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Nick Wright + Mount Rushmore Of Movie Crushes

2018-07-29 | 🔗

Aaron Judge is dead (actually he just broke his wrist) and Yankees fans held a candelight vigil for him (2:27 - 7:17). Training Camp story lines, Dez Bryant spent his weekend not mad on twitter, Tom Brady vs Reporters, and Big Ben isn't as fat (7:17 - 10:57). Whos back of the week including John Rocker at the baseball Hall of Fame (10:57 - 20:40). Mt Rushmore of movie crushes with the movie boys from Lights Camera Barstool (20:40 - 37:04). Nick Wright from First Things First joins the show to talk about his career, how it's been doing a morning debate show for the past year plus, and Lebron vs MJ and why he's wrong (37:04 - 78:31). Segments include Stay Classy for the Dodgers wearing T-Shirts during batting practice. Thank you for your service Blake Griffin, Thoughts and Prayers to Mark Zuckerberg losing 19 billion dollars, and well actually Lebron did something pretty cool so props to him. 

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a pardon my take we have nick rights from fox first things first as a right that is right ok nick right is in studio really fun interview we did not spend the entire time talking m jailer brown we did a little but we also talked a lot about how the show comes gather for him his path to where he is today the nba in general really fun interview very interesting guy and we also have whose back and we have a special mount rushmore with the lights camera bar stool guys who are going to be and studio we're gonna do them out rushmore of movie crushes so
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away free money if you just download the cash i tweeted apart might take your cash tag and we select one free award winning lesser free money every single episode hank who you got kirby gregory kirby grew gary ok member that memorable videogame kirby corbies dreamland yeah awesome adjusts sock everything up tat great character to do
so i had so cash i downloaded it where's your cash i can you too can win free money let's go let's not pardon my fire will likely geek today monday july thirty is an errand judges dead thoughts and prayers
yet he died wait no i know he only you know he had not looked it up on pretty sure he's dead just to just a little chip off his rest always anyone broken breasts same thing is being dead those close to debt yo he got hurt and yankee fans had a candlelight vigil with their cell phone camera early the lights on their cell phones we had the greatest tweet of all time from dylan varroa who we did a picture of erin judge praying in the airfield said before its game errant judge takes to the centre the stadium to kneel and pray each day this photo reminds me of his ethos and dedicate and i know the soul he puts into the game will be valued and retained by the yankees community in the coming weeks hashtag pray for judge so there are two options here
one is that scenario is that iran judge is praying to the wrong god so whichever religion he is wrong second there is no god if he spends everyday praying and he he had this terrible horrible injury befall him that he will probably never recover a fully yes i suppose tat s all he puts into the game will be valued and retained the yankees community in the coming weeks i dont think jose fernandez got this type a tribute i this is out rageous for a fucking brow can rest not even it's like a fucking thing you just got hidden the risks and the low bone came the yankee should we're all black in already know they should do they should just make one pinstripe extra extra thick in remembrance of an american judge and reveal said that a sports needs underdogs undersized guys like stuff curry who is six three in actually blake pretty he's pretty tall for like he's beech trees decently size first
this is extremely sixty whoever and end guys like air judge you can hit mammoth homewards make us realise anything is possible and like every time that in stuttgart vienna summaries matter not productivity is getting a cash from under our you know what if i'm if i'm aaron judge i take these what three to five weeks is that what you're saying yes yet perfect timing get some invisible and you're out you're out of public i've no i'll put some fuckin power chains on their you come back you ve got that perfect smile i think that's gotta be the move for you you'll never get the sub soon again either that or i don't know i mean like never play again just cause if you get a kick it better than these tributes to air judge like you gotta can live vigil i dont think even come back from up in monument partly heights over you ve done it you ve learned your penetrates and then some i've got an idea for the back page the newer killing nuisance if they let go of like all their sports writers and it will have that snappy whitney more to come up with those nice headlines here's a good one judge dead
it's like sliced allow judge dread gadgets drug outage dead got it put down the revealed was it the revealed daily post yes the guess main competitor to them well tell which is actually just a twitter account for the jokes it don't make your twitter correct like your rough terrain otis it's actually just one one tweet up it's over updraft i sought actually logged in the other day i was thinkin abundant like now await here see this is going to take a look of special occasions exactly need some really big to go off so we also have more loretta fell storylines including does bryant not mad on twitter just spent all weekend quote every tweet and saying his side of what was actually taken out of context both from stephen jolts does is catching feeling see he's not dropping them he's he's getting feelings taking too i making a football move and then survive in the ground with his feelings yardstick as he is who he's
on a tear like it if you talk shit to dez bryant on twitter right now near the blue checkmark he's going to respond to you what happened with stephen jones did a radio interview any said talking about deck prescott he said he's got to trust the system at times last year there was pressure with tears in his ear and to some degree jason jason winton in his ear those play those great players want the ball kind of of nothing quote when you think about because like oh yeah why receiver and tight and want the ball but does like i ass it was kind of it was transcribed a little bit differently on twitter and then does he jumped in was like fuck everyone and then when people i came in like you saw the quote wrong is like too far he's gone too far he already called sean lee snake lee
just he is like i don't even want to job under spoke hissing on me which is a blatant lie i think snakes are backed by the well yes snow com people snakes online this is huge for dwight howard who as we know is a snake enthusiasts knows gallic seven snakes that doesn't surprise yeah he's a big big snake i it does not surprise me whatever fuckin weirdo can't press them we owed we need to do them out ass more as if needed another another animal not trust the pre crime enemy had a precarious ferrets in snails socially hum put does right i'm actually gonna go the other way i want to say congrats does brought you showed tremendous restrain it took almost two months to go after every one in the jones family like that if you i would bet that what happened right away so credit to you you act we were very very gracious in getting cut and now i need you on the cliff
yet this is what happens when you get linked to a brown job is you just like go off the fucking deep in your eye things have got that bad guys didn't does turned down to offers early desires and i use talking with ravens about something like you're only offer me two years and years off noise like oh shit i guess i'm only like josh gordon's insurance policy right right it's like the tail end of the tee o days when he's like why am i not getting a job well years slow and you also coming relative it means i'm what other new or we had tom brady verse reporters yeah so this this time years excellent because you ve got all the quarterbacks they ve been cannot off the job for three or four months and they ve forgotten how much they hate the media and so they do their press and the knook oh yeah fuck you guys right so you ve got you ve got tom brady walking out after being asked a question about do you think julian amends p d test result was result of his relationship with your trainer house where he's like does cloudcrest question bro walked away you ve been wrath asperger giving etiquette advice
the saying you don't ask woman her age yes pay if there's any by that knows how to talk to women it's been wrongly as war was we because someone's asking about his his weight now the tom brady thing i am i am doing i may look like halfway new year's resolution to myself because similar to the stephen jones does brian situation what happens all the time is basically word just get put out on twitter for fur clicks and also like transcribed in its never the case it's never accurately like i watched the timber thing the question should have been asked it's a fair question to ask and tom brady was like i'm not answer in that regard that's enough for me to guys and when walked out where you wasn't there was no anger and warm gate in storm off there is nothing that crazy about it it was a question that you had to ask and it's a question the tom brady in a billion years would never answer an unseen so that's my new that's my new like
i'm trying really hard to make sure that actually look at things more than just the sentence i see on twitter while you're evolving as colonel its new begun i realise that i raised these jumped every conclusion ever myself look like an idiot yet what what's which passed a capital j what's bigger you're like a big thoughts are resident on the presently nights it's u determined what's fake news and what's not yet zero be cool lamy cooler you're the media watchdog be cool not the right of residence watched my fill out though so awesome on trumped eleven people with a gay people just before us shit happens geological obviously that there's a cardinals have a football guy now so they so he will ghost formerly of the jury springer shown took over four bruce areas as their head coach one football guy ass a torture another one will cos is handing every single arizona cardinal a brick to put in their locker term
on them that they have to lay a brick that the rules that are building a strong team in its brick by brick that's a great saying let ready to steve welcome areas entered a hybrid like is key to building on building not over and over really liked act as a gene eating deliver all those papers none of the cardinal said gosh esker break up all those fights thirteen i between transsexuals dot twin sisters yes i saw what else we have all i guess we have on the issue we gotta whose well whose master whose berlusconi whose nets back of the vienna mogador amount rushmore judges have the ball back actually want to say this i must say sentence here that will probably get everyone a little horny you ready for it we have finally got to the point where we will have a football game every single week until this
