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Providence Coach Ed Cooley + We Battle A Maroon 5 Concert

2018-04-02 | 🔗

We're live from San Antonio for the Final Four and we're sick and tired of Maroon 5 blaring across the entire city (2:27 -4:30). We talk about Saturday night's games, Sister Jean the possibly fraud fan, and eating dinner next to Mike D'Antoni, not to brag (4:30 - 12:31). Who's back of the week (12:31 - 22:06). Providence Head Coach Ed Cooley joins the show and talks about how to beat Villanova, how he got into coaching, and the time he split his pants on the sidelines (22:06 - 40:51). Segments include Embrace Debate how to do you pronounce the word Meme and has Jim Nantz ever been on the internet. Talking Soccer, Zlatan is going to save America. Just Chill out man for Aaron Donald practicing with knives. Baker Mayfield keeps every negative tweet and Hurt, Injured, or High with Joel Embiid. 

 Bonus segment post Take on Me, we battle a Maroon 5 concert in real time
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today's part of my take we have head basketball culture the providence friars aid to cool coolly we have a really fun have you come up with him tacoma how eat going over and also the time he ripped his pants we also have whose back and because we're free san antonio we have a final for updates the sea in around the games before we get to all that won't talk to you guys about our friends at blue had over my blue dot com to check out my blue in their one dollar trial offer on my blue kit check out my blue dot com for full deeds el sometimes it's hard to find a satisfying rape that simple inconvenient blue who introduce raping to the world is now introducing my blue my blue gives you all this inspection with none of the hassle just click and go with my blues easy to use one click liquid pods you can switch between flavors in seconds arrange or flavors
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you read it might come let's go it's populated by working the pardon my tea presented by seek today is monday a brawl second and we or in a conference room in san antonio battling maroon five concert and also pay
simply ghosts get there definitely goes we we were in our old hotel room and we heard spanish music coming through the transmission we heard i'm celine dionne i believe so we moved across tat but then we didn't realize that the windows and we facing directly at the fence so we are battling through a lot but we're given you what you deserve on a monday it is part of my take we have a special extra bonus part my taking room five mash up where we recorded while the cards we're still going on actually wanted to start the show before we had to explain where we were by just saying i'm shipped out i'm shipped out but here too i'm shipped out saying i'll tell you that about san antonio that wherever you go when you sit down anywhere any bar you got irish pub you sit down within
five seconds a sitting down they have chieftains also your tape yes or that you get double duty on the chips because they started out the chickens also then you have to order the case so to get go in and so by the time you get around your aunt ladders or whatever you ordering you ve already had probably conservative speaking like fifty or sixty yes and i'm shipped out so i'm just like fulla shit you know that that at like special type of full where you'd never actually had a meal but you're so full because all you been eating is turkey a chips that's what's my life for last three i'm actually ok with a big ship guy you're not yet that i'm not sure but i need some seven where did you you actually tommy like the religion of chip loving ya know a lot chips but that size i'm i know you could get you know i'm a mike i'm like a laboratory retriever let you put up a bit
pilot ships and for me i'm not getting up to those chips are down like a husky year regular literally yourself to death because it's in your instead you dont know when you're extracts gonna be here if you if you put me in a room with like ten ten tonnes of chips i'll just die in that room eating chips so that's are best about offer to their entertaining you know we're in san antonio are the big backbone is obviously is my audience on your order salads might antonio order salads with sparkling water and crime next year we settled and sat next to him for an entire dinner but everybody is talking about notre dame women's who so username is at times are erica
then there was no that was definitely it's a name my camera was erika incubators shot shot her round the world do you know the best part about the the nerve name women's team they had the sabre metrics going all tournaments yeah for acl tears this year three losses when you that's why for that now that the women sermon was humbly we need to sort out of the question if women's college basketball is bad for you can't because their overdue
last year i e g gino unhappy die i think we should put number so the real new one i should say run this problematic the other news is villain always really fucking good a basketball their basically playing later on automatic right now it is unbelievable the watch the date they were so good on saturday night the dickie we went on tv and granted about the three point one being like bad from asking to close their maybe dickie it's just the villain overs really good i like that when we have a team so good that people start complaining about the rules on you know you're good i think i just love that jim i think they love the alamode yes so so so goes my team can't shoot in the final form of the dome right don't over prove that wrong i don't i'm sitting shall like ninety percent in the first half year ridiculous if if michigan i put this way michigan had like a five minute run in the second half of their game against luella where they look really really really good if they can play that way
for the entire game maybe they'll lose by tat yeah maybe we'll cover the spread the michigan oil a game i really thought loyal had it i was done enough to think they just later i don't know what happened it just ate almost like they just kind of like ran out of gas and they just couldn't they couldn't get that likely inch on defence and they couldn't get that like extra like precision on their coats and it just all kind of fell upon those last ten minutes and they got in their own head to a little guaranteeing that that was playing would probably the most
