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NFL Hall of Famer Cris Carter

2017-09-26 | 🔗
The NCAA has a scandal and Rick Pitino may or may not be involved (2:16 - 8:34). We call the FBI hotline for NCAA violations to report a College Basketball crime we suspect is occurring at a certain prominent basically school that may or may not rhyme with Puke ( 8:34 - 12:31). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (12:31 - 26:21). NFL Hall of Famer Cris Carter joins us to talk about his new show First Things First, Randy Moss, what does elite really mean, and his conversation with Colin Kaepernick (26:21 - 68:34). Segments include Hurt or Injured for Darren Sproles. Sabermetrics for Michael Beasley using too much of his brain, uhh ya think for D-Wade on the Cavs and Guys on Chicks.
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But today is part of my take. We have an awesome interview with Hall of Fame Receiver Cris Carter. We went and spent the day with him a couple weeks ago. It was a great time. We also have hot, see, cool throne, guys, On chips, 'cause it's Wednesday and a lot of NCAA Talk, because guess what it's cheating time before we get to all of that I want to talk to you guys about massages were big, massage guys, really big, massage you guys, but getting a massage, is a pain in the ass. You have to find a good TAJ Place, they have to be available. Sometimes massage therapist isn't good, there's just tons of issues, but we found best way to get a massage. We downloaded soothe
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T h, e N Code, p m t for twenty dollars off your first massage suits Spock quality, massage anytime anywhere. We love it. You will to suit coat the empty. Let's go it's hard to set well, it is Wednesday September. Twenty seventh and Rick Pitino has stepped down as head coach of Louisville we're just assuming that was premature of us, sir. We got that out of the outlook. So weird thing by Rick is like he goes from being breaking moves. God almost brought broke out there. I go to his hands Jeff, just because he thought thank you Phil for more take okay, sorry to bring on on on Tuesday it's it's around seven! Thirty! On Tuesday night yeah, we don't know, what's going to happen! No well, if I know Rick so he's going to wait till all the facts come out because Rick is, if anything
He is he's not going to withdraw his name. Ahead of time. No, no he's not it's not, but he goes from a user being on top to being a sticky situation faster than anybody else like you know how the light yeah very sticky. So all right, so, let's rewind real, quick tip to catch everyone up if you're living under a rock. I have some bad news for you. There are a pair currently our people in the NCAA that are giving athletes money. So yes, I hope you're sitting down. These might not be just student,
athletes. Well, I hope that we're not lend the players off the hook here. Some say players are the ones who are victimizing the Aau coach and I'm putting them in a position to profit off of the players. So so, basically the most you think scandal of all time. The FBI has been doing a two year investigation which, like what took you so long, Austin, a U coaches. Some people who were in like shoe deals have been paying money to players to go to certain schools right local state, Auburn, USC, Arizona so far have been implicated.
Louisville, we think, is in the mix somewhere Miami as well Miami as well. That's a shocking this development that maybe Louisville or Miami could have some things going on that aren't exactly, but it's it's really the most. You know no doorway scandal of all time. The that that five star recruits are maybe taking a little money, because the answer lay doesn't pay any these kids and they're getting you know making billions of dollars off off there like this in their skills. Well, I I actually predicted this on Kentucky Sports Radio to guest hosted. I said that the FBI should break Rick, Pitino Criminal Organization, and it looks like that actually might happens. So Rick is actually released. A statement. I don't know if he's officially been implicated, but he did the old, the yeah, so he released before other people, yeah yeah yeah that I'm right out you're right. He got all ask for anyone else, so he said these allegations come as a complete shock to me. If true, I agree with the: U S: attorney's office, these third party schemes, initiated by a few bad actor
operated to commit a fraud on the impacted universities in their basketball programs, including the University of Louisville. Our fans and supporters deserve better and I'm committed to taking whatever steps are needed to ensure those responsible are held accountable results. You is going to find the people who did this. He it's like oj he's gonna find the calls from the real color. So we said a few bad actors: yeah no need to bring Michael Rapaport to this. No, no, no, how high hey I! I have a good joke Berwick between one here. Okay, if they were, if the federal government wants to make these charges stick, they should just slap it to his leg. So I'm actually going to gonna I'm going to with Rick I'm sorry with Rick, because Rick, like you, said few bad actors, don't let up don't let a couple bad
Apple's role, Reno ruin the bunch here, like cricket. Had the last time you got in trouble. He trusted people too much. We learned a lesson, stop trusting people. So what is what happens when you stop trusting people? Then you get some few bad actors that are acting all outside of your the purview of the clean program run. You've worked so hard at creating correct yeah. I I feel for Rick. I do too what what are the shoe companies? Is it under armour Adidas? I didn't see. Maybe it's maybe it's big baller brand. Who are they and you know I can be a be all day for them. Big baller brand. By being the only shoe company, that's not implicated could have just cornered the market. You can't cheat by giving your own son money. Can you know absolute? That's more! A loophole yet polls have a bunch of kids that are are good enough to get the one scholarships create a shoe company based on their likeness, sell that shoe company and then give your own kids well, probably isn't giving them money. No, it's not, but you could end
and your claim basil money on your own. It's done, especially if you take. If I am a member, is like it's like. You can't be compelled to testify against your wife yeah. You can't be arrested for committing a crime to get your son correct. So those are the facts. I'm gonna do something that we should done to top here, because, Mr Porter, we don't want to get him in any trouble. This entire podcast is a legend okay. So that's just a blanket statement. Alleged yeah, hey, can you put in in like in a tone, that's too low for the human ear to hear this all going going alleged, allegedly entire episode in the background. Paul is on it. If it's, if it's a d, this all right, we'll stay well here. Do you think it deters could make all the people that get arrested, thrown in jail where jumpsuits like prison suits that only had three stripes on it yeah? I like that. I like that too. I just ran the gas white stripes like
classic samba. Yes, someone to this apartment take. This could just all be along Con by Rick who's been a Kentucky home where this whole time. I like that. Okay, I've been up here on that, I think maybe Calipari's just been an FBI agent, his entire life yeah, I think he's just like, gets and finds out with thirty. You know all the dirty deeds going on at these various camp daughters, Osco. Yes, he is Donnie Brasco yeah, and so he just drags down his opponents. It would be nice if all these you know the local misstates Auburn's, the world ran a clean program like cal pardon. It would be nice. We're gonna do something, though, for Rick Pitino, because we are Rick Pitino, guys we're going to call the hotline that there at the end we open up a hotline. Anyone who has tips that they would like to say about any program they think might be doing something illegal, we're going to do something: like to call muddying the waters, send a little sense in them that send them left. When it's really right, so
let's call it: let's not. Let's not formally announced that we're committing obstruction of justice before it's too late on the show. So, let's, let's just say that we're going to call because we have some circumstantial evidence that we believe could literally contribute to the federal government investigation right, all right so called so don't pay to to a big cats. At pages what I said, but also, if your federal test you know I here we go we're calling the hotline. You have reached the FBI tip line. If you have information about N, CAA, basketball, corruption, please leave read message and your contact information and someone will get back with you. Thank you again, for your call have a great day hi. This is Pft commenter and big cat from got support for my state anymore. No, we don't so. We have some information that you might want to look into center. To
found coached, I'm not I'm not say closet, coach, eight coach, number eight he's got a name. He yeah. It's really long. May I hold a Levin CO, Levin coach. We hope someone is KCS, loves it. So I eleven coach eleven he's it's a gentleman and in North Carolina he I I didn't notice. He dies hair almost like he's trying to avoid detection. He also has a mysterious injuries whenever his team doesn't look like they're gonna, be very close, a lot of time out of the office yeah, this thing yeah. He always has good teams, though mysteriously, even though his school has rigorous academic qualifications, alleged low in their private schools. Really thank you for it yeah. I know you guys really trusted. He used a private email, server yeah that might actually Peter interest. I I don't know the legalities here at the ends of late, but I'm pretty sure it's illegal to have a coach look exactly like the mascot, which is something the coach K
one thousand one hundred and eleven does he has morphed his face into looking exactly like the mascot. That's a recruiting! Also. He he he latches onto relatives of each other, so the plumlee only could be considered a crime family. So you can recall that made you want to. I know you're you're doing that Tino he employs a hit man who back mantra? Well, no, he actually plays a hit man, okay alleges as well his foot. We sent it to trip people to bring them down.
