as how's prefer Speech hall man. He just sir in need.
At a speed. She said you know I had ten of us and I are gonna steal. Fungal, lay some up right now, of course, given the cough courting guns rise, very surprised, at Edward, in reporting railway baby handed out some some some Tommy Copperfield money started filled their products to validate. Now she did, but I tell you about the don't: don't text while we're in crocs or anything like that, he didn't, but was he wearing clothes? We did? He was wearing clothes. I was actually so much so tat. It was all a breath, cease to be learned from his mistake, said and then after the game. What were the work still to twelve hours after the vicar model, the gods, locker malice stroke. Whereby, as you know, you got near me goes play any future planning on every other song in arising out of school should I who do we held next thing? You know him and others can assent, Malacca whom Joseph Peters out some whiskey in
it was pretty happy? You know he's been this organised for a long time and deceive know. Those old guys know him. Celtic in those Gaza products, I remember being out on receiving no good at emotional. So is really a special, but you cry Schuyler, Albert, don't gravel. May I am right and we got staying in Romania, it happens as you did. You watch either celebrations your on Philly, like a light poles being now. I want to know where I want to see the film right now. I've got a probability tendency, but now I have heard about the agreement of July Poles in closed There was a crazy seen before us. You called Tom Brady, a pretty boy. Do you do But what did you mean by that? I saw you kind of exploitation at her monitors. All you do is going to go to work and Google view you told me. You said that I saw that you just google it and the first pursue comes up his arm. Poverty, nor of Northumbria, is come up Did you pretty boy when you put in pretty
boy. It's Rob low, rehab, lonelier, rob alone in a team in a tank top is the first is pretty pretty boy index. While so is that what you meant Rob Low no one right when it was it was. He is a pretty boy by the way I ve got mad like he is known of Tom Brady. Taught by doesn't mean not the best quarterback while temporary is pretty boy colony like it is man hey, I mean a here's a domain. This is a most dickhead stay, but I've ever heard
UK says I can get sunburnt because a stay so Hydra the Adriatic. Yes- and I heard that I was like allocated you're from charges- hey you deal with that. Sometimes you just you you, you beaches, chug, a lotta gatorade in TAT. You just gotta just got out of the boat. It was really gets its be human fervently question you have you had a concussion, a couple concussion support. Have you ever thought about telling your having your brain? Tell you hurry to knock. It can cause purgatory. Does that are not easy to so many cities? About its I mean he sees. What does it, though he was able to tell his brain to his brain This brain did not get hurt. Midnight shades, also surgeries. You know his brains, pretty pretty anti inflammatory. You mention, though, the L L, J, sixty five method. What does that include
hey that say you don't know if you're gonna get suspended, so you don't know. If you will make all pro hey, you don't know what else could have acted and innocent is for show. This is a truly sturdy as in the back of their they they may they don't know less, don't happen, I what's next, so you are Superbowl champion you didn't plan the probable regrets, I don't want a pebble jersey, just just get it framed it out and get me gear on one day and if a shop dot com you can you can customize your own now they I'll get it from energy from the NFL shall not come. Also, why? Why would you want to go the problem of its non Hawaii trip? ever been Disney. Won't I Accountancy Mickey Mouse has set aside dialogue. Then only Nicole's gets a Samuel dizzy world like why not his office alignment? Hey! You guys lays down there right now, I'm worried when a blizzard- and he sees down there- is that this is the main reason and run run. Co rise. Here's your question, so you played for coach, Kelly and Coach Petersen to coach, kill every check your test
This is always hearts. I know he also. Every morning we had a high duration to us and I would just like to practice. You had to be a blow at twenty. Twenty was thus dehydrated mark. You know, hey, you. Gotta tell what people are doing it in there and you miss having your piss check by her coach somalian pasture, probably three times a week. Now they so no it's it's all disregard thus from began me I'd, be a new kind of message was, let me do the piss check they look at it in the attic. yeah. They Amazon measures to make sure this is real. It's not nothing fake, really, no matter what you do, they watch you ever get up like a snake snake stick, so they gotta know no hands on policy. So, but now really they do stay. Would they were just check it c c viewport Gator, eight in some guys, were put in a one in a regular saluted hardy test of its gator. It
smell, is valid throughout is set to animals. It's what I do and I want you to have the NFL drug task. I came he he you gave me your past, then he just took us a little sip ring funny as lightened that's good. Oh, I had to go reported to restrain embargo man in our times, not far from the fact that you had your two started. Quarterbacks us here doesn't mean you get two different sets of presence for the autonomy
I saw a got agree. I think it has wifi and five unbroken with life of arson. All actually know I'd I'd. I do know those like this. You ve with wifi. You can basically control temperature and share for what we actually look up a recipe. While yearlings gives a shit yeah yeah, we got all all sorts of bullshit, but now probably you know the best ever got us from our Sean Nick hasn't gotten assuming yet why bag on Albania has no no actually he's with underarm and try to get some on Roma issues, so he d Gimme a pair of his old enough to Missus Munger Armchair, like tiny Box Jesus Clyde, Lakelets hatred of the Big Dick Nick, nickname militarism. Let's go on confirming the retina herself for almost almost article animal pilot. For again, do you I already told me: ok, that's you lie to you tube.
