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Northwestern Head Football Coach Pat Fitzgerald And Brain Dump Friday

2018-04-13 | 🔗

The Stanley Cup Playoffs have started and the Washington Capitols are dead (2:27 - 8:59). NBA Playoffs start Saturday and we do knee jerk picks for each series (8:59 - 15:17). Brain Dump Fridays including a fake Chik Fil A to make people buy from our real Chik Fil A and Big Cat thinks he can go viral singing Cardi B songs (15:17 - 28:20) . Northwestern Head Football Coach Pat Fitzgerald joins the show to talk about being a Football Guy, the new Northwestern facilities, the hardest place to play in the Big Ten, and why his hashtag game needs work (28:20 - 57:34). Segments include Way to stay Relevant for baseball brawls making a huge comeback, Protect the shield for Colin Kaepernick, Done or Finished Billy Mitchell, and Hmmm because Bill Belichick named his dog Nike. 

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On today's part of my take, we have northwestern football coach, Pat Fitzgerald, really fun talk with him in Evanston. We also have the start of the Stanley CUP Playoffs and a little NBA Playoffs preview, plus we have faqs and brain dump Friday. Before we get all that, though, we have our award winning listeners, you know all the we're switching to the cash out. The cash app is the simplest way to pay people back friends, family coworkers. Anyone really sending and receiving money is totally free and fast and most payments can be deposited directly to your bank account in just a few seconds. The cash app lets you do way. More than that. Now you can even buy and sell Bitcoin instantly get your paycheck deposit right to the app pull money out of the atm with their free custom cash card or use it to spend anywhere. You like, you, really won't find a more useful apps for your cash out there so make the switch today and download the free cash app for Ios or Android now and when you sign up, enter the reward code bar stool to receive five dollars. When you and the cash app and will also send you are five dollars Aspca to help animals and there's more we're giving away some chatter some guacamole, some cashel. What download the apt and tweak your cash tack to at part might take, and we were ward, a lucky award, winning Lester with cash app every episode Hank, who we send cash to an
any read. Tony read: seven! Okay! So when you're doing it, people are sending us their cash, app usernames tweeting it. I part my take, and then we give you some free money. So do it download it it's free money. It is literally free money at their ma'am. You get five dollars. Given five dollars help animals, he might gets more. All right, let's go today is Friday. The thirteenth and the Washington K
capitals are dead. That's not true! That's not true at all. They lost one game This is how you find out what your teams made of you can't win a Stanley cup. If you don't have to battle through some adversity. Good news is we go out of the way right away. Verbal mean, P, F, T r, o v, holding a bag, a golf club over his head. Like the Stanley CUP. That's not I mean that's just a cartoon that ripping off that already exists. Okay! Well, good! Try! What about this? Alright wait! Wait! Verbal meme, live, look at the Chicago, Blackhawks to the playoffs yeah. They all got rings. They have three years old, it's all blank, and then ok, alright, alright! So will do it this way. Verbal retweet, our friend, Frank, the tank, Frank Fleming more, like the Washington Shrinky dinks. Don't bury me like that. I can't come back from that. That's actually pretty good! I mean if you watch the game, the capitals wildly consistent on defense. They need
They need somebody, that's able to actually stand in front of the crease and not get pushed around bullied, because the two owes or pick and they just they get pushed around on defense. That's weight is Gruber not doing well, rivers, not he doesn't exist. That person that you mentioned is not a hockey player. Who is our goalie, because we had an out now just to remind everyone. Our goal, yeah yeah because of our goalie, is bring whole whole p. I've been hope you guys since day, one so to remind everyone. Hank bubble, and I have a future on the Washington Capitals, so we're hurting just as much as Pft right now. We almost did sorrows for ourselves. Click on the shower we're in. We should actually mentioned that we're in Charlotte, if he's in New York's with Skype Show, but we are yeah. We we were so upset about the capital's letting us down. Yet again, can you almost showered wow that yeah yeah doesn't have to be pretty upset to take a shower? Well, no, we will shower together with our clothes on yeah. As usual. That's standard operating procedure for us on road trips, so are the
the Stanley CUP finals are playoffs, have started. We've had the LAS Vegas Knights, basically acted out. Circle sleigh, slash game of Thrones season, ten on ice before their first game. That was fucking, weird like that was we should have all it was. One of those things were like. Okay, let's give some franchises to LAS Vegas. This would be cool until they get a national state. Like. Oh, this is fucking weird Like none of us are next week right now. Yeah this this doesn't play hey, hey. I got one for knights versus kings. What is the searching for Bobby Fischer NICE for full day? S? Will, I'm sure, there's a lot. God no died right before a bully. Yes, his soul has been dead for about Thirty years, yes, Bobby Fischer, turned into like a die hard conspiracy, theorist, oh yeah. Oh no, he's a bad guy, bad guy, real bad dude. We
also had out Ryan Whitney who, by the way, spin checklists, has added our other good friend, Paul Bissonnette, Biz nasty Ryan. Whitney was dead on the Boston, Bruins, look like a wagon. They ship pumped the talk Toronto Maple Leafs that one is a tough one, any other. Games and stuck out to you before we get to NBA playoffs. Well, I just want to say that the officiating in the playoffs has been subpar, to say the least. Up until now, he got guys out there just playing good, clean hockey, good, clean playoff penalties and they're getting game misconducts for shoving guys heads into the boards and knocking them out and almost killing them. But that's hockey did that happen to us It happen us and also happen in maple. Leafs Bruins game got it. I was really swell the small, the whistle strobes yeah. Let him play that. You know the caps laid the caps need to sign Kendrick Perkins. He could be first, two sport athlete play hockey
and basketball that well, that would really screw up Ryan Whitney's head, but they need somebody like like Perkins back there to just shove people around and not get bullied. I'm sure Raffi Torres is waiting out there somewhere sharpening his elbows ready to just put it through someone's skull. So let's find that guy that dirt bag piece of are back from the from the old I went when the Blackhawks used to be in the playoffs that guy's long yeah, yeah, yeah they're just rested. That's the thing yeah you you got arrested every now and then so the NBA playoffs start this weekend. I am very excited. I'm excited for a couple things. One. The timberwolves we can now say are the hottest team in the playoffs because their ploughs already started they put elimination game against the nuggets, so they already know what it's like to have: playoff intensity and I'll also say. I forgot that the wolves had been in the playoffs for so long so long
the last time we were there. I was still in college and it was pretty awesome to see Minnesota's like crowd on Wednesday night they'll probably lose in five to the Rockets, but still fun to see them back in, playoffs. It is yeah and any time that you can get a team that has a really like a transcendent talent. On there like like cat, it's going to be fun to watching the playoffs. I want to see him on the national stage more it's his team. Now, if we're playing who's man's with the Timberwolves, this is not Jimmy Butler's team. This is cats. Team yeah I mean I wouldn't disagree. Okay, so is not it he's not even the Batman on his own team. No cat is a probably a top ten player, so yeah I would did like it makes sense when you actually put it out there, cats a top ten player. Jim goes top fifteen player. It would make sense your top ten player would be the guy who's who's team, this okay, If you're going to be a in the league player in this league, you should at least be the best player on your own team. You out, will you bring it up? It is a time to come
all the T wolves super team. If I there is rose. Derrick rose, TAJ Gibson. Yes, I agree. Okay, it's actually just it's actually. So sad, though, because I watch the game Wednesday night and I was rooting for the Timberwolves and I want them to do well, but their playoffs this year are just going to prove something. We already knew no and that's at the twenty eleven to twenty fifteen bulls are not like good. That's that's all we're just proved it we're just we're just we're going back in time and being like a member that team that lost in the playoffs every year will they're going to lose the play again now, nothing really has changed. Okay, I want to play a quick game for you. Okay, this call got check time. Okay, right yeah, I'm just gonna, say each series and you're just going in your gut. Your gut check on who's going to win. Okay, warriors spurs worse