You know what I'm saying. I got you in okay, so yeah. Please look into him. I had one more okay, yeah and then in the two thousand fifteen national championship, game against Wisconsin Wisconsin was dominating the game at halftime. Okay went and talk to the rest, and they called thirteen falls against is constant. Second half, even though you average twelve falls game. So we obviously was cheating also he he uses the phrase. Tobacco road lots promoters school, but he doesn't register with the FDA and he has he has nobody examined to make it make sure this products? Okay. So please get back to us FBI, men. We would like we said we're. Gonna leave an anonymous input. Please put Rick Pitino under like FBI Protection because it sure sounds like he's, got a lot of people that, just like mysteriously, have surrounded him. Who are out to do him a lot of harm? Yes, so he's a very, very bad people seems like everyone. That's close with him is trying to ruin his reputation. Ties protect getting five star recruits by violating its trust. Yes, exactly! Thank you all right that we'll see how that goes
By way why one last thing to just kind of put a put a nice bow on the entire and civil way investigation. I have to give a half tip to the US attorney. Do you see this? Did you hear this? You see this one. He said for the defendants charged today. The madness of college basketball went well beyond the big dance in March. That show Is a sports guy? How many times you think practice at in the mirror before before this day? It's something that, like Mitch, Album would say yeah on. search reporters he was just like that was it he probably he probably walked back into the attorneys office and everyone stood up and like yeah Jim, you feel fucking God a man. This 'cause it's madness, but then it's also madness. I think he's trying he's just basically auditioning to be a sports blogger. That's what it was and is it your headline game type tall lawyers? They trust their head of sports blowing at one point their career who true good point all right. We Have our hot cool thrones before we get to that
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let's do a team, hot seat and then Hank. I want you to go first, but team hot seat. Is officially actually on the hot seat, because I don't think he has all his marbles well, he is isn't because he's in one of those situations where just about every single Arizona, Carlos coach performance, sucked and so they're always afraid, they're like we could go eight and eight for awhile, or we could go back to what we had at one hundred and thirty. But here's where here's, where you start to lose the trust of the people when you deliberately don't get everyone the Monday night over there, though so desperately need Bruce Ariens, not kicking a field goal when the whole world was like dude, you need a field goal, hey dude and then I started like by the end. I was like dude, you need a fucking field goal and he just sat there
there's like glasses, just staring off and the challenge worst challenge of. Also, I see I had the other perspective on it, because I had the cardinals plus three one slash two, so I was really rooting for that. Touchdown, I think are areas was probably his. Only crime was betting on his own team yeah. Now the Pietro's crab not a crime at all, not really crime. So in fact I would give him an extension for that shows. He believes in his guys that challenge, though everyone was saying how bad it was, but it we correctly identified it as the football guy who gets so frustrated. He just challenges a random play. He knows he's going to lose, but he just wants to like like slow down his own emotions to like it we're challenging and just to make a point yeah I'll check. Did he challenged like you not even a play? He just threw his red flag one time right, Belichick challenged the premise of his team losing a game. That's what Arians was doing this. I yes all the challenges. He basically did. The the computers, cheating turn off the good took turn
the whole because he tried to hit reset. So you can't do that in real life. Yet it's not the matrix that we know about we're. Getting there. Alright, Hank, let's hear it hot see. Cool thrown on my hot seat is Kendall Jenner, who only Kardashian that is not playing in their house. Can now: okay, wait, she's the Pepsi one right, she's, the pet yeah, okay, any racism yeah. So thank you. Yeah last week for highly got pregnant, the candle sister, okay, okay. Then, today, Chloe O'Jays daughter, and now she was pregnant, so there allegedly, although alleged so their periods, were synced up. Clearly they should gather yes, they all live together, how at the moon at the same time each month yeah? What is the what's the story with that, because this is what I don't understand about the Kardashians, because they're all they're all having sex of famous people, so we're do Kardashian's come from her yeah. That's that's so o J and now Bruce to formally Bruce now Caitlyn. Yes, you actually, when I announced that news you were like. I already knew that, but you didn't realize
that's the second Kardashian who's been pregnant in the last week. You know they got robbed blink one. Eighty two Travis Barker Tom Jones got his same name is Kylie's Kylie Travis, Scott Travis Barker is yes, Ma'Am yeah says first name's the same and I'm happy for you got it yeah. So it's okay, so Travis Scott. Is he knocked one of them up? Yep yep, I'm! Actually, I'm actually gonna put out there right now. I'm Woke Chloe's super super old and has been trying to get pregnant for a long time. I think she was so mad at Lee. Now she got pregnant she to situate. American okay think that I don't think the Kardashians would pull a stunt like that. Just for precedent, where that's not how this whole thing will log. What, if it kids, Chloe's old and her eggs are probably like a little past their time she probably saved one of rags and and Kylie is carrying Chloe's baby. So it's actually twins, Sir get so J had agreed on a one way and you get it yes, okay, nice, nice yeah, a service you into it all right. As I understand it there like a delivery
things in the Kardashian family, although yeah so they'll quality television right. So how many and then Lamar Odom was also having sex with Chloe. At one point they couldn't get a pregnant yeah. Do you think that's why NBA ratings are up and then falls down, because none of the in NFL players are sleeping. The Kardashians already Bush were at one point was okay: there we go yeah and they're down from that point, yeah and also MILES Austin right, yeah, okay, so there's there's that's been had a really good round trip. Tristen tops eight, no shame! expulsion. No have a zero point. One yeah you see only to wild oats. You think that Lebron's gonna get Tristan Thompson either yeah. I got no choice. You can have a car Do you have a Kardashian like a baby Kardashian in the Cleveland, lock? Well, here's what you do you just you they like name their kids with Kay, is right. Name. Your kid cursed Kardashian, who Name your kid Carrie and then just like
that kid like little rock, could just yet like not talk, yeah it just the same as all time I, like it. Alright cool thrown on a cool thrown as shorts, sleeve shirts It's been so hot this week, thing at this time of the year to be wearing like flannels and maybe even a vest, yeah pants all the time, but it's been shorts short sleeve shirt. Still there not not backing down. It's killing me. It's
it's indian summer. I'm a summary of what does to the I word: it's a red skin summer. Thank you, okay, all right yeah, because I still doubt because there is okay as one no, no we're a hard token in the sun yeah all right. My hot seat is the Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers win loss records of because you can throw out the record books when these two teams get together nice to their love, while they're playing each other this week. Well, thanks, Michael throne was love because there's not a loss. Okay, when these two teams get together, yep, another hot seat that I have is Jameer id's therapist, because he's saving big bucks by just arguing with himself online. Now I saw that so he he's been going after art are man's sbp. Recently, it's there, it's a routine thing where Jameer id just like every night, you just like I was going to go against the guy who's universally loved in a really good guy and are just go after the guy that I want so desperately to be right, and so he called like a doofus last night, and then he responded to himself and said you're due for us to
think quickly deleted that tweet because he sent it from his own account. Okay, he's got a reverse Katie thing going on where he is actually just like insulting himself which online so he sounds like he's, got it all going on mentally, which J like the no offense man, but like you, really don't need to do that. What we'll do that for you yeah, we'll we'll we'll take care of the insults on you, I'm sure that will be just fine right. This is all going is book by the way. Also is book is being ghost written by himself nice, which is kind of lazy. Think about my other cool throne is Trent Richardson's Hall of Fame career, oh because he just signed with Saskatchewan over battle over there's yeah, so he's good, neighbors good neighbors up north now he signed with the roughriders. Oh, so at first I was thought he actually was just like joining Dmx, but there's a team. There's actually roughriders ALA stand for the anthem, dot dot done done, done, don't stop drop.
