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NBA With Rachel Nichols and The NFL Got Rid of Color Rush Thursdays Because They Hate Us

2018-04-11 | 🔗

The NFL got rid of color rush thursdays and we're mad and red and nude about it (2:20 - 8:39) . We confront Hank on his weird addiction of swallowing gum (he's swallowed over 50 pieces in the last 3 days, (Hank note -  swallowing gum isn't actually weird and if you think it is then you are the weird one) (8:39 - 11:24). Richie Incognito gives an exclusive statement to Pardon My Take on his retirement (11:24 - 12:50). Hot Seat/Cool Throne discussing the fact that Mark Zuckerberg is without a doubt a robot (12:50 - 29:15). Rachel Nichols joins the show to talk about the NBA Playoffs, why Melo stinks, who should the Cavs fear in the East, and whether or not the Rockets/Raptors can break through (29:15 - 49:28). Segments include Respect the Biz for the Milwaukee reporter that got in a fist fight, PR 101 for Tristan Thompson kissing 2 women that weren't his wife, Spinzone Mark McGwire says he didn't need all those steroids to hit 70 home runs, explain it to Big Cat, and guys on chicks. 

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on today's pardon my take we have or current guess rachel nicholls on to talk about the nba play offs we also have hot see cool thrown m o because it's wednesday we have got on chicks hank now you're my hot seat for forgetting this huts equal thrown upon heard autos francois out before we get all that though shit award were not easy work as you know we are switching to the cash up the cash app is the simplest way to pay people back friends families coworkers anyone setting a receiving money is totally free and fast and most payments can be deposited directly to your bank account in just a few seconds the cash app lets you do way more than that now you can even buy and sell bitcoin instantly get your paycheck deposited right to the ep pour money out of the eighty em with their free custom cash card or use it to spend anywhere you like you really want find a more useful app for your cash out there so make the switch today and download the free cash out for iowa or android now and when you sign up enter the reward code bar stool to receive five dollars when you download the cash up and though also send five dollars a species and that's not all we are also giving away some shudder some guacamole some cash shoah download
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orange and lime peels famous friends to monitor what life love you alright let's go free lance none can play its part mightier presented to us by the pardon my teeth i see today is wednesday april a weapon
to do tat tat would remain archaeological rosters falk vienna fell what the fuck are they thinking i dont even know what's going on anymore all i know is that today they decided there doing away with the rush thursdays and let me first say this i might be a narcissist i might be an egomaniac but it's hard for me to think this isn't a direct shot at us day we they had one hard in the battle against part my yeah that was the cholera yes besides
as we had all the leverage and guess what they fucking came out of it came in quite literally the darkest day in nfl history a shot across our bow so here's how it went down it was first reported that the i felt was doing away with color rush thursday now the way it was said was bill wanger of fox sport bill wanger that's several them now probably not bill wanger what wagner no bill wang wang bill wagon ok so that i don't know what you're like number were false la hague bill why he's a crisis actor bill wanger of fox sports as ultimate uniforms on thursday night football are good when the way hard core fans dont need gimmicks to watch that shouted sad daddy lucian is out of the sails of sub tweeted us fuck you bill wanger you fake fake name mother fucker us and we don't need gimmicks but we shall love em the games schedule also be stronger
ok i think i'm gonna make everyone play on three days wrestling there are still gonna hate it is seldom saw the gateway he's saying that the schedule is gonna he'd know for a fact that they're gonna lotus up with match up on thursday where are they gonna have liked itunes jaguars everything loves you say only way can get better right like high bill window do you realize that you don't have enough quarterbacks to make this game better like that's it doesn't make any sense yeah there's there than a bell games that are really good a week yes maybe but then we had more news might graph allow real name on color rush the uniforms aren't going away completely it's just that they might not be exclusive to thursday night anymore sources say could be some other tweaks the uniform policies while also this is subject votes from ownership so you say the color rush isn't going away it just going
on thursday is exclusively because that's what thursdays are either collar rush thursdays it or what would you think the name color rush thursday's came from yeah it's like saying halloween's not going away but we're just go let people dress up and costumes every year any day you want any day in october i dont want russia i want my special color rush thursday rate the i want something to look forward to before friday i want to see what it's like if the dolphins were all awkward or the colts war only white are all blue yeah like that it's crazy i don't wanna so we're we're pro roger godot pike ass we pretend kneeled we have everything hang without it we love everything where he didn't like job he's underpaid
we losing confidence in i mean this is if this is a panic move by him calling out hardcore football fans hey listen roger man to man here friend a friend hardcore football fans love cholera thursday s because its different this could be an interesting tragically for though he could start to implement all sorts of shitty rules and then them away goddammit i like what else you also what else should get pumped about on thursday nothing there's absolutely nothing but here's tourism eurozone and silver line is sell me a jets dolphins game in the middle of december on thursday without cholera try will they should not watching a shady go back to the jets bills game where they were the uniform we're like blind there were invisible for cholera spurrier color blind people now there's some silver line here also over the
like silver no a silver lining its while its white with silver trim those are cool and the raiders were there's some silver were actually see andrew and they were they were clean built fast they look clean stirred the players are starting to revolt a little bit o county jefferson from the ravens he tweed out that the ravens are still going where their purple so i don't believe in protests ok i dont think that people i think that people should shut up and go their jobs and not complain about anything ever and just gonna let life happened to them but this is a protest that i can definitely get behind its it's good that we have such a marketable name to knit player tony jefferson toward household household guy i mean he sounds like his name could be a present or about jack hair lonely anthony jefferson could not be produced and all very well definitely that zimbabwe that mass ballplayer plus present slash raven standing up for color just really hurt
