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2017-11-29 | 🔗

We're in Pittsburgh in the middle of Football week on the way to Indianapolis (2:12 - 4:45). Eli Manning isn't the Giants quarterback anymore and the newest College Football rankings are out (4:45 - 12:30). Hot Seat/Cool Throne and talk about Bit Coin Mania (12:30 - 22:17) . Former Pro Bowl Punter and now Podcast/Blogging extraordinaire Pat McAfee joins the show to talk about his transition out of the NFL, Bill Polian's personality test, and how the Pitt/West Virginia in 2007 changed his life for the better (22:17 - 63:51). Segments include Coaching Carousel and the debut of the song of the summer "Schiano Man".Protect the shield, Lebron Blames and Road Trip Q&A.

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on today's part of my take we have pat mcafee live from the rv we're on a road trip we are taping from a parking lot in pittsburgh pa couple yinzers in a bus we also have hot see cool throne and we are doing it is wednesday we usually do guys on chicks but we're going do road trip qa with the award winning listeners before we get to all that i want to talk to you guys about wordpress here at part of my take we know that building something new something that others connect with is a lot easier with the right tools that's why we're excited to have wordpress dot com as a sponsor we use wordpress everyday it's the online home of barstool sports apart of my take and let me tell you whether you're looking to create a personal blog a business site or both creating a website on word
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mc for fifteen percent off a brand new website wordpress dot com slash mt let's go wednesday november twenty ninth and this is officially the first podcast we've ever done what you i manning's not a starting quarterback in the nfl that's really sad you know i'm a big streak fan in general the times you will come to an end it's very very sad but in this case i actually think it is absolutely hilarious it is because if you have up your job so badly that gino smith
is the answer to whatever your problem is who i didn't even know was in the nfl till today that is performance art yeah that is hilarious to me so been back to do i know you probably didn't mean to screw up this badly but thank you for doing it ben maxwell first of all let me set the stage so we are on our road trip we are on a football week pardon my take football week we are going from new york to indianapolis for the big ten championship game we're in philly on sunday then we're going to buffalo for bills mafia on this coming sunday so right now we're in the middle where it's smack dab in the middle of it when the grundle of the road trip pittsburgh pa aided jerome bettis is restaurants we have pat mcafee on the show he's on the bus with us it feels good back on the road boyz pitts burg is america's gut yeah and we are all up in those guts pittsburgh is a beautiful city
i will read it yes you know beautiful city i like the bridges i know that they're probably like thirty or forty years past the point where they need the repairs but there's something exhilarating about driving over a bridge that could collapse at any second bridges rivers mountains that like you put those three together that nice looking city it's got it all i've said it before about pittsburgh three rivers meeting the garden of eve in the bible it was at the connection with three rivers pittsburgh might be the carnivine this might be just the we were driving all day and it's late thought but do you think there's anyone from pitts burg that like was like because i'm from pittsburgh and i root for pittsburgh teams i should go to iowa so that i can keep the black and gold going color scheme going everything in this town is black and gold i love you i love this towns that do that switches i think it's only pistoni pittsburgh so we've got pat mcafee coming on later talk a little bit about some pittsburgh stuff but he pointed out that you know
the downtown area you have all the stadiums right next to each other stadiums bridges but he also made sure to note that they also have the science center down here yes so you've got the scientist walking around with your black and gold lab coats so we'll see everyone in indianapolis for the rest of the week and also then on sunday in buffalo so back to ely this actually like kind of big news because you i had we had the longest active streak yeah i think it's two hundred ten games he what we can embrace debate on the streak but ben machen do i think been mac could do was like i really don't want to be the the giants head coach anymore and he you know they got a little frisky
one a couple games and was like hey been mac could you move you know might not of losses team lawrence taylor went on a podcast and said don't fire been machen do so all those things happen and he's like week what's the one thing i can do that will be like give me one hundred percent approval rating i know i'll take the one guy that we can let gracefully just age out and you know walk away next year and venture for gino smith gino smith like i said gina smith is a problem you have if jews was your solutions of layers problem to be and with i also think that we should ask ourselves is this still the boat curse mansion right now who odell scottdale bank cursive odell they should list them on the on the is it going to be inactive or is it going to be like back up our third string i hope he's an active so it says like should i manning did not play teammate
going about eleven months ago so eli manning he actually did the classy move ben mcadoo came up to him was like hey we can just start yuan then take you out and he's like no i don't want to do that that's a fraud you know stat now it wasn't it wasn't a fraud streak before because i was just falling down before i got sacked for ten years in a row and never taking a big hit that didn't make it a fraud streak but sitting gardening and then letting geno smith come in would make it a fraud streak so eli manning does the classy move i just have to say ben mcadoo watch your back man because the manning family when they want to get their pr company going and they want to get everything spinning their way you you are like there's a board in louisiana right now in archie manning just throwing darts at that here haircut of yours well yeah this might be a good time for ben mcadoo to go into witness protection he already looks like he's in protection protection
in which a shaver such as it would just shave the head hey maybe the new york times will start writing nice things about you if your skin at who yeah good point and very comical yeah you you they'll say that your charming yes yes what he's just like you're not your name yeah exactly like seinfeld yeah he's just like your next door neighbors your next door neighbor read mein kampf so i actually would love to see ben mac due to the bleach blond hair could you imagine them back into the highlights frosted tips yeah frosted tips poker shell necklace so you i manning what is the rest of his car look like is he retire everyone says gonna go to jacksonville but they forget that blake bortles franchise quarterback at doing just fine down there is great there's no you'll talk about blake bortles job we're here to enforce that here's my prediction ready for this a manning family tradition yeah go to denver who okay with the superbowl i like that i
the other alternate one what if he's like hey guys i was kind of an asshole when i was twenty two i'll go be phil rivers back up next year yeah who won that trade i think we can say phillip rivers longer dischargers officially won that trade on your career three three belichick pics stashes him on the roster to go one way and you can count on what you can't lose a super bowl team by many if he's on the roster yes well no i would imagine in that scenario in tom brady will get hurt eli manning would come in beat them beat beat beat the patriots on the patriots yeah what do you think that absolutely
out of all right i have a quick once over college football players i have a quick list i want to read for you okay one take off your pants before i read this they're already off okay starting quarterbacks for week thirteen and yeah yeah i think i just wanted to start your search tom savage yeah times i was on a two word press conference after a loss on monday night alright here we go ready and gino smith and ryan fitzpatrick brett hundley keep going jacoby per set yeah trevor simeon matt moore josh mccown tom savage yes blaine gabbert to show guys
yes that is quite a list of quarterbacks my god this is i can't wait yeah i i can't win local regional my three was a wrote about this on monday but i don't think that quarterback play has really gotten that much worse in the nfl i think it's just that so sure when sean taylor was taken from us ten years ago all the quarterbacks started to look a lot better because they don't have to play again sean taylor anymore and now you've got these players coming up who watch on taylor highlights and they're really good they model the games after i'm sent out looks like we're back sucked again
forget the mike will bond deschamps john taylor a lot of people does shame chante a lot of dust i always wish that was hot take city yeah there's no one time multiple articles that said like this son of a had it come yeah he should have died yeah that was there was a lot of the shaming going around when you look back at that and see what he was wearing he wasn't wearing kevlar yeah man cheesy wasn't in a humvee yeah so shame on him all right before we get to college football playoffs and hot see cool thrown if you're trying to go to one of the championship games we are going to indianapolis but there's also the big twelve there's also the acc the sec the mac you have to go to seek you can get your seats there because see geek save you time and money by searching multiple ticket sites to compare prices and find amazing deals and to get you the most bang for your buck siki grades every ticket based on value to help you immediately identify the best seats that fit your budget plus every purchase is fully guaranteed so you can shop for tickets on tiqiq with confidence makes you keep your go to app for finding the best deals on every type of ticket from sports in concerts to comedy in theater go download to seek you have right now put in the promo code take t a k e that's from code take for ten dollars off your first cd purchase put it in promo code take and you'll get ten dollars off seatgeek it is the only way to do it and like i said sports comedy theater concerts everything download that c got put in the promo code take
