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NFL Week 3 Fastest 2 minutes (2:27 - 8:05). Is Joe Flacco permanently not elite, is Big Ben injured, do the Giants have everyone right where they want them (8:05 - 15:35). Who's Back Of The Week (15:35 - 27:56). Football Guy of the Week with Jeff Brohm, the Steelers, and honorary mention for Nick Saban being mad his team is winning 59-0 (27:56 - 40:01). Jay Glazer joins the show to talk about all the Week 3 news both on and off the field, when will Andrew Luck be back, and how realistic is the show Ballers (40:01 - 101:51). Segments include stay classy for Odell Beckham's piss celebration, Protest Power Rankings, Thoughts and Prayers to the Bulls alphas, Respect the Biz London edition, and a People Forget That for the fact that Carmelo Anthony got traded.
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Today's pardon my take. We talk about a wild weak, three of and I fell. Football, we also have our friend recurring, guess: Jake Laser on the show to talk about the inside of the ETA fell. We do little basketball talk whose back of the weak and football guy the week before we get all that good stuff going. I want to talk to you guys about our friends of rising and their new go now, Ninety up ever wondered how NASCAR top drivers get ready for race day then buckle up for road to re stay the groundbreaking new series. It goes behind the scenes with Hendrick Motor Sports.
Roads. Erase day is now streaming on. Go ninety dot show slash bars to that's. Go. Ninety dot show slash bars to go. Watch it right now go ninety show you will not disappoint, let's go. Let's not wealth in a part of my team is Bundy September. Twenty fifth listeners crushing is advised this podcast conversations that a political nature in public such as possible. How much we love for Paul, the NFL College Football, the National Football League, how much Sunday suck went for Paul is not on tv. The witching hour.
Win three and four p dot m and they still feel like. We are watching God on a television. Our fantasy football team, even though no one gives a fuck eating in front of the tv watching football thinking about football, and football is not on and football if you prefer to not engage in any of these political conversations. Please delete unsubscribe DR in redoubt on this podcast, also labour fives our view this national people, but political action group focusing on. I'm putting my taken, I approve this message. Welcome the part it might take. It is Monday September twenty fifth and we have we three of the NFL.
Wake up Jackie. I think I got something to say to you it's late September and instead of going back to school plague, balls takes a cap weak and travels abroad, where the London Jaguars are the greatest team to ever play an historic Wembley that was talking soccer, big Ben was set to coffin time in the ravens wish they had breakfasted this game. Although tankers are JAG off from Notting Hill to do Vall as jaguars our two in one look, what you just made Tyrol, Taylor, swift to Teheran alma, let you finish put the pills just took down the best team in the F C Kostiei West. All the ball surrounding Trevor Serbian was merely build up with no release, as a provocation by Miller went over. Niagara falls in a when apparel, because no one circles are wagons. Like a buffalo bill, rumbler Bubblin, stubborn Kenny,
the country squared off against Frank, Al Gore and a match up of snowflakes first tactics, but here's an inconvenient truth to Sean Hannity Keyser dispelled the fake news that he was the brown quarterback the future. After throwing three interceptions in yet another loss Cleveland, his underwater and the courts are global warming up Indy thirty one browns, twenty eight some spread.
Not do. Mokanna, hey Stafford played all right, all right, all right put Matt Damon Ryan's, and how do you like them? Apples when Detroit came up a yard for on the last play the game? The thing about the lions is, I get older and they keep losing the same games. Pakistani lies twenty six Michael Jordan, glinting seals, his signature win is starting NFL quarterback scorching, the Steelers for over one hundred passing yards were hunted want to be exact room and a Kubi are so low. In the teeth marked Sanchez tried to fuck it. The pear shaped the Steelers twenty three. Seventy God go out, not wipe
on a day that needed a patriot coordination to look up to Tommy. You learn, Brainy pulled the trigger later the fourth quarter and stood tall for New England Bill Clinton. O Brien took out his victory cigar a little prematurely and was left with quite a mess on his hands and a stain on his reputation. The patriot stand and deliver thirty six. Thirty, three, the tundra, don't feel general belong. Colin Powell beat the dolphins to a bloody pope. Like a japanese fishermen, it was Superdome Mario Davis's world, as he powered upon mushrooms like he was pill, Walton unrecorded. Twelve total tackles Josh. Macao wins the mark, trust man, who's, the man now dog of experts quarterbacks as a judge, Peter Davos, oh and three tell Peckham get it. That's all just check our egos backpack packed up up up up up up and puts one from telco county as Eagles. Take down the giants. Twenty some forty four,
standing on the corner. James whiz example Florida such a fine side to see it's definitely loud enough. Leopard forward and untidy name pig country cannot key. You had a p m. Is your job? Sam Bradford won't stop please in Denmark. Pull up to Marco Polo found em to market Marie Russia's for a hundred fifteen yards of the legion of homes, man is it. The sea hawks are left with a double Eric, tuckered toilet and a bad taste in the mouth. Titans in Taylor, Swift, Lou on wholly grounded pound, the sea hawks and left Seattle with some bad blood. No offense, Charlie shit he's got eight, allegedly thirty, three twenty seven. The New York Football died.
Looks like Hillary Clinton. The bangles regret not showing up in Wisconsin as they win the majority of the quarters, but lose the game in overtime. Their Giovani Bernard Sanders Bros tried to harass their way to a victory, but couldn't quite close. The deal Aaron Rodgers, let the Bengals secondary on fire, like it was a private email, server, packers, two thousand seven hundred and twenty four Caroline. I know you like to think your shit don't stink, but Lena Little bit closer see that roses really smell like New Orleans. Yeah roses really smell, like New Orleans saints make the Panthers shit stink. Three thousand four hundred and thirteen the chiefs play
slept and so vile revers. What it's like to get Karim Pied for change. As Karim on runs, girls gone while on the charges and flashes, only game tv to finish off L a twenty four times a week where politics in sports collided. We take you uttered the shadow of the White House where, in a torrent touching tribute to those clouds in Congress, Washington impose their will on the Derek or industry. The onwards beat the other our words in the Big Ral, John Marilyn's, big sandbox of shudder, dreams and broken promises. Twenty seven ten guess what a day that was bought, but the time for bow we're talking football. It was a wild wild weekend. Of that was the best
which, in our bleep overpowered for yeah, maybe bout a couple footballs when I get too much into politics here, but It was the best witching hour. We ve had in a long long time it was exam Finally, what we love about the NFL, every single game, swing on its like head at the last thing or two minutes in the fourth quarter. It was just back to back to back to back, even even the browns and the colts game had some touchdowns This is like a very nice thing to say: I was actually one of the sneaky best games. The entire wanted several guy wasn't. He was good. I don't expect you know, maybe chooser, like all these games. Like my children, young were our kind of ugly, and you know I wouldn't want to show to other people, but I still love them in their own. The monk way love em all it was great and it started with a Thursday game and this what the NFL does a rope it up. You they, When will you have such low expectations go into the weak? They just a completely puts its grip on it.
