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Nick Wright and Penguins Nick Bonino and Brian Dumoulin

2017-06-13 | 🔗
NBA Finals wrap up, torch passing, and Lebron hot Take fatigue. Hot Seat/Cool Throne and an introduction of Pardon My Take intern Billy Football. FS1's Nick Wright joins the show to defend Lebron, talk NBA Finals and Super Team Destiny. Nick Bonino and Brian Dumoulin from the Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins join the show to talk about winning back to back cups, whether or not it's the Caps year, and Dumo meeting Vanny Woodhead. Segments include Mayweather/Pacquiao Update, Good Visual for Eddie Lacy, Stick to Sports for the Warriors, connect the dots on Gordon Hayward and Guy's on Chicks
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on today is part of my take we wrap up the nba finals we also wrap up the stanley cup finals with to pittsburgh penguins are recurring guess we called last year brian human and nick bonino we also have nick right from fox sports one on to talk about leubronn and the and be a final stout fun and guys on checks before we gets all that we have a quick quick word from our sponsor me undies everyone knows that this podcast is exclusively me on these guys we actually get a new to new pairs every single mom i'm rocky my new pair right now it's got army gaza say salmon may we love me on these and we love it because it is the softest most comfortable underwear you'll ever where they have a special fabric called modal that i'm telling you you take care yourself when you were me under you feel like it saw every days of it
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love none can have any idea how are they are welcome to pardon my take it is wednesday june fourteenth and kevin doran has finally climb that mountain
couldn't ran the torch has been passed he asked kevin doran yes but it might get passed back depending on work having goes this off season sold and we have jobs above the torch many many times i just one on the record that i do still think leubronn is the best player in the nba but what can directly in the finals was fantastic and you can't really say any bad words about him other than the fact join the warriors because every fourth quarter it felt like whatever calendar aunt wanted he could get and he did it every single my any did it in the fourth quarter game five and that's a rap he was imposing as well and it helps when you're going but gives a team with one superstar that has absolutely no help course of too much air smith is probably going so if you be so mad he's not gonna put a shirt on four probably two weeks the we're not gonna get him out rushmore yet my rushmore starting on friday we have special mount rushmore debut episode but just a quick if i were to do about rushmore of players that you can't
your eyes off when they're in the zone jerry mess up the note they should have done if any game had gone into overtime they should just taken place of gordon had a beach avail verse j smith who one on one and the person that does the most hilarious thing that team once again yes so leubronn is now what what is he three and five in the nba final sees negative too so he owes adam silver to rings they should send some some fellas up to his door this off season they collect on that that this is definitely i would say the hottest the hottest take finals we ve ever had simply because you basically after like put yourself you have to stop your ear ear flag in the ground and billing hey i'm either leubronn is the best or the wars the best turns out there both kind of true i know people believe k you like aside but what i use my eyes of my rain and both were kind of true for the serious they're both really get but i say this for kevin durrant all the money in the world all the
i ve been ships in the world they can't buy you back your man card so oh he was in the locker room afterward celebrating took a sip of beer and spit it out over my off there goes my cool thrown yes my hot seat was kept her as male hard they kept her aunts man card was on the hot seeing as he did leg you said took us have a beard spirit right out and out pretty embarrassing moment for kevin's ran so it was it was stuff curry against lebron james you could take kevin out of it and the biggest difference between those two guys one guy stayed in school and the other skip college church so i'd like to get that conversation gone like maybe leubronn the learned something from coach kay the other game five story that with protein yet austin everything and i would like to maybe do like a mini thirty four thirty on it is the interest david west kiss you heard round the lesser third what if i told you that two powerful the diva so mad at each other they meet the david west is still
surly because he turned out all that money in indiana and his wife his pistol many started kissing do lighted and jeff van gandhi like stand up for chloric our dash and be ok you can't be cheating on are not on the court like that that was a great moment though when they went to to two hours or just go and chest a chess summit on tonight yes we can sometimes guys kiss that when you get to like you said two hours to get like real top of the walk guys gonna each other if you get too angry and you know that you're not allowed to fight if you know that you're gonna get kicked out in cost regime a championship you have no other option but to just kissed the guy that boxers do it sometimes i was where you got stuck at y know hankow hanks answers were you stuck at all at the end being like a kind of want to calves to win just so we can get an extra game yo a hundred percent o actually know i should put myself in the back row quick so the predictions before this series were words and for
hank calves in seven by pfc saddlers five thinking daisy omen sweep europe we want us ass i see no sign of becoming sparta happy birthday anger tanks no because if the calves in what they should have one game too and then they last mary came three showing game three then they should won the game last i too but daimios rigged that's the new that new hot these people saying the india's rigged about anything you do if something
again the unites rigged in any kind of foul yet autonomy silver cats already like helped him gonna geese like making the rounds again and media we as the fucking worst is like it just add fuel to the fire basically o halves had you no seven fowls call them first quarter let's get timid on again the shell fun fact him don t wanted to come upon my take us here and then i think you like wanted money he appears area it was arthur was in damages of ec sketch ball so if they had one game through which it should have and then they should have one last night and then if they had even like air bud if air bud with advanced age air bud with hip displeasure was playing instead of daring williams i think you're right it would be better still would have been right so the the other story i guess is a mean we have to now say or the warriors when the best teams in embryo history are the goat are they the goat know they're not i think three or stretch their up there they buy me
only winning two out of three probably heard some but in terms of what they have done in the regular season and then in the play of sixteen and one you know what i'm just glad that we're not gonna have to talk about basketball for another five months i'm excited i'm i'm i have leubronn fatigue element i'll be the first to admit it last night when he was or two nights ago and the press conference recently added plainer super team i had like lit fatigue because i was like i can't move
