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Poker Legend Daniel Negreanu + Mount Rushmore Of Flavors

2018-07-11 | 🔗

France has advanced and we talk a little soccer including Ronaldo running away from Messi and who gets the team of destiny tag (2:21 - 9:17). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Lebron and his Blaze Pizzas and PFT is staring at dude's legs (9:17 - 23:29). Mt Rushmore of Flavors (23:29 - 33:53). Poker Legend Daniel Negreanu joins the show to talk about the professional poker life, the time he was bet 550,000 dollars he couldn't shoot an 80 at a golf course within a year, and the time his friend lost a bet saying he could eat 1,000 dollars worth of McDonalds in 36 hours (33:53 - 62:11) . Segments include Bachelor talk for guys that don't watch the Bachelor, the debut of our newest segment "Good job getting the 12 kids out of that Thai cave" and Guys on Chicks. 

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on today's pardon my take we have kid poker daniel negron you poker star we have a really fun conversation with him about some of the crazy prop bets he's had in his life making it as a poker player basically being a degenerative gamp degenerate gambler and loving life we also have the mount rushmore of flavors which is surely going to be contentious hot seat cool thrown an because it's wednesday guys on chicks before we get to all of that dollar shave club you gotta get it guys dollar shave club has everything you need to get ready in the bathroom yes that dollar shave club the guys from back in the day they deliver everything you need to look feel and smell at your best you name it shampoo conditioner body wash toothpaste hair gel even a wipe that will leave your tush your took us feel
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join the club today and use that code empty all right let's go well part of my he eleven and hall
hi it's a three meg if you go home you would do so but i get home live yellow car and i was talking soccer so frances in the finals do you you watch i watched the highlights of the game ok that's fine there were very few it was very exciting for the first half was actually one of those rare games where as a true soccer fan you watch it and it's zero like that was actually still exciting and then france scored and be wasted so much time at the end of the game bop a who is the break
star of the tournament so he's going to get paid like how does that work one hundred and fifty million dollars one hundred and fifty quid trillions yeah tons of money transfer fees are awesome people actually can't turn on though because he did in all time time wasting move at the end of the game where it was like a throw in for belgium and he just took the ball and start dribbling away like running away from the game i like it you know what i've really come to respect about soccer players is how much they just fucking hate referees and how much they just try to get under their skin even in the dumbest of understand so if the ball goes out of bounds they'll do this thing where they run like twenty yards up the field with the ball and just take it a meaningless twenty yards and then like throw it in backwards just to piss the rough off yet challenging bless you won't call me on this yeah or they do the basically soccer players have this knack where they look like when you were like five years old
you're in the pool or maybe you had to be you had to go to bed and you just move as slow as possible when the when a team is up and the sub's someone they're just dragging their feet they would really look like a five year old being like hey alright enough cartoons you got to go to bed and just like taking everything step so slowly going up taking forty five minutes to go up the stairs just so you can stay up a little past your bedtime that soccer players they all i usually try to sub for the guy that's like as far away from center field as possible it doesn't matter if they want that guy to come out or not and i always love it when like the wrong dude starts coming out is you know it's not me it's in the public eye do the hug said twa yeah they do the big hog they do like you know you gotta do across you get across shelf up you gotta do everything jump over the line get the little sprint and then you can go in that's how it works that's how it works in soccer and i did watch like a few clips of the game i wanted to watch the game but i couldn't today were
king for a pop punk huh about serving pleasant thursday shameless plug yep roc your face off i was i ever got a springer asked what that off too i actually had you on my hot seat but when you talk about it now let's see what you do it because you have to perform in front of a live in the eleven hundred people that's fine so go go to irving plaza thursday night it's coming awesome show i listen to pop punk practice and they're sick their dope thank you that's what the kids are so anyways but yeah so france is in the final yeah and we will find out if it's england or croatia i want to say england but i mean the the croats they're nice and scrappy i like it yeah they are yeah the english team looks like the the croats with a shower well the croats have a golden generation going belgium also medical generation so we're over one golden generations in the semifinals is there a golden generation of destiny who's the team in testing i think it's croatia right because they believe russians the team had no croatia is of golden generation england
team of destiny france is the up and comers okay the restaurant is actually they're talking about possible dynasty also france even want anything might be too soon for these kids yeah the moment might be zero four thousand that they don't have the experience did you hear about it okay england has a lot of experience in losing big games so i kinda like them to to lose this one to croatia i just i i like how how like scraggly the croatian players are they just have that element of like a little bit of slime to him yeah and england it's like to try to hard not to be so i mean i don't i i've turned the corner on which is again the get the south gate in his three yes three piece suit that we saw at once so you ellie that's intelligence philly greenberg i i just think i think royce is going to going to be a little bit too slimy for the bridge to grab on to in back pay i pre imba pay because i'm probably saying his name rocky mbappe bum bob yet but uh oh that's a good one real life for that hank adnan casting but he's nineteen
so he's kind of taking the shine away from jayson tatum and everyone just saying just datums nineteen over and he's a teeny bopper yeah i i love love when people just get on like like can you believe is nineteen he's a nineteen and bart says is playing an actual tournament again yeah griezmann yeah nineteen bob is nineteen like think about that guys he's nineteen he's not even twenty do you think that if croatia wins the world cup that russia is just going to an him i am now now you're russian territory again yeah i mean they would have to go up against all those flares that people just hold in the in the in the square in croatia the ones where they stay show where i think a whole countries there they just like them so everyone has a flair yeah and just thrown around like you see the i i remember there watch i was watching i think was the quarterfinals and some woman was like can you get that flare out of my face guys like no dude that's it's flared
yeah from what i know about croatia the entire countries either on fire or a beach yeah there's no in between useful beach yes great beaches yeah that kind of with people in a like check it out yeah duration that's really it your dumb stereo types in your brain wrong that's where they have yacht week too you might recognize croatia from all the pictures that fake instagram models take one week every year i don't even think it's super models go on yacht week anymore realize that passe 'cause it's like such a suck and fuck fest that you like you have to do that sounds awful more like thought we could he thought we gotta ride shows up we also had i guess we're going to just talk soccer because it's a soccer podcast now we have ronaldo going eventis thoughts who ventis usually juventas qb is going to juvie i think it's a good thing
that you don't score goals in syria wait he's going to syria syria ok so he's going to play soccer in syria they don't score goals in that league right in italy it's just all about defense so if he gets his one free kick a game then his team is probably going pretty good so stands next to the goal stands next to the goal so i guess that's good running for messi shadow with spain to spain is not big enough for the two of them yeah so barcelona n alone and real madrid alright that was too much soccer i do love the world cup that was too much are you going to miss it i'm going to miss the world cup well of course i'm going to miss it i'm going to miss it i'm also going to miss like having meaningful sports going on right yeah yeah of course that's why god invented mount rushmore let's let's actually let's swap it up though today let's kind of do a little heavy hey on the listeners let's do hot sequel through and then we'll do our mount rushmore ok so pfd you start you go first yeah once you go for all right hot seat chicks well chicks babes women okay fifty
yes this will call females now on the hot seat the fees the fees because because jerry o'connell has a new show on bravo right it's called real men watch bravo okay wait jerry o'connell he's invited me fat kid from stand by us yeah i'm back that that was it's not really does that very five years ago but yeah that's that's exactly what i thought when i saw the name he's hosting a show called real men watch bravo and it is going to feature only dudes talking about bravo shows put them in a manly way ok so far there's a show on tv for guys