evidence of any team determine and then what's your luck starts to run out just a little bit it gets in your head and you push a little baby you over run a boy you make a bad pass any kind of snowballed i got very lucky to have because san antonio not only has the most chips in any city ever it also has the worst cellphone reception in any city ever and we have not been able to tweet or do anything basely honour cellphones entire weaken i had a tweet that i tried to send out like five different times in the first half of the michelin game saying mo bognor is wildly overrated because his deep instincts and it didn't go out and i'm very lucky because that would have been maybe the worst take all time considering how good he played in the second tat he was one that really shut it down for am i talk to see loyal lose because i would have much rather seen them against going over the finals justice
storyline where it will be a little bit but here is both think either team and safe to say he's gonna look when you get there ask where i've handled looks that bad i would rather get two more days of sister jean our seas sister jean after easter without that communion one hang over i also have a little bit of an issue are taken it take issue with how nice coaches are to each other i love you saw but like bill self and g right did an interview before the game together they were there's complement each other like earlier they run great programme while they run the history and then j right authors like the history of kansas is unbelievable do you kicked the shit out of them just enjoy like you don't even have to say anything everyone knows the chairman but complement them it tastes think right you think john bruton whatever do pray game interview standing ex ante red no no absolute held up your ass for even suggest yes so the fight we're going to the final are the championship game its goal to be it's gonna be
they're gonna play that it will be a game gambling yes and i think we're both probably gonna being suckers and take a villain over the over they ve covered everything every game i mean it at some point you just have to say hey this team is better and every single other team will you better michigan like i'm going to because water responses level ok i do i just don't see it ray i offer made by glaciers that's a good point here what else it would also be getting into san antonio waters very watching big i try to navigate not having service has been at the wasteful top socks it just be i feel like you're amazing crackhead while crack area does not in our inner city areas go you have tried every day to day street has been very problematic so i just gave up and just watched the second game from my hotel returned to put a panic button on yours cargo cubs waiting did they lost to a virgin islands man was who into i'd say panic button pressed
ok absolutely without a doubt the panic button has been pressed i love the overreactions of early season baseball people i got a man look don't look at the standing other big news caps one the metro yes our year we have a we have gully situation to ok i've gotten controversy s grew hours and plain really well
are we gonna keep but we're gonna put hopi back aims the other guy obi yeah yeah ribeiro sane and you know i know gruber to you of course but group our amateur our sounds like said through our sounds like a like a shitty essen else get my eight there's gruber over there he drove over himself and business down his light like group i may make a shitty learn michael's movie out of it the added makes like three hundred million dollars featuring david spain option eider chris rock adam sandler he can be a border dogs yeah you could he actually could group of ours the name of the lead dogs better yes yes yeah i guess start gruber sort of aragon of lasting before you to whose back is sister jean about them i will guide the biggest discussion number one is problematic with her takes on the incidents like this was the weekend that sister jane became officially problematic it's it's amazing to me that that ninety eight year old none would
discuss college basketball network do you know the best part about the tournament is when you watch the tournament you watch college rascal for three straight weeks and then you switch back to the nba and like you who actually wonder if the nba has bigger rims because every shot seems to go and recycle hey that open three points they made it oh wow like a guide in just throw one off the bat board when the shock locked is expiring like they actually know how to run operates in things yet but synergy prefers amateurism which is not something that we can all get behind she dig it wheeled out a little early minds in whatever form it has left and again she did she gonna try it yet should go onto the locker she was wheeled out she's without to a place where the players could see like it shoot i put her it basically front row i think they will or to a place where the players could say loader after
it was a dumb idea to put her front row and can you imagine how bad that could again if somebody like dough for loose yeah right into sister genes face emilio she doesn't have those quickly much most muscles at all she would just get bowled over i know that sister gene is basically a great litmus test for how quickly some people can hate something into in twenty eight teen but i think and i were talking other night like if you act they look at synergy and you look at much fun she's having and maybe this is because she looked looks kind like my grandmother who passed away because one say sorry service best way linked twenty two years ago twenty two years ago some some like that but if you look at her and you look how much fun she's having an u dont smile you just don't have a heart i got
spawned a hate honor but like it was a great story there run was unbelievable and sister jean was just an old lady having fun counterpoint she was alive when hitler was live and in killing was it was my favorites that we like the last time we won the championship sister jean was forty five goals lotto very ill she is all does it involve one fact alex very his back the others do whose back hank when she gives gone my whose back of the week is a book but we're not recording now are you sir scan april fool's have going up on tat now i wanted i worry that was well now we have been through so much shit if you my heart
destroyed because april fool's jokes are back in gaza are now looking to check to make sure you're our mother fucker anthony davis got the entire actually you get me no you ain't gonna get you got a lot of people not me pay if you like turn me like we agree this is not yet a rebel like tell draped in two days ago we said that a camera tipped over when he was shaving is universally there's no way to get rid of that you never did you see we ve got to eyebrows you don't have what did you see reveal respect the bid on it now he said it's it's it's an unwritten rule that you cannot do in april fool's joke for it will force the alternative available is gonna be april fool's police officer you have not been think that is exactly where expertise sites that are you the proposed we should sit on the calendar police yes of gas because you cannot but he can't have brands doing tricks on him and his whole world