now bear in mind, Kawhi Leonard's back for game one according to bleacher report, Kathy thousand Seventeen! Yes, yes out in the east, the Sixers heat Sixers Buck Celtics, but was back but yes, I agree. Yes, bucks, bucks or maybe even going to sweep the to sweep thunder for real for real basketball head. Like me, I love watching the jazz. You gotta love the jazz this year. Yeah you you had one person tell you that they, like the jazz a month ago and you've been telling everyone so I'll go with Jack. Yep real go ahead like, although the jazz alternate uniforms are fire, have you seen those? I don't like him worth yeah, I think it's probably Mormons are allowed to look directly at those jerseys. That's how cool they are yet know they are. They are fired. They are the they they look like the sun all right now: okay, wizards raptors are they'll, be the raptors, but but the wizards win
M1, because the raptors are only nine in their last game. Once that's how like, when, when big. Once can't win the big number once right, yeah Elkins Blazers odd that one's going to be the Blazers yes pacers caps. That will be the pacers. Unfortunately, I mean the Cavs yeah the Cavs, unfortunately celtic you got shot as we set ourselves. So what I actually have this is this- is I I thought long and hard about this, I'm rooting for the Cavs in the eastern conference this year, because I one want. I want Lebron to lose again in the finals. I want the losses I want. I have the dream in my mind, the dream that Hank spoke out loud last year when he's like what, if Lebron ends up losing ten NBA finals, so that so I am
all in on the Cavs up until the final, so I'm rooting for them very hard. I also think it's funny that there for seed- because it's just funny like that, like the cash, should never be a four seed in the east, but they somehow get up with the four seed and yeah. I want the cabs to get to the finals, and I want them to lose in four to the warriors. It's going to castle, pretty I'm pretty sure saber strictly Nate silver. Has the cavs like at a negative one percent chance of making the finals yet yet somehow, like the smartest nerds in the world, can't figure out that Lebron James is the best player in the eastern Conference for the last decade, plus like they can't yeah. Their computers cannot computers that so so, basically they take all the data from from the regular season and the like off the the Cavs, not looking good this year. Yeah you forgot to the best
where in the world can just play better when he wants to and then beat everyone, here's the thing, nerds care about everything they care about everything. So much that they can't even put themselves in a position to create an algorithm where player doesn't care prior to a certain point right right, the only other part of the playoffs that we have to look out for for the caps Tristan Thompson lot of drama, so we recorded around one thousand one hundred pm on Tuesday night after we finished the Miss Stephanie NEWS broke, who this might be my favorite story line of the year. Just because it's Miss Stephanie is her name on Instagram and she posted an actually. She actually posted a video of her getting butt fucked by trip. Add Thompson, Miss Stephanie, she's, no one said that you know she's she's, not such a classy move. That's a classy move, no face. It's not cheating, yet no faces were in it. Well
are you sure it was, but was it just doggy style it might even doggie style? I don't know there. It says so there that yeah, it's the same hole yeah, but when one you like park at the person yeah right exactly so, and then she posted a bunch of text, messages about Tristan Thompson, saying he wanted most canadian thing ever. He wanted to eat that pussy. While saying sorry that was actually a text message he sent his I'm gonna come in, I'm gonna eat. That puts you always say sorry to you and they give you this long deck. That's long and Dick long never been like him. I'm like. I don't even know what that's like like what is that is very classy of him, though, like he's literally eating his words he's going to just like make everything better, but by the way I don't think that you can be good. At performing oral sex if, while you're doing it you're saying sorry, no uh a less and less, you spell it out in lower case letters with your tongue or you sing you home, Justin, Bieber, sorry.
Are are just home in general like like in private parts, the Howard Stern Movie yet makes a vibrator right sure. If anyone has any listeners right now had had their phone, I accidentally in their they probably just came yeah are the pregnant with that's the only way that you can get pregnant from oral sex. Is this something we ought to have been done well listeners on a well? Well, it is Friday, the thirteenth, so so, okay, so Miss Stephanie. She blasts out all this stuff. She thinks she's got Tristan Thompson and then call you does two things. One she falls our advice and has is the group has has the grudge baby, so she she she basically squeeze that she farts that baby out and you, like your Tristen, you take this baby we cheat on me into. She actually said: she's, okay with it. She he just needs to be a little more discreet next time, yeah absolute, that's the name of the game for the Kardashians is whatever you do, make sure you do it very privately yeah. I also
I didn't realize that this is something that Tristan Thompson he's like a habitual cheating on his girlfriend, while she's three months pregnant guy, he's done with that. That's okay, not don't understand it's like you know they get into third trimester and like it, you secrete, a hormone that makes your guy for other girls that just natural stuff, you get, you get your periods linked up and then he just has to go. Have sex? Well, here's the thing according to evolution, if a guy is wire so that he wants to stick around while his girl has the baby that just makes them more likely to watch her, give birth and then pass out because it's so gross and weird fall down his and and die so evolutionarily speaking more guys that leave when their girlfriends give birth, they tend to survive and go on a brook.
I actually think you're wrong on that. I don't I mean. I know you you've done a lot of research on this, but I'm pretty sure if a guy stays around during the birth. That means that he just wants to eat the baby for strength. That's how cave men of all these eight babies that's a good point. You can't eat a placenta if you're, not around a woman is giving birth right all right. So that's our quick NBA player right now: preview rockets, wolves, wolves after I said all that stuff about the two thousand eleven fifteen bowls, I'm gonna, say wolves because I think James harden. This is his time to start doing weird drugs and pass out during games. Okay, I like it. What what do you got for finals? I'm gonna go Cavs warriors again and the warriors win in three games. So I think it has a lot to do with steps. Mcl, I'm told that he needs that to play basketball, so I'm going to go with the Cavs
and I want to say the Rockets, but you know what I just don't trust James harden. I don't I'm I'm going to agree with you, but grudgingly with the caveat that, if Steph Curry I does not play in the series against the Rockets. Then the Rockets will beat the warriors or I actually would love Steph. Curry did not come back and then the warriors lose and Kevin Durant. We get to make a ton of jokes about him being like a beta and you can't kill his own to do a championship or he could just try to join the Rockets right before the finals. Yeah, that's true! The other story line, I'm not looking forward to this NBA playoffs and we touched on Wednesday. I do not give a fuck about the Oklahoma City Thunder. I do not care that they have three quote unquote: superstars 'cause mellow is trash. Paul George and Russ W workers still very, very good, but they're not going to beat anyone even if they win their first years, they're not going to do anything. It's like this thing that happens everyone's brain where they see a couple of splashy names on a team together and they say super
Game, they don't want them to get the series they could beat anyone. They cannot be that anyone they're, not yeah Paul Paul George, go get some more first names you weirdo, yeah go go, put, go put your dog's on your on your go, get tea bag by your dog member that sure yeah. That was, that was a pretty hilarious picture. That was those are some big. That's resting on his arm right. All huge nuts is the Hey Paul George, if Paul George has had not as big as his dog. Maybe I picked the thunder to when the when the West. There you go Tom, alright sure you do bring up Friday, yelled certain okay, what he got So this is a hot one. Okay, I drew inspiration from this because I saw that Patrick Reed wore his green jacket to a chick fil. A drive through Wait, wait, wait, that's kind stealing from Phil Mickelson yeah! Well, it is a little bit it's also just pure Patrick Reed. It's another basic bitch move by Patrick Reed, but I think that it
everyone, it's a disgrace that you can't win. Masters and then go immediately to chick fil, a because it's closed that. So that's a shot fire to chick fil a, but it gave me the idea like. I think we want chick fil a more because we can't get it when we really want it and that's on a Sunday. So I had an idea and you have to help me monetize this one. It's a chick fil, a that just never opens. Okay, okay, so you hire some employees and you print out a schedule every week and nobody ever works. Well, there's one guy that has to have the shift to like you know pop outside the restaurant squeegee, the windows make sure it looks nice, but it just never open, and so it just makes you want chick fil, a really really badly all the time. I actually think that works but they don't know how to make money off of it. But no I hear how you make money of here's, how you make money off that you put in another chick fil, a mile down the road, that's always open, that's it yeah, ok or just