drop the energy to get angry about a comment that he made a picture leubronn as as one of the guys in them put nineteen eighty four ledges burns pieces of old news and then tells people opposite things i guess i can't believe that kevin durrant woods shame the game a basketball by going to a team to chase ring meanwhile is he's clipping out film from the decision and throwing it into incinerate yes so that slobber i almond goes your dark thirty four minute zero dark thirty thirty two because as my age on the brown stuff zero dark thirty four thirty year and is not free agent assures were not an updated but katy he might mean is katy gonna take less money i before we get to hot see cool thrown onto quickly shout out our friends at draft kings draft kings has a huge gulf term at coming up this thursday you have to sign up before they t off on thursday morning when you play one week fancy gulf a drafting she'll be locked in on every dr every approach and every pot plus fancy golfer draft things is easy to play just pick six golfers before the turn miss starts this thursday morning then follow your gall golfers live and rack up points for eagles birdies and more if your new player drafting also offers different contests against players of the same
your level or start a robbery invite your friends to play in your very own private contests remember the turn myths starts this thursday morning so hurry to draft kings dot com right now to choose your golfers and be sure to use a promo code big cat to enter the free one hundred thousand dollar fantasy golf until that's promo code big cat draft kings game inside the eligibility restrictions may apply see draft kings dot com for details are hot see cool thrown who wants to start paying it's not that it's a birthday i can we perhaps they hank feels ass the gravest little word of wisdom from someone who just turned twenty four i stopped caring mama birthday i don't really know little old really you like six years ahead of the curve jump and vice versa as a twenty four year old enjoy your last year where you're not allowed to run a house or a car so
yeah you can you give us an eye on active all your buddies banal your cars for right i'd say twenty four is one of those lost years on a really remember being twenty four yeah you really just start you wake up when you're like twenty seven and then that then then the scary started creep in your book so you could still conceivably just move to europe right now the anyone really believing that much behind yes not that we want you to know that my hot seat is on all the guys in gaol who put off going the gmo year and now they had to go to the beach in or pool who unlike you hank know and that's that's that's coming from a personal place it's hot i wanted my shirt off and the will to skinny ganglia it's kind of awkward you know so easy to it's easier to put on that weight than it is to lose it so so that this is a perfect this a pervert intro right here beginners pause hussy cool throne for second we have an intern wish if two interns entering liam is behind the scenes doing a bunch of the graphics he's been great in turn billy football our new assent
and you just graduated high school on sunday is going to whip us in shape part my takes get into shape abilities you wanted to say something to the might to the people so guys i that's good that's coyly football were actually here from later it guys on checks but the plan is he's putting together a workout regiment a food plan is basically just gonna walk up to eat this do this and will receive you forget kudos yeah he's gonna give us catalysis your body people forget your body as these are key tones just swimming around in autumn so when you go into cattle since they all just they work a lot harder it's it's actually the perfect in turn diet for this podcast because i realized last night that billy football he he's eighteen so that means whatever the last thing he heard them the smartest thing is heard in the world so we are getting a diet tip from a guy who it could have been just a random personal history been like hey kid
give you diarrhea diarrhea makes you skinny and then now billy football is giving that to any still at that young age where he he is naive enough to believe everything that he's heard but he hasn't heard that yet right so he's a hundred percent confident and everything that he knows i really miss that age but straight billy little tipp firmly tip from media dont worry too much because if you learn how to our stuff it just confuses you because so much that contradicts the other stuff you ve heard and then you just drive or self and say only with deep human being he s just stop le whenever someone tries to teach anything unless its mere beget just tell em no thanks buddy i got everything i need an the name billy footballs not just random play football is actually playing college football next year for division three school but we ve already made it clear that we're gonna be transferring one school after this next year a road to the nfl so pfc i have basically adopted em we're gonna went once you get too and i felt right like a blind side new new blind died story i'm like i'm sandra bullock yeah i'll be the southern dude
jos entangled in withdraws in denmark cannot grow so we're gonna make billy willing to make a man are you billy football you're gonna become like pretty big time on making a skinny open there we go there was billy foreboding i'd say you're cool throne is fades i care cuttercoats who big big big summer haircut which affect like when you go like one on the side and like four on top ok yeah i'm not gonna be be doing that but says that maybe that's what will happen when danny what had my hair after suitable canvas fade fades ok pfc what you got my hot seat is your friend michael oh so don't ever saw the little john fox in an interview today just said he start getting midstream whisky as much experience as possible as early as possible because now it gets better because i argue there
reason but you gimme the the rates but a month ago he said that he was gonna censure busy for now needs experience because it work really well when he got tito all that experience yes right away or when it got jimmy class and all that experience no he literally said it worked out well see bow a cash that's why i want to do with matches is john fox just now waking up a month later being like fuck they really fucked me by drafting a rookie quarterback i better play him and hope he's good otherwise i was my job i think john fox suggest sleep walking for the last four years he just realized yes this is the last thing that he saw was timetable winning a game right and so he just been in a coma but he's such a football guy they just go to the most it's like you do in sleep walking into the most natural things he just
i put another coaching gig now as i get worked out really well tv let's get mitch on the same basis really well what about your calls viable throne is nineteen nineties bulls team who and is not for the reason you would think ok it's because dennis rodman has proven that he is the greatest american diplomat in history ok you just got back from north korea oh no he just went to north korea or he's in north korea going tonight but you have freed hostage that was over there for he freed a uv student doubt i guess he was imprisoned for like knocking a picture of a wall ok or something like that and rob and went over there and do in north korea he's up what did it himself he's lingered vessel man's with no journalist you vehicle doing
it has been a uv overture where what is the ninety three bowls have to do with us the nineties bulls oh yeah the second the second times yes said yeah i'm so it also back suppose up in the argument of best team ever against workers dream on green he would never go grew who is dream on green freed no one s probably blood from someone's penis way punch it's a heart that's a good point job dream on green when he would kick bobo dawn the dick if you went over to negotiate with it's like you know the old leeches that would like cure cancer is pro each on someone anyone green is like the smartest doktor two hundred years ago yes i got your dick hurts let me just punch it really did to shit out of me i said dennis robin is like jason bourne pay jellies except he hasn't dwelling does have amnesia it just from taking like php instead of the cia just giving it i can't imagine a kim jong on thus robin like hang out such must be lit we'll get we approve
