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The guys talk about Buck Showalter's brain fart and the classy fans in Toronto as the MLB playoffs are off and running (1:50 - 7:13). Power Rankings of lunch orders( 7:13 - 14:47). Hot Seat Cool Throne for coaches facing the firing ram (14:47 - 21:07). Peter King joins the show to talk about podcasting, the NFL, Roger Goodell, and what happens when he eats the trash on Twitter (21:07 - 59:35). Segments include "PR 101" for First Take, "Thoughts and Prayers" for ODB's happiness, "Sabermetrics" for Harbaugh vs Urban Meyer's fake Twitter war and "Respect The Biz" for the clown profession
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over one million dollars maybe kicked back to your favorite part castors out are not just some some to think about what the beak drafting stockholm get into it i now let's go let's not binding wealth on the part of my take it is wednesday october fifth and buck show walter is a moron or zack prints are yeah that's one or the other
ok but my eyes off we're taking this right after the blue jays just hit a walk off home run in the first m l b play off game and we're all sit near wondering why bother who met as with his foot i think he pronounced that right who baldos who met is with his five four for your ay was pitching you get a little the eu stands for more or less the majorities that britain hazy i point five for best in the big leagues and he was save for game to all i know is that the orioles exit velocity was about a million miles per hour after that last patch yes and it was even worse for me as a game because not only did i have the owes money line but i also had the over so far beyond that one my bad how screwed me on now and for the other guy there's always tomorrow on gambling and there's always tomorrow for the orioles in buncher walter's brain cause that's the only explanation either zack britain is hurt or just saving him for some random game that doesn't
he thought that it was a five game serious because he's an old school baseball got the united already produced only want to start em you dont you never want to let your you know really recommend meaning so you probably wanders start the next ending the thirteenth yet him all by sir walter really glad to see that the orioles for the first time ever got screwed over by interfering fan and the outfield o play a game jeffrey mayor throw back at what would you think would happen if jeffrey mayor happened in today's date man twitter would have exploded or would have got a job with asia i think he did you did so same thing ah stay classy toronto way to throw more stuff you know what i'm gonna have to take this probably gonna beat shunned here by the baseball purists and the people who are policing these kind of things i love to i was atmosphere for these games it feels like the thundered arm tear down the costs if you will best of the best you know it is fear
does that mean yeah great movie throwing stuff loud as hell they are bunch a hockey fans a baseball game right and so since their hockey teams have been so bad recently in toronto they have all this pent up aggression and that they just need to let it out at an important sporting event it's like when you take your body that has urban legend like last fifteen years you take him to a strip club any kind of acts like a just total lunatic in your kind of concern form that's what toronto blue jays fan our during baseball games yup also can we just call it a day with all the fucking bird team nicknames i think we ve hit or hit or limit right like across all the platforms they're not they're not it's him not sell that tell you that you know what it's like somebody that you ask him hey come up with a name for sports team and they can't think when they're just looking around and they stay look up into the blue jays land the orioles the ceiling tiles just knock it off
knock it off with the bird team names yell we get taken relies that aims at so we have now the second gear coming up ass a little disappointed that the air while card game didn't go past midnight because then we could get him but gotten a bunch bunch of journalist saying that they're gonna miss their deadline and that there are two while car games the same day oh yeah he got eat people forget wants it gets pass midnight and the next day will see you later tonight right exact that love that and i also like the late night tweets from reporter saying hey thoughts and prayers to all the journalist right now on how does that have to file on a deadline to be them in your free press bach sweet so we are often running with october we have seen a guard verse baumgartner tonight that's gonna be
great one can we i wanted just keep running tally of who mr october is this you feel like you should award that ground area ok right now buckshot the guy that through the beer or buckshot buckshot yeah let's give it gets one day ah other news before we get into our usual wednesday stuff i want to give a quick shot out to deem blandy now he's done it again head of the and i fell officiating if you missed it there was a clear fumble in the grounds redskins guy the dew johnson then recovered immediately and basically everyone tv or was watching the tv as like how the hell do they cause for the redskins now we know deem blending oh has come out and said it was a bad visual he admits that bad visual but maintains a proper call was made so bad visual gray excuse guys em up
that just a bad visual it's the optics yes situation no what you know the brown stir they haven't been a bad team for the last thirty years it's the opt outs of bad visual that's the best way to get out of everything i think he just came up with the greatest spencer i'm out will you seem guys i mean oj he's a bet it's just a bad visual what happened in the last twenty years the fad visual i we would also like to say that i am a truer i dont think that i think that there were two balls on like a hooker there is a second boy there was in the pile that we don't see and then do johns had the other one so just one can a renegade bob bob boys that you hear about like began the patriots who can act on his own there's another guy on the brown who acted to loosen through bond if you'll just a bad visual eye before we get into our either wednesday business with the power rankings in the hot seat cool throne i wanna talk to you guys quickly about jack threats
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like it then you pay so go jack towards our common intricate pardon when you submit your try out for twenty percent off anything you keep that's jack threads dotcom code pardon to save twenty percent off on anything you keep never by before you try ever again jack threads dotcom enter code pardon that's twenty percent off close ok directorate outcome promo code pardon do it now i must do some power rankings before we get your hot seat cool throne power rankings of lunch gap we all have it everyday yeah i saw your lunch today we were sour patch kids and blueberry muffins yeah and that was my whole launch a new still asked me for one my blueberry madeleine's attitude which i gave to give them a good friend but yet lunch subject near dear to your heart will during geared to it will be near and dear to you twenty years when it plug your orders
but right now it's near and your true or stomach ok so one or i start than ok here's my lunch power rankings for ready for any sandwich weight penny line specifically or do you go to a place and say give me a penny did you say penny is number one in sandwiches number two these are incredible put any sandwich rap sub there does those majorities for lunch because if you haven't realised by now that you just eat any kind of formal sandwich for lunch every day you're an idiot oh and shouts burritos little mexican sandwich aright without was very good thanks are put a lot of time into that beget i know that my power i once i wanna be stressed people we'd like or what i gotta give a large why i had a sandwich estuary let me have please you jesse difference images but by talker that's a sandwich that's a street sales about a shorter that's also sandwich hotdog that's a sock
