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NFL HoFer Jerome Bettis And Raiders WR Cordarrelle Patterson

2018-01-09 | 🔗

Nick Saban has won another National Title and he's probably already recruiting. We have Tua mania and feel bad for Kirby Smart (2:20 - 9:07). Jon Gruden announced as new Raiders Head Coach (9:07 - 13:30). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (13:30 - 27:26). NFL Hall of Fame Running Back Jerome Bettis joins the show to talk about Football, how the game has changed, what it was like being thicc and quick, and why he should say sorry for the Steelers Super Bowl win over the Seahawks (27:26 - 53:15). Segments include Embrace Debate how do you pronounce the name Matt Nagy. Sport of the future update for Lacrosse. Hermatology with a Herm Edwards update. Bachelor for guys that don't watch the Bachelor and special guest Cordarrelle Patterson from the Oakland Raiders joins the show to talk about Jon Gruden and Guys on Chicks. 

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today is pardon my take we have the boss hollow famer jerome benes joins us in studio for really fun interview we also have hot see cool throne and a special guys aren't chicks with core darrell patterson wide receiver from the oakland raiders las vegas raiders he's from he was on the minnesota vikings we had one last year so he's a recurring guest and we had them on to talk a little groom and also do our guys on chicks before we get to all of that want to talk to you guys about this new great add on honey it's a world popular money saving browser add on here's how it works while you shop honeysuckle hence in tests millions of coupon codes all over the internet to find you the biggest discount everything you buy online
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i'm slash party i'm giving you free money take it right now join honey dot com is last part it let's go pardon my fire wealth on the part of my advice geek today is wednesday january tenth and nick savings already recruiting well yeah he should be reported couple days ago because the university of central flora team is real national champions but that was holy shit what gave the every year we get like two or three football games that remind me how look i am to be living in the united states of america when food poisoning yes exactly so it was it was an unbelievable second half were a day like this the one the college listen college football in basketball fix your schedule
what's a better aligned with pardon my take because as the one time that we get screwed with money night flaw championship and then a show as we grip on tuesday that's why it if all ratings are up so high this year's because we get to talk about the show and uneasy i'd have presented and that on friday right after color russia it was an unbelievable game it was such a ban game to wear burma is one of those like teams and they're not many out there when they yet get a little bit of weakness or when they get rolling down hill there is nothing that you can do to stop him there are just a machine will you just health georgia was gas in the georgia was the better team for the moment for the majority that game but incomes to a tool to go via change assess and render palisades now i've got to a fever i'm ok on chemical let's talk about this because
think it's the hawaiian aspect in like hawaiian people are just cooler than everyone else no shit that's just some out of shape fact and then to his name into as pretty fuckin cool i dont know how to say last named toggle issue i must come to a he's got he should be like share just get rid the last name entirely is another type of pass the tablet thirdly a valley target value has delicious passover slowly not exactly how it's gonna be a tour i got to romania with a second here in the game i think was like his maybe his first or second step that he took where he almost got tackle by like eight people yes and then got other why why is that
the issues you see those theses ashes legs they always that he's got some spam and the transfer of these actors spam on oh i ve not right what we called it the take that we had a monday show the jail unhurt stinks he does in fact think he can throw the ball but when you do low pierre wanna one form can kind of real bad it well here's a quick pierre werner one he has a backup job for life in the unifil he proved himself to be the best random quarterback bottom with opposed game interview we all know that you like a starting quarterback in a backup quarterback are varied current position see you just basely want the backup have a heart beat and to just say him em here sport sorted and then you can get like twelve years he should just go and dominate like like them out west some like that you i mean the thing we say that he thinks he does in fact think at the highest level but i'm sure that he would be fine what picton quarterback yet
no state lies there does like j g very happy no no no trap of get another fifty your guy who runs the middle over and over until you can't tackle and would add little that's a quarter but who would actually be the perfect ohio state quarterback yeah we should do like a guy commercial worry sings everybody hurts as he watches touring international championship and then we find have you got kicked out of the other stories nick saving a couple stats for you the one that i still can't get over every recruit didn't save in his had who stay for three years has wanted your title since two thousand that's ridiculous that he can actually guarantee your kid is going
gosh tunnel when he goes to live in germany seed our moms like meat loves laotse delicious but really i wanna talked about the fact i guarantee erect nick saving strikes me as a kind of guy that no matter what living room isn't he just ass active male yeah like no matter what the dish he's a mayor boys is primarily an email yeah he's a maritime a hell i'm helmsman up and down next savings of mayo guy in a big time little debbie snacks he barely has all the different variations in bosnia restless s exactly right i'm thinkin dead he's a guy that needs his specific bran he such creased creature having the same breakfast every day he is a guy that needs to packets he needs packet mayo in his fridge that you like save every time you go out to eat the abalone anything out of a job we're getting a tv devilry takes the butter off the table to like the little packets and brings ammonia he's had a big drawer full of catch her back it s so that statistic i still can't get over there was great
ultimate nick save a moment at the end of the game when they interviewed or music i this is the happiest moment my life and he was even close to smiling like this is if the aegis can he'll say that he's having a great time buddy his face he did is one smile on the podium when they gave him the trophy which by the way the glass ball needs to come back to that a big fuck you to his wife saying this is the best time unless they have is a moment of anna scott and his kid at this time is great moment average it and then the others that is nick saving is now twelve no against coaches the coast or him so he is just like in the entire as he sees now coaches echo he is just like in the entire as he sees now coaches coached under him and egypt beats the fuck us mental alpha's yields bad for countries created but should be re coaches that he can just m am kirby guy bow legged even he wasn't even human react when they saw the touchstone he just slow now he's like yeah
okay finally now we can't now i can start recruiting nick saban lives in like a perpetual fear of losing yeah and so the second that they don't lose he's like a few i didn't lose yet likes this is awesome yeah so kirby smart i said this earlier but kirby smart i like that he's gone with like the extra wide brim hat the visor
looks he looks like lincoln asian lady golfing yen alright an old lady or like devised with donald sterling's mistress ass yet member than one that just like this very well they scarcely just have the visor go straight down i'm kirby guy though i like kirby everything about whom i like he's ease animated his lungs around was kind of harmless to ride out on ever seen her ba you get it ass over names currently quarters kirby what's the worst curbing i do lose lose a heartbreaking national championship serbia's at that that might be one of the reasons why such a good coaches he's constantly underestimated because an obscure kirby mega loses in mark wrecked is no longer on the hot seat because that was he's like see you can't when a national minority short i told him i told you there's a fund joke that everyone sanger it for this year s he see has now lost two consecutive natural championing that's facts only is yes he's in trouble i hate to pointing out put the real wonder of the night because in wrath associations and ratify the raft slim did a good job now upon maybe maybe they got that wrong put who care also because joan hurts coming to the conference next year yes realistically pills really grant quarterbacks were levies methadone i love it doesn't know how to throw the boss of about actually would be a perfect fit the other news we have john bruton announced