in most of our requests from built from the authoritative from feeling breaking moose give it to us the dennis rodman north korea trip is sponsored by pot coin palm going i saw what is possible bitcoin but exclusively for buying drugs as opposed to the silk road i suppose like just normal bitcoin which is definitely never used for buying drawn up in the dark web onion pay billy no drugs for you and make you oh quarterbacks won't even fuck and think about it also billy i'd give us all your popcorn give it handed over that's that's three times they have spoken today so this i think we're we're good for evil gonna take a time out i my at seats is i was going to counter any man card for spitting out that beer i am now going to transfer to perfect booties on instagram because lebron james is now back
on instagram in twitter of zero dark thirty twenty three is over and that means no perfect booties are safe as he likes his perfect booties like i come so can we like those that like but national like but no side in those leah how britney spears instagram it was revealed that like her comments section was a meeting place for russian trolls who has not got up and that is exactly what i expect britney spears yet do you think that's like where the banana boat crew exchanges in from vision for their off season booty undergoing a laker yeah they figured out an eye on that who doubts it can you whoever recruiting violation in the comments section of an instagram post that's technically not texting know you're no its not meeting up or somebody says tat between the whole bitcoin paying recruits and said up instagram pages just of asses that recruiters can talk to a high school for bottlers i think we ve solved the problem in the whole instead of lay eyes
i mean white coat cages going on a coach k will definitely be the first one to do it he'll go on instagram and i'll just be like i wanted to post on this picture and say that it's a great picture kind of like you the player but i'm not saying that directly to you just have comment on the picture commenting on big booty problems here hey if anybody the ball family happens to read this might have a scholarship snowball i think that your your three point shot is just as hard as this big booty we just act recruiting and then my cool throne is retails so java travail mc maggie first ever mba player to win the championship with a rattle yes a rat tales are back i was i was almost positive that i say thomas had had a payment systems
you have read so when you i did not have a writer i dont you take this the wrong way but you really look i would i have to say the same exact i've i there was a time of many people who have been around for while not like three or four years ago i attempted a rat tale didn't work out i got a retail i don't have rachel had not to brag i could have a pretty sick wrapped around i want at one of your men while the only thing i d only guys rattles do usually named after initials there's like dj usually redtail michigan a rattle underneath your real hair and despicable put a couple beads and like a hidden technically do have a rattle i've just got a lot of re altogether tonnes righteous honest let's before we get sore interviews we have one other sponsor we do these interviews are brought to you by the black tux there's only so many opportunities in life to wear a tux so when your big day or special event rolls around this spring or summer look just as great as you feel with suits from the black tux com with mod
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i lost your interviews first up rendered nick right it was not really an interview debate is assuming the little haven't been cat and nick right yelling each other about lebaron unkempt around me i was good ass she liked it it was their punic i respect the hell out an ec right for coming on the show i actually have more respect for him now if i was more genuine then i give him credit for we disagree on basically everything ever put shots nick right because i it was fun to do and i walked away being like ok i don't hate that guy and then we have a little more light hearted with stanley cup champions nick you know and brian du monde and that will come right after we now welcome on nick right he is going to be starting a show it's called first things first with chris carter and nick right start september fifth on f s one from six to nine am roof that's early that's really early
years ago begets mike mike which as as our listers no i watch that show almost every day are you guys home we talkin about eating sandwiches with knives and forks and then the other guys going to be eating on the air all the time or is that going to be like a totally different show i don't think we're gonna encroach on their corner in that regard but i dont even know to be honest i don't think we're here we go and by the way things are me on a big fan of the pod gas i once upon a time did upon gas with michael lombardy where we were jostling for like two weeks i have no idea how but joplin with you guys for tops on by tunes podcast heart than you guys disney eviscerated us as you guys do everyone but mike mike i don't know if i would call that really who we're gonna be going up against because as of january that's not gonna be on european order it's been two green he's gonna have his new show on he has been an important is going to be on a usb into but what are we going
against them or not i would leave the sandwich and maybe eating discussion the people that i have a better expertise on it then i do i let's start with what rwanda you hate me on twitter no yes i own age you let me framed this because this is this organic good point the nick brings up big cat and hank or our survival braun haters know that not true see sea were already wordy off we already off your head is i am not i don't hate you on twitter i think you have done the m drivers leubronn ad nauseam and i think you know exactly what you're doing what am i doing other than being right and earlier on it than anybody and more right just like i was wrong on the warriors than anyone but so ok so i'm so let's talk about the warriors real quick because that's a good point this kind of prove my point you were very very wrong about the warriors you and
good bet you went on every show and said that the warriors were gonna beat the calves in five of the way our thoughts are the calves are gonna beat the wars in five you said that the bench wasn't going to be good enough you said adding kevin durrant made them what do you say that who are worst team with given rise ended they should have stuck with the game they had last year ok instead of adding a top three player ambient there's just one ball but get right so no hot on but neat are you gonna do you want to keep going around one aren't you going if we want to bulgaria god knows so do i look repeat that again i am right now they're like the facts were in the good thing about sports is on most of these arguments home but most of them we get to actually see the games played and see was right and who was wrong the concern i had the warriors with a very simple we jeez it was threefold one had
hiring missed at the end of game seven last year and step hidden made it they would have just completed the greatest to your stretching the history of basketball they would have a two time unanimous in bp they might have you might have won the damn finals and bp that year and i think most people would have said don't change anything are you nuts europe three one and this series you said the greatest two years work ever don't change anything those two shot went the other way and the dry thickly overhauled thereafter they get their top three players but other than that they need major move they got rid of rembrandt action which has been the one way to beat the bronze aims in the final and they did it for a guy that i thought was redundant and you mentioned the fact that the point that everyone made which is your adding a top three player they absolutely do but what i feared and what i do think was one minor part i got right if they were adding this