classic eric you almost got me it s going out and fourteen rip the twitter apart man are you i got the big had to refer loop than others we might not have been through value because i just got you woke that every one eats just sandwiches now world but i'm going to give it will give a list of the actual foods or cause we're about if i said pick it up and get you a penny say you'd give me a specific kind of penny ok some with you know some gotta go what about our bond me what's that its also search i go headache peeping j trip tremble flame well none of red will that's a thing like that no ok what about a hamburger seventh it go ahead barbecue philosophy
some people say i want you to forget about the barber deity and pizza you see peace is not good for lunchrooms get thrown out their launch a slice when reading lunch my main goal is just not eat so much falsely up and pizza will always do yankee pizza you're gonna be in for the long haul in the afternoon which is why i had my number five would be slob joe cafeteria launch back into the best this meat on a bread what do they call back our minor minor not all sandwiches my first one is so and a half sandwich combo oh i like that that's actually power move is a good lunch it's really good lies not in the people order yet what do you guys do when you do soup i just eat the soup for the crackers and their bread i died dunk the sandwich sometimes into the suit i usually put so many crackers on it that had like there's no soup left is his dried up make cereal out of saddam's exactly right
number two i've got liquid lunch when you have just a couple beer spells on a bed number three camera throwback rahman hull whose eaten romany lunch was making around the throat well if you wanna paid ninety nine cents or less you don't like it you just about the instant cup yet is the cup is like ninety nine since the packets are like twitter they twenty centre so if you're on a budget out there you could do a lot worse what a robin s ketchup i put i'm assuming everyone they listen to this is working in office i guess there's college kids you didn't think about that's a little discriminatory on an historical happy and middle school kid and homeless in elementary school hey big what about all the dad's moms were retired okay so anyone whose working if you make rahman in your office kitchen that supports move you can do but it's also kind of a good move because if you're making rahman and then like your boss his boss watson and sees like people at my
this are so poor that three in roman for lunch you might be able to get a race or at least like a pity like take today awful bitter it from your boss icicle rahman when i would when i do that when the gambling losses piled up rahman in the end crass macaroni and cheese you get like this like some seventy boxes of that for ten box rahman is a great way to tell people that your poor without like really getting like too depressing let some don't you not to say words yes i am that in wearing the same pair pants everyday paquette ah that's not what to do someone got mad because they don't wear cheats now you are the same purpose if these are not the same parapets that is the first time since i've done laundry that you ve not one simple so because you're not little behind this nice like fibres plants that are out how you all little harm unaware tat parents accounts you guys like those who say parapet but they're not ok so you know
the very same parapets but you are it's a seems now are the gym harbor of blood yeah you have like a hundred pairs and say i'm kind of peasant everyday i have moved and his funny how they all have the split in the exact same part of the butt now i'm were those out because shot out i came home monboddo thank you ve broken okay so in my last one is breakfast because he slept in so sometimes asleep intellect eleven thirty and you just make eggs and bacon okay so that was the worst powering he's ever done has noted all three of us i held in our own ways i thought hank and i did a good job ok see how arguing upon me it s fun you know what sometimes his gang upon big cat that's ok i'll take it because i need to get off your chest you're not the big dog off his throne very sensitive about it offers offers a k thrown to get what it does not take things personally ok i actually noticed that guy's tweet and i knew you were gonna bring it up because that's what you do you have to
the people who chirping i got my ear to the grounds that i pay attention to or listers did lets you hot see cool thrown presented by the new partial sports up everyone go downloaded it is awesome caused some awesome awesome it is the best thing we ve ever done we haven't done a lot of good things this is the best thing we ve done it is it works its fast it sleek it's beautiful download the partial sports app wait are we a birstall sports podcast jaska purchased by them ok so he can do on the parcel sports app is you download it then he said a notification for whenever a part of my take comes out and then boom immediately get your parliament take bypass the middlemen also when you listen in the marshal sports up it doesn't think of your data oh ok doesn't some legitimate yeah i'm gonna go with it that's what they would tell me it's like no man's land you can do it everyone in the ep i let's do hearts equal thrown once you start
ok my heart sank back perhaps it is any red ok you or i could he lost primetime damp ah also know what i like tat because dunwoodie loser primetime game but it was raining and a wet annie red is a sad andy radio the mustache was like drooping over the leopard zogg yeah ok here's appear one or one free for any red always make sure that american can see your bottom lip because if you don't see the bottom left in its like his escape cultures you walrus are now and it's it's not a good look here so any red i bet is like when your dog gets wet and smells awful you dont want in you'll want to wet any real i know it i would love to see any raise it here's what you do any if it's gonna be raining outside
where one of those novelty umbrella hatches because on the sidelines and i think you'd actually in up looking better maybe even throwing the glasses with a little many wipers just give us give us make us laugh then your party i make it i'll have you put on the hawaiian bubble jack exactly you gotta call throne i echo thrown jeffrey he's got at least two oh yeah early to gaze before his back and i dont think jeff is even at work this week now you ve got bill o brien sleeping the office in montana the i think i think jeff is like actually ding dong ditching billow brien's office in constructing a we're ok if those are good haggle israeli good great oak i saw my have seen undisguised i've got loose on oboe boettcher i try to give more complicated than his eternal you don't give compliments well that's fair all right so my hot seat i've got the entire country of europe ok europe has been off its game so they can't win a deal fix the care when at the ryder cup lost
they lost england so england is kind of pulling of a kevin dorette diet and cylinders yeah and so now europe's stock with brussels westbrook a germany i feel like that's a good comparison raw russell s book is the the germany germany's russell s eyes war of super talented a policy area they just freak out every now and again and you have to do rebuilding processor so just trust weirdly yeah so europe i mean just cunning track together man ok like i've got my own and then cool throw who throne is go shockey bob bradley oh bob bradley former u s men soccer team coach now the coach swazi who i signed yeah you're tired so two reasons number one big cadis not a demanding owner nope
as long as it covers the spread you'll be fine right also i got my guys in place as we gotta do when you are an owner you gotta get your guys so i got the american yet you guys place second is that england is always really just you like have an american coming over save yet so swans he bought the team that i own a piece of is actually look at in wales but same difference at summits anklets indifference or my hot seat and that was talking talking louse exotic back at a map ma am hot seek mike mccoy someone needs to fire mike mccoy yeah i'm shocked that might mccoy is actually coach need if it's incredible he is twenty three and twenty nine is on its fourth year he gave up use thereof thirty four twenty one with six minutes left against the saints week one if you remember there are twenty seven ten with eleven minutes left against the chieftain someone put might require of his misery can we just get north becker yeah would be bad nor was john now