from a fresh isn't exactly his entire his livelihood is built on a facade of of corporations being completely truthful at all times later presidencies as they always tell us exactly what what what what's going on they never ever lie to anyone when is ever a big fortune five hundred company lied to the shareholders never thereby i drive a volkswagen in the world if you fuckin kill those monkeys volkswagen we sought you fuckin killed those monkeys people forget can use double check to be issued or court ok like gasser which if the eu had made that joe five hours ago i wouldn't want to face me but this late at night after having like an all out war against marine five that would crush myself that's i would have probably been like nobody s putting its point of view also each rose back yes here is how it more than forty four working out areas one here he rather like scale toward the remedies forty four yeah i know but i'd like the ape like i do
it is bringing back his arrest i'll take so many rob homerun can you are becoming yet i had it jump on the bar it later in the euro area and in its own way park and right you'll like it if it was a little league france and europe in i was standing at the fence when the ball was hit i can absolutely robber homerun so want to back off immediately what're you i've got three but they're all kind intertwined number one is jesus ok jesus is back its easter resurrection was easter it was eastern he's just as we record this natural flies no twelve p m comes back or eleven vaccinium so still easter jesus he got resurrected here body injury everybody's hockey tough back my second whose back is held to cool pope said that my bad guys hell actually does
oh it does so we for our part carried he brought her back godsend yeah but he took it away for second he took away so everybody had like a day that was the purge register jean set out what a lot of porn shut some heroin we what did he say he just said that like yeah i think when you die just die he was up here he was so they just somebody had alive mike on the ponies like you knows all about your thanks so you just got done reading some interesting philosophies like hell does other people fear my third whose back of the week is random death so jesus helen random death roll back cave really light random death is back to the chinese satellite that's going to crash to earth they've they messed up with bring it back into the atmosphere and so they don't know where it's gonna crash they have no idea your crash either tomorrow or today if we listen to this right now aware today or tomorrow they don't know did they put a probability map whereas where's
equally the crash and its basically every single place where there's a population of humans so it's in china its north america china at the top of south america has just gonna crowd in the ocean more maybe i mean there's a lot more likely than not rash in the ocean iraqi sort yes so our ip fish so thou be random death of fish the noise someone's gotta get smoke by chinese satellite that's fine i must get shit i'm not out spur on the record he feel like are you there is zero percent chance of chinese satellite hits me look at zero percent zero shrimp obviously i'm not scared you gotta talk honestly thou be grateful ratings have choice at lage that's not going to so i mean i'm sorry for the ratings listening to the moon episode back i'm my whose back i think we had this by someone the gun a couple weeks ago at this but absent ties gymnastic ties or back for monday night
finally who's gonna give its maybe our german friends a junior shit dimensions i don't think he's i think our visa i think he's a sophomore i don't know who's going to give it to you i just keep it on emoji keep it on and the best nap weekend of the year is coming up the masters the commercial the masters are the best commercials and wealth because like that some it springs coming it's beautiful it's nice to know little birds chow then what i love arabia whatever the hell i'm on my way when i hear that yeah yeah i'm really address the sea of maybe this is the year that at that sergio can finally get welfare feel tat you have both are familiar i dont aye aye sergio
i think this ship herself europe he's chokes every time is in a big moment i saw you you know it's a mental thing at this point like to second he hears tigers naked upon if he's heard upward with bubble orpheus god doesn't johnny he's gonna he's gonna melt down its war will do a masters preview with rigs on friday but its tigers back filled he could he be back as well and then thirty oh maybe finally getting the monkey on his back and winning a major those are my three story lights those regarded that does your electorate why would you not in an arm and their mother whose backdrop wilson so he is taking the place of john bruton john burdens you be camp is no more because he's now got a cubic camp in oakland trying to fix their car but russia wilson is gonna do cuba to be too to kubi kubi to cuba so easy to be too he's cupid and then took you be what is it a too two so he's saying is is cuba chip
you re too kubi he's training as back up to take over soccer i really wish that they just did this honestly and rust wilson instead of training like the actual passes did like the ok so here's your hot girlfriend don't have sex with our guest and divergent drink a lot of water and you will get a concussion and that voice in the headset that's not your coach that's actually got winning issue was cool but what's wrong cause getting slime on the nickel odeon martine choice or jack would have been could have adopted today but you know it's really go not having sex ass in an end not handing the baltimore shop that's really what you want to do i let's get to our interview with ed coolly before we do that the cash up we're cash up guys now we dont use those other ones we don't say that more award winning lesters is you know we're switching to the cash out the cash up is the simplest way to pay people back friends family coworkers
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and our duties are turning into noughties who bud light is the way to do it so make sure you drink some but light deleted was duly deal it was all right let's do it coach edgar are we now welcome on very special guess it is the coach of the providence friars ed do people they had to cool coy no no no no they normally call me coolly cool erika i like i like yahoo cool i like that ok i'm a debate so allowed an egg to cool coolly he is grace enough to give us a few minutes and you said one we're walking up here that everyone i'll talk to you and i think that's because you you are the official villain over whisper by that i mean i'm just trying to do my job i put a friars would be the best i can be our nor about the whisper early beat him you beat you beat them not only this year when they look like they're about where nash
