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NFL Week 7 Fastest 2 Minutes + Recap, Big Cat Lost Everything And Football Guy Of The Week

2019-10-21 | 🔗

NFL Week 7 Fastest 2 minutes (3:10 - 8:17). We recap every game from Sunday. Kirk Cousins is back, the Lions fans roasted the refs , the Titans are buttcheeks still but the good kind. The Ravens are not frauds, the Niners D is legit, the Dolphins had a lead and the Bears are a dumpster fire. Who's back of the week, football guy of the week. College Football and suicidal Big Cat is back. Nyquil idea from PFT and Blame and Shame Media. 


Game recap timestamps

Eagles - Cowboys(8:17 - 13:11 )Falcons Rams(13:11 - 20:14)Bills Dolphins(20:14 - 23:19 )Jaguars Bengals(23:19 -  26:38)Vikings Lions(26:38 - 32:11)Packers Raiders(32:11 - 36:22)Texans Colts(36:22 -  41:09)Giants Cardinals(41:09 - 47:28)Redskins 49ers(47:28 - 52:35)

Chargers Titans(52:35 - 57:40)Seahawks Ravens(57:40 - 61:06)Saints Bears(61:06 - 73:09)

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its pardon my two presented science wealth on the part of my kid lies a cash renault used for five dollars for free five dollars a pc aid today is monday october twenty first week seven what
and later where the falcons are so dead they ve checked into arthur blake's ghost hotel jared david hassle got put down the drunken burgers and went back to throwing darts with his lieutenant mitch you can it do not pass go do not collect two hundred dollars do not visit your pregnant girlfriend go directly to jail in ramsay had a monopoly on the falcons passing attack hey teach yeah boom dan quinn more like den friend because this will be as over rams thirty seven falcons tent zoonotic were duly congo washed prop put on a sunday service even though ain't you dont stuck around programme equation i choose to you it was the college dropout leonard burnett who had a great gain trust lambeau guinea mercy went poor poor with its text and you know what the mid west is taught and reckless bangles rocket don chain that's a heavy douglas so don't wait nor pregnancy sonata yet again chuck
forty seven the particles suffer some spread detroit home of the queen and my good friend rest in peace a wreath of franklin where adam sancta kirk you make me feel you me feel you make me feel like my hand strings her cousins was getting no arias pc t as such in the sector to the socrates haters yet again with a big road divisional win galvin same cook kept a chain gang moving and the lion season might be signed sealed delivered halfway through our tomer as are all about town forty two lions starting
universal crowded over four hundred of us it is clear that the entire fishing fleet for sharks in peru is involved in a systematic killing of dolphins the numbers are ranging from seven thousand to fifteen thousand dolphins per year being very conservative no one murders the dolphins like the buffalo bills
do you not plus where eric abroad james not trying to go to a sentence battle treated uses secondary like a punch darrow maurice frank i walk to ride my bicycle i want to ride my right has a wills and motion for they have say south crowd after a big day for miss colt texans had no answer priorities russian gave us pillow brion said i like pig partridge but i cannot lie peggy got marlon back any tardy houston twenty four and the mental lands where kyler bill murray was popping up everywhere and chase jim edmunds continues his illustrious career with the cardinals running through defensive walls with one hundred and thirty six yards and three scores making israel housewife vote see very happy golden called we tell me how my ass tat has been a security blanket for danny dimes but the giants were unable to rebound even with the round mount a clause sake warrant charles partly back in the lineup as a cardinal defense was able to slice entice their way into more sacks then antonio commodities urologist cardinals twenty seven or twenty one thought no york fort paul giants in the
those in tundra whether raiders method packers terran revile waller put up huge stats but ultimately walked away the loser that he is an errand revile roger sectors is not your content the writer secondary was like he s work has exxon valdez stately was slicker than an oil spill topic a hundred thirty three yards of them living derek car out of gas for a comeback josh my darling check ups but the packard defence of look pretty julian date that story the day was not packers deepens plaguing that as martinez cooked up a large amount of speed and really must things up for the writers paragraph forty two leaders twenty four in rule john what a long road
forty niners died redskins zero voters and ask whether chargers out the eminem skulking as mike williams and melvin your mouth not in your hand gordon mysians zone by the length of a thin candy show your brain has a thin candish patriarch when go get off the studio or workin here right ten hilary swaying played like a million dollar babyhood as less healthy like for the titans speaking of healthy legs derek rose henriette another big game of the ground and tighten season husband say thanks to go live stand so don't get too attached to that painters just get coach travel times twenty three chargers party weak seven almost in the books
yeah one left now one left force i'm wearing a hat says i'm a messy bitch because i am a messy bitch after this week into football but we're here to recap all of it we are here actually if you're watching you can see the messy bitch hat on outburst of gold dotcom slash part of my take such p empty such be empty bicycle dotcom such puberty ok let's recap let's start with some night ok and then we'll go back to the one clocks the eagles might be done chain pfc one game out but they stand the entire enough seized i have no idea what to make of it besides the fact that the orchard or done the rest of the division just like anybody could beat anybody on any given time because i i going into this game i thought the eagles are going to win straight up to me too but they're their defense is eight rochas i don't think it's carson wentz his fault but a guy who you let walk away won a superbowl for you and so everyone's going to
probably blame carson whence and then the cowboys like i can't i i would shock of the cat was lost all their games this is and i warn shocked me if they went out it wouldn't shocked me yeah they make no sense when they look good they look like the best in the nfl and when they look bad they look so so bad even when they
good jason garret looks like shit i notice that by the way suddenly football i think we ve reached a quota of close upshot of jason geared on the sidelines with his red eyes looking like has been smoking weed and crying at the bottom of public pool i was i was about done without by the second court i'm sure we have like six more cowboys and tragedy then they're all against the giants of yeah right but yeah it's i don't know how there are certain losses you can walk away from and be like ok maybe we have a chance but now that the eagles have gone back to back games where the vikings torch them and the cowboys a little bit of help by the fact that they just gave over the keep up the ball on to back opening was back like opening drug yeah where's he fumbled and then a pic right well right off the bat it's likely spotted the cowboys fourteen bright so tough to tougher your defence to do stuff when you when you have that and basically the cowboys
when the cowboys are running from ahead it's like the you cannot stop them but if your eagles fan no i'll do what they do and i'll be mad at their i'd be men how he roseman for country for german rooms are they still are our during the rams game today so bunch of eagles fans tweets been like look what we could have got even ramsay right now could end their secondary is larry's when it comes to tackling especially on those first who drives ringing com dr seuss like three place total right and nine miss tackles jurymen in orlando standard looking like you is a double agent looking like he was sit over from the cap waste for the express purpose of losing games against the cowboys for the eagles he just got turner everybody on the eagles deepens looked like they were trying to tackle bears right and so the is worn shop had worn sharp had a by the way my boyfriend worn sharp like this this week in watching the titans game rebel looks like
corn sharp after like twenty cycles a sterile again like a bunch of stakes yeah art so first half points given up by the eagles this year they have given up twenty plus points in five of the games that's bad and what if i'm gonna throw luke falk yeah that doesn't that council he had read their dignity they held them score less which that should count so they ve given up twenty ten twenty twenty two twenty four twenty seven i mean it i know what you do with that you u basely can't so that's the part where i don't even know if you can blame course whence because he's basically playing from behind constantly and always in a huge hole so the often has to do different things i also don't i also orangist no nelson aguilar he's gonna get rose in philadelphia business decision he made at the end of the game where he very easily i feel i caught the barn what he saw but he just pull back wide open one of them
much down every eagles team has to have one todd pinkerton on the team aguilar is the todd pinks one guy that everyone in philly is just waking up in the morning and you know they they turn over and they just our yelling at their dumpster about how bad that that wide receiver i can't wait to see what disasters taking place overnight philly that will have somebody on the news yelling at nelson aguilar tomorrow morning taking their one moment their fifteen suck you don't gotta kinds of fame there one moment where there are local hero to use that that platform to bash the shittiest wide received on the phone of its philadelphia traditionally i actually like you a lot that philly care so much about the team i think adding but insult to injury for the cowboys in the second half when they kept trotting their doktor out onto the wearing the cowboy hat use if you're injured and you see a man and a cowboy hat walking towards you he's got two options for you want is a shot a whiskey in a stick to bite down on and the other is
woodside arm like a horse is would put you down but it play it does its legitimate member gentlemen cells lawyer one of the many had you're gonna get to specify a gallon veto cowboy had or whatever you call it and it was like that's the guy you're bringing in to get you to keep you out of jail yeah it's like if you're playing in limbo in the guy runs out on the fuel is get a cheese had on right that makes sense any zig sixty pounds a radio ok i trust this guy you know what it's like the old never trust a skinny chef never trust a medical professional in dallas without a cowboy had agreed by a downwards attic play site horse on ok speaking the teams that are dead let's move on to it go back to the one o clock aim one last question about the cab was do you think that a small part of jury jones is pissed off that he doesn't have to answer questions about firing a coach this week yes yeah i think you're jones legs being reminded that he can fire jason glared at any given time right
the guilt thrown a subtle some subtle shot like yeah things went well tonight but if they had for the most aren't they and while there are some things i'd like to see taken up and i don't know if we have the coaching staff to do right eye so back to the one o clock aims speaking it seems that are dead the falcons are better than dead it is eight i actually want to throw this out there to phd himmy or the falcons maybe the worst team in the nfl see they still have that lingering sense if they were winning in the superbowl a couple years ago so people aren't as inclined to see it but they are they are wrong they really bad their defence is one of the worst of everything in it i know the answer is gonna be obviously the dolphins and the bangles both teams that are historically bad and they haven't want but the dolphin