Videos about like submerging yourself in my cold water and pressing on meat krill. Oh no, I didn't, I said a little Murray out in our little merging adds a burning. I saw little by said a little birdie around my window. What's that about is really like that the whim half realm of euro that Alison Ajar, Rogan Lot of so dangerous subscribing to this guy, I apologise, but hey anyways, pretty much you brought the sky and which also does like cold cold exposure and what he was able to do was get twelve guys. Regular people enable deuce breeding It makes him they were able to control their autonomic like their immune system, so they were rejected. Lucky COLA went off black. Yes, I was all I got, you know under Doktor supervision and they were able to fight it all off and what he says. I repeated called exposures good for lack information and yet you are your vascular system. I am going to call, does quite a bit yeah guess I got cold is getting there. Are they would you?
before it's nothin like look diskiver whim, half the man's where he does like Iceman. Yet we are certain that he doesn't crazy stereotypes about cold showers, how good it is like before you go to sleep, I do that luxury core temperature is good for you scan, so does all sorts of close to her. What are the breathing techniques used soldier, but you won't have a contest, the breathless, so basically what he does. So when you started you know you can. You know, maybe do forty five seconds by that, but when you get it down, you get close to three minutes. Hollow darnay reform I think I'll take the longest appears to have two. I wanted to get to you. They like it under supervision, somebody else and just sit around by national sinner myself. That's kind of dangers. I hurt your Jefferson owe him. You play these with the calves, beat him holding breath contest area not not break. He had asked me I'll, probably a little little unfair. My blue. I read on your Wikipedia page that your father law is John Goodman, etc the edge given that reality, which is able to get my favorite,
of his was in pilot when he goes and there s the denser washed in banana growing ready for them ready on currency up much the glassy there? What are you gonna? Be pressure restaurant for football. You know DR tested D J now because I'm all come out there. Looking like looking like the Obama Snowman, we can do without I'll talk to J R J hours. I see a big o ye studio. Yes, thank you. Wouldn t know what my what my image would be, but I am down it before. I think could be another Bray. Why like? Why a brother, why brethren You know those guys there, like the deep south,
like a little bit later cablegram, but wrestling spooky kind of like there's big dude in ITALY turn off the lights and they have like this. All that's kind of cool, I think you'd actually fitted with oil is overalls. If you just come out where it overalls, that's a care courageously. Arousing the libraries are exactly that sort of accident just gets people. People goes around a absolutely. What the hardest part about playing internationally national for Bali people, don't realize regular fans, don't realize the shit that, like you
you're on Twitter. You, you have no idea. How may maybe they look it bothers me. Don't we're all like this role and a blue eye stout in open of glaring, glamorous lifestyle take a limo up here, and now I want to do is to call them and you have to keep on tragic your big shack. Oh my god, you have before you are really more people to Berlin for data, so you got you Brigham prose embryos. I was only four go by the course of the current one question: what's the one thing that like fans, the misconceptions have about like life and in the National Heyward were normal? Just such Albion doing do the same shit nine over human? Just like you all our, but our schedule really we'd go to practice. We stay in there all day, watching it's really not real job. It's actually funny, because I've talked to a couple guys and that's kind of the same thing like it's like we can work in ninety five, like you know, some has only later its earlier manner. But, like you know, it's that you go in and you go to the office on you. You come home, it's just you get worse, sweatsuit speedily bloggers and profess,