how'd he then nor view nor of his dying for some like saudi breeze blowing through her up and then my cool throne i think we talk about this last week bilbil check is now cultural because they lost a game with with brisket so they actually do need a coach yet so it's not just a machine that cannot go on autopilot ok yeah i those are hot sequel thrown let's do a quick add firmer chuckles yeah i want to talk to you guys been investing about building wealth it's not a get rich quick scheme this is rich uncles dotcom ok call it real estate investing for everyone the idea behind rich uncles is to take the money making strategies from the wealthy one percent and make them available to everyone sir because was started by the chairman of the largest real estate company in the world ever heard and you get to invest alongside of him and me because i've invested here's how rich uncles works guys it's a real
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by this media outlet is being paid under fifteen thousand dollars by ridge uncles for this single message alright let's kick it now to our interview with peter king from sports illustrated in the emma kubi peter actually join us in studio so make sure you also check out our exit the agency will use their task it gets weird yet so make sure you fall part might take on twitter full part my taken instagram any exemplary exeter be up some time in the afternoon on partial sports her leasing age we now welcome on in studio nfl insider am cubey sports illustrated now in the podcast game peter king well no god space i welcome the plot casket you're disrupting the hard yeah i'm not really but i decided that i may be should see with his pod casting thing is all about no gang of any kind of anti need any tips when we give you some tips were come
pros here yeah we're gonna give you accepts anywhere i think i need to be a little less formal o conquer oz interviews like i interviewed yeah you might have frank when you beers we gave to itself for those listening out there we gave peter alec s white swollen sword emanate round as they come in for pack so if i only bring six home my wife will know right that somebody had the sorority less normal key here's another tipp just make up news and see if it works do that a lot we i had drew breeze the other day i should i have made a pay a hearing get traded to save tat william s it you his shoulders iceland began leading questions we also are we had what was his name doktor james andrews on the show it wasn't actually came it comes a guy named transcend drew was the actually and argue as it does not lie very science itself not if he ever don't get if you don't get the name you want you just find someone with the same name as an old pod k work but what about what about your relationship with chris long
so what happened chris has been a fan of the programme before there was a programme whose aquifers guest on the shia any so he's been are best ambassador like it went up to randy moss the the rearing lastly has a government of rail network not to go on fox that's why regularity ds lite radio and he was just like hate i heard you apart my take i was a first guess any apparently did the same thing to you he did i couldn't believe it he said to me in the earth it was in arizona after patriots first game and sunday night i finish talking to a mini goes hey he said you were on part my take not ah yes said while does that mean i'm somebody and i think he s the longs are our favorite family i'm friends with kyle as well and how he's been on the show twice yet so put its little way was
ps yeah increases sunset the launch of the first family of when you think about what do you think about how long podcast should be and how long the conversation ok do she so first wall good track to interview awesome and now i want you know when we ask your pod cast me about you about this autumn we are because i actually think once you get over an hour a minutes it's too long but we sometimes do a long i think that my my personal preferences that like our to our intent sweet spot i think a little less land it's a little too you know i do like as the other day my pockets tomorrow is drops every wednesday but mine tomorrow is drew breeze which we had for about thirty minutes and then dug baldwin which i had fur about seventeen minutes that's ok i like to have a kind of a longer yeah view with somebody right and then a shorter
now do my duty monologue to start now i just start with the conversation you know why i take this is crazy you have you heard a terry gross yeah so am i hope i don't know for the last fifteen years i've listened terry gross almost every day and pr and i love how she talks to people which is basically she starts off and she says ok today we have john presidency on the show and i asked him how far away from the office do you feel her some any gives you like a twenty second bitin than she says welcome and then in pierre does the news and then she said now am i guess john kosinski because in my opinion there is enough forums where people can get my horse crap opinions and ino so they go on this podcast to listen to drew breeze and dug baldwin i think right and my whole idea is ah i talk for three to five minutes at the end about something that's going
in the nfl let's say again and then but i don't this is not a sportswriter interviewing sportswriter can i give you some advice diego at more coffee talk on the pilot s i think people with more call i actually think that people would tune in to hear your coffee opinion i'm a little bit more will know on the coffee lately or you're passionately orient fired on right now about my order is a wide grundy karma mafia so in other words how count on that well it depends if you get whole milk it'll be too ninety okay and if you get two percent its to fifteen oh wow that's a lot less and i only well because i think it is a grundy cup is i think sixteen ounces four shots of espresso is aid ounces and so what happens if you get its half coffee you know and espresso is not gonna have many i dont even often as any calories
so you're getting like aid ounces and the little carnivores little little little treat for you like that i'm a lot the trend you know the last time we already signalled angelic iced tea with a shot of expressing you wouldn't have like nanny bloomberg who mayor blue all tried to eliminate got thirty two ass drink i'm only where new new yorkers owing to months anyway no new evacuated will yet be it out not your vote went or you don't new york new vow nouveau your new that other guy i we had you're twenty employees on the show two weeks ago robber clump go he said that you are big into the poop homology what are your top three emerges that use i dont really use emerges and unless i'm in a particularly silly mood but i do like that pooper modes
because because it has a smiley face yes i mean who would have ever thought that a pile of dung a smile on yeah really it's very versatile imo to hear her days i thought only of poop but i don't really have let's see what other great emerges are there and the egg plants pretty get the egg when i got one more thing makes a fate the guy's face though this is really bad radio worries like people really do i know you didn't use emerges ok but i have started to send messages whatever that iphone thing that you can do different things with than you can hit different i consent videos and texts in everything on the outside and on a friend spare mentally ok zilch fifty nine so let's let's address the elephant in the room here yom is we ve got to people will we ve got the two authors of the most important monday morning columns football oh but you're not to break them a self but but it is i know my processes like for writing the monday morning bow movement how long does it take
right even cuba absolutely love that and can i just ask you this i mean was the monday more bow movement is it a play on monday morning quarterback yes ah what that is fantastic yes oh i'm excite you're like you're like your own little cottage industry new spawned other careers off people spin off yes but it's not like it's like frazier from cheers yeah that's good that's wearing it here's exactly how it happens basically during the season i most weeks i try and never to think about what i'm gonna lead with until the games replied because mean what people are talking about monday morning is the games there not talking about you know like i'm workin on a couple things right now that if i got em and we didn't do a miss stories of the m m cuba