yeah it's got very kavallerie where we can watch g color blf yes of the fight the one the one channel that you could always count on to maybe not have do not know how to do it on it yes i think we finally reached a quality now okay nice so checks on the hot seat fees i'm also putting future on the hot seat old future not the future but future the guy put wait old feet future our future future well odd future's group yes or future future is an artist yes odd future and future now your with i'm thinking like yeah you do whole space time continuum thing okay future the singer the devious cash is real but davis cash david davis cash is there an apostrophe in there yes yes that's an awesome in the davis cash is on the hot seat be
as russell wilson is absolutely killing the sexy dance game and dancing with c r o yeah i don't know if you saw the wizard to kiki challenge sure yeah so he did he did a video we see are a doing this little weird dance and he stole the show yeah so you take us you are she's a you know professional performer she's got moves false russell wilson was in background killing it he did the thing that guys should really stick to doing when you dance which is like sway back and forth a little bit and they just sat down yeah he started nodding his head yes seek dancing at a wedding is actually the best way to go kind of move your arms little just never get out of your seat and you're like yeah i'm just i don't want to get sweaty keep your eyes down field that is what is that song called kiki do you love me yeah and my role and i said i'm sorry weird it's another drake song about like creeping on check in my feelings okay it's called yeah that's another drake song that's like twice as slow as it should be yeah and i'm not sure because rap here talking much check that doesn't love him that he's been stock cool drake
my cool throne is elon musk yeah as his submarine didn't kill anybody go ok so baby submarines had the baby submarine didn't kill it will fucking dick you should just fast forward and become iron man that's what he wants to do he wants to be tony's which is named tony stark yeah that's what he wants to do he wants to be a shity tony wants to be tony stark on quaaludes the we're going to get to that i stuff in segments but just elon musk like crucial to whoever the guy was in thailand who had to tell jan must like dude we're trying to rescue
kids were not trying to fucking like go to the moon in this tiny mini submarine you idiot we're not we're not trying to disrupt the cave dive rescue economy right and then you see that he was like i'm actually going to leave my mini sub behind in case they need in case somebody someone else gets trapped in case another soccer team pictures down in the same case yeah into the cave that doesn't fit the mini sub that i created and named after the soccer team like a real asshole to really let people know that i'm gonna ask wh get outta here ilama he's like trying to start a rivalry against jeff bezos he's like he's chris ballard the guy from the colt single rivalries back on right about the patriots but he's trying to pick a fight with basos and bases like dude my robot dogs would just kiss all over this if they'd use that as a chew toy first rule about like harvesting everyone's brain don't talk about it yeah like that's it's pretty simple elon we have a pretty thing pretty good thing going there like six billionaires in the united states and we have a pretty good thing going where people don't think were totally evil yet but you're out here
and it up for everybody on what if elon musk was just like a really stupid guy that jeff bezos hired to do really stupid things to get everyone off the scent of his robot that's i mean that's a good mailing a a little too much that's that's a very good point probably get killed by owls yeah my next cool throne is still going to jerry richardson to jerry richardson's on the cool thrown sunday yeah well the panthers officially got sold i feel like that's been happening for like the last eight months right it's been sold like five times but officially now i'm told that it sold and and what not to be that is some nerd ask finance guy obviously temper pepper i don't ever jon taffer at the panthers and one of the stipulations in the contract was the panthers had to keep a statue up of jerry richardson i like it so there keeping the statue up there
just put jeans on the statue of friday absolutely just have fun with it like some people are going to complain about it if you just tell pulled that the statues of dean smith no one's going to the difference yeah you or you could do like those googly eyes that like you know like in arts and crafts when you're a little kid and they had like the eyes that you put on a piece of paper the googly eyes it go around you know that checking out all these great walk by every chick that walks by an impaired denim pants as he eyes followed them across stadium sized going everywhere is that it i can do one more thing ok go ahead ok my final cool throne is staring at dudes legs oh that's real it's back and it's also on the cool throne because eli manning checks are on the hot seat and stereos legs are in the cool thing no no i didn't say dudes legs i said staring at dudes dogs is on the appropriate because eli manning says he doesn't often stare at another man's legs yes he stares at his own legs but he said that he and help but notice when sequan barkley is walking around that
quads are the size of you i manning's whole upper body did you see you are many got rated thirty six best quarterback in madding madden this year soft sounds great you just keep going down and down and down then he's going to play for another seven years yeah absolutely yeah i think one barkley not to go finish he was on you guys bye bye bye that sees a sleeper sleeper time see you're not going to believe it big time workhorse hank my hot seat i have a few that's alright my first one is lebron james credibility so he's already kind of known as a fraud for leaving cleveland twice and just decimating the entire franchise but today he a step further his own company blaze pizza put on a pizza party form coming ballet celebration where they said in two and five will give out free pizzas at all rla plays pizza locations prime launching out in lebron tweet did have him into a pizza party in a minute with the thinking emoji
and then he said culver city question mark with the eyes emoji which made people think that he was going to culver city location people waiting in line for four he never showed up his wife put up into in him just sitting on a on a donut pool float that said don't kill my vibe so you know what it was though they were just smoking kobe out there just trying to find where like where the bomb was or the sniper culver city blaze pizza i mean everybody it's a pizza party right what is lebron james doing out in el a that's cooler than i can't imagine there's nothing else going on in la that's better than showing up to a pizza place yeah absolutely not free pizza well he's paying for the well how does that because he owns the pizza establishment right revealed to figure that out yeah so technique is making money because as we've established if you give away enough product we're talking about it right now we're giving him free fucking advertising it show by the way this skip like had the greatest tweet he said dear libre
you can't buy the love of true long time laker fans by giving away pizza from the chain which you own a reported forty million steak you have to earn their love on the court no meltdowns no quote marks yeah let's yeah let's get back to the crap game but it's not even cramps what is what was he really doing because it's quotes cramping well it was a heat wave in los angeles this week's over a hundred degrees out there he probably couldn't make it outside i want to see like some story about how like you know people had to be displaced from their homes but lebron's electricity bill was through the that actually is why there's been that's why the grid failed because john finally showed up and was just playing music in instagram storing himself not time you know it was it was lebron james wine cooler wind sorry has has has to keep those reds at a perfect fifty degrees fahrenheit zapped all the electricity yeah when i go way to go the braun way to make a good first impression you know who else was famous from pizza parties by the way hello hillary clinton who
i am john podesta roger goodell tempted pizza maps yeah mmhm my other hot seat i few others gordon hayward she said she had a girlie put up instagram video one of those reveals where they like reveal the near of their next kid he already has two girls and this was another girl and he was probably the saddest person i've ever seen so over one hundred million air so what you're saying is chicken on the hot seat the yeah they are for three of the many of them in the hayward household yeah but the the line daddy's always happy was will put this in and here you were right daddy happy that is always happy but it was so good because he was so so angry hands on his hips i don't understand why they put that up i don't either