I think he has every day price. You know you play time aside right and amble everyday, for seventy plays us what a games like for me so riding a bull rotten of seventy play. That's what it's like blog Interior S. Heart was in order to block speeder strength. Probably what is it a bog? Probably strides? Ok, there's a lot of guys they get, and I will say that speed on that that, via Miller DB type speed anatomy. You can see you're an athlete not derive will deal dialect pass. Blogger unblock better problem. Our ally, past welcome, but run blackened with so much pressure off and you gotta help me reason. We, my guard, whose you know three. Forty five, forty fifty big, dude or tidy, and so on. I enjoyed a run data like when you do concisely. You can wear down a god, our ally pound propounded, who do, you think, is the best off its alignment auditing, but I'll, say probably brook most consists in this year was probably Brooks Brandenburg,
These will prevent realised as we want to buy the com on the gallows you six five three fifty ratified, Forty is just a freak athlete, Domini Gaza baby can move like, as we say in the office. Align position is like rubbing Kyle's Catalans, high oil related issues, athlete we're just seen as fat Tubby see no fuck up soon get noticed whenever there is apparently not this not the case. No, it's crazy to see the evolution of like the often live in like twenty years ago. Even will thirty years ago they were light. Then they got big heavy really heavy. Now they're like caught find a kind of the middle ground where they're all getting. You know, freak athletes who were just have a little extra who just eat a little bit more devil, but a belly round yeah I saw quote the human aspect of football where you can enjoy yourself and think outside the box. What do you mean by that? when you were talking about. It was kind of in relation to the pretty boy stuff with Tom Brady, when people coming down at you say it again.
you mean, there's a human aspect of football where you can get yourself a year outside the by adjusting the Patriot ways is a fear base organization. Obviously, do they win hell? Yes, they when they worked for a long time to other people enjoy can say. I had a lot of fun playing their no adult right. Nessus got on his truth, Are they successful, but when they go to interview stay at like fuckin robots right? stop being a dick head, we can be cordial for a little bit of you're going to get to do this job one time. So, let's have fun. While we're doing I like that, I like that. Battery reckless, but I I would much rather have fun in and in what is a bold and be measurable in Yes, when Visor rules fossil but I never eat tomatoes To make out with us on all that stuff, I'd rather just go.
Call them in every way the most positive of Bosnia, modem areas on which we have been able to join in the press conference. You you're right. It's a with a lot of success. You guys are haven't, there's probably going to be some shakeup scorn. You I mean right is: it is great coordinator he's gonna began some cause in the next few months, next year's or so how long you get you as if a young roster, how long the author, We keep this. Yet man be nice to keep at least for next year. I mean, I think ass, it was, we owe Ahmed slimy Reply will be set, we get outside will know yet car. So I feel like I don't have that release. I feel like a lot of teams. Once you start getting good and evil. Now we can set on relaxed. We need to push the pedal cuz. I think you know now is: are our years to science it must you mentioned Carson, but you didn't mention falls as there is no longer than controversy. I really don't know Nada,
then, of course, as our gas but hey you? Never I mean you really never know in this business. Did you guys ever bring up the fact that our shines a profit and proactive role when, while he is with the bears, that's crazy? No, that nobody's mean. You know about that Ray. I do nobody blithely, but yeah heavy, nay, a guy one up. snowball. Ok, like apparent falcon here you so you say what the hell you want to when you do that pick stag pick snag, as my I have The key question wrap up the skull download the seeking to use seeking up a motel you can download cabin you get tickets to get ten dollars off I'll, buy you a beer you will be or ten dollars off the output of long alone. Tat did. I just I just gave you ten dollars. Gather dollars back Helma, ok, right so put in promo code. Take can seek up, we can
cells, part of media, loosely media, not really media, but we like to protest olive oil gas. Here we ve done big jays. What can we do better as at it like? Will relay this message back to real media? Tell us what real media can do better will be, will send it to him Maybe I can do better here. How do we get better our job colleges? This is what this is. What they are That would allow the young if they can have a The experience I daresay I messes crossing, have the human aspect to the set of being so politically correct. Hey. That's when he had black. We know blackboard on twitter blessin. Here is in all this.
