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NFL Week 6, Fastest 2 Minutes, Mariota + Jameis, Plus A Restaurant For Magicians

2019-10-14 | 🔗

Fastest 2 minutes for Week 6 (2:27 - 9:11). We recap every game (9:11 - 78:39). Is Jameis the funniest quarterback of all time? Panic in Cleveland? Say something nice about the Dolphins. The Ravens need to earn Big Cat's respect. The Cowboys and Rams are in trouble and the Niners are for real. Duck mania and the Titans are buttcheeks. Who's back of the week including Hank not saying hello to Kevin Durant (78:39 - 90:05). College Football recap, Football guy of the week, Talking baseball, and Monday Reading - My Husband wants to open a restaurant for magicians (90:05 - 105:51). 

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on today's pardon my take football week six recap of every single game we have fastest two minutes we also can talk a little college football a wild weekend bad weekend to be a georgia sports fan even though we talked about that on friday things got somehow worse for you this weekend we also have some playoff baseball who's back and a very very bizarre monday reading before we get to all of that part of my take is brought to you by the cash app the cash app is the most powerful way to send spend and save an cash app really wants to help save you guys from those bad beats with
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bad beats monday and tweet your cash app to us and they will help out some people who had some bad losses today is monday october 14th almost tax day but we have week six
we start in kansas city where the battle of the twenty seventeen first rounders set the stage for a thrilling game it was a supporting cast it took center stage when carlos hide your kids hide your wife rumbled and bumble down watt his way to one hundred and sixteen yards in a score and tie rico bosco hill scored twice as much as toledo did on saturday the shanty watson was always on time with his receivers as the clemson quarterback john ruled this match up and the texans are on fire thrust while the chiefs i left willing to suck a dick for a healthy offensive lineman texans thirty one chiefs twenty four
for colorado where marcus there's something about mariota had my crable give him an earful and suave joe flacco look great by comparison what is that hair gel boom he got that nut teach that titans hope ryan black and tannehill will be the stout careful what else am as he tries to take that all important next step without spraining his mcl top lindsey vonn got downhill in a hurry for denver's vic fangios defense was covered a pass on that his own kidney stone progress i said times earl in minnesota where stefon diggs was loving cousins like he was born in the state of alabama and stuff on and you exit had kirk cousins white boy dancing like mark bad sit at a like lakers championship parade and stefan kael digs asked did i
and do that when he magically turn kick kirk cousins into a competent quarterback and finally stefon diggs says minneapolis is hottest new club is kurtz a rave edm where dj draped in a wet blanket serves steaks on tinfoil as a sub wolfers blast you like that on repeat and the hostesses will come directly to your table to roast your name twitter account viking thirty eight eagles twenty we go way out west where the battle of the show callie bros kyle and sean took us to the los angeles dodgers stadium an old school enough they watch over the forty niners our fear read up full of diners drive ins and affect us as not wonder right off and back up right he dijon bolstered we're not talking it george groves lever back aches playing exceptionally well well jimmy g was scrambling and this one was over easy the rams offense looks to have a bad case of bronco i is your we can just sit at a serious cough may were
by the chain smoking diners who said carly zacatacos or tell sean mcveigh to bend over bend or watch up for disposal we bowl even robbie gold are four dollars and twenty cents reps of it one hundred and sixty pilot whales and dolphins slaughtered in the faroe islands this time of year along the base of the faroe islands the water runs red the annual whale and dolphin hunt takes place between june and september in a tradition that's been going on since the 16th century possibly even earlier redskins seventeen dolphin sixteen down to florida where ted kennedy bridge over troubled water has kept this upside down saints season afloat minshew mania has swept the country but on sunday it was more like gardner maine poo as the jaguars quarterback lived up to his name is the deuce in his family tree jerrod okie cook carried the entire saints at
load as he was the only one to score in michael thomas the tank engine ran train on the jaguars defense and the site school marching in duvall said thirteen jaguar six we go out to the desert as kyler rock you like a murray cain said here i am and through four hundred and twenty seven completions several of which traveled over three yards downfield michelangelo's david johnson was statuesque and luck is five foot ten quarterback a grower not a shower dan all i do is grand grand grand no matter what said his field goal team out to tie their game with uh give me extra point and everybody in the red seas hands went up and i said except with the referee start hands were making the no good son our thoughts and prayers are with mac cry it at this time at least you aren't in danger of losing any playoff games this year carlos 34th factor starting price in new york
where jerry jones celebrated his birthday with a gloryhole only this glory hole had greg williams on the other side with a million dollar bounty on jerry's deck and balls the new york clean machine was back in action connecting with rob kardashian anderson on off at ninety two yard touchdown making the dallas defense look like the black sheep of the jones family the only thing to die this sunday was the cowboys playoff hopes as the jets get on the wind board twenty four cowboys twenty two since and anna to his back as we go to the queen said he when the bengals had by far their most impressive los in the season against the baltimore rabbits andy kaufman dalton has been doing a bit all long showing up to games in character a strict over and waiting for someone anyone to notice john are you going to harbor oh fair packed all the spices as the ginger menace ran out of time
lamar jack sun also rises had his hemingway with a bagel secondary and was deadly from the shotgun formation often it's a coordinator greg roman swipes has lasted forever in the nfl and turned the goal light offense to mark is it ingram yet maybe just attempt just to see how it feels and it feels like a touchdown baltimore twenty three such is out of seventeen jenna nana quarter jameis winston tampa fl certifies cheez its affect my lord and here you go for more getgo president without i nt holy shit dude so many name is wiffle day memes the book summary and screwed panthers thirty seven twenty six alright week six almost in the books we are
watching we were taping this live as duck has taken the country by storm the steelers are in san diego should be in san diego beating the chargers looks like they're gonna outright win and we have a recap of all of weeks weeks six pft is in an undisclosed location maybe his childhood bedroom in vancouver i now what's going on there did i grew up in canada no this is actually one of a business he's nice recommendations he's given us so many great tips and place to go and one of them was a house that just has cars plastered all over the the kids bedrooms that i'm staying in so i'm up in vancouver right now it's canadian thanksgiving so happy thanksgiving to you guys eat some turkey
have any cornucopias on the on the tv score bugs for the nfl games that's that's very disappointing yeah that is this morning all right let's get into week six we're going to recap every game and we'll start with the london game and are well let's start here the twenty fifteen quarterback class had a very bad day we'll get to marcus mariota later but this was in my mind the quintessential jameis winston performance he is the funnest funniest quarterback i have ever watched in my entire life when it comes to physical comedy his body makes no sense he flails everywhere he had five interceptions fumbled on back to back plays lost one of them he started the game first play pick end of the game last play pick i love jamie so much i can't wait for him to be back up
back but it's over in tampa for him i agree yeah i think he's on selves when you're right he is very very funny there times when he gets in the pocket and he just he forgets that he's playing football he just say you will scramble out he'll allude somebody that's trying to sack him and they'll just like stand still and then start backing up like he's doing the electric slide in the pocket directly into a defensive end he's very very funny to watch i think that james needs glasses i think that's what the issue is here there was a story back in two thousand and thirteen when he was at florida state that he should wear contact lenses which is why he squints i saw you tweet out the picture of him squinting like he's looking into the sun but he doesn't like wearing contact lenses i think it's time for james just work i just bite the bullet just give it a shot and that's even funnier the fact that he doesn't like wearing contact lenses but he needs them and therefore just
rose to the wrong team i i'm so so excited though pft for jamis the backup because jim is the backup just not seeing him on the sideline is going to be great and i hope he goes to a a funny team i hope he has a funny jersey what's like could you imagine if mrs is ross wilson's backup in seattle or something ridiculous like that and you know that he'll get in at some point at some point in the rest of his career he'll get to play a little football and he'll do a thing where he'll be good for order to and everyone will say well that's why this guy was the first pick in the draft and then he'll revert back to jameis winston like you did this season like you did this game and all the physical comedy will come out and i saw the press conference after bruce arians is just of disappointed frustrated stepfather he's like i don't i don't know what to do we talked about it maybe just throw it away but jameis can't
he he thinks that no matter how much pressure no matter how many people are flailing it is at the ball no matter how small is hands are he can solve any bad situation he's put himself in that's not an uber joker or publix joke but he never can solve it 'cause he all just throws an interception yeah that's that's a solution that's the cause of and solution to all of life's problems as homer simpson would put it and he is he's so funny he i think james could be tricked by most things that wylie coyote gets tricked by so like if a defense like painted a tunnel on a wall i'm pretty sure the james would just like try to spread through it to go back to the locker room i it it's it's funny i i think that there probably don't have a better option at quarterback so even though he's
he's done in the long term in tampa it'll probably go to chicago next year it will be fun stop he's still got it we're going to get to see a play for the rest of the season i think yeah jim is definitely strikes me as a guy like if you just put a ball on the in the middle of the street go grab it and then a big piano will fall on his head is it a l a and you won't die who just look like an accordion like his body will just be an accordion going back and forth up and down i'm all right we should talk about the panthers because they were awesome and kyle allen is alan tyler allen is five you know as a starter he's now has yet to throw an interception he is also i've i've been tracking this my favorite thing the coaches do whatever there is an imminent you can smell the whiff of a quarterback controversy what the what the coaches have to do in the language they have to use to try to dispel that even though kyle allen has played so well that it's legitimate to say this team he has lost so
rivera said our qb that is playing for us is kyle that's a fact that's fact take to the facts that's all you can do if you're a coach in that situation you just have to name facts like we played today in london and kyle was our quarterback hey and he'll continue to be our quarterback as long as he is our quarterback it but they they kind of have to have a come to jesus moment pretty soon here's like when can gets back he is who knows if it like how much is his physical health right now how much is mental if he's if he's still going to be the guy in carolina next year it's kind of a similar situation what's going on in new orleans right now where to is played really well while drew's been out hurt the only difference being like still playing well before he got injured but do you ride the hot hand and if so like hell i think if you're still like if you're in playoff contention that that's how you can cover your ass is a head coach just say like as long as we're in playoffs
