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NBA with Rachel Nichols + Guys on Chicks with Paige Spiranac And Chase Carter

2018-02-13 | 🔗

Valentines Day is here and we're doing a bonus Mt Rushmore of things we love about sports (2:10-13:20). Olympic Update (13:21-16:09). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Esteban Loaiza, CD's, and Papa John (16:10-25:30). Rachel Nichols joins the show to talk about the new look Cavs, who can win the West, Isaiah Thomas, and the wine problem in the NBA (27:29-1:00:13). Segments include Just Chill Out Man for RGIII having cyber sex in his instagram comments (1:01:55-1:05:00). Kickers Psychology Couch for Markelle Fultz, and not to brag but we called it everyone is addicted to the Vino (1:05:01-1:09:17). Special Guys on Chicks with SI Swimsuit models Paige Spiranic and Chase Carter to finish off the show (1:09:18-1:19:48). 

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on today's pardon my take we have one of our favorite recurring guess rachel nicholls to talk about the nba what's goin on the league as well as the wine addiction that has taken over the entire nba shoes we also have a special guys on chicks with page sporadic and chase carter from these sports illustrated swimsuit addition and guess valentine's day little bonus mount rushmore things we love about sports before we get to that part take is brought to you by cash app hey fellows were switch into the cash app it's the simplest way to pay people back friends family hank anyone really sending in receiving money is totally free and fast and most payments can be deposited directly to your bank account in just a few seconds and vision the cash app let you do way more than that now you can even buy and sell bitcoin instantly gay your paycheck deposit
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it's twenty sixteen seventeen eighteen future is here and the future is the cash path let's go all out how welcome aboard my take presented by sea gig today is wednesday february fourteenth valentine's day and let me start with this would you guys get me for valentine's day because i got you some i don't get you shit ok i love you guys so i got you some chocolate candies some hearts are very well aware today though i bought it for you guys really are all i read a book to be up i just bought it and so did you not give anything no no fifty no no so i'm the only one who cares about you guys
that is ruined i thought no no you gotta mix up you care about us that's nobody cares we are also our diet of someone deafening gave me those chocolate and you know i pazos chocolates myself and i might even have one if you guys just said you love me once when i say i love you guys at the end of the show i think that your included metals right those those are good looking chocolate war put decided here's a take valentine's day we get a lot of candy takes around how will win you don't get a lot of candy takes on a given valentine's day the candy hearts trash delicious there are even hearts yeah really like medicine if i formally tom's ali tom's don't needy and i will not deny willie terms everyday programme when i wake up so valentine's day you ve always let's all hell it's only sign on it but i do like little bad radio everybody candy round it feels good to be loved
i was bad radio we candy causes valentines i am because round times day we're doing a little for a special mount rushmore i what's away to start this show to really hit home the importance sometimes they probably the most important holiday in the world now degree not really but so we're gonna do them out rushmore of things we love about sports and we want everyone else to tweet us things you love about sports at part might like things how some fun yet things you love about sports put in a sexual way low language fuck and sporting that you would like yeah things you'd like to be intimate with it what do you want the rosin back its valentine's day will say things you'd want to be intimate we'll get things like to make love to oversee of rotten bag with looking all moistened juicy the right behind the pitcher fellows only problem with rising bag takes away moisture yeah
good point something but sometimes you like a little just you know little little skin on skins cannot rosin let's start with you state draft hake you start and phd then i'll go at my number one thing reason we love sports is just a hive championship
boy philadelphia probably know what that's like right now but with you if your team win the championship it honestly like can change your whole out will you boylike weeks months you buzz going into next year like you just feel better you feel happier did you make love to japanese yeah yeah and now it s a little precisely babies what you use the ring as a conquering ok no greater pleasure i discuss whose cost small how just get a whole pencilly organ with a pencil their real nice grim and little number two real nice grip on ok i pfc what i got my first one is gonna be out when a camera man gets faked out by play action oh that's gonna like zoom in black and we can't find meanwhile blackboards backer about put six on he up i like that i mine own region has close your eyes here because this one is just described before you are so is fat man he's wearing all red he's got a belt on any smiles
and any red smile any red smile is something i love about sports he does it every now and then but when he smiles like i'm smiling just think about any rates might know why pops is because he's got the mustache that covers up all as minor smile hops are the only time you can actually seems a real life is like a big ear to ear belly latvia or a hank which your number two is being able to yell like an one oh yeah or dislike toby like wanting to everyday situation is bumping into someone anyone yeah i like to yell yeah money after every three point shot and it's usually never right good ass wet cash this work has butter yeah would you got phd next my next one was gonna be when a hockey player we spits out a tooth doesn't care yeah maybe see this chick look just fly out advice you like way was at spinner was that a tooth the two and then they soon men on his face and he's got the toothless crystal doesn't care yeah he still care i my number two is establishing the run game
wanna team establishes the run gave just run run run run run because then you get that reaction pass their european may open things up exactly like that i wish to run get align backers cheating king what i know but that i feel good story you like to do you like to run it you're like just i was wrong an arm and a dynamic pascal giving you enough about you and if you wanna be a dynamic passer you gotta established to run through maybe where's now the need for line maybe who superbowl if you stop us around you can't they can't pin their years back that amount if we had sexual unwinnable we'll get help get us at the edge yak of established iran than the defence gets tired and then you can ro the ball little more so your defence doesn't get tired and every time you have the ball in your hands run a play that's other play that the opposing team can't score everything starts with establishing the run that's just a fact you don't owe football where's your second stroking the
one minute countdown from redstone starting like that when europe we put all your birthday and then there's like a minute and a half a minute left in your son s right to be a millionaire like i think i'm gonna be the richest person the way my son it s elegant little fun thing to do that i stood before i had to work on sundays in that minute counter last minute you get a drink your beer get a finnish oh no sense about crack open a new ok look for yourself i like to add my third thing that i'm gonna have is dennis leary screaming at me about talk
truck marshals in general yeah i like being told how i don't have enough truck i like yeah just a big chevy truck goin over a bolder because you really need that when you live in a city desolate larry's like hey pussy yet how much talking you pull by your treaty i name is throws up once a lumber on the back of his truck even though their sewing adds to bunch people that parliamentary put lumber in the back right but if you have to make our run to home depot in a week in a hot then surely there are space need extra eurozone the better class better ever know ever know a guy who's gonna pickup truck we gotta you ask and favours along yes the guy you he's your go to got my third one is the moment that the march madness tournaments tips off that thursday at like noon when you know you have for street days in full
view that is like low best feeling in the world it is really really it is only just basely jury like all manoeuvring export is is watch basketball and then sleep and then get up and watch more basketball right you're just gonna sit on the couch with your bracket in front of you and occasionally you're gonna call from uk house bracket yeah we with your highlight or to ya gotta highlighted how ya gotta having all your rackets and forty year your other bracket and then the other bracket even the one day while ninety got a printout yen then you gotta have like girls bracket that you're making fun of because yeah she better unlike the mask also you can get and she kissed her ass with it you have to fill out the bracket of like fast food or whatever pressure yeah alternate brackets big into that i thank you last one on the last one is the sound of a baseball it's been smoked off about who arrived the lad went up on that and see the feel in your hand when you crack one in money really feel here with the sweet spy who is weak spot yet on homeopathy here the crap out of how often is that have all the currently play sought all