just be more like us. I like it highlights ass great, a regular, not go to pass that along began on our secret. Definite, I mean you do a great just way are no, it is true. There's devilish ivy said we found like, even though I showed you to picture Bob stoops it. We had its outcome with my boys. I'm a joint only thus taller obstacles along. He was he loosened up with us. He also hordes down. He also had some moose knuckle go on, which I would realise thought of his hand. His balls were just like this real titles. Tides. Have you gotta, give him some small, you gonna think towards handing out tat. We didn't realize a camera angles, that's balls, and every time I see some editing is taken a pause, Doug Petersen. How does he put his pants with balls are? Perhaps he made me take may take another coastal? Had I had the will, the wheelbarrow, maybe a solemn ass, to say, as you ever make farmer for his visor here, he's a silver Fox he's got his hair gone with eyes or they'll come on.
I don't hear it. I mean it's a fancy. Hey it worth. The visor is, is less goofy once you want a super title of totally agree on. That is definitely a coach. You where's adviser that sucks. That's really are not more scenario. Yeah! Really can't do worse can forget about a matter like MIKE Mccoy was a good example of big visor guiding right. You don't even remotely s name what eyes. I guess you hear about my adviser, guys who don't do well and say they pre. Ok, here's a good last question! Mc man, that's been, and walks in the door tomorrow says about about. He says lane. I liked free twenty million dollars a year to play my ex officio you take it. Yes, coach forward scholarship, goat, twenty million. Ok, yes, may say that this is an epidemic, Amerika Saturnine Zone, and I agree that they may need to combine Debbie Debbie Promos with NFL. Am there
is dig it out. That's my guy like see trust our guy gets the reigning spiked up. Nobody wants to see the church mode on tv; they they would. They will move at a low, but a spice. Would I agree, I will lane congratulations again. Manasseh tunnel fund represent come about. It knows this is actually I'll. Tell you exactly what I crisp when I asked crest for my little birdie. Sorry, when I asked my little birdie about you, great lady said: let's see he's he's it giant savant. There was genetically mutated from a tumble, weed and EAST Texas say that's alright genetic remit. Oh yes! As about things like Johnson, thank you were taking a quick break from our show to remind you that audio content from parcel is now available. Twenty four hours a day around the clock on serious some power. Eighty five wake up a parcel breakfast. you drink joy, to pigs, Francis Unwilling, Cologne then spend the rest of your morning with the boys over in Indy, with the Pat Mcafee show on Heartland Radio, at one p, dot M check
with the chicks of the office for our pop culture talk and then in the day, would parcel We would therefore annoy KFC enlist Gonzalez, followed up by the evening yak, whose by big cat Roy will inject Robys tried for free for thirty days at W W W debts, various exam dot com, slash, Ex M dash. Try free, that's Sirius power. Eighty five artless gets us segments first up, we have a thoughts and prayers for our p man, Adam shifter yeah Dave, random shaft, a really bad day, so the NBA trade deadline. He had zero scoops, we regain the otter, yet that items after he transitioned he. He also missed the Jimmy drop below signing and he did it and then went foolish after so when we say false after we mean that he has a particular like set of things that he goes through when he misses a scoop in its basically to
the discredit everyone else without actually discredit was not so much discrediting it saying like it's very bad can and will have the full de Witt he'll do is say: hey, that's really! That's really cute scoop bless your heart, yeah. Here's an extra thing that you, Mr Pearson, is. I would like to play an extra MIKE rattlers, great, that you got the numbers and the total dollar value of Jimmy jeez deal but which you missed out on is the fact that he has actually signed. Yes, oh he he went with a credit to both rational tie and Microsoft. Oil who have reported forty nine. let's have a deal in place with Kubi Jimmy garage below, seems it's only a matter of time higher in forty nine official texted still working on it, not done yet. So this has been reported and it just makes a clear, hey guys, it's not done so. Let's chill out. The news has important and then, when he got beat again, he said when forty nine
