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2017-01-08 | 🔗
Fastest 2 minutes for NFL Wild Card Weekend (2:51 - 5:24). Recap of the weekend of blowouts (5:24 - 12:04). Who's Back of the Week (12:04 - 16:20). Football Guy Of The Week (16:20 - 25:03). ESPN and Sirius Radio Host Paul Finebaum joins the show to talk about the National Championship, what went wrong with Lane Kiffin, his disgust for Michigan, and a Headline Grabber (25:03 - 54:37). Segments include Hurt or Injured, Just Chill out Man, Bad Visual, Bad Radio, Trouble in Paradise, Spinzone, and that's enough Internet for today.
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let's go let's have a look of the monday january night wild card weekend
the oakland raiders visited the use in texans debian ronald mcdowell but cloudy was but a pop up ah love in it as mark david satin is owners box looking like his says won't be was conor overcoat gluck us weiler stood his ground and fired all over the field making jack del rio de janeiro look like he fell into an ocean fuller poop water and i'd also like to be the first to say welcome back to being on the tv screen every other play j j what we miss jumping bela used to twenty seven oakland fourteen detroit visits piano and it's a long way from harrison for field as paul richardson was alone or men getting away with murder sounds deepens was like a maxie pad shutting down jim palm coors flow in the fourth period have russell wilson was tossing pigskin around like efficient pike place market for the club
bears allies like a declaration twenty six six nice spread antonio wrong in the pittsburgh steelers mercilessly beat the dolphins to a bloody pop like a bunch of japanese fishermen matt less is and always more they're gonna boy named sue adam empty gasoline take cameron waken bake kenny stand standing still and do something a k o my god they killed kenny stills and canyon pursue triplicate drake you're all going golfing now watch this point i made in hawaii ten years ago could put suam still is thirty dolphins twelve you're absolutely right boom sitting on a boat in jameis winston tampa florida such a fine sight to see it's an adderal pill and we're keeping it real setting sail on the high seas
oh gee man we're playing see men plenty of time to poverty this off see ease in the men become the seamen in the rose and tundra packers thirty eight seamen thirteen for a while card weekend we are back that was fast is actually probably two minutes because i think we have two minutes were two minute i were able to do that when it's just before games yeah right so and if a while car weekend is the nfl debt again yes it's definitely dead but it's also pre emptive whose back next week because if you saw the match ups is it going to be at its party next saturday and sunday if you are someone who likes to bet favorites you had a nice weekend if you're someone who likes to bed home team's you had a very nice weekend basically only game that was going to be good looking at the schedule turning into
and all the other ones such as well yeah this is the weekend where every jump out their predicted a correct and then those of us who are actual unifil experts like i know a smarter than everybody else we're like well it's it's amateur our right now also rise i went to one in three exactly our for not yet now they rode up oil spills are not tickets finance it actually shows how smart i am about football that are completely mystery so i will say sorry glenn say sorry well here's the spends on for me i went one in three i think i'm in last but we don't actually do any of our bets on that's right we don't actually have to settle so quick run out of the games texans raiders i like this game because i learned the collar kick cook war at one point played an important game in his life that's right but he still not a captain none of you notice i kept nobody came to his birthday party they must have shown john bruton must have said the collar cook played some big games and call
it's about a thousand times shotgun it was like trying to convince himself that this was going to be an okay game and we're just sitting there like man this is sad you can't even convince yourself how you going to convince us will actually it was if you were a big fan of defending against screen passes that was a came to watch shut down screen pass yeah now hake is actually scared to david chloe yeah we'll scared did you see the picture of him on the field after the gambia standing next to our woodson and the recipe is being guys very low looks like a different species and everybody else i'd be freedom to hack i'm afraid of oil mason we i'd lion seahawks i learn a new word through boomer say before the game there might be some sniffle which is no drizzle snowdrifts oh yeah is all around like a real cool drug that wall here about my five years while ensnares owed in it makes her skin follow
gonna get you really really fuckin high it sounds awesome as a great elusive agenda that yet it gave in seattle was another boring one but nighttime peak girl came out yahoo is smack in his gun that close up some putting new pieces he choose peace is gone like the size of of nine vote batteries he devil s asleep with the mouth guard right oh yeah he grind teeth yeah he's a grinder ease big huge if i've always headgear on yeah i'd love to cease speaker asleep his the avenue mask and head you're under a lot of accoutrements upham yes it takes its a process for people to go to sleep that's why you just usually just choose to stay woke again like the rest the seahawks aegis takes multilateral says up rate exactly no need for the headgear it also did you nurse the seattle she hearts were back to their old cheating ways how so so there is cheating lot litigious sheila
yeah that's all that is as always there if you look if you look close enough you'll get it it's like holding on aid but except where the scene ox why receivers they cheetah energy finns backs yes by knowing the robot better than anybody else dolphin steelers i have bad news i think teach aids is done in the area because the dolphins basically said we would rather have severely concussion more throw then have t j aids out so mad more he knows how to game the concussion protocol i don't know what he did but he was out like half of what it was like to grace now an indefinite suspension right for concussions and he got in the very next play and he obviously took a shot to the chin and he was woozy a lot of players like i know big ben you can never tell when bends can cost correct because he so dumb to begin with the up that it's like if you until that somebody's flat lining on an eager g machine
the resting heart rate is like one beat per minute so like big ben is so naturally dumb that is impossible to tell whether now he's concussed he actually he fail my favorite big ben stories when he was can cost and it came out of the king of the concussion tuscany like i killed it actually you think i think that i think ruthless burger gives smarter when he gets can carry i agree so my instincts what right his head gets out of his own way right hollings terror dumb animal all this terrible thoughts are no longer functioning his head so is able to like a bright like a normal human beings like just throw the ball heath miller yeah is still on nobody i am but i'm the guy looks a lot like you so i guarantee you big ben does not know that he's miller's no longer want to know is why are people who were totally i possible so that more i he got you got absolutely killed came out we all thought he was dead came back
can like always knocking cost and then through like three paxton fumbled everywhere and was completely off also he basically failed as concussion test in front of the nation can we talk about how much more looks a lot like you accept much slimmer armada right i'm to say like he looks like beget now resumed the same room no i'll see that with mac castle in that letter so that more so tiny actual flat out my name's rebound i should be a pro and if i couldn't wait did so every man lost is weakened yeah we gotta call that i know not ear of matt tough weekend for me yet was plus six years though no one play had so juries issues on the building of europe finally the giants packers game we're gonna get into this more later but i have a feeling that odell beckons probably gonna get criticise a little bit for his boat party