i wonder i want ya but a few times as you summer truly nodded oil goods would dawned on what you need to know and another not when you hit it sweet and it goes a million miles and still hasn't landed it feels good to underfoot i didn't know my own power and even try to hit a home run one time hurried fifty my last one is going to be big been extending play we're like organizing an idea and it just throw a ball down field can be released one guy bouncing off room and then it does where he turned his back to the defence you're like a big bends entrancing show they're gonna get him this time i am sitting the big bang could get stab during a planes limply yes my last one is hot summer day cold beer wrigley bleak bleachers because running any clearly ready and any teeth boy can go for any any lectures you dont like a hot summer day cold beer baseball game fatality highschool bleed ruler hot summer or just feel that that that beer
a drink past otherwise it's warm and you drink more another one faster than another one fast just david his tail games and general yeah whenever a lot today there has never been a wasted day spent watching a baseball games like one o clock in everyone's like oh just go to beat you gonna make it no i was just sit and drink beer sit on my ass drinking beer was awesome do you have any a bonus once we have a new ones it just mr cot for you a young to the fact that john man so life who yes what matters good once i had a talk you bees began i'm talk you bees bear whether buffalo wild wings the up and your sports for all title o the arm on saturday morning when you have a full college slate and you bet like every single game and the prospect of winning like a billion bets is papa in your head gettin like who i'm on retire at the way things going ahead you had a really good one is the very first game with world cup no matter
splendid ripening here know it now cause there's always a home country russia can be but later works everyone's excited to watch it and they are hard to take your mail sent up that's what i like the world class one eye on energy and they all subsequent soccer game that everybody gets up words first one and then after that it all like the novelty quetta dies now see i would actually say the championship game when they show when they do the trophy they come out of the tunnel and walk past the trophy aqua little kids maria he's not creamed off a little kids i love the little kids i would say that the the championship game is a little bit more fatigue so like everyone's had a month of soccer already if for no one here two teams in the final vote i could take your leave that first round that opening game everybody's like over which the new shoe the term when we were in the chair is therefore with some weird and then o the hype and pageantry going until i wish the new ball gonna be like oh yeah girls always does laws currently goalkeeper diego discussion about the ball is now starting soccer yet i also accept classic bell checked everything but that one doesn't doesn't really work is well anymore yellow doesn't really were doesn't yeah
my other one was the late night came on like a saturday whether community college rascal or football when you have like fresno virtue unlv like i need this bad and it's like mean a one in the morning you just follow none on your phone number for you know what i also really like if a plague its bloody nose and the only thing that they can use to stop it is to put a tap on yeah doppler constantly answers the game and there's a string hang out its nose up i liked as a journalist i like that as well i led saw oh we had an olympic update so i watched him olympics i did i said i was going to you when i did i followed through i real why i'm not into these olympics picks and its because its light out when i'm watching the door my small little brain can't figure out what exactly is going on yeah some like this has to be a tape delay because day just happened
before i just came from day and i'm a night now so and who knows if there's another day coming also snow just looks better at night that's a fact yup when you get the lights pop and off of it you get it it's all shiny it's nice it looks it looks professional during the day and psycho these are just people out for like a good time about what's the big winner olympic event because i feel like that's also part of the problem here is that like i don't it's ice skating is yes speakers speeds no short track speed skating is gonna be fine but like that my problem also i turn on less than they were doing like there goofy always and in the half pipe and i was like i feel i felt like selma masilo was gonna pop out at any moment tell me about the new monster energy during i'll tell you what all all the people they compete in like slope style and the half pipe there sixteen years old and they ve all proper
they had sex more than i have and they're all over them without a day are all better smoking weed than i oh yeah there are better at everything i know that you smoke we'd with with with a guy who snow boards and your coffin in a second these calling you knew i want to see and i will call police year your fuckin narc la smoke the cash i want to see a new olympic event where it snowboarding but they have to wear the laramie tunnel gas mask no one it there will be no double high altitude training yeah oh no no you're talking about the actual body mass bomb yet talking about like the high altitude martian lynch mass no i'm talking about literally glenarm utensils mascot has that scott could be in tat was too we should actually do show where we we should get laramie tonnes long but to the mask beforehand that yeah doubt actually rachel tell me you wanna watch snowboarding if there are just what they all probably our other months but if they were smoking as they were going at least they shall have all by the way the other the other thing i picked up body miller firecracker in the studio do i
we have the same what he's basely limb he's just monitoring the whole time doesn't get excited at all he just said like do this is like come on and show me a little fuckin lights because body needs a couple pops and i'm gone body was a big party or lamb do a party miller to say that these guys are coming down the super g right now just say it just say it come on we have said in the mike said what was it these guys down the super g right now these to come and ass you re you're doing your regular voice do in your regular voice come on come on to an irregular voice these guys are coming down the super dear that's how it is the greatest body miller impression we ve ever heard so we must let's do our hussy cool thrown hot seat cool thrown hank god i'm a hearty two cities i came out today so they're gonna stop selling cities completely in july that it is not a whole tomorrow
here make their joke anymore that sad because the only thing that's really upset i was really sad it's just passed by either the only people that so cities right yeah that's records doesn't exist do mohammed you did as against this also cities at hot topic i admit yes many deaths or off everything to take over the many deaths were like the new the new new we're gonna make cities but we're gonna make em easier loose yeah exactly how can you say now right and they break really quickly you got a blot on the many to you in a minute s parlour as it is its many this week it's a flash in the pan there are few things our flash and many disk laser disk he i was gonna take over the up for our vhf essen and then a bag milk amendment bag milk was gonna take your own think i remember bag milk markets that was your death finally a core weird corn subway yesterday anthem yeti dead my dad was likely i've hey guys we the family they got you all these cornflakes now we got packed my dad's up approach economies with ten percent
are you drink your bill which occurred throughout microphones well smith oh so i love you as if he wilson s joint answer him like a month or two ago denominator that everyone can authority felt the matthew and crazy with that whatever was it scientology like i want that most marianna went a little crazy he's on instagram he's fucking hilarious basically anytime you pose instagram someone will take it tweet the video and that we will get two hundred that they work will safeguard new movie coming out i think it's like genuine like you just being money like he's just doing should that's actually like this was a fascinating guy you and who is he was what how do you explain describing smith in one sense most talented people always involve town he's like the rocky stillness right yeah yeah i guess but like what will smith movie have you been like why will psmith could do anything were independent which pursuit of happiness line of independence day bad boys that always has grown into men in black to highlight it i am much was good fresh print
i want a financial year to show this movie i know but hit he everything is done i've been sleeping on well psmith my bad i end up losing otherwise i have one of those guys don't put out the any movie that he's an is gonna come out fourth of july we get yeah you know it's coming what kind of genuine need along the army i pity you got articles would i get a hot see ya gotta hearts this house's call cabinets lose because they pick some fight that they can't win they're good up against i took adele's to favour people in the world his wife and papa john also telling a movie yeah trail is sounds like a book you write home can happen that would then then then papa john gets dies in prison right before you release the book rightly never really he's a real shame if he dies because his own his jet black hair color poisons brain know this so capital is suing i think the the valley suing basically everybody all the teams were collusion because he has been