tension and we're going to keep her guy in there well and we're not saying that kyle allen is a better quarterback cam newton 'cause he's not but the problem is cam newton hasn't been one hundred percent healthy and what feels like forever and if he comes back will he be one hundred percent healthy or will he be like oh he one hundred percent healthy but it's clear that there still a shoulder issue because if that's the case then kyle and maybe a better quarterback than him the other thing from this game and i don't know if you've seen this on twitter pft but we have a nickname for christian mccaffrey and it's the greatest nickname of all time i didn't see it i was i was dozing in and out of this game because out here on the west coast it started at like six hundred o'clock in the morning it was tough it was really tough for me ok so the nick images and i don't know who created it so credit to whoever that is we're not saying that we created this but the nickname is dairy sanders dare as in d a r y as in g a i r y sanders as in the milk i like it yes i love
but that's that's really good yes that's perfect i saw a stat line though he had twenty two carries for thirty one yards that's a long day well in the bucs defense is their run defense is actually one of the best in the nfl so credit to them but jameis basically it's hard it's hard in a game when there's two two guys on the field to say someone single handedly lost to the game but you miss one hundred percent single handedly lost them the game today yes grounded out all you both and he fumble data both yes it well two of james hands equals one regular grown man's hand correct yeah how about this that's a good nickname for christian mccaffrey what about for jameis winston jameis winston jameis winston networks that works that works he needs to get ok i would like to see him where rec specs could you imagine the physical comedy with that it would be perfect yeah
my god that would be amazing looking like horace grant like a fat horace grant yes exactly like you jamie said this point is if you're going to be as bad as jamis is and we all know it's bad it's been it's been enough years to know james isn't like as stephen jay box fan says a confetti quarterback the quarterback you can close your eyes and see confetti coming down on his head i think he that's a that's a real thing show stephen chart no one says a dell heat cj says that but if you can't eight jefferson is not a confetti quarterback so because he's not a confetti quarterback he might as well just become the funniest quarterback we've ever had and i hope that happens all right next up we have seahawks browns what what do you think it was like to be a browns fan in that first quarter when they were up twenty two six and everything was rolling and the seas
was saved because the drug is that the drug is browns fans and there were a lot of drunk browns fans i think one got ejected because he threw something on the field that hit a security guard in the face make him believe but that most of that i think the first quarter of this game when there are twenty just x was probably the pinnacle of the browns in the last fifteen years yeah well if you browns fan at the start of this game and you just get hammered there's good news and a couple of you guys out in cleveland i'm going to wake up tomorrow and not knowing that you lost because the ask memory that you have is just like beating the shit out of the seahawks then you black out escort out of the game on on swagger's last day no last leading the team out of the out of tunnel there they're going to be several people that just they don't know what happened the other three quarters with freddie kitchens leading the league in just looking perplexed all the time and calling bizarre play calls on on fourth and goal third and goal second row i it's it's a weird situation freddie and i think that he is he is ultimately the root of all the problems
they're going on out there in cleveland yeah it's it's name a less iconic duo freddie kitchens an in red zone offense every single time they get down into the red zone it feels like he becomes atlanta falcon out of nowhere they even had that sequence where he challenged he challenged a touchdown which probably should have been a touchdown at the very last second wow they were running well well well child was running for a touchdown so he basically cut his own team out of a touchdown then after the play was stopped and they they lost a challenge he then ran the exact same play the seahawks were there are ready for and it was like what the are you doing freddie kitchens and that is what that seems to be like the freddie kitchens doesn't know how does it it seems like he's in over his head almost every single week and
baker obviously hasn't been good he got hurt today he's has eleven interceptions in six weeks he has not been good at will as we said last tuesday are we as bigger guys are the first to say the baker points a finger items i had him self knows he's got to get better so we'll just say that again but yeah the browns and i feel bad for browns fans because man it's just it's just hard to watch them get so excited and be up in the first quarter and have everyone rock in and then russell wilson just do what russell was a dozen that's just be one of the best quarterbacks in the league and rip people's guts out i do want to say the end zones looked awesome in cleveland today i'm a big fan of of the paint job that they have going there in the neon browns were definitely popping but freddy kitchens like when he is he is very committed to still holding that pull is she over his lips so that nobody can possibly steal his playcalls as if anybody out there
trying to steal freddie kitchens play calls from like is what you going to probably run the ball four more times for the two yard line actually know what he was probably just try pete caroll being like hey man it's possible to run the ball from the two if you want to if you want to score a touchdown maybe he's just advanced like he's making advanced jokes that nobody else gets butt just like look at him he's got the body type of a ghost from pac man he doesn't inspire any confidence at all as a fan watching me like that guy has a shit together right that guy is going to put us in a good spot in a chance to win this the seahawks though are awesome the seahawks are very very good there feels like the rounding into form the run game is awesome i don't know them in the nfc west will get to the rams the forty niners but it's gonna be a fun race to watch the seahawks in what seems like the forty niners now which i will i'll eat a lot of crow when we get to that game
but the seahawks with russ wilson and i know we're going to do the whole narrative again like does russell wilson get enough credit yes he does he's one of the best quarterbacks in the nfl he's a top five top three however you want to rank him he is one of the best quarterbacks and if you give him even like a little bit of daylight he will come back on your team it will rip your guts out like i said yeah it also shout out to luke wilson at the team really turned a corner i think when they brought him on and now i think will disley got injured today unfortunately but i think luke's going to step it up over there so we have we have that to look forward to the seahawks move forward and there is something very cool about seahawks 49ers games at night under the lights
i hope that we get one of those this year i don't know what the schedule makers done or if they're if they're going to be able to flux that into a sunday night game but i love it when those two teams are good it's great to have a west coast ravelry next stop speaking to the game that you just said hank texans chiefs i'm ready to say the houston texans are for bill there for real ok yep that's it i don't know how you can make the argument that or not i we just see them win some games that on the road top gate like to sean walks in through a couple pics but he made a bunch of plays this feat and the offense of line protected him and the texans defense made enough plays and i just those are the type of games like i feel it when the texan
look good they look great and i just feels like a mirage in years past because they've had these spurts where they've looked really really good but then they'll play a tough game and they don't have that i don't know what it is they're not like a tough team this road win in their head and you could say a lot about pounds rome's offense of line right now but this i am officially saying i respect the houston texans and i think they are very good verne big cats were spared it's huge that's like that's the football equivalent of pinstripes you just gave you so uh i think what we saw is the the blueprint is after of patrick buy homes and the best way to have patrick rooms not be you is to keep him off the field its side it's pretty easy math gonna walk you through real quick so they held the chiefs to twenty minutes of possession total in this game which is crazy which you would think would be an asset for andy reid having having less clocked mismanaged but patrick mojo's best and
said is scoring as tough to score when he's not playing so the blueprints prints out there on patrick bones just get the ball out of his hands and you can beat the shit out of them that and i would say a big key to beating patrick homes is making sure that his very good left tackle is not in not playing and his offensive line is beat up and he's running for his life and i'll i'll say it for chiefs fans i think the refs didn't do a great job now i'm here tell you the travis kelce you should stop wearing yellow gloves because it makes everything very very yes fusing but i will also acknowledge the rest missed a few things however the chiefs have a lot to get like the chiefs are now the texans to me they're the soft team
that you can run on them i mean two weeks in a row now they've gotten just absolutely gash in the run game and patrick my homes as good as he is is taking a slight step back from last year he's not out of this world fifty touchdowns good which i think we all kind of expected he's still probably the best quarterback in the league right now but if he's not out of this world good and their defense is still pretty bad it's going to be tough to win as many games like it's just simple kind of math equation year tyreek hill coming back was awesome form but there yeah i said it i'm going to say it again i didn't say it last week the s word i'll say it there softap saw herself
i that's a that's a worse yeah yeah yeah their song and their defense so it's a torch update you're saying that the chiefs are the new texans yeah which makes sense because they have already picked up the middle losing to the patriots in the playoffs so i think they're like halfway there already the chiefs get to play the broncos next week in the in the altitude outdoors so we do have to ask did roofs break patrick but homes because he hasn't played well since seeing a roof for the first time he's an outdoor cat anyone indoors now it's all world screwed up our view one here the most bill o'brien motivational tactic of all time yes our is a leading into this week you know a lot of a lot of coaches play music a practice on big speakers bill bryant was playing rocky theme song
iraqi theme songs or just plain id tiger and you know the dead at turned out to be all that stuff which is the ultimate like dad football coach move because i doubt bill o'brien realizes this but the rocky the first rocky movie came out closer to the signing of the franklin delano roosevelt new deal than it did to today's game that's how old that movie is and none of those players like know anything about it except for like the new movies but yeah i guess bill o'brien it worked did you steal that time tweet from ravel 'cause that sounded like it was orville tweet no no right from the top my head who who who doesn't remember the fdr new deal was the old deal the old the old shows up yeah the old it was your fault yeah we're the great depression but if jerry revela done it he would have told me the modern day value of yours will sure yeah the old deal with each day
for dinner and you'll like it our okay so yeah i'm say that the chief for my soft team look i'm not saying the opposite to solve the office is still incredible their defense has been gassed and they get gassed whatever team plays physical football wants to run the ball they can do it so i'm sorry until they fix that their softap it sounds like you're saying that their candy asses that's sounds like to me like are they candy football team no they're not kiddie astor just soft when you can any river love that when you can when you can just go into on a team's home environment which is intimidating erro head and she's fans are die hard an awesome but when you can go in there and run the ball like the like the chiefs did our sorry like the colts did and like the texans did you get the soft you get the soft tack for me sorry sorry not sorry our fd yes next up we have the two will pull the to a bowl
