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Fastest 2 minutes for Divisional Round Weekend (2:17 - 5:52). Break down each game including the insane ending in Minnesota, Nick Foles finding a way, the Patriots steamrolling the Titans and the stunner in Pittsburgh (5:52 - 17:54). Plus bonus Mt Rushmore of things you do to cope with a bad loss for Steelers and Vikings fans (17:54 - 26:15) . Who's Back of the Week (26:15 - 33:38) - . Former Denver running back and NFL Hall of Famer Terrell Davis joins the show to talk about his career, what it was like playing with John Elway, whether it's better to have a short unbelievable career or a longer average career, and Championship Sunday in 1999 where celebrating the Falcons win over the Vikings almost cost the Broncos the AFC Championship game (33:38 - 73:31). Segments include Respect The Biz for golf cameramen, remembering Keith Jackson, Talking Soccer, and Embrace Debate "are we wrong to not like Tony Romo as an announcer?"

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On today's pardon my take. We have a division round. Recap crazy finish, a Minnesota stunner in Pitts Burg. The patriots keep rolling, an Nick is going to be Nick. We also have fellow Hall of Famer, Terrell Davis, awesome interview with him talk a lot I was playing days and some fun in I'd stories what it was like to play with John Elway before we get to all of that. You know by Now the dollar shave club ships, amazing razors, for a few bucks. I've been for a while, and I love my shave. What you might not know- and I didn't is that dollar shave club also has products for pretty much everything else. You need in the bathroom body, wash shampoo hair, gel lip balm Everything as soon as I heard dollar shave club had that stuff other than razors. I was sold so if you're like me and you're sick of the since at the store. Now is the time to try out dollar shave club for a limited time, dollar shave club is
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are no better time to try the club with that? Let's go January 15th.
Divisional round We started in Philly where folks you're going to want to lay down some newspaper, because these birds are shiting all over the place. The Philly kid Matt Ryan returns home and try to link up with Mohammed say nuclear warhead for deep bombs, but it turned out. The threat of danger was overthrown and overblown Legarrette Philly Blunt wrap things up in smoke, a victory cigar as the Falcon shooting Arthur Blank in another big playoff moment, maybe atlanta- just give up sports altogether, what about the Braves in the hospital
we had to Gillette Stadium, but this was anything but a close shave. The titans crashed and burned, despite the efforts of Delaney Paul Walker. In the end, the talk of Tennessee's physical football was all a bunch of MIKE Mularkey as the Patriots use arsenal of weapons and proved that to score for New England. It don't matter if your black or James White Tom Bradys headed to a seventh straight championship Sunday, and it was on championship Sunday, thirty six years ago, that a young Tom Brady Watch, Dwight Clark's famous catch a game. I was also at if you hadn't, heard Patricia patch so spread. It was an eerie afternoon for the Steelers as Blake Superior portals put the Steelers out to sea and let them all wet the Jags game plan, let portals! Why is a free bird to the tune of three electric touchdown handoffs to Leonard Skynyrd Fournette? Who that smell
just smell that smelt. It's MIKE Tomlin's peered in it state it's a long off season in the steel city, but only time will tell its engine Bay Netanyahu. Roethlisberger is really going to the jags are marching on and somewhere David Garrard. The door shut, the single happy to hear Jack's forty five steelers, forty two dot dot dot dot the Vikings are down right, your skin with a ball and a simple song pops in his head. Don't stop believing what you up.
And that's the saints secondary. Can you dig it? There's a Disney ending up on Mickey and Minneapolis. I've been doing this for a long time. Folks I was at the catch it. So as Tom Brady and never in my life have I seen an ending quite like this. The Viking secure a date with destiny and the Jeff Fisher Bowl next week in Philadelphia case Keenum and Nick Foles, and the Swamps Crystal Ball predicts the final score: seven, nine and I'm a rat alright divisional round some may say the best weekend of football and holy. Yeah. So that's a big question. I think Peter King S this every year he doesn't like the name divisional round. Okay, I think that wild card weekend pops and not to his credit, really does suck pop. Yet divisional, we can doesn't sound so great, I just dominate. We call it the best fucking weekend of football of the year. I mean we're still we're like moments after the Vikings stunner in Minnesota, an I'm still kind of like how the
older that happen. That was it. It will last time we could think of something like that happening like where it was a walk off. Touchdown like that was e Joe Flacco Pass in Denver in, like I think that was also the divisional round, but that was still don't know what the safety was doing. Still makes no. I think he was trying to be here on tackle digs inbound, but that was it on real, ending an unreal fa cup by this, I think, would happen to him. Was he got there too fast? So he knew that the ball was coming in he was going to hit the guy like a split second, before the ball got there. He didn't want to pass interference. And so we pulled up. You seem like try to avoid the con right at the last minute and I think that's what he was doing a are you maybe there's another safety behind it, but I can. I can not like you just can't situational awareness at zero right there to let that happen, and the vikings like in its pure
full, because the vikings always have those things happen to them. They are. They are cursed franchise. They always have Chicago like against them in tragic fashion, and it felt like it was going to happen again. A game. They had in hand and then, like case Keenum kind of popped up. There in the second half with that scene score case. Keenum throws an immediate interceptions ST score again right now it would hit it all looked like he was lining up for Vikings heart break at the end you can hear like every time A game comes down to the wire. In Minnesota. Everybody in the fucking takes after a phone that starts recording like their kids watching the gas just so that they can get those viral clicks. Yes and all those page views from their kids heartbreak yeah. So instead they ended up getting probably like a happy Is there ever going to see their kids right and it was a crazy ending to the game. I liked I like watch
the two coaches face off against each other, with like really they were both were really up glasses. He knows that yes, yes, number and paying for like equal reasons. Yes we're just wearing like weird like mom glasses. I don't know what was going on. I still don't think I MIKE Zimmer he kind of like dodgeball at their. Because his end of the game management before the field goal was a little weird where he didn't run the ball on third down yeah, and I mean that that's that's one of the games were of your saints fan. I don't even know what you do. I mean the vikings like they are. They are we talk team of destiny. Now, because that was a destiny and it felt like it in there are are kind of feels like a stay of execution for vikings fans. Yeah. Is there a test? You know it would actually be. I hate to say it. The most.
Vikings into a season if they lost a super bowl in heartbreaking fashion in front of their home. All god I think, that's what we're turning towards you set it on Friday, yeah they're going to lose next week, yeah! No, because now it's all all out in front of them. They have to go there with the team and they have to beat Nick Foles, which shouldn't be very hard with that defense. All Minnesota fans right now we're saying we're fucking going to the super bowl at Minnesota, and That is when it's it's like the old. It's like the dark knight, like only only then why let you die like when your city is in ruins and burnt down. Only then vikings fans want only one peak tragedy has hit you. Then you can die yeah, I'm pretty sure but this is going to the super bowl they're going to win next weekend and it's going to be God. I feel so bad for them in advance. But you know
if your vikings fan at least take joy in the fact that you guys are a good team right now, yeah, okay, thinking of curves, your onto the wires coming Adam Feelin, is apparently an amazing wide receiver. Yes said, defense is real. Yes, so you have a great team so enjoy watching it. I I'm just you can see the train coming not too bright way. Call the sprite blow up to drew, drew Brees, Sean Payton Sense, yeah, didn't win a Superbowl. Let's talk about the other games will go in order. We had to talk about that one first, because that that, but one last thing, but they get back to that game- is a game that, like you, tell your kids about and like the beer. Sure like I was at that game, because it's that it was that incredible in that all the moment, special in the room, the Icelandic, all chance school, yeah, clap, like I didn't know, clapping could be so cool. Do like that? I mean that's actually the most Minnesota fan. I know it's from Iceland or whatever, but that is the Post Minnesota thing ever to make clapping like hey. What do we do when we're excited? We all just the end, unison, clap very nicely and lightly
this sort of Viking school clap is the only time you'll see that many white people clapping on the same beat. Yes, it is amazing, they all got it yeah. We can do this. We got scroll yeah because you do. They really do a real, slow motion club, the other ones. The threes all got this one. What one actual lasting about the game? The will they kick or will they not kick? The extra point was electric yeah, because it was the spread by way. Five and a half really show Joe bucks. True colors there, which I guess are very gray on the side yeah, which I mean we just yeah but yeah he called shaven head doesn't he's always here looks good. His hair looked called it like all his to call it. The most of some from is not second put up on his head. He called it the most inconsequential play in the history of sports, yes, which tells you that he has no idea where I see a lot is not Al Michaels, yes and he's not print Musburger end also treatment through through, and why don't? They just run the ball in for the two point: conversion you, mother, tshering, shut your mouth. You know what else I okay, that would be awesome. I loved
the entire game watching the saints punter with broken ribs, yes, and how he was terrible queen kept getting in more and more panorama. I was hoping that they would run the ball right Adam. On the two point: conversion I can try to make it. As I would've been great yeah. He lined up. He was the first one back out there. First gonna try to help out by the way. Would you go back out for that to defend that foster parent, not Ok, no, I would be. I would be on a plane, that's what that's! What the special teams guys are for no chance in the punters. They should just through their tough. They should have made Marcus Williams, just go out there by himself yeah and then take the penalty to his head, just be like yeah. It's main number of people in the field, all right, the game, this weekend, the other games, the Eagles Falcons was a true stinker up until the last play, where Giulio fell down shadow Hank for that page pronunciation, the field, so that was we predict. We, we called it exactly how it's going to go on Friday is ugly.