do i married i was thinking about because elaeis probably got a sweatshop go and already yup of color rush uniforms a he's gonna lie and sell us gain more so what's he spoke with all that production that's good good point i either way fix it out this is our last these alas how we talk about we fix period it harried appeared it and then made now known fedex clapping hands it clapping hands now the other topic we have to talk about we need to have an intervention we need to we need to have an erection frank so hang in there being this week and the owner european bee has left out a bunch can't and its great because responding uncanny oh but a little little twist there live they have gambols all the house and last night hank said i'm addicted to gambols and i said
that's interesting so what you just chew on for a few minutes and spitting out and he said no i've been eating them he still swallowing up eating on balls at all this is a really know no incorrect i to them for how are you children the flavor goes out after about like five minutes exact five and then you just swallow it's the same thing as a tutorial oh no no no no no that's different now become balls you think you ve i mean of are taken
one full jar like workin halfway through another see our lives forty forty gum balls you have the funny thing is while we have gumbo we have like double machines a couple jars every single room of this house so i take sneaking into my room in the middle of the night and like to telling it and taking on board you realize how ridiculous is like i remember grow up as a kid i was able to swallow gum you can have a gum tree in your belt what are you in your city here stunning were seven years that's a myth that i'm tryin to educate the world that it's not you can thank you all for your brought bomb of it's been pretty good i've had some good that could prove if he doesn't come you swelled last two days if you have a bad septic system you should just put gumbo machines show me nobody ever could rise it's a big ling chu like when you choose bigley todo spit it out you swore yes spit it out what what do juices swallow all your gum yes this is it now you know why we have an interview i was about to say something i was going to say i'm trying to educate people that it's okay to swallow
come but i do it's not something that we are doing is not ok i don't know i think it's twenty twenty sixteen seventy in his eyes i'm trying to move past these unfair sanctions next time i next time i see you chewing gum going to come by come by tat yonder on the top your head and then you'll know it's time to spit gum it's the same thing as candy to say things a two year old is the same thing as a pizza licorice disclaim thing it's something that you take it you tewett it's not a flavor goes away swallow this is interventions to absolutely not and we need to have a new french why on a one off because it sits in your stomach plug overcome shrapnel dumbing hank maybe this is why your experiencing ups no no no no not yet said that before hymns add though yeah let's call that out guys come on he lay off had no more that no more that we also have some breaking moose
this so you probably know by now that recurring guess regime cod has retired from the ineffective well the reason listen apart my take as we get all the exclusive so i actually have an exclusive match message from richie incognita usually that's not it gets now it's ok from from reaching incognito for the listeners of part might take at and thirty one a m thirty one a m that's really early for social dialogue be nine thirty one central time on tuesday april tenth tenth i taxi richie incognito i said bro are you retiring and he replied yes
exclusive seems armed that's the last some software i saw to it tat he was like you say that his liver and kid these are shutting down that doesn't sound like football no he says i want to go to doktor yeah destroy said that is its going to normalize once he stops link for by i mean i hope he's ok and yeah i hope he's ok khazar like a stress issue and when what not butter yeah so i everyone all if you play the defensive line in the nfl you're lucky because which is not a kick your ass and overthrow yet exactly speaking atlas gets your hearts equal thrown once you go first the first tokay my hot seat is denied and have one set out today is fraud i saw for myself in the hot seat to prolong week have gum eating let me of taught my head calendars because you thought it was fraud because grasses quarterback coach doesn't believe in days the weak because every day is game the true that's very time very nervous by a broad majority
may i just said i was use ending i said that you should be ok why said i was first ok i'm not nervous knows got frost is building something there i dont know what it is but rights of returning national champions got for us is building a programme brad paisley like it's basically like when you let your dog like go in the other room and hear laurel wrestling you know what the fuck is my dog doing over there and then you walk in and then it's just probably just seeing all the trash but we're going to walk into nebraska scott frost and built like an eleven win team and i'm going to be very very that about i liked what fucking so get out of their scott this is like a football guys version of saying it's five o clock somewhere yeah it pretty my game if someone someone how play a game time zones work with flattereth and everything but technically it's always saturday yes do you have a cool thrown hank the emma cool throne is any it have you ever story whose a fan of bilbao over who is an absolute savage yeah as this friday in north carolina roughing roddy three has taken place they calibre
call i'll be there can be great on water fight sort of action sola get excited yeah so our travels continue we're going to charlotte on thursday i feel like i haven't like been in my own bed in a long time and so i were well that's my need to recharge my iphone gotta plug yourself i put myself energy plug yourself a lot more when you're on the road yeah the true here so we will be there i m very excited north carolina do you think the right here now he's got it for america america verse germany classic case to an all time yeah most dangerous leading soccer though so what's on mace may actually you if we want to get historically accurate throw rod should wait to like the third round to enter the war he should lead to a british
fight on the air with american i'm a little bit yeah maybe like nature at over extend himsel yeah right and then come in and just knock em out well and then also have a russian guy right behind yeah that does most of the knocking your height exactly throw right can stand on yeah so what we should have that happened pity go ahead my hot seat is the field of eagles because robert craft redress meek custom the idea robber craft went to go visit meek mill in prison and gave his blessing to solve social activism yup that's always appropriate from nfl owners we know that they are they are socially conscious creatures correct you imagine if like back in the obama presidency if the owners had like realised that they could take a need during the national anthem fur like protesting the progressive tax bracket
now they would have all been doing yes absolutely so yeah i guess meat meal is like the new person to attach related we ve been a free meat meal pod cast for a long time a guess what now it's not cool anymore also done i think we're done i think word and we have to move on hank who should move on to buy bobby murdering actually know prima robbie reflagging magri like varies greatly machado to max bee flew out of it also curses on the hot seat because we now hope oh now this may have backfire limit on me in my time to front rasper its campaign which was actually astroturf to get low beat a curse the penguins he ended up blessing the piglet swam if a firewall steady bless all see here's a thank here's my curses or on the hot seat because he also blessed the philadelphia flyers so the penguins are playing against the flowers in the first round