can best player in the world but by doing that they were subtracting the second best players step hurry and making closer to eight nine or ten driving that was proven out now we had better numbers in this finals and he didn't the last to correcting these specific vinyl it is to create better numbers so to say that that we ve subtracted from staff currie i see the thing i think samples is good nature lasher no i mean i think i think staff reached in a pack said he i think he reads like a twelve to eighteen month apex it i think you'll ever be able to duplicate but with kevin iran's i question is do you write to that last part important you think step would have been the same this year are they had durant or not i mean he might have scored similar points were and i think what we're gonna listen i couldn't concede the warriors point i don't think it was
an absurd one i don't think it was laughable a tight i was very wrong but i think the idea that a team that had one hundred and seventy three games that was up three one a against old team with in my estimation the greatest player ever wherever that team would change everything and also keep this in mind i didn't know that i mean we don't know yet but don't seems to be saying he's gonna take less than the max i also thought everything many people thought that can go and add doran but you don't have his bird rights so to keep him this off season we will lose a good ally in living stained and part of the banks that makes your great now during might end up taking latch which makes the whole point moot but i think no reasons that i had that opinion and draw up the river season it was looking correct now in the boy asked looks idiotic and i got all that i tweeted today that those old takes expose guys did a compilation of all the times i was saying the warriors would have been better off without durant and wondering just finished one of the best mba
finals anyone ever had the end they one in five game there are sixty one it looks absurd but like i'm not running from that but i also didn't make i wouldn't baseless opinion it wasn't something i just picked out of thin air fares greece and i thought it doesn't leave my believed it now if you if you were to take kevin turann and put him on the cavaliers let's say hypothetically do you think he makes braun worse urges leubronn make him worse now i think that to rent in courier special players because their skill set so similar now durant obviously a much better defensive player i think i think le braun the guy that i i think that if you put him on the cavs would be much much worse than he is on the warriors is draymond because draymond is like a poor man's will braun the guy that can guard all five spot the guy that can bring the ball court sliding durrant would be an amazing compliment for full abroad
james but didn't i just saw guy stuff curry place point gardens in character and please you know forward so to say that they like poor you now have the same skill set in and do the same things i don't think that's that's really really might my biggest problem with the warriors prediction from you is that you even during the series you are treating about how you bought a flight to cleveland for game sick you're kept on tweeting that the calves are still gonna win this year's it was so apparent to anyone who is watching as apparent as you claim that lebron is the greatest pleasure of all time that the warriors were by far the best team in the nba in that series and instead of talking about the warriors possibly being you know the best three year stretch of any team ever an history we're it here talking about m j abroad because that's where you been talking about for last fire listen why i appreciate the fact that it that you might be giving me
all credit to set i know this trap i know this draft is trapped in a trap door no this is what you guys is what you guys do is you are you gonna let me respond or nobody you start the conversation and then and then you keep going with the conversation it's every day talk about the conversation every day you treat about em jailer and then when someone says hey stop tree mohammed work well we're just responding to what the world wanna talk talk about that's not that's not what i was going to say there at all that wasn't what i was going to say there though there was no trap there what i was attending this here there is while it sounds like you are you are giving me credit for setting some type of conversational tone throughout the sport van dam that i dont think i did what is true is that i gave durant credit throughout this series i also have i've been shy for the last eight months about the fact that the warriors irc me i dont like them i don't like the style why i don't like how what about all i from the
her own down i don't like how they care themselves what would you do specifically like what what do you not like about the words what do you not like about how they play i dont like i don't like that in the midst of a seventy three one sees in your texting your biggest rival to try to get on the team i dont like did step courier us actually what about leubronn when he was texting with with de weighed in bush in before you was a miami he player like that happened exact same thing happened it would not be exacting bigger
seventy three when d been keeping but hard on you know asked me like six questions in a row i can answer all of em but you're gonna have to let me you asked me what i dont liked about them specifically i would like to answer that question than you'll tell me you're the one joint ask that bear yeah ok so i dont like to mention the taxing of during the seventy three win were defending champion season i dont like the fact that they are the only team i've seen in sports i actually like the arrogant aptly but the arrogant ably tends to get killed four that the warriors starting early last these are not this pass one but the one before they they were the most in game arrogant i've ever seen and they were applauded boarded struck me as hypocritical i dont like the fact that dream on green is one of the least visionary got better but last year was one of the more obviously dirty players in recent memory and wooden own it like at least
admin owned it i also like the fact that joe lake up says we're light years ahead when so much of their success has been predicated on good fortune and good luck which by the way as is the case with most things that have great round but they're not at their saying light years add and this is the one the people can disagree with like this is the last one is probably my biggest reason i don't like the warriors that's most personal it is simply not what i watch basketball for i i watch bat their devil i like football because of the violence right i'm not a huge baseball fan but the part of its boy do like is the tension in the post season of the one or one battle between pitcher and better basketball
i want to watch bigger stronger faster flying guys that may seem like superheroes that i want to watch and win the warriors success up to deceive was predicated on two guys who who have mastered the one skill in basketball that to me at least pleasing just from a visual perspective using what has it again i'm not saying that has been that the way i can soon the sport is the way i want it i'm just saying you personally i like shown camp hell of a lot more than i liked re out i mean look at google braun stuff now makes more sense you you literally like the bigger stronger guys you boys is waited the hoop over and over and over instead of a guy who can shoot these unbelievable three point