And it made me so happy that football is. But it was so perfect, though, that, like with everything that was going on and everyone said, we're not gonna watch this week and we'll get into our protest power rankings later then I felt delivered It was like the NFL knew the bit back was against the wall like oh yeah, hey guys. This is why I am the greatest support, however, been created is our should begin to stay woke territory. Just so happens. The Unifil had the most entertaining inflated aims engineer: Libya call the weekend where they perhaps needed more than ever. Maybe David Sir made the CALL Haven T Commissioner David Stern Geoghegan. We could call the rafts ahem. Let the boys play boys, blip boys, boys, that's right. Cleat placement looked a lot liked him Don T just say an interesting. I have a couple questions for you about weak three one. Are we now worried that show flak owes a lead? This is so car behind us that we will never remember that he was once a week. No because
cease. Thinks I well guess what that took place in England and it's like two: it's like cheating like cheating, on under significant other okay. If you a guy, called yeah, I quote an hour ago, different area code. It doesn't count true. So what happens in England stays Nicolaus like your girlfriend goes abroad is like hey, my phone doesn't work so we'll just have to email YAP over the next six months, Skype, but I'm really busy with with class work. All I can't even get my Skype. I try to Skype. You months must not have gone through out just really busy Friday, Saturday, Sunday night right so how's, the south of France. I buy that eighty eight, what happens in England? It should not count towards his legacy at all. It took place on soccer field Are you hold that against them? Yet not even a regulation on the answers now put? Yes, I think on acoustics. No, no, he had would he have like at least twenty yards passing. He had. What did you say? How many minors is that point o eight Kubi heart? Yes, he is here see yes, his his kubi art would be legally.
Allowed to drive a car in Ireland yeah in in America. He was like just maybe just chill out drink one water and have like a slice of beating like a cup of black coffee and culture electors and eat some pennies and thanked, and even know that life actually tremor don't drink drive. But there is a myth out there that if you have had, you drink for use eat a bunch of pennies pass, breathlessly, which I just like throne Others have you understood. Eating Pentland in the police officer sees somebody with a budget, pennies and math, and I could say the skies obvious about up. I'm watching my pennies discuss totally sober wanted to guide honeys. The lincolns poured out. My next question is big, been hurt,
Yes, he's always in it in a conference in a body, must never good rephrase. While her is big big, then, as the crow flies has probably the worse body in general of anyone in Meryton, namely anybody with a shit, your body well actually little teaser, there will get to it. For the week we got someone who goes up against big pasture yeah, I'm a little tease. Yes, he there is something wrong with them, or it could just be the fact that, like he doesn't like playing in cities at his own yeah, never premised socks everywhere on the road and all I know is that when my cleanin can Tortue four hundred in one yards, yes, you want a football game. We get out of two hundred and one yards and- and we had like the dumbest play ever which it's the the old. I do we.
All at the dish on Jackson. Dropping the ball before the isn't. He is the one that we like put it on, because he's the most famous gonna think he's gonna multiple times and put Cooper did that for the bears and its ray. I found out very fast it so so funny when it happens to anyone but you're too, and it is really really fuckin frustrate entity. Then who'd, you blame, like you, blame that, once they are claiming the cosmic Jha culture around it all, but I got a little undercurrent going where everything that goes wrong. The bears I make sure that I throw John foxes name in their because I'm kind of sick, actually thinkers Rama manuals fall. So bad leadership from the touch that should ever be a big Ben. I don't think he's hurt, I think he had just a bad indigestion because you get big Ben in Chicago he's. Gonna eat some pizza earlier. You has called Peter yeah, but other of bigotry of cheese. Yeah, sorry he's gonna need some of that he's got a drink, a shitload of MILAN
and it's gonna go straight to his neck. Who do not want to see these on the more we talk. A lot about how fat PIG Ben's faces on the programmes is fairly often recurring theme, but I think his neck doesn't get enough. Craig is his neck is going warming. While I asked what it's like it, it's like, like really fat shock, shock absorbers for his big fan head yet pick things where shot collar. Anyone feel to shuffle off now they have the really turned up in aid after we're, like like a moose shock, I said something I'm pretty sure big been does where Sarkozy brought product terms of his Michael Vick was on that little bit, and its secrets. We also have the giants Owen, three worse team in New York, which hoo hoo
That's it! That's that's a balls, you things say, but its factual facts. The jets are one into the giants are Owen three. My question to you is to the giants: have every right where they want, because this feels like one of those stupid years where Eli like ever like Eliza, worse quarterback, ever and then they'll just finish, nine seven and somehow, when I'm pretty sure those years always start up Owen too young, and they always almost Lucifer game. Kick o re without going on to its true, that's very true, but they usually like winder their own three game at the very last second and then that's the rallying almost did it. Here's a question is a time for players only meaning who, yes, we push the panic button or shave been Mackadoo head. That's near that doesn't could working. A little and then finally, before we gets over other stuff. I just want to I I feel like this just something we need to throw out there to remind people that all good things and in all good things, times. You know you got a roomy, remember what you have while you have it you're not being in sync anymore: no Nepeian, not sick anymore. I'm not paying
as far as you know, I'm not seeing as you so you just before the show started. You said you are also getting really having to start right s biggest now, so this impetus you're sick law. These are things that you just get into you just becoming like less and less coups. Okay. So here's what I learned you're coming Marilla into leaving skid marks, in my view, have poor compromise that mean that this happens. When you have a mustache, it's like it's like it's it's a natural tissue, so you can start rocket and then, if there's one thing you can wipe it up like I've ultra light like blue whales up when they eat krill out irish I've been snot rocketing, ensue the subway tracks every single time. Every morning, when the Squire Digital snack for the wrath right just people little some taste on, I was sick. Would you want to do. I was sick, napkin now the, but then you do in your nose gets a little like chafed and it's weird she's, not
I thought that you were like riding around and scooters and only wearing swept past, because it was funny now I decided not to the detriment of those. This is like on all countries more yes, this is not a bit ever remember those books, Anna morphs yeah. They didn't animal for view. It would just be. You are gradually beginning like getting over here and let go is living your life out of school, I'm living inefficient life needs only toilets and I don't need tissues so my lasting was the thing that we were gonna lose some day, but we need to hold onto for ever and ever is fill rivers and the game getting upset a people. It happens every single week, I'm I'm gonna miss it. Oh, what we like the Red Zone Channel sure just replay old, Philip Rivers clips long after retires, just so that we can like a bearing of where we are in the world right. There should actually just be a reality. Schoeffer, Philip Rivers yeah seventy kids.
There ya take over the french ironic. Cape was a word that what happened to those crazy to oversee the picture that, although they were minor, look down that guy? that guy superstars- and I know of our memory when it all fell, for it, was the most stereo typical, like fall apart situation, where the wife got some plastic surgery and, like a start, on the German, the guy in the dad became a sleaze ball sort of wearing like cargo shorts and got a piercing and dating like here in Europe that were elegant, unlimited collection of Ed Hardy Shirts s where I was so like burn them, went there perfect stared at all. I think the wife actually asked her fucking security guarantee did she make which requires even but no she now she fell just short. Ah others, though, time just next five years I let's get or whose, back before we do that draft kings for policies has begun its not to its get closely gave me love a draft kings. One week, fancy football this Sunday drafting hosting a one hundred thousand dollar contest that is totally free to enter with drafting. There are many ways to play: you choose between Publican.
