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Peter King And Bill Nye Is A Fraud

2017-11-10 | 🔗

Color Rush Thursday was on fire with Seahawks lime green jerseys, Russ Wilson's fake concussion and Richard Sherman injury watch ( 2:02 - 9:09). We imagine what it would be like if Bruce Arians started wearing a G.I.L.I booty suit and NFL Week 10 Picks (9:09 - 20:17). Fantasy Fuckbois gets you ready for the weekend (20:17 - 22:23). Peter King joins the show to explain Jerry Jones and Ezekiel Elliot to us like we're 5 years old and we also ask him what happens when he decides to eat the twitter trash (27:51 - 50:32). Segments include Uhh Ya Think for OJ Simpson, Spinzone for ARod Corp, Hurt or Injured for Vince Carter and Ned Yost, Radio Wars for Mike Felger saying Roy Halladay's death was deserved, Humans vs the Sun and Bill Nye is a Fraud. Emergency Jimbo for Big Cat having another "accident" and the return of Roasts.

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on today's pardon my take we talk to recurring guest peter king about everything that's going on the and in the end i fell he talked to us like were five years old because sometimes we are we also fantasy fuck boys and the return of oros before we get all that want to talk to guys about big ten tailgate they are going to madison this weekend the best campus unbiased the best campus in the big ten they will be there live ten a dot m eastern time they have a great pregame show my friend spice adams is on it it is wisconsin vs iowa a classic big ten matchup going to run the ball going to punt the ball going to run the ball field goal then run the ball some more you can watch the big ten network ten a m eastern beat sure to tune in you can also because everyone holds up signs behind if you can't make it
text the fanuc in line at twenty four thousand four hundred and ten that's to four thousand four hundred and ten and you can have a custom made sign made that they will hold up behind the guys in the pregame show
like we said last week please don't please don't rose mere phd don't do the eyes tat would be very maybe don't make any rep reciprocity jokes about minnesota in wisconsin can't take that can't take now but if you were to do it you can do it by taxing into four for one zero and make sure you tune antennae m eastern the big ten network they will be from alive from beautiful madison obese and maybe some sky camp shows the lakes everything's beautiful so do right now our side to its every morning the big ten network pig ten tailgate bt and tailgate ten m eastern on big ten i let scope i welcome to pardon my team is fry yea november tenth it is veterans eve yes happy veterans day to callin winslow happy birthday to all the marines out there feeling this on saturday we had some color rush and it was fantastic maybe more rushmore aware some irish foresee power rankings of cholera uniforms the sea huh
lime green uniforms are divine they are like highlight or green was the most green thing that i've ever seen in my life ahmad made the injuries really pop yeah when you saw a guy laying on a field with a torn achilles and those lime green you're like now footballs out wait before we get to these injuries you've mentioned highlighters ready for this you hear about this you hear about this one the only game a year where there are highlights before the game starts as their owners thou nailed thou is actually about to make a high letter joke on twitter and i didn't because i was like this seems a bit
relevant rebellion yes and so i am glad that you prove me right so the injuries we had a lot of them while not a lot of them but we had some significant ones richard search sherman tore his achilles allegedly we did a lot of liberating it was very bizarre because rigid sherman torres achilles and then spent the rest the game walking around just mouthing that he tore telling illegals while my treat resumed on his face was like yup that's richard sherman he torres galleys he was he was essentially doing a five key on the sidelines to raise awareness for the fact that richard sherman has a torn acutely right and then the really bizarre one was russ wilson basically getting what seem to be a concussion and then doing like a second in the concussion protocol tent and then going right back out there and then realising that everyone watched him do that and the whole concussion protocols a farce wait hold on
it was eight children listening this tell them to earmark at the concussion protocols afar snow now true he went into the tent he say the rule is you have to go sit in the tent he pulled the tent down and then he laughed actually want to tendrils possession for bombing the timid for he sat he took any and then he walked out he was fine with russ wilson he hears what god talks russ wilson in between place anyway so i'd i dont think that he can get any more like in his own brain end like think that he's can cost anymore they normally is tat when you hear guy talking to me like i'm testing you because you through that pick like how do you think that you're ever concussed he also i roswell wilson just like strikes me as a guy who has his own tent and
like a co cello like helium tent pernicious fill with nato bubbles why did you go and get a contact i from mental bubbles and boom your brains inside us he just eat he hoofs recovery water soaks washcloth at its rag any chloroformed himself none of those they gets work so yeah he's fine i'd i don't think it's a farce i think he checked into the tent it's like i'm if you ever like played a video game we have to like walk over an emergency kit among get your health if you just walk in and out of the recovery tent than you fine he's like teenage renewed turtles he picked up a pizza yes all ages asia is gonna have pizzas life is back yes we have a big embrace debate that is going to sweep donation it is sky camp yea ornate so that's the thing it was the most beautiful thing ever because sky can became kind of a major thing last week
when they had the other bodies of law go yesterday when exclusively sky came in some people like while that is pretty cool and this looks like the video games yes laying forever yes and then said he in a fellow like they're like an ant that figures out that their nephew has a particular interest and then they just overdo it only like oh you like soccer oh i got she ate soccer video i get just six i'll jersey here so buncher shin guards and different color yes if we get it s kind of like i'd want i sign like saga cortical you actually just happened to be over one day when suckers on tv for forty actions might the foreign exchange tuna was over and the only thing that we could bond over is talking about soccer so is being polite but so yeah the nfl safe seas that we like the sky came so if you like sky came while we're gonna take you back and make a smoking entire package can were given you the sky camp so it is it is i feel like a very pretty much fifty fifty debate this is a true football guy debate because
all you regular fans out there probably like the sky can put all us all twenty two guys we live for the sky can and want to see how everything breaks down or man place or man players footballs vertical game you need to see how it goes down field you dont get that from that the sidelines camera angle right so yeah i like watching the guys up front but it's like we get you have the sky cam occasionally i'd like to just remind myself that i'm watching where they are on the field because i lose all death perception with the sky kept the it does need to be like ten feet back the day it's where those things were they d like you said
they saw a little bit of positive feedback we do sky camp not thinking through i came maybe we should see the receivers linked i would become a cool there could there you know maybe maybe maybe only seeing like the though my men in the running back isn't the best my green burg's dumb rule change what if they put like american gladiators like a tennis ball cannon on this and i am sable and they let nightrobe go up there s role and he gets like shoot tennis ball arrest whilst yes ah same colors jerseys the heath this guy came also it brings out your inner inner tony romo because i just caught myself screaming like two guys all older mentally so please open slot is open lighters jamming giving the x you know button that's just not there and so i think it's gonna probably ruin all of our brains but hey we're all gonna fuckin die so there were there was the bright green uniforms and then on the sidelines i noticed that the seahawks helped the cardinal seventy added the coaches wearing the camouflage uniforms in wishing to service we can which was gonna nice