sure right and that is by the way i do not claim to be correct on that like that there is no correct on that it's just a matter of proper and like whether it like the type of women you lied to the type of food you like the type of basque boy enjoy watching sober all those for all those reasons answer question those are the reasons i didn't like the warriors now the anterior the question you have about why i wouldn't back down why when the warriors were down when the warriors were up to i wouldn't back down when it was apparent to everyone the warriors even when this year why dont know i mean i watched the calves be up to with the ball in the critical game this year's game three with the single best corner three points tudor involve gave it that's the i'd so this is of this this is a trick the even playing on everyone s playing and yet i do you think you're playing trick because this is the criticism for leubronn in game three was narrowly
the right gave the cow corver play i did not hear one person tell me that he made the wrong play in the car core reply so you basically said craig straw man yet you create a strong economy finish let me finish let me finish no let me thank you create the straw man and inconveniently left out the fact that everyone in the united states america in the world know the captain
for the calendar aunt was shooting that transition three except leubronn who didn't card the transition three and then in the final possession when cairo has the ball and is crossing up a million times leubronn is weaving him on and basically saying you take it and not try to get involved at all so i the cow corver three we totally agree that was the correct pass you need role players to win championships cow corver makes at three we're not even having this conversation is a serious though going on butler bronze other put real pieces in that game in that closing that game is what i think is fair to criticise fair enough but died your thing on creating a strong man just now i'm going to tell you the reality i was on television the day after that game the first question i was asked and i was only on four thirteen minutes with me increase carter and undisputed given chain and the entire segment was predicated on a question about the cormorant or yet
no shit that's what you guys do you create strong arguments back and forth like that was that's exactly what i'm talking about that conversation even happened because no one was having that conversation except you guys ok well i don't know who you guys is because they got that the station with had on the jump which is only as good in that procedures had on our network on the herd on undisputed on speak yourself that conversation with had on but money in laboratory show it was so maybe maybe you are and having it but me no one with having it and listen if if that is the gist of this is twofold one i think look round the graceful wherever you disagree with that and we can have that discussions will be like but of the bigger gist of it is that while i dig what you guys do a bar store you think what i do is is crappy legs so be it like i know i'm not certain why you wanna dance me on to talk about it but like if your general opinion is you don't like the style of television
or show that i appear on it i don't even have my own show yet so you can judge that one on your own once it once it starts in september that's fine but i don't know if you want me to defend john raw know i'm not sure i actually think you do a good job and i actually think you you speak intelligently alot about almost every topic i think the m j leubronn thing got very tiresome any and you come and stood there in and kept doing it for the last five months and i actually were met we talked about this before the marine but on the show i listen to you and michael embody every week and i thought that was great podcast i thought you'd you'd you throw a really good theories that were you know thinking about things in different ways i just thought that the way that the finals became mj verse leubronn and not the warriors are are possibly and probably the greatest mba team of all time was a little disingenuous eyes
back in the receiving let's look at solving all wider because you're right europe i just stood back i was led the two below elephants go after roquat either adequate thought experiment real quick you're jumping on if you replace therein williams with delhi dispose season the calves winkies eyes i actually think that they might i dont know if i don't know they win it i think in this given away darwins played this policies in there certainly better like darin williams was awful white went in its first month in cleveland and then at a stretch of three weeks or with oh this is the guy they thought they were acquiring and then he went back to being awful i know what i mean where's bench though last year in the finals he complained the files he couldn't play in that finals you play rather spinal right so i mean if i say it
i got changes any dern willie always played out in the city in the first part already know about any other ease the classic guy where you could probably get a good half out of him just by him dogging people and then once they realize hates matthew velvet over we can probably blurred either sky changes and he literally in the twenty fifteen finals after game three had to go to the hospitals for ivy hospital for ivy like he was he was past it reminded me of what i poorly ran track in high school i ran the eight hundred and i would throw up after every single race could i was just trying to we all myself to a place i wasn't like delhi was just all effort to the point where his body was shutting down last question was i mean to yucas pdf tease been little soft cause he's friends with you so he's he's he's not being a big j journalists he he he begged me before to not be mean to you i don't think i was mean to you know i think they listen
i think that if you the only way that this feels real and it was real is if there is at times and people are listening to his like shit this is kind of uncomfortable but it was no listen you and i you were what i respect and appreciate is you didn't hide from the fact that there are things that about the way i do my work that ain't your style but that's why you like it that may be but in an eye at one point during this he said hey listen if you don't like what i do you know like what i do and we had a moment there and we're good no i i don't think you were mean this is this i am permit turn up with your work to know you weren't gonna be fake and you weren't fake and i dont from my perspective i got i dig what you'll do more having done this i did before i agree because i want you to write off the really hilarious questions and i had written down before because the catches can trigger
well to those whose whose figured out how to be if the earnings will upset that i revealed that he asked me not to be mean to you but i ve i agree you were you were real and that's an i will i went in being like you're beer basically you know playing a character so i i i respect you more now even though i think your wildly wrong about everything
what's up guys let's talk about the credit wise up with a message brought to you by capital one as you all know i'm a big stats guy so i think numbers are great but on their own they don't tell you the whole story it's like looking at the final scoreboard game without checking any of the stats or knowing any of the context credit isn't any different the first step to understanding your credit is knowing what factors contribute to your credit profile in fact there's a lot more to credit management that just knowing your score and sensors no one single score that lenders use knowing these factors are key so here's a hot tip for our award winning listeners out there don't be a weeny do would i did go check out the app credit wise is different from other credit apps it gives you access to your information from your transient and credit report to understand your behaviors and helps you spot signs of error or identity theft plus you can check it as often as you want for free without negatively impact in your credit so go online mash that down