Jimmy grapple a five year deal gets finally shortly. So that's of key word there. It will include the largest three year: cash total for new contracting Anna fell history, just shy of ninety million. Who do you know? What am I bet she'd also gloves the largest to your cash or two he missed out on our boil inner they might aback loaded. It might been all the money in the through all the year. The air so about beef mean shaft but we feel bad that you, Mr Scoop. It was clearly bothering you because you use very particular language here using when in not done yet. I love these deals. These I favour deals in the NFL. The yearly next guy up for contracts The biggest Yoni NFL biggest Kubi deal in the NFL, and then everyone flips out. How could you pay and that much? How did you play that South Africa, How do you pay Jacob Hughley Geopolitical at much and then, if it sticks,
think Aaron Rodgers Programme to sign a deal four billion? Others is that whenever we hear guys numbers, we know that there were about a day or two away from Aaron Rodgers commenting somehow causes gonna get a better deal problems. Your cousins is gonna one up this one and then I think Aaron Rodgers ease Prodigal son Next offices riddle. My only were I e they might hear they might try to do it now, just because they're nervous about noise and hassles is doing about the only thing that the only thing I hate about this is that it happens and were probably have her cousin science. We're not gonna get some really soak in the Jimmy Garage, hello stuff. We need Jimmy grapple to go out and destroying reception right now, just so we can all tweet that Perception costs the forty nine years, five hundred thousand dollars. Yet speaking of Smoking Alex Smith, the Mormons he's one of the highest paid quarterback sewer the next couple, you're just not ormond, but whence you time really. Can it closely I've got up one thing that I like about whenever these stories break is especially the timing that had happened right in the middle
the immediate trade deadlines. Is you get you get a few in a fellow writers, a command or be like, and this is why the fellows still casual key, still owns only in his on the compromise to it, as is, I got a blip in the middle the day and that meanwhile, like Lebron James, actively layer, slitting, the throat stood a red wedding on the clear for the answers are raging insecurity to be like, oh yeah, the ambiguous. I merely MBA, Duke you and see tonight the Olympics and fell still can guess what she has no offset language to Jimmy grapple as a big deal coming, not Tonia. Also, so shutter so after he says, he's too tweets out, he he still You can tell that he knows he's a little about. Nine are yet model is written in his brain so which, after does as he dips into two different well studied that he likes go to one. Is he just tweets out something? That's just a number of counts.
He counts down to the house. So he treated Hey words, so he added words as the job points out. a hundred forty three days till NBA, free agency. Why? So I don't know what that has to do with anything that will just I'm out but exclusive tat of chapter via the job. No one else counted it. There are on twitter. There are a number of days to jump to set it. Yes, Adam suffers a first report, it ammo visual learner? Yes, so I can't listen very was a greek Riley Iverson Twitter, yet he had first and then the other thing is shifted. Was he tweeted out a picture of the aftermath of the Eagles parade? Oh, yes, I saw people out there get a lottery tweets. Let us groups on the issues that are needed, but if you click on the picture that If we allow just like a budget trash, if you shippers from Woodstock, you have, if you click and the picture you can very clearly see that he stole it from somebody all yes and was sloppy with his cropping up. So as an item piazza over his picture in its just mud,