i would like to see bruce areas in a julie suit does fall on sniper is it is it eagerly suit juliet like a right later on the movie with venezuela what do they call it because major athlete big usually jailer pop yet giggly sell as you see lady in a jelly surgically suit would you do what he did but i only want o the new talking mean for you a quick talking i'm guys guys are discussing the only want one thing a jew a breeze bruce areas and agility without asking just pop in four days you look at your pic is all hell and put a cup on that ass not a quarter off that as of brazilian ass reserves pop in the champagne and put it into a glass of sudden cause as they are determined in red face the oh by the way by kremer some rules not to get sidetracked here but jeff van gunny house like excited when i side tracked not really all its key point and i'd say bruce arians bubble but is like exactly on track for us and hoped to get sidetracked
jeffrey good he had of my green verged on rules that i fucking love if you air ball a three point or in the nba shouts skull directly the bench just like a penalty boxer sums are in a very travel team here for you i get play foreign five or one possession and then come back in an hour me off the power play i like that yeah little power play basketball like that like my other dumb rule change is when jimmy graham scores a touchstone it should count four points in your nba fantasy team to hear so he was six points you be gray eyes girl you so i way airy he was ask popular
do we graham watson s request cause we're said i mean old anymore i'm looking i am refreshing wikipedia every couple seconds it hasn't got up yet they need to do a thirty four thirty on of like this shitty basketball players at terms even shitty airtight ends in the nfl that after the jimmy gravity toenails gates rash like tat would be actually very fast exert a lot of a mother like oh he play basketball corso caroline and guess what he because he play bashful cos carolina he's also a shitty nfl poindexter isn't that exactly what love our balding here i think he was he oh gee that of achieving lieutenant yeah really here out maybe like deepens event but whose convert i remember fact win win george mason made the final foreign like two thousand five year would learn egg exactly they had this one dude real fat ass real thick ass our guy
he try it was like right one internal gates was making a lot of noise nina fell and he was like you know i will try to be tightened and so they put him to work out it was like a big story and then he ran out to combine around like a five point two five forty like this gets broken i can order i remember that final foresaw because that was the first time i ever did a future bet on yukon two when the national title with all my roommates in college and
there's no one who care who is as good a basketball the care less about playing basque while than rudy get back i was just so apathetic too like who won or lost so when you did that future bet whose responsibility was it to make sure that the back at put in we all like santa therein like hovered around it were like yeah oh costume is so good tat is i know somebody that added georgius verbatim i know a group that had like sixteen people in and it was like some should even major that they all decide to bet on before the tournament and they each through in like a hundred bucks they like six hundred bucks and they gave to the guy and guide never put the bed and because you are come sooner pocket six hundred bucks is there's no chance it like xavier is gonna win us and they got to like the lady and stood with sweating because as i have only ship irma gonna come up i got a few thousand dollars that's awesome that's that's very much like a college when you're just broke like i do i was forget like you know that kind of bettin college was basically if you win that bet your millionaire want just in general if you put sixteen hundred dollars in my hand don't expect me to handle that six hundred dollars babby adelaide echelon is nine tonnes of big capital figure it out i let's get too are what it will do and if olaf's first we let me actually before we do that seek their one of our best sponsors and seek we're gonna do some football games probably i think really big ten shape each of game not fully confirm for pretty much confirmed and seeks gonna look it up and seek coax you up any time you try to go to a game you're gonna want to go down to seek out right now they save your time and money by searching multiple ticket sites to compare prices and find a meeting deals and to get you the most bang for your buck seeking grades every ticket based on value to help you immediately identify the best seats
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this is some issues he gazed quite asleep hit is optional say this the bills saints game is by far the best game yeah well known how was it all kinds is also good will that's only good because you have jerry jones and arthur black workers were actually yeah there it's like that absurd of make another sentenced reference lose time two shows where it mr burns and the other guy the other shelbyville power plant guy are betting on software game against each other out agree i want a camera on those two i want yet the loser has to concede their vote on whether keeper sir fire roderick it out it's like oh that's gonna be fuckin play a future of get out yeah that's all talk about some ratings you want fix review and fix illegal put your
job online every single sunday i think that that is exactly storyline out of doubly w we can see an absolutely evinced definitely is he's the deadly relinquish power to monday night raw many times be i know it's a bad slate the only thing i mean i m excited packers bears but i would understand why a lot of people are not yet is pregnant at last actually wanted more drastic right exact so that's really is an eminently acres unlike look in my view this guy i always gives juices one for the backers you know what most people like girl here's how you can spend just to get yourself said about it is this the mixture bisque arms are the mitchell travesty coming out party in disasters of that every week can i have a rookie quarterback can i predict something though because my bears me no brain always always is expecting the worst of the packers the packers ran one hour p o where where our bread humbly kept the ball and ran on
football and it worked for ten yards thirty like forty five times in their like mike margie like oh profoundly can run a little that's all just run the boy did you do that and they might do the fucking triple option drought or they're gonna do that play but there also do like eight jet sweeps yes there they have that cocoa mentality of you see the jets we were aiming com and guess what you gonna run that jets we probably like twenty times the fernando cobb kick it open anymore so let us do jet sweeps get him the bond space yeah right so let's do our locks i think we're all undefeated on the season right ok so the locks oh by the way going to throw this out there i think we alluded to it on wednesday or no we didn't we just this is how much we love football we're just talking about it when we're just walking around the jets versus the bucs ryan fitzpatrick
africa provision double regiment either we did we did my letters on the roads are showed uniquely people realise that our show never stops righteous it just whether were in front of a microphone i am i am genuinely excited about that gave in i think ride fitzpatrick like ok sir joshua coun doesn't watch porn right it's patrick went to harvard is ensured probably watches a tunnel born the net days these euro each other out on the porn scale yeah they definitely do are so what you got free pecks i got the bills plus three their home dogs you not only with foreigners in other words ass we're just homes are also hometown i'm i'm talkin home dogs are gifted the giants us we gotta remember oh yes it was a good pit were what happened i can't though it is close rams put out a backdoor diana was i love were it were at the season worth the part of the eta fell season where if a shitty team gets the
