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NFL W/ Pete Prisco + Mt Rushmore Of Football Guys

2018-07-31 | 🔗

Rick Pitino has a book coming but we're not going to make those jokes (2:25-4:55). MLB Trade Deadline and who is ALL IN (4:56-6:43). Draymond vs Tristan Fight (6:44-9:26). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (9:27-18:09). Mt Rushmore of Football Guys (18:10-26:37). CBS Sports' Pete Prisco joins the show to talk about the upcoming NFL season, ranking his favorite quarterbacks, Tom Coughlin stories, and the time he ate late night pizza with Mark Davis (29:03-1:05:15). Bachelor talk for guys that don't watch the Bachelor (1:07:07-1:09:56), Jon Gruden's time machine (1:09:47-1:11:25) Owners should pay for their own fucking stadium (1:11:26-1:13:08), hurt or injured Arizona Cardinals blocking sled (1:13:09-1:15:40), and Guys on Chicks (1:15:41-1:22:52). 

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on today's party my take we have pete pris from cbs sports talking football great tom conklin stories and we do a little predictions forty two thousand eighteen and a season we also have a shy say it do you think it will be about rushmore of football oh guys that could prove to be very dramatic we also have guys on checks a bachelor talk before we get all that we all know that feeling when we're were battling to get through the day you get really tired like man this day ever and the issue always is we have so much more to do with what's going on an empty stomach it's difficult to know where to start that's where the new duncan run men you can help the duncan run menu has a perfect snacks to get you through the afternoon they variety snacks were only two dollars that will help you get through the day let me too
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reddit chicken tenors those are my favorite are check him out the new duncan run menu two dollars although snacks pick me up in the afternoon ok let's go all out how welcome departed my take presented by sea geek today
is wednesday august first and boys are ass in the jail part because we're gonna have to read a book oh yeah i know where you are going to have to read a book rick prettier has a memoir coming out called up to no if i did it why did you do it if i came here's how quick what about actually heard that the press is going really well for really nice eighteen o my my story so ominous say this guy's i know it joke about how our into a book club and like real resist movie what we're gonna do is they were going to read this moving ordinary this moving away for the movie about i'm in watch this book arrogant washest book so i think what we to to do is we are going to actually movie artie came out is that one scene from merkin pie doesn't frequently we're going to read one chapter weak and there were do fifteen second movie reviews look i call this too
yeah hey are you don't now loaded negative enron hackers echoes about to say we are we don't make those jokes and were well guess what when you're served up platter exceeding steamy rickshaws like this you gotta suck it down the we take it he is putting up his his verbatim quote was we're lay all the car is on the table gas and it usually he lays things under tabled will deal with on the tables his well i'm actually more looking forward to his explanations but like that have to do with us stop besides the restaurant all i tell you he trusted too much it he will apologize even though did nothing wrong but just a pre apology like hey here's my apology for nothing and i just can't get enough of all the tweet saying rick preteen ozma more coming soon i just its i've call me call me sophomore work call me juvenile i don't care i love it already came yes so we can do it modest to it what
tell me take you back everything and i was thinking that this would be a great opportunity elected to do some viral marketing maybe have the pages dilemma it was my thought you ass i like to signal a wink in a nice little maybe just have a raincoat over this carried around we're gonna do it i goddammit after come through with why are you so it's actually coming out in hard cover but the books they they turn and soft covers touches nice nice we don't make those jokes anymore now we'll economic shocks should we talk about the email be trade deadline the best tat in all sports but
now teams to stew their trades like a week before so wasn't not excite help me out here so there is a trade deadline i'm i get that but it seems like every year those trade deadline that comes and goes and then there's another trade that happens after we like you can wave team wave players and all that shit as at the pleasure to be named later yeah i am not fully sure about that i just know that the trade deadline had a lotta juice when we woke up in the morning and then microsoft bryce harper not being move ever like well fuck man could you at least wait till four clock so he could think it was gonna happen yeah it's another suspense out and i am as a gnats fan i guess i can salmon that's vienna yeah latitude as as one who possesses an attitude i you probably should a trade and my guess is i just gotta budgets should he offers advocacy successor offence bryce oh if you get em you do you rent em for a couple months and maybe he loves the scenery put me big trade movers the bruise added a couple guys ah the bridge
is added someone the phillies chris archer went to the pirates which the pirates are going for it i love my fair part about the trade deadline is you can figure out who's going for it who's not are you buying or selling the orioles not go in for it i don't even think they have thirty winds right now so they're not going by the red sox all in they they get anybody got kindlier i thank the cubs our did their move with handles got a couple relief pitchers so everyone's all in the yankees also did their thing they gotta j hap and zack britain so
it's going to be a spicy ended the season and people are deaf we're gonna watch a folks when and if it comes back i haven't seen britain teaming up like this with the anxious since nineteen forty five citing the bread must focus on the real other story though was we had an actual fight in the nba classic off season pettiness india prison thompson punched remind green in the face and club yes so it was they were at a club after the sb awards and i dream on green went up tristan thompson said hey man like no harm no foul were let's be cool which our action even though trust and samson through the punch and didn't knock em out which that's a terrible look it would piss
if someone had just one their third championship in four years hey man it's cool like cool like we're all cool like no dude you just swept us and we stick kind also shit had move because even if during my green meant his apology there is no way that you can look at remind green in the face and think he's got anything but a shit it ran all right he's got one of those faces no matter what he saying to you it's like your europe something only right ass and what he was poland was hey remember when i talked about you cheating on your wife yeah in the finally on national television remember that and everybody sought i'm sorry for that yeah sorry i beg my bad as we actually people forget them we actually got into a little scrum with draymond green after the mcgregor mayweather true so we know there's no one better in the journalism world to speak about it they're not so so yeah i guess you should have had your camera out so you could have captured it and you should have had pfd hopping up and down behind
to get in the shot i forget it i wasn't after euro saint about but in all george resource is a play off he andrei mind it was right after the macgregor may whether fight yet we had a couple cocktail dream i cannot give me a little not a shove he just said come on man and i was like ok you sir fallen over a sham that breaking all men a dream i got me the big story though from from this the fall out was i guess leubronn and k de broke up the fight so on that means are probably friends are gonna play for the lakers as soon as lebron starts starts winning then katy will join them and to lebron then left the club right after because he was sick of the shit and that we the question do you think lebron james will ever speak to trillion thompson again his life i think he's a fake friend i don't know i guess i'm like now ever going to converse them again yet i was it like prison thompson
probably thought he was being really awesome by punching dream on and then when the brown lefties like shit that's it like i'll never ever speak to mike i wish there was footage of this not to see the fight itself but to watch kevin durrant try to break up a fight yeah is like long spindly arm i'd be good i can keep people at greater length but you did you forget he can't bench press a hundred thirty five pounds sure so wars vanity there that's true love stu hots he got round before we get to mount rushmore we we have a very good mount rushmore we'll talk about jim harbour before that police to our hearts equal throb thank you it offers my heart cedar houses such general the real estate website zero that study and they found bout that millennials aren't buying houses anymore tell her going on kashmir party data millennials we're getting married the you're not going