his head coach officially he has press conference your theory it could be more spot on when you see john john bruton and marked davis next to each other they are twins yes there yet not identical twins a fraternal twins were maybe one of how the umbilical cord wrapped around stood for while he had marked haven hotel here's my theory about them i think that they actually are fraternal twins
there are raised in utero together and need our one time at some points a alpha twin will try to kill the other twin absorb its nutrients here i think that john bruton like tried to kill me like just ten days ago in the wet year in the womb just like just nibbled on his hand a bit him on his neck sucks from the blood i add the there there buddy caught movie waiting to happen like the marked davis is the book is the comp like trips over himself like fires is gone the wrong way and then junctions wonders like in all womanizer and drives a really cool car juggling coming together they unlock each other's power he takes over a position detect a position from a guy that got fired like at the last second yes and then solves all the doll that case using his closer together he sees it also he is he has announced that he is calling the place and so were excited for that he's gonna make their car o hall fame quarterback and probably not can we get back
i just like a wooden amari cooper inter car good because the nickname of asia so fuckin who and then he also said and he said i have a i have a lot to prove i haven't wanna game since two thousand eight i also have in lhasa gibson since two little spends over himself even and i've never listener programmes euro i was able to be hired for ten years two million dollars a year ago belch exhaustion pupils zero for me now how at that hitler never lost superbowl you gonna go higher number of hours as i know i'm just saying i bet you i could convince jerry jones a higher adolf hitler if i had lady a model of scotch in like two days to work on him i could die could i get implanted in his brain the other news is described in the eyes
yeah deuce is i think he's like an assistance to address assuming he's a past somebody demonstrating conditioning or for the hour where he's seen a picture deuce grew and he is like that meets with the with the people then like took steroids unless you project that's do scrutiny in real life so he's gone out to oakland yes oh i guess he's gonna do something to strengthen condition out there to have gone from one group into the other its it also crockery joggers like i want to give i love the city of oakland mississippi vulcan i want to give oakland best two years football that they can have for him then allow i like that though i like having an expiration date i warn you get to enjoy this to show through better geologic yeah do scrooge he should just be like a giant we ve got is a real name this eyes birth name is it you tat you are you doubting the john grew we actually do aimed his son do sit at his second son i think probably i'm doing the math on i'm put myself in jordan's head and i
i can't think of any other explanation this is what this gara here i call this guy you know these guys do see my second work as triple threat manitoba and i can't i'm working now but this it would be ridiculous if his name was actually doing is it come on the absurd is someone find out there's an extraordinary usually has therefore me i'm right hand side in so his name is do i grew the attempted the do should this be treated as a guard dog is put him on a chain given the collar per
proud facility here and then anyone that looks like they should be around us have do scope and beat the shit out of who you should actually just like like the smoky in tennessee did the dog that system is little house each put em on any at all on the field he abbot letters just chain him up against the black hole mentors let em dislike given that little tether maybe electric shock m yet when he gets to close the field given doghouse yeah two seven live in other give him a small house would like a squat reckon it always name is actually john fuck he's john the second don't do that greece has not though be great if you just build some like michael each style equipment shed in the incident with nothing but like a squat rack and like maybe a watercolor like a camel backfire just stay hydro reduce lives yeah as do says i let's get too hot see cool thrown hank wash start ok my hot seat is portugal while the band no
i think there is a ban their efforts with the other is portugal the man but apparently people are very upset that in old portuguese tradition which encourages parents to give their kids as young as five years old cigarettes to smoke people have said about that why i dunno doc say the price and passed out for centuries as part of a celebration of life tied to the christian epiphany and what resources but nobody is sure what it symbolizes are exactly why parents by the pack of cigarettes over the king has it looks coolest shit yeah it's pretty easy question bad ass kids know i see a kid who a five year old with a pack of cigarettes like in his arm and like smoke whom a heater i'm walking across europe that was my introduction to new york actually i was here when i was like thirteen years old fourteen years old there's a seven year old kid yes smoking a cigarette not just smoking cigarettes like gesturing emphatically with a cigarette like he smoked a few hundred of those you will like it was a big deal you smoking at the city i hate this fuckin place he arrived portuguese sweetbread shits good real good
also i don't think portugal's ever been defeated in a war waft of fact check that so also recalling as a lot oh yeah so they were gonna let go in for an unfortunate in midstream keep letting your kid smoke cigarettes i wasn't sure portugal a country is when you said the bandits go see the country but i stopped myself exciting when it is in fact a country and their say there's such an awful country they make all brazil talk their language and so people that is alpha my cool throne is the ball family big boy brand yes sad a hundred thousand people watching a bunch of seventeen year olds play basketball at one thirty on a tuesday hell yeah i like it i tell you how they do that
god they won the game mel had like fifteen points so so the bigger the big thing now without like the enemy would like an air you like asking the nba community is like all the coach you like safeguarded it they just go off on the arm of our ball in the ball family and just like this is a societal issue that we're getting his passion tat people yeah i love every second of the virus a pissing people off gives me life because as he's disrupting everything he's greeted his own shoe company he's gonna create his own league like everything he does is just a small business owner just saint fuck you to the big eyes and guess what people want to watch so suck it i m o brien they come like the carnation family viewports yet
the carnatic of it kinda ration minimalist such safety other in their everybody liked watching married kind you fuckin awesome so we are keeping our you're not a problematic to keep unicef and the the better business bureau bring in giving the ball family the big boy brennan f and then someone writing in that they
tried to get their shoes and i called in and customer service said you sound like a small bawler brat like that's great yeah that's fucking rates a fuck you too every is also the perfect response to any sort of complaint like did you really you're calling a company to complain that you're deliveries laid you're such a narc yeah away so he went you paid me money and the gnome sending you something through the air yeah across the country in iraq its air today's late fuck off our mall about verbal pissing everyone all making real everyone back to everyone so upset and guess what people gonna keep watch it that's the beauty of like you eat the people keep getting madame la matter matter matter he just get stronger sure he's like the end boss like in us and sonic he's keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger data robotic yeah yeah yeah i went back and forth with a big bar wrap in the summer and he said he wants to come on the show innocent back the way of you with the aid of you i'll see big of our bought their town the commission as it has been a small boy then it is we just become the biggest small bawler brow if you if you sat there and watch his appearance on chris kronos tv show and came away with any other attitude but like disguise fucking hilarious and anyone they can actually be mad at him is a loser then mean you can probably ever get along i liked you there's a societal issue like oh wow turns out that the like our society likes to be entertained while you really you really got us their wide like to be entertained i liked to la many get myself bodies ankara plain about this data that made fun of a cable news had rather that that is a bridge too far you do not fuck with my cnn pandit i'd rather read a thousand word recap on february mba game than watch then watch live our ball like in it is antics know any more of our boat fast yes and who else hank janusz
