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NFL Week 3, Fastest 2 Minutes, Recap Of Every Game, The Pinky Team Is Announced, And A Name Roast

2019-09-23 | 🔗

NFL Week 3 is complete. Fastest 2 minutes. Recapping every NFL game from Sunday. Is Derek Carr on the hot seat. Big Cat names his Pinky Bet. Antonio Brown cut. Say something nice about the Dolphins. Are we really doing this Kyle Allen? Daniel Jones is electric. Phil Rivers never disappoints. And Teddy 2 Gloves keeps the Saints afloat. Quick CFB recap with Notre Dame/Georgia and Michigan/Wisconsin. Who's back of the week including the Cubs sucking. Football guy of the week. Stay Classy Clemson for doing a movie at halftime of your game and Pardon My French. 

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Is Monday September. Twenty third week, three I'm a little horse yearbook further been a big jackass. We start in the city of brotherly love, where the lions check their luggage but brought their carry on Johnson. That is good window Carson whence was throwing so many woody ducks. He could tell the roof of the TAJ Mahal and the Eagles waterborne themselves with drops all afternoon long
Marvin Gaye Jones said what's going on, let's get it on as Map Patricia was hot, just like an oven into sweatshirt on the sidelines, because when you get that feeling its sexual healing with a tie, conned Rogan number two Jamal Spiro Agnew return to kick off for a touchstone pardoning the lions and allowing them to escape Philadelphia at the height of Watergate scandal line forty seven eagles twenty four. Why pick up? But we own a fox per aware than just saw the patriots inside. Let's go home, sometimes a park about Falcon about love. Your voices, like a combination of Fergie and Jesus hullo, trailing go in here that we can start with turmoil for the patriots. Tom Brady kicked Antonio Brown. Out of us more for New House faster than Bridget Malta had found out tat. She was pregnant
I stood a monster Roma Cinema, a new set of laws that are lost and allow for patriots minus twenty one gamblers. They got stamina balls after charge tend to only pick sex patriots cup a dreadful and police truly entitlement to erode river jury, which will now allowed suckers object even more or does it strengthens traps picture thirty, forty do western New York, where the two and old Buffalo bills welcome the Owen to Cincinnati Bengals. The bills came out to a commanding fourteen year old, First Hafley School Beasley dipped out made a few long cuts, giving the Bengals to spin this as they puked in their mouth. The Bengals came Tyler Backstreet Boys in the second half getting the offense in sink, but it was frank, Corbett Champ who let a russian attack to seal the game and they're hitting a z, fifty four, the Bengals season, but the meltdown is imminent. Did they really shoot the dogs boom? Know th, don't think about things like that.
No one's Zaragoza wagons. I got Babo veils twenty one Bengal. Seventy some spread opened of rose and tundra, whether to go to pull up Linsey low and was a large dose of mark as about track state like the two hours.
Top on Sunday. I Mr Aaron Jones ME dollar, John they're, fairytales, swallowed and private lives no offence to the New York jets, but are not coming through motto: their communist stereo. If everybody loves yo, you can never be lonely. Even if you examine your attire family, the packers are counted, close watch on lack of missing the ravens thick, paying GEO and three as the Brok or haven't found the whig column. Yet paragraph twenty seven protocol, six down to any any uplifts where sack Pascal see outcome is arising star in the court's orphans in germs, Jim or say, is drunkenly asking is fans who I not Jacobus were set for the future. The franchise don't pull the plug on the court's kicker. Yet, as Adam Video, Terry Shadow came back from the dead on Sunday, the Falcons fall to one or two, as Matt Brian done was unable to complete his final drive to suitable, called forty seven focus. Twenty four hour weapons over in a kind of city where Lamar Jack Son of SAM was talking to his underdogs tractor shocked. The world with a winner, narrow, had mark, was even more valuable than in gram of cope with a nose political line. Three different types, Hatrack MA homes, that three scores and in the words of John quoted when it comes to being the cheese just to them, legal hearted, man, men, men to thirty, three raven, forty eight
representatives there outlining a new report. They say, outlines the treatment of dolphins at the three c world location. They claim these dolphins are suffering under inhumane conditions that are forced to perform tricks that cause them injuries and also that their living conditions are unacceptable type. One story: one day for six postern, Diego we're stone, cold, devolved, binocular, try to stop a touch this model, but Carlo soon turn a hard wished to smooth whether chargers deepened to talk to touch on two shod buckles Watson talking: oh sweet, music, getting pack up and Houston left the alike, parents and heartbreak kid. The charges will be sure to make up for this last fall to one or two years to twenty seven chargers, public order, JANUS which gave a border trade, Cocaine Jones, you better! Watch you don't kid like giants thirty, two blocks! Thirty would go to New York for Paul targets, not g g g g. We punishing the city by the bay as US tailors, visited, Jimmy World Grapple and the forty nine hours towards colonel me. Thus could only that can a team of part robbers went out for POGO can, when their coach by the former millennium, Falcon cow, Senna hand, solo and affording honours regional, or, as my good friend Tupac, I would say, not twenty born sailors to worry,
as a great chewbacca. We I thought you actually had a chewbacca when I had my good friend to pop pop pop up. Blocker will all like there's, you rock. I just told him to yawn, and that would be the Chewbacca sound. It's very true, so weak three in the books are we got money I football coming up. Does an aggressive those aggressive overall weak yeah was there are some there's some aggressive jokes and their yeah military Cybele? I think tat place well now the boomerang teacher actually back. We have to step up our games to be, are rated boomer and teach. I think we did itself been bad boys know, guess Monday, back we're gonna recap every single game on Sunday we'll talk about. It think you can watch it on parcel gold. Go right now burst of gold. Our com, p m. We will start
we'll go go in reverse order, privacy star with one o clock, but we have to at least mention the Sunday night game. What we just watching, Freddy kitchens you're a dummy, Yeah tell me I was weary Dumdum. That was one of the most. Let's not say things we can take out your dumdum, I watched it on that. I was a winnable gave. It was, is very bad play colon forth a nine, not even though, never see common, okay, so forth. Nine draw call. What's going on the for your efforts of line can't block for shit and you're calling basically everyone to go down field when you need like theirs multiple times a game were felt like all the wide receivers, we're running thirty yard routes and you can't block right
law and they kept running eleven personnel. I can't help it just caught. The personal brasiliano shortly should gone more twenty two personal. It's like teaching a little kid like how to do the alphabet. Mergers walk around saying it constantly now that we know how to count this, but the end of the game. You have first or from the forty hardline you have three times.
You run every single play like its desperation. No time on the clock, you don't have time out in your back pocket hobbled hobbled run up like run the ball once haven't. Maybe a screen, I dont know try something other than everyone run in the ends on a baker. Mayfield runs for his life was often one camp block that actually went to been a bad time to run a drop run. You are there. You have never play just to keep doing the draw eventually to work, but it will only work if you keep doing they ran the same. Exact holy shit are hairs on fire. We need a touchstone on this play play like run. The ball get three yards. Then you have first of all in the world's second going one. Then you can just fucking bullshit in yeah, whose great is bad play going at the end. I don't think you realize just kind of it. It was just kind of an ugly game and general budget, and I don't know he didn't know that he had three time out of the game because then, when he shouldn't have called the time out on
down when you should it kept all three time out of at least made the rams like run the run, plays and maybe get a pump lock out there you he called the time out, and I throw this out there. I think the browser better when they have let instructions. I did hear anything going. This came about Odell, beckons watch or visor anything shiny that he was wearing at all and D. Just did go out there and playing a game. It's worth thirteen points and it seemed there were scratching clawing for anything that they got their deviants played well and the Rams obviously didn't play a great game either, but I always judged a little differently when you're playing a prime time game on the road like them. You know when you are only a programme on the road is just when it does it s. Only when the as my Tomlin writer but the browns, that was a winnable game, and I don't see how you can blame anyone, but pretty kitchens there. So they are now one in two and guess what they have more primetime games coming up with a good play monitor if upon a couple weeks- and this is what we do-
about this off season. The browns and all the hype and all the expectations. What happens if they start slow well now got and they They ve got a tough schedule and their banged up in joke who's out for what like three four more weeks and they need em as one of the largest item. They need another tighten and there to block, unblock shit, I know there are these wise yeah- is very bad. They could have used been ruthless burger social media account manager because it was bad there were there again passports by earned on left and right inside Dante, fowl it was radically Clay Matthews on his dad's auction ceremony, no less while showed up short out big time did the browns, need to figure out a way to let's get the distractions go this week is actually going to be good for the browns really playing well. I just know they're going to be playing Colin Cowherd during the week, because he's going to have a lot of troll talk, so Baker put aloe more food and collins dish. So we can eat up and gets ratings this week. That's gonna help him a day. There were no distractions going this week, which I only like is a problem at home at the ruins.
When they pay money for Paul at forty nine years. You might actually be good. So, let's do old game. So, let's start so the browser, that's a revenge game for the entire city of Cleveland are going into the Baltimore. Always it's alright. Let's start with the Sunday slate, let's go with lions, eagles lions are official We on frisky team. But I dont actually know if they're good, but oh shit they'll be in every game there undefeated, which has led to say because they tied the cardinals, the cardinals or not good, but the islands are in weak three undefeated. That is crazy to think about at all can just say, even if is weak. One saying the lines are undefeated furiously feels like you're saying some bad. They should get sent a room for any such a perfect way to do it because they have a tie so there to open one eagles on the other side are now one in two and it feels like drop passes away from being three now like the eagles are the official team of they should
have a better record than they are because they keep fuck him. They seven drop, passes a bunch of fumbles and they passed away there they did two fumbles their return guide. You forms remember that one play where he ran back and get US helmet ripped off yes, Don't worry, you looked like an owl because his head was backwards on a test. I've ever seen great I've, never seen a worse, Miss caught verbal me for what ready yeah it's, which is aimed at Sanders. Is that because I am sure our back ok, so Sanders is the distributor centres, while centres is the distracted boyfriend and his head. His turn backwards. Looking at miles enters returning kicks and then the distract them. The girl friend, whose upset is daring prose returning kicks good one. That's pretty good! Now you with it was It was one of those games where I was watching mostly on twitter, and I thought that the Eagles, we're losing by thirty points be great. How Philadelphia Twitter is reacting to everything. There were demo three when it well. They, the lion should have one by more that picture.
