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#PuntWeek with Johnny Hekker & Kevin Huber 11/18/16

2016-11-17 | 🔗
On today's show the guys remember that baseball is still a sport thanks to their annual tradition of making post-post-season announcements for their regular-season awards (2:30 - 5:31). They examine what a post-injury world is like now that Donald Trump is going to be President, and they unveil their start/sitting fantasy rankings for the upcoming weekend (5:31 - 9:45). Friday roasts & NFL picks (9:45 - 20:19). Interview With Rams Punter Johnny Hekker (22:19 - 36:22) & Kevin Huber (36:22 - 46:16). Segments include "Watchdogs," "Stay Woke," "Talking Soccer," "Put One In His Earhole," and Friday Jimbos.
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eat for four nine zero zero b t s go to my bookie you play you when you get paid expert or rookie you gotta check out my bookie sign up today let's go on its part defended by the party michael day november eighteen and major league baseball just fucked just in berlin or will it
bottom two days ago we put it that way doesn't sound survey wow so here's the story came up in she's got her man's back and that was the big hub hubbub on a thursday afternoon or sorry a wednesday night came up and go after the email be after the post he's an awards came out and berliner finnish second in the sky young and she said hey i thought was the only one who got to fuck just over lender and then she went viral sir she's got his front two earliest the lower part of his front yep so yes you did go viral i didn't even know that this was happening at the time because i block kate upton like three years ago she was my first person i've ever blocked on twitter because of a ruthless god of war promoted tweets that yeah he's out there yes and i mean don't get me wrong a fan of seeing kate upton comes from a timeline once in a while it is
and so do it baby just too much too much promotions are blocked than people i got shit get upturns in this thing checked it out i like to get on my kid upton updates from rick reilly i like to get on my kid upton updates from rick reilly ruler boob yeah so impress rigour i hope he's ok cause i didn't see him make a joke about kid upton last night and i was like well used to use it is forty four hours so let's not jumped any conclude has true he's still is it a winding up renate little stay work on this one maybe maybe finally just cannot hacker phone her picture phone out we know that case not she's not to care for when it comes to the cloud so loud maybe husky claw maybe for languages can a slit in there and using i want everybody to be reminded that came up to me and i have sex so i will be a wards it's always so i got our some other doom to sleep it always feels like k member baseball god
baseball with sport i'd forgotten about it yeah it's cholera thursday i can't be thinkin back two weeks i will say though chris brian winning every p we can now make some jokes about him veto sitting out the first ten games of that season a couple years ago when theo was using his his clock so that we can act as the cubs can control chris private longer those jobs are always fun is can you imagine how many every piece chris bryant would have won if he started the euro two thousand fifteen with the major early club source theo finally vindicated first decision asylum as our house how could one multiple world series right that's true yes are you collar rush collar russia's here and she cam newton by the way he respect the color rush the news broke that he when he plays madam he used the colorado i left the that's nervous that business are the states look man they look fresh the all white jerseys yeah you can do that how many catch up on that you can do that now the trumps been elected so all white is back
as we learned the other week white is actually the combination of every color out there so it's actually really when you get down to it the least race color we're not racist we're not re every color we love white yeah white supremacy that's actually i have noticed as a person of colors myself i can say that i'm not races that's right z s colorists thursdays can be an incredible game i'm sure and of sea south teams going at it larry was on the saints yell we're also on the sands yet we will wake up tomorrow morning limit richer on that up and larry on fire he's i think top one hundred in the super contests which is unreal nfl though we had like thoughts and prayers the other fellow can do little segment in the topic not to confuse everyone but what happened yes so might freemen oblique report spoke with ineffable eggs give unnamed anonymous source his big on the anonymous sources by the way and here's what the anonymous were says again nameless
and it fell executive under present rock obama the country was intellectual looked at facts i think that's why ratings fell people read a lot about her scandals or see tee and didn't like what they saw under trump the country will care less about truth are facts it'll be more raw and brutal football will be more of an outlet will go back to liking or violent sports sir thoughts and prayers science so from saved football he saved football already may already already made amerika great again absolutely no trick because you can't be injured you can't have see tee if nobody he goes out and actually discovered what city is so because there is all the silent well psmith yeah because there are the size and and doctors from nigeria went out there and they discovered brain injuries now or on the look out for it it's like when you got ahead we have a hammer all the world looks like a nail its the old saying
and if you don't get ass did eat ass you have announced today right absolutely but you know what the heck hake nodded a little too early on that whatever happens just calling somebody crazy you know that guy they used to play for call for fifteen years just he's crazy he went crazy somehow or a better one is punch from punch shrunk as everyone yeah whenever you see the old boxes on tv and you can't shake it off the cobwebs getting catches can catch a brain nick yeah got all wrong a little bit i'm happy nfl background i am too little spends on here since injuries are really think anymore is rubber griffin coming back they just announced there taken him off the populace saw that the michael vick memorial populist and they're bringing archie three i can't believe it last like two games the season yeah now
he can recover from his injury off season with our new injury that would be a robber griffin triumph of all time is if you led the brown still your wasn't one way and then guess what stock goes way up in the free agent marketplace while new that subway audio comes back come comes back swinging around subways at a pretty pretty awful couple years further main sponsors between him and jerk i can't tell which were then they have my briar brian iraq will at some point who i don't know they directed at did they really here come on so a subway stepper game of excellence and highly royce lee rose out there we re still free agents in the advertising ok so let's do we have before we get our nfl picks were also to do a stardom sidham knew new little topic not segment before to do that would hinder some
