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QB Josh Allen + Marlins Man vs Derek Jeter

2018-03-27 | 🔗

Big Cat had a perfect bracket and PFT is pretty sure the Caps will win it this year. NFL Free Agency update and where will Odell go? (2:10-10:32) We call Marlins Man to hear his side of his season ticket battle with Derek Jeter and the Marlins (10:34-17:25). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (17:27-31:11). Future first round draft pick Josh Allen joins the show to talk about DraftJoshAllen.com, how tall he is, the whirlwind of the NFL Draft, and what it was like growing up on a farm (32:13-58:35). Segments include Jon Gruden's time machine (1:00:33-1:02:49), Sabermetrics for Baker Mayfield making people laugh (1:02:50-1:04:10), Stay Woke on Ronda Rousey (1:04:11-1:05:31), the world's worst recurring segment "Hashtag Hyphy" (1:05:32-1:07:12) and guys on chicks (1:07:13-1:14:12). 

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On today's pardon my take. We have the legend the tallest quarterback ever created, oh yeah, well, Marlins man is also on, but we have Josh Allen in studio. Talk to him about the draft process. Talk to him about his college career talked him about draft Joshallen, dot com, really fun interview with him and Marlins man, not to not so big time. Marlins man, 'cause, commands in the middle of big timing, Derek Jeter. We also have guys on chicks. We talk a little bit about the NFL Free Agency that seems to never die and Jon Gruden's time machine before we get to that. I've got a fun fact for you, guys you ready for a keg of bud. Light is changed every six seconds in the Yes! Because of this, this is the freshest beer. When ordering draft wow other fun fact draft is spelled t r, a! U G, h t I used to think
best route is against row center out. What's that almost said, drought, but people can enjoy their bud light fresh. They know they can because every six seconds in the USA, a keg of bud light is changed, get yeah. Dilly, Dilly Dilly. Well, no! We're not saying that anymore, we're saying famous among friends, 'cause! That's what bud light is famous among friends. Thank you very much to our great sponsor bud light our favorite beer and we know it's fresh. Alright, let's go
electric the part of my take presented by Scekic today is Wednesday a march 28th an I have something I need to tell you guys. Ok, last night I got a little high and I did some thinking and I think, with everything I know now, I would have had a perfect bracket if I had filled out a bracket. What do you mean? I just think I like I was thinking about it. I was like yeah lil Chicago was hot yeah Michigan
it when the big ten boom to Adam for the final four, oh yeah, I always love Nova and Kansas yeah do everyone's picking Duke I picked Kansas so retroactively. I think I would had four out of four final for every single topic right. Well it so you this is. Who can blame that on its future big cat yeah, because in the past future big cat was going to pick the bracket incorrectly past big cat. If he really thought about it, news ship yeah, so you understand Hank. I don't think you can blame it on future big cat. I just got caught I don't mind and I actually had a moment where I was like yeah. You know what, if I had filled out a bracket, I probably would've nailed that thing, like Warren Buffett would probably be giving me that billion dollars, so I could go back to like two thousand and twelve when they had that huge Powerball jackpots, like those numbers of course they're going to pick those, but it's pretty simply just pick the four hottest teams in basketball put 'em in the final four. Is that how it works yeah and we got it- I did it so loyal. You would have picked them, because why again they're hot, because there were
going in Virginia Virginia was suspect, could lose to a sixteen seat and so think about that it's going to happen. Eventually, will guess what I'm sold on it? Last night I didn't get high, but I did do a lot of thinking. Ok and be careful. Now I am officially with without any sarcasm whatsoever. I think it is the caps so, why would I want to capture ages last night in the first, like ten minutes of the game, they were up for nothing and granted yeah the rain. Taking a little bit but zip there's something different about. This is bad. You know what I'm going to say what I'm going to say right now. It feels different yeah. You know why, because No, it's all about him. Bubba Hank and I put a future down. That's why it's fat and also nobody's talking about so it everybody could just refrain from talking about the caps for the next two weeks. The caps have never had a soul, crushing LOS while leading in a series like they do every year, where it. If we put money on it, that's true, so
Also, I I was talking to Nate when we're at the game last night, and he was like I thought last year was captured and Granted. You probably heard me say once or twice on the show that it was the capture two thousand and seventeen I had miscalculation, there was no year zero. As we all know, ok, and so you know I was one off. This is the caps here. So that was the mind of Pft and big cat on the Monday night, perfect bracket and the capturing the Stanley CUP right feels good. Lets some we got a pack show we have Josh all coming up with Marlins man talking about his showdown with Derek Jeter and guys on checks, but we have to you before. We start all that talk about NFL free Agency, because it never tops what all these. So. The two big stories that are going around the gum issue is on the ramps and- and I have a hot take for you- hit me- I it's b. So no facts other than the year that the eagle said they were the super team, but I think the rams are going to suck well. They have too much
out: they have too much personality too. Well, I don't really care about the personality, but it just one of those things and we talked about with gambling all the time. If you think everything is working perfectly for a team and everything is aligning. That means it seems a fall apart right. What is it it's just it? It makes no logical sense because they have so much talent, but it makes perfect sense. If you look at it from like a gambling bring perspective, there sure fire lock to win the NFC West, possibly go to the Superbowl they're gonna Miss Blackwell you're, forgetting about the team to nobody's My my dark horse, San Francisco, forty nine sleigh in the same division us so that's gonna- be tough for me to get by, but I will say, Aaron Donald and you don we consume
on the same line, they might actually have sex with a quarterback during play. Yeah, it's clear that fears it sort of got violent, something about watching your job is to not all of the Saddam a distance to tackle people. It makes me feel like I'm watching a war movie that c g idea. He just goes. I'm sorry. I think he could kill Tiger. It's like old school NFL films like Deacon Jones, just close wanting people in the face is tackling people by their helmets yeah. It's awesome to watch him so that the other story. Well, I was gonna say I was gonna- continue on that. Okay, with our defense, yeah, so they've got Peters. They've got a kid to leave. Yeah cornerbacks, I got it Phillips doing. Sponge Bob mean so Wade is the real wild card. This issue, I figured it out because so wait is not you don't look at weight and be like. Oh, that's a guy that can keep these personalities and check. Oh I'm sorry, I thought about it more and he's like the grand father that you hate to disappoint yeah they're, going to be cutting up there going to be walking around when wages, not watching. The second way walks into room they're going to act like they're like little school children were not doing anything bad,
I'll, be speaks. Their language doesn't published yeah his twitter game is fire is so far is strong. It absolutely is fire, so I want it. You know what I really want is wade this season. Please wear a cowboy hat on the sidelines to underpin son of a son of Bum, so I'm not gonna bump. The other news, Odell Beckham is on the trade block. This is going to workout. Well right because now he's going to get tangled and no one's going to trade like seven first round picks for him and he's going to go back to the giants and be miserable well, somebody is going to because I think the giants are in that mode where they they see him as being like really really tell but also a guy that gets mostly tensions, are sick of getting all the attention and you get a new in town. Like Pat Shurmur and all of a sudden like okay, I'm in prison, I got to take out the biggest
They are my first day. This would head coaches do a lot of times. It's a first first year, head coach doesn't some! I got. They just get yeah yeah he's to town to someone else's guy and its new GM. So it's not his got to not as good, and we use a new GM yeah Adam in a ghetto men said when they asked me about the famous pizza, cocaine, weed video he just responded. All I saw was the pizza. Tell us yeah you, see that p. How many slices you skip right over the coke. What do you do? Yeah, you're right on that pizza, so I it well! I I I. If a team trades form they're, not, I would want to bear straight for, but to bear it well. Yeah, the because you got like Michigan. There are a lot of boats. Well, I am so going to be a land on everyone to get some so how many number one's unique desert ocean in LA yeah there is okay, so that might be an issue if he goes out to the ram yeah. I know what you need to like maybe Kansas City, where any read would use search at the pro. No, I because Alex Smith is on the r words. Okay. So not the r was so weak. He really has no