To put this in your tickler file. Matt Patricia twice now legally situations get super conservative and does the old, like I'm trying I'm trying not to lose not trying to win. He did it with the cardinals game and it felt like the same thing this one. I don't trust him with a weed trust them in the fourth quarter, but hey undefeated. Maybe the Detroit Lions. You can argue with the math on that you're, almost October. You are who you record says you are I added to that right now, Carson whence he? Every time I saw highlight of him he was diving, headfirst Indians, that's all you don't like he'd doesn't remember the year. Twenty seventeen existing is unworthy. You're, twenty eighty one. Eighty, your tempting fate question when you when you're, diving, headfirst, like if you, if you would get former eagles at learn from their mistakes. This is like right. Cooper when he goes to karaoke night he doesn't sing. Moutan clan writer he's not trying to make any
very avoidable mistakes out their slide feet first, occasionally haze every now and again. The eagles are also one of those teams that it's the evils in the chargers where I dont even You can say their banged up because they just go into the season banged up, something's wrong with their there like staffers. I don't know what it is put to sea like all other there dealing with a bunch of injuries. That's that's not really an excuse, because such a status quo, I think the eagles are the most injured team. Every single sees that yes, them in the chargers ethically adds Emmy. If you play tight in for the charter's or if you play like wide receiver, eagles you're going in with at least a mile bike ride at every position. The other news we had it coming from the lion so in adjacent topic was the fact that Calvin Johnson did a whole piece where he said he's had a ton of concussions and he smoke we'd every single ah Sunday, after the lines played because he was a deterrent life, that's yo! I think that's. What
everybody whose alliance fan does TAT uses like I have to say, I smoke so much. We too just pretend that I wasn't on the lines for a while, and I knows something we bashing lines, but that is kind of what he said. Right yeah mean them was paying, but listen pain is both for a call and mentally. If your brain is so dragged down to the point where the unifil naming rules after you to say that what you did wasn't a catch, then yeah, you have lots of forget Yourself right, go home, blazed up absolutely Gulf WAR is also got. The new is Isaac Bruce fingers. The fingers everywhere. You had the Berger handier he's got fingers balding are all twenty dollars in this way. The does go that way. This guy's a hey. What do you want from me is pretty ridiculous set off the top my head, I can name like five different info players at all: have disgusting finger down if we want to throw up? Yes, every Munoz yeah, all gross all these are bad rose. I gotta. I feel like that such awful move to just walk in unlike shakes someone's hand, have your fingers mangled yup. You want no pain. The we have
like soft blogger hands there, just so so gross khazar, moist low yeah where's years, which is using a lotta lotion on a morsel, unlike in just grow, so much load, and someone comes in with a finger GIS, basely dangling honour, like yeah, you guys have never worked hard boiled or that pinky that look that pig he looks like it's been hit in the returned button. A lot you know, what's more often that is geared somebody had shaken not having a pinky, yes at all, we're gonna get to that let's go: let's go right to it. Popping up we're gonna, we're gonna hop ahead. So last year We do a don't change. That is week that we're gonna start done. Gaining some teams were their officially done, their officially crossed off they're not going to make the playoffs or not want to win the Superbowl there done last year, I d change the Houston tackled Texans after week, three and Owen three start, and I said if the tax
when super wall? I will cut off the Tipp, my pinky, so it's from from the nail upso have no need of a knob, and now I got so dick today. But that I am going to do the same thing this year, so I have binkie team. Every year, it's gotta be a team that had play off hopes. But has stumbled out of the gate, and I thought there is no better team than the team that I cannot quit. So I am going to have a more You have to put my pinky up so that I will stop betting on this team. It's your Atlanta Falcons. The Atlanta Falcons are done. The Atlanta falcons are finished If the Atlanta Falcons win the Superbowl this year, I will cut off the tip of my pinky from the nail up, and what are you going to do with your pinky? Would it with another after it's gone but I'm unemployed tattoo, the end of the nub, some cool such site. What I like that,
Actually, I pray tat to the Falcons civil right. How do you explain that your child in the future, the cave us and let me tell you a story about downright and hullo Jonah Sadie lost. All ass is oh baby. You cannot stop that off ass unless it's in the Red Zone, which for this game was just another perfect it Lana Falcons game. I watched all I've been on. The falcons cannot quit them. I think they're going. We good every single week and everything we ve met right, didn't play bad, but he did the mat right. They got to like the twenty. Eight guidelines, like hey, seems a good time to throw a pick and threw up. Julio Jones was living wide, open and the Red Zone all day today and went to him a few times. They didn't do thing where they passed the ball. A million times account readily double, but my other. The other side of the coin is Jacobus Preset. Had three hundred ten yards that is called. Probably the quietest if this, if Jacobus Preset played fifteen years ago, we would thank you
Was an amazing quarterback like he's putting upstart lines that are he's good? Yes, he's very, very good, but he's a quite good right. It's like it back when we were in college and and you could download a song and under three minutes, but that that was amazing. Now it's like. Ok, that's not bad, but it's not good, but he would us. He will, within the next four weeks, get here you call beepers reset, like peace he'll beyond the alike in Sunday morning show he will have sit down interview, Jeff Darlington will sit way too close to him in a huge facility. Be a Monday or Sunday night game where they talk about him, like nonstop, Toby percent. Will definitely become like the in a big piece of again naturally televise game, and then you know what happens. We can talk about it. What it, whether noddies over it- and we can talk about
their better without Angela fields. We can all right now we can. We start go that's an automatic here's! The thing I like, MR fourth quarter, you're, not a spectacular comebacks, took goby percent does to get his team in holes again relied Eurostar, yeah. Nobody, I'm saying we once Jacobi Percent gets that spotlight that shine, because it will happen, then we barks start saying, he's actually overrated. Anyone start a shocking is right until until the time when, when Bilbil check presses the remote detonate, Bardon Ruddy has on every player that used to be a patriot, to destroy backroom that isn't until that. That point occurs, then the Annapolis courts or strong contenders to not fuck up the ABC so yeah, so they're good. I M Jacobus, that's good the culture good, the Falcons
earn utter disappointment. I will cut off, took my pinky if they were simple, I fired Aithra, extend penalties, how's everything possible. Sixteen, it ain't Quinn. You should be ashamed of yourself, more feel goals. Dude. Sixteen is almost like an unrealistic and heinous. That's that's like with the raiders aspire to in their head. Right has like Al David's, wet dream he's like where I could only. I can only dream of having this much dirt. Body thrown over my field done with you, ve done she done with you done chain; ok, so that's official and now they'll, probably whenever single game. What server
either upcoming scale we need to talk about is on our agenda for the falcon, I'm sure they will. They will definitely win at least three or four in a row and look awesome in Hollywood, old, Matt, Ryan. We'll do the whole here's the thing they are at a sea debt, win, Houston, win, Arizona, whatever haulage, hats and then LOS Angeles in Seattle Morland. Please think they are definitely the captured c of the inefficacy South, because it it's gonna, be them in the saints at the saints can continue to tread water line the hour and then of yes out because the embassy South is trash. It's big flaming is highly, involves a division and put you on Kyle Alan. I next game but sock jets, patriots. Ah fuck, you dared state unless absolutely fuck MA. Am you Jerry cinnamon? What we're talking about is the fact ashy is more bill. Ouch fall because I dont. When did you start taking Tom Brady out those like the beginning? The fourth quarter, but he, but he would take them out against dolphins when there are fifty this game was here I mean
That's that's really what happens to the pages or minus twenty one and the jets they did. They were going to not cover that spread and jeered. Soon came out through the pic we're. Gonna pick six would shared Sidham governor gave a moment. Of ponder something so That was the only way that they were going to not cover that spread in Germany. Came out through the pic six I don't know why he was in the game. Put fuck you dude, it's sucked. It was like when you, when you're being somebody down Madden and then he give you little brother through the controller and you leave the room for a site. S play you gimme that fucking back yet give it back here and no celebrity shots. I'd, say it's it's in the bar still headquarters. We have twitched stream paisley pure white man in all the time- and I have somehow convinced me then when I come and I get one guess play and I think I'm like seventy five percent for thronging interception, the guy
but I'm the guy. I am sure that it never let her man ever lectured sitting back right and now they ve got the patriots who get gonna have to do with Julia gentlemen, he's kind of fucked up, yup, Josh, Gordon, isn't a bit fucked. I haven't Omnia rituals to just court insightful tat angle. Give you rip it wouldn t mind. It helps, makes no Josh Gordon's. I thought you four should be out again. Whose Tavis Hell did you see his course after he was again. That's like he likes playing, hurt legs playing, hurt you and Eliza yeah. I didn't do something to be said for that. I feel a little bit of pain feels good. Sometimes I will set out the patriot losing or giving that touch. I was sad because if you guys are watching the broadcasts, but they kept showing its been exe of days hours and minutes since the pages Ipod touch out and then like twenty minutes later. That is added twenty minutes to the clock that
box and around I've gone, I'm so great. Well, let's talk about something more obviously newsworthy patria. Last weekend, Antonio Brown get cut by the patriots who so Hank well judged I'd like to the pictures made their Edson, I'm inclining him, no pal, like all that stuff that he did before was on other teams and then once they are clear. They gave a second chance and then I was clear they senses of creator. Re was right here thousand that one's own figures were still happening when he was assigned member of the patriots that cut him immediately, which is all you can do, ok. So once you become a member of the patriots, everything your past is white plain. Nor I mean: do you guys up leaving second chances? I believe ins? Yes, second, third, fifth yeah, whatever yeah yeah thing, at a time when they told you a brown player so like fiddles, because now do what he's getting? What he's like the southern he's getting investigated for, there's been president sent from years over the league
people playing under those same circumstances. This is all alike the patriots. Let Antonio Brown play it's a big mouth. It was clear tat. He was doing fucking shady shit, eyes member, a patriot category, one of your that you should have destroyed it Then we ve been fine, I'm going after craft a thousand state. In all history. One day he tweeted he's a different strokes for different folks. Some people can get down like that. That is pretty fads. Attache and Sharp Yoshida sharp sociology turnips niche himself. While yet she had a sharp is well those guys. I why're you talking anyone, when you have a lot of skeletons in your closet buddy, but she and sharp always the wordsmith went with that picture where he called him club Antonio Brown, his last name rhymes with clout,
I like these laws, are right on Willoughby or because I, like clear club Bologna spoke earlier, clone Tony all kind of pipes and literally in Tokyo, clown Rocky totally, founded on your part, thirty crushed ass to his watch. This could totally deny migs. I don't I don't mind at all. I think Antonio Brown is one of these situations where, like he's been in the news and yes, I was addicted to the Antonio Brown new cycle. Get you feel and dirty know. What's been like three days since, or I guess it's really only today, since he's the tweeted, but any real news about internal brownstone like three days ago, bony quit anything it far too quiet he quit aged on playing with the ETA plays gonna retired to start lucrative helmet company. Yes, I think he's going back you, but I think there is actually something wrong with him. No! I didn't. I didn't want to seem play this year, because I think that there's he's not
here's a stronger side to all. Yet it's like feels a little. I don't know what the hell's gonna happen. We M, especially now that he's just he's not equip the enterprise. You just need to drink, more water, wary and exotic sleep close and stop intimate I'd, so the bigos onto the patriots have not given up a touchstone like. I said I think it's the first time I read this. That first teams ever done that ensue Boyer where they went. Three games not giving up touched on not the Arab. Before that one another, they scored, touch touchdowns, Russia, legal, ah, no four passes seer when the Packers, when all their world championships. Ah ok, so raiders Vikings. Yes, by my country and by the way is the Vikings. Oh, what
on training. And how can you double win and I don't see any other way when one has got balls? That's why ok because Currycomb this I'm that confident this was the ultimate her cousins game. I could have told you going into it: you're playing the raiders at home. Her cousins is Knocker Authority, reception, he's gonna, throw touchdown he's gonna, look halfway decent. This is the correct cousins came right here, so the Vikings Windsor Royal cut your pink no no not on, and I think you know we're just aversion we done chain everywhere. This is, by its very first unchanged: cocky dungeons, a very high degree of mockery, the dungeon. I think it's actually putting the dungeon on a pedestal on respecting the dun changed so much so. Here's where all disagree, the Kirk cousins. I I agree with her cousin stinks and the goal we, like we ve said, is, for the Vikings to pay her cousins and not throw the football but Dobbin cookies,
he's very good. He is a monster cookie monster and they now have that identity. Words like we are going to run the bomb play defence and hope, Kirk cousins thousand fuck up on the flip side. On the other side, the raiders- I have a question for you Phd. The this game was the first day of of forty eight day road trip with raiders will not play at home. Ok, sir, Since that date they play that they play at the courts. They go to London to play the bears. They play the pact. The Texans both on the road goddamn junk route in London is gonna, be amazing to watch so forty dates right so that I can be home for fur. I want to ignore the lift for four or five weeks for gapes will their car, be the starting quarterback when the Oakland Raiders play their next game in Oakland, and let me ask you this up of appraisal two ways: there's the he could get benched or he could go