mode button right now and get the credit wise up today and go tell a friend numbers or great with context get that credit wise up right now from capital one another something completely different i we now welcome on as is tradition i'm getting sick and this tradition i know you guys aren't is nick bonino its brian do more and they have just one another stanley cup to neuro domo and bones what's up boys first question fuck you guys i'm sick you guys know real first question i beg you to get the do you guys think that it still might be the capture you never know anything of the arab league of examining the funding i repay them again out even obviously with the big guy i won't gonna one now that about in
don't you dare not registered japan the bandwagon up alone oh no i'm sure facile worse bandwagon john why would i be evaluating anti capitalist why would i put myself the years of peter bonde era of closing the whole the whole like i've actually i hate myself is my least favoured part myself besides my general pair so is there any point of view duma you can use this forces or any part of you when you guys beat the capitals and crush their hearts and ripped it out of their chests and stamped on it right in front of washington and phd actually was there with nate was there any small party that thought like oh i wonder pieties watching us right now and he's probably rock bottom underbrush tat i thought i gotta go in there and that we need but you get him go and get him fired up though i mean i think audibly when quieter gonna like little added motivation the charter crush me
has a leg don't just nick how are we gonna talk about the leg and how you are a true you you are basically he took the mantle where were big torch passing podcast you took the mantle for toughest hockey the guy that everyone retreats the story about how nick benito broke his leg and play to extra periods so how is the leg tat i just got back today we waited some accurate or open other they get surgery but that's got it was a pretty good a pretty good break right through but for edith shoot it up and he had run on it is pretty much anyone would have done that is it is the tibia fibula deteriorate word the ideas which are just not good spot so i was under this when you like what have you done
celebrating at any point in like fuck the socks that my leg is broken and act like hobble around here on a per cent i got shot i gotta shouted my answer of painkiller for the celebration on the ice and never do that and then you can ask do my where this like pirate leg had like thing and i had at last night it says in the are you for my hands but i look like a pretty big loser you i actually think that i bought i bought one of those things for one day just try take my dog gonna walk and he just pulled me over a few broke your foot retirement after i got it i dont know after i wrote my work as one osaka what what what are you guys obviously city crosbie now is probably one of the most accomplished guys in hockey
have you waiting on the goat discussion did is raging through twitter weaned rescuers sidney crosbie do my way and i would add that i completely agree that would require immediate stop that its upper comparable especially now again said not done yet they wanted gun out look at bottom but mean language he was just so go when it was plain and easy on the record that he added i just as i did not like that someone like hosted the beating almond stop easier so far bob everyone else that it created a think about in the mid the stop programme obviously wayne is the best player ever but i mean i think i'm universe he said and my eyes just look at them and the afghan plan i don't see him every day
i think honestly that boy that i've ever seen and enable pilots illustrates with unbelievable the old labour nick question for you what type of leader is sidney crosbie is he a roma guy her does he not do a lot of talk in the locker i can be hidden and when he does i think that make you a little bit more but for the most part iii the lead by example guy he goes out very worked hard in the locker room if you have something needs to be said when we got speed bag and game was again three maybe in ottawa here did you know he spoke up pretty good after the game and i were able to recover from that and when that serious so he says what needs to be said but a lot of the time i'm here is quiet and just get it done on the ice did it did the message gets crossed it when he's lead by example to the message across a little when he started bouncing peggy sue bonds head off the ice did you guys all think that was what you're supposed to do anything i didn't see that you see i m up he got out there
i don't really know what was going on i think you're just run it didn't see that table commercial interests so do you said that you write a cook out it at since place how many hot dogs are still caslon very or another there with them yet a couple threaten fingers the shrimp cocktail guy who yeah what is termed a lot of the big shelter i know i don't know about it do any good phil stories from the player from this year the first one he muttered i want the money i when i heard the money i e the first thing he said to me was it over we're done just part of the year was done he can go where she can go
flipboard to get to die two hundred and forty two he'll tell you that and now he's ready for the summer i love it i love it i do mow the question we all really wanted to know you passed vanny woodhead on the highway you solve any woodhead i think a person tell us how life changing that was for you or anything that was one of the most remarkable thing i've ever what i'm driving but i'm driving practice drink i'm only on the highway for about a mile topol giant so when i got on the highway and i and i looked at my right and i thought you guys i would with anti booth in my mind and then
i got to the rank and i was like i just saw rainwater better that way if everyone knew of being would like i added weight it already doing that like louis you guys like no fuckin way what are they doing you're gonna live imply an end so happy thought about telling guide me to come over and i go to an outer salt but no one on the other by the girl i probably know reawake don't do fresh for me at that point but we also travelling at about thirty five miles an hour on the highway so statistically will go on trying to like pull down in it like they would be guide but is going through a road to a halt at that because our own dummy owing currently inequity
but while we were gonna values there as vanish little wings could take it he have any just got very doesn't really exactly have our top and speed anymore now right in pretty luck i boys i i'd rather not do this next again congratulations on back to back cops but i think maybe like in a let everyone else get involved you know i actually said i didn't even know that winning back to back was possible because box we don't we don't do that so oh here's your question for you guys are you dynasty yeah whose dynasty that sounds black also the diamonds tat such a hockey guy s oil no you know where your let the other guys decide that first dynasty heads down and we can do our best but when you get your louis figured out anyone can you go
that's fair high i'm on the case i thank you boys we appreciate you coming on and tell phil we say hello weakening it fell on for real cause i he now falls me somewhat aside in those dams and billy cake will give you a free hot dog if you come on a thanks guys congrats again and leg neck yeah yeah i think have us later have fun those interviews were brought you buy dennys dennys has always been a place where america can come and get their favorite breakfast lunch and dinner dishes serving our guests whatever they want whenever they cravat now a dennys on demand we ve taken that same always open philosophy that synonymous with restaurants and applied its online ordering bringing access to or credible diner fair wherever our guests wanted thanks to our new platform guess
