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NFL Draft With Mike Mayock + Lance Stephenson Is The World's Greatest Troll

2018-04-23 | 🔗

Wild weekend in the NBA Playoffs, Lance Stephenson is an all time heel, Anthony Davis isn't human, Giannis is stretch Armstrong and Playoff P has disappeared (2:20 - 15:12). Who's Back of the week including 2018 killing all of our favorite celebrities and Manu Ginobli (15:12 - 28:30). NFL Network's Mike Mayock joins the show to talk about Thursday's Draft, his QB rankings, and which of his weird terms can be assigned to potential draftees (28:30 - 61:37). Segments include Problematic for Jay Feely going viral, Stay Classy Flyers Fans, Fraud Alert Derek Jeter things the Marlins are competing, Way to stay relevant baseball Brandon Belt fouled a bunch of pitches off and a Take Quake.

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On today's part of my take, we have the best in the biz for draft talk. It is MIKE Mayock you're going to see him on your tv's on Thursday for the NFL draft. We broke down on the first round and all his favourites, Mayock Isms, orally hips? and what not we also have NBA playoffs who's back the week and a little discussion about Jay Feely, going full problematic on the internet over the weekend before we get all that are new. Sponsor body. Armor delivers premium better for you hydration to provide today's athletes and anyone who is active the best in sports, nutrition and hydration. You may remove We had Anthony Rizzo on a couple weeks ago talking about body armor, so you should ditch old, outdated sports drinks and make the switch to body armor. The athletes include are Anthony Rizzo MIKE Trout and Mookie Betts, pretty
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visit, W W w dot, drink body, armor dot com. I tried it it's delicious and if you work out better for it, let's go five. He day is Monday April. Twenty third
and Lance Stephenson is the greatest heel of all time, even though the pacers lawsuit that was a full lance Stephenson experience, including a travel where he just he just got that he was supposed to dribble couple jump balls got in Lebrons, face I love Lance Stephenson. I love this series because Lance Stephenson and J R Smith are like two dogs barking at each other was so funny about about. Stevenson is the shape of his facial here, I think, contributes to its humus. I get that defines a possible face if your. If your go t is like shaved into a point. Yeah, it's just a big target to park. Can you could see it too at the end of the game, which is a little controversial, because somehow they went from a jump ball to the foul, but Jeff Green for sure saw his face and, like all this guy, I want to punch him in the face. He said. I know that I might get a technical, but it's so worth it because that's just a face. It needs to be part. You know he's the best like a Lebron has tried to play it cool over the last couple years, with the shop by like by our sir,
with Lance by filing him into like this compartment in his head, which is he's nobody, so I don't have to pay attention to him right now that they're losing more now that they're getting a run for their money money. He is actually like responding to the heli into, and I love it. I love seeing Lebron actually get mad at somebody. So it's two two in that series. I want to throw out a little something for you guys to get excited about, because I forgot when we did have a show, obviously, over the weekend but Friday night, the Pacers one so pull up to one yeah and the calves, one hundred and twenty two, it is Wednesday night
Bronze last home game in Cleveland who, who yeah do that now yeah? I get to do that and I like it yeah. I would say that that the panic button would be impressed if they lost this game. They were just going to. They were going to just go buck wild and I just love doing the last home game in Cleveland Watch aren't hopefully do it all to all playoffs if they don't if they win this series, but it's always the best right. This could be the last home game. Campbell Brown in Cleveland Race debate is Lance Stephenson, the toughest guy name, Lance of all time. Well, Lance Armstrong have balls right. Well, he has one ball. That's pretty tough, so actually, I don't think so. I think it's better to have one ball. Ok, two balls! Ok! Is there any time in your life where you'd wake up and be like damn? I really wish I had another ball to get sweaty and tickets potentially kicked in the orbit. Lance Briggs,
yes, we currently, I am tough, do not. He never found the gotta souls car, so you can find him yeah. We will put him into office yeah and you get beat the out of that guy. Then maybe we'll we'll we'll carry his toughest lance bass players. We also do not. He was an astronaut for yeah yeah, so the other story coming out of this Cavs game was the suits. I think we have to say that that the matching suits that Lebron bought his teammates bomb,
It's probably the reason why they want. I hope that men in black and paramount pictures, or whoever made that movie shoes, Lebron Lebron, just keeps getting more the matrix. Yet these dogs, agent Smith, yeah these dumb lawsuits over stolen ideas that everyone could you as someone stressing like? Yes, if you've ever had wedding pictures taken, you can sue the pacers. Are you can see the Cavaliers now for stealing your idea of having all your friends dress up, I one of those were into Chino in probably friends in those you know. Do you think that Lebron just makes his teammates wear the same outfit search tougher for paparazzi to identify which one of them is cheating on their girlfriends and no, I think Lebron probably has a suit company coming out. Okay, yeah! That's right! That's what I really just making them all where his product I've got a new thing that I hate Lebron James for you right: okay, yeah, his late goal, okay,
your Lebron James, got I'm a Lebron James Stan haha, but that doesn't mean I just think, but you know what the people that we love the most we nitpick at him, because we see greatness in him and everybody out there thinks that Lebron James Bum, except for me, I'm the only one who thinks he's good at basketball, but there's thing is pissing me off his lane violations in shoot free throws yeah you get to do what he wants. He's like six feet into the Quiche alcoholism. Shack was the original Scylla Brown stole that from him. Just like dairy, which is actually called shack, would be halfway through the lane when he was taking his freaking. I'm just saying: watch Lebron James Next game. It's annoying. He like commits a traveling violation to the lane after his shots already there yeah alright, so we had a wild weekend in NBA playoffs. In talk about whatever you want to talk about the delegates to Delhi. I guess we can talk about deli. I just checked saving his job, even though he lost he somehow lost. Like a twenty point, lead in the second half against a bunch of
Celtics players. A probably should even be the young guys and backups. My new favorite thing about him is his hair yeah his hair? It's like each hair. He has the Garcia's terror of all time he's. The only person that has chose for hair like each strand is like wider than it is long. I don't know how you so just draws strong as a cartoon character. Yeah. It's a cartoon bosses like that fuzzy attachment that you put on the end of a swiffer yeah a mop, those old tufts, never having others, yeah I'd cleaner job, Joe parties. Actually you just it's something that a kindergarten or made in in arts and crafts. Crafts is a little glue. Little little. The cleaners are like here here is the coach of the Milwaukee bucks. He he actually looks like the dad of a girl. That Brad Stevens is Mary.