Shut down over don't shop for, say, like role, no like role rope, rider's role, and that was Pft and I doing a song a the pride, the last rap song. We listen to this very, very accurate new segment, which also means that Trent Richardson's back. It's also the time of year, where we get to watch cause dvrs of Trent Richardson Games where they posit wild trench running into like five office of light at full right. Well, there's thirty yards of open yeah to the left yeah! I, like the I love the screenshot Trent made the wrong decision here. Dude! Alright, my hot seat is people who can't read or hate reading, which is us we, it's all it's all of us. He can't get all of the story. People who can't read, slash hate reading, it's all of us and because Twitter has announced that.
the app that has that everyone loves and can't make any money has announced they're going to make everyone read more. So two hundred and eighty characters are beta testing it bunch of betas, and I don't like I might be able to be on twitter anymore. That's so much read! Well, it's actually a very smart business move. They just doubled their product, so they just ruin threats, threats very important. Threads are now going to be like, instead of fifteen
very important thread count is going to be like seven. If you six, if you think that the people that type very important threads are going to like save on any space they're, not they're, just going to have the exact same amount of tweets just with more characters in each one. Yes, I love to that. Basically, the entire climate, all politics, everyone hates each other, the entire countries at each others throats. Let's actually get more of people's opinions. When I would be a good, I'm really looking forward to is the people the first responders who reply to Trump and all of his tweets now being able to type the word, sir, like thirty five more times in a tweet sir Sir, Sir Sir Sir resigned Sir Sir yeah quote tweet Sir this guy, this guy is not stable.
What are you know? What now that you say it after you've set it for a hundred days straight on Twitter, Sir, I promise you we usually do with all due respect, Sir Sir President user error. Sorry on presidential, like this, will really change a lot sooner. Keith Olbermann is has an erection right now: Keith Olbermann man, he resistance. Man has tech resistance, he's going to fight the good fight. All right we have We also have people who talk shit on the internet, because I don't know if you guys saw this but Gerald Mccoy. The bucks LOS to the Vikings and a lot of people are talking shit to him. He actually said all you, so she a tough guys, I'd love to meet you
just being honest, I'd love to meet you. I work at one buccaneer place. If you'd like to come talk to me, did you might come by no because the box, and had to be like I just getting guys like, don't actually come here because, like your Mccoy will eat you alive that sucks but awesome. I love blues a busy the to macula, but for all your twitter trolls. I would love to see the Tampa Twitter trolls. I come out there yeah all! Well, that that's what sorts of course problem is, he didn't know it, but he was inviting a load of former professional wrestlers out as strippers and Professor Russell Russell Russell one books and liked and dirt bikers yeah, you don't want to with those that I step is not the city, wonderful, that it all right in my cool thrown I get to the first is Jersey, sales, so cool. Brown, Jersey, sales used out in general, like Jersey, sale, stats, the really hot on the streets right now, so I'll hydro, the only way feeling a wave filling over yep filled waiver I'll I'll
now now now from the Steelers had the same. Actually, the United States armed for okay. He had the overnight best selling Jersey, so Jersey, sales at people, love to quote Jersey, sales. Member that mean that means. Basically, everyone loves them. So right I at the time I didn't care, but Michael SAM's Jersey was at one point the other one. So I mean I'd only I and I it was only like, Three or four that I had that was just a drop. I got into a rabbit hole last night and I was reading peoples replies in there like who cares. Colin capper Nick was the number one selling jersey after his protest and then another one replied yet because people are buying it just to burn it. thanks this right. That's why he's level right cast have a double stamp with triple save a doubles. What happens if you burn Villanueva Jersey, don't but don't you don't want to do? Don't you fucking? Do it well AL fought for my right to burn his jersey, correct, but don't, but so he would want me to know.
Don't I'm so confused with. Who knows how to deal with all this and then my mind is melted over the last two weeks. My mind is just mush. I don't know who's protesting. Ought six sports, I'm gonna stick to sports here, so I'll, stick to sports here! Dwight Howard, cool throne I saw everyone so well it yet to a Howard was kind of losing it. He was people like all Dwight Howard's, not Dwight, Howard anymore. No he's still got it he's back. He was asked at an MBA media day. If you order, the White House. If he won the title- and he said I go to the White House, the White House I go to the White House. That is, he is so back. That is one point three on the Richter's, and then they took off his shirt and a Superman Cape underneath it, and then he bricked a free, throw yeah, and then he pouted and tried to get Stan Van Gundy fired from the pistons, even though he doesn't play for the pistons. In fact, here's a little tip for you next time. You want to like one of these funny little jokes, try to white stuff on your lips. That's a good one! I like that
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pmt is the promo code. Alright, let's get to interview with Chris Carter. Alright, we now welcome NFL Hall of Famer Chris Carter, we also known as touchdown hands because we walked into your office in for your new show, our and outside of everyone store it's their names and then outside your door. It's just touched on hand, so you would you care to explain. Was that someone did that for you, or did you do that yourself? Actually, the staff fs one I heard different, I heard you will personally request. It was in your contract. No, no! That's not true, because I've never been called touchdown hands before I got the fuck. You know why I believe because you don't catch with your hands. You catch with your eyes. My coach taught me that yeah that coats and really really good. Everyone catches, mother and I played a lot of scout- wait wait so so so your new show first things. First, you move to New York, you gotta office,
the office is like a regular just generic office, except for your corner. That has a bunch of pictures outside your office of you catching footballs and then touchdown, hands. You're, saying that you that was someone on the staff was just like. We want to make this prima Donna wide Receiver feel at home, so we gotta cater to him. No actually, the pictures and everything or things that I contributed. Ok, they happen to be items that I own classic diva wide receiver yeah. Well, it's either it's either a diva. Why receiver or someone who's accomplished something in their life? Okay, all right all right, o passado, all right. We also so that you are the touchdown hands. Do you still have the touch on his? I was actually we kind of reconfigured how we're doing this. I was gonna, throw something at you right. Like start, I also there's a football here: I'm gonna have someone throw Hank, throw the football and I'm just randomly during the show, specially towards his fight
and that's the best way to test it all right where it says your hand, you get no, no, but we're going to be seeing how much you believe in my hand, okay, all right, yeah, so Hank thrown in my face with my hands on doing very, very good, I'm going to get in any type of catch challenge with any more, it'll, be like a trust me, like a trust, fall for you, so you started your new show. First things. First, it's an early show. We talked about a little bit before we started recording I'm not a morning guy. You said that I'm limiting myself by saying I'm not a morning guy. But how do you make yourself get up at what like three o'clock in the morning? Everyday set your alarm? I am more of a morning person by nature, so it is a little easier, but no person is meant to get up at three hundred in the morning you're, limiting yourself by saying that Jj Watt does well we'll see.
what he does when he's not playing football, because I don't think you'll, probably ten thirty in the mob right, I don't think you'll be getting up at at at three then, but I thought I want for three have a back up for three fifteen, so you do have a snooze. I've only had this news may be once in three weeks about fifteen minutes. You waste, like somebody else, is working harder than you know I don't I don't like to work. No, no doctor! No! No! My meeting starts at four. All right. Can I got a car service going to pick me up at three forty five. I actually have been to three fifty two to get in the car. It takes me seven minutes, get down sixth avenue and get door to door? So, even if I do decide to hit the snooze, there's no need for no one to start working harder than me. 'cause work, don't start till four hundred o'clock. Ok, I heard the producers are here at like two. Why
that's when their jobs all right all right. They pick up their paycheck. I pick up my paycheck MIKE Balls told me to be here for okay, so I wanted to we're we're gonna talk about a bunch of different stuff, but while we're on first things first, I have you at any point, wanted to punch Nick in the face for loving Lebron too much No, because it's football season and we haven't, got pulled in every now and then well, he sneaks. If and when you start talking about KD on Twitter, social media, then then he'll sneak it into the conversation right, but I'm from Ohio and I love Lebron and I didn't think it was possible outside of his mom, for someone to love him more than the people doing Ohio, but Nick right, he's got serious. Yeah he's got serious, serious love for Lebron quickly, wow, we mention KD. If Chris Carter is a row, in the NFL in twenty seventeen and has a twitter account. Do you have troll accounts to defend yourself.