married or buying out there just going on the national authorities i like that i love these out these facts millennials not buying houses because are going a bachelor parties not because the baby boomers sucked up all the real estate for really cheap and then held onto it and made a ton of money and made owning a house now and twenty eighteen basically impossible yeah hey you know that five hundred dollars that you spent to go on a flight orlando for the bachelor party that could have been one twentieth of a down payment on a thousand dollar foot how all you're wrong that could have been that could have been a five thousand square for house in nineteen seventy why can't you kids learn the value of real estate thankfully to national avocado data so that will help when no means that can be spending even more money than we no longer be able to buy houses for next year now shit my call throne is pick has belly button so nicky bell
and john siena called off their wedding again oh yeah and parties for example europe so johnsing i want peace brother johnson of strolls in one of these i would actually say yes that's how big time hot seat for rebellion got their belly button is it a ha we're gonna pay roma heightened i wasn't like it gets cold thrown them because he's like his now like all my belly button fought by johnsing gap isolate tens i run a back i'd love em to titty fuck my third and fourth nipple it's almost like john siena nicky bela have a reality show is actually perfect for my tiny third and auxiliary nipples for his little tiny auxiliary cock yeah yeah perfect magical throne is journeyman so yeah he's banana starter for the material allah will l l a wet outlets jaunt air the wet jaunty boomerang unaware unaware that away so you can be starting with windsor game private riding friday that you know what does we have one more day until into football spending yes yes yes yes
yeah i'm so excited whole blame game we pageantry unlike any other spectacles lamar jackson's doubling and apply yeah energy through he's gonna play latter artistry can apply in chase daniel we ve been hoping it nuisance for last month the only ones looking forward to this game at it hang grew my job hey you exact hijacking ambition a really good job my hot see is the shield the nfl shield so we know jerry richardson of genes fraud is no longer the owner of the carolina panthers and jake tapir chick temper tapir ethics habit labourers listening i got the ok jake temper is thinking about changing the medfield logo no panther so they know joe be the giants so yeah so it would just be the giants in the jets they have it but they have for other reasons right this would be the panthers spitting in the face roger though i think roderick adele should think about revoking his is charter down or can you pull back already
shame on jury richardson for mandating that statue sticks around after he's gone but not mandating that the shield yard launched on give us we're want pd still in the wings marijuana he was on the panthers reality four minutes afterwards in hungary yeah that's my first hot seat my second hot seat is strict clubs live on bell got spy industry club in miami and now many people are saying that he's not focused on the sea and that he will be ready when he chooses chooses to europe further still showing a gap after his hold out so he was mister club and problem that's actually moreover you kill me come on and can me come on may on bell come on may i see all the horse before hit some place where he was that takes them takes his taught you have very patient my arm my like i was gonna have harbour we'll get to that later pity you tweeting during the show no i just save tweet does well the ok yeah
my call throne is bilbil jack it's also you think up cause as i tweeted read before sir recording the show the patriots broaden eric decker for looking at white outperform so we all saw that coming he is bilbil check is doing the poky mine for white wine receivers now to collect and yet you just gone around again logic decker by the way that our beat that right yes people forget about he's got the third leg yes pits wise always injured physique old deck walking around with that things like teddy bridgewater that's by the way like an all time move by a wife to just weed out yet my husband's gonna huge deck that's right or not enough of a little bigger amazement bigtime right outta my other cool throne is patsy jack because our the boxes he's gonna tyrant twenty twenty o from jeopardy while pet hey jack and be the longest game show host round he's programme
how many were passage one of those guys it's probably now knocking on would oh yeah yeah that's right here he's like ninety years old but he looks like a sixty so i just think i don't think he's even a human i think you just never gonna die dinner about dead or alive barker alive we brought him act on basel then talk it would we did yeah we said p by barker and then i was like wait i think he's alive and then we celebrate bring him back to ok good ok good to know that's us yet bringing about and we did it again you did it again ok my hot seat is it's actually because i'm in a little bit of a pickle boys i need some help walking through this so my boss a rod add some comments about you dervish in the cubs lot the clubhouse is caused quite the controversy in the chicago media and you darwish she basely said you'd irish is a distraction
and could cause a clubhouse problem you dervishes injured he's re having with the team which actually like so my question to you is where do i go you're so what's the problem why is he gonna live ones like you need to have a comment and i would prefer i have the be nice to you move out further clubs cut cubs clubhouse to stay cool natasha and but i also want disappoint my boss i think you just gotta calm until comment so no comment failed for asking but yeah yeah ok thank you guys ras why are they pissed off at at you free having with the team no he was saying i understood ersatz point i dont know if it was said perfectly but he was basically saying if you guys with the team and not playing
can cause you know an issue where events like hey wisest guy not back yet wisely watching tape wiser taking up you know trainers and stuff i don't think that's the case it is as i say they have examined off as a true like if he's not with the team is like he should be with his team at right that's what i would write it's a damned if you do damned if you dont how schwarzer when he towards knee rehab with the cubs and the cubs hat have kindly i've changed my life i've changed my mind for this reason i changed my mind begat as a representative era corp yelled your job is to take bullets free boss so you got have as back a hundred ten percent could i just say no comment now you can't because no you just did you just through a rod under the bus what if i just do like semi sosa like no oblong glace you can put no you don't speak english here ok celso analyzing better us right now either say that or you you go even further than iran and say he's been clouds are com a fraud or cfo no oblong gillespie after the erika my cool throne is the excess out so
people saw this but the accept fell has a committee for van engagement and technology members that committee jim caldwell and john fox ok that is fun and a lot of technical nothing says extreme like john fox love do sat in that meeting and unlike okay so how are we going to capture fans on twitter jim
you just sits there blankly like john john gotta you know a beer in one hand he's i what the fuck is twitter yeah maybe they just had him in there like canaries in the coal mine where they presented an idea and then if jim caldwell was like that's not football right or john foxes like i don't like it i dont understand that's a great idea that's actually smart yeah like i dont understand what you're saying rightly so the quarterback throws the ball forward known that is coming gimmicky you know you american on how to run on first out an second do ass you gotta make sure that your quarterbacks in the worst possible spot like ok we'll do the grass should be taller i just like the idea of jim jim kabul sitting in any meeting just blank face he's got a perfect like born meeting face
it's a hell of a lot of times you can go to china and get hired to be just a western or to sit in offices and act like a ceo yup jim caldwell would be a perfect tire of yours is put him in it like a glad upheld office does have stare straightforward is like tat guy means business we don't know what business but he means business okay we need yet to our mouth rushmore before we do that we need to bring up a quote from our good friend jim harbour and this is what spurned amount rushmore zere friend anymore oh yeah he's my good friend he's a great over and values is avoiding you though he sang the pillar like gamblers he's gotta say that publicly in any texted me on the site it will have his number taping kedo talking about you gamble your little heart out that's reset so jim jim harbour who is speaking hours i will state who is the programme was occupied gas and he had this story of about jim hereby he said harbour pulled