a k e and you will get ten dollars off the new code yes no brandon lee a k e a k a r all right college football playoffs are out who got snubbed who's matt okay well before we start talking about wisconsin because i know i'm not going to we're gonna get there pretty soon ran alabama's matt bama is that they don't have a right now i think they're actually not mad no they are mad nick save in his old words are coming back to bite him now because he used to say you can't get in if you don't win your conference and guess what now he's saying i think that we have a shot at the rate we're we've proven ourselves sam also is what we'll get to have to go through a second but is nick saving on the hot seat i mean he's got shop i think i actually think they got it exactly right i think wisconsin should be for i think i'll bama should be five and that like ohio state miami like it feels like all those teams they could probably leap frog but it's in it's in their outside looking in like that's that's exactly where they should be
i think if everything kind of one team loses bama should be the next team up i think you're probably right about that although it i would love to see miami get in yeah that would be fun for me just because like they got i'm i'm stupid i'm a dog that like shiny objects when you hold the turnover chain for men like well that is true it is true the term which is a pretty fun matching the turnover chain on like a championship what stage is the moon would pop in the lights i honestly think oklahoma is going to lose that's going to be the havoc that's going to be the wreaked on saturday and then the big twelve is going to be like why the
we have a chevy g out why do we get the i was let's go dot is i'll kick championship game dumbest idea of all time yes all right in by the way the biggest loser in all this and i hate to to twist the knife your penn state because penn state like that team if they don't have a four hour delay in michigan state in east lansing and like them you know late october they're probably only have one loss and they're probably going to go to the college football playoffs is very true not to rub it as furniture yeah i'm gonna anything could happen all right let's do by the way just want to say the cameraman who were injured j t barrett he's now off the hook so g jean smith the ad for our state is called off the search for the camera he told our multiple canceled irving now yeah you told urban go ahead put put away the tarp put away the the duck tape you could you could you have to stop this because jean smith is too busy being on the college football playoff committee which is huh
and so that's great now that's kind of so the ohio state id he said is on the college football playoff committee are in there they're on the outside they need a little bit earlier call and then they were an inside job yeah huh interesting that's a that's a that's never happened doesn't seem right guys is from like was it wasn't her game it like a couple of years ago what i'm sure you know what was a good conference championship yeah where they did like a big miracle in against what seems that yeah that was i was gone yeah yeah you must leave the room right when they talk about how stay that's my favorite thing i i i leave the room whatever well house that gets brought here's the thing if you just say i recuse myself you can't be held liable for anything that you do yeah i refuse it because no way does any back room deals get made except for in that exact room one oh how sick i don't believe that the nc double a would be involved in anything like kind of shady like true above board reproach let's go how to cool to room one start
i think once you get by the way shadow hank we have new microphones so that we look like football coaches or telemark marketers depending on the light i've got a shot in the in only that okay are you hank was one about these forced to drop back i actually feel like i'm a college game day right now yeah i feel very professional so my first i just need to get like a old man who doesn't make any sense and reporter now he makes sense lee corso all my hot seat is a oh yes was it saturday no not right that's why i always wear hats not only not that there's more the new york times are friends who we talked about earlier they came out with an article with a lot of words
i want to go there does a lot of a lot of big words to yeah but the t l d r of it is that if they new york times eggs they lead boys be boys then they will murder their fathers and have sex with their mother otis rexburg could yeah okay so it's also a boys you why is that bad yeah you can't let boys be boys you gotta take saturday morning your father and having sex with your mother making you like the king of the family makes you man alpha yeah yeah so you're saying that's good well saying like whatever guy wants to do isn't part of the reason why our society is crumbling right now we don't have a hierarchy anymore i guess what what i was walking around being like i don't care for wanna lose yeah that's me avocado toast yeah lions they don't care they just go after their their parents and they don't care about the opinions of sheep or new york times writers yeah from off my other my other hot seat is me oh i took a ride
my grandfather on too hot she took me to the train the other day on the way back to new york and he told me that i need to speak up into the mike and then there's no enthusiasm in my voice all right so go ahead do let's hear in a to z asking into the estate all right that's good great thank you i am not cool throne is lacrosse nike nike german film light was on he was commenting on the do ford again the other day and he said the cross is growing oh ok so the sales are up there grower not sure this is booming it also came out that method man played lacrosse covering up in long island by the way we need that for a second we didn't even play not why what why is it hard to believe because method man was lacrosse player yeah it was a long stick man no probably midi oh ok by the way we never talked about phil knight like the fact that you just threw himself his own basketball tournament for his 80th birthday i click the biggest baller move ever and he just like i thought that was just like a yoga thing but like pk
eighty yeah i don't know either i thought it was like a like a new yeah like dvd that you put on at home and watch it did work out to like to sounds like it's not yeah it's yeah i mean that this page yoga right exactly so i i'd mention that i was like the peak at the great like whoever decided to do a thanksgiving tournament in college russell like think phil might because he made it from south he only invite nike teams are i think so probably yeah probably is exactly why that why would you throw around a part yeah why don't you let someone else pressure birthday party but i will he needs to do it again because it was a good tournament but like don't stop there just keep giving yourself birthday presents and it was pretty ball move though you like got to sit and like sit in the telecast the championship game and like hey phil so your old and really rich i guess so i let's throw myself off a bridge crosses great how jealous do you think that the other ceos of like shoe companies are like reebok ceo nobody knows it smaller no one knows
yeah he's no enemy armor noticeable like levar sunder armament with like the teams yeah yeah that's not so by the way speaking of pkd hank you cause bagley is so so good i hate to and people forget thanks to france you hank all right if you would you got i got my at my first hot seat is nick was the horse i'm so you i remember nyquist the horse we had a bit of a falling out with him in a year and a half ago so he one one of the trip he won the kentucky derby right and then he got fat lazy and complacent and then as they do and he choked away he's read his press clippings and he choked the preakness and he choked the belmont and then he got bullied off twitter by me in big cat yeah because he couldn't take the heat he had a verified twitter account and guess what he deleted it well well well it seems
an industrious part of my take listener has finally out waited enough time where it has lapsed in has camped out on the nyquist horse twitter account and sought fit to bequeath it to pardon my take so now we get we got your leader yeah we are now officially in charge of at the night was forced twitter account so it looks like the horse shoes on the other foot wow so another twitter account that we won't update wrecked him a good taniguchi yeah i'm just going to i'm i'm gonna tweet like a bunch of i or each without like i'm fat fat nay nay so guess what deal with nyquist while on you my second hot seat okay is j j watt move more specifically j j watt's wrist and hand area
because the victoria's secret fashion show tonight and we all may remember that jj has he's got some he's got a past when it comes to the show yeah frequently turns up on the injured report with a mysterious wrist injury after spending a long night watching the victoria's secret so thought suppressors rest my cool throne is chain snatching yes so the punishment for chain snatching is apparently the exact same punishment as forgetting your chain snatched yes so they're equal it i guess to live got out to leave got two games you but i got reduced one yeah crabtree got two games also got reduced to one yep so i like to see that reciprocity there i did you see the fact that crabtree taped his chain to is
body 'cause he knew is gonna get snatched what they called the old patrick ewing yeah why there you go but why why did he just not wear his chain yeah that's a great point it seems like you just kind of went a little like you like hey i know with my chains going to get snatched so i'm going to be extra like cautious here and duct tape it to my body but i'm still going to wear it and tell you keep really doesn't seem like a guy who's like oh guess what it'll it'll tapes going to slow me down crabtree went out and got like a like a lock on a chain and then chain that to his change and still got the chain snatch yes all right my hot seat is you two guys oh ok yes we both are on the hot seat already so for example hot spicy hot seat because you see that you see me on the hot seat already put myself in the hot seat you too don't own bitcoin an i do so i'm going to be a very rich person i've can i said can i see your big woman i'm in the purchase of i'm in the process of purchasing my when it takes a day or