roster and he is his lawyers are trying to depose papa johns entirely staff asked trot if he gave instructions or if he was given instructions by georgians as we all hope we called this europe that jerry george basically hired papa john as a hit me up to take out godot yup sitting i ask questions about that there also gonna deposed roderick those wife hopefully there though a k or research really local pub are you really love roderick down here i'd like to hear i like super johns text messages you definitely sends a dick picks allegedly a babysitter more speller began his fingers are all grecian despots and a huge found hot butter sought a new day slideshow he's one of those guys like you can basely redo senses honest focus fought so back you think propagandizing cubes too i think death harvard magistrate definitely got it my other they want to be a surprise you want surprise someone with that my other hot seat is cats o because it's it's westminster kennel club dog show season
and cats or sit on the sidelines i go away always me guess what everybody in america knows that cat suck the council cannot rule dogs rule motts westminster still doesn't respect motts they need a mock division where they just bring out like scraggly dogs and let him fuckin be months you i would like to very much we i think that that would a lot of people would soon interest for that yeah guess what you wish it starter oh yeah you know what division whoever stella won the first one whoever wins that is is like their adoption price coasted right so gay can adopt this time let's get no resemblance come on fears fun fact about much their genes are somewhat stronger because i've got all the best traits of all the other the air they will ever get sick dogs its get access but like knowledge cold dogs ever die right yet they don't forget gonna die a starfleet of yes my cool throne is pictures in catches
number one is back baseball's back officially stout also cool thrown people tweeting favorite words and sports pictures and catches report and then getting a million retreats from the same baseball nerdy up and then another call throne is gonna be twinning up pictures of pictures in catches from like fire hundred feet away chain link fancy i feel like first look at the pity at your listen i'm not gonna knock a shame that because i watched the intently today on twitter as the bunch of reporters in chicago try to get a picture of you darwish walking through a door and oblige i was rolling stock it was thrilling stuff eyed the next core throne i have is gonna be robot dogwalkers because we ve invented robot dogs there should be much division or should i guess now be a robot dog division dear i wasn't sure because diseases videos once every like year boston scientific just infer dynamics i had lost my dynamics
it's a year they just introduced something that's gonna take over the world and to show us a city or how fuck out eight a world here's a view of how you gonna die of his time it was a robot dog opening a door for other robot dollar to go that year saw yesterday i think in both taxi me they just care open this door now go skull foxen people you know you know what i always wanted out of a dog is a dog that's incapable of loving you and showing emotion and so thank you fast and forgetting that s mozilla that's it i got my hot seats a to g official because it looks like all the head coaching spots had been filled so yeah i don't i did everything i could he's offence
i've talked him on the phone says a fan of my my height videos i'm gonna keep keep pounded the pavement scene if i get him a job but a thousand get this culture tat i felt right it did it felt right here that picture with him in the pain managers write his essay has probably been blocked out the last ten years and so he probably thinks a jeff fishers stilicho real well well well well well well he is still a real hardline we're hugger mahdi dropped to tie girly that's right draft yet in he inherited jerk off exactly know draft giraffe to jerry graff to jirga low steady draft everyone of good everyone good air donald chemists vince young yeah since you're lucky the year steep mcnair rest in peace eddie george list those on our my other hussies steve her so the steve girl had his team coach the is players ouch the warriors so what's the point is deeper
he just gives yards margin of gas normally comments to the reporters after that go viral how much you think have saved her actually one of them to lose it gave no i think i actually in there is like a debate that was raging that it was disrespectful it was not disrespectful conceive kirk unduly foggy wants i think he was happy why would you you know just feel i taught you guys any also did the whole like that's not my team it's there too you know what you should had marked jackson coach him again for there would have been thou that would have been ass you should actually do if you are put right buttons steve guard do that that's one of my favorite part of the plan is how occasionally mark jackson during a game he'll talk but worse and we like to talk about how good of how much talent they have on that team right and how great they were before steve forgot that he sits remind you like i did a pretty good job with the added my cool throne is sam hurt so samara
is officially on my cool ruin because he is not now the most famous drug dealing professional athletes esteban eliza got busted with a shitload of cocaine an marijuana allegedly i guess still went on to say that what he had caught with that we'll know out all these policy of all yeah i was reading a cause they're like we got this like huge bag a white powder we have intestate yet but we're going to test to see if its cocaine i think it's ok guys didn't sees a baker and we didn't know does actually work like in the movies where if your company pull somebody over you see cookie just put her tongue no you know no use now it was then i live in and made a knife and what i need for little on your tongue and then i guess you're tailors tastes like ok yeah that's ok i'm so sam heard officially off the he's officially on the cool trunk cousin people now dramatic s body was do we know how much cocaine sam her head was many kilogram that it actually i think same heard i if i remember correctly he
was trying to buy it and he got caught in a can i just give a shout out to the other of its lapd or california highway patrol for putting this number out in pounds so that i can understand what it means yes or forty pounds yeah i get with that is yeah yeah its medium sized dont like a bag of dog food yeah bag dog food that's all cocaine that you also ass one wise ahead a small people of cocaine yeah yeah that's that's what we cannot achieve horrible here that i shouted cry i that's our hearts he called thrown let's get to our interview with rachel nicholls we talk about all the nba stuff including steve a little bit of that and lebron calling call on all the shots before we get all that quickly talk ever own there made you guys all where me and he's right right right now i'm wearing them right now as well me on these hazards
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yet newfoundland eastern sternway i'm i'm i'm gonna be probably wrong in sending a letter were corrected but didn't you remember the half hour i had a europe which is like the weirdest thing to make into thinking about ever something right and so you're right you know what my bed three thirty newfoundland after might that's on me out of my head up right let's autumn watching you wanna go to our liking it bore and don't you think they're not watching because i'm very popular with that yes absolutely artless hop into some mba stuff are you buying the new look calves because mark jackson said they're they're playing better because they had one one big game against gets celtics ral i keep telling everyone is dead remember when i say atomic thomas finally return from it had been tree and he came in again i portland any of this amazing first game and everyone would like oh my god this is incredible think about how much shooting
can it be around the brown now he didn't even looked like he needs to be much less seven months this is amazing and then a month later they were going to kill each other no i would you say what let's wait a little bit before we break out the parade but i mean you're look good in the first game is better than the alternative rephrase how how many weeks is going to take before the cavaliers lose their first him right if it was ever game or lose their minds interesting work taping this before the cavaliers one hundred in some kind of curious to see what happens in that matter considering just a few weeks ago they left the thunder by about three hundred and six points family macfarlane though i'm curious how they feel that their then you got like a week adopt our brag than they come back in a short amount of time they ever gonna
so the author break as halfway through the envy season it is not half way through the immunities and unless maybe you live in newfoundland otherwise it is more like two thirds of the way through the embassy they burned out twenty and games after the break so is it trying to figure out how to put all the states it together than you gonna have kevin love comeback re before last start they had moved everything around again so it would be interesting if not buying susa that speaking of the all store brute you're cute coaching the lakers team when it's inside the celebrity all sardine rent it i'm really sure why they named the teams the lakers and quit birth because both in a letter clippers explain away where's yesterday and allay so we ve got some of that mystery i like now in cuba that including liberty game is my point last year that in order to gain the polygamy and maybe they feel