yeah, hey here's. What it looks like when millions of people stand on a wet field in June, in cyber it yeah looks like money parking lot to the Kinney Chazy Keyser not exploit after his could be literally any picture, be Woodstock. It could be read after Lala, be anything you're, the shepherds about your tweets, utter yeah, refresh everywhere, yeah trash and mud. I we have next up in olympic update, when does it start? Is the update I am still waiting for word on official number of condoms, so I dont think start yet think it only started, but parliament curling has started CS bullshit, wise curling start before everything else. They really need them most do curling, I guess with it. When the ice is ready. You start curling. We were so, but one is the opening ceremony. As I also don't know, what's a timezone situation, this Olympics that's the biggest washing, which gonna think it's gonna be like early. The mortgage busily determines if you're gonna watch or not you, it's gonna, be Ireland, Denmark, and yet, as we very early in the morning, I guess I relied on curling was I like midnight, Tanya
and it's very willingly, Wednesday ones, the opening ceremony. That's all I care about the torch framework winter, you know who's gonna, be there the tongue, a guy member him. Now the oil success sometime. You fellows waited tongue, a guy from Tonga walks in Greece I believe that about many many people and Tonker competing the winner. Look, I think they just like thrown a Bob's, letting our call running there's been a real rash. I respect that, but what I don't like your I dont like the Olympic Games, getting started before the opening ceremony suggest as make just move opening ceremony couple days or any the torch is the torch, lit or update waiting. So is it whose torches They don't like the torch, but they play the Olympics. It's bullshit bullshit so the old bullshit available animals is not going to be even more bullshit. If the lit like many torch off to the side- and we didn't get to see
you're going to settle, and then there are sometimes from events that take place after the closing ceremony too. I also like the my Favour winter Olympics storyline every year is, will there be snow answers? Not sometimes there's not sometimes forget tat snow at the winter Olympic. My favorite story line is going to see how many north korean athletes defect got lots love. Are they in it yeah we are letting him compete hum What about Russia, the English Russia's banned from love supper, I feel like they. Their own terms show up yeah yeah. Thank God willing, know its idea to kick me. I right. It's like USA. In hockey, it's a USA is playing players from Russia, like that. applying Russia, but it's not called, are using all the players are usually more world Russia, while classic we're like MIKE Piazza Play for ITALY. Yes, so this is, there's been you're olympic update and expert. Yes, so just tell someone someone right down like everything we ve got wrong and send it to you.
I would like to know, is APOLLO on these. I just these men have surpassed creating is awesome, that's so patches of maize. I always think that winter Olympics are gonna suck because like who play sports, but then they they dropped. Bob said trot speed skating, I mean who doesn't like the pageantry. A figure skating no more of an ice dancing guy over our skating, accept no jobs as you like that you, like, and Senate gymnastics you like the rhythmic gymnastic outwitted. We were the two earlier. The two little financing shit now attaka, cookery gas are next up. We have take quake. This is actually knew segmented. We came up with if you missed, we did shark tank of segments on Wednesday Show and one of em We came up with was take quake when there's a quick take so so large and big that it creates an earthquake in this one certainly applies. So what happened? The Fox NEWS, Guy Fox NEWS, VP is rock road and the op and the object. He said
unless a change overnight. The motto of the Olympics since eighteen. Ninety four has been faster, higher stronger. It appears the. U S appears the Us Olympic Committee would like it to change it to darker gayer different huhuhuhu. feel that quite yeah that was a girl. Seven point: two male down the dog here: you're dm we're living like fifty miles from me. Epicenter. That's like when Martian went score that touched on us what I felt. So what he's mad that that I gave you born on themes. So what I did some exhaustive research on this when I can figure out, is that here he is taking on board with their statements being made by somebody from the? U S, aussi, who said that we were there diverse team this year, and so in his mind. I guess this guy made the leap that we select. Rattling based on who was darkest gayest, indifferent a different IST, most different, in which case I'll be a hilarious team. Here I'll be ok with that, it would be great if they went like most different like while Sacramento kings fan my black eye.