here's what's going to happen to somebody's going to offer either a first round pick or like a mid to early second round pick form and they're going to take it because I really want to get rid. Mark my words. I think he might actually go out to LA because, like you said, they're becoming a super team in the super team now and Jerrod Golf Mvp candidate, he was probably the Mvp of the league last year and he will definitely be the Mvp early next year. Well, and I also shop Mcveigh, the youngest head coach in the NFL. Then we get the story line. Can it Sean Mcvay, too young to handle all these? You know what what? How do we say without dealers didn't? they're, not divas personalities, personality, personality season, yeah so get him and said that he didn't see the we didn't see the it's. Just all pizza saw the pizza, and then there was another video of Odell that came out not too long ago where he was also in bed with
Eating plus he's eating something else, yeah so suppose, NFL eat that puss puss dog eat dog world. Not a dog eat, push world, so red flag, yeah huge red flag, the the NFL and- and we also had SAM Donald it. It was announced that the browns are down the same General Josh out. So hopefully this podcast will change that opinion. It's definitely John Brown's! Please listen to this all right should we do which we call our friend Marlon spent yeah. So little background on this, we broke this news. Weeks ago, on the show like we can half ago. Don't give us credit, will give like letters long as that's fine. We don't need credit, you know we're not in the business of credit and basically what it what ended up happening was the most famous Marlon season, ticket holder, Marlins man, wrote Tear Jeter a check for two hundred thousand dollars for the next couple years: a season tickets. It was a lowball offer because I think they were asking for like what three hundred thousand dollars four hundred thousand yeah so much so, but Marlins man put the check on the stable, Derek Jeter through the check away when take. Is that your money's not
it here, while also saying that they're looking for cash for investments, yeah and they're not able to sell those seats. So let's, let's do it? Let's, let's call Marlins man and get to the bottom of this. We now welcome, on our good friend, Marlins man? He is in a showdown with the Miami Marlins his beloved Miami Marlins of Derek Cheater, explain to us what's going and why they would not take the offer that they cannot refuse that they refused. They are simple as you. Most people know there's a new owner of the Marlins to dismantle the team and gave it away without getting back anything in return and then, when they sent us our renewals, they raised our prices instead of dropping them to like triple a level, and they want us to pay major league prices for triple a level and he refused to change their prices. So I offered them similar to I have with the Mets for the Yankees a discount for a multi year contract
and he basically told me drop Dead Town Hall meeting when I said you know who I am and I started telling him what I do for the team. He said they would accept a multi year contract. And so I started negotiations with the Marlins. They came to my office, They told Maine. I do nothing for the team, I don't promote him. Also advertising. I don't sell tickets, they don't care about pay it forward. They don't care about the police and the first so that's my crusade, not there they care, but they don't care about the none of the stuff that I stand for an They said we're going to raise you to two hundred and seventy five a ticket from two hundred and fifty, I said, are you oh. They also told Maine will charitable suppliers that didn't want to be there anymore, and I said they didn't want to be there I told him you're getting rid of all the players who are,
and they don't want to waste years of their lives, and I said to them: you guys are delusional and they said the wall just got ten feet higher yeah and then what happened? Was they said that if you renew your other eight seats only raise you to two six see, and I said no, then they said how about if we do have season out arrays, and I said no so the way it ended. Was we did not have a deal and I was contemplating renewing one slash two season, so I thought about it. And this attitude when they came in there not stories they don't. Leaving the first responded nope and the troops they don't believe in pay it forward. And if you look at it, what is Jude done ever to run the team
exactly what he's gonna end up period, nothing else ever run right. Yeah, Bernie Williams carried him when he was in the small applies to run this team other than he was a ballplayer. None. Nothing except I wanted to be great. I want to know how to do good. 'cause, I'm a Marlins fan doesn't want some pilot flying my plane to crash no, but reality is you got guys like Cashman and Dabrowski to run teams. They know what they're doing you got. Five guys have hired people, Are you guys have employees? You know how to make money. Would it was due to river run in his life. Well, so here's the thing just for a bit yeah, but if you, if you are gay bashing them, I will go three years. Nine, I'm not the same discount Sebastian, the Yankees game, give you one hundred percent of the money in advance which nobody does for discount and he said no, and he sent me a counter offer
It showed that I was going to pay an increased price from paying three years in advance. So you cut a check. I heard that you wrote a check for two hundred thousand dollars that was on error, cheaters desk and he threw it away. Is that true? That's a hundred percent probably threw it away I think it's because he was not actually have a good. Ironically, I've known you guys, while you're very honest guys, I was willing to go higher 'cause of the Trump law. That in letter to him, while I was willing to do was write to check with six hundred thousand dollars for ten years in advance, going to drop my ticket price down to two hundred now, Yankees. If you started ten year deal, you have to pay in advance. They give you about thirty percent off for a ten year commitment. The more I would say now will give you a raise, even though we've got rid of all of our players and all of our guys are AAA level so it because of the Donald Trump Tax bill. You were willing to write a six hundred thousand dollars check yeah, I would probably go by
horses in the auction tomorrow? So so let me get this straight. So are you not you're not going to be at Marlins games this year? I am, another thing, so you guys, I am not going to be sitting behind home plate unless I buy my stuff up some time, but the Marlins after we broke down the most and we're done. They sent me an email saying You got a two thousand five hundred dollars credit leftover all star game didn't know that you had so why don't you apply it towards this bill for two hundred and sixty three thousand dollars, the one on line, and I found out that if I could buy seats in the outfield for weekends, only I would use up about two thousand dollars of the credit, so I got to see in the for in the second row, very near where we start for the home run derby for free from using expired. Credit and they're going to Libya and they're going to the troops, but the truth,
so at any bar stool, guys in contact with it. Alright, so now, are you still a Marlins fan or is your allegiance approach to the problem, though I could expansion team, Michael, send it to Town Hall Meeting in my meeting you gotta make people think it's an expansion team in lower expectation, expansion team, you start with longing pliers. They start from the bottom, stop trying to everybody will be a winner this year and it all the players didn't want to being you dump them, which is absolutely not true, 'cause, I'm friends with the guys that left now did you offer them anything to sweeten the pot a little bit say: hey I'll cut you a check for two hundred thousand dollars, but I'll. Also, but will do like Marlins man Day once a week or when I get to throw out the first pitch national anthem. Quite everybody dresses like a lot of museum. It's also reported that I looked asking for the Marlins. Promote me, promote this man or to give me a first pitch to throw out big deal? I could use my points or,
then, I would ask you for Jeter to ride in the Marlins will be will be all about on. True, thank very simply said for multi. Your contracted payment in advance. I want to do, is get out and they said, drop dead. Now. What? If you had said I'll, buy season tickets for the next hundred years, but it would be like a Bobby Benita type thing. We like write him a check for hours like once a month for the single month until like year, twenty know know you were still here. So here's hey there. The idea was too good. It blew speakers are those morons man, so I hope they figure it out. I'm sure they will yeah. Alright, let's get to hot sequel, throne, I think once you get us going all right, my hot seat, my first one is the unwritten rules of baseball. So I don't know you guys saw this this, but Mookie Betts did interview today, while he was playing in the game. In right field during the actual inning seems seemingly