maybe they thought it was funny or maybe gordon thought he hit well like no i played off cool yeah i'll tell you who's not happy about so she probably know until people start saying it yeah yeah second where we problem is gonna be pissed about this too to be that that's just one fewer potential viewers our and then my last thought she was lip fillers so kylie jenner got her lip fillers which i lift lift fillers there like it you know kylie jenner they like make your lips bigger like kind of like botox but they're called lip fillers ok so kylie jenner was and so i called this goal person that yeah she had him everyone got him and then she took hers out in everyone's like oh what the fuck so i'll let you go now so let me know if on the hot seat doing clips out yes ok are but still in
as of right now you know what i need to be attractive but will definitely go out at some point like you know they'll be a point where kim kardashian all the internationals take the but like i don't know i don't know if you go down and yeah i don't know if you can on inject ball you can do any kind of drug i don't know what the listing was that things get caught connie with it with a straw they'll just get a you get that possibly end up gabby union over there yeah stock that you know that one out of her yeah you need in a garden hose yeah i can get this cleaned the vote is no more and my cool throne is streetball crossovers and dunks so it's that time of the nba year when all the nba players playing these like random leagues across the country and they just have these like crazy like point games are crazy dunks from the whole the whole crowd is wrong yeah the germans are yeah but there's there's a bunch there's some new yorkers are la yeah so those are the cool to so just cool dunks around the cool throw can i say something that might be i don't know it's not hot take i'm just like i don't need the nba
i don't need it in my face nba gets like ten months now i can take a break we will give me a little bit of a break from the a b i love the m yeah love basketball for second favorite sport but like i just i don't need to talk about every single thing that happens the nba summer league i also it's a bit of a stretch to call the league because it lasts for what like two weeks yes just records yeah and it's just like i don't know don't you feel like the nba's cut given they're doing what the nfl wouldn't like cuban said you know hogs pigs get fat hogs go to slaughter yeah i feel like the nba is way to interface weights like just chill like free agency july first let us have july just get ready for football right but in the end in the hot seat then just said yeah i guess i am because it actually works with my other hot seat is summer because i don't know if you guys have started it yet but it happened to me last night i was sitting on the couch and i started thinking about saturday morning
and the camera going over college game day this set and i was just like oh fuck he's gotta get here soon yeah it's gotta get here soon but last week i i looked at the schedule it said like less than a month until training camp starts your name but if you are at a low percent of people that i think don't like the summer my no no no no no no no no i don't i look i know you i don't i don't listen i like i don't know yeah i like i like this summer but i love football and i don't i mean i don't think it's i think i'm in a high percentage of men that right around this time you start daydreaming about football i'm started to daydream about football little i like close my eyes and i think about illinois play in purdue at eleven o'clock and beth moments being beth mowins being like there's another punt per here's how the schedule goes for me in the summer it's like all or nothing comes out on amazon so i blow through that then
last chance u comes out yep and i blow through that and then hard now is there anyone's hard knocks gets there it's on yes and it's too hot it's too hot it's nice still hot stare at you just go outside stare at men's legs talked about this but i think it was like one of our company i think this is one of our first podcast so like i can't i'm like the big dog big dogs in the summer they don't work like once the fall comes around i get my get my energy back i start running around all crazy watching football sweater right now i just want to lay on like a bed of ice like that bulldog picture just chill out all right my cool throne is actually me because i got my third jury duty notice that i've ignored and do that so i've decided the solution is to just like pretend it doesn't exist i'm good that works like i was i was thinking about fighting it for a little bit and be like alright maybe i'll do this maybe i'll put you know what serenity now like i'm just
i'm just not going to worry about jury duty by the way twelve angry men would be a great name for a show on bravo so if you're listening programmers out there that's true yeah jerry o'connell jerry o'connell jerry o'connell jerry o'connell and then e from entourage that's pretty good show right there should we do mount rushmore flavors let's do it this one is this was gonna be a little contentious i think be us get given the definition for them for what is a flavor hank hop flavor is defined as the distinctive taste of the food or drink okay let's do it all right so how do i want to go snake or snakes we always just make now yes all okay once you go first thank okay we'll go it hank big cat me okay first flavor yes cold beer that's one all right okay
i had that as well red meat ok guys walt medium rare plus yeah medium rare plus funny do you guys threw off my touch with that but but but meat is cooked to a certain fleet now red meat i'm going to wrestle with me counts you know what red meat you jerky red meat like that so it's red meat it's america don't try to fuckin' flavor don't flavor fact check alright you guys throughout my strategy because i was just going to do my entire list of stadium foods 'cause that went over so well we're going to hold onto the floor even though you've been like over five is going to just i was just going to repeat those but my first one i'm going to go with chocolate peanut a combo that's good that's good i feel like that was actually a very credit to us back on the who's back an hot scene coulter on credit to us that was very
very very very strong strong i will say that sometimes it can get a little dry if you get if you get a bad baked good that's chocolate peanut butter combo in turn it can turn s pretty quick so fake races are trash anyways knocked up ever had a hydrax not fuck that yeah my second one is going to be a coke slurpee oh intro crazy where is my post freeze yeah that's interesting are you saying it's bad no i'm saying what's ever sort of coke freeze in an ice cold coke another pretty similar some kind of double dipping on that one okay i know it's interesting because i thought that you would take this one how about some buffalo sauce yep that was gonna be my third that's your thing i just see let me let left it open i wouldn coke for not on my list could save it all right i'll go i'll go mint chocolate chip and riptide rush
okay i'm not a huge riptide rush guy yeah but but i respect your commitment to choosing one gatorade flavor okay the only gatorade flavor see i would have said blue gatorade's and then you get several underneath that umbrella but but the only good one is the light note the white one yeah that's a great thing about our iphones messing things up they just toss the word white in front of other flavors in this new flavor like white sherry yeah what you're like wheat yeah white yeah the white owls yeah great i'll and it's guess what will get you get you soul mellow that you'll sit on your couch in like cal coach and purple elephant are i will go with i'm going to go with cookies and cream okay cookies cream great flavor okay that's really good one
um alright i'm going to go with let me go with cool ranch hum love good love a good cool ranch flavor yeah that's a delay in there's nothing like it out in the wild do you can't i i will i would yeah i'd say that's true it is manufactured completely synthetic flavor when jim i'd say it's the best synthetic flavor yeah that's been created ever and then for my last one i'm going to go with nachos nachos yes now got nacho cheese or not chosen not good nachos i think the taste of a food or drink ok all right well you know what i'm going to do it 'cause my fourth is a little bit different too so just back me up here what about love well i've had love here was my fourth the taste of victory that's it
during my last one to love and no yeah no no no no no this is like chess once you take your hand off the month off the peace so taste of victory is my last one that's a strong my last one i will let baja blast now so that was our mount rushmore was to some honorable mentions but we are shocked the didn't do barbara couple who same thing you want to do you want to tell everyone what barbara couple over couple is probably should be an invented sauce at this point it's part is when you take barbecue sauce and buffalo sauce and you combine them for all you know maybe a little softap when it comes to the hot wings like i don't like him too hot like the flavor so you put a little barbecue sauce on it and masks the hotness of the buffalo sauce but you can still get the distinct taste ok
yeah yeah we we actually talked about doing it for one of us doing it first because we thought for sure you're going to doing good good thing we didn't so baja blast is i agree with that's a good choice it's such a great flavor and it you know what they might have tricked us it might not be that great of a flavor but the fact that you can only get it at taco bells it told it makes it scarcely one hour 'cause he hank actually people forget hank drink baja blast before anyone in america did years before usually guinea pig thank you for your service on welcome for saying it was delicious proved it yeah you did you rush they say you invented it you have is it baja blast what else do we miss i had snickerdoodle snickerdoodle free is not mount rushmore for me but it's a good flavor watermelon always good water just grape stuff yeah great just great in general maple syrup that's a good one breakfast sausage oh that's a great player