very, very injured, because their often of line is still a very big problem and they can't run the ball and he's getting. The shit kicked out with theirs so the possibility that younger and leaves them over in London, which I think I think he's gonna, get frustrated for them by then. I think that is a very good chance, as he likes Biederman yeah jog earlier. Man is a really big fan of the Peter Man, man and I think that its he's not even have any ties whatsoever to dare car. He doesn't give a shit about to know he Debbie, I ultimately hates dirt car So I would say. Yes, I I think it's probably like a thirty three forty percent chance. That is not their carbon you're back- Did anybody actually watch this game? The viands raiders? Yes, I did ok yeah. I wasn't sure that they played it, because if you look at the state line is just so fuckin boring well and then dare car did the classic drive. That meant nothing at the end to make his stats look halfway, decent like it. If you look at the box score, I think it through fifty yards and two touchdowns on the
Seventy five yards came on that lot, like sixty five yards came on that last too, down drive so you really through for like a hundred and seventy yards and touch or separate the garbage die right. The other markets Marianna gets a nice little trick where you look at it. You liked your car was in the problem, but I mean is others want, is terrible and the defence can't stop anything in the raiders are just not there. So the worst thing that could happen Dormice they have then go play for games on the road, one of them being in London who are they playing is in London they're playing the bears. The bears in LA yes and I mean that they play they point to vote, good differences in the pact bears in the packers and they play to very good once in the courts of the Texas COBRA said who said so: they're gonna come back to Oakland, one institutionally, banged up giant jogger might just stay in London. Getting it, staring contest with the Buckingham Palace Guard. Just looking at each other guys track and me it's it's going to be a long trip for them, so, I would say almost said,
a car will not be starting quarterback for the open, there's when they put their escape of all whose so with linen or pyramid. Let's, unless Oh Peter, Millet Sullivan together enjoy your hands and hope for Nathan Peter. Yes, ok, a good game that we had on Sunday, Ravens Chiefs, maybe a play off preview. Did you see that sweet who to treat you delete report? We are head It was the Marge and Patrick HOMES high filing after the games and see you in the. If she Championship Game ha. As for years when I was sick to my stomach that this kind of stuff it pisses me off it's funny. Well, so is good heroes. Having those that way way, I get it. I need to put myself better in a mindset, patriots vessel when I saw that as diehard New England Homer, I was a goddamn. It is more disrespect put to you. It was just like her that's cute there. A lifecycle of yours articles are not offended by adding more whom you actually think it's funny slap amusement if a player had said that, though
there is all the more. The average report has been stupidly. Reports working plan. If you think I should reach report as major clown Tonia Browns. Did you see the highlight the Ellis? You pancake highlights? Hey kid they like what they did to it, but they may guy, look like an actual pancake and they told me miss that the issue of women had to pancakes one play because they wanted flux their sweet, graphics desire. I was pretty sweet intercity. I can damage. It looks very bad injury, wise become an actual bank. He was so flat. Chris Commonwealth was kinda hard on oh geez, okay, so rich ravens, but a raven John Harbour knew this game actually were jogging about the plan implications, but he knew that the like you know budgets have the prey: the first seed, it's gonna, be chief, sir Patriots, first seat. But the second seat in the home buys gonna be up in the air in the way he coach game it ye coasted,
like it was a December game, they went for two three times they had the judgment hilarious, drop, kick whatever that was that was obviously late, but there was felt like a sense of urgency from the ravens and their defenceless and I dont know if we could even say that that's like would have more homes only the three touchdowns you can actually spinet. Sir. We kind of contain patch behoves I put their even got shredded. Think Patrick Muslims only through one touchstone over fifty yards today, which is aware, which is a wind for your daddy's. If you can believe that how many de MR last week gestures, ok, why you do What team is the reds? I have one day I have one day left before my team. Embarrassing me a national, and you should be happy looking forward to tomorrow. Actually like today was probably the most fun I've had watching for people in the last several years, because I knew that my our words couldn't disappoint. Here's the thing all the people out. I see you every time I say anything about any quarterback. No matter what level of football and talking about you reply Mitch,
he's better than match. Know I'll k check out this. Back for Coastal Carolina. What an idiot leaden he's better the Mitch guess what the jokes been made. And guess what yet still does her by feeling so so stock who jobs or stop doing a noble seriously like not having your team fuck up on oh yeah. It is wonderful! Oh yeah! I was so free watching. Yes, it is actually like a great weak for Redskins fence has tony wily quit, vice president of communications from team, so will probably do some fucked up and stupid like hiring Antonio Brown, too, in charge of media related. You see by the way, burger our guy, but poker. Burger needs to go to because he said Bruce Alan's doing a good job with the team. So Berger and then still you're gonna go into the tent, get him in their fast. All right, so this game, Ravens Chiefs, Lamar Jackson, stunk to start a war.
Between the four electric in the fourth quarter. I love it because it basically satiated boss. As the large action towards yet you have enough material to work with no matter what your argument is that that's all that and he's gonna be dangerously confident going into the next game because he has those two throws which were across his body straight up in the air and ducks have you through the out somehow got got reception, so he's got a very, very confident in like those broken down plays in this problem that can work out well form, but he still, I thought he played pretty well in the second, we add a fourth quarter. He was electric, I mean those when the more runs it is It's like early Michael Vick, where there's no one else in the interval. Who can do what you do? You know here minds me of that movie. Adam Sandler was not boner dogs, but the one we had the remote click click where he could dig it like pause and failure or suffer is obviously by the bye. Yes or in that in say by the Bell up, a sort of that was Lamar Jackson. He would just pause it and then are need fast. Forty second, while he stood still defenders
didn't know where to go around right like they were moving. While he was still he was moving. While they were still, it was fun. Watch! Ok! Next up we have Broncos packers. The packers jerseys are fucking disgusting. I don't care. If you're Pakistan, you have to admit their gross. Those are gross. As a team owner. I think that they serve stupid, that we go down every game like as a candidate D. They serve imperatives this bitter, so fucking ugly, that nobody wants to get near intact there so gross, and it is really bad the all yellow helmet the piss home. It is not look and I think they, when they give Aaron Rodgers that piss on it they give him a larger size as a joke. It's also not I'm, not I'm not like the when the when the Steelers wear their bumblebees. Those are gross throwback jerseys should be perfect is be.
Accurate. They should be the Jersey everyone's, like, oh, my god. I wish they wore these every single we energy like mean something you should be like the bread partridges. When I went to simple right that you should be it. Should I don't love. They'd have updated there too, hasn't it just when it. You're throw backs average, but these are awesome. Wearing bad. Throw backs is completely pointless. What, though, only part of those uniforms alike, are the key pants. Some scissors stuff those stupid I'd, so the other I wrote down Aaron Rodgers cheats. He cheats he cheats is little thing he does the lot discriminatory, scrimmage always gets guys all sides. I think it's cheating I dont think in in the name of sportsmanship. That quarterback should be trying to do. The defence go off sites like that. But what does he do? clapping his head off hardly yea, and then it gets me every single time he loosed core to touch on from Aaron Rodgers should not be allowed to do. How can I in spirit
game pfc, you're trying to you are deliberately trying to deceive your opponent. Do you think that that some that we should be applauding in Amerika. I don't know, I think, if you're not enshrine well, toxins I'm just saying that so they think about. I have a court for you from a manual sanders. We sit at Owen through living in the world of suck that sucks tat doubt the awful living the lifecycle. And to be fair. The Broncos do they're not going to follow and three if you can be fought at least be like spectacularly bad right there. Just like we lose games tend to seventeen sock right. Our differences still pretty good and Joe Ferko is barely a gay manager, and we saw together like day they restock there to really bad and step on illegal. In an you know, what's the worst part about the Broncos John always go far of adventure.
After what no, I don't think so easily idiot. I don't think so. He's an idiot, John always always in cities are smooth idiot, but I don't think he's got a fire of adventure after after one year has. The virtue is the exact guy that is in no danger of having quarterback surpass any John, always record. No John away is going to if you're broncos, blogosphere tweet us your real thoughts about John at this point as easy at the point where he has like soured your memories of genoa. This is actually it. I know it. No doubt that lesson, though this good like lesson going to suck as an owner or GM do it with. Different team than you played for Michael Jordan, going you're, ruining the hornets that smart, no, it's hilarious right. It's funny going like to urge you to ruining the Marlins. That's funny! That's that's something totally different! If, if you ruin the team, you played for your fan base eventually give it ok, It was awesome, you are awesome, you want to see rules put to good use,
Think. John, always the kind of guy that he will be totally happy. Having a coach that is is just bad enough from but all the blame in the world. I think you he's gotta keep them in quarterback helpful. While I just wanna hear from progress. Feds are wanted your where you're out on the lake John. Our way we need. You need to go away so the broncho, and I know that one zero without pain mankind of falling in their lot and they have not we'll find a quarter about aid really achievements of age they traded for Joe flak. Oh he's gonna he's gonna Harvard Phrygia, I dunno jigs gonna. Do it he's, maybe he's ever do John always gonna spend the entire off season looking for the next, your flat rate, so think about who the next your flock of like an old Rebecca used because he's probably trade for Eli, let's be Are we going to get? You lie in their probably gonna, get big been in their target, that entire ass, a quarterbacks he's like these guys want Superbowl one. He was again one of these four guys can do it. Yeah match job. Yes, Mary, the battle for all three of them, absolutely legitimate, Jonah way he's. I don't think he's gonna die
I have the franchise into the ground. He's gonna make em very extremely eight need over the course of the next, like forty years, that is driving the Broncos in the ground, because a Broncos sneaky are one of the most successful franchises ineffable history like dago years. They went years without having back to back bad seasons. They don't think they're. One of like three or four teams has never had a first pick in the draft Jonah. It is already doing like their broncos, actually meant something. The Broncos work consistently good year in year out the colleague, the Steelers that respect where they may dip, but they dont dip park and their dipping hot
yeah. So I'm just say: I'm asking all the feedback from Broncos. Ok Bronx! I will say, though, win through law comes back, he's probably gonna get in for Joe Fly. I would hope so you gotta at least give them something to you as as an executive who is not very good at his job, John L, we can only say with a straight face it Joe flock was or future so many weeks and women without a when I think after, like six or seven weeks, he'll be, like you know, a drew's healthy, we're gonna run the kid authors who does then they're gonna fuck up and then Elaeis gonna come next year. Yeah I'm holding on hope, because the the packers often still doesn't look like it works fully. Some holding on but their defence, it's bullshit their winning with defence. It's out! That's another thing that cheating with their deepening hackers shouldn't be able to win with with deep their defences, really really does both days. I had a great game till you get you get you get to haul fame quarterbacks back to back in, like a thirty year spans you never have to have bad quarterback play. You shouldn't get to win with their defence. That's that's cheating, cheating
the partners are going on with the hard count. Yes, you go along with the fact that is called there in the playoffs right. Yes, all these things, he has dolphins cowboys. Yes, oh eight, before I do that the packers are playing on Thursday. I football against the Eagles. That's gonna be a great game in limbo, and it's going to be on Amazon. So if you are an Amazon prime member, did you know that they have Thursday night football? That's right, Thursday night Football has returned to prime video for a third season The cool thing is, you can catch all the action on your tv on the web or on your mobile anywhere in the world in experience is next level with prime videos x Ray feature: you can access next Jen stats play history and team information, and now it's available on. I owe us Android fire tablets and fire tv and, if you're ready to hear a new,
take on the game. You can switch over to sport, broadcast Legends Hannah, storm and Andrea Kremer for the play by play. So you don't have cable or simply want to experience the future of football tunein. This Thursday coverage begins at seven p, DOT M Eastern and kicks off at eight hundred and twenty p dot m. Also verbal on the fox and then a phone network and a film network Samuel cast subject to change Thursday. Football is presented by Bud light platinum and you can watch it on Amazon Prime watched, the Packers cheat on Thursday against the Eagles Amazon, Prime and its presented by blood, light, platinum, dolphins, cowboy Yes, I a new thing. We gotta do say something nice about the doll everything we were going to say one nice thing about the dolphins. I have something there. Held the cowboys to ten points in the first half, that's pretty nice, I was nice, they are adapting to their quarterback. Who has a problem with authority. I giving him a head coach that commands none of their. We go there.