goes against every unwritten rule in baseball, but people like baseball fun again, people loved it yeah. So unwritten rules are on the hot seat, they're going to keep doing more of this stuff, it's kind of they really shouldn't. They just have everyone might at all times. I agree I would love it. I'd watched another feed yeah if it's a regular season game. How about this? If it's a regular season game during week. Every player should be miked up yeah. I don't do anything like the first five innings situation, yeah yeah. First, five innings perfect out what else you got our mother? How to? it was just like security, everyone that that the the guy detailed how much info Google and Like Facebook taken, oh so scary, stuff, humanity, basically in like twenty, there's going to walk into a job interview and they're going to have every like text. You've ever sent every picture you ever taken like someone is going to hack into that database and it's all going to get out there. You know what's going to be next, people are going to buy for their kids like a burner phone and be like this is the phone
you only use like Google safe things and then the other phone is going to be like what is it called if Instagram account so offend phone? You have info pin phone put plot twist, Jeff Bezos owns at two oh yeah, so Hey Jeff is by all the state race, just sad that yeah it just just give vitals as he looks like a super yeah he's gonna create robots that than just soccer brains. Out of our heads. It's it's to me. It's just I'm not mad! I'm just disappointed that all the companies that we give all over information to they end up. Storing our information, sat since when can't you trust, billionaires and and massive conglomerates did you see, Mark Zuckerberg cried talking about someone who, like I told a story about getting deported, and then it was like yeah, I actually they've deported them because they were able to fix
now, where they lived in that they were legal on Facebook, oh wow, that is, that is saddle spins on there for you mark, but silver lining. Mark Zuckerberg cried yeah, so he showed Moshe anything that yeah he's not a robot yeah those to kill him or is that or Bezos knows how to program robots so good that they can cry yep absolutely, which could throw my cool throne is saw dude over me back yeah fun Yes, sir us is selling in LA dude, do perfect and Cortana. Do the rams the Rams tweet it out when they signed and they tweet it out the saw dude gift, and so you can just expect the saw dude to come hell yeah, but he makes it plain. Lso dude was the coolest. I've ever been I knew so do before anyone else did outside of the West Coast, because they've been saying it for like ten years, but that was because of that was two years ago. Yeah we were there. We were at the
Ical, which I just stop saying last week. So it's good to know. I can bring about your cop for awhile there, yep and billionaires, who don't have to pay for their own stadiums, are back, who believe that sorry yeah yeah, the other. They came out the rams stadiums across like forty nine billion no, I don't think it's forty nine five billion four point: nine billion point, nine billion dollars dollars say: industry, one Jeff, Bezos dog. What are the the people of LA paying for it. I don't know. I saw that the NFL increased, like their credit, limit their debt. I guess the NFL is now loaning money to teams to build stadiums. Here's my problem with this. Every every time there's a new stadium built people flip out there, like men on the taxpayers, backs blah blah blah. Listen. If you taxed me for something and I don't like
actually I don't know, I would say, I'm like ninety five percent of people, I've. First I do my taxes late and second, I don't you read what's going on so if there's like a taxi, you have, it says like this is paying for the new stadium. We just took this much money from you, a bike yeah. I don't even read yeah, so it's fine like whatever I don't really care, yeah wait! So football- is still going on right. Yeah, ok, good! So my tax dollars, like pull the taxpayers, do they like there's, usually like a few community organizers that do like a pick it and then the rest of us like ok, so so so, there's ac in our new stadium, then that's cool, then bolt man shows up till, like a municipal meeting in here like yeah. Give this guy. All my money at the video Board is how big yeah? Ok, you can have all my money. That sounds good. I feel really bad for the citizens of Saint Louis though is there like the ex girlfriend of the situational, where they're looking at their new girlfriend and their new girlfriends like big massive stadium. I don't know what else around. I don't feel bad. They, the cardinals, play the right way. All right there. You go. I also had one more. Please go Johnny Manzel, oh ok, he's looking he's
salute killing it went to. He did Texas he's basically, like the pro day master did San Diego States and Texas. Am's scouts were saying look better than he did when he came out in two thousand and fourteen so he's just doing a pro day. Tour huh yeah that's pretty cool, okay and then he also said that if you didn't get drafted or if it sorry, if you think it's signed he's going to go to the CFL yeah, so Johnny broken out on our show and we actually, if you would go back to the CFL Kodo and you didn't answer, didn't didn't what you got my hot seat. My first one is Rick Reilly, oh because Dennis Miller is coming for that, he's back. Have you guys been falling Dennis Miller? I have not I'm going to issue him, a must follow on Twitter. Alright, let me let me read some of the heat that he's been bringing recently. Discovery? Channel announces new series Stormy day eagles chasers. The tater seller. Kids, hashtag OZ, Hashtag Toto Hashtag, Victor Fleming,
is six hundred and seventy two thousand followers. Yes, six hundred and seventy two thousand one because I just followed. I did too ok, nice, here's another good one, A lot of people will be watching Stormy Daniels tonight and perhaps even a few of them. Will be watching her on sixty minutes. What I don't get it so porn is: okay got it got it, realize it no one likes to regain his hasn't done, a new movie in a long time. No, he died. He absolutely is definitely not. He did It's Dennis Miller. Definitely that we should. Actually you know what we should send him. Let's reply to that tweet from part of my taking be like hey, Dennis check this out and just have it be linked to youjizz. Ok, here's another one ready what about replacing Muller with storm
Daniels, similar switcheroo right guy that was investigating arm and then Stormy Daniels. Honda Porn stars are getting was a load, a return to top. I I have to imagine that he's probably pushing sixty to seventy percent of ironic retweets. That's ridiculous! Yeah this army, my Dennis Miller, look at you man. We might need to come up with a new skill for Dennis Miller, jazz all right what else you got? Okay, my other hot seat, I've got a couple of them, is Josh Rosen, so Josh Rosen got put on the hot seat by his former coach, Jim, more junior. He said that if you were the Cleveland Browns he would Draft SAM Darnold ahead of am oh, so trouble in Paradise. So that's kind of that's a weird look yeah. That is weird look for kids, especially because Jim wars been like one of the most vocal proponents of his former players will also Josh Rosen. Basically, I mean Jim Morgan. Josh Rosen warn him all his games, esentially like he would've gotten fired even faster. So
it was a yeah if it wasn't for the Texas, A and M come back right. He probably wouldn't fight was that we see one and yeah. It was a hard season. So that's a weird movie yeah and we another thing I've noticed a lot recently there's a lot of just a lot of talk about Josh rose and being of the jewish persuasion. Yeah. Actually, that's that's storyline is coming up. Okay, just keep an eye. I will put that particular what I mean by that I'm just saying people are bringing up his Listen a lot! Okay, they're gonna! Try to put parentheses around his last name on his name. Plate got answers, it got it my other. I see it was going to be NHL Eastern division, but we already covered that yeah. We did a recent conference. So I'm going to go to my cool throne. First one is the Lakers, because Liangelo Ball is entering the draft. Oh yeah. I love that, He can just like, even though he's definitely not a pro prospect. I'd like it also went to the draft yeah we anybody that had will give eligible. I mean you, don't need you don't entered the NBA draft eligibility. Hey. Would you like to know the draft
are you you're in jail? I yeah I play for a couple seasons: okay, three years of eligibility left yet yeah, one yeah, yeah yeah, that's right! Although he only played in basketball games, he got paid no yeah. We played for that when we did the whole yeah. I didn't was content yeah. We we did a video of us playing basketball We did a whole video series. I don't get paid for that imprint, impermissible, give you were getting paid at the time that yet I work departure. Sorry, your job was playing bass, nope nope and your weight is not look. Nice on the Buzz Williams, if you're, if you're listening, as a super fan of the Washington generals, I'm no longer eligible to play in the NBA. That is what you got other culture I do. My next school throne is going to be. You VA okay, because they finally avenged their loss and they came back and defeated the U M, B, C n n Cypress.