have at least been competitive in the last few games the bengals have been competitive a couple times a year the the falcons have lost their last for games twenty four to attended the titans they got smoked by the texans they were competitive it's a cardinals end they got smoked again met shop was the only one who has touched on drive for them ninety nine point eight cubey or from a sharp i fucking love that quarterback got over i love that story but this team is so so bad that no and of course we have a arthur blank saying i still support dan quinn he's actually gonna break the records for admonish cliches saying that you are standing behind your coach that your i think in a fire wants to buy we go is definitely literally standing right behind him at all times even upright and got is not yet a hot air back of his neck everyday this defence is so bad dank went to try to spread around responsibility now
he's a gun letting other people or my staff take a look at it and put their fingerprints and if i'm if i'm like a secondary coach on a different somewhat fuck you dank when this is your mass yes you not doing the tom sawyer whitewashing defence on me and made me paint should all over this fence this is yours and it and on top of that damn quinn last year took over the play calling duty which we always know is like the last ditch effort you can always change who calls the play the other give it up or take it over to save your job might leave our feet he's all out of moves yes all moves i dont know how he has like the fact that our their blankets into the by weak is kind of funny in kind of they also there is no one at that game today they look terrible i don't know i mean i am happy that i put on them i if you bet on the falcons past week three this year you are the biggest idiot in a whirlwind
we three thousand even i often even ida whenever i done chain and even i knew to stop betting on them which which should be a sign that you gotta stop putting their the falcons defence is its medicine for in anemic coffins insist just and inject remind actually better than that it's like fat camp right it's like you send your offense to fat camp to play against the the falcons and when you get them back they look a little better they feel a little bit better but then they're just going to go back being who they are to begin with the falcons make everybody look good i would love to play against the falcons if i was an nfl quarterback which i could have been if i was a little bit taller is the biggest loser it's actually such a there such the biggest loser that i think scott mitchell member him and the lions who was on the biggest loser i bet you could throw two touchdown pass against i think you probably right now i've got a name throughout their if you're the falcons and you're looking at your next head coach this is mike leech destined urban meyer mike leech because the different already sucks so you might as well just turn into that skin and say ok
like we're not going that we're not going to stop anybody anytime soon why don't you just take over his offense which has some pieces to it and just scored sixty points and give up sixty two problem with mike leach has he would never in a million years go to the nfl because in the nfl you can't take away the cell phones of your players you can't call them out and say they're fat and call their girlfriends fat and do weird rants all the time so he's that would be the worst of all time for him i think it's he's gonna go anywhere i think that elaine local wisely going anywhere would everyone keeps bringing his name up all the time for a foul have effort is namely a couple times for enough oppositions just to say like ok fuck it why not why not likely you wanna get a shot and if you're a coach i'll ask is if you're an office of coach wouldn't the falcons below the best destination no i dont know because of certain get old like matt ryan is how can it be there forever and he got hurt today's and walking boot out o at
this seems so dysfunctional that it seems like i an i'd have to let me give you a real football games rather tiggle over their ross and also we don't talk about other means job equates to employ yo jones how will this www jones i feel coolio jones is going to have one of those years and a company like a year or two words like oh shit that might be over wasting his yeah he's looking out has been twenty eight for a couple years right right did you see devoted freeman get getting dog walk byron donald so i actually wrote the stamping of tee what he tried to punch errand donald which had to be the dumbest thing anyone could ever do who is i think you're dolls polly top three guys that you might want to fight on a football field yeah i was thinking of who else is on that less land
answer maybe re louis while as current trailers rich incognito fry one want to fight him vaunted perfect but he's not a football field never will be again economic ensue yeah he's actual snap your had then stop on your balls while you're like tat it would be a dirty wave snapping your head right yeah enabling what i why am i getting a penalty for i should think you should be allowed to punch arundel why because jesse so big and helpless stop it and on it was touching it was ridiculous visual trains knives society freeman like jump up to trot a punch in the figure guy thousand that's just speaks a divided dreaming getting kicked out of this game matt ryan getting hurt dan quinn looking like all life has been sought album mantua being the best quarterback for the falcons whip portals getting into it all these things together the thousands are dead
yes also did we learn anything but the rams every won't lecture vermin next week is irritated bangles ok they're gonna get right scheduled got it by the way did blake throw pass no he didn't dinner interception that's our guy dolphins at bills the blue josh out in the first half that her i know they had blue josh island they booed they boot the scoreboard they blew joshua fifty shame does that a better of pills fan is our way through the ball into the into the stands and probably killed somebody economic model is way over the heinous heath heated throw you threw it out of any minute lands on a table and smash isn't that right a satellite some we also had worn thrower was like maybe thirty yards passes receiver but that you know what that's cool stretching out the defects that's called taking the top off because now they know you can throw a farce they have to pay for farther back
the bills are five and one for the first time since two thousand eight they slept walk through the first basically three quarters this game and still one kind of easily and rife its patrick tried his best to do the fits magic through just back breaking interception which is part of it s magic he did the whole thing so i'm excited the bills of five and one but just don't who josh our discharge is a perfect quarterback for this team in there i feel like you just makes plays in big moment the cholera ostracism sexuality is covered in red say something nice about the dolphin oh yeah they put together half day were winning there yet they were winning well on often up first time this year they were almost up to scores cause they were driving forty nine and that's when fitzpatrick threw the interception on the goal line they would have been up two hundred and nineteen one thousand two hundred and forty nine is two scores yeah they're both feel those sure they were up to
of course there are actually a news three overdue scores we were just coming safety and if its yeah it there are five scores if it's just extra points we're getting better at tanking without making an obvious at their tanking brian floors looks pretty fucking bad ass i showed him on the sidelines like i can trust that guy ok just like a vibe beginning at all i some about am i getting use weren't invest some type of just he just looked like so that invest on yes i think you know who needs a vast real bad is rod mariner here on the cowboys you don't show anybody over sixty wearing a t shirt and that's just a good rule of thumb if you're a camera operator however admiring early one morning when we're nothing about the dolphin police they made it through a whole game without changing quarterbacks that's actually she that's progress and now that their quarterback in the future too is hurt they might actually start to play harder because they don't you to thank for who they might winsome
yeah you're saying maybe not i was like hulu bills had all the bills have i think that our words and then the dolphins again coming up so we we talked about this with bills are gonna be those who intend gave yet i love it i just play off bills for josh alan you fuckin bull and there's a possibility they get home guy don't you think that's curve ridiculous like pills fence haven't we i don't think so you got there was brewing jobs while you dont bunni offered you guys are five and one for the first time since two thousand and you're gonna boo their boeing growing redstone wasn't showing much their game let's just remember like this is a nice season that's going on top ok next stop jaguars bangles i think it's over a four day any dalton in cincinnati yeah and stuff that's it it's tough to watch the end of these like an old pet that tried for a while and he's just kind of always been around has always as perfect as the red hair and then the helmets in like the little ways
her scheme what always ray of a great uniform hair color combination it really when they wore the all white collar russian it was like the orange popped in his orange palm eat throats he threw three fourth quarter interceptions in six passes that's rock bottom that is pretty bad we also need to keep an eye on the joad nixon or the joe mixing stat lines yet like two josh doesnt stat lines but for running backs right today he had ten cares for two yards who spoke a judge or mixed ok ok that's pretty i see that's about it that's all you can save his game loon littered for net is somehow good at football again yes crazy every time they show read so now he's actually ripping off right yeah its wild i also think that we can answer the menchu mania good but needs the more time guidelines evolves job he does this thing when he throws ass his where it's like he looks like a kid in nor can regard not what it looks like a kid in middle school cafeteria throwing food and then try now
to get caught right afterwards you like frozen and put his hand on like runs away from his past so yeah i think i'm almost better though because you don't want i think nick foles gives you the best option for the next couple years so now you can kind of work on mint you and bring them in for big motor trade him and have someone be like who minshew mania and who hasn't caught up with the time the eu is under fifty percent today nobody one he did when but he later as the biggest that he's a winner and on the other thing i wanted to throughout their miles jack had a pic of any dome and just through the ball forward to another defender i think that should be legal i think all fumbles and interceptions you should be able to afford pass it i like that idea how awesome would that be if you basically ran plays like if the defense hey if we get this ball i'm going to throw it like fifteen yards on the field