Yeah that's the best way I can describe yet then the whole family in Brad Stevens, like one inch taller than him yeah. Like oh shit, look at the man in the house. I do have a quick sabermetric about the deli game of jellies, clutch layup at the end of the first quarter that ended up being the game, winning shot so tell him game winner today on the fifth hit the game winner, They all count for two points. It was on the 50th anniversary of the all true grit coming out, oh wow, how about that huh? Wait! Fifty I thought it just came out. The novel moves out, Duckworth's Rebeca duck or stir whatever one sentence that Angela Dock we yeah whatever yeah she. She is just she's regret profiteers. Yes, what year she sees layoff, she sees the real great people, talk about she's, trying to make a quick point office all right. So Yanis is, I don't
Johnson, Anthony Davis, they're, not human beings. They were not the same species. I don't understand how they're so they they're like a pterodactyl playing basketball me just their luck. There, arms are so long yeah I was actually is stretch arms yeah. He flies you dozens of those room. It's I feel bad for anyone who tries to stop him because It almost looks like he's got member that viral meme, where the kids step on the invisible box. That's what Yanis looks like every time. He gets up there because you have another level, the just so much taller than everyone else. Yeah he's really fun to watch. I'd say: Karl Anthony towns is kind of like that yeah I'm times yeah and so Anthony Davis, the pelicans everyone predicted, the pelicans were going to sweep right. I had that he only sweep in the first round. It's insane that that was it. I had in my log yeah. So if you give us was insane playoff, Rondo is east, so much fun, one he's in for he's in fourth year round. You see a quote from them. He said: there's five gears to an NBA season. So the
okay confuses four quarters, but there's five gears. Okay, there's preseason is a gear, though pre. But the regular season, pre all star, break his gear and then post all star break to gear the player. Your gear in the finals are his fifth gear and, if you're playing on a team with a bunch of guys that you don't like in Chicago there's the reverse gear yeah. Well, no, he break. He would probably one the problem with the whole front row on the title last year round. In case you didn't get hurt yeah because he was just he was fourth year round. Yes, yes, yes, yes, get ready! You just rubbing it up and threw also Washington and Toronto. Yes, like it's actually a contest, yet too game sevens in a row that that that the Toronto raptors have lost their job. You know what they've done: they've just psych themselves out there, just like freaking themselves under like how many game, seven yeah, it's a mental game and I thought
the wizards have figured out how to win this series. It's just blame Scott Brooks, instead of each other, so Bradley Beal. I think I think Scott Brooks. I read something more Scott Brooks apologize to Bradley Beal for Bradley Beal, sucking yeah. I was like that's another set a couple weeks ago that the wizards were like a loveless marriage that just kind of sticks around each other. I don't like inertia. I want to retract it. I think it's more like that. See college relationship that you have where you hate each other and you fight all the time, but once every like two weeks, the sex is really really great right. Everyone knew the couple at the bar and they would just have knocked down blah fights in front of everyone here like come on guys. Can we just have a normal night, but then you know they're going home and they're thinking it's going all night. Scott Brooks is circle. On top crazy stocking, yeah Scott Brooks Demoncy once he takes those. I love a chick with glasses on trucks. So another thing I had written down about the series: this is actually the marionberry Rob Ford,
cereal recipe, so the mayors bet between those two would be the correct. The crack level. How much crack can you actually put on the line? I'll drive my cars truck it before use my truck of of crack up to just be ious for crack yeah? Because if you ever actually it's cool 'cause, you don't have it you smoke yeah, you don't save crack right now. This is this for a special occasion. This is the good stuff yeah. We also out West Playoff P, no show on Saturday night. He I think he did with twenty three points, but anything he had like eleven going into the fourth quarter and I just like the fact that he's playoff p makes me so mad, because you can't call yourself playoff p. If you haven't like one of title or you've gone to the championship, it's like when, when Ruben Patterson calls of Kobe Stopper, that's right, you can't do that. That's not allowed so playoff p you're not
F p, yet you have to earn those stripes and also, I think Russell Westbrook is gonna murder, record Rubio. Well, is it time out the conversation by Rubio? Is he the best foreign born point guard of all time? He curry Well, I reckon point good point, good point: Steve NASH, yeah, yeah, yeah, he's canadian that doesn't count yeah, that's kind of same cats, America, but he Russell Westbrook said he's going to shut that shit down for game or because Ricky Rubio went off and you know How to piss off Russell Westbrook, Ricky Rubio does look like he would sell you a bad bot, a bad batch of Molly. Coachella yeah that her in the face facial hair and it's just you can't lose.
That guy yeah Rubio is at Bonnaroo was like, as as ziplock bag full of crash shavings and sprayed with insecticide yeah. Like you know, the stuff will knock you on your you just put a bunch of crayons into a couple pill, bottles and was like hey guys and at the newest designer drug yeah and Russell Westbrook. You get your kicked by that guy. Now I do like the jazz uniform. So I'd seen those again, it's just the kind of growth they're, not candy, yet they look like they're on fire. They look like a team. This lily playing. Well, so was it called self immolate ing yeah that the monks used to do yeah. Basically, the jazz look like they're the cover of a rage against machine album out yeah. I got it. I wrote down a joke on Saturday. One is really high in Denver. You guys wanna hear it. When I was watching Tv Davis claimed a problem. Never are you did to them. I wanted to get a. It was for everyone in a trap. It was a holiday weekend, Dick to marijuana when an Rado yeah, whatever Rado. That's when Anthony Davis was going off
put down in my phone, I'm starting to think I don't think I'm sort of thing I don't have the tool set to play in this NBA notes, yes, but I haven't, got that's your c ready at the ten land really well. It was good. It was funny at the time as I was like get it because I could probably play in the nineties NBA yeah when you're now, whatever when now when you have to shoot ever got shoot threes like I'm out can't do it guys, here's a here's, my joke about that, Sir, as I call them, the Utah jazz because they're eliminating a higher seed. Oh wow, okay, nice, and where do you think of that? I just a second ago, okay, nice, to be right off your screen, yeah yeah, the road will tell you which I really I don't I don't. I might answers the Utah jazz. Alright, I gotten this pretty good. Take what's your joke on of, come up with one come on. Do it Hank on the spot. Thinking of a joke about that? It has to be about the Utah jazz though yeah the right.
Is anymore. That's been taken off is if they also being high yeah. You can't say thing about smoking, weed call! Utah I don't know I like that. Right did try. You went for it. You went for it not much wrong with jazz the Utah Jizz right, that's pretty good, yeah w to bass because they're bringing the noise in the series- and I like that- I like that.