okay all right then we'll be able to see it but the you're saying you know we'll know we'll never be able to see it but its rail okay out yet so where is it it's on the is it in the bank and it's going to make a lot of money and i decided i woke up today like a person who buys fire insurance after your house burns down i saw that bitcoin had gone up like one thousand dollars every single day for the last seven straight days i was like how to get in yes because i can't wake up another day knowing that there is money to be made fake money to be made on the internet that i am not part of it you know how you know it's safe is because it's controlled by a bunch of nerds that have dominated big point to last like ten years and know way more about the internet than you do yeah and so that's how you know that they're not taking advantage of you have ever hey man you know what hey hey let me ask you a question you think the
the dollar bills in your pocket right now you think they're going to last forever you think money is being lost forever oh yeah my dollar bill then based on nothing but just an understanding of trust yeah that is a lot more trustworthy than big ok so bitcoins the future baby there's not going to be money in the future there's going to be bitcoin ok we sold you bought one bitcoin or you bought multiple i bought a part of a bitcoin ok how many how much of a bit click anywhere between one slash four and a half is like a pizza you decide like have you done much more ice is of a bit coin okay was i mean they're like ten thousand dollars should ordered an intrusion your big points that nobody else wants sure we have good segue michael throat is there in a row yes different rebel he had quite the day he be basically eat like us like a sales person who do you know hits their quota their their quarterly quarter early in the quarter that was their novell today because you just gave me a stroke which is a quarter
the quota early in the quarter yeah they get it like right away and they're like i can just sit back and just chill darren ravel did that with his eli manning tweets because darren ravel anytime there's a streak and you can be like hey guys remember twelve years ago or fifteen years ago things were different while phones there were no i phones and george bush was pres this is how time works works tom brady had never lost a superbowl yeah in darren was married and still a virgin so like all these things that happened back in the past and so there wasn't that long yeah jennifer loves to like tell us how taught how time actually works laying there are there things that happened and then time happened and then things changed and then they were different but then when you look back you're like whoa that's different than it is now and his favorite way of doing that is putting like the year what year was manning start in the street two thousand for yes somewhere like say this time in two thousand and four
mark yeah and then he'll list things number one song in america last time eli manning was the giants starter usher or wasn't the giants are usher and alicia keys my boo wow thanks darren so he has a jam he had quite the day he actually did do this cell phone look the nokia two thousand six hundred was the most popular cell phone when eli manning was in a starter on the trails meet darren played a lot of snake on friday and saturday night so we don't have to buy himself and also he's on the cool throne because mike gundy was rumored which we're going to get to in a minute to tennessee didn't wouldn't have
two i changes pantone color so that's nice one you know i i it it does not even but there is something to that actually he would have to change you would have to change pandora's like slightly different words so i do like it when that happens like jimbo fisher's being rumored about going to texas a and m is kind of similar colors yeah but no no never pants only know the pencil to different but i do like that a lot or something that really irritates me when i c like charlie strong going from texas to south florida weather like knock off baylor uniforms it
when's my head for a little bit and i'm like that's not right you need to get the we need the color wheel out yeah you need to just like use me like a like a man easing himself into hot that you need to sherman williams guy just walking around next to all these coaches being like actually it's this color yeah all right let's do our interview with pat mcafee and like i said we got coaching carousel and road trip questions coming up on the other side and a special song the pft wrote that's maybe the gem of the year before we get all that i want to let you guys about mugsy jeans you know i'm a big sweat pants guy and i try to avoid any other pants as much as possible same pft but every once in awhile a time comes when you need to step up your game and that's why we love mugsy jeans mugs and use the most colorful genes of ever worn they literally feels controls my sweat pants i know the mugs eugene's guys are chicago guys i've been wearing them for years and they are great it feels like you're wearing like i said sweatpants butter smooth as butter that's what it feels like it just feels like you to put your leg some butter right that mugs you guys and it's nice because like you're you're if you're fat if you're skinny if your muscular they have the perfect fit for everyone so don't worry about that they will get you in the perfect pair jeans that makes you feel comfortable no one says stiff pair jeans wranglers and all that stuff those guys route muggs he's in so our goal right now use code p m t to get ten dollars off plus a pack a big reach you because we're chart aug's and
you can do that at mugsy jeans dot com that's mugsy jeans dot com you deserve to look good and be comfortable in your genes your legs a favor and head to mugsy jeans dot com m u g s y jeans dot com and put in the promo code p m t alright here we go pat mcafee all right we now will come on back free he is our colleague he is the host of the pat mcafee go ego much owns bars to heartland runs bars to hartland we are on the road from new york city to indianapolis for the big ten championship game we're in pat's hometown of pittsburgh pa and we just had a fine dinner at jerome bettis's restaurant and i have diarrhea jerome bettis is house was fantastic i appreciate you so much for allowing me on this r v with you in the brains in here at a level that i've never seen before conversation at ten yeah and i agree one
get on the van the rv for like a few minutes he still don't you still don't have to pressure you we asked you about ten times our technique was to try to get you to back out before you backed out this morning so last night we were just like you're not going to do it you're not going to do it if you tell somebody they won't do it and they they answered that they will like twelve times then we lucky and we decided carl yeah yeah that's a good you won't get on the bus so that's the right thing to do by the way and you publicly shame me you yeah i'm into my show which one on thursday tuesday thursday yeah we will be on it on thursday from the barstool heartland offices in indianapolis hundredth episode by the way wow would you think about jerome bettis grille the thirty six i want what i really liked about this place you don't see this a lot with former players but their starters were called kickoffs just like a football and then they had blitz is we just picked up some we picked up some blitz is they had extra points i thought the big miss was there wasn't
on the menu called the bus yeah i have been like a big a big but like maybe like a sunday like a home ice cream sauce yeah get top it off you get down you get down to the the very last bite and then you drop it you fumble it and then somebody else and then big been tackles rested so i want to hear that story either way be so i guess running the other way and we have be before we get to that though i want to say the nicest thing i can say about the drum but this restaurant is urinating in the urinals will be able to look out of the bar is very cool you like that double side menu maybe not so much in london the urinals what looking out at the bar very very you know what i i realize that the biggest fan of that by the way you likely i i know places have it it's kind of like a niche thing lets bird thing now okay rising you're saying what you look at people while you have your dick in your hand you should put fries in a sandwich and chips it changes the entire is not informed yeah yeah the dictionary monday in public though i find it easier actually urinate if i'm making eye contact with somebody that's why i was able to do it
staring at a gallery yeah right we taught we joked about the bus fumbling the ball in the goal line and big band saving his life you said that that's a famous story in the cold now this might be public information but we're just we we only have so much time in the day to fill our stupid little brain yeah allegedly the guy that picked up that fumble in that game what what i don't know it's okay i never got to play with it i have no idea that's perfect if sa allegedly and you also don't remember his name them never even know that it yes i never even heard of anybody allegedly the story about the guy that i do not know his name the guy who picked up the fumble and was tackled by ben roethlisberger who is a known freak athlete and making out saving tack alleged yes was a member of the secondary who are some of the most athletic humans on earth allegedly this story has been passed down the line through colts that i have known that the guy who picked that up was stabbed either the night before the game or two nights before the game in the leg in the story is told that if all by
but he was not stabbed touchdown different they cut his his fast twitch muscles oh you know what this is like a butterfly effect we never would have known that jerome bettis is from detroit who that's a good point wait wait he's from where he wanted super bowl in his hometown have known that would've been stories about that was why we did that wasn't in one had a super bowl tower what a human yeah he's a football guy he's definitely yes he's trying to get back into the game i think he's one of those guys like gruden that every