That's a big cash prizes or private contest where you can compete against a group or your friends. Draft kings also has beginner and casual contest. Will you play against people of similar skill level get drafted Stay calm right now, use promo code. Big cat Biagi see eighty to play in drafting free contest with a hundred thousand origin total Prize this Sunday, that's promo code, big cat to compete for your share of a hundred thousand dollars and total prizes. The contest is totally free to enter. Why wouldn't you? by drafting a game inside the game. Eligibility should apply, see, drafting our comfort. He tells us do it whose back who Hank wants. You got lush start
couple look ass a model first, whose back the regal is going to be a play makers, because who, as we discuss on Friday s reminder, we are starting a book club and are booklovers. You watch an episode of play makers on you to be out of Rwanda. We talk, and I we talk about on Friday, show rights ass to be prepared to some. Let you know in advance are probably let you know get on Wednesday, the watch which is really just letting ourselves now. Yes, we can't remember three years defiling gonna procrastinate to receive us, there's w midnight I wash ripe for so yet at summer. One number two: is people filming themselves, reacting to the ending of games and imposing them of all tat? Will you see this is becoming a new ad thing to on on rose Mastercard, I don't even via assume it's like a mastercard ever some kind of the brand of gun into yeah. That's how you know that something is just about to get really cool right is when credit card company starts like thing latch onto a meme big credit cards, to try to capture you're intimate moments, I would argue back to them. I always say you either either die a meme or you live long enough to become a brand and we are entering the brand cycle of the of the filming yourself. Thank you and now what you have to be workforce, probably like three quarters of these are facon stage: oh yeah, oh yeah and
You have to be worked for, DARE Marvell, putting a price tag on your own personal moments, which can be great Mammy. Look for my other, whose back the weakest price, Harper, O or Bryce Harper is literally back yes, taking batting practice he's coming back to the nationals to shore far World Sir, is not a matter here next year this year nodded to his back. Yes, I actually like that, and now you think that stupid. No, I ever saw us mammal two things out. One of the best nodded suit was great, and also, I think I was here they had like the epic meltdown without it, there are still great gas, pretty bad. He had put it was going to carcinogens. A fun thing is not to choose back away. I have one more or her forehead goes people saying, just as we are expected,
and then saying something that we didn't actually expect. As a fund joke, oh hey, the rams are leading the Unifil into love. It's just as we all expect a router, their good. The bears in the jets one this week and just as we all expect Zactly. Yet he had the bears colts jets. Who is another shitty team, but one this week right got off this night? No, my thinking! Oh no door words! They are words you're, not that their little bit there. Better than the bears, or by velvet the bears back to better than that? Ok, Where are they get home there better than bad on the road there there better, really really really? Really? Historically, that? Yes, it's it's very, you know it's been line there, so we can watch it. You never know their schedule, literature and count every thank with what you are. You are you sure, thank you really are you also my, whose had week is Blake Balls of Blake Bulls, Wikipedia Club, huge game for touchdowns,
back. He looked so good face a London football. I fucking love him. I love him. I hope he stays back. Also, J Colored, not caring, yeah yeah without was that never really left, but its very much back. I was. I would also like to get a reality shove of Blake just going around London and talk to people. And getting very, very confused when people ask him if they have a cigarette in the special english vernacular through little code word. I if you from Florida, augur that yeah interesting gonna be an interesting conversation by without that jets win was a classic like a suit. In the other. Fellow soon as people start talking about a team being historically bad Dugan went again that's our is almost always our works. Like a man, this team is really really shooting, although just be domestic. At one point I was watching it and in Macao was thrown about. The incident went like two yards at abounds and
Now just go. That's why you have Josh Macao on their cause. He gives you a chance to make a play on. The mass psychiatrically throws ball out about abounds. He does get hurt. Somebody actually does he get. Everyone really use any this himself. Very dangerous person to play with the US are my whose back I have to the first one is: oh, you had to give to edit. Ok, my foot One is Iowa high heartbreak. So I pro best football game of the weekend. Penn state at Iowa, Penn, State I'd like an unreal last drive and just crushed. I feel like this is I'll. Wisconsin are both very similar culture. They just live to get crushed. It's like they vicious moments in between getting your hope, ripped out. So there's no real like excitement. Otherwise- and I at Berkeley is if HE d c m p about him about this. Guy he's fucking good years everybody in that stadium, I think, had a sense like
Yet I knew that there was an opening red yeah. Yes, it's impending dread until the clock had zero right and then even if they do when they feel like to get away with something. Yes exactly so nice, though I love islands yeah, I was great great state. I feel bad for them, but it is that we all it's like is that we are my other, whose back is our hands worth? Yes, I see this. Yes, I read about Albert I ain't in time, when the country is very divided. Albert Hazel has brought us all together. By issuing a statement out. Even a white, what what happened before the state he he went through like a very public thing with his girlfriend and nobody really care but Albert hands within his own head. He was like people. Are clamouring to know what the story is. Why a browser like rural Frere, so he like, went on it a twitter tirade using denotes. Yes, oh here's is, I got a friend I he wrote. Let me get some straight. Everybody can understand. I love all women as long as
you're beautiful, real woman trust me I'm trying to smash. So I think that I'm, going to alienate one six, the? U S, population, your fuckin wrong, my damn biggest problem is, I love women one day, one woman and settled me down black white brown or yellow. But until then, I'm like most guys in this world, just a school trying to get a not his own, has only mistaken eyes, wandered doing the thing where your listing all the people that you would have sex with. Like my race, you have to a little bit more of a top and add purple and yes, purple always therefore always gets in delivering orgy Biff just go to the home when all rainbow give up my dick in anything, yeah give its any spectrum of y. All I will put you owe me a whole, my dicks, going in there. We were actually earlier talking woes. It was a spiral that you o o
Could I wasn't sorrow, had a spiral that it it made. It move yes, and I were just talking about like different spirals that you'd fuck yeah as a guy, this guy, Sonia Girls, you can listen to begin. Don't don't judge me, don't tell me about my body, I fuck your cousin spiral and I have always been so fast. We might my throw back. It's like PAM Anderson back in the day, Brady Quince model, it noted aim. I mean it was just. I swear to God they painted it like extra bright or like like thicker, why yet a thicker white stripes it out it aims at spiral would just pop. I also have a theory that I'm working on it. Sam journals, not actually good, but his interceptions look good, so we'd when he makes a bad playwright disguise goodwill. He throws such a catch a ball right. The defenders carrying Paquette you, like thousand nice interception, I know, is a really bad play, We also we forgot to talk about this on on Friday, but the elite Clark, stadium mood. You fuck that, oh I forgot to encourage yourself appears in the Falcon stadium
outgoing wisely Israel barely weight limit to eliminate particular, oh what amount of Sunday Nah not open, That's why they don't have the ok, because all the guys we're just be sticking in deciding the stadium. Oh yeah, belly down in Atlanta Veer, Arthur Blank has definitely taken a helicopter over the stadium industry like hold a right here for second, yet whole array of images of no ship s first now and not allow battle in November, just taken like old drone. Maybe he's probably got a drone peel video and I was going in and out of the fuckin all he definitely exotic, but he also absolutely took a helicopter right up there, but a bunch court on yeah just took the pants off kept the jacket and the time and in the dress would undoubtedly clarity. Guy I gotta keep the cream. I looked left the socks on, took the pants another we're off and then budget and then bounce in an hour it on a whole state over maybe maybe covered himself in like oil and went in unknown guides hot stadiums. Nice
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Twenty percent of all websites. Raw word press create your word: press dot, com, site and you'll see why get started today with fifteen percent off any new plan, purchase good word, press dotcom such p empty to create your website and find the planned. That's right for you. That's word: press dot com for fifteen percent off your brand new website word: press dotcom such p. Empty do right now. Blogging is the future. I I said that I said that flung his future that's, pulled Saint merit, as were pressing on such be empty for poor guy of the week. Last week we had called the dog when this week we have some very, very good competition, so good that we actually to throw a couple. Guy then to the audible, mentions, including next haven, who got like visibly ups. It was ashy phases watching, Albania played probably the most dominating game that they played in like against the team in their own conference, a beat Vanderbilt, fifty nine, nothing they had a fire.