gross so just a reminder if you subscribe to pardon my take on itunes and you rate us if you like us i assume you do cuz you're listening to right now rate of five stars and then roast us even out the world tell us a good job and then make fun of my weight that's the funding it so hank can you yup you up for written my best here ok jonah hill mc loving and michael sir sister continue their quest to lose their virginity is pretty yet asbury guy i can i get a little michael sir i'll raise your hands i sound like gmail none but now they have sound and look good combo maybe was like one one millionth of the bank account you when you're ordering your food at a fast react when i'm hired you sound linked resound exact like jonah hill ok from one football guy do another this podcast of rosy o donnell and the tumbleweed is better than cocoa eating grass on live tv concertos
grass out looming smiles ozma so figured out you idiot sufferings that was your plan that only by reading it wasn't gonna want me i am sure that's finishes you're really loving kill engendered rob gradations new podcast are on a hey that that's that's a real like twenty fifteen joker yeah we'll make those jokes anymore robs loss little weight pig headed that that's just where blair walsh hides a town oh that's a pretty good one mrs d ancona you're moderately town to dick who mrs really mrs chip shots and inconsistent as the easy ones yet targets yeah an ice cream salesman blows cumuli nimbus clouds wiles waste tried to teach their small child how to read their freedom gotta
when i screamed gotten hey hand up over here guys i do like myself some ice cream and i've never once actually tried to teach hank out red yeah because we know that just knock em acts of it my times more about the absolute like mightest put pushing met big stone up there was always a mite midas was the golden atocha what's the weeks ago haiti's now those hades haiti's push in the border area and i would suggest to fall back down yet a task that can't be accomplished gonna hate easy task here that's not what this others tell me what the fuck mammas you don't even know it genius boy doesn't those mythology ok you ve gone kellynch spatters transgender husband in fact i ve got a scooter pull people on whether or not they watched their apples ok speaking of spent ok first of all i want to jump ends killion conway not killion fitzpatrick and there has been a lot of rumours out there that her and i had a little thing going during the presidential election i don't want to comment on it
you can draw their own conclusions i knew very well very well but i don't want a gentleman doesn't kiss until ok and speaking of i don't love you saw but jimmy bothers getting a little bit about em vp murmur sam smith is you make its annoying i owe you wrote about today's liked is jimmy butler is gonna be his leap year where he's thinking about big is used the big be valuable ok gimme butler leap year brings him too like number twenty two in a wheelchair every tommy a big had surprised oh it makes you want to talk bag a bare trap oh i thus actually my favorite quality of big hate i glad surprise about well but how you like oh kid opening your christmas present like seven times that i actually like that about its victim in a handsome woman do impressions of frank kelly indo doing impressions of chris berman that's pretty
that is a compliment i don't know where the roast was value air pressure that one but one guy bro as for walking can stop talking about it to others gonna have to get his foot removed good idea being that i did us here i mean what he was wounded that's it i they ask it ok great ah thank you for roasting us could always feels good it keeps ego and check a little bit dominus roast and that whole thing was piteously he saying that he hates a lot of things about me i was really nice and not even likes cracking smile i was just real nice raw emotion ah let's do stardom sidham you ready yet explain this limit so it's fancy football season everybody loves plan everyone loves matthew matthew asking who are trying to kill them build benjamin i have very fitzgerald its people are well julian are in error in the other guy use go monday night
and i dont want to be you know sit near a monday night ruin against it so what do i do here well guess what guys here to help you out stardom sit up for my textile even start you can guide ok so i got stardom we're wouldn't be the hotel this weekend could we at the castle radio events stardom green the hotel room to like sixty degrees that is the best move out their love do that are in the care of its winter just get over those blankets are you sure it's not ok so your little fucking weird y know fan out there you plan to vote without waiting to everyone is actually i think that you are in the minority hurdle i still contained out that's a psychopath now it's not people people know they go sleep with the affair sidham the bears b
king on local television so the best plan the giants i'm gonna be obviously be back and i will have to watch that our local television which is always kind of embarrassing for me but a little bit of spends on bare mackadoo said that i take the record surmount the windows the bears undefeated there you go is free of the mai stardom is getting a haircut and buying exactly one new pair genes and sweater because next wednesday night biggest born out of here you gotta see all your high school friends gotta billikin fresh so this we can go out take your own hair cut them i'm like america not for me disgusting i'm just like vice for everybody sidham calling your parents uncle appearances weakened you're gonna see him next there's yeah don't be a try hard here hank all my stardom also hotel related is we're just if all the shampoo so commissioner and squeeze them into one conclusion
although you talk ok oh my god love has no longer in the trash the hague makes a barber cuff los us out of this up in the bath and brutal body lotion and arrogant crazy you put the body lotion and three x ray the three many bottles waits eu action would body lotion in your hair judea i am also here's a year the quickest way in ireland is a quick explained the heck how come if you put like i arena deodorant this week but so like in my armpit didn't do anything you're you're just cleaning your armpit why doesn't it doesn't it also makes you feel good how to stop the swag has soap doesn't hang out there forever soap wash off when you sweat you're soap off here is when you take a shower you then put on kyoto if you dont than you smell explained hang you if he hears it prototype dish soap next yeah little body lotion just soap and mixing with body lotion and sticks in a little bit of spent yes a little spit again and we have a setup i really ever
a new kind of aid that we are to do an actual players are really told me this like two minutes that actually is and entertain that's actually better bit beauty and i will do none and if a person you give us your stirred him sitting for real their car ok arrogant even in mexico i like that can actually like that advice yeah perfect lets you fell pictural quick like we said shouts archer for getting us into the tournament they are the best and they have the best gamblin goldfish while time while you update the fucking records on shark we glares beat everyone larry's is generating some buzz for your company young capitalize on so let's do some kind of help i think i went on five it was one of those weeks you no ears i've looked at the nfl season enough