clotel but you also beat them fear that they want the national title in two thousand sixty so and i wrote down these statue ready for this and to dance seen there were nine for thirty one from three and when you beat him this year there were three four twenty from story how how do you like what is your game plan to coach against a team like that you can eat everyone can shoetrees first and foremost a blind squirrel aids ok yeah yeah stevie wunner re charles find away i think we'd better you gotta blinder players yeah you want just put hot irons in their eyes have about it you know i mean you know you have your game plan and try to do it you can do i think jades one of the best coaches in that country has an unbelievable team jail in brunton whoever i call on the eighteen and under go metal night in another goal metal just do what you can do what you know i mean you're very fortunate we played at home and fund an unbelievable crown
at the dublin donut center we played at madison square garden in an incredible environment ah you know we have been very full and you gotta sixteen though you beat the map going over so i ask you are the villain over whisper i think you need to take more credit for that no i know i'll never take credit the players do an unbelievable job we had chris done was to number five picking her draft you know ben ben till i still feel for this day he would stay there would have been a lottery packed and he had to do it he had you of his family but it's about problems verses villain overs villain over doing what they have to do them their marching on in march is about match ups then incredible region they did it i think the east was the hardest region to get to the national championship game and i think they proved their worth i think michigan proved their worth
and i think tomorrow night were minimal became so in terms of match up how does michigan match up against will know that philip restricts why were you know what which ironic is because of spellman in more yeah yeah i mean that's what really separates allotted team you gonna learn how to guard villain over in their five out and what code to be lying done dawn and unambiguously given enough credit i think is a hall of fame coach and there you gonna do an incredible job tomorrow i'm excited about the matter from a coaching standpoint and their strategic standpoint who can make the right just at the right time when again absolutely i mean you saw you saw when miss he was down to oil so people who don't know maybe don't fall college vaseful providence basketball how did you get into coach you started a high school teacher you her yeah so
i was very fortunate and my wife who is in it annabelle individual right woman was a police officer in province mounted command i was a high school teacher and i was a volunteers is that you must dartmouth that's all i got into coaching i always thought i wanted to be a college taught i just don't know the business of it many individuals wanna coach but the business of it is different from the coaching side of and what you mean by that recruiting as it is something coaching the business part of it is told clean different where and what we think it is stop this not just axes in those out there that might be like challenging were somebody that doesn't have that much that discipline that can schedule out their day plan recruit trips in advance that sort of thing
you gave a great example of that because it's not about access and nose is all about developing relationships recruiting relationships coaching is relationships within your team so you got to do a good job upon that so when i left teaching and went into division three dining with the stone whole college of which i graduated from i'm very appreciative of them given me a scholarship and then earning a scholarship and then go two as a restricted unexploited universal rhode island coach skinner who is who should be in a holiday driving off him what your looks yes who or what you're coaching now ok now know so when i left that then what the universe you were island and then coach went to boston college that's where took off so so you so what what did you teach in high school history ok and how would you great yourselves is a teacher beam
ok that's a passing cry i u can see your way through college but you gotta be some special right let's get i bet you're gonna run the world better how are you absolutely nobody likes you gotta get straight as yeah yeah see away through college be some special you you have no point we like i like doing i like teaching history i should just keep teaching history this is what i always say when everybody asked me these questions i told you that you're not you ask questions i'm asking questions you get ass light teaching ok i love don't ok ok than their follow you love the source is so we gotta we can introduce your team we saw gus play live in the garden and in the end the term of this year and your team has dislike trade tough mr gallagher grit instilled in how do you go about teaching your prayers grid or is it something that you are in a fire when you according to get what i like to believe
i got culture is about togetherness you know our brand is us we together family friars oh and when you have that mantra is not about you it's not about the mirror it's about the guy next to you so when you play for him and you play for him the synergy the love the passion the unbelievable desire to i don't want to i don't want to make you feel like i didn't do my job and if you can get that and you can get that in your culture that's how you get toughness it's not you try to recruit it in an ideal world today we have young men and women that want to be the best they can but until you get them in your culture us we together family you put that i'm sure it's all over it it cannot yet what we already have a trademark
i still don't know what we're trying to trade market but but here's the deal provenance college gave me an incredible operate quantity to run their organization father shamefully bob tresco microwave chilean of which one our school a motor trustees i lived a dream every single day in what a lot of people don't understand is when you are trying to run an organization a new have family there my wife an incredible lady my son isaiah olivia it's as hard man it's not easy everybody seized again they don't see your you so you gotta get support staff there as far as the mascots go which you prefer the dog or the creepy guy with weird haircut i can even ass they do not worried about that i'm worried about how might give perform
