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NFL Preview, Game Breakdown With Warren Sharp + Paul Rabil And Our Lacrosse Team Ownership

2020-01-09 | 🔗

Divisional round is here but first Mike Leach is in the SEC (2:27 - 7:29). We talk about each game this weekend and welcome on Warren Sharp who gives us insight on how each team will be attacking their divisional round matchup (7:29 - 58:15). Paul Rabil joins the show and we discuss what our Lacrosse Team ownership entails, with some (possibly illegal) ideas on how we can make money off the Waterdogs (58:15 - 92:15). Segments include Fyre Fest, PR 101 for John Beilen and the Royal Family and FAQS

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Today is part of my take. We have division no round preview with worn sharp football smart. We talk about each game, strengths and weaknesses. We also give you are picks. We have a very good interview with Paul Rebel who came in. We talked about being owners of lacrosse team. What we can and cant do little brainstorm. Sash Irish can say this right now. If this podcast doesn't exist in six months is because p, if teen, I have figured out a way to milk, the p allow for all its worth and now we're just cats owning lacrosse teams, we have fire fast. We have f a cue who appear one or one, a pact fry a show for you, and it's brought to you by our friends a cash app, not always at the easiest place to send money to your friends, but it's also the place where you can buy fractional shares of stock with as little as one dollar Hank are you can investiture? Yes, what he can invest a market to talk about
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We're Larry. Given you stocks, you can use, ten dollars get yourself some stocks and ten dollars goes ass pc. I download the cash from the Alps or good today, yet involved. Do it with the cash less scope, lance, none at all. How our work on the part of my download, a right now use code
bar stool. Any get ten dollars for free, ten dollars, the ISP see. Today, fry yea January tenth and we're going to get to the divisional round. We have a lot of divisional round, but we have to talk first MIKE Leach in the SEC a match made in Heaven, maybe not from a football standpoint from an ender. Payments then point Lincoln Verse, Michael each in the egg bulls go. I hope it happens. For fifty year, he's gonna just he's gonna throw the ball so much and it's gonna confuse the shit out of me incipient Asia Europe when in fact it would be like what it. What is that this is not football, but they're gonna wisdom games. Like we watch from our standpoint, it is an amazing higher. It gives us a lot to talk about. I love it you look at the ass. You see and I was looking at at all the coaches. They have this year the new guys who they haven't place already. It is, isn't it in all just great characters like the real housewives of the american southeast. Yes, Nick saving- cocoa
Dan moment in his wife kiss in every he's, probably the most normal person, the guy that just let's his wife play tonsil hockey, we as economic area, Kirby Smart and whenever takes office visor. Looking like a weird like casket salesman, and and now you have no say likely, each caddy, whose in Dentistry school the egg without works to within Lane Kip in all these guys, it's gonna be as you see, media day is going to be fantastic, MIKE Leech being in that conference, a guy I don't know of work, although no, you know what the fine work. No, it's gonna work, because what Michael each does better than any coach is you go? two programmes that are not traditional powerhouses programmes that are off the beaten path, Lubbock texas- in Washington in Go Mississippi and wins with not the best recruit, classes he actually will have. Probably his best recruit he'll have is best quality players at Zeb state than he's had anywhere statuary just has to pay
guess other good quality correct will have Howard is if he could soon rot away to play with Mississippi State in like. In the American or the pact. Yeah now would be great thou be perfect, so apparently governments you pulled a few strings because MRS Stays, pretty close to a gardener, grew up. Writing gardener. You recall, is on his cross country arbiter in his George right now not allow that you still greatly taking all of I ten across the country, which is, I think we had. That idea well go to do grit weak. I turn its awesome. It's exactly what I would love to do for twenty three years old, nfl quarterback and had he pride in their millions, but a million yeah and I guess gardener like had that some words with the chancellor of the athletic director, whoever Mississippi's, I assume the same purse yeah I get like directors, most powerful person, it seems to me, said a guy who has the most eggs and start exactly so. He had some words with em. They flew the private jet down to my Emmi drove to key worst. That's. I think they
wanted to go to key was yes and they happened to talk to MIKE leader, watching our Soria he's got his own bars to let that one that daiquiri place in key west. So this is adding up. Be an awesome awesome as season next, I'm excited by next year this year's no even don yeah, and we speaking of this year were going to New Orleans on Sunday morning. We will be in New Orleans, we're going to we're probably won't be out much sunning, I could get do the show. We have delivered a show to the people. We have some big ass, lined up and I will be out, but I'm saying, like don't treat us at five. O clock been like the guy's right worry was learning to show afterwards and after ten we will be you. I won't. Do I've always wanted to this new ruins go to work. Bars where the Ladys come run with shots at they inject into your mouth and they slap you afterwards. Oh I wanna get
laughed after. Have you wanted? I put him, you wanna be dumb. I wanna be damned honour on bourbon. Ricky remain up yeah, so will be at the game on Monday night we're gonna be out and about, if you see us, say hello, maybe Woola tweet out where right one points. If people can meet up with us, but were excited for that. Ah, what we also excited for is the divisional round, so footballs back so embraced debate. Is this the best football week, the yard you like wildcard? I, like the division around butter, a kid do at this between those two weeks. I love Championship Sunday. That's also goodbye, I feel the National James, you being Monday, should factor into a to run down what is usually after wildcard weekend, so tough but all this year you like you liked division run better because get three days if yes, that is all round better this year. What's do some picks? We brought you buy bedroom GM all season long Bed MGM has been a great sponsor. You can download the app deposit check out all these lines from anywhere but
We locate New Jersey to place your bets in addition to pull our special new user offers. Just for aid of yells every week, bet MGM prices and boost special bets for us every single week. Every week, I've gotta- can't lose parlay this week. Could actually I'm gonna, give you the reasoning after I finish. This step makes perfect sense. So eve. Only three weeks left in a season. We had a special offer for Adobe elsewhere, the division round of the play us. If you sign up Barbette bet MGM, with bonus code, p empty and one dollar on the ravens. Moneylenders weaken you'll get one dollar for everyone, yard by Lamar Jackson, the rest of the policies of well so go to Superbowl. That's three games that you get one dollar, every time he gets. Rushing yard sign up for me M Gm account Use code. P M T make sure to place first bet of at least one dollar on the right. Money line, regardless of the hour. Come on the ravens game. You get one dollar for every rushing yard by Lamar Jackson, the rest of the post season,
save your credit within twenty four hours of every Ravens games of the Ravens events, all the way the Superbowl and the more Russia's for three hundred yards total you get three hundred our desire. Crazies include the probable it they denounce. This robot, not included, but maybe you know what our friends GM include, the probable will see if we can get them to do that. If they do that, I will retweet them, including the probable rushing. Bonus, paid in free bats must be twenty one or older must be a new jersey to place bets restrictions apply visit bedroom GM for The terms and conditions gambled. Prom call one two hundred gambler: ok, we're beautiful preview full preview with where sharper he actually digs into the analytics and how these games gonna go. But here's my can't lose parlay and here's. The reasoning. Since two thousand eleven Phd. Individual round, the home team is twenty five and seven straight up. Ok, but there are fifteen and seventeen against the spread not great seven points or moors losses came against your flock. Oh that's good. And I do not agree for seven,
If, if the team is favoured by seven points or more, which is the forty Niners, which is the chiefs and the Ravens there are only seven and eleven against spread, so Laying all those points, not a great strategy? That's where my money, my can't lose partly comes in the forty Niners there. Plus the chiefs parlay on venom, GM, even money, five on that's how's, even money everywhere else. That's how loose. I dont see way that it does. How does that lies in yeah, it doesn't. Even I had the confidence I took. The Niners was at six and a half, I'm I'm! Actually on a rethink it the only way I could possibly lose its, not a primetime game for cousins, to his Minnesota Clock, its semi prime time. Yes simmer semi time right but it's gonna be at four thirty eastern time right so I don't know I don't know. I've talked a lot of shit about her cousins
He didn't play primetime game last week. Anyone here's my thing, though, every year, feels like this happens, individual around Bessie Lasher than they went for. No, the teams, the by we forget why they have a by because a really fuckin good. Yet, and so you see, the Vikings beat the saints- and you say: oh my god, this Vikings figure out. Well guess what the forty Niners kick, the show everyone all year there really I'm good, the old thing that I'm worried about his Jimmy jeez. First play off start. We saw last week. First, play off starts, went one in two so that a little bit concerned, but if you take the money line, no What the fight examining this gave, the forty nine, is also our six and one against the spread of home Oh I like that lot, love that the Titans Ravens game. I've convince myself that this will be a close game in the first half, but no more than it's gonna: U Runaway titans runaway interesting, so I've got I've got it. I think we'll take the titans to cover.
No if I'm gonna take taken straight up just yet. I do know it's gonna be the fastest, and fell. History is gonna, be just run. The bomb run ball for voting. I tried to do math and I suck at math, I'm gonna, say biometrics I suck at math. I was trying to figure out what is the longest DR possible for an ineffective If you gave Derek unreadable and you're trying to eat up because they ll say This is the smartest dumb sounding thing that you can say to beat Lamar Jackson, you just have to not let Lamar Jackson have the ball so, if you run the ball with Derek Henry every down, how long could the longest possible drive I know the answer to this because it happened to me when I bet on appellation state earlier this year and that a thirteen play drive that went for like thirteen half minutes that wrote actually wanted could be wrong, so I think I crunch the math on a touch back, so if it starts I'd like to twenty five yard long ride, I sixteen minutes and a half sixty minutes thirty seconds, I think, is the longest, DR possible
it gains three point three yards carry and that this is now. Looting going for on any fourth downs right. I'm sorry I just like keeping the chains moving on three place, each ok so that using that can happen in this skin off. But I'm saying like you have to have a drive. If the title: have a single dr that's over eleven minutes long. Then they will win the scam yes, so I convinced, really gonna limo. Now I'm telling myself that this my own so actually I'm looking up right now. You edifice appellation state drive. This is somewhere in the middle of October. My brain mediately went to it. They had a nineteen play drive. Ninety seven yards ten minutes in eleven seconds yeah that very same every day, so this game, if the titans do win, which I do not think they will are we saying team, a destiny, I think absorbed the patriots power so if they can absorb the ravens powers, team of Danny S, team of destiny, hardest path to the Superbowl? yeah, they ve already being the Chiefs yup, so they could do.