Oh now is the Cyber Security World Series and UMBC was the defending champion. So it was almost like a sixteen seed taking out a one seed and they beat him. So I guess it's he supports us, so it basically all fair. Yes, so nobody remembers that it yep eyes it. I got one more okay, my other cool throne is being lady like because the New Orleans saints fired their cheerleader because she posted a picture of herself in a swimsuit to a I have an instagram account. There was no, it can't do it, so you got to be so. This will probably jerked off to that guy to learn how to know the guy, if you're going to show your skin it better be on camera on either for the New Orleans Saints swimsuit Catalog or for the NFL. If they have a camera on your own game, let me ask you in just because rules are ridiculous, doesn't mean you have to follow. That's that's the mark. Schlereth yeah,
yeah, one hundred percent, all the rule, one other fun rule that they have is, if you're a true leader in the NFL and you're out to eat at a restaurant and a player walks into that restaurant, you have to get up and leave the MIKE Pence because you're not allowed to fraternize reverse yes, yes, I, like that rule as well, all right my hot seats. I got two college basketball. All college basketball teams not named Duke are on the hot seat. You see, Zion Williamson won the dunk contest. So wrap it up. Two thousand and nineteen Duke National Champions, no reason reason to play the season you can just mark it down right now, Duke is winning the title. Next. She also made a three pointer. And warm ups wow. So they're going to maybe back to back, ok and then my other hot seat is Deshaun Watson. 'cause Brandon Weeden is back Brandon,
didn't still still be in the NFL brings me so much joy. It's perfect! He is the absolute perfect match he's like fifty. Now too, it's his career destiny to play on the Texans yeah and just like, I just know we're going to get one Brandon Weeden moment this year. Oh yeah it's just so exciting like when will it come? When will it happen? We will have brand new. They will still flip to the red Zone like the Sean Watson has to go. Take a piss and Brandon Weeden has to come in and he throws a pick and it will just fill my little heart with joy. Bob Mcnair probably saw that pic. Brand? We know where the american flag we need, like tank top one when he got to help guide me through not slide under the flag bob. There was like this guy he's my kind of guy kind of guy yeah, my cool thrown. I get to as well more kill faults, he's backing recurring guest mar cal faults. That actually was just an awesome moment like I watch the game last night. Just because I wanted to see him do well, and he still I do issue free throws. I don't think it it. We still don't know if he can shoot free throws. He went five for thirteen from the field, though yeah, but we still know if we can shoot for
roast! That's actually not! You know, that's pretty good. For that much rust did we fix a shot at shot. Doctors. We looked at the tape. We watch some of the things. I did a lot of room to shock because you came on the show before everything that we fixed it and then So yeah awesome filters. Sixers. Are you nervous INC kind of yeah? I would be sixers are fucking good, taking destiny. They are good, they can flip a switch yeah. They won't be able to shoot the playoffs but is that not a lot of should someone else, Benson's can't shoot. No, no can't take no and a lot easier to guard team. He refuses later shoot into five. Very bizarre gradual me just talking all over either yeah, but when there I'm not change or edit. At that we ever heard of him. Yeah, hey, yeah, okay, dookie, yeah right. He got dumped on real hard last night, so he doesn't trust process and then my, Other cool throne is bite survivors. So, as everyone knows,
got bit by a dog about eighteen months ago. How you doing I'm pretty good, but we have some exclusive company now, because Beyonce got bit in the face by backup. Or an actress, I don't even know how exactly did that person is dead. I was going to ask you about this: explain it to Pft big CAT, like what happened with Beyonc. To be honest, I have no yeah I've been traveling. I do know that Chrissy Teigen knows and she's not telling. Also tell us, because you so that person is, though, like that person is going to be dead very soon. Oh yeah. I heard it was yeah. I also heard was one of her backup singers, and so they get into like right, no windows, if it was an elevator or not, and someone better sometimes also like it's also like. If you don't think it's a bit, doesn't matter who better you're gonna say it's a back up. Dancer John's been biding her for years. You know, I'm saying like
Are you team were Riana Rihanna, I'm in the bay? Why would why would a back dancer bite? Don't to fly or if it was someone of power that she was fighting with they better and to cover it up. They said it was back. That's how you get our powers by eating yeah, maybe so don't hire, is a vampire that either we'll go back and just so there's now another person with Illuminati powers out there. Potentially that's scary, I'm terrified either way, I'm like kind of I'm basically best friends be outside now. So I'm also a let's start a support yeah we've been bitten. All right, let's get to our interview with Josh Allen. Before we do that quick word from our friends at LISA three.
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If you're Leesa mattress just for you guys alright here he is Josh Allen. Alright, we now welcome on a very, very, very special guest. It is Josh Allen's been a long time. Coming, long time coming actually like Joshua, from Draft Josh Allen COM. Obviously, so, let's start with the most important question: how tall are you six hundred and fifty yeah? Ok, not six four and seven slash eight anymore since you're still growing, retested at Pro day. No sixty five, even six oo, five oo does so Can you tell again taller you know people talk about? Ok, this is a fast track, or this is like a fast field. Can you tell if, like ok, this is a tall field like I feel taller when I step on this field, like that's closer to the equator right yeah, if it's like the turf is sinks, a little more, you feel
order Highland, it's harder to see over the lineman, but ok Carter, two hundred and sixty five six, five hundred and fifty six by default question how big your hands they were. Ten in an eighth ok did they grow? Ok! is, I'm pulled my hands up bad radio and, if he's got his hands bigger hands your hands up. Yeah confirm against Okay well now that we got that out of the way, I think the interviews done. Thank you. I have sit back down. I did see your pro day, so the nice thing about getting to watch at home was, I got to hear. May I ask just basically them self on every single. So could you hear him while you're throwing out good? No he's there a couple times where he was like? Tony Romo bro yeah yeah? He was, he was ready to go. He was ready to go. How far, can you actually throw it? So I mean I probably like right. I'm at arts yeah, I was told you could throw ninety two yards in on those
That was just the first step is absolutely how like so I was doing a little research reading, your Wika Pedia. You grew up on a farm like basically far away from civilization, and I think the inner Wikipedia it says like twenty miles away from from the closest like freeway or anything. How crazy is this like whole whirlwind of going from playing at Wyoming? Not people you're, not on prime time television, to now being the talk of the town, draft stuff doing the Kambin everyone just talking about how you're going to be millionaire soon. Is it have you taken a step back in like this? Is crazy, yeah absolutely and I went to Junior College so, like a few years ago, I was sitting in junior college and not knowing what's going to happen with my my future. So now I mean it's been crazy. Media is been crazy, going to all these different cities and throughout this process, meeting with NFL coaches and execs, and it's something that a couple
there's? So many people don't think that's going to happen right did you think was going to happen yeah I did yeah at what point did you realize I'm going to be an NFL player, so I mean and going back to high school like this is like the only thing I've ever wanted to do like be an NFL quarterback, so didn't have a plan b. This is what I was going to happen, but it happens when you play baseball. I did in high school, so I played basketball and baseball account for years. How? What was your best? I'm like um, so I mean we were pretty short team other than me and my brother over there. Ok, so we kind of played one through five most of us, and you know we made it happen, ok and then baseball. How fast do you throw it atop that around ninety two? Oh ok was the last time you threw a baseball as far as you could probably in high school okay. Maybe that's not so it's been some time, but I found since I have a list of things and I was curious how far you could throw these various things. So, if you just estimate for me a vortex football, have you ever thrown a vortex? Now, there's been,
I go farther, though yeah the ones that have tails on him, like John Elway, throw it out of the stadium yeah. Could you do that? One hundred one hundred plus yards easy ping pong ball. Oh maybe like fifteen yards, fifteen yards, ok ping? For that? Do you ever like Marvel at your own arm? Not really what about Anna Beer What is the farthest? You've ever beard, somebody from pretty far so, let's go. Probably seventy sixty five yards, oh while we're on that, can you make a promise to us right now that you will never ever do dude perfect yeah? Ok! Thank you! Thank you. That was that's now, though.