and to do one hot see one could throw ok says you're not on earth who preferred not vagueness it was a fake oh you got conflict is night is rather around a tweet thou is treated like three years egoism nobody's gonna back i thought i'd naughty i i saw some melick bread far from now the concussion documentary and so my cool thrones can be documented goes tom brady come now the documentary well if breath far i wanted to prefer run the show if anyone knows but swinging which we just said the verbal but we're going to the superbowl obviously were be there all week anyone who has anyone hit up the part my take it up hank hank a parcel sports are come get us p we ve already got a bunch of interviews lined up any any help helps if there's anything better than you would specifically like in the euro on the show i'd to have them s ok fifty one you go first i'll go my hat see
people who having gone their flesh out yet man those can remain a guy wasn't while haider drag it do you guys get flew shouts yeah because anyone get autism i mean i don't because i don't want to get out of here ok devious lucia ya wanna go the doktor yeah you gotta go he's gotta walkers against flew shot you gotta get flew shot you'll get a flush out when ireland what i'll or the flu shots at one time do you have the further eaters walk to wherever the drugs are you gimme a flush one time i got a flu shot in the next day will conduct is absolutely loving to go on trains he loved her i know that's gotta get a flush exactly steer clear my other hot seat is hank so hang why got this morning and send us this tax cared uv land think this will we find no biggie and then fell down very well i will i will say it again begin cared uv land think this will be fine no biggie
what happened hank saw you know after national championship game i was just so adrenaline dump it was like such a great great feeling i had georgia three and a half and they somehow covered and then took some networks are like it's like twelve o clock em you know i'm right to run through a brick wall the up took a little too much like will i woke up like nine or ten o clock basically just tripping way i didn't really know where i was like literally falling down the stairs text that tax and then proceeded to get up out of my laughed and fell down the stairs and then i was i well i think i took too much like well yes or the funny thing is when i saw that text from you i knew exactly what is going on is so clearly unequal tax i've done the same thing once i'm i send somebody like a big stupid picture my face because i dreamt that data similar ok i need a photo of you for like the profile on my contacts and in my iphone or whatever and so i have done this the weird thing before is very obviously and i explained a dream to us nothing i expect
i real life because of a dream cared uv land think this would be fine no biggie have you heard land was all one word to yeah i i was i answered i don't the cool throne is old school for biogas so good and gets job and guess who's name is in the end in the in the works here are you say north turn oh yeah norville turner nor turner is somehow been resurrected and i love this just proves the theory that football is like the mafia once you're in europe for life and if you just gotta likes to stick around long enough your name will pop back will spend zone so make sure lost his job today our session other guy that's been around for a while he sat on where we were it's like an old football guy taking a new old football guys job which is enough to see my sure burma member there now
i do remember here any time the schuller boys are about and boys are running around you know that without a voice called asked about the about boys are i still too like be coaching a shitty ballgame at two o clock in the afternoon on december twenty september about every year as it were a big time match up we got the about and boy over here i'm a bit yet turk in idaho results are about encroaching like god eastern carolina nineteen years coat for life those fail sons really making the most of the young yeah good my heart seat is talk about oh yes i don't know if you guys saw the game last night of the commercial for talk about the game great commercial and assume awoke in illuminati supercilium commercial and guess who's on the day on the on the trail of taco bell is charlie daniel jody knows tweeted out a warning we do not joke about illuminati
the child daniels's a man that does not give up easy and who is charlie daniels charlie he sang this wound to georgia the whisky jack daniels ok the club search ideals has doubled and whisky before he sang when the tap went down to georgia amounting in known night you five those in the house erasmus and in ways you don't like the guy who sang about devils unlike illuminati said the illuminati is not some joke about because taco bell joked about eliminating this part of the illumination well that's a cover here's a theseus texan was like charlie we're gonna need someone to cover for this taco bell blown up our spoils also tweets about his ongoing investigation into been gaza every morning so what's he gets round to solving been guys you then he's going to figure out
maybe let me let's get him so unanimous voting talk about let me let's get him and a colander killings morning besides it's not that it's not me i'm just saying charlie daniels's coming after you you're in deep trouble d ever do you ever wake up i wake up probably was three times a month and i'll just by pop open twitter and just happened kurt showings periscope puts up could easily periscope under twenty per out about how the government trying bring every cultural had flown after you pay here's my take over i don't think you luminaries real i've actually been doing a lot of thinking about this if the illuminati was real they re like so powerful that they would eventually see somebody who came for the illuminati everybody always saying the law sierra weed i everybody's always blaming the illuminati for stuff if there are actually real they would shut that shit dennis i hear watches approve a tea ready part of my take is the official podcast de illuminati right happy to announce we just got sponsored by the illuminati we are now
kings apart casserole they're not gonna come at me for defamation yeah because that's like we need the illuminati you'd orange they more illuminati is it's it's like all powerful above the law it has no law does not law that the illuminati has to like it here to get up so that they are the law by sitting income shut me down for saying that no cause they're gonna be like these has a spot potatoes fuckin her small small tortillas now i disagree so small they just gives no yeah dear you didn't want to fuck illuminati because i didn't see you they'll kill you when you're not look looking at a buzzword article thirty three m listening thirty three sides illuminati israel look out there are three signs you worthy illumined for lady gaga face so they re like good luck deciding on the shape of pizza rats bundle you can see the was peter rabbit was peter out of false flag for illuminati all of us repeats iraqis are yes we were my core throne
is what you know actually had norbert her the armor go through amazon should above ass mine someone switch up my cool throne is rex backs rex extra back rodrigo rodrigo hot rod hot rod caught the world by storm us i drilled that fifty one you order and over time so get that was clutched that do his money i here's the thing rodrigo understands more than most that if you just have a thing as a college athlete you skyrocket your draft appeal yes you like if he didn't have those glasses he probably would be maybe a sixth seventh round pick he's probably third round because he's the kicker with glasses well i actually i mean i i would like the barrister trafford riga because i think he's a game changer the only problem that is the box have the picture for the bears himself conflict on that what's up
no because they're gonna be so gunshot about taking kicker the bucks partly won't draft a kick in the next fifty years yet they just won't google sands kicker although i mean acquires younger brother anytime you have a chance to has got its torn a turtle and half turtle tunnel i there's our hearts equal drawn let's get to our interview with jerome better the boss before we do that here at all my take we know the building something new something that others can act with his lot easier with the right tools that's why we're excited have word press dot com is a sponsor we use word press a single day it's the online home of partial sports and let me tell you what are you looking to create a person blogger business site or both create your website on war preston come helps you find others remember you and can it with you you don't need experience setting up a website wordpress guide you through the process from start to finish they take your the technical side so it's easy to get set up and their customers