but the usa for his head and shoulders commercial because that was actually like the henshaws tumor this was this is actually like a microcosm of aaron rodgers every year for the four quarter and a half a rose like when roger look so was thrown the boar uneasy earth now and then when everyone sorted doubting whom he just took a big guy shit on all the packers haters myself included with the hell mary and then being basically perfect in the second i just thought of a great headline for the for the giants boat shenanigans ami reveal ready k speed boat when we got an arrow pillar and ice get it that's good oh god i was freed boat blacker sweep and it's one of its flakes shepherd tripping over himself on the frozen tundra with holding an outer all pill i like it
i must get to our monday business we have are tiger woods memorial whose back the weak hank why don't you start alma whose back the weakest will terrio ah how the world has been wondering where he's been at her whose little terrier once kill him who killed theories little fat guy look back a little terrio yielded an enigma but i'm happy these alone they research than other video but just as funny if you really are less no add ons this little fat like sexual sexual black kid who like went viral price three years ago dan thing and he's really really funny and i want your eyes usually war the first vine stars ok and then you can disappear never like while i hope will terrorist alive or lead to hope is at school guys today with the good news is he's alive yes oh jack lovers of any surface this week he's a little bit older which is a little weird is being treated like pedro martinez treated at like little guy that yet hang allegations lately layer built
the successive like a sexual your hide and try to turn it into an unfortunately little terrio ill be if will terrio had the animal noxious disease deprive me career out of it but now he's like he's not little animals as well as a medium area little thou funny part oh yeah he are yellow turns back good to see you back ochre would you got i've got nick savings teeth it's gonna smiles and i yeah i get to see his teeth out for about five seconds and it's always just wonderful to see that it's beautiful i hope you think you're the debt is the day before the national media can wait strips no nick saving has he hasn't been to a dentist in thirty years
it is guys had let cavity paying all thirty right and he doesn't like tried to extract is to throw anything he just deals with these like my mouth hurts my million day out that's what it's dozen errant it actually of his mouth feels healthy that's where we see that that hey doc i've no pain right now let's go out i must be die i have two whose back my first black fish that movie movie cosette orca died so how'd you know i never saw black fish but i heard that italy colored it would change your whole life so people going to prove its programme to combat like you gotta see black fish see what they do those workers ok so am i can whose back as the masters music love this slow friends its i actually think cbs does this knowing that even though the masters or what like three months away like you know what after january after new year's you ate too much drank too much your piece of shit
you have the job once and then you stopped your lears resolution you're paying like three hundred bucks for membership thanks for guess you're not gonna nail me and all those gay i guess what thou hello friends and then and then and then unless you think about the nap that you're going to take and it's going to finally you know when there's going to be over i should just be a channel that do nothing but playing the masters music without bridge yes and just on chimneys every like five second says hello friends okay so here's what we need to do the red zone in all the reds on channel just static the entire off in the off see it just says will see a next season is just like sitting there we need to have that be asters like it because i always at least once or twice in the off season i will stumble upon the red zone channel and get immediately so satin so it be nice if i had a little come down on this also just good for like dad's out there to have instead of having to rely on ambient something to go to sleep if it down add turns on the mattress music he's going fall asleep with
five minutes that's not the yeah so ass not to the insecure for in some insomnia acts that the word yes let's get that channel dante here the butterflies and yeah oh got one more whose back ok the same eight fucking teams that are in the unifil play off severe their plight the falcon and that this year yet the packaged goods plus of owners and the chiefs yeah it's it's gonna end up being paid meta patterns or patriots catabolism we're football guy the week will work it's almost can be out of the four bosses and that's all just let's do this after an official refugees an ancestor counting down the amount of football games we have often you all the time so we ve got three weakens football yeah we have what seven eight if com national tuttle game if eight football games just think right that you just give me the biggest sunday series of autonomy for ballgame spokes so football guy the weak first up we have
the most controversial football guy then mackadoo mackadoo had an article about em and friend of the programme are current guess just impute said this about a mac issues a football guy he eats breeze sleeps football and their cultures that are football coaches and there's football guy coaches he's a forepaw guy coach there's nothing that guy cares about more than four but i believe that i totally believe that there is nothing that been mackadoo care more about football aegis what you think of football guy would have been silent this week a real football guy would have sat odell becum for one play yes and a message tom job seekers held ampler yet to exactly i'm gonna hold onto your helmet like your module part and then one plays gonna transpire provocateur an interception and then you get your helmet by sitting sitting i won't play we called at the floor to state punishment yeah but they do they have mastered that yes a lobby bow needs to be the king of that bug you said not first series son he really got arrested and light blue a point for i want
see something else happened with ben mcadoo this officers i need to do something i don't know what it is but he needs to take that step before i can calm football guy also just a maybe there's law heat on your team for the boat party there might be a little here on you for listening to too much part my take because that was basically a part of my take cold jackie about propaganda football gag football guy like four times in one paragraph yes i we appreciate listening we mixed even nick say for somehow someway getting alabama feel like their underdogs tonight it's incredible how is able do it but this is a direct quote from seeing linebacker right anderson we do feel like we're underdogs right now and then an oj howard their tight and said it's kind of a slap in the face when you do or say is that the media is selling us as possible underdogs possible upset people are tough but clemson i think