yeah you get one you get one though i think we were limited during the entire return chaos what about this what if you catch a flag that's thrown by an official i think that's like shouldn't count if your defensive player so if you catch it or even just keep it so if you just tap it up maybe you have to tap it up like a volleyball tip drill yeah you have to tap it to you to one of your one of your teammates and they can catch to the catch i will be looking for it and i feel like we get too easy so we got to make a little harder okay but yeah they did that it looks ridiculous but then i pause i was like why is that ridiculous why can't we just their defenders they don't know how to throw and catch let them have fun so so on they likewise they should not be able to lateral the ball than idea i think on every play the ball should only be allowed to go forward one way only one time right so if they throw afford pass new intercepted you can throw us many passengers are still lateral skeezers dawn defence rights the balls
not to go down that way yet but i just can't go down the other way yes i like i so we figure it out yes who can we go one way vikings lines cousins is all the way back i actually got a text from a friend of mine in minneapolis whose like i think her cousins good this what's happening and i said oh no is what's happening i'd i'd actually like to apologize to two vikings fans into kurt cousins i put the dun chain and then after eight every week aggressive i would like to know the tile guys occur cousins to make similar to vikings fans around the world for absolutely nothing because they are going to rip your hearts in a matter that you have not seen since world i guess what here's where they're going to go i was looking at their schedule we're gonna be eaten
yeah yeah cause they have shown us how we get you have the redskins on a short week at home revenge game at the chiefs against the a homeless chiefs at the cowboys hoo hoo fuck knows in their home against a blacklist everyone therefore those they will win through before they will be eighty three and ever will say are the vikings like as they do have tons of town they have galvin cook whose a monster and cousin somehow through for tough sounds like you have primetime kirk is this week against our word so neither want i think he might this might actually braces primetime her cousin street the very stopping before us against the extremely movable object at the redskins suck in primetime her cousin sucks and pride obviously there's a lot overlap there from the years that he spent dc both second together but i don't know i'm i'm not ready to among the crown a micro crocker cousin she i think i've
from for my mistakes with her cousins and this is exactly what he does he gets you thinking that ok he's a legitimate quarterback his throne for four touchdowns empty answer he still play a really good game against what i thought was a good defence but the does ripe right when you're very certain that ours is great is when he just pull the rug out from and i dont know i don't disagree that he's going to need like morph back into real kirk cousins and put up an absolute stinker in front of the whole country at some point i think that dallas game is a prime time but you're done chain was aggressive in income of slap in the face of all dungeon it was a way to ruin a lunch eight did not ruin the u dont jane the dungeon i did not i still i stand by the dungeon you you got you each ideology each you tried to get in front of the dun chain and be like trying to show both the junk dutch i thought that i had backed i thought that i had to take instead of squatting undertake i just put it out there in front of everybody i have a question for you her cousins the power
sorry because since he is said sorry he's been incredible then i say something hank power thanks are egg i don't care even forgot him apologize use if you say sorry to some lonely being having superior football knowledge and prediction skills into doesn't sixteen out of hake you had a great two thousand sixteen and or i'm sorry that i apologise to you two thousand sixteen no it doesn't count as a sorry for tuna sixteen it gets getting closer than it is but when you say the power of an apology is pretty strong with her cousins he's been a different guise since he said sorry for sucking it is he should just find something new to apologize for every single week are you still living off his last apology yeah everyone kind of is cool with it i'm trying to figure out so that the jane is sacred tote told him that we put on teams in the past last year you said they cut your pinky finger off i'm i'm and close to making them my hair but because i still have value kick your hair though
you are you are you not aside pickaxes our aids cases newark you're gonna cut your pinky off well everyone have you no one cares while my pinky i don't want you here we cut your heritage be like just norton guy yeah you lose all your power althea like sampson yeah i actually nervous about that no joke ok
we consider that i didn't think it something else to do with arms like use i've been responded sicken and obviously this entire thing that that like i dont like her cousins because of what is done to me in the past have got a very sore spot and bad memories from so i am coming at it from a place of being triggered so i would like to apologise to kurt cousins eager for hating you so much for good reason the other thing with this game we have to give a hat tipp two lions fence they came out in such great force with the rough costumes it was peak and i fell humor i heard the husband and wife were dressed in in rough uniforms in mass booing the rest tat is my nfl there is guys dresses clowns in rough uniforms there's this guy dressed in a rough uniform and out of you think he was making like a comment about it he was wearing alliance at no glasses to show these blind or anything he just like flock these guys i look so shitty
i put a rough uniform on its burn on that that i just came from foot lock you very worrying and adjust the s rolled surrender the game i i have to take my hat off to roger abdel for not making rough uniforms publicly available for sale that's a smart move on his part can't markham if you can't buy em put its its it was so peak anna humor like this the three blind my surrounding gown wraps where the backlog raf silk credits eu lions vans you're seasons pretty much we're in a pretty much ended with the rest began they win that giving its packers it is a butterfly fact thing i feel like they color they were are they ran out a gas gives a viking together so taken your right itself to bounce back from from that lost so yeah credits you guys all four shown up in an n n really fuckin with the wraps you guys own them or raiders packers errors good whenever he's very
he's better get he's envy p now is his envy pierre and there were some five touchdowns pretty good got the gable by the way the floor here's a little protest for you just always give aaron rodgers the gamble little just like that goma now because eventually he'll be likewise you keep give me the gamble is he doing this to fuck with me you there's already iron rat mean that's pretty much how we with his family he's too smart yakima giving him garrisons yeah does ignore not we why they were me christmas start asking for the gift receipt for the for the gamble every year they gimme christmas gifts very around the same time say like too smart and they have to give him stimulated he's a if you give a border kali the same toy awry over again for ok ok something new ever yet change up the locker room so he doesn't he thinks he's in a noose around you how the time i feel unhappy that everything i thought about
raiders was true you were on the edge of saying the raiders might be free almost did you forget about it had to win this game they almost didn't dare car eurobonds the above the dirt car rule it is worth recalling another reaching for the enzo fumbling three get touch backed by the way i love that rule yet i think you don't like that rule big dumping your pants while i have always said that the only real change i would love there is if it was hoped that you could throw the ball into yeah in that council touchdown so it adds little put if you don't get in there that its touch but what in zone is a different place the laws of physics in nature and man do not exist in the same way in the internet to do on the field i give your reaching for the azores as and often simpler and the ball breaks the plain and you get tat and then possible the ball it still touchdown right so there should be something that counterbalances it for the defense the touch back rule i think is great and
it adds in her favorite element of all which is chaos chaos and dare car being an idiot yet so i looked it up their car has twenty three career fumbles since he came in the leave us the most since that time in that time her hands eyes oh what does your guess nine and order nine in one of its tiny tiny nothing eyebrow it was big time on his red flags when he was coming out of college i know we will i know like the general populous last about the hand size then put time and time again it is true james fumbles all the time small hands their car fumbles all the time small hence yapped so i'm i'm just do my draft analysis one hundred percent based on hands i don't see a problem with like i don't care about any of your stats i don't care how far you can throw just give me your hand size if it's over nine and three slash four i'm drafting you i like that i like that i like the stats that you looking at
i did see before the game the john bruton said that they were going online that there would then be buyers at the trade deadlye o which i love i love if you give john bruton just like two or three wins to build off the other trade deadline he's got oh and i'm excited to see how many first round picks they're going to try to fade away for like polyte what do you think john said we look at why yeah age a green bring back antonio brought yet exactly go all and i want to see what all in john bruton looks like the rate or so i know raised whereas we manage your kind of asking them but they are not good but dear and waller and josh incomes are also very good very ventnor alec angle to end alcan gold green bay native oh there's big story the homecoming air and jimmy graham is still alive he is he actually caught some balls today i act i think that that aaron rodgers plays better when his receivers cut us
yeah because he's free of the expectation of having to like get all them the ball he gets all the glory of day when they gave the packers win a game with mark as valdez scaling as their number one than aaron rodgers like on the fuckin man and he can give them the party face you fucked up aaron rodgers look and no one can be like dude what are you doing guys actually got up khazar known the up i agree with that that's actually i'm always on that theory bf partly from good again what do you what else well to really get packers again their funding watched you weren't there ok texans cults wherever start here about this jacobus set had another stat line that would have made him look like a which twenty years ago now days it just like oh she called me precipitate while yes three hundred twenty six yards for touchdowns and am squat not to take quick nelson's gonna catch a touchstone pass some time this year who they hung from the guy
opposition no they didn't think where european aid as eligible today was he was playing attack or was he he was as tackle and he was in the end zone when aragon caught that touched he deserves it yeah he deserves it yet jacobus reset is way better then i think anyone expected although there are some people who loved him but i just i'm sorry the culture as good as they are losing their franchise quarterback three weeks before us now they don't have a guidance congratulating his opponents when you get sacked overtime boosting confidence is it where the danger look just hanging around the court's facility is out what he's doing up here there is a picture of him which accompany reset like just colts dear hanging out gets weird right he's coming back because i feel like they're gonna win just enough games where he's like all powerful