We'll, keep that in no. I saw that out your faces, like I'm gonna, cut that after all, right and in the last thing is the heat basically decide. I like this, the these playoffs, because even the shitty teams have made a little interesting in the heat just trying to play like let's fight you instead of play basketball, that's good! Well, it's a good strategy right. I let me is kind of what the pay when it seems that we are doing today, and I love that because that that does like I've I feel like the last few years. The she teams would just roll over and get swept, but this year they're like no, no, no we're going to just pitch you off and try to get all your good players into a fist fight. It's the classic move of a team that wears red in the Eastern Conference in the first round of playoffs there staying relevant, barely Pat Riley loves us MBA. Yes, all right, let's talk a little NHL, so the capture back, the caps are officially back holyshit
what he gave us, the I'll I'll be honest with you. I am I'm very worried about the penguins I've already role jackets on that's yours is over. That was a does a back breaker, what I have a confession to make yeah. What's your question, I'm starting to understand, I'm not I'm not saying I'm sort of turn on him, but I'm sorry to understand people that don't a galaxy veggen, oh starting, to get it to tell story it. Well, I think maybe the early start time was a problem for him. 'cause he's rushing he likes to enjoy his vodka and whatever it is. The Russians. Do his dog cuts his dog river, just drinking just sipping vodka and petting his german shepherds. What he does is he looked. He looked very lethargic, after only I was screaming out of edge, can turn the first didn't start playing better yeah. So I kind of turned that corner on, but I mean he just looked disinterested out there. They had fluid overtime goal. Right did yeah that
I think about this. What is the greatest sporting event to go to if you could pick like one ending for team is, is he playoffs overtime goal. The best know it's awful. So I know, but during that, but I'm talking I'm thinking back to that overtime. And the chances that that the caps almost gave up discord on and just thinking about those that is a source of like more hard. Break for me. Just thinking about those, then how happy I was when they actually want. It's probably still walk off home run. That's probably number one
yeah, but over time hockey goal is paraded, damn cool in the plan, it was sick. Yeah I mean the build at the barn was rocking yeah, so that was very, very cool and again I'm I'm super confident the capitals, I think they're going to they're gonna ship pump, the blue jackets tomorrow tonight on Monday night we have money now and then it's the penguins and then and then you're gonna lose then yeah. This is the year yeah. This is your guy in the Bruins lost yep. To ask trash everything. I read on Twitter said that they were better. So that's I guess that counts for game. If you're better but lost yep, it does so that's going to get six. What else waters here is gonna be the lightning in the Bruins right. That's looking like yeah and that's right. No, absolutely no evidence. We have those with they don. It's great. I absolutely love it yeah and they will make sure that there be should have been so good in the regular season. Hank, never staggered starts on the weekend. That's the best part of the NHL. Did it again this all the games are played at the exact same time on the exact same channel so stupid
Gary Bettman you so stupid. I know that and then I'll get the well actually tweets like well, actually, like NBC, had to run golf. I don't give just figured out I get when I wake up in April and may on a Saturday or Sunday. I want a playoff game with in like two hours. When I wake up, I'm saying I wake up around ten. Yes, so I want that playoff game by noon. Yeah. I need a playoff game. Don't make me wait till three Batman does understand it. Better is a classic either. Just like! Well, that's kind of the way it is yeah, hey, listen! It will be a lot of work to change roughly what walked in NBC sports. There look and they had a little huddle up before him. Alright, guys, commissioners coming he's going to want to start with these starts, and we probably will have to do it, but let's see
if maybe he'll take this deal where we do all the games. At the same time, we tell him it's because bass fishing already had that slot. This is the same. You walk things like ok deal. This is the same league that had to like coop to porn channel basically took the Stanley CUP yeah like ten years ago. So it makes me so mad 'cause I have hockey is the best alright. Should we do it who's back? Let's get to it. Hank start. You want me to start yeah Do you have one? I do I'm still around massagers. Give me give me a good deal. You like give me like give me tonight to sleep on it ourselves yet interest with a few tomorrow, we'll have a joke at ten. Am tomorrow? Yes, at any time to read it, what time is a little early yeah? Where are your problem? If you could one? My was back in the week is music No, everyone loves music, jazz, yeah, cardi B, came out. The album J Cole came out of them and then It's really that he's coming out with an album came in
Should Cuddyer coming out an album yes and he's bruising NAS. When I sell like I, I'm a little worried about kind, you guys know I still love Kanye. Whatever Connie puts out on a list to love it, no matter what I don't understand, who people who don't like Kanye, I don't get it. What's your? What's? What what's your? What's your beef, I'm just a little concerned about his mental state? No, I think he's I think, he's always working with even a good man yeah. But I love Kanye, there's that just tell me someone treat me why you don't like Connie and it better not be like oh well. His music life Pablo was great Phuc off J Cole. I feel like I'm supposed to hate J Cole, but I don't know why 'cause? What do you mean? I don't know I feel like he's like a lot of people in the music community. Don't think Jay Cole's, very good, so my
also hit him. He went double platinum with no features. One doing great. I've heard that also Hank, it's a little too soon. You know if you just add your same music's back, so maybe you want to use economic off yet never song was forever it's true songs of never dot all three games. Yeah there's, no one, every single tv, Evo yeah! I won seven suit yep. He added the tooth pick to the assistant, which is great I'll, save it as a toothpick holder, which is the most uh emasculating move, remember where does the toothpick holder rank in terms of an intern? I feel like. I feel like
If you intern, for Nick save in for two years, you get upgraded to to spend yeah yeah no interns lower than two pickled onions to the colder you or yours, trusted with a very, very valuable. You could potentially poison next saving, if that's actually the most important job that he had it reminds me of who was it was, I don't think they did a Jones who had a two had to clean off Jerry Jones yeah, I mean come on guys. I don't think I can actually eat during the season. I think he just his sustenance come from sucking whatever nutrients are in the tree, bark that the tooth, because may not only has only applies every morning. Well, that's true! Yeah watch the weather channel yeah he's just like us and just a massage man is back in full that sorry, I love when they try to meet when they try to make the x even somewhat human yeah he's just a regular guy who eats the same two oatmeal pies every single morning, while watching fifteen minutes the weather channel. Who doesn't do that?
a piece here: do you have farm whose back is managing nobly yeah? So you get one of these every playoff for men who were a game areas like twenty and and fourteen everyone's like well, the ageless man you yep, but he's actually just been dead for the last like three games and you decide to play one good game yeah. I also like the fact that his hair, his hair kind of stopped disappearing, about a year and a half ago yeah it is AJ, is put in a holding pattern. He's really still has like some stubble going there right. I feel like once all that here is gone. That's like His head is like an hour glass for his career, like when the hair, when there's no hair left he's done man, who is definitely going to be one of those guys that in twenty years you won't be able to explain how awesome he was, but if you watched him
and what I love when he gets going and he just starts dribbling behind his back like four times in a row trying to get himself open, they just get stuck trying to dribble behind his back to get himself open. That's just classic man yeah. He did have a throwback before and he still tries like once every three or four games. He tries to do like a spectacular athletic play where he goes hard to the whole interested jam on someone we just like dislocates his own, shoulder out of socket has to pop it back in the pretend like it didn't happen. Yes, I also going to put a little tickler file on Andre Iguodala being washed up. Bum, ok, no that he passed up, maybe the most wide open three pointer today and my my alerts went off my brain, like this guy's a bomb. Now what I mean that would be: okay, click down hill from them yeah, so it do that. Okay, I'm going to note that yeah put it in the put in the tickler file will revisit this in the play out in the and be fine squat on. That's it. Yes, someone's going to come out with it and I'm gonna be even if some someone actually watches in like studies the film like it would always actually regressed mightily, but well guess what big cat saw him.
Pass up that one three he was all over. This got the bomb attack yeah. You know you can do, though you can always make your argument. Well he's just a really good defender, yeah, so he's he suppresses suck on off right right. What else you got in the house? That's it! Just hang on. Okay, I have to one is nice weather instagram? So we had our first nice weather this weekend and the Instagram gets pop in. Everyone has to tell you that they're having the greatest weekend of all time, Instagram stories in nice, wrinkle to where people just it's just a boomerang of a beer son, a patio, and I just sit on my couch. If you like man, I should probably go outside at some point. It's going to be thirty, three and rainy. Probably next week, yeah that's how this works. Nice weather answer you gotta get that game tight, 'cause, everyone is showing off in the summer time on their instagram. It's a big time, arms race. I got a joke ready for this one here we go. You know, you know, good about the New York Weather yeah just wait. Five minutes.