we're on the floor i'm not worried about the ban the cheerleaders the dance team the crowd i appreciate has nothing to do with those some men trying to win get so i noticed we went to pierre t match we went to the creighton providence game and ass the square garden you guys one that game was a tough hard fought game what what amaze me was you coach every possession you're you're up and yelling every single possession do you are you play telling your your players plays every possession mean not many coaches a lot of coaches see coach k he just sits on the e sits in his chair you know half the time he gets angry little bit but you're up there and you were coaching every single possession i was co chair would retired twenty years ago i mean it i told you with passion i call
but more importantly with love i coach for a providence i quote for rhode island now i dont coach just to win i feel winwood when providence place when we win the culture of us we together family friars it's about the city man ok so sometimes you coach maybe too much passion because you famously ass i did what talk us through that what what what what moment is you realize you were you ripped your pants and you were caught in trouble jeff battle told he goes out of which i didn't know i said man is a little cooling right now you get along the breeze in i'm u emmi where will we get a lot going all right now we are like honour i said j b what's up music coach rip your pants i said ok no problem we have a chance when a big championship gimme a towel
i'll straightened out here is your rick matures move here you know i don't know a writ matures did he loved house all i'm trying to do with me and not be this right if have not make it about me never want encouraging coaching the never want to make it about you is always about attained eat but i mean the tall came out it when like but lester it won't super move they it almost seems like you stumbled on something that might be a new innovation where like you said when you split on you for how can a nice fat louvre cool like maybe design some slack said have you i saw a barn door in the back yard when you cut you bought off you can literally just let it hang out with it when you go you're but all you may but that's all you should actually has never happened before it happened to me as an assistant gooch ok never been as a head coach as an assistant go
we're plan you see allay and ah well ghost because we had a lot of west coast guys and i said oh my goodness i rip my pants but as the assistant coach yeah but you just sit near here sit down as the head coach but light for every watch and listen and understand in this the real me yes would it but my pants all coastal my draw that that was a good breathing i bet you he'll get a recruit because you u coach through your pants splitting nigeria tea at some point or goods can be like oh you're the coach who split his pants because he culture so art shore short sea should prompt you that all the time just programme your pants like wrestling charolais piazza yeah now i'm not doing that i'm not doing it also so as we hear the love of my life is called the right in this is great
because we can be really this is our is all fantasy you wanna do you want to get your car back and get her on the show you won't get on a shovel house he found the you still amounted police officer knowledge is not not anymore not anymore so what we just saw your past code i need you to get a better you will have to change that i you need to get a better basket i'm scared tell you that got the love of ice hopeful could you gotta be i didn't mean to see it but i saw you're gonna need to get a better pascoe no because we were all bleep that boy you believe me but that was your point screw you gotta get a pet vasco that's ridiculous that's got em i dont believe it don't work but i need you each agent i well if that's that's an outrageous you that's more that's crazier than swimming your pants having that gonna passport momentum
just me madame is trying to keep it move you don't you worry about you had your away about different number comedy right off the real quick back to know i have to ask this question because i dont care for the life of me figure out how a team stops nova how do you preach defence at the three point line how do you run guys up three point line in practice before game like that against villanova when you play against those guys and they're both incredible tacticians with respect to their offense i think i think tomorrow not coming down often typing tomorrow's coming down to how can they guard each other and i think if michigan god dylan over and villain overcome guard michigan the best offensive team will want to morrow not the best offer yes
sounds to me like going over to unlike their defences shrug i have a bias yes you yet as an outsider if i was gonna i was spread on the game tomorrow i would have it as a pickup newgate you'd be a really terrible book me while i do i want you to be my birth mark that smart curious you you know so little about gambling you just gave the worst lineup giving big uses underrated while i'm gone here is a big east couch but at the same time every cultures gonna say might linguist up top to bottom great coaches and if i were breaking a big that culture is a really good the fans are really good but give me leave that's not good right get twelve pact while as easy lot no exert their knocker packed off market i gave you leave this knock it therefore rostov
yeah but you know what it ain't about that it was a matchup it's how the ncaa is picking teams i here's here's a little tip for you guys so i think the problem with the big east is if people want to bash it they can you say the big least so you need to change the like the big eastern or something so that it doesn't rhyme with least here's the deal as coaches we don't care what you think you should because we're france and we are actually the people there on the spot and we're and we appreciate that it but you can't worry about what people think about your legal team you gotta do your job as bilbil jack always says up do your job and their results
to be what they are at christmas ever try to fight you chris moment on the biggest chris moment fan loves flat up these big john i think he's a great coach has unbelievable tee rob up they all be eternity next year we have a great relationship yet mean that was that actually speaks when our own strives to back the biggest saint john is the worst team and they be duke vote over in the same week so that tells you that the biggest pretty damn good talked about i think we have a very competitive league i think we have unbelievable leadership by val ackerman does what i do know we have them