have you ever worked in an office where a guy that quitter retired comes back from time times always wears a different vibe when they walked back and yes what's your angle what are you doing here i would have liked a second time it's ok yeah when you connect the personal today back who could do good to catch up and then you come back again you're just like we what am i doing i do we always work together thank you came you kept going back into work over and over again after you are no longer play your aunt yellow stiffened situation yeah that's it i take it to hack into line up as tenacity yes exactly stick to venice serbia interlock very weird move i don't really understand it maybe i don't know maybe he's got a prescription for jim mercer i think he's that could be it has actually as serious as i've heard these board any lectures borders lawgiver friends play games with what what here's the other part what one is the living in vienna guy he'd be in berlin by now right simpler nice architecture pretty much i dont an eye
i can eat apples lot so i would live there but i dont over their ride fifty million dollars or hundred really knows what every as i'd maybe i'd visit their outside burn india would summer in their practical slip that i would go there in the winter because it's a good you can walk everywhere indoor true but at once he at once late october comes i'd probably get some were little warmer yeah i don't know i would be out of their about two sean watson you what's i'd rather taxes in the grass in the grass in the grass i think there should be a sliding scale for winter quarterback is in the grasp depending on who that quarterback as it were why do you think he should be he's never really grasp he's never really in the grass but then alternatively or on the other side of the argument he needs to be protected at all costs as true i'll give you that the quarterbacks like any dome james winston alignment though
guys were born in the grasp they ve there in the grasp once they get the but what's once they can smell of farc from a defender there sat he should blow the whistle immediate here's the thing with thought that play and if you missed it essentially sharm automated incredible play he see like got out of the grasp of one of the players than he got smoke but they whistled downy through a touch on the andrea hopkins vision just huddled and then like those people touchdown yeah agrees like i was just a cool play agreed there should get you should be able to overrule that that's what sky judge would lower also it was cool schedule be like you're that was boss yeah we probably want to put our highlight tapes outs scholar touchdown they also did in the grass but then still let him get hit which made no sense yeah so there is this are you say they should call a penalty against i don't know it was weird if you're in the grasping you blow the whistle and then you get hit right they all those grasped talk doesn't really make a lot of sense to me right it
ages another rule this confusing and that people can bitch about the texans unofficial stat from r p see sabre metrics department ah the texans led the league the last five years in losing games where you can walk away and say we didn't lose we beat ourselves oh yeah they are the kings of that every time they lose sight well the text just shut themselves in the four out back that up to like the last twenty years when there again their asses kick by pain manning there were always a couple games were sage rose and fell just goes flipping through the air words like i should have been the ash to beat them if you just informal thou didn't lose need our support or sell that's bill o brien that's that's the name of his autobiography i didn't lose life i just beat my son i beat myself over that's actually yet that we are getting from ok let's go to cardinals giants i have something
had to say about pat shermer i think he's a terrible terrible head coach or that you should be fired go off ok so i'll start with this after the game he said everyone has to be better which is essentially a coach speak throwing your whole under the guise of course you blake well he's included in everyone but most coaches we'll say i have to be better i have to prepare myself might my guys better it falls on me you said everyone asks me better so he basically shit down everyone's throat when he
has been a terrible coach remember we had this theory that you lie manning was essentially like she a body shield from pat shurmur bad coach takes yep the one thing that i hate when coaches play like a play to not get blown out play to not win a game two weeks ago they play the patriots do you remember fourth and two down two scores pat shurmur putts yep this week fourth and fifteen on their own thirty three down three points to timeouts he goes for he's overcorrecting he's overcorrecting and he's not being consistent and it's so clear that what he did two weeks ago was to basically play so that he could play and be like hey we only lost the patriots by fourteen which end up losing by twenty one and this week he was like fuck it let's just try to win this here and oh on top of all that his third time out where did it go it went because he fucking used it before a punt four minutes left in the game
other side of things i do like knowing that we as members of the media have such an effect on patch farmers brain adapting to gain acceptance and our love ya hundreds yes so i do appreciate that from he also on thirteen eighteen he went for it he you call a dry play yes or no blame be blamed energy as you say to change one's audible he blamed pretty kitchen tat i would have made more sense so he threw his quarterback under the boss correct ok like i he's thinks i i don't think he's a good coach and i think he he got a nice little fucking you i mean a year and a half where the meroz sorry mr miranda sir marah had him start eli and you could say well it's not pat shurmur's fault you stinks huh are now guessed what did john seems to be pretty good if sake one barkley you had ingram back golden take any stick i've question are we sure that daniel jones is good i would personally like to apologize to dave gettleman for giving him credit
for dr jones a couple weeks ago he had a good game it gets the box it was the box it aim if they will come back and when they had on if they museum you'll go in that game and marianne bet on it and if we have bet on it right now like i still can't have a soft spot form because i'm attack i wonder monies to pass and lynch law we have here a few weeks ago but i don't think he's good the ethics eighty get zackie times and if you're often gives up anything to the defence a time i don't care what it is the difference is allowed to do something eight times to your quarterback that's bad that is a bad bad day but i just i don't know you're a giants fan you're the nfc east stinks and i know you're not going to win it but you would have to know if you if you win today you're tied with the eagles for second place and you blew it at home too i'm going to give the cardinals in the night about the cardinals is like whatever we say good or bad no one's ever gonna sweet us bottom because there are no carnal fence out there but cortez courts or tat grotesque include
i would and put the cardinals are actually like putting the other something i don't know what it is i haven't really put my finger on it they won three neuro and some i think they're just weird either i dont really i'd on their put together something but they ve beaten probably the three worse teams in the running of the worst aims and we put their fought their sumter their weird right put their funds therefore which is worth something here and they ve got a tie in the record which i always enjoy because just makes things a little more interesting it makes it makes its you have to do a little bit more math and it's like it's kind of a bridge the thai teams are always a brain ex exercise how does this work so i can't figure out if the bears her head her behind that lie there probably my eye just just as we have in mind we acts and here i believe a mind i don't know but the thai really fucked you up it does it really really fucked you up bs patch armor of your giants faint i feel you have to be met if patrimonial have everett
i bet you are you brought the bears you want to go there now we're gonna get there were gone through the wood chronological don't don't rush it don't go on rushed the bears i didn't get a good team tuning later ruining later i take yeah before we get there before you for the rest of the games touring later we were working ourselves back not always regarded the start at the back we tat we started it front we hit on what i propose we did a native american run yes yes exactly right you got it you got it our words next way before we do that for a u stories out there has been a reuben off the grid for the past few weeks we teamed up with our partners it new have some vodka to make our signature drink the pink whitney official after rounds it tastes test we come across this seriously smooth blend of pink lemonade flavour
vodka and knew we had to bottle this one up the pink whitney is perfect over ice chilled as a shot or topped off with a little club soda either way keep this game changer on deck for your tailgates and watch parties this fall and if you can't find a bottle yet tell those pigeons liquor store to get some cases in stock brought to you by our partners at new amsterdam vodka as the official block of the nhl they're on a mission to help you find your wins all season long go check them out new hampshire and vodka has been a great sponsors of ours and the pink whitney they are seriously delicious so go check it out pink whitney's and if your she doesn't have it go complaint because we will sell they will get it if you complain enough ok oh one lesson tat shermer reminded me the cow shermer his son is gonna be back of court of quarterback the chiefs ok and speaking a gambling stuff i think car court cow shermer is a franchise quarterback forty seven because he covered with vanderbilt at no ray machines
since i don't know hey can you look up claudia requirement in size but that's all it took it went to notre dame and cover the spread with v so would you want to mass quarterback of you're chicago bears were that lay ok ok for hundreds redskins yes fucking awesome whether game smith please balls game of the year arising where it had been so much fun to plan as a kid we're aegis everyone's his belly flopping and sliding around the field do you know what we got when eighty take off my dears allow disavow my big china and call shermer disavow this fifty this was still game that which is little warmer that's all was here i can't believe the redskins lost on home coming we never lose
i'm coming to how we view warns the hip there were a lot of people who stands and i was very confused by that so it was a monsoon out the lower ball was filled and if you ve been to a game in rail john in the last fifteen years there are never anybody industry there's everybody incense whenever pack it was packed i think dance lighter is getting very angry and upset and is little man cave that the washington nationals capitals and mystics are all doing really well and so he's paying people to come in like george soros is busting the protesters and he's gonna sing in fans who sit in the stands and thank god it was raining out there to take it i think the next step is usc redskins spends letting themselves on fire like tibetan monks protesting this gang and then still on work and then still no longer and then again several lightest cigar using lamely dude you let yourself on fire for nothing absolutely nothing yes so this was if i enjoyed watching this game just because fun whether came to the best when you just shit just doesn't look like a real for monkey neatly