i realise this is one though seasons where there's only like twelve good teams and the super winners gonna come from one of those twelve good teams in vegas doesn't even right and you run into a lot of these weakens where of psychiatry it's either feast or famine right so like there's a lot own fives you mix in their yet a stick to it lay vetoes sixty eight and i'm not a games on the table this weaken that i really want to touch all but i have a parlay we're gonna parlay the dams bring back the senate
the two thousand eighteen with the patriots who says no i mean that is that's a winner right there okay i went around like that i owe you one book in america super relate above what we're gonna do it so here's the other thing that you gotta keep in mind alive so in the past you always hear teams travelling east right strategies for the early games this year it's it's kind of a toss up you don't i would beg us thinking has vegas factor that in so i'm look at vegas i'm looking at myself in the mirror i don't know what to do so sometimes just getting over the gut okay so this is a gun colonists gut week of me got weak let's go to got we got for me i got the court's okay courts at home who love the course look at the quarterbacks love the court's got the car those travelling east like i said i'm going with the gut i'm not gonna vegas my gut you're not really your trouble middle the country carlos travelling east
is it easter actually they hate us wanting us we're what are you talking about voting time zones yeah no if you travel closer to the son got it than usual when that when i'm sorry when like when the rams play the cardinals there also travelling east now yeah they used to be travelled west which is why always bet on the rams now their travelling east steelers sealer's football i like em back back eagles you up but the egos and then the writers in mexico city i worry we make that are shot of the weak yes don hullo mexico to cola o cart who yo oh yeah oh coolio shouted a week dogcart charlotte satellite tank i got the colts box patriots picture to back packers in the ravens
i gotta ravens packers is as yet was ok those talk about the game really quickly vacuum makes no sense bomb and a barometer walk right like a fuckin gullible unlike licking my lollipop walking in the woods you know me got a little re writing i got a little angers me i'm a tree the catholic schoolboy outfit i grant what's he doing here and i'm gonna walk right into it snatch me up and i'm taking the redskins so i'm goin redskins hake i agree with you on the patriots i think they're gonna kill the forty niners ah i liked the vikings the steelers and the ravens ravens us too many points they're makin uptown
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solely because of you guys and we owe a lot of our future success in may become a children aimed at that's because of you guys you're welcome yes i want to correct the chaser i watch lotta hard knocks us off season the star the show was a doubt rock galaxy your strength coach does even make eye contact with the special teams geyser are what does he do randy he does he raptly rashly pray pilot rock i think is a lot of practice and even over specialty just standing around kind of wasting time and you know rocks rock doing the same kind of standing watching practice he helps ufc snaps are quarterbacks hasn't doing that has hole go to your ear and so you want me to sit down sideline now she in the breeze isa is undoubtedly the really i get a lot of knowledge and knows a lot about the game and has played a summer s coat some really cool guys and logic really sweet retford stories
does he ever like just get the urge to do some snaps when he's just stand around like he asked you to come up and just stick your hand onto his plays i got to get a few reps in john did under centre now it does and i wish you would be i haven't having been lucky enough to catch me snatch rock but they make up what i've got the latter serious he's gotten out therein and give me some is he's great anger do not link in being sixty is gonna hurt him for in the game but technically sound before we want to do some more pro questions about your time at the ranch before did i want to ask quick question about your college organ stare was
zat like you don't when like running backs go to wisconsin cause they know though get to run the ball thirty five times you know a game to punish go to organ state knowing the often sucks so bad you build upon it all the time man i wouldn't say that true that could be the could be the me no solid viewpoint now with our offices struggling but that we look at them some pretty potters come through there actually a punter for the new england patriots ryan allen him and i walked on there together and we're and we're both on the roster for the first two years and in a trance raynham involved also what college rather than make them or the moniker potter you ok yeah i'm workin on my back are you who is the quarterback when you were in oregon say was it manner was arraigned cats we had there were started out with while molly vow at him for a year who could forget on canfield for a year had ryan cat fur
three quarters of a year and a half john ok yeah i mean i am a gambler so i know organ state they have you know that they specialise in quarterbacks was rocket arms than can't move their feet so they're all the same guy right now another now thereafter there actually pretty pretty different as far as their make up and i think you know they are brought down stop to the table and allows dummy moreover can i could run a little bit but that's that's most noble guy had a good run a little bit he could run he could right i mean he also laid out in the end on the end around regional or shot on amber yet army for the most part try we like to stick with pocket passers yes so i was doing some say biometrics earlier looked up the steps and i saw that you actually have the highest kubi are of any rams quarterback in the law
for years was there any jealousy that got name starter and like you didn't even get a sniff right now not much i mean i've actually had neighbours lastly i bet i ever terminator sent you a plank order back but i mean i m all right after meetings are over and i'll be home for two hours before the court of action get it out of their meeting so i'm not really envious of than any of the word so but you were at one point the emergency quarterback when are you still diversity could about he i still am so willing addressed to on game diane i guess if things are you ok do you think you put me in order to securely handball after running back do you do like any preparation at all for that or is it just basically if if we get to that point we're fucked anyways so we'll just call tosses and you can just suitable there there there's some preparation i mean a pre game
ro pandora receivers throw some rout john gonna weak and then i'll also take action from the centres and do canada the into your right period while the quarterback rwanda receivers debbie's and may i think if you search for iraq the hand under the rock actually that that happens during the week that maybe the big idle restroom from all there you know the groundwork so now not not much from rock but adieu gets out from the other centres we have to bring it up it is pont weak it's probably the moselle amos punt moments in the last decade maybe these the ox game what i don't know you walk along this route and obviously youtube first law kind of attack you showed your own against cliff april the first time you shoved the operating ice you peter pleaded him as as far as punter could declared someone that was a decree then