so he's gonna be wrong yeah bodies covering all basis a hobby right too but he's gonna be wrong it's a big thing but also be right and you know really chaps mass are you scared have gone up against lobbying well the thing is in the second round to wash and capitals are gonna play against team has been blessed i feel like you did that just to get it in the island you gonna want sound like a dog i got you got but that's all about me my cool throne is archie three because andrew luxury just gave a very very weird press conference very announcing that it
hasn't thrown football and like a year and whole size for priorities he's rapidly thrown love or taxes john our he's flick paper footballs here he says that he's been reading a lot as part of his rehab nerd so he's been he's been reading a lot of books and nurturing himself literature so smart you have the fact that he hasn't gotten better means that books are officially junks i write it that's his treatment course my other cool throne is geography because the miami marlins are claiming that their based in the british virgin islands in order to avoid tax implication do so i guess that works well i guess
you just do that yeah guess i guess what i live in the british virgin islands tat same may i live in delaware oliver corner tat they could also be just be trying to like appealed attempt eba by saying that they live in the virgin islands yet he was like that sounds like a great organization for me the the attendance is weighed down some tea but also solve that problem yeah well no solves the problem the guy they ran away go to sea miles man in and i often divergent dare tutor no absolutely not that's a good point yeah dirt you two looks like a peanuts now to bigtime big showed yeah is it is basically a fatter he looks like he's your routers legacy dirt too and that now you have grown so too bad said she hates see that you hate to see that its aid to see my heart seats is god oh god is on the hot lead yeah because
ray louis is out there tramping fur or whatever you call it is he's he's politicking forgot he is saying that odell becum has lost god in his life and so any time re louis is like the spokesperson for god gods in some trouble because feeling we forgot about the re louis murder thing well no it was it was alleged ok everlasting yeah but hey being in a i murder is not great either being at the place of a murder is not great oh sure that all the apostles were at the place of a murder went on re lucid and what they do to try to turn they disposed of it just like re loose this is why we have the right to religious also did the class gray louis where he basically bash hotel back i'm sorry lost guys i'm recall the emigrant so will have
so after i just said it on national radio and everyone can make me part of the headline i mean all re louis is saying is that like if if odo back i'm just has a conversation with tony dodgy young back and in the right place as your question do you think re louis buys on bullshit yes yeah yeah yeah though it so ridiculous have you ever heard re yes yes but it ever see the ads behind the saying ass re loosely ass and his children yes or its also over the top not i don't think he believes himself when he speaks i think he does i think he buys a little bit too much that's why he doesn't think before talks it because he believes that he has little god coming out of his mouth what a fuckin says it's got out isn't asshole arrogance it and why we loescher nozzle watch out rayless disavow yeah we're out disavow re louis i don't know i disavow you saying that re loses that including you get him on rather we are listening to the shore and or we get him on one case i run into a night club in atlanta
every great every louis on because i would definitely not bring up legit murder mr louis grech korea iran famer let's talk about what happened how could i just got in my life please tell me my other girl i'll say like instead of an alarm clock if i just had re loose screaming at me from my phone to wake up every morning i'll get the fuck out of that year out are not hits lose true my other hot seats is short guys zuckerberg put on only then put on a it's a show in front of was congress the irrational here yeah that was it congress know who not yours counts whose in front of congress he was in front of a piece of congress was in front of a congress of congress wandered on rational here in the congress of congress about basically ruining everyone's life and stealing all of our brains he not only he looks like a robot like full like if if
sucker bergs soul attempt was to try to persuade people that he's not a bad guy who is stealing all of our data and our brains he failed terribly he dead because he look a robot yet a terrible suit he had a boycott he is eyes were huge he just looked exactly like out expect a robot to la cuckoos put in front of congo to tell us that everything's gonna be all right right he looked like i robot had sex with mr burns that episode the simpsons where we get those i drop some became like an alien yeah are one of the word of the worthy common in japan the that's robot the enemies the enemy
yet a penny vending yeah yeah i'm anima enemies not yet able plural anyways nay and one element here exactly geese know ye did i actually get spooked i spoke yesterday morning because i got a notification saying that it appears that there is a picture of you that's been uploaded and it was somebody that i didn't know some of that i wasn't friends with and i was in the background of a picture my face it and this is why this recognize my facts at hey is this you fuck even i wasn't agnes dude in and so the height part he was what you sitting on a booster see yes he was sitting on a boost or see that's a bad luck i didn't realize either that mark zuckerberg takes like all his pictures in a particular way to make himself not look short russia as a whole for these five seven yeah that's preacher yeah you you looked i tower heirloom lecture guy yeah but you i mean i've got some pride ok i will never does a promise i will never take a picture in a boost for seed yeah i'll never like bring
i own wedge to put under these shaft react to add like four inches or whatever you re zuckerberg you failed man you i mean the world is gonna shit and mark zuckerberg is the one who's like watching in taking in may sure that you on your last dying breath you get a flash and in your face oh you looked at toy recently balls you like to buy another toilet also when i landed here it said we notice your in chicago here are some places nearby that some of your friends have gone to get the fuck out of here if she d i it's about time this country had a good old fashioned scapegoat watches pin everything on zuckerberg uncle
do you know what this by which if business was yet they get a little workers be such a set of indicators sulk jesus mark zuckerberg was actually born in a just peace or lap and as is his whole life has been leading up to this point where he can take the fall he's for easier jappy those volga michael throne is our good friend patrick greed so the bad boy gulf lot of talk about his family and all this stuff maybe he stole some people may be cheated maybe he's and ass all these are all may but fastest way too in a little street could take a picture next to give here be yeah ok so he did that he took a next picture ex agree donkeys yeah darky saucy with the green jacket and now america love them which i put myself in america loves gets is