And I also knowing that it was a sucker bet I still but the falcons- Israel. Yes, of course, I did because I realize that the sucker bet the name to better after me. How can you not name how do not bet the bet? That's named after name sake, yeah yeah, they need a PFD bat. Wouldn't you better, I would absolutely but yeah, I really like Kate, you hey big soccer. You over there and I'm like what me I'm special I get to bed after me. Ok I'll, take it Falcons going down to a on that last drive in their taking down the field I had, I was pretty confident that the talk is we're gonna score. Is it just? It was one of those plays where, like they finally realize yeah, we were good offense at one point. Yes, we figured out, we can take it, we can do for fusion, yes, our keys and to put together and then that last play that they had where they just like. Well back it up like to place before that, the Underhanded shovel pass from Matt Ryan was that was one that Sark drew up after
if you wear those yeah yeah, not sales out on the beach and in the sun. Did you see that someone some poor, poor Georgia fan was, was basically connecting all the dots and basically said that if Steve Sarkeesian hadn't been hired by the Falcons Georgia, what a one the national champion, because he still would be in the booth for alabama- that's good and the Falcons probably would have been a decent team this year, because it when I had him calling that same time, plays over and over. It was an interesting play. Call on that on the very last cut off half of we are used to this side, and then you have one receipt. It's like it's like a face like a play that you run when you place no football friends, it was awful as it is a bad play, call it. The second he's are right, and so I was like what the hell are. You, I think, I'm not I'm not some, I'm not pretending to be some genius football guy, but like Julio Jones on a slant seems seems somewhat on garbled and if you, in a former, if you- and if you put all your linebackers there, someone else is going to be, or I'm just gonna tosses out here, maybe
I have four receivers, yeah routes and said just like one and a half yeah in the having that right, who's, not very mobile, cut off half the field and basically do like okay. So I have two options and one of them fell down these. Did you also notice Cris Collinsworth blamed it would he be blamed, a sack on on their full back being death, yes, and not be able to pick up the project very nice to meet you. He also. He also pointed out that Nick Foles there is one point two games said Nick Foles is really feeling it would just meant that Nick Foles hadn't interception in while he had a clean he a clean sheet, not to steal from we had a clean sheet, that I'll throw any touchdowns word or subject very first past that he threw the game was let it be known, my just let that thing came down some snow on it. The final thought from that game- I just of like it's, some, it's hi, I'm trying to think of what it what it has has happened like in the past. You know people like titanic music on, like sad videos Arthur Blank is like the the human version of the titanic music.
He always just pops up on the sideline, and that is when you know the falcons are dead when his like ghost yeah, when his ghost face, shows up in his suit and he's all cold, and it's like cut to Arthur blank. It's like yep. Now they now he just hovering above couch in hand shoulder he just always looks a little confused too, like how do we lose again? Oh well, I bought the Falcons. There should be a rule that the owner has to be on the sidelines, the entire game, the Jerry Jones. I would love to see that yeah just every team, it's always a little bit more fun when the guy that could fire the coach is standing right next to the coats, the entire time. It would be great because then Chris Christie would be Jerry Jones hold back. I help you everyone who, how 'bout Armans Chris, along who, by the way the Falcon killer crystal This guide is, does he murders emerges more birds and sell it? Yes, yeah, I was walking around with a dog mask after we had the dog mask humanly drugs which, by the way that is that is in in
resting. I connect the dots of got on that one. Okay, those two guys were in the dog mask Nick Foles isn't playing well, it's pretty much a bat signal to bring Michael Vick back. He sees it over. He sees those guys walking around some canine master. He's like you know what I can like the kind of the guys, just how much it sucks to for Nick Foles they should they should Carson Wentz like three hundred times, and I came in there's like hey. So do you this quarterback socks, but remember it's because the good quarterbacks her and then there's like shots Carson Wentz, they said having him on the sidelines was a huge reason. They won just have first game being on the side. Okay, all right! How about that past Nick Foles it hit off the dudes NY? Yes, that's a that's. A reason why you have Nick Foles factor is the threat he said. Nick Foles throws knuckleball sees items, it's tough for defensive backs to get those and it was going to hit him in the hands of just dipped bounce off any that's anybody's ball and then of getting like of of twenty or gain off of it yeah exactly he was what it. What do you call those use like a Rube Goldberg machine? That's that's something!
yes, football. Yes, gotta hit like six different things, then. Finally, you'll get a first. It starts out, like you put a mouse trap on the ground. These steps on it says Alain there's, a great alter. The rate comes ahead in the face and then there's a goldfish swimming around inside a thing and when it when it breathes enough this time, for it to hand the ball off, the sky cam is like a zip line and then it gets it. You know it takes the ball and it brings it to someone else off, someone's knee and then Boom Nick Foles gets first down, and then we all cheer Saturday game. I don't know what to say: patriots are so fucking good. Stuff is titans. Texted hang tight and stink yeah, I'm happy that we've always think out loud. They really stink that they Marquez getting a contractor. He should be fired MIKE Belarc, he should be fired, but the patriots like that does it even had that one moment where the Titans scored? First, you like, oh majors in trouble, and then they went bill, but she was like wait. Why don't? We just run up tempo on them and they had
to answer and the patriots just demolish malarkey against Belichick. It was like watching MIKE Tyson Boxing infant yeah. It was glad yeah, it was very, very bad monkey was so far over skis and then he's going to contract extension because he had he lucked into beating the chiefs. Yes, essentially so I guess that means you have screws touchdown to himself and then he gets a contract so that you almost actually hurt himself by throwing a touchdown to him. So that's right, I texted hang in the middle of the game that I was. I hate how good the patriots are, but at this point you have to I have to read the tax I I ever been. I'm never one to break the privacy of the texting and tweeted out more than this tax because it came out of nowhere. If he said I hate how good the patriots are, there's just no denying it to testable excellence, all
around it. Really, since its truth and and I was able to swallow my pride sin that text because I went as there have you- have the money line on the pay, which is a white while the very minimal upside, but I wrist, basically my tie bankroll on it yeah and it hit, but that first quarter there was significant but hold hunting going on my end, the patriots I was okay with it. 'cause, I've finally realized. It took me seventeen years to realize that, like just whenever the pages division round, like just fucking bet on them. Doesn't matter what the spread is. So I sat down- and I was like this- is a very comfortable victory for Maine with my bet, because, like you, just can't there's only you could look at it and even Tony Romo was trying to sell it. They were like the boots was trying to sell it like. Well, they play physical football like ok. They also still MIKE Mularkey and Mariota on the road and the rest of their team, fucking stinks. Tony Romo was acting like he picked the titans to win. It was like, oh of course, that are going to win like that. First touchdown
can anyone play for the patriots? Patriots are way way way better. So also that same logic applies this week on board as well. I mean the fact that the patriots are going to their path to the Superbowl could be is going to be Marcus, Mariota, Blake, Bortles, an then Nick, Foles or case Keenum yeah, I mean that's a joke. It is that we're going to win again they're going to win again and it's going to be tough uh q hanky got that smug, smile, Blake Portals is going to make everyone believe for this week's shock the world. Let's talk about that because the Jaguars, I actually think it's go to that. I actually think the jaguars can be competitive against the patriots. Absolutely I've been saying for since, like week, four not to brag the jaguars defense.