I also consider zones winning the scale. Not a hoss. Ok. Ok room he's. Not can we hundred percent true big truss Marge acts that people forget his platforms last year. What is big trust by the way have been too scared. Ask trust, no big, try again about what it means. I guys it trot us. I don't know anyone know Lamar Jackson doubted thing at some from hometown. It's one of those things just sounds cool, so I'm gonna say what is outgoing, knowing at all what it means. What is big trust? I'm gonna, Google, it right now. What does this big trust me oh, it's, oh, maybe no one really knows because it says ravens fans have their theory interesting, so we might have a catch phrase for the ravens took off. Let's see this is electric from South Florida, their connection, the feel loves. You translates them speaking the same language dogma, Lamar, Jackson, Hollywood Brown. So it started in Lombardy Islands, downtown Big
they don't know it just a list of that sort of thing that Lamar Jackson around saying that the team has this is yet this. It says big trust. It's like a family, your trust, each other you're fighting for each other. It's big trusts. He said it's just a little something we have going. I can't expand on it, but we know it's love way. Big love, something along those lines said Ingram with a chuckle, so we got big time. So big traffic, Trotzky empties big trouble. We are big trust by all data. Be else big trotwood have trust judgment Dick Can we just start saying that that can we sailed out be like Athos? It hey, you see NATO be out on the street. You say big trust and we condemn all swaggered fighting for each other tight. Not let's do that. Tighten up the outrageous go horns up up. Are you can take them are using the money on yeah? Probably you are one crazy motherfucker passed down big truss Height Nona, o bust hum wait bus, not by sound thought song bus, but bus up, bus down person with the boys free Blaanor
Texans Kansas City Casey's minus ten overlanders, fifty one by the So in my own head about all the under sitting last week, I got almost wanted. Just take all the others again, I guess that'd raise again city. I think they're gonna blow up yeah, I think Houston. This is their. They reveal themselves to be frauds. Well that, against Buffalo, I mean Dijon Watson was Electric put Buffalo had that game we, the Buffalo Lhasa, came more than you know the other way around saw yeah. I agree with you here. I think the children when this Kansas, Past rush isn't good enough to have two players hit dijon whilst at the same time give upright so they'll have maximum one player hitting a really hard, which argue over s eye and then last game of the weekend. Then we're gonna do all this without warrant sharp I've dubbed the fraud. Bull, Seahawks, Packers, packers minus five over earners. Forty seven, both these teams, I dont know
we d C hawks had to go away from fully to Seattle to dream back. That's Laden stay out on these the fox had to go all the way from fully to Seattle to dream back. That's why and stay out on the east coast. They do not, they should have the law to travel. They should go into Buffalo gangs, I will be very cold and green Betty up. I am fully prepared for this game to be a game where the Seahawks have the game able to win it and slight. Russia, Wilson, who I trust more than any quarter back in the league in the fourth quarter, betrays my trust. Can rose like a back breaking reception when he hasn't thrown a those and the package. One too, This feels like one of those games and Seahawks have one recently a placid feels like where they have a tight in unheralded tight and that somehow catches to touch on passes and like seventy five yards so often in the past, Ben will definitely has been that guy. It
Then our guy Wilson he's done it. This can be like a Hollister game where he has two touchdowns shitload yards. Each of the clock do just that garden, the only thing I'm worried about is, I don't think Russell Wilson play in the cold. Really, I don't think he's a cold guy played at Wisconsin State Guy. Ok yeah. Oh god he's his record. If you look at his record stats in the cold he's not good nazis, record a guest I get spoke, does look at an earlier. I don't have in front of me, but is actually is not very good in cold weather games. Ok, he likes the rain. Yes, he loves the rain, but yet this gonna, be its gummy. Rogers Zol died result he's broke. Oh yeah, yeah, she has more incentive to keep winning yeah those lights on. You have doesn't win. Then he's programme to have to like sellers gangsterism, I'm ready for the Packers to win this in an improbable stupid way. Digits
ten use my anger and then they're gonna be one went away from the Superbowl and just when the packaging sue, old or not, I might I'd see me itself beach, like We stand and there may be sit now honour on Our party or somethin others stand up and start walking about where you goin, I keep walking in the Atlantic Ocean just keep walk until I die Pakistan, the Superbowl in Miami would be so Fonda they be out in their their Campbell short. I hope you all get somebody their real trees, swimsuits just again drunk the entire week. They would have a good time. The amateur a kangaroo, that's what I love so much about the crowd shots at Packers Home games as some here. It's there. Wearing green and yellow than our team colors. It's all just came. Yeah all with our or in all our heart. Our camp yeah. They ll expect aid. They do their pre game shopping. It like a basque pro shops, are Ok, so MA am picking my money lying parlor, I'm really just that's my favorite bet my can't lose parlay and
and I kind of like the sea oxen the under ok, that's it. I took the overnight game I took at sea. I took the chief, I took the Niners. I'm and again I am worried because is not correct. Cousins and Hank was give me shit earlier this week because I did done chain them coming off a win of week and weak to whatever and Hank was just passing out. Suggestions for a punishment is eight. This is no Texans pinky, situation that we're getting into it for the same content. Different there you have, it is cavalier how we did it. We would I say we want action matter tossing they should mattering we're tossing out ideas for a punishment, and what was one you came up with like whereby haven't you can never grill a stake directly on the girl. Now getting your light can't do it can. I will not agree to that. When I was thinking, maybe dip a whole ten, a school
oh, how normal school ass. Now that me, that's not bad luck. He's like this, awesome. Yet you get used to do in a round the world, yet you better bring it to leader Mohammed, your honey, to spit all that stuff, how bout you have to go because her cousins, God fearing man how, but you have to go to church ever single Sunday every year? That's what I suggested a haggard punishment. You should have to you. I didn't bring that up. If you want to do it. Yes, that's region. I should start going back to church every singly every single Sunday for an entire year if they want to see if they want to see ok, I would rather that or whether we weren't I work out a church. You have to have a whole ten, a school in your my or I'm not allowed to wear shorts, the sum down- That was the other one that we had said I set, I said, I said, partition have to wear when every wear, we're short biker, biker, shorts yeah. I like that better only going to church, no yea. I like that. I'd rather go to church us
because that way I know it's a bike assures like a ten percent chance. I go to Heaven when I see that the problem with you not having to wear shorts and summer, that's a punishment for us you'll be miserable your short sky, like you, you and you don't get on her yeah and you won't get to see these sweet legs. How you're sure disguising IDA, Onawandah, that's bad bet for everyone else, biker shorts church by sure it's all summer to what do I was, and often the common with you on the comments church every site Single Sunday virus year are bikers or sound. Often the Itunes Review pay. Yes, yes, that's! Actually the only votes will use. You have to subscribe and unsubscribe and then rate and reveal five stars. Are it remember? Bedroom GM is a home for pay empty this for policies. If your new user sign up with bonus code, p M T place first bet on the ravens and you get one dollar for every russian yard, by Lamar Jackson, all policies and long ok. So now we have
worn, sharp, who gets into the actual smart analysis of these games and then, after worn, sharp, we, Paul Rebel which very, very funny cause we basically just work. Really an interview. Son interviewed all it's. It's essentially ass, just trying to figure out illegal ways to make a lot of money off of our piilau ownership and they are very illegal but we're gonna. U dont want to use the. I were there on imports, unclear legally nebulous grey area yeah it. It has even right whistling league so, who knows? There is no precedent set! That's what it is that you're. So we are establishing legal person with our ownership, correct we're like one of the original in Othello right, squatters Right Europe! Are it before get you warn sharp and Paul rebel. Philips. Morocco Philips organise most innovative electric grooming tools to help you do what feels right,
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blade to get you ready for Miami again. It's bar stool, stubble, bull, dot, com to enter and for full terms, conditions and grab your fill snorkel, blade to get you ready for Miami. Come hang out with us in Miami bar stools, double bold dot com! Do it right now, Ok here is worn sharp maybe K. We now welcome on recurring guest from the programme. More and sharp you can find him online. You can find him on Twitter, worn, sharp, sharp football. So we got the division round. Wildcard round was crazy. Any shoppers from wild around before go to this Sunday, Saturday and Sunday's games. I was shocked by some of the decision making in play, calling from Sean Payton in that game. For the saints I mean, I know you guys talked about with the lack of time out and take her tea. I think we could call it for and in the first half and the full game preventing him from being The wine that came late, forcing needing to force just over
I'm is of winning the game outright, but then, just from of like a plague pure play calling perspective because hope in the policies in need to be able to make a make a check me like as soon as possible. Like We know that might Zimmer through life, an immediate change of plans when he started rushing from the interior, and that is the one spot that drew back struggles to handle any immediately. He started. Protein is defensive, ends in and doing stunts. Coming from the inside now is giving major problems, but yet for the entirety of the first half they only through. Pass from Non eleven personnel and if your watch game you're? Looking it drew breeze, he sitting There, there's no lot titans being passed, protect, there's no Roy backs coming up. The whole pass protect is just they're running their guys. There, three wide receivers and a tight end in camara, typically Our on rouse Andrew Breeze has to hold up the five often of lineman, and they were getting beaten over and over again
Finally, in the second half he made an adjustment and their past came got much more efficient, but you know they waited wasted. The whole first half throwing- and I think you have a me percent success rate I was shocked. Sandwich knows your biggest surprise. At the weekend, was the Vikings being able to take out the saints I think it was one of a mere probably for me, you see the Patriots game coming what I didn't realize that the patriot would look as good as they did at least fine in the first round and then go nowhere in the second half, I thought that game was going to be more competitive throughout I've, either the patriots off. Who's going to look a little bit better in that second half Yet that word. That would definitely be another big surprise for me where stand on the rest, verse rust debate. So you ve got the ravens that you know that I stand by weak. Yes, oh so the Ravens, the titans you ve got one scene, the just played a very physical game,
in New England tractor seats, Derek Henry's on basically ed what seventy percent of the office for the Titans. And then you ve got the Ravens that Canada Day they essentially had this thing locked up several weeks you about a month ago, so they ve kind of any will take their foot off the gas they hadn't higher week off. Where do you stand? Is it? Is it incredibly beneficial to have that extra weak or as a good to saint rhythm? I can go either way on it for for this perspective, but the one thing about the ravens. Everything is really intriguing is remember how good They were on their opening drives in their second driving? Their third drive like this was a team that very consists we week in week out get the ball marched on the field touchdown up seven? and get the ball again marched on the field. Touchdown get the ball up. You stop this. Fourth forced fourth into and our own thirty two, while we're gonna for any ways and we're gonna try score another touch, unlike team, no part in the first half
we're gonna try to be aggressive in build that half time led what does happen when you, a little bit out of that rhythm because I think is more important for team like that to stay a little bit more rhythm, the interesting thing for them, though where the rest would benefit is player. Health you guys back but Mark Ingram unless he practice today. I still have not seen impact. Said all ever since he injured his leg and that would be like running back are fairly replaceable. I think that you would be able to replace him he's not like a colossal loss to this office. It has got so many moving parts in they got other guys that can come right in there, but from like just Doug aggressiveness like he he's, got the swagger about em that you'd rather have out there and writer how participating. But you know you,
not have him, even though you had the rest. So how do you see that game going? Because it is the rest for the ravens? In my mind, like to the Titans formula, it seems has always been get a lead and keep running the ball and play from ahead where the ito they ve been engaged, or they been behind its hard for them to come back. Do you think that they will have a chance to jump on? The ravens may become out a little bit slow and the first after not playing their starters for three weeks now it is possible. I think the cool thing about this game. Is you have two teams of really embraced so non traditional ways to increase efficiency and that's with motions so pray snap motion is motion before the ball: snap, your send in a guy in motion at the line, or he just moving around see the quarterback can kind of get a feel for what that defence might be doing what coverage therein and what style they're playing then you ve got the pie snap motion which occurs after snap and that's through the former play action both of these teams
our top five year in both pre snap and play, action usage, so they may be they're very dependent upon having a lot of moving part and trying to get a take for what the defence might be doing, it'll, be very important for the Baltimore to keep that game They cannot afford with the style of their play right falling behind. I don't think that that the Baltimore we their secondary as good as they are. They ve got the horses in the secondary where they want to get the lead and they want you to play from behind because you thrown into the teeth of their defence, which is the secondary their worse dropping the run and if Derek Henry is get in a game situation where there now down by more than you know, ten points they're going. They'll be able to run Derek Henry and and be on that defence a little bit, but I think it'll be very fascinating if Baltimore success, offences because tendencies, defence is war, than we think. I think
secondary is worse than what we think and I think that they can be beaten up. Forget about my rebels edge, oh Tom Brady and Bilbil a Czech last week. Or coordinators have had done very well against Bilbil checks office, but forget that because it doesn't help him this week, he's he's on a Saturday game they played last Saturday is an extra rest or any edge to prepare for Baltimore already lost twenty one. Nothing to this Baltimore team. Just last season now is with Joe flak. Oh no run game in Tennessee. Like one of ten third dollar, one thousand Mario's Marcus, Marianna and you'll Flacket? Was quarterback in Baltimore went like I want to say, like twelve or fifteen. Third downs. They were very. Efficient offensively, but they just kept converting these third downs I'm worried about Baltimore, taking over time a possession and antennas. He gets the ball back and they're down on the scoreboard, and unlike can we have
or the wrong Derek Henry Anglo Yard, or to hear Riah right. Ok, do you think this could be the fastest and if a play a game ever played yeah, you write clock Looking with a lot of the runs and the interesting thing you guys need to talk to a meteorologist or something because checking the local for. Ass. Here is very important with all these. Toward him, usually there's a dome teen playing now, but were mid January. I got all for home games or with outdoor teams most of all, men like the MID West area and this game in Baltimore, the wind speed spoke about ten to twelve miles per hour during the game, nothing to worry about. However, some The gusts are thirty to thirty four miles per hour, and now it's real that you see, wrecked, sustained, wins ten to twelve and gossip in the thirties. My question that I truthfully I'm gonna play in your ignorance, because I dont know is when their measuring the gas. How often do not just have to happen, because you know you can walk out here- you can get a strong Gus. That could happen.