redskins dolphins this game now we're going to say something nice about the dolphins but i just want to point out i don't know if you red zone where you were but this game it took thirty five real time minutes real time i mean it's for them to show this game on red zone that's how bad the game once now it got good late because ryan fitzpatrick came in but i will say this nice six say something nice about the dolphins i'm pretty sure they can be on drake drop the ball on purpose in the in the two point conversion to make sure they lost that game so that they can continue to tank for two i'll say that they did a great great job of pretending not to tank by going for two but then slipping in the worst play call of all time so it was actually like a masterful job of taking done by them also shout out to sean downey because i did get redzone up here on canadian version of espn
a version of whatever the service i think is like the zone or whatever the place that chance is that right now but yeah so i was able to watch all the games i had that same tweet ready to go out when i saw what time it was that they broke in and then i refresh twitter was like oh big catches did it that would have been very embarrassing for maine to do that but yeah it was it was not as bad as i thought it would be what's ryan fitzpatrick out in and i think fitz magic is back a little he's probably get him to win a couple of games well it's classic dolphins they don't know what they're doing with their quarterback it's like they're tanking but they're not tanking but they want to see if josh rosen has something but they also then pull him he gets sacked a million times ryan fitzpatrick comes in almost wins them the game which would screw up the tank josh rosen did have a josh rosen stat line he was fifteen for two thousand five hundred and eighty five yards in two perceptions i don't know how you throw i don't know how you get fifteen completions for eighty five yards but he did it another nice thing about him you cover the spread for the first time this year as an underdog against a winless team at home and
so could you and you kept the team under thirty points so that's cool that's very cool yeah you didn't you didn't get get blown out you could have one if you wanted to write if you want to take it to overtime i was actually just really hoping for a tie out of this game that would've been so perfect if the redskins are the dolphins had ended up time and then you get into all this weird math when it comes time to figure out what the order of the draft is going to be and it could have come down to a coin toss can you imagine that a coin toss to figure out where two is going to i doubt it i it might not go the rest can still but that would've been amazing not i mean if the redskins were smart which they're not i'd say something nice about the red skins because we might as well do that while we're here hi terry mclaurin is very good and i look forward to him suffering like a catastrophic injury that will derail his entire career because on the red skins scared
yeah very good he's really good but you don't have any as for sock have good thing so and then is your peers back bill callahan was like hey we're going to just run old school football and they just read and adrian peterson a bunch and he looked awesome an now he can get make like a couple more million dollars and cut his debt down to twenty five million or whatever it is callahan and his press conference this week was so ridiculous talk about is like the most rudimentary i understand you have stats and cause and effect of all time being like we're just going to run the ball more and if we run the ball more then that means that we're going to win it's a great interim head coach thing to say and the rest very smartly announced today that they were not going to even begin looking for a new head coach until after the seasons over when everybody else is also looking for a head coach so that's
or that's good well fortunately for you read his rex ryan said on get up that he would be the next head coach if you wanted to be easily take that job so i i as i'm just resigned myself to the fact that i might as well just root for the most entertaining possible higher and and rex ryan i think would probably be he'd also probably have a pretty good chance have yet rex there's answer the same building they'll fight each other at some point just kick his ass which is great so here's the plan for the just have dan snyder hire rex ryan and tom cable and just spend a lot of time in the same room together until data center just gets to ask i mean rex ryan probably will get the job because he wants the job and no one else wants it so they'll do a search that what was that guy on get up who wanted the job greenie rex ryan my might greenie by accident that's how stupid they are so yeah says
as for the dolphins and the redskins redskins won a game in the dolphins lost a game that was really nice for both teams it looked like it was great weather down there yeah okay barstool gold check it out barstool gold dot com slash p m t if you want to get our bonus episodes if you want to watch our episodes do it personal goal dot com slash p m t eagles vikings cousins you mother freaker not to quote phil rivers but you mother freaker you've done it again kirk cousins unbelievable what he did against the really bad eagle secondary it depleted eagle secondary in the one o'clock hour against the team that was technically above five hundred when they played you just bought yourself a new contract for touchdowns three hundred and thirty three yards you hooked up with stefon diggs you hooked up with adam feeling you made everyone feel good and
earths definitely some people in minnesota right now who against all their good judgment are like maybe maybe that was kind of cool maybe and that's the perfect kurt cousins he teases you a little bit so yeah give him another contract you almost have to at this point like give him two more years just a little extension show some faith in him and you could tell during this game that mike zimmer was like secretly not happy that kirk sensors plans well mike zimmer just always like give me a reason to bitch you give me a reason i would love to bench you and kirk cousins just did his thing that he does and i'm sure who do they play next week i don't know i mean he looks like he's going to be on a two or three week role i think i looked at it awhile ago he has he has a big primetime game against the cowboys in a few weeks and that lines and then the
skins yeah so as long as you don't have to go on prime time he's going to win a couple more games and everyone is going to say kirk cousins and close ones in primetime no thursday night the tragedy but this vikings team is the rest of the roster is really be good in their defense really good and they have weapons and kirk cousins will do this when the pressure's off and no one expects it and then the minute they have to play a primetime game he will give an awful pump up speech he will get the entire team to black all confidence that they had leading up to it and then he will piss down his leg and fall flat on his face and we'll all be like damn i cannot believe we ever believed in kirk cousins kirk cousins is the king of saying shit that he shouldn't be smiling while he says well he's smiling so like in a post game press conference after he's just don't like more pics will be like you know i really gotta play better and he's got this big toothy grin as he says it 'cause he knows he's fucking nailing the quote that he supposed to say and he gets so excited about like saying the right thing as a quarterback he's very
aspirator route root for he's going to probably get his ass kicked by the lions but then the revenge against the redskins is going to be something to behold so probably throw for like six touchdowns against them and then was it primetime game maybe yeah i guess when the patriot i know they're playing the cowboys in a few weeks i think in prime oh yeah it will get his ass kicked in sometime yeah so he'll have a classic like for interception game that one too but yeah the greatest trick kirk cousins ever pulled on the world is allowing people to believe that he sucked 'cause sometimes he doesn't and then doug peterson this was a classic bad doug peterson game where you live with the good because the good can get you a super bowl and he's one of the most aggressive coaches in the nfl and then you live with the bad when he fakes punts and runs screens that he's running a few times in the game before and he goes for it on fourth down when he shouldn't but i actually have no problem with it like if doug peterson goes for it on fourth down every fourth down that's fine because at least you know it
expect and it's going to work half the time and then sometimes you get games like today where it really wasn't even his fault because their defense was so so bad but he didn't help them in any way by being a little aggressive in spots when it failed i also want to flag this real mike zimmer is having an all time red face coach season it's up there like tom coughlin mike shanahan levels at this point he wears those tactical glasses so he's got like very angular noticeable suntan on his face and like ninety percent of cases just beat red like you replace the windshield which is a giant magnifying glass in his car you just drive around getting sunburned all the time it's it's really a sight to behold the other thing i wanted to bring up here obviously the eagles secondary is not good they need a lot of help they want jalen ramsey right if you're the eagles would you trade a first round pick to get jalen ramsey but you also have to take nick
yeah i'd like to first round picks i guess and i think they want a full i'll lookers because one's playing well and none of this like he was good today and while he threw a budget he threw a few interceptions i think if you think it three interceptions but i still don't they do you where do you guys play is that by add it's kind of hard to blame anything on the quarterback as a quarterback has to press so much to try to keep you in it but yeah i do that just get nick foles 'cause carson wentz he hasn't made it through a full season so why not give it a shot but i would if i were the eagles i would trade for jalen ramsey just because he's the type of guy that can make everything better just by him
will lock down one guy and then now you don't have these guys getting picked on just i mean i think it was the second quarter when the vikings just like we're just going to pick on their secondary and they had plays that guys were wide open that digs was wide open i think he had two five thousand and fifty yard plus touchdowns which doesn't happen in the nfl all that often and it looked like a college game broke out so yeah i do it i would do it this is classic philadelphia sports fans because they're they're one city that when they get a link to a player they talk about that player is if he's already on the right like it phil philadelphia eagles fans right now we're talking more about jilin ramsey and the impact that he will have on their next game if he's our quarterback then the guys are still on the team right now right in if if they don't get him then they'll send like a bunch of hate mail to his house and call me now sold a scumbag because he'd given get traded to the eagles which she has no control over you can
put on us before you join you wanted championship you don't want to go down broad st come on bro we don't want you if you don't want if you have heart you have a heart that chest by play with the eagles and the cowboys losing which we will get to the cowboys in a minute the giants only one game out of of first place did you imagine to dimes times them to a playoff and then maybe getting hurt and having you i come in that's please god that's my that's my dream that is my dream to please god top two teams next nightmare two teams in the afc are in the fcs we were talking we were talking about the nfc though just a point yeah that was that was a classic do your pod shoe horn in there were talking bad they're talking about the giant the worst division so i figured it was as a little nugget to that conversation i would add what the best division was and it just happened to be the afc e but that was a coincidence ok that's
both have the word easton them yeah but so what if you i guess and and he leaves the giants to super bowl against the patriots are you worried about that that would be very concerned no doubt would trigger you you said that the uniforms triggered you thursday night are before we get a did it goes great pass with kevin like the all i see when i see those giants great passages kevin burns fat and yeah just running across my screen abu
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crisp and bud light ok next up the pope game if you did not bet on the saints on sunday you don't believe in a higher power which i actually don't believe in but i do believe in when i talked to gambling it's kind of hypocrisy of my own brain but the pope pope francis the pope but we did before the sunday sleep kicked off today we give thanks to the lord for our new saints they walk by faith and now we invoke intercession but he hashtags saints and the little logo for the saints popped up on twitter because that's how it works and then everyone in the world was like we have to bet the saints and the pope is officially wanna know in his mortal locks that he's given out on twitter