Cholera uniforms worth looking good Katy S. Now they look good. They were candy ass there, they don't become candy ass until they have to be in cold weather. Is it's funny because they actually look more candy ass when there covering the asked with a candy colored right, it's just the tough but right, but if that's what you work Gandia, but they did the color rush and it was in Dallas. So it didn't look Katy s its Katy ass when they were those. Those deals in awkward in Buffalo in this in December. In the spanish media is again, it looks like you want to get off the boss right. It looks at it looks really bad Josh Rosen's hotline. No, not really two hundred yards two hundred yards co, eighteen for thirty nine, but still doesn't that much better. The Taco Charlton Revenge game. Yet he had a sack. Yes good job. Talker theory go of Sunday see anything well now that they're not gonna, win seven games. I already remit that
I may have jump the gun on that. Listen you come to reckoning with a take, and I think it's time to just accept rather keep fighting against it. The dolphins are probably only one sex I admit I was wrong. You I'll be the rigour man, this situation, seven games as a lot and the F c is wide open. Who do the dolphins have on their schedules? I will they have like a thirty point, spread doesn't matter who they have under scheduled. Well, I don't really doesn't matter. I have a problem, you're, probably right yeah they might have authority spread at some point to season because they just that was a point you boy spreading, the cowboys covered it and the Dublin actually played. I mean we weren't. No, there to Herbal. They were better In the first two weeks, they got rid of mink Fitzpatrick, who instantly made an impact for the Steelers, like I'm talking huge impact on defence for them, and I wish they played like the chief
something: Arrowhead Thou art about thirty point spread now yet at least yeah, ok, so the cowboys very good. I dont know how good because feels like, so they played the they beat the giants who they last week. Last week the cowboys beat all the the Redskins? That's right, the right! The giants. Redskins involve not exactly sunshine. Yes off on that now exactly murderers RO, there of teams. Next week there playing in the dome against New Orleans. I'm excited for that. One put Dallas, I think, is very, very good. Callin more is going to be the hot new name. You kill him or is already leg, is very clear that Jason CARE needs to start looking for housing differences, or at least just I made advising and in in Kellan Moors water bottle the our game get him out of there see you can win a game easily with yourself has killed more like they're doing crazy things like having dac you know, player
Shannon and and having a nice like run, pass balance and not running an ape man boxes like like novel concepts, though the cowboys were unable to grasp, kill more has, and now they look like next level. Offense know it's kind of crazy, so I want to put this out there in the tickler file, for you might Gandhi, taking a job next job next year and more head coach or clumsy cowboys. Only my country's ever leaving He's one of those lifer snow to you. Now the taboos gone. No, nothing he's probably anti foods. Will he needs to fly like freeware that most probably t booms will was like hears. Ten million dollars every year than my gun. These days, I don't know, I don't know man I'd. I think I think, there's a good chance of mine
The is gonna go to like maybe the Viking just making this up yet, maybe maybe Carolinas is just totally Meda. I think I think that countries wanting to go the ineffective or why what's your based on what are based on rumours and in the past from who am, I could get my sources up on these rumours My country is not can because lifer. What is it now we're make? A bet like you can go for like the next thirty years put then arise. If I've been active time, I said it was. The tickler gave us a definitive tie. Think that there's a lot is weird shit. That's gonna be going on in Oklahoma, aeroplane estate, you're gonna have to figure out who's, being the behind the scenes warlord, that's call on all the shots and still water them, and that this would be an exit time for Gandhi. If there ever was one year the promised linking rallies, gonna he's the hot name, the big twelve, so he's gonna hop. My ego is already hop. Micro doesn't want to compete against Lincoln Reilly, Nor are we really can go there? No, no! No! Like really stand in Oklahoma. You get us all wrong. My gun, these!
gotTa Houston caught the taxes. Yes, ok or the like or the Panthers or the or the cowboys or any one of these teams that have occurred. Opening tat we have not enough to Oklahoma State when Hague falsely tweeted star wider. She was out for the seas in last year's aims, got her yeah everything's Washington, Washington, though here's what you have been very. There was material change, so at the time he was out for the seas and then again MRI did your daughter's off. He did. He would obviously Rice June Ramsay. The chiefs silken happened right, but that was very premature. It still could have listen. We was bad about five hundred which isn't bad for blind dog, but you're like how people believing shit now. Well, that's that's there. I can't control what they believe in a hurry ages. Leroy is a very good boy. He's got about. Fifty percent of the hopes raised very own. The Antonio sees me clown, Tonia Brownsville Antonio browser. I Bengals bills. I dont know
to make of the bangles defence, because it schizophrenia could look terrible last week that it looked actually good this week and kept him in the game. Joshua the budget, and Freight Gore he's thirty six he's. Never gonna! Stop! I dont understand it is running back shouldn't be playing a third. He Frank core disappear. Take free or at his age more President Tom Umbria, his age. Oh wow forty six years old. Ok, that's quantities. Should it be running for five yards carry the NFL thirty six years old to be fair, that's not franc or style like this was a flash of game for free. I know records used to getting three point. One you are to carry and probably still could be doing that one is forty five. Fifty years old, it's crazy though it is not so good for Frank Gore. Josh Alan, I think, is the new cam Newton. As we ve been calling him. He is, I think, now an amount, Rushmore bills quarterbacks already Jim Kelly, Kyle Orton? how bore cow bowler
Any Don T, mobile and any Don T handy got him into the playoffs a couple years ago, and we are doing the same again this year as Social out any don those are making the plasma. Shrewd I'm gonna set bills are one in ten games the pill. Here, you got your on. Take your I take machine. Do disagree. I'd have to see them. I want to see them next week against because similar to the cowboys, they played the jets the giants in the the Bengals. So you have one in one in so is combined, is being the entire selling. I love the bills. I then tramp of Ohio, their defence box there, David Oh yeah, I don't, I think, very hard. Make the playoffs in the AFC? Because although there's teams are falling out in the Steelers, sucking helps yeah and the chargers not be able to get out of their own way. But, like think about it, the colts What's the toxins the Jaguars, the Ravens, the Browns shook he's gone,
oh, I still think children and entails opium legs, but I'm Puttin Buffalo not on the hot seat. But I'm saying the spotlight is on the city of Buffalo this week, because a patriotic on the town on Sunday, so if it all all the dildos all the fallen tables, I'm in a move to Buffalo during the week and open up a dildo unfolding tables torn and retire billionaire, because that crap It's gonna be in sight. Was a new era field, yeah The nurse gonna just be filled with drunk MA lovable, more I'm ass! You can and will give their scattering. I get on the ten when game bandwagon doesn't get on his senior prom forgetful of designating two more gets dolphins. Hazel boom wanted as five righteous Patrick Rynch here. Nobody, I argued on the I'll get on board at this this game next week. Three and over three. Now if the bills when this game, I would guess it's the biggest in an pills, since I don't know like twenty years. Twenty five years,
I mean it's the biggest when an existing owing to play off game, as they were in almost being Jaguars yeah This though this would probably the biggest game the biggest when they ve had like two decades yeah, it's it's gonna, be. Beg for Sir here's what's going happen. What's it to Sunday night sleep. You question indictment on many more Sunday afternoon. It's Sunday, one o clock. He was just mass to early. I need only the fence and buffalo to have a good, solid, twelve to fifteen hours of pre gaming before this one. I love Buffalo too, because, like the cold weather cities, when you have these hot games in September, you just look at the crowd and everyone is violently son. Can I just can't they should not be in the sun that long right, they'll, I happy I'm there, there's son poisoning in half the stated Hillock like my hand in town, the coffin, yes sweating way too much. Here's what I'm not looking for two if they do lose for the pit to the patriotism, is a good chance that they do because, as the New England Patriots do, is they break people's hearts throughout the world?
fraud is gonna, get tossed her and I'm trying to say I'm preemptively disavowing the fry agree that fraud, yet I like, I think the bills make. Perhaps you I'll do. Ok, I weren't rates the reverse done. Hey just smiling at us. Looking like were idiots fine Hank, you don't like Josh on Olive Joshua Alibi, mafia. Should we go down the list of friends of the programmes and you can say who you think is good in whose not yet, but still it ok, Jirga, Welcome Cancun, play portals level Jim are about death mixture, risky level, Padua homes long. You love him. Ok, who george you love of everyone? eleven guy. I've designed like that, with the way that you are talking much hate, there's too much hate in this world away. You're talking before we start recording was interesting. Oi Dogma, Panthers, Cardinals Clown Oregon, do this
I think we need to start. Can we do that? We need to establish some sort rating for quarterbacks it. You think you're gonna, sucked it don't suck as bad as you think, you're gonna yeah. So it's like democracy, meter a new everybody that to use the word box. Maybe it's the case. The case meter, because member that case Kingdom game when John Bruton was like We orgasm in London. I prepare disguise ninja man went about the case, monitor the case, monitor the guy do, you think, is going to suck who actually comes in and in does one doesn't sock his badge, you think he's gonna. Yes, I think he's at lake neighbour that dream according to such a scale of dolphins, because if you think about it, going back to anyone use a second round pic, I think right or third runner. Yes to Cincinnati, you thought he was going to suck when he had all the intangibles. Sucking right went to like a smaller school
at the red hair is basically it, but everyone tyres Gaza and then he got in work while the skies in that bag Cassius Age, a green, yes, so chosen on the case case monitor each dig You should be measured, indulgence, yeah! I like that Kyle Alan gets on a scale of ten dolphins. He gets a six in terms of his moxie. Ok, six and serves my. I gotta find this rams quarterback, because it's all I mean case came obviously play for the rims. Well, I e the quarterback awesome Davis ok, Davis, Davis, everything, it often Davis, and he was not bad news bad, but he wasn't. A bad here. So you can tell if you have quarterback that has mocks you'd, never say that a really good quarterback has moxie. For example, when Peyton Manning played in
look a year. You never black. Well, look at that guy's moxie through the most right interceptions. Riah ever. Were you never look at Tom Radiance, a Tom Brady plays with a lot of moxie he's above moxie right. If you have moxie it means I can see you potentially getting too and losing wildcard. While if you have moxie you sock put just like you're too, dumb to realize you suck yet years, which makes you good you're surprising, is all that you're actually good right, because you were kind of like do you don't realize that you're, actually not that talent? Yes, so by sheer likened stupidity. You become balance. So what we are saying is cow. None of us can allow. We actually are moxie broadcast call. Yet we were too dumb to realise we shouldn't be doing. Yes, I'm definitely pretty high don skill in terms of like a guy that looks like a huge idiot that sometimes will say something: that's not a total dryly morality, and then other times or say things like the Buffalo bills, are gonna win, the Superbowl can win senator.