i think whose point quarterback for the for the raising of reality were using i'm right here i think we through like twelve time yet it retorted callaghan throw back office he almost got sat on a guy jumping in sliding and then catching up to him on the sly and there is another play where the right tackle morgan moses just didn't move and he took a second now it was a comedy of errors is really really bad and they lost cow shanahan and shanahan gave his dad the gamble so i looked us up the washington redskins here's a fun stat for you ok this is the for this is the third fired coaches son that the washington redskins have lost so scott turner gate heap north turner was his dad they fired dwarf turner scott turner as being the redskins and brian shot has been the redskins so they are they led the league in dad's getting fired and their sons coming back to avenge their fired fondness i can't wait till billy spurrier shows up the oedipus rex
yeah well i'm cool i let you die like that alot the the other stink add a really really bad but bill callahan doing this like hey let's just run the ball run the ball run the ball i respect it i like it too i respect and they cover the spread despite the fact they didn't score a point it was yap impress that's that's pretty challenging try to get that this weekend to yep he lost twenty one nothing how much is the fact that the 49ers didn't cover the spread i feel like kyle shanahan should be put in jail for a week he talked about revenged in india he did and you if you talk about revenge you have to cover the spread you have to play for the spread that you kid has run the ball out and kick a feeble didn't you need to run the ball in the end zone so that you can not only get your revenge but also get everyone who dumbly thought
he's gonna run the score up because he said the word revenge nor even said the word revenge he implied it heavily you imply did the implication was their calcium and you should be locked up yet agreed also here's another funds that it's been a year so we since the redskins went home guy that's called one year every year over a year now since damn went home here we should say also that it's a bad bad day at the office watching this game when the most exciting often play comes on jimmy gravel of throwing interception that pin the redskins deeper than they would have been on on fourth down yes yes yes the we do you say something about the forty nine hours because people have said we ve corner corpus sleeping on them and by people i mean george kittle their defences poor it d pretty good so they have held the last three games how many points of the as imposing team sport zero today as probably more than zero i would guess
ass a little more than twenty points ten ten points last three games a hundred and seventy six yards passing that's because we know that around that keep hunters no he had no that is right because the the play rockers twice no they play the brown through they killed they play the rams they killed and they play the redskins who they killed so their bags crush twenty forty nine as this is us respecting you and george kittle specifically to get us respecting their very very good and i believe in them their undefeated lastly under fields with the patriots so here's hears us respecting you this is it take do like a man no respect ready plus it was pretty eyes no address that was right by the way that was round and looked it up again and pressing ex right now ok ready one two three respect respect ok that was our moment
respect for the forty niners let's go to the charter's titans i feel bad fulfil rivers added to ice add it is sad he plays like i said earlier place people like a dog in a thunderstorm now she's always panicking is truly headaches first quarter repeated fourth quarter phil rivers its it spread i dont know how but shorter his throwing motion can get he's gonna try i'm going to find out how much water to get face and it's just mother freaking all over the place cuz that's the worst part phil rivers his anger is so clearly visible but because he can't swear it never has an escape like he he is just it's like a basically a sneeze that he hasn't been able to sneeze
is his entire life he just needs to let out one good fuck like he probably going to flip out in one of his nine kids at some point and like ten years from now and everyone's gonna stop ends to be silent around the rivers household what did you say i hope had stirring like one of his kids weddings and it gets up to give the specious he's just a little too drunk and right opens up ages lights up up eddies he's not really mad katie's mad that melvin gordon fumbled on the one you are lined against the titans in week out two thousand i yet this game different story melvin going doesn't fumble on the one inch line and we're probably not saying all these things about philip now i've i probably would be because he looked he looked ridiculous for most i and the charges have done such a good job at never drafting anybody that's a threat to take philip rivers job that we just know that it's gonna be him for the foreseeable future so the titans or back kind of three and four kind of they're going to be one of these
it goes on to run and just pisses me off their budgets they're gonna play in a wild around right internal rating step forward that was a good call by quadruple he was born to wear that titans blue and you re or whatever colors they are yeah kennedy ass he looks felix perfect it is as you know i did notice that priscilla said that they weren't going to talk about the titans at all so we should actually just talk ties for twenty minutes ok order that market the titans titans i use my amateur aerial on the whole worn sharp my grable thing what's the name of their stadium its enemies the nissan he saw yeah yeah that's where is that the truck hours at the noodles notes the truck better food in order to be called the rahman bore yet they have big big chopsticks as you walked in and we say i'll be really saw and only college kids would go there they'll be cool at sea the titans what can we say about the times they their arguments of lines has
our guest day have my husband caught with doing steroids in at least a month that's good malcolm butler hasn't been spent four mysterious reasons yet their defences awesome there can issue herr director hundred has very cool hair hanging any also is also load corday this is the classic wide receiver that you can be like q might be awesome if he had a quarterback yeah that's cool i was like those out robinson type guy yeah ok we're gonna get their ski tries sneak in their our opposite is good though years so wrong yes or the titans what else about the titans you listen up against wearily which one the one with trust in our time i reserve the boston no rancorous yeah
this you have to be pretty high to understand anything christlike says i'm not just another river my yeah accepted they don't talk about tighten so if you're titans fair the number one job you tirelessly earlier pike ass we listen to this one where we call you bought cheeks to your face for i mean is the compliment for me to say they're gonna going to run in piss me off yet is gonna probably make the wild caught as a complement to say that their but cheeks because guess what asked eating season is still back so you actually are probably the most attractive part of the body for some people who like to eat ass giving real union she's like who magic every anymore titans uniform yeah the caught if we're here
pretty so we're running out of material and the taxes that is all we got for thravels moustaches awesome and we love coach rebel and i think he's a good coaching situation where tough now i've talent so these may ease get the more i feel like just the fact that he got them to what eat winds last year in got him at three and four this year shows that he's a good caution because i don't know where their windsor comfort reason whenever they win you just like really ok stains one again i guess they ve become so unnameable that we're starting to remember melinda yes true they can assure stripped off and i had ok i baltimore seattle hand up the baltimore ravens or not
i want that game that's big of you one that came i tweet i sent the tweet you're not frauds that was an impressive when it's impressive road win i'm not going to talk about the fact that the seahawks miss will disley a lot and their offense looks very different without him i'm not going to talk about the fact that having a quarterback that can't be tackled because he's so elusive is her line cheating underscores say the ravens are awesome they're not frauds they're not rather not awesome their good my real michael kindred real turn alone real about not being real good from the ravens there are real good yet their real though they are a real if things broke their way they could be a competitor in f c championship i'd i i find it a little bit distasteful borderline disrespectful that you said that missing will dizzily was the biggest problem i have even though luke will
and has stepped right at loo girls it has the burden but it did they are often looked a little different than it has enormous wilson will have like envy pcs and going on reality throw that throws that pick where i judged thou owen was crazy yeah i know that there is a lot of talk about how decay mecca going into the draft he could only run a straight and he was fast he was big but have other things to pacify lacking in other areas but my official evaluation is that dickie mccaffrey spaz yeah he's just a spats he complains a lot about flags yeah heed right he does looks at the rifts alot yup by law that one fumble that here today was that with such a spell was his body just could not control itself his muscles were too big and he tried to run and just drop the ball internal market is dug baldwin yeah the same guy that there's a they just whenever russell wilson has one of his please read runs rounded interest throws moon shot drop to no one title lockets there i knew hatches too
drop how come nobody on that team where's the receivers nowhere eighties anymore this is like a wide issue at is it's annoying migrate receivers eighty austria lamar jackson is incredible when running the football yeats really insane to watch like you see it's insane to watch in nfl defence look so slow when trying to catch lamar jackson and he just is so fucking elusive any always is there for the big play i still have questions what is throwing put who cares because he can clearly when games by being that like to a threat guy as depots pretty good too yeah he's gravity is gonna go deeper and you write like it's it's talk to you rarely see and felt talent that's able to make other interval pillars look like they're still knowledge yeah and not just that but it it's like slapstick com net slapstick is like there should be a laugh track underneath him when he's running the football because people missing so comically yes it is
tackle air and then they they all get up there look on her face which is like laughing at themselves it'll they just got their jock taken out from underneath them but they're happy that lamar jackson did right in a thirty eight the game was in hand there are two scores but thirty eight in the play call is for designed run in its like oh that's actually really good political yeah because you cannot touch him in the sea ox no they're running and they still couldn't do anything about it so i my credit credits the ravens here's me i am saying i'm sorry i wrong now you guys radio lose by hundreds of the patriots him probably throw the f word back out there but for right now not frauds good team there are real football i've into real boy now they have the fc north stranglehold ok stranglehold you're getting off the pittsburgh steelers take them nor consumers will still be in the mix but right now minutes topics distillers imply yeah so they couldn't win