Several times in a minute or could happen once in awhile cell, which the formula goes. It is exactly the distrust three times and ten seconds is that is sustainable, that's what we need to figure out his eyes. I don't know what you don't lie to his ear know if you're lying okay, so the other game. On Saturday, the Vikings in the forty nine hours, this can come on the Vikings come on her cousins come on. Still, everyone impromptu would accept my name for the come on. Do you know that Sure you got all your numbers, then there's one in the end, it just says, come on seriously as, like her cousins know what I think this game, the interesting part. We have a similar situation last week in Alaska. We just discuss where you had a defence that route You did well against our opponent last week in the their case. It was my variables defence in this case. It's might Zimmer defence, and my Zimmer just has a thing for being able to play: well: against robberies and Sean Peyton, and we talked about champagne.
Did some things that weren't really optimal and that helped might variable, but here now MIKE has got to go up against cash in hand and this off That has way more rap weaponry to attack down the field right and try to do it looks like They're gonna, be with Minnesota Slogan, be without two guys in the secondary to key guys in the sector. You're gonna have opted. Throw the ball down the field, I'm gonna go to the run game first and foremost, because here's a really interesting stat, we're talkin earlier the season about personnel groupings, so Minnesota, Vikings, defence against twenty on personnel runs, its Tirana got one sided, that's and so that basically, our boy Kyle Use, check, right track, this guy seven so Minnesota is actually be worse. Defence. In the end, I fell against twenty one personal rawness ice nugget would allow six point: seven yards precarious. Seventy four percent success rate- the league average is four point: four yards precarious and forty eight and successful so much worse than league average and looking
on a per game basis. It's not as if, they play like two teams that really use this a lot and those teams beat up on him most other teams that every single team, on average, only run about eleven percent from twenty one sometime, don't use it all, but most teams are very close to that end. There's, like three run. Here? Five runs. Their six runs, therefore, one and all these runs- are being consistently effective against him. Defense, guess who runs the most in entire nfl. Twenty one Kyle sharing in the forty Niners they were, they run out of thirty one percent clip. I just said the league averages eleven percent, so that's good be a fascinating match up and then the other thing that I think, if we're talkin come on Kirk, not talk let him directly, but just his team areas where champagne didn't use, utilise enough New Orleans was very good. Passing the football on first down from heavier sets in that game on first on passes. Eleven
Why won't charge per attempt against the Vikings and seventy eight percent success rate on second got much worse and now, a third down the only average two point, one large per attempt and a twenty five percent success rate so, we need Kyle Shanahan to stay aggressive, early ray and throw the ball little bit be very balanced and he's like that. That's the way he is the one thing I thought the saints come. I made a mistake as the it felt like they blitz too much her cousin. He actually did well against it where I forty dollars don't have to exactly grape the forty nine years, are one of the best teams at getting pressure without blessing in the entire area felt right, and I saw someone I can remember someone tweet or something that by green. If you went back to the Green Bay Game, where Green Bay Minnesota played Monetary Football Aspirate football game a year, the backers blitzed wants yeah, and they made her cousins look stupid right and you look on last week. Causes looks great the saint splits too much, whereas now the rams can go back to what the Packers didn't
not blitz right and I feel like in this game. The key element here is that I don't think that's him Disco has to change that much of their general philosophy of what they do to have. Success using their heavier and diverse personnel grouping packages throwing the ball little bit onto that ended at secondary with sir of these mismatches that they're going to scheme up like, for example, I not think that Sean Peyton schemed enough Exuviae roads he got burned on that one day, pass for the guy caught it and got tat. Look like the five your line, but you seeing him intently scheme up that answer, bar wasn't schemed up at all, I mean shot they came out and Droid, Anthony BAR on prime time in the twenty eighteen season season, just kept abusing him. That's exactly typing, How Shanahan probably could but we're going to drawing Savior roads and bar Anthony BAR we're just gonna role. Ok, I like that. Yes, oh what about leg with her cousins in the office? Can it seems, like the vikings have kind of found? Did they
astride earlier in the season when he remembered tat, he had a tight and when he remembered he was allowed to throw touchdown passes to coward. Of what happened at them. Is that something from a scheme standpoint. They said: ok, we're gonna start no sitting would off out on rats. More often are was just her cousins, be like oh yeah, I can throw it to him. I think it was out of necessity, because Adam Thielen was just dealing with so many injuries down. The stretch like he did not play very much at all. I'm concern because he tweet design in practice yesterday and then just imagine how hated as a limited. I read about that, though he got yet stepped on her something, so he it's a cut. He had stitches out to Cairo yeah. It's not like a broken urged, not like a leg. Ok, so it's just a decent surface wound yet autism, nothing but a scratch right. So what about Sunday, the true briski Ball, Mahomet, verse, Watson. That! That's that's why I got you Joe. I want to Gunnar joke for that are going to jail. You look
I gave you a lot because I got some really cool to talk about for this socks idea. I think this again just blow your mind so alike, so you're you're ahead. Ok, so We all remember the game with the Indianapolis Colts courts when they went into arrowhead on prime tat? He had money, one heck on online, okay, so Hank, I love you after this. In your hand, oh having done returning, it already learned. I already know you're gonna say: ok, you, you know what I'm going to say to tell you that they switched from like eighty four percent zone coverage to this gained ran a ton of man coverage and they had a lot of success and really shut down patrimony homes. Often, of course they ran, the ball was how do you slow down patrimony homes? well yeah use, may uncover exactly but allow the people are referring to that now, as like the blueprint game that that than the Texan. When we re poppy love, but guess what that's that
Shorting Matt, Patricia because the week before that map Patricia his defence, the Detroit lawyer, run. The most man coverage in the entire NFL Walker and Map Patricia in the prior game, ran eighty three percent man coverage and on those and coverage he reduced Success rate of Pat Mahomes from seventy one percent down to forty five percent reduces George Protect from nine down to seven point four. So indian Was there very good with analytics, thereby saw that and they duplicated date they were team like I said they the very highs who indeed purposes geyser you any day they looked at this and they said we're going to duplicate, even though we go Mattie Briefly said, even though we're all z pretty much work. Oh man, hey man de MOP, guess what they did when they manned a up. Twenty two percent success rate when they played zone. Eighty six percent when they manned about four point: seven yards pretend when they,
zone, sixteen point one so then billow bra and sees it Don T straight games Troy has success with not Patricia not either has success within the apples called. He goes a tunnel man, he was a zone guy like up over seventy five percent on the seas. Prior to that he played every no passing snap, except for one in man. Average and limited while patrimony homes was able to do. Through the air and that game. Now there are some rink, so that's the first and then the second question is What are they gonna? Do this game now. I think that They primarily play zone. They're gonna go with what work Glasgow. They're gonna play a ton of man, here's the aid I did. I have. Four Andy read that I think that we should end up seeing ok for advice, places are already being read for getting on bar store right now now. This is where Warren, though, like maybe he's giving advice ironies, given the opposite of saying, like through the actual injury you're being paid by the Texans.