when they came back around what we're punk guys we're punk were jim trudell does the work we are objects trestle coaching true disciples yogurt we're in the coach of trees so just tell us what the thought process was when you just went down around i have you seen dave chappelle yes those moments when keeping a real goes wrong and that definitely one of those moments i mean i was a part of the ball i'm running down you know i icu at seahawks go get more shoulder at and with both his feet off the ground and just gonna toppled over jack it was it was at tat moment tat i realized that i'd done something bad it's like the other after the flag get thereby comes out around my colleague get this next time i gotta have a high level these gather crazy but yeah it was a pretty good
kevin michael bennett were not very happy with me for i'm great reasons but the other economic about real self preservation adela the desert just now from become for you it is protected by law organs get down and leave the plane now so on the kick it looked like an arrow said something to you at all like right like almost boo right after the ball after foot did he say thing or did you just seem come out i don't remember also terrified i'd think all my senses were cottages shut off at the moment i love it does you know what that's why the pointers earn are the most honest football players out there i would say that really out of a man s guys we were taught not to express our fears not to say i love you we do all that stuff on this you have a segment caught i love you a segment called fears surreal you're the best man out there yes absolutely i mean i maintain my emotion than not afraid i had nothing to hide your america loading sir
a kick them all the real moment now the real mama very you kicked the ball seventy eight yards on sunday what kind of steroids did you take beforehand man just mostly dear rare link yet all under the tongue here yet where that lotion is very bad and all them were you than i had plenty of arab yet if the greatest just the creator deaf couple things out the black market in china knows there's nothing nothing but just total luck i think i just laid him that ball and caught in the sweet spot in the same took off as pretty pretty sweet to watch last question before we get to our final three questions we cannot ask every punter this one when it is when you have maybe a guy who gets loosen its one on one what its workers through your head are you trying to actually make a tackle you're trying to slow down to someone else can are you just stand there like a fuck i'm fucked i mean the second museum breakthrough
can there be any open them we have that no shit like i needed just get the way so he can slow down enough for the actual players to get him and i kind of just try and either if i if used toward the sideline my shot out of bounds or if i can get it to cut back to the middle of field for the rest of my teammates are that is that the wind for me but mostly i'm just thinking do something to keep this guy from getting the end zone and for the most part that's going to work out in my favor but deadly got shook the crap out of tyler lockett first part of the season last year they sat near letters they want to bring that up canna did the sidelines never missed hackler here goes on open book yeah people talking about man i'm not gonna become a gun some sort of world class aptly other young can happen next having checks but i love like that i'm gonna teach a writer i like the armistice so
if there was a battle really i'll between all the partners whose last mentioned because pat maxie said that he would kick your ass and then ok came said that he would kick pat mcafee says so whose ass economical astronaut my gosh that's tough i mean another girl fighting they screwed pretty good derby gather right you're what like sex for pretty large six five out i think thomas more state actually i think he like secretly healthcare audience daphne super jack john rye and also pretty jack he's gonna compactor figure dependent
punch jeez although man i'm a measure on alcohol thereby belong to find out now see you could beat up pat and market that's that's perfect somebody's got to have a little brackets that in a week perfected not day that you did not final three questions are first one do you wash your apples do i wash my i do all levels yeah water then i'll i'll wash on again so powder anything i give a quick ranch the rebel wax ruler of the outside but you don't know the grubby have trouble ass the door you don't want that i'm actually ok with that i'm ok with partners washing apples yeah well and also washington guy you're you're from washington so the opposition has plenty of plenty of apples in my day yeah yeah so it's like you anywhere else you like an order salmon off the many because we use the good stuff from back home you're picking
apple you don't know that stem from it could be california could be where the weird states wash it off i don't think i myself drafted the next question most famous person your cellphone most famous person in my cell phone probably next warthin oh you can call you wanna calling famous oh you're on are you on your phone i'm on my phone out shit now they are given the card right now ok well he's big vikings guy yet always let's not bashing blair walsh lot and so maybe you should rethink this relationship with next words and he doesn't seem like he's kicker guy here i'll i'll think he'd back me i think you'd probably be happy if i did it poorly against the team but yeah yeah the green eyes do otherwise last question what's the hierarchy like between tickers importers who's the cool kid his door oh man
no yes both stand by yourselves but who stands by them helps by themselves as well as by themselves an army kicker score points that like kind of cool they have that guy forms like the rest the team have to like i'm i give their winning games one but the pot of money we have to be weird and funny to canada in that respect and also be pretty good i mean i know it is difficult to difficult question their answer but are they play upon his old a bit more quirky than takers are for the most part outside ok son before we let you go and really appreciate you there's been an awesome interview i allowed you caught up in this chamber we have like seven funny questions how pleasant it what great way to extend one is a deal with jeff fisher whereon jet what's deal jefferson wearing shorts like five times too big i don't know i think he really car like the early two thousand and like the elect their coffee
let's just like never really moved on yeah we're sunglasses indoors and therefore in big ol tease i think he's pretty like he's pretty her that dad that actually makes me happy because i don't think i could handle like jeff fisher going with two haven't sixteen clothes words everything's tight to the body i gray outward shock my system all too much that's not him you're not em like early two thousand three mba yeah right that yet another do a thing i'd love to see jeff pressure put on the parallel jordan big genes i feel like dat representative yes yes giving us even get him in appearance and actually got loving can you just tell my love em again ok indefinitely that perfect johnny thank you so much for joining us it next time you in new york you gotta come by the office who under do an exemplary with you this has been awesome really appreciate it