they might lead the column but if something extraordinary happens of cleveland beats the patriot seven windsor if will probably well yeah that'll stronger football game you're out any foot buggy right particularly if they win this week it would look pretty stupid if i was if i just had some huge ben ruthless burglary right you were sent the writer so i usually just wait and see what happens and at ten o clock at night i said what should i led with and during the but but friday and saturday friday i try to do a lot of interviews and try to set up what i'm gonna be doing for the weekend and then saturday i spend about seven hours writing maybe three thousand words and ignoring florio just gonna keeping him away from you at all times as high as algeria i write do i'd love slowly a lot of people in my business
don't love florio but are we not using her out of our programme i love florio because you don't i like about like a lot that he woke up one day about fifteen years ago and didn't really like his life and although he was good at it he goes i dont know that i want to go to court every day for the next thirty years i do want to argue cases i wanted to i love football i love the vikings ilo football i'm gonna do something about there's avoid and theirs lloyd about legal reporting with the nfl and there's not a great twenty four hour twenty four seven new site i mean he figured it out i think he has two great example i say this all the time about floor he's a great example of somebody who had a dream and whoever got in his way since screw you i'm doing it right i really like them oh i wanted to get your thoughts quickly accessible tweets today odell becum yeah big babies gonna grow up
baby probably in the nfl i don't know about that both better i don't know i mean at times does brian's a baby i mean i'd have to look over the sixteen hundred ninety six players in the nfl but i just i can't believe that a guy who's got his talent just can't seem to control the on off switch in his brain in which he blows a gasket seemingly every sunday i mean you could talk what everyone about about as aid erodes hit him when he was out about xavier roads yeah you and then on purpose see it be an adult right just being adele well it and what happens is anyone who played any sports are done it than in any kind of competitive environment if opposition knows that they can get they're going to do that and now everything knows and everybody knows and then after the game i read this the best column this morning in newsday
after the game he was he was paranoid to the max annie's is basically saying everybody's out to get me right i mean wake up kid nobody's out to get you we love you bought you greatest friggin talent you ve got the best here of any receiver in the ninety seven year history of the nfl nobody's out to get you although we were we would they got what the sticky gloves now that's fine with me if that's part of the rules if you can have em chasm i still say he's got incredible hands anyway i nobody wants this guy to fail except maybe josh norman i certainly don't want him to fail i wanted to succeed but he's fund a about bodies fund for the game yet colonel he's fun when he has ten pretensions to fund a right about that i guess so
i think it's i think it's self destructive i think it's the football equivalent of a guy who can't i mean it's a love like a josh gordon right you know who just can't seem to stay sober and i feel terrible for him but if i were the browns i wouldn't i would never have him back in my building right so you're as well connected is pretty much anybody in the unifil media and i've got kind of a very broad topic but i think it's one that people want to know about why do people choose to talk to you i think because it's kind of funny there some people over the years i ve been very close to and then who now don't talk to me anymore and i dont
fight that i dont really actually mind it but because i think there comes a time when you have to call a spade a spade and but i do think that most people believe that i will be fair there's some people obviously if you're not gonna talk to me anymore you believe i've been unfair for you but i think for the most part people think i'm going to be fair and i'm gonna tell both sides and i have a pretty big audience so if you're if you're a player in the nfl if your coach i think that you know especially on monday most people in and around the league you're gonna pay attention and column whether in a red athos in words and whatever that's one thing but i think that's one of the reasons why and i also think there is one other reason i believe that after you get certain after you get a really after you get relationships with people that even if you might write something that they really don't like sometimes that there's
still going to talk to you because i'm gonna be around i mean i don't how much longer i'll be around fifty nine years old but i may be around so i and i'm gonna be writing so they probably just figure i should talk to this yes i've always gonna wandered from the perspective of ineffable gm what is the advantage to talking to people in the media and very good question because i take the new oh giants like ernie a course see who preceded jerry reese bulgaria greece with gm for the last ten years i think this is tenth year being gm start in two thousand seven to jerry reese basically doesn't talk to me it's not that he doesn't talk don't believe he basically he'll go two months without talking to a report and it out he was willing to do that i think are any course he basically he used to be a sportswriter so we understand so we art of georgia's thing was that he believed that if he could help it kate people about the game in some way or if you
but to get his side out he was willing to do that i think ernie horsey basically he used to be a sportswriter so we undressed so we all have jobs so he was always accommodating but the big jerry reese thinks exactly what you think these guys can help me i rather spend the forty five minutes a day that's some people in my business used to talk to the media i'd rather do that watch an extra gay josh rose and on video arthur that's just my gut feeling and looking for ten years and are not ten years and have a look at fort the next sepia here is gonna be strike or lock up i think there
a good chance because here's the way i see the wind blowing on this i think the players dont want to give anything to the league like certainly don't want to give the atm game schedule which i don't think he's gonna happen anyway but they they want to give they dont want to give something big to the nfl like an extra year on the sea ba in exchange for stripping adele of the judge jury executioner penalty air or powers so and but the nfl i mean i've been talking to guys around the league for the last couple years about this yeah we'll talk about it we'll talk about it but it's gotta be negotiations you talk to the players and they say were negotiated anything could del knows he's gotta get rid of it he should just get rid
so that's one of the things that i think is going to be really a battle the next time and the other thing i think is going to be a valley a battle next time is going to be guaranteed contracts we went around to training camps this year i think we went to twenty seven in all all the people on our staff and we polled players and that was far and away when we said what's the one thing want changed either in the sea ba or in the rule book far away aaron rodgers said it adamantly to me absolutely guaranteed he's not even somebody who s to worry about it but i do think you really bugs me about the nfl really that you know you play especially a position like full back you're a battering ram best position other yeah well asked kyle jussac you second whatever the ravens guy is he's really good our letter he's a harvard guy but what happens is these guys