the quick and easy way to place a mobile or online order for take out or delivery of their favourite minuet items all day every day if when your favorite genies dish available at your fingertips twenty four seven isn't enough we also partnered with hulu to give our guest a free sixty day trial of the premium stream service for a limited time users who plays an order would dennys undermine receive the count hulu trial and be able to enjoy them go well binge watching thousands of hit shows premium original content films and much more with dennys on demand new online ordering your diner favorites are at your fingertips visit deniston com and click or online or download the dennys app i must get systems fragments first up we have a may whether pack yo update and it's a big one so is this happening so one i reported that it was a done deal random that's more people than reported yesterday true so it's a thousand percent morgiana one it's the reversal of the arrow throat
figures era yes schwarzenegger's one one day than the next they get to the next day get three eventually the whole world has reported that it's gonna happen and hast happen not unless there's another world out there the has twice as many people because that we only halfway there hank thy following not after the second world war no i saw i heard some where there was gonna be maybe labour day weakened in which case that would want to do i'll be a huge dick movie but it would heavily favour macgregor yes because irish people hate working in love getting it fights against a lot if i turn out working so that seem like it's no brain for great i'm ready for this fight to either happen or just for one of them to die so we can stop talking about
moreover we will i guess i'm not saying our everybody just what's gonna happen first this second world blows industry by the asteroid because if you know anything that schroeder's asteroids it will an asteroid will never actually hit your that's why i'm so coffee was scheduled to arraign frontier nobody really close yeah and you can touch it if you want to we have appear one or one for the u s open rough i don't even know what the fuck's goin on third people complain about the rough this is this happens every year we gave us u s open basically every single year just as we are going to make off the most miserable sport ever and the winners gonna shoot like plus six ha ha ha ha enjoy this and then real gulf purists is out there called they prefer gulf purists yet should be hard golf years younger than you have shown that he should be here it's u s open real coffins we appreciate the bogey gather include green should be at ninety degrees that's how you should play the sport there should be arm you should like the the rough use right like too fast
you on fire yeah fescue a word that i didn't know existed so i would actually like to see a green that surrounded instead of surround by water just run by fire you know fescue on fire like that ask on fire right for on fire fescue so what's the deal like ditches as europe is banned everyone's complaining about rory came out the answer that it sought but other players have said that it's it's beyond ridiculous card yeah never complained about a little raw right played as eliza guys i like a little bit a rough just a little bit a little less unless europe to show me where to drop the ball just a nice little arrow who there should also be more snake stern governments i agree i just wrote that denizen more snake i agree we should we accept have stick to sports is for the warriors who have declared their i'm going to the white house or they are or fake news say might be fake news and that would stick to sports is predict its pretty chance at the warriors are gonna skip out this you know what that is
perfect by the way like two thousand and sixteen twitter argument right there the warriors not gonna go to the white house how can disrespect the president but also i love the worse because they just after the president and then also its fake now says vagueness easy everything role that what it's my favorite argument russia nationally there actually think we're gonna putin were zaza he's what he's turkish colson arcas they have some relationships with russian amounts are good and dissent stable by here here's the best with that i've seen is actually saddam hussein is today the glancing worries stay out of politics and go to the white house yeah oh yeah i really don't care about this is file dishonor things i don't care about whether a team goes the white house gemmed rent can a front runner drew probably registered as republican on november tenth but he probably hilary guy could she got more votes
people for everyone the general that's gotta make emigrants had explode he has no idea what to do i follow the electoral dry father john you know the what it what's the other word for it the general numbers the general modular vote and that was stick sports ah he ever good visual for eddie lacy you lazy has made wait yet again to times in a row so what he's down more china food down to two hundred fifty pounds aurettes little stay work for you ready eddie lacy what's to say eddie lazy meets all his goals gets in shape and then purposely sucks so everyone's like way he was better ones fat guy i would love to see that yes because i mean he had he you have to be in better shape almost if you're fat because you got more to look around right thank you so now he's like getting into he's getting fat as he's getting skin right and out of shape right cardiovascular dirt is getting worse because he's not doing as much was this
strain our mercedes lazy when they retire real people should do is actually really good solution just have he there in seattle cindy lazy out to pipe place more can be done you can you can eat whatever you can gotcha i'm so it also works as hands at times screens exactly why russell wilson what resources be like underneath the counter could so short and gets emo lyman thrown him thrown on the fisheries hockin sammy how can the fish and talking about concussion waterloo in how the team and futures futures futures features recharged kid future kit last up before we get to guys on checks i forgot to tell you that we had we had a whom for hank celtics gordon heyward has been up to some interesting thing see posted and deleted a pit
sure of his kid in a shamrock your wife did his wife did it always started life no i'm always now do you know any risers yes is life and rules if you're a real ter in boston in the boston area let us now it's wife in israel state and then it's like the one guy who emails use like hey my my uncle's friend lives next gordon heyward and they ve been taught they ve been talking over they begin while the dishes away because they're moving dorette barbecue with em back yard you use giving up his grill you see in their playing the town in the background weird and then the other one i say a thomas just followed gordon heyward on instagram ha ha i wouldn't that today's easier thomas right now can be on subjects oh maybe i say it let's go get trades whoever gordon heyward signs how dare creating a new super team of short pledge the transfer which page they need to comment on them so that they talk about it figured out we hacks basically all sports women's instagram comet thing i think we did like seriously if if you're a perfect
a player or if your recruit rather we just game since eleven a money because we just that we may jason dockets night lets us out actually tomorrow let saw let's meet all the award winning officers and j j watts last instagram postmen high noon will see their guys on checks as everyone knows it saw that our new favorite segment of the female listen hers comments in asking for some advice on their body all the women that want us to mansplain their own bodies to them we gaslight finally this is a place that you can come to get a guy's opinion on a female but turn off the lights in your room right now if we listen to this cause the gaslight has been turned on that's right again while that getting yourself don't let a match turned the jet on real hot yeah because wellmere bill let's go you don't do it don't we don't want