and i can go on being a punter during punt weak i thank you guys i appreciate upon his people to analyse keep rock in a procedure gas love at yeah thanks so much man brigida thank god thicker another something completed we now continue pont weak with these cincinnati bengals punter kevin huber kevin thank you for joining us let's start with an easy one year from cincinnati you went to since daddy you play for cincinnati what do you like about thea diarrhoea chile skyline for dublin got a lot i was gonna get i reckon telling them that they don't irrational and so on no areas come down here in the past about amanda acts they own skyline chile reality i got these doors at their own internal ducking explain to me the difference
sky line and gold star chile like as one horse shit and the other come from your what's respited i mean i would say is probably the gold star i'm on a big girl internal politics ok so let me phrase it a different way what's tougher being a punter or being from cincinnati the place it brought a skyline that is of course i'm here i got a feeling that your hatred for skyline comes from i noticed you guys you i saw for myself turn your cities making a soft i like ours hundreds around ok that's fair lila i've never for years and of other problems too i think i ought to tell us what do you do put the huts us on the cracker that like tasty special sincerity treat i do
i don't know but i will certainly wit what's your order of scotland is interviews just gonna be skyline chile folks about which way are you three way guy for way yeah you three way times adventure mountain doodle four forward beam and then with my colleagues i utility sandwich and no other how often deleted you are used that back my colleague today that like a weekend that then now i'm trying to keep my wait download that i can stay away i have a theory on this and i think that skyline chile actually could be good if you were drunk enough is that the entire city of sins they just wasted all the time it's always like four a dot m and you guys are just piling it on like cold light beer mass of that right and when the one on campus abysses natty that it's a mighty too for the morning so you can imagine the towards after that happens alternate theory this is one i've been working on
everyone who is born in cincinnati or north kentucky entered into a pact to see if they could punk member passion culture the hit chopin if they could punk of america so anytime you go to cincinnati you eat chile with spaghetti and you guys are all laughing at us i'm not at the good theory i think that the big the big problem is the goal and i think a chilling big chunky like you know chile hardly exactly like more like a like a chilly thought like a mariner ok look at that way it's love indifferent to tell angel i haven't was not it's not like chunky choice in this matter terrible ok i have a question about a molecular skyline for a second i have a question about the primal your problem punter you went to the problem was it was two years in y know oh you got robbed on that one so
only as a puncture is that like does everyone treat you like one of the guys when you know the kicker shops the probable or house does that work other legislative reform and i was fortunate bitter refer you know great tat maxie and end yes the lot about now in writing the strawberry marguerite isn't that what we had a few those of course the weak try to get you to like jump into any legal bodies water now one exactly be that the eu that happened we play that game you forget i got here before there that will not happen so i was a little research on yet says that you own the title for the longest punt insincerity bear cats history humor how long that kick worse i have no clue i couldn't tell again it was it was i'm not very good at i couldn't tell you have to if they last year alone
but then i had got used year pots mugger promoting short term at the age of sixty nine yards down is sixty nine you how long it sixty nine keys contact with parliament what about the bangles teeth this is gonna be the year you guys wanna play off came well our enemy come on you guys first nuclear or annual down outta here so we gotta get up luckily audited a little possibly design right now and we still have a chance that we went out you know get some losses nor teams you know if we get it by african country someone but are now right now we gotta worry about when i left him and buffalo so i've been told that you guys the bengals and the steelers you guys don't like each other very much and that there's some rumors going around that there's no love lost between you guys and that you guys are like actually the players actually don't like each other
serve you ve heard any those rumblings at the last couple years not i'm i'm gonna do you have any beef with their punter guess you like it well if i type situation now the third point is actually a guy we have had a few guys theirs and i've been here but not now be for the good guy did you going did you play soccer in high school i play soccer up until execrated an i switched irreversible got it man sport love love it file question before we get to our last three questions any dolphins bag situation do you guys ever in that upper that like you bag situation what you mean he lost his bags in the offices to remember that ashikaga had a bigger part in finding a lackey follow that regrettable yeah never come up with my name overcome like a member one big cats saved your bags andy i think the working classes not that i remember first
we talk about that and i am most probably and i came up the azure definitely tat you know how to europe it gets a euro purple hardly banks that you're actually the fourth bengal to be on the show age a green refuel prior bessie however it yeah you have like a longer that just stuffed with that like proteins to drink the down and others if it's gonna do you get more have you been i would ever imagine my life randomly basis writer rachel the easiest he's talker asia we barely get a mind when he was on i'm sure final three questions we ask everyone this first one do you wash your apples now beloved bad bad boy you don't want world gets actually that unsurprising cincinnati guy with you know each diarrhoea for a living you wouldn't want why would you are sure apples just one another i do the thing we're like you like you run off with your answer your hands cubby during the night
what became of yes i like to relegate making elixir bacteria off of your apple second last question must be person for senior cellphone i'd say tat i'd say advice they pat boy on recent events with john door martin his america's got talent i kept saying john door were spell that we're doing all the banks that long sample from the eagles magic matter john she and performing magic for john bruton and like just how amazed john bruton was at a magic trick has read there the thing i love automatic john is any time yes paean has time to fill for countdown they just run his club i've seen only allows you got the elder generously tonight ok i last question question ass the