It is like the buccaneers in two thousand two that good then they're young too, and it's good for a while Coughlin pager killer gonna be a lot of stories about that all week, so yeah that game was that was if the Vikings was the crazy, sending the the jaguars, probably the biggest shocker, not with like everyone thought they had a chance to put put the way, they've kind of like just demolish the Steelers, and they did it. Everything just went perfect for the they came out and they did like the jaguars have to have a lead to win 'cause. They have to. Run the ball and press email like go balls to the wall on defense and it was like boom twenty one nothing before even sat down the the thing is once once became like twenty one to seven that I knew something was brought was wrong. Like I had, I was very afraid at that point was like twenty eight seven, and there was twenty to fourteen before half the Steelers I was employed. I was rates if there, if they were going to be within two scores, like everything could fall part of JAG.
Ours yeah in the second, yes Tom Coughlin. They were up like twenty eight to seven. I think at this point and he was up in his booth to our use of the press box yeah. And just discussing it yeah. So yeah there's someone tweeted that and I was like the most you had to be there moment like. I wish you guys could all see Tom Coughlin yelling right now, yeah. I wish we could to watch fucking take out your phone videos yeah come on this. Is your job journalists write my The my Thoman stinks stands in his confirmed even more. How do you one lose jaguars at home to have spit on your beard for an entire half and have no one like that's. When you know you, you know we talked about losing the team. You've lost the team when you walk around with spit all over your beard and not one person's like hey coach, maybe wipe off your beard
you've lost the sidelines. Yet nobody comes up and clean that off taught Alias for also yeah. It taught here. If you, if Tom Hill, is your beard guy, you got a problem. He that that played on the first half on that was it like. I was fourth and goal right: yeah, yeah yeah, and they do the do. The sewers not have a qb sneak in their playbook. Big Ben doesn't want that. And the fund is part of the sketch. They did a pitch against the fastest defense in the NFL season. One twenty yard, when he's in the chiefs did the same thing against the ravens back. There was a Douglas Lake the funniest thing about about Ben Roth, Lis, Berger running with the ball today was every time he started running with it. He looked lateral. Well, he was you know what happened. Big Ben watched, like a rugby game two days ago, he's going to try doing some touch it yeah and it worked on one of the times, but he was like looking to do it in situations where you absolutely should not like he was
it's been all day just making plays making like the Steelers had the most incredible touchdowns and they just couldn't do anything on defense. So I think I mean MIKE Tomlin. They don't fire coaches in Pittsburgh. Like never I feel like, but he the steel play the anti patriots when it comes to how they deal with like everything I knew they were in trouble when they started talking about the patriots and every single year. It feels like that, where their locker room is just going crazy and saying shit, giving bulletin board material like MIKE Tomlin keep control of one once you have the weird thing about the Steelers. They have three of those teams to they've got the bangles on all the time at the rear of the ravens and the pain and the patriots they they're like third did are crazy. Ex girlfriend that has like five or six our that at still crazy about yes, so we do love the city of Pittsburgh, so we're going to do them a favor. There was a a video that was so funny of a Pittsburgh fan after the loss, we're gonna play the clip,
here, you're gonna find main yeah. I'm gonna kill myself from the back. Don't ask me to do nothing. This is not there right, just threatening to commit suicide, to I assume his wife or girlfriend, but the crux of it was: he just didn't want to do the dishes for a while, because the Steelers lost so we're going to do a quick, Mount Rushmore T Mount Rushmore of things. You do to cope with losses, heartbreaking losses so just throw out ideas. These are for the Pittsburgh fan instead of instead of killing yourself. Please do not do that I like to I like to talk to my dog yeah, because you're saying like be half as good
a dog, thinks that you're, a dog will always love you. You can talk to and be like hey, I'm feeling big loud dog, big, wet kiss on the lips. A lot of pets just sit and stare into your dogs eyes, and she, like you, could help take my pain away. Your dogs eyes always say to you. It gets better yeah right I like to. I actually, I think, just taking a walk without your phone and just basically giving yourself a little pep talk. That's why I like to do I just kind of mumbled to my plum walking like you can get through this, like you get through this, I caught you know like pitchers and catchers coming in like six weeks, and we got this. You got this and just kind of kept yourself up and then you come back and then you know maybe probably eat something, but it's just it's bad? Yes, Tom about you, Hank, after a tough loss that you've experienced as a fan. What's your favorite way to get rid of it
okay yeah! I also, I also cried in the shower sure, that's a good because it is not really crying yeah. There's water! Coming down on your floor. If it's about sports yeah, you know got a whimper in the shower. It's it's a sad. It's like a it's! Your one, little known place where you're like no one can bother me. I can just sit here and and and have some man tears about my t just make Littleton no yeah and somebody comes in. Are you quite know of jerking off yeah right? That's, no! That so bear sing. If I like trying also sit silent silently in my car, he just kind of like if you if you're going somewhere that touch that's of the exhaust play. That's only one. No, that's a Monday activity so like when you wake up on Monday, you just get in your car and you sit there and It's like let out a real, deep sigh and just like. Ok, we can do this without put it back together, but just puking
yeah just thrown up in general, get all this persons. I don't get that last right out of your system, all right, so Pittsburgher feeling for you same with New Orleans, tell us what you do. Tweet us at part might take. What do you do after a big LOS to cope with it? I feel, like someone's, got something good out there that we can put into our back pocket for later. I'm all right. Let's do it, let's get to our, whose back of the week Hank once you start to have our it's become heartbreaking losses. My whose back the week is ridiculous stats about Tom Brady so? These have been coming out like this one came out before the game. I think it's Tom Brady had five super bowl, wins portals fools and Keenum combined have five playoffs. Say it start again: Bart Board: okay, Brady five Super bowl wins portals fools. Keenum combined. Five playoff starts okay,
Let's playoff wins in NFL history, Tom Brady's, twenty six and two is Joe Montana, has sixteen yeah, but they were probably different, like they probably played less games. Afc championship Games, Steelers have been to sixteen Tom Brady's been twelve. That's is this the AFC championship. Game stats are fucking ridiculous, the seven in a row I was still in high school, the last time the patriots sent these. Yes, I see that these are like those Barry Bonds, stats from yeah your nineteen. Ninety nine in on bass, does like of like a thousand that year where he would have yeah. You would have an ops of like nine ninety nine yeah, if you did go up to play with a bat right all right and just everything is just extending like I, I don't have the record Tom just extending his records yeah, that's so that in the dark you thing when they announce that they're, like yeah and the pagers broke this record, which was previously held by the two thousand twelve to two thousand. Sixteen page, like I say this with the highest amount of respect for you, but you you all right, my who's that that's a ridiculous yeah
I use backup at first one is Hawaii. Why is back time passed since you're. Well, number one to a Marriott, no, not really, but they were about to be blown off the face of the earth and guess what now everybody in Hawaii is playing on borrowed time, yeah so good for them. That's got to be You might imagine the cheat meal after you find out that you're not going to get blown or I'll. Take that back. Imagine the cheat meal right after you find out you're going to blown up by the missile? Yes and you have fifteen minutes to live. Yes. What I don't understand there was just someone slipped on the button, basically yeah, there's just one, but it's a weird button to have in this is one of 'em. There was one guy: there will be a real story that comes out the panic button. Some crazy shit happened that crazy should definitely feel like that. That button should not be pushed accidentally yeah. That's the one button you can push. That button is like having this send all drafts button into this. Why would you ever press that button? Yes, why would you know what I realized is? I think Chris Berman was in Hawaii. Oh, what do you think Boomer did when he found out that
I it does? If you use a kick to to to my other back of the week. I got a couple of the mannequin challenge. Is it manikin challenges back big time no way vikings. Did it to celebrate one of their touchdowns wow we get. The Dougie come back soon too, but maybe there are any yeah planking Harlem shake planking so hard and my final who's back. Do you ever see that Harlem shake? video where the guy just ships all over the place. That sounds like a good one. It's fucking hilarious! if it's on the internet anymore, but it's like one of the funniest thing ever. He's just like sitting there and you know the obviously one of the beat drops you gotta do something different and he just he just diarrhea all over his bathroom. I love the ships everywhere, that's working Miller and his commitment to them. So forgive funny. Ok, my last news back in the week is Tom, Bradys giant coat. It comes across every winter about this time of year
bigger every year. It's like the opposite of Michael Bennett, shoulder pads that just search shrinking and shrinking, but yeah he. I love seeing Tom Brady on the sidelines, wearing just huge fucking thing just sitting there. I think the reason why it's so wide is just because he doesn't want people around him. He probably thanks girl under there because he's never pass anymore. That's a good point, When you put a guy on the shoulders and wear trench, how tall is Alex Cora, maybe Tom Brady. Just been like three guys, this entire time underneath the giant coton I the giant coke gets so I don't even know if it's a photo shop anymore, like you see it on Yeah like that, can't be real, that's where he keeps all of the football list of leading who Hank all my who's back. I have two of them or three of am four of them. I have three of first is Pft's. Take that he's been squatting on Tom Izzo's overrated, yes lost at home to Michigan. I can't do that to a little brother or no, the big big brother, big brother. I think they're little and foot yeah all right there, big in past