Jason to it, maybe maybe not a mile away, maybe a block away yeah just so that you can see it and it's like always open check, flight or or you start like. Maybe we start a Popeye's and we have the chick fillet that never up we put basically like you, you went when World WAR two when when not when the US, when we're gonna go normally and we created, and we created the fake tanks like the blow up thanks and we put them and a staging site they. So the Germans thought going to attack a different part of France. We just make a like a inflatable, chick fil, a that's, never open, and then right next doors are Popeyes I'll. That a lot. It's a false flag. Franchise, yes exact! That's actually that's actually really good idea, or we just have a chick fil, a that's always close and then right next door. We have sex shop with a lot of blow up dolls, and so you just get you get angry, but then you just take out all your horniness on the sex
because he's a lot of sex sells. I like all these ideas, so was that your only one, that's in winter, as the only one I had yeah I thought- does a pretty good one though that's a winner. I thought I instead of going quantity. I just focused on really hashing out that one arm all right, so I have to go first is: did you see the Packers player uh. I think he was a practice squad guy who got arrested at the airport for making a bomb joke yep. We should have a room like you know how the United Club, There should be a room in every airport. We can just go and say all like. The bomb jokes are coming your head when you're, whenever you're going to TSA, because everyone has at its like being like it's, it's like you just you just get in that situation, and you just want to start talking about that stuff as jokes, because you know you can't so we need like a place that you can do that inside the airport yeah the forbidden fruit, it sweeter yeah. I know I that's, probably a pretty solid idea. You have to come up with a good
aim for like the bomb, shelter or ground zero one of these things. What's the alcohol situation like in the bomb room I feel like. Do you have Jaeger bombs. You have irish car bombs, Vegas bombs, oh bombs, oh bombs, yeah yeah. I like that. I like a lot? Okay, I think that's a solid idea, all right. So what will I charge? People all right, so this idea of my next idea this one's going to take a little selling so hard to be the hardest. Rapper lives, rapper yeah the hardest hardest, rapper alive people like our goofy white dudes, trying to be cool on the internet, so I think I think I go viral being
cardi B, Remix are ok. What are you going to match it up with? No I'm not going to match it up, I'm just going to sing their songs. Like you know those lame families that do music, videos together and everyone says cringe and then then african American Twitter says white people are cancelled for the next twenty four hours. Think I can go viral doing that. Okay, yeah! I like it. You got to make it about your your very white life, though great well, not I'm not even gonna to be like. I forgot to Dvr House hunters no like use that as the hook will win for beats narrow seat your your book, making me do way much more work, and I want to do here I'm literally just going to sing her lyrics into a camera and just be like check it out. Y'all. I love cardi B. But how do you think the viral I viral I mean someone's reach it. No, I think yeah hanks on to something is so the reason why all those other remixes go. Nuts is because they're talking about usually usually Jesus like you
remakes accardi be song and make it about Jesus. I think IRAN. Let me all right, let me let me things and every living thing, my living a little change your opinion. Let me check your gonna go viral, I'm not a well yeah hello. No, I didn't say that I know I need help, but we can. I think my goal is in the next week to go viral singing Carty. So I'm going change your opinion real, quick little bitch. You can't fuck with me. If you wanted to these expensive. These is red bottoms. These is bloody shoes at the store. I can get them both. I don't want you and I'm quick to cut a friend. Also don't get comfortable. That's that goes viral. So you want to get one for you. Are you know how many windows to fire? I think ready like people are you'll go over viral for all the wrong reasons. Also go away. I just do to has flow. Do you want to party with Connie Connie a body and robbery
diamonds? All over my body sitting all over my body, cardi got your bitch on Molly, but you ain't gang. You lame. What do you think, that's again really good. I think that too good at it hanks videoing it right now, so it's going to so by the time people listen, this I'll already be viral and I'll probably have quit the shell who's man's is this. I need to sign him to a deal yeah, I don't art and so listen. This is why it's brain dump Friday. So I would love for your guys help. I don't I just don't want to do more work. I just want to figure out a way like all I thought was big cat plus cardi B plus internet viral? Okay? Here's how you get around that you don't actually wrap the stuff. You just lip! Sync, it right yeah! So That way. That way, you can say every word because you're not actually saying who true will try that so, oh true, like I didn't actually specify which way I go viral, so I can go for all the wrong reasons. I'm fine with that. As long as I go viral right, you could sing
own dog song, is it in its entirety directly at the camera and you would would be internet AMOS in a well? Actually, I'd probably want to get my teammates and get on a bus and like after a big win, maybe sing at that one and chanted yeah yeah yeah wasn't viral considered like a bad thing for a long time up until the internet? Well, yeah, we are like you when there was cholera, yeah or like like the black plague yeah, so that so being viral is associated all the wrong reasons. Yeah it's long, it's actually very necessary for Population Control ACT. True true, you got some rest a bit yeah all right, so you think I can go viral yeah. I think. Definitely he go viral post, one we'll tweet, one for part might take tomorrow. Let's see if we can get the part of my take twitter to go viral of me. Just wrapping car should be okay. Okay, I think you got it,
but, like you gotta you gotta look weird. I also might have been high when I came up with this one, just a little heads up. We came up with this on this morning when yeah we couldn't get on the plane until
waste not want not all right. Let's get to our interview who, with the head for football coach, Pat Fitzgerald before we do that, we're gonna talk some football with coach Fitz Gerald and I got some for fall football for you guys. Your call football Madden meets real life. Football in this high stakes play calling competition. Your call football put you in control of a real live professional football game. Make the play calls from your app them watch the offense run it on the field. Two teams full of nfl quality players led by former NFL coach, MIKE Sherman and former NFL Player Merrill Hodge after every down fans, will have ten seconds to choose. One of three selected play options: majority rules play call with the most votes will be run on the field. You earn points when they play the call the play that you called and it's successful any
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com, slash, P, M, T, wordpress dot com, slash, p m t go get it set up right now. The internet is the future. Alright, here is head football coach, Northwestern Wildcats, Pat Fitzgerald. Alright, we now welcome on our very special guest. He is the head coach of the Northwestern Wildcats. It's Pat Fitz Gerald coach. We gonna start with one very important question: are we not? class enough to go in the new facility yeah now. Well, we had a badger, you know, yeah, we had to make sure we kept him in my office. We're sitting in your dumpy ought not no offense, but your dumpy office. When you have a you know, what is it a five hundred million dollar new facility? This is probably about half of what your dorm room look like then Madison yeah, but come on. We we don't deserve it, maybe next time without doubt cats. Right now right. Well, you know a big catch. I town yeah yeah the badger, but that's so you know just an honor to have you guys here. Yeah Yes? The honor is all yours. There are no doubt man. I mean this is a big day for me. I mean you guys. You know I mean this is this is important for your
You are the quintessential football guy, and we know that because you neck role in college. Yes, so the game was played about it, the width of this office back in the mid nineties. So if you didn't have a necro you could move so I took about twenty seventeen for me about your move, my neck again yeah. I was much much better. I miss the knuckles I like, when you see like a football full back in the NFL, a devil and is a guy that wears a big cowboy caller right. I'd like to see those make come back because you know that guy's the MIKE well I mean even a guy, would turn a swag back in the day Dickerson he wore one out true, even at the rec specs. On too yeah I mean I'm yeah with the football was make football great again. Let's have everyone we're not bring back the full back, even the kickers yeah. Well kickers and and the only single bars single bar yeah. When you do kind of you do kind of coach, maybe not an old school style football, but of football where you run the ball and you play good defense. Do you think that are that? Like is a little bit of a zig when everyone's acting kind of situation?