but you got to live but only because of the maple syrup well no no because you can have spicy breakfast sausage or you can have maple sage breakfast sausage which is what you're talking about both are great well no i like the spicy and then you have a little maple syrup 'cause you're also eating pancakes and put that all in the flavor now i just want a great wall now i just want breakfast rate flavored chicken and waffles is out of this account yeah kelly kush if they made it yeah if they made a type of chip out of of that flavor yeah jerry i missed i i didn't jerry wasn't strong enough but that's a good flick i like cherry larry blast whatever else we missed tweet us apart my take we'll put it up there it's not customers grass like les miles yeah that's a real football grass grass actually put now there's one we'd too yeah that's fine i put this one on there we can do a little quick embrace debate your own blood i'm ok
i like it every now and then i'm ok taste a little your own blood yeah it makes you feel tough yeah it's like if our cut if you cut your finger on a little piece of paper and then you just don't want to put the blood it's pretty good i don't want to work to blue here but you know tasting someone else is plugged from time to time yeah the hellish yeah we know hey let's check out when they will about no no nor juniors proctor yeah he died no he would well no no not tell me first no but junior with absolutely no to tell you what yeah he was all day that's right that's right not not big the end up does a guy that got killed yes tom alright let's get to our interview with being on the ground you before we do that the cache shop you know what it's our number one out it is the number one rated finance app by us it's actually not as it yeah it is it's finance after saying that so it links directly to your bank account you can transfer money
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go to daniel negron you kid poker alright we now welcome on a legend in the poker game because it is world series of poker time it is daniel negron you kid poker and you can check him out if you want to watch the main event at pokergo dot com are you going to be
you're going to be announcing with that i've done a little bit of commentary both on espn and someone folder go and just depends on my schedule 'cause there's still events going on outside of the main event which is what you'll find on poker golf how many ex wife jokes does norm chad make per day you know i love the ex wife i'm like one of the few but apparently like people gave him so much grief about it that he's literally stopped with the ex wife jokes and i think we should be back he just doubled down he just make more of them so for the people who have like you know i'm i'm in my early 30s i watched chris moneymaker that was the the boom of poker back in like the two thousand and three to five range or whatever it was how much how much bigger is the field this year and how much bigger the prizes i mean poker is back in a big way we just had the second largest field in world series history would like seventy almost seven thousand eight hundred people the biggest during the big boom but like every year for the last four five years it's been steadily increasing i think partly because more people are getting in
poker because of live streaming and you can watch like every single hand like on poker go you can watch the live events as well as the ones that you know they have on demand where you like a little bit annoyed back in two thousand and three when all these johnny come lately's came out to the desert and they're like hey we can make it or were you excited because it's like hey a lot of noobs i can take their money totally excited you know you want to expand the game to a wider group of people so you have a choice right you want to stay with a bunch of sharks and try to get each other or would you like some fresh minnows new play coming into the game so when money maker one that thing and a whole bunch of new players came in it was just like a pay increase for all the pros point you said that you know the sharks eat each other but you're vegan so can you really even call yourself a shark you got your point right yeah like i would right so i would just like to you right i do i would eat the sea weed maybe your well shark use the plan something like that i eat a blanket so good for it yes so for the people who don't are really into poker and don't really understand how these things work how many days you have to you have to wait last what is it like seven eight days to win
the main event how many hours of poker does that end up being so basically every day what they do is you'll play like five two hour level so that's ten hours plus you get a ninety minute dinner break and you get twenty minute breaks in between so you're talking about a solid twelve to fourteen hours a day everyday for about ten days get all the way through ok there's like an element of stamina that comes into just sitting on your ass for awhile yeah well i was going to that was leading to my follow up question do you consider yourself an athlete well i don't know but i mean i think like if you look at the way poker players look twenty years ago you saw him smoking drinking overweight and today you know this young new version of players like training as if they are at least so i don't think we are athletes but it's much closer now than it was ten years ago is there a pd problem in poker guys taking adderall yes huge problem now actually there are guys who have done that i think adderall is something that some players that depend on for short periods of time it works but then they become so dependent when one stops working
what they end up just becoming is what we call drug addicts and then that's probably not the best uh you know breast preparation for poker games like a poker term like drug addicts or you don't mean actual drug addicts like just addicted to drugs yeah i would actually yeah that's shocking to me that a bunch of guys who play poker twenty four slash seven would have some kind of addiction it's amazing isn't it um so when you're sitting there i always this is what i always think about is you're sitting there you're playing the numbers you know what you want to do do you ever say fuckit and like do the you know basically joe public and just go with your gut and throw the numbers out the window for a hand i don't exactly phrase it the same way in terms of just like ok so i go with the numbers and then fuck it i'm going to do something stupid but what i will do sometimes is like let's say the number say one thing but i look at the guy and i get a read and i can tell that he's like really really comfortable and i know he's not bluffing then i'll do something different based on the read but not just like maine
let's try this for fun now see that's what i would i be like oh two sevens got hit sometime yeah i'll just get bored and then they just put it all in all i would do that a lot which is probably why i'm not a very good poker player yeah if you sit down with with just some new guy out there let's say you know he's no name i'm he's like a joe public like me in big cat might be and you have to figure out you know what is tells or if he's bluffing but you haven't seen enough of them to really know the guy what are some things that you look for in a new guy likes to something that most people have like do they sweat do they tap their hand what would you look for no for the like guys that i've never seen before i start with looking at their face and their i specifically right so in the flop come out where their eyes first dark to do it just do they use stair
with a flop or do they like make a glance at their chips stacked in if they do that i know that they you know how to tell which means they like what they see right and then a lot other stuff it's like pasta related you can just sort of get a sense of how comfortable somebody is but you don't wanna make too many assumptions with newbies until you actually have seen them block a couple times ago hot now you have some like data you can use so the other thing that fascinates me about guys speak you know big time poker players you fill home use phil ivey you guys gamble on everything like literally everything what is the craziest thing that you have gambled on that was like you know just a random prop at or i bet you can't do this and how much money was we got a couple one idea if i get a five hundred at the south
star golf bed where i could break one hundred and ten from the back tees at tpc summerlin like no shot and we were drinking saki one night an everyone was like getting on me about how bad i am and they offered me this bed i had a year to shoot a di got a month ago and i still can't break one hundred and five so i start waking up seven hundred am till eight hundred pm playing forty five holes in practice every day long story short with a week to spare yours truly shot the eighty and send it to the atm wow you went from one hundred and ten golfer to shooting and eighty in four weeks i did that yeah i mean i mean i wasn't always the one hundred and ten i just didn't play much and i didn't really work hard but once i started like the bed i mean i had as many can't chances i wanted to shoot the like i could play eighteen and go play again there wasn't going to do it in this one specific round so a month in a month