we'll have to answer romanesque anyway beyond so you hate scale actually i'm gonna die i don't want it i like it follows what are you i oil after you broke your job and your neck yeah gaming is still remember that when that happened yes i remember it after that happened how long did it take you poop after surgery and did you use skyline chile to help push it i'd really can't you have won the other we'd like a drop of small carried out a lot i may be took the purchaser like a day is it a blot nobody bambridge should have an eye in our finally came through it was like a turnaround bathroom i came out certain clothes on just there was there i'm what i'll come alone will not have a good thing you live in the laxative capital the world next time
and if you know this but i recently survived surgery sir i'm sorry my blog just be kept as it has an injuries deal with two so next time we need too we need to put something our didn't constipated row if two cincinnati will called shit weak and i agree with this i would describe the bus up there again and have a go at it absolute coming for redeem fixing skyline under have go on now or tariff pervert kevin thank you so much thank you for being a part of punt weak points put lives matters what we say where they were saving lives this week i think we'll probably all your life here so we proceed come on pritchett your time views were brought to you by draft kings dot com week eleven is here guys and draft kings dot com is the best way to get in on the action draft kings is the destination for one week i see football no seas long commitments to bus and bench warmer never again will injuries have you combing the waiver wire at two a m every week
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is also brought to us by ward verse cove live on saturday november nineteen the world's best pound for pound boxer will be crowned surging coverlet thirty oh and won the w b o w ba and i b f light heavyweight world champion and andrey ward to time world champion will collide for the unified light heavyweight world championship their hotly anticipated fight will be only the third bout in history of the ring magazine pound for pound list to pit to undefeated top five ranked fighters against each other
oddsmakers and pundits have this fight evenly matched with fifty slash fifty and it is poised to be a surefire two thousand and six fight of the year candidate making the fight even more intriguing cove leavenworth are polar opposites colette the russian wrecking ball with a seemingly unstoppable offense first approached stands in stark contrast to ward the last american to win an olympic gold medal in boxing who's slick defensive style has been an unsolvable riddle for every photos taken on since he was twelve years old neither man is facing a opponent like this before who will be the next pound for pound king don't miss cavell adverse ward saturday november nineteen nine pm eastern six the emperor civic live on paper view let's get you some segments we have to start off a little perspective if you remember this segment is it sooner sometimes life we cannot flowed out there you need to put our boots back on the ground in dan dock friend of the show recurring guest gave us some person
active today he went on a mini rant here's what the start of it is in a less you go from there the bron james played a total of three thousand five hundred and twenty seven point six minutes over eight months average worker working a forty our work week twenty four hundred per week important to keep them perspective he also said you think you can be a player could work one year is a cop eight to ten hours is etc probably doesn't check that yet it was eve like a full time job when he was disregard those took that identity or about there shut up today and also a big shot dan for a later tweet that he had saying that professional athletes don't work nearly hardest teachers firefighters cops and salesman ah tossed a salesman and they're getting that i'll now thank you so much then for respecting the business of salesman and are if you ve ever hit the phones below
coming from a three one deficit in the nba finals has nothing on sitting down at the start of a work then you ve got ninety cold clos yes that tirelessly agree with that takes by other ones toss up being a cold collar yeah rather i think we're bronze gotta do i would rather be an mba player than make ninety cold caused a low perspective for everyone out there and although they do i am sure that the cold collar the salesperson there what they had like what fifteen minutes and people watching them make those calls the right yeah oh die those numbers right and others yet is a big market philately did some man sure just to keep everything perspective carpenter ants there were four twenty hours a day on your carpenter that's complain brow saw you in your cushy little non
and farm life also firefighters they work twenty four hour shifts yes they get then they get every other day off congolese yeah pretty lazy counterpoint dando we liked play devils advocate the bronze father he's got three kids being other is a twenty four hour day job so really lebron james works what seventy two hour days he works every day doesn't get paid for it yet so i can understand why that would take a little bit out of it yeah mentally the quick by the way i leubronn came out today and said he had this to say people think i'm gonna slow down but i'm only getting stronger but he's worth world bronze age rightly whole thirty one do you feel like you're getting stronger as a human because i pick em i'm getting washed up day by day from that quota thought he was twenty three yeah how'd you cities are heirs yes thirty one is always getting stronger every day so like when i pulled my growing taken a shit yesterday it was at me getting stronger yeah when i broke my foot from walking was emmy get
stronger him i think it was my back her because i went and i lost the remote the other day and i tried to find it in the couch and i can't do this thing where i twisted a little bit my back has been hurting ever since i must begin stronger it must be a weird way my by show me how stronger i'm getting watchdogs we have a segment called watchdogs general we ve done it always been a while since we done and we used to do media watchdog yet we still are i don't want to i don't people out there said hey why'd you give up in vienna media watch we're just kind of expanding little bit in this segment of the illusion of a consumer watched on and just not everybody that i was as looking to make some investments ok recently got a reimbursement check from the company because i dont send in my expenses for nine months at a time finally have a first one back up and looking up put it somewhere safe so i went to fan tax that calm your
her fan taxes the company that allowed you to buy stock in professional athletes were totally reputable company where you could pay like ten thousand dollars to get like half a percentage of half a percentage of erin fosters feature earnings not upon the scheme not a pilot scheme at all totally widget above board and their website and they don't have a list of their prayers are their players current stock prices even though they sold a bunch of stature each sharp press if nine maybe these rear no refresh i turned my computer off ass i had i literally for figures bernie oh my pocket i'm trying to buy some fuckin shares and roddy white i am they won't let me i never expected that to happen website that sell shares in human beings to not be a real thing right so may a dearth of releasing mr ribeiro maybe you could look into this i know your parent company pretty hard a kind of bad if maybe they just all peoples money and went away