wilson spade aside and told them not to eat chicken a protein that is considered fairly safe by nutritionists when speight asked why harbour said because a nervous bird he thinks some type of sickness elected its way into the human population when people began eating white its instead of beef and pork any believes it one hundred percent and i do not yet have you ever seen chicken run around its literally it's so how is a chicken because its nerve yeah you can cut a chickens had often still run around and then get a yellow have you had on a swivel not on the ground next year looking up at you went when who and when i jus marble dies in like two hundred years then he's just start somehow he like how it how you live to two hundred and fifty by just eating steak and drinking milk i just came up with an idea right now if you're an nfl hall of famer you're looking for a little extra cash just
jim harbaugh like a piece of your liver to eat you would pay for it yet if you're a tough guy and like you've got the resume your liver it'll regenerate you out to just take like a little slice off yeah see manders tail yeah as long as i think it's like if i remember my house of cards correctly as problematic and overcome the space but not anymore not i am or so if you get like a quarter of your liver taken out it'll regenerate grow back so you can just like keep going back to harbour siri farm yes you grow your own liver for yourself and i are just some your plasma yeah and just haven't drink your blood am i bet that horrible we're doing be like back i strong i will acquire his strength we gotta glass a tom brady's blood would you like to feed it to your quarterbacks yes he would absolutely do it without a doubt ok so weak that he should just like if i'm serene williams and this pop an extra milk everyday just sell a ship in it round his inauguration five thousand dollars mountain so with that one
are going to do the mount rushmore of football guys because of jim harbours quote who would like stars bubble what you decide the order for this because i feel like cats in the tail and snake is gonna be huge fifty bicker hank ok well that was he did that because he loves hank ok for can really do not know i d have to hurry go my first i may go tom conflict it's going to go and big tommy on now ok yeah i may we have some good stories coming up from prepare pete briscoe tom conklin he is the consummate football guy the thing is this is going to be like stars
not at all i think i know been like this this is the thing is gonna be very hard to figure out who has the best offer you all these giving yourself out already know i'm just saying term conflict is a great pity gonna be allotted line it has worked out at you like that but yeah hesitating like half witted weird tom catholic ever do to your team will biased from hank of interesting ok ma i first pic i i'll do it i'll go attica homer yeah through and through and of a region as armor peck football through and through legal bilbil check k jim harbour ok the choices are gold culture that's also gives these are these are the ones are going off the board and i'm gonna go i'm they turned the corner with bill parcells good pick
tough and this is tat any red who ok ok i will go with my third pick a jungle lives for loves but an historic not told yet we and you still got some these still got some work to do here so does any read the gathering assuming has the topic on us makes it better football guys like you i think you ve accomplished my pig pushing that started almost like he goes back to the readers and gets paid a hundred million dollars to install and often from nineteen seventy five i'm gonna go if vince lombardy ok good peck hank and mine i know one i'm gonna go with michael each ok ok resting okay i my final pic i have a pandemic
that i was going to do that i'm not going to do we'll discuss it after the pander to the audience and not do it but i was going to do it but i'm not going to you guys want to know what it was was it going to be tom brady going to be pandered to our audience jim tomsula know i almost hit that liam knows who i'm going to do should i do it i'll do it the man who literally died a job at the greatest company in the world and the greatest i'd cast in the world because he loves for also much now as well as the greatest pander pick of all time don't don't reward began
for that is only a mad because you didn't think it don't be met no he does he literally didn't come back to port making something guy you know is a fucking these a child has lots of coach said pick football part my tears a feel for baby he pay for paul over us you know what that's all that's a panther move right there but it's not gonna look ass good what happened down there was real fine that's fine i'm confident with my with my pet know what is going to look good written down you put the recipe is down and looks terrible worldview think of three cubey too wide receiver who can't even get on the field is in a good reason we have to go you are my last one i'm gonna go it buddy rhine ok not only is utility rhine a football guy but he shot to other football guys out of his dick yeah i almost one of our most one with the root of just go and dad's like steve bela check what you write about it here
are we miss a lot i add might single terry obviously there ronnie law was on my there on a lot dick bacchus jeff fisher chris berman like all start making all start if brom we double one could give rise to learning adams cables ernie adams was it would have been a good one for sure how messiah there's so gandhi there so many wishes redo it we do it do another not another word you some irrational vast fast fasts about rushmore as fast education is ok whose gonna get just go get em you go again look i'm gonna go with gesture ok i'll go with dick bacchus mike gandhi ok and alone still i'll check mike single terry nick saving and and their jobs who s good or meyer
bear bryant and jumped up so i'm gonna give thompson goddammit socket fuck you hank fuck now i fuck fuck ah the authority do unlike hostile cower nor the chin list cower nice pick out ass gower well that one's gonna be contentious and we're gonna so we want to create two aerospace fuck beating time i think that this parliament my bt could be some u ratings i can accept and feet here could could next able beat the the eighteen that whoever throughout their i mean we're gonna see at part my take will put it up there it's going to be quite contentious when you salem alright let's get you are let's go let's get your interview where people disco he actually has some good
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big body go there's a little watchdog remind you be afraid i'm not a body politic are you dont have a lot better body amount about an old man trying to maintain that's what i do and i have a bit of a history together we are we we kind of butter heads back in the day like two thousand thirteen two dozen fourteen you challenged me too push up contest i tried to accept push up contest on the air on cbs sports you backed out he's your chicken care to comment chicken don't know if i put your kind of ever more do you want to do the dual by draken like what is europe and beat forty forty bottled up not twenty twenty you know what our nervous little bird jim harbour wouldn't know about now i'm not a jacket i'm going through fingered scare me in a world click click in my ear and cancer at that we always the first click click like
but ever gonna near shot rice people thought what would like where you going that's that you're worried about someone put a gun on you going click click in your ear he's really what the i've gotta you aren't gonna play the bad scenario that you i guess i guess i'll artless socks manifest because like i said in your intro you do watch the tape and you put out your u others why i love you pete you predict every single game in july fourth i fell season and then you say i don't give up i don't give a rat's ass what everyone thinks about my opinion is pie gonna be wrong but i still don't care so you predict every game you ass i went through it and i had a couple ones and i wanted to ask about specifically the sea hawks you have them five and eleven so where'd that come from knows where do you think that lack of that one i do that thing i play
the wild acuity global nobody play through it and unity i just get a look at where the rat and whose playing video games in a way that we can have good defects and then i took tallied up and i tell you up back at it i go by the heck did i get to seahawks at five and eleven i didn't think they would be that bad either but then i went back and looked at it there's schedule i mean it is really really tough and i think those defects of losses are gonna be felt and the four years of everything that was the wilson hate you aren't you he learns you are now you think he's very good at his back great people want to put him in the hall of fame will now have to find out and other big believe our guy i did that crazy but i think they need to give the border will play fast enough tempo and lucid freedom those that give out with a visa will be nearly ass good a defect and one again