it was like one hundred and ten one eight thousand one hundred and five ninety six hundred and ninety four and like within a week within three weeks or so i was in the mid low 80s and then i was able to shoot the 80s did you also i also read somewhere that you had like a cat you hired a professional caddy to take you whenever you golf somewhere just so you could win bets yeah i don't ever i like almost never hit a golf ball without him like he still works for me like that's his job is to just make sure he lines up my butt he locked me up on it gives me the club i mean i don't know what the hell i'm doing on the golf course and then when he tells me to do so if i was out there without him i'd be stranded stranded just like clueless did she pay him he's like on these on your payroll yeah he's a he's like he does other things for me to my blog he helps to put that together we got like a multi purpose
car but he makes enough money to support three daughters wolf i love just being your quality for casual gambling on the call let's dig in a little bit here did you have a witness to that round or was it just your caddy so he was with me and then i told like a couple of guys were at the course and i told him after nine i was two hundred 'cause that's where i was after nine holes so there was like whoa this is serious so they all there was like sixty golf carts following me around for like the last bullet airpark in places like just going around and then of course i beat the guy out of money now he wanted he wanted to try to get even so we played another eighteen where he wanted some ridiculous spot and phil ivey is the name of the
and i shot eighty one on the next round in broke even with him oh my god so and what was it you were going to say you had another one that came to mind another ridiculous pathy await that when i was like in two thousand and two or three austin at a poker table ted forrest and i don't have a lot of money at the time but i laid him twenty to one odds twenty thousand thousand that i'd never one hundred and seventy pounds in my entire life and that was like the day before i went vegetarian then became vegan and i was like one hundred and thirty five pounds soaking wet at the time and just about a year and a half ago or two years ago i finally had to pay out give him back thousand he gave me plus twenty thousand because i'm at like one hundred and seventy four right now of pure muscle twisted still there you go colin capper nick there's proof that an elite athlete who is also a vegan can put on can put on weight and muscle oh yeah
yeah so you've won i think i read six total world series of poker bracelets is that is that still accurate you'll accurate unfortunately you have like ten you ever wear him all at the same time oh yeah of course not no i haven't i haven't been home in like in some glass cases and stuff but i don't think they're pretty gaudino i'm so fast i could literally talk to you forever but these random prop bets because i have a little bit of a gambling problem myself would give me more i need to hear more like ridiculous drunk bets 'cause you guys bet five hundred and fifty thousand dollars on a drunk bet like that's that's the shit that people the regular average joe looks at in like how the hell is this guy doing
yeah i'll give you two more one of 'em phil ivey again this is a bad he made with a guy named tom dwan where they were sitting at a poker table and him one million dollars that he couldn't be a vegetarian for a full year so he's pretty easy and about six weeks in phil called him and asked to settle the bet because he couldn't take it anymore he didn't he wasn't doing it right so six weeks and he wanted to steak and he paid one hundred and fifty thousand to off the bed and he shows up one thousand dollars filet mignon i mean that's actually smart by phil ivey i would do the exact same thing in that situation now where are
it's actually friends with each other or are you just like a collection of the only people that you can find to make these type of degenerate gambles now he's a good friend of mine i mean most the people you gamble with for the most part of people that you're pretty friendly with sometimes people do like back to motivate themselves like this guy wall who had to go from thirty three percent body fat to ten percent in six months which is just impossible it's not impossible with specially without life or anything like that he found a way to do it it was it was like a meeting i was an arbitrator on this back to the other guy who can the bet i thought he was cheating he was convinced that he was doing something like this procedures things like that which were against the rules and so i spent probably twenty to thirty hours like being an arbitrator on this case as to whether she did and ultimately we deem that the bet must stand and it it would it would it would we would call the clean so what what's the worst what's the worst day you've had gambling like what's the amount of money you've lost the worst day you've ever had it was a while ago i lost like one point three million plane
in a game old school guy named sandy far on one not like twenty four hour session one point three in the hall one like six hundred thousand a week before in the same game so you know that kind of helps help with this thing little but it's still with the first time i ever hit beantown i guess is what the lady called it where you're stuck a million broke my cherry he will send yeah we'll walk away one point three million loser and on the other side was the best day that you've had well the best they would you know the one drop which is coming up big term at the world series i came in second place one eight point seven million dollars one not who want to that's not bad what would you buy would you buy after you got the emily literally bought into the next tournament i'm with the ten thousand our minds that you're not just one plate the next one i mean yeah not nothing so
so so your back's store you you're from toronto you basically move to las vegas and gave it a go and you went bust right away was that not is that not the case repeatedly yes every like a there is i do the documentary film on netflix called get book about my life for the show the plane flying from toronto vegas are vegas back and forth which really resemble like the first year let me try to grind it out there in toronto i crush on the guy that was a big fish in a small pond well i went to vegas and they're like they've seen hometown heroes before they wipe the floor with me for the first eight the eight months or so so you just kept on filling in and kept on going back what was your breakthrough moment where you're like okay this is you know i'm here now to stay i i finally made it i guess the best way to describe it would be like in toronto i was kinda like a bull in a china shop
right just aggressive like go go go back back back really push them around i realized make it okay they know how to deal with that like they have a good counter so i learned to have some texture and some new ones the next to my game and not just be like you know you know brute force all the time i had to create a table image that was little more ballots if you will and how long did that take you to kind of settle into your own and think well it sounds like you always thought that you could make it in vegas or else you wouldn't keep going back but how long did it take for you to be in vegas where you felt the stab lish i think it was probably a solid year and a half to two years you know there's a lot of like walks home from the mirage where i wanted to save the five dollars cab ride to the budget suites so i'd walk and just do a lot of thinking ok what am i going to next year but i always woke up the next
running with like a drive to just go ok let's get those guys i was i was at a casino last week in red hit eighteen times in a row if you walk up to a roulette table if you walk past and you see that red has hit ten times in a row are you the kind of guy that's like should i might as well put some money on red or you the guy that's like let's dump game for idiots i'm going to walk away alright i'm going to make a library here i'm not seeing your face but i'm going to call bullshit on this uh yeah eighteen in a row red i don't think that actually happens swear to god swear to god it happened yeah and i jumped on it after about like eight and i wasn't it wasn't letting everything right i was taking my profits every single time to do it eighteen times are all united you tap in basketball covered thirteen games around it like a couple years ago and they were not a good team it happens yeah yeah crazy things like that happen having said that right i would try to teach for people like one about gambling like okay so it becomes read ten times in a row what is what
any odds going to come read on the next one seventy five percent yeah i'd say more like eighty threads hot yeah yeah you're taking the human element out of the wheel yeah reads dominating deeper level than all these stupid mathematicians do something i'm going to buy that book when you write it or try to let by yeah you guys did you ride a hot hand that's what you do in life figure out if it's reads day i did notice that you refer to yourself as a mathematician so you're not an athlete but you're a mathematician your math lee not bad i was talking about those mathematician like people know i'm the farthest thing from i've never done did finish high school ok oh nice i like there we go kids dropped school do you have a do you arrival uh wouldn't say like yeah i mean a real rival i mean there's you know there's always like you know guys like phil hellmuth and i we go back and we have some fun banter occasionally and fill out a visa guy that we grew up around the same time we battled and stuff but like it's friendly there's no there's no evil do you have anyone that you can think of that you're like