It feels good, I would like to do a process where you hear me from seven yards away that be awesome. Sweetie's doing it, we have, we have a trick shots troop. Is that what they call the troop within yeah? It's a true. We have trickshot troops that we've traveled around the country. Doing bro sweet so will get you on that. Do you would you consider us your agents partially yeah? So so you get some checks. Percent ten percent yeah. As long as I get to wet the beak t shirt, do you think the buzz? Do you think draft Joshallen dot com has created buzz 'cause, like I don't even think, you're going to get drafted until we put that website up yeah, it's helped out tremendously yeah. I know and shot me straight to the top of the draft board. To be honest, we did we basically, you were your sales persons to met Patricia Anthony Lane, who also we pitchers Carol Carol is a hundred and sixty three number two pencils that yeah yeah yeah yeah. I we talk to Sean Mcvay. He was like well, we already have jerk offs like, but you still
I'll take a look right? Look even though they got Mitch Trib Eski. So I can take a look due diligence. Yeah. Do you have a team that you want to go to not really there's. Not one thing that I can do to down like I mean make this part tell us where you want to go He not cutting. This policy has too many times, because I'm so did you when you flew to New York, which airport do you fly into JFK? Would you think of it? No do not go to JFK Newark Newark Newark were getting in Find out find out see what is out of New York and New York. Those Ok, okay, so we're going update that on the website, so far. We have an airborne as or four of you and it's it's okay, yeah and now we have new work and it's okay. Do you like New York City lot of people here yeah? I don't know if I've experienced enough to give you a definite answer on that. Do you? Could you see yourself living in New York, city or maybe New Jersey, maybe New Jersey? Okay, can I get it? I'm interested yourself living in Cleveland. I've never been there, but maybe yeah
absolutely no less people uhhuh, there's less. If you don't like what you're used to Wyoming so wide open spaces, yeah is basically the Wyoming of Ohio. That's true! Do you? Do you have a chip on your shoulder? Yeah? Absolutely you got to have a chip on his shoulder. If you're well, Fresno didn't give me a scholarship correct so who we got to figure out where your chip on your shoulder comes from, because every good quarterback like once they get drafted, they need to do like the yeah. Well, I was passed over by X Y z yeah. So we need to make a list still so Fresno who else? Who else didn't give you scholarship every college, every single college, every single lushen USC? They want to go to USA growing up like just watching Reggie Bush and all the guys that went through there yeah. That's that's one of the dream schools that I had their arms too big to go to USC, though they're used to guys that can throw the ball like forty yard, yeah yeah,
uh yeah go ahead. Go there's a good question. Yes, good question: could you kill a man with a football? I think so. I've never tried. I've never broken a lot of cameras with it like on the sideline, sometimes reporters there and, like Rock 'n' cameras anyways. I definitely think so for guys standing right there and I threw but it said I got to go on daily within probably ten yards at. Imagine I think so what what was are you so your two thousand sixteen season? Obviously you guys have you guys what kind of a weird situation? Why only have so much NFL town, then you go to two thousand seventeen, a lot of guys leave. How hard is it to to kind of like a just to that and to play against, and I wore an organ or these big schools that have you know five star recruits all over the place. It was different. You know we had a lot of younger guys on our team, this past season, so another bomb, some along the way, just making sure that they were learning the game of football at the division, one level, so it was tough, bring them along. You know what they gave me everything they had in and getting into our season, and we are
in our stride late in the season, so cool to see them grow. Idaho, potato bowl, yeah! That's pretty nice! That's that's! My favorite bowl game! 'cause! It's the first bowl game! Yeah yeah! Do you add Carson Wentz is coach? Was your coach correct mark that down make sure that everyone knows that. Put that on the box. Yeah yeah make sure that on there is that and and another thing that I think we should start playing up more- is that you actually played under center yeah a lot of these guys they play in the super point thing was like thirty, three percent of the snaps this past season, listen I like, I fear, had percent, let's just two years ago, so, okay, nearly half or nearly half it's over half something like that. Yeah we're good with numbers when, when you can talk to GM's, have they brought that up? Have you discussed that with them? It might come up here and there not not to me too many times it yourself so yourself to us I'm not as well. I'm John Dorsey yeah, Jim the Browns and I'm again, I'm in charge of the giants. Giants not sure and Panther spoke with us. So I mean my go.
Off of Jeff just shown here or whatever you want yeah, so yeah, I'm tall big hands right, yeah rocket, ARM Leon, shorts, yeah, that's okay! I have to say I'm so: I'm gonna, I'm gonna, use the number one and four pick on you. Do you agree that you look at alerts yeah? You know. I didn't notice that until you said that yeah I I definitely think I it's a big part of playing in the NFL. You have to look good and, words because, when you think about it, like the OJ is pre game yeah, the the they have like Sao Paulo on the sideline and you're. In the background, you got a look in shorts death. Okay, were you a little upset that you had to do your pro day indoors? I was yak I mean we want to see how you throw on the elements in the answers and see things out there. You think Larry was too nice that day was it yeah? Do you think, SAM Donald throwing in the rain and it's a little nerve wracking you never threw in bad weather. Never could you have hit the the ceiling
yeah, see you sure done that now should have just left it in the house mystery. Where was gonna land, yes, Throat literally outlook break the roof who, through the roof, my strategy would be. If, if I, if I were in the NFL, I would draft you prefer ably into the NFC East and then that way whenever you play in Dallas each year, if you're in trouble, if only receivers covered his hit, the scoreboard yeah and you get to redo the play, I don't think that's the rule yeah this is it LISA part, I'm not sure nobody said a strong, a farm to do it yeah our punt. Do you do? What's the weirdest question? That's been asked to you through this whole process. Everybody asks I have no idea like there Nothing in that crate that, like that crazy, okay, you don't think, could you kill a man of the football? Is that weird or the other than that yeah? Has anyone asked you about your relation to bit coin to Jen disavowed, but with that's all
This is a problematic nobody here, but yeah. So you are guilty by association on that one. If we, if Steven Cigar, goes to jail, you might also go to jail with us. I would gladly go to jail with Steven Seagal in New York to disavow, though yeah that's about yeah, we just fischli just about all across the board, Josh a draft Sean dot com. So one thing we like to do with with draft prospects as we go through their old. We to find you know 'cause a lot of times you like track something down. They tweet it out back in, like two thousand and fourteen I'm going to just cut to the chase. You were relatively clean. You don't have too much stuff to worry about I did Carson Wentz said he wanted to cut off his own dick in January two thousand and fifteen. You said I need to see creed, so you big, K, DOT, RI, DOT, T fan uh
just never saw it though. Okay not occur because in God, okay, okay, good answer and that will one thing is very relatable. You said also in twenty fifteen that you just binge watch the office for twenty episodes in a row. So if you were doing math there, if you're well was at twelve hours away so twelve hours, I'm if you're out about if we're doing a merry kill shift for creed, the band creed, the movie and Creed Bratton, where you don't, I'm marrying creed, Bratton, yeah, good, call, killing, creed the band also, and then I'm gonna in obviously have sex. What is your favorite band my face? the band yeah for going old school like Bon Jovi, okay. That is a great answer.
Now. These are great answers, anymore, no say that say exactly that if you're doing an interview with an NFL Gm, because those are checking off to maybe throw in some Bruce springsteen- and you too and then I'll be like this guys, awesome yeah this guy had we get along great yeah, that's actually a good tip. Did you go down and meet with Bill Parcells? I did while Lucy, like he's cool old Navy, seeing him on tv and getting to meet him like he's like he's getting up there, but I mean super knowledgeable guy. He was recalling like events in conversations he was having like thirty plus years ago. So I just called to sit down with him and talk to me. Yeah she's, intimidating man, I sure did john- is John Elway, intimidating, yeah yeah, I would say so. He says of the presence that he kind of brings being John Elway.