the alabama gets upset if you just even mention the name of the team their point alabama like a jealous highschool boyfriend yeah right now like he's you're already dating the czech just because like fave somebody's thing on instagram or something alabama like what the fuck it leaves us no you believe in me yeah yeah it's a great it's a great trick that same soon i think it's because saving bay quickly nags them all day every day so he tells him every day that nothing's going after a piece of shit and then day internalize end like nobody believes in asking one person they interact with desire coach it's like it's like if you want to be a good father you never hug your kid then wait till like maybe they gradually college lincoln mahogany like you know what some i believe i loved you the salt i loved you this whole time i didn't want to get full of yours i couldn't tell you that for obvious reasons yeah i didn't want you to don't go around thinking that you had a dad loved you ragging to everyone that you had a loving family so i didn't i didn't talk
you didn't hug you are in touch you for this entire your entire life i think nick saving looks at the national championship trophy like a participation trophy he's like it's part of the process allergist here if used complete the process then you get a trophy for doing your job is part of the season you should be happy about the end of the season was celebrating no more football would you want to celebrate that it would you want to some pizza party or something to sir seasons over now time to go to recruit a clear we have crude and john bruton said this god bless you we were good guys i love garden but that was a tough tough game for him on saturday because he just didn't he wanted so at liefer conor cook and brought are to be good yes he couldn't will that use try so far but he did say this he was used a functioning at certain points during the game we're talking about a punch he was saying i dont measure punts in distance i measure punts miles and this is an ultimate football guy saying because gluten
fundamentally doesn't understand that miles is a unit of measuring the ideas have time for that you already have the only distances yards yeah he's just told here's a mile and ok i don't know what that is bono its long grew grew didn't you but tell grew to now old like a train is coming from you know boston and trains coming from new york at different speeds where do they meet he blank i have no idea like ok a train is on this that you know the one yard line in the old trains on the fifth yard line undergoing a black oh yeah ok now i know this is again it's gonna be a heck of a collision of twenty seven prime punkahs i pumped up about these local mode rain is running a foreign forty from the fifty in another train is running or two from the one where do they mean where does the outward second train catch up and dislodge fumble finishing their play it have you to have it and finally we have cocoa they were cocoa there was a picture he was meeting with what the owl the governor of louisiana yet we don't just great yes just just
just talking to pieces louisiana and the governor of his basically here the governor louisiana just make sure that there are no armed insurrections interstate and make sure that ellis you football is prominent and you have before you remember we talked about this not too long ago if the look football team is doing good then leaders get reelected so in i don't think that's any more true than instead louisiana agreed alice you wins national championship and you dont get reelected then you fucked up you fucked up victoria you must have candle but i lose in he could cocoa it looks like he has an industrial coffee maker in his house yes so got the ones you have the diner we can have two parts hot at all times and that's cocoa i do think cultural doesn't really recognize difference between his house and like a diner and just
this is that he goes right he just goes places and he knows what he wants a tap on a regional conference on nicaragua carve it's a couple biscuits but to do jumble i don't now can i get a couple biscuits did not call for you yeah so gaucho not really shocking that he obviously drinks his coffee black yeah he's not a cream guy not assured me tat we actually sprinkles a couple extra grounds in it yeah just pat a little more flavour you know those good the coffee lips that you can pack it up with the ground rules that in doubt andrei sakharov i wouldn't be surprised of cocoa uses snooze pouches as coffee filter so yet not only your coffee the albatross again nicotine like that pick you up in the morning a little extra buzz i forgot before them three that out embrace debate let us know who football guy the weak let's now go a speedier football speaking national title let's go and have a great conversation with paul fine bombed the probably than
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from the team is being overblown or do you think that's a real problem for alabama well there is a real issue have you got a guy who who spends three years time and a rehabilitate himself and he goes completely off the wagon as is walking down to receive is a degree of me i i don't know how to compare the maids i'd like to sixteen girl kid who are seventeen year old gets about to get back to be graduate from high school and your ex's or exes old man are on the way to the graduation i never see them quite like at every but like if it is a child nick save tried to nurture him and be a father figure in the end they andy you punch segment in them on and on the way out so i watched his interview and mike mike any very clearly said if it was up to him he would it he said
his choice to not coach in the national championship game how much self esteem does nick sabin show by not just like throwing them under the bus me like that's terrible me that that is a j duplicitous state that reminds me of the late hour davis one when he fired kip then just called him a total and absolute loot liar which which which that statement is i don't think so given the gate let him in the stadium tampa let alone put him in the press box jailer to assist me they want they want nothing when when you get fired that i mean you're fired happy either the come back the next day you clean your office out and and and your shown the door by the security got so obviously a bet he coach of the semi final game so something fell apart was there an incident or anything that that that like was a catalyst for saving to say you know what we're gonna change
lots of corridors like the week be for the national championship because that is some heavy stuff and you got to a freshman quarterback who he himself said it's weird because i haven't had really much of a relationship with steve sarkisian i don't think was a blow up i think it was the fact that lane kitten in this is hard to imagine this statement statement am about to make literally airmail mailed in the national semi fire on college football it's like you didn't bother i've heard all kinds of theories and i know he's denied it i thought you the other day he says not true but i think he checked out i think he blew off meetings i think he did not work with jail it hurts in a way that you have to and you have refreshment quarterback and i mean this is just the unprecedented well i mean i mean i know some people said would arouse me do you think he shall but i should now i don't think he's he's either a billion figure i do think he's he's a loser
these economic lingers does you gotta he got a job any quit caring about the one that that help get him the job so but over under one point five years for link given as extra up i think he emulous we're time atlantic amuse we're not gonna programme within self respect fifty eight hundred people at the last home game so i'm in mainland givens a freak show but he may drop you fancy he may lucky the sum junior college transfer some guy that got kicked out of the out of out of a major school and he could possibly lead him dirt and they all yearly i encourage up are you need six winds right and if you get the sum ball game in poland upset you'll get on somebody's radar screen but i will tell you this i argued in favour a kitten for a long time i really like him but in vain