years he like to hear some hot there yeah and if you like and then he was a big realtor guy i heard so many stories about like his wife looking for places in different cities you think that their not a bad move say actually flew a helicopter over la i guess whenever there was conversation first he was piloting now i don't care for it was very much like love wall street i'm not sure if he was behind this pogo stick yeah i was on the side right out that made the the taxpayers builds that stadium came to be like a week later i would move like the i like to imagine actually herm edwards got rumored for the arizona state john i like to imagine these guys these old football guys just tell their agent like hey don't tell me that you're gonna do it but just every couple years put my name out there so then they can be super
eyes may like open up you know the end of your like whoa yeah people want me and then cbs also cuts a bigger check yes okay that's what gruden does for yeah i want one little surprise for him to like all my agents to put my name out there gonna so nicely and i get a raise in in instantly the money and football's and in tennessee so i'll go to knoxville and where you know burnt orange all i'm i'm actually i'm so very welcome that i think that gruden has lookalikes that he pays to go into town and get spotted yeah he just he drops dolls in these different sounds good movie gonna respect is speaking of football you've probably been asked this but i'm gonna ask you anyway because i want to talk about how parcel heartland's going in blogging in the internet world how did you know you you do you miss football at all now not even one percent now wow so not unlike what you know just a random you know wednesday afternoon you're like him and i wish i was with my guys no site very much flip the switch into not being out in the football schedule right i very
much fell out of love with the schedule being an nfl player now you're an rv i'm plugging in a twelve hour trip broken up into two pieces being lied to by the way this is like a fifteen hour trees are treated like yeah it's like a one thousand five hundred and sixteen we always think we said we said it was one of five hour drive i said yeah so strange without block from the office today was eight hours we almost made it would have made it in japan if we're on a god dam plan saying that and that's just like that means but you have to cross an ocean you don't want across the ocean but it's saying it's sitting there at least you can piss and
tough on yeah but you can get it by north korean missile if your flight to japan so he spends all right save your life real quick all right pc japan yeah by the way so you don't miss it at all i don't so the only thing i really noticed that i do because i'm very much in the enjoyed being a fan again right right so i i like watching my friends and other teams i like watching the kickers and funders do cool because i enjoy that yep i like watching the players i know and i'm also watching like some people up on my caller that's not good for their careers are business and things like that the only thing i've ever missing is gonna sound weird is like after a workout ray whenever i'm being forced to work out something bad out of me and there's that moment where you're sitting in the still room said sired if you're having a full conversation whether or not you're the biggest piece of on huh or not that's i miss that more we can still discuss that if you'd like like whether or not you're you suck well i think i do for
but like whenever you have that really tired moment yes self like there's no reason for me to go out and lose might like puke from working out like yeah you know i mean i get the full i i really well so let me ask this are you you're back to being a fan again your from pittsburgh yeah let's just say hypothetically who's a who's the steelers potter jordan very short rally in film yeah let's say jordan very it gets a little nick right and okay so kansi at that yeah so they're going to the playoffs right yeah they say hey pat want to come with a ring in your home town will pay you three million dollars well just to play in december and january yeah yeah yeah yeah i'm a big pros and cons guy and i think there's a lot of pros in that situation but i'm gonna have to get drug tested for eight times a month for the next three tests because remember for the next three months
because as soon as i get there i'm failing your face in hot right now real well i'll be your passcode okay so you're might this guy actually is not to ask someone to piss vampire comes who's going to be i don't even know yeah i get someone at the bar so hartland office really came in your my piss guy on deck they watch dick's though that's what you meant okay that's what you meant by flipping the switch you actually when you when you went from being a football player to a blogger you just meant like flicking a lighter yeah yes that's a hundred miles i'm a vape got there so it's more like to switch on the the hero of the barrel okay yeah a sense flip okay so you are now deep into the internet which i love because it is ve i would imagine like being a rookie on a football team where you're walking around like what do i do now what like how do this like where's what words you quit meant like well we have a day off for two
does it do that's what it feels like when you ask us consequently what does this mean on the internet what's this mean yeah what's this video what's the headline yeah you're like a little baby deer asking the young still don't rain is melting from too much into the internet is worse for your brain than football internet is tough it's bad it's tough place when you get into the annals of yeah internet there all of that out that's a rough segment on you point yeah yeah yeah yeah annals annals yeah i don't watch anymore yeah then why not get in and away from there your you'll be good all the time but stuff yeah hubs at seton season blue
not because she was so hot it has been to office manager transition to my schedule has been the craziest thing because watching people who are successful in the internet business like you guys you see that the hours and you feel like you like you very much get a feeling like you don't want to miss out on something so like i feel like if i'm missing a game on sunday and i don't have a dvr on me and i don't catch a fake punt or something like i feel like i've me over hard on my yeah so it's like it's becomes this thing the internet just never sleeps be busy writing night friday nights like basically only time from friday at noon to saturday morning is like the only time you can come from review like yep okay i'm a walkway but then you never know because like so paul george my legal break his leg in the usa game and rolled out i know what yeah yeah happen it's a night it's very interesting in a lot of she gets released on friday night the people trying to vary by law its its use the roger jewel is a very wild thing that i never could have expected i still have no clue what a blog i'm not sure if i ever will
hello because it's so much work i i have so much respect for the thank you guys who did that for a long time because the amount of time you guys put into typing it all up and then putting it on to the internet is if exam of itself pressing right by the modern day john henry there's a lot of hard work that goes in a tight time people some guys get carpal tunnel syndrome and i have a d d like i can't sit here and type this what do you you want for a walking though is it in i wish i could blog more i i i miss blogging more off but it is kind of like like being like a golfer for like a three point shooter if you don't like keep shooting every day if you don't keep playing golf every day you lose it like instantly what do you mean like the ability to win just one outside like lock in and and you get in this writing mode and you stay locked in and also just staying on top of the internet because if you have a
forty five minute meeting you're like three hours behind on the internet yep if you're having an rv you're behind on the internet so you can't like leave your computer if you want to be a full time blogger thing about pat is pat doesn't do a lot of writing he d do there's a lot of talking and he never really left that laps at all like we were saying pat could get into an argument with like a bridge so you are your basic the podcast twenty four seven yes to like my whole life aren't recording yeah yeah yeah i mean it's just always podcasting yeah well i just i have a lot cycle of questions mostly i know my life is a lot of questions so just i feel like i just keep going that's why i was not worried that when i retired we i felt like if you have a small group of people enjoy the i must say i got a lot of to say i yeah those small group of people to like it when you were being recruited to join the internet what was that process like in the evaluation process compared to like bill polian bill polian saami pointing at the meineke car care bowl in warm ups with my friends around and said that he thought i could feel
we're outputting he was the only gm that's on me is a pun right something is a kicker people forget that you were going to get drafted as a kicker it was not really on the table at all dad being a kicker i wasn't a great kicker but had a huge leg and everybody thought they could just teach me how to keep it in between the uprights right and then like will waste a draft pick on this guy his kickoffs are good he can punt if we have to but we think he's a kicker i played in the senior bowl as a kicker and bill pullman was the only guy that saw me as a pawn her the cowboy somisa kicker the steeler saw me as a kicker the chiefs i think looked at me a little bit but it was just like the big thing was i was going to be kicking empoleon drafted me outta nowhere to be upon him basically we just like a figure it's like out so you were going to be recruited to the bar stool though like that was at took a few conversations first i was at a bachelor party for aq shipley who is the center for the cardinals i was at his bachelor party on a beach somewhere in his boys showed up and they were like you need to meet these barstow people these barstow people are there