Come on the show and give fake advice so he's being paid by the chiefs. Come on this show and say here's the advice, but he's real, giving them the real advice of the Texans or listen to this being less was Eliza say when you say- and I know you re inside once I say that's what we should do: ok so I took my homes on the entire season. Looking at everybody, he's played whether they played manner zone when you throw the ball. A shorter pass within fit yards, Linus scrimmage. He is great you're playing manner zone, he's really good. Throwing the ball on these short passes, he's got nearly he's got actually a little bit better verses man, a point: six yard can't versus seven point: six and ten percent better six straight throwing verses man, but when he goes deeper above fifteen yards, sing it down the field more when he thought those types of passes against man. Twenty April and success rate, eight point: three yards per attempt:
One touched on one interception a sixty pass rating when he throws deeper it is against zone. Look at all these numbers go. Twenty percent success goes up to sixty six percent success. Eight point three yards, attempt goes up. The nineteen point, nine, his wonder one touched on a interception ratio goes eight downs, only one interception and its past rating goes from sixty to one forties was an indicative programme. That's that's interesting because that's almost counter intuitive, when you think about the chief Swat receivers that they have that they're all spinsters, they can all run passing you'd think dead, going mad two men. You can hit somebody because they can outrun their quarterback, but it sounds like they give them a deep enough cushion and respect those laws. Roots and it's easier to find em underneath and then let them run around this examined backyards after the catch is exactly what they need to emphasise in this game, stay on the field. Keep inefficient often make the shop Watson in those guys think that when they get work, is you're losing and down and the chief or how
He's nice drives that we don't have much I'm with the boy you're gonna have to go crazy. Fast, we're gonna have to make sure everything counts and make the this guy's make a mistake, but you go in there and try to force thing down the field: try to design more routes that are open, underneath, I think I'll, be able to do that. If the Houston text decide to go crazy with the man coverage and pressing, so actually that win could be chalked up to the patriots, because it is not Patricia Yakima that wrinkle and then o Brien copy that we always liked to tie things back to the past Hank and absorb quantify whether or not a team see. I have a question about the green big game: the fraud bold, Osborne. Is there is our way as computer for yourself? Is there a way that you can quantify weather team is good, a winning ugly good at winning Well, I think you would have to actually have to look at the factors that,
you might value for a team that is winning ugly and that is Kenny. Do all stop minimizing the explosive rushing of all other teams. If you, the explode, of game explosive path, this explosive runs, those have to be eliminated for it to be an ugly game right. You eat ass, to be played. The trenches hereditary, oppose a high, enclosed Redstone defence turnovers topics So you would want to look at teams that are good at doing that and good at preventing them explosive plays, and then your programme to have a higher rate of ugly games, but these two team stick: they buy both are not as good as their record indicates. Yes, absolutely correct fraud. I know what you're saying I know it was so every if your time limited explosive plays in the running game. I don't think that to see hawks have a player that can run for thirty yards without opting for brave limit themselves, yeah yeah exactly so that would that would favour my green Bay packers than I do the Green bays defiling, I have the edge on the ground now. I will tell you that
if you're Seattle you're looking at this game- and you see the Green Bay Packers. Look the gay look at the games. I'll just tell you that Seattle, was played in terms of run defences down the stretch. Of their last. Like nine games, they played ADA nine games against top ten. Run fences. They play the most difficult schedule of run offences in the NFL, the last three while they ended with the Philadelphia goes here. The fourth best he, but they ve just played up we'll scheduled Randy Events is the only one that they played, who was not good was the care the Panthers. There were the worst in the NFL, and Chris Carson ran all over those guys rain roughshod problem now is, though, number Green Bay, stinks pending the wrong there. Twenty third in the NFL defending the run and their better defined the past, so Seattle, my our work. Conservative team luscious run the ball on these guys, but how many key If you want to give martian lunch Lynch, that many, I don't think and Travis Homer- is not Belle cow guy in the back, failed to take a lot of those. What I think
He to do is find other ways to have success against the sea. Instagram Packers, and the first thing I'm going to look at is Do I respect their past defence as much as the metrics indicate an hour? through here look at these. Quarterbacks it they have played? over the last weeks, having visited very we're, so Derek are, is weak, seven I'll tell you his stats in a moment he is That's the game where he fumbled going in minority ice over the pylon gave the game Green Bay score to touchdown immediately before they have got. The ball scored another touchdown, use a disaster, so angry Yes, that's enough came in a second, we eight Matt more back up for the chiefs, weak, nine, Philip Rivers, TAT, his stats in a minute week, ten rookie com, allow and first rocky of the board for the Carolina Panthers. Then you play Magee, a good starting quarterback I'll tell you that's it is three guys. Gonna whole often tell you, there's that, then you Daniel Jones, Rocky Dwayne,
skins Rocky Mitchell trip Ski Rocky, way. Alarm call is a young thirty. Therefore, young, rookie, Kirk Cousins in prime time that general that's realities and David Blouse rookie to close the seas in your time off for rookies in the last vote, in the last seven games, plus Mitchell. True biscuit alone in their cousins passes. Bedtime too. That has is that tonight. Now, though, they nor yet a jet starting quarterbacks, say what you are Oh dear car, but the guys who are capable starting quarterbacks? Dare car tenant, half yards per attempt. Sixty eight percent success a one teen rating, Philip Rivers, nine point eight years, protect sixty percent success. I one await rating and Jimmy eleven yards per, tempt fifty two percent success and a one, forty six rating, those three guys, the this secondary other Green Bay, Packers and the rest of the time, their plane, crappy, rookies or Mister Bisbee or guy who's passes, bedtime, xo, questionable coms,
What are you gonna do when you face Russia, Wilson right, I know their concern is how is oh lying, going to pass, protect against these the brothers on the other side of the football come up with this. Ass first, because it is a very scary pass rush, I think for breath Sean, I'm or two to look at, however, I will say this interesting ted, but to you. When Seattle uses play action? wet when teams use play action against Green Bay, though teams have now Ben sacked, but when they don't use play actually here the numbers. This is pretty crazy When you dont use play action, thirty eight per- sent success. Five point two yards per attempt. Any ten percent sack. Eight, but when you do use it in the first half sixty percent
strict nine point, seven yards pretend and no sat so their awful at defending against play. Ashen butler rabbits are good when you don't figures that are really down there, you really get to their like a dog. When you throw born, you put it behind your back that, basically, what the agreement heresies exactly susceptible to that an priests not motion is what would you say that Greece is best opportunity to win this game is if PETE Carol reverts back and to establish the run PETE Kara like he might psych himself into thinking. Oh, YO twenty degrees outside this is play off football. Let's give the boss my running back, you know late, let's run the ball. Thirty five times like that is the best opportunity for the Packers defence, at least when I I think any time you're taking the border rubbed his hands and game like this, and your handing it to Marshal Ling. Chu is out on the streets a few weeks ago, Travis Homer, who similarly was doing anything that is advantage to defend even if that run defence is not as good as the past defence
I want this ball in Russ's hands as often as possible, and I want to figure out how design this passing offense too demise success. Against what is Green Bay week at defending so yes, I thought that if they get super conservative, that is, going to be a problem because I dont think that there are twenty nineteen slush. Twenty twenty defence good enough to sustain their being just like mediocre authentically. We saw the game against the Philadelphia Eagles, where Josh Recount is driving up and down the field late and he keeps not. Converting these fourth downs. But if you converter, I mean that game could have been a tie game right. One score: Wilson's gonna convert those yeah, you couple why Rogers is gonna converters against the Seahawks defence and that's a pretty big problem. You cannot be as concern If you can't play the scoreboard in this, game! You're defence is not good enough. If you're, Seattle and you're lucky
to have a lead which, let me tell you how important, having a leaders at half time k, thus want two things. We too about earlier and preached about having a lead is a crazy statistic for you, Aaron Rodgers in Lambeau Career, is sick stick to one and why when he has led at half time of any size of any size, Russia, Wilson, when he has a lead at half time of any size. No matter where he's playing is six Five and seven, both These guys are outstanding managing second half of games, not throwing interceptions not doing done things to cause to blow a lead, of Seattle- is fortunate to get that leader half time Absolutely cannot just go into a turtle. Doves, shell, right, ok, so what was give us your I'm sure. You'll have some game impacts right, yeah, a web.
You have. You have one game that your leaning like, if you could give you can put your reputation that our invitation. That's me, your life on oh life, on the line. Now I ve got a gun ominous shoe you in the head. If you get this wrong while because I really need a bail out yet I will. I would not recommend offering us taken that selective, ok, I'm so I'm gonna shoot out of jail. Give him a bad tells them all it's a child. I got a gun he's getting a year. You don't care if I die because of eyes. If you don't say what game, if it, if its a hostage situation, I will give you this book. Definitely don't pull that ok, but just like LEO installed Treasury. If you keep, I won't stop. I think the Kansas City Houston over twenty or in the first half was an interesting ways. Dog out it downloaded done
reputation, lies not interested. They get this wrong. You worry hack! I like that, though. I like that ok, so all four under last week, that's what I'm thinking like offer oversights hit. Why, I don't know about that here. You know that space itself as this very year regression me now. I think that this week is going to be great for watching these games, like I can't wait to watch these guys go up against each other, betting on them. It's a little bit trick. Because you got a couple of play later, I got totals that actually are moving a little bit down on Saturday, those totals the professional money is definite comment on the Anders on Saturday and a little bit towards the overs on Sunday, I don't know that I agree with the over in the Seattle Green Bay Game because I think that with the whether they are supposed to be really cold. Now that doesn't mean a games gonna go under, but what I think
We need to realise that we also need to handicap coaches and what types of dust genes. They make cold war. There unless it's like zero, Greece, or something even lower than that? That's when the football gets here. His rock and it might be a little bit harder to kick it also harder to catch because think about all your hand, if you're not wear gloves your have a little bit of moisture. It's a leather football does the moisture. So it's easier catch the ball when the military level as normal, but if it dry is held because a so called that's when the ball just skips off of people's hands is hard to catch. Because of lack of moisture there. So that's the only scenario, but if you a guy like a p Carroll who, just like guys, This is gonna, come down to turn over. We don't want to risk it lets hold on the football, thus play good defence like that type of play, calling could impact
the way that the game, when only address you were already took the over that care. So I think I'm sure you're with the sharp money. So I guess you're sure what I did was a faded. My own brain, I was it's gonna, be called my exact thoughts. Were it's going to be called in this game usually there are a lot of points whence cold and then I was like well, what everyone else thinks some take the over so you're saying I was asked secretly smart, yet secretly smart, because people who bear the under just because it's gonna be girls. I wanted not Goober called long is just like ten to fifteen please call guy that that does how can it be place a bearing on whether the game was over? I saw my last question seeking question promo code. Take you put it any get ten dollars off coral play off. Came this weekend, promo code take ten dollars off the coaching herself the hires who's your favorite higher of the of the group of new cultures that were hired in the last week in a half MIKE Mike the IRAN Rivera that rule Joe judge you, so I
don't know enough about Joe judged to have an opinion islanders. I'm inclined to be optimistic. About most coaching changes, because we know in some scenarios like. I can't be that much worse than what it was right. So, let's think optimistically, for once in their lives, they something could be. Ok with regard to the other three guys, I mostly, Craig by that rule higher, because I want to see if what he does transitions over and we know that he's working with an owner who, just like spends and spend on everything is already talked about that. So that's a good thing cause, there's no salary cap on coaching, get the best position. Coaches that you can get the best corners. You can get the best strength, condition programme the best you know, health departments in nutrition have what for anyone who asked me get analytics peep, as well, then you actor in the like Mccarthy Angle, where he's are Mention he's building a staff and he's gonna have all these different people. He also said he watched every play
yeah he then emitted like lived sitting next to Jerry Love. I gotcha g got Jared in actually do that. I told you I did, but that's a trick, but I I love his sense of humour, though that's kind of refresh all that's you like. We, like the higher costs, Might Mccarthy sense of humor. I if he does, I could tell you right away that stuff. You was doing in green day was not very analytically, sound right, a lot of the stuff. So the fact that you took a year off and focus improving. I did the ball in the rubber meets the road. Will he that's always the thing with the right, older coaches? Will they be able to an actual age? Doesn't really matter for some of the older coaches are the most analytically driven, but when a coach trust their got in, like the crunch moments that a crushing trusting looks yes it's it's very that's one of the most can be one of the most frustrating things when you're
devising certain things and you think you're gonna give you a big edge, but then the coach just doesn't think that's up appropriate, applicable or useful in this prior game. How to cook embellish! I keep on saying that he doesn't use any analytics whatsoever to think that he would like us and lied to the press. Yes, oh yes, I mean what what are the way I look at Bela check. If you ask him like a detailed football related question, he sometimes It comes out at and blinds. I do not actually answers a very honestly and give you like a super long answer that you weren't even expecting and then some poor guy has to go and transcribe and post it on the internet. For everybody else to read, but he's gonna ask him like a point for questioning you show for I'm here, deny most everything possible unless there's an advantage to him, and he could easily say I'd. Look at analytics, but like he's not the one Looking at the findings, but he's not doing the research for somebody else, there is giving in the research that you,
and look at everything that they're doing with they document every play, they document every single position on every single play. They log it. They put it into a spreadsheet, I'm assuming he doesn't go into Excel, and pulled up and run reports himself, but he's definite. Looking at you, gotta Jana, guys that are using things include, computer vision that are like tat and on the game itself and pulling nuggets off of women players are going and where they're turning and how they're doing things that their then incorporating into our strategy and moulding their philosophies, and you can just tell by the way that they're calling play he's in some things that they're doing that they ve done studies on this stuff and that's all natural anal suggest researching data. From history and then using it to make intelligent decision more, it's not as complicated a lot of people make her out to be my last question. When Dave Gettleman was so my computer forks, what what's a computer Falk, which your definition are you computer folks
yeah I mean, Fortunately, anybody who owns a computer technically is allowed to job with joy. I like it, I will worn Thank you. As always, Pritchett. Your time check him out, worn sharp, sharp football he's got everything he's got. You beat make yourself a smarter football fan. I'm excited for the fraud ball on Sunday night and guaranteed winners from two yes guaranteed high, not got argon. Can we its young annoying? I die. I thanks for what they swam you guys. That area the worn, Sharp was brought in by the parcel store the weather is getting colder. Winter is officially here from the perfect game day outfit. The only sweatshirt you'll want to wear this winter. The bars of sport store. Has your winter gear covered, go to store that partial sports dot com shop right now, I've got all sorts of new p m t stuff, and there we got jumpsuit
four jumps January, we ve got everything that you can imagine go there who tight. I hardly knew tied, I hoodies, which are fire there. Are we just gotta box from here today love and go to store that partial sports tat come to shop now now Part another something completely different: we now welcome on recurring gases, on many times. Actually you dear basically, if you remove livelier December a tolerable, we're here to talk about the water dogs. We own a team, we own lacrosse team. Now you hired a coach. I dont you didn't ask us right. I don't even know who the guy is, how who have eyes cope when I thought you guys were aware of it. Dry on the contractors is like finalized, her it's it's finalized, but We as owners of the wireless foresaw congratulation sagging. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So yet side of you hired a coach didn't tell us. That's fine, I'm fine with that.