our party that people need only had to be good enough i think it is valuable to be great you know where the tape lies though this is your problem so carson is coming back this year he broke his leg last year that guy's we are running back i'm standing on the table officially right now for chris carson you heard of your first that guy's gonna run for like twelve hundred yards but you do have to run about her ground without our care carson that's something pretty much out of remembered that i don't rudely drugs not drafted some guy that should go unlike the third or fourth round who they re a little faster tell me remember you ain't gonna be a good player we're we're craig ass we walked buddy you're gonna be a dynamic wrote a book i would take the back of the programme but that's your thing you hate running backs you hate them so much i do i don't hate taboo
i think that everything can i just described them greatly now about that is to say when you too have to worry back in the top can eat like a car so you take them off the market goes down evaluation we use those down about you everything i want people to set about other players but i thought the so true which data some guy he described earlier seven years older sunlight at what it backs are going down right away and let me go i disagree i disagree because it was alright here's why i actually think that it's a smart strategy to draft a running back and then basically you control them through their best years and you never have to pay them in the free agency market you draft ezekiel elliott you run them to the ground and then when he be cut you franchise tag on your franchise tag on you let him walk le'veon bell same thing franchise tagging franchise let him walk so i think that it's actually
like the other way around now where it smart to draft a really good running back an impact running back and then you basically control them in the under slotted guaranteed money and then you can lead when they're like twenty seven twenty eight and you know they're gonna go downhill you got refer you right would look got work could be wrong rather than the third railway about our or on an old jordan what's the matter is that good years bears got him under the glass like you said anne and thereafter here five you're gonna power plant i tag and develop girl because now that that so much where terror tyres that are not the same guy they were you know people talk about bell or next year you gotta get out in the open market gives its backing
well you know what you gotta have water more taught you got that body after this year still is good about awake retransmission attack approved they want to keep him but if you don't pay money back that the best way back on the other to respect like take on board we gotta be a really good back i just don't think the position values there look at the way back in the superbowl last year you want to go to the larger with military but better who through was drafted or late i welcome so for me i just wanted to be able to visit it was speaking to running back so have some wear and tear your just up in minnesota dolphin cook looks better it did before towards tore his acl other reports are saying i don't know if that's true output they know how to regenerate a seals up in minnesota how'd he looked here it's unbelievable whatever they do in that facility next all shall i went back to my fire by entrusting my gosh what what it is we who had months ago that i toilet
but you would believe and now he's back is quicker and faster he looks explosive his head you gotta be a dynamic quiet i just worry about the quarterback uneasy good enough to get them pass where they want a year allow that's quietly answers on our cousins gonna socrates answers now ring it i can agree with i agree with you guys by the way i'm not enamored with his game will we watch the tape as well so rank these are quoted rank these cornerback for me these five quarterbacks matt ryan math stafford blake portals drew off russell wilson argo matt ryan russia wilson now you are you lie dazzle now i well hooker baby back stafford wrote will give that guy would take back them my favorite rubber wilfred which lockers show up with a good arm of the paragraph to guess
dear god save desires i'll pay you ve got the good arm and he'll be four and then and then borders will be focused followed question like porno spoil yet went ahead of you no i don't i'm what you guys are border you geiger exactly right about like boils by the way last year people the attempt to shrug off either long he had receivers that did not work what right they were run in northern iraq spot young people think they closed down and shut down the play of gave against women the second here because the him they do that because the other problems the opposite line was great and the wider she would react kid you didn't know where to go the other side of that is that when a great running teen either here they put their second illegal in russia but for that had the one maybe art run he kind of petered out half way through the season and they had a lot of jobs they tallied up on fake positive would like a hundred some yard so network and he ran they want a great running p and so well the coffee called he's a lot better play the people give credit for thank you
i appreciate it so it sounds like you're jumping on the mat ryan bounced back year europe about apple glass here the view of those going out with cocky remember first area which having faster they hated each other when they finally figured out the seven year they learn the coexistence darted unravelling again at the end of the year but this this westerners items we didn't get the call play pool georgia too weak one he wasn't around you never call the play form a two week wanted chicago it's like this year with we are joined their healthy with covered with let you by the way it looks really good there enabled a stretch the kyoto but a bit much better so you had in your predictions the superbowl as packers verse jaguars why are you down on the patriots warmer
well don't you dont have minister boy you're down on a year's work i why i had a losing attack the vote we deal with me like a super bowl for that city and then that means go there get in the tertiary sector and they would lose them again in the temperature then why interesting i painted gonna those are the brain you they're gonna be fine it's just that i dont think you don't suppose i jack for those with jet engine goes back to your quarterback tat grew up a lot less and less lino eight we to see him and then on the planet and you know what you want you want a practice bilbao different different guy those about companies does that little why that bad white up that he said is his mechanics you're better and if he's playing oh by the way that the weapons out there is already playing well that it is really really really funny how you leave town and then the jaguars get really good coincidentally the nub of the bush
in writing i was applied to move your body type motion without barriers i know what you're talking about i'd like to go back inside you to buy what would me who make no began yeah me yeah yeah lisa i'm there upon the pay you got no game you got no glad you're all short i will short freak who wears a one worth cargo short cargo george produced only george willard i'll have your note i know what you are there we are convincing evidence everywhere the jokes i located the georgian pacific somewhere store
you weren't gonna tell you what i'll tell you what those those words were beer cans short is what they were like we're ok forget bent over the back of it yet therefore yeah i would aid for africa try doesn't allow that's alone therefore on their to set screens place indifference in inbox out i don't make any allusion why what right we can play no i can climb out there let's play a little game for you confirm or deny you ready for it yeah ok firmer deny you once eight leader pizza with marked davis confirm what was out like her he was sitting in the media lobby at the super bowl and yet about twelve peters ordered and we were standing there haven't you cocktails like as well but over the remark you mind if i gravest wife he set up one
was it would you just talk about the rabbi dubai talking he thought about other people had wandered over gratis life that debt that turkey has not arouse about anything like that nothing like that ok i confirm or deny aaron rodgers is the best quarterback in the nfl confirm ok rink your top three rogers brain
breathe you re still really only doesn't he thinks and ducks yea you not worried raises dink arouses dunker here he's been out and not a great gerda doggerel dries up or down here you create no it doesn't like i got khmer i'm just gonna give him the ball let him run with it that's what right does not good at night i think he's good i just think that he throws aligning like three yard passiveness whose foreign five or five would rob was burger maybe five rivers wilson group let me ass well ass i like that who won the rivers eli manning trade what insuperable wanna they wanted
but you just you just said philip rivers is one of the best top five quarterbacks any lamenting wasn't so all right now you represent our clear like pop grab your hotel cap if anyone could suitable everybody the bag on the guy it isn't it you guys you guys only thought everybody great was the wilson wake up superbowl already rather to it i thought i was taken to court back to comprehend it quarter to supervise and he got twenty yards hundreds touched our path is in does the clap it's because you just never closes mount yes faces bottlenecks without a form that way yeah i just want to flash back to two thousand and fifteen when you picked up the cincinnati bangles to insuperable and had any dull naturally can vp would you care to retract always forgot that they have bought coaching and export