when i never heard of it so then i surf all in big cat on the twitter because i lived on twitter i thought he was a layer yes and then i just like to we had a little twirl ation some ninety bda i sing in the mail i did a standup thing and i was like hey man i i feel like the barstow people enjoy this if you want to look at it you really right you never did anything with them not sure watched the i did watch it and that's actually now that i'm thinking about it it was very clear that you were not on the internet no sent me a dvd in the mail yeah yeah no i just wanted him to watch it no no no i just want him to watch it watch it on my xbox all i want to do is watch it and be like i had not bad that's all i wanted to feel like that's a pretty standard recruitment process though there are a lot of conversations that happen at bachelor parties where their friends are like dude you're funny you should be sentenced
but this is i want it actually worked out right exactly yeah that probably does happen at a lot of fuckin' batches now that you just mentioned that i couldn't even fathom the late night drunk talks between college friends in highschool friend yeah that they've never really met each other in common language that you are so it's like you know barstool headlights for them that's the best division of like bachelor parties either college friends in high school friends or college friends an like adult friends and no one really knows each other and it's like you stay over there they over here sometimes all three makes though sometimes you get the professional the college and high school and then you've got a real cluster always know should you get the email threads leading up to the passport where everyone is getting to know each other one upping each other like well that's going to be wild card and then the one guy says hey we should all wear t shirts and well good idea who me from the email oh i always i am the deck who's like we should not do t shirts i'm not coming if we do t shirts there's got to be someone someone's gotta speak up against
somebody has to be a good mindset in salem right there's a bad idea for us you know what though if you do want to wear t shirt you can buy at the partial sports store hundred percent not on zero percent off zero percent are you kidding zero percent all the best deal you've ever heard you have to pour dirt on yourself if you buy it at this point what i wanted to talk no dirt got on anybody else bill polian real quick all right so you just mentioned he looks at you is like hey that guy can figure it out and you said this that he's he is that's kind of how he evaluated talent like this guy has something special we'll figure out a place for him later bill polian had anti you're like i believe the way he scouted talent is something that's like for me even watch me in a warm up before warmups even so like when i was just out in like street clothes with a pretty warm ups harder than you warm up i'm free one a pretty hard yeah if you pretty well up some
that's actually just as dangerous my pretty warm up is everybody else is warm up you know what i mean yeah i go hard enough food for most triple watch june was like man this guy can do it it was me pointing like so my boys that i went to school with got redshirted so i did not get red shirt it was like literally our last time together before i was going to leave and we were just like throwing the football like like just fucking around basically i'm sure there's a lot of shittalk but like i pointed a couple were just fucking around like trying to get garbage cans and ship just having a good time it was just bullshiting really and i thought he was watching in the stadium he was like i think that guys athletic enough to figure out then when they worked me out there was like a throwing portion of it
i had to do all these things and i think polly and he there's not he give me a personality yeah when nobody else give me a personality test was on i want to know now he says that you passed with flying colors right now all right good personality i don't remember the exact questions but it was a lot it was very along the mindset basically is if you were like a selfish person on our list that's not like right like every question was like could you buy into something it was like that you start podcast would you name it after yourself it was my twitter handle no i didn't have a twitter handle so it's big guy twitter is bigger than the it should be yeah well that's yeah you cannot correcting me one million the one point two well because back in the day its water we had one hundred forty characters by the way yeah we we walked up hill both ways yeah no sure yeah
are you kidding me in we had done we had to your your totally intentionally leave out words not because we just save senses to ourselves and leave out words all the time which i do all the time yeah we had to do that yeah we do that these kids nowadays don't you don't get all right now i don't two hundred may have just on this are you kidding me when i used to get so excited whenever i see like another thousand followers because when i was in the subs abuse program i couldn't go out or do anything there drug does may times a month so twitter became my i was on there answering everybody and i see like a thousand followers go i'm so i'm arriving at ten grand and i had to be completely sober so i smoke like some spice i was having a great time they couldn't test for it i was having a blast so like you start seeing the gradual increases and that's what you're on twitter like god this is awesome i feel like i'm doing right then you had a million the cat it's not always little and glamour it doesn't change so you pick up another hundred dollars yeah it sounds to me like like pullins personality test was just basically everything that ryan leaf did to him yeah would you do that yeah that's for the
yeah but riddle me though so compared to poland you were also there when grigson took over what was his process like computable he was very much like the out davis like the raiders thought they give that the guys fast you know when you're watching kambin back in the day and you see somebody running for two like various heyward bey he's going to the rate at which you can't block he can't run routes but he's fast didn't matter what you arrive at that happened with the pulse rate for like when gretchen was younger watch a kambin we see somebody run fast i'm like well they're going to lunch i'll turn richardson all that's two first rounders there are two first round picks input future hold for the future hall of famer you think is hall of fame candidacy is officially close should we start putting on the ballot for years from now five years from now he zigged every fuckingg such as ag one time would have been nice for us yet
seems as if in canada is ball it is yeah they're not gonna have it seen yards up in canada one week coming weeks ago haven't heard anything from them well not he was not yet in front yards meters and it sixty on each side so tied up later for more yards that you can get up there yes so you got to cut them half yeah so who's the other bill polian guy that jumps out to you that was like rock and have a robert mathis i guess robert mathis did some freak it was like you jumped over a garbage can or he did some freak john a lot of garbage cans that are involved in polian scouting cross yeah when i was putting electronics robot yeah that were garbage he's saying that i'm garbage which makes sense but like he would see something freakish or you would see something and he would be like i think we can make him a great player right like gary brackett is
for him in fact gary background that their old uncle uncle he looks like yeah yeah big neck so sad already bad body bad body down a flight of dallas clark only play tied in for like one year so great names of gerry bracket you hear that you're like that to the thump so surely he plug came in he comes downhill right up the squares things up yeah he's a quarterback with a defense that time but yeah like he i feel like bill polian all he needed to do was see one thing and if he saw that one thing he'd be like ok we can work with that like i think that was his and it worked for a lot of years i mean he did the bills the panthers and the fucking colts that's a fucking hell of a building and then whenever you watched the grigson thing happened year after year just like man i feel like i just watched a guy who was like a book
also and now i'm watching this the swiss ship back snake oil salesmen this guy word is not telling me on the i never said that exactly i couldn't put those words together i don't exactly know what they mean but i love you is yeah you walk around the slick back here to some glass on the sideline me like i'm a big dick he had man he and i did not get along yeah he told me very numerous times you the lowest thing in the organization of one point or his negotiations like that was his tactic i wanna let you know he was like pawn stars i felt like fucking pawn stars like he's going to sit on the shelf for awhile is going to fund right batch of people to buy you are the lowest thing in the organs still have the courtesy of bring up the trash can yeah like all had rover cycle you bet holy and whatever i got in trouble that conversation with him was so amazing because you could see like actual disappointment in his eyes in in like true understanding of where i'm
from if you just see in art it was like i've learned i know about you in college you're nations in public like we are no this is a possibility when we got you yeah we still think you're a red flag yeah did pull in ever have a ten when you saw because every time i've seen this dude he is pale he looks like a sire humans are pale skin that we run red or white he looks like a ghost saw a ghost and somehow it gets lighter every post data goes yeah yeah for breakfast and then went to work at still pulling in it with some milk yeah with so much of that was what i heard an alleged story about bill polian at the in the espn cafeteria area yeah he used to walk past they have like a little convenience store inside bristol and you'd walk pastor just like grab a coke grab some candy grab whatever and he did that for about like four years before you found out that you expect to pay for
good for him just walk in the funk out why don't you pay for that water there is like what right that was three years later ryan grigson would see that and then like grab a bag of cheetos be like this candy sucks and then just walk out that's my favorite thing i've ever heard by the lake is bill polian he had like this land because you had this bad hip and anytime you're walking on a holiday with them he give you like a nod and a wink like that but no words were ever said no matter what was happening whether you knew we were in a bad spot you were in the dog house with them or not it was the same go to response which is a walk smile not it just kept on walking right yeah i imagine him just walking in there picking that up the small