down at that the national jabbered chicken and being with all the people that matter in college athletics here he's even more toxic today a than he was a year ago because of this answer there i don't think anyone else wire him while regardless mean emmy he would have to upset somebody of of epic proportions to get on a radar screen of the school that now really mattered you know if he was on toto's rate are if this was something that we can bring beneath the surface i know i do believe so yeah me i'd say i think other go you're on wanted him pretty badly because the relationship and in any again only the end is different may get me it that's a place that there would be will accept the people about the beaten path not and said all this may give us a very good coach watch out remarkable isn't back the kitten was fired or dismissed or whatever is attacking user ice by guy who got run out of southern cow because he stood up at a public event there was drunk out of his mind ratification
he's a response at ease are key issues are responsible sounding the often some guy i'm if he didn't hear replace layin keepin with with somebody that that you a good about it i know i heard all my colleagues in the final amount or speak for myself but he he wanted us governments sarkisian he gazed at wellgood big deal which he referred to talk about the issue that i really want to hear him talk about re nets we got him fire in the first place but next saving has become kind of like the island amiss misfit toys were held just take in guys and fix him up and then put them back on the you know he did he did it with laid given getting a job is probably do with steve sarkisian let's talk about the game for a minute who do you have you have your release your official picked you make your fish
yeah i'm not a handicap or nor my lee corso or anyone really cares what i think about these games but i like album in the recent like alabama and don't laugh i pick alabama in every single game since the iron oh in two thousand and ten when i picked up in the debate about non candidate and lead auburn let out a letter back twenty four nothing victories when i walk down the street tampa anybody paul you pick it saintly byways back right in about it it doesn't make me a homer it just makes me smart right macaws you guys know how many times alabama has once in two thousand and eleven yeah much couple they want a few gangway locked up i've time so your show has become famous for getting from the best callers from the ssc and you know all the fan base is really well if there were to be less got a battle royal does a big war between the fan bases of every acc school
who do you think comes out on top of that alabama look over there by the way that not all the same region up against the idea of a good text into line on their families burma has more fans in alabama fan that ever been in a state of alabama or been in touch scholars are gonna gave i don't understand it in not lead them birmingham thirty years people did roll out of a crab the other they obeyed you i am pats there the baby on the backside and instead of crying they just scream out role tied and all tat world eyebrow in its unlike anything i've ever seen love em out in gonna score in alabama want the tennessee
the alabama fans they just multiply and when those them and when they when they move action headlong not birth control finance hey heard tendencies can be back next you heard that i sat in enough told this year and it goes like the twentieth of october knows on college game they reach david said is tennessee back ass if they are back from day one cent every single year at la russa protest for school like tennessee may be looking to compete in the us you see why don't you just legalise marijuana and the state i feel like if you legalise pot not one south eastern state you could just a media i start counting the top five recruiting classes well when i was at school goes with it i think i didn't realize it i wasn't we was burnt dope
there was a different era back then in the end the twenties was is basically not even drug unit you didn't you didn't even were about the law but here i don't i'm kind of visas is an indignant i don't i don't get what tendency has everything for there is no reason why they shouldn't be successful and they have cool color i think that's a big that's big deal in college football and alive dog mascot too yes live dog mask up matters who is at all joker heard years ago that you're the cholera and you hear you you can now you can they worked around depot on saturday and then you can pick up trash interstate on monday i don't deserve light i think that the top like eating about like a message be state they have faced the same colors is what alabama you can because they re looking around his red kick you can't be the second team that has that you have to come to stand out a little been so i'm a big role
that what is your most delusional fan base and called for by think i know he answered i just want you to do you know that guy is misconceived think i'm thinking i always better regurgitate information hell please do it but i'm here but nature can i mean first of all its a good school but it's not harboured no they say on chicken fans michigan graduates are just the most arrogant a lettuce emma s estate unit firstly the tin that's in michigan ok yeah yeah mary ann arbor is a suburb of detroit everything you said since the fans talk like its it stanford harbour princeton and and and cow tag wrapped in the one it's not it's a good school
that's one a half a national championship in sixty years the hired a guy who got fired by the san francisco fourteen honours as god mutual gear our i'm sorry about the police correction and about who i mean they fired rico just since that are too or of austria but any he had twenty eight satellite games from alabama australia and what is he accomplished okay so now i love the michigan hate because i to hearers wisconsin i hate michigan as well but i will say he has accomplished something because he's turn around the vibe michigan and it feels like they will be in the final for in the next few years do not agree with that i wouldn't with i would like that down can be possible that you're not everyone is well you know anything possible one really i
probably bet against michigan and until this year and i may have got with them but i think that this was a this was a really good team that their that their harbour let's get away and and i know some is good fans observed while you're willing missus ashe and championship game by five points are really rate you're a liar you also get your ass kicked by so there's a remedy don't lose i were in the same conversation is legitimate ain't so do you think has kirk ferentz is one of the biggest frauds i've ever seen when it comes to hide aims that's no that's actually a fact he well he's he's afraid i didn't big games but he is a master of winning the important game every year that makes them add a couple years to his contract i think is an outrage that i never ending its a bottomless cup of coffee the alleged snake that good urinary for five years right now save it you think he's ever gonna man up and go back the nfl i doubt it
i still believe that he could be tempted but he does offering him everything under the sun but he's got it wasn't he wrote he really gotta get me out in the fact that losing one game as it is like the end of the world or armageddon beyond that and i got an easy life but he can do no wrong he's got a fan base that worship sam he may emmy people talk about make seven and a half million dollars on what they right now nick saving miranda fortune five hundred company he'd be even making a hundred million a year will either can a company when iran what are you name it
as a typewriter harding close it before motor amir what was aragon so five years ago you say something the armenian talking to me that's why you can't cursor mix while we might have to like blasphemous man a couple years ago when he was being linked to the texas job there are all sorts of rumours that his wife was shopping for homes and austin s worthing how close his neck sabin been too actually leaving alabama and how much of it is just him driving arrays for himself i think he i think he is seriously considered army i would say i know is seriously concerned about the touches put it in a book that gmo your with gene wojciechowski a group of texas supporters float two hundred million dollar offered to him i don't believe the really i don't wanna play the real estate story about dietary terry sabin but i think he listened and the remaining gonna take