If you don't like it, just that's how that's that's a good joke! Yeah as king of the hill, my head, okay and then I also had who's back two thousand eighteen needing to end because of v she died. Verne Troyer died all right and now all of our agents, all of our legends, are being taken from us. So, let's get the out of this year, hi, how we see what you guys say. We just get the hell out of two thousand eighteen. How did Verne Troyer die? I think you are. I don't he just died. He just died. He wasn't meant for this earth yeah. I he's too sweet. Okay, and I'm going to say something with something to move on. Well, I'm gonna say something scientifically that don't know if it's true, but I think if you, if you are a little person, your life,
I can see is shorter. I think that goes the other way too, and that's not a joke. I mean that to be a short joke. It goes the other way too, like if you're huge, yeah right, like big dogs, don't live feed dogs. Yes, so I think that I think it was forty nine which in little person ages Pretty damn good you age like one point five times the regular right, so I think he did a good job. I think I think Vern I mean many mean he's a legend. Remember that and of course, never yeah blending. Let him talk in that movie. I thought that was a little bit off April, I got paid less to uh huh. He probably could meet you MIKE Myers yeah Mark Wahlberg. Once you switch your focus on to get a little paid more. Alright, let's get to our interview with MIKE Mayock. Before we do that, LISA we love LISA they've, been a sponsor forever you got to get your LISA mattress. Do you guys see probably some action scores? I sleep on a lease and a lot of sleeping going on LISA, while LISA Mattresses, Jack off. No one wants to spend hours visiting those awkward show rooms where you're forced to spend thousands of dollars on a sub par mattress
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I've had enough in The reality is, is you know I grew up. Coach's son, and I played the game I played in a two. I think I played football and baseball in college three in high school and I love all the sports and this kind of my super bowl week, so I get to Dallas and I I've already got butterflies. I'm fired up So your note, so I've always wanted this. You obviously do so much research, you have you have an extensive knowledge about every single guy Do you know them all the top of your head, or do you have a ton of notes that you have to go off where you at you've done it for so long? You do your conference call you talk about it every single day. Do you have all these guys almost like it's it's just there and you can just spit it out at anytime. When someone asks you, I would say like the top one hundred and fifty plus or minus. You got. You got to know them yet like just kind of off the top your head- and you know it
It says to me Mcdonald's and go when we college he had a Delaware right tackle now he's going to be bored to know that because you don't have the time to look it up, but what happen during the draft. Is you know the way look at is on the amp on the GM for all thirty. Two teams trying to help stands at home. Understand why a team just made a pact, so I've got a thousand notes in front of me. One offer to team in the big binder and MIKE my son- and you know that generational laugh at me that I have these binders and I don't really 'cause I like writing stuff down and that's how I remember stuff but you'll, see me like frantically ripping through a binder trying to get to the Oakland Raiders of Tech fifty two or whatever, and why did they take that guy and I'm looking to see who the backup defensive tackle? What does that make sense? So I can't remember all that stuff. You know you just do the best '
when was the last time that a player got picked and you were just like. I have no idea who that is You know it's funny. Ask that, because the Great Steve stable from NFL films, It was one of the guys that help get me hired back in the day before I had a name, an He told me once he said: Mikey got this great franchise. Now people trust you and believe in you and if it gets to the point where a guy gets it set the draft and you have no idea who he is you need to people. You have no idea who he is, don't try to fake it could you could, and the funny thing is. I'll be honest with the last couple of years in the seventh round. They have been I'd, say two guys three guys a year who I've never heard of that good news, kinda is it. When we get in is six seventh round. We don't do. Every pic live will do a summary of likes. The last six ticks and I can
time to get away from that. But I'll, look at Daniel Jeremiah, like who's that and he'll, be looking to be oh my god it. There's a couple times a year, including later I'm going to get stuck, I guarantee now during the draft. Do you actually take a break to use restroom in the first couple rounds because MEL Kiper doesn't no? a melted, better man than that? Ok, alright, that's actually a big fact with that definitely plays into who we can trust 'cause MEL, I think his decision making gets a little bit foggy there at the end. When he's like, I have to go to the bathroom so badly, yeah yeah. It could definitely back to the first of the first night. Isn't that bad cuz, it's only like three hours it, it really isn't too bad. Take care of your business before you get out on the stage, but I'm telling you second night and then especially the third day is crazy and we're lucky 'cause. We got a set and we can kind of just hit the talk back.
Button to our produce, go dude, I gotta go get to the other, set love it. Let's fast forward to Monday morning. Ok, the drafts over you've done all your grades. You've talked about all these pics what do you do to kind of like celebrate the end of draft season? You just kind of like yourself a treat you like. Ok, I only watch eight hours of film today. I don't want to see any all Monday, I don't want to talk about who won and lost all basically text a bunch of team. Get text from them. Congratulate My buddies are dms in coaches and wish him well. I don't want to do any analysis. I just want my buddies? Well, because for me, that's what I've been doing this? one thousand five hundred and seventeen years now- and I got a lot of friends throughout the league and I root form. So you know honestly. What I want to do is I want to get down the shore drink, a bottle of bud my sweetness and love it and that's what I want to do. That's yeah will do that. I'm gonna do that Monday to just because I watched all the draft
so that's that's definitely worth the day off, so we're going to get let's get to the draft before we do that, because we're all human What is your worst Assessment of a peck, the you've ever had the one you really wish you had it will could could have that, because I was I was watching. The two thousand eleven draft is right. Do traffic! I watch the old drafts. And boy were those were the run on those quarterbacks horrendous and I was like MIKE's gotta have one that he's that he wakes up at night being like damn, I really should have said that about Jamarcus Russell or whoever else. I was right on Jamarcus Russell, but I, but there are two guys that out of all the pics years, I've done at the bother me more than anything 'cause I kind of went against who I am and that's Johnny. Denzel in Blaine, Gabbert threw the two that did I wake up even at three hundred in the morning like how stupid are you yeah.
Another man. Zell thing was I really like the state, then I'll still stand by my evaluation of his tape, but the closer we get. The draft, the more I was kind of getting catching the buzz of Johnny Manziel he's going to be France, are contained in everybody else rolled into one and I'm like hey. I liked having a couple beers in college. What's big deal about a couple of years you know and and that to me We're back is all about the face of the franchise and being a leader, and I talked myself send to Johnny Manzel and it was stupid and it might even impact the way I look at Baker Mayfield a little bit this year, but beyond the blame game, thing- is the other one and I had see my notes. I've come down and pocket. Don't trust he doesn't trust pocket pocket awareness. I had it all over my notes and then I went to his pro day and he's a big kid swinging around athletic. There's a buzz coaches your car. May I give me this kid. I can coach him often- and I talked myself in the blink
I had him rated higher than CAM Newton, Oh, is that right now, two thousand and eleven draft in I'm going to have your back real quick on that, because I was watching that literally on Saturday morning, playing We're definitely had the look of a quarterback. He had the hair he was looking good. It was sitting in the green room. He was looking good, so I can see how you know you went with the gut check there and that's how I do all my draft analysis. So I'm always wrong and I thought Blaine Gabbert would be great. I could guys still but to me, like you can't believe on that it might affect him Newton. What what I was doing, Thursday night Football, the next couple years for apple network- and you know we take care I want panthers game and you don't even want to talk to me like that. That's a chip on his shoulder yeah. You know that sort of thing forget. Let me tell you something guys. It's really amazing and I was a tenth round draft pick back when there were twelve rounds, so I kind of get it 'cause but I always have to remind myself is this: is the biggest day of their lives coming up,
and they remember everything that MEL at any and everybody else says about the man when I was going through and I football there was a big joke with action: crew like we come into production meeting and- and they never know we want to sit next to me because they thought somebody might come in with a gun. I'm serious yeah, you get enemies, but you have to do it. It's part of the job I yeah I I can totally see how I think that your human nature, you always seek out people, would say everything positive, but you seek out the things that are negative. Even if there's not that many negatives I mean even a cam Newton, I'm sure you had him. You had a the positives, there's tons of positives, but there's a couple things that you could say about him negatively and he, we probably stuck with them forever but you know that it's funny. I just stay in Seattle cuz the Eagles played at Seattle on Thursday night football and we've meetings on Wednesday with the Seahawks and one of the guys were going interview with Earl Thomas and I had him as the best defense player in that draft, and I love them and he came in and he was just