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central time at university minnesota's three m arena at marinucci so what's so who's in who's in the latter lakes bull well underway gregg jennings azeri railroading whole team on his car rode off if the country is in front of our little so it is not in a cab mislead the game and that jason i believe a hazy a former player whose actually now a farmer ok yeah so he's he's account on both sides is around the fence ok sort gonna get people to realise that they had their careers and agriculture careers exactly and the technology is there a meaning there flying drawn in farmers only site pretty nice out as does not quite parka that's acknowledging that now jihad is not just is now part of wrath of what we're doing here but that there is
santa barbara to his lot of careers and we want to show and really bring the light of this at the event is free okay everyone and it's like you said the university of minnesota's at the hockey arena so come out it's going to be great time we going to have a great fun and if anybody wanted we mean any any information about it is that the farm bowl dot com you can check it out and saw some pictures and videos so be soon we're going to be in super bowl week at super bowl week the last cold city actually think they put in new york of a few years ago ben's one of the last cult cities they played in was detroit where ye won the superbowl
do you realize how much you guys are the nfl ruins the media's job when i make us go to hold whether cities for suitable to explain a matter honesty how to do it well we like to dry outside to do where hold eyesight wine shirts against the next the pool eyes ashoored not aberdeen monopolies it inevitably tried i'm sure yes immense especially difficult when you were in detroit degenerate surges i carry around a sign that says yes i'm from detroit but how sick sick were you but i was sick of hearing that you are from detroit by there that we know what for me it was a blessing because think about it i was taking all the interviews a second year quarterback
first you want him back starting saw how you order you know no eyes i wanted to take all of the interview so that these guys go we're about the game it because i'm allows you know i was a back up oboloi plan twenty twenty five plays a game but i wanted those guys not to have to deal with a sly took on all of that the meat the interviews of allah because for me in
thirteen years in there wasn't a question i could answer and i don't have a problem with anything saw it was fine for me so actually worked out in our fame do you ever like sit back and just come marvel at the fact that you had the perfect story but you know book ending took rear began very few wasn't ready on our way ill you aren't even know who else has like stray has had a great worry and yeah very few guys you get to walk away we peyton one and walked away but the end in your home tat right now is that that was the one that is different from everybody else's is that you know all these guys ones who bought and walked away i wanted and walked away any was in my home town which is rare
in any case because a lot of times you have to boil then come to most guys hometown and when it does it doesn't line up and means all the stars lined up for me and that particular situation so it was definitely a storybook ending for my career and i was you know or thrilled to have won the championship where i started my career hotter jerome better do in today's nfl out think i have the same impact in today's fail because like i say i need a twenty five carries and thirty carries now i think is some instances if i play in pittsburgh i still have the same impact because they're still ace the run by labour gambia had three hundred toilet carries this year he got the ball so yeah if i was situation like that yes if i was another team probably not big the latter teams are at going pass first and
second balzac it in any case diminished the the running back position to a degree so certain certain teams i think i will still have tremendous success on but certain teams i think i would be like like gum jameson why me yeah give enemy due to go do think teams would make you play for back you'd actually finally play a real man now because they don't play for bags might even play uniform lineal killed maybe if i was glad to hear the forbidden ada millennials cuba obtained would you actually did you like contact because you hear people say a lot like this guy like to get it if you have if you had your way on a carry would you actually run somebody over would you just run around me go needs our love to run around
they were who was it gets hit in the face you don't want to now if if it happened so be about wanna get smacked enema laughed i would rather go around clearly on my son i like contact i would prefer that attacked by a human body craves contact you more about art is a key word is did you say nothing is would you would prefer contact meaning you haven't could the council was also some gonna play all so trust me if you got contacted the thirteen years in this car was as you would say i don't want god tat bore write us back you have raised the third to use that support you say i've had enough contact yes i think of it do they put balls in trouble because of all the contact no i think football is is is reinventing itself i think it when it comes out on the other side yeah it's going to be a different game is not going to be your grandmothers and grandfathers nfl it's going to be
a millennium goal in a fairly up there's gonna be a little different sometimes i have a lot of guys look corky but i think generally we still have the same thirty two team that you that you want a cheer for ill still be a great gave just won't be the yeah i mean it i dont obviously think ghana falls going anywhere but i agree there's gonna be an evolution they're gonna have to ask you about last whose sq be played with well i've gotta say been rafters burger no question about people which has batched on chaz batch yeah charlie batch jolly bat actually a deer play which are leading charley was really good really is really really and i dare say at the time
it was probably a better passer than that in the time i ve been was still a better player being had that it that debt most players though half a million me a good player but you don't have that it wouldn't whisky ya wanna he's had a been you just did you guys notice that right away you it was just john he's rookie year you have fifteen a warrior so's is like because whereas we like ok well we're gonna carry you were gonna carry you and then there was a games where ok we can carry you owe me a great throw your great i won't see that you say where's kid you help him at all like his couple first couple years me with some immaturity why do you trot at you you don't help when we try to guide them and and and though advise him hey this is a good idea is not such a good idea prior won't do
listen to his rookie year one he gate and bring in every city every saturday the rookies have to bring the veteran guys there their breakfast anybody guy don't bring the only right so now we're we're in the cafeteria in the morning in dakota backs over there sit down i have any form like what happened men in bringing the breakfast rise like when you me so i had to talk to ban being hammer you think i would want to let her get here for me so illicit if that means you gotta get you gotta get moving damage earlier you have to bring right the veteran s all those kind of things you you gotta bring to his attention i know we know that you ve got a lot of your plate you're the starting now you gotta get it early from look a film but that means you gotta get up that much earlier because you still have have rookie response
right you think maybe so it says things like that that you know he had learned in and blame me a lot of his plate haven't been starter as rookie still have them the breakfast to get the right for the right but he got to breakfast to even out the brain maybe just like aid or the hash browns on his way and to set out now listen his face got like five times wider in the first three years and the ethical joe said about nor did we ever been what's up maybe just like liposuction some of the face and i put in your arm while he was he was still growing mean you know you gonna think he was underclass munich game on early so he was still he was still growing i'm still grow into but my problem is the three and six went wrong way gone indifferent okay so do you hu i have a theory that you actually when you sweet i'm talking about you in today's nfl though you might not have had as much of an impact i should think you would have to find impact because
when you were in the nfl it was fat but now its thick your thick now yeah yeah that's like actually like people want nor must listen to see their animals martha was php t is needed that is or was it worked right where from got out the gaubert aouda i'd have some success how much itzhak playing on actual turf ah man it was tough there's no many guys laughed like immediate cisco one of those things you gotta get in the nineties play on that concrete was to have any no privacy in three rivers it was a turf field may was bad figures toll on you fortunately out and play on that long