they basically you know when in training camp if you're on a team that doesn't think they're going to use a full day they might just get rid of the full back entirely and so you ve been a battering ram and so all of a sudden you might have two years left on your contract but it's not guaranteed so you just walk away in my opinion i think the fell should sign players to shorter contracts and guarantee contra ok that's interesting but there are two things that sounds like a roderick adele probably should get rid of but he's just gonna use miss bargaining chips there's one i think is making it ok for policies marijuana i guess paint ours is that of performance enhancing drugs copyright law i can use instead of getting addicted opiates things like that and then there is the other part that you mentioned so fidel to me seems if you are willing to give up anything without getting something in return he's just kind of being an asshole
that cinemas echoed around the league what is yours and you know get up more than i do what's he like one to one as a person and then how do you think he could improve the job asia with the though
we could improve in my opinion and i have of written this have said this i think that is just one idea i think every let's say thursday every friday at eleven o clock on have a standing appointment with one of his at an even wanna see tormentors advance her one of the people who like i think one friday at eleven o clock bill simmons outcome in doing hung on facebook life that that's fine recorded on facebook lively those comments open mean and wild and vienna rachel nickels and all the other people have been critical of but don't just make it dont use do that but i mean have sam firmer the allay times come in by glower of news data you know just an end so and just an and have it's gotta be all comers you can ask whatever you want everything's on the record let's talk you know and to me i think this is sort of the way i believe it's not that i believe that you should spend your life talking to the people who hate you or confronting the people who hate you but so much of his job
is almost like a public trust job and the public doesn't like roger godot right now at all and i think he ought to bring in the people who helped form that opinion any oughta basically say ok asked me whatever you want with aren't you come on parliament's yet it making my good here inaccessible items do ok i gotta do pardon my egg swing by the studio the out his face will be fun i ordered a boot you were gonna running a little shrines hamburg and have you back your are worried i hate but listen no i want to keep going but but you have to ask me the question or we are working and i love positive you're gonna ask i oughta bunch but here's the cares years one before that yeah i have a theory that the nfl has been telling stairs tremendous parity and religious ever team sucks i don't know i mean every every september not know every
well i don't even so i dont know how to handle the twenty there's a lot allows there's a lot allows you're doing no more than fourteen can win the superbowl and everyone easily easily away yes i can ok illegally plus how do you in weak five look in law get the superbowl winner ok ass ten years and i bet i bet five of them in weak five you'd say no weapon way they when the site is ok suit all i'm a young are all name all name on right now these are the teams that i think easily could win the superbowl guess you're ok new england pittsburgh denver ok caters three and the agency i grew rainbows now minnesota could win the superbowl green bay could win the superbowl philadelphia could win all wearable
ok why do you say that why do you say no way as i have you seen their defence play they will have twenty seven points in three game where those gives gets the bears the other was against the brown is as true that's true but it's twelve waters tiggle twelve quarters but the pittsburgh steelers hold a number three owing is so here's my islamiya it's not the targets of the top there is usually five or six could yes but the parity thing it just there i'll say that add quality quarterback play in in one thing get her saint peter is at big cats the big bears fan so when he says like somebody had here badly in so many backwater boy not i think should happen equally it happened in the off season i think they ought to give j color a gold watch say thanks for everything we ve gotta move will that that's what's gonna just fallen general or the bears no no he's not he's ever tried to start somewhere also hills start somewhere in extreme look i will i believe
i believe for a long time even though i i don't know this for sure but i believe that they tried very hard to get marcus maria yeah i would rather than fifteen probably agree so they could get we get started happened up year the clock in kabul wait there's a lot more value we gotta we heard that you can stay we we gonna stay ok ok let's go right ok are a quick question which are miles i'm done too it's not me good now it's add now i mean i ran one in eight forty in my jim the other day but my best that i've run in the last five years i run a seven fifteen my group which is impossible but i was about fifteen pounds lighter and when i come off the training camp trip a year and always takes me like two months to get back into india so i could only do or i could do a mile right now if press to the wall in about eight thirty do you ever think you were funnier when your fatter i've never funny so why am i here i say i could
i don't know what i'd want amber i've never i've never been humorous i read good writers who write funny things and i say that's unbelievably good i'll thinks without delay i had i really am shall leave how good then you think your browser's the outsider sports illustrated you read you remember when that you did you see the seinfeld why george cassandra was asked that negroes lou bicker pm i hope and what are the writers de red lou pick you up here well i i kind of like i kind of like mysteries i like harlin carbon i think fun and i read a lot of like i read being nixon by evan thomas which i think evan ease in an an incredible reporter ironic and i've read him for a long time and i just finished a book by jeff ben
addict who wrote the steve young book you guys are really gonna like that's the asean as airlines feeling out on it we're wikipedia gas we have oh you out there in other words like our own cliffs notes with the labour market and your luck has the book club here were actually wikipedia but i was good lord i'm here you don't really want to read something in its entire no you wanna get wiki plus eight when i went to college that was calculus notes yap plus languages do as will take that list of authors you just said and will over dublin just say i read phd commentary i hears the question you wanted we have a segment it's called peterkin eats a trash again ok and i've likened to i dont think when you get into your twitter problems that its ever mean spirited right i think it's you you of a very long career in this you know journalism world and the world conflict upside down the last few years and you have adapted better than most
people have because i know a lot of work still i have my deal dynamic ten right so that what you're saying still every now and then the dog goes needs to thrash and they know that they should have eaten the trash they know yelled issued a phrase a robin williams tweet differently or tweeted about you know driving through a bike in what ever known i have tweeted i shouldn't have tweeted about driving through the bike light at all right but it's funny somebody asked me about that one not are you unhappy that you tweeted that but i mean why did you do and i said ok and i said i did it because if i didn't do it i would not have gotten to do what i came to san diego to do what happened is the charge we're playing a precision game against arizona at six p m local time and i had arranged with their staff to interview philip rivers after the game for my podcast