I myself was under way before you guys Paraguay override ever find with that? How is he like the whole thug slug thing? Does he know the difference? in those two words. Yes, ok, arts of them were good. We're gonna go part of today's grownups ass long, ass, contact information. You guys have actually got up a list of things. I don't need that that's a little too much or less per day. We're gonna go through as owners are part of my responsibility as player. Commissioner in honour of the league is to make sure that ownership group is re Iraq, he has talked about it on Monday. The s work. Iraq's will give us a real, ok up. First, coaches, so any cope when rob cross passes and Dawson. Are you guys? coaches, Brennan, some guy like Riyadh and hurry what across name, ROD Robber Cross Brendan? How to spell bring be. Are why, in DE, why in that's right? Ok, ok, ok, ended up that passes and then,
I've come and we have so draft, so you educated participate. That's that's where the owners really get involved. Ok, Expansion drive our years? You're? Actually Donna players. Yet, as as you are aware, ran, are you guys been looking at the rosters in Ireland are protected? We are now Jack, but this is the. It was actually jumping ahead into our rules around tampering, ok, which Is it illegal, but tampering happens you guys, but is hanging owner or is it just ass like on paper, because we can have anxious tamper for us, the out of that that's a hydra. You asked he s Paul. If he's protected or not party protected or not we haven't released yet I hope, on protected by weakening raw deal trade, here's a little something that might Sweden the pot for you. We were on the chaos our dialogue with her at he was on ATLAS, so pause ATLAS got whose Sergio Park of which camp he was in New York, ok program, you on ATLAS, I would assume
You got a bunch of free ATLAS gear. I did now free water dog year, and I would I would guess, most lacrosse players. The salary, isn't good enough! That in like two sets a different team shirts is pretty nice, like that's pry their bonus. In the old league we got bonus by merchandise now, as you paid well, this is a player centrally rights, Centric league with great owners who also era are worth a lot of money of Lhasa now. So, if you yes, we can. We can lodge alive if you dont become protected and lock you out we should get Rambo. That's the guy that ran after married might raise down ruin rabbi launder aggravated per Kovich, and we want you Whitworth personage from like Serbians, his serb huh. Actually I grew up in Detroit and I think he's russian. Ok, I gotta yet, Are you really really ask that it is pregnant. You can ask that, like
what will become of its neighbourhood LE he looks like an ETA fell. Tied end is good. Gaining six five, these huge ok we want here about checked my, but unless I would have you got on your list, guys, so we have our draft. That's on the expansion drafts on February forth, so common attic, superbowl time whose it's a were shooting, I should add NBC it's a Monday It's a Monday, Monday or Tuesday, Monday Mundus and then alone the higher phone amperage, so any cope one will be in the Atlantic, the panacea. How many what's repeats of budget colony, girls, great pizza, bear in mind, and we can make that happen. Ok, we might we haven't discuss. I. Why are you ever will build a rider for you guys? We will come up for no less than ten PETE pizza, pizzas, commissioner, you ought to be at the podium giving a big hugged every plaything its rapid. I step off, of the the podium I'm actually the commissioner by I does the commissioner
can know what I'm doing very good. I'm gonna make Paul Rebel Cloud shirts yeah now, because I don't know I wish in this area- is on job but you're. The commissioner says we're owners now. So you re, the actors are morality clause as well in the lily everyone. I'm happy brought that up, because as owners, and you're the commissioner. The job of the commissioner is basically to be like a human shield for the owners or any of their mistakes. So screw up, you need to jump from the boy while I believe my job is return, value back to the ownership grew from our estimate is, I just described so I need a giant in town of any more. If we were to get arrested, you have the top it's on making yet to say I didn't do a good job as commissioner, providing these guys with sober rides right. Where right here has, I think, that's your fault, hypothetical, that is an issue I do like I'll be us. I like the new water dogs, helmet
yeah right. We have to be honest. This is an exclusive work we brought, it adds, got the chrome purple. It is very swag matching your we'll Jumpsuit JAG. Am I what so wait now hold on the chrome purple? If this paint ships out imagines pretty expensive, you knew it, but his prey expensive I'd like to get across it. I'd like to get more money back in my pocket. And not on the player. Deserves our hand dip debt out. That's I won't let you do that. I want to express my regret that we, who were not do and that you can see pay your own home. Does, though, water dog itself. The mass got the logo here too. That dog have a name. Now we should. We should name it. Oh should If we just got seller, Lira syllable we run. Now we can't do that's narcissistic we gotta to do like. Something with lacrosse something now that you guys around her. This is completely or call again, then we'll do it's gotta be lacrosse. It's got crowded dog is a goal. We clearly right. Yeah he's like the snapped the
thing in heavy. We just name the dog Brad, just as all the rag and that of our system, so so what do I ll? Send your lessons around the rest, your gate, there's a jersey really. So we have the helmet here. We brought a bunch of water dog swag for the office. So let's pop out, sell that and you can sell it or you can wear Ivan Autonomy, my age owners. Yet what what would you say why we brought you guys on his owner or do we signal and myself have? We were governor I'd like to do a census, some type of study, to figure out what, where we could EL, the stadium exclusively with the tax payers, money right, so I won't do that. I want to pay anything from my new stadium. Archival find out, As to a research that I will bid the players for that and figure out. Why location in America. The vote
you're dumber after though just gives lacrosse data, and then who would you go after four? The naming writes that stadium probably updated bus actually know you don't want to do it won't even be David, Busters Sadieville, just be a giant daveandbusters that happens to have a field on it. We should just double dip. We should just called to pardon my take stadium and then the rest of the owners have to pay us, to licence the name part, my yes and then we'll get where we get the promotion by your house and we also double dip with little cash in our pockets and also put it even busters and put on a high cast set up center field. Yes, sure, I'm having did black too, because in it slimming very slimming right. Ok, ok what else so Georgia we have this. Why you're? So the Jersey release is in collaboration with ideas, and I have already told the folks in Portland that you guys you're gonna be helping design those jerseys you dont have go to Portland, but you can give some influence there.