can we could february and change we have the whole thing game on thursday night there will be a football game every single week i know preceding does early count but i'm just saying you will have a football game for every single week from now until the second week of february you made it fuck sammy how its is so good ones that once august comes here like who football every month till february tommy summers overhang time to get those mock fancy drafts gone who yeah dynasty leagues doing going artless go to our whose back up if you start out my who back in the week was can dc washington dc back bigtime wayne rooney recurring guess depart might take scored a great goal i think he also broke his nose and a game we want is for guitar too he was manner the match he got his free guitar that he's been waiting for for a week so that's pretty cool
capitals resigned tom wilson tommy law no do not about tuna rocket nine noted man rocket noted enforcer noted glue guy tom wilson is back for a think multiple use it for six years i forget what unless you anyway so dynasty so six years backed backed back to back back back back championships redskins on the offices again to do that every year there dynasty at this point you have to count them as dynasty and the washington valor one they readable after going to intend in the regular regular season
they want the chamber's george was yes a washing dc sports will never lose another championship again i notice you didn't mention the nationals do you know where the nationals aren't you know what's going on with a national turn their poise they're ready to you know you know what the games out do you think the nationals armed right now if you had to get to know at third dirty that you don't want to play and i d get ass if you had to guess about to make some noise sustained guess there i think they're probably six games bear their six gains back and stephen strasbourg and in matters or hate each other and the whole team is cut fine combust get john palpable back and so what does that out does that if they don't make the playoffs is are you still carrying though they went my motivation and yet what didn't listen policies and so thou be a nice change apace i can't we got our minds back to pigs are these look at his lean back the browns quarterbacks tyrol taylor and baker mayfield have acquired an army and they parted on the prairie since for training camps for a secret tops topsecret club island
only cuba's alongside for down and there's no name it does actually all girls allowed yeah that's impossible i love to be able to go and hang out and probably privileges play fortnight yeah probably just like lay out and does not have to deal with few jackson stinky breath so the water she would like hate him you know i think cleveland wide receivers don't wanna be hanging out with cleaving quarterbacks at much about ballast old like it's gonna eat like it's some duty neat attain like ok i can strive to someday be invited into the army you know what i love about this though drew stan made them by it will yes or drew this is like the way you can turn a cab area that eurostat gets to be like the big shot veteran he's like you know i hate i've been around i've been around the black listen to your uncle drew it you won't steer iraq so he's like it taken versions he's by me in army yeah pretty much then you gotta fill it all with popcorn and barley k cleaning up baker of a bunch people have made the reference to breaking bad like it's that are cooking up methana binding lot
i actually put put two and two together if you look at gregg williams he looks like water why when he went into hiding up in like vermont you new hampshire williams is back yeah that's hard knocks is gonna be fucking little but they don't well they all our cameras in the ivy they might i don't know but i think they have that's gonna be a big part of hard knocks like it just the thing you know they need is they need to get a microphone in there so we almost like a robber situation baker mayfield admitting to shit like actually conquered write em on the terrible about the terrible teammate like i killed them all right in the eye three while that while the cameras on the other side of the partners are like joe millionaire when they went off into the woods and the subtitle was just slurring sound slovenia my lot at all the slightest lupin sounds none on that every city did that isaak number one here when he whose that check that he hooked up with that started like the whole fight with adam
however i have some very brave lies with the big tits paulina dear now set of some very brave to set here i think the cleveland browns are gonna win seven games answer there are there are fifteen wonder what we said that last week we had it claims on the up and yeah clowns back here no clues argos cleveland is but yeah no i m its seven is a lot i think they're gonna be there when the division you know what we are actually area on his shit i'm dead serious they got pack man coming to a core quarterback maybe they're gonna there they will definitely when more than i must say the alike there enough it'll to be scrappy knows there screw they'll be the upgraded to scrappy i'm hoping that huge jackson has a stroke because if you i think you would actually coach better if he got rid of half of his brain india if he just didn't he didn't know about maybe just lobata my some yard we react lot of just have whatever fake sir deryck ruby i can i think he's dead dude shit he died last week current reality died the day after the official
all right my who's back is the baseball hall of fame but more importantly john rocker so john rocker picture taken outside the baseball hall of fame on his little table looking for anyone who wanted to have a john rocker signature the saddest moment basically every year of the baseball hall of fame is john rocker being like a member me a john rocker i've said that really offencive shit to everyone do you want an autograph for many five dollars he's just selling his like his private rosetta stone for learning leah as fucking unbelievable so but this should be a good year for his chipper got in jeopardy owns it is naming his new kid cooper for coopers town as other kids shake as he beat the mets all time there also was a quote i saw chipper jones his pre game warm ups were fucking awesome he would die he play solitaire fur four hours by himself just sitting in the lock rum he'd go eat then go out take a couple swing the bp then he would grab egg
reggie doritos yes a big bag of those right flavour and he would go in and anna and a whole pack of chips away cookies and watch exactly thirty minutes of the pitcher use face in that night in polish both off and then he would gone point not like any a warm up run nothing no stretching nothing just alone the caress doritos and ships only cookies bookkeepers reggie got something you can get away with if you're like a highly touted prospect yeah you're gonna had to work is way up like through the miners you you can't get away with light just eating having both fists inside mastery those before there's one we need to figure out like who wasn't each sport that route for every one leg was a one guy who decided hey i'm the amateur actually start eating healthy and stretching getting at and who ruined because this is what like didn't late the nineties work the last error were guys were basely able to just be that position
it and go to the whole thing i think probably a lot of it had to do the fact he played right next to tear pendleton for a while yet and so you see that ass lumbering through the clubhouse you're like ok chipper you he read three three cease ptychia tell you why does longs you stay fifty pounds beneath terry year they get to go but seriously there's though there's some guy who in every single sport we can trace too like who's the guy who's like ahmad sugar train the offices of the militia wait david boston dear girl kepler oh that's good that's all the fucking guys who did steroids car rudy forever or because they like eight lifting his fun with steroids lifting his fun and then now cheaper jones would never be able in a still be able in the hall larry large out large us that's right area will fun follow on twitter by the way everybody saved all those guys in the end the blizzard melina when it like snowed an inch yeah
his truck around saving people neighbouring whatever those or really larry still he strikes me as a guidance got a bunch of those yellow flashing lights that he can put on his truck they just bought at home deeper in case of an emergency like this just signals that nice was a special role ass to its like one kurt showing say those people with that trailer that broke down in like tennessee and that he established there probably never existed my let's get to our mouth rushmore movie characters will crush on before we do that and it fell sunday ticket for over twenty years directv has been the exclusive home to nfl sunday ticket the only way to get every i've game every sunday good news and i felt this directive has expanded the service if you're student actively enrolled in a college or university you can now get anna fell sunday ticket without a satellite plus there's an exclusive student discount to see if your eligible go online to any fell sunday too
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empty a check out say fifteen percent off do that football is back and it fell sunday ticket is back use promo code p m t for fifteen percent at check up or eight let's get to our mouth rushmore we have very special guess for this it is the lights camera forestall guys you should get a follow them on twitter at lights camera pod and you also have to subscribe to them i tunes they have new episodes mondays and wednesdays thersites thursday monies are leaving the cat will they just changed it to times a week ground now now i got one of his eyes were how maloney husband to terms we january the oak i gotta time so as out whenever i don't really i don't know will we have all the members close collaboration in the studio we have jeff and can jack yes that's it through our good friend shrill you might remember him from one of the best interviews ever done on part might take
he couldn't make it all the more so because we did not rushworth millennial names and turbot has i back no years ago actually is our friend and he was not as bad as people made amount to be he was great i loved she was actually worse some standing heights the whole hits the joke those joke guys don't know how should i trow is not about impunity yes hashtag was it type trolls not that bad on p m to at long last longer aspect eight so we're doing mount rushmore of movie characters you have a crush on and let's start with we also trill did give us a pixel warehouse gonna work is fifty i and i are gonna have a regular for the lights camera bar so guys we're gonna do their own personal mirage more so be just pick can jack's pick trills pick and then the people's peck correct yeah ok there its voted audience voted so one we start with trills pick it better be good other