so i was in san diego if the hotel i was with jenny varieties of our staff and we went to hu we left may be at i donno quartered afore whatever we got in this huge traffic jams it's for eighteen and one of the pr guys calls me any says philip needs to do this before the game we just found out he's not playing so he's leaving right after the game and i we were just stuck in traffic and i set out an off i'm gonna make it and it was clear if i didn't get thereby for thirty four thirty five there's going to be no philip rivers energy there should be like a podcast siren that like an undercover kobza ha ha i must highlight that boy monovalent walk me through so u n you admitted this when you are on the first time sometimes eat the trash what happens after the trash nothing
go in the world but the world sometimes comes down on you and i think it's got of unfair do you sit there and like actually read the mentions or dream now when i wanted to start when the avalanche of crap ola starts right i just leave it alone for many for thirty six hours don't and don't pay any attention to i think that's because it's you know i can only be told that your worthless human being and you and daring sharper there's especial hell for you was so
just don't pay any attention to it and then two days later i just start to live life as normal again but i do mean that as a compliment because i think a lot of people who came up in your generation and wrote you know newspapers and magazines forever and the world just flipped a lot of a lot of guys your age just give up and say i'm not going to get a twitter i'm not interact with fans so and i think there's just like clash of you know younger people who are on twitter all the time and maybe some people who don't use twitter all the time and they and they stop by every now and then i'm probably even though it seems like i'm probably on twitter alot i'm probably more of the stop by because it's it's quicksand rehn you can just you can read it for three hours if you want to especially on a football sunday i dont tweet much at all on sunday because
i can't keep up with it it's go and fifty miles an hour and i so i just leave it alone the bottom line though is i think twitter is a great tool and i even though its inhabited by tools i mean it but but it is fantastic because i had somebody if two years ago tell me you know a twitter is it's like two generations ago with the associated press was it's like a wire service if you follow like i follow adena one two or three guys who cover every team in the nfl and on an average say thursday afternoon if i spent forty five minutes on twitter
i know what the coach of every team said that day it's like your your own personal update its great and so i love twitter even though it is there are some negatives to it it's i but it just that stuff just doesn't bother plus gift bitches airlines and like hotels when you're accommodations crack that's what i like to use twitter for because lots you get better results during that ok so answer me this question are ain't so let's say for the sake of argument this scene diego thing happens ok and obviously in a flip moment sitting in the press box late that game i tweeted that men half an hour later i said i even i don't regret it was stupid thing to tweet however here's a question for you it's for hundred and eighteen p m there and you are in stuck traffic and you were told that you
gonna get philip rivers on your podcast but you have to be here within twenty minutes your two miles away from the state and the only way you get there is to break the law so the question is do you break the law this is cool the ethics conundrum raven i don't even know it's quite miles closure mile time again eight minutes but i wouldn't have already could i'd ever harry my crap i'd have to hurry the microphone off down the solution right here the gout don't break i would i would just ask for philip rivers to delay inducing to pregnancy and extra like two hours into some time after the game to do it now in that you bring up a good point eight children yeah that's amazing he's big time into the sex piglets i'm into it sure you
ass well ass you do what would you have done i would run i probably yeah either would sprinted or i would have did exactly what you did i actually did not know how serious the whole bike lanes issue was there so thank you for raising awareness for that what about the robin william street though that one do you regret our timing thing well and also the tone i mean i laugh at it am i read not up every that's it somebody ass likely wasn't on twenty a street somebody asked me what why don't you delete that and i said well first of all because anybody could find it if they wanted it but i mean the way that that happened was just so ridiculous and so oh shocking that again the mistake probably was tweeting but that is exactly what happened when i
what i did i wait or family would have yes yeah almost i mean he was he was shocked but imagine like we're just gonna this restaurant in milwaukee and i was parking the car at because we have this vienna we're on training trip and everybody went into the restaurant and i said get me a persona so i am circle in the block i find some were in milwaukee i find somewhere to park i come in and any degree who at the time was one of our staff at the immense kubi egos robin williams just died i said what he said rob and williams is dead and i turned and the waiter is it can i get you something sir and i said robin willie just died and he was he was in her utter shock killed himself i said yeah killed himself at because that's what india told me and so anyway it was it was
perhaps a bit abrupt yeah rush every now and then a site like a gene do you love your dog any less no i think i think my favorite part about the tweet though was how you put the buyer there are no lying or the data is not walking the walk out like you like as i always do that or filing pay always do that here i'm so maybe next summer celebrity guys we're gonna hit you up i will take you out for launch its on us agonizing while somebody out you that inform people agree richard richard nixon died himself he is dead right i gotta be that book thinkers i know how it ends up have you ever thought about appearing swimsuits you know sport and i am now ass it would say i'm not i'm not a bit and not that big fan of assume suited to redo go through rapid up three three last questions what is this what are they ok the same for everyone am i gonna answer
in staccato tight fashion you get it s from how we want they're the same question the last question is different for everyone put its the same i was premise premises third last question is do you wash your apples always always no question was it what well wait a second point we are all well aware fine but but if i'm putting an apple from if i'm in my house and i take an apple out i'm gonna put it in a bag to take it somewhere that day yes i wash it but if i'm walking a new york and i buy an apple which i don't even remember the last time i did it but if i buy an apple on a fruit stand then i will take my shirt and i will you do the graph blown it breath i know how that we had him on either edith breath i dont know i do so is not always well not always but i'd say ninety percent of apples i've eat in my life have been run under the tap temperature
oh do you always lie about whether or not you wash your apples no religious zeal it's open ass so no i won't i have why i put my reply reply now you know why you did say always and then i had an exceptional so i get yes i did learn ok i want jump and with one required ok i'm your big dog i just got a dog ground thank you well we think he's mostly a golden retriever we gotta ma from this sort of rescue place in maryland and those on the organ west virginia and he looks like a golden retriever who might have some other thing what it wouldn't anna watched him chuck created a great charlie m calls them charlie i just column chuck here chuck
show me the name it's a nice ever get the hard syllables in a guy like that chacha chuck that's good so your big dog guy would you vote michael vick for the whole of him i would vote michael vick for the hall of fame based only on what he did on the field site i dont think you did enough as an nfl player to be on the field but whatever happened to him off the field even though it did cost any custom what to couple years two years would not prevent me from voting for for the whole thing ok art second last question most famous person your cellphone john legend work or com you can go on marine i would have to text him he's one of those