bad newspaper bari by no later than webber's there's no liquors include britain the actual for game i don't know roads because away and that's where all celebrities live so they wanted to re had tied in with the town the ample forget about hollywood so we in this is my only has that teammates burton engaging is done now and i'm heading in a private room would recall your team team rachel sir lakers and there can be called team rachel i was looking to eurostat to get some real real ball is on its way actually you do you have nay robinson trace immigration are you gonna get less canas parker absolutely are you gonna give yourself any minute i'm getting up noted a train it does want minute he mac explicitly my coach but he wants to play pompiers it's got to be kidding omens koko's but he wants to play we also like coating with like jordan if my brokerage and common katie's
i do not know when he tried to sneak in and try to get michael be jordan traded to her team for common and i did not let you know it's not actually buy good right we do not therefore that we so you will neither michael jordan is buying under you you're gonna win you know that right because new robinson's going to treat us like a trial like he's going to sell no question about that and i might another thing like tv about the debbie i gave whereas this is like everyone forget this leopard again the current daily stick to current wmd players on each king like neither current actual players replay provisional basque i'm birthdays abundant like out a hate former players is liberty so like they're always ringers in there and i'm still very good about again to come here to too many i guess i got some dozen bars when the old man a celebrity coaches the biggest in a path celebrity coaches the day tat the biggest you in a minute now everyone like bugging you d like that them in your occasion giving advice from you guys i take drugs german it
take bribes especially from the owner of the box that's that's on your bed so he's a billionaire so just pillar came out it's gonna be a thousand bucks permitted free fair there oh there's nothing you can do with tee mac just make sure that he wears as big ridiculous pants when it gets in the game casucha can be further but then the eight eighty that yes your six or eight people know what we're doing just do us a favour if i'll go nearer than google and that they will be makin indeed he began to feel they got you there they get bigger every single year every time i look at my are so we're taking as our choose ever been aired on wednesday this is coming author steve kerr letting his players coach against the sons are the ones what are the warriors board and are you nervous at all because i actually do think there a little bit board they ve had like it look at the last three years they had you know the assent to the title of this
the record they were going for the loss and then the cabin durrant like redeem themselves against the the calves now they're just the best team in they know it so i have to take things first of all this is so far startlingly prevent in an interview and is making me really worry about what's at the end of this but will the number of permanent but in terms of this particular question i think they're totally border tolerate they talk about it declares that after the game he said i am i'm sick of my own voice their deficit my own voice and it was a thing he didn't have them like don't play the game he turned the pure around in the morning over two hundred ecuador he had to prevail indeed the teams video tapes study it's all a man you in that body had been like there's probably youporn yeah he had the guys do seven the huddled in thy gum that korea got his away gamecock is good
like work the right board crackly can get a month names correct and away border whatever adequately weren't they beat the sun's by forty six was summoned the sun's afterward felt like this was disrespectful just not i mean really my thing while their deadly was like that look it wouldn't have done this against the rockets through the spurs so clearly that says something about how they think of us my comment on disrespectful eighty time opposing although disrespectful is like do you don't
i guess i'm doing on your quite stop them yonder is not your court but if you don't like what they're doing then you'd find our also it wasn't like steve curves do you malicious where he explained himself he's like my team is in a right we're not like they're not listening to me the same way he's doing everything canada to hit the right button so if seeker did that more like yeah we're just so good i don't give a fuck em like they could just call their own place than that might be a little disrespectful but the way they did all went down the sun's need to get better in the end steve curs doing everything it can to get his team ready marulanda the little sides they occur in the way i do like i guess it shows that anybody can cause i feel like that their arms the dumbest argument in all sports the ambiguity mba coaches like they did it was porsche this will do a thrill jackson like will feel jackson i m j will feel jackson had cobia oh yeah and if you try to like everyone to get along we look at the calves issues like these guys don't get along they don't play
together just because you have the best player do you think the totally a segment idea for you guys the dumbest argument and all of sport our internal laws is what is it unintentional any really is it really boils down to everyone looking back at who want a championship and be like will yet they had one of the best players world yet that's every shape it out but he ever actually takes with steve cars do he's probably like to cool dad that has like a problem trot article stepped out we'll call it and so he sprang out like a problem child that does but a class and just smoke cigarettes and like listen to music instead of save actually go schools we like oh he likes musical get him a guitar and so that's what he's doing like travail travail doesn't give a shit like he likes movies he watches movies latin road trips steve greatly all you'll do video workforce
i told you i don't drink in my own house thank god drinking outside the how do you think that us whose most whoop coach in the nba steve kerr are great pavlovitch because its new tie i gotta go it bob ray awoke yeah yeah papa brought out run tat tat light tat like the lake totally like wrote black history month question yesterday and turn it into a like sermon on racism in america he can always rage did he just wanted to run or buck see pompiers is early retirement he did like a twenty five minutes page thanking everyone and then like they had the applause and there is the matter and that it cannot back offers that can i get them like one more time is like thank you read our bargain listless so useful new boozing terminals or do you should play a video montage from he loves his own montages but just have a beer clip of him getting wheelchair off the court in the final you got no
the bill barnwell as right at each worker rattling and had a great idea that before the cab celtics game on the danny ainge should mess with the cavaliers by displaying an ip tribute but just as time is a cavaliers yes how did you see all your governments to whom it is raining from speaking of archie have you got any more tax from about what is playing times gonna be like enola insert us that will facilitate it from negative way my tea for that is agent is read him pretty hard and that an agent job right i will say that i much i went over as well they had robbed him it was very much is the easy job to favour the player raises a player job to do what i tell you
exactly what idea did two days later with his job at the lakers and despite the asian sags they oh my god i'm just so happy to be here i'll take any wall i'm ready to work with people but it is an indication of the mindset inside the camp and like ie or weaken our problem like i didn't love coming off the bench in phoenix rate that was one of the things i got him sit down there and then in boston he started off the bench and he was actually super successful barony earned his daughters minute i don't know up if you haven't the lakers it doesn't sound to me like they would come off on the bottle at how much liberty invested in him so up to see rising but then write you a decisive thomas nobody's like five term does you know that it sounds like he doesn't like every time he talks and liked it talks about all you need starters minutes and he's getting it back up the brinks truck and he's the alpha and cleveland like does he though is it one of those situations like we're like little dogs think they're big dogs and like that
spark a lot in and unlike think they can attack big dog i'm very confused by asean thomas last like two years or private eye both into super cyclic you calling and five carl and it may not always unplugged into that aside i would also like to point out by the way that lake even if he gets paid as people are putting it only million dollars at the ant for his next contract as opposed to what he thought on a mac deal and again i will always only there on that struck it is like a branch power will put the fact that we ever thought like love brings tracks carry more than two million dollars i doubt it requires good boy put but just the fact that there was ever like came for my say thomas in his camp like i say atomic max deal guy like tat were not always blew my mind the he's t you kid it is very nice player is a very nice complimentary player but like if you your starter in a play off game they will