i played on long enough to wearing i had ankle surgery because you know you get us ankles per egon spurs in there and it may was just it wasn't it wasn't accommodating i'll say that mean you about that much turf and then it would seem in vienna so it was it was it was painful widely the foot it is if you are still playing on turf that time you ran over earlier he probably would have stopped you because it was asked the slippery field so caught fake news that's that hit people like while jerome better run over that wasn't that's not really how it went down there now and now he slipped up i was wet go it was wet are going a world about following the tragedy right here did you call heads or tails and conflict icon house tails
i've been watching a lotta me on networks and you doing something with your eyes i can tell i dont think i want that you called tales do some which are always biting his lip and looking up stairs absurdity right up to the right now she ate what does your ass well ass only goes tales never fails yap never everywhere actually i caught heads oh at the beginning the game so that's what made me called and over to earlier look at our called the coin toss i give the game i can't it's right and you gotta right when backward detail not yet i gotta criteria they i got to hammer domain so i was gonna end i got officially fired from that deal has caused congress it a fire you from the and tat s another point us after that
that guy was get i'm sure that working as in detroit gabble first time i've ever played in detroit because i had obviously played out no aid for the rams they move so i never play retreat in detroit that was the first time i played betray me too i had about eighty people are family friends what what's so detroit you're from detroit you played for one of the best franchises in football why the lions so bad you know what i was never lines van as a key growing that's crazy because i wasn't a football fan first of all an infallible because only begins i was bowling that's right rice or adding even watch only time a watchful bar was on thanksgiving an end because of them as i was among my grandmother's house ass she was a big above it so there's only two teams that play really old things given area colossal
so i became a cowboys van because alliance they were they thought like i'm a goblin your password for game i got money i got one went round is it was it like no rise if someone witness the actually it was at this unaware was where they inflatable bumpers otherwise just come up on the saddle candle pay it was at the brunswick programme so there was all the pros were their castles imagine imagine shootin of fifty nine at a golf tournament and its programme you plan with all the other pro golfers so that's the equivalent of what i did so yeah it was it was that's us everybody saw it so except those supporting not quite because moreover game now you don't have it didn't come with diamonds yet and so good
it was not like you as you guys i struggled poisoning accomplishment any one of them out of it all right right the offence was not great but you had a perfect came in boy forget right so but i deplore the game the term should because then it says win it it don't say how many yards on here is is twenty one ten still is overdue seahawks and nobody remembers who
they weren't again oh i did wonder at me through giants bags i'm amber and also the refugee unlike saved you got disease if i remember everything about that owing to the rank of stupid orang saddle member dwarfs actually get they do you hear but they don't get they get a rift a rough yeah superpower dealers logo on in our know how it just look at the family are signed by bias inside it actually has a interfere logo on it and what you guys are reporting nets fake news as all my uncle is actually is over it we remember a lot about nets in your which you remember is not actually remember we are ass let who ghastly member you told me you you guys this say you guys drink before the gay
what you remember is flawed because you told me earlier that you you light warm weather so you can have your shirt on and you can drink so that tells me during the course of the game you're the m your impaired so clearly what youths you see you didn't really see there was some loosen the ginning ok whatever you gotta drinking so be careful i was i remember i came here i was in college of the time in all my roommates it i pulled together all the money we had to try to put it on the sea hawks too when a new tv so you owe me a tv yet but guess what that was so oh no wasn't if the reps didn't work out a new tv you got always know see how they were they were good they display more great they were john alexander pretty good he was really gooseberry you through the glass together
did not like contact alexander too busy has if you look at our team we were really good guess to run a k did you before we were number one in the lee differs nemorin before so we that year we had a really good defence still you couldn't run ball against us and so if you really did your homework you would have known that they did what's yells really good at is not really what they're gonna bees in the game is that was our austrian so they had to abandon the running game because they couldn't win football i so as a result of it they became dimensional and they were at the mercy of the referee anita
the problem when europe is that when you're still watching james right after myself you are you i know you you know that we now know that we want to have the ring so that the end of the day that matters but we i saw the game and i saw tat we live in life and we're at the indebtedness in russia that it in my first in order to do in my personal record books the sea ox one that support the beautiful my personal record but he's got a banner you'd have higher my house his record book like your body reads it know nobody really cares about it you will hold out of beauty i make a pyramid a book about a pyramid of super balls in railway superbowl see we're not gonna be in it either was funny about that is it took me five years ago two out of fame rain
every year people wilhite may your holiday mama book and i would always there may it but nobody cares about your book no not a real probably book here will we in europe are now nobody reads sales on the south here's what you forget its sales of oliver personal books as fans those pay your sour yeah but you would guess what that's why i'm retired making money that's why you're your books don't sell you now amazon you not making money down that's why you that's why you on radio that's why you future future that's where the money is not a books clearly you guys you guys aren't my boy gets lost as yet no said when you when you're money when you watch and steelers games to this day if you watch a nice relay of sea north football some some bangles steelers and you see those two teams grown at it do actually get mad watching the bangles do you wanna like jump through your tv and i
punched one as you know i don't do that but but you only those the games where you you you get a little wound up a little bit terms of i watching game like you're in it would allow more than if i will just watch in no cleveland play anybody right so so you watch that game you watched him more intently because you know it's a lot of emotion lotta energy in a game you think i want as perfect dirty pillar but you know what i think he is dirty but he's a good player rested dusted the crazy he's a good call player but he does have some antics that come with what he doesn't mean you can see some little things that he does and he needs it needs a guys in trying to get guys to get a reaction out over a mean and so if you i said that big fan you can appreciate some
things that he does opposite because he's trying to get you to make a mistake right in a lot of times cuz get guys to try to punch him or fight when they get penalties and things like that but at times he he will try to take it a little over the edge as well so i think he's one of those player they's a good player if if didn't if you didn't come with all things he comes with i think he'd be an even better player and more respected in iranian affair because he's a guph abruptly i think i think you would have been a great pleasure all round and respect player in the nineties but today in today's give us your eye everything gets circle lyman alec this high one hundred i totally agree with you there because when we played all that's why i know i see some things you doin x y know exactly what he's doing because