as america sweetheart you patrick report ballpoint pulled three people on this row about him and guy fury at some conversations about like have always so summer sweet flame patches on this leaves the man boss patch agreed i mean that by the way there's there's a zero percent chance that patch agreed hasn't spilled some sort of condiment sauce on the green oh yeah oh yeah thing this filth and weight so sad like the gpa airy like those great did you get to meet him fury but ferry boats rail routes that's as yadda yadda yadda the fact the patch agreed like as part of his masters like victory lap got sit court cited the knicks that's a punishment that's not a victory lab lady if someone offers you courts i'd tickets that next year now mocha rats also attending and next game guy fury would be consider cruel and unusual for most people in a man s so congrats patrick you re america sweetheart
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i was excited than i thought we were too late there and then i realized that you only asked me to do this like twenty minutes ago and i am clearly someone else dropped out and you really want me today so that i was trying to become less accredit your winners couldn't do it so we had to call you instead me all the time time exactly so the nba placer coming up world very excited the ceding isn't fully set but it's kind of that it's not that kind of set we get what so can reverse like anything can happen there like sixteen psychological so break it down with what would we know the nuggets in the timber walls have basically a play off game which is awesome the main aim on wednesday what else do we have that southern are all the sitting in the east if you type the warrior that are no windows pod income
depending on your listening to this you will know what we don't know because you live in the future and the three of us do not whether you taught me the warriors on tuesday night and that could make blazers as game a play a huge black seeding game there where the thunder gonna end up there's where i mean there's a whole bunch of stuff in terms of where people are gonna end up and in the east you got a bunch of teams that are trying to lose to get into it members seventh by the others they believe that the celtic their vulnerable but that's the whole thing if you're the market fuck you play the creeping cavaliers as your final game arabs are you play the sex tourism was a knight is your followed him the season retraining lose to this exercise you don't have to play the calves in the first round yes important question these are so you mention the thunder wanna go out weskit can we
as like a society just agree that we're not gonna believe the bullshit hype with the thunder can we just stop the evil people excited about play off now coming back its nuclear mellow stinks have you said this on a jump yet members now i'm not that he considers like career i pointed to something i don't care i won't even way all it does is run up and down he runs report line to three point line and he doesn't waited events he doesn't really move on armaments any brick shots he sticks his role has changed or yes even older player this is like aben players transition he is no longer the star of the team anymore and he has done a good job of accepting what does he have to allow japan short because he's not gonna make the united states team and that's like the one thing that he can hang its head on so as you gonna go out there and just try to shoot a million trees
tonight i mean you know everyone needs motors man never needs everyone needs to cause the vapour i've been told by by smart basketball people that the jobs or the like the nitty gritty basque wanting that you don't want to play if you're the first round on the west that true and my dumb for just going along and believing that point you may be done but that might not have to do with this discussion mom bed that deserves our team that you might not want to see early like any kind of hard when we talk about that regular basically talking about whose in the bottom of any play off bracket either the east or west for any child mba that could like pull off the upset right so does her bare a team that could end that's another sort of game again to say night people in the future will know what happened here but jazz warriors if you're the warriors you're not used to tanking right and he has been playing great so you kind of do want to win game to get some of them to go in the playoffs but if you purposely this game to utah on tuesday night then you won't have to see the jazz or this in the first round of the plan
we in this game then you might and as you pointed out the desert maybe not a team that you want to see early i was on the other side of the bracket i wouldn't ask i want the miami heat to show up at my door if i was a top seed in the east and the sixers i was sleeping in an underdog they're going to end up making this may be in the three at least in the forest but i don't want to see them in the playoffs either right now they are on a team i just want to go really quickly backed malloch as i feel like you let him off the hook but i appreciate you sayings transitioning so we have to respect his privacy while he transitions being a good player to a terrible and yourself do that i'm a do that on twenty four easy i thought you were gonna go somewhere notably out with the word came the young i'm happy if aid where you at my minute i'm gonna take the win that you didn't go where i got you a move on he's transition exuberant riddled with the seas very brief i saw you mentioned the six years in the east i actually have a play off
like theme for you that you can use you can steal this from me right playoffs are the we don't actually believe in these teams play us because everyone talking about the rockets errant son when the raptors our belief in either those teams until they actually when a big game and neither am i gonna do it well i mean
that fair only in the leg it can i put like when is the le brown thing gonna be over well it's over one is over i'm not gonna sell on the brown early rate i'm not gonna like sell that stock early came with the warriors like one of the warriors dynasty type sort of hold on the western conference over like when it happens before they happen the months someone early unlike an is gonna gives have announced that crown but i do think that the rockets for example are a much more legitimate challenger than they have based in the west along time and you can see a path to them winning with let's be honest last year your pen i know is really to be able to do it with his horns and such bad sheep that it pursues goes six or seven games he's gonna be windows but a gulag one for twenty again like you did last year but tat was all came at heart it the new and improved came harden has you're never do i yeah chris paul you write the guy you always when the plants good point rachel
i will now grandfather leg what ninety bad seconds and the boy out we erect his life no one can work out you sneak britain but here's my my issued james hardened i have i have a feeling in this might be through also little birdies on my shoulder then the warriors that way you have on your shoulder yet i slowly defending that myself a little birdies in my shoulder almah shoulder disturbing to my ear i'm feeling the warriors no the james harden is dare i say mentally soft and that they can get to him in a semi game series they are going to be able to grind him down and beat the rockets any certainly we heard is going into these fire knowing that he has to prove that navigate he knows how to season that last year he seen a video of him on the bed staring into space and you know obviously you how to prove something chris paul as you noted has had some issues in some key moments to play games is out to prove something like that i'd see