just go out him all day and score every single time let me just say something to you when you look at his feet and last season in boston he was an vp candidate came sithen nbc vortex like obviously once you feel your any and bp conversation even though clearly does not gonna win he feels tat made him a max player that team was built around him in this past last even in boston they thrive become their memory at all those fourth quarter points at issue remains tapping has raised and what time is it and all that stuff so that contributed but yeah when they got to the eastern conference finals the cab targeted anne and interestingly enough when he finally had believed that serious because of hip problems that's when the self extort a little bit of course i doing there isn't one on the right foot in in cleveland i have to say that like what he
it personally last year i'm not ready to brush that off i think like the spirit and great dedication and how he know you guys one great right now i think as it as a fellow five tonne guy i think that as a time ass could be a very good piece on a larger team but to build a random seem stupid right well i think that that will be done man i don't know the teachers at the lakers even after this bridge and seek as their compelling them out there you know so i have to see where though the summer in china who can take advantage of it meet me like what happened i their thomas in cleveland what happened you gay crowded in cleveland what happened avery broadly in detroit bolsters bread stevens coated unity for this year a bright doesn't make you think that in addition to katy did a great job after gordon heyward went down and oh my god he's getting so much out of those young boston players i would also put on his like go to your campaign have you seen isn't it
i got the boston i mean that's a big that's a big case it my boy yes absolutely i completely agree bread stevens basically his like he he made isaiah thomas dialogue as a maiden who he is but he made it conversation of a break struck possible so staying with that i have a question for you roswell brok because we have now seen guys leave russ westbrook and you have all depots having an unbelievable year canter has been been good for the next do you think that's like the opposite where guys play with what russ west and because the nature of of his style can't reach there's their own personal ceiling for the rest of the brain
that's exactly bricks threat we all your eminence humbly will play humbly will i'm just saying as like a maniac facilitator and getting everyone else involved but this is a fair question right because katy clearly felt like he had to go somewhere else to continue to develop its game it's not a secret that that and with was what was one of the things we decided to leave on the table when he left to go to the warriors look at what the reality oh and and i dont think i don't anything wrong with doing i think that actually you listen a victor victor says that he learned a lot about training habits and drop thought await this summer just trying to mimic rough runs though in spain about it training that that actually made him better but yeah russ eatable on air right though it was interesting to see them with paul george coming i think that it actually was for front in russia's mind that he did not want to be seen
it is a teenage keller did he cares about is that he will never admit it right but he cares about what people say about him he cares that are run said oh well people get better when they leave him so he was being so careful to try to feed all georgia may fall short happy indeed mellow and make mellow happy they didn't actually play well for a lot for three months of disease and especially clutch time which brought was so good at last year and it took part george a mellow and negotiate that thing rise over and over again like you just eat and everyone else who like figure out how to eat around you that worked paul george when i sat down and talk to him last month with which show i am right though i unlike the brotherhood and all that stuff then they last andrea everson i'm super curious to see how the last like three month their he's goes and do they get bounced unlike the first or second round of the play often does get ugly how does he feel then we just don't know what maybe it spreads everyone i don't know
you guys think that thunder you're gonna get to that not well we'll do the rockets their warriors on the way will maybe swedish use my question for you has stephen items taken the crotch kicking towards from dream on green do you see that thousand arsenic those nothin to kick like top five ray i mean is it likely say that like people suffer things at home in their childhood then go turnaround due to someone else i mean maybe that's what happened did not invent thinking i don't know he's got kicked in the crash piles joint brothers done in new zealand for the first ten years of his life actually have no job but he's got his what one of nineteen young one of the little my team and i think the average height is like six a rap out of her right including his sisters by the way it needs to be the crap out of them and it gives you the lilla haha i was a little asked and on and yeah isn't that kind of where he gets his physical attitude from when you love like to stand up all of those brothers and sisters
in a room together will we were similarly i like a while ago that if they had grown up in ancient times people are just thought that they were gods them their disease zealand here first of all they grew up in new zealand which kind of is like going you're right i promise you and then also i don't know apparently like at first i was like oh my god the wind breadwinners that originally one reported the story about also family and they said the bran i was like do god i can't imagine like his mother like out eighteen of those just as you like owner this was dad was rolling stone this without one woman omen with it just so happens ok so his it was his dad a giant to you i didn't i mean they're all bags i guess i want my dad was a giant he just like big ladys yet not wrong yet to answer a question i do not like thunder of any chance but i do want to get your thoughts on the rockets chance to possibly i the warriors because i feel
like they are it's up to that it's basically that's what the nba comes down to its like who may be put up a fight so yes i think they have a chance because like everybody it has made decree is at the beginning of the season like generally looks goddamn right and i think i like that american anyone's decreases just you make a decree you're out and generally but all the cat like i was run tape of everyone being like up the count in the warriors muzzle book it how cabin where's nor that we bought one i'd even have the seas it and then all of a sudden like the rockets look like they can at least you son hang in there interesting in this is making an interesting and our peoples i am i like a fussy before the trade diviner with a key could the cavaliers get out of the first round they grow stuff happens every year you don't know like we saw with the warriors like on their seventy three wins season like stuff happens or sex likes what's in a pile of sweat or whatever it is like the rockettes the deal is to be poised to take advantage of all this
the answers that come up in the moment are always gonna be circumstances sometimes are dramatically i where it is injured sometimes so dramatic like dreamer greenish suspended sometimes in the cab took advantage of that sometimes there are things like someone to different technical the wrong time or something i gotta the rockets are more ways to take advantage of any of that than any other team and i will tell you this after spending time using the feeling they absolutely believe they can be called state that's a nice ones and seeing believed it that's important ingredient in that's a good point because i dear murray like come zagged whenever an outside where rules like okay we can't be too warriors like see the clippers like blown up in like a reality that i were cancelled at present right and then the rocks like wool maybe what if you know steph turns his ankle we're gonna be right there ready to go right when it came in ankara
really can work together and then you would have young i mean the way through to another that really would have two hundred anti drugs before game six allegedly when i do this i won't let you ve done elsewhere so it is a good question asked about the plants and i hear people repeat every yours i'm gonna set what team don't you play in the first round and if you're in the west oh i decide the west the top heavy i'm not sure there's gonna be any great first round there is really we like oh my god they d thrown the number two like thing about how did the warriors rockets are like you really think a seminary teasing a knock them so you play every time i will mention why when my ears ear it buggy cousins had not gone injured i would have liked to have seen it areas with the pelicans against one of those operating because i'm not sure the belgian could have one but it would have really fun series live in two very different styles basketballs cousins and
they were on track to do something that literally no one else in the history and being done which was within ten found the game and you think about all the teams but years passed and how big a good paul like the houston teams like all the great lose all school maker teams like with writ likes we're all right we'll elite players the fact that those two were the only ones in history to be averaging only five and ten is crazy and i would love to put that up against the warriors because you know again i'm sure they were wonder whether one just happen though you this what has happened but he doesn't if he had stayed with me