osborne off them enough in the first half you can start like putting in your brain like maybe they'll just fire the coach asked was so this is a thing like we are definitely in quit on the coach season oh yeah and so the two giants quit on the coach after about the after right after kick off the last week that it happened and yet i was wrong i lost a lot of money but no one alone and on whose an ex team to quit other could i think the boxer pretty close to cutting on their career i don't think that they ever played for their coach yeah probably chirruped or cut her with his weird librarian glass it isn't my fake name yes like brill pad hair yeah i was going to write dislike shop shop teacher here yeah so hank what he got a thematic buried goths europe and the ramps leavening anxiety texan sinus eleven that's an accused in his lean town one gets and promising up in their wow ok i will go with you know what i'm gonna do i'm under the hideous game that i can find a more things no automatic amity
the brown postpone hath against alliance or does this might have done all we had a little bit of a movement does the trap that i fall into at about this time of yours i bet on the absolute worst teams cause i was thomas of there's no choice so they could be this bad right and they always our any say ten points along the uniform yeah well you're not wonder professionals to their play the hurts like it's on the exact same draft so men those are our locks boa college football is going to be like this we exodus there's like that every good team is playing its every other good zambia and then is it is it minnesota wisconsin no iowa was isler scots who top twenty five team hosting it because minnesota pga flak did you see his sabre metrics any brought out yet he brought his big football game of on pages part here he took a chart out to show
the direction that he wants his team to trend and who just a piece of paper with an arrow that candid when upwards it was lightened so as i look at chart we're doing better it was the first thing you do unlike the builder coaster videogame member the weary built a roller coaster l shittiest gambled away i was just saying yes because i was being built europeans and remember that urgently likes him some using him coaster cs unlike tat play tat was one and lower laser tycoon yes yes ok unreal gave you yes rocco steichen faced piety be i would just up and down up and down with no extra why access no numbers or anything he basically was issued is next week is you bring out of the monster and be like we're trying to get up here reach our goal every everything a week we get a when we colored another barton authority has love visual aids are cultural ball say yes weren't you got a lot for cultural locks on or have any law a lock and even though it was warner yeah i like lisa you lie in auburn tissue alot decent
obama was our friendly griffin was giving out shoes at oklahoma then i guess that jordan brand now dinner launched by people like you don't own choose you choose their giving a new shoes to overcome a football game team it looks like they ve got a little too much fun before begin to lose a little to lose their partying in the locker my luck closing my legs from me the you ok because again i'm a big fan of the turnover chindia nothing crabtree up more by the way in sensitive lay win like they get free shoes and the off all the steam athletes flip out because like while we freeze usually as worth millions at specific this is such a fucking bullshit situation here but yes for issues are awesome way whether when you're rich or not for issues i let's do it fast
boys get started junk karla you're with sub does your point on call i got some hot tips carbon in for you fantasy wicked my stardom i'm starting try hopping all the sex none of them ass tall ass on the metaphor lucy underwear just get to know you new body my sit on is the persian island pay virgin islands congrats on sex to talk to my sleep or too for i got shot from account and ripe patrick start bolted on top of the pigs can all over the place of our open possible my startup thus the weather's down on those puppy best make your guitar strike do it all the ladys are going to say while he's got too much weight don t look like a strong hope more of your call my settled makers because you never stone series if you can't finish it way they could sit up it's over the first pull up a social role cape another not are due to be honest i sleep but i don't like sleeper its age a greedy point jail in ramsay the sleep but he's gonna come back with a performance we are going to try to see tight rocking range sleep agent great sleeping age a great like eighty black and blue critical approach you all that the soil south ossetia my stardom is love i've seen a lot of heat out there in the world is not necessary but i'll get together i give you a minute somebody a lot of you my system is characters twitter just added approach and there the worst characters fuck reading take em out set him down put him away when i got to let its view you stick by sleeper is to mock is cousins even avenant good disease in this year you want to pick him up you want him on your pants peckham are putting people equal equally poor
hooray oh may survive boy says enclosure name the soldier solar subtle mocking saw yourselves all about ok there's gonna be allocated but i get like contact i and slashed lose my voice every single time we do face withstood if you scream loud enough it's actually drug actually repute great now seriously the rest in peace clinic is thus form that was fun hey listen we all have to our mistake we heard the dvds thus so delicious out there know what you're getting into when we make a promise about asking yourself like i don't hold us anything euro we're gonna be as truthful as we can be but like upper this way airport or visa comes yeah oh and by way of funny part about play makers is the whole reason we started it
because we wanted to do a spoof on parcel van talk about play maker season to we're gonna ripe playmate precision and where everyone we'll play all the rules and it like eddie murphy and the nutty professor rights but we wanted everyone did know what play maker season one wants to learn something you yeah good set out we only got like halfway through because every socket inception we would just where if we were in the movie inception we'd week off up in like phase one about what this monday fuck if you have heard in the movie interception i would get to the point where i had my first wet dream ok that was all i could maybe over i let's do our interview with peter king we talk about all of these stuff that's going on the nfl jerry jones ziegler folliot peterkin being the trash we get to all of it he talks to us like were five years old so you can sound smart this weekend when you talk to someone be there
pick up a chick at the bar by telling her all about as generally suspension yeah jerry jones in georgia strong arming the other and a fellow anderson doubt that actually to good pick up one hey chicks love being told how much more than do they know about yet haiti here that one about jerry jones vague suing all of the interval owners can i buy a drink that emerald off the tongue hey who saudi on martha blanker jerry john i before we get to peter king you guys got check out indo chino indo china has the best suits for a very affordable price you can get measure made to measure suit fits compared to the generic off the rack suit they can buy you can you look like a slob by going off the rack or you can look great with your indo chino suit indo china is making it easy to get a suit made to that measurements at a great price you can choose from hundreds of top quality fabrics and customize all the details including
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i play there myself i recommend betty s i once again gotta betty aside outcome use promo code take twenty five to your free wager and start winning today i we now welcome on recurring guest peter king from sports three the m m q be every monday we are dumb football fans so we thought we'd bring peter on to explain all the things that are going on the nfl so let's start we want to get to jerry jones spilett star with kind of the impetus of the jury jones stuff with as eco elliot plain to us the update like we are five year olds cause we can understand it well i have basically review this story like a five year old every time someone new comes out and then i have said essentially oh yeah this is it for the keys out for the next six games and then like ten times in a row all of a sudden the warden gets readiness switch at eleven fifty nine