No, because I don't really care that much what people say like so now. I definitely don't. Okay, big these Kevin Durant said the same thing. I don't care what people say: well, caring so much that he had troll accounts will. But you add it's me yeah. So what I mean push only that you're going to accept my answer or you believe that I'm not telling you the truth, we're going to get a little bit. We're gonna find the stroll yeah you're, going to get up there out there, as Chris Carter is better than it is probably the cal right out in front of the jury right. Sixty nine sixty nine. I know it right did not deny it if you did not right so one tip, I'm sure you probably picked us up cuz. You were on MIKE Mike a lot, I'm a big MIKE and MIKE fan R. I p they're going away Nick ever said something out of line just tell him that he didn't play sports to do that. That's never come back like that's, never a comeback for any person that that's played the game, because I
you don't actually have to play it again. You just did it, though you just right there. You just said he said people who have actually played the game. Wouldn't do that. I said it's a poor excuse for those who have played the game got during a conversation, so you don't need to because- play the game, no, it's not necessary for them to have played the game, got it alright! Oh ok! I see it. I see it could be effective at what they're doing. Yes, I see you know, because there are people going to have played the game. they're also going to be people that have studied the game and that's going to be their avenue into sports like what is been you guys avenue in the sports yeah we play, I mean, would you play one of the last time you play what team was the last team you played played Madden two days ago, Tuesday softball we're in there we go, but you guys are in the business. Yeah right, you guys are just like Nick right. We're and also with you guys, a little more alpha, a little more alpha than Nick
I see those legs no feet away. They say everything, but alpha won't who's a touchdown, late yeah. These are touched on bikes all right. Let's talk a little football, we're big football, guys. Okay! Well, actually football guys guys we love football guys! You are football guy! You started playing football when you're eight years old. I read the story. We wanted to fight your whole entire team because they weren't trying as hard as you is that true yeah that did happen during a game. Yeah try to fight your entire team. Yes, how old were you I think around ten? Ok, I think I got thrown out of the game 'cause. You were just like well so
so we took the one of my best. Friends was playing quarterback on the opposite team and I almost took his head off on the sideline and that got me a personal file and then the guys that the kids on my team were like what's wrong with you, you crazy and I'm like yeah, I'm crazy, we're trying to win like this is the way you're supposed to play the game. So then I went a little bit further than that, but yes, challenge your whole team to a fight yeah. So that's a football guy move your you were. You were you had that killed streak from from the start, you also play in the NFL for an ultimate football guy, Buddy Ryan. So you Buddy Ryan, cut you and you kind of like basically fixed entire life go to Minnesota. Where are you right now? If Buddy Ryan does not cut you and just keep you on the team and let you you know, keeping that Chris Carter? Ultimately, I was going to get it right.
ok, he just happened to be the person at that stage of the story, but ultimately I was going to get it right. Ultimately, I was going to fulfill my potential so either he was going to be the person to get credit for or the next person I bumped into. Ultimately, I still believe that I would have ended up where I am some type of way did buddy, never ever learn your name. I feel like that. That was his old tactic on the eighty. Five bears just didn't, learn anyone's name; no, no. He still called everyone by their now. yep, Reggie White yeah. Ninety two yeah Chris Carter got sort this time. I he also strikes me as a guy that just hates offenses, just as a as a defense of guy Howdy Coach, you up now. He was He wasn't nice to the offense. He was definitely more hands on to the defense, but as far as his dislike for offense offense of players, I don't think that was the case, but I think the his inability to understand offense offense of coordinators and how the game should be called a
think that prevented him from potentially win the championship. Would he ever bring his son surround yeah yeah? I knew I knew the sons yeah they were growing up were they'll all around the same age and everything yeah. So what were they like in their 20s rambunctious boys, really cool? We actually broke curfew with them a few times. I don't know why he goes. Oh absolutely right rob that both of those guys party man, they know me by first name. I had the key to the side door with the Eagles, so we used to check out of dormitories and go right down to the the local watering hole and stay there until it closed, did they ever get in trouble for like eating the players meals in the cafeteria? No, no! No. We have plenty of food, well, this boat to Ryan Brothers yeah, but they want as big as they are not true. True, that's yeah! It's funny, looking back at them and being like whoa not fat, Wright Brothers, no, we're no. No, they the end and they look more like twins and then they do now. I do it best. Ryan's brother story like that they were twins
like fully twins and they slowly become non. I do appreciate them doing that, though, because it's super convenient from you know immediately which twin I'm looking at. Sometimes you even see the barbers, and it takes me like one slash, two. Second, to figure it out. That's why it's not to her and the other ones into feet. Very true, very true. Do you bust his balls about that? Well, I'm not a I'm the man everything but I've. I've known the the the brothers well, others would finish all the to all the way back, then don't absolutely yeah yeah. I was at a place where we covered it. You know we we were in on them. Would you ever talk about like your few when you're running routes like man he's got great hands, but he's got touch out feet? No, this somewhere along the way, the the the the the the train got off the tracks and what I, when I'm doing as the young Ryan, he wasn't really into
you know, but I think somewhere along the way. Something happened to you. Yeah you get bored of holes yeah, you just find a foot just rub up against something happen. Yeah all right, I'm in my first foot yeah, it's pretty good member first foot foot for what no guy stuff just you guys. We explain it to me: okay, okay, what went on from this one thing we like better broadcast with asked me a better question: no, no! No! No cast a good little journalistic because you're just getting into the business just now! Just right now I can see in the business we gotta do. Is you got to got to give an open, ended question and leave enough rope there? So they can just hang themselves with young broadcast started talking about how much you love to fuck feet. Who knows Did you never get an answer it open for you you'll! Never get an answer to a question that you don't ask. Apps
you. Gonna you're gonna have to get up early will get. You will get a little early, so so jump back to football. You played with some great quarterbacks in your day, who is who is the best quarterback to you play with Cunningham Moon pepper our Son Salisbury, no chef, George, yet just George? Actually love my for my career, I did like don't know yours, I know Jeff George, you talk about. I wish we would have gotten him earlier in his career because with his overall arm talent, yeah and then he was a good guy in the locker room, but he was one of those kind of guys who got hit when he was young, and I was not a great leader. You know once he got on to the team that had a bunch of leaders where he didn't have the the burden of being in the voice of the team. Doing all the interviews and kind of being the head of the locker won't like football became a lot more enjoyable for him and he was pleasant.
To be around and we had a lot of success in a short period of time. So who is who is the best quarterback back to Pft's question the Hormone is not even close. Warm we played two seasons ago I had two hundred forty four catches in twenty four touchdown and only two years. Let's do you keep track of all your stuff like that not like that all doctors on pretty quick, ninety. So what we're going to add? I like five to seven. I don't know good made the pro bowl like one of eight in a row okay check that I didn't know. If you you seem like a guy who would be like yeah that year was ninety five catches, one thousand one hundred yards? I just I know it was good. You know it was good enough to be the problem yeah yeah
What about? What was the moment that you realize that Randy MOSS was better than you? Is that mean, or is that, like a that's a given have admitted that he's better than you? No, what I've admitted what there Randy MOSS is better than you. You mean me as a pro is a mark as yes, your question was something different, yeah living. I am like what whirling yeah. What point like? Was it right away when you wanted like Ricky, you know training camp was it? Was it the first season to take you what we actually drafted, Randy Randy called me on the phone and DOM said he wanted me to to want me to train them. Want me to mentor him and asked me: what would it take tell him? First of all, you have to move from West Virginia Uhhuh had moved to Book Raton Florida, because that's where we had the train that stops and everything set up, and I would do everything that I could to try to help him out
Lee the first workout. We know he was really really special. I can't say that he knew he would be one of the greatest receivers ever until we started looking at film and we could see his football iq and how much he love football and how much he loves to compete like he, some rare rare attributes, but it was when I saw him competing against NFL caliber when I saw him how he handled success. Like a lot of these things added up to been like, I knew he was probably the most found it. Why receiver that's ever played the game. Yeah 'cause. He was that rare, but all the other thing it's in his football brain is what new that man, this kid is really really special. As far as when I determined it was never like. A thing for me when Randy came to Minnesota. I think I had already made four or five pro bowls. I think I had eight hundred and something catches them with that.
First, it would. I think it was the first season or might have been the fifteen in one season where that was the first to use yeah. He I mean it the way he played. It was like it was something no one had ever seen before, and I know that that sounds that's probably little crazy, because Jerry Bass, you like there's, been unbelievable, wide receivers, but the way he would catch the ball over p born just rundown. The field and yeah, but we've seen effort, but we've seen other players have great success, but Can they sustain that success like those are some of the things that make the difference between the good players? in the great players, so it took some time and I was never in a competition. I was very, very comfortable with who I was as a person and who I thought ultimately I'd be compared to as far as the history of wide receiver. So my job was just try to make him as good as possible as quick as possible.