and more immortalized yes for the pope is what it should be yeah so if you would think that if the pope or god was a saints fan you probably would've told him like hey maybe don't draft reggie bush like something more material than just a tweet is it besides this i see no evidence of god rooting for the saints at any point over the entire history of their franchise besides like maybe the steve gleason punt in in the on site okay i'd be in the in the on site care and the onside kick okay so there there are a couple instances but but overall i don't know well if i recall my westboro baptist church sign i think god hates jags yes and if you love the saints then it would stand to reason that they were just going to wipe the floor today i did flip my pick at the last second you had said on i said on friday show that i was going to i was going against my own brain because i wasn't why on earth or the jaguars one and a half
it's because i didn't know yet that god was going to be rooting for the saints so there was a material change had to switch my pic at the last minute but yeah it was it was great to see the lord way thanks and we also are in this game menchu mania reached fevered pitch they gave out for thirty five thousand mustaches to the crowd in duval which i think is the whole stadium but then gardner means you proceeded to have his worst game as a starter and now i still believe in guard
governments you bought this now makes a little bit like is nick foles coming back sooner than later and we kind of were waiting for this rookie performance to happen where he didn't look like a seasoned vet he didn't look like the guy who's been having these come back wins and poised and i don't hold it against them i still think he's going to be in the league for a long time this is though right when doug moreau it's gonna be like okay this is right when we need to like try to hurry up and get nick foles back so there isn't a cut qb controversy because he had been playing so well and credit to the saints because a saints defense is for real and i think they don't get enough like love because it drew brees michael thomas and and i'll get camara and all that stuff but the scene stevens is for real and teddy bridgewater has now kept
i'm more than a float their for two he's for knows a starter to state no you're the fight no the full with the foreign to was there was not one again drew brees one again no you what are you what we want to get the taxes i'm wrong i'm wrong yeah yeah you you wanna game obviously drew brees coming back an obvious he's gonna be the quarterback but again time and time again is like paying a backup quarterback who can keep your season alive when you have a really good team around you is worth it and what we're saying on friday i think holds true the states have no pressure with drew brees gets hurt and it feels like all the pressure on this season has kind of evaporated and they can just go out there and be good and the defense has been great and teddy bridgewater has been good good great great like that's kind of the progression he's had he's but he's been adequate for a couple games and now he's
and to really get a rhythm and win them football games yeah real quick i know we don't talk a lot about college football on the show are on mondays but i do want to talk about ellis you'd stay in louisiana for saying we're gonna what i'm gonna get your college football we we i i wrote down the whole college football saying because we have to get up to a george and all that okay all right we can do that i so we'll we'll we'll talk about issue that actually is a good segue though because i wrote this down for for bengals ravens is with any dalton and baker mayfield and we'll get to all of our college football but is justin field the best quarterback in ohio that's a good question our our how about this we can get this debate started could ohio state beat the bangles if the bangles had to play every player at the bottom of the depth chart as the starters like the bangles worst players start
on both sides of the ball ohio state's best players start i think they could beat him that's great but we should start doing that because the bengals this score is deceiving an it was it end up being two thousand three hundred and seventeen the bengals stink ray even fans are getting very mad at me ravens fans sneaky our very annoying on twitter i'll say it they're very new keep poking out well every week you just hung kaminia like eight ravens fans pft unless you're using the word hold on use the apple better data ok so let me explain by i'd like lamar jackson i think lamar jackson is a good quarterback i think lamar jackson is a franchise quarterback that you can build around i like john harbaugh i think he is a very very good coach i do not think the ravens defense is good enough to compete in the afc at the top of the afc if you look at who
the ravens have played they have beaten some really bad teams and then they lost to the good teams they played in that in my mind i'm saying to myself the ravens are a decent team but to expect them to do anything special this year is absolutely crazy because every time they have to play a good team they don't look like the same team they don't look good and they beat the gulf dolphins week one game that was like the best thing that could ever happen in the ravens because people will be thinking about that game for the rest of the season but like man member when the ravens put up a fifty burger on the dolphins and lamar jackson looked incredible and since that moment they've played some bad teams and not kill them they didn't kill the cardinals they didn't kill the bengals they've got killed by the browns they barely beat the steelers so i'm sorry ravens fans we can keep fighting i just want i expect more
out of a very smart fan base to know when they don't yeah no i decided that no i did that you guys are very smart football fans so i'd expect you to have a lot more logic when it comes to the reality of your team's limitations as for dick i i think that the ravens are very good i would never use the very good week very good yeah i said the v world yes yeah you don't call a team you don't call a team of fraud do you have to go through stages at some point their bums and once they start being maliciously bombs they turn into frauds that we can't just like start throwing the f word out there for a playoff team because i don't think that there are fraudulent team i think here's the thing about lamar jackson i don't know what it is but i feel like every week he set some sort of record i'm told about like a new record that lamar
that's every sunday night okay here it is i'm looking at the schedule right now this is as easy as it can be ravens fans i will take off the f r tag i put on your team if you win one of the two next games you're going to at seattle and then you're playing at home against you if you win one of those games i will now take the ribbons for real and i will eliminate the fraud tag so those are personal prove it games for me you could prove it to me i'm just saying the f word is the worst word that you can use in a sports talk radio environment and you've been throwing it around willy nilly on a team that frankly does not service i also want to draw a little bit of attention here to the fact that aj green just decided that he'd rather not this year so he's just kind of doing a whole season of cebs where he's like hey i want to still get paid but i don't really want to play football
and if it were anywhere else would be like a huge deal but since it's cincinnati nobody really cares but it is smart on his part i just hope that a good team snatches 'em up eventually 'cause he's fun to watch when he's healthy say something nice about the bengals auden tate is is good so you have something there but ravens were we we have everything we just put everything on the table we we see eye to eye here you have two games coming up that you can personally prove it to me 'cause i know you want my love and i will give you my love if you win one of those two games i do is win one all you gotta do is one i don't care how you win it you could win it ugly you can win it with a fluke you could win it with the ref fucking up i don't care you beat the seahawks in seattle or you beat the patriots at home and you are officially a contender in my eyes in the afc you get the official big cats
provide do we want to do a done change this week i yeah the chargers charges are done their duty i've done a lot and done i didn't tell him last week they're done they're officially done and that's not listen our guide doc is awesome he's awesome he they were there also meaning into it they did the duck tales song coming out of break it was awesome i think al michaels said duck seven billion times tonight but you know what it's a fun word i heard seven billion more because i love deviled hodges he is and again this is obviously because he listens to the show and that's the fastest way to our hearts and devon when you hear this part make sure that you tweet us again but doc fox and almost i just was i just laid out for the ravens i said this you pft a few weeks ago i think the steelers so then when the afc north i don't think so i don't think that's happening i think that that doc is great
and i want to see more of duck and i want him to be successful and duct i know that you're listening this right now i just want to say sup don't let big cat make you think that he's a bigger duck guy than i am 'cause i'm also big fan i just wanted to say that out loud i think hank's a bit of a hater but that's fine will address that internally behind closed doors you hate everybody that we like him this is all yours have in any way shape or form the steelers have three home games coming up dolphins win colts they'll probably be favored after they beat the dolphins rams to look like a mess right now you're telling me you be shocked if the steelers five and four going into a game against the browns a sunday night game against the browns in mid november i mean and then they and then they fit and then they finish the season they have are the bangles in the car the cardinals and the jets down the stretch i'm just saying this is enough high
around the mar jackson enough hype around the browns and the in the steelers losing their first and second string quarterback will just go and fuck around and when this whole thing how crazy would it be the stands started to do like i had steelers home games do the mighty ducks the quack the ducks fly together quack all in unison that be amazing just something working on duck fuck t shirts over here pft how many how many t shirts of yuma for this guy one in my brain and it's duck and cover when you're betting on them don't have too easy money line winner tonight duck season rabbit season doc box let's just sell that duck dynasty people where the fuck on their shirt for sure i'm going to fine
i'm going to find that line i'm going to bet the steelers to win the afc ni bet you it's nice right now i should have done it last i should have done it before they just kick the shit out of the chargers who are done they're done they're done the charges are done i'm sorry anthony lynn tonight kicked a field goal to go from a three score game two or three score game when they were down twenty four nothing once a coach does that which is actually ironic because mike tomlin started the season with that move and i'm now saying the steelers are back but once a coach does that i'm done with them i just think i talked myself into a fucking's corner right there fuck no it was smart though like nobody remembers week one that was like three years ago but when if you're going to put the gun chain on them i'm going to put the done chain on the box that are my done changed teams week boxer done
production on team that still overseas they probably can't even get back and it's probably like an interpol fly yeah no fly list okay so we're not gonna put the dungeon on this team bought some people probably are in the national media it was the forty niners the rams the rams have lost three straight now the rams were in thirteen on third and fourth down on sunday that's incredible there were over four on fourth down for nine on third down i i'm not going to actually spend this time and talk about how the rams were terrible in the rams are in trouble and sean mcvay is now got like the biggest test of his coaching you know career i'm instead going to use this time to say i believe in the forty niners now i apologize the forty niners i picked against him almost every single week their defense is very very good and george kittles
the best tight end in the nfl and i apologize again and again i love because she had a hand so the forty niners you you get the seal of approval they are very very good i agree i would i was waiting to see this was my are we sure they're good game for this week was the to see if the forty niners could do it without you check and i think that you check is a system full back or at least you here's me one 'cause they were able to run the ball pretty well without adam you're right george kittle is awesome jimmy g is a quarterback and cheyenne continue to do the thing where you just have no idea which running back he's going to give the goal line carries too and just frustrates everybody yes and speaking of which what did george kittle just he's been talking shit 'cause he knew that i picked against them oh he he sent me a video of the all twenty two where he just dabbed at the end when they kneel good that is already that's awesome that's awesome