officials in america or i'd like it butter among those nice no absolutely crazy ironed out around you right there with smart areas driver like what you did right there we ve run an incredible right to use the word in random credit officials i love it i wouldn't you see key question so if you're trying to go to the final fourth try to go to any game baseball whatever you put in the promo code take you get ten dollars off your seek purchase seek is actually sending us through the national championship game so thank you for that i want you to tell me if i could play for providence i'm gonna give you my what my game is like and you tell me if you can use a player like myself give it to me i can't shoot i can't really drivel
couple travels i can go behind and go through my legs if no one's within twenty feet of me i can box out really well and i have five hard fowls to give you every single day you can play four providence golly has helped you can play for ed cool ok i would love to like via our voting in you just call me in your like big can't get in and just pack the shit out of someone you could use a guy like that carefully jump either i would take you tomorrow coach me what about about me i'm not athletic at all and i've got very strange hair do you think i could be the basket
i'll help you go guy right creep out little children so now here's the deal i love kids if you creep out children now you have to be friendly with em if your creepy gesture yes yes i do you want to give us a final score protection for national championship tomorrow night i'm an incredible basketball fan john bee line j right eighty four seventy to wait until which seems which lot of files going on ok i feel one over the other guy they regard coach coolly we're we're providence friar fans we actually have honestly mamma we gave them from watching you coach against green at basle we're gonna sit back i what is his ass off and then it happened to three weeks three days later you actually did coach your ass off but we we are big fans in
appreciate and one thing i know matt gourbi who is one of my assistant couches said quote you gotta do this may these guys are cool like they got national attention they love us how'd you doing this i'm coming back from an event tonight and i want to tell you guys thank you we appreciate it providence appreciate what island appreciates it thank you guys go friars who could add to cool coolly thanks so much appreciated fellows ladys my talk yeah it's about condoms everyone's favourite subject to
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never has an announcer tried to make a game seemed close when it was not close for maybe two minutes on either one and it had a couple threes backed back here can control the pace here if they just get one stop and then hit a shot they'll be right back into this and it's like boomed over three there by twenty yet bless his heart was trying with like five minutes left these like i'll tell you but this is this is getting harry for nobody knows up nineteen i'll tell you what if a chinese satellite crashes into this building we might after they might have a shot at this morning martha restart way you never know other issued next day breaking moose ok breaking moose tete a tete a tete a tete a tete johnny satellite just pray room proven right yeah you're right i'm a pat myself on the barrow not getting old takes we're on our way to go crash somewhere between california in hawaii fuck yasser ip fish i'll tell you what a bunch of dolphins got smothered and blown to hell but you see why
he's got the whole justin by a chinese satellite my only regret is that i couldn't have bet on the chinese satellite not had not heading but then if i actually bet i probably would hit me out of them like older what minus one million that it won't hit me i'll just throw dollar on this too when it real quick that's true so i mean we can all breathe a sigh of relief not me because i never was worse random death is not back i was wrong so embrace debate so we're timer greenhill trying to push this this narrative bit kansas ever had a shot after the first minute but the real soon hurry came at the end of the blow up where jim nance said the grant hill was a mimi yes not your grandma not not not not the cheque from drew kara a meal when i was a bunch bob mimi what i love about that's nor is there is definitely production system that had to hand jim nance a piece of paper with it written on it there was nobody in his ear telling him say that this is a gem europe your mean and so
he had to read that out loud yes absolutely botched yes so we can go one or two ways we do to embrace debates we can either embrace debate how do you pronounce word but i think we all know its mean i i used to think as men that's right because it is by no means like a similar yeah but at least you didn't think mean never so the real i agree with those who are the real embrace debate here is has jim nance ever been online yes jim nance is the kind of guy that google's the word porn why was it you have made to mr skin that's it but i don't think he's i think he has been online in any like
in any capacity that we're talking about like i don't think he's ever been unless someone showing him like instagram onto therefore he's not he's not by himself he's never growing on social media freedom is never been on youtube he's probably he has an email and outlook account that europe by somebody yeah that he knows how to do he presses the mail but not as far right can see but no one has the email because he doesn't give out the email right so no one actually emails and why would you need to emergency shows up for the incidental eternally rather than the man you know where he's gonna be is actually the easiest person news ass night not saying you should just saying that he is cause you know where you are varied and if they are just sing back he probably doesn't google porn i'll take that back he probably ghouls stag films yeah so you never you too he's never the blood is there ve been on twitter i think that you it's classical does jamaica has never been online ok yeah allow that but would have jim got really into means neither here nor there there's no
these authorities he starts playing mimis you mean peep erect roses daughter i i don't think jabez nosey said the wrong because he doesn't online like that's the beauty of romance is he doesn't even know you fucked up because he can't i'm touched the entered the internet never touches his hand he has an assistant being like great broadcast the engines like is the interrupting anything like no i thought you did great job gymnast dappling does not ask the internet say oh my god you met mimi what a moment stay woke though was it a meme you can only one hears a vague here you know you can't speak a meme into exists now it was even now we didn't have patrick starfish respond rapidly so it's not me tat your star star patrick seller star whose whose patrick starfish patrick star something porn star the adequate patty s interesting respect