no you don't blame the coach not yourself we went from many i also so give me this one so now the wrong people goes bad take bad take machine this tweet breaking down christian pondering came newton on tape i would take ponder over newton that's just me pete briscoe march two thousand eleven fumble if i if i got him all right i'll be gm of the tea but you know what about a gm of the team like the rest of those guys they make mistakes do yeah everybody mistakes i mean look at the differences when i make the mistake of costly my job when they make mistakes the look of work so ok i confirm or deny speaking causing you your job a little birdie told me that you once got fired for not return a rental car
barely ones sounds like there's little give us the whole story there not returnings dealing here i kept there were now i got the rental car about that and i would propose that by y know couple years is now looking at a couple days we why'd you give carte i like it i like the little guy was cruising around ok where'd you get fired for it needed a data why does my way up fire vagabond i left ok one of those situations got at our last july is a conscious uncompleted from you and your paycheck ye ll ask at last confirm or deny and then we'll go back some more football a little birdie also told me that you happen to kick the seat in front of you when someone reclined on an airplane that sounds like a real shitty move by a guy who's what five to agriculture
i can fight like anybody you could mean your pregnant no but i told you that what happens if you put your seat back in front of it and i'm on my laptop it would work and i have made my great able out like the back of the older user data bureaus use the german mark now you slam it back and get over the work so what i do is i not only kicked back received sometimes i bang that keyboard so so ha the guy event reprogramming book that and i think what you seek my lap whatever you want with it because it would lead to a place you got a place like never i could tell our year prolific airport twitter like if used if you're on the time act for longer than twenty five minutes you get doesnt fingers workin i was on the planet ours is a court order issued at the court that thing i got everything i dont waters
i've played i wanta damp delayed that's that's tragic that's not what i'm so proud of it it was forever awful mad about it there but old baby it actually push the guy around to help you get on the bus and of course i tolerated because i like all let me help is old lady like looks i'm getting out of world airport that day you couldn't walk off the airport they would let you there's no tat is no cards so everybody happy like or passes there and its long standing out to find what you the cop i go where the past is how are we getting out here did as thousands of people wait to get our leaders would you wanna do wake up the school drop a school bus drivers like oh yeah this is an artist you get people out here what will i'm a terminal for by the time the buses kept comedy walpole violent standing out there in his boss gums and i see it coming it's empty so go to stop right there so i
oh right figure well what the hell i'm gettin audits i walk over and this has already stated that it is guided the bull russian and i break up i could do this ladys get nor the boss boot back and groundwater let her walk up in an act like i was with a threat as they got a good that a good the merit of actors elsa every good samaritan ag has a little bit of selfishness at its core for being really honest but i wanted to ask you about your new consumers of the tough guy you know yet some street since about you you step into a wrestling ring royal rumble style it's u florio shaft her indian rapport whose walking a ring at me give that power power rank those four florio's also italian him he's not afraid i click click them yeah for i was the one i was your grandmother
down but you know what i got round but i see that pop up it was virginia i'm sure he's got a big musket daddy to shew everybody went down here would be may i don't no doubt about that one euro ok how do you go after first well let them lap each other happened a baker behalf i like that i like that i p we are big hot seat guys on this pod castle throw some coaches names out there you tell me there on the hot seat to start the season or not ready yet i might tomlin no absolutely not you sure about that got the pittsburgh y know where a pang might mccarthy now i want to change your not young now ok warm ok to change over the top ok adam geese nope ok while get through i billow brian maybe so that's a warm see what
marvin louis it is extended under review how good he lives in illegal again exactly that happening ok diamond duly more perfect fit the marvin loser would be if they brought our fishermen yellow since adding he more job back hued or few jackson when own sixteen there like he did some good things would about jason garret hotly here s this is a year is unhappy who interesting ok i do what is bilbil check coaching for job seekers to endeavour what was gentle can we actually want to walk walk away when you want to walk with his job is to coach source coaching first job what about j greeting card either it could
who else do we mess that you your hearing mumbling never talk about another man's job cut all or cutter will be their cutters on ok i've refers to accept at our cutters actually in and if our courts work there all night the whole organizational one year's on what you laugh about the current trop s so tell us about like james whence it what's the deal because a feels like this is the year he aunt mary out of liked both those guys feel like this almost make or break year what have you seen when you watch the tape between both those guys like what's wrong and how can they fix it we're marianna hurt last year by plainer mighty fifty to offer i mean that that brings attics merged with all of the terrible i fancy he saw he was hurt by that the target to gauge the problem now he got a first time play com that would also be interesting he eagerly registering watch your waistcoats problem is levied on the field is problem is daddy he takes too many shortcomings
yet you can't win lose i get it into that sometimes sometimes you gotta click the check now sometimes you just have to take the czech down at me he always want to make the big boy and i told them over and over again you can't do that every play so that's the biggest palmprint here's a his dark horse hot seat for you run over even though reply of familiar yeah changing owner shouted up new coached the new order so yeah you're probably have a duty that that one i don't think so could he eventually got a guy like that you do you know these guys don't like paying through coaches they better they hate that sure that's why they had their rich men why are already because they were smart enough not to pick up ok i'm who's gonna be the first rookie quarterback to start again darnel who you think he's hi josh rosen yeah what about arriving record been having a good care from
but i've been here his knee has exploded yet he's right wild allgeier you guys think of the earth and start yeah no i think donald duck rather later we'll binny hold out in the open any yeah you love balance to right i do tat i love that about you makes us i do not georgiana eroded and by the way speaking to you you gonna take up we're going to take a lot of abuse their borders and got out the color was my guy survival yeah i know you do you love you got park in paris she's got very capillary through by the well yes he is you have pocket passers who aren't name russell wilson where you got a pocket pass through ro true he leads i leave turned out to be a quota backed out but i can't figure out the likely why that you take as much abused as he does ok is that were work good at why arming but if you
educating came about through the bartender nepal two thousand author helmets and stop they couldn't catch the football is go it might take him caesar what he's going to be a big talk more about he's got that arm he's got that arm pete talk to me about my bears real quick can we do the whole hey look what happened with mcveigh and golf thing and that with me why not come on your way next year the gotta be next year they will be really good think it could be the feel and i'll process you'll take seven a nine yeah it swelled and for next year right listen why if you said either bears roomy seventy nine right now on july thirtieth i'd be like gap where do i sign up that's that would be totally exciting for pottery that's kind of like them a vague off they lay i think that offers a good we really really exciting with with nagy anna what's the office corner they don't really know each other the right to life morgan your help bridge the other day it but they also got them they had agreed