i will never come back on the show he went with leah thompson and back the future ok around azure saw its electoral took that route that i kind of took a little bit which was more nostalgic you're not a lot of like younger moves from one were younger on my list but i'm she is a classic character yes absolutely so i guess i can't find any fault and also still very gorgeously items in as yet yes if you aren't you got all right so for my first one mistake with that dame i'm gonna take a leash silverstone from clueless ok had a huge huge crush on those even though she was open up there are what are some other us no protest at brother no collateral asia but as paul rod has got enough where like conflict or no if paul roger even blood brother you gotta fuck em back in there set brothers stepsister stuff that's way back in his back at a crucial time i had you got yours go naughty from morocco you have not pick i so i got to
i'll go at the one we actually we're talking about on friday show maybe once issue rich mc atoms wedding crushers she she's she's got it all and then i'm gonna go with a little guilty pleasure of mine i'm an authentic from pittsburgh saw that i haven't seen three though i guess he through what she's doing good no near can ring evergreens and right yeah i'm a wanted to guide our good hank i'll go with daniele from the girl next or longer girl extorts garter ok night no ok one scotch was that wasn't schedule that's a big mistake by way of producing nice camera ice ice whereas the vice president for bob rice so ok so who was the character was the name of the person do your name was dead ellen yea i know what her what the actual actually know the actresses girl next door great gray
but we paquette yeah we're killing a guy's pfc wants you go oil italy should cuthbert yeah she's got susan issues elzevir old school right yeah yeah right when i go with jennifer afghanistan are you two are used how should we was unknown and i'm thinking about how many lives only pics of gigantic might my next with jennifer innocent from horrible bosses ok bag euro five and now it's crazy yet created create agro via bigtime scene in the bathtub who yeah yeah autonomy there i think from my pick up of mega fox the scene and transformers we're on the car who did its unbeatable actually on the white snake yeah music video of our generation ducks edwin acceptance that's a good and she got toothache man i'm thinking i should it don't jessica simpson index has presented hasn't been a music video as a horny time and he also jump right so now we're going back to
who pfc ok i'm gonna go way hideaway snake son and i think they got out and asked him jacek now just pick our right so i took up we almost one roseman pike from gone girl also crazy lingerie oh if better if bet afflux herder had not cheated on her and video moves are basically why wouldn't affect the murder why wouldn't you go with emily reggie caskey whose he china where else your but i have a better pick an antiquated was number pick em go with awful movie gunnar dario in baywatch ok here kid i am not a good movie is its awoken paul movie is is easy makes one of how do you make very nibbles noises in move arms in the first six seconds nay vine startling harry nipples negus kicked out but alexander doritos bulgaria and true today also i would be ass unison yards grants the great ready now you we all know a t seen return money robson young titty drop about a whole celebrated for titty dropped its
very funny tween by air because abolished mentioned that he pacifically requested gets you detective in the white house and she just quoted with no bombers seen my boots yeah well we all after i appeal to your you didn't build that my next one is gonna be they are about what what it must be clear our studies were paid for by the nazis govern right struggling here with which way can we go i'm gonna go with elizabeth hurley from us and power i ass she was such a background in the accident that was also i think the same year was absolutely with potential that with a phrase uk yeah she's a little high long therefore about nine months that's a good still is now today out if you follow these two graham is something
yeah ok i m gonna picturesque assumption from dukes of paradise register as a good one that's a good one i got my last too i gonna tough couple that i wanted i know what i'm gonna do is is jennifer love you from can hardly wait amanda by beckett and then my seconds ago it just could be for summer catch guys great strong yeah that's my that's my last peck weight is that the left i left someone else off that i was i was close put yeah that's my last back is apple when they find the trader summer catch now will allow what these all lets you think of nicholas cage yeah it's your body jessica deal alyosha yes jessica beale you could also picturesque appeal from my not pronounce chicken larry what you like them movie right like movie here you they gonna wanna hear the officer
yeah and only said there was be always need freaks out and you just inspired inspired my last peckham nickel jessica cuba and into the blue they rate the erika graham over to my last one sloan from first pillar as they often unloaded will back yet not to confuse america's girlfriend she was she was that's good pact or audience at her number for the audience though so i'd frontiers up quick can jack makes one of trillion i for liking i like the markets he thinks i wanna fuck muppets and he likes to test true wants to fuck rat because he likes ratatouille unlike other thing sell out is more reasons and that you are his ears going down but yes it's very fair sore audience goes after us for this however they picked a cartoon rabbit they pick lola bunny who was high lola bunny could get it yeah also rabbits they let the fought young up we're what what's lola bunny from space journey
else valiantly i was thinking of jesse arousing agenda rabbit someone brad three would pen i would just arabas no but the audience the mean they voted and i immediately when you say rabbit hot unlike all justice rather like that's a media or their number two i would very pugs bunny dressed up like a girl rebels hot to test was ever to be over to a martyr robbie in wall street that's a good harry what else we have for our mentions i'm the one i was deciding between week when i was decided for just be always zone dash now from five raise some i had elf numbers three from elf total like like all week and just let you know like all the sudden not be obsessed with like sports gambling and all like paint and listen to indie bands in like what does smoke close cuz i'll bring those back that kind of yeah i'd i'd one of those that like i have a huge crush on her out of tat at the time but in retrospect maybe not that part was anaemic thou from granada while
for some reason when i was younger i had a big thing for my fire my own personal mount rushmore i couldn't three or four being crazy because we already mentioned jennifer instant from horrible bosses and i mentioned roseman pike from longer also i ll official from wedding crashing yet not yet yes you also g jennifer s and from break up rebound age will be as bad as many of you play a little less mad like your bureau boyfriend was a loose i can close to kate back and so unlike any movie between two thousand forty two thousand ten could use insanely track i recommend we should quickly do for the lady listeners out there are little like off the off the cuff male mount rushmore will hang on i gotta get to more dad ok see dynamic do of blacks one they point and that is an all time moving to watch on an airplane when you ve got that seen going on with the two is eminently everyone's were leaning over the ceases to watch your screen what about the three checks you asked to ass in what movies out again that was all that king
no no i always try to move the sea grumbling bordering requiem i recall the cake farts will surely one fifty there was much of those till i saw off the cuff mail crashes william also thou gazebo gives me i will i am all for sure patrick bateman crazy but brad hadn't you wrote a harvard brad pitt troy's i'll hit ran ridden fight club the alcohol railroad lou that's pretty good you're gonna get gas got rang gassing from either loudly our crazy stupid orban aren't you know tat whereby jason siegel from offer getting sir marshall every girl loves a dad paused excited gang yet and i salute showed vat and cries of vigo mortensen from was eastern promises you're not only take lamp and all over the place and brought to go back to bring a frazier in anything yet ass your applause and what about john condemn and blood sport
otherwise what a big bad big time but when he got hank any any off the cuff mount rushmore crushes ridiculous mug ladys my brain is shut off but the joker in than ledger georgiana he finally under his ledger in nice tail yet things out about your ten days ahead of dutch also quirky yap impairing christian bail and basely anything right yeah central planning begins he was thick boy who jesse clemency click the list crystal donal in that men robin what about when we silverstone batman what about matt damon goodwill hunting every girl ex project can say bad boys like or one b the wonders containment and will be the therapies the robot nigh robot there's some articles about that chappie interests while the lady blades bugs bunny yes i want for sure we're who's the hottest male cartoon
guest on you just don't yeah that we were yet we said if you had one movie carefully areas yeah yeah pennies diego actually the guy you babbling your sister was to bring home a movie character and we put guessed what about john smith is pro he brought syphilis eight hours did a genocide what about red prince eric was not one from low mermaid oh yeah i actually know what i like to really do bland i think i think chicks we'd like to fuck the beast from you have your people say they say simba is hot too i seen a lot of lady say on twitter that symbol is very highest nice everest it as their interesting rina a high get to symbolise hot what partner
his leg is it i guess now i know not how to get someone scene when the rapid around in the dust in the word sex pops up and she gives outlook that like men fell ass you see now in a cloud of dust in sub saharan africa would he do i will carry us any others are we missed i'd have buried swordfish because i was the only access to boobs on anti became wednesday we will try to annex zealous falada people's first boobs i prefer spoof segment on parliament s hot one averse to emphasise that i saw download lights camera bar still comes out every monday and thursday you can do it on itunes and give them a follow will treat our mouth rushmore vote and just remember that troubles was part of this so he don't mention is he mentioned he said next time next time ok we got around me