And they will release those sometime in March they now. So that is a huge responsibility day away from Portland. We have so up to you there. Ok, then, the television broadcasts schedule comes out in March or April, so right after civil determine how many dogs aims are on tv. Ok, what? How do we? Jake Marsh are turn slash announcer, who announces Vermont basketball? Radio, do you still do Syracuse How do we get him on a broadcast? That's non negotiable. We can have conversation will know that nobody has we're out. An area. Is non negotiable? I don't think you understand this well, we figure out we'll get the water dogs television schedule, ok with you play by play for one game. That's where will start give the other a break whose column Lee
you Brandenburg, running, Burke and Rhine Boil and then a pauper. My sir I'll embassy Geiss, ok, Sir Sir, during those broadcasts it also lake inner contract, we need at least twenty shots of us per game. Up in the owners, switches and looking down yet having like him, high fives having began air or having a lemon and Hank cleaning our glasses and put them back on young. As I just Jerry Jones glamour shots every time you get a goal, scored against us. I need to see. Call me standing a pounding the table. Yes, ok, we could probably worked at an ok. We have. We actually announced this week that our opening weakens our. Let so may TWAIN. I think, thirtieth Friday night, saturnine game, curry pieces, the dogs will be plan. We can get you four pieces, you are actually have as owners of sweet access to every game o. True but now I know I am not being com is smarter than that AL. It's one of those situations where we go in the sweet and
Then there are the tiny, the man you and it's like two thousand dollars to get a broad light. This is where we start negotiating a rider yeah I've been there and you walk in Sweden. All they have is just like a giant free of ice yeah supply. Maybe one thing: a popcorn menu in MID may be popular. Every lonely like a couple minutes with eyes like chocolate autumn. So yes, one voice stocks. What else will I'm sure you ever fewer your items that you request when you stay in your sweets at games? I wanted. I rode on our three types of soup, Anita Broccoli, cheddar, Anita, minestrone Jennifer, and I want I want the dessert Cardinale bringing around. I wanted to be locked outside of our sweet, profound fields It's always coming around, since I is walk. How here you like a Cartier three c, lock those reels a cancer and a keg Pierre Soup of Rupee haggard, soon and three kegs of three different soup, Now I was soon keg serve one kangaroo, Montenegro Review for Begat, ok,
and then so you do have an owner, Sweden, every game, and then you get twenty tickets element owners Kelly Roussel, that question yeah they can. You can distribute them, but we can result in re. Some of you want ok, after get accurate on where this I mean they're, technically tickets, for your sweet also how people that sit with us they can- or you can put a call it and would get. Gm makes money off that. Would you like watch parties in our sweet, We don't know which are hashtag for discovery. Are dogs canine come around dogs abroad. Dog model, yeah. Ok, I'm going to live with that. We name it would do ass, a man now dog I was named Brad the dog Parada guys legally as our knowledge as Jerry. I've thought about name. The dog is names which
yeah, like every game, is eventually alibis. Actually can kick ass it at the gay. We owe you we will live mascot. We haven't budgeting, Yet we should. Like Alive Macrobian, an actual dog. We should find a we needed are loose sitting on. We find her own dogging, then we get the wheels let all Diana S actually a good idea for us to have a live dog on the field. Yes, good temperament dark as little kids, we don't want it. I'm gonna have the insurance, but I do want to attack the opposing pillar right, augur used. Yes, yes, Argovie Season ATLAS walk by it. Be good, don't have a dog like family friendly everyone's like a dog and right, you know, haven't if it's a bull, is it a bulldog, now a little than saying the bulldogs. Don't swim ray hey. Can I Vienna Bulldogs from other, not good, swimmer, right, swim? Well, yeah, stopped. Me looks like it's a but ass liberates every dog ever created mass,
No one actually hybrid is away cooler. Things said another There's a ton of revenue opportunities from water. Dogs, so we can do dog treats we can do dog toys like those crunchy lacrosse balls of acrostics knuckles, dogged, the fake knots after they get their doubts were moved in serve and have them hang off. The back of cars have as yet ass right now, you're thinking, Sir, all that type of stuff is up for grabs this team as the ability to monetize differently the other two now do we get to keep that we share with, like the fucking chaos, an ally and all that, but you know Sharon across other clubs, but sharing with the league is so I sound later the other clubs as long as I don't have to like sure like I'm, not going no his lips with a guy that selling, not only as long as I'm actually baseball. We just team, arrives the revenue and need the other. I also thank you tricked us earlier. I was suddenly hang about this in the flight. Back, I think you can
up with a name water dogs, and then you in separate us into thinking that, maybe because I think when I M will be run if we run attains AK car, I think I actually which pre averse to it. Remember I was I made the inside joke about the office in you guys said the inside joke was really bad yeah and I was like. I can't call this team- the water dogs, oh no area, yeah, you wanted. What did you want? You wanted to be, namely Cromer, so that showed didn't land. I got a bunch of tweets about a funny is or chrome, there's a chrome. Ok, I the admin. I guess you, There is no majority sledges aim here. What does the only good name, we're gonna, kill everyone, I mean what are dogs in terms of mirrors sales, America's T shales there they ve already. They ready pass. The chrome account followers dull. And then I have a team to die employers. What we give the players, the option to just join Artie has yes,
Oh yes, I've got into the bunch of laws and tax. Seeing like I want to be obeyed. If you want to win, you comes on the value of ownership, grooves alot of players, one avoid Jerry Jones and danced cider, and I entirely governments to come over this team right. I want it were. Then we are just tell us what would receive for the expansion dropped again remind me, so there's eleven protected players for little its describe her flock, and then you guys get because get eighteen picks out so that that Russia, the available unprotected players, will be announcing next week. Dewey have to do like. Do we have to field defence men now. Can we just draft eighteen, often of players, probably when will control the market
it's a conversation. You have to have a then that's a good idea, but what if we also drafted just all gullies and then we just stacked upon each other shoulders and soldiers physically impossible their trade with us so that they know its final said everyone rounds. I think I'm ruling of the court are ass. His fantasy football one other fucked up was in the cross is that you can actually only have one goal. We stick on the field. Golly. I think when we put the go out attack he's got a big stick and you can catch the wiser than you can have to go in to get someone else in that. So you with that same stick, so They can have an almost taken in that legal. Normal have picturings like six other. How many guys on the field? Simba ten ten guys who, on each other's shouldered ass on each of the shoulders standing in front of the net no daylight for the get right? There get hit with a prudent hardrada rewards? Are we will treat them like cannon fodder got it. I would also my last art, so we ve gone through all of what's forthcoming. The traffic
draft going beyond NBC sports and you guys can make the first packer do whatever you want. Conversation you'll have an ideal. Where's that lets you missed Africa. I get on drop that is on April twenty oh yeah, that's a cow, that's it! That's all! You got it in the best players, age, ok, some dude! Fuckin Virginia chance. I do counts Hopkins within, yet ever Syracuse Eric Use got it. What's the drug testing policy like for your owners, so Drug testing policy for owners is non existent rates, cinema rates, great Sunday, but it was very sad- hasn't been flagged yet some thing about yet maybe we should actually have it so that we can get some buzz. No drugs on water dogs owners are dictating. Marijuana. Tat would be a great headline. It takes it. Marijuana derive great headline: our wages,
you will make a list between member figure out which drugs we have taken and then fine ones that we have an and then try to pass. The other owners. Vetoes yeah, I'm Saint Buzz Buzz, is everything: no bad publicity with water, It's where America Steep right would. I may also having taken you up on that Dick pick suggestion you made six months ago right, and knew that Sextette. We should do that. Says yeah. Sorry, not so here, Summah rules that I jotted down based on listening to the show on Monday, so John Schneider Johnson, Azerbaijan, public John. It's a no go for me law shattered. Measure will know less on how shadow commissioners work well. You rightly decided to shadow commissioner shows up in the shadows. You don't see him coming, but he has. Ty. Can't you guys were you just can't bring em on your ownership group? Ok, it's just too much!
But here's a shame if we bring him to a game. He's gonna eat fifty pieces and that's a lot of money that cuts in our budget. So human, oh, that's true! I ll go if its concession sales you want but John he's a whale and we love Papa Johns. We don't love Papa John. Ok. I once again, this is for you to decide. He's a shadow commissioner know that he's there until he pops out of the shadows, so I will deal with that later. Trade windows. Waiver wire that starts in a couple of weeks. Okay, so ass out will be after the expansion draft and that's where you can probably go after Rambo. Ok, Her too, if he's not protected, ok, Then we can all have a discussion with Hank we pay out of pocket for players that would have to be under the table. I can't because I'm not gonna make sure we do to go find me. We just got all the best players and didn't lose right I'll
We'd have to they'd have to break their contract problem. With the league and then get a fine so under the table. Pay area covered, fine for breaking their contracts, just jump into the wood? cash happen through seller, sidebar dollars, lively Ah leubronn species to we offer every one to boner dogs who comes to the dogs and it's like it's no show jacket, show job thousand dollars thousand dollars production. Yet, yes, I gotta I didn't young it, so Why is this? Guy is owning. A team. Gonna interfere with my fancy. Lacrosse ownership, good question, not fantasy, I guess I can still participate, fancy lacrosse. You can participate fancy across we're working to turn on gaming, so gambling ergo, the dice its Papa John steam actually, but you can get your elsewhere really elaborate long process. Here we gamble on the games whilst owning a team.
The rule right now. You can't gamble on your team. P rose rural right, so I can't gambling the dice yeah, it's Papa team actually, but you can get your ego swear I'll. Can gamble on the dogs to win now because they're, your team put, I want them to win. The goal is to yeah. We talked about. We actually battle that around internally is long. It we were saying well, the first step. Is you can't short, your teams again bet on the loose right, fixed sat right, but bet on the when it feels like a slippery slope. Why? it's just you betting on your own. All. They were just put opinion that will go back: ok, yeah, artificial, immediately. Actual rules. As you know, that is an idea of doubts or where I feel guys they are gather nailed around out here. Even our second season will have this cargo ruler gasoline on yeah, and you would be a bet on the dogs, yes and the over in dark Ok, so the morality clause that
common across, all sports. They take Tiger woods. For example, Nike aside a hold on to him russian airily, but the teams drop them or the other sponsors. So what's our takes place all its discretionary morality clause, you get to decide centrally What do we get? The size honours the vote. Does come back. The ice. Why are we vote on our own morality, but you ve got a lobby the rest of the ownership, good care that ok, you earlier, never guess what the other ones? No, yes, so Josiah, one of amounts to Brooklyn Nets
Kay or founded Alibaba the items we already talked about an independent your interest in the nets. We can get. You guess court side now as owners. Next, not interesting. Cato comes what else I was excited. The courts are eight, so him who else. Whilst we get one of the very few nice things that I can give out to all, I can do no other than that. I don't have much to offer a lot of monopolies or Syria, Chrome, water dogs, helmet, ah wit. What else? Who else is owner So we have folks, I see a churning We know the so you get that that's one vote young. Yet our way yet fortress. That's my group, but Havana, guys out in San Francisco. They sound, very intimidating, ok, we'll get to them yeah? Well, I'm not worried about morality. Clause! Keep it in so yet between between lobbying churn in policy a here in New York will gonna want get lucky that one of the note a gay words I am so you can feel like this team matters right.
Then, and then maybe you can reverse the morality clause discretionary. We don't even want to reverse it. We just one we are up for trial for something bad. We ve done, we would just year via kicked out o me, I'm gonna be a fine, we would re fine. Yet I really can we get a shirt and what had, at a late anyway, yeah churning pair find ass officials. There. The table, but ass goes also download discretionary. What you mean tweeting about officials being bad rightly The more cuban game managers right well. A lot of you know what I asked for more more cuban is famous for making comments after aims about the official Negus find as he gets fine, but sometimes it's worth it isn't play off, and you want to make your point like out I'll pay them. Finally, the how my how much would have fine be idle hypothermia. We view officials like coaches and player yeah. There is much a part of the game and if they have a poor performance and someone says something his eyes is not egregious-
I'm not only by its game- I'm not worried about this at all and here's why I'm never going to learn the rules of lacrosse and so I'm not gonna tweet about it and have everyone? Well actually me. So I will complain about it because I don't know the rule. We can always say it's a great out if we lose we liked rescued. But I don't know the rules. Yard is with us in their ability, whatever. So you're fine with, but even if the rough screwed us we would we ok. What are the policy on bribing? The roofs can't do that can't do that, you we have proved we'd have to gambling right now forever forever. Ok, It was a long time. Yes see now We are in our around forever right right. That's forever my boy. What's our exit strategy here when we sell working equity, are we looking at his owners? Will you You have the equity and die what you saw? How much is it worth right now the business yeah it's worth it, Can we celebrate this goes out? Can we sell ripen airways? You can, with a vote you could
You can begin to sell your shares. The secondary market. I haven't, got a process, so we can get some cash and you had to get right away guy who were already chip in back cash. You by J Color powered editor helmet assure is our policy on us going on trying to solicit bids for the league like for us to go out and be o K, Elon Musk. I've got this great investment opportunity. Yeah, maybe stop smoking so much weed and shall article bill or Maybe he smoked Sweden decided by the leak. True right what we sell stock in our team that doesn't was not worth anything. We keep to cash Green Bay Packard. Well we'll take. We have to take a look at it. Moves will send it to our GC. I keep it open, keep it open what else, but we do think so what if this really does cell or if we decide dad franchise out multiple honours. Then you that's another revenue pop for you guys. So every new owner that comes in we get is like on a french idea, and Japan has to pay us to start a new team.