that's a great of are you taking yeah i mean i i i i always am nervous about the team because remember the last year the forty niners were the team that everyone is picking to be the breakout team and then obviously jimmy g got hurt and they had a disastrous year and i'm always nervous about that team that has that everyone's picking the forty niners look at them so i think i had that still in my brain but their defense is so damn good and shut out their defensive coordinator who i mean he he was the most amped up guy i've ever seen when they stop them on fourth and goal he he's a nominee for football guy the week but yeah they were the i forty niners free on the rams they play are the falcons in the bangles back so the least win the next two games and everybody who are the ramps fixed but i think i think that's i think the rooms are in that's weird spot where they pushed all the chips in in their rosters thinner than
i mean they realize it but thinner than a lot of people realize it so soon as you get a couple injuries it's it all kind of falls apart pretty quickly yeah i'm curious to see after this game which la ram rich germans gonna going to lie about encountering on the field somewhere seems it seems like richard sherman is of got called out for being a liar last week and i haven't heard any i haven't heard him be cocky after this game yet so i want him to get caught in a lie in the middle of the week just to give some to talk about him like a tuesday morning so i don't know maybe say maybe say like todd gurley spat on you at the captain's handshake and then we'll go
watch a video vehicle yet talk really didn't play today so just do something and do me a favor rigid terms give you some content to work yeah hey say something about blake bortles so we can personally get offended and then spend all week fighting with you online yeah they'll be great for us just we're bored on tuesday that's affirmative action back this week no november hi socks i know it's awful i'm all right falcons cardinals the falcons defense is so bad man i watch this entire game and shout the nfl schedule for actually having a balanced schedule this week so that you could watch every single game there are many times where they would show the like up a pass catcher get the ball from summary and there wasn't a single defender in the screen and edit that is the sign of a college football defense where you just we called college football plays
where it looks like there just isn't a secondary out there that's with the defense for the falcons looks like they would just have moments where there wasn't a guy within thirty yards of david johnson or kyler murray and colin murray was awesome and the falcons a quick update for you pft arthur blank member last week we said he had optimism or no he had full confidence in dan quinn which means dan quinn's about to get fired before the game today he said he wants to see progress over the next three weeks before week nine bye or change could come safe to say today was not progress that's not good so yeah that i mean that's basically saying your far yes if you know if you don't publicly says that it's a tough look for dick when you're right the the defense is that they were wrong coverage is that they were running they were not only letting guys just wide open without a player within twenty r but the guys who are letting wide open it was like david johnson it's like you should probably put 1a linebacker it
is anybody somewhere within twenty five yards of david johnson and then they were having a lot of just like cross the field passes from colin murray which get our college passes those type of plays are drawn up to look like college on offense not really expecting it to look like college on defense but i gotta i gotta give credit to the atlanta falcons you can never count them out in terms of they are incredibly innovative figuring out ways to come back and lose games and most heartbreaking way possible yes the mix
mr extra point when they come all the way back in the second half was so so it lana it landed sports this entire week just heartbreaking and the falcons blow it up it's too it's just it get him all out of my face it's like the clippers when i when blake griffin read that tree back to us the blue the blake griffin chris paul deandre jordan clippers like enough is enough we seen enough blow the whole thing up fired in
quinn never talk about another man's job fired and quinn and start over i don't know matt ryan how old is he keep matt ryan put everything else just bring it down to the bolts and just build it back up now you got to you got to bulldoze the entire operation because like you have if you have a ghost in the house or something like that you get rid of every single thing you burn you chip up the foundation you shipped overseas into a dump somewhere in albania you don't let any part of this team still exists matt ryan he's got his his just brain was broken yes he's part of it like a nice to tell the quarterback but he's part of the atlanta falcons
their descent into madness and he might be the the shiniest turd in the punch bowl i'm mixing up like nine different metaphors he's he's the most polished turd in the portapotty there you go but you still gotta flusher boom make joy body go ahead set what you know what you want to say well i know i don't know go ahead say it say that the patriots and all the falcons yeah i mean that's old news where i mean the more recent one might be what perhaps oh youth oh god damn it all right they're running a should elect exploded off all right oh i'm going to go i forgot going from a game that had a ton of sixty seven points in color murray running around and being awesome titans broncos the wait real quick i would i would like to point out to hank that you can in fact flusher porter potty and certain more luxurious models of them it's just going
are you that you've you've got four people port of call you to get to the larger one one like you if you ever go to a reportable yet if you ever go to a wedding and the rents the big like these busy a trailer it's a whole bathroom has been peeing and bottom of the barrel portapotties well rose and jimmy gross okay so from a game that had sixty seven points to a game that had more points than points more points than points in the titans broncos at seventeen months sixteen point swear to god seventeen seventeen part sixteen points
where is that is that you yes yeah somebody's cooking dinner and so cook dinner yeah yeah dinner yeah what yes i was cooking dinner yeah the yeah the cooking your cooking matt yeah and that's what that noise is a smoke detector okay we fix the fire alarm if he just put out the fire thank you pnc for your service it was all the hard fact you guys insulin meter yeah let's talk let's talk about a huh the titans and the broncos as i said more points than points and this is the other end of the two thousand fifteen dr class marcus mariota it's a wrap it's a wrap it's over you forget about true
simeon bro trevor simeon still kicking but yeah i think this actually means this is good for jameis winston right because he officially outlasted marcus mariota he might get bitched next week but he he beat him by at least slash two in the long run so good friend yes so i don't even know what the titans are going to do now because it's ryan tannehill and then we're going to do the whole is ryan tan over guy no but maybe and then he'll get hurt right when he plays well the titans i don't even want to talk about the titans anymore 'cause it kinda bummed me out there just kind of a bummer of a team and i love mike grable but the titans as a whole or just a bummer like they don't do anything they can't run they can't pass they can't pass protect they play a little bit of defense and they bum you out so instead let me ask this pft the broncos are playing
the chiefs at mile high on thursday if the broncos win that game just john elway say to himself we're all and we're probably going to go back to the super bowl i think he definitely convinced himself that they're going to ride joe flacco yeah i think i think he convinces himself that he's put together a super bowl winning caliber roster at that point because he'll give the speech queries like if you can beat these guys you can beat any boys we just got done beating the best team in the nfl is will say about the chiefs if they win that game i'm and for it i i do want to talk a little bit about the titans because actually both of these teams the titans and the broncos these two offenses bring up my favorite nfl word that's endemic you never hear the word anemic and less you're talking about a football team that scores zero to sixteen point two game and that is these two teams to a t i think it actually means that you're like i
deficient you don't have enough iron in your blood or something like that but it's the only big word that most football guys know they are both bumpers to watch but i think the broncos defense is not it's not great but it's pretty good and they finally realize that maybe they are very talented running back from last year is still talented yes yeah so i would say that the broncos have the ability to maybe be with vic fangio maybe be a better than good so borderline great defense and they have like a bunch of those guys where we do thing where as long as von miller's there you're going to say well that's the super bowl defense even though pretty much everyone else is different but that's fine because that's what we do is fans and we do is dumb football fans but yeah the just looking at the offensive stats in this game it was a train wreck is a train wreck
the variety hills qbr was seven point nine marcus mariota's was nine point nine neither of them broke ten how is that possible it's it's bought it like bombs you out and i love bad football but there's something you can laugh a bad football in college because i don't know there's just a lot of different variables and there's something beautiful about bad football on early saturday morning bad football truly bad football on a sunday feels like they're stealing from us 'cause we only have so many games and there's only only there's only this little time window that you have and whenever they tried out a team like this the titans it is comes you out and it robbed you of fun and i hate that when that happens when you're trying to watch football they rob fun they steal fun from people were getting cheated for sure and brave
it looks so mad at his own team he looks like he's a kind of guy that he's used to being around your winning championships and he's he's been around solid teams for most of his career when he's around a team that is like losing and fill losers he's he might just leave and go to the store for cigarettes and never come back you want talk about a coach that looks like they're disappointed like bruce ariens looks disappointed jameis winston mike for able just looks disappointing at his entire roster every single week after these boring ass but games there but games your butt cheeks the nice the nicest thing you can say about ryan tannehill is that is not marcus mariota that is the best scouting report like strengths is not marcus and the nice thing you can say about marcus mariota is he's not ryan tannehill this spiderman mean is it it is exactly it's butt cheeks football that's what the titans do it just
butt cheeks and guess what i actually drink but i think mike variables so mad at his team he might caught fistic and throw it at him and be like this a completed pass marcus and like throw his dick until louhans ear or something and just like a perfect yeah and just be like hey this is how you fucking play football you idiots 'cause you guys are butt cheeks i actually think that the is a reality out there an alternate reality where the tennessee titans could go undefeated and the only way it could happen is if mike variable switches up his starting quarterbacks and pics correctly every single week because you know once in a while you're going to get a good markets mariota game that gets very confusing and he looks like a soup store every now and again you'll get right down the hill that put together for a couple games in a row if he picked perfectly every single week the titans could in theory go sixteen or no but the reality is you're never going to be able to do this mathematically impossible
but i don't know what it is they got it they got to go back to the drawing board at the quarterback position defense is still pretty good though so i guess that's nice yeah i actually would be pumped if jamis went to national lab next year and we did what you just said but with jay mrs well because he would be another one where like maybe even thrown fits patrick let the titans have an extended roster of four quarterbacks and mike free will has to pick one of those for for every single week and just hope that it's the hot hand yeah that it would be amazing if you get so many weeks in a row you could get it right yes ok last up the cowboys and the jets i remember a time when kellen moore was the hottest offensive coordinator in the league when the cowboys were surefire super bowl contenders