in my error that was fair play right that's what those guys do right what about coaches coming onto the field to try to fight the other team with joy porter was nearer to her was unjust cover recent development was there was a mayor mean coach power he he tried to punch at the guide jacksonville jaguars he read he medium of your memory black to kick in these running back on asylum cow rollback on an idea episode was thousand our days where was it you know coaches coaches got involved in my last it's a secret question so anyone who is looking to go to comedy concert sports download to seek out put in promo code take for ten dollars off was promo code ticking take plus take promo code taxi geek art is james harrison prison non grata in pittsburgh now do you see him and you'll talk to know do but i think the fans there that they'd be really of california
yeah yeah they be kind of broke up marathon yeah he he he he went to the enemy so yes he is he's a lot of people look at him is persona non grata i think his his former teammates will feel the same way i think the only way he gets a pass right now it would do he would be looked at differently going too far in pittsburgh is that worth it but guess what nobody knows anything because james is the extra that such solid poison one always saying my say right earring yemen so weird to me though because he had great career and i know he wants to play but if they go it i'm just gonna win the superbowl i would imagine he would do he would be looked at differently going to bars in pittsburgh is that worth it but guess what nobody knows anything because james isn't here
that such solid poison one always saying my say right during those years yet wrangle say thou you wanna do as he can bring your hair i seem at your restaurant and i'd mother fuck em while taking a piss looking through the woods guess i fancy appeared ass well ass i do if i was a student oreo noodle when you play your bill and walk outside i can't believe that guy's in their yeah yeah i need extra hold me back why you walk in that we're right then you tweet item as you go anywhere he had you say you were actually hitch block me on twitter do you think that's kind of chicken show up it is he bought your twitter big bendy two april for twitter to carry on twitter on positive big ben blocks your twitter cassie blocks like a hundred thousand people he's not like me are you sure you sure will do a google search me about this i'm pretty sure blocks in autumn we don't you have serbia as that is so he doesn't run is twitter somebody else knows some really really lock literally everybody on twitter if you probably say something now no
now even if even if you don't he just blocks every file rigour i'm not rigour snowflake you poor before its true at opening up w freon worried if not why not by do that is by god now bided rooms opened up as you know why i could in the event that was a case that be terrible so he knows i was just one hour the ignorant now is that i know i know you didn't its alone for people at home or listen this is borne up his phone right now there's no way though in cameroon and here they scare me there's video here this calamity video is video of this i'm not block i'd like i do have one more question repercussions on record our homework send for you you're a doctor i am a doctor he received an artery honorary doctorate degree of ok yeah go
where we going with medically speaking you were gonna have i've three nipples can you confirm that it's not an actual for he has fought for levels can you can his for further that's that's an apparatus that is from accurate or mere medical point when you look at why you're looking at it you know i guess i gotta go partners really deep but you see that shall be concerned at all really do you should be annual all the way and their going back haven thereby concern me very concerned ok create sudden around we appreciate very much actually we have to do one last thing we do a table reading can we do them off a scene roquat with you you're in is that ok really i do i have a right here so you can do your lines
you go michael be white on your jerome aragon check it out hi i'm michael scott dunder dwight troop assistant regional manager dunder michelin i am a huge fan things oppression i guess you know what i'm having a huge blow tonight room three hundred and eight hope you can come all right maybe maybe i can okay so can i tell people going to be there no you cannot so maybe see you why do they call the bus because he's afraid to fly antsy while nailed it crushed it alamo bow of you guys nailed it but let us get rid of us get drunk let us thank you so much so it's on a fund angry she i appreciated ends guys don't sell that book guys that interview was brought to you by movement movement watches
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in person off today with free shipping and fruit earns by going to envy empty that come slashed p m t the watches have clean design surviving and compliments over the place i reported on now's the time stupid watch came good envy emptied outcome slash p m t join the movement artless gives some segments first up we have an embrace debate these i go bears have hired a new head coach matt maggie lots wrecked the debate is how do we pronounced his last name we its technically maggie well but we're gonna go now nagy laguna you up at her but night nothing bad rhymes with maggie so i don't see how that could turn out everyone with that but about navy wool caging age we are saying before show we watch football scylla we don't get nagged we i mean
like if you wanna get nag the there's women for that rides to minors must say aerosol yeah like don't trigger me here i'm just trying to enjoy some football several gimme a lackey tommy nagy don't use the inward in my man came back yet dont nag right so i think i'm gonna go nagy ok i'm i'm i'm flip plop in right now between nagy navy but i'm leaning nag no new leg nagy nagy arpeggios burned his lot rpf special gonna be excited about it i m very excited about the higher because when is the the bears hiring an office of genius gone wrong go that's really good point how do you do this practice press conference i don't ever want to see the tape on that before the bears gung ho ho themselves and they treated with a picture ryan pace and met maggie handshaking amelia said mission accomplished
ok i know that's usually good things to say before you ve actually want anything my brain frozen china pronouncing there yet did they met a navy did they do it on an aircraft carrier he reckoned measure back folks bears are back we have supported the future update hank so what's the deal with rugby lacrosse it's gonna be in the two thousand twenty eight olympics saga oh great so they're gonna put a sport into thing where they like all the fake sports live so like do respect is soon as an all jedo likelier armies and then deny us you not so hey all the support the future ten years away that really is the sport the future tat i was gonna play airlines are so you guys are thinking do you have a small baldos with small bar brain we what year two and twenty eight i know what i'm gonna be i welcome the idea of it they can promise super whatever they can say ok we're gonna have
dogs jousting with their dixon twenty eight olympic nobody's gonna care because we're not could mulatto see it's any other country in the world play the cross this who made them the iroquois nation yeah like there's when he talks really are asked or search show it is not really is six a data come back when we has not play with to have so many people someone there plays across agreed you say this to dominate which are fine with i'm cool with that but let us not pretend that like this is some big news it is big news is what sort of lisbon is interesting is rugby get added already two years ago and they took the real sports out they took baseball out yak is that that's my hold up the basement theory is you gotta go where the figure is living gotta here's my here's my theory listen this once more the little far fetched bilbil jack hates nfl hates roderick adele second winning he's gonna be after ones sexist basic gonna to the best coach of all time to become established the only way that you can start
like if you want to retire you can't stop someone from being better than you write like he want to go down as the best so the only way the best to sport coach volta s jim brown it he's going iconography coach he's gonna be and the commissioner let us hope that such aid would issue a cry have a commissioner he knows he sees the writing on the wall the nfl is gonna be dead soon concussions i won't be long running are here only cut where's headquarters is just some frat houses you ve probably somewhere massachusetts he's gonna become the commissioner and then you can install recruiting the best football mines till across and there was that best football minds or in across their sarka the apple he's gonna ruin the sport the loves so thou he goes but our top as the best come out and say that guy you're you're fantasy of bilbil check dominating look