tons of talent and they are widely under performing, which means I'll probably go to the final four definitely they're gonna be there can be nine c to make the power and the other final four team is going to be do because coach K is weird. Absence in games is back as wells mystery on. I expected them to lose the weight force when I'd like it when he, when it came out that he wasn't coaching on Saturday, because he was sick. I was like the. He knows, something we don't know yeah and light weight force has secret weapon that they're going to win. They ended up, obviously do kill them, but still do you think coach K spends more hours a week, coaching basketball or just like surfing web MD to figure out new illnesses. You can have it. He probably
yeah he's probably on Webmd. He he probably goes to the doctor just so that he can like pull up a laptop music doc. Let me see that and goes the Webmd first symptom I had was my here is totally gray and then you go to die and then he goes into another like some someone's like sick, you know room and he tells them how they should have dealt with their illness better. Like let me I want to coach she here, but I'm gonna coaches- and this is a teachable moment for you as you recover as your DIS year Lupus yeah, maybe think next time you know don't rush to the front of the merging to room one right, my other, whose back is Alshon Jeffery Superbowl guarantee. That's right, that's gonna start getting a lot of buzz. He guaranteed that he was gonna go to the Superbowl while on the errors, but you didn't specify a team, so still stands. Who goes super bowl with the eagles and my final, who back is Jeff Fisher, very much back everybody
coaches, his coach, everybody! That's going to the super bowl this his his his all of his teen. All his players are going to the NFC Championship Game and I love it because it just solidifies Jeff Fisher is the best coach in football. They have simmering right, no matter if the NFC wins Jeff Fisher gets a Superbowl rank. I'd agree. Yes, I'd agree, let's get to our interview with Hall of Famer Trail Davis before we get to that on the talk to you guys quickly about honey, there's an American using free browser extension called honey that millions of millions of people use every day to save money. Honey is the world's most popular money. Saving browser add on it. Works on Chrome, Fire Fox Safari, all that here's how it works. While you shop, honey, scans and tests, millions, millions of coupon codes all over the internet to find you the biggest discount
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now welcome on NFL Hall of Famer Denver Bronco Great two times the champion, Troll estrel is here with Verizon's reward program, Verizon up it's about giving you once in a lifetime experiences like a super bowl trip. So on Tuesday January 16th and Monday January 22nd Verizon Rise, members will have the opportunity secure trip for two to apple As for exclusive super bowl weekend experience given the chance to attend the game. Verizon customers can redeem their rewards through my Verizon app on their mobile device to learn or about the Verizon up rewardprogramsgovisitverizon dot com? So let's start there are you going to Superbowl? I am going to the super bowl. Absolutely I go to I go every year you go every single suit. By go every single year, you pay your own way or you just go. Do cardio and no, I don't pay more weight now, yeah. Typically so it's social network pays me there every year. That's fair business trip,
The years that are, I wasn't on the NFL network. I still went yeah just because you have to go in and does a lot of things to do down there. A lot of fun, it'll catch it with some of the players, and you know I think I think I did alright some super. Also, I think, given the cut on the back, you have yet what will who you want to give us the Superbowl pick we're gonna run this interview, after whatever team you pick yes gets eliminated, is my pick right here: Pittsburgh Steelers, okay versus the new or Unsync. Ok, I, like the sales part of this regular saints, are gonna, lose through the jaguars this weekend. So like that, I disagree with that. But do you hate that work? So I do. I bet you do yeah, am JD, and I are on NFL network. We have a show called the players only before go to access an it's six hundred o'clock. Actually it's five five hundred o'clock eastern time, an
example. I have of my worst playoff moments or against the Jacksonville Jaguars and they stopped me and they stopped us from winning. In my opinion, 3in round three Super bowl so yeah, I don't like him, so we have sometimes the younger audience. Pft, obviously remember that the nineteen ninety six was divisional round. Where Mark Brunell came mile high and stunned. The Broncos did you think at any moment there, like ok, John, always, cursed, know, That was the first home. There was a cursed moment. Oh no, I knew why we weren't playing well 'cause. Remember that year, altitude, where there are two to three health too. Now we were condition for that. But here's the deal we, we were thirteen at three that year and we stop playing football almost a month because we hadn't we we're. We had basically clinched our division, yep and the conference. We had a a first round bye,
I like the first part of December, so we went through a stretch where we weren't playing games. We went to Green Bay and I remember MIKE thinking that Green Bay, maybe the team that we face in the super bowl that year and we had the most basic game plan. John Elway didn't play bill. Musgrave was actually our starting quarterback and it was like we were kind of just setting things up for a super bowl run yeah. And then we try to come and play against Jacksonville? It was like trying to restart a lot. More is resonance. Rust is still not a star. We have yeah. I know this is a debate every single year and I actually think that the ram suffered from that a little bit, but I didn't want to live this season, yes and when they sit around for a little rest players. I said as a huge mistake: yeah you've got a young quarterback a second year. Quarterback you've got a young head. Coach you've got listen, Todd Gurley's, a young running back. These players need reps and they need to feel like they do
have a moment where they're letting down, because it is hard to say all right, we're at home. It's playoff time. Unless you've been there and now a veteran team, you might say: okay, the pages can do it right right if they wanted to, but Tom Brady's plan a week. Seventeen right he's not sit in a rest and rest in up. So, no, and once we lost the game going back to Jack's, okay, once we lost that that well card game or divisional game to the Jacksonville Jaguars MIKE made it in his mind, MIKE Shanahan, our head coach said he would never do that again, uhhuh. So the last two subsequent years we still class, we had a. I think it was ninety eight. We closed our home field advantage throughout the playoffs week. Seventeen we played the Seattle Seahawks
ball. All out. Nobody arrested all out any registered that he kind of fell into that trap this year, yeah. He always dresses guys as much but had great success in the post season. Yeah multi super bowls, yeah he's a great, so he can ability to that. Would you consider yourself the best role of all time? Moon Terrelle give me another one, not Terrell his name is Terrell. My tongue done, but I know I can. It was to read only status, zero self, the best t, e r, r e l, L at all times yeah. You can't say that I just said his name was different. My name is to rail. His name is Terrel, sounds okay. The question I know: I'm not I'm answer the question. Yes, I'm the best to real okay. Given that I think, give me another one bites, that's co that spelling no forget the spelling, which is the subject now we're not the no! No I'm not. I want to be specific about what you ask. Okay here: here's the here's, a better one. Would you consider yourself the best zone blocking runner of all time? Yes, yeah. Give me another one
Okay, that's really! All I got in terms of my camping coat questions. Was good, but Clinton was Clinton. Well, here's the deal so before it's go back. I'm not do I'm not gonna of what the answer your question here, but my first year you know what office I ran in. It wasn't a zone blocking scheme. It was a true West Coast offense, where running backs in full backs were interchangeable. So if you look at the San Francisco forty Niners, like Roger Craig's office, that he ran, that's right. That's the office. I ran in my rookie year and I had you know so I, like the big of myself as more than just the root zone. Runner I can do it. All I can do is be traps dives, Bob's, WHAM's everything I could play in different offenses, but yeah. I think when it came to the zone blocking scheme, it's so do what I did well and that was kind of his run. North and south and here's what really the
light bulb came over me is when Alex gives. Our offensive line coach at the time came to me and said man. All I need you to do is get four yards. Oh that's easy, yeah sure we get four yards every play already. Why don't I go down the flight? One hundred teams do that yeah see because in college I thought that twenty yard run. Forty yard runs like that was the big No, no, they ruin the momentum of your object. Stick to four yard run yeah! You can't get into really say yeah if you start slowing your deepest get tired. If you break off like a ninety, nine yard run every time. You know he would always say giving my four yards. If you bounce it, I want my four yards. If that's it and he said anything other not as grave but I won't force, I mention a MIKE Anderson and you kinda, you don't even flinch street. Do you hate MIKE Anderson because he had the narrative going that it's the system not the running back a little bit, though no no, he was where I need more credit. Okay,
Mike Anderson also he's a troop, also in the mile high city and it's a little more overtime, mice, my boy jack, my boy and then member land. It's Gerry came in yes, yes, it's out and everyone's like wow. All you just need to do is plug someone into MIKE Mike Shanahan's offense and really run for a thousand years drones at okay yeah. It really was, but Ruby came, Ruby came a little later, like Ruben. Will was there with me, but I think he came. His success came out that, but here's Well, here's here's my argument, alright, Alfred Morris I'm just going to keep naming names after it was in Washington. Yet, but we will talk about gender yeah, yeah yeah, that's true! It's a great system! the it. It's also your foot in the ground and it's got one