I mean we're wide open as far as formation and things that nature yeah. We got rid of all, I mean, that's football, that's what this game is all about. It's a six inch war. If you can't move people, you can't win, and you know that's the name of the game. No doubt I love when we interview football coaches because they get like, like clicks back into football, six inch six century like here we go we're just pumping us up right now, you, actually you are a very, very good football player. When you played in a lot of times, players try to make that transition into coaching. They struggle a little bit. I don't know they can't. They can't understand how to relate to a player that might not have the physical gifts or the ability that they did when you got into coaching. Is that something that you made a conscious effort to address yeah? You know, I think, when I first got it, I still looked at myself as a player and that transition has to happen. I think for some guys it doesn't. You keep looking at everything like a player. Alright, you didn't get all the other coaches got your getting screwed.
Over it. Ok or you know whatever it might be. You gotta move on, and now you get to really work hard. How do you teach you know? It's one thing to be able to do it and unstable teach and that's the challenge. I think, for anybody that plays the game. You learned it a certain way now. Can you articulated to have people actually do what you ask him to do and when you got the head coaching job here, thirty one youngest head coach in college. Football is with that history. Now that I think, just at that time at that time, was it tough talking to kids at some? You know, were you know nine years younger than you would and like belt? Not your peers, but pretty pretty close yeah, probably a little bit more challenging my first full time job. When I was like twenty four down the seniors. You know I was probably going out with them. Yeah right, right, right, RI, force right now, a lot more challenging from that standpoint, but yeah thirty one. I think the the challenges more, what the coaches, you don't have to staff records, staffer twice my age, true, you know and and out deal roles change, obviously, tragically in my case, but yeah man it it's it's
not easy to take over the leadership role. Whatever age you are, and that was definitely challenging, do you think back and like man, I was really really stupid. I did some things that were really dumb. When I was thirty one as a coach that I would never do now. I had absolutely no idea what I was, one yeah yeah! You know I mean it's any fake it right to make it right, put a smile on your this act like you know what you're doing it right, yeah so follow your lead and then just make sure they get there on time. And you know no major issues and yeah you make mistakes going a hundred miles per hour. Just like your plan right any end up. You know you want to know. If games you get a second contract, if not you box office up. So it's you know, no pressure, no big deal yeah. Did you expect to get that job now? Well, I mean I I'm we sadness Office myself and Randy Walker before I became an assistant coach here and he asked me what what your goal. What do you want to do with us and I'm like? I want your job some day
he said: that's pretty bold, yeah yeah! Well after you retire, I want I would love to have you roll and he's like. Well, that's what I gotta help you do and then obviously, unfortunately, tragically passed away now, thirteen years ago, this upcoming June, so it's under the worst circumstances. You could ask, but it's not. What happens is what you do about it, and you know I think we've responded. Ok, do you repay that favor and some of your assistant, coaches 'cause? I always find that fascinating with you here, maybe coaches more on the nfl level. They don't necessarily want their coaches to graduate to head coach so fast and they kind of maybe stunt them a little bit and they want to keep him under their wings as long as possible. Do you do? Do you do that as well? Or do you say hey if you? If this your aspiration I'll make sure that happens? Yeah it's more! The latter. I mean I'm semi product to that. So you wanna help the guys in any way that you can and- and you hope that you know as you're, going through every day
we're learning and learning and learning and hopefully going to be prepared for that opportunity. But you know this level. It was only sixty four other jobs. I mean it's really a fine line between being happy with what you're doing it may be actually trying to get one of those jobs. I've always found it interesting that that coaches, they do camps in the offseason where they bring in other coaches, and they teach them, maybe not specifically their playbook, but they teach them their concepts. So, like everybody's learning from everybody else, is there a side of you if you've ever been involved in a situation like that where it's like you know, there's a level of competition that you want to maintain, but you also want to reach out olive branch, make friends, network and kind of share and learn and grow together like how do you balance that? Well, absolutely it's really comes down. But you can trust an who's willing to trust you. I try to get out and see at least one other head coach, every offseason, not as many guys in college or let me in anymore and I'm looking at that- is hopefully a compliment. Yeah when I first started coach, you know yeah sure come on by nope you're, harmless yeah, no issues, but I hope you win enough games and you, program where you know when you go out people going to share with you and then vice versa,
you know we get a lot of college coaches come through here in the off season, a ton, a high school coaches. It's it's! I think it's that's our role, it's the help, the next generation and our peers. You know when we're teaching we're getting better and we can learn something too, and that's what it's all about. Do you ever think about? Maybe finding arrival had coach, maybe start a feud. It always helps get trophy we're talking trophy like yes, I'm not even the spurs, but I'll be right off process, maybe maybe maybe maybe like a really aggressive handshake when playing a brass ally said that, like the gentle, I should do that yeah. Well, the fly. Here's what you do before it in the game before or in the week of practice before you play Nebraska you get in their own defense. You put the helmet on to Scott Frost. Yeah option? If you see the problem is, is he can pitch the ball yeah? So even if I tak completes to make a big play, the goal of it's so crazy. Have you ever have you thought about maybe put on the pads in doing one of those viral videos where you try to? You know, tackle someone at the goal line and then give the kid a scholarship. Now I don't, I don't think those things are real
It works in all these things will help you make a lot of those things and hash tags are pretty cheap. I yeah work. They work all, don't know that you know they were yeah. No, no! No right! No doubt we were millennials. We can't see focus no, that's great, so yeah. Actually, after after you watch it for three seconds, you want yeah, you make itself into three yeah, actually a documentary series all in three second video yeah and it's really important to make sure I get the angle right. The lighting right, I'm checking maybe a foreign language, and nobody else knows what it all yeah yeah, but a filter on there. So when you stick your tongue out, you get like dog years yeah, I'm talking coming out, then we read it yeah! That's how I become the coach, I'm capable! Yes! Yes, yes, absolutely! Yes! I don't know if you guys have you thought about, maybe run a class for US coaches yeah we're going to right. Now. Yes, I know, but we don't realize how this all came. Your your staff told us to come here and try to teach you. They will even an interview, we're not even exotic walls. I can get like a diplomat. You know how to filter. What do you do? You resist like when your stuff, like hey, you coach, you got me on Twitter, hey you, gotta do Instagram, you know I mean I'm, I'm I'm I'm fine with doing all those things, but I'm not cool enough to know what you were just talking about: yeah yeah yeah, while thirteen year old Son, though I'm sure he'll, be coaching up soon. Yeah! Well, our user. This. This is a big problem, because you, how do you make northwestern cool? Well, I should try just for a fortnight with guys on the
yeah. Now we're talking yeah yeah. I do you know I get my rear. End kicked but yeah I'd say you know, let's play some Sega, we would yeah and you don't even know what that is saying: yeah, yes, not cool day. Sorry, sorry, sorry, yeah yeah! Do you ever get a little bit annoyed that us so many of the famous alumni here such nerds? You know near its run the world, the brother yeah. No, I mean you think about. Well, they don't run the football. You know they don't, but we do so. We kind of all for them. But off Pft's question you're trying to get cool you're trying to get recruits. Maybe don't let ravel do pump up speeches well you know that was important for him yeah. I know it well. We know we never heard the end of yeah. You can make it captain every year. You know if we keep winning yeah
what do you think about football? Nerds are doing alright. Did you watch the video of him holding up the board and getting slapped around by your players? The guys that on purpose so pretty good yeah, there was supposedly a running joke. Who is going to track him yeah? I played him one on one in basketball season. Eleven, nothing didn't even hit the. Are you proud of that yeah yeah, you gotta stuff, the nerds down a couple times little was bought. You gotta remember go back to the eighties member, the movie. Yes, the nurse. Will you ever run into search yeah. You guys should have a sequel in wasn't as good. You should give a scholarship to a bully every year, bringing a bully just keep everybody honest on campus and then when they graduate you bring that guy back and he gets to boil the nurse. So we can maybe even make like it's a an honorary captaincy to once you graduate like we give a like number. One is a given when recruiting right. All right. We give it to the guy who of bodies when our program stands. For so maybe give like number two to the boy: yeah yeah real piece of shit, yeah yeah. That would be the coffee different yeah, who gave a better pump up speech MIKE Greenberger, Darren Ravel.