in vienna the governor calls and says hey hang on a minute were were given him were given a reprieve doesn't look like we believe reprieve this time but i've said that sixty four times in a row so in essence no court wants to say the nfl or oh no no court wants to say to any business ok they may want to they we don't think there's enough evidence here necessarily so we don't want that part of it but players you have essentially given up your right in collective bargaining your allowing roger good to ditch come in your feet and essentially that's what the players have done so the players want to some sort of more fear process throughout this they are gonna have to
you're gonna have to do it at the bargaining table in two thousand twenty one during the next negotiations does now roger good though it's like anybody who look the evidence in the tom brady case you know in and thought that that was overwhelming that that might you ve been fifty one forty nine i don't even think it was that and so that that's what the players have to do in there exporting negotiations they have to be able to say to the to the league we don't we don't want but you're good deal they have this immense power of judge jury in an executioner and appeals process too so you're saying that there's a chance that this could go to the supreme court there's a chance only by by this time tomorrow will know and i doubt sincerely it's gonna go to the supreme court i can't believe this supreme court would think this is worth their time because at the end of the day
i don't see how roger you do i mean the same thing with tom brady so many people thought it was unfair but at the end of the day really didn't matter roderick adele has the power to you know too to rule in these cases so i'm i'm assuming what i have assumed all along that at some point is regularly it's gonna have to serve his six gained so this is a u if were preparing its wouldn't happen with tom brady tom brady could have taken it this far but he just can t he put his hands up and he said i'll take my medicine the only difference is ezekiel elliot continues to pursue it right because here because tom brady understood at the end his quitter and he was gonna lose he understood and i'm i bet that is equal elliot is starting to feel he's going to lose but sincere in the middle of a season why tom brady did this before season so that they can get their tea
ready to go you now so that jimmy garage garoppolo and jacoby brissett said could give ready to play could take all the practice snaps and all other stuff so little bit different with a running back are you with a running back it's like he just sprained his ankle and he's out for six weeks gotta high ankle sprain they just putting alfred morrison therein mc fad may assume that's what they're gonna do pick him up and fancy weeks i but if i were you no one cares per year is this year that yes you that dermot fancies healthy i say yes i saw the big the fall out from the zeke elliot situation happened today and jerry jones is threatening to sue the owners the other owners vienna fell number one is that even possible number two do you believe him or just an empty threat i mean even though jones is angry with roger godot k i have
no idea and i've been reading in and talking to a couple of people today what is the basis for a lawsuit when five months ago or six months ago you agreed to give the cabins ancient committee vienna fell you gave him your proxy to basically say hey get roger detail contractor and you know so i hope this is one of those things that i am angry i'm ticked off and i'm gone do something about it and what i'm gonna do is threatened to if somebody told breyer last night either an owner ownership source told them that this move jerry really crosses the rubicon and i think he does mean jerry i happy with this he's unhappy with goodwill at all
though the vast majority of people who who i know around the league you're saying that jury was mad before is regularly thing happen very hard for me to take seriously the ocean that is regularly it has nothing to do with his anger in his venom right now i think it has a lot to do with it see ready for this transition here if he's crossing the rubicon then he's like caesar but he's actually using not little caesar but papa john as a deep state you know what you're a one sided and somebody purposely misspelt last night was so you really are by way this one way that jerry jones thing the way you described it it was essentially jeff fisher getting mad that his team losing against we just throws the red flag even though there isn't anything to challenge so is jerry is he using papa john as like a mouthpiece to attack roderick adele
to try to draw up these matters i thought he did that's what it looks like to me now i've got no proof of it i don't know that any but he's gonna have proof of it become a can of our staff who said that that it was jerry jones prompted and night trust what michael mackay and said i dont know that myself but i trust me can all look i think what jerry jones is trying to do is jerry jones is trying to throw out a bunch of smoke bombs and basically say hey listen in a way this this sort of simplify it because this sort of the way i've felt about this in the wake of this meeting in new york three weeks ago and were well felt about it is that is the jury jones is saying
everybody in the national football we all the owners he saying to guys listen we're paying thirty five million dollars a year to a guy and asking him hey fact they're asking him can you get these forty there are fifteen or sixteen people or kneeling her sitting during the nationally of them to stand up can you just do that again adele says no but i can work with the players to try to make them happier that the nfl will help them with their civil rights issues and two guys i jerry jones dan snyder bob mcnair a few other owners that's not good enough and there's a lot i can tell you this is a lot of owners in the lee who think that the commissioner right now just doesn't have the jews to get the job done anymore and i think that very that if
there were two or three logical candidates out their there'd be more p go on jerry joneses team but i think what is what is lurking in the background of this nobody is talking about yet but they will soon is who is going to negotiate the next see ba with the players like to me the sea was probably roger they'll shining moment that he had these back channel discussions with guys like saturday in a late in in the summer of just before training camp was going to start any of these back kamal discussions and basically built a bridge to get this deal done that was largely roger fidel's doing even no other people got credit for i've always thought it was good deals doing and so if the end
if the owners really thought that there somebody in illegal is jeff pash brian roll up whoever who could take on this two billion role too begin the labour negotiations in and get those kick started i don't i think other owners would join jerry jones but right now i don't i think that that the owners wanna see roger good though on board at least through the two thousand one cbs i love that word that you just use it was the most peter king word of all time jellia deleon yank it seem like he's like a like god what see what's the ownership like what are the alliances like i've always just understood that if you can get the merits and the rooney's on your side then you can win against anyone what is it what is it currently look like is jerry jones on an island has he god i don't males northern ireland i think he is
i think he has some sympathisers like i think sliders with jerry jones i think bob mcnair it's mostly with jerry jones even though bobbing nears in a weird situation because he's also on this compensation committee and he basically has to syrian on these meetings with the copper compensation committee as of now they claim any way to be behind but your blank the chairman of the complicated compensation committee and so but i do think that i do know mcnair is very unhappy about the anthem issue in several other issues but be that as it may you ask what the other what the other in a sort of families are you know and and here the other houses are i think i think the reason that that's it
difficult question to answer because as there are so many new people right now who involved in a lot at ease ownership groups and like amy adam struck in tennessee do you know nobody can quite read her martha ford arthur firehouse ford who is firestone for fire as martha firestone ford who is like she's ninety years old and she's she does wanna be in any any any contrary with group of owner she just wants to listen and make her own decision so the sixty thousand people in wisconsin you can read on them yeah it's well that's gonna be one that nobody is gonna know bookmark murphy you basically votes for the franchise has been a pretty staunch supporter of roger adele loser that's a cell phones to subpoena written especially in our communication i've just connecting a couple doubts the owners that you said papa it's a cider