eiling nodding at the person is supposed to take the money and just kill i think goes yeah he's stealing from you don't even have right you you just like a pack a judy fruits like religious floating through the air going out the door yeah and you know what the person who let him walk out for three years still hired by espn well what goes on all the fun fair if you we get something about that dumb it so if you guys get fired up for one day off that personally polly us steel for the three years companies that still has a job so so
i mix it in you did not see eye to eye that obviously somebody in the building liked you enough to keep you around tomorrow salem how did that go like jimmers it was just basically like you're not cutting am yeah i got franchise tag so whenever my contract went up it was two years after i got arrested which means it was two years after jim irsay and i become friends so i get arrested i'm spending for a week i come back to practice after that jim irsay would always come to practice in his golf cart he show up he would talk to like a couple oh geez you talked to like reggie wayne talk to like peyton then he would break down the hall with any leave a week after i get suspended i'm sitting there and i'm just saying asylum within its area practice we're just watching this bulshit for real welcome back was a little awkward for me this golf cart rolls in he gets out and he walks right over to me like pass
it's alright brother i'm like ok man like alright you never want to be less guy holding a keg remember was like you gotta man in italy we became like friend after they wanted to have over just getting wasted now after up basically yeah so i up will up players yes i up and i owned it though too right so like i didn't try to like back out of it i was just like yeah i got i don't know what to tell you i'm sorry a mug shots tough to back us hoff it can't be like oh yeah i want i got the wrong guy no way allegedly went swimming i was gonna could have been just walking down the street sweating but that's neither here nor there but i think jimmer say he like wrist but i think you respect me and we became good friends and then when my contract is up it was the first year grayson was in like negotiations as anybody else the first person that deal with it he was tell me these terrible things like i think he felt like he had to be like super top bad cop super tough guy because i just broke i just had a really good year like i knew
as contract your eyes that really is like jail you go in you you not do not have the task i see the punter so i was flying to hold on hold on it is a good story i was flying to niagara buffalo to drive over to niagara falls to meet up with my friends were going to go to the old casino new casino and then sundowner of course we grew up in niagara falls you know what sundowners it's an adult ballet where you throw a couple loonies and toonies you're going to have the night of your fucking life sorry k sorry
i got it so happy i got you to say that by the way just greece the poem a little bit now with a little maple sir so i'm flying i'm about to get on my plane to buffalo to get out and meet my friends right before i get on a flight i get an offer from grigson it through my agent who texted to me right and they called me he's like in groups and said you have five minutes to make this decision so my entire life i've worked at this moment right for this contract like this is the moment to make my entire family rich and he goes you have five minutes to answer so i'm like i literally i'm just about to get on a flight can i text my dad feel like we need the answer soon he said i was like well tell him know then like i'm getting on a flight to buffalo to go to canada just tell him know so i'll and as soon as i land there's like ten text messages like bing boom ming ming ming ming popping up that grigson wants an answer before you leave the airport if this is good for you and it was a bad deal it was like it would pay me like 20th or twenty
and in the nfl just wasn't a good deal right i was like i'll just go test the waters in grigson said that there's no loyalty between us because i did not draft you right so he told me that i was like you which is such a that that i love that about the nfl how like a gm comes in like you're not my guy yelling out when i got it here cut peyton manning the year before this right actually this dude was real whenever you send that and i was like okay cool just to test the market then right like have a good day buddy basically and bang wake up the next morning in niagara falls very hung over franchised active me right and i was like well how's this app and it is a non negotiation have i can hit the free market now to get away from this guy who obviously hates me and i was told that say informed the gm that like pat mcafee is not leave it i don't know you this but this guy's a legal
franchise tag next morning like figure it out but that must have been exciting to get fresh eyes like i'm getting a lot of money to a lot of guaranteed money a lot of guaranteed money but there's no long term right i will excited yes it was more money than i had ever imagined in my entire life and it was guaranteed that happened was a number it was like two point eight million or so what is that like reaction waking up hungover and being like hey i'm heading to one million dollars huge jesus would you do with that first check after i drive through the bank of america card and aquatic vehicles so important it was a eight wheeled all terrain vehicles actually public's smartest use of your money that you had uh no yeah yeah so that could be bought in aquatic vehicle in indiana yeah it was on the side so through ida neighbor who knew that i was like bad with money and he used to set it up like right outside
it's like a sign like yo new ship for sale on this thing you have to sign it was like aquatic vehicles and i bought it yeah but it has like this thing i still have in my house you will see it when we get there will drive first tranche size tag does not flow to know that my dad got stuck out in a fucking pond like the first time attempting to take it all and just see so what do you use it you know you got a pool you ever drive the thing in your pool now it never gets it only time it gets used as in i have a big backfield an if it's wet at all
granted there have any water it was like all right what about like a farmer you're not going what do you go now so it's eight wheels and it's set up like a tank and you drive it like this so it's like though you can do like forty five don't arches if you hit it right it's just like a it's a toy it's gonna send in your neighbor comes over and like hey pat see your your from your lawns all messed up let me give you this scott here long product i had to move our aid on him he was too expensive that guy i got so many things that actually sounds like your nightmare like like someone someone living close you realizing that you will buy anything that's on sale too yes let you don't know if you re a m infomercials resting yell yeah they are for me yeah we're getting that commercial problem we're junk science guys we love that show too right outside your house yeah like as soon as out of line there's no i mean you you had to buy that aquatic vehicle i would about it too right after
your friend i was searching for but if you found me i'd bob yeah we i didn't use the va has said sure we we could cause inside his next big deal i'm just going to buy a plot of land next to yeah and so the world's most expensive bible see are the biggest con i figure ross yeah marble cross he doesn't love them okay yeah i want to bring up something that's maybe a little touchy not a bad business plan for people out there by the way yeah i forgot also at that scene pft though you can't yeah it's either that or be do porters bookie you can do either of those things to make a lot of one raking i'm i i this might be touch i mean we never even talked about this but it's kind of topical because it did their usual thing this year were they upset some team like the end of the season i was on the other end of that one year so eight or ten nine you so do you ever talk about our i talk about every once in a while it got mentioned by a sports center last year and i
talked about it i got twenty seven death threats after that game it's yeah because we were in west virginia that's actually not that bad for a casual like that matter for two no no no that was pretty social media will end yeah they were like that would it writing in this book wall when it was only colleges like okay and emails yeah like the the calm it was in very ridiculous they they had to work hard to get the death threat to me we were we were in west virginia and we're on the few well they were like hey let's send pat a video of us like missing a kick from like twenty seven or whatever and someone who's like i wouldn't do that like you got a lot of death threats after yeah
twenty seven i really want to order from the left it was twenty or twenty one the order from left hash first drive of the game and then the next drive the game both in the first quarter we had like i think it was a thirty two yard or something like that from the right ash miss left one left right one right and i thought i was like this is terrible obviously but i thought there's a lot of game left right and like our team scores hat white yep at what seems fleeting pat what got hurt though so the game goes on we have the lead at halftime right we leave after they were going to lose thirteen nine the ticket safety at the end of the game and we'll dig it i didn't even realize that like as soon as i saw the score i didn't realize how hard it was going to hit me that god damned if i make toast so i sir like crying and be did you work all year for that like in in college football we were running all summer with this dude named mike bar was who had a show on discovery channel he was a lunatic like we're working our dicks off for this moment make the national championship good team i look up there it's thirteen i'm like by make those too easy kicks in the first quarter we win this game right and i didn't even realize