you were the united europe will see what robinson i think rather to get back to you to jump off receiver he'll help them but i think that all those guys you will get the tight and help them but why did they offer twice the average yet he gets back owing to the wise but be free good i guess i'm not so sure about that defence you know it's gonna take you know i just picked a distant calls on defence but again it's not like that doesn't happen what about the rams that you have caused an aberration i think you might take them a year put them in the forty nine percent of the voting order your way to the next year both teams of every really so use
no buying on shore biscuit oh yeah i can be good night i think he can move we can make the throaty smart yeah he dolly yes the bears gotta go quarterback that's the right guy but we have the slow down in some young quarterback to giving upload you seven touchdown peasant revive interceptions last year and even the top one hundred metric did some people that's ridiculous dish on what it played a small sample size and now he's come up a second a yell can't move around the way use them around that you defend them differently and so we got a slow down about those with jimmy jimmy g only through seven touches us you yeah it feels like he threw
twenty you and you know what it is it there was that one clip on like deanna fell network where he was mike dump on anything films and they showed him leading that one come back and so now that's how easy it is to manipulate people in american sake i thought jimmy grab low through twenty six such as last year because the one cliff we also my brought you when i called you seventy five without craig you write it may yet unreal yet why and also playing and slake i e if you did you ask us i would have said fifteen touchdowns three interceptions any went seventeen out near to finish excited when it did when it gave every thirty or developing a day like actual out there the jaguar learn before they took to feel that they had quitted the virgin propensity messed up or whatever they quite clearly what they ve been traditionally arable on the wet goes against the reform of the final if you have a rather already clicked everything platy bardell got put a little bit of masters ok i disagree
she put in promo code take your ten dollars often go to a jaguars game you go to any nfl the aim come up soon seek question promo code take give us the while one too men each conference that you see coming sneaking into the playoffs there weren't there last year the one team we always see it like one team drops out one team hops in give us that switch gear we more but you know what when i played out i had a hard time flies you i really am i put the taxes in the broncho then ok ok yeah right through in too many and yet a fee i don't think i had any let me check i don't like it either yeah now there's not interesting what would be the tea no that's like right on the edge in your mind in the end of sea that could possibly be no people expect him to make the policy is it the case that the forty nine or is it the lions it dino
when those guys now no redskins maybe but i have a good day while we have about another area that will develop came when i played out linguistic can i forgot all about our biggest if there's probably young players the other deep lyman and guide like pain around those guys they play well there can be pretty good on defence you now announced but you better than her cousin he's owners aim easier access just three or four level beyond that i get the same guy yeah yeah yeah thought on a par with working you guys think could be one the grounds in the air sea i could see the ravens getting in there maybe gold plated away her yogi drawn over lack of good they drafted lamar jack imitate motivated but they could be wanted they could be you don't sleep on it
leader by we get a laugh when i tell you that the tangled have a jet now because they got young power not be french law wilson and guide like that and then the people why did we really garden and then you go to don't let me look at a guy back healthier viper can ever get back on the field the run back mixing is going to be a good plan that offer to lie which build a disaster for years i think it'll be better with equality glided there is well below the cry it does feel like a year where the bengals make plants and lose in the first round every other area they might be like one night and servants he didn't get beat the first dental give marvin louis tenure extension the at that point is yours go away susan with browser do think they're gonna win seven games this year but i had to answer questions who would i pick out the f c that didn't make the play of lesser i think to texas right
on the broncos em in the year to picture the broncos were a victim of complimentary football my my last year i watched a member i bet on the broncos against the bills mike weak for when that often couldn't do anything in that deepens knew they had a pitcher shot out in all kind of fell apart we are ever come and talk about where brenda mandible ray we're gonna get really did i can i upload yachting good i think he'd instead of the people give crow would you like what i was administered good it i asked this question some the guy's dead radical cook cousins as is right now that much better than the case keener to guy saw your life cancer is not good require nobody in case keen and played really well case keen eyes peak is is kerr cut is what you're gonna propaganda carcass skirt cousins case came and alex smith was just a three way swap for an average quarterback omelette i would find it too here's my suki question my picky question for pasco how much had been seized is i'm not i'm not look
the much anymore i got i told you gotta worry i met with them hi anal hurdy gurdy sounds like a lot of hygiene or heard your high udo hurting you look it up a high hernia you're just at the top air colon so where's your ass soccer michael michael myers yeah ok we're hi where's died away what are you gonna do about point for your purse corner no one is al forty no if you know ass fifty write em all we got a long time order or your doktor coming over with poland jellia paid out i know what i'm doing dry outside already i will drive when i do not know used when we start rating physical gap here we have a european stories are getting his prostate jack please tell us beat i wore their might up by the way by doktor growth without report europe ever you great data up better get ready but i put this at it
why didn't you gotta go around and i look over you gotta to jelly your honor i say i put it do not understand how do you like your legal prank ready you like a walking big dog shirt i loved nets are you with your life is a credible ever go loudly here over the blood work is going to work yes you got rid of the work by the way that it would like that i'd rather have a corner every day of the week than have that done once oh man i pete last questionable and with this i give us your best tom coffin story you spent a lot of time covering those jaguars teams in the india
nineties early arts tell us like what kind of guy tat coffin was in maybe your best tom coffin story or only with a maniac hooker i love and now we have a great relationship but he was absolutely not ok here's a greater global during the first year they gotta stevens pointless for training the cuz he thought it thought i was gonna be cool six weeks they started july six week about back they point all the hall of and it was like a hundred degrees every day so they train there they are prison again that they have to go to biographer preceded gave us better break the canopy decide to go back for another week to be the daylight then they went through superdome play the lie of the silver dome had no air conditioning and they were playing the game was about a hundred and their place and they were got destroyed and off when is so they're so pissed
can i go to lock room every one of us goes its our legs peace kill that so i write the story and firewood provided paper why i hope the next day on friday i did hold a six week though my brother pick me up with a bunch of us friends we go out where the time would drag it was saturday morning at six o clock my little brother he knocked at the door he got off one and i pick up the phone and he goes without her go the them feel like gravity goes screamin at me you ever excuse the talking about illegal yards diet of bravery david still vocabulary parading the other for recording even though they are like a popular call yourself to the clock in the morning now i got good don't call my quick than i have
don't give me an excuse his great do like not actually saying hey what you wrote is wrong or like i didn't beat the crap out of the leg just saying please don't let them come up with excuse i imagined tom coffin has a rolodex of of journalists that cause every morning that are making excuses for his guys yes right away here the great carpet how crazy you wasn't there that's what i said a very good job why yet it is exclusive say you never said this before you're ok but he had a robot ok of wool but that requires every every year fact that an end the rule book said you had to wear a pie on the road or jeff wagon and yet i was always pushing back gonna get you the play of where europe where the pie but if the ball or at the coffin was appeal may give them