and i think i think the ravens you're gonna walk to walk walk to it i said it i think that i think discouraged opening it back in the mix khazar differences coming round uniform i'd sure we do our whose back the week that was our intervals weak seven recap where's game that we didn't talk about hag who did you have to do we talk about the chief spread bronco last thursday we talk about unafraid issue saint and bears oh said oh god his game the weak understanding what i'm gonna do i'm gonna go through some quarterbacks and then you could tell me if you would like to have them under team are not anti doping just on my team as starting started quarterboat you be anything anti don no sam darnel yes what's this is stupid question of course rhine fitzpatrick now
by manning no dirt car you're thinking to manage our hours hands they get about turn emphasise nurses this red alert for you hand saying about our car no mitch isn't good the world is a he's not good i like could he get good probably not put i can sit here and just keep hoping because you drafted him second overall it traded up form even vested in him the tea miss built around having a rookie quarterback and having great events any just hasn't progressed were were set and weeks into the season and he has gone backwards and i think some of the we must be met nagy because met nagy is a horrific play collar as far as i've seen this year he three rentable seven times and it's like bears are stuck in this such is weird pizarro world where you can essentially it's like a domino effect where you can blame everything so
they can't run the ball so they passed the ball but the kip passable cosmic can't hit receivers so then they got it i run the ball but they are able to run the ball because no one respects may pass in the ball and it just all fuckin doesn't work and issues of disaster and it was impair seeing they put up fucking junkyard stats the ends live you wake up and look at the box where you like all i was not bad it was bad it was every bad and i tell you this but the bears have done the bears often has done the impossible they have murdered the bears defence his various events basically stock trying to beyond the field for forty minutes a game and having horrific darting feel position against them and they have murdered the once proud chicago birth defects his spencer though the saints are really get the santer presented to him in airing of sea saints are very good but this is now two weeks and looked besides the gaming its redskins the office's looked
help any reasonable seven times and i know seeming seventeen yards snow ramble seven drugs you carefully the running gained in work well how do you know the running even work when you run the ball seven dot and again missus bat so like there's nothing i can say where i'm i'm not trying to say like matt navies fault or the once for every one kind of sucks right now accept ellen robinson so and then they made voluntary code that was that was over someone who is very good friends and has a podcast with a very short man i was personally offended that short but tirico and how tall is he five hundred and sixty five seven thousand six hundred and fifty nine really he's like a good result is that your freezers like war if you were seriously is five nine i was about to letter write a letter to roger don't demanding that he suspends entire since defensive staff because what they did to her
to recall was way over the line you don't make fun of a man's height you just don't do it right he doesn't control that ok he is a grateful but you how much to recall and is overcome in his life a lot allow being born five foot six right so i depreciated essential lubin we're class and winning then that yes that you do that you just now what i'm sort on pay was talking shop in many ways been how coach by john bruton champagne backtrack weeks severely and you're coming off by weak and it's bullshit the teams thinks that even so great your best off into play with your punter giving up a safety the best often supply was coronel patterson running about awesome sky came out sky care which is just more of the same line of thinking that i've been saying all year that we are a parity of every bears team that i've ever watched did the best offences special teams verbal meme antonio benders biting his fist gift today
skycamp it was okay it was very sore back for a second man they just i don't know what else to say i mean it's i think i'm echoing pretty much what everyone's thinking if you're if you're a bears fan like it's it's a it's a crisis mode and nothing works on offense and it's very sad to think that last year was the best this will be for a while because you put your chips in the middle i don't know what you do with mitch next year because you have you have you have the fourth year he's under contract you just go and try to find a new court of actually stand you know she's dana's thanks to you for a minute bears are destined to never have a franchise quarterback it will never ever happen it will never happen the fact that we had to shun watson and patrimony in that draft glass it will never happen it is destined it is preordained it will never ever happen the only way the bears can everyone assumes wool is the just play such good defence that
no one can ever score against them and then forced their way into the ends on once again if it was a little reindeer and that superbowl miami i think it could have been paid man a a little bit light is a little more investment needed twelve enchants dammit socks and we still having talked about the budget should be we're doing a minute about foch was a bad we africa about the badger see that's a tough weakened if any has shown paden running the most nebraska play of all time what the the option he ran the option using two full backs oh how about the that was awesome public matt nagy running an option to the right where we're mitch risk he's hurt left shoulder was just based out in the open and blown up maybe we are trying to get rid of yes run that play more often actually don't we refer injures now like mitch and like i want him to be good he just isn't
maybe someday you per month i totally give up on this thing i'm not you say it's like the thing is people give up bottom and i understand your anything but what is the alternative right now there is none so i have to sit here and i'm going to not give up on him because i want him to be good and i want him to be even average would get you to places why doesn't match nagy script out the entire series a place for the whole game because i get the first the walk the first ten place because it would mean we'd run them also euro tribes we'd run the balls zero to his passes against fucking any red like any re doesn't run the ball that much potass because he can get everyone open like many gaed doing the anti red thing but not being as good as anti red is not great aren't that sounds a guest the position for a football team to be if you know at least you have expectations of us can i ask
nice to be let down by if we lose the chargers next week phil rivers gets it gets win whatever artless to whose back i'm just this is stupid i care about sports stupid hank whose back on his back the weakest scumbag defence oh so we'll talk about it with baseball the yankees our back their seasons over by very much in the course of the last two games the first one a yankee stadium there's a video of ashraf van walking out he got beer tossed on on the was just greeted with disgusting and despicable com once that no fancy it up to hear the game and then at there's a video sign up they lost of yankees fans boring a beer unlike verbally assaulting astro spent in the bathroom volubly assault values taking a p a verbal solve yes well he was trying to how did a verbal how do they verbally assaulted through words and hit him with very they guy we're assent these fine words like lebron james and there are more time i am all for it i i love scumbag yankee fence
something about his horse better win win yankees fancied you know they called the bronx year for reason yeah i like dont our problem and hank i dont know now you never see that baby out of out of new england fence they went throw beer on terry killer anything like tat a great within therefore yeah fifty mile there were set my heart on beer reduce back now there were set ash rose gnats i'm afraid i'm afraid the actress i was not afraid is not afraid of the yankees astro been there before i'm afraid brigman i'm afraid of zeal to they he's grim player i'm very treat cohen like he up and i'm scared of their starting rotations yes although vehicles but to show you could you please go ahead of saint shoved from the gall shall surgical shoved his outer shove usher in strasbourg twirl jim i think are starting rotation you can make the argument is now be better it's dead
fur but there are also our relief earner believers so now they aggregate circles pit actually have a bullpen which you might say is an advantage but we ve got the skin tangible so i'm i'm feeling pretty good about the nationals chances i'm a little bit afraid of they asked rose if we can steal one i saw that i have now i might be making this up i'm pretty sure i'm not a fernando rodney gets into the game in the world series he would have pitched foreign ale and nl team in the world series the both elsie s elsie s in both the ale ds annals anybody s great pitcher that's pretty us what a great malaria stick around long enough then you can just stay and just keep pitching forever team ever permission to be a loser yeah i'm just excited being the world's or nah i'm do that i'm just excited either you i still believe that out tat was bad
i'm excited you don't want that as a lifelong nationals and how do they just excited to be there it sucks because we don't have any ashraf fancy you can go back and forth with chaps chat and jijiu engage whilst our fight would judge it yeah so and yonder jordan very guys james hardening i was born and yeah out of care less about the game russell s work was honest phone in the bottom of the ninth yeah she said and stand up when they had i wouldn't know any guy who would sit front row and beyond their phone for the entire game no not care about the game but just corrupting on tv no special not wearing those bright orange jerseys behind home plate may keep talking myers back in a week is the jets yes the jets are back their planning as the patriots
i end tonight tonight and greeny put out a video of him and his son in the kitchen and his son was just reading through the entire scheduled coming up for the jets greening was rounded off wins left and right greetings at the jessica make the playoffs dot white sam donalds motto nuclear sustained easy there didn't you cancel his jets membership oh yeah vieira is like week to the green you have to understand but green he overreacts two things and i'd rather greening overreact and under react because greece entire life is based one giant under reaction unless it's about the new york jets right in which case sure he is is the first to extend on the ledge and he's a first stand at the front afloat and that's while of my report i think the jets are going to be competitive tonight i'll say it you think so oh wow cocky hank will build grazing same girl that's a little better take
their seasons over but when you have a guy come back from motto and play the way he did against the cowboys little pepin step in the built in know gray everyone's villain more well rested but greeny did mark this one down his loss so is not totally to lose so they were they were they went out what do they want and one in four five basically gonna come too to the last war lies game the season guess the bills accorded my green brow ok a repeat of that awesome game gate week one seventeen sixteen or wherever fucker was ok my whose back is foul weather this weekend was like the perfect foul weather and this is the time mercury the market on your cat you can margaret how do you know what i'm talking about that first time again where it's like usually eat the day so good like cancer