actually put up they did have one of their financial audits on their website put it off put it up it set at the top these days events are not officially audited so so there ought it was not their audit was basically later ceo saying i swear to god this is how much money we have i there's enough you're one of the people out there who actually bought mike stock in one of these players your fuckin idiot user pollution money it big don't act like this is not something you absolutely night not i would not do this i have a brain i would a hundred granted to this i was going to do it today now i owe you were her yeah i was gonna buy some i was gonna bust restock near in fostering retired but at the injury bogart almighty allah javier stocks load the injury bug sorts biting next year and he gets call joseph workable game checks i'm in the cash i'm in the black big time so phantom reach out to me i want to work with a quick one
talking soccer usa we suck again those talking soccer one it is your whole de andre levy what did he say today so the other levy he is the line back on the lions he said his prowess career moment of all time was break joe paternal leg when using out he was the guy that ran into on asylum will fund factor here certain certain where the saw podcast is actually at that came set about ten rose up behind your paternal broken like dessert snap i didn't but i wish i had to drink more milk so so you you actually are not in favour of him saying this year per one zero i actually i went back and i checked the stats and played for the lions isn't harker so i can see how that might be his most prowling their moment but you don't hear age a hawk being like a major upturn oh shit his pants like duck walk across the field with is that was the best holding is altered cutter cabinet poop and so
let me show you a little classy actually i'm unless which is up stay classy when you do thirty four thirty the day the joe paternal put his pants and have time i would left out watch the helen i would i just why is little wattle across field was prayer where's joe what was joe even the fields that have time you joe come on back is new gas you'll be fine and then comes rags i'll jos field under the weather feel we get jumbos i have a stay work for you guys and where we made it boy here in the show that we're not gonna reveal our stay walks until were actually in the lab see you guys haven't heard the shap ah what happened in the clouds i've noticed arouse our like everywhere before the election chaos now the clouds just gone you don't think trump bought some clowns and had them can i have some panic around america's that's coincidental
the clouds are just not here anymore so you're say they don't trump paid all the clown i'm just a spook everybody chaos good for you know what i'm ok with that as opposed to some foreign leaders in the past that have engineered like attacks on their own rain they would force flags point of right forget about the fire the reichstag fire i'm ok with like channeling all that money away from actual terrorist attacks and just i'm closet i'm just saying do you guys not think it's a little bit weird the clowns yes have disappeared it we heard of a clown attack recently either are these come what are you gonna hate god i've been hallowing just ended you think they're rehman their clothes in september getting ready for halloween i was dry runs for halloween tis the season yeah so can i santa claus out now saw christmas oh yeah by the wave little
fuck you to everyone who starts we are doing this the christmas lights and self before thanksgiving that's just yeah roger adele should find them for excessive celebration exactly i find you guys don't want no no i don't know that's fine i wanted to be true i think that would probably the smartest thing that donald trump every right out really impressed me right think about everyone's lineups election man isis man is the of the economy and he's fucking clowns all over the place area so all hilary someone coming clean this place up yeah ok i like it so next in four years from now if you run for president just release a shitload of club clouds are snakes here's what hilary could a downright so you ve got to spooky clouds you want to counteract that you want people to feel good
pillars are released a bunch like viral videos carrying of animals caring food like pizza rat pizza rat makes people so happy to like the dog that has the entire pizza and his mouth to frankfurt hilary should have seen ok here's where she went wrong since unpeopled michigan asian funnel hundreds of millions of dollars into buzzfeed video to engineer these types of animal false like that he adjuration again the detroit and put a bunch of rubber bans on a watermelon probably would want everything's fine everything's fine pink lets you some gmos to do it or rockwork before we jump into the jumbos i ever jimbo coming to you from joe flackered gate joe flak oh just said he did the dumbest thing i bought ten thousand dollars were of massage chairs and they didn't fit that's a pretty big agenda he's six four five and six whose hanging out dennis pitter right and an inch
commercial came on for these monsieur massage chairs and pay was again you should by some elizabeth a bachelor dope and does not think so and pitiless i come on you won't do erect you won't do it you won't you won't you won't like was again ok i'll do it i'll do it and then didn't fit said to give more so loot ten thousand dollars jimbo big jimbo perverts perfect enter into the djinn both hank let's do some jumbos i hooked up with my sister's friend and send a grouping of her to my friends caption boobs didn't we as the only cleaves in the pic was on my sister friends all zoom in on a screen shot of the picture and now just keep rescinding closeups my sister's boobs me well i mean you know what you hooked up with checks so locker room talking about your sister still councils locker start my first job on a call it a few months ago i take the paper to work today trying to read my desk to feel like a veteran
i bought comes over every morning run nine thirty picks it up goes and takes a shit with it comes back and slap so my desk nothing ever you get newspaper cocked your cocked so so michael wilburn like to get his fingers dirty your boss like little encounters yeah your boss likes to get the toiled seed dirty wow that's the ultimate power move was their jimbo on this are just that he's getting owned everyday buys boss he's still brings endeavoured edge he knows his boss likes it oh my god now you're out there i we knows he's getting caught in oh my god that's amazing that postures or emmy he might well just be taking a shit in your mouth every done that's what's happening i spent a week california between business meetings sighed out run a bicycle enjoy local bike path they instead of sitting in my creepy air bambi and never riding twenty five miles in one direction cramping up and had to call forty five dollar goober exhaled get me in the bike home before the chop closed up you know