Start with, like a minute left up. Fifty nine, nothing and saving wanted yell at someone so bad, but he knew that, like that's, not appropriate. Fifty nine, nothing any just like paste and was angry and just like a mother fucking him, so I'm discouraging that began. I tat old schools What does it say, in two years ago, would have done. That already is saving after losing ninety three against Alice. You would have done that shit. You know what it is. They need that linking cut out he was probably just like. I was here I'd for, can take my belt, often just whip his ass and just fucking
yellow hair, its rightful about yet Sabin needs. He needs one dude on his staff. That is kind of. Is that the guy that he can target it's a guy? He it's a guy, he's saving the coasted. He saving from coaching purgatory, so we bases like if you come here, the guy, I'm doing you a favor. Don't you favour so of all save your career, but you gotta. Let me yet you unroped, fifty nine, nothing and we have a false start penalty yeah. I really need saving to to get back to his old form, because I was disappointing when it and then the other one. We had four, although I think make saving could just like if he got. If you get that mad in the moment and had a stroke, he could walk off. Strove yes, yeah! You just get me, give me like a little sip like a little smelling salts, no, the little the little doctors cups of water that little by little cone cup, maybe like three fluid ounces of water. We back yet ready to come that that will cure. Also it's important to know that Snicks AIM is coaches entire year with blue balls because it in winter day, when the chips are down, it is not an true. He not only didn't win, but he lost those two weeks, recruited, Sabin hates playing an actual troubridge game because any
ass though he loses recruited recitals I and the other honourable match was dug maroon. Do the fake pop up thirty seven, nothing which I like it do you think that's a football. I move because he also did show something that then people, now on tape that some say that he put a tendency out there. Okay, so now people have to prepare for him through and also again, this falls into the overseas category would happens in London, stay or London. Throw any probably just wanted to see like how the other fans over there would react to affect pumpkin for would never seen a yacht in and also propose, like we're, probably will never be in a situation again in our lives to run up the score. Let's like get all the monies worth right. Also, just when are you gonna be able to like to say that you ran affect pawn in England? Probably never goblet well as he'll be fired by the time they get back pro. He actually ask a point eight. So here we go the for football guise of the week. We have. We have a combo, for the first one. It is my comp Tomlin, unlike the whole Steelers, the or around the Steelers. So my Tomlin made the steel.
They in the locker room for the national anthem any said this we're not gonna play politics. Where football players were football- coaches, we're not purchase vein. The anthem today not to be disrespect
the other, but remove ourselves from the circumstance. I like tat is very big football game of Yazzi goes. He says like we. He knows that the Pittsburgh Steelers are probably the least qualified people in the world to discuss politics yeah just in general, so he is like we're gonna stay in house. I wouldn't like this. I dislike it whenever, whenever someone you use the term in house have, secondly, I will keep it in. I would have liked to see joy Porter and see what he, because we had like he could one up Ray Louis being drunk on the sidelines of Wembley and going double knee, which was a sight to be sick, novelty, untouched shirt, dark, sunglass outlets or illumine. You know what I would actually love and you can not protest if this was a star spangled banner, if they just lead James Harrison Grown fuelled by himself who, with the big flag math like it, covers the whole thing and he's doing the flag waving by himself as one do you, like you, do those boat, ropes, Yonder Jim, put some weights on oh yeah yeah. I will. I will stand up for that finance. Maybe, for God, Bless America gets that that James Harrison Hip thrust her thing where inputs like seven thousand pounds on just fucking, he just his air Fox, seven thousand path in a big gray, sweatsuit eye and then also for the steel or so it's a whole package of the Steelers. This guy on the internet, who are his fancy team, whose names old rookie said since they have decided as a team to boycott the national anthem. I have decided to boycott their team as far as having any active players in a starting line up and have dropped their defence from my team and will keep
were to receive resign, my bench. Unless someone wants to make trade offer that offers equal value, this will likely Did I forfeit quite a few points, but I can't and good conscious keep any players on the team that decide to poke the? U s the eye, so our entertain any reasonable offer for the two stealer receivers on my roster and they will just stay on my bench if no reasonable trade Community has in turn your brown ages bench to thank you for your service. Yes, this is ass. This guy should get a military, uniform earn. A word is properly was qualified imports or the Steelers aura is football games. I mean this is for that's a football guy move to just like
my fantasy in real life. Just blending want he's sending a mass again using a very, very clear message. Like I said, I was gonna bench o Dell in my fantasy teams in my other league of Interim, and there too, and then I then I had to tweet. I let him know I wish tat. He had at least headed the conscience and the good taste to tag some of the players and that posted there were no goes right now and turn your brown probably does, even though that he suspended from the skies team, it's like a voodoo, although he probably felt like a little twinge when he got out on the field. Today's, like all shit that guy probably sat me, was an injection old Ricky. All Rhodesia got shit out Oda he's up to the God. Damn I can feel it I'm in the dog, how I'm not I'm not in his active roster. My next up, we have Jeff Brom coach of produce an ultimate football guy he had a beginning its Michigan pride biggest game and produce for like a decade. He did the old Jeff throwing a chair to get everyone pumped up speech, just as a record here.
He's now owing to when he does that and the combined score sixty six to twenty, so he lost to Alabama Lasher. When it did it broke the chair. He did but its a bit. You have promised like everything he does. He just such an underrated. He needs more. National attention is if he was also looking really steamed on the sidelines throughout that game. Oh yeah yeah he's a guy that if he ever came into my house like views recruiting me, I wouldn't even I would We need to hear what he had to Samuel. I come into play for that guy because he's probably gonna murder me. If I don't, he has had seized regulatory killed. My furniture and smash ages walks around he's he's a walking threat. He doesn't have the issue a threat. You just know that if you fuck with that guy he's gonna do something reckless, and I like him too, because he's an often sky he placed fat. Very rarely do have a true blue football guy who also supply little up temple off a sales. The chip Kelly Bullshit, you just as it, because it gives us Hartwick only half I next up. We have Quint Kuznets, who when announcing these Stanford was
you see allay game he and said that the law This game is probably toast in the pact wealth and then held up a piece of burnt toast and on the sidelines it Jim Nancy and then take out his picture that he has a compare matched up much of his. Like that's, not burnt total money. I yet I would send their back that's light toes yes, but tat in there for another governments. I love is because he knows Quit knows Quinn, Quint, criminal, Quint, Quince, Quainter Quinn, Quinn, Quince, Quince Quinn, Quince, stupid name, Quint, Quint, quaint cabinet. That's a fake name, that's a fake name. That says that I am less happy. I worry, or will you go to Syracuse? Probably I'll though, because he knows that as football guys were visual learners located. In any case, you, forgot. What toasts looks like here. It is in my hand I like it.