really nice getting to mail. Will you come outside? I'll, take a picture with you on my mom, because you were the guy that back me, I'm like, oh man. How awesome is this we're in the Seahawk? parking lot taking a picture with him and mom and then that night, We got the eagles coming in at their hotel and less Mccoy walks in on the back in that Donald Brown, Donald Brown, that's a tough one yeah he knew everybody who was ahead of all. I mean these guys don't but anything I mean it's and you gotta remember that on draft night, it's important to them yeah! So speaking, those quarterbacks you mentioned Manzella. You mentioned Blaine Gabbert. I've notice that you aren't really in love with any of the quarterbacks this year. Is that a fair assessment? I don't think it
But this way, I don't think it's easy is a valuations. I've had in the last ten years or interlocking Carson Wentz, and I don't think any of these guys are those too. So how would you rank him? Uh? I think of the group. I would put Donald first and I think Cleveland my gut tells Cleveland's gonna. Take him at one. I think giant, important evaluation, guys. This is how GM still a tool is you're trying to eliminate to get to the guy you want. You know so I kind of look at this like Josh. Who's got the biggest upside of maybe any player in this draft, but he also got a low floor. Josh Rosen, from UCLA, I think, might be SAM Bradford Mini Crows, a beautiful ball, the natural thrower, the ball, but he's got durability concerns I'm not You can answer the bell every week in the NFL Baker, Mayfield and Baker, Mayfield kind of cuts both ways. No teams that love his swag and I know teams '
they're like that's, not that's not the face of our franchise and then. Who is the guy that I think, is the most spectacular athlete in this draft, and I'm fascinated probably by this kid more than anybody and that's Lamar Jackson, and I think somebody's going to commit to him in the first round and say Phil Sophoclean schematically were buying into this kid and we're going to build going to change everything we do and build around him and I think that's the NFL going a little bit like college, guys, yeah, so Josh Rosen he's obviously been talked about a ton. Do you buy into the whole he's too smart and he doesn't care about football. How do you? How do you put that into your grades and your assessment on draft day? I get traded and sometimes have this conversation with my scouting buddies about guys that are quote too smart or have multiple interest connect and scalp one. A mom like you know how
who smarter bad thing. I don't get it don't. You know Bill Bella, check's wanna bunch of super bowls. Basically by buying into smart players in right at at at the at the end of the day I once more, especially at quarterback. Now I've met Josh and spent Is he a little I think are yeah, but I I don't really here at the bottom line. If I drafted Josh or I'd bring him in and I'd just say, look, I love your intelligence. I love your football iq, I'm all about it, but before open your trap and start questioning everything we do here. You need to earn the respect of the room. You got to be our starting, quarterback you gotta be winning a bunch of football games, and then we can have that conversation about why you want me to look here or there with my first look as opposed to hear after that read and- and you know, you got to get him on the right page early on, because he's a very inquisitive kid wants to know everything so he's like
rather than just asked why all the time you should be like shut up, because I said so, just not just a dude earn it yeah Let me tell you: let me tell you something that Ryan Tom Brady and and although in Greece and Russell Wilson. They have import everyone's going to game plan in the skillet because they've earned it. You know this kid's got this can Doesn't know what he doesn't know yet. That's! Where have you have you consulted draft Josh on dot com for any of your research I don't even know what it is. I'm sorry, you should take a look at. It makes a pretty convincing case for drafting Josh Allen got people one overall, he's tall. How do you read hand size I all honesty. I think if if you're in the northeast, especially or n way, if in a tough weather area, it's it's more about just controlling born bad weather. Is
if, if you're in cleveland- and you probably want at least nine thousand three hundred and eighty nine and a half and Josh Allen's over ten yeah, it's not fingertip speed move to take that metric. And now I'm not I did go to your local channel later. Okay, hands cancer is funny because people market and not we market. To put, I know, a bunch of very sharp gamblers, who will always bet against small, handed guys playing in bad weather, because you just can't it just it just simple. You know facts that they will not be able on the ball the same way. It's amazing thing and, and it's a little bit like look at Ben Roth Lis, Berger Way pump fake football. You gotta have significant hand screen to do that in some guys. Can't do that and They believe it or not. You know that ninety chain, that's important. You you mentioned a couple running backs, would look Shama Corey. I seem
I think there were a couple years were: just teams didn't want to draft a running back in like the first two rounds, but that's kind of changed in the last last. Two drafts are so. What do you think changed in terms of like the mindset of general managers to be like? Ok running backs are cool again. Here's what's going on it's kind of whole conversation and I've had it with a bunch of TMS this year and it's kind of like forget the fricking labels. Ok wide receiver running back tight in. What we want to do is draft a dynamic football player, so what's going on, is wide receiver production actually from first round players has been awful since two thousand and fourteen yep, the running back. Production has been outstanding and we're getting these tight ends now that split out wide and their mismatches, so what's going on, is instead comparing and just take Calvin Ridley. The white album Alabama, instead of comparing him dj more in Courtland Sutton in next couple, wideouts people are staying who's going to be the
her impact for me on my team. Is it Calvin Ridley or how 'bout Sony Michel the running back from Georgia? We can use him like Alvin Kamara who's, going to make the bigger impact for our team, and that's the first conversation. The second conversation is, if you're going to take a running back in the top ten to better commit to him again. Philosophically and schematically Fournette Zeke you'll Elliott the kid girly all those guys are top ten running backs that teams committed to him and they're much better football teams to run the football shorten, the clock, sort in the game and they're better because of those tail action up. Tell right now the Barkley kids every bit as good as any of those guys and totally clean off the field as well. Ok yeah Barkley seems like he is maybe the best athlete in the draft of the kind of guy that you haven't seen a while, who is the best running back, not named Saquon um, I'm intrigued by this Sony might
dolphin Georgia. I think he's a lot like Kamara. The problem is in it he's got a little bit of a knee issue and teams are really trying to figure it out right now on the medical side. So I don't know what What happened there Darius guys the tailback back from Lsu he's got some character. Concerns running back situation. It's really talented this year, a lot like last year, but teams are concerned about various guys from character Sony Michelle from Medical and then you got like Ronald Jones, Rashaad, penny and nicks up all three of whom I think we're going to have never impacts next year. What are the, what are the character concerns guys he's not going to miss a picture day like for not Izzy? Even a few things to stress season. That's almost but okay, okay and say something bad about quit. Nelson, because I have not I've yet to hear anyone say anything bad about him in
yeah see! That's all. I would say a hard one for me scares me: that's a red flag, we no red flag either so read flights, which is a red flag, yeah, absolutely is that the handbook? That's what it does it yeah it has to be yeah, that's the chart. I can. I just put you on the spot. You can't think of one thing I mean he's got all. Would you take an interior linemen with with a top ten pick? You think it's worth absolutely the there yeah? Actually Hopefully I'll, take him with the second pick. I would take him. You know Jim Barkley and child with the three best players in the draft. Yeah, because that's the thing to the draft immediate, like we're talking talking about the twenty eleven draft teams, to you need to take or drugs. Obviously, the most important position important you want that franchise guy, but if you're doing just most talented, it's definitely
these quarterbacks, this quarterback crap, you know crop couldn't Nelson everyone said basically has his our Canton jacket on and job is gonna, be a game. Changer in Barclays is the same. So what I mean? Why don't the brown just do that? Why don't they just are zig when everyone zags in and go grab like quit, Nelson and shop? Well, the good the good and that's a great question in a and I don't disagree with you, but the the conversation in the NFL is basically you guys know what the there are. Thirty two French, five quarterbacks in the league, and here the conversation I had with GM and head coaches all the time. If I don't have a franchise quarterback. If I don't time one I'm just another day closer to getting fired and there's probably only eight to ten, really truly great quarterbacks, and then there's ok once and that's why people are doing what they did to go: get Carson Wentz and Jared Goff. Two years. Top all the way up to one and two? We get those to get so people over.