I would say this: I would say that greenie carried off the field- that's all I'll say you got here on the shoulders of the players, because wow him to shut up yeah. I think they just wanted it over one of those. How many? How many ads did green you put in his pump up speech? Did he give up for one eight hundred flowers rustic? I I think hm t shirt on that. If you put your phone up to it, you can go right to the it's got, all our yard. Do you do you? You also have a famous strength and conditioning guy who went pretty viral.
What is it like? Having that guy? I see a guy like your rebel, that's that I would love to see how that interaction with Dassault spanish words that SH medium. You know the kind of yeah yeah and- and I don't think we can get a shirt small enough for those guys. You know to kind of matching cab. Look, you know so he's. Definitely football guy yeah! No doubt about that. Do you just let him like run wild with demonstrate. We love to strength and conditioning coaches, no offense to head coaches, but does it appear football guys because they're all about you know getting big and being tough and maybe not smart enough to actually be the head coach? So that's like on Filter football guide. Yet in that situation, just like hey just be yourself and just go out there and just a just a year right. Is it a cool thing to do? Just be you yeah, you you? Yes, there I had a spanish does is self you know more than he let on there's, no doubt yeah how much binge more than my body weight, okay, which is two fifty all right, Joe Consent, yeah. Let me know what you've been, so
I have no idea what it like. Only like. We did it right now what two and a quarter? Okay, I don't know I'd, probably get okay, so you're the three year, the World Congress on this podcast right now, absolutely well yeah, it's good to them. Probably kisses know your security guard at Wrigley that great job yeah great job. My roommates were going down to the Board of Trade and I was getting off at Addison and go on and making sure that everybody was staying safe, pretty tough jobs. You have to any rough anyone up at any point. Now: hey don't throw that bottle over the over the yeah everybody here to have a good time right. You want another one Dilly Dilly here, yeah yeah, you can go to. No, no goats know goetzke TOP. Ok, did you have a strict, no goat policy? Now we had a strict, no throwing anything off the roof policy. That was the only strict policy with the security guards at Wrigley have a tough job, because the ushers are all ninety years old and older so well. They are also part of the whole
from the console right yeah you have. You got to be the ones that you don't have any back up with the US. So this was a rough tough though so half your summer was like you'll bachelor Bachelor party he's, you know, work functions and then but sometime around when he would get up. Alright, let me hear you now, then it was like ok now it's going to get ugly right right, guys, are fully cries and and are ready to rock and then they're going out in Wrigleyville afterwards. So it was a lot harder after the game. Then it was during the game like ok, it's time to go now really time to get outta here. Yeah I've had that speech to couple times as big cat mentioned earlier. We are in the JV facility right now. You guys are moving over to the real one. What you said later on this summer, yeah, absolutely yeah. So do you have what kind of stuff
in a new, and you have a barber shop in there barber shops in there. You should do recurring video series where you just chat with your player. Well, I was thinking about it might as neck and the brownie yeah that could be yeah. It would be really it Michael Irvin and they're. Given a pair of scissors, you happen to have a valid yeah yeah, exactly so what I did, what what other cool stuff do you have in the new facilities at the pictures of it look amazing it like looks out over the lake. You get a beach right there. What else is going on yeah? We got a you know. Thirty, five person cold, tough for the guys in the locker room. You mention a barber shop, pretty cool deal. Our players, lounge is up on the second floor, overlooking the beach and I've got an outdoor patio for themselves in the summer. So not a bad deal. What some of those you know where you sleep and all that cool see a yeah, it's all good stuff, and then the locker room will be able to be seen. Spaceballs yeah. It would be able to go from suck to blow so blowing the right there and then also suck out the germs and all that stuff
yeah be careful with her and then you, I said yeah seems baseball practice. There all the way, all the balloons- and you got a little barb going. You are going to do a video where everyone gets to go, see the locker room and everybody holds your phone yeah yeah, that's really really cool. Maybe everybody will take their own piece of their own picture and then the posted about themselves, and then you give him shoes, because that counts just as much as paying the players. No question: absolutely, but as many shoes you could hey guys, you don't get paid, for. You know, put your life on the line here for the team, but you get a size, twelve Nike, and will
do some more just can't resell am yeah exactly exactly where you have to pay for a house. It's interesting big cat brought that up 'cause. You did deal with the whole unionization thing a few years back. How did you deal with that as a coach and like what was your whole philosophy around that just educate the guys? Help me understand kind of what I'm sitting here after the announcement and I've got a bunch. I don't know how many the numbers I forget, but coach keep talking with union is I mean they don't even know what they got themselves into and, like I told him, I was proud of him for trying to stand up for positive change for the experience of student athletes, and I fully support him on that. I just had to educate come on what it meant, what they were thinking about doing and then they have make their own decisions. So you know it was great time for our team to come together. I think a lesser group of guys and a lesser staff could have separated us and fractured us and I think, we're much closer program because of it and I'm very thankful for guys standing up, but at the same time
we've got a long way to go in the NCA. We got along way to go on college athletics, to make the experience of all of our student athletes better, and that to me is what hopefully, the next steps will be. You know yeah we're going to new facility, but all of our sports are going to be impacted by it. I mean you guys are walking in. I think, probably our softball team lacrosse team are women were coming in work ten times harder than we do. I mean we get in a private plane and fly. You know to go play house. They think I think a bus right so no one's really created a plan that I've heard that impacts everybody. Everybody says we'll pay men's basketball and football. Well, I say: pay the lacrosse players if they were going to totally change the model. You know there has to be discussed in that way, and I still I heard that you had a few guys? I know that's that's the biggest problem is, I think everyone kind of agrees that there's it's somewhat broken. You need to fix it, but no one has a plan. Yeah, and I mean everybody can just pay fires right. Okay out that,
sounds good. Well, don't don't build that facility well, that facility wasn't built by it was built by private donations right, so we're going to do that cool right by the way. Don't give me your fifty million I'm going to give that to the? is Rocher like yeah right, darn right, let's go! That would be actually really good. Tell me a culture, Why tell me where they will comply, but by the way we also you get fifty more million for everybody else right and there's a rob and I'm job being facetious. Obviously, with this whole whole deal, but it's there. If we're going to create change, we have to create it from for every athlete, and hopefully we just continue to work. To find a better destiny is what you do I'm on the court yeah. I don't know what you just mean. I don't know the whole like economics of it are the specifics, but just pick Quincy answers on how or make your own who know your. I can't answer that yeah. When I read about that. I started and I go wow what I think and I'm gonna take up this fictitious thing. Yes, that nobody's control over yeah anybody wanna go ready to go. No, they
but yeah. I can call- and you know it was great going to yet I disagree- NC double a should make a big point that just doesn't have any value, but it then it boom, which prevents players, have a great let some hacker and million bitcoin to play? He decides what is yeah? Exactly? Do you think you could kick Greg Schiano's ass yeah? I mean I'm half his age. It would it would be yeah. You know channel and I had a friend. So I you know, I know, were to give the digs and you get all real fired up and then I was jab jab bear hug. I have to get on the ground Debbie tough though yeah seems like you can sing his hips still yeah. You can't, but he's gonna you just gonna use as leverage against them. He also seems like a bulldog. If he gave you got his bike down, he will let go right back here. That's all all right! So what yeah yeah? That's true. What's the hardest place to play in the big ten,
You know. There's a lot of great places to play. I mean there's so many cathedrals of college football. I mean that's what I call him and these are hum dear stadiums and then they've been renovated and whatnot the fans are rabid everywhere you go. You know it's great Madison! There's no doubt about that. It's candor! No, it's great and can make you know they're out there behind me and literally from the front row can occur. Yes, you, my man right over there is is me I mean they are awesome. I mean they're on you from the minute you walk in it is. It is pretty dark, Maryland. Well, the answer you missed the ants, all sorts of nice places. The answer is one thousand one hundred am in Evanston IL in right field, yeah yeah, because I have a theory that me know. I'm not saying it. Nw is a little smaller. Maybe a little sleep here guys have trouble getting up.