you almost got in a fight or there was that drama where it's like i'm never i'm never going to be around that guy anymore because he doesn't pay his bets or whatever it may be i have a lot of people that only money and that's not usually what makes me mad or want to fight people but sure you sit at the world series book for twelve hours a day with the same group of people and everyone getting miserable a month in everybody wants to punch everyone in the face who would you like to fight right now in poker after after your experience today after my cricket you know i've joked about having one would fill his six foot six and like two hundred something pounds so he's got size advantage but that's about it i would say i think it will be fun 'cause i get to play the underdog role you know what i mean and i did i still don't think he had a chance in hell i did go to the body his body shop like rocky did yeah what we often rowdy is is the hot head mike matter saw still around you we went around yeah he's got a little wheatley could you know he's not not great help right now but still playing here and there okay so we're definitely like to
in poker buffs who is the guy that had the dinosaur glasses that was a gentleman by any the fossil man greg rain like as much as you want after money maker right that should be considered like an illegal a foreign substance to wear holographic sunglasses that have the dinosaurs face on it that's cheating yeah well we were trying to make poker cool like that really didn't help no that made it cool that was that was bad looking like you don't with the guy would dino shades but i just i just think that it skews a competitive balance at the table yeah i don't know that i thought it quite cool especially when you're done talking sounds very nervous they also made a fossil met those glasses were kind of cool they were like you make poker cool i get the c key question you put in promo code take you ten dollars off your c keep purchasing go to
baseball games and go to concerts whatever you want are you a preachy vegan or are you just like you're going to leave it alone and not bother us i say i'm a cross between like respectful of other peoples choices but you know if i have information i'm going to share it with people you know in terms of like the way that i see the world so depending like if i go to dinner with me people that are eating like i don't get preachy i don't be like what are you ordering that's horrible for you i just i tried not to bring it up 'cause that's what everybody wants to talk about at dinner is like oh really so how long have you done that so you don't eat cheese you don't even know it's like it's just not exactly good conversation ok so give me your give me your one stat knowing that like i can't actually think of the last meal i've had where there wasn't some meat involved so what you mean stats wise yeah give me the stats that's going to change like oh you know did you know a pigs asol has like seventeen million different diseases ok i'm still going to eat hot dogs that's correct it's seventeen million right on the nose you must read the same article yeah pretty sure yeah
what's so what's the stat give us is that your go to staff i don't know if i have a go to step it agree but i just you look at something like heart disease which is like a major problem the united states of america in a lot of it has to do with very like hi animal fat protein diet and like a lot of dot doctors will tell you that without you know we're not eating i'd like that it's like a toothless tiger like vegan don't really get heart disease i don't know about that just fluoride water though and so they're they're the government's messed with that way so i'm of the opinion like you might as well hold up on chemicals to fight each other in their we drinking tap water she well yeah right your lan xi yeah mister money should be at what point does the kid poker nickname expired because you can always be kid kid rock kid rock about fifty right okay
point but you sound yeah but mentally he's still seven so i'm going to let that one slide i feel like i got a dollar in years you know i feel i feel young i guess maybe like up until i get gray haired so far i'm good okay you would have to be a goal nightstand would you i'm like the biggest gold like it's a real shame that's a real show i'm real real shame how do you feel are watching how do you feel sitting there and and getting your heart ripped out in game five honestly wasn't even that bad right like when we started this season i was expecting him to like you know it would be like five nothing any score a goal in like you're a good for you guys i don't expect when any games right so for them to go on the run that they did make in the cup final i mean you got a look at the bright side obviously it's like you know what the away what i thought was cool moment on it because i like about you can you know come out on the ice and you know it was it was it was a one time one time i kind of that was a great answer because i just took a lot of
and out of the capital sales there they didn't even care it did like that was actually they were actually kind of rooting for you at the end pfti have a pet for you ok i bet you dollar you won't give me one million dollars that you would know man i feel like i'm gonna get screwed on this one so i gotta think this one through your going to bet me one dollar i don't give you no i think wait i'm nobody you dollar that you will give me a million dollars you bet me at how about you give me a million dollars and then i'll bet you a dollar that i won't give you a million dollars is too much math for me i'm not an athlete i can't do that do you use do you sports but do you get what you're like god go to gambling five sports of your straight absolutely destroyed playoff hockey i bet it is this year i was like a nine in one going into the last which i lost because they had biggest against washington but up when nine into this year and i've had
can straight winning years betting throughout the yeah a lot and sam do you have any future bets in right now like for the nfl or college football you know i'm i'm mostly like a hockey i'm canadian amber gold knights fan and i just like i do live i just i spent way too many hours studying hockey in that my number one sport so text me those bets that yeah please i just cleared on what i'm on twitter i literally put on twitter i even predicted the exact final score also gained and almost a third when they were talking about an nbc sports when in the intermissions about this crazy gambler guys getting all the picture
so it's okay stew finer is better than you but okay okay all right fine so if it was the golden knights in the toronto maple leafs and the stanley cup who pulled for i mean we don't know when but it could happen the leaks just got tons of art hello i i would still be room for the night because like i mean the first twenty years my life i was in toronto but i've been in vegas for awhile now and you know i i'm i'm going all the games sob i would i wouldn't be upset about either winning but i've your nightstand what's the one thing that pisses you off that like taurus or you know people come to vegas do you like god damn it i wish this is your chance to basically tell all of our listeners and ourselves really like stop doing that when you go to vegas man the thing though you know vegas is no rules here i don't really like part of the reason
i was i was drawn to this place and you can do whatever you want so the crazier in the weird er like go for it i mean there's no rules man no holds barred no rules ok so if i rob your house like that's weird well i prefer you didn't do something like that but if you really needed something from my house so badly i assume that you need it more than i did through so canadian again sorry i left my door locked you know our people to my house today yeah well i wouldn't rob your house do you normally meet yeah you just have a bunch of bracelets laying around yeah bunch of kill weed and how often do you do it now okay all right that's actually guide thank you for bringing that up you don't actually like tofu i had hoped to scramble with morning at the maze you don't actually like toll free it tastes like pear but when you
basically anything you want if you don't if you dump sauce all over everything and deep fried it's pretty good right i'm telling you i can make you some good but will not be my sister you don't you don't like tofu every vegan who says they like tofu i know they're lying i like to know you don't ok alright settle back yeah all right all the time here's a good question how do you in your entire gambling career let's count everything let's count you know card games weird side bets do you know how much money you've made like how far up you are i have no clue whatsoever yeah literally i mean it's so it's all a blur you know when your gamble like unless you're one of those like really needy nerdy guys like i don't keep track of that stuff how quickly does good does a guy like make you pay if you play a game i'm assuming when you play like a big poker game you don't all have the cash there how quickly like what's common practice like you have to pay by sir