Remember. Last year I mean there were three quarterbacks taken in the first twelve and all three were trade up on draft night right. So I I love the thought process. If you don't want in four two great position players, but at the the day was lining up. The quarterback is it is that you're tell your guy and and you believe in him. You know I look at tie. Rod, Taylor go hey. You went to the playoffs last. An average Buffalo team yeah right well, Nathan, Peterman yeah, he was kind of help to factor leader that yeah he did help. He took. He gave the offense a lot of extra time off by throwing
interceptions right away, well, yeah, and also when he's playing it's, the defense does throw interceptions he's, making the quarterbacks better in practice right, give them a lot of right, yeah right exactly do you want to do that or do you have some you have the well? I I got a question real to about the patriots coach, so the patriots have two first rounders. Is there any chance, one that they use both first round picks and then the second part of my question is Are they going to take a quarterback in the first round? Uh I played for bill and I think he's the best football coach in history of the game, and I think he's won the smartest people I've ever met and in the other He is he's a contrarian and he's way outside the box, so him having to in the first round is dangerous. I have no idea It's package him and move up. If he's going to drop out, he barely stays in place, but the two most obvious,
needs on the face of the patriots. Franchise is there's a big donut at left, tackle and who is Tom, Brady's successor in an figure out a way to get both of those in the near future, so much action! Rudolph, look! I think, I think, to to to create I'd love to see how get Lamar Jackson would even be Bill or Sean Payton love one of those two guys get to end up with Lamar Jackson, but I have no idea. What's really going happen. To be honest, okay. Well, I'm I'm going to put you through some of your may archaisms real, quick here, because my favorite thing about you is that you would essentially invented a language for yourself and now whether people are clapping you which takes some skill. My favorite Mayock ISM is definitely road grader. I love row greater. I use it all the time, but I don't really know what it means. Can you explain it to me? Yeah it's! It's similar glasseater itself, gold top guy comes
that makes sense should render it typically a pull back run out of line. Your last act knock you right on your app yeah. Actually I I know exactly what I just want to hear. You say it: that's, like that's yeah, ten, four who's, the best downhill from for in this hello, you like the downhill from yeah we'll do it this way. So, okay, so easy, yeah he's a north south for me, yeah love it all right. So let's do that. So that's where we were going to do the draft buzz words that we all know, but let's do what will give you all your may archaisms back to you and you tell us who is who fits the best for everyone, so we have dices de on health number, who's, who's, the best natural bender. Oh, Oh I like the natural benders, and we can do that with offensive lineman or defensive stats for floor joists yeah. You know what is it I think, I'm going to say:
yeah. I use a a win at left, tackle George who's gonna kick inside the card get great for can legally. If I have seen what he has that's hot you could just and then, if you want to look at the corners and talk about only it goes right along with that Intel WAR and try your Alexander freaking out skin okay. How can help speed too oily. How often you have to change the oil in the hips a lot in in form is with sixteen games. Lot of guys are breaking down: yeah yeah. If you get oily hips you're good in the rain, because the oil wicks away the water right and then you don't need a big ants yeah there you go. What about heavy legged waste bender that that's they're either either is the offensive lineman or a blind date, absolutely yeah
so we got any one in it. Yeah you wanna name. You give us a like a right under. I'll. Give you more how about kids going to kill me I'm gonna say a Bradley. Now, I'm not going to say I can't do that okay, okay, you're right, that's one lesson! Yeah you learn us are what about out give us who's got the biggest bubble. I like that you're you're you're man. We know that. Do you have to be on the disc out there. That's a power generator yeah, you needed real thick guy, so he's got a little, but I think or three squatty body nose tackles, are going to go somewhere in that same, like Pj Hall from SAM Houston, state, Eastern Sinnott from South Florida and my band Poona Ford from Texas there all through all six feet, three hundred and fifteen yeah.
Got those big bubble butts in their strong and tough is config. Who is the biggest? bubble: butt that you've ever seen don't know docks on curry pose up there, yeah yeah. We will the thing you said squad. He quality bodies, quality body, squatted body, okay, who is good in a phone booth, beside Superman Now rich Eisen, reminding me during the Kambin that young people following is probably don't even work. Phone booth is anymore, yeah. Sure good point. I mean it's scary to even think. I would say that nine Hines Return. Guy and running back will kill. State is great. The phone book booth yeah. You should change it to be like who's good in twitch studio, yeah. There you go yeah. I wouldn't know what that means, but yeah you just trust us on that. What about? a qb burps the baby too much see now that's one of my favorite thing and it would. It would be definitely be Josh Allen because he's got a
call timing in anticipation which almost every big arm quarterback in the history of the game has to learn. Cuz they're so used to just throwing it through stuff, and you can't do that. The NFL is the baby too long with Josh, and also told us that he believes he could kill a man with a past. Do you think that's true his arms straight in person is ridiculous and involve a way I could come in a mate and I wasn't being negative hi. I said it's the biggest Ormai. MR markets Wrongful, which tells you how much around really needs in the NFL yeah you gotta have a lot more than that. No you! You did make a point that you thought that the completion percentage for Josh Allen was overblown because stats are for losers, but then, on the other hand, like with the guy, I think you talk about Lamar Jackson and you were kind of you're doing him a little bit because of the completion percentage thing. Why? Why that like discrepancy there, not the route during and I think them both pretty significantly and it's it's.
To me it's less about the percentage of gross, and it's excuse me in and more about the location of the ball in in the accuracy in both of them have issues and I believe they both stem from forty foot work and I think Josh Allen's even talked about that. So no, I think I shall and pretty hard about be honest with you, along with the timing and anticipation. Ok, give us a guy. Who has sand in his pants. Oh, you you want the undersized lineman. It needs to get stronger. That would either be Brian O'Neill from pit Orgeron Christian from Louisville. Ok, how did you rate Jay Cutler coming out when he was drafted? I had him ahead of Vince Young Matt Leinart TED Year, okay, ' So that was your actually exactly right. Yes, vindicated yeah! Absolutely no comment!
What about did you have a head of Reggie Bush? You have Reggie Bush I ready Bush up, I'm an ok, alright, I yeah yeah yeah. What about? Let's see what I'm going through your who's quicker than fast usually like a a Dante. Pettis looked up wide receiver, punt returner from University of Washington won the best punt returners in the country really quickly He makes a mess, but not quite as fast ring on castle quicker than fast. I like that. I wasn't sure, didn't understand what that meant, but that makes sense, and then I got one more who's: a JAG who's, just a guy which one You guys was playing basketball and posted a picture Maine recently I speak yeah yeah,
you're? Definitely just a guy over to cal. You had no verticality hold on. I mean I look. I look at that picture, but it was. It was just an awful looking, but there's nothing wrong with that. Well, what about the intangibles, though? I'm I'm the guy who doesn't need you know I don't need to take shots I'll. I'll, throw some hard screens out there a box out. What about that? Does that make me just a guy? Do you need help to get open? no, I don't I don't shoot so he doesn't get. I don't need help to get open. No, I actually don't yeah 'cause, I'm not trying are never trying to get open right now. You rejected and it's ok, it's fine! How old is made of JAG? Yes, you need guys just regular guys being dudes yeah. I I have the c key question put in promo code, you get ten dollars off your seatgeek purchase my How can we help get you with the money. I football job, you want it, you want it. Hey. I've had a bunch.