they were going to run away with the nfc e when dac prescott was going to make forty million dollars a year i remember that time because it was three weeks ago and now they're fucking stink and they just lost their third straight game to sam darnold and the jets who sam darnold credit to him looked pretty damn good in his comeback from mono butt hole please shit the cowboys are they were basically a shoe in for the playoffs three weeks ago and now we're sitting here saying what the fuck is that on jerry jones birthday no less yeah that was stuff it was an old action spleen off between sam darnold then he had jason witten who is probably most notable for losing his helmet that one time and wrecking his spleen before he got in the booth is a robot but i think that the problem the cowboys deal with right now is there's no face of the franchise for the cowboys use the face of the french is right outbreak at jerry jones
which face the gets a change like once every three weeks did you see by the way the i put that clip on twitter but it was the high fives when they scored the touchdown to get within a touchdown the high five slash pounds that we're going on in jerry jones box and i don't know who i have been jerry jones daughters wife was just didn't know whether to high five or pounds so she just started slapping all the pounds and it made me realize that what do you think the completion percentage of high fives are in nfl owner box thirty three percent it's gonna be and that's it yeah it's going to be the low the only way slower is like a maybe a country club golf tournament on the eighteenth hole yeah yeah i like it well from all the p events i've seen the 18th hole just like the hi five that happens between a player in their caddy that only had said maybe ten percent
and when it does it's never a clean hit i actually think that might be worse and it's it's definitely worth considering those would be professional athletes you expect nfl owners if you make if you a there i expect that you also suck at high fives in less you're paid millions of dollars to be an athlete right in which case you're probably really really intimidating lee good at them but know that that's a good question also it was a cowboys in new jersey today why the did didn't we get a shot of christy hanging out with jerry jones up there i know he was there i know just crushing the strip yes that's where he was when the high fives happened he was down currently using a shrimp plant he's pilant peel and eat yeah he's like oh cowboys have the ball no one leaves their seat when the cowboys have the ball i can go get all the food chris christie just shoving shrimp into his tight softball pants so they can steal some for his walk back on
call chris christie's definitely if you've ever sat in the boxer sweet they have that ice cream cart slash cookie slash candy cart that comes around like in the late third quarter or maybe like the six hundred or seventh inning chris crisci christy definitely stands in the hallway waiting for it to come and he's like oh have fifty to see you here again and they pay me lady in in in your schmooze is up the lady and tries to get as many rice crispy treats into is fat pants as he can and and that's where he was when the high fives are being missed and jerry jones is box christy is definitely accidentally sat on a desert that he had smuggled in his pants at this point in his life so he's definitely he gets in the car every single august he's like god damn it chocolate again and it just it just it looks like he pooped his pants 'cause he smuggled so many hershey kisses in the back of his pockets i'm a little bit well
on the fact that as you alluded to kill more was the next hot name he was going to take you out carriage job or he was going to get a head coaching position somewhere this offseason do you think what are the what's the percentage that you think it could be possible that they're just like kind of over from choosing from from garrett's perspective that he's like taking some responsibility away from killing or because he's jealous of all the attention that he's gotten none i think cal more just we they beat a bunch of shitty teams and everyone got way ahead of themselves hey much like notre dame or texas or miami the cowboys are one of those teams that if they even a little bit of success
the media loses their mind and goes crazy and says the cowboys are back because they just want to write a story about a team like the cowboys so i i just think there they were vastly overrated and they'll get it figured out and they'll be around later in the season but men three losses in a row and one of them to the jets to get their first win that's tough now i so sam donald i made this comment around jets fans in it it hurt them to their core but i think it's probably what's going to happen the jets are going to win just enough games with sam colonel this year where if he didn't get mono they would have made the playoffs and he's going to be just and then he's going to be good enough that in the office is in everyone says sam darnold dark horse mvp and then he gets hurt next year or takes a step back and then we do it all over again that's the same garner that's the history of what sam darnold is going to have going for
word here spends on that though if you're a jets fan saying we would have made the playoffs if our quarterback didn't get mono is like that's your super bowl that's as good as it's been for your franchise for the last like seven eight years and i think having that little glimmer hope you could you could also say like we probably would have been contenders for the super bowl 'cause we're getting hot at the right time you get to talk about that all offseason so it's still like kind of won the super bowl in your own weird brains but yeah i don't i don't think that would hurt them that much 'cause it's kind of fun to say right right but it's just i feel so bad for jets fans 'cause they're going to win six or seven games and then they'll do the math in their head and say ooh if sam darnold didn't get mono we could have maybe mid ben in the playoffs did you notice this during this game they kept showing greg williams and greg williams so fired up that it seemed like it was some sort of a personal revenge game for him like he was a big part of the story and i
no idea like why greg williams he's the cowboys so much we look like you want to kill everybody but that's just greg williams he actually was great after his defense made a big play he grabbed the guy and reflexively just greg williams just choked up but he was not to congratulating him he was just choking him that's how he says i love you yes alright that's all the games let's do our who's back to let's talk a little college a little baseball in a monday reading before we get to who's back a quick word our friend the indo chino indo chino was found on the belief the you don't need to spend a fortune on a custom wardrobe and guess what we've been using in don't you know he's got into it you know i've gotten a couple suits for mendocino they are awesome and they're affordable and that's what indo she does about indo chino is the world's largest made to measure men's wear brand they make suits shirts coats and more and everything is made to your exact measurements for
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i don't know if you guys saw him i'm sure you were trying to log on today and you realize that the entire they put the entire map into a black hole people are freaking out all over the world does that mean kids can play fortnite so there's like a lot of videos of kids like freaking out punching tv's i don't know if it's like a update or whatever i'm saying this now assuming that by the time you're listening this four night is back but there's a chance that it could just be gone forever who like the server
black over you you going online and think you can't the the world are like them the the math is just in stock in a black hole holy okay also that's tough so the who took it offline do we know now who put in the black hole who knows four night pick four night jam i saw the lan must tweeted that he bought for night and just destroyed it just shut it down as a joke and then james harrison fell fort on instagram james harrison actually believes that the lan must destroyed four nine he's very happy about that so as children can spend more time not playing for night and instead just being very intimidated the father yet taking as as like taylor said he can have these children go take other peoples other children souls my other who's back is zion williamson no it's not fully basketball season you guys are so in football whatever playoff baseball talk basketball last three preseason games
twenty seven points in eighty one minutes and twenty nine for thirty six field goals shooting eighty percent in preseason doesn't matter though it's still eighty percent is eighty percent was shooting three i don't know he's mister a couple he's only six foot six so i don't know not great eighty percent is is pretty damn good outside would but you may you missed the part he's six foot six he's not as tall as they thought he was by the way breaking news breaking moose delete it pigs are very very talented artist to work for partial who's really really every time you see a cover art it's him he dropped a duck shirt oo fire that sick it's fire it's fire so we might have duck shirts where does it say duck
love it yeah say no more it's a duck his perfect in a it's a steelers uniform a duck in a black and gold uniform throwing a football and it says duck that breaking news brought to you by talking real cover that is real good saying the partial sports store where you can go by the doctor yes we are going to put the structure on sale it's sick duck fox yes duck fox what else you got hit does that those are my two does it okay when i went above and beyond i thought yeah you did you want to i was great a great job pft what do you have for who's back of the week my first his back is rat tails because i don't know if you saw devin bush but he has an insane rat tail is been too long for the rat tail
back to mow it had a nice run but the rat tail is a mullet for people whose bosses have mall it's it is it is the working man's malik eyes good to see it making a come back to the national forefront again he had a thick one like a rope can i i don't i think that is technically a rat tail but it did it come from the bottom of his to give the bottom yeah alright alright then it was rats definitely right so like at some point i do end up cutting my hair and we need to i'm still waiting to hear back from danny woodhead about who the new players that i'll do the haircut for but when i do eventually cut their i've decided i'm going to do it in stages were like or we could have a mullet now i've added in a rat tail stage so i'm going to have like at least four or five days wherever rat tail that goes down to the small my back
it is nice for devin bush to help the rat tail community 'cause i feel like rat tail kids everyone knew a rat tail kid and they always were like the birkenstocks and socks kid the kid who maybe played magic the gathering and the kid who maybe didn't have the best hygiene he was the rat smell like shit yeah he was the rat tail kid and everyone was like god is are you really is that really what you're going to do and he's like would that's like that's my hairstyle my mom my mom said i could wear it is like ok man but it's really stopping you from having any type of friends whatsoever but he was the rat tail kit for me in my school the rattail kid was more of like the first person to get their ears purse here's the first do that had like a diamond stud horse thing in their last year that was the guy that was rocking arrest sales so use coworkers sorry a sunni was cool yeah yeah in my school he was he was cool one like
elementary slash early middle school and then the rat tail kid fell hard and fell fast here from that point moving forward i would do you know what how much how much money do you think the most successful person is has they had a rattail for at least a year when they were you don't know what i'm talking about do you think there is a billionaire who rocked a rat tail i'd say no silicon valley yeah maybe yeah absolutely had a rat tail node also say that steve balmer might have had a rat tail yeah that's what i love the nerds really near here on the act was definitely what rat tail candidate g okay then let me ask this way
what is the so devin bush has a rat tail right now but he probably didn't have one as a kid do you think how many professional athletes had a rat tail for at least a year as a check i think like sixty percent of the nhl had a rat taylor simple no they just had sick flow dude there's a big difference that tail is like you could have flow in and stay order me no but listen flow is cool rat it was like you could have flow but instead you decide to have no friends and be the stinky kid who plays magic the gathering i think that there's a lot of a lot of hockey players had rat tails between the age of like i'm talking seven and ten so before it was really they can't be able responsible for those decisions that you make at that age that