this was in alabama you ought to deal with a hammer you you don't talk to anyone i'll talk to anyone on the east is golden rule attack this year to deal at ten or fifteen or twenty fat catalogue i who come in their dinner ten gallon hats and cowboy boots and went away your time and culture but could you don't have time the wasted or mac railways graded integration would be aroused ass it longer than he probably should but i like michael arbored amuse last couple years our or embarrassing yes i disagree we play with all of our guess it's called cocoa ass a question translated by matthew mechanically ready project whose goal we're gonna go round there boys one by you you gonna get some one has become more political will hit place the vote will go toggles hypocritical and mechanical toggles i'm gonna go play some powerful bold and i had hit harder and play article thoughtless and as he has a say mister vandam we appreciate uganda show certainly
being a radio host for you is kind of like driving a lincoln it's masculine stylish but you know what's it's somewhat for fine this buddhist sport teaches you you will receive from the world to put into it now you comments please although the girl and about me i'm starting to exhale another interview gave illusory working hours warned you gotta get courier probably much closer to the n than the beginning and do not go on this fight gas and just any attempt for a sixty year old gotta sound cool don't blow the double your entire career in earlier years good here's a good question for you who would you rather who would you trust more around you life bobby between our lincoln
bobby katrina easily oh wow oh yeah yeah i'm always going with the guy is did fifties and then i got forty one way hurl he writes afraid of motorcycles are something now but she did not like right hardly a present and i don't you i buy the why didn't you you are you guys obviously miss bobby peru apology to his wife oh yeah one year there will also be a net bracing the best one of all of you that i will tell you and i was like when the great stories of ever covered an airport to happen i think on april fool's day and i was devastated when they i i wanted that story like the last the rest of my life everytime i try it was he looked like a plaintive in a lawsuit being sat down cross examination i put the withered scrapes
over his face in the neck raison was one of the best press conferences have seen gaudy now i was in an air course i welcome the fact that time george at louis who who captured who kept potato after he decided to ejaculate was loaded seven seconds media valued restaurant you talk about the house addressing in any case for potato were rewarded him on the national championship i dont think between oh really quite deliberate does you're now joking his guts out down the stretch will now do you do you believe in dabble is like one of the premier coaches in college football i mean he's back to back put like i like a guy yeah miller thou bring your own guts thing gets a little old book unknown down
long time when he was a walk on in alabama he's a really good couch and clubs together we have been there to a game but a major digit edgy it's totally different than any plan place you got that somewhat of a religious experience in a positive way yeah but well dabble especially he's a big god guy huge guy got on first i don't like i know that's an order for and also now i mean it i'm not a god guy but i'm some people got guys limiting our near guys explain that the very there again for the air no yeah i'm sure your dear faces a big god fan base as well we're we're northern guys you know we're coastal elites packing whose door it's out of my family job or that i get that northern my mom and ever from new york what about urban meyer to notre dame sounds good right it did about fifty
years ago come on let's get going let's get the room will go i'm just saying anyone heard anyone to notre dame would be better than bright colored yes about chip kelly it would be a heavy save money on the stationary yeah scratch out brian and right righted jap coach kelly hiding i didn't brian kelly is whether that is the biggest jokes in college football i think they should bring back charlie wise because i think are still paying them right so i tangley if they wanted to call a man he he has to go work run what do you want their controller licence better than brian crowley i actually is more hilarious i'll talk to kill anybody i don't told now agree about that you are using jansen from a from a food standpoint and having a limb can afford a couple of extra my face
bernie brien kelly i mean really i don't know how i looked up like you're the use and pennsylvania to decommission from noted aimed a girl there arrogant compliment harbor but he said it how about this what color than brian crowley anyone's cooler than brian kellerman that's true in it it's so do you think that the whole like social media coaches showing up and doing weird shit on twitter that task like the new recruiting right do you think that a guy like nick haven org i like cocoa might fall behind because of that they are saving about your garden audio and deal with them twitter nissan may i may i may i may jump on that that was a year and a half ago he had and he does the door about twitter you just got the rings do you know this guy you know it you notice retainers everyday he gets up
for he turns on the weather chow this house even though the rumours that live there and in any each is logged in his has too little debbie oatmeal cream cuddies may watches whether job that he i so what's the deal to job so i want to know well there's gonna be a practice everyday the archway austria now no one but i want over despite a weather job does he know you can look on your phone like the weather up now can you imagine waken up every morning and the first thing is is jim contort deficits that also makes sense for the next eight doesn't save and have a phone yeah he does he breaking remember he gets tax but he doesn't back that's gonna like my dad used to do other things are now every year i got the whole nick saving thing down me sir he's very eccentric but
who is more tech savvy than he let you believe me i fully with him somewhere or two ago and taken a turn on your computer but you know these are innocent it if you think i will actually it's a perfect subway in our final three questions the first one is heavier headline grab where we're trying to make headlines here with something you tell us so this is a perfect time to ask it how much is an excessive and actually pay his foster recruits work is five star recruits how much money does or is it just the dodge charger that they all seem to end up redtail really nice they are remunerated dodges thou wouldst thou that what were you guys the really trying to put me in an awkward potter but by agreeing with your answer is headlights so like how many cars as he is he alighted per year yeah to give away well me he'd he does this all this will come under the category of refusing to answer
the question but he does own two mercedes dealership authorised interests day very interesting we're getting connects the old i won in birmingham and unease seriously on all works at the one in birmingham and he owns one in nashville depart owner of them i don't need ladies total island odor economy ass i very silent about silent and on its public be real shame if legs couple cars were to disappear in the back of the troika in the hands of some recruits yeah yeah yeah real say them five star changes commitment from michigan do alabama now think you know them the tourist dirk savings call on twitter another you're gonna love laugh here but alabama doesn't have to pay points the eye so grew i actually probably understand that its that's gonna fucked up how good they are and how they can escape me good their whole diva it's the best they you ever at is the best efforts have ever had i think to area again