You give me some clarification on this yeah. It's yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, okay, so this one should be destroyed. The secret question put in promo code, taking you get ten dollars off for C keep purchase. There was a story. The you in SAM Donald got stuck in a revolving door. That's fake news, what do you mean not one hundred percent fake news, we're going through the revolving door here in the same one way, what did you think I was going to ask you I'll? Tell you later? Ok, in there, but this who got in second to the revolving door, I think I was right by It's a weird move so who who share revolving door? She does get stuck. Are agent? Ok was stuck his foot, so it kind of just stopped the door first, one Oh it kept going with you like a parent trap situation where you guys to make out. I don't know: do you share an agent with SAM Darnold or you were saying agency, there got it yeah interesting, that's a little conflict of interest. How long were you in there one second one? Second,
It's it's funny that I know what you should know. It's like a crowbar- and I don't know, duration, okay. So what's in you all, I know what you thought I was gonna. Ask you didn't know John L. It was false. You thought he was Marina, yeah, right yeah Ok, so it causes problems in a meeting with the team we were talking about visiting the dolphins and they're like have you met Dan Marino yet, and I'm like no and they're like he's going to be in there. So it's like kind of sweating and crap in my pants a little bit because they haven't won the best quarterbacks play the game. You know it never rang, though correct, and walked in he does he? No, he didn't see you still. You still got confused, so I walked in and shook his hand. He was damn Reno nice to me. She said thanks. Mister Elway. Everybody, everybody in the room, started laughing and cracking up, and I felt that was actually nice thing to say, though, because I'm sure Dan Marino wishes he was John Elway. No comment, no comment, I mean he's mature is pretty funny movie.
Any move? Well, no John OS steak houses to. I think it is yeah yeah, so kind of did it comes on the watch just one other tweet, that I saw that you had. You said I locked my keys in my truck. I did what was that about you. Forgetful sounds like you, lock your keys in your truck running late to class and went to get some quarters out of my truck to put in the meter close the door right by me and I'm going to open it in my backpack in my keys are in there. So how did you deal with that under pressure call AAA? Did you go to class? I did so. You called Chevrolet then went to class that time it doesn't make sense triple. It takes a really long time to get there. That's why I called him with class. You went to class, not get outta class so like it was a fifty minute class, so you're in class with your phone on in case it rang Critchley disturbing the class door. So did you complete the class yeah? Ok, I asked my friends fellow classmates for paper and pens and pencils, so I can take notes in class.
Alright, so we go to class. You would not have made it North Carolina where is Ridgeway school ok, that's good! So I don't. I don't want any quarterback Enstratus. No, I want you to be well rounded, When is your birthday? May 21st did any of your teammates go your birthday party. They were there. How many we went to Vegas? Actually, so I had four teammates there, nice, ok, that's in that downs, teammates, so the more than zero right. That is more than zero. So you we can we you, you are dropped the ball. Now, according to the teammate Birthday Party test power and yes, I know exactly who are now dropped. Yeah. I notice from your old tweets also your big Johnny Manziel fan. So how was at one point you were yeah. Not me we're. I mean we're trying to sell to tough in these families, not playing you know. Yeah true guys should get drafted to the same team. Why did you bring they? Should they should draft you and then bring Johnny back and have you guys, like the odd couple?
like from of mice and men, one really tall guy went really short guy. Did you did Bill Bella check? Did you do a meeting with Belichick or no? No, I did not who is the most intimidating guy you met at the MIKE level, oh yeah, he big guy slash he's. He didn't yeah, but I like was walking, and you say, what's your name say Josh Allen coach nice to meet you congratulations on on the on the job and just as of two? Oh yeah, his hands are bigger than your yeah yeah, so small, yes yeah. He slapped me on like the chest when we saw him at the combine and I'm still here, I'm still are yeah he's got he's kind of guy shakes her head of one and then knocks off balance with that. Just let you know hey. I got tower yeah yeah. I do any other questions. Can you can you do a quick for us? We want you to say like hi, I'm Josh on, let's throw to the interview hi, I'm Josh on let's toss it to some segment, see how you do throwing in this world all right, squat, so
do. You want me to throw in it. It's like I'm going to throw it too hi, I'm Josh Allen, let's throw it to the interview. Okay, maybe a little more like I maybe emphasis on position to throw like. I'm Josh on? Let's throw it to the interview Ok there we go to that one hi, I'm Josh on, let's toss it to some segments that cost at that time, yeah yeah! Do you like? Do you like shovel passes? No, you wouldn't work in my system. So that's a mark against how coached up? Are you in hand offs pretty damn coached up his Blake Bortles? Is he leads? The league in handoff completion, That's impressive, yeah, an impressive stats game, the boat! Yes good answer!
what who are your receivers in your product? We had Chris Carney, okay and my fullback driven Monon, ok, Travis, Wilson, Justin, Burger and then I've receiver from University of Leiden University of Wyoming Aiden Eberhardt Did you GEO who had an you had repor with all them uh yeah? Ok, a couple of didn't didn't dive the way I would have liked him to die. I did like, though you had the long hair guy, Travis yeah, trying yeah, because eat. When you have long hair like that and you miss a catch. You still come to look cool so that a cat that was a big yeah. Those are big on point, like I mark you that when I was watching the pro day, like good, missed, missed catch there, because he's got hair, yeah yeah, once we also you watching
like! All of the guys here just got to size. Yes, he's running down the right down to his eyes. The ball. I noticed when I don't like the wrong hole. The girls like I did I got is that I notice you got mad at yourself, though, during the pro day, one point yeah: well what happened there? I'm just missed the ball. Okay, it's over through it yeah. Of course we got yeah, so you got to just bring back a little yeah to get excited yeah tap the past, but not told that something that was that yeah, that's the rate at loft loft is after the game. Yeah reply. I was a big, but I love for night Madden Such Millennial in yeah. How many have a cottage d today, none okay, yeah sure there is gonna mean potatoes. Absolutely okay, wait listed was the farm you grew up on was a working farm, so it's row crops that we grew cantaloupe, cotton and wheat. Interestingly, the cantaloupe melons. Okay, did you milk cow nope? Never
Why we just didn't, have any co signers and farms wait. So if you did, you didn't know cal winter coats, there are no goats, were their horses shovel now like slop, for donkeys, no, and no, not in not in the land of single animal. What the hell? What farmers? It's a good thing: yeah people worked on the farm. I mean there's like maybe five or six full time guys. It doesn't sound like a lot two thousand acres. What's the first thing you're going to buy when you get a contract, um new truck one that may be where you can keep your keys in your pocket. Yeah right. If the keys are in the keys are in the truck, you can still open it so that we can never lock yourself in would be pushed to start yeah. That's my dad called. So you were working with Jordan Palmer, leading up to your per day leading up to the draft. Did they have you doing like different exercises that you haven't done in like your four years of playing like organized football? Or would you like
They try to strengthen your arm anymore or were they like? Hey it's good enough? Let's just let it ride. I I mean more strength in like the hips men's and, ladies because it's gonna work starts, you know, hips, exactly he'll, just trying to open them up, make him as flexible as possible got a little more little more whip on the ball. What do you bench? I can tell you, you know pinch, don't touch it too often now. May I can't decide if that's good or bad. We squat master grass, some four hundred so around there. Okay, okay, okay, well, you're forty times, four! Seven! five, okay, all right yeah! I draft you. I draft your card enough, learn more at draft Josh on dot com. You have any questions for us about draft, a shell. Where did the idea come from? Who are we can
into work one day, an MEL Kiper. I think he had you on the Big Board as like both one hundred and eleven yeah in the draft and so big can I just decided we're going to be a big draft. Josh Allen, podcast yeah. We also just love guys, who can throw really far from their knees and look good in shorts and your gun for those yeah when you saw the debut of the of the website, we like man, these guys are like this. Is Facebook watch out. Well I mean the followers on both my counts went through the roof yeah. Exactly the bus is essentially right. We're all around you know yeah. They I mean were a Josh Alan Pro approach. Josh Allen, podcast website everything, you name it Josh Allen for life and thank you for not suing us also yeah. If you play against Blake Bortles, though, in like a Superbowl, I think we're going with like okay, that's fun and be the boat verses. What what I mean that Josh out a connector has just moved work on your nickname. Do you read books, DG, a CD,
Jackie Jackie Jack. You both got yet you book. I now all right, good Jesus, any other questions force. How do you were making a lot of money after after sound check on? Actually, I know like money, I guess some shirts or something you know we got you sure it's we got you shirts, we get you everything will get use will get you hooked up. You just make sure that you take down our dress so that when your contract hits that bank account you can What do you do to us? I need some w nine, a yes from yeah. Well, we've got a security yeah, that's fine, the you know it all. So we have to put it all up on draft Josh on dot com ever go check it out. Please dollar, so secure numbers will be up there go please. What are you know check it out. One last question we're gonna get drafted. I don't know. If I can tell you, the fault is disappointment. If you get drafted like pass certain over you just I'm not really good answer. It doesn't matter as a trick question you just want to play football, I'm a football game. You just love football,
from you from also October of twenty fifteen you're busy God I love football got a great week. That's oh wait! I have one other treat that I looked up hold on. Let me find it here it the cut he does in the okay, so the tweet was You said I'm getting there when you masturbate, think about my tongue or your Clinton, switching back and forth it to my tongue, which was going through your mind on that tweet hacked that was actually Ray, Allen that was answering Allen Street. So it was not Josh Allen, don't worry everyone, it was raising Ami, it's just my favorite tweet of all time. That is pretty good right now, I'm just forgetting what a dm is. Alright, Josh! Thank you best of luck. Thank you. I appreciate you coming in.