is the extent of how hard i was taking it for how hard west virginia fans were about to take it and before i got out of there i think rich rod in one of his answers said like well if it make those cakes it's a whole different ball game but if i think that was something along those lines feeds the narative but i was already in a terrible spot it was like i really wanted to jump off a cliff if i could at that because i would go in the locker room with the guys that i'm good friends with that we've partied and worked our dicks off together and i'm like man like i'm supposed to be one of the good guys like i'm supposed to be and all american on this team a knife a cup in our biggest mom like i'm so sorry and then bottles thrown in my house cautioning because classes twenty how long how long because i mean that this is something that you know this is like the ugly side of sports so we get every now and then with the fan base is go it's probably mostly college we're fanbases go a little too crazy they take things too far i don't know i think i think they were very passion about our team because we are real good team so let
well i mean the death threats for awhile how long does it how long was it till you were like back to normal i mean it was bad man it was i was going to transfer i was going to drop out like it was a bad situation just 'cause i felt like i let so many people down right so i felt like i felt so bad to my teammates i felt so bad to my coaches and then obviously the fan base like there's a lot of people and i was like well fuck them i don't really give a fuck about them but i felt so bad that i let down every but like i let down everybody and then you add on hey i hope you don't wake up tomorrow or like hey like it be cool if you were never on earth again like those types of messages like ok like that guy means absolutely nothing but god dam that's a deep comment plus whenever you already feel like your teammates are feeling right now i was in a bad spot for like so please remember that remember that you you know there's someone on the other end yeah it's uh
woman over there right and i really were talking about that i really wanted to make that like i wanted to make those skills just as bad as you drive it could be that we were talking about that today how the respect we have for guys who like you know like a letterman or who go out there every single day perform no matter what's going on with you today what kind of shoes you never know what someone is going through when you interact with them on a day yeah it was it was a very i've been learning that in this business a lot from talking to people and meeting people i'm like bro that guys a fucking dick it and then people are like yeah but other days he's cool it might just be having a bad day whenever i see those guys are on tv every night at jimmy fallon had to cancel a show for what one week or three days for his mom dying and then he led off with his emotional thing and then he went right into funny again right like i think that's so impressive those dudes i can do that because after that game when i was just very low like i felt terrible about myself i didn't talk to anybody like i didn't want to talk to me
mom or dad i was just like locking myself in my room basically and some guys go through some very dramatic shouldn't conform i'm not one of those guys that was softman hose i couldn't handle it but i had a whole new after that i came out of that on the other end hard with a very fucking like a mindset that's like it's me verse everybody how many death threats have you gotten for incidents besides that one was that like was that the only time people have ever threaten your life yeah that was a big moment pacific case of america you know what you know it's the only time we wanted to kill don't want i hope you die a virgin there's an there's
one thing i'm definitely going to yeah well we are all dying right now pat i hope every minute about that i'm every minute i hope you don't wake up tomorrow i hope you don't wake up tomorrow until at least like ten o'clock yeah well we're gonna do the right yeah yeah that's what i'm saying i owe you guys agreed to a morning show you put us in that we put you in this r v and then you put us in the getting up at seven the morning all right let's finish with that we're going to continue our trip to indianapolis will be in in the apple's app parcel hartland all week we're very excited very excited to hang out with the guys very simply some basketball very excited to be on on the pat mcafee show heartland thursday heartland radio some at some point we twenty dollars chef twenty dollars chef was showing his periscope show on friday or thursday larries pics live live for in the heartland yeah and we're going to use the weird fuckedup animals yes yeah it's going to be like a real
do all that bring us your strangest most poisonous animal and will use it in some fashion they reflecting manikandan the god dam office wednesday that's fuckedup you gotta draw your line somewhere the snakes i understand off not everything kind of just falls i don't like snakes but i i do we get a look at their jobs the number choke yeah right good job yeah great how many how many beers for an account mmhm no those are the ones just
around you right oh yeah right hand yeah although snuggy yeah i'll tell you what i understand why you put it in the sink though in new york yeah 'cause that office there's about seventy five dude and now the doors are locked in two bathroom and now the doors are like where you can hit the steps down the floor you finally understand like it is it's never was my first choice now but it was always yes exactly there are times when you have to put in the sink we were doing a siriusxm show barstool radio the internet stopped working right so we were no longer live on the air i was like cool this is a good time to go take a picture real quick i go out lock lock i'll run downstairs not a big deal locked because you guys had any up her glare running with the front office how to get on the god damn elevator go down run into mark come on forty five minute conversation then a text conversation then the bathrooms are being used i do come back for an hour and five minutes your pants still weren't on the fucking serious sink would have taken taken care of that and it was that moment where
i got onto the elevator and i was going down the elevator no service nobody else just you and your thoughts and i was like it send out a big thank president resolved here's what we do we just take we open up a window we run a garden hose yeah through the window and then just the nda inside said saddle up and i said the the problem with the only reason i went to the sink was it took away my fire exit that was i was pause forced into a corner all right pat max giese we will everyone listens to us on pat mcafee show on thursday yeah you should download hundreds of the so yeah and i think she's running so when we what we you i think you're one of the more recurring guest we always love when you're on i know it is a big cat didn't say my rushmore though it's kind of went out of his words now yeah i see that when you click on work we work with us yeah best qualified no one at barstool can be on the mount rushmore because i see like the background and all the names that you guys have an on there and it seems to be everybody else who's been on numerous times ok so that's it right now will you also there also corner so yeah
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it makes no sense because that means that tennessee's choice was great shadow over my condition no you you miss a step it was great chantelle then jason witten jon gruden then great shot over the i than jason witten and then the guy was actually really good coach yes who's like been very successful in like a not a program that isn't like a top your program this is for a long time yes this is the first time that i can recall like a current active nfl player in the middle of the season getting rumored for college go head job yes before like an elite level coach yeah and one of my favorite parts of this time is your is is getting to debate what are the elite jobs what are the blue blood pro
blue chippers because you know that tennessee fans think that they're in a level program nebraska does well i think the press is probably a little bit more realistic brassica has become more realistic i think they realize that they're not anymore i think yeah a and m somehow thinks that they're better that's i don't yes yes i don't get what's going on between a and m and florida state because it my missing something is a florida state a much better football program why would you leave florida state to go to an end i feel like something happened with jim beaudet i think he's like doing the classic i gotta get out before the walls you know close in on me house of cards situation maybe bobby bounce knocking on the door bobby alright so we have and then lane kiffin is trolling say bin and i feel like we're given is still like in play for this tennessee job he's all right click link is not really trolling same is what she's just dunking on him on twitter all the time left and right it's the easiest way for lane kiffin to be next save
is on a platform that dick saving doesn't use yes exactly next saving is not on the field and lane kiffin just throwing the ball to himself being like touchdown another touchdown another touchdown nick saban might be able to beat the shit out of lane kiffin football but lane kiffin will run circles around him with memes and bit mogis and then i just wanted to throw this out there ok you ready for this one name that we haven't heard that i feel like it's about time charlie weis yes yes like charlie weis he's not under contract anymore i well know that's yeah i definitely still under contract it's like a billion different places but device needs a little heat someone needs to kick the old charlie is tired a lot of names that have been thrown around whether it's backup quarterbacks that are starting or charlie weis but this show is getting me very around yes exactly man just stepped foot just thundering up and down the side
his scream and iris systems pair of moving to a new house yeah dive bombing of people yeah you have to give them a nice little check for moving expenses because he's got like nine bird cages like a million old newspapers that just a line his his floor like car for easy it's like one of those trailers that use for horses which is full jerit so just for charlie charlie why sure really really would just put like a nice bed in the back of a trailer and go around in a horse trailer it's also flightaware season so are we talked about this before but flight aware is just popping off right now people are tracking flights going vietnam's oklahoma to tennessee to boca rotondo coryton today by the way is lane kiffin just going to another like old housewives but yeah like it third the ranch house out in louisiana somewhere or something all right we are promised it in here it is pft wrote the