from an out he would have been out of all for that like new superman supermax where he could have made is next contract this summer he could have signed it for about two hundred and thirty million dollar who tell forty taxes at only comes down to roger under twenty five million so young man could be an earthly said a hundred fifty million and bring strategy circled valued question re how we think papa could sense of some forty seven instead he is gonna he got injured and if you like that that kelly's if you are over twenty five years old like the history is yeah like that you are praiseworthy even close to the player that you are like his own i don't want to i want to be to gloom and doom but it's pretty gloomy and do me like that you will not be the player used to be especially if you're a big guy and maybe ten to put on some weight or don't rehab like a maniac and you know it's going to be so
mary chalmerses little little compared the buggy like eighty months it took him to come back from that injury eighteen madame told me you're not collecting collecting two hundred and thirty million dollars this summer i don't know what he's going to end up making it i don't know if i'm who ignores baby give him a one one deal but that is that is it for sip all my friend news is not a lot of like there's a lot of fried buttery fatty food or anything around new orleans and debating oil i hope so the flip side of the top of the flip side of plants do you realize that we're about to embark on like the craziest tanking to finish he's in because there's like seven teams and are all within like a game or two of each other cases passed like for the next move could that's the thing s right i know it's okay i guess we're going to be in the house that affects their next year year and a half and they're like yes we're gonna not stop trying to get the class and try to tank it is almost too late in the season
for them the timber does not sixty seventy one of those citizens even taken so far and are ready to make that understanding but the tag is real job with normal no but it's not that's my point is like the the the worst team right now is the kings record wise if seventeen wins the next we have twenty three ones like there are there are like eight teams that are in that that mess of tanking and i'm just like it's coming fastening to see who can suck the most i actually have the poles have a secret weapon the bringing back cameron paine who is like the best indeed like a vegas play him forty eight minutes a night the poles who get the first back i'm guarantee but but then dancing boys the daring he added value with russia once is worrying thing don't stop and team from signing let's say like a couple pod gasters to come in just play a little hearts out at the same time tag well selling tickets i dont i mean
i do it i don't know how they will be stabs we don't even bigger than women will just give us like half of what that members i'm fine with that you think you can do bring struck for that yakima speaking the tank to draft do you think we can commit es leubronn for tampering because he said tree young better come out is like jabez napier all over again in the bronze gonna leave gambia people forget that leubronn made the heat draft jabez napier and then left the massacre in so that you have is the vital aid tampering with it is stupid that the mba even has conferring everybody tempers and the league lake tampering in general
to that end the players are too stupid to understand tat space or that like all of magic johnson them tell you then there's no way to paul george were possibly know that clearing cap for employing zadig every fourth backyard and talk about it every day good thing we we find magic johnson for that i mean i just i don't get it now and then this latest one way as i gave a fine for saying the opposite the coop always gonna wind championships in milwaukee my neighbouring yeah geniuses stood tip there's a lot of what you ve been that way but it is a good one because i mean none of it is temporary and temporary stupid but that at least will be closer than oh i think you gonna win cannon kids in working out there's a lot of a ton of spencer hospice going on out there about which teaspoon asylum must bring em i'll anybody attacking about he's gonna be an impact guy that you bring in for a play our front who have you heard might be interested in we're trying in metropolis
i think that by our people are talking about a dark rose i thought when i wonder you guys circles is available for a clean they want to bring in many cleared waiver is when you come back he's gonna go to do the timber balls i think you should just donate his body to science no he's in this work he's gonna do it he's goods could be green the you think i'm gonna get away the lizards we're talking about maybe you can look at him that's what we're here for lara the wizards aid in ages garda from chicago's surly will be great that's exactly what they knew what i was actually bring it back right does create thou hast thou definitely work for them any programme think they're like our wounded this month i seek question put it promo code take tallow seek to to seek a gap
i thought you were even paying me to say that you want to cut your report in the parliamentary right he's ten bucks year ten bucks free putting the promo code taxicab rachel nicholls use it rachel nicholls approve will cut that out and put it in an ad wash put in a commercial rachel nicholls use it and will use your likeness and all that seeking gap what are we gonna what are we doing to get back a dream on green for his disrespect o brien winners in what way and what is i don't know nobody told no neck here he came in he called them note on twitter like two weeks ago thanks or listen to show while jeez ok line i can't even i cannot a responsible for everything that happened leading up to the trader light and consumers
i mean missing out on the big party job is finding out news about brain when horses naxian i consider that yes i like i get ourselves into thinking that is the most important part of my job are willing my life and my whole day to day and they often have fallen down ok salt i'll change around for bacteria and research like this is this is this is rocking me the young leave jump at me breaking new suit breaking news to me yes suit so here's a better a phrase it suits you know general question what do you do and players start attacking media is this something as on credential journalists like all three of us are is something that we should be concerned about a bigger i thought it was not a calamity whilst others already granted it you ve gotta dahlia which none of us have accreditation here right on internal personally taking public calling fight with draymond green green i might go talking privately does i don't think you're gonna win the public battle there what do you think
think you're probably right but you got to fire back if if somebody what would you do if somebody called you know neck maybe display a fabulous but all of my neck with everyone who i should put a photoshop after ass tat fact yeah winner should like take a picture of him like peering over something in his neck is like along the others i voted shop ticking spikes his neck onto his shoulder so looks like he's gonna hear my cleanin shut my cleanin stand in in at the job does have put on a suit and have em have em just be like the brown the brown the round the bronze i love them on the brought you something i went or is a picture of me in nice in december michael i like like that alot you're ok here's here's another good question does the nba have one problem fish
problem is i don't pass it out to the rest of us did you read about although viands honestly why are we see a magazine story you ve been hot on the case of the brons alcohol addiction for quite some time whites did you read in the article how he makes his four year old daughter drink wine from matters you friend he said he heard step let's not that's crazy yeah that's illegal knows yeah that's interesting part of that article was how like hardcore mellow s personal it's not like a huge despite the closet hey rich guys like wine won't film in london but i did like all the detailed the kinds of winter thinking of thy vying with a personal like tips for me and then also like that mellow and this is what is unusual legacy so super hard core about it is like pursued this two degrees no one else has he can like breakdown go tasting note for tasting though with like master solemnly aids and leg out bring wines like fancy dinners and dusted like real serious hard core blind people
there's a thing that leg in or two hundred and eighty eight these numbers ryan derive intuitive forty player that made into the hall of fame there really like two hundred twenty masters on ways and in the world or something and like he's a month at that level let's go crazy so impressed me mellow doubly did that disease like hey if i learn everything about why maybe the brown let me play with other we're gonna form well so he curly view where he's no one wants to over you gonna learn just enough till you you can like answer the questions being i want to be the know it all yes oh la bron takes his why knowledge very seriously there's no chance he will ever have somebody i see man knows more about one right that's his thing right so you think wearing himself out of being on a broad scale yes exactly went too far i wasn't this defect yeah exactly in bali it is though bron giving his daughter wine is problematic the court was its it tastes like rocks and poison daddy i'm getting sleepy which also means that the brown feeds his daughter roxy ever heard a note that yes like that another you ve been eating rocks in drinking wine bad bad