Eleven am that's when they're, when they're oppose? That sounds like a badger. It's actually in a meeting, no yeah, because we lose this the dumbest game. That's the only reason why you guys lose. Yes, that is everybody, knows everybody not to tell it's not a cloture. It's because it's eleven am everybody fell asleep in matters yeah coming down, ninety yeah couldn't wake up at eleven. Thank you. Finally, I finally, someone agrees with. I totally. Don't have been pitching this for a really long time, and I just it's not working it was hands, are also some of the best ways you can ease out of a hang over on a Saturday morning. You wake up. It's eleven. Am football! Sorry on Northwestern's driving the ball. I've woken up many times on a Saturday morning to that is made by like better
thank you, see arguable service, yeah. All right. I get the c key question. If you want to go to Northwestern football game next year, you put in the promo code, take you get ten dollars off. Are you compact that packed the stadium to prove me wrong? All right we need to. We need to really get down on this. I give you a little. I tipped you off before hand, yep the music city bowl, yes, the spread of six and a half, and you went for it on fourth and one with two minutes left on your own. Thirty, nine. What the fuck were you thinking well thinking that we're I'm not mad by the way. I I just I you know I always use my passion, so I'm gonna use your passion yeah. He sure should not match write ups, one make that clear, I'm not mad, just passionate about it, not let you know you and in forty in a bunch of I don't know, maybe about four thousand other people just blew me out of getting on the bus. We just want to big game host patrol guys, none when I get on the bus in our communication steps to stay off
text after you have twitter, so I go on twitter and I like, and then I figured out, oh so what were you thinking? One slash four, because I was all the call forth in one on your own thirty, nine yeah. Well, we're we're not we're one of the top. Your conversion teams and four down last year we need to get about a yard to win the game games over. We take any we've got charts for all. And stuff and it said, go for it. Do you go by the chart all the time? Sometimes you got now got probably say it's five thousand and fifty and right then, and there we got a chance to win the game or defense is playing really well the whole game and we don't get it We review it and it shows on the jumbotron that we got it. Okay, yeah I mean I guess I do your job excited as I did. They they said place stands is called. I was a score. It was the we're about seven seven in those very six and a half and then Kentucky Scorton didn't get the two point: conversion which I knew I've I knew they were gonna go for to their right in it because I was waiting. I was hoping for overtime right,
All just fell apart, but I I have everybody way reminded me, though, the last time that the badgers were here, I think, you're on the sideline and a big red jacket. Yes, I had a sample over at Santa Claus, yeah, which is fair by you guys. I don't remember one four on fourth down and the guy comes on headphones, because I think you gave the monitor and said we're going to move the ball back six inches yep. There was in this little video evidence to move the bulb six inches and he's pissed off about what I did to gets could talk yet right, okay, right! Well, I'm also pissed off about the house. They gave me two thousand thirteen. Now that was less your fault, but still when you start watering ball lettering balls on your own, you know twenty at the end, the games that those things happen yeah I feel like Tommy boy. I don't know what now when they jumped on. It was your second you remember so that was that was going to blow up yeah. Hey, I mean do you? Are you really prepared to hear that on twitter after the games? You have any idea like whether or not you covered after the game's over no idea, I don't pay any attention, yeah
answer, but he doesn't. I don't. I don't know. I believe you, but this is why I have the dream job, because I get to just go and visit coaches and players and just yell at them for money that lost while they were well. You may like always to do what you say: yeah, that's all yeah. I know it's great, not a choice. It's an addiction yeah! This is a one, eight hundred yeah yeah yeah, true and I'm not making fun of folks and no no we're not either. Believe me we're not either. Would you coach the bears I haven't on video games? Okay, so you just practicing for got it. You get a resume to get yeah, I'm pretty happy, realizing it yeah! Now you know it's it's pretty hard, not to be pretty stoked up about that guy yeah! That's that you know and I'm excited about Matt and what he's going to bring up, but not on the on the coach awhile. What do you do when you, because you, you have obviously been rumored been a hot coaching name in the you know, I've been cold too yeah, but you get hot. You know there was a while there, where you're going to be Notre Dame Head coach. What do you do when
same people to pull me up on Twitter, yeah yeah, and what do you do, though? How do you deal with those when you know you're gonna blow here? Let honestly it's it's a lot better than the alternative. True, okay! So let's take it for what it's worth and you and you know, you're thankful for kind and and positive thoughts, but I mean I've sent to tenure contracts here. First of all, I'm thankful to the university I'm incredibly thankful for the guys, I've, coached them and they've the what, though the ones doing in the arena and in our staff, but I think you just let that speak for itself. I mean I you know trust me that you, when you're you're, all modern. You know you got it we're talking with this off before we got on a minute there, some special about being at your own place. If you
I just want to drive up the asking price? Just have your wife go to your house in West Austin, like once every five years and have a shop for house should have their local radio station report about it and then like wait till December that maybe have an instagram picture of your like Travis, yeah yeah yeah, keep still open on your computer and have it like read South Bend, yeah and just like you know, high shoot. I didn't know they had a it. It mean the coach. What is soon as the co, it's that in the private jet they track those numbers at the tail. Try yeah the tail, trackers, always fun college football. There was like a cs that is in yeah. That would be pretty good podcast right. There yeah find out the guy that like puts the net jets or the you know, we have there's a speak flightaware, there's a leak in there somewhere. Quite aware. Yes, do you ever read message boards? Have you ever read a message board? Well, this twitter account.