us as a commissioner is like the lame is fantasy of italy sale i mean he's gonna be a coach early stage can be gully now we want to think someone's gonna nail across his nose you take out grow steroids founding whose values along stick panting thinks that bill belgic just like sit in a chair at anyone musician america such that organizational become only takes fantasies about which accurately tray eggs fantasies bilbao check like writing emil's from the world headquarters lacrosse like we got a brook grow the brand guys you small blogs our brains it's about him going out on top and then a foul and then taking down that fell in roger darwin everything hits about them one of those things you take down the mountain loves football too much ever destroyed sport there who cross was his first love but for past changing second me his father the football the global change again matching engine kalinov zactly exactly again now grown apart ok now sort of future dean
where the twenty twenty eight olympics are going very well arise like mars so we have her metalogy so little update deserve our signal about her edwards harm edwards tweeted for the first time in seven years today and a treaty that is for any new office and he also gave the sun's that's the sun devil slogan which also the shock or that there is no way that harm knows that he's given the shock or that wasn't too in the tunis too in the bank wanted to stink nice try her so yes seven years since tweeting i guess somebody told me to say yes to recruit out yeah he's gonna be a big too he's gonna be doing the motivations tweets in all that stuff gettin in touch with the kid we're gonna get some big insight into ever their social media managers midas gives their good there's gonna have heard as like a puppet on a string yeah just be like hey the kids are do the harlem shake now harm you how is it that your desk nodding at how many times has examined swedish year zero
looks like harm is already up one nothing in the scoreboard a life who john bruton has never lost the superbowl since he got a twitter account gets ferko no peace are less favourable had he won't have you i hope he gets one they should make him get one it may have marked avis run as junk brain will free jihadi just do your tweets for you john i last saw before we get to guys on chicks bachelor update for guys it watch the bachelor we'd dont wants a bachelor but we want to make sure that everyone knows what's going on because it is the hottest show according to many oh hank what do we got crystal so brother was homeless she offered to help him and he said he wants to continue being homeless we're back off crystal that's a big red flag as you just said that that's a growth is going to change you she said then aloud
according to mr within okay crystal the care trouble so she's like it like a vast food rally about that back tat do and people are also upset that she's taking everyone's time with airy because she got a rose she solo date but already had a rose so all other girls are mad that she even though she has a rose he's taking up all their date title ii shocking news ever is that all the other girls are mad crystal with a cat becca with a k a h be careful way we have a few becker's on the show to know the lawyer law using only known as regards one laurent gonna get outta without back she's a favorite but she poster harry armpits on you too why like she's comfortable himself now i like it nothing becker now and the pigs bay is very european every gotta you ever go to new beach in europe ever go to a fish concert wish every its everywhere
and then finally the big sore the night is that she has bumper car trauma from a kid from which he was a kid upper cars there was a big there's a bare little big group date at a bumper car thing and she had to set it out because she could handle troubles that's it that's what he's weird quirks about you that like all your friends growing up now but when you make your national television debut and leg the images imagined her face when she found out that hurling is paralyzed is gonna be on her first episode that he's got stuck up exhausted i can confidently say that i will never come across a bumper car the rest of my life i can't remember last summer someone i don't think i've row we drove bumper cars are the minnesota state fair together how far through had a good and until we don't know phobia well though not designed with
here you are the worse you aren't outbreak was also like hey don't up we're not acted as a safe i didn't have the problem is you can't go fast when you're fat in those thinks they like they're they're built for guys for little like beta men like you are a hundred ninety gowns you didn't like tat last i forgot catechism no that's not it doesn't move no because a move when you're fat knows because big cat didn't like cancer i loved conklin whim of it we have a video out there of of me contacting you could have you ve gone robins were like air i know yes because every time i get in any kind of lorries racists and so if you are good at robin you have been able to rob me relevant arrests enough to rob you can rubbing how'd you get up to anyone you try to rob me i'll put you couldn't rubbed up a little fat was too quick for you to rub i'd here we go cordell corporal cordero court pearl patterson from the oakland raiders now welcome on recurring guess corporal patterson did he fuck up your name right there nor did he did he do
oh it's what i do course barrel corridor i told you i we did this last time so i start my meaning there was a year ago i forget things order do some guys on checks with korea global first women talk a little football let's i mean your ear on the raiders now they just announced they just at the press conference with john bruton are you excited for john bruton to be yonah you on the sidelines next fall i'm never side of my anybody ellen emmy but in our all her ever do ok never what do you say we have a theory on the myself davis body the us on upon a team know your body size so she's reticent you can bring to the table i can't i can't wait to hear his nicknames for guys on their energy does not them better i knew your jaw groups are sense with this guy man i call this guy you know it's gonna be gold we're never gonna get your name right they know this guy i call this guy corduroy patterson he makes headlines man here you're not you
how can i get your name said right that's just knock and i've never do ok i'm never would view so we have a theory on the show that mark davis higher john bruton because when mark davis looks in the mirror he thinks it looks like junker comment no com mary when you put a place like seeing them next to each other twas evil spot on theory of online literally like like here really does one marked davis like via get if it's just not flow on tax it we're in like a club shirt marquise younger he's gonna start where advisers alot just because he is like we look so much like people get a mistake as what what's it like playing with martian man is as may be the best thing that ever happened to their whole organization he's differ mammies he himself when you i got to go to sleep many he's crazy man and everybody reiner organization respect him to a fall in sly he's
he's a god or had he could do whatever you or me everybody see remembered it in his day he respect everybody is a as apartment now on another fear base is great god where he liked half on he lighted by himself as one of the best guys the why are you logarithms alligator he walks into rules teammates railways like their little but happy around did you ever get thing where our report is currently in the team facilities set up red ropes round it now you know tat you did but he he wrote a bike around the organization why he he just got out his thoughts innovation in facility always that you did you wear chain against denver we're chain area you sure about that
we're home positive mismatch tape it you do and it gives me i'm not i'm not the kind of person they got their store files you know i don't think that there are other matters work tat person you are if you were a chain around a keep to be they probably snatcher now they saw it as him crabtree have history energy strategy since high school man going lower than it all goes back always hiding from my assent around saying here that's all i want to make some sort of things and if it's like there's a beef that that's that like it should be all rules yes like to have chosen a really i was deep that's fine you put these two together it's i put a frog and like a scorpion jargon gonna go out right exact last time you were here you told us that you puke when teddy bridgewater broke his leg during their practice now i hear that through our yea soon set a royal i did he's
the girl societies ever seen a lot like like you got sick i dig scenarios where's that everything when it was the worst thing i've see ever seen eye peut an improved did you throw up when saran for girls one cup reacted point perhaps san working ever seen you peut win win sambre for just like didn't show up for practice causes acl disappeared did you did you think anybody umpteen throat for that i don't think so vows ear no they didn't he broke the completion record right lasher yeah does last you're not i was there he ever those lasher right when you yeah you're part of that that was it would we are watching sandpipers breakdown temper record a males good you now as part of this major grazing better yet you feel like you're probably the main reason why get that yes i have one last question forgets guys on checks in this