He brings elegant butchers knife in his eye. Has some players go yet cut? If this grew up to that? You don't want to see anyone hang themselves in this game and who says as losers, standing soaring with annuity like they're gonna, hang them selves with their own rope, man without bureau. Shame rules like an effigy of the fucking, usually team on the goalposts, brings a gun out enemies, thirty unemployed, the run and shoot and then just search firing, and then the last is old friend preppy Lama He has given up great tape. He put some great tape after outside it. Is going straight up for the old man's gray. Sweatshirt move the cat yeah it's put its like it's bad he's he's sloppy he's I mean I I would keep a tight. You see me yeah put preppy alma.
He's the guy who reputable looks like the guy who's, like just walks around asking his friends, help him move and he's just sweating like right when he wakes up he's ten twenty three SEC play. He is, he knows that he's fired and you just giving up and it just like I'm just going to dress like a slob and gained a lot of weight and no one's going to really say anything. Just he looks like Charlie Weis sat in the sauna for like two hours and just gave his face, got a little skinnier and slimer. I was a bad visually. It gives stress enough how that
ITALY, gray sweatshirt makes a person look like they gave up on lady, that's sweatshirt that they don't even so those sweatshirts new anywhere. I love you only get those sweatshirts from like goodwill. Yes, I saw these Narva and if our they ve got a weird stain on the elbow like a whole underneath one of the armpits and somebody wrote their initials in a sharp eye on the tag for some reason to setting a differentiated from their friends. Yes grace what? Yes, even though the no one else owns the eye exactly end, but repeal will look, he looks like a guy who, like if your friends with Bert Brett Boma you sit down. You came in everything. Ok, that's what he coached in on Saturday. He goats in that thing, wherever you hey sweet, should we talk about a week I'll talk to brat like things? Don't seem like to go on so well.
Is bought his it's like it. If a pair factor traffic owner, that's what his body like breaths wife is like hey, hey, honey. I gotta some odd spin per spin class passes together, trying to get him to go to the same. May it be fought if we both cutting shapes. Your work will also she's like imperfect, she's, right ridge, sick. I feel like I've got a little way, but maybe if we just go to the gym together like will both get back into shame. You know what that body is that he's gonna, that that is a body that subsist on pizza and diet, Coke, which is a football guy lifestyle he hath see, spend too much time in the office he get get out. Everyone straw branches run in the bar. He looks like a guy loves to run the border. Will we love? You were concerned about your lover eleven. He left the syndrome, Burma, I so those are for blogger, has the weak it's funny. As I just made all lack of appropriate. When I do look exactly the same, when I put on my grace wretchedness Brad, I'm with you
At least I stand solider and, like you, I stand in solidarity with you. I let's get you our interview, jig laser. You got something to tell us so before Do our talk you guys about the internet? What's the first that comes to mind when you think of the internet portal, Well, I don't know that's wrong. Woe. It actually starts with a b and and there are two owes afterwards is ever actually boots? Oh first amendment and boots, two things I've very strongly in you're gonna get boots, go to Thursday boots dot com. Nothing! it's better than getting home after long day, work and opening up the internet to have this amazing selection of beautiful handcrafted, long lasting boots. At my fingertips. I just war some Thursday boots to a wedding over the weekend. There are nice comfortable, you can dance around it. Grable dance, I'm not Thursday boots use. Raw materials, the famous chrome, Axel, what
other from the horror we intend raging in Chicago it's great everyone's herded. They ve been featured Esquire, Jijiu Men's journal and all those other publications that tell you what to buy and, most importantly, you're gonna love them with prices. Starting at a hundred forty nine dollars, including free shipping, returns Thursday boots her hands down the best by this season, so open up the internet go to Thursday boots dot com and by appear already, I let's get greater view with Jake Laser. I will now Oh come on a very good friend, recurring guessed. It is J Glaser from Fox Sports and the NFL insider, and he also like we're just talking before his charity merging vets and players, dot org, which we will put into the synopsis servant, check it out. J. Thank you for joining us. We were stick to sports. We don't do politics on the show pots this. This is a very rare
Are you cause? You got what about the others, but is very rare weekend. Politics didn't stick to politics. I saw it on us to do to protect a shield with our own shield. Yes, politics got involved, as I saw sports guy, so you don't give butler before even asked the question. Yoni people rather than a phone call me this week. Like do you gotta talk politics this week, you it pays collars and got like a deep was thought. The college's neglect such a Jaguar said. I'd like came off. Ok, but I did so for politics has signed up to forget spores, put even those of us who felt sports to people's party sticky sports, and don't I wish when politicians they bleed over in a sports. We have no choice to talk about. Yes, so that leads to my first question: what are your thoughts on repeal and replace Obamacare had you first, whether my first request about tax, where I live on my first request. So my first question is: are you
who is there like one owner or one coach, that your shocked you haven't. We haven't heard from with all this going an or is maybe there's one player owner, a coach that you thought was like vit like surprising, standing up and saying something now, look. I don't know I gotta talk to go or angry for different reasons. More so, like I said it's you when you're talkin about somebody from outside the locker room doesn't want you got instead of luggage. It's as if the whole world is to be like a locker, just there's no racism in a locker room. It's people share about one color in the silver fir sober trophy, nothing as men just one big melting pot people care in there- you been joke about it. Even you talk about anything outside lottery for everybody, so, incredibly serious. That's why colored at live! I put myself in situations where you don't wanna, whether if our Jim,
without them a mayor. Football lock and stretches of gonna talk about anything else. We don't go overboard with it as far as this issue from that were guys will shut as you have somebody from the outside, that large room telling these guys to fire your team somebody's inside a locker and from it also. You know using derogatory turn about the causes which you just gotta. If somebody up dead matter from the present or anybody else, they would look at it and get all get more the defensive about it, but I think alien to the job of the presidency is to unify America and ended up unifying the NFL inadvertently unifying the one thing he was trying to cause some division in where else what about your opportunities are to be well Roger De L, B Smith, the players?
people draw on the same page, separate true, he did get people together, that's crazy! It's a heap of he made a deal. He rate deal make people forgot, persecuted, they hated Roger it. L News like the enemy. You know that the all just come close ranks, like I'm sure, they'll, remember soon enough. He'll do something that would get everyone. You remember that Roger girl, like screws everything I think, Roderick Adele ever like you, think, Adele asked his lawyer. It my allowed to spend our trump. Do you see as everybody because it spread? Everybody has to declare yesterday, but he was at the best, be Bob wrapped in Jericho. At those Are you surprised that jury do anything? I thought it was. It was weird for us if we go and again the last thing we want to address our talk about politics, not dead and worship.