They don't hate you directly. They pay the league and we pay you and we set up a very smart guy like that, so willing to try to get new. Oh at sports, poyser policies. Now I know so. We need new owners. Yes, so actively solicit, give us adds up is weak. Yet you, the materials and presentation and suffer Sir John Shatner says lessening That is another Papa, John Papa. You John we're we're soliciting him, but he, subject a board approval, which morality clause, gotta problem, yeah, yeah height, fighting as we before its legal, each other, not amongst honours, sale, honours, can't fight each other is your eyes. You put that line because we kick everyone's ass.
Why had just, as you said, the protection of the other, all the other owners demanded regret at Hamley. We have two hours, Ryan Right Guy, you say no more! Ok! I imagine the ETA makes sector aid is we're about. Just like him. Really fight is just not only to four guys boots. Now those society and pollutants can imagine one of these whiny San Francisco dunes, likely We know why I'm endlessly can't beat our ass. My final I yeah, it makes, I said, that's pretty it's pretty simple right there there's a so a wide net morality clause we talked about, and then we have to draft a rider. Because you have an owner suite at every game and twenty tickets and then it sounds like he has won a complicated with the stock options that are of value by you can yup bring them down in certificate to help them with fake shares, and then and then you can give away or sell your tickets the up and then talk about selling merchandise, says all stuff. It will hand.
Ok, so, I'm right here, yeah yeah, we're are you ok with us being on, Similarly, the arrest, They are really get we set out to do. That really got we have an issue is forgetting to signed ownership. Contracts has been followed. Round for so who are you guys? Anatomy is like I've never had a chase down. People tastes like sign a document for equity rails. We could say that to me: that's what's wrong with you lateral we'll do it event We want an exit strategy. We want to be able to say we never sign anything. But then we want to be able to say we signed it. If we ever make money right, that's the entertainment business right. Right. All those agencies it they don't actually signed deals with filmmakers were their talent until something cell right and then they try to get it back retroactively. That's our worthy! Also, that's our plan without me,
again, the stadium. I don't want him to play licensing fees to other artists, knowledge on the licensing visa guy, I'm very glitter. I don't want rock n roll part tubing play that pedophile. Will you guys get to pick you're you're, not leaving Gary glitter known about our Gary glitter? So we are not paying him can write it. I believe yes, MA am So the we can say that we ask you can pick your team entrance onto again. All that stuff, you may be sure, we'll ravished possible will make our own since we yet no Hanks right will make role. We weren't. You will make a sign that pass hooker, then we have to pay. You guys to license. It exists, That one is queen know now I I'm gonna. Wait! I'm ok requires a guy. Opening we can make it. Wait February when we're being on twenty nine and its actual. Let may twenty nine thirty Friday night is that will put the dogs are right and I am now
so we can, after Magritte weeks we for so maybe I am a firm. Maybe we can probably not no, I just get ahead of that with the owner sweet and gave it to someone else. Yes, fine little do maybe the New York one s head I had the honour sweet and the quota that ideally one anything within an within a two hour drive of New York City wherein maybe I'm still potentially calling a game stokers that was one day, Jake Marston! That's where a package deal right bars has to call one game this season on embassies, by the way we tampering. So there's three drafts this off season. There's expansion drafts first than we thought, college ass in between there's an entry draft, so there were about players that had Malta, your deals are sign with em oil around the Yak receive Ramona yeah. That draft is in March, so you have the ability to grab,
whoever you want to address it eve if you want to do here, is good. I think they are good. Will draft him. We pitting the almost where they are starting to think. Ok, I waited redrafted. Can we draft steep elegiac who Priscilla and would just get turns out with a good Christian, were an ATLAS Jersey to a Panthers. I will add ons made or the water down our diversion note. I think we draft stability pact. I would be good publicity right there. Yeah guess, Emmi he's gonna make news, he doesn't have to be probable, know what's going on is Bilbil check on opening? We can He was arrested overcome this year with Emma Jane. I started as I was actually with Mcdonald every time. Actually I see that we would come what he says. He loves partial. I mean Dave
is defended him to their loves, yeah yeah. Ok, I thought you guys came up with the logo on everything and we said he was asking is like a flexible, blotted oxygen. What he said was like was like a school by MS gets here. Such as yours. It out of the city was in the room, do about we just gotta get contract. Germany has drafted a great, we'll just drop the entire Belgic family. I forced him to come on the progress that actually maybe that's. What we do is just ass valuable. We want on the progress and we're just riders. You been drafted. We're waiting for could spell check to finally call quitting the NFL will bring em over the piano. That's that's us literally hanks theory of while across can be the biggest Mortimer yeah that in the Olympics, but that's in twenty twenty eight hours from now. We ought to be able to be dead and there are no-
twenty Watchin or attending, and its inner lay anything to do away with can be brutal. Yes, research already, balancing age is going to be just fine, by a tolerable figure very much everyone tune in to the draft Wes fairly for that's right. Ok instead for tuna and then the entry draft, the college draft an opening. We can all this stuff, and I welcome the appeal, our guy here, just one last idea. If we we should make a rule that if you get drafted in our draft, you can't get drafted in the military draft. Yes, so if so it like heightens like we can call, was they actually like to governments shopped, say that yet. No we're obligated. We have to bake that into contracts? Everybody does there they can be drafted and we can exclude them from that- ok about this, though we also make it a school. So
p, L L is also a college, so if they play for us there technically and who then they can't be drafted right eye quit her ear. When you become lacrosse play, your officially quake react to go to war. Em in the college we put all of our podcast on a service where paisley's the class and we charge them yet yet that's why we love you guys, you gonna come up with all these revenue streams and the rest of the organizations. Leagues are going to copy, yes, which is good. They have yet to have someone innovating our water dogs. Thank you. Paul hurry up Ok, let's get some segments finish up. The show finish up the weak. There were two other things I just of all one is partial dot com such pm take that that was the first. When the second one is actually to partner, How can one is there is a curse of Antonio Brown so I dont know how to apply this week in all, I know, is in the last couple:
This is an end in the play off the Steelers, the raiders, the bills and the patriots have all been eliminated. So I'm thinking the ravens have his cousin, Hollywood Brown, the team is gonna, be in a factor to forty nine is were always linked to be one of the teams going for Antonio Brown. In fact, I think- the package is well yeah and the Tec, since energy he said he wanted to go like the chiefs, the Saxons, the Ravens and the pan so let us see, are safe. Sea Argentines, Seahawks and tightens are safe and vikings. Also, second, thank you think we're gonna get a picture of it. Henry and Mark Ingram, yet at coin tossed standing against other, like they did back Alabama. Yes, I was the original Aaron Judge and wholesale to their picture, the best the vast yes, that picture like you, cannot believe they played the same position at the same school in marking, or just look at em like what the fuck yeah cut him. This is crazy, an art fire fast Hank.
Once you start you love Firefox. What's up boys know a tendering lack loud it my fire does this week is that bought fancy boys is over. This stupid segment is still going. Are you in a different voice for your own name This is the area of grievances. You can just say whatever you want fire fest that dog better. Like two years old, I know that's grades were lakes either I it's radically fund now, so people don't get fire fast. It My pre fire fast is that once we have a flight on Sunday from New Orleans at eight thirty and shall have mental seats, yes actually I heard Bubba doesn't oh now it was the only way that we will make the fight any we had. He probably will misapplied. Yet my firefox is that time the bottomless satellite gases are good for Bob, are you what's your bubble? What is your alarm system set up for New Orleans, because this is kind of one you can't miss Oliver
One was very much can't mrs well yeah this deadly. My fire first avoid when terrified about it. Since you tested us like I've been thinking about it. I have alarm clock by oil. At last I Maria Raillery I was on my phone, Oh, you got a real alarm. Yeah old school of the act. Do you know how to set it? Yes Have you used it already Mickey's hand. Is the big one? Is the minute hand? ok, so you have that you can do your phone alarm. Do you have any backups? my do laptop too. They do have a lot of alarm is insane move. Are you gonna long as it is on that added, and I think that the most important here are you going to do beers Saturn? How many years a good Julian beers are infinity. Beers will say Does you do have a window in your bedroom to to fancy pants down, keep the blinds open yet but also, how did sleep with a window open time? Yes, yes, low,
oh right, when you go to bed at like two in the morning of you all those beers light. A very. Small fire underneath your bed. There's no chance your message. I shall go full bottle water before you go to bed, you want I'll, hang that's good call! Also we have to make on this yeah or Bubba. You can swat yourself and call the Swat team be O k at seven. Thirty, two more! I would simply have to wake up. Seven, a m six. Thirty what's got six thirty six thirty tomorrow morning, I'm going to be taking myself hostage. Please come in and rescue article time release after all at four in the morning after now, though, yeah up, I suppose you that, when a landscape, that's I'd have to wake up at six thirty side. Some alarm for four go back to sleep. And they were my alarm, went off at like six. I would fucking withdrew be ready to or not it's a guess, goggles got you sure. Maybe you don't go to sleep
you all you do is you would just knock honestly believe fallacy, but six fifteen India asleep they threw up. I It is by far too long waiting for my liking Godspeed bubble here. My real fireplaces jumps genuine hanks network jumpsuits. That's not true at all: hey, that's a guest beer, jumpsuit, I'm wearing jumpsuit. You scored, impartial gold, dotcom such panty, I'm wearing, New Zealand Breakers jumpsuit! No, my actual far for us is that people are paid. On whatever we don't have the zipper in the middle for jumps regenerate, let's be complicated, because they, let us be confident, rule fifty one Firefox my Firefox, the weakest. I I worked myself into having expectations into putting expectations on myself, and to actually caring about something that I care about you so thing that I was doing as complete choke absolutely backfired? On myself and now I have put actual pressure and real rules and desires. That will
to do nothing but disappoint me if I don't hit them. What Pfc is talking about is his HIV test that he's waiting to get the results back from yeah so, really hopeful that I've got the I've got to have so I can. Beyond the cocktail know? What would it is the exit fell? You will recall them being in the news this week, because they ve got rule changes in all that stuff. Come now, don't like numbers I'll say it. I don't like the numbers. Don't make me learn new numbers. Are the nice thing? Is it good for the over by don't make me, learn new numbers. I cannot learn. I know my football numbers, Jeddah Gopher You're going to system is goal for three, always always I always for two in this system. No, you go for three or one from the ten I don't know knew no, fuck me. Ok, so here here's. What really mess me up- and this is a big firefox for my own brain- is they approach us about doing some advertising like some sort of a partnership between part? My take our bar stool and the