actually people like that or adrian well i don't i met you say you lose you say that there is a mentally soft person going into the biggest play off of their life thinking constantly about how mentally software that does not aim at that that's right laying out ok or i will look into the east were big switch flick does has leubronn bananas which yet i dont know how to swim on the other side the range from it is good that we have been pretty but the eu had six week the seed and where you were like what is going on and then it seems as if and again he hasn't said this but it would seem as if he was trying to prove a point to ownership and management during those five or six week hey i'm and a bail you out anymore this raster isn't good news roster isn't it but in the plans you better make created the trading
and i'm not gonna just fix it all for you why you stuck up your traffic for next year brooks just basically like in its great girl in other words you can criticise even though they were always words we got them to make trade that they have they absolutely gallic they were not predisposed make now i was visions that caused him some ground omby amby period because his numbers during that time is even during that time he wasn't b his full lebron james i'm but since then you ve been tremendous iming he needs to split the switch the question is can that team defensively for the switch i think that it is the only one is not actually a switch is just how much of a margin for error you have i would say this year's cavaliers have the least margin for error of any of his cavalier theme since he came back and you know of kevin get hurt again somehow during the playoff forerunner of something bad happened like that's about team there's no thought
so it's not a switch this year is one of those is the gradual ones where you can softly increase or did they get me tremor demonstrate has he pushed the dimmer slightly up i do like the signing of perkins i didn't love her around the playoffs just cause he's gonna beat the shit out of peace not gonna play these will be the people here he's your new era the oecd just any impetus to the young kids that came with a lot of kids with no way of experience in the union sidelined glowering people the clean it i don't i don't buy that i don't think at some point you're not intimidate amy more when you came and get on the court i think you can still get it done in the input players love him every he's played on three teams that have been too finals every player ever play with him has amazing things to say about him
the cavaliers have not had the most fun filled season having a guy's is just a fun easy presents the who keep the other players in check and can be another sort of veteran voice besides ripple of bronze voice that they heard over and over is a good thing and i think you can be grateful that silly basely brought kendrick perkins is as like the blackjack dealer he's gonna get the card game gone i mean but there's worse reason be up no i don't hate that i'm just saying i he's not gonna play even if we does play just gonna find someone really really hard here i break their neck fix that six fell to give baby you had alone without what is up with quite wisest the weirdest story that's kind of going under the reader ok so what actually happening isn't that weird it's just the implications of it could be so crazy so he thinks that he's injured in way that the team does not the team has diagnosis injury they say
and the same injury that tony parker had had surgery on and has successfully come back on quite didn't need surgery programmes had came out in the present said hey my injury was a hundred times worse so you know side note and why hasn't been able come back you the medical cleared by the team the team has publicized that they'd medically cleared him for months now and why has a his own private second opinion type of doctors who are telling him the injury is a little bit different from what the spurs your saying inquiry himself filled he's not comfortable out they're playing it can't be himself as a player playing out there and why this is so important because let us be honest the spurs not really championship contenders this year for the third year of it no i'm seasons that's it just to say five lent when upset when supervising as he did i say atomic taught the wreck the declared in a league last year put yourself out there if you don't feel like you should be playing because the team is not gonna be there for you if you can't be a player anymore afterward rain i say thomas boston with cold blooded get rid of him by this
and with quite this summer is he's eligible for that supermax extension which means a team can for him two hundred and nineteen million dollars lots money over five years and if they had such a disconnect over easy with the team not with the team did he trust their doctors do they trust him has there been sort of bad blood created in all of this in the various leaked to the press i dont know if that's gonna die the spurs from thing here two hundred ninety million dollars and were signing on for five more years of this i think though still want to do but he still quite leonard i think why would they want to take it cause who turned down two hundred ninety million dollars but the fact that there could be we all expected with no brainer quite gonna refinement supermax if that doesn't happen they will definitely put him on the tree
a bloc as they dont want to walk away for nothing the next year so that the idea that quite winner could be in play is huge and who knows might not happen none of that might happen he went sign in that it does does you have like some for tom brady quack dockers crystals like healing its eyes even partially reginald it's their groceries brothers research by the wise men and i am now sits very respect a guy in europe going this merger five but yeah what this does is heard the human bodies are there no shore animal bone is brought out of her hand broken but there's lots of things about ligaments instead the people you know it's it's about feel you can't watch it on again ok are you when you give a guy to injure ninety million dollars if you haven't had like that great year a sort of trust your communication with him i would never have another human being to an unknown dollars i would just i just keep it i you can tell me if i'm wrong here but i get the feeling that pop is pretty iran up not getting progress
well here's a hard though i think that their deadly been frustration from the spurs organization you can even see then the quotes but san antonio with like a huge free agent destination rate there not recruiting elite and bp tentative players to play there that kind of have to draft them so you a guy who is still young who assuming he does get healthy and again the medical's or question here now but assuming he does you have an elite player whose place for you team that you can offer more much more money than any other franchise that's why the supermax exists you can he'd superstars and markets where they might not be able to get big bridges it poppies frustrated or frustrated our sea buford is frustrated the way that against the idea that if you let this guy go if you try to treat you know four four assets and try to trade with a dollar and get four quarters back you're not gonna have an elite i regularly winning this week without an elite player whisper