in spite sponge roger support ok wash never so i dont know jim i'm jim nance of sponge would if it was today spongebob where spongebob was just a rational sponge who interesting squid we're just a sperm somebody was actually the come back here now and the crow and across we really gonna why don't have an end mr crabs was just like the pubic like ok we really and watch episodes are next we have talking soccer zapata so little athens built on our homes load result i'm a big zoltan family this result empire guess so zoltan hit a huge shot in emma less game is watching you ever though he had a colossal out of you know what that means but it's go eat mulatto it's like a spectacular go it's a world classical it's a it's it's a cracker it was a half bali
what's it ever to have followed a full volley it was a cracker so i say as a cracker world class so zoltan is gonna save soccer in america is he's the future america sounder ease authority for anything we usually yeah he's gonna do it but that's ok but eyes he actually is an unbelievable character had bought guy right he nodded scythia like fifty now bizarre tat is a great he took out a add two in the l a times that just said you're welcome to everyone he's coming here the famous plea on his wife's birthday he got her a picture of himself he who had like an ex beyond say in their like did you ever get her like a prick presidential thing like any said i am the present here's a good core from they they asked him if he was going to be too old to competing people when would over england he said i was born old i will die young don't worry about me
i went to england in a wheelchair i conquered england than three months i was looking up old courts have as yet oh certainly problematic one i guess there was a picture of him like slightly crow can t then dont ruins autonomy in our own birds funny its profits like it's like the go back like you see someone did like sublime is problematic now yet fuckin they ruin everything but salt on someone wrote that idea ray a reporter asked if he was gay and he said why don't you come over my house and i'll show you that i'm not gay and bring your sister to oak ass we do mike tyson better you just watch me have sex with you i'm gonna make eye contact yeah so straight and so did i look at you you're having sexually s history i'm so straight that i would like to have insects yes darling i'm straight i owe you still will you join and i do think though is all tat still on the swedish national team
sure i was just thinking i think sweden's my world cup to him i don't think there in the world cup yellow there definitely work i'm all them yeah dude i'm swedish i would now like i'm like one six years who i didn't get the italy i think it no i didn't get the tall there on the group death of milan heart i got all this parts of the swedish basically like sit out international campione get big boobs didn't get big boobs i why didn't get the blue eyes so results on a nobody can see will result on wurzel turnpike yes we'll he's going to save american soccer are so we have just chill out man for air and donald who apparently trains with knives so he did a that there is a club that hit the internet where he was doing handrails with a guy who is trying to establish he had two knives ok here too he was get swung out with i don't really understand the concept of the railroad supposed to train you on other than just like maybe if you team up with very loose in a locker
yeah that would be useful for the ninety nine yon ravens to go to that rule but it oh i get it requires when i just ok guy ready here i hate to see how the rams loss to the falcons the playoffs maybe they should be more concerned with defending against the shotgun the knives yeah i'm here say it's like a one because i think i saw some people are doing it but yeah that's good i don't see it he saw couple people's replying to appear like he should be worried about the shaka you didn't hit i did that's like that those of us who is generally be replying to it i walked out the best viral video though is the guy with knives is fully palate yeah it not only does he have knives but errand out such a free good nature and such a beast that he also has pads on because he's gotta be the one who's like scared of getting hurt you
you know it's really funny is there going to be people after that see their video and try to incorporate knives and their training routine has psychotherapeutic yeah i could go for some knife defence yeah we should actually something podcasting also he couldn't hurt now we'll cut law you could get are only a few message will only be gets the avenue we have to be the bigger may wait was an april fool's job what was it donald thing like an elaborate able were they like take knives now because i feel like choose goes it there is a viral africa yeah i'd feel training the guys will and the bears hired you did jujitsu mazur like a few years ago but that's my trust me that's not nor did she know but i'm solely marked registration is going to bring in a child touchy and nobody ok so let me fraser differently you have to do the quarterback in the nfl and probably ever jerk off you tom brady
is saying that drinking enough water will stop sunburns so these guys are so like their smart slashed at the same time that they will do anything that they think we'll get them ahead but knives yes yes because they perform geographic we ve all been had amateur say it was real are we have a b the bigger man we even have this is a segment negroes in a one time so bring it back yes so baker mayfield apparently is what screen grabbing everything that's ever been said about him negatively on that could be that bitch move the cavern rent does but i like big data but he is he's taking notes he's making a list and he's here basically checking every single person who's ever said anything about him and he's gonna get his revenge he said grabs the he spends as much time looking at negative chatter about himself williams does writing letters yes so we
have you have small tweets i have a couple of two it's ok so i just posted there because the video on dancing with crying jordan on that i really want to have yet so so baker i guess he's got us a little bit is tickler files that review so words could put her hand up in a knowledge what we said ok i've said bigger mayfield's tommy shirt is the dorms because actually knights have israel and i also had a theory that he can't when big game the gambling theory and it was proven wrong over and over and over again so i'm sure he has that one down i was just like you have baker don't don't bet on baker and when in reality its don't bet on baker like we like nine against i will state i had more image
thirty from baker mayfield i call and bakers doesn't because he acts like he's thirteen ok ok i said but see i'm told baker mayfield attended this event even though he has the flu thanks for getting everyone sick bigger i want my cuba's attitude to be contagious not his breath off my big board yup so hand up those we're out abounds description