And teach him as much about the league as soon as I could teach it to guess kind of complement each other pretty. Well too, did you notice once he got into the league like coverages immediately were different, like your job was a little bit easier anytime, You have someone on the field. The defense has to make a determination of what they're going to do. Now I stop getting is much double coverage, because that time I had gotten double covered, almost every passing play for five or six straight years. So I wouldn't get doubled as much what they would do. A lot of times, maybe is put the best corner on meme and a man and then double Randy, or they would put the best guy on Randy and then try to double team me. So the looks we were getting were a little bit different, but they only have so many guys on the field. We had a great running back and Robert Smith. We had a great offense of line, so you know we all contributed to each other's success. Do you he's up for Hall of Fame this year? You think he's a first.
But Hall of Famer. I think he is he has the numbers had to type it impact on football? That would warn him going into the hall at first ballot, but in the last thirty years we've only had Jerry Rice and Steve Largent right like that's hard to explain, but that's what's happened, so it is difficult for why receivers to get in on the first ballot. What about Terrell and do you think he will get in sooner than later? Do you think It's is going to be something that's going to keep going on for a while. Now I think you'll get in some. I think that he should have gotten in based on his numbers. He should have gotten in this the first ballot, but this is a difficult process. So now, with Randy been on the ballot, it doesn't help Teo, it's no different than me. I was on about two years before Jerry Rice. I was a finalist the first year somehow the second year. My stats one is good. I need to make the fight the end of my third year. Jerry Rice,
This was on. It was like for one they were holding the receivers out now, Jerry's on it, so I was already going to be a year for right. sodio it looked like he was going to get in your one year to slip by Halmos, is on the ballot in year. Three right, like it becomes very, very tricky. Did that make you mad that you had to wait? Of course, it made me mad because, based on the numbers that I had like, there was no reason why I shouldn't have been in the hall right. Well, this debate pops up every now and then in sports Hall of Fame Jacket or super bowl ring. That's not even close super bowl ring, which one would you have probably super bowl right. Ok, no problem! You can have it they give out fifty three of them. Every year pro Football Hall of Fame they've been playing. Ninety,
years. You know me guys in all fine three hundred ten. I know you didn't know three hundred taxes. That night. Let me answer. Yeah he was, he was on a trip to the song okay. So in broadcasting you usually let the other person speak before you give the answer the question. Well in your world, when you get up late, you do that, but in the mornings I got hit up, you got to get it in yeah. You got to get this thing you might want to consider with the show. Is you do get a lot of people that are watching it that still haven't gone to sleep for the night, so maybe like throw some segments on their own for the drunk people, yeah just slow down yeah. Just go in, like you. Maybe just recorder sound a little bit, hey, I'm Chris Carter. Welcome! First, how old? Are you thirty, two? Okay, never much and ask a person. Their age will know of numbers, my teammates! Well, digits. What do you? What do you pay in taxes, racks on racks on racks? Do you think it's fair that the wide receiver position gets the diva tag
no! No! We've earned that. No, no, absolutely don't don't don't take that away. Okay, you don't see it as a bad thing know. What is it like its sealed? Thank you. Had you had strong were about to go in the Jesus Christ through the hands? My hands are down by my knees, anxious to the power, big cat and no process duct to the side that one for me, that was an interception. You said that was Sean Salisbury SAM Bradford PATH. You can trust my hand in my judgment. I trusted you were even asking. words about to he. He was a diva. I think there's two types that wide receiver position has always ok, wait, wait! First of all, I'm gonna go back okay, what words of I have Lucy Hale, because you always a loser. You just made handle a locker room. No, I did yeah on MIKE and MIKE in two thousand, several of the taste.
Okay, we put up yeah pulled up. This is not a great who, who groups will? What do you think will to you he's a rocker in cancer? As you checked it, I don't know, but certainly there's a real question. I swear to God, there's I. I actually think that, like the wide receiver position, you want your wide receivers to have a little bit extra. You know personality because it that's the that's the position. The plight like they're they're, the guys who are making that the score touchdowns, the flash you guys put. Do you think there is a point where it gets too far like Teo, where it takes up too much of the locker room where it becomes a distraction where, if he's doing sit, ups in the in the you know, drive way and crying for Tony Romo and throwing popcorn like you think all that stuff kind of snowballs work. It's gets bad well, the thing with t o is those things have prevented them from being in the hall. Okay now does it prevent him from being a good teammate? Because that's really important in the ultimate team sport you know. So I don't. I don't have a problem with the antics sate, Chad, Johnson, say Joe Home, say Antonio Brown, all those things
we're in the entertainment, business right, but you're also playing on the team. So when you do things their destructive to the team and are not conducive to the team, winning those aren't, those aren't Deaver, those are just being a bad person yeah, but all righty million a bad team mate. So anybody any position can be a bad team made up so that I don't support is far as wide receivers being very numbers driven individual perform. Yes, that's a part of the position right because you are subject to the offense of wind and the quarterback, getting you to football. What about going on a boat during the playoffs? Do you think that had anything to do with Odell Beckham's injury, because he's got see legs coming back from the boat stuff got nothing to do with now nothing to do with my hangover. Little boat hang
the law image. I was that was a long hang over yeah. Still, I'm a still suffering from. Obviously you lie. I went with them. The coach went with them. The the defense went with them, because the team didn't play well yeah. Now the receivers in particular, especially as far as the drops. Now they put themselves under the spotlight because they decide on their off day we're going to go to Miami an allow someone to take a picture. I don't have a problem with I'm going to Miami. I have a problem, letting people know they were going there right, keep it in house, there's a lot of players traveling on their off days to other places and has nothing to do with. Was he prepared for the game? No, he just happened to have his worst game after going to Miami, and they have nothing to do one with the other it's like when, when in Rome I went to Cancun
together, yeah, it's just bad visual. Just keep that in house and under wraps. It just gives people an excuse. Do you think went in Roma fans who played the fan game all of our life? You wouldn't understand when we see that it's a bad visual were like that's. If he didn't go on that boat would probably win that game right you can't be a bigger fan than me. Well, no, we don't don't all I've been doing, we're coming into our replacements. We know you're settled I used to play, so you don't pay my cell, that we used to as we used the mayors that stuff. That's the common cop out like what about the stands where in San Diego, they weren't sold out this week right yeah! That's why the chargers stink! They got bad salaries.
The players get paid this week. Yeah, so did you watch the whole game last week they got paid next week, who knows because they take last week yeah waiting on you, yes, yeah without us, we're gonna play you're going to play in like in a parking lot somewhere. That's the way they been doing. That's why they were doing before it got on tv. speaking of tv. Do you think that ratings are down because kids grew up these days only watching one sport, they specialize. Ok, What are the ratings you're referring to NFL ratings? Are you talking about this year or the last two years they've been down this? I can tell You've got a company memo from Fox on this one. No, no! No! I haven't gotten a company memo, but also after we went to the political season yeah, where the numbers after the election good all they were, were they the same numbers. They were better okay, so the numbers corrected himself after the lecture. I watch more football now just to
up for all the fair weather fans that watch. I wish double, but I do have your if you just and everything last year after the election, so I think the election they did affect the ratings last year, but this year the ratings have been very, very solid. Now, when you have a bad match up, you can expect those ratings to be great. What what? What about September football being just kind of it's not as good of a product as it was five years ago? What do you think that's attributed to it's all about the practice when they change the collective bargaining agreement, all right, the players association? They try to go after a bigger piece of of of of the annual salary, all right, they didn't get that so the owners like what else do you want to place like? Okay, we want to practice less. All right will grant you that it's affected the product right right, because you can't have the few number of padded practices and train people how the plan in the film it's not gonna work, so the product will suffer the first month of the season and also, if you try to disregard your offense of line. All right, Seattle, the giants, all right, your team will suffer. You cannot hide your offense of line. Just like you can't hide
quarterback, that's fair! Are you? Do you ever get mad at how much a key reason Lee get paid these days like average to below average? No, I'm not mad anymore. I don't know any person is overpaid like if you can get money you can get it. Do you think that some of that money you in an ideal world, some of that money would be spent on other players? No, the quarterback more valuable than the other place was the most valuable player on the football field, the quarterback. What's the second most the left, tackle or defensive in third we're all twenty two just either corner a corner or another defensive end. You kick her do kickers this matter, man. If I'm riding down the street and one I'm suffering, I don't pull over now, I'm not going, they can't be trusted. It's actually be trust. Three way tie between the Father son and the holy ghost, the most important person on the field, my phone I'll call.