Now that that actually was it. Ok, the dolphins winning summer, my gun, he's going to go to the Europeans is huge, so I throw that boy will have a good laugh at thirty years. Ok, so with all that set about Kyle we're touchdowns cubey controversy, I think gotta see were on their way to see what cams Instagram captures the camp. Where an outfit I am to go, we definitely benefit. Ryan Rock. I almost had Ryan Repair run Riviera. Was so matters press conference when people kept on asking about cam that he left like the Prescott Jerry and then try to walk out and then just kept on talking casino those. The press conference, rooms are surprisingly tiny. So it's always so funny when a coach like this, this is over and then he standing in the currency still very, very close to everyone being like I'm done talking about camera thought about the game. I think they actually have to
like Cameroon, as currently stated, is broken. We watch actors in I came here in his opening receivers. He misses all types of throws. Call an extra shows, hey look, Gregson, look off, Today, com is hitting open receivers, use thrown the ball, and now it is the cardinals put Less came Newton is a hundred percent to two percent It's got home job, you know you have to give up until communes foot are, shoulders order, hours, ankle or his heart, a soul or whatever It's about time new until his fully healthy agri is its guidelines so and then the and on the other side of the ball or the other, two sons sideline Collar Murray, not socks man. That often one is so bad, there. We were too we're joking about it. In the first half he had eighteen, complete since for ninety five yards. That's a pretty good sign that you can't get anyone
open past ten yards, because the because you're running through life on every point in his passage are short, does what the sailor his ear. He falls directly into the same category. The Josh rose and fell into last year, which is you can judge him cause he's on the car right and you can never save somebody's good or not. If they play a nurse, I must say something small Kyler Murray. This was the first week that I didn't think he was shorter than the week before. Ok, I just gave consistent with his height from us were maintained, deal short here with maintaining, but I did think that anyone do we ve. I wasn't. He got shortly, didn't look and ensure the right which is which is strong where taller cleat skull get Lothar when Kyler. It's actually forty because his name is Kyle and the other guy's name is Kyler, discuss more cow than your beer rest within. I think now we gotta give Kyler to our Kyler I'll prove that he's more Kyle than Tyler say I'd. I definitely with have more believe
Kyler Alan Kyler, Albania and until another Kyle comes in and takes that our away from right, he gets to hold the title right. Ok, so speaking of quarterbacks that are just die, enough, do not realise that they should be that good. Daniel Jones Electric Dino Jones is electric, and I really do think, is the giants. Orphans of wine is that bad, but it take certain there's like to pass that rookie quarterbacks go when their often savant is terrible, one is they Turtle and there This sucks the nfl socks. This is nowhere near what it was like in college ravaged hit wide open receivers. The other side is Daniel Jones, where he too dumb to realise how bad is often of wine is ages. Just out there making place yeah like just making plays too The difference between Daniel Jones me lie Manning was so fucking apparent way.
Dinner Jones swore to touch on running the ball, including the fort down game, winning touchdown, where I think Eli, meaning would still be on the field trying to get his body moving forward to make that run. Yeah Daniel Jos doesn't take a self sack like Eli. Does Daniel Jones, you looks it's like the difference between a live person in a dead person. Remark is crazy, seeing somebody that looks kind like Eli Manning wearing that uniform, that's able to run without falling down its fascinating played really well. He didn't have sake, one which pro it makes us even more yeah we're impressive. His funnel stat he's want to know when trailing by eighteen or more Eli Manning is oh and forty four and games ploughing by a safer metrics. Does it if your giants Van mad that you started the season without any Jones because Jargon go the players
but you gave away to you literally just gave away to game starting you I mean at the beginning of the season and then you washed in General Jones, go around a make, plays an and have this beetle crazy back in the second half a loaf. Having dinner jobs, pops harder because you got to see- lie just last week. I also want to give all giants fans, because this is gonna, be something that everyone's gonna throw out there. All the giants. Fans reactions, genteel Jones on draft nine things. Worse pick ever, I meant to say, as port: I take as a podcast we get to decide where, like the president, were the present, of sports and give us that title. You should address. Are I'd rather be Dodds harlots, our swords are yeah. Pretty cool is pretty cool ahem Yahoo, if you Who overreact to your teams. Draft pick you get a pardon, no matter. What draft night is all about overreaction across like eagles,
fans, we forgive you for bowing down of him. He had no, but I've Sears like when you should have put him harder hit. Her body was well when your team, when year when your team makes traffic Those twenty four hours you should be allowed to either be because none of us know how these guys return out. Smash. Oh no matter, if you're happy, if you're sad, both reactions a ridiculous. Knowing that you don't know so I'm saying giants bands you get apart into my eyes too, like. If you had a bad take about Daniel Jones as long as you ve moved off that take out you watch a game like today, you are complete, absolved of all bad takes on draftsman. The best part about graph night is: you are unable to have those players jerseys to burn it. That's right, because if you did there would have been a shitload of giants, fans burning, Daniel Jones, Jersey that doesn't even right, and you can't take that back once you burn the Jersey. We then that's final, no, you can you can buy and then and then do the fake lighter than the sergeant Jones with the post.
Because the matter is neither created nor destroyed. He just become smoke. The area and Helen. He becomes a part of you. Yeah we're Daniel Jones. Look really good. He looks like in alive version of Eli Manning Bruce Arians, fucked up big time and with the skipper he look there's something about tat a bay that stadium in the kicker they ve had the you you close your eyes and just see missed, missed fuels. I think it's like the heat yeah go the turf always feels wet anytime. You kicking footballs at a pirate ship re. He can never really be a hundred percent. Certain with you, accuracy is like his is a football field. The games are always in the afternoons on Sundays. They play the lake aims and I feel, like that's, missed, feel goal city. You know like there's always more Sabre match. We ve, actually advanced that support. My take there's more missed vehicles
six and seven p m. Then there are between three and four p m. That's true! It's a fast as a fact and its effects also intend Arizona. It's an tamper not hamper its it's. What you'd the game stored at four thirty yards and elderly crowd there cranking his are already late for dinner. When you kick off these hot hell out of their Bruce Arians, took a five year delay game penalty to back the kicker up, then regime is we're back even a couple actually yards yeah, that's that was his enter. It I was a difference in the game, was James, is going right in between the hash marks had taken me back. About a yard in half and if it was that your closer So we can blame the sun James once and we do have a reasonable limit. Not just Bruce areas do like the Matthew, Mokanna hey. Sometimes you have to go back to move forward. Also JANUS. I don't appreciate the fact that you actually looked good for a while on Sunday throw it all over the place to MIKE Evans. I, like my job
a strong hilarious interceptions. We can all make jokes gets. Don't do that? Don't steal that from us Yon blaming the giant secondary for covering MIKE Evans with Generous Jenkins Suchet's. I, like man to man coverage, win, win. I think like having a game waiting cry, like Evans is seven inches taller than that added lives and as a short guy, it doesn't matter how how hard you try to jump if you'd go up against a guy. That's like six four! rebound you're, just not you're, never going to get the ball. You need some help, which actually now that I think about it. I never really understood trying to double cover a guy. That's a lot taller than you, but putting a second short guy on them. As the problem get em, it's like when you, when you have like two kids trust sneak into the movie, carry put on a big, a big coat and have them go on each other's.