There and warlike. Oh, my god, she's one of us here we got your six of us on the showbiz Nike personalities amongst the sixty. What's it mean Bradshaw got fourteen of those employed. One was bad system that somebody that we don't really mean because we really talk politics, but that that didn't happen. We all talk to the Ark numbers were trying to preach, which is really try to preserve the sanctity of a lot roman. Look you with anything else to somebody else's. It's! This whole situation is dear to my heart because of my work with veterans and make boy if my partner and that merging vets and players and he's the one who went into richly sat down with common capital can come to kneel instead.
Near the flag is than sitting up alongside the need for people who knows green room and applying for the she ought to. Yours goes all this work in history, the other fellow we ve been talking about all day long and it would be very surprised, but our veterans at we, we train and we work with. Even that was going down native kind of call back or whole group and said for a time to come. I just want to get the whole room. What do you guys and every one of our very I so proud of you? We don't agree with you guys with any, but a year we fought for that right to do whatever they want it out, I'm so proud of how they you have got it in future, manage of guys young people go to ground Afghanistan and Iraq adjust. It was unanimous like this is what we fought for. We fought with people.
New wherever they want to do here in Amerika right, we ve got a pug cashier birstall, zero, blog, thirty and chaps, and captain cons both they served and they had the exactly mindset. It's like you know, they're not here, to judge what your stances, but they fought for your right to have that to be able to peace as fully show. You know your opinions on the terrible what Europe is. Actually man, I'm not like that, I'm very just vessel had become when they say that, like all my God, it's moving when you hear people like that, really mean it like this. What many put your liver I'm alive for us, for this got to do that. It's a totally different level, and I mean it and it's like. Oh my god. Oh my god, I'm a really bad person compared you guys,
Are you surprised, the jury Jones hasn't say think as he loves to get you love to put his name out their loves us out of his own voice, but he's plaza. You know this is I'm not surprised about it, but I do know the cabinet and talk about doing diffident figure on a bigger say, gonna, be staged tomorrow night. Obviously, the cardinals them they're talking about doing something for outsiders, there was a lot of things also, I do want to minimize put in it. Just put it in a book for prospective but banner codes,
like I thought it was just that I was just livid, but he was living because he's I do. My players are so upset about this matter, and then we asked it outside the hot sun for an extra our talk about this guy decided to stop talking about stopping ok, how I was taught us out. It was just here. There's a lot of coaches were poor, who understand too, like all we are doing. Potatoes on that's what football for we're not supposed to bleed and a passport supposed to be to give the rest of the world and out on Sundays and Mondays and just gimme size, escape from? What really goes on the railroad? And you know that's the one complaining I was getting this morning- I'm sure we all got it from fans like hey. This is
There were two new Sunday, nothing about how did you know I was to be covered for Europe for the time that we had you, but fans want to know that they turn on our shoulders and your shower and he gave a funny to get the hell away from the real world. We want see, Rob wriggles picks as what we want to see what I love that arise, pennies of ice. Let's move off the politics weak three. It was an unbelievable weeks rate that that was maybe I mean it was kind of perfect how it all out his grey hairs yet late of early. I wish you and was it was insane. It was exactly why we love the NFL we three weeks the other fully the couple games laugh. But what is the team that surprised you thus far, both in a good way and then in a bad way. To my surprise, me thus far out you're gonna say what the Vikings have done.
As the flower with brass would go down that. Firstly, how strong you wasn't no taking another step, not waited for the team that I've been hot on even before this happened before assume again was the rat I heard before season at it'll, be at least five hundred to which they have earned and an wait thoughts. So I don't wanna say I'm surprised, but I think a lot of things to be spread. I've been handed them well before it is like dollar! For the first time, you think grams of winning the west. The disappointment felt with DR yeah bigtime crazy at their own three Can I get you much nearly things when you got you get yourself by shouting choice, but you don't really make sure your cobbler workin
right now, you're driving over use of shoddy rescue, shiny joy. There are in the car right that could happen. They went out the God now Environment Marshall, but they didn't do anything offensive line. One really just infuse few is by himself there The thing that annoys me the most about the giants. Is there not even bad in a fun way where it's like? You know but you get guys like Philip Rivers sometime. Struggles, but he's always fund a watch when his throne, your father- options and a half and brought and screaming at the cheerleaders and stuff with with the giant is like that. Very boring, really bad yeah and are always on national. Tell yet always kid eight and I don't know how much power we have with the schedule makers. Cages put a stop to that and I want to see as utterly belly uniforms. I had no. What was that whatsoever. Cover that I'll have the boy route via the ball above. I must now I'm afraid of Do you think that the rams are actually gonna win? The West? I don't think I just you know
the devil chance you ok, so I just like we got married. I gotta show Mugabe's commanded that that locker room a lot of times you ll be young coach and especially, if you have other cultures the world here. What is all the goat? You gonna? Listen all he is like he is a rare ability to commander room, get a player face. Why not have the player looking like now? Are you you? You know like with no respect where he some young girl, like you, should talk to him. He has it it's kind of aware, for example, I can only make Tomlin everything and like we shall take first team and shaped everything from advances as well, So saying within us: U S real quick. Do you think there's something wrong with Russia, Wilson and also, while we're doing that, do you think there's something wrong you might as well. Just answer detectors. Eighty mouth Aaron Rodgers to northern. Furthermore, when Roger had already arrived, just ass two minutes,
Those like the US all that access jumping a passage vision through different back at ridiculous, something they see things like the rest. The world don't remember, Packard, usually start slow than Erika gives his goobers achieving goes wanna toward the end. You just want nothing to do with what are registered. The Seahawks are the same thing Drug users are off line so better we are, and eventually they can again to his group. I think this case, though they need some help. I often wonder gonna do something: a mass of all timetable in other less familiar. I still think somehow some way to go for sub laughing and also that often line does matter what weapon he as we can protect the guy issues the age is welcome. You will go to the weapons, don't you like? asking poplar and like a defensive Lyman playing on their of its line or something stupid
will you how much there with your right. They get right, the bartender them sweet and bright, and the guy we're gonna pull both a blackboard to go to a line to them, and usually timetable by what like we can. Those guys are play well afford to environment if we can write so it how much that is, is on Tom, cable and how much is on the sea Hawks foreign office wholesome food for offers its more about your. They know what its one account cables some people, like that reason affair, but like it and that's that's where he loves any talk Rachel with it meant you can send it to see my thing since, before often jobs, measures taken over.