Do you have a phone with us with draft Josh, Al Dot, com absolutely and won the final final question: can we sit at your table for the draft? The question thanks. I have to ask around okay. I have a definite as well how you have how many brothers and sisters three siblings, okay, parents, grandparents- how much okay, so probably ten seats at the Table- rank your siblings and we'll just cut out. The I'm too yeah holder the siblings yeah. I've done that to their high school, the brother right there, only a high school senior, okay classic companies. It because he's already considers a not excuse education is more important. I will will do like a little like Lord of the flies who, in your family, can't sit at your table so that to Ray hey. How about how about is reading give you guys a broken stick. I say we got one seat at the table for both you guys okay, I'll say is gonna, do go this over to you know access to the second? No! Yes in Batman! Right now, so I got room for one of you: okay,
Well, I'm smaller! So King David more fish. I wish you just hadn't broken that stick. I would rather you not break a stick and hurt that stick. Keep the stick. Full and Pft tablet takes? No, I don't know he gets his dick. You get the seat, no yeah there. We go, that's how it works. Thank you I just like. I hacked that really well, but you gotta stick, which brown and sticky stick it yeah. It would be so I can make you laugh. I'm a great deal because insurance doesn't that doesn't come back. It's a stick. Can you not please, What do you call the greatest invention of all time the karstic Hanks karstic? So we're stick guys. We know how this we know. Works. Alright, so we will be live from Josh Allen's table at the draft will just have to it would be a real shame, workout some details. This would be a real shame. Someone in your family got food poisoning from the hotel buffet,
hum or maybe a real shame, it just be a real shame and we had to stand in. That would be a shame when I say I don't want it to happen, but it would be a shame. Alright, Josh Allen. Thank you thank you guys that interview was brought to you guys by zip recruiter. Are you hiring? Every business needs great people in a better way to find him something better than posting your job online. Just praying for the right people to see it in zip recruiter knew there was a smarter way, so they built a platform that finds the right job candidates for you. They learn what you're looking for the identify people with the right experience and they invite them to apply for your job. These invitations have revolution, revolutionized how you find your next higher. In fact, eighty percent of employers who posted job on Ziprecruiter get a quality candidate through the site in just one day and zip recruiter doesn't stop there even spotlight the strongest
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true when he said that he wants instant replay to be done with tell more, no more instant, replay flashback in time did John Gruden thinks the instant replays ruining the game. He also doesn't understand that penalties? You can't review those John said let Can I determine some of these calls? It always looks like interference when you're going that slow, it always seems to look a little bit more dramatic. Dramatic in slow motion was crazy. Is that it's not like Jon Gruden has been watching every prime time Monday night game show on television what success five six years, so he just as male in that it just on that and John is yeah. He wants a flashback in time. He's can he's very confused about how replays work for sure he probably refers to like his dvrs tivo. Still, all these guys up there with their tivo's man, I'm going to call my shot here. I think at some point in the next year, Jon Gruden will wear a hat, make football great again. I think you're, probably right. I think, and would actually be happier if the games weren't even on tv, yeah,
are you just label just throw throw the ball out there, and just so you know, maybe like a side yard or something to just let it go yeah. I was with people who probably ask CBS like schedule, a rebroadcast of Heidi for after this raiders game discussing p ten million dollars here. Yeah ten bucks and your one million dollars to say we should get rid of replay yep. He Definitely misinterpreted like when everyone complains about replay he's like yeah. Let's just get rid of it, everyone hates it. I've done my pole like no, we don't hate it. We just I don't know what catches an we don't like when there's a replay the last fifteen minutes for obvious catch. That then turns out to not be a cow and did you hear him talk about analytics the other day? No, this was maybe even better. He was saying that he, you know it's been over blue.
On how much he hates analytics he's like we've got all the analytics. We've got DJS. They come out during practice that are going to play music. So let us select x as in or anything that has anything that you plug into the wall. Yeah Alex, yes, anything needs electricity, yes is, and what a great a toaster in his house analytics all right. We have sabermetrics. Would you have for perceived metrics sabermetrics? This is courtesy of Hugh Jackson of the browns. He said he was on to Baker Mayfield. He said I. Like he's the Pied Piper of Oklahoma Football when he walked into the building made the sound kind of went. He he and all the players in the building started going. He he and here we go most we thing I've ever seen. So two things one you got dropped a few can make everyone laugh two great person Lucy just doing like Amigos thing. I don't know yet what you doing one of those Hank he he no one goes into he. He guys he he
who's, your singing amigos, I'm gonna say using, I mean whatever was if you can make people copy on the net on like it's, that that's a leader yeah, that's true! What is last time Josh Allen! May people copy him or or he's basically said, judge how does make people taller speaker may feel told this whole team, like hey the Browns, are here and there so stupid that if you guys just copy, what I do when I walk in the door. They'll be super impressed in draft make Baker make me feel it is a hypnotist. Yes, and then it works honestly, I would draft a hypnotist on my team. He get the losing out of your system. He he did he go Brown squad up me? I just got these guys do if they draft him print the t shirts. He just said he We had Jim stay woke stay woke so Rhonda Rowsey went, she did the car wash at ESPN today she went on MIKE and MIKE, which were I'm still going to call it MIKE and MIKE tray you're, not my real dad, and he and she went on, I think it was first take with MAX.