go n to go n, but still like Clinton. Portis had one thousand five hundred yards in Denver, but he also had one thousand five hundred yards in Washington in a different system altogether right, Ruben Drone, ten thousand yards in Denver have one thousand yards in Cleveland too. So it goes it's not that it's a great system, but it doesn't make the back right. So, just just because you can rest without jobs in Denver. You can do it anywhere. Also. I think people realized after a couple years. It MIKE Anderson was not you, it was there got first initial year was like oh here we go again. The other guys will, my dear MIKE, was very good at so the traits that, like Bobby Turner, the running backs coach really like sore backs that are again just North S, runner strong, lower body. Get some wiggle, but not a lot. Why you don't to be fast doing a time when I was when I was a plant. I was actually coaching too. So don't forget! I. I should get coaching credit that was coaching Clinton up coach MIKE Anderson up Fortune, Orlando Scary
oh, no, daddy credit for that as well. Yeah, so yeah credit will give credit. You guys running it best running back coach named terelle of all time. Yeah you got it done. I like I like to wiggle is actually like something that you can it's tangible. I've heard that many times before, and football is like that guy has no wiggle making guys miss yeah. You got that little just wiggle wiggle, it really good system for me. So I'm not very fast, but I can run one direction. Little wiggle wiggle wiggle can go along way. Do you think the days of two thousand yard rushers are over? Now it's been here's. Why running backs are now being drafted? We've we've seen the last couple of years right this year, the running back, rookie class phenomenal. What do you think that's going to do for the next class? That's coming in by the way, that's a deep class in college right now right. This is running backs all over the board. Teams are going back to it because the quarterback play is starting to demand point. That's a good point. So
if you have quarterbacks that are not has translating well today in a failed hypothetically, like the Denver, Broncos server, Simeon Bellechasse Wyler accent Lynch as an example, you just put it up there, yeah okay, but I agree with you. So in the mean time, if you're a team you're trying to protect their young quarterback. What do you have to do? You have to run the ball again, so it's going back to that. So, yes, I think there be a two thousand yard rusher again it's been awhile basically it and- and it was- I think it was Adrian Peterson and Jamal Lewis know Jamal Lewis did Chris Johnson had one shot on his birthday really five years since seven years right? So it happened. It's like a cycle. You know it doesn't happen everywhere. So with those rookies that you mentioned, who you think is the best one that came out last year. America is awesome, but I thought, like Dalvin Cook, with one that I thought before he got hurt. Yeah great was really impressive,
I'm a Christmas Mccaffrey is having a solid year perceive Kareem Hunt right he's a lot of receivers, running back he's going to be a receiver he's. Not ok will make a bet. No he's not going to be received. That's like somebody saying million dollars, one million dollars less backbone height, do you see him try to catch more passes than that of rushing attempts? That'll make your receiver he's gonna be receiver. Doesn't make you more as a receiver at least two years than a running back? No okay. We made the better so that, though his would have to happen, then. So, if he's a I received. That means this number has changed yeah. No, it's not ok! So this number change Grand Father then yeah they can now ok, so I'm just like like the time, I don't remember right. Radio number. Eighty eight after that, your simple ball guys. We know what we're talking about. U K, but I would listen. I I know they they they. I think they classify them as a running back out thing, but
you listen he's not to run it back, he's like a stop gap, but he's was there as a running back because they may have one, but they perhaps some guys there. So I think next year he's not going to be listed as a running back. We talk, about famous trials and Terrel. Do you think it, took you awhile to get into the hall of Fame. Was there moment where you're like this is going to happen? Yeah! you years like cats, it's just not the cards yeah, I felt so. I guess what first retired? I didn't think about it at all, because I didn't think is there was no buzz about it. Nobody, talking about it- and I was like alright and then I can. The list came out the first year that I was eligible and I made it through the Semi finalist a list, and I was like wow that's pretty interests of sad about that, because I didn't yeah, I I didn't really know what people thought about it at least the voters, and then I was on that list for it no every year, that list will come out and then I'll get excited, and then it started to diminish a little bit. I felt like every year that was
I was it. I was make it that far now. Was it in about years. Six or seven, people were calling and they'll say. Congratulations on my god. Man like I appreciate it, but deep down inside I'm like this is all this is this is it this is the further I'm going to go, and then I saw kind of lost a little bit of hope and I felt like at that time. I would. I would be more of is senior candidate right and um. That's a wrap, my mind around that and then the first year I was driving down the between my wife and we just left it baby store, and I get a text that says Congrats, on the sex. Having a baby shop in advance or yeah. It's kind of a job right. They just let it go man. I don't think we don't notice that here in the hall fame- and you had said we're gonna Jackie, did you get out and have sex with close to the call the call happens in the car. You got the six
yeah, so the call happens in the car here in the car, and it says congratulations on making the finals in making it as a finalist to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and I just like Watt Ann about it and I was driving I pulled over and I told my wife I was like hey. You know I made it as a finalist in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Steele. She screamed and we hug each other. So that was that was. Where I said ok, it might be possible right that I'm going to make this before I'm ninety years old, right Anne every year since then And it's just been more and more hope. I've spoken to and out from more voters and how some would say Ok, you know four years ago I didn't think you were hall of Famer, but now I think you know you are so. I started to Underst it was. It was trending towards it. Happening sooner rather than later. Well, you are like. Oh, your career is like a walking like bar argument of. Is it better?
highest peak or a really long career. Like that's, you know consistent throughout and I don't know I mean I kind of think when, if you basically say in that three year stretch that you there is no one on planet earth who is a better football player than you? I think, that's probably better than being like the one thousand and twelve year career Have you guys have you ever like thought about which one you would have rather had, even though you, you obviously had one. I wish I had played fifteen years, but it didn't work out that way in years, at, like a lesser of a level. No no fifteen year that'd page so yes, fifteen years at one thousand two hundred yards a year, so I'm saying like take my seven year the ad, the it's a moral to it, but keep everything the same right and this debate was it's. It was a debate that we've had and like Alfred Williams, well play with the he asked me. The question is said: hey if you could take your two thousand yard season away, and I give you three more years at fifteen hundred yards. Would you take it uhhuh?
I said no, I wouldn't take it because that is a special season right. There's a lot of back so get one hundred yards this season, but there's not a lot to get two thousand right, so I don't regret The thing that that had this happen about Chris Mouth back I mean I I enjoy that that there's an argument- and that is it's food for thought or fill a topic for discussion about which one is is better to have. I see my career was efficient. It wasn't short in know me. Is that right now yeah I got it. I got out. He wouldn't you left her step on again. There you go, he smashing dash. Did you ever get accused of stealing valor for the mile high salute? No- right. Well, I'm accusing you right now by because did you serve in the military? I don't have to be sure, so I would say that you did you serve no, but I play a lot of call of duty and also I don't I don't salute after touchdown, so let me hold up button so in the way I use every
serviceman or woman. I've ever met, as always. Thank me for doing that. Ok, thank you for your service. They give you their spot later plan for my service. Yes, they do not get on the airplane, and then people get up give me to see because they respect this loop, but it's out of respect it's out of respect for our military men and women, and I was only doing it as motivation, sort of like hey who do who do I respect? Who do I want to emulate and I want to play like, and so I had a sort of transformed my mind set in a playoff. So that year to somebody that was served in the military, you did have good form on the salute needed I'll give. You got plenty of critiques on my salute in some there's, so many different styles of saluting
mine is a little different in a military by the way. So that's why I'm not still in it sure appropriating it. True. That's: okay, yeah, it's okay to remixes, remix! That's it in a lot of time! That's that's what you have to do right, right, change, a little bit right! Just does this happen, yeah right, you're, like vanilla ice. Did you now that the LAO celebrations? Would you still, if you're playing right now? Would you still just mile us? That's it wow! That's it! Thank you for. Service on that enterprise. I think they're getting a little out of hand with silver. It is get a little. I like you, put it's like at some point. It's just. I don't need to watch this and intricate thing. That's the last. Like me, you know two minutes long and what was your favorite by the way? I don't know that's a good question. I know I I do like when they do like the team picture stuff. That's kind of cool, because then they take the picture, but it was a video for so my brain just like what we you know, I'm saying yeah yeah. I like this better than nothing or be.