The people call me that are guys like me that love the game and pepper and they're like man, you said it exactly right and as much as I love, Troy I don't think he's really good and there, if you don't, have a yellow jacket, then network executive, I really don't want you on the primetime stuff, so this is really that hard to go by yellow jacket. What you guys could buy me a yellow jacket. Yeah. We can get you one. I think we can just create our own hall of Fame and put you in it. That way, you can legitimately claim to be a hall of famer yeah, and I also don't think I don't. I don't think the Boston College Hall of Fame counts for some reason. I don't think they're taking that into consideration, see here's what you need to do so My my my guy Tom Waddle out in Chicago I've been telling him I'm trying to get his ear to start being stolen valor. Eighty five bear. You should probably do that. People don't like the eighty five bears get talked about so much that you could just kind of slide in and be like yeah as a special teamer an then
get the knife about job, I'm telling you enough. Time has yeah, you know what my biggest the same in the NFL was basically my job as a rookie. With the giants was the elbow Lawrence Taylor we started snoring in the team in the defense of meeting. That's a terrible job. Yeah he's the guy that went that way. We l t up so you're you're part you're, partially responsible for his school jacket, you could probably twist it that well and see what we're problem solvers here. So all right. Did you hear Brett Farve failed his interview, so you're one step, closer, yeah, about a hundred guys that meets awful. You know what else you could do a if you have a thing you'll be more likely to get there. Yeah yeah, yellow jackets, one thing that you can have, but if you just like start wearing for Doris
they are for door. My fedoras mall, very small for doors yeah or like an ascot like Merrill Hodge does the like quite role. Winners are tied to just do an ascot spenders. Yes, this business is mentors. You look great suspenders, a cane, a four door. Just basically turned to be a pimp, and- and everybody like I should be a moment if you guys know me it's about a four foot, and yet I can get no game top of the site after that. Well I mean you do have an entire roster full of people you're trying to pimp out so it kind of works.
I have like three hundred. You said it yourself, one hundred and fifty young men's names and their strengths and weaknesses in your brain right. Now you can turn some of those guys out. Yeah, absolutely yeah. Awesome! Alright. Give us last last question for me: give us your, maybe once one surprise guy that hasn't been getting talked about, that you have fallen in love with uh. I think a surprise first round pick is going to be offensive center, Frank Ragnow from Arkansas missed like half of the, the last year you can play all three interior offensive line positions nobody's talking about him and I think he's gone in the first round, but he didn't win in college. Is that a red flag, like you always talk about quarterback wins, I want to start making interior offensive line, wins a stat that we count. You know what why not. If we're going to criticize quarterbacks, the reality is that his head coach, Bret Bielema got fired. So that's really
He took the blame for it yeah big time yeah, did you have one last prospect, yeah yeah? I think I did too yes, this is a guy that I've been looking out of Fresno. I, like my gym here, Donald the outside linebacker at Fresno. I'm thinking he could be like a preserve and a pass for a special is going to bring him in on third down to really make you know an impact coming off the bench. Have you watched any of his state? No, Okay, that's good! I made him up alright thanks. So much MIKE appreciate it. I appreciate it guys thanks that interview was brought to you by me and he's I'm where my me and he's right now the whole cruise, where yeah squatted up an army, undies you've heard me talk about him. You know, I'm a big believer in their product are the perfect balance of comfortable fit every month they have new and exciting prints and they arrive at your door in a fun little bag. They use
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I will write about house actually have yeah. I was actually thinking about how awful I would feel right out. The capital's lost that game yeah and over time, like I had a great time after the game on Saturday, when I do see for little bit took the train back to New York filled great, I felt like I was like walking on air. If I, if, if we had lost a game, I would still be probably under my covers right now: yes, yes, right delivery can I was I had to deal with altitude, I'm doing without the two difference yeah. I can tell yeah. So it's you, your your voice is higher your healing, and you know you have to drink a lot of water when your Denver. I don't know that I heard that you had to drink more because the altitude sucks it with the water right. I don't see right now. We just couldn't right just sucked right by their whole time, yeah they're. Just such just sucking you yet socks. It does. There's my brain all right, let's get some segments. We have first up. Jay Feely If you had. If you had a betting board and but Jay feely for problematic tweet of the weekend. What were the odds been proud?
even you think so it would have been Jay feeling the field so Jay Feely tweet it out a picture of his daughter going to prom saying wish my beautiful daughter and her date a great time at prom hashtag bad boys. And he has a handgun in his right hand. So the internet freaked out. I think
internet freak out for the wrong reason. The reason they should freak out is that is just a lame joke. Yep, but like the ever, we had a lot of threads on Jay, feely, deconstructing, the joke and gender role. We don't need to do that. Yeah. This is all thing was a little too much for me. Oils down today feel just being a dumb. That's not funny right exactly because I don't need to examine the city to wrap it all on Saturday night and people were writing way too. Many words about a really stupid joke by a kicker, that's kind of a douche bag. What Jay feely? What Jay, Feelies gun prom picture says about our patriarchal society have right. We don't need to examine that much at all this year, I'm like how about we just say: Jay Feely, is it a loser? That's okay is: is the walking embodiment of like a Jersey shore, tee shirt shop, yeah yeah, like you, better stay, the away from my daughter, yeah. These guns. Have these guns don't have a permit and it's just points to spice up yeah yeah. I wouldn't be too worried, though far the guy, because J feelings had numerous well documented accuracy issues in the past, so he also if we Jay Feely, also had the great tweet from back in the day before years ago, when someone asked him, do you play Madden? Twenty five online are on the PS three and he said I don't play video games. I live life, so that's a guy we're dealing with, which is a thing, so we just re tweet that just be like hey guys. This is Jay feely. Of course he was gonna make this joke our listeners all move along: let's not waste any energy breaking down the Jay Feely joke. When this is a guy who saying I don't play video games and I live life. Jay feely is a is a guy that says you can't fix stupid, probably six or seven times a day. It's the feeling of mine, the world, hello, he's a kicker two gloves too long. You were to go okay! Well, I think we, I think we actually get to the bottom of this thing. Yeah she feel is a self loathing kicker. Well, he spent his entire career playing position that he's a shame to have played and now he's like going hard the other direction. I know you we did get to the bottom- that not that way we get to the bottom of it, and the fact that everyone who had a take on Jay feely and had a twitter thread never watch Jay feely. So they don't know like regular football guys like us and I really listen to show. They saw Jay feely Joker, like it's Jay Feely, this loser yeah. We don't need to spend time with them, but everyone else was all my god. This guy play in the NFL would be how many symbols- the windows you like the second easy behind it manning for every record. No, it's Jay, Feely C linebacker wise we're gloves exactly so. Really that's what the but the but the bottom line is the world
didn't understand who Jay Feely was in real football fans did and didn't even blink were like. Oh of course he made that yeah. It was not a surprise to me the whole and not at all, not at all. He lives like, He lives life guys all next up. We have fraud alert So this is for Derek Jeter who's on big time, fraud campaign, huge fraud, huge fraud, so he did real sports with Gregor Bryant Bryant Gumbel, one of the gumballs Bryant the fatter Gump. He did real sports with Gumbel, that's skinnier global, the gumball machine. What is Greg do now CBS what are your greatest CBS yeah? Ok, so then, which one is this really is right, right, right, right, ok, so Brian Gumbel dirty said that not only is not only his team competing, but they're contending and when pressed, he called Bryant Gumbel mentally weak for not thinking that