parents but i think like sixty percent of the hl and i would say that th forty five to fifty percent of major league baseball bull pens have wrapped in rat tail kit is the kid who cries and demands to call home home first night of overnight camp phil rivers probably had a rat tail as a youth i would be shocked if he didn't i could see that i can see your phil rivers being a rat tail kid alright what's your other who's back my other who's back is washington dc sports so the washington mistakes one a what a championship wbkb chip with elena delle donne great player don't know why she got away from wherever she was before but it's just great to see the district champions reigning supreme yet again that it too is back in a big way too low and we're headed back to dc
you know what i might i might buy a broom on my way back to new york tomorrow and just bring a bunch of brooms i think it's broom time sport everyone's talking sweeping the district so dc sports is back and the redskins won a football game you're so i guess the team so that's good you're such a big mystics van you waited four days to mention the fact that they won the w a n b a championship well we i tweet about on thursday well we we could you i was ready to talk but on the show weren't you hank and you said you said no one gives a about wnba i was like i was not told me about it is shaping the show that before the game i remember it i was yeah i felt i use it guy season ticket holder i i love wnba and you go no one gives a fuck about the wnba bro i've never said that some of my best parents or female i like female
who shot when he said it but that's fine it sounds like you've had an awakening going to vancouver and realize that wm band and she did it on a messed up actually got all these herniated disks and stuff i'm just saying like great great basketball players a pleasure however glad that she's finally in the city that loves well she had to go help her sister who has medical issues which you didn't know because you're not a big mess i listen don't try to men splaine women's basketball to me are okay my whose back is baby back pitches so i our producers are young producers liam and hank went to rolling allow this weekend i don't know what that is basically like wood modern day would stock but for wrapped in in new
ok cool so how was it hank it was great i mean like i said there was a lot of people there travis scott shattered his acl and perform the whole concert on one leg no way so did you meet re spurs run ask did you meet the famous requirement you meeting famous people there was one point where i was and and in the bathroom area there was like no one around and near these porta potties and i turned around and kevin durant friend of the show was easy standing right there and is a group of people around me are you should go talk to him so it up like cd and get him on the show and i just you know my i got a little hard for arrows nervous like i don't want to bother in blue bloods and then and then he got in a golf cart and drove away and we never got to catch up and immediately after i regret it was like that is huge move was you by producing by main mistake i'm sorry and kevin i'm sorry 'cause we were like probably like staring at me like what the fuck these people stay or not so you could have booked it was
was he by himself record if you have a group around it was he's basically binds up you say like one other guy there like waiting for a ride i think though they're waiting for a podcast producer inviting yeah they were they were that the the opportunity was there wasn't like i i in my head over i don't bother but i don't think i really would bother him if i was to get what i've come there and come on show yeah come on hey you got it in every new yorker's life it just at some point becomes a series of moments of getting waited to be invited on different podcasts i did book the right from day so he's in right now oh you did yeah he did his name is gregory on the show greg so well ok so the reason why the triple b is back i then shot a dmt idiot i said hey my producers saw you at rolling loud anne was a complete coward and didn't come up to you and talk to you and katie responded he's a baby back bitch so credit to pay d for being in on that joke and hank you now baby back bitch
i i mean i can't say i can't say i'm not and i thought oh no i'm sure i'll run into him later i'll talk to him then obviously never ran it come on hank hankins dm after the fact because he responds to just about everybody is dms on instagram but did you hit him with like the move where a loser goes home from a bar and he text his friend who's a girl like i really really wanted to kiss you at the board and you feel the same way misconnections hank maybe we did like hey i saw this hot guy at rolling loud anyone know who he is i want i wanted to get him on my podcast i didn't i showed them kind of me doing that you should you should do that tomorrow as verbal gm yeah all right let's talk some college football she would do that to do some college football i have a sneaky question promo code take put in promo code take you get ten dollars off seeking purchase my c key question is pft what were you going to say about lsu earlier when we saved it for the college football talk i've got kind of a
game scenario that might play out and it's it's a nightmare scenario for you but it is the chaos scenario that could happen to college football so try to follow along here okay lsu loses against alabama right now say that this happened no why well i don't want it to happen either but i'm saying if that happens alabama plays against probably i don't know wait what george wait with a plus tom out time out your dream scenario is alice you losing to alabama no it's it's the it's the chaos in their i should rename it i'm re branding it right now is the chaos nerio ellis you lose against alabama so i was you doesn't play in the sec championship game wisconsin loses against ohio state but then wisconsin beats ohio state in the big ten championship game
ellis you doesn't play in the sec championship game and ellis you gets into the final four in wisconsin does too no in wisconsin doesn't i guess i should say wisconsin beats ohio state and then loses to them in the big ten championship game well ellis you is not playing that weekend and then the ellis you get to the final four and wisconsin gets left out that is the the i cc chaos nerio that i'm kind of a little bit routing i think you need to to maybe do a little more digging on this because i'm i don't quite follow it and i also don't know how this is a dream chaos there it wouldn't be a dream chaos scenario like pulled wisconsin and ellis you getting in and then having my heart ripped out maybe twice i don't want you to see the i want to see you lose that badly why i want to do you close enough what is your heart what are you talking about that's the biggest lie i've ever heard
you love what i live no i i like to see you lose but i don't like to see you like utterly devastated as much as as you might think hey are you listening this is a live lives in line complete line of collected biggest this way up in this would be kept i enjoyed seeing you lose the bears lose against the eagles but i think i would actually hate seeing the bears lose a super bowl what that would do to you know you does these allies right but that's why you like big tension jobs just right right enough on the toss words like all right let's sorry what was khan's real quick because i am fully fully ready to get my heart ripped out i am air awesome they so good they just kill team yeah they fucking kill teams they just it's i've already i've already convinced myself pft that we have a two game series against ohio state so go to columbus gay your recon in maybe lose
i came to learn a lot and then beat him in him and they go to the college football playoff that's what that's what i'm already convinced myself that's what's going to happen they should do it on aggregate like they do in the champions league yes yeah but that's that's convince myself so lsu that was an electric atmosphere cover coach saying our death valley where opponents dreams come to die in coach fashion the whole fight was awesome i wish we had been there last year to see at least one touchdown 'cause it seems like scoring touchdowns makes a lot of fun and then the other big news from from the college football saturday was georgia just absolutely
they clubs in themselves old school clemsoning there still in it because they could still if they run the table and they beat alabama in the sec championship game i think they have florida i think they have auburn so they still have a chance but holy shit that one came out of nowhere and it's the trickle down too because now notre dame that close loss know all one hundred name alarms have been telling everyone about that doesn't look as good and that's why i love college football it basically week to week you can go from being like oh this close los was sick it's on our resume and then south carolina goes in there in that wet dog will share beats kirby smart you know trying to lose to yeah they were run regal let him down the road regal let him down and yeah i love college football must ship recette all time records for being just a damp boy yes in that in liquid after the game when he was celebrating he just looked like some dude that had walked out of a russian bathhouse after sitting in the sun for like six hours
he's just soggy his bangs will must champ's bangs when he starts sweating too much which is really all the time it's unlike any thing else that you'll ever see in nature like the different shapes that his hair takes on doesn't look it's very very bizarre but congrats to him 'cause i guess he's going to have sex with his wife this weekend yeah after saying that she didn't like to hang around with losers i like getting one good will muschamp in every year because you need because you need am the sec you need amount of big time college football program to like five hundred and six hundred every single year still have a contract for life and then beat one team that they have absolutely no business beating so it was good to see that happen this weekend ok so the other two things for college football cd lamb is awesome he was incredible he's been awesome for awhile but he and jerry zhu
we are going to be top ten picks and that's going to be whoever gets either of those guys is going to have a wide receiver like the next crop of wide receivers this draft is going to be awesome for and then i had a stat line for you real quick pft ruckers football johnny langan quarterback for rutgers can you guess his stat line and i will tell you how many attempts he had he had thirteen attempts thirteen attempts seventy yards johnny langan for rutgers was fifty four thousand one hundred and thirty touchdowns zero interceptions one yard my god well that's because in college the cow yes sacks against the passing your five for thirteen for one yard that is
and just seeing the addresses it think it's safe to say that none zero campanelli our eyes not going so well as they got smart by india he needs to get his guys in this we can you know zero was concerned he was looking ahead to the columbus day parade yes he had big plans for that so you can excuse for overlooking this camp today's episode part my take is brought to you by movember movember is a leading charity dedicated to changing the face of men's health around the world you may be like a p f t is kind of ironic your face bald why are you talking to me about move ever well i've got a playoff you're going in right now and when i shave it all into my mustache by the end of the month to celebrate a world series championship on
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well part of great god did i did not like i got chills straight down my spine when he said this on saturday night and hearing how fucking loud that stadium was it was great it was such an amazing place like my big regret is we never got to hear the band play neck live when we were down there so i don't know if you saw this but darius guys tweet it out that he would cover the fine if they played neck which is i love the fact said lsu is not allowed to play neck but they're like you can play it if you pay us money that's the louisiana thing of all time yeah break the law just grease the palms a little bit yes dick buckius at a statue in illinois over the weekend and he gave a speech and it was i watch this speech he was so matter of fact he said shit i had fun knocking the shit out of people and it was just you could see
the sparkle in his eye talking about just kicking the shit out of other people on the football field and how much he missed it yeah i think we as a society don't talk enough about the fact that dick buckius his name is dick butt kiss is all around thirteen out of ten very good name we need to we need to make sure that we appreciate and we still yep and then last time we had patriots cornerback jojo jo john joe one joe on williams he spends two nights a week watching youth football practices and another at a high schools game because that's just who i am and i love to be around football that's normal yeah totally normal stuff just go to high school game right right up in the front row just look at the you know what you'll see at a high school game is kids without long hair and and no tattoos true a lot of good pure stuff that they love to see is a fat true all right those are football guys the week everyone tweet us or vote for the award will try