alabama wait when you got alabama on the defensive side of europe you're year going there to play profit but you're not going over any other region that and in that way a lot of one of the players together you know that in two thousand and eight a year after seven arrived alabama did not have a single player dry what the in the nfl draft i don't know their actual that was that's what he inherited well that's insane were you there for the mark price days the data the story my pressed i will tell you i couldn't say this to outlay but i'm trying to over the others two thousand and three price came i'm from washington state the story started percolating that you had some relationship and a friend of mine was at sports illustrated in and this is back in days that you actually facts things he facts me
the advance copy of the esa cover that revealed all the shenanigans i went on and i read it out loud on the air was it was more than how do you think i've ever diana began life was being torn apart and he was gonna get fired but when i got to the part for it said and he was in the hotel room this is from the s s story directly using the hotel room where the strapper with two strippers excuse me and they were getting under out any started he started screaming its rolling baby and then they yelled out role tie outside its role in the baby you remember the store i remember that story how could you forget that story now has been that was like penthouse warm for football got here you know it was i mean i mean this guy came out his deposition his defence for not having done it was this that
he had had some medical condition public pressure and taking lie agora may was bizarre language like lower his blood pressure yeah a classic i do then overtime edging it doesnt work this is worry this worthy the older gas but i've never dignity before right right king sailor once on cnn the after like seventeenth white having jack i want to take it last question question ass you have to answer rambo ask anyway how good distemper go look without a shirt on pretty good when you do this on saturday morning and like all athletes i addressed a yearly picked me up at five forty five in the morning and i might suit with my tile button then my time aren t tv shows up and work out
do these guys do not dress until they get to on the bus which is in their or the locker and washington what's happened i've seen without a shirt learn he is he's got the biggest armies its legs of everything like suspiciously big black thick yeah yeah slight not normal toned yeah we have a theory that tim seaboard takes a lot admiral adderal have you ever seen them just like pop some speed no but each have a and almonds same thing nature had arrived and i know that i know i've got you probably edit this word comes out that i said that it now he takes it we're not good enough at editing put words about our work is not yet we're just gonna misquote you say that you said the next seven needs to pay the players
cut that part out where you said albert need neither pyres some say alabama nerve to play their players i think people get to guess by now that they're they're going to expect the answer that i be remiss if i didn't ask you where we had your line here could alibi a bit browns i think they could and every time i say that the alleys these purists get crazy pierce me like just days just like football experts in daily here too said the line would be twenty seven but i i think by the end of the season they could yeah i may i think this alabama team given day i'm gonna give it you may cliches eric us this is a good website about ass achievement by air
i'm gonna mumbled album over the brown ok right there we go i like one expert i paul thank you so much by lady you text with stingers steve ever picked with stingray steve affront oh oh yeah no no no no no no what about our what's your name for a much more willing to sell us like those on sports over the other day s r d she's a nude ever i think we're doing their philosophical nude foul play bad bird but thing ray you can have him ok ok we're here we got him he's artsy will you want me to say that i never really known big stingray them oh there's a headline bird allow paul take you so much have fun in tampa have financial strip clubs in either you're thomas you we're gonna go do before we started taping
and we ve come around thanks thanks for giving me the desk out at the un months venus if you dont want sound like a man come on accurate i like i ride party forgotten i wrote it down somewhere here right exactly i have for national championship attach a year now recurring guess we'll see you are probably the off season when next even does get arrested furs mercedes this this is more fun and i thought what they wish i didn't think you would be at all while that's that's high praise yeah nice set the bar low that's kind of our motto season is here and i want to talk to you about something very cool h in our block is doing this year you can walk in a pretty much any of their ten thousand offices and an unbelievable deal the first thing we need how about this taxis and is there some bad news for taxpayers the government is delaying tat three funds this year but agent our block has the good news
five hundred seven hundred and fifty dollar twelve hundred and fifty dollar loans off approval in loan amount based on estimated refund and other conditions bonds loaded on prepaid card tax returns may be equal fifty dollars and there is the best part no interest after you file and block office you heard me a no interest advance on your refund up to one thousand children dollars at john ham says don't just get your excess done h in our block at your taxes one does a i'm offer at participating offices it's a no brainer people go to each hour block and get that cash advance in your hand this year optional that's weep related loan from metabolic not your tax reform five hundred seven hundred and fifty dollar four twelve hundred fifty dollar loans off approval and low while based on estimated refund and other conditions bonds loaded on prepaid card tax returns maybe even without applying for this beast or other optional products or brought
features may apply limited time at participating locations c h are blocked outcomes lush loan for details i must get to some segments we have a hurt or injured ben ruthless burger after the wild card game big ben showed up to the press conference in a walking boot he said he didn't know when he got injured or what the injury exactly was i'm guessing its his foot it's probably his foot which is the most big benthic however just being in some form of injured at all times i think it's actually like when you walk out of your house and you like shit i forget my keys benefited dresses like all crap on my walking boot on re don't even ovum injured but i'm probably gonna put it on anyway right i'm going to say he's definitely injured because he might not play the next game big ban you never know the skylight cookies and unreliable gets really hurt a lot this seems like a serious one i'm pretty sure didn't tears acl like
consequently has an asia it doesn't have anything he just gets easily jello but he gets her all the time but then the hurts don't really step one of my favorite parts about all steelers games is the five minute injury graphic that they show up and ruthless burn all its i'm and basically his whole body like the owl and was body just becomes completely lit up with his past injuries that well here this needs six times in one season i think the i pay case though where they just put a cast on him just to get his mind off something know like with a dog you ever watchdog whisper oh yeah caesar the ass any of it they have a dog like park slaughter has anxiety or something weird what they do is put a backpack on the dog