Kind of kind of yeah because you post something and then you know you go on your own personal thing and it's obvious. When you go down in the cool we yeah and you want to respond, you can't be Lamar responded, wanted to call me like Brett. Let it go yes, yeah yeah he likes well also his wife tweeted Karma, and then they lost every that's a value. He's a great friend rose JANET and that's a bad he's been on the show and blocked by John, but that's okay. What's your birth, for treating karma back. It was all there with your burner account. I don't have one really what's yours, I have so yeah, okay, yeah I watch homeland. Yesterday I learned a little bit of both yeah okay yeah, real news. That was all that's really what's happened, wow, okay, but I was I I heard something less. I was like well, it's dirty. Do you do you're just watching moment? Yet you were yes Sopranos next
it's going? No homeless, still going home with still going yeah, go soprano boy used to main who's. Your favorite scene, Sopranos, gosh, minus one Tony killed Christopher. That was a good one. It's pretty great that didn't! Actually happen, Hank still watching the spread spoil it form every now and then what about when Bobby Block Baklava, then, like the train, store yeah, no he's fine, you see Goodfellas yet the papers, the papers to pay last question: for me: what does success for northwestern look like in the next five years. How me rose bowls, you got hit. Well, we can't control that, but we got a win. The west, you know, that's gonna, be tough yeah. It always will your badge that is it on a pretty young from Scott
yeah well cakewalk every year, just kind of roll out of bed with the w say then get screwed by then get killed by Ohio State. I'm going to pause that I'm going to cut that out and can be repeated 'cause. All my guys. Listen to you! That's fine, you're, perfect and listen I'll. Give him motivation and probably need it beat. Wisconsin still won't happen, see it's beautiful. What do you think about it? We talked about in earlier, but Scott Frost coming into the visual fired up, yeah hell of a coach yeah. I mean he did a great job and you know he's played a legacies again same thing, get guys alma mater reached out to many got the job fired up foreman. Aren't we that I have you guys been to a game there? I have. I have it now. That's a great app! I mean that fan base is unbelief. I boycotted the brzeska since they didn't give any what had a skull. Well, it's tough yeah. That's still a good point, guys that yeah yeah, it's pretty tough, but the idea to give the Rex Burkett yeah. You got to give your your printer because he was a
remember his yeah. Yes, it was an act. Yeah say something nice well Paul Chris, but you can't mention the fact that he just wears the same bland gray, sweater every time he's a quarterback whisper who okay love that yeah. I love that does a terrific job of the cues he's got a piss you off, though, because he's like so unassuming and so soul, like average Wisconsin. All the way around is a beer and a shock. I I respect that yeah. But and that that that that the type of guys that I like being around yet or not has to a guy that that the guy making up some food always just lay out of here to shop right, you know a turnover chinga yeah. Well, you know it was pretty cool I'll give them. That was pretty cool, but until we stole from the DOW is even cooler how that work off, and that was good. Yeah can not right for you. It's tough when you have a gimmick like that, it can get stuff right back in your face. That's the that's the hard part! That's that's a review today. Yeah, I think,
got the guys going early right, yeah and, if you're the first coach do that, I think it's cool. But then you get a lot of copy cats like they had some school, the turnover plank, which was like a two by four. Yes said that if we could get told on the sideline yes, Texas Tech had like the rebounding Jay, you guys like that got you just do like give. Revela wedgie put him on the sideline and just every time you get a turn over. You just put his underwear or what have you done to it? I hate my yeah right as soon as like home yeah. That would be great if you would tweet about how like how many dollars with a b v d's he went through. You support us on staff. We got all the ideas for this. Well, you know we up, but you go we're gonna, recruiting office, okay, yeah, all right! We we can go down there because Hazel eyes eligibility. Take me to the barber shop. I need to track yeah now yeah like that yeah. That's about what time we move in a let's see that thing somewhere, yeah yeah, it'll it'll, get their young about, didn't, dress at all, right, I'm think about doing a mullet really yeah Joe Dirt. So nice, real America, America, Jandek rule. If you get a mold, that's what it was all right path for sure I'll think. So my
This is a ton of fun. This has been one of the highest honors. I've ever had like Malcolm yeah yeah, and you guys have just lifted up my brand exponentially yeah. Maybe you actually learn how to use a hashtag. It's pretty cool, though, to have a big cat in the Big cats office. Yet, even though your pattern yeah really, but I read the big ten harder than anyone- probably harder than anyone in the world except for Ravel yeah, no, he doesn't represent big ten I have a dream, though he rips northwestern the I'm talking about the guys out there on the front lines to Rep. You know run the ball run. The ball run the ball punt, the ball run, the ball run, the ball run the ball punt, the ball run the ball, maybe like a seven yard out, that's thrown three yards short punt. The ball. Wait, that's big ten football! The word defense yeah! Well, I mean defenses. Why the why you gotta keep on right exactly exactly complementary football. You need to still teach about that, no doubt That interview was brought to you by blue apron. Blue apron is the leading meal kit delivery service in the United States and while many people,
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the kind of guy that still has a membership to one of those. Ninety nine cent, cd clubs yeah, gets like twenty cities in the someone every month and he's like man. I can't figure out how to cancel it. Well, it also might have been like, like child support bill. So I don't wanna know yeah is not easy. I think he's got a few kids does. Is that sounds problematic, putting a few kids different for him, yeah families lot of thanksgiving. Let's just say that you know what we also met Mitch CUP Cup check. So, yes, you scattered us he's got us yeah. He said what you think I was like. You need six hard falls any laughed and was like. Can this guy get the out of here in his head? But he laughed that's the important part of the story: okay, good, good yeah! So, and we we do that with our Kaminski because we're in Charlotte rough and rowdy ton I
Bill Burr, one man thrill ride against the bavarian cream pie. Who is very scary, yeah you try to fight Hank. Why would Hank what? What were the elements? Provocation that you said that made him want to punch? I was actually your words view you almost got eggs. Ask it how for the video that we do not have, he was not happy well yeah well, in fairness, Hank, instructed me to come up with something along those lines. Yeah. I think I actually. I think I actually help with that too another. I think you've got it. We, I think I it as the violent line yeah.
Well, I mean I don't think that there was a word of it. That was a lie, so if he has problems with the truth, it's his own issue but make sure you buy the rough and rowdy fight bill. Burr on the MIKE it's going to be a great night there's, I think, there's thirty five plus fights live from Charlotte. That's why we're here all right? Let's get some segments. We have a way to stay relevant. I don't. Even this is a new. This is a new segment we're doing, and I think it's just going to be baseball all summer, we're going to every time we talk, well paced ball, be way to stay relevant and way to stay. Relevant baseball, baseball. Brawls are back. I almost had It was on my who's back of the week and it was it wasn't because they were going to be back or because they were already back. It was because I knew that they were going to come back. This is on. Happens, every ring longer the statement. Well with that, do you use like Stephen a Smith? I I predicted this, but I never said it out loud. Yes, a because it's true every every spring. Right after you get past
the excitement of opening day in the first couple days baseball. I guess we have to deal with one hundred and fifty eight more games of this and one of the best things that they do every spring. You can count on there being a few bench. Clearing brawls, the difference this year is that we're actually seeing punches thrown yes, so they're, not he. He actually will like he got in the in that scene in inception when they're in the hallway, with no gravity and they're all like twisted around that's what he look like. He was going to the mound. You just throw tricks. The no, I think was inception right. I'd I'd never saw inception. Okay, thank you know what I'm talking about Hank's doing something else but yeah inception, I'm right our
It is they're, basically like twisted in the hallway and just throwing wild punches trying to hit each other. That was what are not to look like, even though he was on his. He was the one who is going after. You think that if you were the one who starts a fight you'd be able to, you know, actually throw a punch. I also love. I also love when the pitcher throws the glove like that's going to slow. The pictures on the glove is great. I was like a pitcher sprinting in from the from the outfield from the bull pens yep. They should be allowed to use the bullpen car yeah during a fight I want to see both those cars going at each other, like a demolition derby. Next time actually want to make the Rick way to stay relevant, Oakland eighties. Marshawn Lynch drives your bullpen car that are amazing to search. Running people over yeah, yes run the whip, yeah and then the other fight was the Red Sox Yankees, and then we had a billion reach. Tweet saying the Red Sox, Yankees, robberies back yeah
I think that was, I think that was staged. I hope I hope to God now that their rivalries back ESPN will put them on Sunday night baseball for change, yeah get to see those two teams plants that have been here about this like a day later watching highlight, shows all right. We have an embrace debate that you had it. What what what happened yet Texas, a I compliance, their official account tweeted is against NCAA rules to pay someone to eat a strawberry. I found on the floor best for best compliance, ocean. I received in a while. So is it so it embrace debate. Is it I can this? You think it is. I think that it. It definitely is because, if it weren't for that, then Jimbo Fisher could just go to people's houses, and just like you, that's how we got I would