we're gonna do apologize ye eyes were will have major balances are new white whale yeah we're gonna get em for amount rushmore this year guaranteed no chance that mount rushmore with the movie boys was actually brought to you by a movie the happy time murders you know the world of jim hansen but discover what happens on the other side of the street in the most outrageous are rated comedy of the summer pry enhancing the son of jim ensign and director of the markets christmas carol and muppets treasure island brings us the harry are rated happy time murders star melissa mccarthy my favorite actress as a mouth a foul mouth detective in a world where puppets in humans coexist it's a place where puppets interact with humans in a very adult sometimes shocking and ultimately hilarious way these puppets are no sesame all street in the habitat murders detective conny edwards more whose
by most mccarthy teamed up with their her part puppet partner phil philips and goes into the city underbelly of los angeles find out who's behind a series of puppet murders we might actually have the watchers and and review it with the with the movie boys my camera partial maya after lisbon banks joe mikhail he probably recognise all those names the movie answer a question how to adult puppets act when kids aren't around the trailer debut in front dead poor too and surprised in amaze audience cross countries come in august twenty fourth legacy my favorite actress more mccarthy is in it the happy time murders from the sea and of jim handsome brine hansen check it out august twenty fourth it's gonna be a great movie maybe probably not for kids know deafening offer kits is it forgets defiling on our kids put it's gonna be for adults if you know what i mean habitat murders very excited check it out in theatres august twice
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i will use up with your mom cast i would i would want to save the part run gonna be clearly wrong fire you as well so yes or no pride or where we live in areas in bold me by the way to go in other people's podcasting just talk cash it's where lessened going i came on your fuckin pod caviars yes the northern i'm line snake linger excellent start there so kevin rent view you end up picking up the warriors i'm gonna give you a cashier check for ten thousand rule that is we ve talked about thirty i the oie downside me break i would love to be the guy to break up the warriors but then leubronn would maybe one another title probably not still i knew you would be right so what kevin rent like do you when he goes off on twitter like this this are you i actually kind of like now because do you like is who is he just gonna get triggered all the time but he had no who is this the problem right like i thy kevin durrant and i don't want to play pop psychologist but i will i mean he your triggered is the right word and he has a trigger its if people bring up him
owing to the warriors he clearly is not at peace with that decision even though it has worked out better than even he could have expected i mean backtrack finals and be peace back to that guy three finals worry it's the same shop in the same place to win the series essentially and yet he is still struggling with it but here go ahead but i'm sorry i'm out this garcia that's that's gonna fascinating point because this is a dude who obviously he he cares what everyone else thinks about it all the time for every he second guess them say he's got these like little bits of insecurity can in the back resettled i'm but you put him on a basketball court and it all who's out the window like how does that have in the dragon fine fine joneses agrees on twitter he pointed out something last night there was very interesting that it basically is kept her aunt you notice he doesn't get triggered when people come adam for his game because he knows it is good
is he is the best place in the nba right now ok without i mean the you of course have to say something to undercut all everything austria's having gone through envy through finals envy peace backtrack titles but it's the like you said the going golden state so i guess the question then is will will twitter and twitter trolls force and ran to maybe go to like a nix to save the next to recapture whatever seems to be lost with tears of iran sidekick and allay who knows but days what could it potentially drive him away from golden state i i think it's on the board and here's the thing we he did the door at tweet everyone's folks are understandably the one were see j and its i'm so jealousy j i've talked about cumnor ants mover golden state for two years straight i'm paid to talk see j in ninety seconds thumbs out the perfect analogy that i've been looking for
forever but it's kevin takes the analogy literally that's the one i'm going from his followup tweet too i think it's me jones covers the nba he says in there is like oh i forget because i'm in the end be i'm not allowed to be on twitter no that's not what people are saying it's because you kevin durrant you're not supposed to respond to trolls in your mentioned like can you imagine if tom cruise this week his twitter feed was like oh you didn't like him i do well actually he's let me tell you the directory masterpiece that was nice can army of scientology trolls into that foreign i'm convinced i think it's ok to be like i'm no world human i agree with you it's a otto cortical bad look but as someone who's been triggered online before sometimes you just want to be like hey guess what you guys have wrought its counter but here's that you yes we're all human but it at some point self awareness of man this is bad for me
not going until i used today during the show to kind of almost prove appoint like the kevin terrain one of the most famous athletes in the world i am if their research sitting below a z list levelled notoriety that's me but i have enough notoriety people strangers talk trashed we write you knew as add weight on twitter stranger yeah i knows crazy so like you mustn't you too i yesterday i had someone tweet to me nick you know the only reason you're on tv is because chris carter's married to your sister ok so we like that's not only who is it showed no of course not nice now what i heard a crisis never my darling i only have one sister like that's really tell us it is also important is that me like i'm getting like there was evidently there is cause i replied you guys are going to hear more about this theory and a couple of people chimed in there's some blog posts somewhere about the morning guy it s one sister animals chris being married to her so you know you
still there you just drew like a whole lot more attention to that area as oil and you don't i noticed you don't have a wikipedia page which means that there's people i did is imperfect ripe farming opportunity peoples a popular real jailer people started tweeting what's your twitter handle get incorrect get nick right hey you're only there because it is very sad that is open to the point it is and i think you followed is that if i deal with that level of nonsense kevin terrain
his swim swimming against the tide of all the ocean jeff you can't you can't win this fight and by the way the people criticising them for going to open foregoing the golden state most what they're saying is accurate as well which another isn't can't when the fight like it was unprecedented it did tilt the balance of the indian and uncomfortable way it wasn't like leubronn going to the heat ornament like leubronn go into the celtics if the celtics by the way had just one seventy three games like its but he made that choice eyes wide open i think feeling like once i win it'll all start right winning actually probably exacerbated the yemeni people like he ruined the mba evade that what the best thing that happened lebaron even though the way they lost was not great investing avenue around was that miami team losing to doubt you have made it validated those two titles and made it seem hard the worst thing
an odd way that as hell with spins owned by you what no no i i order you then that is as illicitly eighties habitats using as a proud ever losing as ex fine as elaborate stand green you are on the same page your i think tat s actually true if you got there and they just with the latter will not leave me not for not five then it would be ok this guy sidestep the deck sola using only intensely lost no intention of loss what i'm saying is an i ll a bronze series against the mavericks is the biggest black marie any all time great in basketball history like that data that happened the problem for for people like you that ever since that moment like it's like you or dvr is stuck on that moment he just ripped off the greatest seven year stretch in the history of american sports but is neither here nor actually like very upset right now that i didn't just don't have my dvr stuck i'll live i had that game just at it like every night just walk
home and washed up great mystery now no doubt that man seen by the way which obviously the map seem terrible maps team that beating the lebron james led heat and six then it just wept the collie ryan lakers inform us either here or there the point that i'm am saying is not or libra legacy was good they lost their but for the narrative surrounding that heat team the fact that they had real adversity made the rest the championships veal validated to the public the fact the first year covering gets to golden state they sweep the cleveland cavalry fears and the next year they i'm sorry to beat calves in five than actually sweep it makes and now they had buggy it's like man what the hell's going on so what would happen would have to happen in your mind to turn on the broad james would say hypothetically if he'd asylum wrong goes to the warriors u turn on him yes sire i think it was one of your guys want a europe boston bar stool folks took up took a clip that i had said totally
context now yet in sign of thanks of me sarcastically making the point if you were ok with katy if you're not even like hey it's no different than an engineer from apple signing with good like a bill athletes consign wherever they want because competition is not part of sports at all about the magistrate of it like who cares if the spoiler we know who's gonna win the finals if that was your feeling about katy than you have three ok leubronn doing it i ll abroad had he chosen golden state it would of wildly disappointed
it would have changed the way while the rest of his career wouldn't change the fact that he's objectively and obviously ok we're going this battle by running its but so do i hold i thought we already know so i asked when catherine initially sign with words i kind of defending and because i am a big players right sky like i am to the owners will fuck over a player and only a point in time so free agencies therefore reason and guys being able to decide whether they want to go how much they want to be no how many years and one sign for basic having the freedom that they're not afforded for the most part in their careers and we think about it a guy gets he goes to college doesn't get paid gets drafted for five years are strives to rehash of guide whatever the nba decides then finally he reaches a point we're like i get to go where i want to go up obviously since then it's been like our i like the other wars are really fuckin good and i like he caught and he hasn't i model he ruined the nba but you have to admit the end gay has not had