ok i'm going out to the east i want to look at the seventy six years rockwork because you said that the celtics are vulnerable i'm guessing you don't think that the seventy six or seven we vulnerable if you have it have a good right now again future people know what we don't know which is exactly what the bracket look like but right now it appears that the sick these are going to have some opportunities seems that they would match up well that's easy teams the team that they then just good x is no match up with to get too maybe the cattle confines of this year there will be we'd better came they became a season we will again another economic players we hope so and now what i meant maybe and i went finals run that creating it is crazy i've hey i'm buying the sixers because the calves operate events the raptors are frauds every single year the celtics don't have anyone healthy and
i think i just named everyone who work i mean we always forget the papers i guess appraisers might win a gamer tilted databases i think you're gonna be more of a chance right now to pieces and again i learnt about the teacher right now as they have a conversation the pieces are matched up against the cavaliers as hears it actually we harder for cleveland and other people might think i'd pay your guard legit tough the here that's it you're just be impolite to these data indiana says something mean about the calves there's something in about the guy is easily remus if you can be mean i mean i should tell you that the lowest margin for error of any lebron james team inclemency came back from miami accuses women every season meanwhile the raptors
guy katy and took it may mean the convenient where i can they can ever when a big series frauds if it took a long drawn out like a girl called and i didn't like that about that girl or are you guys excited for at the jumper you excited four zero dark thirty twenty three there is little else we're talking about yeah well i mean it's broken big moment yeah it's when you go in the broncos dark no more chief tweets no more venus instagram stories no more than three hundred of them in a river that neither mean i'm gonna do that or fifty instagram stories of him in the back seat of his car just singing minos songs and our face like we all give can you help us i figure out what the hell's going on with the chief movement that is putting out the existing in regulus go click on it all i know
that's the way the whole you're lying there were no no i need the hate you need the help of your heart it feels good having so much more fun loving because when you hate somebody you get pretend like you're better than them so for like a varying reef second in my head i'm superior to lebron james in every way that's amazing can account for seven edison s like you know about that second whose more dangerous team the tools of the nuggets what is it major thing i would always say the team the sort of more justino shred of talent in the end i especially given the clouds the stars league and at no by the way on the negative because joker gary her them if they him down on the team but you know minnesota has all these players who are supposed to be the next generation of elite town or league i've huge respect for jimmy butler gives us great coach it is worrying they haven't put it all together you and the fact that they are finding themselves in a wednesday night playing game to make the plan
this is seen they held the number three or four spot in the west for months is here we are talking about like a man they're gonna finally break that fourteen year play out drought maybe the win around my leaving it in saying yes rob susan soon do you still think jimmy butlers top twenty player cause he is absent they have you really i am living i learn anything enhances rather may of this year in minnesota by showing for what he can bring to a team in the toughness and sort of leadership that he brings i am curious to see what happens with him long term i think you doesn't nineteen of the summer next summer his deals up i'm curious it they missed the black this year if things go bad next year i don't know how long should stick random minnesota so that some to watch you ve got caught in the bed
like two years ago and now he's just three using it as a joke and like it's like snowball know what would happen was i just don't like the way the jimmy butlers hair ally's west s looks like fry lock on acquitting and hunger for that with nba hair let go google alfred paint no arbitrary lungs coming more months listen i love bad here with jimmy butlers just how it looks like fry locked that's the only thing i could see when i look at the moment there is no chance at that guy's top twenty percent so i stand by it stand by rail wanna confirm with you one thing roquat we are officially a hundred percent pro washington capitals podcast now and not its firm we knew that it was the capture so they get here had he wore my this is it this is the the cap teacher you sent me area t shirt i am aware that on thursday last week it is already been through the wandering it will be worn again this week actually did you ever see someone riding up bertram plaid theories series and thing there are picking the blue jacket
getting there that that passengers more on its ugly john toward a rail is world class piece of shit and i love watching him get be this i'm predicting a sweep in the first rank while that i like that no cement is policy are seeking question last question here put in promo code take you get ten dollars off your seek purchase young put you on the spot i want to hear you give us the nba finals match up right now as we sit april whatever data's tat goes
everything i believe no don't do that every laying her hand on the game tomorrow no new then and now i got no i have no ethics your moral come on it's a bad said about that the reason i like sports and some supporters so much better than anything else the fact is that you don't know what's going to happen like egotism your big summer action movie you know he's gonna win at the end of the movie is something like the wolf myth alien move you do like no books i merely want wolf lifted up dead they never gonna happen every big thing that we do and see in a show and everything you already know what's gonna happen is the one thing where i don't know what's gonna happen don't take it away from home to strangle anxiously cobblers worse wise ass nothing will happen all of you know you're not exactly right because we don't know what happened vienna sopranos we're just food black i think we know what do you mean what do you think happens i think of it after that moment were using you got off
gets oh he got off he got it right there will be a routine osama tibia gets pity gary last question i want to squash sup separate sittings will follow me rachel i appreciate you finally doing that have a good afternoon thinks rachel thank you
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can't cheer and you can punch somebody because it made fun of your girl physical work i'm also shock actually i'm going to say that you can if they cut in line at the coal cuts brett well here's here's a problem this i feel like there's an unwritten cool in journalism you can't punch someone like those guys don't patch what they do is they go chest the chest and maybe like reno violently not a box each other out until someone breaks it up throwing a punch that software but if it's journalism than literally there are no unwritten rules because it's all journalists all written it's alright everything's rather our tribes so it's a britain but not published role its non published an unpublished yeah i actually i like this i think that this is a good way to solve like the downturn newspapers if you just had more rivalries between different columnist celebrity death my yet again fights roughen routing we do that