I think you have more suggest a male generally during that time. They that their drastic turned out. You could look. Joshua droplets for money became the GM of that gene compared to everybody else and how they stand out. I don't think it's close. I eat has done such a masterful job from Fraud overthrew the seventh round. They ve got more value either draft which everybody up her, who had bigger statement lost this week, the Texans or the lines. Oh, I will share the lions to their heart. They're gone in Staffordshire Ok, here we are with another another late game. Her ocean Stafford taxes do not expect them to win out. Ok,
but let it be between was the other great esteem of all time. Our generation is today an alliance a table became the falcons. Put them out on is it now have three games? Were up- and I talked about this first regional yesterday to about last week Every time they have a game like this, it erases the Superbowl more more where the players, the looking so like mad. We were snakes it and one one thing that can happen. You gotta be careful that players as a game starts get me you're going down the wire, the guys can jump off the shook. It all here we are again here we are and then started, go the other way like I ever disposition a gambler. Stepping up the side stepped up religion or up yeah. It's good point: when do you think it looks making his first start issue? I know you ve been hot on that beat in how the court's yeah mismanaged so resolute
their expected him to be? Maybe witness weak, but is his rehab just haven't gone like they were open, taking its just can't. Flower is kind of like oh, my gosh like its thick, its interests fix, but you still got a strengthen. These still can't make all the throat and he's there all day, but just haven't gone the way, the expected. So what they do is get back. We can make all the rose, and once you get back, we can make all the throws. Then you gonna practices to my care It is not a zero sum game pie, brackish, woke up weeks before you turn your back after since it s, that's gonna be a long time I mean, I know they have avoided by right. Now I think I said started season. Probably checks will be free from the outset. Viruses
ok I'll, get observed your on the show bothers everybody, watches pause. We all love, it were huge bawler show by the way, I'm of authorities by just one, my seventh asking and Emmy and a Nobel Peace Prize for doing so. Yeah rivers or trial. Yes, on myself, I'm gonna get you and Michael Rapporteur Movie together we're just scream at each other as yourself. That's it we're work. I'm really asked to step out of the latter the alibi. Then I thought you guys it last year Will you be ok, you're up a strip conceal, the Ngos are asking me that at what what's the future for glazed and confused, gonna be even maybe spin out of hell we're talking about right now, you were right in season for and right now I somewhat from Come over there, man its greatest now. May
Let me be me: there are certain things to like I'll miss round the producer. People have said like to. I wouldn't say this sometimes would be likely to shut inside the way we wrote it at other times. I would even say this and are sometimes you just. Dwayne and I'd be voyages to land, Oh you don't call MR little Dwayne drop. I can you told a chill out his instagram posts, because there is no point, my life, where I finally got bigger piece of shit and when I look at him like buying his mom like another car, you want on stare ass exactly here. Genuine. Do you ever me? you like? Some blue is another thing. Why can't I get a lot of great because it's perfect rights everybody's cover walks around, like oh, my gosh? Instead, I'm showpiece by them on my normal shop around them, and
The guy you play Football Goebbels, W Ressler phrase used by helping to bring about Barton that we talk about Joe Joe You D, his position coach in Miami people, forget that, do you think he's gonna run for president, I sure as Hell Umsuka, then I'm gonna be a vice president. Hell yeah I like it. I want to see I haven't gotten like Simone and humble running resident there with vice president stop yellow guy. Now I want to some large part myself on the job it kid rock versus the rock in Nod: twenty twenty four but you never got off the rock. Yes, it was a pebble compared to the rock em. All true true come on. Don't don't disrespect leader newly allude outward.
Quality is genuine. It's real, not judge you why, out of doors are now judges? I've been monitoring the rising grandpas changes, gonna beat by good like ten minutes everyday yeah you should actually getting, but we are a little bit like hey J J, while you're sleeping gauges, training so taken your mental exercise. I could hate J we preach you come on what what? What is gonna happen, though, with with glazing confused, said season, for we can do spin off our sea glazing confused become its own ashore. There we're talking about one point did didn't, have put her and it was so far this year. Also, I suppose we like yours from wherever thousands of dollars per day. They collins like one week would like soup what weaker much I'm kind of busy another week. It was, you know, with rivals,
the vote for the writers on the show that the owners meeting the actual work writers- and am I wish, what do I do? That's no brainer shop. It was but its view that I have so much fun. We are now at a you know what gets me about an act rather I am. I expected a like the great on their so by screw up a well I drew up. I have one in fact, if you could say that we did, it was fifteen hours. You looked like their part in this vote. There all drink and take lose. Why found the actual goes nice in the iraqi Real forgot. You ok thank J J Blundering Goose, however, that you really feel them all make up. Dude, I'm large. Are we had we had friend of I think a friend of yours are like at least an acquaintance of yours, Andrew Siciliano, on the show a couple weeks ago? And we asked him if him rapport
and who is a third Florio chapter known? sh sh after in rapid, poor, Andrew Sicilian? If they could take you down in the wild and murder you, if rapid, for if it was re them against you and they said that they could do it? Do you think they could find him off so we also so that the three of them could do if they teamed up together. So you take down without like Woody Murray Exit, you gotta Maria, take it out now right now, I don't want any sudden already smoking, but he must be hang out with toys for something like that. Man, I'm not with the seller. Can I would want to know the apt, Just get gophers ears, quantified targets, the Great Oak Dumont Eyes Phantasmagoria. Why didn't you say something about dives now? Oh,
I think you were allowed to have an eye for some, no, no, no. No, they could all they were. They were allowed to use knives snow, like guns or anything, but they had to track you and Colombian a monthly and I'm not being arrogant I've been coffee. I was still love, love it. I J. We appreciate your time and really really enjoy. Haven't you ever go check out merging vets and players. I will put a link in the synopsis and we appreciated, awesome and, hopefully will see soon. You gotta got that region. In that, He was brought to you by mybookie. You know ever since I started podcast everyone's asking for gambling advice and usually is what team to bet on this week. Should I take the over to take the under Pat's Steelers Chicago Detroit, blah blah blah blah? Let me tell you this where you bedding at is just as important as who you're betting on So that's why I always tell people go to my bookie that Agee, my bookie has been in his business for years in the Rep is rock solid? Did your a hundred
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a little touch on celebration where he crawled on the ground and then lifted his leg to tragic past, like a dog it's like a dog would yeah, and so he got to get flagged, for that obviously is going to get fined by the NFL where do you draw the line? We are you lot cronies How do you know that he wasn't just like it? He wasn't doing a cat. What if he had squatted like a girl, Doc yeah now know is Adam S. Hide. Is private parts was twenty sixteen, so you can be whatever whatever gender of animal that he pleases through, but they put that Taiwan. Have you immediately got everybody online, sixty classy, which is, as we know, the show, a very popular recurrent hip praise to say yet when he actually mean you ve not been classy, so it's good, so its rapporteur, you run Burgundy Riah, so classy sending such wrought. I call a dull Becum run Hennessy, who then,
the hindu hand, cut him slip and the it's very hard to get the entire internet to say. Stick lassitude also was perfect, like the Odell Becum bingo is unbelievable. Touchdown ridiculous celebration: there, funny to most of us, but stay classy, Joe Bach, probably was discussed in and then a flag that causes penalties? steam fifteen law, if he had actually urinate it himself, who is at a penalty, will pissed off, is at a penalty, just stand and p yeah. It's just like sweating. Maybe s new protest, to his problem was able to pay if Teddy yeah well, the I know he didn't. You have t if you put a phd, he stood there trying to p and then shot himself and then stop trying to Peyton Polypi afloat. It's a good question asked. Is it against the rules to urinate on yourself? I think it's against the rules to try to your name and not be able to do it. It's obvious rules against lotta rules.