get the guy on whoever wins we owe everyone the lsu strength coach we were backed up on interviews will get that for next week maybe if coach o wins we can do it too yeah maybe don't pander don't rig don't rig it now i just say yeah but vote for code show 'cause will get coach on for everyone and we're just i also like to clarify it at this point i should say that i'm not rooting for less you lose against alabama's sounds like this well i would never say that does your like dick i like chaos in college football i use it because i had a dream doesn't mean i enjoy the dream that was like when dwight says his dream in his dream is to work as a bell hop at a hotel like your dream is to watch but it's a little different i don't want that that's no it's my nightmare is my nightmare is to that i think you are very different this episode of pardon my take is brought to you by policygenius
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by minutes you can do the whole thing on your phone right now what you waiting for policy genius go to policy genius dot com it's the easy way to compare and buy life insurance all right i'll before we do our monday reading let's talk a little baseball there's been a lot of baseball the nats i have to admit pft as much as i hate the cardinals you got are making it too easy like i want the the cardinals no ones even going do the cardinals games there was like twenty dollars to get in i want you guys to imagine pain this is two yeah it's too quick the no hitters every single game i mean this is give me something let them let them have some hope and then snatch it from one
what i need for out of the nets well i mean were utterly emasculate in the entire city saint louis by the way that we're just suffocating the team i would say it's almost worse to just get just get your heart ripped out in a very very slow manner like this is so fuel and dc is like you know they are very excited about the nationals right now st louis is just you know you know it's a product of them having too much success i think they just kind of expect the cardinals to make the world series every year and they're not used to see a hot shot up and coming team like this so i'm sorry that we're not we're not doing enough to like break their hearts in you know late it late inning theatrics in her roque's but would it be better to sweep the saint louis cardinals i did appreciate when adam wainwright had a very good outing and was completely by max scherzer that i appreciated so so i'll say that that was very
have you guys okay i think you're also underestimating the just the overall hilariousness of people grown men carrying brooms around places so if there's a sweep i really love seeing like people trying to get at the ballparks and not being allowed in because the brooms are considered weapons now you get all those pictures of like trash cans right outside the stadium they're just filled with brooms that people brought from their own house yes yes oh i totally forgot to say something that i need to at least mention pft did you see in the jets game the jets cowboys game they had trees tracy wolfson where the flak jacket that sam darnold was wearing and it was fucking awesome and i guarantee you big ben is going to get re injured at some point because he is so jealous the fact that that sam darnold
all this pub about his spleen and the fact that he might die on the football field yeah i mean if you want to get into a dangerous situation you just get big been dead set on the contracting mono hell or high water and then nobody is safe at that point yeah i did see that i didn't see the flak jacket looked awesome anytime that you can put on any sort of tactical where are gear i think that you always look cool or do it yes and then obviously the other series were watching the eleventh inning right now i have a pinstripes update i've given to john carlo and then i got benched the next day but i gave them to me after game one what do you all not hurt i yeah i'm taking away is pinstripes boom done taking away for getting yeah he got injured so that pinstripes taken labor has his erin judge i might give her judgment strips i don't
i just had that when this game yes your initial official predictions for this game right now two two top eleven two eight states one in the morning i i will let me i think we where i can tell you what happens before it happens uh i think the yankees win as well i'll say that for two hundred and forty two that sounds right ok so congrats only yankees they're up two oh no one thought it would happen and if this turns out to be wrong makes keep it in the podcast because it's very very funny also it's a it's a how to read aaron judge picture sees yeah so yeah right the pinstripes honor judge really make that you know foot height difference pop right okay let's
finish the show with the monday reading by the way we have bill burr on wednesday that's going to be a lot of fun with bill burr on wednesday he came in last week what's going on here why was in that strike three oh my god ok so monday reading pfd i'm excited for this one ready my my husband wants to start a restaurant for magicians and it is tearing our family apart i've been with my partner for each here's we have a four year old son in a two year old daughter our relationship has been a little rocky partly due to his highly demanding job in the restaurant industry but we love each other deeply and it always will he has been the head chef of a relatively successful restaurant for three years now and is the only source of income for our family since i left my job in the charity sector to look after children so we got the stage set there for the past four so months he's been floating the idea of starting a restaurant for magicians with
increasing seriousness and dedication it is not obvious what this entails so i thought to it plane he envisions a restaurant which unbeknownst to the general public is littered with magical props levitating tables bending cutlery and torn and restored menus to name a few the meals served to customers can be requested to have particular playing cards inside to allow for a spectacular reveal and if you ask a waiter to think of a card he will always say the seven of hearts the idea here is it seems is to allow
environment where men on dates who were in on the scheme are able to impress their companions was seemingly spontaneous magic tricks requiring little skill or where amateur magicians can go to perform relaxed impromptu shows thoughts okay we're just gonna get weird here we go you asked i'll deliver it just seems like it it seems like a pretty standard business set up i'm sure they're you know they're marketing to kind of a you might say a niche customer in an aspiring magician but you know dinner show i don't i don't really see a problem with that okay i'm going to reserve my commentary on the merit of this idea until later but i should have plane that my husband has never shown a remote interest in magic until around four months ago when he met his friend who in this post we will call chris is deadly criss angel right yeah my
yes it's it's because if you got my free yup that's the mind free all he got wrong he got mine free chris is think of a magic enthusiast and since meeting with my husband has become in capsule aided by this idea i i'm using is throwaway account because chris is an avid reddit user well you think are i think that's pretty hilarious right there the fact that she's using a throwaway account so that she's not identified in her post about this very very specific different restaurant magicians restaurant for magicians probably a lot of christian back to me i used a burner again over the past two weeks chris this convinced my husband that he ought to quit his job and use all of our savings to start this restaurant which burden our family with an enormous amount of financial uncertainty we had a huge fight about this two nights ago during which i said some things that i have come to regret
insulting his restaurant idea his cooking and his new friend chris this fight i think you're right i don't regret anything you say about chris as for our group krista serves was coming to in this situation but i want to go back because i i just realized it you're talking about the different things that they have that this magician restaurant this magic restaurant the server will always say the seven of hearts or whatever and you can arrange have cards put in places you're not talking about a magic restaurant here but just all walk off tires walk off walk off so part that we said about the yankees winning forward to that was wrong ignore that ignore that problem ever i just saw the walk off george springer jake's about to cry my darling i'm saying it's you're not describing magic you're just you're describing all the yankee pitcher beatrice started screaming fuck fuck oh where's my gabagool right
yeah wait sorry where you just say you're not describing magic yeah you talk about tricks like not those are real magician they're not an actual magic cruiser are just tricks that people have said alright alright so during this fight my husband argued that he ought to be allowed to follow his dreams and it that his idea is good because quote chris came up with it and chris is a magician and magicians are smart yeah in a tight that's rabid critic it chris it doesn't on the day that the metro i got hit the ties two weeks ago i thought i head out we did the hypnotist but then i bet a load of unders and lost so i think the hypnotist actually hypnotize me i've got i've since gotten out of the hypnotist spell and been a bunch
volverse dishonestly does not seem like the man i fell in love with who is creative but also pragmatic and levelheaded yeah dude he met chris the magician like talk about getting swept off your feet if chris the magician comes and starts doing card tricks and tells you to open a magician's restaurant yeah no shit that's not the guy you fell in love with he's been literally seduced by a magician that's the sexiest thing and what could have happened honestly chris serves a lot more entertaining and creative than the person who wrote this reddit post complaining like i'd like to see her offer a suggestion for a magician restroom his fixation on chris seems to have massively clouded his judgment and i don't believe it is possible to rely on this restaurant for magicians idea to feed our family of four i give leave israel where do you think where do you think magician restaurant would have the highest likelihood of succeeding vegas vegas
vegas lanic city reno atlantic city i could see it succeeding in tampa you you know what if you put it in in an area that has like a lot a lot of children in it like kids are fascinated by magic i bet you that kids would go to the magician restaurant the school yeah i agree i agree with that yes there's a few cities hopefully they live in tampa all right so let's finish up this post how can i convince my husband that this idea is bad without hurting him or damage in our relationship he is incredibly sensitive about it would seemingly jump through one thousand hoops to come to the defensive chris a person he did not know just four months ago and that's the end of the
most and i'm gonna say right now you're about to get dumped because chris the magician sounds like a g yeah it is not this is like chris absolutely our motion we owning your husband at this point like you were he is no longer in love with you he's been tough if chris can talk him into opening a magician restaurant you can literally they can do anything they want yes he's a little robot that's under his control at this point so just let it go the man you knew is is not there or maybe you could just like me chris i don't know if this if the lady knows chris but i'm sure that chris would be open to having an exploratory relationship with her as well i think the only thing that she can do is find david bowie
pain and have david blaine com and expose chris for being like a fraud magician that's it because outside of that outside of being like hey this is not a real magician this is a fake magician he just wants to open a magic restaurant and take all your money your d guess what you're opening a magician's restaurant and you're putting all your life savings into it and your kids are going to college because their dad is going to be open to magicians restaurant this problem can be pretty sweet until you go bankrupt like three months into it yeah i i don't i wouldn't count out so quick feet cat i think based on the vote virality of this post on reddit there's probably an audience out there that would try it once like that i'll see of it this is a you know what this is like is like dave and buster's for virgins yes david busters chad abracadabra restaurant verge love it love it criss angel you've done it again your mind freak ok
that is our show will see everyone on wednesday we got bill burr and pfc will be back in studio love you guys
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