tell us today right these guys come too rough neurotic that's not a bad idea but certainly like wouldn't went there be more interest in newspapers after reporters we're gonna fight with each other overtime absolute they need to learn to read of violence is always absolutely also i'm not a constitutional law scholar now i dont know don't social short well yeah right i am you know what i am of course if you off dollar absolutely the whole thing up there called freedom of the press which means that journalists are allowed to do whatever they want and say what happened and say whatever they want and you can't do anything about it sir they arrested this guy for just being or and i would ask china that's a sad state of affairs yeah this is you'd never arrest a reporter in russia now you skill we have not disavowing case yonder appear on the five heavy respect the biz ivory the respective as we have a pure wanna one for tourists and thompson tristan tough
and was caught over the weekend dmz cameras making out with two different women at the same time kind of while his wife is duennas pregnant no by ok well there's a couple messy so where the law is pregnant nine months pregnant she said she has to be sure that it's him could not fully shirts that's cool you're you're ok they're also watch the video they kind of look like kardashians with that's ok then so i feel like he just got confused it is true that eats a chloe thought it was your sister near history has not that big of a deal i just think that it's sad that an mba player and production that they can't remain faithful to what hope is there for the rest of sad centres to young delight kids can make it work i also think
that doesn't easy way out for him just like where does she the she the pepsi girl now ok lieutenant ok ok come on it it runs in the family through close knit so just like you how come brian bought that j normous ring apologize for keeping for cheating daniela what we call the agitated while it was technically austerity is cheating on the law the trysting should just get her a giant to leader pepsi me ok very go here peace peace in our time everything's better not yeah maybe maybe play a martin luther king add earth speech behind it like that that oh yeah yeah yeah a m ok would have driven a beauty would have wanted the sensible gas mileage and best in class truck space corral did you watch this video no i do so still the eyes were very aggressive they were grabbing his penis so he got to
and they were grabbing his head and putting it in their breasts and let's just say i was turned on page was not but i was i also think there you and i have to put this on chloe little but nowhere with moral worker he walked down this road this is what happens when you data guy named christian yeah you're kind of asking for true i'm ok double t tristan tyler or travis to date any one of those three until it can be a boy or a girl you're asking to get you to trap not travis it won't be goes by tribe than you're in trouble trevor to attach red and travel are definitely guys who they're just go
they're just guys being dude and yet what guys would you guys been dude do they get horny ok self yeah sure there s it would unemployed firm to not kisser he s to which he really should do if she should just have how women's body works but she's have the baby right now like right i don't have a rage baby up you'll get so mad escorted like this hu jia me two days before you know it it would be great revenge if she just got go mad she squirted out picked it up off the ground was crying and handed it to and want to wear problem now walked away the problem now so they left him with a slimy animal baby here you have a spins owned from maguire so mark require has come out out of nowhere and said that he didn't need p d to hit seventy homes he could have done it without of yet more than wait so he says i
but if it more home runs had he not been take knows that you didn't need the peace he just didn't need em so we pity said seventy homelands all from this is my flower diabetes so sammy sosa now was the home ranking enact ninety eight sixty six homer capsules there we got very retroactively change never that listen he's not here to talk but passed out of those palmyra neuro those models maguire yeah that's right romero denied and pretended to not speaking that's me also did the taos great while time maguire sure just shut up today that hearing it just talk to the very thick irish brogue acts and yes we can understand what you're saying i mean this is this a wild move remark largest come out of nowhere like this is twenty years later did we want an answer and he's like naxian really need those things work maguire is nothing else a master of public relations because every time you forget that he did sorrows he pops up in another
review to remind you that he did right and it's also so funny to listen to any these guys talk about the stairway there and i have no problem with a stern a baseball better it made everything more fun though writer through cry about it now made money off of their columns and their books and all this bullshit but it is larry is to look at a picture of me the guy on the ease and then look at a picture of martin wire on the cardinals and then like look at a picture a very bonds and the pirates and bury bosnia giants sammy so this body has changed like so much over the years like the opposite of faces of math yeah it's good or evil candle it didn't like you when you mean you want hank like you before you worked a parcel amount you not loud hank hank really well this egg we it attack you a little bit more than usual knowing but your lashing out now didn't do not bigger than used to a lot bigger
europeans are the inglewood more robust i've been sitting on a boost or seek as for the last six years you haven't noticed till now we have the best web maguire he's right his nuts what i've been vigour had you not taken story so therefore swung it more three no pitches the life of all their pants yeah right before you go hank i haven't explain its big gap there where did party become from have iraq's be ex bullet where did you come from ah she was always very just the one shows when couple years ago and then she just did a lot shoes stripper ok here we would want black china what about like china which she also there were dancer nobody ass she was a dancer can get him confused party be issues although the additional fought rob kardashian blacker and got it cannot be put the pussy on offset
once asked about cars to be the first time we on that but he was like carded billows of my building really i don't think she lives anymore he doesn't even have to build the losers presumptuous republic to see as a building he was living on his sisters couch a majority we see them about bony said that when he said that his party because my building an entire associated that with the girls on the beach i did wonder got it like she was finger do when dogs are awful that's and she has the song of the summer and she's got like seven of them to drake one drake song is pretty hot be well i like her a lot i shouldn't which came from this is one of those things were you know people i gotta be we really going here i don't like being she was like one farmers are rolling stones if you like wenzel on tax about her name is she wanted her name to be bacardi but the name was taken on instagram so she switch to car to be some way better get choice by her somebody should make a mix tape and she's acetylene hennessy oh really out