ok here's why i don't go for a run or a bike ride anywhere in a straight line i always starts i take the first right that i can just in case something like this happens that i can take the next right than i always plan my roots out so i'm going back to the starting point little tip now you never in life want to be more than like a mile and a half away from your couch that's just kit stay safely jackets yet so what you should have done is installed in invisible fence around you at all times collar where collar so like your biking in your eye k emergency emergency again too far away from me futon i also like two i appreciate this jimbo because this is a classic we probably late twenties early thirties classic like i use we have work and i still think i got it and just getting way out for yourself georgia my house the other night and poured beer in the fish tank my roommate got pissed at me and said i was going to kill the fish i said they can't pee
he give larry beer all the time and his fine what's woke up the next morning and the fish in the sea i won't wait ever even larry milk with more millionaire he's had some chaw when he's good measure reward for your behavior but aren't they develop alcohol and yet that's on you man don't feed dont feed your fish anything except milk or china ok now i'm thinking about this little bit more i think we had to get fishes manhood yeah fiscal handles liquor exactly pew can rally fish was rowing for kickball game decide to peen a couple driving push too hard and shit diarrhea all over myself still didn't pull over so i was wiping my ass with napkins i found in the car and was throwing them out the window i got get all of my hands made the kick ballgame only find out have been delayed i played with shit my pants i got the worst i barrage i could have ever imagined and we lost again so i i bid in similar situations you can't gamble that this
you gotta know your own body better and i am i guess this is kind of stupid for meat even say because i've put my pants on multiple occasions and adult but that the p or just asking for it especially if there's any kind of warning sign didn't today might be the day which is basically every day for me you gotta play it safe yap also at after a poop your pants you cancel your plans for the rest that data because not only do you we have to deal with the logistics of cleaning up and then like always looking over his shoulder make sure that there's nothin rundown leg at the game
you just need some time decompress and can evaluate where you are in life at that point yeah yeah you need to basically say okay this is what happened and this is where we're going how can we fix it ray it's mostly what he combination of how can we fix it and let me just meditate on its basically like like getting blown out by fifty points at home in a football game you're gonna go back you gotta watch some film you gonna sit by herself and really its sole search saucer or rights as it with this guy's doing just burning the gainful yeah surely we should have done and this is a pro move just use the boxers to wipe herself yeah then you throw her boxers out the window correct fresh daisy correct mom hired me to lay down some flooring at her daughters old place as a joke when she came by to make sure everything is going well i reassured by saying this is the first time i laid wooden your daughter's room all she fired me on the spot and refuse to pay me from my time i thought where i thought you was going to say she came back
well i was hammering the it does also jerking off that's where these usually go you know what all the count like michael scott that's what she said like you gonna have to make that joke ready for the rest of your life if you hadn't made their right to perfect i that's that's on the mom for laying you up like that you can't you can't apologize for for throwing home and al you probably time value she's ok how's the woodland going would hard enough germany cock using cock or wood are you hammering that you're you're your what is it looks like it's you lay in a pre nicely there oh i see there's some places where you miss according the cock yeah oh programme clean up that mess there there's all that white substance over there by that hard wood now did you did you put tat in with formica's i see some cleavage there
you're going to want to just slide it right and make sure the baby is hayden loop it up first cuz you don't want you don't want the wood splinter at all and just slide it right in so yeah you're doing a great job okay those locker room talk lumber gentlemen homer men more power front of two months have been bug me to lose the beard because it irritates her face start using beard or the soften it turns out we need brilliant is sweet almond oil she's allergic to nuts almost killed my girlfriend hey what are you don't you like rubbing your face oliver governments face as that's what's going on here democracy this is something that as men whose face bore them never had woman complain be like yo facial here irritated me so spend zone is actually more advanced of males to not like the evolution of a man a more involved than you are also just keep your face yourself man there's no reason
kissing raby whips universally here you here what's the face what's going on with the face he is facing people facing your girl also it is just a little little spends on very probably didn't want to be long term with a girl who was allergic to not we have great point lotta restaurants are gonna miss out and go into always can be asking the stewardess a are the flooded to excuse me swayed sixteen he would you mind keeping the nuts on that side the plane ozma manages joke broker last one this girl's fresh out of a five relationship and i was the first date she went on since the break up she told me she added go home attend to hang out there mom so i went home do i want the bar some friends and i see her at the bar their ex boyfriend they got back together that night cox we're gonna cut gunnison with those guys that serbian men what what do you do that
by not see you can't win that you are you're gonna be best case scenario for you you're gonna be a rebound anna and also amidst camp when the girl heart wants with a heart wants ring that's where i always say let it go if it's meant to be you'll come back whose energy through or she threw stated many times i think he's got tattooed violence i'd that's a show we have next week thanksgiving weak we're gonna do money in wednesday only so everyone no friday shell but we do have led pigs on thursday and we have a couple bonus things we're gonna be releasing on friday via the pardon my take twitter and instagram so make sure you're following both that's at pardon take twitter and instagram and hague what's our update or a hundred thousand word like three thousand why is also check out we larry's picks on the part of me
they can carry out yet and ended arsenal sports up go watch it it's gonna be in electric one and also net we can we talk about earlier in the show wednesday night biggest bar knight of the year
so there better be some good jimbo coming through knives yes yes so falls out there and we will see you guess power supply data point came prepared by big it again in the amended directive passed like amended its part might take presented by bar stool sports
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