if a policy to get you to feel how do you feel about your first appearance on part my take but you don't want to answer because we told you should give us a up be shockey shook his head to give said yes hey part my take an billy football can you tell us a girl's faking an orgasm because it's an overwhelming yes than to stop doing it i've really easy answer this who cares yes what that's why i've always thought i was gonna say yeah if she's having sex with me then really easy way to tell ya or just if you're come in then you care lies matters here exactly where girl waited did she said a guy tell if a girl is faking it doesn't kill a guy tell if a girl is making great girls don't have organs bright exactly that's the whole icu may so that was a guy that wrote that in your data did not wait to be an over achiever guy just make sure you followed after even though it doesn't matter great all the most important part of sexist afterward you say i'm sorry
is it weird if your girlfriend governments have sex more than you she might be trying to get pregnant broke man yeah she's it's also lan card if you're not holier than the chair i don't i don't think so i think human beings probably are all horny right this is what s bill the scientists bill nope he's not he that was not a he wasn't ready for that one as it ever a good idea to work out with your significant other sex rights worker yeah burdensome cowardly i just wish i looked up in my phone oh you're iphones keep track of how often you have sex i don't know this man just told mister you know data for the last year you normally have sex in with your pants on sometimes what's up with steve jobs what you don't explain that one steve jobs the correct answer this is no except i think we ve talked
cuz you don't want to get in a relationship with like a hardcore runner because then you're going to be getting up at like six a dot m on saturday if you always see those couples and they're running and they had like matching outfit and one of em looks absolutely miserable rooms like i want to kill myself that's the one that you're gonna being so just steer clear runners for the record she wrote this amount readings rock hey panty boys how does paying no you're pregnant luckily have never seen the positives but what isn't in my plea that proves i'm not pregnant argue a baby you know if you piss out like a small little baby then it's ok well ouch sombre you were pregnant so so she's asking if why what how do pete s works for me let's see what inside of pests yeah so it's it's the double pets cause the baby's being too at the same time so its double piss those like israel was easier they can tell us double person i like i don't enjoy your person a baby's piss all come out boom on the little strip you're pregnant let your baby doesn't pistol
they have not been hell it's maybe always possessing there's always leaking yeah so i go and is constantly leaking ever here mom say like oh it baby eats when i because early all my wandered around there that's leaking were pregnant that's why she says were pregnant is the baby sprang into that's why when you eat too much as a guy and you get a little gas the same things being pregnant sosius measuring the velocity is like how to rivers join together to form the mississippi throughout tributaries your babies dick is just a tributary or vagina does people out of a job now i can see this is a quick gets kind a trick question because i asked i for one believe that that was stephen smith i think we said he did this to but women they p like birds were they poop and pay at the same time solves him oh yes and it comes out but yes it is just like a white mix even whatever liquid might add it might
just recently remarried me and my new step brother both wholesome college for the summer the first we back i accidently walked in on him as he had just gone out of the shower in my surprise i looked at this juncture said wow before closing the door is it a sin that a kind of want to hook up with them and if not what do i do this has got thank you to wait run their back for me who who is the guy again it's it's a nice guy has recently married me my new step brother a muffled so now you saw the start up progress but women no she she likes with the young buck has gone round their yeah yeah that's definitely usin that's but are sends necessarily prudent way way way our sins necessarily bad true jesus will do twas only president's that's bad that's bad employee rights over there but every other person has said and you can differentiate from sin so
murdering somebody in the eyes of god is no different than hooking up pretty brother but that's not really a sin is it they're not blood related the art of you're getting penalized because your dad you know hooked up with some other check too had a hot sought on yeah funny thing it's like you did it dad's fall yeah lines being in this situation your dad is a major cock block right hand your dad gave you the dna to be attractive that dna right so it really is your dad's fall like father like daughter yeah just like they say so it's yes yeah i'd go for we just room family go for it i saw clueless though is the same thing right exactly hearing our talk about all right all right and eliseo silverstone whose like fifteen all road hooked up with his stepsister is
great stepsister yeah and that was a block but it was a great romantic comedy this question ape support teenty boys is questions for fifty how would you feel if you took a girl to be doves and she more wings the new i'd baby fine with that oh yeah yeah just like yeah they that as a matter of fact i lost and eating contest girl one time there is one more erotic experimental i've ok and what were what about it the other thing where you ever seen someone eat a wing where they just don't even like tearing apart they just they socket they just a bone outside basically it's like tying a tourist stem with your tongue just stick it in they pulled out clean when you known she keeps suck ah now if if you order left wing and fry me then i'm gonna have to make some jokes i go let's see where this has given no thanks you like a boner your mouth i like bonus
i like women that like their bones in does the phrase if you fucked her once and you can fuck her twice a fly two dudes or is there a statue of limitations i hooked up with a guy very early into our friendship and it's been two years there anything happening but now i'm down again and i don't know if he would be yes he is basically if you're if you're a girl and you have sex with a guy at any point for the rest of your life you can if you're in the same room as him you can be like you want to fuck and he will want to fuck you that guy your friend has been thinking about the sex with you ever since you had sex two years ago that's just that's that's a fact i'm just wondering what's happened in those two years where you haven't tried to capitalize on this again who exactly is real
our situation is by the way doesn't matter if a guy knows that he's been uses rebound we dont care right correct i'm a big bill had up the last one ok no pressure ap empty how do i get my guy to man scape without offending him well summertime which actually think is the best time of year for to let a row i would just do foreplay with scissors woof or just like start flossy with azure does yeah just make a big deal out of picking puberty thoroughly we get the point across all good car but the scissors qana kinky can i do for you make it a fun games as we watch edward citizens said about that's it you killed a bill i debt as our show like me said friday we are starting out rushmore season thursday listen to us we're gonna be in
still all day on the rhine marcello show so you can watch us on espn too can you somethin like that yes one of the last year of a many is panzas right next to each other on your cable and we will be there on on radio from one two four and i we are then going to on friday we can have the mount rushmore of recurring gas and each one of those recurring guess are going to do a mount rushmore so when i could tell you who is yet you can have the gas but it's gonna be an awesome show it's me very heavy on mount rushmore on friday yes i think you'll like it
we'll see a friend i love you guess
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