of the here a mix tape of a song that's just different times wrappers of run the word bacardi with party yes just over over no had a minute was give men god make it happen internet yeah let's do it guys on checks supply empty especially the dude with gray hair big cat there has been a lot of recent debate about the prevalence of gene jackets among girls do guys really care a girl's where or do they dislike to shit on girls office because they don't understand style no they just should on girls outfits around you because they're trying to get under good site yeah i'll be ok that girl is so stupid looking ally jean jackets yeah i mean it canadian touch you yeah but i like among girls i think that's a good look it's good like fall look tailgate look agree spring weak ended at college i like airbrush didn't jackets yeah you politely
eight bore grim reaper on when i put a den of jacket on you feel invincible ice of a great one i don't know what happened to it probably too small hey boys especially pierre short let us get away i have several good that's doubly what it says i have some small boobs thirty for bees and their soup sensitive way during our beaches that's good that's good we put now they might not be because we get confuses guys which one is the numbers two matters much as the cup but bees these good these good but has not been well no i don't even want i don't even what actually in the grating scale a b c once in ideas may i call on them to do it working late we did we then along ass a what the hell did you say we go back to the well that if that proves are what guys want that means that these
equal rights is gonna get our bees actually c b is neck i knew what you say but i will convince a handkerchief nobody i didn't ok so thirty for bees you have small boobs no not that makes girls you really have small boobs want to like all your eyes out just so you know don't say it around any small boob girls cuz they will they will take your hair and then we'll fucking rip it out of your scone just a word was we were wondering why is it true smaller groups and more sensitive than large ones and if so why so as a man who s theory for bees my browser that sensitive area so when it comes to the ladys should it be food before fun fun before food aid we literally dont care yeah what so so why are you asking me if i would rather eat a big dinner and then has acts because the answer's no yeah because i'm good
all sleep halfway through anyways if i have a big meal before i'm probably not going to start but that's the reason why do it a big milk is any display have so far i just have to ache to be on top inside out for what you're tired she stood in the morning future me will have sexual supremacy boys actually big cat parentheses dog o me my boyfriend have been dating for four and a half years almost two years ago and moved in together in six months in a living together he said don't touch me in turn have sex with me in his sleep he never did this before we lived together and now he does it all the time sometimes you members doing but other times he has no idea because he's dead asleep in weeks we have every time ok with being weakened up here and there for sex but he will be a pretty frequently and we very infrequently end up having sex because of it why this is happening in what should i do about it
i would be curious to know if like his pillows at his old bedroom like super crusty and he was like trying to fuck his bed in the ass this is something that only happens when there is a person beside him i think a man is asleep he's the most masculine he can be so that's like it gets extra horny i feel like that's exactly what happens and that's just science maybe he has a big meal before he goes to bed after his done digesting it is ready to go like routine only sleeps in verse of fifteen seconds never so nicely is all men are at last one he p empty boys especially talk that's me let me know it's me when i lose two more pounds at least my boyfriend one on a bachelor party looking gum eating loser happy ending he came
clean and told me he claims is not cheating as he would never bang this girl or do it outside of the massage i mean he's lame that's too hard to say no to a hand job there's already built into the price realistically we ought at their juggling rob yeah he got and try and then before he knew what he was coming he got up sold like you know the formats on his car do anything about it realistically i'm not that upset as i'm not a fifty year i'm not afraid of fifty year old cream lady giving my boyfriend a hand job is threatening to our relations we should be because that add can you let me finish we finish that bad is it cheating i don't want to give him a rusty hand job anyway no it's not bad because that with its strongest defense he wouldn't bangor anyway if it wasn't for the room that was an if it isn't he was came clean said listen i wonder fucker
but cheating let me ask you this if he goes to two urologist and they take up his balls and tommy cotton is that demonstrating the ark as this is the same thing right it's part of her professional well national mapping is urologist well then that's fine but if he wants to bang is urologist than that's cheating right but if he banks are but want to bang yeah yeah exactly what you did to elizabeth sex happens but you say i didn't want to like work i just happen here this is listen to me if i thought if i heard it's actually somebody and then later i say yeah but i don't think she was that yeah that's right that's ok right and it was built into the price in i was like it so i come home and i'm like a yes i had sexual straw but she's really stupid his jacket is just such a dumb out let's planted let's put it this way ok you got a nice dinner with a bunch your friends when it's like peep one is a group of more than eight the gratuities built in ukip and take the bridge
booty off you keep you like no one that tipping this its built in the hand job was built in also like how he was on a bachelor party and into a massage therapy place and then was like hey i didn't know that i was going to get a job right right after primarily evolve as bodies after trevor travel trap came out being like do she jerking off the idea all ended on eye on a fun fact four year for the for the listeners just someone texted this into the text if you saw
poor gum it's true that your body can't i just it but the gun doesn't stain your stomach and moves relatively intact through your digestive system and his ex greeted in your stool someone deafening taxes on rare occasions large amounts of swallowed gum combined with conservation obliging peasants in children rare occasions children neither one of which i am anything on their about how weird it is necessary to tax on ok that's us intervention how strange it is named cigarettes leading candy you guys are just conformist edges believe everything that someone tells you someone told you when you're a kid that if you swore gama stage or something it's not true wake up arbor view documents have reviewed several documents have come in via text transmission they all say is it's nature's healthiest thing for digestion to eat bunch of gum and squirt it out your colon i will see everyone friday head coach pat dishevelled lovey guess
football i swear i swear
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