season parnasse where he has a lot of yes is a perfect sixty degrees outside here that i just want to go like get a house in the woods have a fire in my house not a fireplace in a walk around my yard just french leaves not half an hour on crunchy leave was gone so the bears play out where were sweater where like a wolf sweater and drink sixteen cups of coffee lie just stare at the freeze stare tat is what i want sixteen cups of coffee easter at the trees shit yourself tat actually sounds like a pretty good is pretty nice but that is a lot of of walden isn't you'd when you can smell therefore whether we words penn state and it was like the perfect day you know what i'm talking about proud of this city for a day in that it was very nice here too it was pretty nice here too i'd like to cancel wind wind i can deal with a little bit about
incendiary but once you throw when did it's god farting on you i hate when especially like through all the buildings when you turn a corner and you just you get your hat blown off like you want to upset big win v at blown off a humiliating hates like here in a cartoon it's like every guy it's like nature is doing the height thing to me where they're doing the tree cohen but they just blew my hat off then you have to go changed it down the stream or when they go against adorn the door super hard to opening look like a weak little bitch but it's really the wind charolais tell me what do we can relate to the saying that ever happened you know oh i'll funny there i'll mess with i don't i don't say bad things about the wind i'd hate when the wind scarce and i went and the wind is always bad forbidding overs what's the yet it's true what's the name one good thing wind has ever done besides when most i was myself but the windmills kill the birds were nice wind on a hot day breeze you're not
we're talking about a breeze i liked the real wind o sober ok sale do it yeah i'd rather die out about it looks cool i'd rather be i'd rather play fun water sports on a motor boat elbowed look cool they do holds good for as we feel like you can throw football forever to win that your back yes kicking a bugle wind assisted nine point was nine point five how bothered yard ash is about how about flying back from the west coast any do it like four hours catch the jets really up that wind buddy that's wind that's one good thing i'm gonna lose anything good things i says i win hasn't shit yet not that's a really good thing about wind ok be let's do some seconds before we do that tunisia to listen to pay a fee on big of true each week day from eleven to twelve eastern and they then stay tuned to hear me on the act from twelve the one eastern on serious power
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and a pair of the most comfortable men's genes ever made by heading to maxie dot com emu g s wide dot com and use promo code p m t ida quick idea that actually where we are eagles kali are eagle fan colleagues road and smitty were out there and they were bemoaning the eagles and i was promoting the the bears and we had the idea we have a good defense or quarterbacks not great you have a good quarterback your defense stinks let's combine the bears offense in the eagles defense and get the first draft pick and we can call it the chill adelphia beagles that's pretty good that's pretty good that's a good name yeah the chill it althea beagles i was talking about looking well let's see snoopy jet weeping unlocking allows the odious dominates everyone aim is so good that i feel we need to pitch this to paul rebel and have it become the lacrosse team name
i mean that is a great lacrosse name that's a much better lacrosse they matters if upon that is children you'd be top chatter tricks can you please make us logo for the children of your beagles i would like to start wrapping gear for the children of your beagles cause you play in a couple weeks so what have we just users is actually just scrimmages most scrimmage for how the game you just can t i just switch sides its offices defects gray and then you can we'll all be the reverse so you like you said you know you you're joking like we could take for the first petty i'm doing bad parts
i want to ensure both children he paced the fuck cargo for cargo ears yes good where the fuck cargo erases a big dick in someone's alike at pasco scoff fuck argo years will be the bears offers in the eagles deeper yes and the children of a big old will be the who the eagles often in the bears defence i get to spread right now is for cargo plus twenty two and a half years that someone just draw this up make a whole roster show me how good it seems to be be fuckin sick i let's do are for paul guy of the weak first up we have nick saving for telling his team that this is the time of year to get your piss hot to quote an old backroom saying that is an old backroom setting pisang i fuck him of that saying so the same clemson lester i have
i mean you preside aren't you angry start doing drugs yet pities yet your piss hot keepers now you ever measure they get angry ground all in gps hot man i didn't know like how you could physically makeup has hop warwick pfc said clumsiness i just take a much of like stopping another familiar from your neighbour in the locker and wet but gave piss out ok next up we have minnesota holder and for time cancer survivor casey o brien getting his first career hold in a blot went over rockers so
have fun competing it's that everyone out next one highschool football coach keen and low for disarming a student with a gun in portland oregon so one guy stop the school shooter and one guy has survived cancer four times more time and added forget the fort and also be rockers yes which i think actually should that's you should be rockers by a lot of data on rockers nuncio season not doing so well i looked at nuncio you see through for his quarterback threw for last week yeah i was one again this again two weeks in a row that's actually now they're doing on purpose through for one i think they're doing it on purpose yeah that's that's awesome that is pretty cool next level i almost feel bad for the award winning listeners having to choose between the cancer survivor and the guy that stop to potential school shewed well here's the one and i love this guy it's a kid who called in a bomb threat
to use a university of alabama guy that's my bet call it a bomb threat to tiger stating that was last saturday between l issued florida because his friend on the verge of losing a very large bet that's a football guy that's a football guy who's use a general gambler knows that you just have to drastic times call for drastic if you think that a little bomb threat is going to stop people losing anna from a football game now my friend you have another think come should a seizure threatened might the tiger or a couple trees and they stopped to football yes exactly the little put on a man of people dying ok mascots or trees can have no hair i so vote for football i the weak on our party twitter i may i may have been a little off on my johnny langdon rockers now i'm seeing when it says he threw for forty eight yards but i saw tweet from roger sherman earlier we for a yard again while this is he did throw for a your last week
but he'd know that it was two weeks in rome that's what the tweet said so maybe was before the game was over maybe they're not taken into account he was sitting on a yard sack yardage i'm not sure interested it throw for a yard but he also through for forty eight of yes of forty seven more yes yeah ok forty seven times better than he was last we have a little christ improvement for nuncio nuncio chill out man areas often small rockers that programme should use fault can you give the death penalty to a programme for being so bad you know i don't think you can or just maybe go to cs the rucker should just start cheating like really bad out and get caught intentionally yes so that instead of lay just killed them i'd since we're on college football actual do our last that and i will do this are last ad is from a new sponsor new sponsor alert lucy anchored at new sponsor thousand great does great fuckin sound
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team and nicotine is an addict substance but it also kicks ass so yet given take their very go i assume college football so where we want to start with culture of all such a big we could we left sure didn't hurt yell if we analyse the the sooner schooner crashes we had vanderbilt ah beat missouri who as a twenty one point honour dog boy kansas almost be texas ah question automated areas other than the one you heard of upset air force and why has so many points out on the island is it make it worse than it was a former bears coach that but you i have no problem lobby yeah i like lovely does of course are these the only guy that looks younger by growing out that white beard he he's like looks like he's thirty years younger levies firing from the bears was quintessential like that's probably time now is what it was
both sides isn't headwind team we caught fire yeah yeah you know the real losers are this weekend was content which we haven't said lost on site pregnant pay of tea out because hagen pre of tea didn't get to witness it then get a witness my heartbreak and you guys really lost out you guys like to see me die and using it i'll let you die so many times i would like in printed in my brain so i do it's just i can we imagine it pretty you can you got my spank native pickets death is like that so hang it yet i i wish i could have been there to support you not to make funding to support you into logs more hours in my spank bank of big cat wanting to die it was it was tough the way that it happened was yeah peace within currently here's why you mean why ceremonies airways exactly i know
no i don't mean that your set aired no that's why i'm a piece with it my relationship with the universe was constant athletics is relationship where i know what they're gonna do before they do it and at some point when you have a relationship that's so deep seated you get stale so i knew they were going to lose in a heartbreaking fashion this year i knew my heart was going to get ripped out of my chest i always know what's happening or going to happen i didn't know it was going to be this weekend so i appreciate them keep it fresh it was like coming home andean like hey honey let's try a new position let's loses thirty one point favorites in a fucking hooray fashion is posing oil yeah it's like falk why are you married for retail twenty years what the fuck you been overdue so what your phone for right now because if you had to pick a game to lose to still be in the national championship conversation this is probably the one before
still control guide us you can you can still be minnesota you can still beat ohio state white lies and then have your heart ripped out from you in excruciating fashion which i will make sure come hell or high water i all therefore this sorry this is it this season is it that's the other part of why i'm a peace because once it happens i no longer have to go through it again once they ripped my heart out that's why when the real true now i'm terrible citizens are when they wait till the absolute and this is almost a relief like even last year when they lost be why you last year's team was terrible they also be where you would say shit was twenty four point favorites wherever one there have so early in the year that i was like fog it we ve already done this like we're good it's happen could tell behind smile your tarifa had happened twice including state will probably play will proprio house they pretty close because why not you i mean like will lose by several ten just so that everyone could say will they actually all that bad