In finance. I agree with that. What's the alternative of basically the no fun league, it's just that! Maybe maybe do only like the really intricate celebrations once again, not every single touchdown. So I also just like one big guy square toe to wonder how I got you, you wonder how like how long and how much time do you actually dedicate right door? are we planning it outright celebration right? The eagles had to learn the electric slide. The other week, like nobody on that team was born with the electric slide, came out right this time, so we can just with your teammates think of something cool to do and just say hey and do this, this guy waiting for somebody to do something like the the four thriller video Odell Beckham, probably would've been feeding it injured. He definitely would've a little bit What about just handing the ball back to the official? Have everybody always worked very Santa ball to the official that always works at we talking but yeah. We talked about the Superbowl. You are probably one of the most famous super bowl stories super bowl. Thirty, two, when you had
migraines and sat out the second quarter. Did you be honest? You hand that up a little like you could see couple saying that you can't see is such a lie really yeah's. First, I was I'm a liar, I'm just saying, like you had a look, I'm not mad at you, because I am one of those like after the Superbowl, you got to kind of put a little extra lecture muster a majority. So the end up in NFL, Phil yeah, I mean that's able now rest in peace he's like oh wow. This is a real story. Now I have to do a you know. A whole thing on on Terrel Davis, like having a migraine in the Superbowl you'd, think I thought about that as I was coming to the satellite- that I thought I had no I'm just reading this car had the foresight to think about than you know. This might be site or site
talking through. So let me, let me explain. Yeah explains pointing to the listeners into yours. People probably don't like this- is an iconic super bowl moment. I remember what you know. The super bowl is one of those things where you remember where, like where you're watching it, what you're watching like every single year- and this is one of those moments- yes so so the moment you're talking of or speaking about, is the first quarter. We planted the Packers Super bowl. Thirty two there's a where I get. I get up, get a run, the ball and a back in just great I get tripped and as I'm falling down. My head hits what's near. They need me in the helmet. Immediately. I know that I'm going to get a migraine because that's what happens when I'm up at my green since I was seven years old, I played high school games with them, but when the Games College games that have a whole life, so I I know that something might have. With me when I get a migraine. What happens is first, my vision goes and what it's not? That is black. Why can't
do anything, it's just like a puzzle where the pieces aren't to beer goggles network with no it's worse than beer goggles, worse, so this meta puzzle right and all the pieces and that's what it looks like so after that happens, we're down in uh by the goal line we're changing fields to go to the other side of field. My vision starts to go. I walked on the sideline, I go down to the Golan until my k as well. Let you know I can't see- and Let him know that, so he doesn't give me the ball right and he says it does Matt. If you can see, we don't need you to see, but we need you in the game because, if you're not in there, they won't believe we're going to run the ball without hesitation. Okay, I'll go down, go no problem, so I go on there and uh there's a fake fifteen handoff John Elway runs the fake and he kind of bootlegs out riding in word for score. That was the last play that I played in the second quarter, the first letter of second order with my
that's not a come back to the third quarter. Now, thank God. The halftime show so long probable that it gave me time for the Medison to kick in and typically the vision is like that for about forty five minutes to an hour, so that hey the is it that you score touchdowns? Who will you you? Don't I don't score? No! No! I John Elway scored yeah was that the helicopter? No! No, that wasn't a helicopter on, but the that play you didn't. You were able to see your in the Superbowl in your hometown, San Diego and it can be. You can see some struggle to find my way and you still on that field came back. Three touchdowns was a hundred and fifty yards or forty seven yards, I'm someone, some like that. So did my boy repeated migraine, help you no It gives a pd almost three touchdowns. No, it certainly didn't help me. So when I came back it, here's what I think helped was when I came my vision seem like it was just like hd,
It was sold for hd video. It was not interested. You is that he has you know, h d, were you upset that you got to play super bowl in your hometown and and the press didn't make like a big deal out of it like they did for Jerome Bettis up, but they did really well who is also John Elway that wasn't going to the next one was when one for John Right, no. That was the one that was one one for Johnny Miller came back for another one because the falcons was the next year right. Well, that's because he had you know they. They did when vikings will beat you guys at year. Ninety nine never know do you, I mean, do you we? When did you want to remember which game came first? Yes, we watch that game, so we're we're watching and yeah there's a I do not like is. I weigh fifteen in one word to use in IRAN. Chris Carter ran to Cunningham's close explosive offense did we want to play the Vikings know right? Why would you want it to be tougher right It was the people make this idea yeah. We will play the best. I don't wanna play the best yeah, not that not
Linda play. I have yeah if you can beat a bunch of cupcakes and win super bowl who? Why, wouldn't you think it's because Ric Flair, the old like if we want to be the best you got to beat the best? That's not so I'll, just beat like whoever is in front of Maine so right, so they suck we're watching the Falcons. Kick that Bill goal and when it goes through, and the game is over. We celebrate in the locker room, that's awesome. We celebrate now mind you. We have a game to play, we're playing the jets and it felt like The vikings lost that game that we had assumed that we would we be playing the Falcons well the jets. We look over DOW, ten, nothing to the jets at home and it we were. We were struggling yeah. We are struggling and I think the got a break from the wind? It was windy. That day we came third quarter and I think we we finally put together drive scored a touchdown. We kick the ball to the jets and the ball came back to our kickoff team and we were recover.
Formal and that was kind of turning point of the game and the Curtis Martin, I think Roman Owski headquarters in the third quarter got a fumble from him and we we We caught our way back and obviously one game, but we were, so excited about the game that we kind of forgot like we had it now we got some mornings. When I'm happy. I asked that I didn't even know that. Do you ever call up John Elway and you're like hey what the hell, man, Brock, Osweiler, really liquidy, are you sad joke? John Elway's is John Elway like like actively submarining the quarterback position in Denver, so nobody ever be better than him. No man sure John wants to win. He wants. He wants a quarterback. I think people assume it's so easy right. We think it's so easy. Go get this quarterback John you're, the greatest of all time. The problem is John Elway is John Elway. For a reason they don't quarterbacks aren't just falling off trees like John Elway, but people
because you're John it's the same issue with Michael Jordan yeah. You know when you're a great player part of it is that in your mind, you think sometimes players have what you have and they don't right, but you can only judge them by the measurable, so that is you'll. Some combine numbers. How fast you you know you're! The ball is like it's come out fast. You know you look like you're an athlete, but nobody ever knows what's inside of player, that's it that's the top as part of some, but that's a good analogy: cool Paxson Lynch is Kwame Brown same guttural. Basically, what quote to Paxton check the way we watch packs the right yeah he he stinks. No, no! No! No! No! No! No! I don't know if you watch the bowl game when he threw five interceptions know. What I'm saying is that, because I did I bet on it, I lost yeah, but this book yeah he stinks spoken. But what I'm saying is we look at some some of the measurables, a terrible he's big. You know big arm, you know upside here and then you think that is part of a player. You can coach, you think, okay, we can bring a man yeah me,
he's loose with this may be. His mechanics are off a little bit. We can coach that, but you don't really know You know really know man, but I will say this: yes, the quarterback that they need is probably not on the roster really that was John, like in the huddle like as a leader 'cause. I always I always am interested when guys talk about a good quarterback in the intangibles its commanding, that hot older and having everyone kind of believe in what they're doing, even when they're down it is in a in a part of a great play. Is that a great player doesn't have to say a whole lot right. The minute you walk into a huddle when I first came to Denver and I was in a huddle- I knew that I had to impress one person John Elway, God I had to go at the end, also got we got to yeah, But John was the one that I had to earn his respect. So when you think, then you have a player like that. Everybody's game is up yeah right. So job was in the raw right I mean wasn't a guy to come, will give you motivational speeches and try to motivate you, but when I
You know how to impress him Secondly, when I saw him play like YO inspired by the way this man playing right. So you have a bunch of inspired players on his team and would I said something if you, if you were slacking, if he sets up in minutes able it carried a lot of weight because he did say a lot, I mean he cussed me out one time during that time, where we were kind of just easy through our season and we had already clinched everything and I dropped the Passover, the middle and it was just it was. It wasn't just a path to sell, but it was the way that we all were plan an heal it into man yeah yeah, you let me know it so, I'm like when John says something you take it I like how you said that John wasn't a big talker in the huddle as like a sense of a leader, because really it probably just Shannon Sharpe wouldn't shut the up. You know it Would you ever say like Shannon just shut up? Did yes, I stopped, I told him, should I went to
he said. No. He gave me like a soap. You know, I'm a run it back. Man I'm get hit every place right. I don't need you sitting there talking and stuff to the defense of law getting them route on one going to pay that my plan was always to go there and kill you with kindness. Talk to you know pick how you doing family good, alright, maybe I'll just lay up on your little bit next year. It might be a little bit, but yeah little have that extra edge with trying to kill you right where she is like fuck, your mom and he's like. Ok, I'm going to kill Sir Alexander's right right, but now there are some times where it was affective. So, like Derrick Derrick Thomas one time we were planning to Kansas City and and it had a game plan. He was talking trash to direct, Thomas and a one driver thing d T have like five. I like it was three personal, foul penalties at the end up getting ejected from the game. The Shannon Shannon knew how to push buttons and he knew how to
up to a point where you get out, you get out of your game, and so it would work sometimes, but even the Office of Lineman would tell Shannon to be quiet right talking to people like that. Do you think Shannons happy that they weren't, like everyone was in wired for sound, like they are today now that you care, he was yeah? Yes, sometimes he wanted wired for sound, a bunch yeah everyone he was in New England. We would yeah, I call the national guard. We are Kelly at the page. Yes, that's I don't want to marry an apple phone yeah. That's it yeah this one yeah who taught it more Shannon or room a cop Lou. I don't know man that wasn't on defense, so I don't know, did more nastier things yeah Jj Stokes than I am yeah member. The here punch again practice yeah. He would be, he got into fights a lot. This was with the tight ends. Why was he so angry.