god feels like it has job s rifling burger doesn't really do so well when he's not doing something football related so if you give him like a boot to walk around with because as a football guy he's got football injury then he stays in his like i've i'm doing my job and tell it right and he is back to your point about having like all these alarms going off he is we know everyone out there's probably had a car that they didn't have beyond of cash take care of whatever your your beater and though the gaslight you know the oil light would come on or the engine check engine light just pull table rat that's been how does propose engine light is like always on yet but the story goes into the steelers locker room in there just like ok team doctors lets us throw this over the three little piece a tape over this ban you re go put on that walkin boop go get it out of sight out of mind and guess what the steelers doctors and live they ve been known to never further i saw a doctor's play by the rules to protect data new lie
we have just chill out man comes from beagle grimes who turns out programmes not on the dolphins anymore he's on the box so wasn't really relevant today's game but make it made him relevant was bashing dolphin fans when there are losing to the steelers and someone reply i do wonder retweet i pray for bread every day how does on deal with this in reference to mete out just gonna frazier dolphins fence meagre replied bread dick is covered in my pussy juice right now prayers answered while so chant just show up i've got a kind of a stay woke i dont think that meeker grimes is a person i don't think she exists you think it's right grimes alter you guys i think maybe he's like schizophrenia he's got an alternate personality and he gets into tweets like from her respect he gets to say all the stuff that he wants to say about his his employer about like that's what's up legal ground sounds like a better for ballplayer then print gown
let me go grab i would subscribe but your theory there except for shoes make a lot of sense in tweets later she said tim tebow's pro better than ryan channel approach also clearly has a football actually maybe say that helped your theory that's a football guy yeah that that somebody that has been inside the lock room and knows that tebow's together you and you're foxhole right exactly up my foxhole juice all over timetable you say men discharge with a pussy juice please not call hard p word yeah yeah we don't need that we have a bad visual for the boat crew so a club year the overhaul of the yacht club speed boaters ok i ah the speed boaters the boat crew of the yacht club whatever you want to calm the giant they went on a vacation and her probably shouldn't have so that was odo back home
name some otherwise receivers curse corfu intercourse zapper kind of ironic that victor crews was on the ship written so they all then obviously on their off their pension at it too a party in miami lifted up also oh concerning was effected nobody was wearing a life jack the s knows where i was not present odo back and was worrying look like construction boots on about the other word timberline discover the deck man come on let me that's really bad visually do more dress up of the yacht than he was pretty yeah over who created more professionalism and south beach then he does in green wreck so it was mentioned probably a thousand times my joe barker intrigue when this a classic if you're gonna go on about party it's the old tony romo with just consuming cobb overrule you're gonna go hang out before play afghan you better when that fucking plants also how about you just doin up on a boat to party and you don't tweet about it that's it
that possibility that you are going to go like old man like what you just stay off your phones permanent till you back in my dave waited social media gun so much trouble right ok i like an old people say when they like to make it sound like data really fun time their kids yeah they really didn't the right or lastly from bad visual too bad radio we have bad radio for you and it fell meets well so i'm michel to foil she's been doing this for the last couple months here on nbc they cut you are in the middle the broadcast and i guess in an effort to appeal to younger viewers they put means on the screen classic move and michel defoiled reads the meme sending emerges i dont understand if there's no motive is there no emerges but here i want i want to read you as part of that radio aka these names ok it's a picture very rogers when you're so hot the temperature doesn't matter
look baby antonio brown he's wearing a coonskin cap backwards ok don't sissy work the cold never bothered me anyway lou yeah it was it so i should say the its white writing over these pictures if you're not getting it ok so that's those are nfl moves you have way and others in only one oh please it's tom brady and then it says when just want to know who will be playing next time that is a classic sombre wow that's a classic that's probably lotta retweet still yeah so dirt putting means on live tv for some reason it's great guys it was really a me television watches for like two minutes and then it goes back uptown michael's who doesn't know what a fucking meme is nowhere he's exert does a gamble what can you do go on with the spread created stake omelette so women do bad radio arms ok so what i've got
oh no back a menace teammates and there on the boat and then it says i'm on a boat plenty ban pain is in the corner oh you ok you almost didn't photoshop with me ok i'm going i'm gonna little maybe a little add to first so this one's could be treated from snickers account it's on the sidelines odo back home in the game look unreliable it says wanna get away i like that and then there s one south west the boat oh let's southwest oh yeah southwell guy on top of that truly bad replica on top of that i'm gonna do one where it's it's brok oz weiler and he's standing back in the pocket for twenty minutes waiting to get sack and then it says not going anywhere for awhile very gas like that and i have one last one from the butter fingers account it just says live lookit odo beckons pre game meal and its dumps your fire
and that was that radio right those bad radio bad me home i love when i love when they do that when a win win like yes piano joe movies for every game prove something like that's really trauma connected the youth culture after yet dover does a lot of emerges yeah and that's all slot if i were to tell what dilworthy caught on those and market trends overs face looks like an emotion so it's perfect no he looks like one of those big what bit mode oh yeah i ve been emerges yeah he's a bit mogi dad we have a trouble in paradise so this happen on friday night the warriors blew a huge led to the grizzly these and dream on green flipped out a cavern rant on the core because governor at demanded the ball classic who's the alpha is it given the rain is it curry ro this was common this internal market is a dragon on so
after i like this he said he said i am actually happen we lost friday because there's something that need to correct in order to win a championship in that's our goal some kind of thrilled that we lost because usually make those corrections when you lose our fourth her office has been atrocious and out of you could see it but i pay attention to those things so first wally's a bragging like he can see more he knows more about the game that all you nerds out there and second he's not mad he's just totally joking right now is laughing write a book a good question though that's let's say that the golan say worries are a bunch of cavemen cap they go out and they can oh well cod mountain line who gets eat first that's a good russian duma gerrymandering rodney privilege of armenia because he so high you can brought you could point i was as much as i say you can probably trick dream on just like kicking the cougar and the crotch repeatedly