public near jones all pop johns franchise owners only right is needed no make new i made that up but they're all envisage like me never bhamo a country with mcdonald annals law yeah because we're too fat and lethargic to get off the car interesting we have a couple of their stories warranted quickly touch on wrote yes if there was to be like a new commission real quick my name's out there for you ok go first scare monkey who d mooch he can gates in that way that would be beautiful compound interest he would he would dress well what about steve scare moot whereabouts anthony scare machine steve marry you cheat you just do a combo mooch want to four want which meets the new challenges i don't know the thing i think that would really hurt them is that you pray but we want to get bradford involved has where employees involved he knows not self incidents climate yeah me browser firefox ba
a real suggestion she is a recurrent guessed the shots amy trask i think they trask is a fascinating candidate because issues been involved in illegal league all levels she's been in those meetings she has fought for and against the league because when you're without davis year review the urine on a different directions i think we'll let me just say this i think that i think to p i also think that the congolese arise as much as everybody roles their eyes at the suggestion of her one of the rare this is why i think she should get some consideration if it happens is because a she loved football b she's bitterly ugly is political wars you know of our time you know in washington but but the one other i think that a candidate who i think is going to italy
he's gonna have to say no corcoran the owner became xinjiang probably will say no because he just doesn't want to do it but he is the one current oh and one current guy sorted but in the house of goodwill who i think would be satisfactory through a lot of different factions rate i love it i love it so the other things in order to quickly touch on we never talk about another man's job but it is thought seat season who is the first coach to be fired this year in the nfl if thing continue the way they are i think probably chart pagano what's going on there electing smuggling it seems bizarre ursus saying that luck has had issues vaunted davis getting cut like what are they just as big of a message we all think in my opinion dreamer say has got from trump in them
that he sometimes he says stuff without thinking of the consequences and i think that they are trying to kind of smoke the peace type now and indianapolis because they loved that a last thing that they want to do is and i is the word smoke the peace pipe pun intended as you know will wither say because i think that nobody that organization nobody that wants the inner luck put on the trading bloc and so i think i think there my kids and make up i really do i i can't see that going south lucrine make up pagano's going to turn on the waterworks and that is a softie so if you catch him if you catch her say well he's in an altered state and you start crying in front of he'll give you whatever you want
i mean i think he's i think he's number one right now but i think mackadoo is i mean look it has only been one new york giants coach in the last eighteen years whose land the two years or laugh and that's re hamley you're seeing a lot of the same sort of you know we personality disorder whatever you call it he's just a bit to an anti social dude he's lost with with weird hair idea that you know but but look i'm i'm one of the few people in our business i really still think that huge actions gonna no way and i think he's gonna be you get because i'm going on something that jimmy has one told me in jenny branches of yemen kubi in august witches absolutely unequivocally does not want to
he knew this merry go round because every time you change your architect in your coach about a third of the draft this is that they may go flying out the window rose you don't believe in many martin so he doesn't want to do that i still i dont know about such a ground that trade fiasco is a frigate fiasco young and old football guys in the room not surprising to me nerds you can't do that but then how in the world this does how in the world the saucy brown complete seventeen trades in the twenty one months before that do you know that the the trade screw up happen he knows how to make trade no maybe the broader schuyler trade broke his brain well me maybe it's like i dont want to touch that hot stove anymore and that's why couldn't trade anymore i well then why do you call my brown and three fifty five and agree to it because you the stove looks like you looks more comfortable to touch maybe
i don't know i don't know i can't answer that i mean it it's the is the you know it's the bizarre what do you mean cleveland is just the strangest place and the strangest franchise you know that i've point thirty four years i just can't fathom how these poor people take it over and over again so one door closes one opens up if a football guy gets fired god forbid who are the assistant coaches that are going to be first in line for the next i'd go to jump josh me daniel stream schwartz i think those two guys will be the one and two on the list when when teams go looking in january and before them two guys who i think you're the most are the most worthy right now i notice you did not say patricia miss out because
belgium i mean i got the tragedy intervention that my way still more i think you'll get interviewed but i just i pray i think that right now jim schwartz as a defensive guy probably pass patricia and has done a good job both in buffalo and fairly ok so quick over under four you over under one and a half for all three of these so it's games played or coached in the nfl josh gordon how many does he have left over under one and a half way over one and a half ok jeff fisher the under one and i think you should put you to your canada ok last one rex ryan under what an awe and comma hiring rex seconds i am unconvinced bears going to fire john fox and just hired a fisher and do it again with a mustache why not why not
ok so i also wanted to you know we have a famous bit on our show it's called peterkin eight the trash again every now and then you you go pop you beef up our mind you had that the other day and the trade deadline when you retreated a fake account you want to walk through what happened there i looked at this twitter things out it was adam shifter retweeted it get me wrong i said whoops screw that went up and there is also a three insulated the e in his life he noticed the three i d idea when i looked at it so i i know it was an innocent mistake that you made that can be solved if you just say if you do the quote tweet any just say big if true because that way hey it's not true so it's not big you are he said that the only wouldn't matter people would still kill me for it because i i got them on guy so you know i don't know at some point i made it look at twitter and i'm gonna say and this really is
fourth it anymore more and i'm gonna do it just the way steve young does it you know what he does what he we use is twitter is a news gathering source and is never tweeted one thing in his life owes you abroad he lives any live happily ever after her so so what is the real what is it i always curious when you do it the trash what is like the step by step ten minutes after i said then it's like the prices right losing warned that science einer advocated siri i don't take it nearly as seriously as everybody else does i mean i i guess i'm not don't you think that i'm really that import or whatever if i make a mistake i either gis admitted i mean i admit it and then i just say well timed to go to bed and whatever flattered designed for a cup of coffee you're a nice idea to have an owl gas i'd analogous yesterday we do think but that i like it