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dot com such p, empty and get free shipping in a money back guarantee that simply safe dot com, slash p empty today, simply safe dot com, slash p, empty toxins chargers. Yes,. I know we make this joke every Sunday, but the these and we do. It is because it happens every single sunday we have we much the same chargers game for the last fifteen years. Philip where's try and come back at the end of a game. Running back words slinging the ball down field, getting frustrated, doing the work. What that face? The gracious to Hatteras face looking up and doing that, face It is the most common. It's like your it's. Like your mom cooking, your favorite meal. Every Sunday you
no. That Sunday is about to end when Philip Rivers is running for his life down a score on the West Coast was gonna, Miss Amelia missing. When he's gone to suppress it, we haven't, we hadn't, it's gonna keep happening, listened chargers This is no strange territory for them. They start every season like one and two one in three engaged. They should wear games, they should win and then they come back and they end up with eight or nine winds. And then everyone says, or the charges are Montcalm their frisky there much better team. Then the record says and then again too, jobs and they immediately revert to weak. One short, because as the start of a new season, so I have to go back in and loose unwinnable games. You forgot, his everyone gets injured to everyone, also get censured, but fortunately not goin can't get injured when he's not plant yet give us an update, so he's gonna he's gonna be fresh right now the charges have collected. Six hundred thousand dollars from Melvin Ingram involving Gore. No excuse me Melvin Gordon, and they ve paid off an actor, I believe
a hundred and ten thousand dollars. So the charges are fuck if the charges were stuck on binds oh yeah right now, like through the roof. This really is, though this was such a chargers came up early. There look like their offices, humming. They have one bad quarter where feels like the whole team went to sleep and then boom We view snap, your fingers and fill levers is doing they'll rivers, it's it's like going your favorite part every, like you go to your favourites bar you just know that they're not going to change the menu? the beers, always in the same the drunk guy at the end of bars, always going to be there? That's the chargers on Sunday, you get to there's something comforting knowing that you get the same thing every Sunday when the charter's play in the afternoon time slot it's great, it's absolutely great and I'm gonna miss it. On the other side, the ball, the Houston Texans disease. We actually know what Bill O Brien does
he do does he does he actually try to get shot and killed? Does he coach is when I watching on the sidelines, he's always he's got his plate in front of his mouth and he looks angrier the more there are winning I've noticed and then, when they're losing he's gotta smirk on his face, like I can't believe, you're beating me bill. O Brien over our head coach bill, o Brien Dinah Football Game. I don't know what he does. I really dont understand these full time. Gm he's problem, making a fright front office decisions about the cost of pop These are our which, which future second round pick he's going straight away. Next right, I don't know what he does during a game. He doesn't seem like he's a strategy. I out see what he does he's going to coach the Texans forever. Like eight or nine years and then, as you it fire, never say yeah that apply, makes sense and then they'll be the stats like Bill, o Brien, more ninety games with the Texan, but what he did. Oh that's, pretty cool. He is not a good coach put at the same time like this,
gonna keep winning and the Texans have this actually until my bank until my Gandhi takes us by cunning. This was a very impressive Texans win and I now I'm not believing in the charter's anymore. I almost done chain them I don't know you don't do that, I'm so sick of chargers like the hype charters- and I was the leader of the two years ago- I'm done believing it because I just feel like I'm getting food. I myself believe in Texas. Am I suddenly the tax. I think that's a bad idea. I don't know you pay about increasing illegally. I can't go from a pinky bet, we're gonna circumcised. What they want is gaining being the biggest cheerleader forty do at eight now about to be the biggest. Surely a farewell fan everybody hates DEC on the whole, with a cheer leader for the Texans, I'm saying how we teams are similarly route for scoring twenty on answers. Second, our points on the road, the guy I'm actually Sir, believing that the Texans might be semi for real. I think that's that
yeah. It's actually gonna get us as far as our go there semi for its like the division that therein could be anybody's game. I think it's gonna be the titans until they make the move to TAT Hill. I don't think that it's gonna be guarded Menchu guarding the garden. Mature jury is still out autumn. Mother, I feel bad for Baker cause you gonna get swagger jack by the whole governments. Making time gardener is, is Baker if you put Baker in like a pie, and then boil them for a while and then let all the August is considering our thinking. What users are tartan gardener. Just start going with just
Easy description zone is gardener. Help yourself, arpanet evaporated reserve, we gardeners name comes up now, we're boiling Baker may put him in. My theory is: are you lazy armies, ay, wanna, skin, a larger woman in where he's isn't show everyone? My man, China yeah, maybe if it makes me want to and collect some butterfly he's he's condensed baker. That's all I'm saying he's appear essence of Baker Mayfield. If I were to take maker Mayfield and put him in a cauldron and my basement and tournaments, two acres broom turn them into a colonial mixed with I've, Newt and then bathing them every day, God and then make a lamp out of his moustache. That's guard, that's would garters I'd be pretty up like Daniel Jones. If I were to compare him to garner, I would say that he's like the easy antithesis
he's the guard, he's the vaccine to guard what is there was the opposite of garter, a bulldozer, a forest fire. It takes care of a garden. I've lost you so long ago and was set up as if someone Hegel now oh look, Oh God, oh yes, yes meant Lariviere Hitler or a paper a hungry wrapping paper, a hungry rabbit, taking care of debts with Daniel Joneses. Oh, my gardener talk, ok, but Congratulations Woven Board to the Texas Bandwagon Non European. I said I said the farthest: the the fact that I've gone too the whites are saying they might be My real is the nice thing. I've ever said about the texts. That's all you're, gettin, Texans Steelers, forty honours. The nighters actually dominate this game, but turn the ball over a million times it was five, but it was still it felt like a man
They were just every time that should have been up like two three scores in the first half and I dont know the sewers. Just stick cow Shanahan was running out of running back to bench. He was like every single horizontally put in good who had put in somebody after one of the data fumble, and in that I would fumble and fuck. I have to go back to the first again. This was all sweet justification by the way for a couch. Anna had not run the ball in the Superbowl. That's what happens when you give the ball to running back. They just drop it, but then, when they threw a geographical through two picks, but one and a half, since you any is for one and one half of those passes Werner's for yes, don't you ain't, so forty nine is we're we're still. I could not sure if they're good, yet as a good this year, we are, they are. Are they good team of the weak? They might be I have off their entire schedule. Breaking news, spurred Pittsburgh tweeted. This was their good bye tweet on the night, we're going back to Pittsburgh to those
pros came eat. That's like I did. You guys see San Jose State beat our could sought in Arkansas and Arkansas official Twitter account his wrote their down at seventeen at half time. Arts US twitter, account just said. Half time in fate will know no school at a common occurrence. I'd some women monitoring. I think teams are now required to tweet like after the first quarter after the first half at then the games and when their teams, having smoked they just don't do that don't with the score, is very funny tweet, something that I very like this is this. Or how many people in Oregon saw even have twitter. Don't don't reply if you actually live in Arkansas no chase yeah gets really the guy who try to burn me on Twitter. Anybody chase names. Americans acute size is a state that should stick to message boards. Yes, your state constitution is written on Hauteville. Button like this is not. It is not a state for twitter accounts. Pittsburgh, I would Pittsburgh was doing there just ok, we're going back Pittsburgh. That's all we have to say it was that's decimal
exciting thing. I guess that they could have tweeted Tagus Masonry off. Has zero moxie? Yes, no dolphins! I work, sir. All sir, I warned you negative one Dalton on the day to Mason rude off big time, dumb, face circle that ok Durham face quarterback. I took one look at em. All the scouting I need to do just his face is too big and it's done so and learn some lessons from big been here? You can't have right exactly you can't you can't win with that. Face no comments. Mason rough seem like a nice guy. Bad can't win with that sad winning face. No you don't. You know that I do. I do not face what her skull measurements, but he's pilot size eaten three quarters. Jesus Christ, that's bear their by where we do. I think architects, who he just went right over this kid, twitter, name chase. Try to roast me and I just rose, threw back his name's chase and we we realise that if your name is change what he said he said my my mom was almost no. What we say did my mom.
Desperation causes it pretty. Kitchens was just desperate on his last calls, and I said we should talk about our mothers decision making when your name is cheap. And we realise the chase. We listen things at chases can do its essentially Assisi quarterback and NASCAR driver. That's it that's it, view matching walking. Could you imagine being like here's? My doctor, his name is Chase fishing commentator yeah, yeah you could be another urgent. You could be a very big anywhere entirely could be of no mouth vastly competitor. He could headed our turned, analyse yes, production assistant for bill dances, the cooking challenge Jeff, the fishing think, oh yeah, that's true, they're all millennial, chases, you're, right So it's a subsidy of your twenty five to forty name is chase. I don't know what find a profession urine
to change your names are the sorry. Sorry, sorry tell us all the cases where China bash you but tell us what you do so we can change the perception of chase. I feel like Chase could a guy that is starting to get an airbrush company off the ground, Bullocks Savior. If your try like, if you go on try to maybe like a financial adviser like you'd want to talk about. You know how to how and for the future. Yet you guys, like you more any chase us through bank, but if you guys like hey, what's up guys, I'm Chase Chevy Chace and walk out yeah. Now, I'm not I'm not shaking of persons. Named chase, and I'm not saying this to disparage any changes because I'll damp up chase all a pound, the rock on browsed all day long mean chase with you. The head, not yet look of especial little like some sloppy thing going on with the chase, but I'm not do
handwriting and of a chase. Hello has never been dont chased good to see you again left can hide, as this year high chase good to see you chase doesnt close many delia. Now, that's not thou chase. Now Ok, there's somebody chooses to wake up, and this is what What can I do to these checks on your way into your job as a guy? That refinish is poor tables? I apologize if you're not having a lesson I know it's an early morning for you tomorrow, you're doing fine, it'll Everything'Ll be good chase. Listen man At the pit my ride on auto shop, you work at we're not trying to I'm sure you don't know shit about Autoworkers Yolanda. It's not it's. Custom cannot
the regular like I need my car fix, I'm talking the custom rims, that's a chaste, auto detailing he s, but only from the hours of eight to ten, because from ten to seven is Gunsmoke a lotta we gotta get Falcon high just chill out. Ok man causes state rig, he does you does it matter. He actually put money into it. If he's gonna Monogram invested, it is raised. Gotta monogram vapor rig it, but it doesn't have a last name on it. Just a giant see you think he's he's. Definitely had the conversation like YO. Once I get my a check next month imo really read my rake. Yeah Numb puts the term on it but you know that you, like my rig now, would you good products, when I actually have a little cash to Pinterest and got a few extra hours and chase, has nine different Calvin pissing bumper stickers on the back of his car
they're. All rock knots reassure all of competing brands of frock against preferred brand of truck that he doesn't own fuck you and here the Tory Oda has led a maiden America, compress big. I know he's driving in like a nineteen. Ninety six to calm, but he's got a manual transmission of scale. A bit more picked me up. Logging off our valued. Yes, he's got the two coma, but then he's got nine Calvin pissing on Chevy bumper sticker. This is a gamble. Therefore shit all right. Sorry chase: I've been there are some cases that we really just roasted those part much yet my chase chased Daniel chaser possessed. You see, coordinate quarterback definitely drives the comb. Yes, ok. Last game: what flaps on the single tyres, like very small tyres, its huge my flats with naked women laying down on their sides on asked ass grasser? What is it