corporate baby tie by and large it is your tie supportable kai and will the next year the rule book is called he thought tat ass i like and attention to detail its right yeah apollo ties literally a second stringer you can't go into them in town yes who were crowded with toys are only once draft with a more outside the cure the mohawk had a kid got the mohawk and then it is also just clearing up the streets one one player to time space in the younger generation like anything that will work i got like we had a guy that i worked out by the little ponytail back in our working again word copper would look at that ring with such disdain
every which way i believe a boy like a black silence ass night i would bear every single day is i never this proud will want driver got bored pointy if you put a place around a quarter of their enemies of friday and i couldn't go on like that today i only had my time whether it be in it so oh she walked over to illegal it all i gotta get with you today because peace not hearing he looked out only yogi i got old boys inequalities but that it went out at the blue so you're heading out to our californian hauser right the warm one day and then the charges of those that sounds good safe travels hopefully you don't have any flight delays but if you do you know where reach me yeah i'm a little isn't or anybody footnote anti backup for animal yeah make sure maybe take a video of your method and sweet it out for the people i well i got absolutely love
like like i've got i've got it from a cat aren't gonna despite the boy i'm not afraid to tell somebody hate the almost came out i play i want to share with you some old man next to be replaced with a little less about sport utility dodge elbow in my arm like give it to me i stood up and i go you ain't went about one a metal olano sites also bear we all know about apologized man i repeat thank you so much emerald check out pcbs sports he does some of best stuff on the nfl any watches the tate and you want to watch the tape you like he likes crush upon her more than came noon that's with tape told them back to george speed up never got it open thanks man prescience two thousand
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slash p empty zapruder the smartest weight are are it lets to some segments first up we have bass or talk for guys don't wash the bachelor so are we done requested on close done last night was the men tell our vote is always like to finally guys can talk freely here that's all you ve got a been eliminated they come the disk they discussed the season reflect what why can't we say certain words yeah that's that's what they're probably the guys talk all like hey why can't why men just you know do whatever they want all the time we are to do that deca at the end that you still friends with tia even after tea admitted to still having feelings for coltan does he look on telling all that sounds like i gotta register is alien to occur bankers that you still frontier t even after tea emitted still having feelings for coltan who is the version because these are still in as a chick magnet
see i know this is all the people that this is everyone that was initiated under condoms actually atm zika oh they all combating let's do it the reunion shows its like our union show before the seas men's wave coltan likes becker colonies the virgin likes mecca why you got back thought coltan tadeusz gonna he told her is a virgin thickened she's gonna bring him into the the sweet kaliningrad street didn't happen last i wasn't watching to see a girl physical ok watching but goes on in another room and i heard this part of the ozone layer is just on another upholding there ass about the whole verdant thing and he said the boy nothing really riled him because people kept calling him a pussy because he's never seen one
my greatest ass he was heard crime riding and he's like people keep on the part of member states that are good yellows ship there was now i ve got on the bachelor here we come back with well you are what you eat so i can't be oppose my god that such a bad fuckin burn the one i'm thinkin though coldness places cards right he could be the first guy ever to lose virginity in a threesome you think that's true i feel like a lot of doing einstein nice i'm i leave clothes away i ask and somewhat sdr yeah true here they are hang in there too we won't talk about that enough nights i married his cousin the smartest guy my ass the fair favorite grocery store go whose eliminate the first night he returned to a standing ovation where guys like jimmy low i totally forgotten grocery joe would it worthwhile de grocery joe
sorcerers presuppose a mixer double baggage up public satellite that's what he said he sees me and i was gone long considering not doing the segment anymore just because how disappointed i am with the producers the term so annoying ok we have john bruton time machine so it's a you as you probably know we do this segment when john bruton has come back coaching and he has not learned how to adapt as an eighteen nfl and we have a perfect case of that with the raiders tight and jeered cook was born in nineteen eighty seven john bruton is showing team football film that is older he said he's bringing out film from nineteen seventy six when you ain't even think that
had film grainy film where you can barely see the players added some of plays schemes originate their beloved insane i love it i mean maybe he's so far in the past that he's actually the future like like there aren't any others coaches out there that are willing to go that far back and worry so it stuff that's new so no four pass which all these new again i think john bruton is going to be such a disaster for the raiders but i'm so excited watch gap and it's gonna be an incredible football to watch it's gonna be three yards in a cloud of dust they're gonna get figured out by weak try to stop us yet try so we're gonna be tougher than you yeah that's all things like i love how he's trying to relate to millennials too is its ever finally like fortnight with india yes like for now no way no what will what he's gonna do is gonna be you like fortnight about
tell me like asleep overrun alcatraz europe will lock you guys up there how are you guys don't get to eat food for two weeks that's that's my virgin afore i tell you i'm the lackey guys in this room and only one person's gonna come out alive here for mighty gaza fortnight we have i want i want to add this one phd the owners pay for their own stadium segment that will throughout their complete that please this is just little shot out to the people of slovakia in wisconsin so apparently the box avenue stadium and they old naming were so the bucks have stadium then the public has paid for thirty million dollars from taxpayers money then the stadium sold the naming rights to a software company fun the sea software company that got subsidies government funding too day in wisconsin and not relocate their headquarters so the government paid the software company the software company then took that money and then paid the owner
of the stadium which the people also paid for so people of wisconsin own safety and the big if the us old eyes but ipso facto their money paid for the stadium gas so means you can do it every want winter inside his first deal you can have taxpayer funded stadiums if you let us drink dear in the fourth quarter yeah oh this is international waters yet no laws inside the state i fights yeah anything you want you can fight the players to want it but that's a rule if they pave the if this taxpayers pay for the stadium they get to decisive that's a hell of a scheme the unreal scheme on real scheme that's and we need to get into this business of just getting money from the government and then using that to pay first stadium naming right just want to say if we don't get government funding part of my take his picking up shop
ok relocating us our i said yeah we could do when a sorry sorry uruguay uruguay uruguay yeah we're lordy uruguay on your life was suarez people lost largest sending us money yes a sinister money elsewhere audio we're done ok we have all last up before guys on checks we have heard or injured for the blocking sled in arizona chandler jones broke a blocking slide in half which don't say what you think you're gonna say i'm in the jones family issues sometimes with things if you know what i'm saying john jones whatever but that was a fuck impressive video that was really press i'm a little bit woke on this too because what why you have a camera that's filming this it was cool angle do it was like a go pro do not worry analyses and tell me i know but he wasn't are you do it wasn't him it was a toy animist weeded out by the team account so
i'm a little bewildered you broke it you know what it looked like it like snapped apart at the morning it looked like sam brad for just getting tackled by the knees that's how big of a snap office was cheerful i want to thank the future high official he's the cardinals one that trade with videos were now it's all i am very woke on it i don't know i think i am leaving towards fake on ok are that's i mean i don't really but what they i guess they get the buzz you need some hours they got a lot of bus got somebody does not like that good sweet buzz on the internet you well you're it is also a dangerous game because you see a lot of guys trying to just break their equipment they now have the practice anymore troop this this is like i just i distribute it for the first time it's anko pro camera that looks like it's there all the time so it's not like there are specifically filmy it for this one shot they just tat he was so strong and broke the sled they went back and took the footage interesting right interesting so you think they have that they're just