I don't know, but we we needed that our team we had like that Xtra jet was will that was up from this will work up on the wrong side of the bed. We needed that age may we need to somebody with that kind of disposition ha. You know. People always think that that your teammates, so are the everybody's. Like nice, guys you have to have some some dogs yeah, that's a little off balance. Yeah. I mean this thing right here. Yeah now we're saying thank you. Well, it's made for him in the eye. I totally agree because I think a little about the make up of like a championship team you got to have a couple. Guys are a little crazy, a little off the right right right and they have that little bit adds words like you. Don't want to to get on the wrong side. You don't want to be facing them right, yeah when they try to take. We preseason football because it feels like it's coming. It's not going. Are you going to be the? Are you going to be the guy who does like the commercials like hey my career? Wouldn't be anything if it wasn't yeah, I'm I'm a champion for the for pre season up. You can't take it away. Yeah, there's! No way you can take
so that hit so for people who don't know your first second preseason game. So you on special teams, annual a an absolutely enormous hit it game was in where he was in China's in Tokyo, Japan and that basically was like ok, I can play as you were at the bottom of the roster yeah. I was probably at that time separate on the depth. Charts there and yeah it's one of those things where you I wasn't. I didn't play in the first game right I was so far, down that? I didn't think I was. I would play in that game and then I finally chance to go in and play and what people don't know They may know this, but so, if you're sitting on the bench and You don't think you're going to the other starters, not in not in the game anymore, everybody's on ally eating eating hot dogs, they're eating eating nachos, whatever eating like you know what I'm going to get some food too, so start eating with them as I'm not playing at all special
coach comes over and say you're going in Davis, and I wasn't even on special teams in practice, so I had never ran down kick off, so they put me in and I rundown I make that hit and that was a play at once. I made that hit and I went back to the sideline after I threw up all those hot dogs. They put me back in the game hey, we're going to put you in office on the next series, and that was kind of startup. It may not like it carries, and I did ok and every game from that point on we played in five preseason games, and that was the second one. So every game from that point on I got more and more reps and I came in earlier and earlier in the game and end up winter. Starting position starting job the week of opening day. I start the first game of the year, going into the training camp. First couple This is: did you realize pretty quickly like hey, I can play? I can do this, or was there something back your head you're like hey, I'm some of the depth chart for a reason I knew I could play when I went to try not eat, not training camp. Many can
so I knew I saw it also players and is not so know We're doing that. You know you were always size in the players up, you're you're, always thinking man he's good. You know he's pretty good at catching. He can run. I think I'm better than him at this and that and so you you try to, you get to try to get a sense for where you are compared to other running back. I knew it early, it's just I just wanna get a chance to do it, yeah all right. So we had a few questions. Last laugh. This is the c key questions. Server go download. The cd cap seek put put put in the promo code. Take do you ever go to games? I do. Do you pay? No okay! Well, if you did you'd get ten dollar ' There's for putting in the promo code taken seek I'll put it in okay, so the he preseason game we just talking about. Cross jerseys with the with the baby blue helmets. Do you guys do you
like when you switch because I hated it. I loved it. You did. I love the switch off. I love this week today. While it seem like it, I love the for a few is what it just got away from that old Orange and you guys were the first teams to like switch up the uniforms. I feel like that started a trend in, like the you know, late nineties, early yeah, because I think that you know I thank you. That was like the first year Nike had came in so Nike was little AG. So they want to change it, and I remember see please uniforms with before they obviously change them. They kind of put out, like a sample of them, and I remember thinking man, these things awesome and here's. The the b is what really Orange was awesome. Yeah the watchwords crying like that awards. The biggest difference was the fit back in all the as we're big and baggy pants were in the pants will get waterlogged, so What are you specially for stink yeah think they will feel heavy
for the new Nike once had were a little bit can breed brother. There, a lighter they wouldn't win it we get wet, they would dry out faster. So you just felt like you can play better in them right. It was just a different feel form. So I really think From that standpoint, I that's. Why love loved it if you brought back the old color scheme and have the new fit yeah? Maybe maybe I don't like that? only home with them. I like it, and I see the things that you hate about of things that I love it, but I I there's something: that's kind of awesome watching a really fast dude wearing these two boxes on his shoulders yeah. We like a sure to goes down to his knees, just like he looks super athletic, but he's really fast something off about watching the yeah. I don't know what it is.
You thought that was fascinating, yeah, it's very fast. Now I've got a small brain is still when I watch football. I pick up on like these real stupid, small things that you probably don't see. 'cause you're actually out there playing yeah. So really you know, like I know more about the game than you, because I'm watching it as a fan, will you seeking you do so? Does that make that like confirm the theory, the Dion Sanders saying the look good feel good feel good play good. Lately, that's exactly where it is my last question, so you you your book. You had I'm to write with you Adam chef covered you you're, getting those Broncos teams right. Did anyone stick him in a locker at any point, in a little fucking nerd you ever want to like if I was, if I were you and I was like lockers right here, Adam Schefter is right here, it's like it's like a magnet
Adam Adam Adam, is my boy, but one time I did want to stick him in the locker. One time he wrote him now he wrote a piece on me. Man get pissed me off a little bit and it was basically saying that my injury that I had was between my ears oh, like I was kind of thinking. Oh well, mental midgets, with that Adam Schefter revealing details about an injury. I've never heard that before. That's that's a big! No, no he's calling you a little mental midget there. Yes, he called me at the time man, but you know how do you settle that with him? Give him we had talked to him for awhile man. That's so that's how it works because, like I always see when a player gets mad and they're, just like I'm just not talking to you, I'm not talking to this media member for like a month in time out because a lot of times, that's the person that you give information to write Adam was my guy. So if anything ever happened, Adam will call me. To be the first to get it. He first habit and you kind of start to build
more than just a working relationship with more of a friend right. If you think and then I'll send you think all right. You have a chat, you have a choice. You can either put out a story that you know it's kind of going to get to me, but people wanted people want to hear it or you can say you know what man I know tv, I know tv would never do this and we wrote that, I was like man, I can't believe it Adam, not a Romo but it was my man we would travel with. Me came hang on my house for a few days Travel with me for, like three weeks, He did. That was a little upset. It was like your bags around. He was here yeah, that's what I would make him just punish. Next time we go down a cat before the record. Madam, that's that's my do man, okay, we learn. I had one last question. You think it's crazy that your name's troll Davis and TD and then that's also touched on the question whether it's crazy, it's crazy question. I thought it would play football and it's like TD and then also touchdown yeah. I thought was appropriate.