ask ass a grass dawn rights for free, like he's on chases bite he's only alive. Vast bulk is only that has never gone ass. Our grasp. What I put you out game saved Seahawks. This is why Are you pay a backup quarterback this right? Madame Court about telling tattoo gloves three big dick now, oh, you got spotted fourteen points on a formal recovery. Opponents earn, but he played nice. On the road in Seattle, and the states are gonna, be kept afloat in a division. Is very winnable, considering who else is in it so credits dates for actually having like some foresight like hey. Maybe we should have a legit back up for this guy, not dumb. Faced me also Seattle. What the hell are you doing not pumping in more crowd music. I did this. Is that one time the get to play. It seemed the sense that the ineffective
absolutely not penalize the other waiting it scare, you should have been playing crowd noise at an insane volume. Today I notes they always say its loud up there. You people forget they designed the stadium to trap the noise and side of it. This was the game where you should cheated more peak Carol, got drilled and the FAO. So the football it's either that he got. I have my support since because he competes in a division against some very hot coaches. I think one woman like this guy's got the deal thing going rugged. Look. I need to marshal Marshall Marcia him in him in the face of the football and break, is no right. Been so hard in the first quarter on his gun out. Do they are in trouble? Just you really can make a viewer. If you are a sharp better in Vegas, you can make a model based on how hard p care shopping, his garden and then just fade Seahawks. If he's gone crazy on that thing, it's hides he's, probably on. After all, in considering their history. He had done this
Admiral pharmacy shares what we call yeah. It's also possible. He broke his nose by chewing gum too hard yeah. I could I wouldn't worry about TAT Pencil, PETE everytime, you chance, there's a little blood squirted up yeah. Having I swear. I blew a fun statutory right. Yes, even today's from a friend of the programme, Danny Kelly, he said every bird team lost this week. Woe are you listed a bunch of bird teams nice? I think it's. Every bird team losses it's a burden on the hot seat. There are three issues: France, as a real, quick cardinals lost, call ravens lost Eagles Eagles law, see hockey OX lost valley. Insulting the dawn. Any other birds means that we must jets it is a big solid, urgently flew into these. Are you I think that's it. I think it does all your dreams. Nowhere I thought you I'll The love how the saints, as are the biggest crushing goin in this game, was well essays
Oh I run the ball. Album camera be able to do his thing without threat of drew Brees being able to let you know, stretch the field and Alvin Kamara. They just rode him and he was awesome. You like a hundred fifty yards, rushing and receiving in to touch I'm mad at the Seahawks. I'm big MAC. Xerox boys out, because every time I see the difference, I just think that its two thousand fourteen and I'm like that difference is awesome. And then, when they're not awesome, I feel like I feel like I'm wrong in that, can't be I can't be wrong and all the sea ox also one of very few teams, yet well, where their road jerseys might be better than their home jerseys. I know black at home is cool, but I'd some about the white, in the end the yard nodded old. It just looks. Oh looks. I looked courts cool work. You know what it is when you see that, like little tiny, tiny bit of neon green on the home Jersey, you want more of it,
the sea hawks neurons, Saint John, and I said so honest my bad moment. I met saints. Ok, it's Cosette. I described the centres. The sage, yours is how all road jersey, I think I might like more than their homes, are like the all white deaths from saying at all or weren't. All. Why is it always sick would like the gold numbers on it? Ok, so that was our recap. Does great recap, I fucking love. No gas Monday say point: I love you guys, lifecycle. Or college football before we do whose back and then a couple segments to wrap up the show college football is Jim Harbaugh in the hot seat. I say this with: the respect for our friend coach, Jim Harbour. He's our guy he's our guy. He got out harboured, he s got it
He tried to do the thing where he turns Michigan to a spread offense, and then he ran into his ideal football team, one hundred percent in Wisconsin, and he was just every time the camera cuts him on the sidelines. He was just staring out at the field wishing that that was the office he was run just lay hands on his knees, up looking at nine full backs a centre and a quarter back and saying God and this is what I want to do. But people said I need to pass the ball, and now It in my ass kicked by myself right. We bullied them yet we we bully the fuck out of Michigan. It was. There is one thing to be beat when, like an area team beat you unjust throws it all over. The yard when you just go man on man, Andrews, run the ball down. Teams, throat, there's something like, Prime all about it. What was constantly a Michigan. It was private, just dude on do we just can vote. I am up the skull manned by on man. I think Jim Harbaugh University, and to the next couple years because
I know what happened, but his team just don't look like Jim Harbaugh teams anymore he's lost the juice that was like his defining quality of having those tough teams, the stamp fourteen that beat the shit out of a more a way better. U S C team, the Of the forty nine hours teams that would always play really really tough defence and even them the mission teams that he had the first couple years I've. I also think that two thousand sixteen lost the GDP Barrett game when they had the in whatever parallax angle. I think something ended there like tat, was kind of the end of Jim Harbaugh was and he's got a refined, because I know he's a good coach, and now obviously people swarm on him, because he is a lightning rod,
in a guy that people like to talk about, and I dont think that he just lost his ability to coach. He just lost something like the essence of Jim Harbaugh feels like it's gone. Zog is cheating on himself right. I running this type of right and even like his is forbidden, been Mason lawmen, trophy inaugural ward, winner got switched up, deploying deepens align. Then they gave him was as first carry the year a former. Anyone carry, I guess he hasn't had the website or whatever, but am I grew, the. I think that our boy is going to the Unifil. At some point, I think my prediction threads, and you're gonna throw a shitload of money out of this off season who so we can finally get to see Dwayne Haskins lose laws, so he can coast. For a while. I would be surprised if you Jim, I like you and because I like you, I want to keep you as far away from Washington's possible yeah. Don't do that for you, the other good news for everyone. Listen right now. I've officially got my hopes up for the Wisconsin Battersea
We all know how that will end. That's good line, as I sit here right now I think that the best him in a country like like a pole Chris, though, does run like you, the quintessential Jim Harvey's is I'll, see or khakis arrays you sweatshirt. There is something to be said about having an identity, Wisconsin will never win. A national title They will never have the best athletes, but they will always do the same thing and they will do that thing better than everyone else and as long as you don't run into like the elite, we teams that have way better athletes, they can win most of their games. Threats like I, it's comforting, knowing yeah we'll probably just go to the fucking out of you- saw a treat her picture, backed by
capital. One ball chips, little bit of a dynasty, but there's some comforting. Knowing hey, copper, one bull that shit's arse yeah, you have you have a niche. There is great. So who are you gonna play in big ten championship? Ah how they will be our second crack at them and then a beat them twice it s, so good so dominance in their national champions of yes, ok, yeah! It's on also! On the other side, things down south in the US? You see? Yes, we are on a crash course for Alice. You Alabama yup November ninth yup pebbly. Hopefully we can score a touchdown Pierre say. If you're getting married on November ninth and you live anywhere below say Kentucky, you need to use to cancel you weren't yeah right now, yeah, because your wedding will be cursed, young actually have it and you keep people from being happy in watching for people on it.
Yeah yeah, I agree you, your marriage will not last for three years, get married the other big as easy game. Georgia are, she noted aim was more more impressive than I thought these I thought. There's you get. The ship kicked out of em George, a fan. And that night crowd the thing they did with the lights. Were it look like hell, the entire stadium turn Those like bulldog hell was awesome. Tat was so sir. It was intense. How began some wonders. I think you, which is one guy who is standing in the basement, just flickering light how bad you think otherwise, scared during all, oh yeah, oh yeah, Dodge light and then dude you imagine. I mean if you're a student, Georgia and you don't go to the games with the wrestling like too, though linebacker pads with the wrestling spikes on what the fuck are. You doing that's cool,
Look in the world is a good point point here you if you're the guy goes, if you're wearing APOLLO shirt and your students going to Georgia game right, you're, not gonna, sucking face that night. Did you see Kirby Smart without had how much sex you think is happening between two people that are in full make up with pads on laughter that alot pretty asked that that's metal it's far. Yes, it is to you she Kirby, smart without adviser on and game, to illustrate it look strange. He looks like he looks Chase's dad. He does look like his daddy looks like he looks like the accountant for a church like not the actual. You know he's not an actual priest or the head of the church. He's he's like the president of the church, and he just I don't know what us put him without a visor. He should never take that his colleague Doug Petersen, some guys want you commit to the visor life. Don't ever take it off. I'll, be shocked there without advisory deftly gives off the aura of martial golf course that doesn't
it was job here is: let's everybody place super weird, ok, Let's do some also MIKE Leach, that was a crazy PAC, twelve game. I don't know what the Fuk happened, the world MIKE Leech, hates running the ball. So much put, I also know what he's up by thirty per he won't. He doesn't have a hand off in the playful. Someone ask us cost Dana had a similar yeah? That's laying aims crazy, but Michael each stated. Our prices are problem. I don't know, but Michael EAST, the pact will just cannibalize itself. At twelve every year, no matter what they'll be it is in a satellite. Sarah game were the perceived Beth, teams will lose to just like junk and then, we'll be sitting here November traffic on whose in the car football play off, but what about a team from the pact go back. Oh no! Actually, their best team lost two cow in Arizona state. For no reason I just I just realized right now. I'm not worried anymore about him, hard bargaining corrupted by Dan Cider to snipers deaf,
I'm gonna throw like fifty million dollars a chip Kelly. That's that's! That's how all the saints bringing back the chip, the church There are at least whose back the week before we do. That's pity, get some force. Yes before we enter, whose back then we can talk to us about Palatine Palatine Cycles. I have and in my living room, I've been using. I've been on that thing three four times a week, trying to get back into shape a little bit for probably realists we probably not next summer, but to summers from now. I'm gonna be in good shape in its can, because I'm writing. My Palatine men's health called the Palatine by the best cardio machine on the planet and let's break it down real quick. If you can't find a work out that keeps you engaged, you can use Palatine, it's an immersive cardio experience with real time features that will always keep you coming back. It's got a compact for by two size. It fits in virtually any space in your home, no matter how small one subscriptions, all you need to get unlimited classes for the entire fan
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Set home go to one peloton: dot com use, promo code, my tickets, a brand new promo code, promo code, my take to get started, compete against me, sending don't know if you have bruised like a message in feet there, but if there is semi messages and be ok Phd get on your bike. Fat ass beach week, two thousand twenty two is red around the corner and you need six pack. So I will see you on your Palatine: ok, whose back the weak Hank go. My whose back the weakest Kevin Durrant on his burner count. Oh, there was a perk magic Johnson on first take on Friday and they talked about Chemical Orient and they tweeted are somewhat this tweeted? The clubs had at night Johnson Good take on at Katy. Did trays comments, Kevin arraigned, come did from his regular count and you said horrible take just regurgitating bullshit and then deleted
Oh so he's like this levels. This now he's created many different characters amongst his burner account. I, like that. I, like it, there's a whole different universe of internet commentary. Inside Kevin Durant's, head of your. Why doesn't stick like to just don't delete it yeah or come on the past year one of the other african love, that's what he's got like one burner account that it uses to firstly period. First take one first things. First, one yeah yeah my tabling but he's like setting himself up where your comments- and he says- hey, there was a great take way to stick it too. I'm to rent and then another burner account the good one come sing on the bad ones takes. I love this I'll, be ok, I love this he's he's, definitely in the point and overturn a burner accounts is just too deep.