actually when when it when it comes to poker when you play make if you know the money there yeah nothing really knows but like a cash game with your friends okay you know there you know that's read like asking i don't play private games but i think in private games what they typically do is like people write a check but will get credit you know like a couple weeks or something like that but it's really like a personal thing like some guys i am i am probably close to ten million dollars for different people yelling at i'll collect yeah you do not beer hand yeah i'll be the guy i'll be your muscle take out some knees every lower to the ground gonna get to part two two million of the ten and i'll get you the ten get going to get it done yeah oh yeah i'm gonna start throwing my weight around to that town i really just go to the buffet if you fly me out there i'll just like hang out but i'm working on it i'm working on it i got a couple meetings in the yeah yeah i i've done over asked really nicely and turn over a few stones since i got out here yeah you'll get your money what's the most of
the money that somebody has just welch twenty four and you and you just kind of like give up and you like okay that money is going and i'm never getting it well i mean there's a four million dollar loan i have right now that i'm very very hopeful to get but it's starting to look less and less likely as time goes let's get some names to hand not yeah that that that we don't we don't cross that lotus itself yeah i would you put a mom black you get like less chance of getting paid true true i'm all right so everyone check out poker go dot compton on the ground you is going to be maybe involved in so you can watch the final event there the last question for me i i need another crazy profit i can live off of them give me another one another crazy profit ok another one and i won't name the guy but literally he just did this for thirty days he was yelling at a guy for smoking cigarettes 'cause he's a chain smoker and he said to him the guy says i'll tell you what you smoke a pack a day for thirty days and i bet you can't quit
so the bed a hundred thousand dollars with the guy had to smoke a pack of cigarettes every day for thirty days and i talk to me like the first three days he felt so sick and by the like week to week kind of looking forward to it well if the eight give the better especially over he's supposed to be quitting very shortly and i think he's struggling just a little bit with that hello i think it did did good yeah i bet you will get
yeah you get to getting you addicted to like a really addictive thing how long does he have to stay off cigarettes like for the rest of his life and when did you get to collect well i think he's got like a month after he had to quit by a month after the last cigarette oh my god so awesome goddamnit i love all these stories i need to just go out in vegas and be the guinea pig for everyone like like i can't pay you but go ahead bet me anything and i'll try to do it would be a body yeah there was a guy who bet i think it was in thirty six hours that he could eat one thousand dollars worth of mcdonald's over thirty six hours and he wasn't allowed any liquid so shrinks know she had to look over the menu and try and he documented the whole thing he got to about ninety two dollars worth and just threw up throw in the white towel you've done he was eating like the bacon with avocado 'cause he was
bacon expensive based on you know how you know the calorie content me but did did you have a condo if you get there just on a i'm kind of bacon but did work out you know what i would do i would just order it like a quarter pounder with cheese and ask for extra cheese but ask for like a thousand extra cheese is you gotta eat but then yeah but it's easier to sit down and eat one thousand dollars with the cheese than one thousand dollars worth of mcdonald's i don't know the kids movie and drink it yeah it's down to no liquids makes it pretty much impossible if you could do liquid i think you could accomplish it and just like throw out to have liquid but you can't use that as part of the charge you can drink water it just doesn't come off the one thousand dollars mark do you have to go to like probably seven different mcdonald's but don't don't kerry a thousand dollars with the food at like any given time talk about on the other hand that's reputable establishment what you would get enough to eat in one sitting at thirty six hours now so you had time to like that just for a moment you need to go to like a mcdonald's in like you know
croatia or somewhere where it's like they just got mcdonald's and it's super expensive actually i could do it you know how yeah you buy like two packets that rick and morty is weird sauce on ebay that's going for like three hundred dollars each by by four of those and you just eat the sauce yeah one thousand dollars worth mcdonald's that is why they don't sell those in mcdonald's not anymore now that's why the collectors item yeah uh we have to find a mcdonald's still hasn't yet or you just go to ebay but still there and sauce act actually going to mcdonald's like ebay doesn't count for command that's tough you built a lot of holes in my a s m it that is i just i just try to do it all in the the fifty cent ice cream cones thinking of all the angles okay your
how many ice cream cones is that there's a lot of ice cream cones here's a good question how much money would it take for somebody to bet you that you wouldn't eat three steaks a day for the next thirty days quick question that's like that's like you're talking like in the neighborhood of eight to twelve million about twenty dollars now if you got ten million you want to put up all have three stakes today for entire thirty days one of our and we have a very very rich listener you know fan base a lot of hot i'm six so yeah actually we should just tell phil home use to listen today's part yes yeah we're gonna do that daniel thank you so much man this is been awesome we appreciate it good luck and not any other terms you have out there will be checking out poker o dot com thanks guys appreciate it was fun that interview was brought to you guys by mugsy jeans i want to talk to you guys about mugsy jeans that are the most comfortable
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okay all right as well so that all those guys talking actually have what do you if there's one thing we have to discuss that right bahman what's that the bomb in the who what dogs okay yep they perform for back can jason on their date i mean who says chivalry is dead that's the romantic most romantic thing i've ever heard in my life and they were saying that this is the most boring bachelors and i'm saying no that sounds amazing so people already everyone's a liar that has watched the show all you people who are obsessed with this show your dumb sounds electric not going to watch it put the three sentences have sent to us every single week sound electricity lou bega on the next show i'm all and who are colton reveal to back up that he's a virgin yeah so that x but did there's more to the story right i have all my notes colton revealed today got that he's a virgin at some point at some point in life doesn't become almost like a really good line to use them i think
after you turn i don't know more after you turn like thirty and you say like i'm a virgin by choice i feel like there's an element that like girls like i want to be the one be the one that like makes him switch over to the other team no i don't i think i think it becomes more positive after thirty than it does between the age of like eighteen and twenty ok i'm looking it up right now he's twenty six and he's a virgin and he he say i saw someone tweet it i was like oh that sounds like something oh he's a football player so he was a virgin 'cause he wanted to focus on football so it's easy to ever heard of him that's not that bad if you have a back up like that well i still don't agree with you like the longer you stay a virgin the better i think no i don't think it gets better well it does make the woman think like
oh he's a virgin if it's different maybe i can i can fix some fairly becca excused herself after colon told her that probably to ensure she she was so turned on she has a cross tattoo ok oh oh she's a fraud ok well maybe colton isn't actually a virgin but he's just one of the born again virgins you you can do that you can just declare yourself to be re virgin ized ok so i am world tell you what let's give a shot yeah i'm a virgin now i am too weak to could you do you one was the last time you jerk off those that still count that same day you can jerk off and be virgin role okay i'm a virgin my hands not oh got it ok alright so yeah we're all virgins now and then next week is hometowns so ok if you're not excited now get excited wow pull out all the stops all right next up we have a debut of a new segment is called good job getting a dozen tie kids out of a cave
so what are we going to talk about this week they got that i kids out of that yeah one thousand two hundred am right yeah i think someone died yeah the the navy the thai navy seal god when he was like laying down the oxygen canisters for the guy to get along the way so there was one that sastre life that's sad but it's a good thing that you know all twelve the kids got especially because they were thinking they were like rationing which kids were coming out first they said that they were like taking the stronger kids out at the beginning which i don't really understand that logic but then right they saw the oxygen level was dropping too fast and they're like it we just got to get all of them at once got it i understand it they have a sign they probably have the rest of their season to play right so they gotta get this truck they don't want to get relegated right so it seems about more than just actually tio big time teams down huge huge team and si missed the whole started this and i just never got into it and i'm not to sound like elon musk but i did help find that plane that actually we might not overwhelmed but i could have probably