we are very good at every single year it does take a little out of what in here's that and there is become listen once upon a time pre pardon my take pre bar stool existing pre pity i existing even like let's go back to old school media media was a bunch of fifty and sixty year old white dude basically scolding young black athletes they were always protein they were always anti player and that was awful i do wonder if we ve skewed not in diversity of the media but in outlook of the media a little too far in the other direction right to wear it you at any point if when buggy signed with the warriors you like you gotta be kidding me and you don't just embrace it and accept it and applauded your yours cast your skin goaded by colleagues in the media people do you know why there's
such a thing is spoiler alert cause people don't like to know the ending or something like i can of love the acting of daniel day louis but still prefer leave when i shot a thing about have you seen the sopranos is so good have you seen the surroundings of course we will go the product but the in was by the way who runs part might take twitter do does hank hey began to do that was my treat all gave the one that will resume sweden israel seat i mean i am running ok it's only a watershed moment in america is you you're not smart and eyes i told them i saw watching sopranos last year as like in season three and they decide to oil the entire year like some monster you're mad at me because you're not smart enough to have access to the first things first twitter because the best thing you can do in this is a lesson for calendar and as well we said many times start of start a foundation twitter no one knows who runs it came the rank and file
often people their part might take no one knows your tweets where we treat like who actually tweeted it so if you have a really spicy take like one ship kelly we got inside source chip kelly was gonna go coach florida which weeded out from part my take who tweeted the team do you i can tell you create in algeria is something hard might take should tweet out some form of the warriors roquat cracker art so you not coming grant didn't take the max this year a little self employed the ok so here's thing so kevin durrant not taken the max didn't open up any cap space form all it did was so joe lake about eighteen goin out and luxury taxes he said kevin orient save himself five possum so five million save lake up around eighteen eighteen million to lay gub was way more than five million to direct
men word omby amby a street is like i don't know like does does lake of like pay these guys and bitcoin lying ai weiwei is our best part i know i kind of like genie bus gave leubronn part ownership in the lakers we want wink though i started out but i mean like is is one of the reasons trail on green is this great recruiter is it's like hey everything's flash drives us yeah my coin and highlight here he's gonna be an angel investor in all of our lady leave actually thought about that i'm already centres light a chat or just things out why we we definitely thought about that when it comes to college recruiting when you see team dislike load up like there's one year that i think i was all miss your own right breeze risk i like five circle how do we do every year in basketball we think that there's somethin there's some like bitcoin crypto stuff going on in the college game i had not put the pieces together for the nba that actually makes i just listen i get my guys will take a discount to seeing senator player why would you do
discount to save your billion are owners but open a new lay down than i am he's a john luxury tat having granted thanks said every dollar that he gives to billionaire he's gonna go create like a hundred more jobs spreading is actually the most socialistic thing that you can do and maybe if lebaron wasn't such a malcontent in a terrible employee for dan gilbert he would have some kind of deal like that is well for a trial by the way shot out today and gilbert eighty zero dead set we're not gonna go from the finals to nineteen wins like we did the last time lebaron left i went to give la rochelle him of that i love that he got that contract because it's the like there's nothing better than the owner scorned contract oh yeah they if you can be in the right place at the right time you're owner gets embarrassed he's gonna give the next guy down the line a shitload of money and kevin love is a good and objectively good guy and he still a good player rise in its there's one spot were playing with
on sucks being the second s born team has been great for tiree and for wade being a role play although brontes run great the guy that it sucks for is that third storm rabotchaya was talk for love he was always on the place last gonna be tough got it gotta do it so i will go and you say so in cleveland you you know you made your bones you ve been like digging even call coming up the sail for the last like for years you the pre eminent leubronn stand on the internet now there gone from cleveland is there any part of you that's like still like style this cleveland how are you gonna find yourself rooting for lie there is i find gilbert in his back moves and his non basketball moves in his regular business to be a seemingly objectionable person so no but i do like jedi oswin did you see the love
butter jedi wrote leubronn no there was one it put will ever know chancel brave and my dear you read all the love letters people late yet right now i want you to tell us you know i don't know what you see here came now i'm not hosted on instagram jedi ass i grew to like over the course of the year and in no way does he loves leubronn because he's a good young how do you know about his name i don't i don't want to hear how s image is all i want to come back to the only untouchable on combating all the embryo stuff but i want to do a little bit more what're you don't know because i alluded this at the beginning when we first had you on it was very i believe that is a debate it was back and forth we handle abroad m j debate and we're gonna trotting ambush i think it was the last earnest debate about leubronn m j ever cause everything else since has just been like noise
because at this point is our debates over known if you're going to argue may have to be ok so i but i have grown to live you and consider your friend because i actually you kind of you made would it wouldn't be fair to say that like you came on the map by being the number one bron sexual but since then you obviously have shown shown your abilities and all sport i think what cut through was low and low bronze right there's a lot of there's a lot of content there and so what certainly what made me noticeable when i was doing somewhat com was leubronn stuff but i think i like to think the thing i know that the thing that i did that was the in almost viewed thing in the history of fox wart online was actually an anthem take which yo my pen tweet i it's tough debate football guy and while you're awoke obviously
three the football guyana show with chris cartwrighting people believe that i can talk or so my point is though like i i the reason why in like your first as i thought you were one no guy about you just went on a show did you're like hard core the brown thing and that was why i obviously have a lot more so you you went to syracuse you went to journalists journalism school you when you because i think this is passing like a bigger conversation about where journalism is when you graduate in two thousand seven did you ever think that like you would be where you for now or did you think it was to be more traditional route in like how everything is shifted set so the so my you guys are probably going to kill me for this by the did i ever think i'd be where i was now i eat sure yes but only because i've been very was when i was twelve years old if i may tell you guys real quick when i was twelve years old i was fortunate enough to meet kostas i walked up to him i said where'd you were taller than him i said i said i was at a function
early based museum in kansas city big woke and i walked and walked up and i ask said heyward where'd you go school what you do you do what i wanna do i thought i want do play i play told me w e r went to syracuse worked w e r it's the only school i applied to i went there i got cut from the play by placed as a student which is like hard to do because i was so bad at it they are talk show staff that was kind of four like the at the time undesirables doing the broadcasting i said i guess tat shows one been adieu and from that moment for guaranteeing our folks nodded i did so i always thought i was undue sports talk radio right and that's what i still i did for nine years and then i got the opportunity that efforts one do television i saw some ready on mad dog but yeah like i i kind of had one goal in mind was to be just a sports commentators the only thing i ve that's issuing because you ever think like if it wasn't bob kosovo's like mike luca you probably would just be you know we're in ireland
besides we would have been an indifferent school a loop a code of annulling hey kid get out of here who really my coffee more but i mean if i it if it was they i think about the fact that i had no idea anything about syracuse i walked up he told syracuse it that's what i'm gonna go and that's where i went and so like you i mean it was that that was a fork in the road moment of my life and i know what i was a little kid and so but it is the only thing i ever wanted to do and i actually people talk about the media changing and if i was a reporter they wouldn't terrify media i think you guys have as i begrudgingly give you accomplish p of t deserve as well as always you ve been a friend of mine for long time me we're friends now there you can say i was running out of persia them credit for four enemy for enemies no i don't think work japan to overturn not but i think you guys are a good example of why i think people that do what we do sometimes worry too much about the future
media because people always want to consume content it is not i dont believe my job to figure out the delivery mechanisms like people will the corporate folks will figure out the delivery mechanism but people will always want to consume content and for can i got my due to a local radio i still love local radio lanai local radio friends are terrified and i would tell them less a man there will always be the thirst for people the moment the cubs game end to sound off about it no matter how good a podcast is it's not only at the moment the game and where you can interact like i m people also will always need to know the traffic in chicago or boston or worse deal wherever so like i think local radio will be fine it if the contents good enough in the right niches and everything else like what