ok that's how you eat is you can just abuse this cute cookers test the goals and then well he's doing that you're eating the haunches i would say i would say probably i may go with katy ok i think you got like katie snack because if you don't he's going to write like passive aggressive things about you on the cave wall afterwards yes yeah and draymond yeah i'm going to go katie as well katy to kitty seem very promising a great way to do it we have a as a white guy this as quick as a white guy i'm a friend because cow corver over the weekend was trade from might done levy and basically the embryo saying all white geyser you can interchanging changeable they look like tat s exactly what done levy is basically cow corvo the dumber haircut it will be an awful corver has a pretty dumb haircut yeah but done leaving his dumber ok
hitherto on that sand at once not dumb is illiterate offensive though i mean like what you couldn't have an elite thrown like a draft again therefore appear to be named later and make sure that players like maybe not alike i appreciate what the brutal abroad is basically like giving charity alto to white guys who can chew threes while yet cycle abroad the school year mike migrant pillar we only original why he's that he's the not delhi though because della can't shoot through extract so remember that time i was in the final say lost when delegate for himself and airborne through any started shooting three as i would like it hit the back of the fat backward some out i have to take this team over he was in a lot of foam with a shot so leubronn thank you for helping us the white guys can shoot cow cover your your turn up and might only be hasn't report the hot shit he still in shock so i think he's going in hiding he thought i was gonna get a free ring now he's got another elena
that's rough here we have a spin zone carry fisher so this is actually spends over she live no she's dead spoiler spends on four cinnabar actually please sit upon god and all that hot water for tweeting about carefully his bonds and saying that the best bonds in the galaxy everyone the internet got upset carry fisher she was screaming and her ashes were put in a huge prozac bottle so i go ahead and just say the carry fisher would not have been offended by the cinnabar tweet everyone else can go fuck them scary gets its hereby so peg brought up the good point what we would want to do with our ashes if we were to die so i want body i don't want i don't want to get burned up i want my entire intact by jettisoned into outer space so just floating around the cosmos eventually an alien space shuttle pick it up and running
i've me and give me alien sex ok or like maybe i'll just flowed into the sun slowly which is kind of a bad ass whittier yup so yeah i just want to be discussed hanging out outer space where are you going to get put into an anchor and then it was rather a boat for the rest an illusion workers which they want to get put into an actually got put into a prozac bottle like you can put my ashes in an anchor but you want to stay on the boat what do you want the boat had crews around and then get thrown in europe to take a dip every now and again ok i like that i would like you know those stupid member billion things where people sell like little piece of the dirt from stadium and this is so cool it's just even though it's probably dirt from one you know the street or something so i would like my ashes to be give up to a bunch of little pieces will put them a card will sell em
all proceeds go to whatever outstanding debt i had my book so it's like larry the goldfish except her buying shares in your debt yet but i would like cause i don't want my family to be stuck with whenever i only article is i'm trying to help them out wedding by pat letting the big from beyond the grave rats acting like a lot also people could take your ashes answer you this should be them and pills no no it be like little are playing cards just my ashes maybe it will permit pens collectible pens with my dead body and who i like that or they can take your ashes and i used to fertilize plants and then people can eat them the ball is grown out of your body paid forward but my book again yes but here bookie hey i can't pay back but it's better than money is delicious delicious kale yeah or you will my body and ok now we're spit on here you make
i am sure in you maybe put em in like plastic can make a fishing rod give it to my bookie bill i can't pay you back but i just fed you for life tipp taught you how to this year they got lucky what the big for life we have finally our last i have a that's enough internet for today we have appear one a one to four of grace now oh yeah so our boys in greece now may have been caught trying to slash trip another person after one game back from his one game suspension had a one game canada one and ass game streak of not kicking anybody up so we can get caught it wasn't enough evidence to say like definitively pride i mean you can do the math he had some funny business and funny business my pure one one form is get you like amputated just give cut off amelia sympathetic character yeah either that or get so people
actually the he has emotional problems which i think he probably does get in emotional support puppy i just everywhere i go about sitting on the bed sitting on the benches puppies out yet no one can be mad at you if you ve gotta keep dark could you imagine every time so ok that basically its amount of shipping every single time yankee ego trip someone go right to the bench and just put the puppy on his lap you think that he's gonna get yell that no helma ennobled go it's my support puppies can like seeing i think so it can i told me to trip you so it's puppies for i think we should do is have his teammates make like behind the scenes prank video of them tripping him if he trip like ten times on a video and fell on his face conner even stephen only if you can laugh at yourself right exactly or just say your directed your literally addicted to triple like maybe oh here's another one maybe grayson should tweet out is our tripping point there should be chirping we shall
there's trip i'm sure they're stripping porn he should tweet got out a link to that black whoops but i'm a dip the dripping i'm sorry right it's a problem that i have i am seeking treatment for yeah twas a glass ryan's put porn make make up make a tripping porn video like i'm so obsessed with tripping people i need a watch people trip into sacks will catch twenty two though it's kind of hard to complete twelve steps of things we are always tripping rousseau ok tough tough situation of eta of spot a greater problem itself self into i finally we have a that's enough internet for today this one comes from time woman where's chewbacca mastering labour to make giving birth more enjoyable so council the woman but aren't you back a mask on facebook lounge facebook life more more enjoyable for who i dont know that is that's quite enough wage much internet for today so that was our
oh i actually ok one last meme gets pete carol eddies he's smack into gum and it says to back a moms back and then he's in their new photoshop the chewbacca mom common out a p carols penis all there i once free i beseech you can feel free to run it next broadcast i want somebody actually makes some of these meetings with her so bad so bad ok that is our show subscribe i beg your pardon i take on itunes follows on twitter and insecure map parma take huge show wednesday we have all you gulf stands out there we have ricky fowler and smiley kaufman we ve already taped it great interview it's actually little data because we talk about brain and what's that's true we also await no brain we saw the playoffs
that's right we got some good headlines outcome to write so weary headlong yeah so loud a controversy camera this interview make sure you tune in and we will see you oh finally we're gonna pick fortnight withdrew it six and a half bread gone i'm done with paul go now them ok quantum i will take album that's our show will see on wednesday
let me go
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