I want one yeah, I'm not pulling over. No, I'm not I'm not pulling over. If you had to pay one of these quarterbacks one hundred and fifty million dollars, which one would you pay Kurt cousins, Joe Flacco, SAM Bradford, good question. Thank you Sammy sleeves. All of them are the same age. I mean Scott Tolzien, say they're, all the same age, they're all they're, all, let's say twenty eight, oh good. I gotta go with Flacco. Why? Because how he played in the big games and how he plays against New England in the super bowl yeah? That's true, I mean, if you're going to me a super bowl trophy! That's that's worth that's worth an awful lot right there that I think he's right on the edge right only similarly he's right on the edge of that super bowl yeah, because he had a great defensive
great team yeah, but he didn't throw any interceptions that playoff run yeah. But how do you play against the teams leading up to the super bowl. It doesn't matter. You got there. Ok right right on the border. Yes, now this is the thing about Flacco people get stuck with. Ok Izzy elite are, is I'm, not a leader? I've never heard anybody get stuck on that before in the pressure. What you have done a whole bunch of tv, but that's another story: I've watched it a whole bunch of tv them. The pressure moments can a guy rise up and elevate this team to the elite level. He lives done that a couple you I still eat in moments. He can be lenoble. Oh no, oh absolutely wait! Oh ok! So this is all sexy like there's, no Joe Flacco, you cannot say he's elite, but he has
a leap momentarily. No, no! I didn't say your employee that everything! No no, I said- and I don't want to hold. No, no. It's Laurie, it's important when the lights come on right. Okay, that you act like you, don't have a cold and perform like you're healthy right being elite is like being pregnant. You can be a lead for certain periods of time which were out always leave right. No, it's always delete. No one said that no one is going to no one's going to you're, not going to get me to repeat that easy. So, ok, now there are guys who been elite, the difference being the good players in the great ones. You know what it is is how long they can stare at their prime, of course, you did know is how long they can stay in their prime. So for them there delete for a long period. They don't dip in and out of being elite, really busted weight. Randy MOSS is a rare,
I'll I'll, see so you're. So you can go in and out of believe Randy malls. You know what he is he's the unicorn who are right? Okay, you don't see them too often. Okay, all right! It's very, very rare one. You know what do you? Are you more? How many you of course, are there but they're rare all right, but you got to know when you see yeah, Okay, I got one from bagging groceries, yes, alright to elite a couple times. Kyle stop I'm just you know he had like he was almost a Heisman. Then you got dropped, Did only one thing he deleted his and you know no problem so Joe Flacco not elite anymore, but was once a week moments in raises team in the league. Well, right now, I made it obvious that I was wrong with the pregnancy thing being leaders like Herpes yeah, it's like letter up yeah yeah players, yeah all of a sudden, whoa.
that time of month yeah, I think my ever ask you to shave now, ok being elitist like having a professorship it's once a month, you You talk about my facial hair. That's really interesting! I'd have bad facial hair. I mean that's bad genetics. Why are you shaming me for that? It's not bad! Facial here is just you got some here! That's in some way, also known as bad fish. Some here patch, like it's Randy MOSS face not as nice, where it comes in, is not as nice as Nick Rice have a good goatee I'll admit that nice coat it's not going to make a healthy mouse speaking the quarterbacks I I saw that you spoke with Carl Capen it the other day and I've wondered because he he has been you know. Everyone's talking about college is going to be coming back in the league, if he's better than guys like scuttles in that are starting games right now, I'm from Wisconsin yeah,
quarterback you, I'm curious in your opinion, after speaking with them, why do you think it is that he is being reluctant to speak on record or do any sort of public interviews? I just don't think he has the personality I think that it's very, very rare that you see someone take such a prominent position on something, that's really profound and and not really necessarily have the personality that would allow.
Call them to be able to verbalize it. You know so Colin is at a huge disadvantage, because when you can't communicate with the general public of what your card is in your reasoning, it it it it's not going to endear people to what you're trying to say right like he can't make the point of. Why he's put his career at risk and he should be able to go, but he hasn't even tried, though he hasn't gone. He hasn't said anything publicly since, like you know, we became run each. I just don't think it's it's a it's a it's a it's, not nap and also he's had a hard time in free agency people in the media myself and Like he's been invited to be on our show, like I talk to him, invited them talk to his representatives. He's decided that this point, it's not in his best interest,
he's had a hard time teams talking to him he's. He had had one offer. He you had one workout. So when people with the kind of success he's had this league- and you can't get a job interview, why would you go? do an interview which, if there is, if there's one owner out there, if there's one general manager out there, he do the interview and then that general manager decides to go away. So it sounds like I mean I've always thought that he's kind of stuck because, like you said, goes out and does a show, then everyone's going to say. Well, he just sees straight. You know trying to get publicity and he's out there and he's not even on a team and he's making a distraction, but if he doesn't, then everyone says well. You know why has he said anything? He did he kind of vocalize that to you is you like I'm stuck in a situation where I can't really known of this. I don't think people didn't know Colin Kaepernick before this right, but he doesn't have the type of personality that would be doing a whole bunch of interviews where he would be set them up.
That's just not as personality it would be. Dissin, genuine people would see through it and he might have some problems with some of the questions not be able to answer them in a way that are favorable to what his cause. It sounds like you need to come on our show what is going to happen if he doesn't interview they're going to become you got to get glasses off yet no they're gonna trailers are gonna, treat it like it's a debate again. Some is probably not going to be in interviews yeah they're, going to try to like find holes, and whatever you saying so, I I get that that's it he's. He is in a really really tough situation. How many teams in the league right now do you think he would be an upgrade for at the starting quarterback position where you can go through all of them at least four five I mean you don't have to leave New York. I mean Josh Mccown,
I mean my goodness. I don't know who keeps giving him money like he's a good guy, he's good locker room that doesn't work: okay, good, locker, okay, no problem when you're picking in the top three picks. Let me know how that good luck room. Those worries, I won't start. I would. I would much rather to guys begin the locker room, fighting Cussen and screamin yeah, okay and bill to play some football yeah. Then I have a good locker room guy, but he doesn't watch any porn, his anti porn. What is the what you're still very clean a lock on order, I'm not in the porn? Okay, okay, Fique. I found I'm I'm not into feet, not in not in no I'm in the hands. I'm in the hands down hands. Really because you almost killed me, you haven't seen the right foot yet that's all that is alright. Do we have any other? Oh I had one final question. What about them?
Turquoise socks you got on it just seems like there's, like all arts look. This is laree or goldfish who passed away. He was a gambling goldfish, actually how many people in the whole thing three hundred and ten three eleven, because we buried in Canton. Oh, he went he hit sixty and in the NFL gambling last year. He don't have a hard time getting into jazz you, like our style. I know we came in after loosely. Tell your legs, his hair in the world. Some would ever yet yeah like beer, would have what I feel about it face facing here. You like my face. Your face is ok face in here. That's obviously the best compliment. I had one last question you. It was obviously a moment that you had to go back and say, like I didn't mean to say it,
Paul guy moment. I actually disagree. I think that you know I was you and you said exactly and I agree yeah I was gonna ask let's be honest as guys talking here that that if I spent a lot of sense. Yeah, ok, yeah. I mean it's probably not the best thing to say in the rookie symposium. Well, no again, I disagree. I think you said exactly what you should have said, what you meant. It was just a problem that is voice of words. It was probably it was recorded. It get out there, no no get to do it out the back, yeah right yeah, it's more like make sure that you have people around you that will help you in least speak some common sense to you right right right if you're drinking, what are you driving right right right? You know one oh, if you have drug paraphernalia on you, why are you driving right right that makes sense
I'm trying to tell anyone to to break the law. Yeah like right right, no nope! It's absolutely! That's that! That's not what that was not part of the conversation now. Did it come it's like. I all these bullets in the chamber, this one came out. Kind of sideways lastly, like you, should most of these professional athletes have a bunch of guys around him, one guy who's like the common sense guy who's like the guy who's, like everyone's, not always drinking, alright, one guy who just comes out of the paper. How do you group have one guy discuss some common sense right, one guy who does the Instagram Dm S for every log? Yeah, Please I mean you know the tech guy. You need a driver, one guy did the troll account. Should media yeah you'll get like tv at don't get, but if they don't get Katie, if you just been like hey one of my friends I'll give you one hundred thousand dollars a year run these seventeen twitter accounts to
and me or when it when it goes down, so he couldn't be. Like me, I was like yeah. You know something I shouldn't shouldn't have said that he should have just denied that he sort of took that to the cemetery. I know I've got to go down yeah, but when they get the last show of alone, you yeah, because he's never gonna, run that no like the trump card. Now the every like everything he does like yeah, but you had a porter. It's like the man to jail, girlfriend thing, yeah and he's active oh, I'm just like you. I got acne I drink beer like I got perfect skin If you got three hundred million he's got he's got shitty facial hair, though so I relate to him. Oh yeah, there you go yeah who's your. personal hurt me or City Crosby. Not well, cities got town wide and that's that's kind of like a look. You know, I'm not a part of that. No, no! No, we see like it becomes like involved like when you got talent is, like that's kind of you know, yeah, it's kind of nice because, like my mustache, it looks like absolutely not no.