that really matter if like could do more people watch my tv show vii of youtube and facebook then like actually on the air i dont know no it doesn't really matter to me you know i mean i'm not i think we'll be fine the jet generic we will be fine we just have to figure out how all the media's gonna walk and talk a little bit about the transition cause we hung out once or twice i think when you are in houston tonight i think i may on the show you were like a pretty big deal in houston sports radio you hadn't on tv at that point i don't think amelia larry little land was called cs in houston the version of yeah right used and so you're right now i bid you think about making the transition from radio which you been doing for while into television what were your concern in doing that and how we can overcome listen i wasn't even a van being totally canada i wasn't trying to transition in television i met with the folks at fox sports radio and i flew myself to allay for
essentially forced a meeting with them and with the people that ran a difference rate sport station and allay could my wife wanted to be in california my feeling one being california i had i i felt like i had done when i need to do in texas and the fox voxforge radio folks they added yet announced they had hired cowherd but they obviously new they added and i was like listen i you got a couple shows the network that flatly i'd be better than like you guys i'm available i can get out of my contract houston and they told me we're gonna start doing more partnership with that fast one if we're gonna high for any body for radio we want them to at least meet with the effort one folks so i i taught got a meeting i was told it would be a month later fifteen minutes if you want to come to allay on your own dime i promise i won't be less than fifteen minutes but it does not mean our be fifteen minutes and so i took it with the then president of a fair one
and we have a short meeting like that it's you gotta you write to her and i do said listen my goal for this is at the end of this meeting for you to sign off on radio hiring me here's who i am here's what i what i'm about whatever it is and at the end of the meeting he said i'm just curious wiser goal not for me to hire you and i use them it was like listen man i because i can look the way you guys in the eye and say i'm better than what they have on the air in this time slaughter that time thought i was like i haven't done it on tv can't look you mayor and say i should have a tv show and that led to my meeting with a different executive a guy named charlie dixon out new york and that led them trying me out a bunch of times which then you don't i mean till it wasn't like i was it wasn't like i was go from radio tv it just kind of happened that what you do anything differently when you're on tv as opposed to being on radio in terms of like a you always have to be cognisant of the cameras on all the parties that was my initial biggest adjustment because so i'm gonna leave here i'm feelin for madame
a bit this week and so when i'm doing radio i i'd go like this i move around i don't even know what i sit like this i sew my biggest adjustment initially was i'm very manic with i movements at what do i do when i'm not talking bright that which was very difficult for me and the other biggest adjustment is on radio a huge compliment is man nick was talking about something no one else is on national sports television that is the worst thing you can do people are tuning in pity as the best showed ever exist on this right the core of yours of pity i j mariano days on run short but the core of you it is a pity i tune in four about eighteen minutes a bout once a month so that means you're never repeating yourself it's always someone as watched in forever and so if you're not talking about
the biggest story right you're losing and so that's why like you follow or twitter feed it's like ok leubronn cowboys patriots lower but yet but for the actual television viewers like so you gotta you you to kind of truth and train yourself into reminded remembering it's only it's only repetitive to me right you know i mean its rapidity the viewer so that that's been a huge difference from doing radio local or national radio to tell us usa maybe you had to remind yourself to do the waistband talk with your boner whenever it be talk malibran on the air whereas on the radio no one can see it nobody fishing point because we obviously like we ve been doing our show for two years now so there's obviously gonna be times when it's like are able this topic is the same as it was last week and is trying to find different funny angles on it and try to stay a little bit ahead of it like we had the the
training camp we did training camps storylines last two years like this you will get you some a little different but it's still talking about running but i also wonder and i dont know the research on podcast like podcast because it an opt in experience because it feels like the effort it takes it how does it sounds like download subscribe that the there there's a higher level of loyalty and maybe people are listening much more regularly missing on their commute and their commute doesn't change in that light i can't tell you how many times i walked down the street and it's like you oh i am sometimes i'll get nick right sometimes a lot of times i'll get chris carter's brother in assistance sometimes i get the leubronn guy right sometimes i'll get a man you really gave it to steve hey this morning light with economic max like those sometimes i'll get my first things first the best show i may i love you want espn like red people are consuming it but they're not it
i'd like a subscribing to run my taking thine aria nobody's listening to this mean like men another another hit podcast by building i like you did they do you know what they're doing so it's a different type of thing right in the way people consume it so we are talking about how you get ready for tv and i always wondered this because you came up i think it's fair so you came up a little bit under the tutelage of coward yan coward we report him because of the way he does some things in the way come gets to his like conclusion set are geniuses usually parquet sound sometimes copies few people whatever i also but i always wanted the one thing a coward does it's like an incredible the way he eat delivers a point in the pauses and the way he talks in you notice the same thing was skip and stephen a it's like it's almost like a theatrical thing you have to like basically practice that over and also i dont know if my television deliveries even average yet
i you know i mean i really dont know i try to get better at it continually cow her as far as how he does it on the radio is actually incredible literally driving it really is it say we're u everyone about power but when you actually listened nome and the pause z takes in the way he delivers it and he just talking himself it's like how is he doing right and so and that is the sale of radio i didn't that i did solo radio i tried to do kind of big picture radio no coward has spawned a generation of people trying to be hours which is like listen cowards gonna do as radio codes is also television dr zambia like i'm and explain to you why term i'll do it i'll x is the new england patriot and you like art man i want to follow you on this journey and i know we're gonna get somewhere what doesn't work is when it's like a twenty three year old right out of college whose like i'm splain to you why kevin neuron stuff curry are like a bad marriage it right before divorce it's like india what what if you ve never been married like what do you do about it
we'll trying to do what he does right but he's a singular talent on that what i the personal i think is the best television performer in the world the two best at what we do i think it is stephen aimed skip yeah i've english now shannon it saddens pretty unbelievers but the thing with stephen ay and i'll give you a note of work for my network stephen i and skip have the ability stephen i may be even more so the entertaining on mute like a if those shows or on mute without close captioning it still kind of entertaining to watch because it is a performance when they arrive shock the areas like you you have an idea of what you would have an idea of what those guys his opinions on things were if you didn't speak the language yeah just by it one cent here's what their discussing and just watch them do it like that is that to score why dont have and the other thing
that i'm learning for me at least until the journey to get better at is switched eggs were early in the morning i'm an intense guy and i even when i'm happy i come across boss is almost angry and i don't mean to i just blushing i just that's kind of how are you how i am and people were on early in the morning like a smile and to better use because more rights like yours and i try not to have a debate show which we really don't like they we will occasionally debate things but early in the morning people are trying to ease into their day but i look more intense on television than i mean to write chris card is not exactly what i think of when i think of like easing into my day either that guy's an intense do like i remember we're out the offices at a fast one we saw office like his show office where he works is get pictures of himself all outside the door hanging on the wall
but he didn't although i know in his defence didier we heard earlier different now will you you heard different area wrought amy cellulose i heard he was asked to burn listen he moved from a very large house in palm beach to a very nice condo in tribeca so here a lot of extra staff our ob staff asked him if he would bring stuff into we'd have stuck to put on the office he didn't choose put a right outside his office but these off he did choose to bring in for all pictures of chris carter but what i'll see what other memorabilia warmed up pickers elderly and brown s why does he rose team or any moss ok listen i'm uranium ass i came upon randy moss this is aid somebody somebody ass your brother in law and matured which makes family reunions economy moodily awkward for gets i'd so i mean the its industry because i like you guys have obviously what you ve done in the last two years like watching it it's been incredible the watch and
the only thing i have have to ask you have to give me the honest honest answer here have there has ever been a time that you ve had take or an opinion that you didn't fully believe they had to do for kind of effects i think that's the biggest thing that people who who are maybe detractors of those types of shows say there like war he just doing that just sail case britain here's the thing i will let me nice i want to be very clear that it is this is a fair questions in the big paintings big question and so i am now causing its troll i'm not pausing because i'm looking for a lie on pausing because i want to answer it honestly and fairly what i if i believe that that gesture use if i believe the celtics are gonna lose to the sixers right i will never say this i believe the celtics are going to beat the sectors but if i believe the celtics are going to lose to the sixers will i made