tax them first would about godot welcome i don't i don't i mean i have i have a way to contact goodwill that was nodded his head along like a pole that as you know at his smokestack going on and on a roof and you have my opinion with the flag and announced back like the pope smoke now than they do now but there are some there are some people there's three people who i have a way of contacting them that is not vs self because very they don't like to give and i'm sure roger adele is given a cell phone to a thousand people just i'm not one of all its maybe two thousand one so who are the other two that you cannot contact directly and are used by the yes and i have no comment on that previous quit obama now all we forgot you want i would really like to have him on my podcast there were call yeah i think we all actually got you i wish you'd either my people you wanna for young we we priorities reader
the amendment one of our in our interned glennie balls obama falls on twitter so will put in a good word for his good we got you before you ask us to do a quick we're doing a snake draft fantasy draft of news breakers yeah ok i'm redraft first then you then pfc pfc than you than me how many are we going how many here's analysts ok right the list is shifter rapport word or more glaser clayton revolt we left all your guys off so you can't i'm ready org i'm ready i your own first yup rapport shifter i'm goin glaser and and i'll take more taken warder i got orders
shhh after i'm to clean the clock and clean the what what is it so i got clayton you got your arrival i got no i got clayton in andorra veiled and get repel got the yellow senses urgently raphael didn't get all aspects get away to say you well he wouldn't have footfall guy sorry sir deryck brand or there and then see that common sure that's their right after in order i am really pleased the argo rapid poor clayton i like that is well i got glacier more and i think that they could probably kicks mass and i think they like if this was a battle royal level too i was too i last question question asked you have to answer romanesque ask anyway you fuck mary kill starbucks bruce springsteen your title stock we go i'm not going to answer that cause you got into why the name of the question we should take our gotcha technicality damn it was you go rico in terms of l starbucks bruce presty spring
steam starbucks good l easy quick follow up i heard that you ve been to what fifty you two concerts not been too about twenty five you to about twenty closely getting i've never seen coldplay we would like a suitable lesser all i did see them because when i mean i've never well i've never seen it required of coal pleadingly lyra lying up and down something called integrity pia maybe i was area more podcast rights we are now going to take this to the exit interview yes let's do it good peters interview was brought to you by my bookie you guys know you want to win some games let's go get in the action get some money on the game and score big wind today well my bookie has you covered that's why i urge you to make your way to my bookie right now you when they pay you're wasting your time getting anywhere else they offer the highest credit card acceptance rates so you can circling instantly they also of in game you're gonna live better
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he's got a weird sense of humour just like robert said yeah but i like it did you gotta yeah he got up at the end of the day after we played some porn the reform and stabbed yourselves you have to watch the interview viet exit our view that actually happened ass things he we can we found some common ground there yeah yeah he left the office very quickly makers who is actually what he said to me when he left he goes take care have a nice life but then mild emmy like saying it was a joke nice would then maybe it also wasn't anyway the bottom line is peter was a good due to have thanked him for coming on and he's going to be a recurring guess yes here is actually we are going to do that thing whenever somebody dies yeah worker where slumbering guys we're gonna go meet up with peter you gonna take him to a restaurant in hand had although we haven't help it yet i was too some segments real quick we got their thoughts and prayers total back happiness on an off you guys saw but odell back becum said today for another outburst he cities
first we got no interest in seeing sport psychologists but he said that he is not good this right now my mind is not a good place in all the happiness or say all this what has been taken on a football so them he in do that by saying i don't want to see a sports psychologist but that's pretty good all the fund can we you that you need to see a pagan we do a real like a chronic crying baby sound for this he rode back all the fun has been taken out of the game for the game that he gets paid millions of dollars to play i would play for free maybe maybe by the way people to play i would pay you to play if you were to not take any money to play for free yeah that's how much i love football and it said that odell dell doesn't get it that's ok that's what the promise he doesn't get anymore wake up wake up buddy
party only path they will maybe we do i really hey o dell becquerel hey way we'll baby hale dough maybe you should use a pet put pacify owen who not a bad guy ngo poison football game i would do for if we and there it is there is no back i'll stop in our new segment baby to us in practice there is happiness it sounded to me like he was in a bad like a failed marriage the way that he put their so maybe cheat go cheat on football whistle oh you like soccer mps my answer on flop heavily fling weird here you're at your base a european dude i know you like to not use one of your hands i'll do you one better use none of them you can go play soccer today go i really to think that o back him though he he's got dr giants fans knots but i hope he keeps doing exactly what he's been doing because for everyone else it's hilarious to laugh at the wider
through the can't keep it together and it's great to see somebody that's that much more talented and may not be able to put the other because make me feel better about my own and i just why to end with thrown some reaching ato and telling them how to get its act together i think you're gonna say its relevance reaching out to the giants and being like hey i can placed all we'll do that for me i hope like beside me up i'll play and also mentor odp two to four yeah to four i say metrics we have a little war going on twitter war jim harbour in urban mire i guess are buying fake hours oh is this was read it see f b reddit of bees as reputable yup on twitter found out that they have both have over one million followers but both have over five hundred thousand fake followers so there yeah i mean
people now followers mean everything right just wanna piazza everybody jesus only had twelve followers it would not have exactly none of them think now they're all real yeah ah i guess oh for urban meyer it's better to have faith followers fake heart attacks let's get there is right now in doubt it was you happened my head hanging out bad read their help make sure make fun of his fig stroke of a heart attack i think it's larry's ok i love it it's like a cold war except it's too blame is called wherever it's like kim jong il woody say shot in eighteen like a third year i ve been playing idea thirty it's like him and vladimir putin just like publicly announced their scores against each other like once a month i shouted eighteen eighty flood music i shut seventeen they actually think that they this matter stuff that's the best part
i don't think the gym harboured you will never convince me that he runs on twitter yes someone else i've i would definitely think urban myers buying fake followers jim harbour someone in in the michigan office is doing that i feel it in our body has a campbell soup can can tied to string on his desk and just screams of thought into it overnight and there's always there's like an intern his assigned to just constantly twenty four hours a day had that other into the can up to their ears or aegis has like an outbox with you no paper and he just rights is tweets that puts in the alps and some in turn comes and picks it up and types of the computer yeah yeah i don't think that jim harbaugh knows he doesn't have an internet connection is off now he's not one cause then they could that's it action and and is by yeah they can always listen always be listening bia urban deftly emmi like i said he takes other think so i hear one a one first take first takers