yeah yeah yeah very white listen listen i gotta do another shall do you mind if i gave you a boon that's for sure you still bombed about to show matson i'm really bundle the shot he i could tell you the whole there was like a long time on twitter that you were bombed and well i wanted i would say it was the one thing that that is it that everybody was like you gotta be you gotta be rapid me you mean you yeah did that was that was just incredibly sad i just alarmed i agree with you i did not appreciate they didn't respond to me you are quoted in i don't even know what you say i said that i it's feels like when medicine i ve gotten your car accident in her career was cut short i was bombed about that i didn't i didn't see it i'm sorry i don't know i counted across my crap all were bumps let you go but stand a bike lanes yeah take you peter
let's get you some segments first up we have and you think so this one is for oj simpson who got kicked out of a bar in las vegas ah for me too drunk and unruly so you think i'm actually got past because i was at the cosmos last weekend for basically i didn't leave the hotel for like three day straighten and this is where he got arrested i was this clause in the casino for three days yet how that works out not so great but i was this close to possibly the academy could have been run indulged simpson and seen i'm really drunk it could have been a blessing in disguise if you're down like a shitload of money and you see oj walk by his basically like what watching doktor kevorkian walked down the hall you're down five thousand bucks and you just go up you like you know this is a great way to end it hey hey ojo your piece of shit and his lips
take care of you re right and this also i feel equal jade simpson should get kicked out bars because he was this captive and breaking glasses but like if about your conduct like hey i'm not killing anyone like spent that's right you think i'm actually being rom actually being oj aerospace baby set the bar pretty low for exactly it's ok man i understand this here very drunk and disorder so one thing about this is there's nothing there roderick adele hates more than when his prayers get drunk and like act up in a night club so spends on maybe godot finally come to senses and suspend be nice it would be nice he's got a few those doesn't you think you know what i have said that orgy had to do this we have a spin zone this one is for my boss ah outrider i guess a rod corp he said that he so busy with iran corp that he
can't be the manager of the yankees so is actually kind of just these doing danny boy came more who said that he was not to be the guest pickering came dayton just kind of take him his name out of the hat before it was even put in their like when just willox said preemptively he's how can a date highly bury right does not just classic joke on joe it's part or here's one here's one for you i'm too busy with iran corp to do a television show so that's pretty good so you know it stay sorry i can't make it good for you i don't even want to television show because i'm too busy supporting my friend who has a very high stress job at iraq twenty ride court by way i were circling around a bit
ike for dates with nay rods it with other a rod corp employees and when i say we i mean the third date i well we said we have to draw up a good of you to draw a picture of naked iran as a minute aren't no not yet so i'm who i went i go to the bathroom and tax on the island as a catholic has gone well hey iraqi a ride you look hot a five many idea so much is clear i've met peak other employees of iraq corp the best corporation in the world the greatest co i could ever ask for
and hopefully at some point we will have my boss i'm a little a little woke to iraq corp i'm not so sure that a rod actually works on iraq were oh yeah i think i think that he's just can like the invisible guy behind the scenes like a nineteen eighty four guys like good the wizard and i so i behind the current so you basically iran has people that set up a corporation and called it a rod corp so that everyone would assume that iran work then so i feel bad whenever suit i've a ride would never try to put a company out of business that was named a rod court i guess he loves his own name so my i feel bad that i have to explain such like rudimentary you no business tactics to you put clearly i do as someone from a rod corp i know how the high world of signing baseball's works when you get to arise level that's all fanciful where's my throne we get to arouse level you have your business work for you not you work of your business you run
are you running your business is your business running you that john tafurs right is your you make your money work for you sir it's got his that's what risk i say when they have so much my they can just put in a bank and make so much more money is make your money work for you and they start making my money were from vienna has only does not work for if you give you just a penny everyday oh you get pretty easy ten thousand dollars i think we gotta i reentered listen i know that i know that in theory five million dollars is more than three hundred thousand dollars but to ten thousand still sounds better calf i'm sticking with my god cash now we ve heard or injured a too for the first is vince carter so what happened with its carter vince quarter missed nights game with kidney stones ok so was at her injured explains a big cat kitty stones if i have this right you just drink too much milk and then you p rocks yes or basically jim harbour hasn't taken a liquid piss
in his entire life he just be the pieces rocks out of yields pebble it's like a pebble gun yeah his his bow urethra looks like it's just head like a we need or taken to set it on a hell actually so so how do you get kitty stones and why would i got many were a lot ice it's killing poop there comes out the front yard better that's what happens when you poop out your dick he so it's just excess calcium i guess vince carter has it because essentially he's just old he's i've heard or injured he's just old actually idler gelato so material yeah big july twenty july is more healthy for it because it without all the air bubbles rights that's probably why haven't paid out put on my dick yet always let us move me how you don't have to worry about those oxygen crystal home now i wouldn't i i want to say this right now if i ever get kitty stones
i might have you guys you shoot me like or out keep my afterwards just for the solely only wisely necklace you not what it is like a mood ring instead of the ring and suddenly these don't play games like a poker shall necklace kidney stone you're shark yes sharp teeth actually like in many cultures that would be just a demonstration of how for you are truly look at all this stuff but through my debt write what have you done what have you done away also like so you have a back events quarter he i guess he was like just pissing all game you might well just i like vince quarter is out because he just in the bathroom opened his old gotta be the first got him is a game with osteoporosis member that that's like up and bishop member and stately cup when he just left as yet the shit's and he came back and he was that's basely if you use have diarrhoea enough that you can just be like i can't play right now dinah diary is a great excuse for everything that had it for five this i actually more about that in the gym but i have some breaking news i ned yossi fill out of a tree so ass he heard her under he broke his pelvic pelvis and
falling out now i was up there i think you're the hunting work because he's a baseball guy says yeah there's a baseball man move yeah i physical players hunt yeah what they also just climbed trees i think i feel like i've read five different into reports about a guy a baseball player this can hurt in the tree or around the tree somehow i i don't wanna like i think hunting would be cool i've never really done it but the active just sitting in a tree all day so
you just shoot animal after twenty four hours dad always i never really understood that oil so ok you might have to explain himself to me about finance but i need to explain some stuff to you about being outdoorsman ok because climbing a tree is fucking austria but it's not really climbing true have like china telling us outward we're not talk about hunting out a whole outside i'm talking you tree to tree right now ok ok climbing a tree is awesome yes sitting in a tree is also it'll have to kill anything from the tree through you go up a tree and you just kill some beers no lesser sitting in a tree is great yes have you ever party then yes i had great until you have to get down there and then you like while this gotta socks and experimental yeah britannia breast feed injuries third nothing joke about a pelvis injury that to me is just whenever i see pelvis unlike that's an old person that needs to just die right yeah that's it you will come back repellents quarters gonna sit out a game like a broken pelvis and right right exactly that's just too much i we have radio war so this happy