the exaggerate how certain i am of it right short that's nice and so like i've never and because you can't do three hours of life television a day and and be and not so what you actually believe because then you got to meet your place in the area like the lies are gonna come crumbling down on your head and so you have to say what you really believe but it is like the same before to a degree of performance and so will i sometimes exaggerate the i'll give you a perfect example and this one i never thought would would would hit hit mean had the way did my whole thing with the eagle so carson whence goes down i already was the i thought the eagles were slightly inflated record wise i thought they were good but i thought listen the vikings are as good i think the saints might be better the rams are right there so but so i already didn't think eagles were quite the best him in the nfl
their quarterback goes down so we have a thing on the air which the i don't even member the question was but i said listen you you an mba contender you lose the envy p contender of course you can't win the superbowl if if you can win the zoo without the league and be you're one of the greatest teams ever so i said that the day before the next day i said on the air sixteen angel take the playoffs out of the enough see all of them you can win the superbowl except for philadelphia right now i really did believe that philadelphia was going to get smacked with nick foles playing at quarterback i really did believe they were screwed once went down and even with whence i wouldn't picton win the superbowl but obviously i didn't think they ads they
home field running the ones you i didn't they were zero percent right i thought they were five percent turning the apple and we do the same thing here you can mean if you're in the business of getting eyeballs and clicks you are yourself but you have to obviously turn it on i didn't think philadelphia as the parade was starting on the team twitter account was going to tweet that clip out i didn't see that one day each columns insult right and so the and so like that is i really hope people at least for my against me for everyone in the business i really go people believe me when i say that because like this week i'm doing six hours of life takes a day i'm doing three hours on mad dog on serious three hours on it television show which is my real job if i didn't believe if what i was saying i it would be so
is he too i think just the creator highlight real you'd get confused day right am i supposed to like aaron rodgers analogous to washington tv in any event that is white frustrating for me sometimes when people i think because i do take my integrity on this stuff even though it all make believe in sport seriously i do i do get frustrated sometimes when people the clip i was talking about about where it looked like i was a total hypocrite on the going to the warriors verses buggy someone i i believe both these i think tom brady amount rushworth adding tom brady the greatest quarterback ever but i think aaron rodgers is better flying mortar back then in the life of me ok aeronauts better plucked quarter plank or direct nobody ever somebody once created up us mash up of me saying that about aaron rodgers and the other about tom brady as if an out of context logan
are there in kind that's a tennis frustrate people people don't understand you can hold two thoughts in you in your head it's right and so that to me is frustrating because i don't listen if you think i'm a don't like the way i do television or you don't agree with me or you just think look like i should be on tv guilty like the the smart i we all three guys hashmi email syracuse i met with the dean both like was when i was torn searches for i went and told him island radio and he's like a zombie told the house with you seem a sharp guy like you you know i think i've already got a man like you it is just a you know though like you have a terrible voice for radio you'll never be able to do it exercise i guess i'm ok so the old so like the voice for newspaper face for radio situate on his work i am tough spot
we in parliament want to some leubronn talk here yes sir brian russia are you ready to concede that delivered over was the key piece a cavalier championship i'm not ready to concede that i am ready to remind america that matthew del of adobe was the second best player yeah on a championship caliber team where lebron james is this is this is another this is like piece of evidence three hundred forty seven b lebron james and that finals average thirty six thirteen nines and you know who won the and the guy who held him to thirty six thirteen and like like lose a shooting presented what will not finals was thirty nine point eight booming that says like we dug a little under the stats there ok but so but you also it in your listen you're sharp guy and i was a good question ass because it seems to undercut it but then people remember the way the calves had to play in those final and then you also was only able to put down thirty nine percent of his dogs that's all i can do ok so that
as you know there is yet another interesting critique occurred he gazed then this players not is good because he can go and the most efficient shot in the sport easy more than any one else in the sport but i mean we can go if issue are shooting percent guide by the way we could go to the year before the year by the way that he that he average twenty i'm sorry i why don't you ask very rarely numbers how the address while this thing is called leonard one the finest rebuilding leubronn to fifty six percent of showed how about and about the fact that his great teammates like matthew delivered over were so good at shooting at inflated his assistance the eye
i would have to really dig into the company you shouldn't have come so that delicately i know you're delicate overfed you'll love jedi osman really need to get in down at once i won't spells name out of it so much ass a sea key questions put in promo code take a ten dollars off seek promo code take i applaud this out to you leubronn james the two thousand eighteen nineteen los angeles lakers he has put together the greatest blaine team of all time he's basely punted on this year s it i'm gonna get it together yeah yeah manager of ever team has ever been on six rings so is already jordan what he's got three a player threes it
lindsey rings permeable human lives i didn't know i just know then he's got twelve finals losses short holdings in firefox also eight so he d have rondeau travail magee land stevenson michael beazley that team will get blamed and laughed at on twitter every single night and the broad james will basically be like war is he supposed to do he's got these guys is with him there's nothing he can do and then he's going to wait and he's going to kauai and like i don't know camba or somewhere to trade for john wall and then get his little superteam and still probably lose and you're going to sit there and be like he played with these bad guys he's still a great numbers also lebron doesn't like you anymore the brons were an aim is so true overwrought so true i mean it's images decided this last year like oh no one's gonna notice that i don't play defence cool i won't play different listen if those
it is right i mean a guy in your fifteen sets his career i in rebounds insists in right because even pointy ends will you have a higher oil used like i can get off crazy often of numbers by just not trying on defence anymore or their yes there is an element that yeah of course there is of course leaving element to you only have even a near cyborg like leubronn only us how much energy so you have to expended in the proper moment right and so i promise you if it would if you would like labelling could have been tony amman last year an expanded all his energy defensively the calves what one roughly twelve games so private worked out born but to your region point you're more important point about the all blame team yeah we call the scapegoat year abroad is now escape guy i saw that we are going to be of two no problem i got you are i got you pardon me so i'm just
you're so maybe right maybe that is exactly what happened ever all blame is teammates and will i don't know in year sixteen leubronn old maybe when the in vp and you'll talk about how it involves they did i'm not quite sure out but i'm sure you'll be in their yeah observed no clues linux this year this year do i gotta respect you will nervous on areas where i thought is everyone in ordering never been injured while the most games was life i mean he just brody's had thirty four no he promised parading so we were always because basically broken but let me go home he had a little sauce chastity let me ask you as he was walking out of the original given their given what you think of this team the lakers shouldn't be very good this europe i am rather than two four five zero for somewhere on their own was so they'll be so given all the way i think ingram is superstar i'm enamored sixteen point here he's up he's gonna be the best and plurality alonzo carefree alonzo
so glad i came by yes so are you got a girl but i appreciate you come in and this was fond marina upgrade from four enemies to two friends we weren't for enemy guy eddie i wasn't quite ready to go the full friends leon so now there yeah ok resolutely growing up from about the way you so i won this is why i want this entire debate you lost and phd he will he was the ultimate when the end the empty in reality now my two friends or friends on site big happy families i appreciate you guys know you're married to my my right restarted situation you know is right time you knock out we was it at nick right gettin a great yet nick right do not treat get nick right about the fact that he only as a job because he married chris carcasses no it was of no that's our merrier secede away applies yeah reverie
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boy i get asked of the over saturation of dogs on twitter account you know but i'm i'm now the watchdog for dog watched ass lockdown of wiping out much i know i was drugs or ever did seventeen times dodger are you pig which dog is your spirit animal you probably know even have won t the dog the other day was scared of lettuce is like dismal my diet and useless i freaked out about let us say cat that's relate above i am that did you much related to see those hundred fifty gold retrievers park together just hanging out barking at each other hague it sounds like today me you kind of need somewhere to end after that i was writing how will that was what i wanted to say was that was the dog olympics were the only sport there was on let's get hank a dog and here i think you need a doctor can you keep a dog lot ass they sought to i i'll wait i'll get you a dog the day that i think you can keep dog alive by the deck
now i was hit some say we just need for back there was that had that saturday just like ok like what there's nothing there's zero dates for some reason mlb will be to this weird skate scheduling thing where there was one game at one cubs in the company of foreign there's nothing else is just like what are we doing we are not absolutely lever authors unite robber griffin lighted up rubber grim reverse chase daniel to tune it there's a night either some segments so we have a stay classy for baseball what put in a little this audio we're going on it what do you see she changed utterly with no socks and answer or his knees this was prevalent with their own t think about fans