those that son of a bitch baker mayfield is wearing i've let a care to his work out rhine leave to porno that's when he wore the headband the ups up to address other preschool said next interview you show up in your had been and see how it goes yeah so if you're being interviewed at your desk job any sharp wearing athletic gear band that's problem actually pete i'm trying to be a sense a in karachi so i should show up and had been good point eggs on your face when i search baker and make the best part is member the head of the whole thing the president of all fame david baker sweaters
those of us who that really really strange what he says he was lying on the outside the shoulder he swept through us or full suit it looks like you get shot his arm he also didn't play in the nfl but he has the body banana felt where he's basely stolen valid for the nfl it if you're in it what is the head of health is at present the whole families is big monstrous guy switzer suits but i didn't plan the erika should he should have to wear different cultures loves just loves well our last up we have spent on an old segment hurt or injured it's actually hurt injured or high and is virtual i'm bead who apparently were after he broke his face he's been tweeting well what say oh his pipe in high been very i some of the treaty had during the game was man in my i guess that confirmed madam i hire these dude so hot from three come on those of our own over is blown back reactor and
i would also have the ebony other tank i think that was not of hungary on a day to between two picture of him as to face from yes yes yes so he is the real a joy beating than ever get off the ground does you gotta have you ever take on a day no she said she had been all star and then it was but that's why he replied do is tweet like use based we talking to himself on twitter like he's a very honest also very hostile sober ok we forgot log into the burner on that one year so opposite katy i like it i mean being high post surgery is a great excuse for anything i remember when i recovered from my surgery my foot surgery the nurse came in and she was like you won't remember talking to me right now and i was like yes i will ensure that no you won't as it gets it won't she goes well you won't remember what you told me five minutes ago and she gave me a look and it just it struck fear into my soul i might go
yet what do i say to the refinements i still don't know where it could be anything i might be married to her i didn't have painted pills when i got it by dogs i'm a man actually had antibiotics because i could it died if i didn't know because your white blood cells were little bitch is nowhere does it gradually rabies ever heard of it kills people antibiotics nokia rabies yet does one i'm walking proof of that insurance that's true yeah market that's our show whew guess what john siena common on wednesday and so be be ready we're still being in san antonio this beautiful city what say some really mean things then i remembered that i have a plate for tortilla chips at back hotel room three and the mare said very nice thanks to aspire to a stop and then if you want to listen maybe little bonus at the end of this love a guess
i find this a little extra part might take my room five mash up so here's the deal we tried to report the show early
so there's more and five contradicts going on it's antonio that you could hear every corner of the city that's what we get for trying to do something i had to guess yeah so the lesson there is always progress and the other lesson is if you ve ever been your final force imagined dragons five maybe smash mouth thirty seconds mars you saw out my boy and evaluating the eyes and i'll be eight any area that you ve ever heard in like he s been preview for account just think about the ban figures tat probably like hey have you heard that song i heard a commercial gotta real my step i should say about it and now i downloaded album on i too would like yeah i've u like growing isaac i paid for their album on i jumped zia so that is basically every three concert final poor it is free concerts middleweight voiced its success we are but we thought we give you a little lecture bonus here while you can hear the concert because we were quoted the show after the concert ended the thing
are we figured out as they don't really know their baby we don't really know worrying room five songs we're trying to figure out five is a ban you know the words every song we don't actually know the names of any of the songs you gonna let me let me alive i've got the jagged gonna pay now
the bread mercosur sweets and all that no further touch was that somebody is maybe we gotta try fund also serves astrophysicist bad radios max edison we're not even i watch what we're doing room five karaoke to signs that we don't know the words this terrible vs hey does love is less tat is to say goodbye to be forever shows any of you out their kids embrace debated room five classic wrath other things are going in prague castle is no pants on color struggles real yap pollution is
we need to color the gyms or thought the redskins played it yeah you know what we actually should probably create a fake team with maroon five is the pantone color and see if ravel wolf guess i guess next song sugar love you like jagger bree hardest free charter is getting harder and harder to breathe batting erect i'll sunday morning isn't this a do that's is he bang in goods to find out their voice hosts together thing when i try to stay in the government the final forehead ass they get married someday refund for has to be the event that needs the most flag or to have sex
close by agri use your comments i want no sorry i've no funding beyond one week riot doesn't it though like this people pack for the final point i hears my polo's with my t name my team lowborn here's my other poor with my team of areas the white polo with what team of wanting and here's my for him so i can bring my way everybody at this event was sector either financial adviser mortar and apprentices to become a financial size it three months proton california oh no doubt that this is the song that was a college was only three years in a row centuries yeah i remember me for that reason i was that's that's another band that its dry mars volta s marvelled i'm this weekend
yeah go swimming clemson the boys travelled up to charlottesville gas glimpses fighting whole rival south carolina with we must share will you look like a pocket area on the sidelines probably eight p m saturday night college football ten bullet exists returned valid doesn't matter which one of the deaf balance or is if he ever coach there is anything they still wide better believe it
so this is the actual bonus around five part of my take national thank you listening
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