help you get some way i feel like i could have been of service on twitter let's give ourselves some credit for it i sent thoughts and prayers to this team got it like in my i'm had so like parsley and even do that i'm responsible for getting the kids out safe that was one of those stories just like when it happens you're like oh i saw it and i was like i'm just not going to get invested we'll just see what happens it happened and then everyone made the same joke about mark walburger the rock starring in a movie also credit to you for not making sensitive joke until they were out of the i don't think it was that and says i think i would i think was pretty astute that your can klinsmann is worse soccer coach and the guy that let them down into that predicament the first place he sells all right now he did say sorry i also did notice that the kids like ran straight to the ambulances instead of celebrating with her teammates afterwards yeah colin cowherd might want to look at some bad teammates we had bad seeds on that team do you know they have to go to they have to go to the hospital for ten days yeah for cave disease that's a real thing i wanna get gives you i'll get it every fall
we just want to tell bull sees it's called mancave yeah yeah we get every single year that was was like it's just a huge man cave was probably sweet down there the kids just like telling raunchy jokes yeah just talking guys stuff biggest locker room of all time last place it like a chick won't just walk into your conversation and be like what are you guys talking about yeah that wasn't going to happen jerry o'connell was defending the cave from all the divers coming in trying to keep them away no this is the last bastion to the man cave i think i'm going to name you number one jerry o'connell thing you said his name more than anyone who said his name in the last twenty years yeah he's like beetlejuice usually if you say his name enough he'll just show up and be like hey you guys talk about these finally where do i sign yeah we have last night before we get to guys on chicks way to stay relevant baseball so baseball i think it was just real quick do you think it's like emblematic of participation trophy youth soccer culture that all these it's got their own ambulance just for completing the swim they got
i got their own every everyone gets an ambulance these days just because you survive thanks yikes come on millennials that's sad sad no they're actually not millennials they're younger than one else either why any old two gents to jim to jen okay so just like pick one yeah since call since already got him out he wasn't wherever he is right now hiding with everyone's yeah i'm surprises even singleton accidentally spring them from the cave by digging a huge hole yeah to bury everyone's money yeah i work i'm surprised the tie kids and stumble upon stevens a call in that case his trust her sh i'm hiding in don't tell anyone i'm here all right doesn't checks he boys especially the commenter how can i name my pee who i think you got to do kegels so you guys these k let me ladies let me explain something to you about your bodies if you just squeeze your a lot i think you do like that time master thing you basically to squeeze your john a lot and it makes a muscle super tight and that way you
name it's like the end of a super soaker remember the super soakers that you could like turn so she decided we put your thumb on a host yeah so you can yeah well that's one way to do it you can either just like pee on like sit on a football impius just sprays out in every direction or you can do kegels and develop like a laser sighted like very you can just pass through a screen door or you could just get a dick i have no problems going to twenty two thousand and sixteen this past week my boyfriend and our friends were my parents beach house vacationing today when it was time to leave we were cleaning and i went to clean the toilet and my boyfriend left a turd that was the toilet bowl of course i yelled at him that he better come clean it instead of flushing in a million times or using the toilet brush that was beside the toilet he decided to go to the kitchen grab a plastic fork to clean it off he was very proud of him myself and the other girl there were mortified the question is is this acceptable slash a guy move or is this as barbaric slash disgusting as my friend and i think it is
you like you just didn't use his hands yeah hand plunge happens put your hand in a plastic bag plans that yes so what where did this take place was this at her parents house all right so it's kind of a cycle move for you to be visiting your parents for the weekend speech us and then and then decide that you're going to clean the bathroom also now from off well no but certainly we heard in your girlfriend's parents house cats cats an alpha you're marking your territory your your blessings i in upper deck by the way just just so we're clear here to this to this person who wrote in if this happened and your boyfriend had no problem with it this is like maybe the one hundred grossest thing he's done in the last week your boyfriend fucking gross the instincts to get a fork yes says along with his own boogers he picks his as he's doing everything that you don't want to think about because that move is like the move a guy who doesn't care yeah also you don't get a fork that's the worst utensil to get get a plastic knife
you don't need to talk to you not like now picking it up and carry it across the room yeah you just need to swipe that thing yeah they saw what's swipe this guy and i have been talking for about a month we matched there are we talking most every single night before we go to sleep and throughout the day depending on work he's not before relationship and who knows when he will be but i don't think i'm ready to walk away how do i and what how do i navigate this without totally crashing burning and breaking my own heart wait you're just texting yeah so every single night before we go to sleep though so why is the guy texting you if he's not looking for a relationship on tinder he's probably cheating yeah yeah you might be a verb i don't think he's a version i think he's probably there's a lot of there's a lot of people and tender that aren't looking for a relationship they are still talking to girls yes okay so yeah i would say do that just text
ok by any chance you have a girlfriend or wife white people are people out there having sex with strangers and not getting into relationships buddy that's weird he sitting down that's weird this generation is going to help him pmt guys especially hanks up so i accidentally started when i was having sex with my boys so that's your girl happens and well is there something wrong with that no i'm saying ok and he stopped then went back to having should we talk about it or just let it go no no it's really really anytime you do anything gross around your boy her husband are a guy that's having sex with you it's super easy to get out of it you just say your you were me so good that you push my far out and he'll be like yeah you're right i was i was i was laying the wood pretty solid there i say don't just don't talk about it don't ever talk about these kind of things like if you're going out on a date and you go i bet you maybe a little diarrhea and you go to the bathroom and then you come back and he's like what are you ok like yeah just powdering my nose or something like that you could say
i like that a woman could say like i fell asleep during sex you are so good at it and it would be like yeah yeah i actually checked his told me that before why do so why do us with these will kind of white lies and we will always buy it 'cause we just want to move on sub boys especially slim thick cat who my boyfriend i was more interested in freshman girls than he does with me how do i stop this i would say you don't because you guys probably broken out eventually they'll be software here or are you could just if you can't beat'em join 'em so in my boyfriend's more interested in fresh occur i think it means girls that can't handle the liquor yeah i think that's girl code but isn't that like wouldn't that be a good sign to maybe
yeah so he's really been it you like it what it's not like we're talking about collecting like trading cards here like all he's really he's open loop back every night no he's really right now he's he's really into i'd drunk in experience checks yeah so yeah maybe time to move on from that guy just let him go our last one some guys is it is huge mistake to bring my mom with me to the pop punk concert we're visiting new york for her birthday and bought takes awhile back and told her it would be fun now i'm she might hate me after sincerely a check no it's fun for the whole family that's our motto yeah as long as your mom doesn't mind songs about getting your dick stuck in things i think she'll be good you you just figure out who's going to throw their brought first at pfd yeah i was going to write your underwear yeah you just want to make sure it will be awkward if like one of you like jumps the gun so just figure that out and then you have a great time yeah it should be the mom yeah alright so check out pop punk thursday night
and we will see you guys on friday love you guys not to brag she's my balance on no way a lot of what to say body shop i'll be coming for your love of a okay
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