trouble yeah your favorite show of all time and i still watch ok oh i am not one of the lessons that left but the ratings are about a third of what they were last year i don't if you watch money that football yesterday yeah i'm a guy but he is peons they smoothly very calmly inserted about like four minutes first taken on roused russia across promotion is gonna weird very weird i would ask those terrible i thought i had he i thought i had sat on my remark that happens all signed a minute we're guess we had so they need they need some help because first take the when they lost get bayliss it was one of those weird things where both sides lost yeah because skips new shows not good out of you ve looked at skips twitter account recently not getting anywhere near the traction it was when it was back at the mother interesting so this
for caution airy tailed sue the genius of the room pfc maybe we should stick together so may be stop with the whole genius for my wings and go somewhere else went when i say that i use but they can it pagan i noticed hey buddy i'm on say to us was put this rumour to bed ok hank men became upon the next show gallagher security friday will tell you about pfc maybe leaving you'll have to tune in friday and subscribe and leaves you and then re subscribe his so how can we solved first take all men were were very different show them them we're acts were gaining listen yes sir not us shudder to us not to pat ourselves on the back but maybe we could maybe we could give him some advice you i was thinking they play a clip of shocking redemption on the show like once every three minutes see thank you
caught because everybody when you see shawshank you gotta watch yeah i what about maybe like a cell pride situation where they actually kidnap leubronn i like that on your it would probably be stephen smith kidnapping doran remember he threatened lashes i don't want to cross me way put some respect on my so maybe ratings are down because people realise that seventy psmith wasn't gonna backup that talk to i got this guy's not gonna kidnap anyone ok i like that i like both options the shocking or make it three d or make important people of split the artists make port every noting porn nuts i mean that's a solution right there isn't it or they could get yeah they can make it just make a porn version her steak with them just screaming sports asia does get rid of everybody that's an assurance to replace them with roger me peter north and maybe one throw girl now yeah meddling ivy shouted ivy thirty first not
they'll know how big man what time is first eager oh all the guy watches every night item you watch everyday content yeah sound sense if you watch everyday body to ok well they should move to eleven and just make it a future because everyone gets hungry moving around then just a bunch of sandwiches out you could eat for lunch and gap of lobbyists which is and i think adam corolla came up with this theory but anytime you watching a food show if somebody starts to cook something you never a until somebody takes a bite of yes even though the results of his mit so the petty aiming at first take these put something in the oven and then with the very end they eat something like we're gonna eat this law that fucking yeah fix first take damn that was actually one of our best pr went to london
i've done a bunch of other suggestions to but i make an even sam yak reaches nailed nail it ah respect abyss we got a respectable louts yeah so if you if you paid attention recently you ve noticed that there have been a lot of clowns sightings kosovo's creepy clowns holding like us single balloon looking scary there are doing things are just scaring people just given every by the willie's so it's not just people out there that dont like clouds are being victimized it's actually real clouds themselves ok here's a low quote from raw cane up in sir is new york for the last twenty years he's been turning himself into yo yo the clown with they make up in red nose and these days kane is afraid to walk outside dresses a clown he says these creepy claw don't walk into the neighbourhood is really just bring for us good clowns who just want to make people happy so not all clowns
is basically what kane saying here and i've got kind of yours i feel sympathy form because all he wants to do is just go and speak to children and just talk to kids and have considers lap and just be around kids overtime edges any doesn't worries install gang report just like hang out with butscha children and he doesn't need these real creeps selling his good name yeah i like i think we need to remember there is a clown business it needs to be respected i think here can i wanna go different rules on this this is obviously a viral marketing at yeah of some form stay what i took my i took michael last night but i still am walk i do not technical and i've i dug deep a really when he got those in the clouds there are fake no one it's all videos of people like recording themselves driving when in your way have you recorded yourself driving approaches snapchat filter it's no not that bad
there is as men in the way they react like it's them filming themselves driving and then they see the clown like five hundred feet and then its them trying to turn around freaking out like a like of bears come about them and then the video stops right before the clown comes at the door ok yet so i think you're absolutely right i think initially it was all people that were just staging this but now its reach and support such a point where people gonna go out there dressed his clowns copycat ironically copy copy clouds and what's behind all this and i am not the first one to point this out but i am the first that i heard said is that stephen kings movie it is out in a couple months their dinner another one their due to remake ass that's it then the boil until until it knows what i said that in the clouds and take action till the clause take action on work the way that movie and witches two movies i wish my parents hamlet
you watch because i will get scale year got scale by one flower to tell us getting us ominously e i had nightmares fur i start my his aunt fund anymore it was i was like jenny from forest come no that was does he's fine we're like if a baby said ojo back i'm saying football was that's it's definitely it stay walk in stay with them it is that it is certainly a positive it is doubly quotes it supports this isn't happening they're doin i that is our show and we will see you on friday we have addison russell and hopefully dan inherent as russell i love him he's my shortstop proud i believe the worst interview we ve done it was major age a green situate was an age a green situation but i still love em and it was so bad it might be good at that
but i think we're gonna go within that yes we want to give you a heads up so known get too excited but i actually do think it will be funny how bout it was but i still love him i love him to death and he's gonna win the world series but more importantly on friday we're going to do something new yeah and we are relying on our award winning listeners to come through again for us i know we we asked a lot of you guys but we two to roast us oh god resorting to be doing some roasting but the catch is you have to give us five star review on itunes and roast us in that comment that you leave for the five stars we will only read five star views so do that review us on itunes at part my take and i know it can be hard because i rarely ever get roasted
even i get roasted others really nothing to criticise every show and every day that's ok i won't get roasted again by my award winning listener so do that five sarve use only wearily reading five serve you sit on trust sneaking is forced our bullshit roast roast fridays will read the best three let's say bastard i like it and we will see a friday tune in to see where p is going next with his career
become a boy or less the same language learning that wine is out after me is no better to be safe than sorry for its part by ten percent by far to sports
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