I fell. They suggested as a joke that the DC team do they don't have a kicker right now they ve got upon whose also doing your kicking- and I was like I could try- and for that I had to try to be the curriculum, eat them one thing for me to do ironically, and throw lecture go for it. Well, I started practicing and I used to kick back in the day I was good at one point and then it just stop doing for less like ten twelve year. Some like that. I see practicing and now. I actually think that I'm gonna make the tv Firefox is my only rain you're telling everyone that you're gonna kick in no in my own brain. I know I'm not good enough at kicking to make the team but I've. I'm thinking you are, there is a possibility that it could happen. Why not I've been really trying I've been like I'm going. Various point? If I don't, I think I can do it, we did. We went down to it Lana yesterday, secretly
get some training in with an expert be video coming out next week of it, and I actually believe myself, and that is the biggest firefox that you can ever imagined, never believe in you never really ever now. I believe myself. I actually think I'm not. This is not a publicity stunt more. I want to be a professional football pillar. I want to make to seem that we call, I believe, that an advisory get paid yet I believe in you, I believe in you. I believe my I believe in you and is a very dangerous thing. We are allowing myself to be hurt, yeah, ok, so no one heard him. Please don't if you fuck up of Hank, if he fucks up, can you please make sure do actually others bub or Jack, please go through all the last year and a half of part my takes and pull out. Every time we talk about, the double doing. Thank you. I'm not goin double, don't know not all, but if you fuck up
Will you please do that? I live life down the middle. Thank you. Thank you. I pure Wanna one whoa, whoa whoa. I did my fervent watch. What was the jumps? Genuine, oh yeah, ah appear one or one you're mad, because you thought I was gonna have to do on, even though you have to do on. Maybe that'll be the new Firefox punishment and anxious has to do on every single ah appear one or one John Violent, whoops whoops. Yeah what works so he was addressing the cleaving. Cavaliers called them said that they are no longer playing like thugs well meant luxuries dogs, you meant to say logs, which has even saltier sir said I meant to say, sluts amid Sequoia, guys all sluts Kevin love. I know you like you Primo Box. Yeah, so he's in hot water. I think I mean that the big take away from this is that his team went to them. With it afterwards and like data light, they clearly don't like em. No, if they're gonna put this out, there
yeah. So who knows it whether or not he meant to say? That's a classic old person. Mistake is just use a completely different now Yes, that's all that! Well, I was happy to see it just because for once this entire mba season- Jim Boil, it is not the worst dumbest coach in the NBA Yet what there was one moment where John you did something that was dumber than everything that employment is done right worked here had to have film review session to this team for him to be able to say that the right so right at a good, that's a benefit to being lazy coach, so yeah he's in, I don't know he's gonna stick around had got it. They don't like him enough that there already like leaking this stuff to the press well spent. Own for him is that the team is not good, so maybe they're rebuilding, so none of those guys would be their yeah. That's a good point, such Effort Delhi. I can't believe you called Delhi Thug, yeah I did know what, in our daily in the I am on the cab sighed out
It's it's very that hire still kind of these very good coach. Very good coach was very good for Michigan, but I don't know. I think that I think it's like tougher and tougher to be an old guy going into Pro league season and like talking to a bunch of like twenty two. Lt I would extend couch yeah causing college. They have no choice yet if they could be your coat culture, slug are just what you can get enter the transfer portable. Can't play I'm sure MIKE leeches actually called his pleasure sludge before. Oh, I think We usually like earlier morning he's called these players. Slugs Andy's players, girlfriend slugs, yes, yeah. I've We are the other pr. What I want is for the royal family because Prince Harry and Megan Markel decided quit yeah, I didn't know you could do we pointing to act. Royal family may appeal to our mother yesterday and yet is basically: are you there was one king, England, and then he kept
having sex with his brothers sisters, cousins, whatever what name you they all had sex with each other family trees of vine yeah, and they all then start having to have things, but they also have the Marquis of earlier. So how does our they will really have labels and they get what I wore. Seventeen semi sixty as over the whole thing was to navigate. We said we're, not gonna, be under you, so many more, but until then you don't have a k any more either we were ever queen do knighted stay. They also have a mockery, but they will have a king when the queen dies right. When they vote for she. So hang rat what you know. What is it? Isn't your hat, you're actually being used actually right on the money here, because they do have a democracy, but they ve also got a royal family. The royal family still in charge the democracies all fake, so they are pretending that they're like on the up and up that is the will of people, but in reality there still depend.
On the inbred guys that bleed out when they bumped in Vienna table? Yes, so that's that's! What's going on over there, I actually think that this is a big stay, woke, Markel and Harry. Think that they're moving to Canada. I think that this is the british monarchy. Trying We take overcame caused still on the money over there like did it's a queens face on a twenty. Dollar mark or yea out twenty loons for a queen, you say and There are still on the money. What is going to be the most part pillar, most valuable piece property in the world as it gets warmer and Mormon warmer Iceland, Greenland is one and then Canada or Canada for Greenland was I'd area for Greenland Pudding, their serene. Turning like Newfoundland is basically a visa new fee in about fifty years. It's coming beachfront property everywhere, so that other don't did yes. This is the United Kingdom trying to retake over established dominance organic it's too
Two got come back from like one when Harry's again leaving cause you killed my mom and knew not gonna kill my wife. That's a pretty compelling argument is our so yeah provide an obvious that exactly, but that's pretty much like. What's behind it, ok yeah! So the Brits are not happy because they're. Looking at Megan Mark on me, like you, you are convincing and moved her. You ve rainwater. Yet what she did. She was just Americans, fuck yeah, we did in seventeen. Seventy six. I am doing the river in crumpets everyday. Exactly are finding that when the queen, when the queen, ah farts pretending that didn't happen, smells good You know that happens like in in the Buckingham Palace when she, when the queen farts everyone who, Blue right rose like Rosalie fallible like the Pope Right can ever again, also a little distraction to take away from all the Epstein self. That's going on with family re out, you're sure just stay very
all right, we'll finish up with a fake use. By the way I want to do a quick reading, and you can tell me who wrote this. It was one of my favorite tweets I've seen in a while, so it was yet. What do you say nor I also said poverty. We should do a single best weight of the year. Ok? Well, this one might be the best through the air. So far like many I've, been following the news involving the attacks on our Assad bases in Iraq by our also Checking hoop news and fourteen should get a Tipp of the hat, rockers Providence, Merlin Bossin College. They had double use over Penn State, Marquette, Ohio State and yes Virginia. Its Rothstein like, but I dont think the Ross. Ever pay enough attention to international politics. To even On that basis, I ran doesn't show up on the can palm no. I ran his leg. He is proposing to incorporate that in its can be like more life. Changing then-
a summer and ran periods like Universe of Minnesota basketball? That is to give a yes or hero yet So just seamless transition is backing to tweets into one yeah who way? I mean who doesn't think array world were three rockers huge went against Penn state Hank. Let's finish up of accuse, Are there any unwritten rules in the Barcelo office that everyone knows, but has not really talked about? Also, do you guys have any unwritten rules during the podcast Ernie PET peeves about each other? unwritten rules in the office yell like only mantle, led to sleep here. Only man is allowed to jerk off with his flashlight one. Green one, should one drink per pre show as allowed the yes, that's a ground, but that's kind of written yeah. That was really in our documents you sign. You signed that contract Don't touch my pile if you you guys have profile, but other people knew bees. Civilians can't touch my pile, that's pretty much it do. We have unwritten rule.
They're all unwritten, because we're not real literary, don't write things down very often. How much time is spent in the studio recording on a showed it fourteen hours more than forty hours per person pursue so we're not all in here. At the same time, we ve got team of six editors to writers, three fact checkers. So cumulatively I'd say I would like to underline hours two hundred hours per episode. Go into this show Currently a senior washing state was wondering at first glance, who would be a good fit to replace MIKE Leech Washington's Ryan Leaf YAP that I found the up and up that's. It is as far as was zoo, is the God why, as you, grads Rhine leaf is the only one I can imagine adventures dad. Oh drew Bledsoe yeah. Ok,
then get some on the right. That's what I mean if you can beat anyone, they can beat Washington once every five years. That's who there that's all I need. Running was good for you. Why are the world's oldest people, former marathon runners? play some little old lady Alex, makes bomb soup and can barely move. Give running, isn't good for you No one should ever think running is good, for you know what's good for you a brisk walk, so I mean, if you look back pavement. The only times they are running was to get away from animals Riah. Those are you with me just high stress as far as concerning your heart, only has a finite amount of beats programmed into it at birth. Eggs and a woman, so I sellers I want to raise my heart rate to high yeah, because then is not can be around to be when I'm passage of seventy of first thought. The reason why is twenty six point? What one to six point two mothers, because it was a was ran until someone died and they died at twenty six point two and that's how Caesar died. Yeah, that's crazy!
you know it's also more health, effective and actually running a marathon putting the sticker on the back of your car that you run a mirror. Because then everyone's like a you're good person and that raises you're your natural, like Happy chemicals, yeah, there's no way running its battle, your knees, your hips, all that stuff don't do it sub daddy, at Fort noise and hence rank stress you get on these days when you bet on them the first, NFL Sunday of the first eight of March madness called weak and ass. He championship I actually Lfc Championship Day. First, they march menace. Because there's just so much they can go wrong and if it goes, wrong, but you can be like already fact and in their still these seven o clock and I get myself more fact right- that I saying that you gray fully fought in there still to full slates right now, just write. Another You can be in a hole and look up out of the hole in the coming years, hole and then its or warps. It's also a single market
the middle. The first they marched man is occasionally does coincide. Sometimes Saint Patrick stay so around there, that is the start of the drunkest week end of the year. For many, yeah? I really enjoy that first day March, mass. Yes, you can get into a single, but since you three days after no it out and call them becomes even more so I left lying in a China. That's what I like about it. I just I just got it for noises Pfc mixes that last question: how smart would you guys be? If all the time you spent watching slash thinking such playing sports you spent reading instead Gmos Would I be genius level think about that all jeopardy jeopardy status? Not jeopardy says status and I'm great members nation, but I would be way more literate. I would I speak so much better. Everything would easier. I'd like probably be able to deal with
all life's issues. Coping until maturity. Middle maturity is one thing, but as far as being literate, I think you read more when you're watching television you're always looking at the bottom line at the scores at the you're actually reading and and people that say like oh, this generation doesn't read enough. We're texting all the time looking at where we read more now than we did fifty years ago. Get someone. Needs to put an entire book on Twitter as a threat, but dont tell me very important for accidently. Just read the whole call me Ishmael, while of seven thousand eight hundred sixty seven whoops. I just read an entire book, so please do that, for me is that it we'll see everyone in New Orleans. Good luck, EM
this weekend, good light, not everything! Good luck with your team! Is it and you will see a new Orleans and one in northern Africa image of this time, not.
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