really really sexually losses thirty one point favorite still annoy but yeah i'm a piece it feels good by their relationship has been renewed wisconsin has broken my heart in a new fashion i always know northwest coming always know you don't wanna evanston always know i always lurking minnesota last year was a new one because we have lost them in fifteen years the illinois one and see come and i respect the hell out of you will never see somebody route harder for wisconsin than when they play against ohio state than i will ya and then you will never gone somebody all respect scumbags hoo hoo cover up domestic song ass true ass why that's why i'm in reform and not because they don't go to china i can't wait to see them get their asses uk by oklahoma and some are now apply loose if we beetle state will lose two minnesota that's how we're ok so that's that's the the calculation given take here so you i mean i it was shocking new shocking but i am happy to be done with it i feel its legal
scornfully jail like i did my sense you done it on your out you're out only a constant i'm a free man i can just enjoy their like tat shall good thing above their their media mediocre plus their their extra media like their above average put not ever going to be good enough to be great probably rosebush i would love to go rose rattles fucking great place in the world watch football game somewhere best memories from their loss and guess what was consulates both those games to listen i think conquests is the same guided he's gonna be able to get the team back on track into tilling at the end of the game you're trying to bleed the clock and he was just snapping the ball and just what are they doing that he wants to play more football he lost his brain loves replied ojo twentieth extra snapshot of the air was so beautiful it was such a nice fall day fear that our college football to dig it hurt at this big yeah that actually kind of sucks so he had surgery on his ankle right it did last year its
but he didn't already have another surgery on the little things ok so we did in that's melbury seagoing thinks his ankle is fought or show he might be out at el issue which would be canonize lou how can a nice real i'm look how he has a high ankle spreads ye are as chris long calls it and ankles brain that she'll never gets all that is good when do they play i'll shoot november ninety two weeks from now oh yeah ok so you might be out then but then there quarterback were to their new quarterbacks him is mac right got to his brother is the the third string i think really i'm pretty sure which is awesome also shot out data horse and putting his son in four houston i love that move yet top towel
tal we're toggle tug of low and now is that just a guy that they recruit to make sure that they get to tag tallow tag a little over half brother of two commits the alabama overturn citizen article from two dozen eighteen so i think he is the third strength mac jones is the backup right now my actual this is a great value for tobacco that's not a good that's not album quarterback me mac jones s a fallback me it's a cool backup name yeah put that gimme the other tangle of against tackling of our yes you have to talk about alabama late show turning for poland to arrive wise everyone doing that now that's everyone no eyes georgia did it yeah broncos did it on thursday night yeah i like i think in the air
they see it is a signal to all your underclass vendetta understands now's the time take your flask gap when the lights turnout roquat now you're tired eyebrow appreciate that they're all the other recruits now now your time to jingle the new car keys you have you have your sweet alexis now's the time where the handshakes are exchanged a couple thousand dollars the hundreds folded up and am i allus fish we got a couple more topics your segments here you ve unequal idea i do yes i've been so cabin find something off we limited the model ass i threw it let me do this way seeking question yeah promo code take ten dollars off quota else you album seek promo code take we love seek they always guinness who could supplement or you might get her on friday night ricky i think i'm gonna be down in dc worlds i'm just gonna be happy to be their promo code take ten dollars off what is your name i don't like what
i just woke up in the middle the night last night with this idea stuck in my brain i don't know how it got there but it's an idea for like a athletic centre or like just jim it's a gym they gained a subscription to called allow the jumanji where all the kettle bills are like a movie faces and its four influencers and the weights are labelled with the amount of hundreds than iran with a red hundreds ok i don't hate dounia what about the windows the mirrors having cameras interim what is the likely idea yannick will always have choice nike god i drink nyc will and then in the middle of the night i woke up and i was like jumanji you revolts that's perfect your trip on robert us m p i mean either not vote on the events in neither vodka right
i'd like to say i don't know i don't know where else to go with it besides you just you target influencers you get people you have to have here's what you do you say you have to have over a hundred thousand followers to get a membership there better than you let everybody in that applies and then they feel like they have over a hundred thousand oaks in there and then it just becomes a big thing of the people that don't have that aren't influencers yet networking with the actual influencers at the gym i like that little man you should be able to let the dog accounts into our done little agility course was right i like this i ve a little like we can we can have an area where they can have their super healthy meal there eating and its and they don't have to eat it tastings picture there and then move airdrop you the picture that they just took a female that you'd any right yeah they give you like some fries this is it this is the jumanji yeah ok that's done ok part can only open one in new york in san francisco and maybe
yeah i don't think this is of a jim for miami yeah like and only this jimfred toledo heil probably not but yeah by well are you can just say like its new york miami allay san francisco within open it everywhere like ellie fitness people go there and there are like oh i feel
i live in the area exactly this night have put a plain emerging in your buyer when you walk in the door you put a plate emerging when you check in it puts a plain emerging and it puts it tweets it out for you that says in y see plain djibouti yap and then says like all the all like instead of you know when you go to await roman college football programme they have all the motivational stuff it's just its interim caption so it's like few can handle me at my men had beach you don't deserve me at my so how like that like i'm by coastal baby this is the live laugh love steamer right right like that like yale cat that's hot you you and forging nature mogi do you think you have enough if you have a k right an agenda yet the clout not big deal
sliding recycled one view inciting in no outside you get slid on not eat let monsieur le monsieur dams here read it read your last reedy em out this will we get same oh how are you i'm sorry to bother you i can tell you i do it either the only group i do it to that was from yeah from war my boy david cox replied one of my stories and said the legend were you being a legend now really but i'd appreciate that and then dies life shadowed dies life instagram beer die instagram account they're going to semi submerged so fall then and shoved them first sending me the march love it fire dies life up this case badger french executed
you can you shoot me in the fucking face some suicidal that's bad that was your either you just talking about the dig game thou so it's a bad it's ok here is my last dm thank no thank you marlins man she had a greater time what that was flock alot of ravens fancy you're not frauds anymore rods ok you guys aren't i said that i live let wrap up hank this is yours admit blame and shame media tumblr is under attack knows yeah yeah is not here he so much under attack he came up with the blame che media he was under attack on friday yeah for friday night there was a video that came out is a small rods new show and there's a scene bigger you wash you can probably i know it i wish i were now bad so you so now i wash ease the dumbest controversy of all time because i don't watch it i saw the videos arises weird but i from what i've been told anyone i watched the
yet i have not watch it but i've read the synopsis of that i tell you that and i also want a fag rejected so i can confirm trust as its opposite somehow somehow the most in context thing of all time that looked like tom brady making fun of bob craft was actually out of contact correct which is amazing to me like you if you just watched at your house there be anything other than what my eyes just saw my eyes lied to me while the the problem i have with this is the person who tweeted it were in the video to its tom brady walking out of a spy civil backup tumblr is whatever spa inertia in the show polaroids like oh i ve been here is i guess six times someone tweeted it and was like i cannot believe this clearly being like tom worries me front of bob craft if you watch the show you didn't even make their connection because the joke is so clearly about tom brady so i hate the personal tweeted is
producer felder masters like the troll radio station so that's alright ok so then i don't hate and begun it was on purpose as i thought maybe it was someone who is doing it actually saying he knew what he was doing ok you already i no longer hate him retract ok the thing is i hate everyone who who bought it and fell for stoop me i've i've i feel stew this more use i don't like your part of the blame and she added a morning i would i had to be in us on my heart because i was like this is part of the big problem on air because tom brady somebody asked him a question about it at his locker limit she meat and he looked like he was gonna cry he ate i've never seen tom brady look like i and all i have to say about that is i'm betting heavily on the patriarch tonight what like all i'm the guy like you like being active he likes outside of his and i felt really doing some thespian work and he does it and when all it does is get critical reception like no one likes that who wants that as active are you
he was too good in the raw and people are jealous he was upset that he put all its time and it was role enormous focusing on the role that he the performance that he gave but instead on the context which was not relative to the perform do you think that taught that bob craft saw the clip and his heart broken little bit no it came not adjusted i go we bar he probably saw that and was i tom i am glad that you are able to make a joke about those go together some thereby allowing everyone areas a meter invite you that also i was a twitter bubble thing where i'm sure of quarterly reno one rough run aircraft right issues
because when i watch i watch the show and i even think twice about it because it's in contacts it makes perfect sense yeah what i went back to dimmers regional too smart smart sweetie just put the thinking emerges that arts or credit to him he got the whole internet that's i'm a tip my cap that's that's a smart move i that's our show joe buck on wednesday let us go big guess come up big gas in the next few days i'm pretty excited because the next time you ll hear me i will be celebrating a game one nationals rony series victory wrong gear causing a shovel editorial shove but should general shove more twirl nope shove you're talking shop
i'm just happy to be here let me guess it's pardon my tape beset by law
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