his name, I'm gonna, need to w o d s Jamis. Maybe that's how I got James just went to his house and dropped a bunch of crabs on the ground yeah. Well, no! Here here's why I think it is because everyone knows this person. Everyone has that friend who will eat the gross for money and isn't that does not become a job like that is their job. They are the gross friend that each for money and with Visa strawberry, it's a slippery slope and you're going to eventually just beating shit off the ground and weird weird things for money all the time, and that technically is a job I'm more concerned that these players are eating strawberries, which is going to really affect her. Inflammatory response and it'll mean that can't play at a high level. Yeah com, hey Tom, Brady enough to U S rubbery off the ground, yeah, I'm not because it's on the ground! No Tom Brady, I mean a strawberry,
ground Tom Brady. That probably gives him a little like he's, probably getting a little boner from that he's like good wasted, strawberry, that's exactly where it should be. I, like it But we have a oh protect the shield, this ones a little tricky, so Colin Capper, Nick back in the news so exactly yeah, but he went to a tryout with the Seahawks. He had a trial schedule for Monday, the ninth and it got taken away at the last minute. They pull the offer for the tryout, and then there are a bunch look reports that came out chef DE and Florio and Charles Robinson from Yahoo all said it was because he would not commit to kneeling for the national anthem. If he were to be signed and then in Rapoport from the NFL network came in and he said well, wait a SEC. I've been told through my sources that it wasn't about that at all, which I'm sure has nothing to do with the fact that Colin Cabinet next collusion case is like in the in the d
this part of the right now: they're, they're, disappearing, coaches and scouts and and GM's and Jerry Jones is testifying to so that's a total wild card. Ian was saying no, no, it had nothing to do with dealing with everybody else is saying: yes, it definitely had to do with me. Okay, so we got to practice. She'll because is clearly a problem. We can have the NFL have inclusion. We can have the NFL black bowling people. We got to keep everything above board. So no one, but you knows, writing, think pieces and Bob Lee doesn't do a you know. Sixty minutes on us on a Sunday morning when everyone's had hung over saying how evil we are right. Something is yet about why what it? What to the Cleveland Browns exist? What what the reason for the Cleveland Browns to get beaten eight times a year are six times a year by the rest of the AFC North. Okay, yes, but they also should just be our anti blackballing team, so
the Cleveland Browns almost like a relegation. The worst team in the league has to bring in the people who are claiming they're being blackballed in for tryouts? Well that's kind of how the Cincinnati bangles exist already right, but we should just make it official like this should fall in the browser, because the Seahawks clearly got confused. Emails got crossed P Carrol's, not going to emails. There's no way. Pete Carroll is going to email, so you probably got the email from Roger Goodell is like hey we're going to need someone to bring in Colin Capper neck. So it doesn't look like we're blackballing this guy and he got confused. He probably got down he's, probably watching loose change. You've got confused about everything. We just need to have a really good organization. That knows how to follow the rules, and you know, has a clear path like Hue Jackson can put out there. They bring in Colin Capper Nick try
about, and I'm like nope he's, not good enough for the browns than ever but like well. If he's not good enough for the browns, he does get another trap. I think that's a good idea. I've got another one, so I guess he got the notification when he was on a plane. I think that this is actually a genius opportunity that I see here if you can just keep Colin Kaepernick Airborne for like the next two months on a plane, there's nothing. Worse in the world than flying without Wi Fi, put him on a plane that doesn't have any WI, FI service use. Roger those private jet that he wanted his new contract just fly around refueling him so he's doing air to air refueling. For the next, like, like fifty or sixty days, and he's not able to check twitter he's not able to to post anything, you can't make phone calls and it's basically it enhanced interrogation technique to be without wife, I three hours in the air. So if you get him up there, for you know a couple thousand hours without being able to
contact. Anybody he'll just say: ok, I'll drop the charges, and then you let him land. I like it. I, like it forces hand, do you think Colin Capper Nick and get a job. I think he'll get a job, yeah wait. What are you saying like playing football yeah? No, I don't think he's going to guys here yeah, I don't think he's ever getting one again. I actually think we're find out some really interesting stuff from the collusion case once it? The stuff starts to become public and you've got like emails that are being subpoenaed between Papa John and Jerry Jones, like just touch seeing each other and emailing each other at like five hundred o'clock in the morning. On like a Sunday morning, you're going to see some weird shit, it's just basically who's the dumbass owner because whoever emails about, so I I think it's pretty clear something's going on, but whoever is dumb enough to email about it. They should they shut the sell their team.
I I don't want to say it but Mark Davis, oh shit, you should take that back because I want Mark Davis to retain ownership of the raiders mark. Davis, probably I mean he's gotta burn herself the conversion Van the nice thing is Mark Davis is probably so bad at typing emails that they're indecipherable all market is definitely does the the the packing with one reach hi. Thank you probably uses a nose like that bird. That's filled with water, yeah and just just pokes at at keys, so yeah you could try to read them, but it's like on closed captioning. Whenever you see the the close caption person get really confused and then you say, unintelligible yeah, that's! Basically what is emails? Read it exactly he's like a muppet trying to speak. That's a mark Davis is emails. Are he's
animal from the muppets are yet the animal yeah yeah. All right we have. Second last one we have is done, are finished, Billy, Mitchell, so Billy Mitchell, king of Kong, one of the greatest movies one of the greatest villains of all time. He had the record for donkey wrong for a really long time it was under under scrutiny, because people thought he was cheating using some kind of automated system. He sells hot sauce for living in american flag highs, he's got a punch will face. He. I think he hires. I don't want to say h word he hires women to be around him. Them wouldn't otherwise be around him. If you get catch, my drift here, horses spelled with a w, not not an h, his son,
is a kicker, so plug real bad guy. He finally got it. Take he got it all his records taken away from him and kicked out of the donkey Kong League of America. I don't No, what the fuck that so twin galaxies is governing body of video games. 'cause, I saw the movie, so I after only twenty, is after the movie came out. They finally reviewed the video evidence and they're like oh yeah. This guy clearly doctored his his game film I've got a couple ideas for maybe how he can. We can get back in good graces, number, one this is, I mean this is a no brainer. He should write a book like OJ cold. If I did it. Yes, I cheated here's how it is yeah, but wait. I'm just putting this together. Now I get it so you just mentioned like after twenty years. They finally did it. Sequel fortnight was down for the last sixteen hours, if the governing body finally was like okay. What do we do now? Oh, oh yeah, we've been
meaning to suspend this guy for twenty years. We're just waiting for one of these popular video games to stop working well my my other idea was that Billy just pay somebody to get really good at Fortnite under his name, and so he could. Take his talents to new generation, I like that too or whip up on the young. Or you could start going out and catching fall balls of fall ball guy then the the tag team, maybe maybe maybe he joins US teams of Marlins man. I I would like that yeah who wouldn't wouldn't want to see Billy behind home plate yeah You could go on an end. One style mix tape tour. We just beat the shit out of people in old video games and one on one video games or you could go play hot sauce at hawks game and then loose, and then everyone feel bad form.
Hot sauce, first hot sauce, yeah exactly alright. Last up, we have a this is for bill. Belichick has a new dog and the new dog's name is Nike, and Tom Brady is one of the biggest under armour athletes. Trouble in Paradise. Wait, oh, wait! We got something else. I got something else friend. I guess something allowed him to do something else. Large girlfriend daughter are like height, beast fashion. People they named the dog bill did not name the dog. He does not. He did not care about puppies hi bill absolutely cares about the bill. Is a micro manage? He knows everything that goes on that yeah yeah. What what are you saying? The built bill? Belichick is lost control of his own locker room, his house. The only covering that matters? Is the locker room, so nice do think this is a great idea to keep Gronk around.
You just fill the locker room with puppies yeah. If you've, if you feel the Patriots locker room with nothing but puppies and DJS grog will be there for life, puppies, DJS and just walking around. Are they do you know they're not in use? Are they they are yeah Okay, yeah, fine, they'll play instruments, yeah really yeah they're, not they're, not vocalists, yeah, okay, lyricist yeah, but she's got to be there. If crocs gonna stick around the cut to be somewhere around the we are, and this actually reminds me did you just pull the old trick today, where they did like the mark Jackson to the Patriots, and then it really was just Chris Mortensen saying that he it would be a good fit. I don't know, I didn't see that so Mortensen was like. I think that they'd be interested and then became a report, and then nine people talked about on tv yeah, I'm pretty sure it's a good fit. So if you, if you think the
Lamar Jackson would be a good fit with the patriots. I don't think you watch a lot of football. I disagree. I think I think about you could probably make anyone Tivo Tivo's, tough, because Tivo might be the worst quarterback full time now it can make anyone get yeah, but I wanna go to pretty big hole in your little theory. Well, Lamar Jack's, one husband t when everyone Heisman drew Bledsoe. They used to make your blood yeah and then managers from Matt Cassel, though we may Matt Cassel Good, that's also very well so yeah. How many people are gonna get mad at me for saying to whatever one husband, a lot right. Let's see, we'll see everyone Monday. We have Kris Bryant and Ellen P P World Series champion from Chicago Cubs come in on Monday,
love, yes I'll, be coming for. You love a a all
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