dad i'm glad probable eyelids were your let you go home i prefer i pay back all my professional incarnate hey i tell me you don't have to assignments from me which is pointless because the last assignment i gave you which was having big outcomes concurs with them failed miserably cutback and backed up and left i'll hire i alone await no pity were there but you know i mean like the staff for me so i'm going to use it i gotta go see about some fifty you lumping rates but also that it is like you questions for you is what is the worst arguments sports like ireland it s like game that out ok by the time we get we talk next and bring struck i want to know how much money do you actually fit in a bring struck and what's the least amount of money using that they would transport in a big racial like i have them backup
bring strive for like two fifty bucks totally lacking the funny thing is the eye we will definitely get an email like tomorrow being like hey i work for brinks does is d heard earlier answer i'm gonna rent brinks try and just drive in reverse all over the top the actors can constantly backing up i will thank you for joining us as always one last question sup sup sup i was rachel nicholls thank you rachel appreciate it often gave a predator in tat interview was brought you guys by dollar save club with thousands of athletes one for the gold right now it got me thinking with all the dollar shave club has been doing lately as the clear champions of the bathroom they deserve a gold medal i've got facial her come in myself while people are noticing it say hey phd that's quite a beard that you ve got now how possibly tame it well the answer is with dollar shave club dot com they d everything you need to look feel and smell europe
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it showering shaves shave starter set keep the blades come in for a few bucks a month it yours at dollar shave club dot com slash pm see that's dollar shaved club dot slush p empty let's get to some segments first up we have right now just show out man for robert griffin the third so was archie threes birthday he's twenty eight yes we want to feel all the parties whose twenty it said and he has been in league for like eight urea fourteen years so he gretta his love got him to some oversized balloon that said twenty eight and he said you know this is happy birthday this is my birthday whatever the fuck he said anne hashtag thank you baby yes we're gonna work role play what happened after that in the comments of his instagram right so great an arduous we basically enacted a penthouse letters right therefore the whole world to sing saw be gretta she says twenty eight
sk on you winkie face heart and i'm archie trees he said it's about to look good on you tongue ammonia soda and then later he comment or later she commented and said i think or you didn't like my perfume and then arduous responded with yo she thank you stay in my lips ashes heck s image and a man and then orgy three replies to himself and he says not go lie them lips tasty so he's telling gretta how tastier look worse than a comment about his daughter thinking his lips were ashy so so their souls who had aggressors take yet tasting arteries daughters lip yes yeah ok so that is why it is all just healthy stuff on three may battling archie three is acting like this is first relationship that he doesn't know what's going on but i
we hope that it continues yeah and man like if you're trying to get back in league you can't be do it you can't be like hooking up dear with your fiance right ever you are with her in your instagram comments sgi three if you want to get back in the nfl as a quarter back you can not be talking about kissing your daughter in instagram videotaped that shit and make sure to thirteen year old son yes and if you're going to get really hot and horny in your instagram maybe go can newton route and just do it in a text we can't understand that's yeah maybe you'll like it you don't you think they like child pornographers will pick up on cam newtons lingo unlike you communicate with each other and that save the f b i never discovers now what came newtons hieroglyphics are just the matrix what if that's the portal to the matrix frustrating ok you hanks minus colonel lonely out because it is that's a serious one i just throughout their i didn't mean to get like that but that's what's up
this is not like that's next level shit that like why i just uncovered act there's going to be an indiana jones movie a new one in like thirty years play by well psmith probably he's gonna go find like lurking through cam communes instagram things to find clues to fine like a relic from pass i want to just say to the matrix people that listen to this podcast and then come to my door to kill me it's not my fault i had a piece of chocolate i want to die so i will hopped up and go to work from the chocolate so that's not my fault we have next up a kicker psychology couch for marco faults who is fucked up his shot is broke as they say and ears is big long peace that someone from philadelphia did about how he basically in this kind like a month and a half this history in a ruined his shop and now he like can't
he can't he his range is the pain he can't shoot more than my ten feet out he air burnished there's a video of him air bawling maybe like an eight footer he that now come out so people don't believe what you say people should believe everything they see tough to do when were watching videos your terrible shot i mean that's sad about pr just saying that like what you saw was real right hologram yummy put this is i dont this is fascinating to me this is like he got completely broken should not block throwing it fifteen feet into them into the state my advice would just be get drunk and sir practicing because some people are better appear upon when their drunk ia something better darts when they ve had a couple of years and just have a coupling inklings before practice and to see where that goes i actually feel bad form because this is one of those situations where like its clear that he probably is trusting maybe the wrong people maybe not like he's got relation
chips that have been there forever it's it in like you see this all the time like if a guy has been in your life forever and he tells you to start shooting free throws like a weirdo you're probably going to start shooting free throws like a weirdo when really should probably just trust your team and the team doctors in your coaches now so we also said that there was like a shorter procedure that the sisters did on yeah that they should have done because but that's what may as he couldn't like lift his arm above his above like his neck height the shot is so weird it is so so where it is gross yes gallagher hit
yeah and it comes out of it comes like from inside of is in front of him and from the side is well it's very very whiskers shirts i want a ball yeah yeah yeah they turn on financial get but not on purpose i were honestly just like just get him drunk just really do that because of the time i'm better when i'm drunk ok little segue we're here for our last one not to brag what we called it the nba has a drinking problem so everyone there was a big piece which we called back in october when the bron dropped the now famous instagram last night was mad real fresh out of advocates jesus grabbed the wheel shoes so that moment we have said that there's you gotta stay walk about this drinking problem the nba it's come out that like everyone
we'll person just gets in the nba gets trunk off wine every single minded and jimmy butler rules round like a case of penal warrant up which are melos somali harrassing variety for him to choose yes i ackerman that's where the funniest parts that criminal is like one of the top three hundred yonder acres in america it so perfectly carmelo like the guy who's never gonna win an mba title he's got a limping metals and he's somali so kind of saint kavin love says that lebrun has a supercomputer in his brain for analyzing why they say they said that he tell abroad will drive passed a field with windows dinosaur i guess he's like a dog or just ride around with his nose out of here but it'll be like a field of lavender and then five years later help stick his nose in a wine glass but smells like lavender and also in the the gold dwayne wade was talking to a reporter and there was during like a shoot around and his says
about the broad james how much he loves one and then the brown from across the court has ears pricked up and he looked over dwayne waitin dwayne was he heard me say the word why did you do you see also dwayne wade had a interview where he was talking about going back to my emmi and tat ellie does this thing where he makes everyone right down on a shirt their weight and body did you shame them and i guess dwayne weight is like he's his body fats to high any admitted that it was he was drinking too much wine in cleveland actually bidding than the rabble you know what i really want is spencer has to come back to the calves and to introduce braun james to mad dogs o frontier zones bag single browser slipped back now but i want to see him drinking happen you're alive merida madame at something yeah just knowing a hazel around this is a great new blend shopman davy two thousand eighteen i
that let's get to our guys on checks alright right let's wrap up this week with guys on chicks a special edition with chase carter and pay sporadic they're here because they are in the s eye swimsuit addition what so how did you how did how do you guys to how'd you do you think you're nailed it has made swim sale you're wearing swimsuit first i'm sick share occurs has been nervous by asking you ok today have like rick riley hanging up behind the scenes used always read about how he would take his twelve year old son to the sport soldiers from sutures just let him watch for some reason she water to see link papadopoulos models chase you view obviously europe fresh romano how to go for you you re like this is easy now actually was very nerve racking but you know i was one of my i just saw the photos flying at right yeah and i am very i was like ashtray