song of the year the song is summer song of the summer next year and last year she on man because you are the biggest shot a man graciano fan anything else you want to do the intro it no i think the song kind of speaks for itself i love graciano i think that the nc double a or the nfl is a better place when he's coaching i'm sorry i'm sorry a tribute for well let's nine am on a sunday yes let it direct shovels and there's a loud man interviewing just wants to be head coach again coach opened up a big binder that was filled to the brim with his plays it has does in sweeps and and snakes and no one way you dive at their legs
loss loss when when us his name is gregory shadow and he's just what the balls need to break through big and his scruffy and he drove over kids huffy when he coached at the osu pull up the song young young man sing a song tonight will you i'm trying so lost lost lost lost lost last last win win loss loss loss now never won the big e conference he almost came close once or twice
but he cried like a baby and kept losing to navy and then he blamed it all on ray rice but he's paid his dues at the coordinator he leaves the ohio state steve his egos humongous and he lives in columbus and he thinks he can coach scc shadow man sing a song tonight well you never were charged with a felony giano had signed all this paperwork and he gave his poor wife a big smooch
but how could he know he'd be jettisoned after lasting less time than the movie but tennis and brought out the pitchforks volunteer fan said he wouldn't suffice he had too much baggage and that bug lake travis whose children are drowning in my song sing a song tonight charged with a felony
song we're seeing it all day thank you guys you got those very excellent backup singing by big cat pat mcafee yeah thank you thank you our video coming later on today yes music video all right we have a protective shield this one is troubling the room our words are saying they're not going to be wearing color rush jerseys on thursday they're searching their color rush will also is again and this time the nfl is trying to step in and be like hey guys there are different colored uniforms yeah that's why people watch yeah and the the or words are just like thanks but no thanks we just want to go play football game that's not what we watch yeah come on that week so they're actually
are they going to get away with this can you do this yeah i guess you can how is roger goodell like letting the i'll tell you what i wasn't i wasn't part of jerry jones shadow commissioner you know campaign but now i am because if roger goodell can't make teams wear color rush then he is lossed the nfl he's lost the locker has absolutely no power whatsoever none if the nfl owners are savaging him and just going against his wishes the inmates are running the prison shut up bob mcnair having their nice slice nice shout out the there are words do spray paint their field
green about the senator so there's real this call rush through true hi this is up though i don't let this is actually up i'm actually upset about this you can't there's there are things in life that are like to you know you there too sacred to tarnish in color rush is one of them i hope that the nfl just broadcast the game in black and white say tell you if you want to wear drab uniforms you can wear dr beautiful yeah dude sky camp look i can't black and white which will have any idea make them wear the same uniforms
yeah yeah the exact same that would be great i would watch all right with tony romo you see when you play a we have a little brown blames lebron got ejected for the first time ever in his nba career yeah for shame for shame so he was mean to an official shout outs that official that raf who finally stood up for everyone else in american said lebron you're out here but just in bad radio must have been a close game of his again so worked up no it wasn't hancock it actually wasn't and that's an interesting thing you bring up because our friend skip bayless i actually was pretty well to it right away he said just just got distracted for second by a phone call and then when all caps lebron got thrown out for the first time his career for using foul language complaining about a call in the fourth quarter of a blowout win why would even care at that point stat padding
mark question mark question mark question mark now we get to the bottom i like it foul language from the runs it yeah other of three using foul language what is fell language for lebron james he is she is she said she was made and you should have been there last night he said are you referred to a chardonnay is being okay instead of battery at may is this actually lebron having a hang over because we know he drinks wine he tells everyone that every time we drank swalla bron james is officially a mean drunk he's a little grumpy it'll it'll all lebron you go will hangover he will grumpy he needs to go eat need to hit the showers early well that's classic miami they were playing against the heat right yes leaving the game early better places to go by the way i bet on miami that sportstown think they lost by forty points all right let's finish it up we have road trip questions so instead of guys on chicks we have questions from all the award winning listeners on road trip because we're on a road trip right now what is the best one
handed snack while driving in waiting waiting what is the best one handed so that will drive hey i will write a love you think that's what you say to somebody when they're bad at their job by the way say i love your enthusiasm thank you really get your job this is a good question our i would probably say maybe a slice of pizza there are mac three sit etcetera best one handed snack all i i can see that i was singing dinner but then you cannot take one bite knack i would say still hungry that white thing yeah a little bit i would say slim jim who that's a great one and it's not okay does like a bag of chips count yeah okay i'm i i'm a big twins are guy on the road because i just feel like a bad like some some kind of guys like going to show up and just start like spurs on the back of my boot instead of a tooth pick a cigarette it's just it's was learning some fat
but i do kind of play that out my head some wiggle twist your package was was rolled up to you sir yeah exactly yeah i'm going there is already a jail he could speak a package was losing a bigger package was pft i haven't heard that name in two years and he just take a quick look at something on if you're road tripping a someone who has to keep going to the bathroom not naming genders is twenty sixteen but usually girls wow stopping say once an hour at what point do you cut them off and say enough enough just tell her by her pack it depends and you say just type it up second hour you just said you honestly here's the thing what's the hours per stopped time
i think i've always i've always done that you basically go off like three quarters of the gas tank that's that's about it like you start with a full gas think you should get to about a quarter a quarter laughed and then you should stop so it's like you know i don't know two three hours just a two and a half yeah if you see it gets tricky for driving prius yeah and then you never have to stop or never i know one man card i never done that well if you're riding in a prius yeah they should just cuts on or they should cut holes in the bottom of prius is the ashes p while your driveway i'm sure you on moscow's figure out a way to make your urine like gasoline and what and have rocket ships that go to mars pattern they blow up maybe maybe she just really wants to chat in the bathroom because it's like you go to bathroom together a lot and she just wants to talk about boys here's a little tip for everyone out here your bladder when the minute you think you have to go to the bathroom you have at least forty five more minutes so that's really
i know that's how you shoot your pants off that ok now i realize that that was of all people to say that that's probably i'm probably the worst but i know it sounds inhumane but if someone is small bladder little pee boy little adam chef t in the road trip you need to just be like listen man i'm just going to keep going and then you just you do the whole yeah will stop next time next time next one next one and then they won't even realize man i'll tell you what mel kiper on a road trip would be the ultimate road dog just pumpkin pie and not piston never pulling over driving through the night or waking up early to hit the road i guess it depends on the
good ok you're an open road at night guy yeah it's always empty yeah i don't like waking up early magic dragon being open road at night it depends it depends on where you going yeah so if you're going to the beach then you want to get up super early so you can get there and like experience the day at the beach if you're driving at night to the beach then you get there and it's like weird morning place you have to take a nap first so i think destination counts more than anything if you're driving back from somewhere and you just want to get home yeah it's night time you gotta drive through yeah i think it's also like three hundred am is about the cut off if you're going to get home at three hundred am or get somewhere 3m drive through the night if you're going to get there at like four or five just stop and then have like you know have a nice meal and wake up is it smart for one thousand and twenty five year olds to drive rv twelve hours each way to attend a football game
leave thursday come back sunday yes yeah that's actually the greatest thing you can do if you are under thirty years old like that's i would i'm gonna i'm gonna say is this is a real thing if you were in college right now i'm listening to this if you go to a big college and you don't take a road trip with all your friends to away football game you have ruined your own college experience i was the best time i would never get in our view of my friends right now and drive halfway across the country for college football game would never do it all right that's our show we will see you guys on friday in indianapolis tune into pat let me show
on thursday and we have some fun guests lined up and then we'll see everyone in buffalo on sunday love you guys
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