in boston radio wars it was basically so might vulgar bashed re holiday and then for going to explain horse is situated i dont know these guys named really think tank can i grew up in this situation but felder bashed roy halliday because he had the audacity to die as one does and so if you're in the sports talk busy gotta take about that so we all have a takes it essentially like this guy was selfish for dying nobody can really to screw that and now she said the words surfed deserve to die just re created the like he made like spluttering sounded since i did like another san what it's like to crusher happier plane so we went after a dead guy from fraud the afghan and then another ay ay listen in sports talk radio the best waited
you know get ratings is go after go can who can climb back so to speak so i'm gonna call the first guy they did this charter had kindly childhood and then is actually a fuckin was causing idea her and then a loggerhead she said was like hey this charter head was saint bad stuff about roy holidays eighty deserve die you see the way was dressed who's asking for tat sort of thing and so then that the loggerhead shows up to the charter heads place of business but the lawyer it is calling into his own radio station cause spends on he's also a boston sports talk guy he's like i'm making this in the content and he does a thing where he is like in my being detained and are being detained well security guy or was it
i think as a security guy who also could have had a talk show career at some point because he was very loud and he knew how to how to how to talk in the best and they just screamed at each other about roy holiday for being dead and then the isaac he's touching me he's got his hands on me like reporting back on the air got it was it was high seat abide by far the best part of the whole thing though was recurring guess scots lack who works at the radius always protests from just happen let me point out at the time and users peeped in basically hit many hannah was like pop you gonna fuckin scots all lack whose honour show the super week that guy is awesome is due member we did that we did that in our view unlike busily the side of the street and he is he brings the energy all energy is he is quite a guy s so i think i don't know anything i resolved in this light the argument of fake apology that he basically like had to apologise because station made him he was a green off a script with like absolutely no like census
i his voice what does it was pretty much was it was lost in sports talk like bid radio war controversies in boston are probably the towns biggest cultural export when you say that kirk and who is on parcel radio sitting impartial radio and he came on that guy talented and in the fact that he knows how to get like eyeballs like that was his start was probably something we would end up doing like words like we're protests were protests thing like that boss you just get eyeballs like that was it was all eyeballs on he basically sit all vantage allow another guys controversy which is linked to thing to do in a radio demonstrate cohesive see just how could he saw another guy was getting all the all the news first take great and he is i m really come over those guys controversy as an asset that is a big time move when you're the best next up we have before you rose we have a humans verse the sun update pill nigh
read it may and he basically someone asked them if the sun is cold and he gave an actual answer we said if this if the sun is hot how come spaces cold and he said there's a lot of space ok so i guess that makes sense on the surface level but then i was thinking isn't space the very definition of space being like completely empty yes i was basis so how can you have a lot of nothing well here's here's really the rub right thanks mind just got blown away i don't it does not have put in their hank just tipped his head back and sword for me at the mouth he had so scientists scientist you're right in everything you just said thank you but i have another thing to say bill my he did say the space that son his hot ok
he said he tried to say that there is also a person who did like of five paragraph response basely com a fraud hot fraud and things like a fake scientists he s like basically bachelors degree mechanical engineering and nineteen seventy five and he's a stand up comedian created this characteristic that has no scientific background basically businessman cat fishing america for the last thirty years right so the fact that here
as the sun is hot is further proof that is called i would absolutely conclude that he's it he's a proven lives so fact all he's done his entire adult life is lie to us why would you think this is indifferent only reason people like till night is because of that the aims on the actual shows science guys a burial but will pull the lamp science got after they have remembered the song i don't like i don't like this no word he had put the city sought by the time when the substitutes are poles in that tv thing we're watching bill night yes you get hype for the themes oh yeah oh yeah through the tea on the cart you gonna card with the rope around it to keep it on the cottagers that the card always had outlets on it yeah that you could plug into but those outlets never doubt their free standing out i don't think that that outward has ever worked in its life little science project is not connected anything it's moving electricity like while their looks like technology while this we have a future in the classroom there's outlets god i deny these were the powers and worry over her projector kid myself the ninetys were the past outlets were literally like next level technology
its ivanhoe stay walked by the way so why fine just in general wifi it's gotta be killing all this right not right in all this data passing to know for sure we're gonna die when we're fifty hold on bringing new internet really came a friggin you just gotta tax for billy football update on my wide receiver life looks like some practice can stuff some film i'm going to play it and i'm going to give you my cake right on are here we go i'm playing it all you got to give release oh yeah he got off okay occasionally he caught it with one hand billy i want you to listen to me real quick okay the good lord gave you two hands one hand you're spitting in god's face oh my god he looks but he had a good really great release but need the speed it looks like it might be called
i deal she deal shoulder shake to ah at all while you know what i know what i don't like about this billy just send us like the biggest highlight that he's had this year billy i won't see the low lights how trust there you just getting all the seniors water villages watching this high fighting helios noah he's waters is no less than a hundred times and i are so let's get rose before the like i said i looted to a brig news i have a jumbo fellas we gotta get to go to the to the dry re sport days since last accidents to so i put my pants i did
when i was standing waiting for the train on wednesday morning now if i could if i could if i could defend myself quickly i mean you're amongst friends there so i was in vegas for four days in vegas wool do things to authority or two year old body that shouldn't be repeated and i had economic issues and i i like a set of lost eight lost like eight pounds trait with about what durability related eyes i don't know i have no idea but either way standing waiting for my train and i ve tried to fort was poop there how to make the decision whether i go home change or just go to the office and deal with it at the office i'm lazy so i chose a ladder i got on it rain i was sweating pockets like ever was staring at me causes a slight guy just pooped his pants on the train
and i was there was a visual evidence of this i know i too share of visual l i check that was the only thing that was saving me thy came anti europe a sweater hundreds throughout my underwear and i wore i wore shorts underneath my genes for the rest of the day you should have just saw wednesday you should throw your underwear into the sink yeah it was it was it was a scene so would you have done if someone near you had like seen it happen i feel like i'm at this point i am so establishes like a pants pooper it out of my car harry is again just he'll guy if i were you out of this i would have a kind of played up the fact that maybe i'm homeless me i'm a transient i would just like spread my legs out and laid down on the subway bench in that way if you do have poop show you just go put himself but you know he's almost listen as satellite and then i put my pants i just wanna stated again i was sick and it had been