so strong that got them my favorite photos of ours and worsen when you do muddling through in the new york no danger now i've gone through that before i'm sure you had around here i have been in communities in south african underground things you probably have sorted you guys on checks we have questions at hank is going to ask from our lessons we actually i have a question first i would wish guess thoughts on chubby guys you good question jerry guy like you guys are so like you do they won't do it over the last one about guys your own bmw's i have one so yes so rapidly under has once again about our guys that occasionally bars get mistaken for girls from behind when waiter comes up to you i gotta go i once it's fine the sort of sixteen
tat really sure here when i was younger servant i was a boy i wish everyone can see right now not look anything like a whole nope how come business from seducer produce there should be with males modeling life out outdoing does nobody we're like t shirt and get wet again i will keep my t shirt on at all times are you ready to get somewhere hanks can ask the questions we drink ivan we drink a lot of water shortage how do i tell my boyfriend and i welcome this is going to get cheesy so buckled for an hour or the cliche our privacy the fact that is my first serious relationship i have no idea what i'm doing out there just getting back from an amazing trip to n y see i realise that i am confident about how i feel i'm trying to think of a way to tell him he's an but pitiless there and hopefully you can help with my idea
i guess i've guy who just want to end by sea with his girlfriend who listens part my take to say i love you do your girlfriend you said first if there's one thing i know about do dislike its they love elaborate proposal ceremonies so you want to like it all his friends together may like it it's mom and his dad in his grandmother around and then drop down on one day in tone that you love me i'll absolute or selina white teacher yet this issue for you guys we're guys say i love you like that's kind of a beta move rightly grass was short feelings so probably told off on their love you thing forever has to say if you don't even know just never say it but delirious really want is like some day maybe she like hits home run in little league and then you like pat on the back good job sport that's how relationships workload definitely idea about everyday yeah hooker so that's him i love story like when i was little cash i hope has been spoiled serve you ever toilet rather you love him first guy have i definitely didn't work
why marrying him say nice nice bright chase one is contrary to pop the question i have no idea what pressure on him collar dwyer mine boyfriend of chase conor be probably chased you said i hope soon she is wrote that had just passed a right over there i dont know what s really sure to tell your boyfriend i bet that you're not a minute just but yeah exactly nice work so my boyfriend i've been long distance for while and won't see each other valentine's day he's coming up the weak and after we bought talked about not getting guess reach other like this the trap though and it's gonna be mad if i don't get up something such would watch some advice okay so did want to throw the city you ladies first that's trap right what do you say don't get me anything that's a trial against trap not an incisive stupid to say you're like should i get them something should not get them something if i get em something and he has to get me something and vice versa and just why don't you just
set a limit feeling ok organs when twenty dollars each other go swimming you let me ask a different question how often are women playing my games side just assume playing for time yet where there were forty four several i'm i'm really straight out by filling out so my game yeah you just say you're straight up that's my game i shall i tell them i don't like want them like to know you know i don't want to display why don't know you'll have to get me something of egg no i like chocolate please get me chocolate so if there is agreement that are getting further thing would i would always doing that circumstances just like a really nice dinner cash ribby hundred fifty to order plus i gotcha something kind of but it's not wrapped up in a bottle let me i usually settles likes you outlining a dinner and making reservation is enough about working dinner oh that's
like the higher is that when the work what if it was just turn glaciers and the other eight blushing they are eight nine and i'd like box backing on an ice again if i ve been unlike thine africa's such along roles you're holding shook inventors that sounds amazing all right because it is the thought that naturally the thigh nailed it what a romantic lives at the last question as it aren't you guys have any questions for us as like outlook as guilelessly by women we miss you offers like what are they would sergio about valentine's day yes love life anything anything you curious about what guys think about my guys thing about yeah ok what do you guys think about valentine's day
they hate ike too much effort here oh yeah yeah i love it della out of an old romantic tat is my my wheel house it's just like february socks why just pop that about an hour where hold dear you don't care my actual you my valentines is just like it i'm gonna get drunk with a girl that's my valentine's day plan and it works out pretty well a question for you how much football does your significant other watch oh gosh we watch every single football game doesn't matter if he likes a team hates team will watch acknowledging the phone college anna fell and hockey autumn only you don't like that or you do i do but if it's like two teams that i'd bike
the bears just like a deal you know i don't really care about that i dont like i don't wanna sit through the entire game and watch it by now i love a boss all all do no other logically from a young person i don't play fancies i get to competitive always have you anyway how pollutants i haven't had my own team but i've like helped air than your team do oak a not mirage that's awesome green i let us have on it good i have on air like this last this lashed area so while i really am this whole season this last season i was really upset i was really anyway and then harrison was trade aid and funded by the whole end of it was terrible crime steelers fan and nay raucous burger was just being old the items you have bow just thy running his mouth whose numbers are not nurture validity were good friends when we draft phobia like
if your bill will produce every single i know as language suspended yeah i got a good point but i really like a night what he mines that it be like a good fantasy biogas debate that to have liked which rather draft a guy who's on your favorite team raw would you rather like draft somebody have to worry about cross rooting intra chases you place fancy now i get you competitive ok campbell here a very slight we love you i've heard about it haven't you why should the advantage you draft if you if you were to do a fancy team who'd you pack see i'm from nasa behind us yet they understand that we're all over the planet s vary from one fire that you'd do you pick one player here on your team ok only two i like love because my dad always yell surnamed our son
ojo hanno child you seriously horse on a draft you can see i should do draft guardsmen deftly pay to time it absolutely clear that our aid do you have any other questions i think i'll go don giovanni here tips for me because my hair sucks and i need to talk about you wave what's gonna i saw i forgot conditions so that a boy i was out a condition so i just some go no natural can eradicate with just the shipper put guy if you have a tip community split in sir i remember when i do men
just just for like two convenience of it if it means something you forget chicken wings are one here and there but i really have no idea what i'm doing with my her so if you have any like blow put cocoanut oil and it does i were i shan't pale russia professor psych basically like a spray any sprain your hair and so you have to wash your hair for like a couple days bailing out of my fingers your hair on my under my accra dresser proof so that in other words i don't have to shower for his version for exactly sold ok last cautionary moustaches inner out out i don't know fullness asher recycling andrew shame was the merger regulation other before maybe maybe i'll make sure in a big way out is managing with dialogue could i can't grow mustache desire is that hot now
teenage yeah he knows what was your boy that's what we like myself are good good but just like that like us like other phenomena usually don't song ok so chubby guys know moustaches no alone a bmw i will be the language sharing and i don't think that's really every question to die out just that it's ok thank you very much ladies replenishing area for helping us out with guys aren't checks and make sure you check out the s eye swimsuit addition so yeah ahmad check it out that wasn't creepy i am i didn't mean that to be creepy okay thank you all right we'll see everyone on friday we have denny hamlin kind of fun guess that we are we don't usually go and ask our world but we're doing it and we might have the guy who made it my headlines back on the show mr lage
there might be business again to correct some of the things that people have been taking out of context will see them
let me guess to say today is becoming better you be
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