I speak, your protest, we have our favorite segment, our new favorite saying we did lad call weeks ago. It's the protest power rankings got a good one, this time so just to catch everyone up, we Have people now protesting the protest, because the president said that we should protests the protests of the protest. So it is now people pressing, the president as well by not watching all this. It means that you don't want. You have only one protesting any this right, yeah right, a little quick stay work Well, first of all, trumps said that he was gonna watch any the games and he implored people. To do the same, and then later they asked him if he was like seeing what was going on Ngos. I've been watching the games at all. Well, actually, nice, I did watch some of it is hard and so even even trump. He knows that the Unifil gains got you so his down trumps protest of the NFL protests lasted,
for about three hours. But then the players were also protest. Some players were protesting Donald Trump Programme as airs protesting. Yes, but my major stay woke on this. It's all points to the big sign industry posters, namely posters, are having a record year because everyone's protests in every thing it's dead, sticks for us. There is. This is the sign industrial complex that has a vested interest, picking keeping all of us angry at each other men and demonstrating against various things, injustices so dont. Let big sign ruin your psyche in ruin. Your whole attitude towards life- you, don't you, don't- have to fall into their wisely trap. I have two questions for you about the protests. What first is where'd you rank on the protest powering like where you cited but the protests of the protests of the other protests
I'm siding with people. There's no there's a faction of us that are watching more NFL yeah to counter protests. So that's why ass I had four screens going today at my house either. I actually I've. I watched about thirty minutes and then I back on my dvr, because I want to catch up on something happened earlier and then I was pretty hung. So I forgot that I was like thirty minutes bond gathering, washing I'd have watching at thirty minutes, so I'm watching more into felled than ever that'll happen. So that's what that's this what you do when you tell me not to watch the NFL, I'm just going to say fuck you in I'm, going to watch the game or, if I'm just going to be so I'm just going to get so hungover that I forget that I'm rewatching the NFL, but I just watched just be woke about the scientists like them put nineteen eighty four year when they always had people at war with each other her eyes. I ass sharp piece out. We have always ex. We ve always been at war with nationally and sing about where the W B a protest as well Oda, we gotta and where what point due to standing become the new.
Protest like standing with the national anthem at some point, will be the actual protests of the national. That's right! That's what Derek Wolf said. He said I don't like it then leave yes, so he went on he's protest offering wet and now testing the backlash. Donald Trump, whose protesting the protests Yes, so if you're standing with your hand on your heart, you are now protests thing, the protests The protests doesn't matter how tall you're standing for national anthem, exhibitors, YAP, tiptoes carry Ryanair level, for I was gonna say like you, you give your TIM Tito you're doing stairs before the games anyway, so you just go all the way up to the top sure who yet and Arthur blanks helicopters room and you you salute the stadium in the flag from directly above by well, have away for people to protest us Value five star review. Roast task, that ass rose on Friday, so that your protests were giving your protest of the protests in of the protests power ex Upham. Next up, we have respect the busy this is for.
Or a little cultural differences. The game London. We saw tweet and war. For the persons head, here's a cultural difference. I could do without a reporter in the press. Area drinking beer and waving a jack's flag, really hashtag media attic. Who that's a hot hashtag, I bet, if you looked out when up you're going to fire, you gimme your thoughts on this and all while I look this ok yeah, so my thoughts are basically that's how british politics and british journalism- that's just what it is like the their entire like parliament is always drunk, and so the people they cover them, do they cover their sports, always drunk. I also think that if your team has been though, a five hundred record you should be allowed to be drunk during the games because One thing that I love so much about in a free media is when the reporters get really surly and just like grumpy about how bad the team is and they just lose all sense of being a normal reporter and yes right, coms and complain.
It's the best is the best you can just feel that has been beaten out of them and they just like every single day they get up, they allowed a deep sigh and they just like verb. We die area there on the team TAT Day book market, the source, dot com for the words bum and frog, and then they just let a letter rip yeah I'd. So this was the best one I found. What is it with people on conference calls asking more than two to three questions: hashtag media attic good. What else from September two thousand fifteen good gushed does so the only other thing on media etiquette, yeah any yeah he is someone got Madame said, forget you're the media police. He said proper etiquette, that's that's all! It's just proper etiquette! Look! It's a media! I can just just England in general. If you're gonna live there, I feel, like you have to be drunk yeah. So
level July. Would you yet everyone there has to have beer goggles for the country, because it such a weird foggy right, gross place, red no redeeming physical quality, like that? You have to be like at least a point. One to Eiger, you have to be above Joe flackered Cubey are then not ordered ledges, that's his mouth washing. As the others, that's gurgling for, like that extra second move your higher than flax Cuba. I let's finish up with people, for that of a very recent people forget that people forget that come the new countries. The thunder yeah forgot that we regret that we are putting together the show we're like oh eight mellow gotcha.
Yes, this is gonna, be another Classic Humes man's. Is it or is it in a cancerous team? While it is everything together next year is the only answer. Doug Mcdermott are a crystal, posing as it is a question we all know and I think is dynamic buckets. I just thought of mellow. Just hang out, ok, see and being like trying to go to like a dinner at one of the morning and be like why, This open lies in the chilly is open and one in the morning it's gonna take em about six hours every land to be like. What did I do yeah? Well, what you mean it? I guess I his false as yet your traded but like it probably isn't. No trade closure, yeah war and all they re less like stocks for so long that economies, your fault, but this is gonna, be fun. This escape Hank you're, saying like the people What would you say that the whose back people who think that the NBA off season everyone wants anything happens at one says NBA our citizens better than the mere Galicia which it
has been a wild offsetting the fact that Malaga treated like to issue for camp or week before camp- and we were just forgot, I hope on Saturday morning and by Saturday afternoon, as I go wait what he museum. Do you think the I think the banana both boys have a group text yeah yeah that will or do you think, that's gonna. Look like it because you know mellow. Iran are probably one, so they have a group tax, but then they have aside group tax with just E Wade Chris Paul in Braun. I think that there is actually another group tax that leaves Leubronn out only Bronze boy! Again! Are you serious, pretty sure yeah? You can me I don't know yet laid hold at all. A big AL flout can yeah he's kind of an alpha, Wanna do little Sabre metrics for you guys. I think I think that this will be the Of course, any thunder will be the team with the most olympicum metals now, rules ASP
big eyes, he Emulous tufted Super team World Super tee. I want to be a world superpower, and I will be there when Carmel, amidst even out for the first time, just like you not from my planet now and might. Might we remind everyone that there's only one ball, I don't get Sabre morass and mellow. Only one who gets a shot is one who gets the shot arise at the end of game for when they're getting swept by the guns. They words raw smiles, shrivelled aimed live. Look at the two thousand nine teenage Lakers, oh get it get it got it although we have a broad and laws are just slowly making their way west. The great migration is tat. Person does not yet less everything to the West Coast belongs to you. Yes, they regard once you reach the ocean. There you go to snap, I that's our show. We have Chris Carter,
Wednesday. We take the interview a couple days ago, really fun time so get excited for that, and we will see all on Wednesday. Lobbyists I think it is important for water, Brill, heavy other thing
Have you ever had a checkup? Have you by any chance lost your kitty? Well, I have her what special friend you are.
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