okay. So that's really it's all about perspective. Yes, because actually, if you lose a lot of games, You get to find out who the real competitors on your team are the ones that stick around keep playing hard, yeah and yeah. That's actually that that's the best lesson of all yeah and you said at the end of this club he said, call me call me to lose it all. If you don't think this Marlon teams can content. No, I'm delusion, I think, Derek Jeter it well. I think we can say now he is completely ruin his legacy. It is unbelievable how much of a douche bag Derek Jeter has been in the last like year, the doctor, he sits there and says work. You have to be mentally strong and you gotta get out there and compete every day, and you never tell a team that they're, not you know, set up to win dirt. Eater you played for the New York Yankees. You want like your first five years in the in major league baseball. You want four world series you never played for a team under five hundred. Try like I would love to see how you would have reacted on a shity team that had their owner by it and
strip it down to its parts and basically make it a twenty million dollars team and then be like yeah guys go ahead and compete. I think you know what I think gender is starting to convince me, though, he's looking at this like Navy Seal training, Take your guys. You put him in the shitiest possible environment for four months. At a time you see you taps out yeah and then that way he knows who he's got for next year. So basically it's going to get worse before it gets better. It all makes sense, though, because everyone always compliment search eater for being so great with the media like. Oh, he never reveals too much. Actually, he was coming after me, he's addicted to me. Also when you let him talk for more than three senses. You're like wait, this guys an axle, so he is a jeep taken away, is pinstripes and replacing him with horizontal pinstripes in his prison uniform he's going to jail for fraud. Yep Marlins man is going to get him. It is weird I would love to get a Yankees fan. I mean, obviously you don't lose your love for the captain, but
it is very strange, it's it's similar to a Phil Jackson filled. You can't tell me: Phil Jackson did have a little bit of his legacy tarnished with how much of a joke the Knicks were yep like it, that it doesn't mean that what he did didn't happen and he was an all time, great baseball player, but I mean Michael Jordan owning the blue like busy being one of the worse. Nba owners definitely hurts a little. Also. He didn't need to dive into the stands on that. One pop fly that he caught and blood his face, so it exaggerated as Kate yeah. He had a razor that he used and he was out of position for that. Little flip play that he had against the the athletics true, sir. We should have even made that play yeah. All right. We have stay. Classy sits on the throne of lights for flyers fans, so the flyers got bounced from the playoffs with the pain was. I feel like that series has happened just like when the the pain was about to be the capital's the flyers the penguins playing in the first round series where there were ten goals, a game and
and ends with flyer fans, throwing full beers in pieces on the ice. That was little on the nose. That was an inception totem right there, like ok, I've seen this movie before yeah. Actually, I would say that Philly fans are getting softap, because they're on the throne, beer thrown pizza, That's awesome, that's just a victory parade yeah, just tossing pizza onto the ice form. Sid Crosby said that he said it seems like an awful waste of beer. It's a huge waste of beer. Philly used to do cool stuff like throw batteries snowballs something could cause some damage now. They're, giving people like an evening at Chuck e cheese. It Phil Kessel, probably had a slice. Yeah yeah is the best thing to ever happen to point out. That makes that makes me want to become an NHL player because people might throw pizza at me. If you win enough series, you'll get free pizza at the end of it. I like this because I've said it a couple weeks ago lot. Philly fans were getting a little too uppity a little too cocky. This is a nice
okay, we still got the Phillies we're gonna, throw on the ice vans are. Are you can make your going to get a little bit spoiled yeah? It's like you're, moving your mom, Sir State, a new rich step, dad yeah, you get all the new video game consoles and then they break up and you're like mom. What the and we have a three d, r or three d o yet yeah. Why don't? I have every single consul with minute comes out? Mom Rick got a sick, a Saturn. I don't even have we the Sixers, though I believe now and then go to the the Janos. Like the them winning withdrawn bead playing terrible on offense like ok. There are problems for people, I think they I have a better I I would say that there's a favorite now at least yeah because of the rafters, if they keep perhaps savage they're gonna get tired of annually right. That's a lot of mental energy. We have a way to stay relevant for Brandon Belt and Baseball Brandon Belt, hey a twenty one pitch at bat record. I just want to say that Brandon Belt sounds like
a it like a generic name for a baseball player in in nineteen. Ninety seven video game uhhuh perfect, but this is great way to stay relevant baseball, just pitch. Where there's about bubbles and everyone. Celeb only baseball can take a stat as irrelevant as that as like the most inconsequential things that happened during a play and then make it seem like it's like huge news. Yet TIM curse words that at that time, so come world series, yeah yeah. Absolutely it was thirteen minutes long, which is great, because it's so perfect baseball that they're celebrating this feat an it goes.
Against everything, they're trying to do in short again, thirteen minutes for one it back any. You know what this brings up is a lot of conversations that start with you know every time you go to the ball park, you see something that you've never seen before, yep absolutely and entertaining baseball game. I also need someone to do a hot, take about the bats in the make up of the wood, and now it's easier to fall. Ball falls off and everything it I if you're, seeing like the bat, the end is all yeah yeah the angles at the end of the bat or yeah you've easier yeah. It's all kinds of weird that goes on, but we've we've established. It is all right here: it's not the bats. It's the balls used and seen the Ames so pitchers, and hitters having vanished everyone's storm, gyro balls, yeah, yeah, all right, let's wrap up the show with a take quake. This one is Great, so Hank found this. They go Hank that makes up for the joke. You found this take wait thanks from sergeant John Perine from the Indianapolis State police heat. We did
players, constantly questioning referees is one of the turnoffs to professional basketball think about what they are Xing the young boys and girls who want to be them youngsters. Then the questioning of authority begins to expand beyond sports officials in player should not talk to rocks. I agree we should never question authority, I mean that's a. That's wild. What is t quick that is a wild oats good tickets coming from a copy. I will take it one step further and say we should arm NBA officials. Yes, they should carry nine millimeter stand their ground yeah. That would that would make the NBA quite interesting would be very, very interesting, and it's he's right on one point: you never see the college games. You never see coach K. Gilcrest wait! Never do anything like that. No, never! Ever just like all these entitled millionaire athletes in the NBA that do it this guy. This guy probably thinks that you shouldn't talk back to bouncers yeah. Like he might vary it yeah, he greets every batch with. Thank you for your service at right, Jesus
the replies to that tweet were pretty great where they have people being like scroll. Yes, sir yeah, I agree our coach won't, let us say anything to the ref except yes, sir, no sir, and he would make us think the ref when he handed us the ball and imbalance place yeah. This person said I'm old enough to remember talking to soccer refs about calls being worn once in book. The second time it was. It was a mean, I'm old enough, to remember that yeah, soccer was invented like the sock was invented in nineteen. Ninety four: when we went to the you know the World CUP, I, like the guy, said he he used to get in trouble for calling the arrest blue yeah yeah,
His littlecote would not have called empire for this is sergeant John Preen backpack at it again. He he said in youth, baseball or coach would bench us simply for calling an umpire blew. My varsity basketball coach required us to thank a referee every time they hit. The ball taught us to be respectful. Jumpering. Definitely retweeted did Jay feely picture on ironically related. That is like that yeah. Thank you, Jay you're, protecting your dog yeah. Thank you for thank you for thinking about your daughters, vagina. What's the fox? Oh man, I love the internet. I love. I love the world love life. I love you guys.
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