Kevin. Instead of doing this, just set up a sock puppet theatre in your living room, yes videotape it and then just get all your motions up between the dupe up, known or I'll. Keep going. I'm skip. Paler has in this my wife earnest in, and we both think that cabin is duty. If have calendar aunt, no trip illustrated Drip Ellis excuse you fail, America sex symbol, Kevin raged earnestly in charge is through just get it, and I know it's Sunday then turn differ room said sure that is there not either, not simply the same better he's gonna run dispute Kevin Register. Going is eventually he will just like on all the twitter accounts. Talking to himself get em all is a hundred percent of twitter cats. You haven't around is gonna, make a shitload of money, cause he's gonna, have every single twitter possible combination of twitter and right, and then you can sell em off for profit. Yes, exactly opposite, it get me my little ones pills Marty, but we cannot talk about the early yes, this was your weak bills, mafia. This is there we. This is one
neighbours. I hereby give the city of Buffalo off where I think right aid flex, its eight o clock like they would make it that's, not caring, because european seas, input yeah. Sure enough. I think as a kid. Know what I'm saying no they're saying they can No, they literally cannot Luck scheduled to start. I say it because nobody hatreds and they don't want the patriots at voting time, the efforts as a flexible and start until later in the seas. That's what they want. You will use the exact because our keeping the patriots down precisely activity that my first, whose back in a week is distracts, distracts, are banned. In a big way. We ve been about four, while my distract Andreas come at
this episode? Oh shit, you're, just jure ear. Addressing my dressy dressy des magician dressy is ice edge. Asean training, listen! I've done that the hand the tattoo of the hands praying together up. This is me for Drake right now, praying for his son or less up, because this is a pretty far track and shouted tank for recording it dropped Were we lay down the wax last week, nice and so yeah? It's good to see these club back I don't think he's everyone I had not just on Twitter, you gotta go on his instrument. Comes back, oh my god. Oh my God gift. He owned your dad geriatric. I wish he has come to put you in a block you in a cage beer. And am laundry longer one the asking, thereby while lights I don't know the aid of you other gummy, verifiable yeah showed our hero, Yoke and Sun everyone's Dave, drakes hearing this is morally too late, deserve a fucking thing: I've, Doug, dog pig, doggie job
woodwork twitter word on a name which stop now is what they think. I'm never area desiring me not what strikes real name Audrey Man. I wish I knew that all sorts of tat. You can write with Audrey Aubrey. I feel every hour, shit me. His name's Aubrey, you're, you're Drake Take was one of those ones. You just said, and I think I don't even like dude you, Just you just said it will later the venom in these bar. But it's just like in working life. Men, sometimes you station in any pain yourself into a corner, and then you can feel how country here you can't get out of it. Do you drop a district heating? ah, I went out others back the weakest parallels because he get hired by Kansas to be an assistant there and perfect he's going is finishing his undergrad degree, a Kansas perilous, the guy that played a cat
for seven years you didn't. Do it didn't finish his undergrad degrees come so he's gotten back and he's getting good for him. Listen, we're approach, education, podcast, hell yeah! We are, we are good for you, I'm a big fan of yours very happily broadcast and encourage com, but we approach we are reproach, do anything that you want Lawrence, Kansas and so he's gone back there just in time for yourself to be fired for massive and suitably violations where you can take of the programme as a pike, history, average, half of basher degree. That's pretty good! That's right pretty good. I my, whose back up first nostalgia went back to Madison this weekend. Nostalgia: fuckin, socks, man when you just go back your college ears, like I wish I was twenty one against this socks and using like all these yeah, you guys know, go back to college yeah sounded socks, elate, basically, poison free rein,
at boys. It really rap poison gives out ass. I was I was happy to be back. Madison is the best our job in the world, but it was also seems like to just the whole time out, just like damn socks time, the workers, also something where you walking around a college campuses at eight, a M nine, a m in the air smells like steel. Beer just from everyone is passed. The entire town smells like steel beer in any like men. I really wish this was my lobby. Now I dont really drink much anymore, but when I was back link De Beers just went like down so smoothly so cold with so delicious. Yes, it was awesome crisp, floodlight years, while the thing is twenty years from now, you're gonna, look back at this moment in building this year, like damn, Thou is awesome, when the whole room smelled, like monsters, five fingers fingers. Oh, you got your career so time on it
Elsa stouter, so my other, whose back similar understand nostalgia, nostalgia for the cubs being miserable and stockings oh cubs or Knocker middle class. For the first time in since two thousand fourteen now that you're, not ok, shut up on the day were so embarrassing. This weekend, people want to do so my grave and yeah they can go ahead and do it as they were joke and Joe man. Just me. His last game, Wrigley, so ashy leeway wants to break that right now, Joe Maddon out as comes manager, emphases, you're saying Yes, what your source value, given my rain, I'm giving you a little behind the library on how we re worry. I say who's source by brain. Ok, good enough for him! There we go so we re now used. We rise goods without your hearing, your right now it offers follow. I fall
I definitely all I get. I get about a message or to a day say how can be kept as follows. On is ours. Note I heard on Twitter on Twitter, Pretty sure I valmontone ok! Well, I don't know if I follow on a great news: according to sources close to my mind, a mighty apprentices Leroy Joe Madden, will not return return. As manager, he isn't fall me jobs We followed one person, was a dog ass, a hot I ain't your maps out the Cubs think they need a shake up. You kick it swept at home by the cardinals. Fucking it just the most frustrating year because they're not bad, but they are bad. I'm done the man who brought in a magician pause.
Disappearing act, he's out bargaining bipolar combined is rough, Kali account the last you're looking call here is So yeah the Cubs sock, I don't know what else and say about what so here's what you can say about that because they won you fucking worlds, yeah. I know myself, but also about to take away her cubs pinstripes because European mathematically out not mathematically. Oh yeah, the navvies attitudes back, but there is still a games left. No Joe man, it's gonna, be the eye. Is the most successful measuring cubs history. You won the world series, but when you have town that have in the way when you lose four games at home to your arrival and you also lose two games to the reds in the in the seasons on the line. You have a little more fight than that, so it was a bad season up and down and yeah
did you. Davis pottered in an fuckin fell on their face down the finnish lazo who's gonna, be the gym the manager nor you you're, stick with you yeah close lengthy, arresting the baseball watershed, Oilers Julia and she blamed Theo for all that I haven't David Raw studied on the edge of Europe. Do that to me right now really right, as you are all regulations regarding this also, my brain David Rasa new manager now ran Sandberg. Now he's tat. Whatever happens, got past thought we'd have around, because I was one of those guys that I was I get either Mark race around Sandberg should be the major rind. It is ass, often in minor leagues and then there's like actually not. Ok, let's do the were under the show segments everything else be if the force yes, I do. I want to talk to you. This about moxie genes.
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off ok football guy of the week we have a few nominees. Let's see. First up we have packers full back or current guests Danny vital. He he got caught it go on. He went down at one. Your line went down the one where I live on one inch line, so that bad when you get you know, call from behind them. An inch, but he said was all part This plan to get a full back, assists. That's a football guy through and through full backing score should help other score. Superman super packs. We bills, tied at least Smith for saying my wife's. The only one that can make me feel better than that. That's just the facts. After the team one and in move to three now so congrats on assess, shot out to your wife. That's pretty sick!
should we do Bruce Arians for taking the delay game excuse me nonetheless up above actually have a morning side. College strength, coach, errant, young tour, both his patel, her tendons. When celebrating a touchstone, yes with that's unconfirmed unconcerned got that as a tip. Their surprisingly there's, not a whole lot of news reports out their dicks evaluates nights. I told Jake earlier We probably should do that one, because there are no articles about it. Okay, let's do this one. Let's do so. We have the bills tight. End Lee Smith, bikers fullback to anybody. Tell Rucker's, O lineman MIKE Mary who punched his Cuba in the face after the scarlet, my scored a tedious. That's got us kind of thing, that's all I'm getting so excited and l
very rockers. I was seven through that is the most powerful New Jersey energy of all time and then I'll do last one. Let's do this. You really love again till you hit him in the chess year, friends at each other in the face absolute fact. Last one will combine the next segment respect. Biz eyebrow check should, beyond their for essentially like any a reporter with his office, Tita Jacobs. So if you ve ever seen a bilbil at a press conference, he does that stare. Yes on the only thing I was there was this was in close quarters very close and also the subject material they were talk about, which is why did you have until you round him and then and then caught him and then allow the stuff that, in turn, your brown, what was and has been He's doing was two women. Were I always a female reporter? I'm too heck, I'm tellin you why? The? Why was a bad look got it? I am. I know for a fact that Bell check would give that
that same, look to Edward or if it was Edward or asking questions like that. But in context it appeared? Worse, is what I'm saying she could say. Would you have four one should probably giving that probably correct Souci analyse because without it we know, I dont need on game two eyes or he's last for propaganda. Weak by way of american hinges on in the studio one third of the morning, it's electric other watches Not so easy now I'll like it's not hang could do it. There can be a couple months to train. Always seeking question promo code. Take ten dollars off seeking purchase. Do you think we can get hang on one of these and how will humming attempts were to take from the pleaded? I don't. I don't think he would ever completed ever ever, no matter how, what you trained AIDS Marie starts. I don't know what the
all the end. Yet I am a ladder you can't even catch a salmon in as much as I remember. I was alarmed proven correct analysis. The warrior ere you can you can. I would love to see you just keep following, though You know what I will say something nice about chase. Ok, chasing chaser all gone by the way none of the chances are listening anymore, chases akin they can top out. At being an american ninja Warrior Course builder. Yes, yes, absolutely We can't even cause because an oath, basing our chase, I would say, chase you. Also get a black belt as an adult stock creepy. Note that you spent every Thursday night or new karate closure and watch children and to set up an instructor was like hey. I've got a live one hears that pays me fifty dollars
We then I'll just keep Avis I'll keep around and keep awarding them gradually increased ranks keeps asking MR me argued play along a chase. You gotta congratulations: Black, but now you have to sit round Khazars secret blackboards after this suits eligibility. Fifty two hundred dollars their efforts to bring back annex II or, what's worse, wrap it up with that. We achieve more stay classy Clemson because they film the movie at half time Their game against Charlotte. That's got to be the most disrespectful thing a team could ever have. Is a fake team? Have you at half time they had sixty play in Clemson, jerseys and helmets running down from the hill.
Unlike causing the raw I want people to create. I learned about it. We got a sort of touch that rock dabble. You sold out agenda two thousand nineteen. They like something from all players to come back yard, so the little bit it's a little bit within in house tat would sucks so badly via our imagine. It there's a couple guys who are called up in there like, like seventy pounds Wait and I can not fit in these beds. Dabble definitely was like. I need to be compensated for my role as head coach, but you guys are over be volunteers, illnesses, but the way their little using crisis at all and also everyone on the current Clemson roster definitely got. You know a little. Oh every day to relaunch your first grip, foreign or thousand all again rising, but yeah. That's if you're, Charlotte or would like at this gives your sucks so bad that words can it's at half time we're gonna, let a fake film, a real film with a vague t, melt, whoops wench,
what accidently all the fake poplars left behind their fixed steroids in your lockers guys Jason and make sure they're not gone bad. Last up we have sucks for their marching, bent, yeah, true, didn't think about that about the poor people in the market and took the shot off maybe a half time performance. Where was actors playing a monumental there you go the girls. I last segment part my French. I did we even plan this, but we got calling for a guard menchu story on Friday in people magazine, and they said popular podcast part, my French. So all we owe a pair governments you how to spell we do tents. They think that amendment I was gone for the german version of the english translation of the french word,
Gaza is comes out w. What I love would hate does every now and then I fucking love it. Will you like makes a big mistake on Twitter and then you can actually see that he just he just like takes resident he's like you, I wish I could put this one. I see two hours ago, the day and a half hour. You know what you got you out on the streets and I made a mistake. If I don't have a current czech dimensions, repugnant go on for wild and usually mentioned, isn't gonna be roasting outside busily. Just like you, you too, you ok, coach, americanized game for a second, I would have been disappointed. Hank had spilled, we correct that what is- and we all know we're we're on our way of ours that, as a quick, easy win it was pretty. You did W W. I will you could said you were your point about them: badgers, mainwaring, fuckin, o point about the badgers was his friend. I think you can.
Also just go ha ha ha ha. I trust trust heart spell that ha h or in a huge h, g h that doesn't play, as was we, if spelled correctly ha goddammit. She makes me feel like a day, the caterpillar that we slowly be rested upon the open fire. They may see that cheese is sticky, cheese, ah gimme, that sticky cheese and I'm not talking about a foot Bore you stupidity again. As the shell listen listen, it can plug s visit to pieties Jersey juicy all in their Jake? You ethics says I love you and your term budget him right break is a fake
they take a snake snakes. They give me a break break break. Is a fake, fake, fake, a snake snakes they give me a break. Break break is a black pony only when he was a fine. We're, though massage nurse you just turn red doors which ganglia these puff than ITALY have apparently look at. You swear that you give you gotta secret, shout at smart. You sound like I was. A great losses are using like the reins, gonna think, like a giant, please can't stop Square Carlos within my drink. With chopped up brought you care Romany, when your boy Johnny people both blow when lives, you flows on zanuck stay behind bars. If you here, this is to lay down what lodestar save your money, so they do can't play upon a dozen trapper. Keep us for your girl, so lazy will transmit a simple right. Even if I were the same, we're just a major rob. I've only watch aggressive Ras Thyssen displayed a black hole that somehow swallowed you white son is a faithful play, a snake snakes. They gimme a break break break its pardon, my
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