Who the fuck is, that will put him on the shortest year. For here I just selling it yeah. Just getting real eclectic group don't get the one guy who are who want the one male who drives Us Subaru Wagon, get him throw him on the team. These different? Yes, oh, I think you can amiss interpreted what was said, but just the phrase darker gayer differently. That's a hell of a slogan, that's a good slogan. He then went on to say he has a low, my green bergs, dumb rule in the middle of it. He said white guys, for instance, instead of the two or three points award. Two black players who make up eighty one percent, the M Mba any plans to fix that disparity didn't think so? Well, I think we should yeah. Why not? I mean lorry mark
and let's give him forbearance, reverie do point, maybe with consequent when the big ten this year. That would actually be nice. We would we, Germany, I'm sure, probably not squarely two other points, a gay, probably not all. I can say I guess it. Finally, things are working in our favour. Us like yeah, that's why that's where the calves kept Corver love just in case this Kepler place and then finish off with a man. You got always finish off with a participation currency. So yea said that at the olympic level, not everyone is a winner. Not everyone gets a little plastic trophy to take home, so it's actually fake alt and they by the way, I don't have you seen the elapsed before, but its metal, the Algerians enough. It's it's a fake or metal and to your contract at home depot pretty good deal. Also, where my fair parts about on the big season is where they do the breakdown of the metal and how much actual gold goes into these, these metals I haven't, are they blinked? Have we got What about no chocolate? Ok, I just I would take a chalk. Yes, I. What do you do with growth is waiting Coca as one of those things like just make a fake one to put in your house, because really
Why do you have a gold medal to tell us? You want to go, go mental, it's ache! The fake one seller real one, its participation trophy for not losing yeah. I before you guys on checks, we have a trouble in paradise. Big one Cobby has come out and said he would take lobby over Shack while the saddle troubled, Paradise, Cobain, shacks relationship in the Lakers, yet so bad like. If those two could figure out a way to make it work, and they could be a really good, we're all balloon foreign or I'll, probably four, five six year, unlimited eyes a limit, we, yes, that is like tat we get along so well to back. This is great because Kobe, like you, can tell it's been a year now, is a year yet ear. a is starting to get a little restless, so we're gonna start getting a word more cobia in the news. Little more, you know shacks Nino, ruined everything feel Jackson's. Eighty eight, like just going after people
That's cuz, that's Kobe the mamba. He can sleep for a little bit, but eventually is going to get up and start biting people. I hope Kobe change numbers again and comes back get that third, one retired you go ring chasing going to the warriors, Toby joined the calves. The Lakers have space he had her water is realised in the lake. Imagine you comic agreements. Madrigal K Max deal. We using what
think of the island or say like, as some people would say, Kobe, might come back for that minimum minimum to not get a ring. No absolute, I've known you clear enough space for to MAX guys next year is gonna, be abroad and asked one of the old balls, cobalt Vasco beside a mind, kneel and fuck the Lakers already. I did not give a shit about that. I hope he goes back reaches now be so may I be great Hank. We got guys unchecked remiss in on Wednesday. Let's do it now. Let's do it. Hey boys, especially big cat, all the accounts on Instagram, my boyfriend pause are a bunch of half naked women entities. Is this normal? Yet what do I do? You know he just e follows it: it's like Pinterest for nice, things that he can get for. You get that zone he's as he sees like a girl in a nice bathing suit. His all about my girlfriend love this yet it once you get that for. Let me ask your question: is it a crime to walk into a store and look? No It is absolutely not Granada crime, it is not a crime, so this guy, just lookin he hasn't bought anything is he is he clicking? Like other pictures
that is not a balls. You move there. Then it then he deserves was rubbing. Interfacing about you can follow, but you can't Jean Pierre doubled big booty deeper. You cannot double tat. I love those pervert booties, perfect possessiveness, who runs favorite Instagram account so I'm a junior in college and I've been dating this guy for almost two years. I've recently come to the conclusion that he is not the one who he doesn't push me to be. The person I want to be, and we really don't have much in common, doesn't even listen to pmt. To be honest, that should have been a deal breaker allowing time yes downtime day is coming up, not that any guy really gives a shit His conference championship out too, that is both at the next week and then we have spring break booked after that. I like this clearly now covers sharing, should clearly not much room for me to be bringing up any sign of a potential break up. I have no fucking idea what to do now. You're right, you suggestions, you can't break up with guy before the easy tournaments. That's that is cannon. There's no good
to break up with a duty, but it sounds like you're pregnant, the egg. That might itself in disguise like evacuated, so he might just pop a ringer, ok, but Tom you're pregnant and then be like just kidding. I'm not, but you didn't the act away I wanted you to. I would tat, would take similar advice because the opposite direction and say I am told that you can't have kids Tomyo infernal acres seems like you really likes you a little bit like oh she's, not want buoy, I tell it touches, be and not become a nun. Rugged boy there. Let's bring earlier life to jeez, I guess you know man that that will push you to do everything you want to yeah Jesus Jesus H. I also like that she mentioned that he doesn't push her to be the woman. She wants you to your junior college. Yeah so also says She just found she met a guy Jimmy together. She likes a lot more than of yeah. You you got. You got locked on forgot person who want to be so. It's ok fees not pushing. Maybe just stick
have more out two percent in round SEC. Well, open relationship yet sounds like the person you want to be is just horny the single and so he's having little. Neither that yeah hey guys supply of tee, so so my boyfriend cheated me when abroad and city wasn't cheating, because we are in different time zones. Then he Reference, some Germans cat theory in a box is a learned it from p m t. Should I forgive him way, so I saw you guys all shorting or starting it yeah. Does the shredding ears its preferring his penis, who is both in the woman and not in the woman? The same types of his safe use cheat weight. So what did he say he cheated on her? He was abroad and then- it wasn't cheating cause, he was in different time zones. Yes, that's a rod kind of place like if you have a boyfriend of girl from like don't cheat. I won for your boyfriend. Her girl for an end there, like I'm moving to a like Australia for six months and gonna, be around a bunch coeds, it's gonna real.