And Stephen a Smith and basically she acted like a natural. The entire time goal castor question like if you go, if you could go back in time, how would you change certain things and she was like time? Travel doesn't exist and she wouldn't answer the question. Yeah she was insulted that go. Lick was asking her: if time travel existed, she just well. I have a stay woke on it, I think she is just she's turning heel, but everyone start if you watched her, though in wrestling she's like not very good at the theatrics of wrestling with you think she's just angry all the time Well that is kind of skill. Last the last image of her is getting her face, beaten in over and over and over. You don't think that she's turning heel, no, I think, she's. I think Just angry. Alright, just stay well, she's varying stay woke. I will embrace debate yeah she's very, very angry, like I would be scared to be around her at this point. The interview went s real, quick and, like Trey, tried to joke his way out of it. Trey can't really joke his way out of things too well, and so then they just then MIKE and Trey just made about thirty minutes of time. Travel jokes afterwards, so nice,
Sponder wait. I want like back to the future yeah no yeah. There were a few dolorian jokes, nice, nice right before we get to guys on chicks, who want to do the work segment that we have, that we do every now and then little hashtag, hi fi. Let's do it once you start Hank, give us one uh ok. I see that it's hashtag National Joe Day. What is that Joe? Who Joe Flacco, is that a joke Jo Momma. That's again, while you motherfuck, I got your momma by Warren Sapp, the other day, it's Muslim, it's muslim women's day. Oh that's good! That's uh! as people who or Click Travis. Do we know any muslim one? Yes, you do okay as soon as soon as it was almost an expert on muslim women on the Show- please speak about it. Well, muslim women's day is amplifying and celebrating muslim women on muslim woman said okay. What about
stag, strange reasons to divorce. That's a loaded one small, Dick okay, yeah too much for night yeah, that's very topical, yeah yeah! I want yeah Tuesday thoughts. That's wide open this hashtag some X, Tuesday thoughts feel like I feel like Friday or Saturday, all my God, Tuesday thought I just clicked on Tuesday thoughts and it's all about. No, it's all about gun reform. Okay, really really kept that one. Like guys all it's so that's a hashtag hi fi, the worst segment that we do, but it's so bad, it's good, but I think it's actually bad again. I think we're now back to back were swinging back into I think we're back to back here. I'm going to save it. Ok, hashtag strange reasons to divorce because they made bad coffee. That's grounds right. Alright, it's been reading your own twitter. Now we back, we back all right, hey! Let's do it guys on chicks,
some boys, especially p s. T guy friend of mine was a d one basketball player in college, and I was the one in tennis we're talking about having a baby for the sake of making it into a super baby. That's guaranteed to go pro and some sport. Yes, do you think this is wrong? don't do it a little genetic breeding yeah I mean it's not sure thing no big deal, no ones ever steered as civilization wrong by just making sure the most athletic yeah blouses long. This will call the Super rich Lewis. He gets both have really nice blue eyes, yeah yeah. Let's do that actually actually is like like, if you don't do it just to have the super baby, but if you like, if you marry someone who is equally as athletic as You have to be like this is gonna, be awesome and you have to have a lot of kids to yeah. If you know they get like, one of these kids is going to probably go to the NFL. Now it if to see insanely athletic people get. Married like just the baby. Is it even more athletic when it's a fetus, so does it just scoot right out of the womb? I don't know
makes birth a lot easier on here, yeah little exit velocity. You don't got that Statcast it whatever the fuck that what is it text? Cassie. Your feedback at your feet is going to have a tremendous first step. Yeah. No, the fetus had the exit velocity, one hundred and nine miles an hour at of sixty percent angle, yeah. I didn't watch any. I did your job for you stack cash. You fucking fraud, remember when Lavar Arrington and Serena Williams were dating for awhile yeah that baby, that baby would just dominate every sport. Yes, we made Bo Jackson, look like a baby back pitch yeah. Well, yes, quit Football Sub, guys, especially big cat. Woe is all caps, so the especially interesting I'm newly graduated dentist and I'm here to settle a debate. My girlfriends from my class and I have always gone back and forth on The Jennifer Aniston horrible bosses situation is hot. If you are sexy, dentist are you into it or is that just a dental phobia fear boner
I tracked it to Jennifer Aniston is that is that the question test and wanted to have sex with me. Would I be afraid? Yes, 'cause she's, a dentist. I would be, but that's not why it would be afraid retina. I would be afraid that it would be just so so bad for him. Yeah yeah, full for me here as a sex was for her. We should hit this check up where's your dentist. We probably one lesson he doesn't. Oh, you know what those things are root canal. Oh yeah, you did spend a couple. I have a few that have been hurt If she's, a dentist she's got a lot of novocaine, so you wouldn't Rick Pitino herself. She just ladder that hog up with a bunch of numbing solution, so yeah. Actually that is hot. But yes to answer your question. If Jennifer Aniston was my dentist, Ann said, in order for you to do is just the Jennifer Aniston situation like if you have a hot dentist yeah and she wants to fuck you,
Ok, I'm going to I'm going to make this. I do it I'm going to make this very easy for all you chicks out there if you're attractive, it doesn't really matter what job you do also going to be attractive. If you're going to the dentist and you're dreading it, having said, This makes a little easier TIM Tall, you done to south there, hey guys Can you explain to me why I always eat twice as much as I normally do the week before my period, you're eating for two yeah well right It's danger period, you end the bloodline, you're bound to lose a lot of blood, and so it essentially puts you into a diabetic state. You get rid of all your insulin through your blood and your body. To replace that with sugar, so that means I've just always been on my period or about to be on my Are you have done? It is about to come at all times. So that's why I'm so hungry! It's that! It's that time of the always always it's a pmt boys, especially Bubba, why do girls like Hank always cry about petty stuff
Oh well. Sometimes, when you can't get it up and your partner really really wants to do it, then it comes down differently. It's not Hank's fault. You can't get a boner. It's just all the you're, so hot and all the blood rush to his heart, all the blood leaking all getting dressed. As a guy says he can't guys special about my my friend and I have had a problem lately, because every time he goes down to me, he finishes in his pants. Oh, is this normally and it had somehow my fault? No, he just got. He has a very advanced palette, so he should be food critic also. He should probably take off his pants while he's eating Pussey, that's kind of a weird move right, that's a weird move. So and, if you take it, you can't finish and it's bad table manners is to stay dressed, exactly we're we're a bit around your bill. That's the only thing, that's acceptable for guy you! It's you you're listening to right now, yeah! I know you. Yes, you hi Lester One sub, pmt boys
beach season is coming up. I spent all winter getting in shape and I'm ready to get wet Winky face. Oh I get it. What kind of swimsuits do most guys perform girls? I have a pretty typical figure been told. I have a nice rack and certainly do my squats. Not extremely skinny, but certainly not obese ha ha. I've always been more. Tasteful classic kind of girl with a modest bikini that covers it needs to be. This is too much Julie, square payment should be high cut. One piece is look: fun, do guys have any preferences now. Get a full peace where it's like a dress and it looks like an old weight. Lifter the move move yeah. No, it was good. I you know what I I like to staying indoors. I don't like in this might I don't really know why women there's, probably a reason why they do this, but I don't like when they mismatch their tops and bottoms. I like that Variety is the spice of life looks like it looks like two different song. Well, I I don't know, there's probably a reason that I go like some store sells bottoms with them, sir, so it's usually the ones in the wash, but no I
Did you actually do much worse if it matches too much it's just. It's like you're wearing a uniform beach. Uniform, no signal. That's cool here, like a little like variety. That way. It's like one girl on top to figure on bottom, I'm really not looking into threesome Antonio, in the heat I was looking at the West season, shorter back, put a big guy like put season how big anymore, I'm still, I'm still not in shape, sounds like you're playing both sides here, not well. Here's the deal but not in shape when I didn't say it wasn't shape Andy Reid worth right he's like the ground hog, but anyway, when Andy Reid stepped outside your miss wearing shorts. In officially it's the start of summer you're missing the point. Any read is probably living in Hawaii all offseason. I have not been in and when his brain yeah he wins, he wears a hawaiian, warm weather and the shock to the system. It's severe. I need the day like the days were at sixty, then sixty five and then you're like ok, can wear a shirt and while might it's a really big, I should probably do a few pushups.
And eventually we get to short season going directly into shorts it's scary, scary, scary. You need to just drive ten miles south a day, yeah and then eventually you get down, and by the time it's July, you're in Texas, I'm ready to go okay. I disagree. I am very, very excited for short season. Yeah you are. Could you kind of a fraud, though, for your summer thing I know I brought back it's not track. Yeah, you stop their true, no kinda like calling not saying sorry you're. Not doing so you sorry, I worst well. It does have a lot of things. You just kind of stopped all right, yeah! Well, that's kind of what we do yeah all right. That's our show, we'll see you Virginia Tech, head coach, Buzz Williams on Friday, awesome interview, get excited and will be on San Antonio so come say: hi Ann pants, PFD. He hates it when you do that, but he actually loves it. Love you guys visit over making room for me,
the the
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