You could be in Hollywood. That's a Hollywood mustache right now that right there, this is SAM Bradford Side and the gross mustache side he had a mustache. I don't have a mustache, that's fine! I don't you know who also mustache was Hitler did turn out too well for him it was go weed. That's some! That's going to give us some ratings. Like literally that's you have to be like every show boom, at least one Hitler. Okay, yeah! It's it's good that we got out of the way I got it yeah we would. If they had it next week, it might be looking for a fall guy. Alright, you got anything else. No, I think we're good all right how fun we can up it. Although I did have a question you play festival, I do who has a team to pretty good, I don't give a shit one and we don't give a shit. We don't care about great, no problem, we don't care. I just tried to do a lot of people out there playing fantasy and there's a lot of like no. I played real football. I don't play fantasy. I do bo. Who do you have any team so
that? They don't uncle, would didn't motivate you when people would like would tell you it from the stands like hey Chris. I've got you in my fantasy team. Don't fuck up, you know, I'm like no you're smart, like you part I'm getting ready to get some numbers for you? True true. Did you think you Odell saying that he doesn't care about the fantasy owners? I think those are slapping the fans face. No, no. He can do that because he's trying to ever from my ankle injured in a boat now he's recovered from boat trip. Hit me up. Let me know if you're planning the game all they had to do was follow Chris Carter, and I told him he was going to play in the android. You have on your team who
receiver? No, no, I I I I I I have long. You will be okay, I have did we don't care, we all right. I got vj on my regular team. I don't really feel my real life team so late, so that you could have him in fantasy and I knew it was going to be looking for the first couple of you been telling him. Have you been like trying to guide him and tell him hey, maybe don't fight the nets on the sideline and don't you know yeah. I came in my mentoring program right after that, okay started that will not so none of this is been under your watch. No! No! No! Now go on. You are his what all, when he punched a wall after the Green Bay game. That's when I got on the team, mobile. Okay, all right! Okay, we've been doing pretty good to to summer. Well, you know what we're asking out in LA. So that was good. No,
no! No! He didn't bash all he did not. Let me tell you about fantasy. Yes, yes, you play. Don't care go somewhere with that you pay a sound it out. My face, hey is Sally to get all my facebook took their lap in the first by a girl specially when you don't have a full facial hair. Don't cover from that professionally yeah I'll be fine. We do podcast, It's it's audio, so yeah podcast yeah, all Chris Carter. This is a lot of fun. Legs will park let's, let's all about the hands running bollocks for her first things. First, you check it every morning, Fox sports, six, thirty to nine. Thirty. All the morning morning, people out there we're sleeping absolutely get up, get it in yeah and remember: do you do well, there's a yeah looking for the show. No, I just said that that was no and get it up. I think I like that, yeah I might not rise. Agron might have to get up. You give rise and grind a whole new, meaning we're getting it in
get. I don't even know what happens before nine hundred and thirty in the morning to work before work kid it up and get it in alright. First, let's first get your hot takes. That interview was brought to you by Buffalo Wild wings. I'm a let this I'm let Hank pop the ad in for you, but I just want to say how excited I am I've been chasing down this sponsorship for what the last year, oh yeah, I'm a big b. Dubs fan no joke about it. Hank Hank run that track we've reached. It the point where the only way to make Tuesday's any better is by having more boneless wings. That's why here, Buffalo, wild wings. We've invented Boneless Tuesdays, it's a celebration where, if you order boneless wings of full price, you'll get another of the same size for free. This works for dine in or takeout every little bit counts, and on tuesdays every boneless wing count is to Buffalo Wild Wings wings, beer, sports, is in participation very valid. Only on Tuesdays, while supplies last text, infertility, extra additional restrictions, apply, see participating, location for details. The interview is
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He is one of those guys that, like universities loved everyone in what he he, he might not be a bit on your team, but you still loved watching him he's the ultimate to he's the ultimate guy you're free.
To have in space the door, let him getting something. I disagree, I'm more afraid when he, when he gets ducking behind those big guys up front, and you can't see him yeah yeah and the water bug extra legacy for Darren Sproles. He is also the guy everyone throws in their fantasy. Trade is, like the add on it's like I'll, give you Harry Douglas Darren, Sproles Anna Kicker for Adrian Peterson's prime, also he's a real inspiration to the short guys out there. You can do it to Rico and next man up- and you are now the Darren Sproles, because I don't know if Darren Sproles is coming back from this. Hey will be. Finally, finally, prove he's not durable. Well, he's not he's forty five years old and played for like twenty years in the NFL. This voice come back. To get hurt. Do remember that time when he played against Oklahoma in College in Kansas State and had like six hundred yards from scrimmage. That was when Perry Ellis was a freshman. We have sabermetrics this one is a doozy, so Michael Beasley, he went on the time out with Taylor, Rooks podcast and he dropped this on us. He said that if, if you look
up in you, see like the the human brain. It uses ten percent of its capacity, but he said who decided that we, the guy who decided that must've been using eleven. Wait so he okay, as I'm trying to follow he said that. It's a known fact that humans can only think up to ten percent yeah. I said it's a kid but senses South Africa. However, how how in order to know that you would have to have exactly one extra percent get above everyone, but exactly what well so so he said who so? Who is the guy that use the weapon that made it okay to say that everybody's just using test so Michael Beasley? Actually, as twelve percent was going to say, he's on another level, he knows that you can only have eleven percent if you're able to figure that out, yeah so yeah, so it literally
he's saying that somebody out there is giving one hundred and ten percent. This is Michael Beasley, I'd love to sit down with Michael Beasley and just like just just throw some explaining to Hanks out. I don't think it's watch his brain. Just like what I don't think Michael Beasley sits down. I think he's like a horse. You sleep standing up just 'cause, he gets too stoned. 'cause he's twelve percent using twelve percent. He doesn't need to lay down he's got that extra. for two percent. This was some some big time back and forth where Michael B, Michael Beasley is fun. I'm following him officially in the category of knows too much yeah, that's so watch out from which call FBI back so it will be easily knows too much. We finally figured out. Twelve percent is the point where you reach to look. Yes, all right! Next up, we have a you think this one is twin, wait
as signed with Cleveland, Cavaliers and Lebron James, you think node or easy. Is it too early to say that Cleveland is a banana republic, because they've got the banana boat? Guys are two two slash three to force: two slash three: three: thirty, four thousand three hundred and forty six grab Gabrielle Union yeah. So that's it right. They've got the gang back together, wow the Dwyane Wade, bulls con, back was one of the worst contracts ever even it was one of those contracts of like everyone said, stupid the bulls probably knew it was stupid. Dwyane Wade was like they're, paying me how much and so then they buy him out and, like everyone expects he is with his brother. his love. Familiar with the first question I had about the Chicago thing that was like
got to be the first time that a team has given a player home town discount right where they overpaid. For somebody just to make him comfortable, it's because you are sure to rise, are gonna, sell, so got to sell some jerseys, not actually wins the exact and that turned out pretty well. For me, up, the three off was gone. Who is awful? Who is the most on on that in there now? Nobody is now the new awful, so it so yeah so he's in Cleveland, whose Mantis Cleveland, I would say, man, I'm really looking orders practices where Derrick rose and when we just like actually run into each other in turn to pile dust yeah, that's just just crumbled, bone yeah yeah. We also do speaking of the cabs a little home for you just put this put this in here, but this in your brain. You have put this in your twelve percent. Okay, Michael Beasley, Isaiah Thomas asked if his rehab plan with the cast is different than with the Celtics. He responded. The Cavs have more resources, so there ways to keep their players more healthy, that other teams don't do