it tells you are right that when I they're gonna say like yeah, we're gonna stay together and then the and then the guy goes on a real one thousand fox everyone. The first night, I'm gonna, have that. I think I think you're onto something here. If you study or overseas there is at, speculation of different time zones in the caviar is, I would say, when you return, if the purse, and you cheated on her significant other with lives in same timezone than it still is cheating kings of example. I go over to Spain for a semester, broad mean a girl over there. We cup once or twice we come. I move back to. York. She moved back to New Jersey that still she yeah. If she lives in Indiana are obsolete,
the other shit, all hearts, she lives in Utah hearts. Not she lives in California. Is that you also you can use? This is a test. If your boyfriend comes back and he's one of those assholes comes back from being abroad and has an accent then then he not oh Jesus come back, but you deserved. Dump him reign the face. If he sighs come about, like all know, that's actually how they say it in England fuck you you're a loser. If he starts signing is emails with cheers via then its cheating our starts talking about like down under shit like yeah. That's cheating, KPMG, on the language. That's more than cheat talk American here last weekend. I wire wire US checks, so attracted the guy's hands when I'm in The guy. I was still glances at his hands when I'm with them. I can't help it. What is the biology? Sorry Hank big word behind this yeah? It's it's all its because when you see a man's hands and like how alforjas speedily Kenny open like a pickle jar- and if you see that that's a keeper because he can provide
the family. Also, that's my opening jars, that's what he uses to defend you with his fist. Anyone see me he'll lobbies. Ladies, you see man make a first yeah, it's like ours, start the freaking swap down there. It's it's actually like. This is science, a woman sees a man's hands if it's like baby soft hands- and you know- he's never worked a hard day of his life like blogging or podcasting. You're, going to be turned off nobody can get. You can't wrap it up. He can't he can't get out there and type out like three thousand words about the brought. That also means, though, that is probably rich, because he doesn't have to work arteries and wear gloves. Also yeah yeah, real cake, atrium, moisture gloves slowly. You know one rather defrosting anyways fingernails, with with gloves on yeah. We should do thou. Who should do that for a month and see what happens just might like we put like
but all moisturize or in your gloves- and he just sleep with gloves? I am actually I get more callouses older man. I think article Yellow Album and try to get this off. The sands at the spike embrace debate, two girls, one about rough hands or allow super super. I'm not really think about girls interim silence, you nor I'm thinkin soft hands me more cushion for the pushing yeah. When I jerk off That's our shoulders able to catch passes, but oh those good point I ours. We think about masturbation, but good point. Anyone dynamited question, liquor or women is alive. just been misused, honour women really attracted the hands. Now I think she's. she gave a health gonna. Weird functions receives erects right, she's in opposite. We ask as our erects I'd. That's our show. We have a huge interview common Monday, Johnny for We got real with him. It was not like our funniest interview. We actually talked a lot about his rehab and try to get a second chance to get back into football, really interesting interview. I kind of like broke it
and had a good talk with him. Also just a quick shout out to award Winning Listener Clark Tinder keep your head up. Man thanks for listening and with
we will see everyone on Monday will regard love.