the blocking sleds at all times it s kind of weird interesting but it's not ok i want a low shows aren't only amazon or some shit no that was three years ago but ok that's point still stands maybe the cameras are still there yeah they forgot to take all the cameras why ok i well you're slowly convincing me is that it is a weird angle though because you could make the argument that there like looking at their technique but it wasn't from an you know that you could figure out some was technique yes like a giant this exactly wasn't you it's not usable for coaching right you put it if you want a technique it be like above this let us say yeah you speaking of sledge and cinematography reminds me like citizen kane me is are they gonna come out next we can say the sleds names rose button is like a big long thing that their planetary everyone's getting out referenda ballistic such acts
there's a shot out to china to all the dad's listening you rely yeah phd iverson kate i reckon i remove it took debt elective in high school quick quick odd guys on guy this kid me and said i'm having a meeting to discuss sex with my girlfriends dad power moves i should try yet donald just don't have that meeting gunnar girl runaway that sat up with her how does at conversation even start like what i want sit down and talk to you about fucking my dear boy i'm going to work with you on your stroke oh my god did we need it up that guy lease actually and always yearning oprah yet arizona cardinals go round and film entire confidence you gonna give you technique tips is he gonna be like listen
sure she only comes on top of all you have to be paid as she really likes reverse calgary that's really what she's into which a tongue like let me say that mobility a gear this lollipop i wanna see how our sea inaction gentlemen papa i have after you be who insists on reminding me that we are just friends after we hook up the terms of this friendship are very clear and mutual why does he do this i don't even have his number saved my phone slash i'm not the one to initiate kind of make me feel bad about myself so you don't have a number saved in your phone but you're fucking them friends benefits so you have my say i think you need to just tell him that because it sounds like he's thinking that your pressed over for some reason this guy thinks lackeys king shit so next time you said that should be a guideline having number so yeah just yet like hey what are you doing later hold on lemme get number rockwork yeah right after you have saxon like i m put on my phone our next time he tax you just be like who's this
how do i not ass a good idea how do not have the guys are you just are you a sense of bananas would like a homeless person what's goin on how do you know what i mean i don't know she says it does have its say at i also she's a number that shows that like i've been in that position before you reach a certain point in a text relationship with a friend where it becomes awkward for you you like actually go in and add a contact the f i know that area code i know this lloyd it's also fund do wait there's people eu tax with once or twice in like i'm never say this number than they texts have little blue and you have to go like air almost like a salute you like who is what was this conversation had six months ago then you like her
these billion name again be fair and then we have to tell you and then i thought that it was jonathan within each bob he asked i still bob sub cut a monster p empty at much higher than at all i think we all want it that was does mama rushmore right as my one a push you sent him to the issue of us to cut all she meant p after she was explicitly to suffocate her and cuddle here let's spoon why do girls have better handwriting than guys because as their risk muscles are always cramped up from jerking off too much i always get made fun of because i have good handwriting so i don't even know the answer to this i just know that i paid attention and second great hey boys if ex boyfriend still it's me uses aims on prime account we don't talk at all does he still i would allow ok listen now did this is why this is an issue that i think we can eat explained women out their thereon things that you sign up for a guy that really
like the only thing that will stop you from paying for it is if your credit card if you get new craig i'm paying for european insider for like fifteen years now and i have not used has been cited for fourteen years and i'm still getting like six ninety nine every single month and i just i could cancel it but it's more of a sl the council something so i think you just even now that's why i came up with my invention for like an app that plugs into a bank account then select shithead you're still paying for planet fitness rhino live within two hundred miles of one's review which i have won a fitness membership that i signed up for members on a fourth room since i've been once i've yeah i haven't been
pleasantness in like a year will the thing is i i sign up they make you give first months in second and last ever since he told me i can work out naked in their like what the outer wall what i did was i went to it and then i realized have cell phone service in the basement yeah psychopath signal what was i hear for was the point of going to the gym who can't sit on the on the bench and look in your little are just go to the gym takes a pre work out sit on the toilet shit for twenty s wedding and then tweet and then go home right and also work out where it was a question again it was on prime oh yeah i s as a cold i love you i guess you re married hey guys especially in sub he's been fifty days i still haven't got my period boyfriend i only had unprotected sex one times it's my last period but i'm starting to get worried and my pregnant you know you ve thought let's find out it's nothing ice puking in morning just randomly i wasn't drinking the night before fifty days a lot i feel like i feel like that's maybe go check check that thing out but i
checked out you might get angry ignorance is worse so credit to you for being like hey i've tried in some way yeah you know of a human being grown inside your stomach but you never actually confirmed that that's what's happening just drink more beer don't do that don't do that my boyfriend always tried to give me advice when i'm thinking about work why is this a thing is a debt are to listen without trying to resolve it yeah because we wanted in the conversation and so that the only way to end the conversations i give to solve it yeah so but that only
like one hiccup in this plan and that's that guy's really suck at solving things right so he's giving use a lot of really shitty advice but his heart and right place yet you have to understand guys like problem solving for us even if for a really bad at it problem solving makes us feel like big strong masculine met nearly eight years oh here's a damsel and distress you basically the cartoon you're like tied up on a railroad track mean like my my coworker has really bad breath and how will save you so just let em pretend that you can save you yeah we're like macgyver trying to invent a way to fix your problem with just like a piece of string erika piece it it's like some old chewing gum yes so just shoot him up gay pride tuned you and is never i've ever actually have a meaningful conversely you have to do you have to start solving his solve disputes years why you're an asshole in an idiot for trying to solve the sweat oranges do we exactly what he says and then come back the same guy who fired and then i'll never so that's it i have a question quickly do you guys like
because one of the king should up in your house like when you guys move like her you yeah do you as the ones that do that would be no tv tat is her is a debt warm out well versing i do is get a stud finer here will after its and pointing at me then he put it on the wall here we gotta has good one i should say phd might have hung his won t be i've three scattered resumes i you know i yet hank you should definitely someone else do tv you can do the art to have art frame tom brady picture game course you do of course you do you can do that you can for sure to get a level sleigh kasza too x home depot get a level you can make sure you don't don't do this thing where you have a two to lower too high get dont eyeball yeah just then but get someone else to the tv don't be ashamed to have someone else coming to the feels like good like okay and i got a little tip if you going to get something framed make sure it's one of the frames that just has like the string in the back not
multiple areas that you have to hang it up because of his just got the strangest hammer name well he's gonna have horse oliver's ones can be awesome blueness a picture as a swiss cheese thanks war we will see everyone on friday let me guess
no way no words to pay me when he bade them they're coming about a month in no way learning that better methods of day to day awaiting gas coming version of it
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