such was the parking dodgers fans and want to see their post it no i do who you any of a more uniform or banning grabbed his shirt on with your name on turkey they were very professional and i think i can say this because i know what the dodgy organization was all about there's the boy allows such dire gazer opening dancer watching so the back story there you heard a little the audio it is he braves announcer joe simpson he is upset because the dodgers took batting practice in their t shirts and fans that come to the park early dodger fans wouldn't know who they are which
like if you're a fan of the dodgers you probably know who's on the team not knowing that budgets utterly has been in major baseball since like nineteen fifty four also lie we like to point out that if you go to a game early for banning practice you probably know who the guy's right that's not a move that reflect some normal guide right and also j sadly was wearing strike out cancer shirt which was you know most probably good thing but either way this is maybe my favorite like old man yells cloud mixed with baseball which obviously the van diagram is one big certainly but getting upset about god as taking batting practice in tee shirts where they re like evanna protests by a hundred fifty degrees and lonely where they weren't shorts know there were wearing ah she suddenly had baseball path but it looked like they were rolled up oh god no an ox outside russia now that's bullshit the best part of you forget the best part of others clip was during it the there was a bond and in their like all those good
like me a pervert you aggravated by the regular get back there i was disrespect based policy los angeles daughters were tuxedos get all black tie to the next but in practice the viewpoint of the daughters before i have not heard you know what it means to us through the drama that to be a dodger in represent a tv invoked taiwan disorders name tommy lasorda would never stand for this shit on me lasorda who would get into fights we're santiago the philadelphia fanatic santiago chicken during the games yeah he would not note up was now here i just laid its tommy lasorda used to shocked uncandid slim fast i heard base yes i think he'd be totally final players being if there's the bigger short sky in the world than tat sort i just appreciative because as we get law as we get further along and like the internet and as we evolve in the internet like i feel like the the hot take old man yells a cloud gets gets almost shamed off the internet but baseball and golf they exist
because we have people like this who can basically pick something random to get upset about that we all or like exact i serious await fuck is it it's an endangered species chess did a hot take online so its embrace my like yes there needs to be some kind of an alarm that we can help where someone says something so outrageous like hey guys don't don't shame him at all let's not re blogs malicious like we'll have a conversation on our podcast about it and that's it because now you'll never find us here joe simpson would never find what we're like radio simpson sucker dick stewed you'll never here that this is the reason why we haven't had jason witten dropping hot takes place online for life i did you see what he wrote on espn what you wrote an article about why player should say of social media basically because his opinions would have pissed too many people off and he would be a shame and like looked different lights right never had social media yes so of all of you listen to me right now possible way for further just dearth of content that we could have
from jason went jason witten paul nikolai excuse like man you guys really would have gotten unknown jason witten high had been on social me i get there you also want here this jason went no chance you can find a plough it's a good point jason win took that trip with tony roma remember like oil has simply tab afford play off started here he was the original ghana boat yes but since you have twitter we don't talk about this demand jason when we could have had so many heartache from the ethnic why would they sell falcon hilarious here aren't you jason went would have definitely reach with acute emergency hank he would have few to spread the the gross dog love that's going on all from twitter yeah jason wins avatar would have been a golden retriever here i love bacon jason went every single day epochs ferrajo oh my god yes this berger has surrounded her aching and then they deprive it all the all the knobs oh my god make it my kids forgot their lunch today so i went to their school and brought him bacon doubted the year lots fire tweets from jason win
i am not impressed us firms missing out on ten years is that if you wish it we should create like a jason went in time machine and just tweet like what would jason witten of tweeted on this day in history that amend like her you see me run round without my home it on a large scale jason what its privileged it's a privileged play under the shield in the national football league dash j w he signs of it's just a picture him from the hospital when he had his like spleen when he's being blood being like i love this game i love my fans i'll be back on the field before you know it inside jason went here my nine blonde kids probably i love them ali early although exactly like me jason witten alright let's do hu a thank you for your service for blake griffin so with the take on product yap blake griffin loss blake the year in a heartbreaking fashion because apparently he was on a plane when we tried to calm blake porthos picked up an eleven seconds but the good news is bleak griffin addressed it so he was
asked at usc baseball camp from in a word ruining this review i soon is in the media and this was his response contests like that just like the depends on the or where the person is i happened to be on an airplane on my way to vegas asleep and mr collins was crazy ass they went through the airplanes i woke up i had gone out of me i would have an open up and talk you if i wasn't airplane but because i had obligated to my country i missed out on boy could hear so i'm a year accusing them of you no question you're patriotism i'm guessing i don't know i don't know maybe questioning my patriotism
using my patriotism against me his power better better way to describe it but that's us their prerogative so now i think we are on the hot seat because bleak griffin pulled the all time trump card and was like hey you guys are actually blaming me first supporting our country only if he wins gold yeah and you know what i want to revisit this after the tournament over because if he's going to hide behind the flag before he's accomplished anything i think he's a chicken hawk i also liked it he went he tweeted at benedict arnold this guy who has zero followers and created his handle in two thousand and nine shut off in two thousand and nine he was high as fucking he's like i got a firebrand about to drop benedict arnold never to roma and then all of a sudden nine years later he of like was in everyone's meant
get the job with the big tabs i would go as far as a valuable investment like on line real while their hawaii but which are investment hugh four billion euros one tweet from professional athletes really play shut up yes so blake griffin next year we have to decide how we're gonna decide blake the year i wanna up at all i want to i want them to compete in something ok i want i want to figure out how to do it so bull we'll figure something out there we probably will just forget never mill doing and modest calm again but we're going to figure out some yeah what do you think i'm cooking honor i'm cooking on irena whoever averages more points per game who hobbled this if blackboard sk as a key and bleak griff any goes out i'm forty miles an hour and if he hit some point portals wednesday play griffin jumps over the key he went about this
lake griffin can steal blake portals car at some point next year and like it either locked up that ok yeah well now unlocked up because play mortals doesn't look here we have a thoughts and prayers to mark zuckerberg so facebook is can nosedive and how many bill steady loose will facebook lost seventeen billion dollar suit served ass a person billionaires i'm telling you this is a tough week to be billinger yeah see all these rich mobiles loosen tons of money and select he's probably only got what like facebooks market cap is maybe only hundred billion dollars now i'm sure there's some like loophole in taxes were zuckerberg will we'll just have to will be able to right off all these dear colossus yak italy does not pay any more know it'll do he'll say because he
looks down on the american people he'll be like i lost seventeen billion dollars because american people are too dumb young recognise that everything i've done facebooks actually good yes and so i'll just write that off on the on on american people being stupid so is it about back i am i hardly know what i'm i'm coma shot i will put the dead you have tea deaths stake all and on its bodies going into facebook raw ever done have you been on facebook recently now trash thy ten years to exactly it's all ants are ample trolls yet roles trolls nance etc while they're kind of one and the same putting on how drunk your aunt gets now she's won't my like some water so she can be it can be very trucks are at last that runs the fact we have a well actually for the bronze soldier bron has open up a charter school private
her turn out not is not a charter no outside telescope tuna forty kids so we're gonna give him a well actually that's kind of cool abroad yeah it is critical as pretty calls for what third and fourth graters underprivileged that exact greater just sort of course good yes oh he is kind of limiting the i so well carrier mackenzie pretty get pretty good god like who who goes out there and just opens up a public school that's kind of like i've heard of any athlete and they are so long hot seat gap in la bron also spent weakened dumping in lay appliance surfers eighth grade kids school which was awesome leaving tonight how it's going to see leubronn opening up a public school like open up a yeah or something the air like caused major like why those are one of those places a drink a lot of wine and you paint yeah paper opens up any with russia the aid as large as a shitload of money clown college oh now began to wait howard were definitely opened up a clunker college for real been like this is my husband my passion
being a huge cloud does the whole society are marketed verily by just wherein like his giant user can be read yeah extra red nose vila bron good job good job listen j never open your eyes worm bias good job do like wait ago i think you find waited a job good job ground good job right we will seek as ones it let me guess go away i don't know what to say to me today
why do we take do need to live with early learning that i picked up a bit
sorry got big guy pardon my ten percent stools
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