might sound really dumb but what's it like being fast secure your question you know sometimes our own i don't feel fast i'd really their running images and here is not however that such a brag flings oh yeah don't we feel passages faster than if that's how i feel about people who are tom like what's it like being told me i don't know i just walk around look at the top you're stupid had no i'm just gonna look like i give it starts reining in here like you're you're you know mall and it's raining do you run your car cuz you like it there way faster like i'm fat and slow so i kind of just give up and just like sound like charlie brown just like when we get rained on who the fuck cares do you run like that must be awesome your weight run yeah i didn't know there's about ok large be cool it would be entirely july morality be a purse snatcher if elsewhere
he totally i'm gonna be that fast we personally yet we have to be you have to be close to a corner that you can turn the error like one of those guys car waiting they got you gotta like if you go to like france or italy they just like grab your cell phone taking a picture snatched a chain yeah oh i guess i gotta get questioned so obviously like in the inner fell no really guarantee contracts anything happened you two year but are you excited about the potential of moving las vegas would you wanna play las vegas i think everybody monoplane las vegas because his cheek by one and the taxes none unlike california or setting tacs gamble against your genes though is light i'm want to won't live under its cheer until you start gonna casinos that you would be actually the most expensive city for me to live it s big tax a me but a way to save you knew all spending money like i throw little money maybe fumbled open and kick off
no no that's not gonna happen because the nfl protects the shield gambling is not legal but we're having a team in las vegas yeah my list you guys on checks so first my boyfriend gets up every night in the middle night p but he always its downy peace in the middle the night doubled jeff does this mean about him tis a weird male vanguard out now go haddonfield this were first i think i'm on record as saying that every now and again if it's late at night or treat myself to disable secession because i dont want i don't trust my aim through my beautiful morning would situation gone to its just place relaxing and yet a little money spada like a p i believe everyone knows this but i will be in the sink in the middle of the night because you know that you are going to miss you i mean on the waters pin the sink european sink opinions
in the cabinet before peter canada cabinets all values muddled uselessly dire none anonymize one night i was listening i gotta tito's darker we play in amerika now you know they have illusion everything's different yum yum gotta birth kid so i treat myself to a nice load drank the little surveys it up and i think i'll drop way more not an idea of the operators love marguerite has now am a girlfriend told me i was paean will we put out to brush it saying that no way tat is why goes in the same period yours here's a good that i taught myself it's a mantra that a chant to myself every time i go p i say pga idea as for those in and if i say that to me of enough warm sober if i may be had you know couple shots into
you're a couple surveys couple the cat is it still its ingrained in my head there he goes and toilet and i'm only messed up like three or four times in stone dealers juror piece of gum data void in middle night tire marian art now zone of the ongoing or i think it's think it's a great great thing to do so now the answer is your boyfriend is healthy is horse hey pm people this especially begat oh what is our hair followed so easily my boyfriend gets so disgusted with how much hair i shed especially in the shower and tips that's for you guys you don't have long dsl longer assets for the two do you guys you guys gonna explain why you're here always follows i mean here's the thing it's not her hair falls out more just at those more of it all these people shorter you're actually loosen here to you just don't see it as it is is pussy little like two half in france so i think your hair just fallen out all the time now thickness what will you do you have
call me be shared lubeck yeah see long ere people shed long i don't care i shed additives any tips i just kept clean the top a more dianas i keep to her yeah yeah eat biotech joey's o use here go to him hymns forehead yeah promo code take i think i actually just started using hymns on my face we're gonna try to grub up sufficient here for me you ve got your growth is little yours but ok i've got you with it so i'm rogaine on my face orders here that were set hey i'm a friend of mine when i was drunk even though i know he has a girlfriend i feel really bad and also have absolutely no desire to date him ever he keeps about how much funny at the night how can i best shut him down save her
yeah all like i hope your girlfriend doesn't find out about the herpes i gave you the article that will show that's actually create a resolution and i was there might have been my best solution ever ear had herpes egg a guys just wondering why guys feel like they had to be mean two girls they like i know it sounds tribunal in time but i really need to know this is written by like a fish greater i think we'd be mean because we really like you now guys and we like our emotions like you gave a guy doesn't say what he thinks he just kind of stuff sit down really deep down never talks about the that's a nice to somebody no you really yeah now good point if you're really nice somebody like while discuss actually technically be nairobi also nice or girls like nice guy scenario bad boys like apple only like hot casts yeah exactly like ours
would you say if looking around the room who'd you say the alpha in this room as you think you out us yeah how'd you out for our sake whose everything who you're a real thing you are you offering us right the second offer me that's right a great we're mental health is exactly sound this offers many again they exactly appreciate that ip empty my boyfriend cheated me recently we been able to move on but deeply the saying wants a tutor always cheater to be true why don't people do people choose to begin with a software has not itself take it but it's ok i know something as guys we always late is more at in rural for us and we always have their one person that we really really care about but we really don't believe it but that's the one word we think is more down we guardia john explore but being we we find a so glum back to the one that we really love grasses greener grants or am i like that answer a lot less one hague
as on p empty especially begat i persuade my own mix anwar al bunni usually it's really is that's the diet right now how do i presume my boyfriend start wearing pants and set of short in the winter just recently got him to quit wearing cargoes ok maybe it sounds like you're doing your job like a boyfriend probably that bit heavy so well tat guys we're short in the winter yankovo parents you're right it's like she's dating kevin smith which is fine and here's the here's a trick right you are shorter time you slowly transition and to genco shorts which are almost pants and you just slow
we replace all is like george with longer bag year shorts until there eventually touching issues next thing you know he's wearing patsy i put a frog in boiling water eternal the heat up really slow the frog does know is being observed experiences with frogs he brought a frogs like this what somebody on friday frogs their yellow fraud brain it happens where yet i nazi pot god yes europe instead of stephen psmith farrago ah the real everyone every guy has gone through this your lady just takes a shopping you're going shopping with me it's probably the worst like two hours your life then you come out and here's the is the benefit of it you don't get like you know ripped on for your clothes cuz it only works in putting on clothes and be like you're going to wear that like will get out you can wear anything weren't you got me into this may get exactly i feel like every that's like a very released like every woman in a relationship at some point i just been like you know what i'm just changing your entire wardrobe he's got suck it up deal with it
do you still do you wear a cargo cargo shorts nasa's highschool did you ever like a chain while never the market king worse cargo shorts is like almost like anti establishment connecting them every day in pilot seeking to retire is your tiring used he's crazy man he's crazy the attention he dismissed gaze almighty just talking he just ran forward star yeah it is barely ended like last week along off season for cordero think i very much appreciate it always always well come back on that was our show and will see ever on friday let me guess
ah it's pardon my take presented by bar stool sports
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