This is in every summer sounds little I'll. Let people know that ok, ok, yeah 'cause, like that, might I don't know I feel like people would be bigger. Fans are like Td Td. So what do you do when when you have the other tv company USA who's it was. It is man's yeah who's, the the other guys Terrell Terrell yeah, so you're you're turow enough mud, twenty door set okay, whose real td, whose rotating, whose man's? How to your last meal? Okay? We still workout, you look like you workout a little bit much better chance know
in two minutes when we squatted problem that he's got much more than I don't do a lot of the Clinton. No more of the yoga you're kind of my green on ideological crossfit. Okay, you got me losing that we talk to you for like forty minutes and your hospital, and you haven't brought across that yeah you've been the whole time you're just visiting in your chair like Scott. When can I bring up how many per piece I did leave? I did see over difference. All right said that, if I was doing it, big would be cross with her. Are you sure is all about com, not a I'm, not a traditional, Jim Guy. That goes, dad throws on for you know for bars and charge. You know no delays yeah yeah plates. You know someone just wraps all right. I do it well. Thank you. So much Troll Davis Hall of Famer Verizon give us one. I am not a Verizon real, quick man, so listen. This Verizon's rewards program is called the rise and up it's a really cool program with some great experiences also want to
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so let's say I wish I had known 'cause. Obviously that's the dumbest thing you can do, but that sucker bet city. So you take no way you took the falcons, so you do not go in three and one that you did not take. The psu did so sure I took there. You go. Why do apologize to Hank for saying, never defeated? Alright, let's get some segments. We first up have a respect. The biz golf cameramen are strike they struck. They did. They started their strike right as the Sony Open was supposed to start and walked off, so they kept us all from that sweet, sweet golf coverage of whatever only open on the men's going on right now. Is that the when and why yeah? Well, I totally under
Sanibel yeah, if you just survived a nuclear war, take the afternoon off. We stand with them. I don't know what the fuck they're mad about, but as a journalist you have to get. You have to stand with your fellow journal and they went straight to the solar bar and we're watching football. So are you serious yeah? Even better? That's fucking awesome such a power move. I think I'm part golf cameraman. Yes, exactly what I would like fuck, this yeah actually yeah fly me to Hawaii. I won't tell you that I'm striking once I get there, I'm gonna have a nice little vacation. That is a pro move right. There is to wait until you get to Hawaii to go on strike yeah. I was working when I got on the plane and I was working when I uh pack, my bags in the hotel room, but now how much trump now my stretch now nobody, Picket line right now or the other respected, as we had to have, is just a little note about Keith Jackson passing away When will two thousand and sixteen seven hundred and twenty one thousand six hundred and seventy eight This is the end. Key Jackson was the best like
actually it when, when I like close my eyes like about college football, Saturdays, just keep Jack is a fun fact. Keith Jackson's voice would actually cure. Hang over. Yes, absolutely he get you, you get a big ten game, get a PAC, twelve game. The rose bowl every year, Oman the best, there's nothing better. It takes away any sort like lingering hangover over having just eases you into your Saturday, huh like okay, all is right all world peace, I'm going to spend the next eight hours on the couch watching football yeah we have a bad radio for the Philly blowjob. So after the Eagles won a video came out of. Eagles fan getting probably the most core blowjob I've ever seen on the public transportation and fill it out, get the scepter or whatever it's called I still am or watching it right now: bad radio. We can retweet it but she's like actually his penis how houses yeah
it's like these out one hand down there for Curtis, and you just like yeah we had to reciprocate a little bit. You know you can tell she's really enjoying that hand is actually just rain. He just keeping your his hand warm he just holding her still yeah. I just got a grip yeah. That is that's quite a train blow job. I'm sorry that it showing it. You can look at things that work. You can tell it's a good sports town, because they're both wearing like boots, yeah and hats. That's a good sports town blow job that we we we wait. Stay woke on this is is either one of them wearing a Kiko Alonso Jersey out. Okay, that's the exchange rate yeah. That is just for appoint I'm investing in a stack of Kiko Alonso Jr one day for this guy gets to go to an Eagles game and then gets a blow job on the any just sit there. He actually passing out. Oh no, oh he pet her hair when he came out with a nice guy. That is really nice. Who social for is that who said who said that Billy is India? Is a bunch of scumbags, not me that guys, a scholar and a gentleman yeah right? Next, we have talking soccer Manchester City,
for season is now done. That was talking soccer so murky, whoever mercury more. Your Morris, probably just travels around the world and people are, are and just go. He speaks for all perfect season. History talk yeah, he's going to be on the B b c tomorrow in like yeah. You know we played it. We, it was tougher for us back in the day, RC marker, more show up at at Putin's next hockey game and be like hey, don't lose this one dollars, I'm not here to show up at Kim Jong rooms. Next golf tournament, yep is going if you don't get a whole bunch of pain, I'm all right, the last up to finish the show we have an embrace the bait Hank. What do you have for the embrace debate? Our Tony Romo X, I'm probably a little- is J journalists of this group. I've hated Tony Romo for the entire season, but every time my voice at this, but I get roasted on people by people, and what else did tell me? I don't know what I'm talking about rose. It rate is the best in the game. I can't stand them and I just wanna know if that's unfair me to say, or if he's really well. So
If we got we squatted on the anti Tony Romo take there are things about him that your tennis, I do like how he's very enthusiastic about it. Yeah there's an element of Tony Romo when he's calling these games. That is some He sounds like your friend that doesn't know shit about football, sometimes until he said something that really makes him sound like he knows what he's talking about, but like a lot of times, people who all my God, oh and we're going to take a second look at this. Did he get his foot in bounds? He now does that with every single play. By the way, it's not even like the refs are reviewing it. He just calls out like we need to review my Tony Romo is. I have a complicated like issue with Tony Romo is I do think he has everything to be the announcer that everyone says he is like. He says things in a game that Collins work doesn't tell us that it been doesn't tell us like that. Sims and, like I mean
since November. So we're still not aware to don't know the words put together a coherent sentence. So if we're basing it on that, yes, Tony Romo is good but holy man. I wish I will keep you let the fucking moments breathe. All he does is talk. He talks the entire are sorry. Yes, yes in all the plays- and I don't understand how, like the rest of the media, because you're right Hank, like if you in the media, the people, are basically say that Tony Romo is like a once in a lifetime analyst, and I just don't see it he's good, but he's any could be great, but man when he watches I guess I think it takes away a lot more than he puts on a table. At this point I want to say I would rather see him narrate like an animal planet video.
The lion. Maybe he does zero, maybe well. He would be good if you're married to Philly blow job, who did you go to go down on a journalistic? Is like a little all this was over. Yes, he came. He came. We have. We have evidence here, but yeah. I don't. I just wish people would stop like go.
Crazy bottom, it's just that! That's really what it's it's as weird thing happens: the internet, where I don't even know if I hate Tony Romo anymore, I hate how much some people think he's the perfect channel. Well, yeah! That's! It exists inside of all of us to dark place where you just want to hate things that people like, but it's not but like I was in, I don't know I'm I agree with you right, but I mean that's all we're doing makes me feel good. It didn't start there. It's like people will say that were being contrarians, it didn't start with the well. Everyone loves turnaround. Why him? It started with the fact that he just talks nonstop and it's like he actually bothers me during broadcasts. But then I got to a point where it's like. Why the is everyone saying he is the greatest announcer Everton. I never like to me, I I don't even know like in the beginning. This is not a nose. Twenty room was like. Who is this guy? Can you get he every time you call the play before it happens and they just don't do it? Is it up to come? You play action and it is run. It's half, as in X may be the best not to ever agreed. That's it. That's really. If I just let it breathe a little bit. He would be everything. Everyone says that he already had. They should just have. They should give Jim Gray like a,
and Sm Kit and, like a ball gag to put on Tony and then occasionally take it off, love, safe, word, yeah, fifty shades of Jim Gray. He just I like Jim Nance. I don't know how to Nance deals with it. He's like he, Gymnastic Dave Patch probably have like a they go and sit in a bar and hotel bar somewhere, like man with that guy ever shut up. Like at tell me: do you have a day? At least you have bill passes like I would trade you in a heart rate, only is great yeah. All right, that's our show. Don't ever show up to work highland, so seven to twenty twenty ever talk about his dog for four minutes during during the brightest Tony insist on riding a unicycle during the second half. Okay, that's our show will see everyone on Wednesday. We, have a pretty good guess. Coming yeah get excited love you
It's pardon my take presented by barstool sports.
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