for whatever reason, whether it be legal or otherwise. Did you see that Lebron's reading the godfather again well, yeah hasn't finished. So, let's see, what's in that book, you think it's a it's just trap house yeah! It got fathers to drop us. It's like any difference little little hand, his name hollowed out, yeah, it's a little. It's like a special juice. What notice said that he's been carrying around a lot of water bottles? You seem drinking water, all the time yeah to remember MIKE Vick with that soda bottle that he, I don't have the we yeah so yeah huh, all right he has to. As for Sprite Right Hosp rates, clear who the cream clear was named there right, interesting speaking, which your stomach. Do you have a bad stomach right now, very bad stuff, you you say you have, you might have happened at an appendix that needs to come out to an appendectomy and I put
How to you? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that you're doing Brian Cushing steroids. Well, no, I don't think that's it all you guys you are well. Did you talk to some of my first of all? It's it's called Dhea, yeah and you're, like all my stomach is good her in a war I'm doing them as a scientific experiment. Okay, I see whether or not I started in the Starbucks, your appendix burst right, and so I I took two yesterday, my my very first dose and I was up all night with terrible terrible pains in my so like, like I felt like I was giving birth except more pain, no offense, you, ladies out there, but you have not experienced nothing like what I was you know no, but I need to protect the shield moment. You are not ready to have that, be a correlation not to
There is no, not another study, there's no scientific data out there. That suggests that this weird new terrorists are bad for you, but I put into my stomach is making my stomach feel bad uhhuh. So if, if he's not on the show on Friday, he is probably getting his appendix out will fall fall in to the hospital of the great content. All right, let's get the guys on checks. Guys on checks is sponsored by Ric Flair. Ric who said there has been a guy on lots of Joe. He he's recurring guess he said that he has bedded. Ten thousand women give or take, and he he calls his penis space mountain, which I think we all knew he wants to take him for a ride this by the way, this is a classic move, because
where then said like, I regret all that which he doesn't, but it's basically a way of saying like like getting in from the world being like all I'm showing contrition. I I had so much sacks, but I'm old now, so I regret. What's a humble, the definition of humble bracket is adding like I, I feel bad for having sexual grandkids now here yeah. Well, I I feel like. If you go to sleep with ten thousand women, you have to stop at exactly ten thousand. Yet not I give or take right it's like yeah, it's like twenty one. If you're playing basketball right can't go over your back out here on the thirteenth and if you do just the tip accounts of three yeah: okay, alright. Here we go guys on chicks us, so so so I've been hooking up with this dude, who still sleep with a teddy bear, should or concern that he still sleeps with a stuffed animal or more concerned that he hasn't given a name after twenty one years, What you mean sleeps with like it,
it's there it's in his bed all the time and no name, though she's waiting toilet for cinamon. Here's the thing like flesh. Technology has grown a lot in the last few years. They can make those things look like anything. It might actually just be a sex toy. That he's got this also, if you pay a little bit more attention, this will be the plot of like a new Seth. Rogan movie you come in. the guy he's a he's. Louise, his adolescent, he can't grow up. He smokes weed and sits in his boxers all day and sleeps his teddy bear. You come in. You whip him into shape. You change him and then there will be a moment.
We fight because he's like? I don't want to be changed. I want to keep smoking weed my friends and then he'll smoke with his friends who, like look around and be like. Oh man like this is kind of loser behavior. Then you get back together and he looks at his Teddy Bear and put it in the closet and the Teddy bears like hey. What are you doing here? He speaks in like a Boston accent like Marky Mark is Tommy. Let's go find Tommy, so they could just put two movies together some
Sup EMT. My boyfriend is twenty three years old and still stays up at four hundred am playing Xbox. Sometimes I feel like he likes Xbox more than sex. Does? How does one change this? You start getting better at sex. Have a kid get pregnant. Tell me pregnant, oh yeah, yeah yeah pregnancy scare would be a really really good way to make sweeping changes from the see. If you go sleep in like two, so what you do is yeah. You tell him that you're going to leave him and then he looks as Xbox and then he starts to grow up real quick and puts his xbox away and it becomes really funny boo. I would imagine that, like you were just saying, sex toys have made a lot of advancement, I'm sure there's a sex toy out there. That looks like an xbox controller, so just go sit on that, while he's playing his xbox and be like be fun if you played
Box, and also you can do the thing where you just try to commandeer his xbox slowly and be like oh look. They have netflix on it right, so you can just try to encroach on his video game time. By being like hey, can we watch another episode of one tree hill? Finally, you could just get better at Xbox in him because guys don't like to get beat by women in anything. So if you do that, then it will take all the fun out. If you beat him one time, he'll be like you say, this controller is broken, throw it it breaks more Xbox, hey PMT is Ashley Pft
and they found out that I'm pregnant with my first baby yeah, you get all the pregnant, chicks, spas, good job, buddy, that's fine scale. My thing would KEN bone called little beautiful human submarines exactly into it? Do you guys have any fun gender reveal ideas or do all gender reveal suck thanks? Here's a fun gender reveal. Do it on part might take send us your, have the company send it to us and we will do the official gender reveal on guys and chicks for you and your husband? That's that's really the only good real ever so we will do it. We will not fuck with it. Just have it. I don't know you like set it up where, like some baker, sends us something right, oh yeah and also yeah. This actually followed the way that will do it is it's my understanding that you're supposed to send like a very large tasty cake-
the people that you want to go with the cake cake, very big cake, perfect, send us and maybe a pie too. So if it's a guide, blueberry pie, gotta eat, so maybe shortest cherry pie, the offense and then some pizza and then a beer. If it's St Pauli girl, then it's a girl dibs on fucking that pie no dude, I'm just my pie, warm apple pie. Sir see, though, do we all I wanna do this the angry someway sent us the gender reveal and yeah. We will announce it on and you send us your reaction, then go viral and will make money. But if search engines us with their twin girls, then I get proven not to whatever they decide to get married loved ones at same time and then they kiss and it looks like- is that folks they woke. We talked about the the barber twins yeah last time. I said that and be sure the ninety nine before I I I get it now. I think every twin is actually six on. If you look at the home, if you look at the Zodiac sign, yeah does so the x and for for Geminis it's a sixty and that was that was the sixty nine mode. Yes, it is yeah,
so anyone has six babies all in sixty nine position, ward in there there's enough- it's like if you like, any man and a woman in a closet for long enough to eventually going to offset well, I was just a mass of men and women can't be friends because, eventually outside as they say, their mouths are just going to go straight to their general right. Okay, next, some poor is. I recently had a one night stand with a guy. On Friday night. We had sex a bunch that another reason morning and use condoms so fast forward to Monday after work, I went home peed, and when I went to flush, I saw a condom in the toilet. Own condom had somehow been in my vagina for three one slash two days. I promise I had showered multiple times since then. Can you mansplain how my vagina could have had a condom in it for so long and am? I pregnant too tight might be pregnant, also Can you take the morning after pill? Is it too late? Now you can fix it morning after? Oh just go like go for like a really intense, like jock yeah. It should do I do Crossfit go.
He jumping yeah, but, like you bunch of it, do a bunch of sit. Ups, get app, get tab roller and just do Abbt, workouts going to say squats with the big question is: where you are copper on bottom surely came off because if you're on top, you can't get pregnant, the condom was in there for three you, Have you might you might be making some bread you might have used? You know what else disappeared for three days before coming back Hitler. So maybe this is Jesus continent. Alright, that's our show will see everyone on Friday. Love you guys they don't me LE. Let's say they. Only