in a year and a half since i had put my pants the previous time grass a pretty good run no not enough really yes it's been about a counter you're ok that's a pretty goes wrong idea that's a per if i can get it down once a year on i can live with that right once it's like a holiday fridays you get to travellers i guess i'll just go i that investment is i e which is a scary part is like i didn't really panic as like ok well now we go through the game plan you know what to do damn like it's gotta get yourself too about the protocol hose yourself down throw away her underwear horrible i put this is we ve been through this before we can deal with this so i just want to get out there what is about whether the the carnage look like on the anywhere else that is liquid but his bet compared to when we had which britain the office any port chile into our diaper similar but not as nodded
ok let's get he hath the noise liquid rush liquid the ethically pistres all right i just i basically guineas donor but exactly thank you hang spends on of the century now sick i shouldn't i wanted millville plainer be again so that's how i tell banner was i hate withdrew it roaster back there what a mischief the but either way make sure you subscribe on itunes we are no longer a pike ass one if we listen to this on pike s one you're a ghost yeah grass oh yeah you're eared russian hacker yes so make sure you subscribe on itunes tell everyone to subscribe on itunes and leave europe anytime you want cuz we'll bring them back you know once a month we usually do them so if you ever feel inclined leave that five star review we appreciate it helps us and put your roast in there so hank gross simple f these guys in their vests and their non ironic mustaches and their look at my lady length long hair they're funny
or a bloated housewife in her strung out husband teaching their son had alighted marlborough wait i think i think he museum i then am i the loading why how am i wrong yeah that's fine does this purse was making us up maybe this guy look to the future you knew that i was on a diary diet and maybe i put us getaway exactly what you ve got a couple bad pictures recently i not that i haven't i haven't i not i didn't so people have been saying what pictures there is one where you just how it was more your sweatshirt i noticed the right awake cells like that's a slow yeah that's when we had we would lose two dahlia illegal were coming out you get there any like yeah was one my posture sometimes my posture is lacking yet its ongoing problem but it was it was a baggy shirt and so when you're sitting in bad posture with baggy shirt then the shirt expands and goes in different directions and your stomach hangs out
and you're a it just looks bad all round but it's not that i didn't like it i saw a lot of those comments i didn't like it i told delete those comments that you a gender fluid blonde a physical beta and suitably single producer risk losing their high level gas through bits involving way too many bodily fluid closer the thing about this person is colorblind cause i'm not blonde yeah also now we have use bodily flows in a way which will take you think i'm blonde do i think one already i think anglers your blog i think anxious thinks that if you have long here your blog know your blog you think you're not blunt little blonde are what are you this is progress the dreaded blue grotto like you all this fucking color rush to see hawks uniforms burn your retinas and you can't recognise go any more ok here it is in all this you routes or brown beer hairs blunt you get highlights that the sun does
sub boys highlights before the game i'm not i'm not alec poacher gas or not this one makes sense in iser haiku some boys the support for that pompey of tee o his hair whack gear wackos like that part when i say whack it's our capital that we as you snap societal riah his head whack his gear whack his jewellery whack has put stance wag the way he talks whack the way he doesn't even like to smile whack that's it
but what about this over a part of that was my footsteps because i actually grew that i have terrible foot posture if we broke your foot while the others probably part of it we ve ever see just like a candid picture me jesus are like my foot my ankle be like we're just rolled in awful closer so that i can actually respect what the person you're smart like you don't you smile a smile of beautiful but it wasn't bout your smile was your i dont use near me i hear your refusal to smile fifty you're angry too tall man the tools
a full bodied feline in the drummer muppets embrace late in one about being fired from your tv show while producer hank worries whether will ever be able to make up for his troublesome kinkel comments listen i don't think that we ve ever complained about being far from achieving no we do not we have not discussed it we have mentioned to know we that is not our style to live in the past so i don't know which show this purse we we like to roast ourselves and we're gonna keep roasting ourselves because that's funny if you can laugh yourself you can laugh at any one i think rich rustles in southern unanswered gremlins he probably he plagiarize out just looked up like wondered what are you laughing yours what to say when you want people like you peter what what is self deprecation mean blind woman and his sidekick recorded god gas in which they attempt to teach their illiterate millennial child the proper way to hold an aviano i like that i like it i like how that started i dont could sir you are child i can hear you like our nephew the
nebula argyll yeah yeah yeah i considered billy's older cousin i consider you like a street kid that we came across one day that store something from us and we chase you down and we punch tuna we felt bad because we beat you up and like i will take very long like unless during the plateau hypodermic basically only worsen the guys you haven't i also felt there's no upon panting that's it that's it more but those are pretty girls will more more gives one more feels good basically mom and dad describing in detail how woman's body worse then they let you little brother practice reading those
but those ones i like is just like all people say carried out our appreciate their area every single shall hank i think the best way to stop how can i be illiterate if i read ever show that europe is the best way to stop at hank is to just keep saying how much you hate it when people say that yet an aura the war out and they start and then if you wanna do like maybe a change up on that repertoire tell everyone how much you hate twitter mickey read more words oh here's a general i tweeted that two hundred forty characters is that of any other that's too much reading just a prank enraptured two hundred eight just a prey to under forty too much do irey reading a general obligation to reduce it by half is exactly that is our show we have of a really fun interview coming monday we had frank kelly on very like we were all kind of waterways thoroughgoing while those actually lotta for i think after like real time i think frank is like my best friend and you can tell that frank your nerves do impressions problem
no one else i asked my jerome original nervous i aced it but yet frank was like it was a gift terribly session was for of course he usually gets on these shows well i'd usually like mike mike and there's not there's no comedian in america that my green burg likes more than frank kelly and diverse community lies an absolute but when they bring frank on their just like hey make us latvia make us do another impression jailer pursue frank talked about like behind the scenes his area little bit and there was actually very interested very interesting lot of funny stories from working a fox and we did do a couple unprecedented some scrip reading and we had a very funny prank call that i think everyone alike and that's coming on monday will see that the house is as you know what i'm sick of like all these boston radio shack jocks resorting to the lowest common denominator tuna mundane here prank call is refrigerators running let me guess love football
david david what what what what what what paper people didn t do what it can do
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